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					           ST ANNE’S COLLEGE

         MICHAELMAS TERM 2009


   (Including Important Information About
 Pre-Term Reading Lists for Some Subjects,
          Freshers’ Week Timetable,
          and Pre-Arrival Checklist)

(Please bring these notes with you to Oxford)

FROM THE PRINCIPAL                                                             ST ANNE’S COLLEGE
                                                                                 OXFORD OX2 6HS
                                                                             Telephone 01865 274800
                                                                                   Fax 01865 274899

September 2009


Welcome to St Anne's, we are looking forward to seeing you in October. You may be wondering what
sort of place it is that you are coming to; rest assured that St Anne's is a College that is proud of its
reputation for being informal and friendly; we are academically ambitious but at our heart is a culture
that respects people for who they are. St Anne's is self-consciously a modern, forward-looking
College; we want to be the best example of what Oxford can offer to anyone good enough to get here
wherever they come from. At its heart, an Oxford College is a community, not an institution, and the
success of St Anne's is entirely down to the people here.

Everyone when they arrive can feel a bit nervous, but everything will be done to ensure you enjoy
Freshers' Week. It is designed to be welcoming, and to give you a chance to make friends and find
your way around. But it is also designed to prepare you for working at Oxford. Most undergraduates
tell me that the first few weeks at Oxford are like no others and it inevitably takes time to settle into the
place. For many people, the work at first can be both exciting and a bit daunting. You will be set some
work in your first week. This may be at the first meeting you have with your tutor. But don’t let this
disconcert you. Your tutors and everyone in the College are here to encourage you to get the most out
of your university career, and to help you if ever it feels tough. St Anne's cares a great deal about
giving its students the personal support they need to do well. Never be afraid to ask for it.

In the course of Freshers' Week you'll be meeting with me, the Senior Tutor, your Personal Tutor and
your other academic Tutors. They will guide you as to what it takes to be a successful student at St
Anne's. We have high academic expectations of you which we are confident you will fulfil; that's why
you were chosen in the face of tough competition. Everyone who comes here has the talent and
capacity to do well. It does involve hard work, and a different way of working to what you may be used
to; you have to be self-motivated and self-directed. The term goes very fast and the vacations are the
time to consolidate what you learn in term. Getting yourself prepared and organized from the start is
critical to your academic success and to an enjoyable life here. You may have received some advice
as to what you should read before coming up, and guidance about your course. Read what has been
asked of you and take this advice seriously. You don't need to exhaust yourself in September but make
sure you come ready to get down to work. It is a general rule here that when your work is going well,
life goes well too. We will stretch you, but will never ask you to do the impossible, and we will enjoy
your success.

As Principal, my job is to ensure that St Anne's is one of the most lively, interesting and intellectually
stimulating environments in Oxford, the sort of place which you can look back on as offering one of the
most worthwhile and enjoyable experiences in your life. I very much look forward to meeting you in the

Best wishes

Tim Gardam

We look forward to welcoming you to St Anne’s. These notes contain important information which will
assist in your smooth transition to College and University life. Please do read them carefully in the
weeks ahead and bring them with you to Oxford in October.

SECTION A          THE BEGINNING OF TERM                       1. Term Dates                        5
                                                               2. Fresher Induction                 5
                                                               3. Necessary Formalities             5
                                                               4. College Library                   6
                                                               5. IT & E-mail                       6
                                                               6. Matriculation                     6

SECTION B          ACADEMIC INFORMATION                        1. From the Senior Tutor             7
                                                               2. Meeting your Tutors               7
                                                               3. Vacation Reading                  8
                                                               4. Music at St Anne’s                8
                                                               5 Forms & Letters                    8

SECTION C          FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS                                                           8
SECTION D          MEDICAL & WELFARE                                                                9
SECTION E          EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES &                                                            11
SECTION F          DOMESTIC FACILITIES                                                              12

                                         
SECTION G          IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO                                                           13
                   BEFORE YOU ARRIVE

                   FORMS FOR COMPLETION                        1. College Contract                  14
                                                               2. Appendix A
                                                               3. Health Questionnaire
                                                               4. Vaccination Letter
                                                               5. JCR T-shirt order form

                            COMPULSORY MEETINGS IN 0th WEEK

MOLT = Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre; RDB = Ruth Deech Building; SR = Seminar Room

18.00       Induction Session for non-UK students (mainland Europe, international             MOLT
            and Visiting Students) Principal (Tim Gardam), Dr Anne Mullen (Senior
            Tutor), Mrs Christine Foard (College Registrar), Mr Martin Jackson (Domestic
            Bursar), and Owen Evans (JCR President)
            followed immediately by                                                           Foyer A
            19.00–19.30 Drinks and 19.30 Buffet Supper                                        RDB & Hall
11.00       Morning Coffee Meet the other Visiting Students and the Visiting Student          SR3
            Co-ordinators, Mrs Sheila Smith and Mrs Isabella McIntyre
16.30       Induction Session for non-UK students who did not attend on Sunday                MOLT
            (mainland Europe, international and Visiting Students) Dr Anne Mullen
            (Senior Tutor) followed immediately by
17.25       Welcome to St Anne’s for all freshers – The Principal (Mr Tim Gardam),            MOLT
            College Officers, Decanal Team and JCR Committee Reps
09.00       Academic Induction Meeting with the Vice-Principal (Dr David Smith),              MOLT
            Senior Tutor (Dr Anne Mullen), and College Registrar (Mrs Christine Foard) –
            followed immediately by
            Coffee (includes issue of College and University documentation, and               Hall
            University cards) – followed immediately by
            Living in the College: Meeting with the Domestic Bursar (Mr Martin                MOLT
            Jackson), the Dean (Dr Liora Lazarus) and the Decanal Team – followed by
            Balancing the Books and IT Provision: Mr Christopher Wigg (Treasurer)             MOLT
            and Mr Ian Burnell (IT Officer)
14.00       Meeting(s) with your tutor(s). Your tutor will notify you of the exact starting
            time and location. These take priority over any other activity. Also on
            Thursday from 2 pm if required.
12.00       Academic Skills: Working at Oxford (Senior Tutor and others)                      MOLT

