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									Issue No. 9                                             ISSN: 1675-9966                                                      Sept - Dec 2006

                 PETRONAS Management Training Sdn. Bhd. (PMTSB)

PMarch 1992.ManagementofTraining deliverBhd. (PMTSB),on
   wholly-owned subsidiary    PETRONAS was incorporated
               Its core business is to
                                       Sdn.               a

                                            a comprehensive
range of functional and technical related oil and gas industry
training to meet the diverse and international needs of the
PETRONAS group. PMTSB has two campuses, PERMATA in
Bangi and INSTEP in Batu Rakit in Terengganu. PERMATA
has a 50-acre campus has since 1989 been the focal point
for the conduct of management and leadership development
programmes. INSTEP began in 1981 to provide training for                                                 1                                    2
technical apprentices but had expanded to provide not only
specialized technical training but also include health, safety and
environment (HSE) training.

          In 2004, PMTSB joined the MTCP as a training provider
capitalizing on its vast experience in organizing various oil,
gas and petrochemical development programmes. It offers two
annual programme for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry
on Maintenance and Safety and Technical Training for Engineers.
A total of 73 participant’s from all over the world have been
invited to these two courses including from Cambodia, Myanmar,
Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Ethiopia, Pakistan,
Sudan, and Egypt.
        The Maintenance and Safety course for 2006 was held
from 17 July - 11 August in both campuses for 24 participants
from Sudan, Egypt, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Several
subjects were focused on, such as environmental management,
the concept of total asset life cycle management, methods and
techniques of optimizing the lifecycle of all plant equipment
to world class maintenance management. The curriculum
on maintenance management covers the latest methodology,
technology and its application in executing maintenance activities;
knowledge enhancement of rotating equipment, and the infusion
of appropriate mechanical equipment technology.

          Besides being exposed to the theoretical and instructional                                                                          4
aspects of learning, the participants were also given exposure to
real life plant environment through their visits to the Integrated
Petrochemical Complex (IPC) in Kerteh and PETRONAS Penapisan
Melaka Sdn Bhd (PPMSB) in Malacca and an educational tour to
PETRONAS University of Technology (UTP) in Perak. To provide
a wholesome Malaysian experience, participants were given the
opportunity to experience the life of kampung (village) folks in
the Malaysian Homestay Programme in Penarik, Terengganu,                                                                                      6
where they get acquainted with the Malaysian culture as well
as visits to the silk and batik factories and beaches in the area.
The programme also took participants to other landmarks such           (1)   Briefing at PETRONAS Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn. Bhd.
as the KLCC and Putrajaya.                                             (2)   Briefing at PETRONAS University of Technology

          Dr. Imad Al Gadir, an O.H. consultant from Sudan,            (3)   Group Photo at PETRONAS Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn. Bhd.
in expressing his satisfaction with the programme also was             (4)   Group Photo of Maintenance and Safety Course
very impressed with PETRONAS and its personnel who are
knowledgeable, committed, industrious, humble and hospitable.          (5)   At Skybridge, PETRONAS Twin Tower
Another participant, Mr. Ahmed M. Anwar, an engineer from Ganop        (6)   Experiencing the life of village folks during the Malaysian Homestay
El-Wadi Petroleum Holding Company, Egypt, also expressed his                 Programme in Penarik, Terengganu
amazement with the high technology and the state of the art
facilities at the IPC.
MTCP Alumni Newsletter             2

  C ON T EN T S                                              FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK
                                                         Dear MTCP Alumni
Highlights Of MTCP Activities                Page
                                                         Greetings from the Secretariat of the Malaysian
                                                         Technical Cooperation Programme! We meet
Activities                                               again in our ninth issue of the MTCP Alumni
Petronas Management Training                   1
Sdn. Bhd. (PMTSB)                                        Newsletter, which is the last issue for the year
                                                         2006. It is our hope that that this issue finds
Course on Environmental                        3         you in the best of health and doing well in your
Management and Polution Control
                                                         respective career.
Strengthening Science and                      4
Technology Management in OIC                             As in our previous issues, we bring to you an
Countries                                                update of the MTCP current activities. In this
Towards Managing National and                  5         issue, we have included several articles focusing on
Historical Records                                       selected training providers/institutions that include
                                                         the PETRONAS Management Training Sdn. Bhd.
Building Halal Standards and                   6         (PMTSB), Environmental Institute of Malaysia
Conformance Infrastructure for
OIC Countries                                            (EiMAS) and the Academy of Sciences, Malaysia.
                                                         Cambodia is featured in the country focus section
Third Country Training Programme               7         in this issue. We have also included an article
(TCTP) on Computer Networking
Technology                                               on the MTCP Long-term Scholarship Programme,
                                                         which gives some information on scholarships for
Malaysia-Thailand Technical                    7         undergraduate and postgraduate studies under
Cooperation Meeting
                                                         the MTCP. In addition, we continue to dedicate
Country Focus - The Kingdom of                 8         a column to our alumni, to enable them to share
Cambodia                                                 their thoughts and views on the MTCP.
MTCP Long-Term Scholarship                     10
Programme                                                It is our hope that through this publication, new
                                                         links among MTCP alumni can be forged and
What Our MTCP Participants Say                 11        the present network of friendship can be further
Feedback From Our Readers                      14        strengthened. We look forward to continue hearing
                                                         from you. Please do not hesitate to e-mail to MTCP
MTCP Short-Term Courses For 2007               15        at or fax to 603-88883876.
MTCP Readership Card                           16        For greater coverage and better dissemination,
                                                         the MTCP Alumni Newsletter is also available at

                                                         Thank you and best regards to all.

                                            EDITORIAL BOARD
              Patron           :       Dato’ Halipah binti Esa, Director General of EPU

              Advisor          :       Ms. Noriyah binti Ahmad, Deputy Director General (Macro)

              Editor           :       Ms. Patricia Chia Yoon Moi, Director of External Assistance

              Members          :

              Mr. Abdul Ghani b. Botok (ICT, EPU)             Mr. Azman b. Hj. Ibrahim (JMTI)
              Mr. Zainal Abidin b. Abu Hassan (MOHE)          Mr. Azemi b. Abdul Aziz (ARCHIVES)
              Mr. Mohd. Zulkephli Mohd. Noor (MOFA)           Mr. Zazali b. Salim (PMTSB)
              Mr. Nasaruddin b. Rahman (ASM)                  Mr. Ab. Hamid b. Hj. Taib (EPU)
              Ms. Shanaz b. Rakhmat (DSM)                     Ms. Renuka Devi Logarajan (EPU)
              Dr. Zulkifli b. Abdul Rahman (EiMAS)
                                                                                       3      MTCP Alumni Newsletter

                   COuRSE ON ENviRONMENTAl MANAgEMENT ANd
                              POlluTiON CONTROl

                                                     T    he Environment Institute of Malaysia (EiMAS), the environmental training
                                                          division of the Department of Environment Malaysia (DOE), under the
                                                     Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, started operation at its
                                                     own building in the National University of Malaysia (UKM) Campus on
                                                     1 August 2001. The main function of the Institute is to conduct training
                                                     courses for the staff of DOE as well as the private sector in the areas
                                                     of environmental management and pollution control. Key training areas
                                                     carried out by EiMAS are categorized as follows: environmental basic
                                                     competency course; environmental occupational safety and health;
                                                     office management; water quality management; air quality management;
                                                     environmental legislation; scheduled waste management; environmental
                                                     management and impact assessment; and information communication
Briefing on zero burning re-planting technique and
                water management
                                                              With the aspiration of becoming a Center of Excellence in
                                                     environmental management in Malaysia, EiMAS strives to enhance manpower
                                                     resource development programme for environmental management, and
                                                     to develop and intensify capacity building in the field of environmental
                                                     protection. The year 2005 has been more focused towards conducting
                                                     intensive courses for DOE officers in line with the Public Sector Training
                                                     Policy. In 2006, more attention was given to develop the human capital
                                                     in pollution control within the industrial sector through its certification
                                                     programmes. The year 2006 also has great significance to the Institute
                                                     where its role has been expanded as the 35th MTCP training provider,
                                                     when it organized the course on “Environmental Management and
                                                     Pollution Control”, on 7 – 25 August, 2006. This course was attended by
                                                     20 participants from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Mauritius, Myanmar,
Getting to know the characteristics of toxins and    Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The objectives of this course,
               hazardous waste
                                                     among others, were to provide training in the various aspects and methods
                                                     for air quality management; share good practices on the implementation
                                                     of national and inter-agencies programmes involving coastal and marine
                                                     pollution management; and to give exposure and provide appropriate
                                                     knowledge and skill on the fundamentals of hazardous waste pollution
                                                     sources and control management.

