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					   A L Z H E I M E R ’ S                          O F          C E N T R A L                    A L A B A M A
                                                                                 ALZHEIMER’S OF CENTRAL ALABAMA

                                                    The Alzheimer’s Update
                                                                                                     Fall 2009

Walking to Remember
S aturday, N ovember 7, 2009 – r iverchaSe G alleria : WalkiNG today                           for   tomorroW

                                             whole family with food, door prizes       ramifications of caring for someone
                                             and entertainment provided by             with dementia.
                                             the Vestavia Hills High School
                                             Jazz Band.                                $60 covers the cost of sending a
                                                                                       month’s supply of continence products
                                             Ask family, friends and co-workers        to a family living on a fixed income
                                             to walk with you on a Team.               struggling to pay for medications and

       lease join us Saturday,                                                         food.
       November 7, inside the              All Walkers raising $50 receive
       Riverchase Galleria for Walking     a short sleeved T-shirt. Walkers            $100 ensures that a patient at risk for
to Remember. This fun indoor, three        raising a minimum of $75 may                wandering can wear a Project Lifesaver
mile Walk raises fund for services,        receive a long-sleeved shirt. St.           bracelet, which helps locate them if
education and research benefiting          Martin’s in the Pines will provide          they have wandered from home.
Alabama’s patients and families            tote bags to walkers raising a
dealing with dementia. There are over      minimum of $100, while supplies             $250 brings relief to a weary caregiver
90,000 Alabamians with dementia            last! You must be present at the            by allowing a patient to attend an
and over 180,000 family caregivers.        walk to collect a T-shirt or bag.           adult day care center for several days a
Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama is the                                                  month.
largest non-profit organization in the     Your support can make a difference in
state providing support for families       the lives of families in need of support,   Call 205-871-7970 for a registration
and patients.                              education and advocacy:                     packet, or email your request to
                                                                              Join with your
CBS 42’s Sherri Jackson and Miss           $25 enables ACA to conduct support          family, friends and co-workers to
Alabama 2008, Amanda Tapley, will          groups in the community or send             raise money for the over 90,000
be there. The event kicks off in the       a speaker to a community group or           Alzheimer’s patients in Alabama.
food court area of the Riverchase          senior center to present information        Remember – No gift is too small!
Galleria at 7:30. The Walk gets            about the
underway at 8:30. Participants             medical,
are encouraged to walk 3 miles or          emotional,
a distance that suits their personal       financial
fitness level. This event is fun for the   and legal

Attention Veterans, Spouses
and Widows
Veterans, their spouses or widows            • If the veteran is deceased, the surviving
may be eligible for the VA Aid and            spouse must not have remarried
Attendance Benefit to help pay for
home health care, assisted living facility   A veteran is:
care or nursing home care.                   • At least 65 years of age or 100%
                                                                                              hot diamoNdS:
Even if you have been told that you          • Discharged from service, with not less           a Nother
do not qualify, there may be assistance       that an honorable discharge                      SucceSSful
in qualifying for this benefit you have
earned. The following information
                                             • Served 90 days or more active duty, with
                                              a least one (1) day during time of war
                                                                                              Summer eveNt
                                                                                           ACA supporters gathered at
applies when seeking this benefit.
                                                                                           Wallace-Burke Fine Jewelry
                                             For more information about this VA
                                                                                           store in SoHo, on July 23, for a
Who is eligible?                             benefit please call the ACA office at
                                                                                           reception and drawing for this
• The veteran, spouse or surviving spouse    (205) 871-7970.
                                                                                           year’s Hot Diamond prize. David
                                                                                           Hezlep and Preston Foy, owners
                                                                                           of the store graciously donated a
                                                                                           three carat oval sapphire pendant
                                                                                           surrounded with diamonds
                                                                                           Over 200 tickets were sold.
                                                                                           And the lucky winner was Mary
                                                                                           Cummings (pictured above with
                                                                                           Shannon Neil), wife of Eddie
                                                                                           Cummings, Executive Director of
                                                                                           Brookdale Place University Park.

                                                                                                 aca S taff
                                                                                                  Miller Piggott
Birmingham Quilters Guild                                                                       Executive Director
supports ACA                                                                                        Tamara Byrd
ACA was honored to be selected by            journey as quilts tell their own stories.           Office Administrator
the Birmingham Quilters Guild as the         ACA has added to our resource
beneficiary of a silent auction which        library a book that features a 2 page                 Vance Holder
was part of their quilt show in June.        story on each quilt and a full color               Program Coordinator
                                             photo of each creation.                   
In addition to displaying hundreds                                                                Sharon Ziemak,
of beautiful and creative quilts made        We are grateful to the Birmingham                  Alabama Cares Care
by their members, this year’s show           Quilters Guild for not only their                       Specialist
included a display of the Alzheimer’s        financial support but for introducing      
Art Quilt Initiative. This quilt             us to their members.                                  Wendy Creel
display, titled “Alzheimer’s: Forgetting                                                            Bookkeeper
Piece by Piece, is an emotional                                                         

