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					Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)
          Presented By:

       Carol F. Albany
   DCMA eBusiness Directorate

              April 6, 2009
       2009    •
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                   WAWF Tutorial
                   Today’s Topics
                                                      Wide Area
Focus - WAWF IUID Web Data Entry for
         New Procurement Only
 • Main IUID Clause requirements
 • Allowable methods to create Unique Item identifier (UII)
 • Populating UID data on WAWF Receiving Report
 • Data validations, common mistakes
 • WAWF Information Sources
 • Questions and Wrap-Up
               IUID Policy Guidance

                       Implementation Roadmap for Suppliers

                       1-The Basics
                       2-Review Policy
                       3-Requirements for IUID
                       4-Registering as IUID Supplier
                       5-Develop Implementation Plan
                       6-Implement IUID Technology
                       7- Mark Items
                       8-Read UIIs
                       9-Quality Assurance
                       10-Accounting and Valuation
                       11-Registration of IUID Data*

             Property in Possession of Contractors

*(Today’s WAWF Tutorial covers the registration of IUID Data via the Wide Area
  Workflow (WAWF) web entry screens for Newly Procured Items Only – Does not
  cover the WAWF Property Transfer functions)
            Why WAWF for E-Acceptance?
•   Its in the Regs
     •   DFARS 252.246-7000 – MIRR (Form DD250)
          • Fulfills requirement for paper distribution (only 2 copies with shipment)
          • Faster identification of “acceptance” to support payment
•   It interfaces with the IUID Registry and Defense Supply System (DSS) & others
     •   UID DFARS Clause 252.211.7003 – April 22, 2005 (w/updates)
     •   RFID DFARS Clause 252.211.7006 – September 13, 2005 (first year of 3-year plan)
•   It fulfills requirements for IUID data entry for new acquisition items and for
    RFID data submission
     •   Web – Receiving Report or Combo Document
     •   FTP – File Transfer Protocol (using data submission guidelines)
     •   EDI – ANSI X12 Advanced Shipment Notice (856) Transaction
         or Advanced Shipment and Billing Notice (857) Transaction

• Embedded items in newly procured items can now be reported via WAWF
     – Version 4.0 – August 2008 – allows only one level below end item (100 per)

     –After acceptance of the end item, additional levels of embedded items’ IUID data
     can be provided by direct submission via the IUID XML, IUID flat file, or the IUID
     Registry’s web entry capability.
     –-Direct data input to the IUID Registry for new items is an option, but only after
     acceptance has occurred (WAWF is preferred method).
                                                                    *Only method for RFID
   Item Unique Identification (IUID)
             and WAWF
• WAWF is the standardized data capture mechanism for
  transmitting IUID data from contractors to DoD for new
• WAWF Receiving Report, created by the contractor via EDI
  (856 or 857 transaction), FTP, or web, carries the IUID
  pedigree data, including the UII
• After item Acceptance by the Government, WAWF extracts
  the appropriate IUID information and transmits it to the
  IUID Registry

                           IUID Clause
• DFARS 252.211-7003
  Item Identification and Valuation
    – IUID is required for all personal property items delivered to
      the Government when any one or more of the following is
       • Unit Acquisition Cost is $5,000 or more
       • Item with a Unit Acquisition Cost below $5,000 when it is a DoD Serially
         Managed, Mission Essential, or Controlled Item
       • Item with a Unit Acquisition Cost below $5,000, as determined by the Requiring
         Activity (e.g., Maintenance and Repair)
       • Regardless of value, any DoD Serially Managed subassembly, component or
         part embedded within an item, and the “Parent” item in which it is embedded
       • Valuation applies to all items delivered to DoD, to include deliveries under T&M
   – DoD Recognized UID Equivalents
  The contractor determines the serialization construct and the data
  qualifier set to use

           IUID Data Submission via
         WAWF Web Receiving Report**
•   Concatenated Unique Item Identifier (UII)
•   UII Type
•   Issuing Agency Code
•   Enterprise Identifier
•   Original Part Number
•   Serial Number
•   Batch/Lot
•   Current Part Number
•   Current Part Number effective date
•   Unit Acquisition Cost ***

    **   Material Inspection and Receiving Report – Form DD 250 or EDI 856
         Transaction or Advanced Shipment Notice
    *** Not required for embedded items

                        WAWF and Supply Chain Integration
 Contracting                 Transporters            Contractor                              EFT
 Officer                          View Only            Document Creation
 Financing Acceptance                                                                                 DFAS Pay
 DCAA                                                                                                 Systems
   Voucher Approval                               Web, EDI, and
                                                                                                     DFAS Accounting
 DCMA Office                                      FTP “Intake”                                       Systems
  Source Inspection &
  Acceptance                                                                             ANSI
Receiving Activity                                                                                         Logistics
 Destination Acceptance                                                                                    Systems