                                                               The course was organized to include lectures, case studies,
                                                     discussions and study visits. The study visits were found to attract the
                                                     most excitement among the course participants. These included visits to
                                                     PUSPAKOM Wangsa Maju (a vehicle inspection facility), Golden Hope
                                                     Plantations Berhad in Carey Island (on “zero-burning” technique), Alam
  Practical demonstration of air pollution control   Sekitar Malaysia Sdn. Bhd (ASMA) in Bukit Jelutong (air and water
                   equipment                         quality monitoring), Master Jaya Environmental Sdn. Bhd in Balakong
                                                     (air pollution control equipment), Kualiti Alam Sdn. Bhd. in Bukit Nanas
                                                     (integrated scheduled wastes management centre) and Tex Cycle Sdn.
                                                     Bhd. in Puchong (recovery facility). The course managed to demonstrate
                                                     the different aspects of environmental management and environmentally
                                                               sound technologies through the vast technical knowledge and
                                                               know-how of our private sector companies in their respective
                                                               fields. The most important aspect that the participants learnt in
                                                               this course is the close partnership between the Government
                                                               agencies and the private sector in terms of technical know-how,
                                                               underlining the success of our Malaysia Incorporated concept.
  Briefing at ASMA
 Automatic Air Quality                                                                          To commemorate this inaugural
  Monitoring Station                                                                            MTCP Course at EiMAS, a tree-
                            Watching a local                                                    planting ceremony was held, as
                             folk weaving                                                       part of the closing ceremony.
                          baskets at Pelagong

                                                                                                Sorting of contaminated rags
                                                                                                and container washing
MTCP Alumni Newsletter                  4

                           iN OiC COuNTRiES

T   he Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM), a statutory body
    under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation,
Malaysia was established in 1995. Its mission is to pursue,
encourage and enhance excellence in the fields of science,
engineering and technology (SET), for national development
as well as development at the global level. Its five thrusts
are to provide advice to the Government, foster a culture of
excellence, assist in upgrading Malaysian industries, promote
public awareness and spearhead international collaboration.
Its 138 fellows are drawn from eminent Malaysian scientists,
engineers and technologists in the fields of medical sciences,
engineering sciences, biological sciences, mathematical &
physical sciences, chemical sciences, information technology,
and science and technology development & industry. The
ASM also has three Honorary Fellows who includes the Right
Honourable Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime                           Group photo after the closing ceremony
Minister of Malaysia.

         At the 10th Session of the OIC Summit in 2003, Putrajaya, the Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Science and Technology
for Socio-Economic Well Being of the Ummah was declared Vision 1441. It represents a vision for the Muslim world to
rededicate themselves to mastering S & T to face the challenges of the new global economy. One of the recommendations of
this Declaration is to launch a S & T management training course for S & T personnel in OIC member countries. ASM, as the
prime mover behind the Declaration, then joined the MTCP as a training provider in 2005. Its first management training course
dedicated for researchers in OIC countries was held in September, 2005 for 38 participants from 16 countries.
                                                                           Building on the success of the first training course, ASM
                                                                continued to organize this course in 2006 from 4-15 September,
Participants                                                    2006 in Kuala Lumpur for 37 researchers from 17 countries
 during the                                                     including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Egypt, Gambia,
  hands-on                                                      Indonesia, Jordan, Maldives, Nigeria, Oman, Palestine, Pakistan,
    session                                                     Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uganda and Uzbekistan. The course provides
                                                                participants with sufficient theoretical insights on current trends,
                                                                issues and challenges in S & T and innovation management as well
                                                                as skills on research management practices and promotes activities
                                                                aimed at fostering a creative and innovative organizational culture.
                                                                In addition, it serves as a platform to bring together researchers
                                                   Participants in OIC countries to discuss opportunities for joint research
                                                   during       collaborations. Of particular value is the opportunity to network
                                                   the group    and make contacts with research institutions in Malaysia.
                                                                           Through this course, Malaysia is able to share its experience
                                                                 in this field as well as our experience on national development
                                                                 planning with regard to science and technology. During the core
                                                                 training on sound research management practices several R & D
                                                                 practitioners including Fellows of the Academy shared their expertise
                                                                 and experiences with participants including on preparation of
                                                                 research proposal and research report, intellectual property rights,
                                                                 research monitoring, commercialization and techno-entrepreneur.
   Participants                                                  Participants were divided into groups for the preparation of project
   during their                                                  proposals for funding. These project proposals were then evaluated
   site visit to                                                 with the selection of the best group at the end of the course.
                                                                           Other than classroom sessions, participants had the
                                                                 opportunity to visit selected research institutions and research
                                                                 centres such as Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development
                                                                 Institute (MARDI), Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), SIRIM and
                                                                 University of Malaya. These visits enabled participants to observe
                                                                 R & D practices and actual research being conducted in Malaysia
                                                                 including in biotechnology and bio-diesel as well as to interact
                                                                 and establish contacts with research managers in these centres.
                                             Participants        At the completion of the training course, participants expressed
                                             during the
                                                                 their appreciation to the Government of Malaysia and ASM for the
                                             study visit
                                             to MARDI
                                                                 wonderful opportunity to learn about S & T management practices
                                                                 in Malaysia. They also expressed their intent of applying and
                                                                 transferring the knowledge gained to their colleagues back home,
                                                                 thus, assisting in multiplying the course’s benefits towards developing
                                                                 human capital in OIC member countries.
                                                                                        5       MTCP Alumni Newsletter


E    stablished on 1 December 1957, the National Archives of
     Malaysia(Arkib Negara Malaysia) was first known as the
Public Records Office. In 1963, it assumed its present name
in accordance with international usage. The National Archives
Act No. 44/1966 and the National Archives Act 2003 entrusted
the National Archives with the custody and preservation of
public records of national and historical significance as well as
promotion of public awareness through its dissemination to the
public. The National Archives also strives to create an efficient
administrative government machinery for a systematic records

         The National Archives of Malaysia offered its first       National Archives of Malaysia Headquarters, Kuala Lumpur
course for the MTCP in 1984. Through its two annual programmes,
Records Management and Conservation and Book Binding, a total of 346 participants from 72 MTCP participating countries
were trained. This programme aims to equip participants with the basic concepts and theories of records management and to
enable them to recognize the needs for good records management in their own country. The objective of the Conservation and
document/bookbinding course is to enhance the knowledge and practical skills of participants in this area. Assessment tests
are administered during these courses and participants also have to prepare reports on related subjects. Besides lectures
and practical work, study visits are organized to public and private agencies including the state branches of the Archives

        The Department conducted its 22nd MTCP courses on 1 August - 24 September 2006, for 24 participants from 23
countries. Of this group, 17 attended the Records Management course while 7 were in the Conservation and Book Binding
course. The countries represented were Algeria, Belize, Bhutan, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, Indonesia, Jamaica, Philippines,
Thailand, Malawi, Myanmar, Mali, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Senegal, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago
and Zimbabwe.