PAGE 2                                                                                                                  FALL 2009
                                                                                 ALZHEIMER’S OF CENTRAL ALABAMA

ACA’s Support of Research
Since 2001, ACA has funded eleven          on a C. elegans model of Alzheimer’s        amyloid beta in plaques. The
research grants at the University          disease. The Caldwell lab has developed     presence of substantial amyloid beta
of Alabama at Birmingham and               an animal model of AD where the             protein deposition in the blood
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.         worms display age-dependent neuron          vessel walls of the brain has also been
These pilot grants are intended to         loss induced by the human amyloid-          shown. Clearly, cerebrovascular
encourage junior investigators as they     beta peptide that is associated with        disease is not the only cause of AD,
establish careers related to Alzheimer’s   Alzheimer’s disease. The goal of this       but more and more epidemiological
disease and dementia. A complete           project is to take advantage of the         (population based) studies indicate
list of grants awarded can be viewed       attributes of this model nematode           that cerebral blood vessels are
on our website at Our       system and rapidly screen small             damaged in AD patients. These
2010 grant awards will be given at         molecules for efficacy in reducing          studies suggest that high blood
ACA’s annual meeting, November 13          age-dependent neuron death. These           pressure (i.e., hypertension) and
(see page 6).                              experiments will serve as a pilot project   stroke (i.e., ischemia) are important
                                           in a strategy designed to accelerate        factors contributing to the
            Kim A. Caldwell, Ph.D.         the translational path for therapeutic      development of Alzheimer’s disease.
            University of Alabama          discovery and advancement.
            Department of                                                              The results from our study indicate
            Biological Sciences            Inga Kadish, PhD                            that hypertension and stroke are
            Study: Screening for           University of Alabama at                    contributing factors for Alzheimer’s
            Neuroprotective Small          Birmingham Department of                    disease. Thus the results show that
Molecules to Block Age-dependent           Biological Sciences                         maintaining normal blood pressure
Neurodegeneration in an Animal             Study: The Contribution of Ischemia         and preventing stroke would
Model of Alzheimer’s Disease               to Pathogenisis of Alzheimer’s Disease      decrease the incidence and severity of
                                                                                       Alzheimer’s disease.
Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama is          Alzheimer’s disease is associated
supporting new research in the lab         with accumulation of protein called

WWW.ALZCA.ORG                                                                                                           PAGE 3

                       Memorials, Honorariums and Friends
                                                      March 15 - September 1, 2009

