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					V7i1                                                                                                                          Spring 2004


Volume 7, Issue 1                         Serving Northern California for Over 25 Years                               Spring 2004

                                               Help Us Help the Dogs
                                Donate to San Francisco Samoyed Rescue, Inc.
                                   Looking for a gift idea for the dog lover who has everything?
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                                Tired of receiving gifts you don’t know what to do with?
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                 Thinking of getting a new car and don’t want to hassle with selling your old one?
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                                     Need a tax write-off for the year?
          How about making a tax-deductible donation to SFSR of cash or items from our Wish List?

                  Your donation will help with the care and treatment of Samoyed dogs we are rescuing.
                                                                                                                        (continued on p. 2)

                                               SFSR rescued Major from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley in Santa
                                               Clara. He was found as a stray and was extremely filthy. He had a benign
                                               tumor on the left side of his face that the Humane Society vet removed. It
                                               looks quite good, even though it has been only a few weeks. We relocated
                                               Major to foster care with Christina and Paul (and their SFSR adopted dog
                                               Cody) in San Jose.
                                               His personality is typical of a classic Samoyed: exuberant and playful,
                                               responsive, affectionate (loves to cuddle), good natured, curious, trusting,
                                               good with other dogs, friendly to strangers and children. Major is, not
                                               destructive to house or yard, appears to have had little behavioral training
                                               but is a quick learner. Physically he is very agile. He gets along well with
                                               other dogs, but likes to chase cats.

                                                                   See more adoptable Sammies inside…
       Name: Major                                                 or check out our website at
       Breed: Samoyed
       Sex: Male
       Age: 5-6 years

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Newsletter                                                                                                   1
V7i1                                                                                                                 Spring 2004

Help Us Help the Dogs, cont. from pg. 1
SFSR incurred over $6,000.00 in medical costs alone for the 30 dogs we assisted in 2003. Some of the dogs
we helped include:

         Name          Procedure                  Approx cost       Name   Procedure                      Approx cost

         Sandy         Eye surgery, cyst                 $ 750.00   Boy    Broken tooth                       $ 100.00

                       Teeth pulled                      $ 200.00          Blood test                         $ 115.00

                       Hip check                         $ 350.00          Hip check                          $ 150.00

                       Other                             $ 175.00          Neutering (done at shelter)        $ 50.00

                       TOTAL                           $ 1,475.00          TOTAL                              $ 415.00

         Name          Procedure                  Approx cost       Name   Procedure                      Approx cost

         Suki          Chronic skin condition            $ 250.00   Mary   Mammary tumor removal              $ 600.00
                       (vet visits, medication,
                       tests)                                              Emergency surgery, bloat          $ 2,200.00
                       Hypothyroid (meds,
                       tests)                            $ 100.00          Spaying                            $ 150.00
                       Spaying & cyst
                       removal                           $ 250.00          Dry eye (tests, medications)       $ 100.00

                       TOTAL                             $ 600.00          TOTAL                             $3,050.00

         Name          Procedure                  Approx cost

         Romeo         Blood tests and
                                                                                          Wish List
                       treatment                          $375.00                       Foster homes
            Unfortunately, Romeo did not make it. He died from             Dreamweaver software—PC and Mac
            advanced diabetes 3 days after coming into rescue.
                                                                                    Laptop—PC or Mac
                                                                              Printing for quarterly newsletter
We are seeing more senior dogs and seriously
neglected dogs coming into rescue, victims of the                                       Foster homes
economic downturn. Some of these dogs have                                      Folding metal crates—large
considerable medical needs. And we are
                                                                             Heartgard heartworm medication
anticipating that our medical expenses will be even
higher in 2004. Already this year, three of our                             Training sessions with rescued dogs
rescued dogs have had significant medical                                               Foster homes
expenses. One had knee surgery, another needed
eye surgery, and the third requires hip surgery. Total
estimated costs for these surgeries and related expenses are at least $5,000.00.

In addition, every dog that comes into SFSR receives, at minimum, a rabies vaccine, a DHPP vaccine, and a
heartworm test. And every intact dog must be spayed or neutered before placement. Even with veterinarian
discounts for rescue and taking advantage of less expensive vaccination and spay/neuter options when
possible, the costs mount quickly.

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Newsletter                                                                                       2
V7i1                                                                                                               Spring 2004

                                  More Dogs Available for Adoption

                                          Name: Ginnie
                                          Breed: Sam-Chow mix
                                          Sex: Female
                                          Age: 18 months

                                                   Ginnie was an owner release to a SoCal shelter. She is young and
                                                   energetic and in need of basic obedience training. Ginnie is nervous
                                                   around new people and it takes some time for her to warm up to and
                                                   trust people. But once she gets to know you, she’s a real love-bug.
                                                   Ginnie would do best in a family with prior dog experience that is
                                                   willing to help train and socialize her.