                                                                                            Group photo of MTCP
                                                                                            Participants for the Course on
                                                                                            Records Management & the
                                                                                            Course on Conservation and

                   Records Management Course                                      Conservation and Bookbinding Course

                                                  Preparation       Preparation
                                                  for transfer        for Case
                                                  of records            Making

    Preparation                                                                                                        Preparation
   of Retention                                                                                                        for
   Schedule for                                                                                                        Leafcasting
     non-active                                                                                                        Process
 MTCP Alumni Newsletter                    6

                        FOR OiC COuNTRiES

T    he increasing demand of Muslim population all over the
     world for halal food leads to a need to build a consistent and
reliable infrastructure in the Organization of Islamic Conference
(OIC) member countries pertaining to halal standards and
conformance. Malaysia, with its reputation as one of the most
progressive and technologically advanced Muslim nations, has
successfully developed the framework as well as the standards
and conformance infrastructure for the advancement of halal
industries. As a member and current Chair of the OIC, Malaysia
is, thus, well positioned to become the international hub for
halal products and services by working closely with other OIC
member countries.
          The Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM), with
the support from the Department of Islamic Development of
Malaysia (JAKIM), joined the Malaysian Technical Cooperation
Programme (MTCP) as a training provider in 2006 to jointly
organize a capacity-building training course to share knowledge
and skills in building halal standards infrastructure with other
OIC member countries. Since the DSM, under the Ministry of
Science, Technology and Innovation, is responsible for standards
and accreditation, it strives to promulgate and promote their                                            2                                         3
activities in Malaysia. DSM has established the Malaysian
Standard on halal entitled “Halal Food: Production, Preparation,
Handling and Storage General Guidelines” (MS 1500:2004),
which is also the first halal standard to be developed by a
Muslim nation.

         In line with Malaysia’s commitment to capacity-building
of OIC countries, DSM implemented its first course on ‘Training
Programme on Halal Standards and Conformance Infrastructure
for OIC Countries’ from 7-18 August 2006 under the MTCP.
Its main objectives are to strengthen solidarity and cooperation
among Islamic States with respect to halal industries as well as
to seek new opportunities for trade and cooperation between
Malaysia and fellow OIC member countries.
         The programme was attended by 15 participants from
ten OIC countries, namely Algeria, Turkey, Bangladesh, Saudi
Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Oman, Tunisia, Iran and Indonesia. The
course was designed to give participants a first-hand exposure
to the halal concept and the development of the infrastructure
to support the development of halal industries. Lectures were
delivered by the respective experts in their fields. In addition,
the training group experienced hands-on-training on halal
standards and conformance infrastructure as well as visits to
relevant halal development agencies in Malaysia where they
were briefed on their different roles in carrying out the halal
development strategies. The participants acknowledged that
the training was beneficial and timely since it was generally
agreed that the Malaysian halal system is one of its kind and
exemplary to them.
                                                                      (1)   Opening Ceremony of MTCP Training Programme by Y. Bhg. Dato’ Abdul
         Apart from that, they were also very impressed with                Hanan bin Alang Endut, Secretary General of the Ministry of Science,
                                                                            Technology and Innovation
the Malaysian hospitality shown throughout their short but
memorable stay here. This initiative is truly a success as the        (2)   Study visit to MARDI
objective of creating greater awareness of the importance             (3)   Lunch at hawker stall
and potentials of the Halal industries among the OIC Member
                                                                      (4)   Study visit to Putrajaya: Group Photo at the Prime Minister’s Office
Countries has been achieved. Apart from the training activities,
participants were also given the opportunity to get to know           (5)   Group Photo at the Putrajaya Mosque

Malaysian history, culture and heritage through a study visit
to Melaka, the Historical City. They were truly amazed and
impressed by the cultural artifacts, sold at the pasar malam
(Malaysian style night market) in Jonker’s Street. Many even
took the opportunity to experience their first trishaw ride.
                                                                                                7        MTCP Alumni Newsletter

                       THiRd COuNTRY TRAiNiNg PROgRAMME (TCTP) ON
                            COMPuTER NETWORKiNg TECHNOlOgY

J  apan Malaysia Technical Institute (JMTI), one of the advanced technology
   training centres developed by the Human Resources Department under
Ministry of Human Resources, started its operation from its new campus at
Bukit Minyak Industrial Park, Penang in January 2000. The main objective
of JMTI is to produce well-trained industrial technologists with engineering
knowledge and high technical skills, especially to prepare them to adapt and
                                                                                           JMTI integrated building, which houses all the training
face the challenges of rapidly changing technology.                                      facilities, laboratories, workshop, lecture hall, library, etc.

JMTI offers advanced courses in Engineering Technology in four main fields ie. Computer,
Electronics, Mechatronic and Manufacturing. Other activities include short customized courses and
Third Country Training Programme (TCTP) on “Computer Networking Technology”, in co-operation
with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Malaysian Technical Cooperation
Programme (MTCP).

This TCTP course was first implemented in 2001, and enters its sixth year in 2006. The training
course was held from 12 June - 8 July 2006 for 10 participants from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar,
Cambodia, Lao PDR and the Philippines. Although this course was also targeted for Pakistan,
Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, there was no suitable participants from these countries.

This course aimed to enhance knowledge of the functions of a computer system and assembling
techniques of a complete functioning system unit using the latest operating system. Participants are
also trained to improve their knowledge and ability in Network Benefit, Security, Hardware, Software,
Structure and Services. In addition, participants are also required to acquire skills for various levels
of networking system, from the design consideration, planning and implementation, managing the
network system with various resources, to include first level troubleshooting and maintenance.                      Training on Video-Conferencing
                                                                                                                              via web-cam
This programme also included site visits to Telekom Malaysia, Malaysian Meteorological Service
and Silterra Plant to understand the network structure, administration and maintenance.

    Participants during the PC Assembling session    Having dinner together at Gurney Drive,            Participants at the Kek Lok Si Temple,
                                                                     Penang                                              Penang


T   he Technical Cooperation Meeting between Malaysia and             Course (AITC), Thai International Postgraduate Programme
    Thailand was held for the fifth time in Bangkok, Thailand         (TIPP), Technical Cooperation Among Development Country
on 3-4 August 2006. The Malaysian delegation was led by the           (TCDC), Third Country Training Programme (TCTP) and
Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and the Thai delegation was              Thailand International Cooperation Programme (TICP). During
led by the Thailand International Development Cooperation             the meeting, both sides expressed willingness to continue
Agency (TICA). The meeting was held in a cordial and friendly         to cooperate in on-going bilateral technical cooperation
atmosphere, reflecting the close relations between the two            programmes. New proposals for future cooperation were also
countries.                                                            exchanged between the two delegations.

        The objective of this bilateral meeting was to review                   The meeting also discussed on cooperation on human
recent technical cooperation activities as well as to provide         resources development in the Joint Development Strategy
opportunity for both Malaysia and Thailand to expand the              for border areas (JDS) and the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand
scope of cooperation. As both countries extend South-south            Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) Cross Sectoral Development (HRD).
cooperation to other developing countries, this meeting also          A significant milestone was reached with the agreement to
aimed to explore new areas of joint cooperation as well as to         implement a MTCP initiative to train 50 Thai youths from
address any issues arising.                                           Southern Thailand at Pusat GIATMARA. This initiative aimed to
                                                                      provide income generating skills to the Thai side by providing
        Through the Malaysian Technical Cooperation                   training in technical skills as well as in English language training
Programme (MTCP), various short-term technical courses                for another two Thai trainers for the purpose of training the
and long term post-graduate studies are offered to the Thais.         trainers.
Thailand reciprocates through its Annual International Training
MTCP Alumni Newsletter            8


                                                     B    ilateral relations between Malaysia and Cambodia are
                                                          close and cordial. Malaysia continues to work closely
                                                     with Cambodia at the regional and multilateral levels,
                                                     including ASEAN, United Nations (UN) and Non-Aligned
                                                     Movement (NAM). In ensuring that the bilateral relations
                                                     between both countries are further strengthened, several
                                                     high-level visits by leaders of both countries have taken
                                                     place, most notably the Official Visit of the Right Hon. Prime
                                                     Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
                                                     to Cambodia on 26 January 2004 and the first State Visit
                                                     of the King of Cambodia, His Majesty Norodom Sihamoni
                                                     to Malaysia on 27-29 March 2006 as part of his tour of the
                                                     ASEAN region since his accession to the throne in late
                                                     October 2004.