16.30       Principal’s Seminar: The Idea of Universities                                     MOLT
18.30       Drinks Reception                                                                  RDB
19.00       Formal College Dinner (Dress is smart but not black tie, and gowns will not       Hall
            be worn).
09.00–09.45 College Medical and Welfare Provision with the College Doctors, College           MOLT
            Nurse, College Counsellor.

               At the end of this session you will all move to the Ruth Deech Building for    RDB
               College registration (which is compulsory) and registration with the College
09.45          COLLEGE REGISTRATION (You will be required for only a few minutes, but         RDB/SR9
               you MUST attend). International students must take their passports to
               order to be registered with the College Doctors’ practice.
11.00/11.30/   Meetings in the College Library – (check the time for your subject on page
12.00          6).
From 14.00     Further meetings with Tutors from this time. These take priority over any
               other activity on Thursday and Friday.

UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES: many subjects will have introductory sessions organized by faculties or
departments. Details when you arrive: please check your pigeonhole.

                                  SECTION A: The Beginning of Term


We look forward to welcoming you. As freshers you are given an opportunity to settle in and to find your way
around before the official start of Michaelmas Term. International students are required to come into
residence by midday on SUNDAY, 4 OCTOBER for a special College induction session. Please email as soon as possible with your expected arrival time.

The University offers orientation information at The College
registration code is KA800065. Its orientation session for international students on Monday 5 October coincides
with important College activities. College’s induction for international students will cover the same information.

The University Full terms for the academic year 2009/2010 will be:

Sunday 11 October – Saturday 5 December 2009              [Michaelmas Term]
Sunday 17 January – Saturday 13 March 2010                [Hilary Term]
Sunday 25 April – Saturday 19 June 2010                   [Trinity Term]
                                                   st                                  th
(The start of the first full week of a term is called 1 Week, and the preceding week 0 Week. You will soon be
used to this terminology. A lot of events in Oxford are described by a day and a numbered week, rather than a
normal calendar date.)

St Anne’s requires undergraduates to be in Oxford by 2pm on the Thursday of Week 0 of every term; the eight
weeks of University Full Term begin on the following Sunday. There are University regulations requiring a certain
number of nights’ residence each term. Consult your tutor if you need to be away (for example because you are
ill). Please see page 12 for information on vacation residence for international students.


STUDENT PARENTS: you should hear during the long vacation from one or two student parents (one an
undergraduate in your own subject) to whom you can write with questions before you arrive, and who will help
you in College until you are settled in.

There will be a full programme of activities in the initial week. These include both essential meetings with tutors
and College Officers, and social events organised by the JCR. Make the most of everything on offer.


PRE-ARRIVAL CHECKLIST: please go through the list in Section G on page 13 and ensure that you have done
everything required.

immediately following the compulsory Academic Induction Meeting on Tuesday, 6 October. Please remember
to bring these notes with you to that meeting.

COLLEGE REGISTRATION: you are required to sign the College Register declaring your acceptance of the
College Regulations. The College Regulations can be found at: You will also receive a copy when you arrive.

To register, please go to Seminar Room 9 (Ground Floor, Ruth Deech Building) AT ANY TIME BETWEEN
9.45 and 11.30 on THURSDAY 8 October. Members of the College Secretary's office and the Treasurer's
office will be in attendance. The Treasurer's staff will be able to note your financial queries. International
students must take their passports to registration.


The College Librarian, Dr Smith, meets all undergraduates soon after arrival and will be able to give information
about library facilities in Oxford, including the Bodleian Library.

Particulars of Library rules and information about opening times will be found on the notice board outside the
Library. The Librarian wishes to meet freshers in the Library on Thursday 8 October as follows:

     11.00                              11.30                            12.00
     Biochemistry, Biology              Classics                         Art
     Chemistry, Engineering             English                          Economics & Management
     Management, Maths, Physics         Modern Languages                 Geography, Earth Sciences
     Medicine, Materials                Oriental Studies                 History, Law
     Physiology, PPP, Psychology                                         Music, PPE

UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES: many subjects will have introductory sessions organized by faculties or departments:
details when you arrive. Please check your pigeonhole.

5. IT & E- MAIL

The following notes give a very brief introduction to IT at the College. For detailed instructions regarding
provision, connection to the College network, e-mail, etc., you should consult the college IT manual which can be
found online in the computing section of the College website;

A broad introduction to facilities available around the University can be found at:
You should also consult your departmental website for information on services and software specific to your

St Anne’s has excellent IT facilities. The College has its own network and there is a large computing suite in
Trenaman House which provides computers, scanners and printers. Other public machines are available in the
College library and JCR common room.

Internet Connection
All college study/bedrooms provide high-speed (100 Mbps) network/internet access at no charge. Wireless
access is available on the main College site in the library and in all seminar rooms and lecture theatres.

