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                                                                                         Annual Report 2003

Wisconsin Public Television
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          Coming Together: Race in Wisconsin
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      Preparing an annual report provides an opportunity to reflect   Wisconsin World War II Stories
      on Wisconsin Public Television’s (WPT) mission of enriching,
      educating and entertaining diverse audiences of children
                                                                                                       Wisconsin’s World War II veterans.
      and adults through the innovative use of television, other
                                                                                                       They have been called members of
      communication technologies and community outreach.
                                                                                                       America’s greatest generation.
     It provides an opportunity for celebration, inspiration,                                          Their valor, sacrifice and bravery
     reflection, and more. This annual report is no exception to                                       saved the world from tyranny, and
     such a chance to gauge our performance against our mission.                                       now they are slipping away from
                       We’re proud of how we measure up and I                                          us with each passing day. To
                       hope these pages will evoke similar feelings                                    preserve the legacy of their deeds,
Wisconsin Public
                       for you.                                                                        WPT has undertaken an ambitious
Television brings
                                                                                                       project -- Wisconsin World War II
the wealth of our       In this report, we’ll celebrate Wisconsin
                                                                                                       Stories. On it, we partner with the
diverse state to        World War II Stories. It’s an ongoing
                                                                                                       Wisconsin Department of Veterans
viewers through         project chronicling – in moving terms –
                                                                                                       Affairs and the Wisconsin
our own                 the memories of some “ordinary”               World War II veteran Harry
                                                                                                       Historical Society.
productions,            Wisconsin citizens who lived through an       Whitehorse shares his memories
along with              extraordinary time.                           through a far-reaching and       The effort includes four broadcasts.
peerless PBS                                                          moving history project.          The first aired in the spring and
                        We’ll renew the inspiration provided by
offerings.                                                                                             captured the stories of 16 veterans.
                        peerless PBS programming and
                        outstanding local broadcasts that nearly      Response was swift and heartfelt. “I watched the Wisconsin World
                                 600,000 Wisconsin viewers each       War II Stories program and was really touched,” said a Washburn
                                 week eagerly choose.                 resident. She was one of nearly 100,000 viewers who bypassed
                                                                                                            stiff competition from
                                We’ll reflect on community
                                                                                                            network television to tune
                                outreach initiatives that spread
                                enlightenment and spark
                                                                      WPT and its                           in. Work on the remaining
                                                                                                            three programs is ongoing.
                                conversations in cities and towns     partners are saving
                                across the state.                                                            A rich Web site augments
                                                                      pieces of our World                    the broadcasts. At
                                In the last 12 months we at WPT
                                also faced fiscal challenges,
                                                                      War II past for               there
                                                                                                             are resources, streaming
                                including significant reductions      future generations                     video, an image gallery, and
                                in our state budget support. We’ve
                                cast a critical eye on all of our
                                                                      to learn from and                      tips to preserve World War
                                                                                                             II memorabilia and family
                                priorities to ensure a vibrant        cherish.                               stories through oral history.
                                future for WPT’s service, a service
                                that engenders public trust.                                               Some veterans and their
                                                                      families chose to share their stories through the Web, which
                               This report demonstrates what we
                                                                      expands the depth of the project. Amazing and inspiring
                               achieved with tremendous
                                                                      public stories have been the result.
      outpouring of statewide support from individuals, families,
                                                                      A veteran who suffered through the
      businesses and foundations. We are pleased to recognize so
                                                                      Bataan Death March told a tale, as
      many benefactors, as you will note from the enclosed list of
                                                                      did a veteran who helped establish
      supporters, and provide you with a report of our
                                                                      a memorial in Norway to honor
      accomplishments and vision for future service to the people
                                                                      pilots killed over the North Sea.
      of Wisconsin.
                                                                      Each story, in its own way, is
                                                                      riveting and represents a piece of
                                                                      the past that WPT is proud to help
                                                                      save for future generations.

      Malcolm Brett
      Director of Television
News and Public Affairs                                                      Community Outreach

