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                                            Exhibition on
                    Food Processing
                    & Packaging
                                            Bombay Exhibition Centre,
                                            NSE, Mumbai, India

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                 Make the                                                           With the enormous response received for the

                                                                                    previous edition, International FoodTec India has

                        most of the best                                            cemented its place as India’s No.1 food
                                                                                    technology event. We invite you to the 7 edition

  Opportunity                                                                       of this trade fair which will take place during
                                                                                      th                rd
                                                                                    30 September to 3 October 2010 in Mumbai,


Food-technology in general:
The Indian Food Processing Sector with its market size of US$70 billion, is one
of the largest in production and consumption. Food processing industry
growth will accelerate to between 20-25 percent over the next five years.The
beverage industry has already shown growth of 12.6% in the last fiscal year.

Investments from various Indian, multinational and global companies are
battling to boost sales and build market share in this fast growing industry. By
2012, trade analysts are expecting, processed food output to increase to
US$90.1bn, while packaged food sales in the country climb by 67.5%.On a per
capita basis, it is forecast that a per capita packaged food spending increase of
56.5% by 2012. With this enormous requirement, the demand for food
technology is also scaled high. Therefore enormous sales opportunities are
arising for suppliers of food processing industry.

TheTrade Fair
Choose the right Platform to Meet Your
All the good news above and the success of the previous 6 editions
demonstrate the leadership of International FoodTec India as “the platform”
in India for the food processing industry. The industry meets at this show to
exchange new developments and showcase the future of the food processing
industry in India.

Conceived as an offshoot of Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany - one of the
leading international trade fairs for Food and DrinkTechnology, International
FoodTec India is built on the successful crossover concept ofAnuga FoodTec.

At International FoodTec India 2010 the complete range of the industry
requirements will be displayed. The two incorporated events Dairy Universe
India 2010 and Sweet and Snack Factory 2010 are dedicated to the dairy
industry and the sweet and snack processing industry respectively.

Here are your reasons to participate in International FoodTec India
• India ’ s leading trade fair on food and drink technology
• high-level of international exhibitor and visitor participation
• built on the lines of world s leading trade fair of this sector -Anuga FoodTec
• rapid growth of India s food processing industry which is creating
  enormous business opportunities
• Concurrent shows - IndiaPack 2010 andAsia Coat + Ink Show 2010
      The Success-Story
      Review 2009
      Strong International turnout, high proportion of
      decision-makers among visitors

      The 6th International FoodTec India organised from 17th to 19th
      September 2009 in the Indian business capital Mumbai, closed with
      good results.With 5,088 trade visitors witnessed this three-day event
      to find out about the product range on offer from 172 exhibiting
      companies from 21 countries. In connection with the incorporated
      trade fairs Dairy Universe India and Sweet & Snack Factory India,
      International FoodTec India provided a comprehensive overview of all
      areas of food and beverage technology.                                                                                              Koelnmesse’s Food
      From a total of 172 suppliers at International FoodTec India, 88 came
      from India and the remaining 84 suppliers from 20 countries outside of
      India. The strongest contingents included Italy with 17 suppliers,
      followed by Germany with 15 and France with 11 companies.
                                                                                                                                          Koelnmesse: A global player

                                                                                                                                          Boost the efficiency of your international business and take
      Product Interest                                                                                                                    advantage of the international expertise of Koelnmesse – a
                                                                                                                                          global player with a worldwide network of sector experts.
                                                                 Automation, Data Processing,
                                                                    Open and Closed Loop                                                  Why not take a look by yourself?   www.capitaloffood.com
                                         Refrigeration and              Technology
   Operating Materials,                  Air-conditioning
Environmental Technology,                                                    4%
                                          Technology 4%
           2%                                                                            Beverage Technology                              Thanks to our proven and renowned expertise with an
                                                                                                                                          integrated fair concept of Anuga and Anuga FoodTec, we have
                                                                                                       Dairy Technology
                                                                                                                                          in-depth knowledge of food and food technology.
Food Safety, Quality
 Management 7%

                others 2%
                                                                                                                Components, Assemblies,
                                                                                                                Surface Technology 1%
                                                                                                                                          Koelnmesse’s international strategy involves setting up
                                                                                                                                          central leading trade fairs in rapidly growing emerging
       Food Processing
                                                                                                         Ingredients and Auxiliary
                                                                                                                                          markets. As an exhibitor, you will benefit from our experience
       Technology 24%
                                                                                                                Agents 3%
                                                                                                                                          and close contacts with your customers.
              Coding and Marking                                                                         Food Packaging
                Technology 1%                                                                          Technology - 19%

                              Sweet & Snack                          Service Firms, Organisations,
                             Technologies 8%                                Publishers 2%

                                               Conveying, Transport and
                                                 Storage Facilities 3%

                                                                                                                                          Be there where decisions
      Visitors' Job Function
                                                                                                                                          are made
                                         Technical Management
                        Research &                11%                                        General Management
                                                                                                     15%                                  Top-level visitors
   Production /                                                                                                                           Come to International FoodTec India - the leading business
                                                                                                          Engineering / Design
                                                                                                                                          platform for the Indian food and beverage industry, where you
                                                                                                                                          will meet the key personnel from food and beverage
                                                                                                                                          manufacturing industry who play an important role in making
                                                                                                               Consultant                 decision on the future investments need to be made by their
   Purchase                                                                                                       4%                      respective organisations.