All new members of the University are automatically given an Oxford Username and an e-mail account. It is a
College regulation that you use your Oxford e-mail address. The University administration, Tutors and College
Staff rely upon this e-mail address as a means of sending you important information. Please note: you will be in
breach of College Regulations if you use an alternative e-mail address.

IT Support
The College IT Staff, Ian Burnell and Ben West, support students' College computer accounts (not e-mail),
College offices, and the College network infrastructure. They will also advise on computing issues but cannot
undertake the maintenance or repair of students' personal machines. Ad-hoc evening ‘IT Surgeries’ take place
throughout the term at which staff will help with any issues relating to students’ personally owned machines.

IT Training
OUCS provide an enormous range of IT training courses at minimal cost (typically £5 for an entire course). See


International students are not required to attend the University Matriculation Ceremony at the Examination
Schools in the morning on Saturday 17 October (Week 1). However, you may wish to be in the Matriculation
photograph that is taken on the day of the ceremony. If that is the case, you would need to wear academic dress
as listed on the following page and borrow a cap/mortar board and gown from another student.
Academic dress for men – dark suit/jacket and trousers, dark socks and black footwear, a plain white shirt, and
white collar and white bow tie;

Academic dress for women – a white blouse, black tie (usually a length of black ribbon), dark skirt or trousers
(i.e. black or dark navy), black stockings, black footwear (not stiletto heels), and dark jacket or cardigan (if
desired). Dress for each sex should be such as might be appropriate for formal occasions.

                                   SECTION B: Academic Information


St Anne's College has two objectives: to gain new knowledge and understanding through world-class research;
and to disseminate that knowledge and understanding through teaching undergraduates and supervising
graduates. In pursuit of that second objective, your tutors here have chosen you as undergraduates. They will
teach you to the best of their ability, and support you in realising your full academic potential.

Your commitment to your studies here starts now. In the subjects where it is required, pre-term work has been
sent to you. It is imperative that you undertake any work and arrive prepared. Academic work and reading
are always required of you in the course of every vacation.

The College's primary teaching method is the tutorial, a detailed and interactive form of teaching in which you
work with your tutor to examine questions and problems in your subject based on prepared essays or answers to
problems on which you have worked, and which you bring to the tutorial itself.

Every student has a Personal Tutor. She or he might or might not be the same person as the one who is
teaching you in any one term. She or he is there for advice and encouragement, and helps arrange your
teaching. Your Personal Tutor is responsible for monitoring your academic progress, and will discuss with you
the reports on your work at the end of every term.

At the start of most terms you may have to do one or more College examinations – termed ‘collections’ – based
on the previous term's work. Your personal tutor will let you know whether or not you are required to take them. If
you do, it is essential to revise appropriately for these examinations in the vacation. Invigilated collections are
taken in Hall on the Friday and Saturday of Week 0 – the week before teaching begins. Attendance at set
collections is compulsory. The College celebrates and rewards high academic achievement in collections and
awards a full prize (currently a £40 book token) for a first-class level in one or more papers in College collections,
and a half-prize (currently a £20 book token) for a meritorious performance – in particular where there is a
marked academic improvement. A Special Prize (currently a £60 book token) recognizes a wholly exceptional

High professional standards apply to you just as they do to your tutors in respect of attendance at and
participation in tutorials and classes. You must attend tutorials, classes and all other required teaching
engagements on time and with fully prepared written work. Failure to attend and to have prepared is a breach of
those professional standards, and may result in your being placed on probation. A student placed on probation
may be permitted to continue with her or his course only after meeting specified academic conditions.

You will find more detailed academic information in the College Student Handbook which will be issued
to you in 0 week. You are advised to read and respect that information and indeed the College
Regulations which underscore it. Please direct any questions or requests for clarification to the Senior
Tutor without delay.


Your tutor(s) will contact you via notice boards in Hartland House and your pigeonhole to inform you of when and
where you will meet in Freshers’ Week. The most likely times will be: Tuesday 6 , between 14.00 and 16.00,
                 th                                 th
and Thursday 8 in the afternoon, and/or Friday 9 . The arrangements for these meetings do vary depending on
the programme of study. Some tutors who teach on ‘joint degree’ programmes, or who have a large cohort of
students, organise ‘group’ meetings. Other tutors organise smaller meetings. The meetings are to welcome you
to Oxford and give you some key advice and information specific to the study of your particular subject, and
guidance on what will be expected of you academically. You may also be set some academic work to do at your
first meeting. Just take it in your stride. These meetings take precedence over non-academic activities.


Oxford terms are short and academic work highly concentrated. The system is arranged on the assumption that
much of the necessary reading will be done in vacations. It follows that the greater part of each vacation needs
to be spent on academic work.

You are also strongly encouraged to do as much reading, or other preparation, as you can before you embark on
your course. As detailed in the note from the Senior Tutor in paragraph one on the preceding page, it is
imperative that you complete reading and preparatory work if it has been set before you come up.


Music is very active at St Anne's, with frequent opportunities to attend, and perform in, the termly recital series,
college events, and pre-dinner entertainments. For further details on performing, please contact Dr John Traill,
Director of Music ( The College has four rehearsal rooms, including three upright,
and two grand pianos, and further facilities for larger ensembles to rehearse (that include the College choir, jazz
band, and orchestra). College performance venues include the highly regarded Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre,
and a variety of spaces in the Ruth Deech Building. Students are encouraged to bring their instruments with
them to Oxford, and join the College Music Society. The College awards bursaries towards the cost of music
lessons, for which auditions are held annually in Michaelmas Term.


