Learner Variables

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					Learner Variables

      Learning Styles and Multiple
Learning Styles

    An individual’s general approach to
    learning; not fixed, but a dominant way
    of negotiating reality
   Learning Style Profiles
       The Analytic Learner
       The Global Learner

                      Learner Variables       2
The Analytic Learner

   Prefers linear/sequential processing
   Looks for details
   May be field independent
   May be reflective
   May have a low tolerance for ambiguity
   Seeks closure
   May be left-brain dominant

                     Learner Variables       3
Activities for the Analytic Learner

   Story rebuilding
   Scrambled words and sentences
   Time-line, ordering activities
   Summarizing with structured formats-
    semantic maps
   Where’s WaldoTM
   CALL
                   Learner Variables       4
The Global Learner

   Prefers parallel and random processing
   Looks for the big picture
   May be field dependent
   May be impulsive
   May have a high tolerance for ambiguity
   Does not require fast closure
   May be right-brain dominant

                     Learner Variables        5
Activities for the Global Learner

   Open-ended activities
   Role play
   Story invention
   surveys
   Jigsaw reading/listening
   Unguided writing
   games
   charades, dance, improvisation
   CALL

                     Learner Variables   6
Learning Channels/Modalities
Visual Learner
     Needs visual input
     Prefers written directions
Auditory Learner
     Needs auditory input
     Prefers oral directions
Haptic Learner
     Needs hands-on experience
     Requires movement and/or touch

                        Learner Variables   7
Activities for the visual learner

   Authentic/primary texts
   Photos
   Movies
   Visualization activities
   Map work
   Illustrations

                    Learner Variables   8
Auditory Learner

   Small group work
   Radio, TV, movies
   Music
   Story retelling
   bingo

                  Learner Variables   9
Personality Types
 Derives energy from the external world –
   other people
 Likes interactivity and communication
 Derives energy from the internal world—
   ideas and feelings
 Likes working alone or in small, familiar
                    Learner Variables         10
Haptic Learner

   General audiomotor tasks (TPR)
   Games involving manipulation
   Object identification through smell,
    touch, taste
   Autograph activities

                    Learner Variables      11