 Local Processing                                Wide Area
 Document Certification                                                                                 Transportation
                                                 Workflow                                               Systems
 Pay Official
 Payment Processing
 Logisticians                                                                                       Systems
                                                  EDA                                    UID
 Property Mgmt.           Program Mgmt.
     View Only               View Only

                                              Email notices sent to next workflow user
IUID Data Capture for New Items via
                  Receiving Report,
                  IUID Data
     Wide Area                                        Receiving Report
     Workflow                                                             DoD Apps

                                                                         ACMS    MOCAS
                                             IUID XML                    BSM    One Pay
         Web User      EDI
                                                                         CAPS    SABRS
UDF      Interface                                                       EBIZ    SAMMS
Direct                                                                   IAPS     DSS

    Vendors             Web user
 Mark Items with IUID Data                               EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
         Elements                     IUID Registry
                                                         UDF – User Defined Format
     Shipment Notice

       Key UID Clause Requirements
• Vendor must report all UID data elements with its Material
  Inspection and Receiving Report (paper DD250 or WAWF
  Receiving Report)
   – For the delivered line item (i.e., parent) and embedded parts (i.e.,
• Vendor must submit the UID data to the IUID Registry after the
  government accepts the delivered parent line item
   – Vendor can submit UID data to Registry via
       •   WAWF (parent and one level of embedded items per contract line item)
       •   Web Entry
       •   Direct EDI transmission
       •   FTP file upload ("flat" meaning no structure; user must know who to read)
       •   XML format file upload (database structure within the file)
   – Children data can't be loaded until parent data is in Registry
• Item must be marked with 2D Data Matrix
             Enterprise Identification
• Enterprise: Entity responsible for assigning the unique
  identifier to an asset (not always prime contractor)
• Enterprise Identifier uniquely defines each entity and its
  location. An enterprise identifier may be –
       • Dun & Bradstreet Universal Numbering System (DUNS)
         Number (Issuing Agency Code UN)
       • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
         Manufacturer, Supplier, and Related Service Company
         Code (Issuing Agency Code LB)
       • Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code (Issuing
         Agency Code D)
       • Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC)
         (Issuing Agency Code LD)
       • Uniform Code Council (UCC)/EAN International (EAN)
         Company Prefix (Issuing Agency Code 0-9)
DFARS 211.274-2 – Item Identification
•   DoD Construct Methods, or
•   DoD Recognized UID Equivalents
    –   Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    –   Telecommunications Industry Electronic Serial Number
        •   Unique identification number embedded in a wireless phone
            by the manufacturer
    –   Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI) or
    –   Global Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI)
        •   Composed of an EAN.UCC Company Prefix and an
            Individual Asset Reference.
            –   EAN: European Article Numbering
            –   UCC: Uniform Code Council
Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI)

• Identifies assets of a company which are not consumed
• Do not leave the control of the owner
• For example, in a hospital
   – Hospital bed
   – Heart rate monitor
   – Video monitoring equipment, such as as camera, monitor
   – MRI machine
     Global Returnable Asset Identifier
• Returnable Asset is delivered by the owner to the custody of
  another business entity
• Examples:
   – Ocean freight containers and chassis
   – Returnable food and beverage containers such as beer
   – Rental equipment: cars, trucks, construction equipment,
     and boats
   – Pallets
    Serialization for DoD UID Formats
• Unique Identification is a combination of data elements
  determined by how the enterprise serializes items

• Two acceptable methods of serialization
   – Serialization within the enterprise identifier
      • Each item is assigned a serial number that is unique
        among all the items identified under the enterprise
          – No serial number is repeated
   – Serialization within the part number
      • Each item under a specific part number is assigned a
        unique serial number within the original part number
Defining Data Elements for DoD IUID

* Issuing Agency Codes will not be marked on the item
** When Original Part Number changes with a new configuration,
current part number may be marked on item as separate data
              Construct 1 IUID Example
Construct 1 UID -- Items are serialized within the Enterprise

CAGE: 13499
Enterprise: 13499

CLIN 0003
Quantity Delivered: 4

CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY                  P/N: RSEE11-4S
MILSTRIP: N005354281X002XXX

Issuing Agency Code : D

Serial Numbers: 777002, 777005, 777006, 777009

This example would build four UIIs, using CAGE Code 13499 and each of the serial

              Construct 2 IUID Example
Construct 2 UID: Items are serialized within the Part Number
CAGE: 13499
Enterprise: 13499
CLIN 0001           Quantity Delivered: 5

NSN 1112-01-434-0001
LN-200 IMU HOUSING       P/N: 31-142
MILSTRIP: N005354281X001XXX

Issuing Agency Code : D
Serial Numbers: 2044492, 2044498, 2044499, 2044501, 2044507

In this example five UIIs would be constructed, using the Prime CAGE code
"13499", part number "31-142" and each of the five serial numbers listed:

Construct 2 IUID: Prime is not Enterprise
Construct 2 UID: Alternative Part Number and Entity (Enterprise is Sub)

