2002 Riverton Boys' Basketball Camp by wpr1947


									     2007 St. Joseph-Ogden Boys' Basketball Camp
          Grades 3rd - 9th (07-08 School Year)

Dates:                       June 4-8                     Times:             8:00-10:00 (3rd-5th)
                                                                             10:30-12:30 (6th - 9th)

Place:                       St. Joseph Middle School (New Gym)

Coaches:                     Coach Brooks, High School Assistant Coaches, and High School Players

Cost:                        $45 (1 Child)
                             $40 Per Child (Parents/Guardians With 2 or more Children)
                             Each Player will receive a camp t-shirt if signed up by the deadline. If after the deadline,
                             player can still enter the camp but may not receive a t-shirt depending on the supplier.

Deadline:                    Friday, May 18th
                             Checks Payable to "Brian Brooks"
                             Send Application Form/Money to the following address:

                                                Brian Brooks
                                                St. Joseph-Ogden High School
                                                301 N. Main
                                                St. Joseph, IL 61873

Questions:                   If you have any questions, please feel free to call Coach Brooks at 469-7321.

Name of Participant:         _____________________________                   Grade (Next Year)            ______

Name/Phone Number of Contact Person/Phone Number in Case of Emergency



Shirt Size:        Youth              S         M         L
                   Adult              S         M         L        XL        XXL

We (I) hereby give permission for my son ___________________________________ to attend the 2007 St. Joseph-Ogden Boys
Basketball Camp. By signing below, I state that my son has insurance coverage. We (I) hereby release St. Joseph-Ogden High
School, St. Joseph District #169 and the Spartan Basketball Camp staff from claims due to any injuries which may be sustained
to our (my) son while attending or traveling to or from Spartan Basketball Camp. Should an injury occur, I give the Spartan
coaching staff permission to do what they feel is necessary to assist my son. (Parent will be contacted immediately)

                                                           Parent/Guardian Signature

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