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Expectations by shuifanglj


									Antioch High School
 The main emphasis will be to appreciate
  physical activity as a life long learning
In order to receive the highest grade possible, each student should give their
    maximum effort during class. Other expectations include:
- Arrive promptly
- Do not share your locker or give out your combination
- Use the long locker only during your class period
- Jewelry, sunglasses, hair nets, of hair rags are not permitted
- Gum, food, sunflower seeds, and drinks are not permitted in any PE facility
- Freshening up
- Respect yourself and others
- Be cooperative
- Please use equipment properly
- Destruction of equipment will result in a fine
- Students need to stay in designated areas before and after class
- No cell phones, I-Pods, or electronic devices inside ANY PE facility
Students are expected to wear proper attire. Students are
  required to put their names on their uniform. For hygienic
  and safety reasons, students who do not have the proper
  PE uniforms will not be able to participate in class. A
  T-shirt and shorts or sweatpants are required.

Proper Attire
- AHS PE shirt $10.00
- AHS PE shorts $15.00
- AHS sweat pants or sweat shirt $20.00
- Laced tennis shoes
- Socks
                9th Grade Core
Throughout the year freshman will participate in a balanced
program of team and individual activities which may include:

       Aerobic Training        Anaerobic Training
       Badminton               Basketball
       Pickleball              Fitness Testing
       Circuit Training        Soccer
       Softball                Swimming
       Tennis                  Volleyball
       Track & Field           Football
       Whiffle Ball            Indoor Games
  10th, 11th, 12th Grade Electives
The elective programs listed below are extensive. Course offerings may
  be based on students enrollment. The elective programs may

      Jazz Dance                     Bowling
      Team Sports                    Step Aerobics
      Weight Training                Fitness Walking
      Archery / Golf                 Specialty Skills

   * Specialty Skills may include: soccer, tennis, wrestling,
   football, basketball, and volleyball.
- Students will be issued their own lock and locker at the beginning of
   each semester.
- All lockers will be turned in at the end of the semester.

- Students should be careful to secure their locks and not share their
   combination with others.

- A lost lock will result in a fine.
- AHS PE is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
- ID cards are required for combinations.

- Students need to be careful with their belongings.
   Lock them up at all times!
80 % Positive Participation: Students will be awarded 4 Points daily as long as they meet
   the student expectations listed previously. Students will be allowed 2 excused absences
   without penalty. After the 3 rd excused absence the student will not be awarded the
   positive participation points. These points may be made up at PE Make Ups.
10 % Testing: Students will be tested by verbal and written tests, observation, and skill
10% Panther Points: Demonstrate how well a student meets the qualities on the “Panther
   Profile”, displays good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and effort, and good leadership
Point Calculation:
+ 4 Daily Participation
-12        Non Suit
-12        Improper Foot Wear
-12        Uncleared Absence
-2 to -12 Insubordination
-2 to -6    Tardy
-2 to – 12 Non Participation

* 50 minutes classes will be half values (7 th period)
**Parents have 24 hours to clear an absence!
-Credits: 5.0 credits will be awarded each semester for successfully
   passing a Physical Education class. 20 credits of PE are required for

-Grades: A students quarter grade is compiled of 100 points. At the end of
   the semester, the grade for each quarter will be averaged together for a
   final semester grade, which is out of 200 points.
- Students receiving below a 40% during one of the two quarters will not
   receive a grade higher than a C for their semester grade.

- PE Make Ups: Students will only be allowed to apply PE Make Ups to the
   current quarter.

Quarter 1: 80 / 100         Quarter 1: 35 / 100
Quarter 2: 60 / 100         Quarter 2: 80 / 100
Semester: 140/200 = 70% C   Semester: 115/200 = 58% F+
-Students may make up               Dates
   lost points by
   attending PE Make      3rd Quarter   4th Quarter
   Ups (cleared
   absences, tardies, non    2/18           4/22
-Held the last 6             2/25           5/6
   Thursdays of each
   quarter.                  3/4            5/13
-7:15 AM & 3:15 PM           3/11           5/20
- Small Gym
- Must be in proper PE       3/18           5/27
                             3/25           6/3
      Parental Notes                    Physician’s Note
Are valid for a maximum of     Is required for an injury of illness
  three calendar days per          exceeding three calendar
  quarter.                         days.
Notes are expected on the      If a modified program is
  day the student is ill and       acceptable it should be
  must include a parental          included in the note.
  signature, the date of the   A medical for longer than three
  occurrence and a phone           weeks will result in a no mark
  number.                          and credits will not be issued.
Students are still expected    *A students missing more than 3
  to dress in their PE             weeks a quarter will not be
  uniform.                         awarded credits.

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