                                 Well-informed citizens                      Local community
WPT’s award-winning              are the foundation of an                    outreach uses the
news and public                  engaged democracy.                          powerful medium of
                                 Recognizing that WPT is                     television to spark
affairs programs                 a trusted source for such                   discussion and act as a
keep Wisconsin’s                 knowledge, this year we                     catalyst for change. A case
                                 premiered two new                           in point: Hundreds of
citizens informed                offerings, Here and Now                     people turned out on a
and engaged.                     that is the program of                      frigid January evening to
                                 record for legislative and                  watch P.O.V. Two Towns
                                 congressional action, and                   of Jasper about race
In Wisconsin, a news magazine about the people, places and                   relations in a Texan town,
issues of the state.                                                         then focused the
                                                                             conversation on race relations in southern Wisconsin. WPT
Such robust Wisconsin coverage enhances the international
                                                                             worked with 10 local community-based organizations,
and national news and analysis to be found on programs
                                                                             including the NAACP, the YWCA and the Boys & Girls Club
like The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer and Frontline.
                                                                             of Dane County.
The glow of our news and public affairs service also draws
                                                                                                                That provocative night
national attention. WPT won the prestigious USC Annenberg
                              Walter Cronkite Award for                      Even when the                      spawned a long-term
                                                                                                                diversity project
                              Excellence in Television                       television is turned               throughout the state with
                              Political Journalism for its
                              tracking of the 2002 election                  off, WPT creates an                further screenings, and a
                                                                                                                WPT-led advisory group of
                              through a vast Web site, ad                    impact on people’s                 committed individuals
                              watch segments on weekly
                              programs, debates, candidate                   lives through local                who are writing
                                                                                                                curriculum for high school
                              appearances and innovative                     community outreach.                use. The 4-H Youth
                              coverage of political contests.
                                                                                                                Leadership Program is our
                              Last fall, Wisconsin found                                                        partner on the initiative.
                              itself with a new governor,
                                                                             We are attuned to curriculum in the earlier years as well
                              state leaders and local
                                                                             and are an enthusiastic participant in a federal Ready to
                              officeholders. Through a
                                                                             Learn effort that builds literacy and other life skills in
                              televised inauguration and
                                                                             young children so they are “ready to learn” when they first
                              State of the State address,
                                                                             attend school.
                              WPT ensured that Wisconsin
                              residents continued to be                      Studies have demonstrated that a child who has access to
informed about the political landscape.                                      books will ultimately be a better student. WPT’s First Book
                                                                             project, which provides pre-school children with free books
            The Web sites,,
                                                                             and adult reading volunteers, has 5,500 enrollees and one
                                                                             of the country’s highest participation rates. WPT serves
   offer richer resources on
                                                                             children who are otherwise not likely to own books because
            WPT’s news and public affairs services.
                                                                             of family economic conditions. Our partners on this project
                                                                             are UW-Extension Family Living Programs and the Wisconsin
            WPT, along with partners the Wisconsin Historical Society        Association for Home and Community Education.
           and the Department of Veterans Affairs, created and distributed
                                                                             Finally, WPT and Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) strive to
           a special mailing to a targeted audience interested in the
                                                                             ensure that public broadcasting is responsive to local needs.
          first of four broadcasts on Wisconsin veterans’ roles in World
                                                                             Hearing first-hand what those needs are is critical to
         War II (left). Frederica Freyberg, anchor of the weekly program
         Here and Now, talks to the people who make the news and those       developing and implementing relevant offerings. This year,
        who have to live with it (above). WPT’s Ready to Learn literacy      WPT and WPR met with community leaders, government
        efforts nurture our youngest generation (right).                     officials and business people in Janesville, Oshkosh and
                                                                             Marshfield to get that infusion of input.

 A part of WPT’s core reason for being – education – reached
 new heights this year.

 Policymakers and leaders of Wisconsin have always put a
 high stake on education. A Wisconsin innovator founded
 the nation’s first kindergarten, and its public and private
                                      schools at all levels are
                                      the envy of the nation.
                                                                             Awards 2002-2003

                                                                             National Academy of Televison Arts and Sciences/
                                                                             Chicago Chapter
                                                                             When Wisconsin Was New France Emmy Nominee, Audio

                                                                             National Educational Telecommunications Association Awards
                                                                    Winner, Local Communication Campaign
                                                                             Garden Expo 2002 Winner, Special Event
                                                                             Food Fight: Wisconsin’s Biotech Crops
 Education for                        Professional development                 Winner, Science and Nature Documentary
                                                                             WPT Annual Report 2002 Nominee, Print Design
 children and adults                  and continuing adult
                                                                             Digital Television Brochure Nominee, Print Design
                                      education figure
 is at the core of                    prominently into that
                                                                             Wisconsin Stories Nominee, Web site

 WPT’s service.                       mix as well. This year, we             University & College Designers Association
                                      took significant steps to     Award of Excellence, Web site
                                      increase the educational      Award of Excellence, poster
                                      potency of broadcasting
 with the arrival of digital television across our network.                  Wisconsin Broadcasters Association
                                                                             Be More Alive First Place, Promotional Spot
 What that means for                                                         Jeff & Mr. Rogers Merit Award, Promotional Spot
 educators and their                                                         Wisconsin Stories: More Than A Game
 students in the future is                                                     First Place, Feature Length Documentary
 powerful – tremendous                                                       Wisconsin Stories: Foot Notes Merit Award, Segment
 amounts of text,                                                            Governor Candidate Series Merit Award
 graphics or additional                                                      When Wisconsin Was New France Merit Award
 audio and video will
                                                                             USC Annenberg Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence
 move along with the
                                                                             Governor’s Race Coverage Winner in Medium Market Category

 Teachers will be able to                                                    Northwest Broadcast News Association
 download information                                                        Wild Places Winner, Photojournalism
 for lesson planning, and                                                    Wisconsin Stories: Foot Notes Winner, Segment
 employers can upgrade
                                                                             Milwaukee Press Club
 the skills of their
                                                                             Wisconsin Stories: Foot Notes Winner, Segment
 workforce. Home                                                             Wild Places Winner, Documentary Photography
 computers and TVs
 soon can be used as vast                                                    The Communicator/Print
 libraries of media          Nationally renowned seamstress, quilter,        WPT Annual Report 2002 Award of Distinction
 information to              author and businesswoman Nancy Zieman
 download, save and          appears weekly on Sewing With Nancy. The        ProMax
 recall at any time.         program is taped in the WPT studios and         Jeff & Mr. Rogers Gold Award, Promotional Spot
                             distributed for broadcast across the country.
 Lifelong learning has
 always been the
 lynchpin of WPT’s service in less technologically based ways,
 too. There is the monthly presentation of our own production,
 The Wisconsin Gardener, focusing on Wisconsin’s particular
 growing conditions.                                                         Wisconsin Public Television is a service of the
                                                                             Wisconsin Educational Communications Board
 The popularity of our cooking, needle arts, home
                                                                             and University of Wisconsin-Extension
 improvement and travel programs expand horizons and will
 remain a staple of what we provide to appreciative audiences.               If you need this material in an alternate format, please contact
                                                                             WPT’s Audience Services Department at 800. 422. 9707.