                                                                                                     Sales & Marketing
             Others                                                                                         15%
                                                                                  Maintenance & Quality
                                     Factory / Plant                                     Control
                                      Management                                           2%
Perfect Synergy
covering the entire
                             value chain
              Technology         Packaging

            Ink &

                                                    Concurrent Trade Fairs

Dairy Universe India 2010 is a specialized event
                                                               International        Packaging
catering to the needs of the dairy industry. This                                   Exhibition andConference
branch of International FoodTec India covers all
aspects of dairy technology right from dairy
processing technology to packaging technology                                        IndiaPack 2010
to distribution.
                                                                                     Packaging - EnchancingValue
                                                               IndiaPack - International Packaging Exhibition and Conference
                                                               will open its doors concurrent to International FoodTec India
                                                               for the first time in the year 2010. The Indian Institute of
                                                               Packaging an apex body of Govt. of India organizes IndiaPack
                                                               every two years to provide a platform for the packaging
                                                               industry to update itself with the latest technological

                                                               With the support from Ministry of Commerce & Industry,
                                                               Ministry of Food Processing Industry, Ministry ofTextiles,Govt.
                                                               of India and many Trade Associations, from India and abroad
                                                               including World Packaging Organization and Asian Packaging
                                                               Federation, IndiaPack is all set to become India's most
Sweet & Snack Factory India 2010 is a                          important trade fair for the packaging industry.
dedicated branch focusing on sweet and snack
technology as confectionery and snack industry
requires specialized processing technologies,                   Asia's exclusive show on
packaging solutions and ingredients.
                                                                    Printing Inks
                                                                          and Coatings
                                                               Asia Coat + Ink Show 2010
                                                               Connecting theWorld of Printing Inks & Coatings
                                                               Identifying the Indian market as the new manufacturing hub
                                                               for Chemical Industries and looking at the tremendous
                                                               increase in demand for printing and packaging , All India
                                                               Printing Ink Manufacturers Association an apex and sole body
                                                               representing printing ink industry in India along with
                                                               Koelnmesse YA Tradefair, through Asia Coat+Ink Show 2010
                                                               seek to provide an International platform to all suppliers of
                                                               Pigments, Resins, Oils, Chemicals, Machinery & Equipments
                                                               and manufacturers of inks and coatings to explore new
                                                               business opportunities.
The complete Range of Food Technology
International FoodTec India 2010

International FoodTec India meets all the needs of the food and beverage processing industry, from processing to packaging to storage and
The range of offerings is adapted to the requirements of the Indian market for food processing:

Food Processing technology                                 Plastic packaging (Blister and skin         Refrigeration and air-conditioning
  Potato processing technology                             packaging, plastic moulds, foam, etc.)      technology
  Edible fat and oil technology                            Caps & Closures (Valves, tapes, soppers,      Refrigeration plants
  Starch production plants                                 zippers, etc.)                                Ventilation, air-conditioning and heating
  Noodle (pasta) technology                                                                              technology
  Meat processing technology                            Food safety, quality management
  Fish processing technology                              Analysis, laboratory and checking            Conveying, transport and storage
  Vegetable and fruit technology                          equipment                                    facilities
  Delicatessen and convenience food                       Hygiene technology                             Internal conveying and transportation
  technology                                                                                             equipment
  Beverage technology                                   Operating materials, environmental               External transportation equipment
  Coffee, tea, tobacco technology                       technology, biotechnology                        Storage facilities, silo plants, tanks
  Aroma essence and spice technology                      Operating materials
                                                          Waste removal, recycling, environmental      Ingredients and auxiliary agents
Food packaging technology and materials                   protection
  Packaging machines                                      Health and safety at work, fire protection   Components, assemblies, surface
                                                          Power, water, waste water                    technology
  Labelling machines
  Inspecting, checking and sorting machines               Biotechnology
                                                                                                       Automation, data processing, open and
  Food packaging materials (films, glass,
                                                                                                       closed loop control technology
  paper, foils, etc.)

                                                                                                       Service firms, organisations, publishers

The incorporated events Dairy Universe India and Sweet & Snack Factory India are dedicated to the special technological needs of the
dairy indust ry and the confectionery & snack industry respectively.

International FoodTec India 2010

        We are interested in exhibiting in International FoodTec India 2010.

            Please send us a space proposal for                       sqm for our consideration
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International FoodTec India 2010 in brief
                   Date    30 th September to 3rd October, 2010

                 Venue     Hall No. 1, Bombay Exhibition Centre, NSE, Mumbai, India

              Schedule     Assembling:           September 28-29, 2010
                           Show:                 September 30 - October 3, 2010
                           Dismantling:          October 3, 2010 (from 4 p.m.)

   Year of foundation      2002

            Admission      Trade and business visitors only

The organizing team                                                                                            For further information

                                                                                                           India & International:
                                                                                                           Koelnmesse YA Tradefair
                                                                                                           Pvt. Ltd.
                           Co-Organizer                       Powered by                                   Mukhtar Pathan
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                                                                                  REGISTRATION DEADLINE:
                                                                                      31 July, 2010
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