If you need a letter confirming your student status you can print it yourself from the University Student Self
Service page at If you have a form to be verified, please fill in a
request form in the Academic Office. Allow at least 3 working days for completion. (If the matter is financial it
should be sent to the Treasurer.)

                                  SECTION C: Financial Arrangements
For any queries not covered in these notes, please email the Treasury at or call in to
the department, situated at the opposite end of Hartland House from the Library. Financial information is
displayed on the Treasury notice board and the board near to the Library. You should check your pigeonhole
and College email address regularly for communications – this is a College regulation, and is especially important
for financial matters. All cheque payments should be made to ‘St Anne’s College’.

Please see College financial information at:
see also

Maintenance charge and meals

The maintenance charge for those living in accommodation provided by College is £3,624, payable in three
termly instalments. The maintenance charge covers such items as accommodation, cleaning, bed linen and
meal credit which allows you to purchase meals to the value of £125 per term. Further meal credits may be
purchased from the Accounts Office as required.

The Dining Hall operates a canteen system; payment for meals is made through an EPOS system accessed by
your University card. A meal account runs alongside your battels, and each term the meal credit mentioned
above will be put in this account, then the value of meals taken will be deducted daily. You can check your meal
credit balance at the Dining Hall tills, and should top up when it is running low. Payments for meal top-ups
should be made at the Accounts office.

Maintenance charges and other termly dues are payable at the Accounts Office before the start of Week 3 of
Michaelmas Term and by the start of Week 2 in Hilary and Trinity Terms. A battels account will be sent to each
student early in the term. Cheques should be made payable to St Anne’s College. Receipts for cheques will be
given only if asked for at the time of payment. Debit or credit card payment can also be taken, although any bank
charge will be passed on to you. If payment by bank transfer is to be made, please email finance@st- for the details you will need.

Any student in residence who has not paid their account by 5 pm on the last day for payment will be liable to a
fine of £1.00 for each weekday during which s/he is in arrears. The fine will be waived only if the student offers
an explanation acceptable to the Treasurer by the final date for payment.


College has arranged a policy with Endsleigh Insurance covering the basic possessions held in your college
room. The 2009/2010 premium of £7 is included in the maintenance charge. Please read the summary of cover
carefully, this can be found online at; register online and consider extension of your cover
for high value items.


The College Doctors – Dr Judith Bogdanor, Dr Lawrence Leaver and Dr Mark O’Shea – work from the nearby
Jericho Health Centre in Walton Street. They run daily surgeries and specialised clinics such as Family Planning,
Well Woman, Travel and Vaccination Services, and Health Checks. Patients are seen by appointment
(telephone 311234).

Students must register with an Oxford doctor while they are at St Anne’s. You can register with the College
Doctors after the meeting about medical facilities at 09.45 on Thursday 8 October. If you do intend to register
with the College Doctors you must complete the medical questionnaire, GMS1 form, and vaccination slip and
return them directly to the College Doctors (not to College), preferably before you arrive in Oxford, or alternatively
at that meeting. This information is entirely confidential to the College Doctors. Please note that the return of
the questionnaire does not constitute registration with the doctors. You must do that in person when you are in

You are not obliged to register with the College Doctors, and a list of doctors with practices adjacent to College or
in North Oxford is kept in the Library. (The College Doctors do have the nearest practice to the main College
The name and address of your Oxford doctor must be notified to the College Secretary by Saturday 17 October
(see College Regulations).

Overseas students registered for courses of not less than 6 months are eligible for free NHS treatment from the
outset of their stay provided they register with a doctor on arrival. This also applies to dependants. Please note
that a pre-existing condition which requires hospital care may not be covered by NHS treatment and so private
health insurance would be needed. For further guidance see:

Flu Pandemic: please see
The latest information from our College Doctors will be posted in the week before you arrive at: Please ensure you check this information.

College Nurse and College Counsellor
The College employs a trained nurse – Mrs Catherine Haines. Her services are available to all members of the
College. She is in College every weekday morning during term time, weeks 0 to 9 inclusive, 9.30am to 12.30pm.
Her expertise covers all aspects of you, as a person. She can advise on medical-related issues as well as any
other personal, emotional problems. There is also a College Counsellor, Ms Mimi Kester, who works during term
time, weeks 0 to 9. The notice board in Hartland House gives details of where and when the nurse and
counsellor can be consulted.

From the College Nurse:

Dear Student

Welcome to St Anne’s

Just to introduce myself to you, I am Catherine Haines, the College Nurse. I am available on site every morning
from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 12.30, throughout 0 to 9 weeks of each term.

I work in a confidential manner and take a very holistic approach to helping and advising you on any medical-
related issues, as well as any personal concerns you may have at any time during your studies. Please advise
me if you have any specific medical/health requirements once you start your studies at St Anne’s.

We are very fortunate to have excellent College Doctors within 5 minutes’ walk of St Anne’s, and they provide us
with a very skilled level of care.

Across the road from the Porters’ Lodge is a Chemists’ shop, which opens 7 days a week, for your
pharmaceutical needs.