                                                                             No taxpayer dollars were used to fund the printing of this report.
                                                                             printing donated by Park Printing House Ltd. • editor/writer Moira Harrington
                                                                             design Brian Lorbiecki • photography James Gill
     Fiscal Year 2003 Revenues - percent of total                                 Fiscal Year 2003 Expenditures - percent of total

          General Purpose                                                                   Outreach 13%
          Revenue 19%
                                                           Membership 31%      Administration 5%                                             Production 37%

Other Revenue 2%
 Major Gifts 2%                                                                Promotion 9%
    Auction 3%

Service Grant 8%

                                                             Underwriting 5%
                                                                                Development 15%

                                                                                                                                 Programming 21%
                            Production and Grants 30%

     General Purpose Revenue                                                      Production
     This represents state funding to support infrastructure, programs            We produce more than 300 hours of local programs per year. WPT produces
     and educational services.                                                    educational programs for the Educational Communications Board, and also
                                                                                  offers services to state agencies, the University of Wisconsin System and
                                                                                  other non-profit clients.
     Nearly 55,000 Wisconsin families and individuals voluntarily support
     WPT through annual membership.                                               Development
                                                                                  This includes fund-raising expenses resulting from garnering individual,
                                                                                  foundation and corporate support, along with the Friends of WHA-TV
     Wisconsin businesses team with us to offset the cost to acquire,
                                                                                  annual Auction.
     produce and broadcast varied programs.
     Production and Grants
                                                                                  This includes staff and materials required to provide program and other
     WPT provides video production and teleconferencing services to
                                                                                  community service news to local and national media organizations,
     state agencies and educational organizations on a cost-recovery basis.
                                                                                  community groups, schools and individual viewers.
     Foundation grants also support our endeavors.
     Community Service Grant
                                                                                  We broadcast our own programs, and those from PBS and other sources,
     T his Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant is based on non-
                                                                                  18 hours per day, every day all year.
     federal revenues generated in part by WPT.
                                                                                  These are costs tied to the general, day-to-day operations of WPT.
     For more than 28 years, the WHA-TV Auction has provided crucial
     funds as a measure of community support.                                     Outreach
                                                                                  These are the costs – in staff time and materials – to complete our mission
     Major Gifts
                                                                                  of delivering community-based services that spark citizen engagement,
     Leadership giving from WPT’s Directors Circle, Leadership Circle
                                                                                  extending the impact of WPT broadcasts.
     and Heritage Society.
                                                                       Fred J. Peterson Foundation        Pieschek Protective Services
                                                                       General Casualty Companies         Pomp’s Tire Service
                                                                       Goodman’s Jewelers                 Qual Line Fence Corp.
Wisconsin Public Television Annual Report 2003                         Great American Backyards           Quilts ‘n Silks
                                                                       Greenheck Fan Corp.                Rayovac Corp.