Memorials                                            Paradiso Painting Company, Inc.
                                                     George Pitzer
                                                                                                  Billie Norris
                                                                                                  Sam & Claire Parker
                                                     Terry & Ann Stinson                          Ben & Betty Schopfer
In memory of Cora Mae Alfano                         Jeane & Bill Stone                           Peggy Spina & Jim Allen
  Lisa Mosley                                        T.K.H. Design Company                        James & Linda Stephens
In memory of Marie Amaro                             WAKM Companies, Inc.                         Dale & Melanie Stone
  Paul & Betty Copper                                Carol E. Whitaker                            Marilyn Tinnermon
In memory of Hazel Clay Autry                        Carolyn Williamson                        In memory of Bobbie Alexander Hopkins
   Susanna St. John Davis                            Luke & Charlene Williamson                   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Alexander & Family
  Irma St. John                                      Judi Z. Wurm                                 Decatur Highway Church of Christ
In memory of Marion Bevis                            Carla C. Youngblood                       In memory of Kenneth Howd
  Janie M. Killough                                In memory of Juanita Crowe                     Anita Faucett
In memory of Jim Bishop                              Rebecca Jeffcoat                             Margaret Faucett
  Kathy Pace                                         Jeanette Guthrie                          In memory of James Harold Hunter
In memory of Ludie Mae Blair                         Michael & Karen Irvine                       Linda Reining
  Lenn B. Jackson                                    Barbara & Bill Mandy                      In memory of Herbert Wagner Johnston
In memory of Clara Pauline Black                     Arlene C. Miller & Hewie Powell              Pat & Bob Hearon
  Aldersgate Sunday School Class of                In memory of Dr. James S. Davies            In memory of Prudie Jacki Kearley
     Canterbury United Methodist Church              The Smoking Bird Owners & Staff              James N. Green
In memory of Mabel Brown                             Alan & Cindi Weeks                        In memory of Ozell Johnson
  Rick & Lynda Ivey & Family                       In memory of Charles Richard “Dick” Davis      Ernest & Frances Warren
  Mott & Doc Rusk                                    Doris W. Hipp                             In memory of Murray R. Key
In memory of Hilda Bynum                             Phil & Judy Wood                             Frank & Lou Posey
  Judi T. Adkins                                   In memory of Essie L. Duncan                  Tim & Lori Thompson
  James M. & Cecilia M. Crandall                     Deanna & David Williams                   In memory of Myrtle Knowles
  Gayle Palmer                                     In memory of Faye England                      Bill & Betty Morgan
In memory of William & Hilda Bynum                   JoAnn Buckley                             In memory of Glenn Langer, M.D.
  John & Catherine Amos                            In memory of Mary Louise Estridge              Orthopaedic Specialists of Alabama
  Vickie & Jerry Chandler                            Judy T. Jackson                           In memory of Joseph Lemons
In memory of Betty Ann Cadden                      In memory of Tom George                        Jim Clifford
  Marsha E. Robins                                   Ruth Lloyd                                In memory of Frances Maddox
In memory of Charles H. Cargal                     In memory of Eloise Gilliland                  Nora Bowden
  Ruth & Marvin Engel                                Lloyd & Elaine Lett                         Wendell & Nancy Catchings
  Tom D. Mayhall                                     Wade A. Mahlke                            In memory of Anne Manning
  Greg Graham & Peggy McCain                         Mount Calvary Presbyterian Church           Tammy Looney
  Ion Interactive Video Technologies                 James B. Spiers                           In memory of Wilbur Carl “Sonny” Marchman
  James L. Sanderson, Jr. DMD                      In memory of Lorene Marsh Grainger             Pee Wee & Faye Brown
  Style Advertising                                  Judy Dawson                                  Jeffrey Cox
In memory of William “Bill” Carlton                In memory of Marie B. Granberry               Terry & Roger Wilson
  Mary Thompson & Family                             Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, CH-53      In memory of Patricia Richardson Mauter
In memory of Nell Hardin Cleveland                      Diagnostic Group                          Jarvis R. Donner & Family
  Ollie & Leon Dean                                In memory Sara Elizabeth Gregory               Susan H. Mooresmith
  Connie & John McCulloch                            Mr. & Mrs. Terry Keahey                      Spencer Stuart
In memory of Joseph Francis Covington, Sr.           Janet C. Mann                             In memory of Thelma Louise Harvey McAnnally
  American Subcontractors Association Of Alabama     Frances. P. Smith                            Representative & Mrs. Spencer Bachus
  Randy Anderson                                     Willard A. Smith                             Barbara Edmonds
  Terry & Cynthia Argo                               Pamela C. Woodham                            Don G. Owens
  John B. & Rebecca L. Barnett                     In memory of George Gunn, Jr.               In memory of Roy and Ruth McKee
  Raquel Bergeron                                    Mark Gunn                                    Andy McKee
  Ronald & Dorothy Brashier                        In memory of Jon Gustin                     In memory of Gloria Miller
  David & Katie Brown                                Peggy A. Gustin                              Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Hill
  Mary Jo Bullard                                  In memory of Marie Smith Hammond            In memory of Rose M. Mitchell
  Commercial Floor Systems                           Mr. & Mrs. Blair Cox & Family               William S. Mitchell
  Steven Corenblum                                   Bob & Patsy Cummings                      In memory of Lillian Virginia Montgomery
  Covington Flooring Company                         Judy & Sam Nelson                            Sam & Brenda Jimmerson
  Richard Covington                                  Connie & Marshall Urist                     Terry & Marci Skinner
  Lisa & Alan Engel                                In memory of L. S. Hart                     In memory of Wilma Moon
  Ilene Engel & Bob Arotsky                          Gayle & Martin Palmer                        Paula & Harvey Campbell
  Floors, Inc.                                     In memory of Lillian Hartline                  Jim Clifford
  Steve & Jane Hays                                  Anne & James Hartline                        Friends from ABC’s
  Ronne & Donald Hess                              In memory of Norma Jean Hathcox             In memory of Bruce Nelson
  Gared Holdings                                     Jim & Donna Harper                           Margaret R. Graffeo
  Interface Flor                                   In memory of Irving Hawkins                 In memory of Myrtle Marie Noles
  Mrs. Dolores Jazwinski & Family                    Maryon Pittman Allen                        Mr. & Mrs. Tom Laggy
  William & Joan Lauterbach                          John & Chris Aspec                          Saddle Run Homeowners Association
  Mr. & Mrs. James H. Lott, Jr.                      Joan Ballard                              In memory of Hazel Norton
  Masonry Arts, Inc.                                 Chuck & Vicky Beveridge                      Christina Frederick
  Willine Mitnick                                    Bonnie Conn                               In memory of Pat Patterson
  Eleanor & John Montgomery                          Patricia Jennings                            Mary Frances & David Holden
  N.A.H. Inc.                                        Judy L. Leesburg
  Barbara & Ben Nevins                               Betty Martin

PAGE 4                                                                                                                            FALL 2009
                                                                               ALZHEIMER’S OF CENTRAL ALABAMA

