GALVESTON ISLAND TREE SCULPTURES
Start at Sealy & 17th – going East on Sealy
                    Left side            BIRDS OF GALVESTON (DL*) – 1620 Sealy
This large Live Oak contains 17 birds on the branches and relief carvings of several small plants and animals around the trunk.
                                         GREAT DANE (DL*) – 1228 Sealy (facing 13th St.)
The homeowners own a beautiful, gentle, grey Great Dane, named Hunter. The tree had actually grown around the fence at the spot where the paws
grip the fence. This sculpture sustained the only vandalism that we are aware of. Just after it was finished, someone stole one of the paws. The
homeowner offered a reward...$50.00 for the return of the paw; $500.00 for the hands of the thief!!! The sculptor, who was still on the Island, carved
and installed a new paw.
Go to 9th and turn left – turn left on Ball
                    Right      side      SMALL DOLPHIN (EJ*) – 828 Ball St. (facing 9th St.)
This is located in the fence line on the east side of 9th street. While the pod of Dolphins was being carved across the street, the young man who lives
at 828 Ball was sad because his friends were getting a sculpture but he was not. Sculptor Earl Jones surprised him by carving a small Dolphin.
                                         POD OF DOLPHINS & MERMAID (EJ*) – 902 Ball St.
The Dolphins represent the children and the Mermaid represents the mother of this family. This had been their "family tree" and they
are very happy to still have their tree, even in its new form.
                    Right side           SQUIRREL WITH ACORN (DL*)                    OWL (DL*)
                                         DOLPHIN, EEL & DORADO (DL*)                  WILDLIFE TOTEM POLE (DL*)
                                                          All of the above at1302 Ball St.
                             TWO CRESTED HERONS (DL*) – 1316 Ball St.
The homeowners chose Cranes to mimic their tall narrow house. They are dressed for many occasions.
                    Left side             GUITAR_(Homeowner) - 1415 Ball St. Still in progress
                                          TOAD (DL*) – 1615 Ball St.
                                         GEISHA (JP*)
The Geisha represents the homeowners love of the Orient and is a reminder of many trips to Japan. She is facing west to represent the
direction you need to travel to get to Japan.
                                         SISTER ANGELS (DL*) – Both at 1717 Ball St.
The Angels represent the homeowners two Granddaughters. The Angels were the top of the tree that the Geisha is carved from. That
tree was as high as the wires above and touched the house. It is one of the only sculptures that is not still rooted in the ground.
Go to 19th St. and turn right one block – turn right on Winnie
                    Left side            YELLOW LAB (DL*) – 1820 Winnie
The Lab is sculpted but the concrete basket of puppies was an amazing "find".
                                         TIN MAN & TOTO (JP*) – 1702 Winnie
King Vidor, one of the directors of "The Wizard of Oz", was born in the front downstairs bedroom of this property.

Continue on Winnie to 14th St., turn left on 14th St. to the back of Mosquito Café – turn right into back parking lot
                                         3 PELICANS & FISH (DL*) – 628 14th St.
continue on thru the parking lot back to Winnie, turn left.
                    Right side           MONUMENT TO GALVESTON’S TREES (JP*) – 1028 Winnie
Turn left on to 10th St. one block – left onto Church
                    Right side           MERMAID HOLDING CLAM SHELL (DL*) - 1428 Church St.
The Mermaid is named "Tina" and is "dressed" for many occasions.
                                         PELICAN SITTING ON PILING (DL*) - 1618 Church St.
Turn right onto    18th   St. then right onto Post Office
                Right side        ANGEL CRADLING BUNNY (JP*) – 1701 Post Office
back yard of 511 17th St.) Red brick house on corner. House faces 17th Street. This sculpture watches over the yard which is a
Bird, Butterfly and Bunny sanctuary. The homeowner rescued abandoned rabbits after the hurricane and continues to do so.
                                         LARGE PELICAN HOLDING FISH (JP*) – 1609 Post Office
Other locations of sculptures :
                                    VENUS ON A HALF SHELL (JP*) - 1823 Ave L
City Hall                           DALMATIAN (JP*) – 823 25th St. (South side of City Hall)
                                    FIREPLUG (JP*) – 823 25th St. (South side of City Hall)
Schreiber Park                      WILDLIFE TREE (DL*) – 83rd St. (Inside Castle Playground)
Wright-Cuney Park                   HAND CLUTCHING DIPLOMA (EJ*) – 41st St. & Ball
                                    SPONGEBOB (EJ*)      ALLIGATOR (EJ*)
                                    DOG CHASING A CAT & SQURIL & BIRDS (EJ*)
                                                All three are at 1508 29th Street
                                    ANGEL WITH LAMBS (EJ*) – 1124 37TH St. (East side of street)
                                    LIGHTHOUSE & DOLPHIN (EJ) 4017 M1/2 (South side of street)
                                    THE LION KING (EJ*) 4510 Ave. L
                                    SEALIFE AND MERMAID (EJ*) 12330 Jenkins (West end)
                                    IN HIS HAND (EJ*) 4910 P1/2
                                    BOXER JACK JOHNSON (EJ*) Inside of The Oaks complex              (Off of 45th Street)
                                    CRANE, PELICAN DIVING INTO A SCHOOL OF FISH (JP*) 20 South Shore Dr.

 * The Sculptors are                EJ = Earl Jones             DL = Dale Lewis              JP = Jim Phillips
                                      Updated information can be found at:
         or at

   We are glad you are in Galveston and have chosen to tour the wonderful Tree Sculptures.
    All of the Sculptures that are privately owned, were sculpted with private funds. The ones that have been completed on City
    property or in the Parks were done with a private donation. Please be respectful of the yards of each sculpture. Do not enter
through gates without permission. Climbing on, sitting or hanging on the sculptures, results in unseen damage that shortens the life
  of the sculpture. Getting up close, many times crushes plants or the finish on the base of the sculptures, this continues to be the
                              only concern of the homeowners. That said, THANK YOU for coming.

Galveston Island Tree Conservancy in conjunction with the Galveston Island Tree Committee have
been instrumental in the effort to Re-Green Galveston. Individual members have championed several
causes and with volunteer help, have accomplished much in the planting years of 2009-2011. 7,500 plus
trees have been given away and/or planted; a very successful NeighborWoods program was
instrumental in the planting; over 100 tons of wood was selected for the restoration of America’s only
remaining whaling ship; a local lumber yard took several tons of wood to mill and dry for building
projects; 200 tons of wood went to Malaga, Spain to be used in the completion of a full scale replica of
the Brig “Galveztown”; wood was made available to artists for carvings and other projects; many
island BBQers loaded up on oak and pecan for their smokers; trees were sculpted.
For a city in the midst of major hurricane recovery, Galvestonians kept 100% of the “Iked” wood out
of the landfill. We did something that has never been done before after a “tree disaster”. Many, many
federal and state agencies, city departments, private companies and private citizens worked so hard to
make this happen. They all deserve our thanks.
To read about Galveston Island Tree Conservancy go to
Where you can view past projects, see future plans to replant our beautiful green canopy or to make a
donation to be used for the future carving of more trunks or for the re-planting of trees. Donations can
be mailed to:
PO Box 2123
Galveston, Texas 77553
Please specify if your donation is to be used for sculpture or for re-planting trees.

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