Supporters                                                             Group Health Cooperative HMO
                                                                       H Window Co.
                                                                                                          Reimer Jewelers Inc.
                                                                                                          Reindl Printing Inc.
                                                                       The Hamilton Roddis Foundation     Reynolds Transfer & Storage
Wisconsin Public Television could not do what it does – provide
                                                                       Hartje Lumber Co.                  Rural Insurance Companies
a robust educational and entertainment service to the people of
                                                                       Hausmann-Johnson Insurance         Sara Lee Foods
Wisconsin for 365 days a year – without the support of a lot of        Inc.                               Schenck Business Solutions
people. Those people are individuals and families who value the        Philip J. and Elizabeth B.         SCWD - NMRA
local productions, PBS programs and community outreach we              Hendrickson
                                                                                                          Sew Complete
offer in a non-commercial setting.                                     Hooper Corp.
                                                                                                          Sew ‘n Sew
                                                                       Hurd Millwork Co.
Other supporters are just as integral to the mix of delivery.          International Brotherhood of
                                                                       Electrical Workers (IBEW)          Smith Motors
Foundations, businesses, community-based organizations and                                                Society Insurance
                                                                       Isthmus Manufacturing &
government also provide generous means to ensure a continuation        Engineering Cooperative            South Central Library System
of our reach to more than 600,000 viewers across Wisconsin             Isthmus Publishing Co.             Springs Window Fashions
each week.                                                             J. Rose Sewing Studio              Division Inc.
                                                                       Janesville Foundation Inc.         St. Marys Hospital Medical Center
Volunteers, too, provide immeasurable contributions to what WPT
                                                                       Jerry’s Sewing and Vacuum          St. Norbert College
accomplishes on air and through community events.
                                                                       Jung Seed and Nursery Co.          Stein Garden Centers
Whatever the source, be assured that we make the most of this          The Halbert and Alice Kadish       The Stool Store
generosity – making the funds go as far as they possibly can. And,     Foundation                         Strong Financial
whatever the source, know that we are grateful.                        Kitz & Pfeil True Value Hardware   Summit Credit Union
                                                                                                          The Swiss Colony
                                                                       Kraemer Brothers Inc.
                                                                                                          The Manitowoc Company Inc.
                                                                       Kress Family Foundation
                                                                                                          Thomas H. Jacob Foundation
                                                                       Kress Inn/Bemis Conference
                                                                       Center                             Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
                                                                       Landmark Staffing Resources        Triple M 105.5 FM
2003 Program Underwriters                                              LaserTech Inc.                     UW-Madison Athletic Department
                                                                       M & I Bank                         Vondra Engraving Inc.
Wisconsin’s business community generously supports high-
                                                                       Madison Community Foundation       Walter Alexander Foundation
quality public broadcasting through its resources. Public
                                                                       Madison Chiropractic LLC           Wartmann Chandler Appraisal
and private foundations add to the effort as well.                                                        Associates
                                                                       The Madison Concourse Hotel
The following underwriters supported WPT as of June 30, 2003.                                             Wausau Tile Inc.
                                                                       Madison Gas & Electric
                                                                                                          Webcrafters Inc.
For information about underwriting, please call Mary Clare             Madison Magazine
                                                                                                          Wheeler, Van Sickle & Anderson SC
Sorenson at 608. 265. 3852.                                            Madison Repertory Theatre
                                                                                                          WIBA-AM Radio
                                                                       Marshfield Clinic
                                                                                                          Wisconsin Academy of Sciences,
                                                                       McLeod USA Publishing Co.          Arts & Letters
AAA of Wisconsin                   Bagels Forever Inc.                 Mead Witter Foundation Inc.        Wisconsin Clearinghouse for
All Metal Stamping                 Banta Corp.                         Mendota Gridiron Club              Prevention Resources
Alliant Energy                     Bemis Co. Inc.                      Meriter Hospital                   Wisconsin Education Association
                                                                                                          Council (WEAC)
American Family Insurance          The Boldt Company                   Mill House Quilts
                                                                                                          Wisconsin Energy Co.
American Fence Co.                 Century House Inc.                  Ministry Home Care
                                                                                                          Wisconsin Farmers Union
Amish Furniture Gallery            CenturyTel                          Minor Procedures                   Foundation
An advised fund of the             Children With Special               Mosaic Funds/Madison Investment    Wisconsin Landscape Contractors
Community Foundation of            Healthcare Needs/St. Vincent        Advisors                           Association
Southern Wisconsin                 Hospital                            The Nature Conservancy             Wisconsin Master Gardener
An Siopa Eire                      Creative Sewing Machines            Necchi-New Home Sewing Center      Association
ANIU Salon 2000                    Cress Funeral & Cremation Service   The Nelson Foundation Inc.         Wisconsin Medical Society
Appleton (f.k.a. Appleton Papers   The Cutting Edge                    NorthNet                           Wisconsin Public Service Corp.
Inc.)                              Denil Wall Olds-Cadillac            Oneida Community Integrated        WMGN Radio Magic 98
Ardyth's Sew-N-Shoppe              Edgewood College                    Food Systems                       Wollersheim Winery
Ariens Foundation                  Evjue Foundation Inc./The Capital   Orange Tree Imports                Woodcraft
Associated Banc-Corp.              Times                               OshKosh B’Gosh                     Xcel Energy
Audio Video Lifestyles/Sound       First Weber Group Inc.              Park Printing House Ltd.
World                                                                                                     Zoltan’s Sewing Center -
                                   Fiskars Consumer Products Inc.      Penzeys Spices                     Rockford, Ill.
Aylward Family Foundation          Fox Cities Magazine                 Pfaff PAS
Badger Coaches                     Franciscan Skemp Healthcare
                                                                     Dr. James L. Hoehn and           Virgie and Stan Peloquin
                                                                     Nancy J. Goldberg                Madison
Directors Circle                                                     Marshfield
                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Hyde
                                                                                                      Ellsworth and Carla
                                                                                                      Peterson Foundation
These dedicated friends of WPT support a commitment to               Oshkosh                          Sturgeon Bay
the highest quality of service through their generous gifts.         Dr. Stanley L. and Shirley S.    PPG Industries Foundation
                                                                     Inhorn                           Pittsburgh, Penn.
The following are members The Director’s Circle as of                Madison                          Rawson and Mary Price
                                                                     International Association for    Gillett
June 30, 2003                                                        Integrated Medicine              Price Electric Cooperative
For information about leadership giving, please call Diane                                            Phillips
                                                                     Rosemary B. Johnson              Don and Roz Rahn
Agans at 608. 265. 4437.                                             Middleton                        Madison
                                                                     Julian Price Family Foundation   Donovan E. Rasmussen
                                                                     Madison                          Dresser
Joanne and John Anderson          Stan and Jean Druckenmiller
Janesville                        Madison                            Richard and Patsy Kabaker        Gordon and Janet Renschler
                                                                     Middleton                        Madison
Ron and Patty Anderson            Dale Druckrey
Middleton                         Bonduel                            Martin and Rita Kades            Ernest W. Reynolds
                                                                     Beloit                           Madison
Wanda and Robert Auerbach         Robert M. and Susan Engelke
Middleton                         Madison                            Paul and Anne Karch              Robert T. & Betty Rose-Meyer
                                                                     Appleton                         Family Foundation
Roger and Mitzi Axtell            Epic Systems Corp.
Janesville                        Madison                            Andreas and Valerie Kazamias     Green Bay
                                                                     Madison                          David Sanks and Susan Scholfield
Amy Jo Aylward                    Leota and Lee Ester
Neenah                            Appleton                           Kikkoman Foods Foundation Inc.   Madison
                                                                     Walworth                         Liz Schaub
Frederick E. and Patricia Baer    Judy and Gordon Faulkner
Green Bay                         Madison                            Larry and Carol Klapmeier        Green Bay
                                                                     North Freedom                    Mary Ellyn and Joe
Ken and Diane Ballweg             Rozanne Flesch
Middleton                         Madison                            Herbert H. Kohl Charities Inc.   Sensenbrenner
                                                                     Milwaukee                        Madison
Dr. Ann Bardeen-Henschel          Fotsch Foundation
Oconomowoc                        Elm Grove                          Margaret and Scott Kramer        John C. Seramur
                                                                     Madison                          Stevens Point
Lee and Alma Baron                John J. Frautschi Family
Middleton                         Foundation                         Bill Kraus and Toni Sikes        Joe and Jeanne Silverberg
                                  Madison                            Madison                          Madison
Tom and Sally Basting
Madison                           W. Jerome Frautschi and Pleasant   Krause Foundation                Lois C.A. Smith
                                  T. Rowland                         Iola                             Irving, Texas
Niles and Linda Berman
Madison                           Madison                            Irene Daniell Kress              Sandy and Mike Stamn
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Madison                           Menasha                            Eldon and Joy Newcomb            Jeanan Yasiri and Scott Coon
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                                                                     Madison                          and Fourteen Donors Who Wish
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Green Bay                         Sturgeon Bay                       Mary E. Pautz
Principle Gifts                                                      Spencer W. Doty
                                                                                                          Hoffman Wood Fiber LLC
The following donors have made gifts to help initiate new            Loyal and Bernice Durand             Marion Holmes
services and programs. They made these commitments                   Cross Plains                         Bonduel
                                                                     Mark Ediger and Jocelyn Milner       Timothy P. Horan
prior to June 30, 2003.                                              Madison                              Eau Claire
                                                                     Anne and Richard Egan                Barbara A. and John R. Horner-Ibler