                                                             In the effort to further strengthen bilateral relations
                                                     between both countries, Malaysia and Cambodia convened
                                                     their Second Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) on 26-27 June
                                                     2006 in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The JCM is established as a
                                                     mechanism to generate and foster closer bilateral relations
                                                     between the two countries. Its aim is to pave the way to
                                                     explore new cooperation opportunities in various areas that
                                                     could benefit both countries mutually. Among the issues of
                                                     mutual interests were those pertaining to security, trade,
                                                     investment, transportation, tourism, agriculture, forestry,
                                                     fisheries, land management, urban planning, construction,
                                                     education, youth and sports, information, ICT, technical
                                                     cooperation, capacity building, transnational crime and
Location :           Southeastern Asia, bordering
                     the Gulf of Thailand, between           In terms of trade and investment, the Malaysian
                     Thailand, Vietnam, and Lao      private sector has a significant presence in Cambodia.
                     PDR                             To date, the Malaysian Business Council in Cambodia
                                                     (MBCC) has 48 full members (i.e. companies with Malaysian
Area :               181,040 sq km
                                                     interests of 51 percent and above equity participation) and
                                                     13 associate members. Although the volume of bilateral
Population :         13,881,427 (July 2006 est.)
                                                     trade between Malaysia and Cambodia remained small, it
Nationality :        Cambodian                       has shown a noticeable upward trend. In July 2006, the total
                                                     value of bilateral trade between Malaysia and Cambodia
Independence Day :   9 November 1953 (from           was USD43.5 million. Malaysia’s exports to Cambodia
                     France)                         totalled USD25.1 million, while Cambodian imports to
                                                     Malaysia totalled USD18.4 million.
Ethnic Group :       Khmer 90%, Vietnamese 5%,
                     Chinese 1%, other 4%                     Malaysia is the second largest foreign investor
                                                     after China in Cambodia, with a total investment in terms
Religion :           Theravada Buddhist 95%, other   of fixed assets approved amounting to USD1.8 billion.
                                                     Malaysia’s main investments in Cambodia include banking,
                                                     hospitality industry, garments, civil engineering, construction,
Language :           Khmer (official) 95%, French,
                                                     petroleum, utilities, telecommunications and beverages.
                                                     Currently, more than 42 Malaysian companies operate
Currency :           dong (VND)                      in Cambodia including Maybank, Petroliam Nasional
                                                     (Petronas), Padiberas Nasional (Bernas), Muhibbah
GDP :                (Purchasing Power Parity)       Engineering, Sunway Hotel, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and
                     $34.08 billion (2005 est.)      Casacom.
                                                                                      9       MTCP Alumni Newsletter
                                                                        In accordance with Malaysia’s foreign policy of
                                                              “prosper-thy-neighbor,” Cambodia continues to participate
GDP growth :              13.4% (2005 est.)
                                                              actively under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation
GDP per capital :         $2,500 (2005 est.)                  Programme (MTCP). Since joining the MTCP as a member
                                                              country in 1984, the MTCP had provided a total of 686
Inflation Rate :          5.8% (2005 est.)                    scholarship grants to Cambodian officials, making Cambodia
                                                              the third highest ranking country in terms of being a recipient
Unemployment Rate :       2.5% (2000 est.)
                                                              of MTCP scholarship grants for training. For 2006, up until
Major Industries :        tourism, garments, rice milling,    August, 39 officials from Cambodia participated in short and
                          fishing, wood and wood              long-term courses in a wide spectrum of technical areas in
                          products, rubber, cement,           Malaysia. Based on the feedback from participants, the MTCP
                          gem mining, textiles                training had benefited them in terms of acquiring knowledge
Exports :                 $2.663 billion f.o.b. (2005 est.)
                                                              and technical skills as well as a better understanding of
                                                              the particular Malaysian model of development.
Imports :                 $3.538 billion f.o.b. (2005 est.)

*Sources: CIA Fact book

                                     Mr. Chin Sothun and
                                     Mr. Phin Rody during
                                     the group discussion

                                                                    participants during the
                                                                    homestay programme

                                    Mr. Chin Chamrecun
                                     getting to know the
                                        characteristics of
                                    toxic and hazardous
                                        wastes at EiMAS
                                       demonstration lab
 MTCP Alumni Newsletter                 10

                        MTCP lONg-TERM SCHOlARSHiP PROgRAMME

T   he Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia was established on 27 March 2004 in Putrajaya. Its function was previously part
    of the Ministry of Education. By its establishment, the role of higher education is given further emphasis since the Ministry
is given the important role to develop a strong and high quality higher education through the implementation of national policies
that will cover all education providers from community colleges, polytechnics to universities.

          Education institutions were called upon to provide international exposure to their students through teaching methods
and activities as well as allowing their intake of international students. Through interactions between Malaysian students and
their international classmates, there would be a better understanding of other cultures.

         The Government has also made the procedures for applications for student visa more straightforward and uncomplicated
in order to facilitate the intake of international students. In addition, the Ministry has also approved new Malaysian Education
Promotion Offices (MEPO) in four countries, namely in Indonesia, (Jakarta), Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City), UAE (Dubai) and
China (Beijing). The Malaysian Education Promotion Centre (MEPC), provides services to prospective international students
by disseminating information on education, culture and lifestyle in Malaysia.

         Beginning 2006, the MOHE assumes responsibility for the administration of MTCP long-term scholarships which was
previously undertaken by the Public Service Department. The MTCP Scholarship Award provides opportunities for deserving
students in MTCP member countries to pursue postgraduate studies at Masters and PhD levels in 7 public universities in
Malaysia. The duration of the award is 36 months for PhD programme and between 12 to 24 months for Masters programme.
This scholarship is administered on a Government-to-Government basis, without any bond or conditions imposed by Malaysia.
Scholarships are intended for promising qualified candidates up to 45 years of age at the time of application, who have the
potential to make a significant contribution to their own countries on their return from Malaysia.

The 7 participating Universities are:
1.    University of Malaya (UM)
2.    National University of Malaysia (UKM)
3.    Science University of Malaysia (USM)
4.    University Putra Malaysia (UPM)
5.    University of Technology of Malaysia (UTM)
6.    International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
7.    Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI)

         Candidates should, at the time of application, possess a
degree or equivalent qualification with at least a upper second class
honours, (or CGPA 3.0/4.0) to be eligible for a Masters programme;
and hold a Masters degree with good grades to apply for a PhD
programme. The candidates must demonstrate outstanding verbal,
                                                                           Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, Putrajaya
reading and writing proficiency in the English language through
one of the recognized tests of English, TOEFL, Test administered
by the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) or other equivalent English language qualification. If deemed
necessary, applicants may also be required to attend an interview and/or take an entrance test or English Test conducted by
the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia or the Board of Admissions of a particular university.

         In the Ninth Malaysia Plan, a new MTCP scholarship scheme, the Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS), was
established. It will be administered by MOHE with the aim to foster closer bilateral ties between Malaysia and the MTCP member
countries. This Premier Scholarship scheme offers opportunities to excellent and outstanding young students to pursue their
undergraduate education in selected public and private Malaysian universities. Potential beneficieries are talented students
with excellent academic record and outstanding participation in co-curriculum activities. A total of 15 scholarships is offered
annually beginning from the 2007/2008 academic year to outstanding students who must not be more than 21 years of age by
1st July 2007.

                                           Further details could be obtained from:-
                                                    The Secretary General
                                                  Ministry of Higher Education
                                                     Scholarships Division
                                             Blok E3, Level 5, Parcel E, Precint 1
                                          Federal Government Administrative Centre
                                                       Tel: 03-88835000
                                                       Fax: 03-88895141
                                        E-mail: /
                                                                            11      MTCP Alumni Newsletter


Mirzet Seho, 25, from Bosnia & Herzegovina, has a double degree in Economics and Islamic Revealed Knowledge &
Heritage. He is currently pursuing his Master’s of Science in Finance at International Islamic University of Malaysia.

“I believe this is a great thing that every Malaysian should be proud of. I am very thankful to the Malaysian Government
and its people for providing me with this golden opportunity. I pray to God and hope that in future MTCP can allocate
more scholarships to students especially from my country, and I hope that students under this programme will network
with each other. I would like to make a few suggestions:
- Create a way of connecting us with one another, where we can communicate and build a proper or maybe official
  academic relation.
- Stay in touch with us even after the end of the program and look us up in our country. I’m willing to work with any
  Malaysians, they are great.
Thanks a lot and best wishes in your work.”

guo Chentao, 32, from China, has a degree in Economics. He is currently pursuing a his Master’s degree in Strategy
and Diplomacy, a joint programme of the National University of Malaysia (UKM) and Institute of Diplomacy And Foreign
Relations (IDFR).