Due to the communal living environment of college life you may well find yourselves more susceptible to colds
and viruses and the like, and it is worth thinking about the following points –

    1       Bring a thermometer with you so that you can check your own temperature if you feel unwell.
    2       Bring one packet of the sort of ‘over the counter’ cold/flu remedies, such as Lemsip or paracetamol,
            which you would normally take at home.
    3       Keep a good supply of water and/or soft drinks in your room so that if you do become ill you are able
            to keep yourself hydrated.
    4       Try and ensure that you have a small supply of fresh fruit in your room to ensure that you have your
            5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
    5       First Aid boxes, which are ‘topped up’ during each term, are provided in all kitchens in your
            accommodation blocks.
    6       Please let me know in advance if you have any planned surgical operations during any of the holiday
            periods as these may require follow-up hospital and/or GP appointments. There may also need to be
            some planning for your return to St Anne’s.
    7       Please also advise me if you have any specific medical/health requirements once you start your
            studies at St Anne’s.
    8       Please do not underestimate how busy Oxford city roads are! Major accidents and deaths do occur.
            Often helmets are not being worn, mobile phones are being used and iPods listened to, on bikes.
            Every term I see students who are involved in bike incidents. If you are intending to ride a bike
            please bring a safety helmet or purchase one from the porters’ lodge. Remember you are coming
            here to invest in your brains and your future.

I look forward to meeting you in the first week of term, and will always try to help you with any medical concerns
you may have.

Catherine Haines
College Nurse

In case of medical emergency the Lodge Porter can be asked to summon appropriate help. 01865 274800.


In addition to the College Nurse and College Counsellor there are many people you can consult for advice about
any problems, and whom you approach will probably depend on the circumstances at the time. We are wholly
committed to your welfare and want you to get the very best from your time at St Anne’s. Do seek out help and
support at the earliest opportunity.

Assistant Deans
Hilary Kalmbach, Lindsey Richardson and Naomi Walker will help you with any concerns you may have, personal
or academic. They can be contacted via the Lodge. One of them is always available in any emergency at night.

Senior Tutor
Dr Anne Mullen is responsible for academic welfare. If there is any matter relating to your tuition and academic
enjoyment of your course, please talk to her. She also liaises regularly with the JCR Academic Affairs Rep,
Richard Holland, and the JCR Welfare Reps. Dr Mullen also oversees general welfare matters in College,
working closely but confidentially with the welfare professionals and the Disability Officer. Her office is in the
Academic Office corridor in Hartland House and her email address is

JCR Welfare Reps
The JCR Welfare Reps for the year are Alex Barry and Jonathan Flynn. They co-ordinate JCR Welfare and work
closely with the College Nurse and Counsellor. They are the JCR link to the rest of the College welfare system.
Welfare Teas and Movie nights are held regularly. Please see the Welfare notice board in Hartland House
corridor for details of these events.

St Anne’s College Peer Supporters
Peer support is a confidential listening and support service provided for the members of the student body by
other graduates and undergraduates. Peer supporters can be the first point of contact for a problem, ranging from
academic issues to feeling homesick, or can provide welfare information if students want it. Similarly, peer
supporters are available if everything is ok and students just fancy a chat! The contact details for the team are
displayed around College.

JCR Advisors
Dr Helen Christian, Dr Geraldine Coates, Dr Terry O’Shaughnessy and Dr Gareth Davies are the JCR Advisors.
Students may consult with the JCR Advisors (Fellows of the College) if they have problems that they do not wish
to discuss with their personal tutors, and wish to seek out independent academic advice. The Senior Tutor is also

A list of all the possible welfare contacts (and email addresses) can be found at

The University also offers welfare support:

                          SECTION E – Equal Opportunities & Disabilities

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: Together with the rest of the University, St Anne’s College welcomes diversity amongst
its students, staff and visitors, recognising the particular contributions to the achievement of the College’s
educational purposes that can be made by individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. St
Anne’s College aims to provide education of excellent quality at undergraduate and post-graduate level for
students regardless of background. Accordingly, St Anne’s is committed to using its best endeavours to ensure
that all of its activities are governed by principles of equality of opportunity, and that all students are helped to
achieve their full academic potential. This statement applies to recruitment and admissions, to the teaching and
assessment of students, and to welfare and support services.
This policy statement is supported by equal opportunities policies and codes of practice, available on our website:, and by the University's Equal Opportunities Policy for students. This
document may be accessed at:

DISABILITIES: Together with the rest of the University, St Anne’s College is committed to providing equality of
opportunity and improving access for all people with disabilities who study here. We are fully committed to
fulfilling our obligations under the relevant legislation (notably Special Educational Needs and Disability Act of
2001 or SENDA), and encourage students to be open about their disabilities and to discuss their needs with Ms
Zoe Sparrowhawk, Student Disability Adviser, e-mail:, or tel 01865 284685.

The University has a Senior Disability Officer and five Disability Advisers who comprise the University Disability
Office. This team provide advice on facilities available as well as guidance on applications for funding, and they
liaise closely with the College in respect of supporting individual students. Students are strongly encouraged to
declare disability to both the College and the University. The University disclosure form is available via:, where you will also find full details of the services provided by the
University Disability Office. Undergraduate and Graduate home students with a disability may be eligible to apply
for Disability Support Allowance (DSA) through their Local Education Authority (or equivalent body), and to allow
for processing it is recommended that students apply for DSA in advance of starting at St Anne’s.

                                    SECTION F – Domestic Facilities

   1. You should go to the Lodge to collect the key to your room. All buildings have combination locks and you
        will be told the code to these locks. Do not divulge the code to unknown or inappropriate persons.
   2. It is important that you lock your room door and shut the door to any building even if you are only gone
        for a few minutes. Do not wedge or prop doors open.
   3. Report anything suspicious to the Lodge immediately (274800).