Memorials Continued
In memory of Kay and Sandy Peat
  Gebie & Bud Amberson
                                         In memory of Eldora Stokes
                                           N. H. Johnson                          Honorariums
  Ann & Jack Cavaleri                    In memory of Erlene Suitts
In memory of Jeanne Wainwright Presley     Jo Davis                               In honor of Jeff Carlisle
  Lee & Joy Cooper                         Joanne & Preston Pepper                  Bob & Jewel McKay
  Catherine Long                         In memory of Hal T. Sumner               In honor of Sarah Harfield
  Dr. Stephen G. Schaeffer                 Jenny Benefield                          Paula W. Campbell
  UAB Health Systems                       Angela W. Bridges                      In honor of Horace Haywood
  Sam Urmey                                Beth Carpenter                           Helen, Cathy and Greg Haywood
In memory of Laverne Pritchard             Herbert C. Church                      In honor of Kathy Matuszak
  Rheuben & Joyce Dawson                   Vickie Colson                            Kate Wheeler
  Rebecca Lark                             DCH Employees                          In honor of Pete Roth
  Dianne Scott                             Lois R. Denny                            Pat Weil
In memory of Agnes Reynolds                Ellen K. Finley                        In honor of Nallie Talley
  Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Warren                 Debrah Fisher                            Overton First Baptist Church
In memory of Belle Edney Rigsby            Kim Gilliland
  Helen & Richard Acton
In memory of Margaret “Dolly” Robinson
                                           Pam Hamilton
                                           Joy Irwin
                                                                                  Friend Donations
  Herbert R. Church                        Sandi Lee                                Monica Anderson
In memory of Lorene Romano                 Lindy Noland                             Tamika L. Bell
  Arthur & Joann Fox                       Jacqueline N. Perkins                    Lucy Taylor Chapman
In memory of Ann Roth                      Steward Machine Company, Inc.            Linda Cheatum
  Mary L. Jones                          In memory of Vi Susanbach                  Community Health Charities of Alabama
In memory of Elizabeth W. Shook            Ranny, Cheryl & Keith Kittinger          Stanley W. Crumley
  Your Friends at BE&K Engineering       In memory of John Talantis                 Charles & Reita Davis
In memory of Loretta L. Shrader            Donna & Lamar Mayo                       Delta Enhancement Life & Training
  Linda G. Brady                         In memory of Florence M. Trecks               Alliance, Inc. (DELTA, Inc.)
  Joy Crain                                Paula D. Chapple                         Tara N. Demming
  June, Blake & Roger Edwards            In memory of Joyce McGinnis Troup          Energen Corporation Matching Gift Program
  Sue Ellen Gerrells                       Janet Stephens Family                    First Data Corporation
  Thomas Y. Russell                      In memory of Evelyn Tubbs                  Jeffrey K. Haney
  Jennifer Sasser                          Suellen Bell                             Cheryl Keahey
  Marlenna Walker                          Denise Bryant                            Anne B. LaRussa
  Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Washington, Jr.         Samuel Corbin                            Patricia Moore
  Kaye Wright                              Rachael Crutchfield                      Nissan North America, Inc. Matching
  Robert Wright                            Lynn Dover                                  Gift Foundation
In memory of Earl T. Sims                  Mickey Hicks                             Sonja K. Patrick
  James Griner                             Donna R. Johnson                         Riverchase Women’s Club
  Linda W. Redd                            Midge Parker                             Bonnie H. Rose
In memory of Connie Fix Smith            In memory of Delores E. Tucker             Emmica N. Spencer
  Jo Ann Buckley                           Betty & Marvin Entrekin                  Julian Tarver
In memory of Virginia Roy Sparks         In memory of Sara Ward                     Wiregrass Area Combined Federal Campaign
  Bobby Whisenant                          Robert & Mary Sorrell                    Rhonda Yearout
In memory of Walter Speigle              In memory of Ronald Weathers               Bro. and Mrs. Leon Zalenski
  BPW of Huffman                           Alabama BPW Past State Presidents
  Women’s Junior Chamber of Commerce       The Amulets Dance Club
In memory of Emory G. Stansell             Cloister Condominiums
  Gwen, Steve, Lee & Zana                  Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Nelson
In memory of Hazel Marie Stewart           Grantland Rice, II
  Martha Haywood                         In memory of June Wheless
  Lee W. Reeder                            Nell Howell
In memory of Ruth Stinson                In memory of Judy Whiddon
  James N. Green                           Martha Ann Stevenson
In memory of Carrie Annette Stockman       Irene Whiddon
  J. Eric Nelson                         In memory of Delores Williams
  Mary Anne Schultz                        Deanna & David Williams

WWW.ALZCA.ORG                                                                                                               PAGE 5

