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83_BD96 Semi-Automatic Bedding Dispenser by wpr1947



The Bedding Dispenser is a completely packaged unit complete with all wiring for single service connection.
The bedding dispenser is designed to accurately dispense varying but uniform amounts of bedding into two
animal cages at one time as they are manually placed under the dispensing ports.
The bedding dispenser shall handle all the various forms of bedding used in today’s Animal Care Industry.
This bedding dispenser has been designed to eliminate the jamming, clogging, bridging, and non-conveyance of
ultra-light bedding materials, problems commonly associated with other semi-automatic bedding dispensers.
1. Filling the hopper with bedding - The operator dumps two or three bags of bedding into the hopper located
   under the grill.
2. The operator turns the main control switch to the on position.
3. The operator determines the amount of bedding deposited into each plastic cage by presetting the dispensing
   control (a small amount of bedding for a mouse cage, a greater amount for a rat or guinea pig cage, etc.)
4. The operator slides two cages back across the grill, which serves as a work surface. The cages are guided
   into proper position for dispensing via adjustable cage guides (If only one cage is to be filled, bedding
   dispensed through the second dispensing port simply falls back into the storage hopper and is recycled)
5. As the operator pushes the cages into position, the cages activate a stainless steel bar switch in the rear of
   the dispensing area. This switch activates the bedding conveyor, which conveys the operator-selected
   amount of bedding to the dispensing ports. The bedding simply falls through the dispensing ports and into the
   cages. When the filled cages are removed, the stainless steel bar switch is released, which resets the
   dispensing control. The dispenser will continue to dispense this same amount of bedding into each cage,
   without adjustment. The only time an adjustment would be necessary is when changing to a smaller or larger
   plastic cage, which would require a different amount of bedding material.
1. The storage-dispensing hopper shall be of stainless steel construction 2B finish.
2. Hopper capacity is two or three bags of bedding.
3. All structural supports shall be stainless steel. All sprockets, shafts, chains, etc., shall be carbon steel.
4. The bedding dispenser features stainless steel “Flights” attached to the drive chains, which convey a uniform
   amount of bedding up to the dispensing ports. This is the same field-proven operating principle used on the
   highly successful Girton Model BD80 Automatic Bedding Dispenser since 1980.
5. The bedding dispenser is mounted on casters for mobility.
6. Controls - Start/stop switch and variable dispensing control.
7. The BD96 bedding dispenser shall be equipped for electrical hook-up to 1 phase, 60 cycle, 115 volt electrical
8. A cover is mounted on the top of the bedding dispenser, just above the dispensing ports. A dust collector
   blower is mounted on the cover, and removes airborne dust particles from the work environment. This dust
   collector is fitted with a cleanable collection bag.
9. Service access panels are located on top of the bedding dispenser (electrical controls, drive motor, dust
   collector blower) and inside the storage hopper (conveyor chain, pockets, and “Flights”).
The dust collector is a standard feature and consists of a dust/filter bag.
1 phase, 60 cycle, 115 volt, 15 amp.
Overall Height - 83”
Overall Width - 55” (includes dust collector bag.)
Front-to-Back dimension - 26-3/4”
Working Height - 38”

* Please note that all sub components of Girton Washers are NON-PROPRIETARY and COMMERCIALLY
  AVAILABLE from various sources, for FLEXIBILTY AND ECONOMY OF MAINTENANCE throughout the life of
  the washer.
BD-96 Semi-Automatic Bedding Dispenser

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