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					                    BBBS Friends of the Agency

December 29, 2004                     December Newsletter
                       Happy New Year!!
                       It has been a wonderful year. I want to first thank all of the staff that have toughed it
Michelle Castillo      out and made a BIG difference in the lives of youth in Sacramento, Yolo and Placer
Caitlin Davis          Counties. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. As a unit, we managed to make
                       110 new mentoring relationships by the end of November. We moved our office to a
Erin Drynan            new location on a shoe string budget. We had 6 staff members from the 8 original
Philip Hammel          survive the 04 year and welcomed Stacey and Rima aboard and a wonderful intern by
                       the name of Eve Wise. We had a dynamic Board who gave BBBS their all. Last but
Rima Patel             not least, our Volunteers. Without them, nothing is possible. From those who mentor
Stacey Seward          a youth to those who help run our fundraising events, we THANK YOU ALL! From
                       me to all of you, Happy New Year and let’s make 2005 a Bigger success.
Rhonda Staley-Brooks
Collette Walls         101 Men in 101 Days
                       Let’s try it again!! We were successful in recruiting 100 men for the 100th anniversary
Eve Wise – Intern      of this great organization so let’s go for 101 in the New year. Starting January 3rd
                       through April 14th, let’s spread the word about our life changing mission. Have every
                       responsible male call our office at 646-9300 or visit our website at www.bbbs-sac.org.
Board of Directors:
                       Fundraising News – Mark your calendar
Reid Allen             Community Bowl 2005 is scheduled for February 26, 2005. If you would like further
Rachele Burton         information on how to join in on this event or to become a team captain, please contact
                       Collette at collette@bbbs-sac.org.
Mark Chapman
                       Great Chefs 2005 will be held on April 22, 2005. MARK YOUR CALENDAR, it is
Jason Cooksey          going to be a good one. We want to thank the Hilton for donating the space to make
Pamela Crane           this event happen.
Susan DeMars           Match Activities
Sandy Dudley           Thank you Hyatt Regency for again exceeding our expectations and delivering a
                       WONDERFUL Holiday party to our matches. The DJ was excellent, the Hyatt staff
Craig Fechter          was fabulous and the Bigs and Littles had a fantastic time. I have been involved with
Rob Ford               every Holiday party since the Hyatt opened their doors in 1995 and they only get better
                       and better. We thank you for all that you do!
Carol Hogan
Pam Humphrey           Christmas has come and gone but the memories of the giving season will always be
                       with the staff of Big Brothers Big Sisters. 128 of our Littles turned in a request for
Mark Ingram            Christmas gifts. We were able to get approx. 100 adopted by a company and had
Kevin McCarty          additional gifts at the office for the remainder to choose from. We want to thank the
                       following individuals and companies for adopting our families for the Holiday’s:
Matt Nethaway
                       Valley Industrial Claims Association, Contractors Caring For Kids, Olive Garden
Eric Palmaer           Citrus Heights, Adventist Health Risk Management Department, Valerie B, The
Lisa Poncia            Gillum family, Tim Lewis Communities, Pac Advantage, The Allin family and CA
                       Farm Bureau.
Barbara Sady
                       Brad Miller went from sponsoring 10 of our Littles last December to 25 this year. The
Julie Shepard
                       Maloof Sports & Entertainment staff came to the event with Volunteers who gave each
Sara Stephens          child specialized attention as they shopped at the Toys R Us in Rocklin. We send our
                       deepest appreciation to Brad Miller and the Maloof staff!
Lucy Steffens
Terri Wilson           Board, Staff and Match News
                       We are still in need of Volunteers for our school-based program. Stacey has been
                       working hard to jump-start our school-based program. It only takes 1 person, 1 hour
December Match         per week to make a Big difference in the life of a child. We need more help! The
Anniversaries:         school we have partnered with is David Lubin Elementary at 3535 M Street. This
                          program is great for those who are busy on the weekend or have family commitments.
1 year
                          You visit a child at the school on their lunch break. That’s it – 1 hour per week. If
Elizabeth & Angelica      you would like to learn more, please contact Stacey @ Stacey @bbbs-sac.org.
Debbie & Maggie
                          **BIGS & PARENTS – if you have news you would like to share, please let your
Steve & Colton            Match Support Specialist know! **
Michael & Nevin           Thank you ……………
2 years                   To all ticket donors. You make a difference for our Bigs and Littles and for that we
                          thank you.
Dulcinea & Alexus
4 years                   To all the individuals who have donated funds through our direct mail campaign. We
                          have raised over $4300.
Jim & Donald
                          To Contractors Caring for Kids for not only the gifts but the $3000 donation.

                          To the Ketels Family Charitable Fund, Les Lederer, Jim and Beth Carlsen and the
1540 River Park Dr S214   SureWest Foundation for your recent donations to our program.

Sacramento 95815          Agency Wish List and Donations
                          We have a great car donation program. If you have a car, truck, van, boat, etc. that you
PHONE #                   would like to donate, please contact Collette at collette@bbbs-sac.org or call her
916-646-9300              at 646-9300 x 109.

Fax                       Tickets to sporting events, plays, etc. Any tickets that will go unused, please donate
916-646-9301              and we will give to our matches. Please contact Caitlin at caitlin@bbbs-sac.org
                          or call her at 646-9300 x105.
THE OFFICE WILL RE-       We plan to keep you up-to-date on a monthly basis. If you are not interested in the
OPEN JANUARY 3rd.         monthly newsletter, please let me know.
                          Thank you,

                          Rhonda Staley-Brooks
                          President & CEO

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