Upcoming Events
N ovember     iS   N atioNal a lzheimer ’S a WareNeSS m oNth

aca’S t haNkSGiviNG a rbor                lighting service at the Homewood           on November 14, from 10:00 a.m.
o ctober 26 to N ovember 12               Library at 1721 Oxmoor Road.               to noon. Call the church, located at
Each year ACA volunteers erect an         Breakfast will begin at 8:30 am.           1114 Oxmoor Road in Homewood,
arbor which is decorated with leaves      ACA’s annual meeting and candle            at 871-7324 to register.
on which family members have              lighting service will begin at 9:00 a.m.
written special, cherished memories                                                  d emeNtia c are c halleNGeS
of their loved one. The Arbor’s leaves    a d aNce to r emember —                    c oNfereNce —
represent hundreds of memories of         f riday, N ovember 13                      S aturday, N ovember 21
patients and happier times. Leaves        The Birmingham Ballroom Dance              The Family Care Center and Family
will be available at the Arbor for you    Association and Concordia Beneficial       Matters Ministry of The Guiding
to add your memory or you may call        Society present “A Dance to                Light Church presents nationally
our office and request them. Look         Remember” to benefit Alzheimer’s           recognized dementia expert, Teepa
for the Arbor inside Brookwood            of Central Alabama. The event              Snow. Saturday, November 21 from
Village on the downstairs level, across   will take place at the Concordia           9 a.m. to noon at The Guiding Light
from Brio.                                Beneficial Society located at 3400         Church, 1800 John Rogers Drive in
                                          First Avenue North, from 7:30              Birmingham. For more information,
WalkiNG to r emember —                    until 11:00 p.m. It will be a night        email
S aturday, N ovember 7                    of Exhibition Dances, featuring            or call 807.1826.
8:00 a.m., food court area,               amateur and professional dancers,
Riverchase Galleria.                      plus time for general dancing. For
                                          more information contact Madrene
StateWide day of Prayer                   Roberts at
aNd remembraNce—                          or 915-0482.
SuNday, November 8
The prayer for Alzheimer’s can be         commuNicatioN With aN alzheimer’S
found on ACA’s website.                   PatieNt – Saturday, November 14
                                          As part of Dawson Memorial Baptist
a NNual meetiNG aNd c aNdle               Church’s Health and Wellness
l iGhtiNG—friday, November 13             Ministry, ACA’s Executive Director,             2010 “telliNG S torieS ”
Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama will       Miller Piggott will lead this free          caleNdarS are oN Sale for    $10
host our annual meeting and candle        training for caregivers at the church          each , iNcludiNG ShiPPiNG :
                                                                                              WWW . alzca . orG

PAGE 6                                                                                                               FALL 2009
                                                                                 ALZHEIMER’S OF CENTRAL ALABAMA

A Message from Miller Piggott, Executive Director

          ere at Alzheimer’s of Central     “pay it forward” is a first for us. ACA   Come join Alzheimer’s survivors at our
          Alabama we have tacked            is nearly twenty years old and this is    15th annual Walking to Remember
          two new phrases onto our          our first letter campaign. This is the    event, Saturday, November 7. If you
mission statement:                          first time we have had a donor willing    can’t be at the Walk to show your
                                            to match, dollar for dollar, what we      support, “pay it forward” and send a
                                            raise. Your gift made before the end      donation which will be matched and
    Alzheimer’s has become
                                            of the year will be doubled to provide    used to fund our service programs.
    everyone’s story.                       twice as many services for deserving      Give back to the organization that
                                            families. Think of the possibilities!     helps patients and families who literally
    ACA’s mission is not in                 If you have benefitted from this          lose it all. We need your support now
                                            organization, now is the time we need     more than ever!
    recession.                              your help.
With someone developing Alzheimer’s
every 70 seconds in America, nearly
every person has a family member
or knows someone with the disease.
Unfortunately just about every one of
us is touched by this disease in some
way. In promoting HBO’s special, The
Alzheimer’s Project, Maria Shriver stated
that the tragedy of Alzheimer’s is that
there are no survivors. And in part that
statement is true. However, as family
members we are Alzheimer’s survivors.
And as survivors I want to challenge
each one of you to continue to fight
this disease through your support of
ACA and the work that we do.

Our mission is not in recession. More
than ever, ACA is challenged to come
up with new ways to reach our funding
goals. Our matching gift campaign,

WWW.ALZCA.ORG                                                                                                           PAGE 7

Alzheimer’s From the Inside Out
f rom r ichard taylor, P h d.