“Malaysians are very helpful, kind and supportive. It is a gift to study here. The content of my study here is well-structured
and very useful. I am sure I can learn a lot from this course and make use of all the education and experience that I
gained back in my country later.
In addition, I find that Malaysia’s education standard is very high, which will benefit a lot of the students choosing to
study here. It is an honour to be awarded the MTCP scholarship.”

Consolatha ishebabi, 44, from Tanzania, has a Master’s degree in Development Studies. She is currently pursuing
her PhD degree in Development Science at National University of Malaysia (UKM).

“It was really marvelous when I got the MTCP scholarship to join UKM. My experience in Malaysia has been interesting
and challenging. The interesting part is the cooperation I have been getting from various Malaysian people throughout
my stay especially at the university where I spend most of my life. People are always ready to assist you whenever you
need their assistance. I have also made great friends who consider me as part of their families. The challenging part is
the language. I used to feel uncomfortable when I meet people who inquire about my country but I fail to respond due
to my poor Bahasa Melayu. After attending the Bahasa Melayu course for one year, I am fluent in the language. My
two supervisors are very supportive. They are always there whenever I knock their doors. Finally, I have always enjoyed
Malaysian culture, as it is not difficult to cope with it. People are very friendly and they are ready to assist whenever
you ask. They are also eager to know from me about my country.”

Amit Jheengut, from the Ministry of Environment and National Development, Mauritius, attended the MTCP course on
Environmental Management and Pollution Control, at EiMAS, DOE, 7 - 25 August 2006.

“This course is very useful for me. As an officer in the Ministry’s Unit of Environment, I need to know everything about
Environmental Management and Pollution Control. Although I’m in charge of Integrated Coastal Zone Management,
but after this course if I’m transferred to another Unit, for example EIA, I will be able to carry out my job because I
have learnt what EIA is all about. Likewise, before this, I never had the opportunity to see what an air pollution control
equipment like a bag filter looks like. But now, at least I know how it looks like. One more thing that I’m very fascinated
with is the close working relationship between the Government agencies in Malaysia and the private sector. I will make
sure that at least one Mauritian will attend this course next year.”

Wilma Felisa R. uyaco, from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines, attended the MTCP
course on Environmental Management and Pollution Control, at EiMAS, DOE, 7 - 25 August 2006.

“There are a lot of ideas gained from this course, which we have put into an Action Plan and will be proposed to our top
management. Some, which are within the DENR’s jurisdiction, can be implemented immediately, while others may take
some time as they need to be agreed upon by other related agencies as well. Among the ideas that we will propose are:
the inclusion of requirements for installing a device to monitor and maintain control facilities, in the Permits to Operate;
having facilities like PUSPAKOM to carry out vehicular emission tests; contract out to a private entity similar to ASMA
for conducting continuous ambient air and water quality monitoring, thus doing away with the crude way; as well as
improvement in our toxic and hazardous wastes management. The most important knowledge/idea we learnt from the
Malaysians is the unending desire of the people, either from the Government or private sector, to increase awareness
on the importance of proper environmental management.”

duong Thi Thanh Xuyen, from the Environment Protection Agency, Vietnam, attended the MTCP course on Environmental
Management and Pollution Control, at EiMAS, DOE, 7 - 25 August 2006.

“The contents of this training course are useful for our professional role in environmental management and pollution
control. Experiences and knowledge gained from this MTCP course will be applied in Vietnam and will be transferred to
other young scientists and managers to meet the needs of sustainable development in Vietnam and the ASEAN region.
Among them include: promoting and encouraging the private sector to be involved in environmental monitoring such as
air quality monitoring, dissemination of environmental information via the Air Pollutant Index (API) system, zero burning
replanting technique for rubber and coconut state-run farms and paddy fields, expanding the model for recycling and
recovery of toxic and hazardous waste, licensing procedure for toxic and hazardous waste treatment companies and
last but not least, enforcement of erosion and sediment control in development projects.”
MTCP Alumni Newsletter           12
             vilma Tay Kim Nai, from the Singapore Environment Institute (SEI), Singapore, attended the MTCP course on Environmental
             Management and Pollution Control, at Environment Institute of Malaysia (EiMAS), DOE, 7 - 25 August 2006.

             “This 3-weeks course has allowed knowledge sharing, networking, and experience enrichment professionally and
             personally. Among the ideas that Singapore learnt and could explore are: the separate category for E-waste which
             demonstrates the Malaysian government’s commitment to reducing/minimizing E-waste, and also making it more
             convenient for reference by the industries. Another idea is the privatization model for ambient air and water quality
             monitoring. The public-private training partnership incorporated in this course taps into latest developments from the
             industries, provide networking opportunities for industries with government officials, provides an all-rounded perspective
             to enforcement officers to do their work better, and forges stronger Public-Private partnership. The inclusion of local
             participants as “surrogate host” in the course is good because they act as interaction catalyst and “information counters”
             to the rest. I will promote these ideas for training programmes in SEI.”

             Sun Kourn, the Petroleum Geological Engineer from Cambodian National Petroleum Authority (CNPA), Cambodia,
             attended the MTCP course on “Maintenance and Safety in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry” at PETRONAS
             Management Training Sdn Bhd, 17 July - 14 August 2006.

             “I would like to express my deep gratitude and many thanks for the efforts made by Malaysian Technical Cooperation
             Programme (MTCP) and all the lecturers and also the services given by MTCP’s personnel throughout the programme.
             I also would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Government of Malaysia for the kind assistance
             and generous financial support for the organization of the training course.”

             Kyi lin, the Deputy General Manager from Myanmar Petrochemical Enterprise, Myanmar attended the MTCP course
             on “Maintenance and Safety in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry” at PETRONAS Management Training Sdn Bhd,
             17 July - 14 August 2006.

             “I would like to thank the Malaysian Government and MTCP for giving me the opportunity to attend this maintenance
             management and safety course. I would also like to thank the Director of the MTCP course and his management team,
             lecturers and staff for their kindness. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from this course and would never
             forget the friendly and kind people in Malaysia.”

             Omer Abdelgadir gasmalla, the Project Engineer from SUDAPET Co. Ltd, Sudan attended the MTCP course on
             “Maintenance and Safety in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry” at PETRONAS Management Training Sdn Bhd,
             17 July - 14 August 2006.

             “I would like to thank the Malaysian Government for providing us with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience
             and to strengthen friendship/relationship with people from other countries.”

             dr. Amany M Abd Al-Aziz El-Sayed, the Assoc. Professor of Pediatrics from Egypt attended the MTCP course on
             Science and Technology Management Training Course for Researchers in OIC Countries at Academy of Sciences,
             Malaysia, 4 - 15 September 2006

             “First of all, I would like to thank the organizers, Academy of Sciences, Malaysia for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks
             for everything that you have done, the course was organised in a very good manner and I have really benefited from the
             course. Some interesting lectures include Vision 1441, Science, Technology & Innovation in the knowledge Economy,
             writing good research proposal, Promoting Invention: The Experience of MINDS and Science & Industry Linkage. The
             visits to research centres were valuable, the hospitality was very good and your people are nice and helpful.”

             dr. Samina Kidwai, the Principal Scientific Officer / Researcher from Pakistan attended the MTCP course on Science
             and Technology Management Training Course for Researchers in OIC Countries at Academy of Sciences Malaysia,
             4 - 15 September 2006.

             “Assalamu Alaikum, I thank the organizers, Academy of Sciences, Malaysia for this wonderful opportunity. Foremost, I would
             like to felicitate the Academy for its exceptional arrangements and for providing this unique opportunity for researchers
             from OIC countries to meet, interact with each other, to develop friendships and creating a special bonding.

             The course was very appropriately structured, planned and professionally executed and at no time losing out on the
             human touch. The subject content of the course was interesting, fresh, mind opening, creative and high quality. The
             resource persons were friendly, open, approachable and very willing to share their knowledge and experiences with
             the participants. At the same time, generous in allowing time to the participants for open discussions, sharing their
             views and experiences, leading to some very interesting and engrossing class sessions, even during the difficult “after
             the lunchtime” slot.