The Boldt Company                 Duard and Dorthea Walker
                                                                     Sister Bay                           Brookfield
An advised fund of the            Margaret Winston
Community Foundation of                                              Sandra N. Eimen                      Hugh H. Iltis
Southern Wisconsin                Thomas R. Wolfe and Pat Powers     Portage                              Madison
Mildred and Marv Conney                                              Joann and Joe Elder                  John and Virginia Irvin
                                  and Three Donors Who Wish to       Madison                              Monroe
Elizabeth B. and Philip J.
Hendrickson                       Remain Anonymous                   Jean Ellarson                        Ironwood Foundation
                                                                     Barneveld                            Appleton
Julian Price Family Foundation
                                                                     Diane Elson                          Kenneth Jacobs
                                                                     Madison                              Hartford
                                                                     Thomas E. and Eleanor D. Fairchild   Karen M. and John Jaeschke
                                                                     Madison                              Verona
                                                                     Bruce and Diane Lind Fenster         Newell D. and Helen Jasperson
                                                                     Green Bay                            Wisconsin Rapids
                                                                     Leslie and Barbara Fishel            Tom Jefferson
                                                                     Madison                              Madison
The Leadership Circle                                                Carla Fisher                         Mary Ella Jerome
                                                                     Janesville                           Barron
Cultural programming, unparalleled children’s service, history
                                                                     James Robert Fowler                  Frank & Theresa Joswick Family Fund
offerings, and science and nature experiences are hallmarks          La Crosse                            De Pere
of public broadcasting. The support of The Leadership Circle         Lemuel A. Fraser                     Mr. E.T. Juday
helps make this possible.                                            Madison                              Land O’ Lakes
                                                                     Nancy P. Frawley                     Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kidd
The following people joined The Leadership Circle as of              Wausau                               Neenah
June 30, 2003.                                                       D. J. and Mary Clare Freeman         Lorraine T. Kindschi
                                                                     Wausau                               Baraboo
For information about The Leadership Circle, please call             William and Jessie Fuller            Sara Krebsbach and Glenn Reinl
Diane Agans at 608. 265. 4437.                                       Oshkosh                              Madison
                                                                     Marc and Eve Galanter                Joseph Krupp and Diana Grove
                                                                     Madison                              Middleton
Michael S. and Mary Ariens       Peter and Kathyrn Carlson
Brillion                         Oshkosh                             Robert and Mary Garton               Mable E. La Cosse
                                                                     Elkhart Lake                         Green Bay
Marian and Thomas Ashman         William Cary
Middleton                        Richland Center                     Chet and Barbara Gerlach             Kent and Diane Langdon
                                                                     Madison                              Oshkosh
Jeff and Jill Ball               Lauritis R. and Dianne
Fort Atkinson                    Christensen                         Judy Ghastin                         Phyllis Leach
                                 Madison                             Appleton                             Oshkosh
Darlene Ballweg
Sauk City                        Charles Cohen and Christine         David D. Gilboe                      M.J. Levy
                                 Schindler                           Madison                              Madison
Merton R. Barry
Mazomanie                        Madison                             Alicia and Jerry Goehring            Vic and Sue Levy
                                 Ernst Conrath                       Madison                              Madison
Pamela and William Bass
Madison                          Sun Prairie                         James Golz                           Fran Lindemuth
                                 Guerdon and Jan Coombs              Wausau                               Kaukauna
Barry Berman
Madison                          Middleton                           Jane Graff                           John and Ann Lindstrom
                                 Diana and Grant Cottam              Madison                              Appleton
Barbara Besadny
Madison                          Madison                             Dr. Erik Gundersen and Sophia        Arlene Lissack
                                 Countryside Animal Clinic           Ferris                               Chippewa Falls
Collette and Paul Beuther                                            La Crosse
Neenah                           Madison                                                                  Janet and Jay Loewi
                                 James Crow                          Willy Haeberli and Gabriele          Madison
Allan R. Birschbach                                                  Haberland
Oshkosh                          Madison                                                                  Vince Lubenow
                                                                     Madison                              Madison
John A. and Marian Bolz          Michael Cullenward and Joan M.
                                 Knoebel                             Gary and Marie Harrison              Edna Lukens
Madison                                                              Wausau
                                 Madison                                                                  Blanchardville
Priscilla S. Bondhus                                                 Ira Hartoch
Middleton                        Ronald L. Daggett                                                        Elsebet Lund and James Dahlberg
                                 Madison                             Green Bay                            Madison
Steve and Mary Bradley                                               Larry and Jeanette Heath
Antigo                           Charles and Hermine Davidson                                             Jean Lund
                                 Madison                             Marshfield                           Onalaska
Mary L. Brock                                                        Lillian Herman
Baraboo                          Carl de Boor and Helen Bee                                               Katharine Lyall
                                 Madison                             Sheboygan                            Madison
Jeffery C. Brown                                                     Tom and Marley Herrin
Manitowoc                        Judy Devereux                                                            David and Marjory Lyford
                                 Madison                             Antigo                               Madison
Helen T. Burger                                                      Lois Hibbard
Oshkosh                          Robert and Marilyn De Witt                                               Dennis and Gail Maki
                                 Black Earth                         Appleton                             Madison
Mark D. Burish                                                       Lola Gordon Hickey
Madison                          Robert H. Dott Jr. and Nancy Dott                                        M & I Bank
                                                                     Middleton                            Madison
Ellen Burmeister                 Madison
                                                                     Mae D. Hoel
Madison                                                              Stoughton
The Leadership Circle continued
Dr. David A. Manke                Virginia Rosemann                Tom and Virginia Williams        Darrel J. Yohnk
Oneida                            Green Bay                        Wausau                           Oconomowoc