         ichard Taylor, a retired           three weeks. We cried until we no         it in the first place. I went to my local
         Psychologist, was diagnosed        longer had tears to shed, and we were     Alzheimer’s organization, and they
         with Alzheimer’s-type dementia     all emotionally exhausted. The irony      told me I must get my affairs in order.
in 2001 at the age of 58. Now 65,           was - here I was a PhD, a psychologist,   I checked out black-and-white videos
he is a champion for individuals with       with little to no knowledge of            from their library and saw people in
early-stage and early-onset Alzheimer’s     dementia, much less dementia              the latter stages of the disease.
disease. He is the author of the book       probably of the Alzheimer’s type.
Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out. He                                                   I was being pro-active. I was practicing
also blogs about his experiences and        “So complicated,                          what professionals preach. Three years
produces a newsletter. We found the                                                   later, another fact jumped off a web
                                            and so simple,
following information from his blog to                                                page I was reading. “The average age
be meaningful and hope you agree.           both at the same time.”                   of someone who is diagnosed with
For more information visit                                                            dementia is 72 years old.” Wow,” I                   We were crying for ourselves and we       thought. I was only 62 at the time.
                                            were crying for each other. We were       Therefore, 72+8 equals 80 my hand
As you-all already know we as citizens,     crying for our future, a future turned    held calculator told me. I had 18 years
as communities, as countries and a          upside down and inside out by the         left. “Hooray!” thought I.
world community are all in the early        unexpected visit of Dr. Alzheimer,
stages of an early on-set tsunami of        and his sticky footed army who now        Fast-forward to today. Here I stand,
dementia. A flood that will pale the        apparently were and still are tramping    66 years of age, probably in the last
importance and impact of bird flu,          down brain cells between my ears.         days of early stage dementia, probably
swine flu, greedy bankers, unregulated      After I ran out of tears. I turned to     of the Alzheimer’s type. What to
capitalists, and dare I say incompetent     Mr. Google and opened many of             say? So much, in so little time. So
and naive leaders.                          the almost 17 million Web Pages           complicated, and so simple, both at
                                            containing the word Alzheimer’s.          the same time.
Seven years ago, after undergoing           It was quite filling, but not very
more than a year of testing everything      satisfying. Like many folks with too      I urge all my kindred spirits, my fellow
from my urine to my memory, a               much education, I had hoped to            travelers on this road less taken to stand
neurologist in the United States of         calm my fears with vast amounts of        up and speak out. Though we are often
America, Houston, Texas to be exact,        information.                              ignored, we have a duty to stand up,
walked into his office and said to                                                    speak out, and come out of our closets.
me. “Richard you have dementia,             I thought I could control my out          If you have met one person with
probably of the Alzheimer’s type.”          of control fears of tomorrow by           dementia: you know only one person
                                            understanding what was happening          with dementia. Each person’s life has
What he said after those words my           today. It did not work. One fact I        evolved differently. Each person’s
brother, nor my neither wife nor I can      discovered in my internet wanderings      brain creates a unique reality for him
recall. We drove home in silence. As I      burned into my consciousness “the         or her. Each is cursed and blessed with
entered my house. I was overwhelmed         average lifespan of someone diagnosed     the ability to think about their own
with emotion and began to cry               with dementia is eight years from the     thinking. Thus, any cognitive disorder
hysterically, I ran out into the backyard   date of the diagnosis.” Naturally, I      is by definition difficult to catalog,
crying. Only to have my wife suggested      began to prepare for my own death.        understand, much less predict or alter
in no uncertain terms I should come                                                   through eating more blueberries,
back into the house, because the            I dragged my family down with me, a       playing more games on the computer,
neighbors would think she was hitting       fact that to this day sometimes upsets    or swallow more and more pills of this
me. Everyone in my family cried for         them and still troubles me for doing      or that type.

PAGE 8                                                                                                                FALL 2009
                                                                                ALZHEIMER’S OF CENTRAL ALABAMA


So, exactly what is it that I want to      is Richard Taylor, only it’s really not    love them, to learn about their disability
get off my chest? What do I want to        Richard, it is just Richard’s shell. He    to enable them to be all they can be, and
stand up and witness to this audience      unfortunately is gone.” I am not now,      did I mention to love them.
of difference-makers. What is it that      nor will I ever be reduced to existing
only I and the other people sitting in     as a turtle. Just because when you         For even now, the waves of baby
my boat wear shoes almost identical        knock on my door I don’t answer, or I      boomers are lapping at the ankles of
to mine, what do we know that you          answer and I don’t know who you are,       their governments to do something
all don’t know?                            or you do not recognize me:                about the dementia tsunami. A
                                                                                      wave that will sweep away memory,
I want you to take away with you           That does not mean I am anything           competence, and eventually millions
one fact about us, and several ideas       less than a whole and complete             upon millions of lives. The flood will
about how to treat us as we face the       human being. It is everyone’s              drown me and many, many others,
challenges of dementia. I want and         birthright to live a full, complete,       and bankrupt social services.
need you to help me as my cognitive        joy filled, loving, satisfying, and
skills decline. I want you to enable me    purposeful, and purpose-filled life.       While at the same time shredding the
to hold on to the world for as long as     If I had lost my arm in an accident,       safety nets for people who cannot help
humanly possible.                          my family, the community, the              themselves, much less cure themselves
                                           government, and the world would            of their failing cognitive skills. This
First, I want you to know, appreciate,     rally around me and seek to provide a      year in my country alone, 67,000
and act as if I am a whole person.         prosthetic arm. When a human being         citizens will die of dementia-related
                                           is losing the ability to control some      causes. That is the equivalent of 170
That is the fact I hope no one ever        of her or his cognitive functions, the     Boeing 747 aircrafts crashing, all
forgets. For indeed I am, and will         family cries, the community draws          within a year’s time.
be up to the moment of my death            away, and the governments are too
a whole, complete human being. I           busy saving their banking systems.         Richard Taylor’s comments where
am not half-full, nor half empty. I        For better or worse, right or wrong,       made on World Alzheimer’s Day,
never-ever want to hear you say as I       people confronted with the symptoms        September 21, 2009.
sit mute in a wheel chair, lie in bed,     of declining cognitive functions depend
or wander around my village “there         on the people seated in this room to