             For me personally the course provided an introduction to approaches to newer concepts that value S&T research even
             more, especially when it solves real world problems. My study and work has taken me to many places, but this visit is
             definitely one of the most gratifying, treasured and enjoyable. There was a clear feeling of comfort and camaraderie
             amongst the participants that is truly special. What has actually won my heart over for Malaysia is that it is a country
             of outstanding natural beauty, with gentle and gracious peoples who harbour a true sense of national pride and belief
             that they will achieve their national goal and their sincere commitment towards it. Malaysia is indeed a role model for
             all the Ummah.”

             dr. dono Wahyuno, the Researcher from Indonesia attended the MTCP course on Science and Technology Management
             Training Course for Researchers in OIC Countries at Academy of Sciences Malaysia, 4 - 15 September 2006.

             “The Science and Technology Management Training Course for Researchers in OIC Countries had given me a lot of
             benefit. Sometime as a scientist, I only considered about the benefit of a research for the public and its originality.
             However, the lectures during the course awoke me to the fact that there are other important things that should be
             considered before and after we run our research activities to make them more valuable. Two weeks were too short
             to know all the participants well and enjoy life in Malaysia. Due to the warm welcome and well organized activities,
             within the first three days, I felt as though Malaysia is my second home country.”
                                                                          13       MTCP Alumni Newsletter
gina M. Papa, from National Archives of the Philippines, attended the MTCP course on Records Management at the
National Archives of Malaysia, from 1 August - 25 September 2006.

“I thank the government of Malaysia for giving me the chance to attend this course. I chose this course because it
will help me a lot in organizing seminar workshop on Records and Archives Management in the Philippines. As the
Secretariat for the seminar workshop, we can improve the syllabus according to the International Archival Standard. I
hope to impart my knowledge gained from this course to all records custodians in our country. This is also part of our
archives’ future plans to upgrade facilities and equipment in Records and Archival Management.”

Christopher Bruno Chagwayapah, from National Archives of Malawi, attended the MTCP course on Conservation and
Bookbinding at the National Archives of Malaysia, from 1 August - 25 September 2006.

“I chose this course to enable me to equip myself with basic knowledge in Conservation and Bookbinding. This course will
help me and my country to work more efficiently and effectively in the National Archives of Malawi. Our main problems
are acute shortage of staff and lack of training opportunity. It’s an eye opener to the world of archives and preservation.
Indeed, my country benefited a lot from the course.”

lok Bahadur lama, the Computer Operator from Nepal, attended the MTCP/JICA (TCTP) course on Computer Networking
Technology at the Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute, Penang, Malaysia, from 12 June - 8 July 2006.

“The training is fruitful for me and my organization where the networking system is implemented very well in MS
Windows environment. So, I gained technical knowledge in performing day to day work, network administration, and
network security. I’m very interested to learn more about net based programming, the class on PHP and MySQL is
very interesting and useful for me. I really appreciate this course, the co-operation of JICA, and all the instructors and
people involved that had done their job well.”

Phavanha douangboupha, the Technical Staff from Lao PDR, attended the MTCP/JICA (TCTP) course on Computer
Networking Technology at the Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute, Penang, Malaysia, from 12 June - 8 July 2006.

“From this course, I had gained the technical knowledge in performing day to day work, the knowledge on networking
for future cooperation, and observing current trend of the technology and how it can be applied in organizations.
Nonetheless, I much appreciate the course at JMTI and all the instructors and people involved had done a very good
job in ensuring that we would have a warm stay and at the same absorbed as much knowledge as possible. I am
therefore very grateful for that.”

Thiengtham Keopasith, the Staff of IT Center from Lao PDR, attended the MTCP/JICA (TCTP) course on Computer
Networking Technology at the Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute, Penang, Malaysia, from 12 June - 8 July 2006.

“The training in JMTI was related to my job. I have the chance to improve my job with the knowledge and experiences
I got. The topics in this training were very interesting and would benefit my organization. After I return, I will share all
my knowledge, experience, and new ideas with my colleagues.”

Nadia Cefai, Engineer from Algeria attended the MTCP Training Programme on Halal Standards and Conformance
Infrastructure for OIC Countries at the Department of Standards Malaysia, 7 - 18 August 2006.

“The programme is excellent. Full of interesting knowledge. Help in improving my work.”

Md. Akhtaruzzaman, Deputy Director from Bangladesh attended the MTCP Training Programme on Halal Standards
and Conformance Infrastructure for OIC Countries at the Department of Standards Malaysia, 7 - 18 August 2006.

“The knowledge gained from the training will enable me to introduce Halal Certification programme in my country.”

M. Abul Kalam Azad, Deputy Press Secretary from Bangladesh attended the MTCP Training Programme on
Halal Standards and Conformance Infrastructure for OIC Countries at the Department of Standards Malaysia,
7 - 18 August 2006.

“I have gathered a clear concept on Halal products and its importance in the Muslim world. It will help me to create
more awareness among my country people on Halal.”

Omar Karakoc, Engineer/Laboratory Staff from Turkey attended the MTCP Training Programme on Halal Standards
and Conformance Infrastructure for OIC Countries at the Department of Standards Malaysia, 7 - 18 August 2006.

“The programme is professionally prepared. Very useful and this will make the relationship between Turkey and Malaysia
MTCP Alumni Newsletter               14

                                  FEEdBACK FROM OuR REAdERS

“Very readable. Good format.”
                                                                                    Dilmani Warnasuriya, Sri Lanka

“Informative, Knowledge based and exciting. Well presented and conceptualized newsletter.”
                                                                                   Nesa Drakes, Barbados

“I am delighted to receive this newsletter, however, I think that a section should be dedicated for the technical
minded. More so media related video.”
                                                                               Shadir Faizul Ali Milton, Guyana

“Edition is informative and attractive. I hope to get the newsletter regularly. I suggest to put more photos.”
                                                                                     Sanat Kumar Neupane, Nepal

“I am very happy to receive this MTCP newsletter. During my short time at the institute I have learnt & experienced
a lot, especially in the field of structural fire fighting. Thank you MTCP & give my love to all the instructors & people
of Malaysia. Say Hi! To my friend Azriel who took us through Indoor fire fighting.”
                                                                                             Piri Urirau, Cook Islands

“There should be an article on the interesting places to visit in your beautiful country. Thanks for a copy of the
                                                                                       Daniel Njagi Nyaga, Kenya

“The Alumni Newsletter reminds me of the sweet days that I spent in Malaysia (year 2005) and received the honour
to be a member of the MTCP Alumni. The newsletter is very informative. Many thanks to the MTCP, Government
of Malaysia and its People.”
                                                                              Sohail Akhtar Siddique, Pakistan

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and the staff at the MTCP Newsletter.”
                                                                            Mohamed Ebrahim AlJeeb, Bahrain

“May, I first of all convey my personal gratitude for sending us the MTCP Alumni Newsletter. Appreciate very much
for it. As a new country, we are proud to represent our country at the MTCP course at ALAM.
                                                                             Alberto Freitas Pereira, Timor Leste

“It is always nice to have news from the other side of the world. Congratulations for working in this newsletter.”
                                                                                          Klever Alban, Ecuador

“The newsletter will lead us to the next level of networking, as it will keep us abreast of the recent MTCP
programmes and activities and keeping in touch with the MTCP family and fellow participants.”
                                                                                          Ai. O. Orolfo, Philippines

“It is a very useful newsletter especially the training courses which allows the developing countries to grow.”
                                                                                    Refilde Yvoune Keta, Lesotho

“I thank the Government of Malaysia for the opportunity given to me to attend the course on Economic Planning
and Management conducted by INTAN. I hope the knowledge and experience gained here will contribute towards
the development of our departmental activities in Myanmar. I have gained much more knowledge from this edition,
which is also useful to my department. I must express my heartfelt gratitude to the Government of Malaysia and
                                                                                     Aye Aye Khine, Myanmar