Maplewood School                  Carol M. Schappel                Robert Wixson Family             John A. Zeinert
Sparta                            Oregon                           Madison                          Neenah
Charles and Leatrice Markle       Lawrence Schirmer                Robert Wood Johnson Foundation   Rose Zerwick
Sun Prairie                       Three Lakes                      Princeton, N.J.                  Madison
John Markley and Diane Seehan     Joan Schmit                      Jacquelyn L. Wrycha
Madison                           Madison                          Menasha                          and Ten Donors Who Wish
                                                                                                    to Remain Anonymous
H. Marshall Matthews              Edward and Harriet Schulz        Mary Yeakel and Virginia A.
Sheboygan                         Neenah                           Metcalf
Jack and Sue McCoy                John and Mary Sensenbrenner      Wisconsin Dells
Madison                           Neenah
Jean McNary                       Stephen P. and Mary Shanesy
Madison                           Verona
Irene and Thomas C. Meyer         Don and Carolyn Shelp
Madison                           Madison
Marilyn Meyer Potter              Dr. Philip Shultz
Oshkosh                           Middleton                        The Heritage Society
Jennifer Miller and Bruce         Paul and Ellen Simenstad
McPhee                            Madison                          The Heritage Society recognizes those friends with the
Cambridge                         Alexander and Margaret Skinner   foresight to include WPT in their will or estate plans.
Norman Miller Foundation          Madison
Green Bay                         Curt and Jane Smith              For information about The Heritage Society, please call Diane
Elizabeth and John Moore          Brooklyn                         Agans at 608. 265. 4437.
Middleton                         Mowry Smith III
Stephen Morton                    Menasha
Madison                           Rob and Claire Spear             Joanne and John Anderson         Ivan R. and Sandra Haynes
Bruce C. and Amy R. Moser         New London                       Janesville                       Madison
Madison                           Judith Stadler                   Jake and Lucy Altwegg            Bryce Hinsch
Carol Mueller                     Appleton                         Madison                          Fremont
Madison                           Mary E. Stafford                 David M. and Violet Bailin       Barbara A. and John R. Horner-Ibler
David F. and Jane Nelson          Madison                          Appleton                         Brookfield
Edgerton                          David and Denise Statz           Dr. Ann Bardeen-Henschel         Frances W. Hurst
Mary and Bill Niedermeier         Baraboo                          Oconomowoc                       Madison
Madison                           Wayne E. Stork                   Anna Benson                      Sandra and Harold Inda
Gene E. Niesen                    Janesville                       Waupaca                          Ripon
Appleton                          Suzanne and Jack Swanson         Jane Bjorklund                   Earl and Carol Jewett
Ray and Rosie Norlin              Appleton                         Merrill                          Fond du Lac
Tomahawk                          Patricia Takemoto and Robert     Vlasta K. Blaha                  Mary C. Karau
James R. and Alice Ohlrogge       Morse                             and Stanley Dale                Madison
Middleton                         Madison                          Colby                            Scott and Margaret Kramer
Patricia A. and Joe Okray         John Jay and Linda Taylor        Malcolm and Penny Brett          Madison
Plover                            Ripon                            Oregon                           Harold and Rita Kreitz
Richard J. and Jean Olson         Robert E. and Caryl Terrell      Ione Kulis Carr                  Middleton
Merrill                           Madison                          Kiel                             Matthew Neil Kurtz
Richard and Marcia Olson          Roger and Susan Thicke           Richard Damro                    Antigo
Madison                           La Crescent, Minn.               Colfax                           Floreine J. Kurtzweil
Roland and Marjorie Olson         Constance Threinen               Robert Destree                   Edgar
Fort Atkinson                     Middleton                        Green Bay                        David and Darlene Lee
Richard and Margaret Osborn       Norris and Alice Tibbetts        Richard and Nancy Dietz          Wausau
Oshkosh                           Madison                          Larsen                           Robert J. Lenz
Tana and John Palmer              Herbert Tjossem                  Wilbert and Mary Dee Dupont      Waunakee
Oregon                            Appleton                         Green Bay                        Todd M. Liebergen
Joan Pedro                        Jan Trow                         Ted J. Eischeid                  Middleton
Madison                           Fremont                          Fond du Lac                      Arlene Lissack
George Penn                       Deborah Turski                   Colleen and Bill Feist           Chippewa Falls
Madison                           Madison                          Middleton                        Rick and Joyce Lohr
Mary and Lowell Peterson          David Vogel                      Mildred F. Freymiller            Marathon
Appleton                          Madison                          Elroy                            Donna Lotzer
L.E. Phillips Family Foundation   Gary Wagner                      Paul W. Fuerstenau               Madison
Eau Claire                        Eau Claire                       Madison                          Mike and Barb Madden
Hannah Pickett                    Beverly Wallace                  Russell and Suzanne Gardner      Sturgeon Bay
Madison                           Newton                           Madison                          Angus McIntyre
Marcea and David Plonka           William Wartmann                 Diane L. Glodoski                Appleton
Madison                           Edgerton                         Madison                          Rose M. Messina and Mark
Reetz Foundation                  Stella Webb                      James and Debra Greenwald        Anderson
Sheboygan                         Madison                          Berlin                           Madison
Kevin and Kate Reilly             Janet Wengert                    Phil and Marilyn Hansotia        Margaret Misdall
Madison                           Madison                          Marshfield                       Oshkosh
Hugh T. and Mildred Richards      Roger and Patricia Westphal      Tim V. and Catherine Hartnett    H. Clarence Mitchell
Menomonie                         Rhinelander                      Bayfield                         Mount Morris
Dan and Jane Rich                 Pamela Williams                  Wayne Hatz                       Nancy Newell Moore
Madison                           Whitewater                       Baraboo                          Stevens Point
Norm and Peg Munson               Karen R. Shevet Dinah
Appleton                          Madison
Wilbert (Bill) Noltemeyer
                                  Alice Jean Smith
                                                                  WHA-TV Auction
LaRay and Rosie Norlin            Joseph and Betty Spradling      Since 1976, WHA-TV Auction has been a popular community
Tomahawk                          Madison
                                                                  event and fund-raiser for WPT. The 2003 event was one of the
David and Kathy Ott               Sharon Stark
Madison                           Spring Green                    most successful ever. We appreciate this outpouring of support.
Jack E. Pederson                  David and Dawn Stucki           For information about WHA-TV Auction underwriting and
Tony                              Waunakee
                                                                  donations, please call Kelly Joerres at 608. 262. 5259.
Norbert L. Pitterle               Jayne C. Redman
Two Rivers                        Fall Creek
Mrs. Marilyn M. Potter            Judith O. Sutton
Oshkosh                           Madison                         Auction Underwriters              Creative Sewing Machines
Charles and Lucille Ramshaw       Robert and Margaret Swanson     Alliant Energy                    Culligan Total Water Treatment
Mount Horeb                       Menomonie                       American Family Insurance         Dale Carnegie Training
Richard and Marie Reetz           Nevin O. Taylor                 Bank One                          Don’s Oak Furniture
Appleton                          Chetek
                                                                  CUNA Mutual                       Eichhorn, Susan & Henry
Richard Rost and Donnamae         Lorelei Walczak
Klotz Rost                        Stevens Point                   Dean Health System                Elkhart Lake’s Road America
Tomahawk                          Joseph W. Walton                Group Health Cooperative HMO      Ericson, Greg
Bruce B. Runnels                  Farley                          J. H. Findorff & Sons Inc.        Explorama Lodges

