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					Trivia quiz
Mathew Jelley and John Owen

Psychiatric Bulletin 1995 19: 783-
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Trivia quiz
Mathew Jelley and John Owen

Continuing professional         development          7 Which psychiatrist has moved from Boston
(CPD)                                                   to Seattle and from alcohol to airwaves?
                                                     8 Who had success with Trigger Inside and
The following test is accredited for three hours         Die Laughing in 1994?
of CPD. Travel and subsistence are not claim         9 Where did Franz Joseph Gall feel there
able.                                                   was an appropriate area for destruction?
1 Whose therapist has a bird-cage for a torso?       IO Who said 'The great question which I have
2 Who might describe the transition from                 not been able to answer despite my thirty
   patient to therapist as going from Nuts to           years of research into the feminine soul is
   the Prince of Tides?                                  'What does a woman want' "?
3 Who said "Show me a sane man and I will           11 How is psychiatrist Dr Luke Rinehardt
   cure him for you"?                                    otherwise known?
4 Who wrote The Quantity Theory of Insanity?        12
                                                        What is the diagnosis of Dr Bowen's
5 'Doolally', 'Yarra' and 'Winnick' are all slang        patient Mr Jones?
   terms for insane. What else do they have in      13 Who was Simon Fitzmary?
   common?                                          14 Who plays Fite?
6 Who said "There is nothing wrong with you         15 Who was knocked 'flat as a flounder' by a
   that can't be cured with a little Prozac and a        hospital attendant after becoming insane
   polo mallet"?                                         in 1788?

Psychiatric Bulletin (1995), 19. 783                                                          783