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                                     Summer Quarter                       START HERE, GO ANYWHERE

This book was dedicated in loving memory to Isaac Tyrone Simmons II, friend, mentor, professor.

                                              For more details regarding this book, see page 2.

Over Summer Qt. saw the publication of Prof. Milford’s Spring Qt. Creative Writing Class anthology. Under
the guidance, tutelage, and editing of Prof. Milford, his 14 creative writing students produced this 138 page
wonderment entitled:
                                         The Wacky, Witty, & Willing.
All of the drawings are Milford creations. A copy is on display in our Atlanta Campus Library. This is the
second anthology produced by a Prof. Milford’s creative writing class. The first Creative Writing Class of
Milford’s, which enrolled 6 people in Summer, 2008, also published a collection of poetry and short stories
entitled, Summer Sessions.

Professor Milford has stayed busy publishing his own poetry as well—this past year, he has published poems
in the following literary journals: Hobble Creek Review, Ourobouros Review, Wild Goose Poetry Review, Sui-
sun Valley Review, Offbeat Press, Red Fez, Deuce Coupe, 7 Beats Per Second, New Aesthetic, Knockout Lit,
Thieves’ Jargon, The Poetry Warrior, and VOLT. Mr. Milford’s radio show, co-created and co-managed with
his wife, has reached a listenership numbering in the thousands in under a year’s time and can be found at . Professor Milford has interviewed Poet Laureates, Pulitzer Prize Winners,
and National Book Award Winners, some of whom include Robert Pinsky, Mark Strand, Ron Silliman, Clay-
ton Eshleman, Charles Bernstein, etc. Mr. Milford is also a graphic illustrator and is working on drawings and
sketches for Carol Novack’s upcoming poetry collection, Giraffes in Hiding: The Mythical Memoirs of Carol
Novack. This December will launch Professor Milford’s own literary journal, SCYTHE, which will feature po-
ets and writers who have been guests on his show. Professor Milford is currently working on two manuscripts:
an epic long poem entitled Unparalleled Diversions and a collection of poems entitled Halcyon Scythe.

We welcome Joris Kwakye to our Math Department. Prof. Kwakye earned his BA in
Mathematics from Morehouse College and his MS in Applied Mathematics from
Clark Atlanta University. His office is located in the Academic Building, Room 208B.

                                Prof. Gainey is no stranger to our campus. She has been around for quarters
                               teaching LSS Math as an instructor. Now she is a full timer! Prof Gainey
                               comes to us with a BS in Accounting and Secondary Mathematics from Fa-
                               yetteville State University, a BS in Theology from Methodist College and an
                               MBA in Finance, Risk Management & Insurance from Walden University.
                               Her office is located in the Academic Building, Room 107F.

                                                                   We say good-bye to Tamaro Ellis, our bookstore man-
                                                                   ager. Tamaro, a GMC/Atlanta Campus Alumnus,
                                                                   came to us in Fall 08. She moves onto greener pas-
                                                                   tures. Take care, Tamaro; you will be missed.

Atlanta’s Beta Zeta Alpha Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa has a new
advisor. Beginning Summer Quarter, Prof. Jeffrey Wells took over
the helm replacing the late Ike Simmons. Phi Theta Kappa is an
international honor society for students of two-year colleges. For
more information, contact Prof. Wells. His office is located in
207B in the Academic Building.

GMC/Atlanta Proudly Announces those students who
       have achieved academic excellence

                                                    Adedayo Adewumi Akinrolabu                 Jason Derek Keaton
        Gavin Anton Arvizo                          Benjamin Abidemi Bolaji                    Ersilyn V. Martin
     Jacqueline Nicole Buckner                      Nicholas Dante' Cannon                     Ebong Ukpong Nsentip
           Lisa S. Draper                           Greg L. Carroll                            Eunice O. Oyeyemi
      Timothy Graham Dunson                         Marie-Therese P. Dieme                     Lateshia Michelle Poole
            Grace A. Eke                            Shelby Lynn Drake                          Katrice D. Richards
          Sarah B. Hunter                           Todd B. Dupree                             Robert Alexander Salomone
          Melvin M. Pigee'                          Carrie Lavern Gay                          Valerie Mendiola San Agustin
          Jennifer L. Rock                          Veronica Gutierrez                         Stephanie Danielle Snead
         Alexander Schlicht                         Kenneth Hale                               Rushie Jamino Solomon
          Candace M. West                           Kristin Grace Haner                        Blessing Nnenna Ukonu
        Michael John White                          Martell M. Hawkins                         Mohit N. Whabi
      James Roger Williamson                        Christopher E. Kay