Towels/Bed Linen

    4. You need to bring towels, but we provide bed linen and duvets: we expect you to make your bed. There
       is a laundry room and ironing room for your use in 58 Woodstock Road.

Electrical Equipment

    5. You are responsible for any electrical equipment that you bring to College. It should be tested by a
       qualified electrician before you arrive. Once you are here, you should report any concerns about your
       electrical equipment to the Maintenance Department. Faulty electrical equipment represents the most
       likely cause of fire. You are not permitted to cook food or make toast in your room. You may boil a
       kettle. You will need a licence for a TV. See


    6. Do not keep candles in your room even if you do not light them.


    7. You will find it useful to bring/buy a small amount of crockery and cutlery for drinks/snacks in your room.
       You are responsible for washing it up and the kitchens must be kept clean and tidy.


    8. You will find a bicycle very useful. However, bicycle theft is very prevalent in Oxford. Therefore, do not
       bring an expensive bicycle, but do bring 2 ‘D’ locks (one for the front wheel and one for the rear wheel).
       Moreover, we strongly recommend the use of a safety helmet: these can be bought from the Lodge.
       Finally, you will need to register your bicycle at the Lodge and obtain a security tag to register your
       bicycle in College.

Room Occupation/Vacation

    9. International visiting students (unlike UK students) have use of their rooms throughout the winter and
       spring vacations and until 26 June 2010. If you choose to travel/return home over the vacations, you are
       entitled to leave your possessions in your room, but will be asked to notify Isabella McIntyre
       ( of the dates when you will be in/out of College. You must also
       hand in your key and sign out/in at the Porters’ Lodge on departure and return.

Dining Hall

    10. Meals are served at the following times:

                Breakfast        08.00 – 09.30            Monday–Friday
                Lunch            12.15 – 13.45            Monday–Friday
                Dinner           18.15 – 19.30            Monday–Friday
                Brunch           11.00 – 13.00            Saturday and Sunday

        Dinner is not served Saturdays and Sundays. Requests for special diets may be arranged through the
        College Nurse and must be accompanied by a medical certificate. There are no special arrangements
        for vegetarian food, because it is always available. The weekly menu can be found on the notice board
        (main corridor in Hartland House) and on the notice board in the entrance to the Dining Hall. Payment is
        via your University card, which stores your food money.

Accommodation Department

   11. The Accommodation Department is located on the ground floor of Rayne Building and its staff are happy
       to answer any questions about accommodation, cleaning, maintenance or other relevant matters
       between 09.00–13.00 and 14.00–17.00 on weekdays.


   12. You are not permitted to keep a car or motorbike in College.


   13. These are located under the accommodation block called Gatehouse. There is a security code, which
       you can find out at the Lodge.

Telephone Numbers          OXFORD CODE – +44(0)1865

   14. St Anne’s College                               01865 274800

   Hartland House (pay phone for outgoing calls)       01865 554705 (Accepts cash and credit cards)

             SECTION G: Very Important Things To Do Before You Arrive                            
Check List

  1.    If you have been sent a reading list ensure that you have done the work.

  2.    Read the University’s information for new students at:

  3.    Complete and return your College contract.

  4.    Complete and return Appendix A, giving your date of arrival and ethnicity.

  5.    Inform Isabella McIntyre ( of your arrival time and date.

  6.    Ensure that you have details of all vaccinations and childhood illnesses (with dates and
        relevant certificates) and bring this information with you to Oxford.

  7.    Return the JCR T-shirt order form if required.

  8.    If you are an international student, please check the information at:

All these items should be emailed to in the Academic Office.
Please put VS Freshers 09 in the subject line and return it by 14 September at the latest. An earlier
return would be greatly appreciated. It would be a great help if the parents of students who are away
until after 14 September could let us know when we will receive the returns.

When you come to registration with the College doctors, please bring a hard copy of the medical
record sheet and slip about meningitis vaccine, and the GMS1 form (this will be given to you on
Monday 5th October).

                                            ST ANNE’S COLLEGE
                                            STUDENT CONTRACT
1.     A matriculated student at Oxford University is a member both of Oxford University and of one of its
constituent Colleges or Private Halls (referred to as “St Anne‟s College”). The two relationships are governed by
separate, though interlinking, contracts. The purpose of this document is to identify the main terms of the contract
which you will have with the College on acceptance of the offer of a place on a course which has been made to
you. By signing and returning this document you will enter into a contract with St Anne‟s College (referred to as
being the „College Contract‟) on those terms.

University and College membership
2.    The continuing relationship between you and the College is linked to your continuing relationship with the
University. You agree as part of the College Contract to abide by the rules and regulations of the University, as
amended from time to time in the course of your studies.

3.     Once you become a member of the University by matriculation, your membership of St Anne‟s College
will be conditional upon your remaining a member of the University. If you are subjected by the University to
suspension or other sanctions, the College may also impose similar or other appropriate sanctions.

4.     It is not possible for all the regulations governing your relationship with St Anne‟s College to be
reproduced here in full. Most of them are contained in the College Regulations. The Regulations, together with
the College Statutes and Bylaws, as amended from time to time in the course of your studies, form part of the
College Contract. You should read them, and any subsequent amendments made to them, in the form, whether
electronic or hard copy, in which they are made available.