                                                         Name: Holly
                                                         Breed: Samoyed
                                                         Sex: Female
                                                         Age: 18 months

   Foster mom Terri reports that Holly is a sweet dog, very
   smart, very playful, and very funny. She is good with
   children, gets on well with other dogs, and is ok with
   cats. Holly knows some basic commands, but her youth
   and exuberance require an active family life. If you want
   a dog to jog with, ski with, etc., Holly would be a good
   dog for you!

                                                 Names: Meeko and Tosha
                                                 Breed: Samoyed
                                                 Sex: Male/Female
                                                 Age: 6 years

                                                               SFSR would like to adopt brother and sister Meeko and
                                                               Tosha as a pair. The two dogs are owner surrenders.
                                                               They are good with kids. Both dogs would do well with
                                                               more attention, but they do come to their name, go inside
                                                               their kennel when commanded, and sit on command.
                                                               Originally, they were house-trained when the current
                                                               owner got them, but they have been outdoor-only dogs
                                                               for the past 5 years.

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Newsletter                                                                                     3
V7i1                                                                                                             Spring 2004

                                              Available Dogs, cont.

                                                   Name: Iceburg (Icee)
                                                   Breed: Samoyed
                                                   Sex: Male
                                                   Age: 2 years

                                                           Iceburg is purebred Samoyed, but not pedigreed. He is 2
                                                           years old and has lots of Sammy energy, but appears a
                                                           bit thin. Iceburg was not allowed inside by his previous
                                                           family, but Icee seems willing to adapt pretty quickly! Icee
                                                           knows some basic obedience commands and can
                                                           perform them for about 20 seconds. That’s pretty good
                                                           work for a dog under two years old!

                                          Upcoming Events

       v Be Kind To Animals Week
         May 2 - 8
          Check for local events in your area in support of Be Kind to Animals Week!

       v Annual & ever-popular San Carlos Hometown Days Parade.
         May 15
          Details on page 7; updates will be posted on the web site at

       v 5k Dog Walk/Run to benefit the Palo Alto Humane Society and an animal fair
         June 5
          Info is at

                  Thank you to all our members who bought and sold candy and
                               tickets for our recent fundraisers!!
                We conducted a raffle and took in approximately $2,000.00. We
                 also did two See's candy fundraisers, for Valentine's Day and
                              Easter, and made about $1,500.00.

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Newsletter                                                                                   4
V7i1                                                                                                                        Spring 2004

                                          Donations to SFSR Are Tax-Deductible!
  All of SFSR’s funding comes from donations from members and friends of our rescue group, from
  fundraising activities, and from adoption fees. Please help us to continue saving Samoyeds. Any donation is
  greatly appreciated.

  Enclosed is my donation check, made payable to SFSR in the amount of:

  c $10.00               c $25.00             c $50.00         c $100.00            c Other __________

  Name _______________________________________________________________________

  Address _____________________________________________________________________

  City, State_____________________________________________ Zip Code________________

  (Optional): Email __________________________________ Phone _______________________

  This donation is made in memory of
  (person or pet)

  This donation is made in honor of
  (person or pet)

                                                    Donations to SFSR are tax-deductible.
  SFSR is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit. At least 75% of donated funds are directly used for care, treatment, and upkeep of
  rescued dogs. The remaining amount covers operating expenses, including printing and mailing of the quarterly newsletter, dog
  transport, office supplies, literature printing, purchase of fundraising merchandise, web site costs, etc.

                      Give to the Future                                                   Wish List
              Remember SFSR in your will—                                                   Foster Homes
           Bequests can be made in cash, real estate,                           Dreamweaver software—PC and Mac
               securities, or personal property.
                                                                                         Laptop—PC or Mac
             Remember SFSR in your Insurance                                      Printing for quarterly newsletter
                Policy—By naming SFSR as a                                                   Foster homes
            beneficiary of your life insurance policy,
                                                                                     Folding metal crates—large
              you might qualify for an income tax
              deduction now! Check with your tax                                  Heartgard heartworm medication
                 advisor for specific rules and                                  Training sessions with rescued dogs
                          requirements.                                                      Foster homes

                                          Thank You for Supporting Samoyed Rescue!
San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Newsletter                                                                                              5
V7i1                                                                                                                  Spring 2004

                                                   Czar came from a shelter in the Placerville, CA area. We believe Czar
                                                   is a Samoyed-Golden Retriever mix. He is a friendly, calm, and very
                                                   loveable boy. Czar recently had surgery to correct a condition called a
                                                   luxating patella—the knee cap on his rear leg kept sliding out of place.
                                                   This condition kept Czar from being able to lead a full life. He had
                                                   trouble managing stairs and couldn’t jump very well because he could
                                                   not bend his knees properly. The surgery cost $770.00. Czar is
                                                   currently healing and doing very well. His foster family has decided to
                                                   adopt him!