In order to qualify for inclusion on academic lists at the completion of a quarter, a student must:

         Be attending full time (at least 12 hours).
         Achieve a grade point average of 3.70 for President’s and a 3.20 for Dean’s List in the academic subjects taken in the quar-
         ter just ended.
         Must not have received a grade below ―C‖ in any subject for the quarter.

NOTE: LSS grades will not count toward GPA calculations; students enrolled in LSS courses must take 12 additional hours in trans-
ferable credit courses to be eligible.

Dean McClendon’s political sciences classes and Prof. Jefferson’s English 222 class visited the America I Am
exhibit at the Atlanta Civic Center. Over 50 students experienced this fascinating exhibit.

According to its website, ―The exhibit traces the indelible imprint African Americans have made on America.
Their stories - some familiar, many surprising - are inseparable from the story of America itself.‖

                                           September 15, 2009 will be the 20th anniversary of
                                           the death of Robert Penn Warren. Our resident RPW
                                           guru, Prof. Lev Butts, will be leading an all-star round
                                           table discussion on Warren and his work. Joining in
                                           this momentous event will also be our own Professors
                                           Milford and Wells along with two special Warren ex-
                                           perts. Be watching for more details during Fall 1.
Prof. McKenzie-Rundle’s Marriage and Family Class went to
Fulton County Family Court and her Human Growth and De-
velopment went to the Joseph Sam’s School in Fayetteville.

                                      Thirty-four new
                                      lampposts were in-
                                      stalled during the
                                      summer. Students,
                                      faculty, and staff
                                      now have illumina-
                                      tion to guide them as
                                      they walk the cam-
                                      pus in the evening.

 The fenced retention pond lo-
 cated west of student parking
 received a new face lift with

The “other red building” has seen
workmen busy over the summer as
Brenau University will be opening
its doors in the fall.

Access via our website @   Quick Links   GMConline

    Respite from the
       July heat

          pay a $1
            for a

                          “shot” at

 Over $ 120
 raised for
 bench and

                                Thank you
                                Club for a
                                 fun and

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           Offices Closed                        School
           Library Closed
            NO Classes                           Code

                            Mid-Term = August 31
                            Last Day to Withdraw = September 16
                            Classes End = September 28

Academic Advising = August 24-27, 31 & September 1-3
Web Registration = September 8-29
Late Registration = September 30 & October 1
Classes begin = October 12
               GMC Students Caring and Giving a Helping Hand

      Life South returned to
  campus for their regular blood
   drive. Traditionally, summer
   months have low turnouts and
 such was the case in June in addi-
tion to the HEAT and the Bloodmo-
   bile’s a/c problems. However,


                                   Donate Used Cell Phones & Help Christian
                                                 City Kids!!
                                     Drop off box located in the Library
                                      See Ms. Prosser for more details

                     Do you Need ?
         a good used car (Lebarry Car Sales)
         a Notary
         an international airline ticket (Beautymart Travel)
                                                                                                   Show your GMC Student ID and
                                                                                                   receive 10% off the price of your
    Then see GMC student Kwame Donkor.                                                            meal at the Green Manor Restaurant
    He may be reached at (404) 918-8239                                                                  located in Union City.