Undertakings by the College
5.     Teaching. St Anne‟s College will make such teaching provision for undergraduate students [and Visiting
Students] as it reasonably decides is necessary for their courses of study, taking account of any relevant
departmental norms. Teaching may include tutorials, classes and seminars, and may be carried out by tutors or
other Fellows or lecturers of the College, or by any other persons considered by the College to be suitably
qualified. Teaching provision for specialist options is subject to availability and may not be provided in all cases.
Given the variation in courses of study, it is not possible to specify a minimum amount of teaching for
undergraduates in all subjects.

6.    Library and IT facilities. The College will provide library and IT facilities in connection with your studies
and on the conditions set out in the College Regulations, which may vary from time to time. Facilities may be
withdrawn in the event of adverse circumstances beyond the control of the College.

7.    The College will provide such support for graduate students as it reasonably decides to be necessary in
      connection with their pursuit of a course of studies at Oxford
Undergraduates and Graduates
8.     Residential accommodation. The College will maintain a stock of residential accommodation that may be
       provided to you in connection with your studies and on the terms and conditions in the Regulations,
       and/or accommodation contract or licence agreement, which may vary from year to year. The College
       will normally provide accommodation for first-year undergraduates, and will observe any undertakings
       given in its prospectus.
9.     Meals. The College will provide meals, the terms and conditions of which may vary from time to time.
       Reasonable notice will be given where possible of any occasions on which meals will not be available.
Your Undertakings
10.    You undertake to abide by the College Regulations, including regulations concerning study, payment of
       fees and charges and residence (see paragraphs 11, 12, and 13 below). Failure to abide by these
       regulations may lead to the imposition of disciplinary measures, which may include suspension or
       expulsion. Procedures for disciplinary measures are explained in detail in the College Regulations. [See
       further paragraph 3 above.]
11.    Study. You undertake to pursue satisfactorily such studies as are required of you by any tutor, Fellow or
       lecturer, or other qualified person, assigned by St Anne‟s College to teach you. For this purpose, studies
       include the reading of materials, carrying out prescribed activities such as practicals, the completion of
         written work, attendance in tutorials and classes and lectures, and the sitting of University and internal
         College examinations.
12.      Fees and charges. You undertake to pay the fees and charges due to the University and to St Anne‟s
         College which, after consultation with students (in so far as concerns College charges), may vary from
         year to year, and to provide any guarantee or security for the payment of such fees as St Anne‟s College
         may require. The College will collect University fees and transmit them to the University.
13.      Residence. You undertake to comply with the University residence requirements.
Personal Data
14.      By signing and returning this document, you agree to the collection, processing and use of individual
         personal data by St Anne‟s College for purposes connected with your studies, for the protection of health
         and safety whilst on College premises, and for maintenance of alumni relations and for any other lawful
         purposes. You also agree to the sharing by the College of such data for the same purposes with the
15.      This contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with English Law. By signing and
         exchanging this document both you and St Anne‟s College submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the
         English courts for the resolution of any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with the

SIGNED for and on behalf of ST ANNE’S                              SIGNED by the STUDENT

Name:         Tim Gardam                                      Name:
Position      Principal
Signature:                                                    Signature:

Date:         20 August 2009                                  Date:

                                                                                                                                Appendix A

                                                          ST ANNE’S COLLEGE

              To be completed IN FULL and returned to the Academic Office by 15 September 2009.

NAME (in block letters): ____________________________________ Mobile number: ____________________

SUBJECT: _________________________________________________________________________________

A) International Students may encounter difficulties because of flight timetables:

     International students are asked to arrive on Sunday 4th October by 12 noon so that they can attend the
     College orientation programme at 18.00 on that day.

     YOU MUST CONTACT THE ACADEMIC OFFICE confirming your arrival date and time in addition
     to completing this form.

     Or telephone: 01865 274825

     Indicate your arrival date and time to College: _______________________________ (not before 1200 on
     Saturday 3rd October)

B)   Please note below if you require a vegetarian or other special meal at Freshers‟ Formal Dinner on 7th
      Other (please specify) …........................................................................................................


ETHNIC BACKGROUND: please enter in box E below the code from the list below which best describes your
ethnic background.

31 Asian or Asian British – Indian
32 Asian or Asian British – Pakistani
33 Asian or Asian British - Bangladeshi
34 Chinese or other ethnic background
39 Other Asian background

21 Black or Black British – Caribbean
22 Black or Black British – African
29 Other Black background

41 White and Black Caribbean
42 White and Black African
43 White and Asian
49 Other Mixed background

11 White – British
12 White – Irish
13 White - Scottish
14 Irish Traveller
19 Other White background

80 Other ethnic background

If you do not wish to specify your ethnic background please enter code 98.

The University is required by HESA to seek information about ethnic background for monitoring participation
rates by particular groups of people.