CAGE: 13499                  Subcontractor CAGE: 07700
Enterprise: 07700

CLIN 0004                   Quantity Delivered: 6
NSN 1224-01-122-0044
CIRCUIT HOUSING             Prime P/N: X22-5525

UID ENTITY P/N: 311875-1N42

Serial Numbers: 5525-0001, 5525-0003, 5525-0004, 5525-0006, 5525-0007, 5525-0012

This example will override the prime's Part Number for UID construction and submittal
only. ** On the Receiving Report this item would still be listed as P/N X22-5525, and the
prime contractor 13499. The following UIDs would be constructed:

D07700311875-1N425525-0001             D07700311875-1N425525-0006
D07700311875-1N425525-0003             D07700311875-1N425525-0007
D07700311875-1N425525-0004             D07700311875-1N425525-0012
UID Data Fields in WAWF (v3.13)

                                Enterprise not
                                always prime

                      When Govt pays for Class
                       I or II ECP, enter Govt
                         paid cost/profit for
No More "Other" Type
          UID Current Part Number Data

•   Current Part Number different than part number recorded for a UII in
     – Report Original Part Number as recorded in UII
     – If vendor is different than Original Manufacturer, report Original Mfr info
         • Updates UID Registry
•   Current Part Number Cost
     – Cost (plus allocable profit/fee) to the Government for upgrading part to new
     – Not include cost for Overhaul, Maintenance, or Repair effort

•   If Receiving Report is for new acquisition using current PN configuration
     – Report Current Part Number as the Original Part Number
     – Do not populate Current Part Number fields
                             Enter Fully Concatenated UII
                                    NO SPACES

                                             Enter Serial Number
                                                 NO SPACES


     Original Part Number
                            UII examples:
Issuing Agency ID   Type 1 D H1632 12345
         Type 2 D H1632 001-14569 12345
                                            WAWF UID Page

 Do You
  See a

                                                        *** UIDs Do Not Print on RR***




UID Must Equal
Marking (without
                                           ** WAWF Action Required
                                           by Destination Acceptor **
                             **DCMA Source

Should this been accepted?
            UID Validations in WAWF

• No spaces are allowed in the UII
• Only letters, numbers, "-" and "/" are allowed in the UII
   – No separators before or after Original Part Number or Serial
     Number fields
• All letters are converted to uppercase before processing
   – Except types GRAI and GIAI
   – Lowercase letters are allowed when UID Type is "GRAI" or
                 UID Validations in WAWF
•   UID Type 1:
     – Issuing Agency Code* (IAC) + Enterprise Identifier + Serial Number
          • UII not more than 78 positions (February 6, 2007 Memo – Max 50)
          • Serial Number not more than 30 positions
          • UII string must match concatenation of data elements

•   UID Type 2
     – IAC* + Enterprise Identifier + Original Part Number + Serial Number, or
     – IAC* + Enterprise Identifier + Batch/Lot Number + Serial Number
          • UII not more than 78 positions (February 6, 2007 Memo – Max 50)
          • Serial Number not more than 30 positions
          • UII string must match concatenation of data elements
•   Enterprise Identifiers
     – "D" CAGE:                                              5 characters
     –   "LD" DoDAAC:                                         6 characters
     – "LB" ANSI T1.220, "UN" DUNS:                           9 or 13 characters
     – EAN.UCC is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9             9 or 13 characters

     * Omit IAC from concatenation when EAN.UCC 0-9
             UID Validations in WAWF

• UID Type "ESN"
   – UII is eight characters long
   – Only digits "0" – "9," and the letters "A" – "F" (hexadecimal
• UID Type is "VIN"
   – The UII is 17 positions long
   – Only letters and numbers
   – Cannot contain the letters "I," "O," and "Q"
• IAC and Enterprise Identifier field data not needed for
   – Enterprise identity within UII
Sample UID Validation Error
Sample UID Validation Error
         Helpful Information Sources
• WAWF Web-Based Training – Online CBT
• WAWF Training System - “Practice” Site
• WAWF Production Site
• DCMA E-Business Information (click on Electronic Invoicing)
• Unique Identification (UID)
• Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)       34
         Additional Information Sources
• WAWF Websites
  – Production:
  – Training:
     • Practice:
     • Web Based Training:
         – Step-by-step modules lessons for each IUID type
  – DCMA:; select “Electronic Invoicing”
• WAWF Help Desk
  – CONUS Only: 1-866-618-5988
  – All: 801-605-7095                                        Wide Area
  – FAX: 801-605-7453
  – E-mail:
• DoD Vendor Training-Carol Albany, DCMA
  – or #571-214-7214
      WAWF Interactive Demos
         Exhibit Booth #6
• For updated v4.0-WAWF web entry
  screens (Warranty Indicator, Embedded
  UID Number, 2D Compliant Indicator, etc.)
• Plus, additional input exercises available
  for each UID Type
• Troubleshooting-Specific issues/questions
  – April 7th 1130am-1pm and 430-6pm
  – April 8th 1035-1115am and 1250-230pm