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									TESCO store,
Southampton Road
Information Sheet
The first shopping proposal was put forward on this             application was approved. Finally, another application
former allotment site in 1987 when an application was          for reserved matters for the construction of a 6503 sq.
refused planning permission for a 23,225 sq.m.                 m. retail store, petrol filling station and access road with
shopping centre, multi-screen cinema & petrol filling           associated parking & landscaping (revised scheme
station with associated parking. This application was          relating to siting and landscaping only) was approved in
submitted by Associated Dairies on a 0.95 ha site. A           October 1994, and the store opened in August 1995.
second application for a store & petrol station was also       During the determination of these applications the
refused planning permission in the same year.                  residents adjacent expressed much concern about the
Another application for a superstore was refused               potential impact of the store, traffic, noise, etc. on local
permission in June 1989 and a subsequent appeal                amenity. The City Council negotiated changes to the
against this decision was withdrawn in December 1990.          design in order to try and resolve the areas of
Also in 1989 applications were submitted for (i) a             controversy.
superstore & (ii) a research centre but these were both        Following interest shown by a majority of the owners of
refused planning permission in October 1989.                   the existing dwellings to sell their properties and
                                                               developer involvement, a planning brief for the sites of
Tesco Proposals                                                the housing at 3-137 Southampton Road was approved
A proposal for a retail store (70,000 sq.ft.), a petrol        in May 1995 as the policy framework for assessing
filling station, B1 business development (150,000 sq.ft.)       future planning applications. The brief suggested a
and associated parking, landscaping and highway                range of development options comprising motor trade
works was submitted by Tesco Stores Ltd/Gatcombe               uses, leisure uses, business uses and “a limited element
House/John Brown Construction on 4 February 1993.              of non-food retailing” as well as outlining various
The application was granted conditional outline                development requirements.
permission subject to signing a legal agreement
                                                               Recent Planning History
concerning highway improvement works. The
conditions included; submission of details (reserved           An outline planning application, submitted by Salmon
matters) within 3 years, no open storage or display,           Developments Plc, was refused in October 1995 for the
landscaping, details of footpaths/roads/parking area and       construction, on the sites of Nos. 11-111 and 129-137
a timetable for implementing the works.                        Southampton Road, of five non-food retail units (6620
The application for reserved matters for the                   sq. m total floorspace), an office/light industry
construction of a Tesco retail store, petrol filling station,   development (1450 sq. m), a drive through restaurant, a
access road with associated parking and landscaping            conventional restaurant and associated parking and
was refused in February 1994. An appeal against this           access roads. Planning permission was refused on the
decision was lodged in July 1994. However, it was              grounds that the proposal was contrary to Policy S16 of
withdrawn during August 1994 when a revised                    the draft Local Plan, which sought to protect the vitality
and viability of existing centres, central government       associated alterations to the existing car park and
advice (PPG 6) and the planning brief for the site, and     associated highway works. Permission was granted in
that the development could not be carried out in a          May 2002 and construction work was undertaken later
comprehensive manner as several owners of houses            that year. The Tesco Extra store now has a gross
were not prepared to sell their homes.                      floorspace of 8,369 sq m.
                                                            By the end of 2005, planning permission had been
Expansion Proposals
                                                            granted for the 2 drive-thru restaurants (May and
In the summer of 1998, Tesco announced that they            August 2004), one of the car sales showrooms (March
wished to expand the existing store to almost double its    2004, amended June 2005) and a 106 bedroom hotel
present size, by using land next to the M27. This was       (November 2002, landscaping and access March 2004).
made possible as proposals to expand the motorway
had been shelved and restrictions on development
within 10m of the motorway had accordingly been
lifted by the Department of Transport. In December
1997, Tesco had submitted an outline planning
application to demolish all of the dwellings on the
Southampton Road frontage and the existing petrol
filling station so as to construct an extension to the
existing foodstore (of 6500 sq. m), a new petrol filling
station, a non-food retail warehousing development
(6620 sq. m), a restaurant (260 sq. m), additional
parking and revised internal access roads.
The proposal was supported by a number of residents
on Southampton Road who wished to sell properties
that some felt had been “blighted” by the development
of the existing store. Portsmouth City Council’s
Planning Committee resolved to grant conditional
approval in July 1998, however the application had to
be referred to the Secretary of State for the
Environment, Transport and the Regions as the grant of
permission would not have been in accord with the
development plans, and due to the scale of the
proposals. Given the size of the development involved,
and the range of issues it raised such as traffic impact
and the effect it could have on existing town centres
(primarily Cosham, but also Portchester in neighbouring
Fareham Borough), the Secretary of State decided that
the application should be discussed at a public inquiry.
The Inquiry was held in March 1999. The inspector’s
report was issued in November 1999, and overturned
the Council’s decision, refusing planning permission for
the development.
An application for outline planning permission was
received in July 2000 for an extension to retail
foodstore, and the construction of hotel (120
bedrooms), 3 car sales showrooms, 2 drive-thru
restaurants, B8 trade warehouse units and 2 car washes
plus provision of ancillary parking/landscaping and
highway works and the relocation of the petrol filling
station. This outline application was granted conditional
permission in October 2001. In December 2001 the
planning authority received an application to extend the
Tesco store by 1858sq.m. (20,000sq.ft.), along with
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