                                          ADOPTION PENDING!
                                          Name: Czar
                                          Breed: Samoyed mix
                                          Sex: Male
                                          Age: 4 years

                                                    Biscuit was adopted from a shelter, then later released by her owner
                                                    to an SFSR supporter. SFSR member Bill, of Folsom, picked up
                                                    Biscuit and brought her to the North Bay Area to be fostered. Biscuit’s
                                                    left eye teared continually and a vet check determined that she
                                                    needed eye surgery to correct a genetic condition—possibly the
                                                    reason Biscuit was given up twice by previous families. SFSR had
                                                    Biscuit’s eye problem surgically corrected at a cost of $1,000.00. Jan,
                                                    who adopted Biscuit, had been waiting for quite a while for a young
                                                    female, and Biscuit was indeed the one!

                                           Name: Biscuit
                                           Breed: Samoyed
                                           Sex: Female
                                           Age: 1 year
                                                                              ADOPTION PENDING!
                                                                              Name: Sammy
                                                                              Breed: Samoyed
                                                                              Sex: Female
                                                                              Age: 2 years

   Sammy was a stray in a Nevada animal shelter and was beyond the
   typical hold period. To avoid having to euthanize her, the shelter staff
   contacted Samoyed rescue. Sammy went to Terry's house in the Reno
   area to be fostered. She was underweight and covered in foxtails. Soon
   Terry realized that Sammy was having problems with her right hip. X-
   rays show that at some point she had had some trauma (possibly hit by
   car) and that it was never treated. Sammy is only about 2 yrs old but
   her hip is now bone-on-bone and she needs $3,000.00 in corrective hip
   surgery and therapy. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of SFSR
   members and the wonderful response from caring supporters, the
   necessary funds have been raised. Sammy will be having hip surgery in
   May so she can finally lead a pain-free life!

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Newsletter                                                                                        6
V7i1                                                                                                                              Spring 2004

                                    San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Invites You to
                             Join Us at the San Carlos Hometown Days Parade!
For the fourth year, SFSR will participate in the San Carlos Hometown Days Parade. We’ll have a cart pulled by Samoyed dogs.
Other members will be walking their dogs along-side the cart and carrying the SFSR banner. You are welcome to join us with or
without a dog, as a parade participant or as a parade observer.
                                   This year we will meet in a different location than we have in previous years. Because of the heat
                                   during last year’s parade, we decided to shorten the distance we have to go with the dogs at this year’s
       NOTE CHANGE                 parade. We will assemble at the City Hall Park on San Carlos Avenue at Elm Street. Look for the
       IN MEETING                  SFSR banner and, of course, the fuzzy white dogs!
       THIS YEAR!!!!               After the parade, there is a BBQ at Paul & Ann Gamlin's house at 1148 Ebener St. in Redwood City,
                                   about 2 miles from the parade site. Even if you can’t make the parade, stop by the BBQ after 12 noon!
                              If you intend to participate in the parade or the BBQ, please contact Paul Gamlin (see below)
and let us know how many dogs and people will be attending, so SFSR can plan accordingly. We hope to see you on the 15th!
Day:             Saturday, May 15
Event:           San Carlos Hometown Days Parade
Time:            Meet at 9:15 am; parade starts at 9:45 am and lasts about 1 hr—we will join the parade as it passes
                 the City Hall Park (A graphic of the parade route is included on the back)
Location:        City Hall Park on San Carlos Avenue at Elm St., San Carlos
Directions:      El Camino Real (north or south), then west on San Carlos., about 3 blocks to Elm St.
Event:           SFSR BBQ
Time:            Meet about 12:00
Location:        Paul & Ann's house, 1148 Ebener St., Redwood City
Directions:      From parade—South on El Camino, west on Roosevelt (before Hwy 82)
Contact:         Paul Gamlin, SFSR Rescue Coordinator, 650-364-4464,,

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Newsletter                                                                                                       7
V7i1                                                                                                              Spring 2004

                                                                             Mailing Address:
       SFSR ADOPTION INFO:                                                   San Francisco Samoyed Rescue, Inc.
       For information about dogs for adoption, or dogs you think            P.O. Box 6852
       need SFSR’s assistance, contact our Rescue Coordinator, Paul          San Carlos, California 94070
       Gamlin. He can be reached at or by calling
       650-364-4462.                                                         Electronic Mail:
                                                                             Telephone Number: (415) 451-7175
       If you’d like to receive The Bridge via email, please send a
       note with your email address to
       Indicate whether you want to receive it in addition to or in
       place of receiving one through the mail.
       Please share your rescue stories with the rest of the organization.
       To highlight your rescue success in The Bridge, please send your
       story, with a picture of your Samoyed, to: or or

       San Francisco Samoyed Rescue
       Heather Mamounas, Newsletter Editor
       P.O. Box 6852
       San Carlos, California 94070

       Comments and suggestions about how we can improve the
       newsletter are always welcome.

  San Francisco Samoyed Rescue, Inc.
  P.O. Box 6852
  San Carlos, California 94070

  May 15—Mark your calendar !
  Don’t forget to bring your
  Sammies to the San Carlos
  Hometown Days Parade.
  Details on page 7.

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Newsletter                                                                                    8