Wautoma                           Florence Whitefield             Madison Dairy Division of Land    Fine Designs Sofa Gallery
Robert P. and Ann Rusch           Madison                         O’Lakes                           General Beverage Sales Co.
Rib Lake                          Helen Wineke                    Pizza Hut of Southern             Goodman’s Jewelers
Karen Scheibe                     Madison                         Wisconsin
Appleton                                                                                            Gordon Flesch Co.
                                                                  Restaino Bunbury & Associates
William Scherwitz                 and Four Donors Who Wish                                          Gypsy Villa Resort
                                  to Remain Anonymous             Robert W. Baird
Fort Atkinson                                                                                       In Business Magazine
                                                                  TDS Metrocom
                                                                                                    Iron River Area Chamber of
                                                                  The Stark Company, Realtors       Commerce
                                                                  Tri-North Builders Inc.           Janus Galleries
                                                                  Major Auction In-kind Donors      JSM Properties
We Remember                                                       Burton and Mayer Inc.             Kennedy Manor Dining Room & Bar
                                                                            Land Resource Company LLC
We have been honored by gifts from the estates of these
                                                                  Capital Newspapers                La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
friends, ensuring the legacy of the organization for
                                                                  Gaylord Catering                  Lemke Facial Surgery
future generations.
                                                                  Gordon Flesch Co. Inc.            Lighthouse Lodge and Suites
Ione Kulis Carr                   Robert P. and Ann K. Rusch      Greater Northshore Appraisals     Madison Area Mortgage Bankers
Tim V. and Catherine Hartnett     Alice Jean Smith                H M I Catering
                                                                                                    Marling Distributors
Clarence H. Mitchell              Joseph and Betty Spradling      Mazo Deli Catering
                                                                                                    Marshall Towne Millwork
                                                                  Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.
                                                                                                    McGilligan’s Interiors
                                                                  Queen Anne’s Catering
                                                                                                    Meicher & Associates
Planned Giving                                                    Schoeps Ice Cream Co. Inc.
                                                                                                    Middleton Community Bank
                                                                  Suttle-Straus Inc.
The following estates have generously provided gifts of bequest                                     Miracle-Ear Hearing Centers
                                                                  Swanson Kitchens
and other planned gifts to WPT. With deepest regards, we                                            Nonn’s Flooring
commemorate those departed friends who have honored us            Major Auction Donors              Occidental Hotels and Resorts
with this commitment.                                             Academy Electric Inc.             Park Printing House Ltd.
                                                                  Albion Armorers International     Parr McKenna, Kathleen