Note: We wish to thank all MTCP alumni who responded to our column. However, due to space constraint we could not feature
everyone. Our appreciation goes to all who answered our call.
                                                                                                                                       15          MTCP Alumni Newsletter
                                                                 MTCP SHORT-TERM COuRSES FOR 2007
ACADEMY OF SCIENCES MALAYSIA (ASM)                                                                  JUDICIAL AND LEGAL TRAINING INSTITUTE (ILKAP)
Email:                                                                     Email:
• Science & Technology Management Training Course for Researchers                27 Aug - 7 Sept    • Drafting, Investigation and Prosecution Course for Brunei Darussalam         23 Apr - 18 May
  in OIC Countries                                                                                  • Prosecution Course for Prosecutors                                           13 - 17 Aug
                                                                                                    • Administration of Justice in Malaysia                                        29 Oct - 14 Nov
Email:                                                                           MALAYSIAN INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (MIDA)
• Financial Regulators Forum on Islamic Finance                                  26 - 30 Mar        Email:
• 2nd Insurance Regulation and Supervision Course                                11 - 22 June       • Familiarization Programme for Officials of Investment Promotion Agencies     15 - 27 Jul
• 6th Banking Supervision Foundation Course                                      2 - 20 Jul
• Islamic Banking and Finance for Central Bankers                                6 - 17 Aug         MALAYSIAN MARITIME ACADEMY (ALAM)
• 25th Central Banking Course                                                    10 - 21 Sept       Email:
                                                                                                    • Emergency Response and Rescue Operation                                      25 Mar - 7 Apr
CENTRE FOR FOUNDATION STUDIES AND EXTENSION EDUCATION (FOSEE),                                      • Maritime Safety & Security Management                                        6 - 26 May
MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY                                                                               • Marine Environmental Conservation                                            17 - 30 Jun
Email:                                                                             • Shipping Administration                                                      Jul - 11 Aug
                                                                                                    • Inland Waterways Management                                                  28 Oct - 17 Nov
CENTRE FOR INSTRUCTOR AND ADVANCED SKILL TRAINING (CIAST)                                           • Transportation of Natural Gas                                                2 - 22 Dec
Email:                                                                         MALAYSIAN NATIONAL PRINTERS LIMITED (PNMB)
• Plastic Injection Moulding Technology                                          6 - 24 Aug         Email:
• Engine Management System for Automative Technology                             6 - 24 Aug         • Printing Technology                                                          30 Jul - 24 Aug
CIVIL AVIATION COLLEGE MALAYSIA (DCA)                                                               MALAYSIAN PALM OIL BOARD (MPOB)
Email:                                                                             Email:
• Approach Control (Non-Radar)                                                   4 June - 17 Aug    • 26th Palm Oil Familiarization Programme (POFP)                               24 June - 4 Jul
• Approach Radar Control                                                         4 June - 17 Aug    • 15th Oil Palm Plantation Management Course (OPMC)                            7 - 13 Dec
COOPERATIVE COLLEGE OF MALAYSIA (MKM)                                                               MALAYSIAN TAX ACADEMY (APM)
Email:                                                                               Email:
• Certificate in Co-operative Management                                         4 - 30 June        • Tax Enforcement Course                                                       14 - 25 May
• Certificate in Co-operative Auditing                                           4 - 30 June        • General Tax Administration Course                                            2 - 20 Jul
• Certificate in Co-operative Human Resource Management                          12 Nov - 8 Dec     • Tax Treaty Course                                                            22 Oct - 2 Nov
• Certificate in Poverty Reduction Programme                                     12 Nov - 8 Dec
                                                                                                    MULTIMEDIA COLLEGE (MMC)
DEPARTMENT OF FISHERIES (DOF)                                                                       Email:
Email:                                                                              • Computing and Evaluation on Networking for CLMV                              2 - 29 May
• Macrobrachium rosenbergii Aquaculture Management                               2 Apr - 17 May     • Advanced Computing & Mobile & Satellite Communications System                2 - 29 May
• Brackishwater Aquaculture Management Course                                    4 June - 18 Jul      for CLMV
• Fisheries Management Course                                                    1 Jul - 11 Aug     • Managing Network & Mastering Technology to Create Digital                    2 - 29 May
• Shrimp Hatchery Management Course                                              22 Oct - 5 Dec       Environment for CLMV
                                                                                                    • Computing and Evaluation on Networking                                       6 Nov - 1 Dec
DEPARTMENT OF IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE (DID)                                                         • Advanced Computing and Mobile and Satellite Communications System            6 Nov - 1 Dec
Email:                                                                           • Managing Network and Mastering Technology to Create Digital                  6 Nov - 1 Dec
• Flood Mitigation and Stormwater Management                                     22 Oct - 11 Nov      Environment
• International Course on Irrigation System Management                           12 Nov - 1 Dec
                                                                                                    NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF MALAYSIA
DEPARTMENT OF VETERINARY SERVICES (DVS)                                                             Email:
Email:                                                                              • Course in Records Management                                                 14 Jul - 16 Sept
• Animal Feed Production and Quality Assurance                                   23 Jul - 23 Aug    • Course in Conservation and Bookbinding                                       14 Jul - 16 Sept
• Animal Quarantine Management                                                   23 Jul - 23 Aug
• Artificial Breeding in Cattle                                                  23 Jul - 23 Aug    NATIONAL AUDIT ACADEMY
• Modern Farming System in Broiler Production                                    23 Jul - 23 Aug    Email:
• Modern Farming System in Broiler Production                                    23 Jul - 23 Aug    • Performance Audit                                                            14 - 25 May
• HACCP - Based Inspection System                                                23 Jul - 23 Aug    • ICT Auditing                                                                 19 - 30 Nov
• Information and Communication Technology in Veterinary Services                23 Jul - 23 Aug    NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (INTAN)
• Veterinary Laboratory Technologies                                             23 Jul - 23 Aug    Email:
• Management of Veterinary Services                                              23 Jul - 23 Aug    • Leadership and Organisational Management                                     29 Mar - 27 Apr
                                                                                                    • Human Resource Management in the Public Sector                               29 Mar - 27 Apr
ENVIRONMENTAL INSTITUTE OF MALAYSIA (EiMAS)                                                         • Information Technology Management in the Public Sector                       29 Mar - 27 Apr
Email:                                                                               • Quality Service in the Public Sector                                         29 Mar - 27 Apr
• Environmental Management and Pollution Control for OIC                         2 - 20 Oct         • Project Planning and Management                                              29 Mar - 27 Apr
  and Asia-Pacific Countries                                                                        • Training Methodology                                                         26 Mar - 27 Apr
                                                                                                    • Managing Privatisation                                                       2 - 30 Aug
FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT OF MALAYSIA (BOMBA)                                                      • Integrated Environmental Planning and Management                             2 - 30 Aug
Email:                                                                         • Managing Agricultural Systems                                                2 - 30 Aug
• Road Traffic Accident (RTA) Rescue                                             18 - 29 June       • Strategic Management                                                         2 - 30 Aug
• International Sctructural Fire Fighting for Developing Countries               20 - 31 Aug        • Developing Multimedia Applications for Managers                              2 - 30 Aug
• Technical Rope Rescue (TRR)                                                    22 Oct - 2 Nov     • Information Technology Management in the Public Sector                       1 - 30 Nov
                                                                                                    • Urban Planning and Management                                                1 - 30 Nov
IKRAM TRAINING AND INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (ITIDI)                                     • Economic Planning and Management                                             1 - 30 Nov
Email:                                                                         • ASEAN Case Study Workshop                                                    1 - 30 Nov
• International Course on Building Construction & Maintenance for CLMV     3 Apr - 16 May           • Senior Executive Development Programme                                       1 - 30 Nov
• International Course on Integrated Housing Project Development for       22 May - 04 Jul          NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF VALUATION (INSPEN)
  Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philippines                                      Email:
• International Course on Road Construction & Maintenance for Kenya,       10 Jul - 22 Aug          • International Certificate Course in Property Valuation                       28 Mar – 28 May
  Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda,                                     • International Certificate Course in Property Taxation                        28 Mar – 28 May
  Zimbabwe, Libya and Sudan                                                                         • International Certificate Course: IT in Real Estate Business                 28 Mar – 28 May
• International Course on Road Construction & Maintenance for China,       6 Nov - 19 Dec           • International Certificate Course: Valuation of Special Properties            28 Mar – 28 May
  Timor Leste, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka
                                                                                                    NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MALAYSIA
INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH MANAGEMENT                                                                     Email:
Email:                                                                • Workshop on Leadership Development for Directors of National
• Epidemiological Intelligence and Management programme (EIMP)                   4 - 29 Jun           Libraries in Developing Countries                                            Apr
                                                                                                    • Basic Course for Library Assistants                                          Jun
INSTITUTE FOR RURAL ADVANCEMENT (INFRA)                                                             • Library Visits / Attachments                                                 Jun
• Poverty Alleviation : Localising The Anti-Poverty Agenda                       15 - 28 Jul        NATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY CORPORATION (NPC)
  – The Malaysian Experience                                                                        Email: / /
• Poverty Alleviation : Localising The Anti-Poverty Agenda                       12 - 25 Nov        • Systems Development for Small and Medium Enterprises Programme               14 May – 30 Jun
  – The Malaysian Experience                                                                        • Work Study for Productivity Improvement Programme                            14 May – 30 Jun