Much attention is being given to H1N1 in the media. The concern is growing as Georgia is seeing widespread increase
in flu like illnesses. While many of these cases are mild and confirmation for H1N1 is only being done with severe ill-
ness, it is assumed that many of these cases are “swine flu” since this is not typical flu season.
As director of Georgia Military College Health Services, I am taking seriously my DUTY to monitor the situation, keep
you informed and work diligently to protect the health of our campus community. Everyone has a DUTY to play a part

    Make plans to get vaccinated- vaccines are our best tool for flu prevention. Season flu vaccine should be available
        in September and everyone is encouraged to get it as soon as possible. A public health initiative to provide
        school based H1N1 immunizations is projected for October. This vaccine will be a 2 dose series targeted to high
        risk groups: young children-young adults, pregnant women and persons with underlying medical conditions.
    Be vigilant about practicing, teaching and modeling everyday preventive actions: HAND HYGIENE: Wash hands
        frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds- if not available use alcohol based hand sanitizer. Keep
        hands away from face. RESPIRATORY ETIQUETTE: Cough into arm, sleeve or tissue- NOT YOUR HANDS.
    Be prepared with supplies for home care: thermometer, over the counter medications for fever reduction- Aceta-
        minophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin), fluids, tissues, etc.
    STAY HOME if you develop “flu like illness”: fever of 100 degrees or higher, cough, sore throat, body aches, possi-
        bly nausea/vomiting, diarrhea. The flu spreads easily in a school setting. The Centers for Disease Control and
        Prevention is recommending that you stay home for at least 24 hours after you no longer have fever without
        the use of fever reducing medications. Contact your medical provider for further recommendations for treat-
        ment. Unless seriously ill, the hospitals are asking that you do not go to the emergency rooms.
Stay informed. For accurate and up to date information along with guidelines and recommendations for schools, busi-
nesses and individuals visit: or

While no one can predict the impact of this disease, public health officials are warning us that it has the potential to become more
severe and affect every aspect of our lives.

                                              Got news?                      Send your campus

SGA takes Summer Quarter off. Regular
meetings will begin again on Tuesday,         To:
August 11. This first meting of the aca-
demic year will be in Room 207 and begin
at 1:20.
                                               Donations are still being collected for the Memorial
The Vice President position is open. Inter-            Bench in honor of Prof. Simmons.
views will begin during Fall 1 Quarter. If     Help us make this dream come true. Donations may
you are interested in this position, see                    be left with library staff.
SGA President Gavin Arvizo for more in-

                                                            Atlanta Campus
Also taking Summer Quarter off was our
MAN-UP group. For more information
regarding this program or future MAN-
UP meetings/events:
   see Mr. N. Andre David, Assistant Di-
   rector/Dean of Students (his office is
   located on the 2nd floor in the Ad-
   ministration Building), or
   be watching for flyers for upcoming
   meetings.                                                               Logo designed by Mr. David

                                                                      LIBRARY HOURS
       Library                              P
                                                  Monday-Thursday 8:00AM 9:00PM
                                            A     Friday                  CLOSED
                                            G     Saturday         9:00AM – 2:00PM
                                                  (when weekend classes are in session) *
                                            E     Sunday           CLOSED
                                                                     * Saturdays Open
                                                                     August 8,15,22,29
                                                                       September 12

                                                                     Saturdays Closed
Library Computers Have                                              September 5, 19, 26
                                                                       October 3, 10
    OneNote                                            R
    PowerPoint                                         E
If you do not have 2007 @ home, you must save                           to print in the library
your work as a Word 97-2003 version (.doc) or          N
you will not be able to open your work at home.        D                   .10 per copy
                                                       E               Double sided page = .20
                                                                              NO IOU’S

                                                        Bio and AP students, check out Facts on File’s
                                                        Science Online database. It includes diagrams,
                                                        experiments, and videos that may be helpful in
                                                        your studies. To access:
                                                            go to and log in
                                                            Under Main Menu, click GMC Resources
                                                            Click Library (2nd link)
                                                            Click Databases A-Z
                                                            Click letter ―S‖
                                                            Click Science Online (2nd one)

                                         The last few days of each quarter,
                                          the GMC Bookstore will collect
                                            your textbooks in the student
                                         lounge to save you from going to
                                         the Administration Building. The
                                          table is set up in student lounge

         FALL 1 Quarter Textbooks

       Due = September 28, 29
 Return with Late Fee = September 30
            and October 1
Replacement Fee Assessed = October 2
           NO EXCEPTIONS

