Company Comparison Presentation 100 points Your group has been given the assignment of making a presentation to the Board of Directions concerning the investment of 5 million dollars You w by nyh16106


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									       Company Comparison Presentation (100 points)
Your group has been given the assignment of making a presentation to the Board of
Directions concerning the investment of 5 million dollars. You want to make sure the
portfolio you suggest will cover all the future needs of the company.

1.     Use the data that was developed from each member’s annual report.
2.     Create an excel worksheet to complete the comparison chart.
3.     Decide which company you would invest in
              a.      for a short term investment
              b.      for the purchase of an asset in 3-5 years
              c.      for retirement
              d.      for personal prestige
              e.      to show a conscience about nature

  4.   Use the ratios to discuss your selection, explaining why the selected ratio would
       be appropriate to support your decision.
  5.   The time limit for the presentation is between 10-15 minutes. Points will be
       deducted if the presentation is shorter or longer than the limit.
  6.   A Power point presentation is required but you should double check to see if it
       works. You must make a copy. The teacher will provide the computer to use.
  7.   Additional hand graph and charts are fine but should be large enough to see from
       back of room.
  8.   A handout about your selected companies should be given to all students less the
       number in the group.

  Your grade will be based on the logic of your presentation and if you kept the interest
       of your fellow students.

  25 points from your fellow students
  25 points from the teacher
  25 points for your power point presentation
  25 points for your excel spreadsheet
                             Ratio Chart


Current Assets
Total Assets
Current Liabilities
Total Liabilities
Common Stock
Paid In Capital
Retained Earnings
Dividends declared on Common Stk
Total Stockholder's Equity
Total Revenues
Net Income

Net Income as % of revenue

Earnings per share

Current Ratio

Quick Ratio

Debt to Equity Ratio

Return on Assets

Return on Equity
Your Name__________________________                                    Group SCORE _________

                                     Investment Presentation
                                              Grading Form

Group Name:

Group Members: (Introduction of Members: Yes         No)
       Name                                                            Job

_____   Introduction

_____   Case Background

_____   Stayed within the 12-15 time limit?

_____   Every member participated and could be heard?

_____   Investment Decisions presented ______________________

_____   Methods used for the solution/results of investment decision?_____________,_____________

_____   Overheads, Graphs, Charts, Presentation software, special costumes, Role Playing
        (Circle methods used.)

_____   Handouts?

_____   Kept audience attention?

_____   Conclusion?

_____   Special Efforts

                                      Presentation Grading Scale

13-15            Deficient in several areas of instructions. For example, mixed dress, unprofessional or no
                 overheads, no introduction of members. Presentation characterized by a string of
                 individuals reading their own piece of the case with no attempt at organization (an
                 introduction, the presentation of case background and solutions, and a summary.)

16-18            One deficiency in instruction and only minimal organization in the case presentation.

19-21            Generally followed instructions but nothing special in the case presentation.

22-25            Outstanding solution presentation with flair such as power point, role playing, etc..Kept
                 your attention.
                                 Presentation Group Grade Sheet

Group Name ___________________________________
Group Members Name
(Include yours but do not grade yourself )                                      Percentage of effort

__________________________________________                                                 _____

__________________________________________                                                 _____

__________________________________________                                                 _____

__________________________________________                                                 _____

_________________________________________                                                  _____
__________________________________________                                                 _____

__________________________________________                                                 _____
Give each member of your group points from 0(poor) to 100(great). This should be based on their group
participation. 0 means the person did nothing to contribute to the group and will get no points from the
manufacturing project points. 100 means that they will receive 100% of the class presentation points. Put
a dash in the points for your name. The scores will be averaged for each person. Keep this confidential so
that you can distribute the points anyway you feel. Fold the sheet in half and staple. Turn it in at the end
of your presentation day.

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