Email:                                                                        Email:
• Diplomatic Training Course for International Participants                      3 - 23 Apr         • Breakthrough Supervisory Techniques in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical            11 – 24 Jun
• English for Diplomacy (Francophone and Russian                                 23 Apr - 11 May      Industry for ASEAN Countries
• Crisis Management for International Participants                               8 - 29 May         • Maintenance and Safety in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry for        15 Jul –11 Aug
• Course on Multilateral Diplomacy                                               22 May - 11 June     Sudan, Egypt, Oman, Ethiopia, Yemen and Mozambique
• Course on Negotiation for International Participants                           24 Jul - 13 Aug    • Technical Training for Engineers from CLMV, Timor Leste and Indonesia        11 - 24 Nov
• Strategic Analysis for International Participants                              7 - 28 Aug           in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry
• Orientation Course for Heads of Mission from Afghanistan, Iraq & Timor Leste   23 Ocy – 5 Nov
                                                                                                    PROFESSIONAL SERVICES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION SDN. BHD. (PSDC)
INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL RESEARCH MALAYSIA (IMR)                                                        Email: /
Email:                                                                            • Training Programme on Mixed Development for Cambodia & Indonesia             5 - 16 Mar
• Diploma in Applied Parasitology & Entomology (DAP&E)                           7 May - 11 Oct     • Training Programme on ICT for Cambodia                                       5 - 16 Mar
• Diploma in Medical Microbiology (DMM)                                          5 Nov -30 Apr 08   • Training Programme on Resorts for Maldives                                   5 - 16 Mar
                                                                                                    • Training Programme on Mixed Development for Iran, Libya & Saudi              30 Apr - 11 May
INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC POLICY AND MANAGEMENT (INPUMA), UM                                • Training Programme on Management Consultancy for Libya                       30 Apr - 11 May
Email:                                                                             • Training Prog. on Legal for Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR & Saudi 26 Jun - 6 Jul
• Peace Building and Human Security for Timor Leste Senior Officials 2 - 14 Apr                     • Training Prog. on Water Resources for Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran & Saudi    26 Jun - 6 Jul
• International Politics and Economics for CLMV Public Officials V   14 - 26 May                    • Training Programme on Highways for Iran, Lao PDR & Saudi                     20 - 30 Aug
• Effective Capacity Building for Senior Sudanese Officials V        13 - 25 Aug                    • Training Prog. on Independent Power Producer for Indonesia, Iran & Lao PDR   20 - 30 Aug
• Multicultural Nation Building for Senior Afghan Officials          12 - 24 Nov
                                                                                                    ROYAL CUSTOMS ACADEMY MALAYSIA (AKMAL)
INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES TEACHER TRAINING INSTITUTE (IPBA)                                           Email: /
Email:                                                                            • Training Management (International) Course                                   26 Feb – 9 Mar
• Developing Classroom Skill I                                                   26 Mar - 13 Apr    • Commercial Fraud (International) Course                                      2-12 Apr
• Exploring Language Teaching Through Literature                                 26 Mar - 13 Apr    • Attachment Program (Customized for CLMV Customs Administrations)             11-23 Jun
• The Reflective Practitioner                                                    23 Apr - 18 May      Senior Officers of Customs Study-Tour on Customs’ Automation
• Developing Classroom Skill II                                                  30 Apr - 18 May    • Narcotic Identification & Narcotic Law Enforcement (International) Course    2-14 Jul
• English for Effective Communication I                                          2 - 27 Jul         • Passenger Examination (International) Course                                 30 Jul – 11 Aug
• English for Effective Communication II                                         2 - 27 Jul         • Attachment Program (Customized for CLMV Customs Administrations)             27 Aug – 8 Sept
• Integrating ICT into Language Teaching                                         3 - 28 Sept          on CEPT Products & Procedures
• Testing and Evaluation in Second Language Teaching                             3 - 28 Sept
Email: /
                                                                                                    MTCP/TCTP SHORT-TERM COuRSES FOR 2007
• Islamic Markets Programme                                   1-6 Jul                           CENTRE FOR INSTRUCTOR AND ADVANCED SKILL TRAINING (CIAST)
• Emerging Markets Programme                                  17-23 Nov                         Email: /
                                                                                                • Vocational Training Methodology                                                 6 - 24 Aug
Email:                                                                            DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
• International Workshop on Standards and Quality                              17-30 Jun        Email:
• Training Programme On Industrial Chemical Safety Management For              17-30 Jun        • Extension Methodology with Special Focus on Business and Production Planning    25 Feb - 24 Mar
  Small Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs)                                        17-30 Jun          for ASEAN Countries
• International Training Program on Industrial Automation for Sustainable      17-30 Jun
  Development                                                                                   DEPARTMENT OF VETERINARY SERVICES (DVS)
• International Training Programme on Quality Improvement Framework            17-30 Jun        • Training Programme on Diagnosis of Avian Influenza at Source                    NA
  for SME Development for Developing Countries                                                  • Training Programme on Worksyhop on Policy & Strategy in Prevention, Control &   NA
• International Training Programme on Enhancing Competitiveness                12-25 Aug          Eradication of Avian Influenza in South East Asian Region
  Through CAD/CAM Applications
• Cleaner production Technology for Sustainable Industrial Development         12-25 Aug        ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTE OF MALAYSIA (EiMAS)
• Senior Management Programme on Managing RTOs                                 12-25 Aug        Email:
• Training Programme on Total Quality Management for Developing Countries      12-25 Aug        • Waste Water Treatment in Food Industry for CLMV Countries                       20 - 30 Aug
Email:                                                                          AGRICULTURE (DOA)
• Digital Radio Studio                                                         Jul              Email: /
• Video Editing System                                                         Jul              • Sustainable Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation: The Malaysian            8 - 28 Apr
• Production of Jingle and Public Services Announcement                        Jul                Experience
• TV Production and Direction for TV Producers and Directors                   Jul
                                                                                                MALAYSIAN TAX ACADEMY (APM)
     MTCP/OiC SHORT-TERM COuRSES FOR 2007                                                       Email:
                                                                                                • Tax Treaties Course for CLMV Countries                                          28 Nov - 7 Dec
Email:                                                                       NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (INTAN)
•	 Training Programme on Halal Standards and Conformance Infrastructure        6-17 Aug         Email:
                                                                                                • Environmental Protection for CLMV Countries and Timor Leste                     16 - 27 Jul
Email:                                                                  NATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY CORPORATION (NPC)
• Sharing of Malaysia’s Experience in Trade Promotion                          12-18 Nov        Email: / /
                                                                                                • Promotion and Management of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for CLMV          5 Feb - 19 Mar
NATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY CORPORATION (NPC)                                                           Countries
Email: / /                                • Best Practices for Business Excellence for CLMV Countries                       16 Jul - 30 Aug
•	 Training Course on Promotion of Organizational Excellence and               22-27 Oct
   Competitiveness for OIC Countries                                                            SIRIM Berhad & MULTIMEDIA COLLEGE (MMC)
•	 Enhancement of Knowledge and Capacity Building for Human Resource for OIC   5 Nov-21 Dec     • Policy Framework for SME Development                                            NA
Email: /
•	 Attachment Programme (Customized for Members of the Organization - OIC):
   Sharing Good Practices on Customs Procedures and Facilitation               7-19 M

Email: /
•	 Training Programme for Women Entrepreneurs among OIC Member Countries       14-25 May
•	 Training Programme for Officials from Agencies Responsible for SME Dev.     19-30 Nov
                                                                                                  The list is subject to change.

        MTCP                                         MTCP, External Assistance Section, Level 2, Block B5
                                                     EPU, Prime Minister’s Dept. 62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia

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