                                                 ST ANNE'S COLLEGE

                                HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE FOR NEW PATIENTS
                                  Dr Judith Bogdanor, Dr Laurence Leaver & Dr Mark O'Shea

SURNAME                                                                 Date of Birth
Forename                                                                Preferred Title                      Male/Female
Home                                                                    Course
Post Code:
Home Tel:                                                               Who else could we contact in an emergency?
Mobile Tel:                                                             Name

E-mail: (NB Email is                                                    Relationship
not confidential)                                                       Phone No

     1.    Have you ever suffered from any of the following? Please give brief details:
Condition              Yes/No    Date(s)    Details          Condition                    Yes/No   Date(s)   Details
Diabetes                                                     Asthma

Heart Disease                                                Depression / Anxiety

Stroke                                                       Eating Disorder

Blood Pressure                                               Thyroid Disease

High Cholesterol                                             Migraine

Cancer                                                       Disability


     2.    Please list all other past or current serious illnesses, injuries & operations:
Date:         Condition/Operation                            Date:          Condition/Operation

     3.    Do you have any allergies? (in particular to any medicine). If yes please specify.

     4.    Please list any prescribed medication (such as tablets, inhalers, creams etc) you use:

   5. Please tell us when you last had these vaccinations: (e.g."Oct 95" or "as child" or "never")
TETANUS                                               HEPATITIS A
DIPHTHERIA                                            TYPHOID
POLIO                                                 OTHER(S)

   6.   Do you smoke YES/NO. If YES, how many? ___ cigarettes/day, or ___ g tobacco/wk
   7.   If you used to smoke, when did you stop?
   8.   Do you drink alcohol? YES/NO. If YES, approx how many units per week.                                 ____
   (One Unit is a small glass of wine, or a pub measure of spirit, or a half-pint of normal 3.8% beer)
   9.   What is your current Height?             _____ cm            or ____ ft ____ in
   10. What is your current Weight?              _____ Kg            or ____ st ____ lb
   11. Do you keep to a special diet? YES/NO. If YES, please specify................................
   12. Do you exercise or undertake sport regularly? YES/NO. If YES, which & how often?

   13. Please give details of any illnesses which run in your family, or affect your immediate family (parents,
        brothers, sisters or your children). Please include Heart Disease (in relatives diagnosed under the age of 60); Thrombosis
        (DVT or PE), Breast, Ovarian, Colon, Prostate and Melanoma (Skin) Cancer; Thalassaemia or Sickle Cell, Coeliac Disease,
        Osteoporosis, serious mental illnesses and any others you feel are relevant.

Disease/Illness                           Which relative(s) affected                                          Dates

   14. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

   15. If you have had a cervical smear, please tell us:
        Date of last smear:-                                         Was it normal?      YES/NO
        When is your next smear due?
   16. What method of birth control (contraception) do you use? ...................................
   17. Are you immune to Rubella (German Measles)? YES/NO/DON'T KNOW
   (This matters to women planning a pregnancy in the next few years)
   18. How many pregnancies have you had?
   19. Were there any problems in the pregnancies? YES/NO
        Please specify: (eg. caesarian, miscarriage, termination) with dates:

   20. Have you had a hysterectomy (womb removed)?                   YES/NO. If YES, date .................

        For the Practice Nurse
        BP:                            Height:                          Date seen:
        Urine:                         Weight:                          NPC entered:
        Advice Given:                  Smoking              Alcohol              Diet

Dr Judith Bogdanor                                                                       Jericho Health Centre
Dr Laurence Leaver                                                                                   Walton St
Dr Mark O’Shea                                                                                Oxford OX2 6NW
                                                                                             Tel 01865 311234
                                                                                            Fax 01865 311087
06 July 2011
Dear Student
                         Important Vaccinations: Mumps and Meningitis C
Congratulations on getting your place at Oxford University. Oxford is a wonderful place for the
exchange of ideas- and certain infections!
Last year there were lots of cases of Mumps in Oxford and other Universities. Occasionally there are
serious complications from Mumps but even a “mild” infection can still require exclusion from
academic and social life and make you unwell for a couple of weeks. We strongly recommend
prevention using MMR vaccine (1 shot followed by another, 3 months later). For more information see or
It is important to get MMR vaccine BEFORE you come to Oxford, because infection is likely to occur
early on (and vaccination can take 2 weeks to work). Book an appointment with your GP‟s Practice
Nurse for this NOW. For those who are unable to do this, we will offer vaccination at Jericho Health
Centre with our Practice Nurse by appointment.
Those born in the UK 1982-1989 will NOT normally have had any MMR vaccine as part of the routine
childhood vaccination schedule (though some will have had Measles-Rubella vaccine in 1994 and may
think they have had MMR- but be wrong). If you have had one dose of MMR you still need a booster. If
you cannot be sure of your previous vaccinations, an extra dose of MMR is recommended. Those born
in the UK before 1982 are likely to have been exposed to Mumps as a disease and to be immune, and
not need vaccination. Those from abroad should have MMR vaccine whatever their age, unless they
have definitely had Mumps.
Meningitis C is now very rare, thanks to vaccination. Most students will have had Men C vaccination
while at school; if not please arrange this with your GP, again BEFORE arrival, for maximum
protection. For those coming from abroad Meningitis A & C (or ACWY) vaccine is acceptable if
Meningitis C Conjugate vaccine is not available. If you cannot get vaccinated we will be happy to
vaccinate you at Jericho Health Centre by appointment (not at Registration), as early as possible. For
more information see or
Please complete and return the slip below (with your confidential Health Questionnaire).
Yours sincerely

College Doctors
to Dr Bogdanor & Partners, Jericho Health Centre, Walton St, Oxford OX2 6NW
St Annes College
Name                                          Date of Birth:
Vaccine           Date Vaccinated/Infected OR I request vaccination with MMR at
Meningitis C                                       registration
MMR 1 dose                                         Signed
MMR booster
 Mumps (disease)                                   Date
Freshers’ T-shirts are the best way of celebrating and
remembering your Freshers’ Week. Each year
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club nights whilst proudly donning their college T-
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