Hilber E. Anderson                Jesse & Millie Fusfeld Trust    Amcore Bank
Antigo                            Wausau                                                            PARTS NOW!
                                                                  American TV & Appliance           Redbone Creations
Georgiana Mae Bentley             Susan F. Welty
Nekoosa                           Beloit                          AnchorBank fsb                    Rocky Rococo Pan-Style Pizza
Donald Bronk                                                      Anderson and Shapiro Eye Care     Rubin’s
Wausau                            and One Donor Who Wishes        Arbor Hills Apartments
                                  to Remain Anonymous                                               Rutabaga
                                                                  Benjamin Plumbing Inc.            Sergenian’s Floor Coverings
                                                                  Best Built Garage Builders        Shadow Fax
                                                                  Brothers Main Appliance & TV      Smart Toyota
                                                                  Budget Bicycle Center             Steve’s Liquor & Biaggi`s
                                                                  Camp Manito-wish YMCA             Restaurant
                                                                  Carl F. Statz & Sons              Stoughton Country Club
                                                                  Catfish River Arts & Antiques     Studio Jewelers
                                                                  Century 21 Affiliated             Sub-Zero Freezer Company
                                                                  Chula Vista Resort                Sullivan Landscaping
                                                                  Comfort Shoppe                    Sundara Inn and Spa
                                                                  Condon Jewelers                   Sunrise Glassworks
                                                                  Cortland Pond Apartment Homes     T.Q. Diamonds
The Blacksmith Inn                Ward-Brodt Music Mall
The Edgewater Hotel               Waunakee Remodeling
The Friendship Tour               Weiss, Lee                          Volunteers
The Great Wolf Lodge              Welton Enterprises
                                                                      Each year, tremendous things happen in the studios of WPT,
The Kalahari Waterpark Resort     Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort
Convention Center                                                     and in the towns, cities and villages of Wisconsin thanks,
                                  William Thomas Designs
The Madison Club                  Williamson Bicycle Works
                                                                      in part, to the contributions of volunteers.
The Madison Concourse Hotel &     Wisconsin Flooring & Cascata        Nearly 2,000 people assisted with membership drives, the
Governor’s Club                   Bath & Tile Gallery
The Maytag Store                                                      WHA-TV Auction, general office tasks, community events,
                                  Woodworks Furniture
The Twisted Twig Furniture                                            and more in the last year.
                                  Young, Susan
                                  Zazen Gallery                       WPT is deeply grateful for this support. Below are a few of
Thebco Windows, Doors & Siding
                                  ZOLL                                the groups and individuals cited for special recognition for
UW Athletic Department

                                  Zoroufy’s                           their contributions in 2003.
Vintage Door
Vukich, Dr. John A.                                                   For more information about volunteering, please call Don
                                                                      Sanford at 608.265.4436.

                                                                      Auction 2003 - New Civic Group Middleton High School-National
                                                                       Honor Society
Garden Expo                                                           Auction 2003 - New Corporate Group Wisconsin Physicians Service
                                                                      On-Air Pledge - New Civic Group Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Dane County
For 11 years, WPT has enriched the community with its educational     On-Air Pledge - New Corporate Group Fiskars Inc.
offerings that are a central part of Garden Expo.                     Volunteers of the Year Pete Jahn and Ingrid Lind-Jahn
The 2003 event attracted more than 17,000 people in early February
from around Wisconsin. Enthusiasts shared advice on plants,
gardens, lawns, and more through seminars and demonstrations.
More than 300 exhibitor booths also were a part of the event that

is held in Madison.
WPT, Friends of WHA-TV and University of Wisconsin-Extension         “All of us still sit down sometimes to watch a bit of Mr. Rogers.
Cooperative Extension Horticulture Team present Garden Expo.          His message that one can be liked just the way s/he is was very
                                                                      important to me growing up and I’m sure continues to be of
For information about Garden Expo, please call DeAnne Massey
                                                                      cardinal importance to children.” Paul from Pierce County
at 608. 262. 5256.
                                                                     “My window to the past, present and future is always Wisconsin
Garden Expo Underwriters                                              Public Television.” Annie from Brown County
Madison Gas & Electric
Wisconsin Landscape Contractors                                      “Thank you for presenting the various governor and lt. governor
Association                                                           candidates through five-minute segments. It is the essence of
                                                                      democracy. Views should be exposed to the open air – the way
                                                                      that views can best be evaluated… Thanks for nurturing
                                                                      democracy in Wisconsin. Nothing in our system should be a
                                                                      foregone conclusion. It should all be open to debate.”
Local Community Outreach                                              a male viewer
The impact of WPT’s broadcasts is amplified through local
                                                                     “I am an English/communications teacher. I recently viewed
community outreach projects – screenings, workshops, discussions,
                                                                      Teen Connection. Very simply, I must express my deepest
online conversations, and more.
                                                                      appreciation and compliments on such fine programming. Your
Foundations and other institutions and groups help make local         format and level of information is both appropriate and effective.”
community outreach possible.                                          Jerome from Green County
For more information about local community outreach, please call     “P.O.V. Two Towns of Jasper, it was powerful stuff. Disturbing,
Lynne Blinkenberg at 608. 265. 6331.                                  troubling, thoughtful and thought provoking, even encouraging
                                                                      and ultimately hopeful. It was television at its best. Live theater!
4-H Youth Development             Urban League of Greater Madison     A revealing human drama with echoes reaching all across our
First Unitarian Society           UW Health                           country.” a female viewer
Independent Television Service    Wisconsin Association for Home
National Center for Outreach      and Community Education
P.O.V.                            Wisconsin Education Association
South Central Library System                                                              be more
University of Wisconsin-
Extension Chancellor’s Office

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