 Colors: red, black,
blue and lime green

 Season Tickets—ON SALE NOW!
     All Five Shows Included!
            Adults $60
      Children (12 & under) $48
      for more information.              Join us for Southside Theatre Guild’s 37th Season!
      Individual Tickets go on sale
       two weeks before opening.
        Adults $15, Children $12
                                                     OUR UPCOMING 2009-2010 SEASON
                                                                         The Music Man
                                      Confidence man Harold Hill arrives at staid River City intending to cheat the com-
                                      munity with his standard scam of offering to equip and train a boy's marching
                                      band, then skip town with the money since he has no music skill anyway. Things
                                      go awry when he falls for a librarian he tries to divert from exposing him while he
      Oct.1– 17, 2009
                                      inadvertently enriches the town with a love of music.
                                               Scheduled Performance Dates: Oct. 1-2-3, 8-9-10-11, 15-16-17

                                                                       Christmas Cactus
                                      Christmas Eve is no bed of roses for struggling private eye Cactus O'Riley, a fiery
                                      redhead with a bad case of the holiday blues. It's a tough business; is she really
                                      cut out to be a detective? Should she try to scrape up the rent, or close up shop
                                      for good? The last surprise package she needs is a lovelorn deputy D.A., a pair of
    Dec. 3- 13, 2009                  armed-and-goofy fugitives hunting some dead private eye, and her male secre-
                                      tary's overbearing mother, who mistakes a tense hostage situation for just the
                                      perfect little holiday murder mystery party. It's a "Dickens" of a Christmas for Cac-
                                      tus as she digs up long-buried mysteries, looks for a few small miracles, and
                                      takes a second chance on love, luck, and the life of a private eye
                                                    Scheduled Performance Dates: Dec. 3-4-5-6, 10-11-12-13

                                                                  Teachers! The Musical
                                      A retiree wannabe discovers her new teaching partner has only taught cats and
                                      her new student, Sammy, (aka Satan) has his own ideas about education. This
                                      musical comedy is about “tested” teachers who discover what they have might not
Feb. 18-Mar. 7, 2010                  be what they want. These tales from the teachers lounge are for everyone who
                                      has ever had the “Monday Morning Blues” and for all teachers desperate to set
                                      the world on fire…… before their students do it for them.
                                       Scheduled Performance Dates: Feb. 18-19-20, 25-26-27-28, Mar. 4-5-6-7, 2010

                                      Molly and Giles Ralston have just opened a guesthouse and are expecting a
                                      strange assortment of characters. They most all have something in common with
                                      a murder that has just taken place in London and on the second day of opening
                                      another murder is committed in their very home. Was it the eccentric young Mr.
                                      Wren in the drawing room, the gruff Miss Casewell in the parlor, Mr. Paravicini in
      May 13-29, 2010                 the library, stolid Maj. Metcalf in the basement and what happened to Mrs. Boyle?
                                      Will Sgt. Trotter discover the murderer? You can't solve the case if you are not at
                                      the scene of the crime!
                                           Scheduled Performance Dates: May 13-14-15, 20-21-22, 27-28-29, 2010

                                                                            Tom Sawyer
                                      Adventures Of Tom Sawyer is the irresistible story of a fourteen-year-old boy
                                      growing up in the heartland of America. In the course of the story, Tom matches
 Jul. 29-Aug. 14, 2010                wits with his stern Aunt Polly, falls in love with the beautiful, feisty Becky Thatcher,
                                      and goes on the adventure of his life with Becky and that irresistible renegade,
                                      Huckleberry Finn. Along the way we meet a terrifying villain named Injun Joe,
                                      Tom's bratty half-brother Sid, and all the other boys and girls in the village.
                                             Scheduled Performance Dates: July 29-30-31, Aug 5-6-7-8, 12-13-14

                                             Honor Code
                                A Student will not lie, cheat, steal,
                                    or tolerate those that do.
                                      Spirit of the Honor Code
The Spirit of the Code emphasizes being truthful in all matters. This also applies to the principles of fairness
(cheating), respect for others and their property (stealing), and corporate responsibility (toleration). Students
who live and abide by the Spirit of the Code will never have to worry about violating the proscriptions of the
Honor Code.

The Spirit of the Code is embodied in positive principles behind each of the Code’s four prohibitions. As an
assertion of the way of life that marks true men and women of character, the Spirit of the Code goes beyond the
mere external adherence to rules and procedures. Students who live and abide by the Spirit of the Code are
truthful, fair, respectful, and corporately responsible.

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