Take the Yarn Test
If heart disease and diabetes aren’t bad   yarn or string (or measuring tape) for
enough, now comes another reason           ladies and 40 inch section for men
to watch your weight. According            and fit it around your waist. If it does
to recent studies, packing on too          not go around your normal waist area
many pounds can increase the risk of       you may be at risk for diabetes and
developing Alzheimer’s disease.            vascular disease and at an increased
                                           risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
To better visualize the possibility
of obesity take a 35 inch section of

WWW.ALZCA.ORG                                                                                                            PAGE 9

Alzheimer’s Support Groups

     LL LISTINGS ARE SUBJECT              In Homewood a group meets the             A Vestavia group meets on the first
     TO CHANGE; PLEASE                    first Tues. of each month in at 6:30      and third Thursday evenings of each
     CALL THE NUMBERS                     at Brookdale Place University Park        month at Vestavia United Methodist
PROVIDED TO CONFIRM                       (formerly known as Somerby). Adult        Church, at 6:30 p.m. Donna Lott,
MEETING INFORMATION.                      sitter care is available at no cost if    205-253-4105.
                                          needed. Arlene Hicks, 205-870-0786.
One of the most important things a                                                  b ibb c ouNty :
family member or other caregiver can      In Homewood a group meets the             In Bibb County a support group
do for themselves is attend a support     third Thursday of each month at 5:30      meets at Bibb Medical Center, AOB
group of people sharing their journey.    in the North Building at Dawson           Building. Call Sara White, 205-926-
Here are support groups in our area:      Memorial Baptist Church. Debbie           4881 or 205-926-5633.
                                          Moss, 205-871-7324.
                                                                                    c alhouN c ouNty :
J efferSoN /S helby c ouNty :             In Hoover a support group meets           In Anniston a group meets at Regional
The ACA group meets the second            at Country Cottage on the second          Medical Center’s Partial Hospital (5th
and fourth Tues. each month, at           Wednesday beginning at 4:30 p.m.          floor) each Tues. evening from 6 to 7
Alzheimer’s of Central AL’s office, 300   Sara Averett, 205-987-0847.               pm. Kathleen Miller, 256-235-5578.
Office Park Drive, Suite 225, 11 a.m.
Miller Piggott, 205-871-7970.             In Hoover a group meets at Galleria       c ullmaN c ouNty :
                                          Oaks each month. 205-823-2393.            In Cullman a group meets at the
The Ashton Gables in Riverchase                                                     Cullman Regional Medical Center on
support group meets on the second         In North Birmingham a group meets         the last Tuesday of the month in the
Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.       on the last Wed. of each month at 5:00    Governor’s Room of POB#2. Call
Call Judith Bradley, 205-527-5990.        at the North Birmingham Library.          Brenda Branham at 256-737-2636.
                                          Elizabeth Hope at 205-934-2178.           f ayette c ouNty :
In Birmingham The UAB Alzheimer’s
Family Program facilitates meetings       The Office of Senior Citizens             In Fayette, the Alzheimer’s Family
at the South Highland Presbyterian        Services caregiver support group          Support Group meets every second
Church on Highland Avenue on the          meeting is every Tuesday from 1           Tues., 2 p.m. at Morningside of Fayette
first Tuesday of the month at 11:00       pm – 2 pm. Barbara Shores or Janice       Assisted Living Facility. Ashley Adcox,
a.m., and at St. Martin’s-in-the-Pines    Williams at 205-325-1416.                 205-333-2990 or 1-800-432-5030.
on the fourth Tues. of the month at 6                                               l amar c ouNty :
p.m. Betty Roberts, 205-934-2178.         In Pleasant Grove a group meets at        In Vernon a support group meets the
                                          the United Methodist Church on the        first Tues. of each month, 6:30 p.m.,
Collat Jewish Family Services             second Thursday at 4:30. Elizabeth        at the Care Center of Vernon. Call
caregivers support group is held on the   Hope at 205-934-2178.                     Randy Bullock, 205-695-9313.
third Wednesday of the month at the
Levite Jewish Community Center at 7       The Sixth Avenue Baptist Church           talladeGa c ouNty :
p.m. 205-879-3438.                        – Aging Gracefully Ministry support       In Talladega the Citizens Baptist
                                          group meets the first Monday of each      Medical Center a group meets second
In Gardendale a group meets the           month from 6 p.m. at 1101 Martin          Sat. each month at 10 a.m. Clifford
second Thurs. at 6 p.m. at Covenant       Luther King Drive. Delois Guy, 205-       Moseley, 256-315-5986 or Citizens
Place. Betty Roberts, 205-934-2178.       251-5173.                                 Home Health. 256-761-4363.
The Guiding Light Church in               In Trussville a group meets on the        tuScalooSa c ouNty :
the Adult Day Care Center holds a         fourth Tuesday at 6:30 at the First       In Tuscaloosa a group meets the
caregiver support group meeting every     Baptist Church of Trussville. Elizabeth   second Tues. of each month at
fourth Sat. from 11 am – noon. Call       Hope, 205-934-2178.                       the West Alabama Easter Seal
Natalie Washington, 205-807-1826.                                                   Rehabilitation Center, at 2 p.m. Call
                                                                                    Vicki Kerr, 205-752-6840.
PAGE 10                                                                                                           FALL 2009
                                                                             ALZHEIMER’S OF CENTRAL ALABAMA

A Kickoff Luncheon for Walking to Remember
a beNefit for  a lzheimer ’S of c eNtral a labama , WaS a SucceSS                 With over       30   teamS PledGiNG

to raiSe   aNyWhere from $250.00 dollarS to over $5,000.00.

To learn more about how to help           and Vice President Christy Baynes       Special thanks to the Brookdale team
with this year’s walk, more than          lead the cheers as pledges were made.   for supplying the luncheon, Angel
70 gathered on September 9 in the                                                 Care home health for our centerpieces
Gazebo Room at Brookdale Place                                                    and to St. Martin’s-in-the-Pines for
University Park. Past team leaders                                                being the marketing sponsor for
shared successful ideas from previous                                             Walking to Remember 2009.
walks with the new teams present.
The room was filled with emotion as
board member Nancy Echols shared
the story of her husband’s diagnosis of
early onset Alzheimer’s disease. She
told touching details of her husband’s
days at the South Highland Center.
She understands the importance of
ACA’s scholarship programs.

Miller Piggott, ACA’s executive
director shared updated statistics on                                             Top left: Genworth team leaders Steve Van Gilder
Alzheimer’s disease and reviewed the                                              and Aimee Runnels
                                                                                  Bottom left: Vice President for Development,
history of Walking to Remember.                                                   Christy Baynes applauds as pledges are made
Program Coordinator Vance Holder                                                  Above: Mary Bess Price and Greg Dykes of Fair
                                                                                  Haven Retirement Community

WWW.ALZCA.ORG                                                                                                             PAGE 11
                                                                                                                   Non-profit org.
Post Office Box 2273                                                                                               U.S. Postage
Birmingham, Alabama 35201-2273                                                                                         PAID
(205) 871-7970                                                                                                    Permit No. 1564
(205) 871-7355 FAX                                                                                                Birmingham, AL

Located at:
300 Office Park Drive, Suite 225
Birmingham, Alabama 35223

For the individuals and families who have experienced the trauma of Alzheimer’s disease and for the professionals who help them.

                                           ACA’s 2009 Corporate Partners:
         Alabama Power; Alacare Home Health & Hospice; Always There In Home Care; BlueCross BlueShield;
       Brookdale Place University Park & Galleria Woods; Chateau Vestavia; EBSCO, Industries, Inc.; Fair Haven;
            Holistic Health Care; New Beacon Hospice; Rittenhouse Senior Living; St. Martin’s-in-the-Pines;
                   Somerby at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen & Dominion Partners; Starnes & Atchison

                    Board Members and Mission Statement
        President – Jeannie Duke                                         Secretary – Stephanie Sansing
        Vice President for Research and Programs – Mark Russell          Lindy Harrell – Advisor
        Vice President for Development – Christy Baynes                  Paul Roller – Advisor
        Treasurer – Grady Gunn                                           William Voigt – Advisor
        John Beard                    Lynn Campisi                   Hebard Haugseth                Liz Prosch
        Chris Blackerby               Valerie Childers               Jana Linton                    Jennifer Smith
        Susan Bremer                  Charlie Clark                  Tom Morton                     David Smitherman
        Gene Bromberg                 Nicole Crawford                Viki Mullins                   Mel York
        Julie Bryant                  Eddie Cummings                 Richard Powers
        Jeff Burchfield               Carla Greene                   Mary Bess Price

        lzheimer’s of Central Alabama is a non-profit organization and resource center serving Alzheimer’s patients, caregivers and
        professionals. The goal of ACA is to support: education, caregiver services and research.
        The objectives of ACA are to:
          • Assist with the cost of respite care, adult day services, and limited supplies
          • Provide educational opportunities through public seminars, a comprehensive resource center,
            telephone information and a newsletter
          • Support dementia research
          • Provide advocacy and increase public awareness
  We want you as a part of our organization. ACA serves the following counties: Bibb, Blount, Calhoun, Cleburne, Chilton, Clay, Coosa,
  Etowah, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Jefferson, Lamar, Pickens, Randolph, Shelby, St. Clair, Talladega, Tallapoosa, Tuscaloosa and Walker.

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