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					VOL. 01 ISSUE 10 | DECEMBER 2007


MAKE-UP                                                                           Jennifer
HOLIDAY                                                                                      IRVING BERLIN’S
                                                                                  WHITE CHRISTMAS
FOOD                                                                                     SONY CENTRE FOR THE
                                                                                            PERFORMING ARTS


                                           STYLE          DRESS & DECORUM FOR HOLIDAY FUN

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                                                    BEHIND THE SCENES

                                                    Diane Craig
                                                    CERTIFIED IMAGE & ETIQUETTE
                                                    DIANE CRAIG IS NOT ONLY ONE OF THE TOP IMAGE & ETIQUETTE CONSULTANTS IN
                                                    CANADA (HER WORK CAN BE SEEN IN THIS ISSUE OF B MAGAZINE), BUT SHE IS ONE OF
                                                    THE MOST COMPASSIONATE HUMAN BEINGS WE HAVE HAD THE FORTUNE OF MEETING.
                                                    DIANE’S WORK WITH ORGAN AND TISSUE DONATION AND TRANSPLANTATION HAS
                                                    ENCOURAGED PEOPLE TO SIGN THEIR ORGAN DONATION CARDS, GIVING MANY A SEC-
                                                    OND CHANCE AT LIFE. WE HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF INTERVIEWING DIANE DURING THE
                           DIANE CRAIG              PHOTO SHOOT FOR THE B MAGAZINE DECEMBER COVER.

B Magazine: Please define for our readers what exactly your             B Magazine: How long did it take to develop your career and
field of expertise entails?                                             how did you do it?
Diane: I have seemingly unrelated areas of expertise. Firstly, I        Diane: My career in this field started in the early 80’s when I was
advise clients on how to dress—both men and woman. I show               an instructor at L’Academie des Hauts Couturiers Canadiens, a
them not only what is appropriate for the workplace and social          fashion designing school in Ottawa. I was often called to do
functions, but what works best to complement their propor-              presentations for stores and different associations on How to
tions, colouring, personality and lifestyle. Next, Corporate Class      Dress for Success, Wardrobe Planning and the Art of
Inc. offers business and social etiquette training. Some of the         Accessorizing. In 1993, I became President of Image
specific areas are, meeting etiquette, duties of the chair,             International in Ottawa. The following year I studied at the
participants, visiting clients, knowing what is acceptable email        Washington School of Protocol and was certified as a protocol
content, and how to work a room. A seemingly unrelated area is          consultant. In 1999, I studied at the University of British
instruction in dining etiquette. So many of us are overwhelmed          Columbia and was certified as an interculturalist. I am now
with details such as which glass is ours, who orders wine, how          President of Corporate Class Inc.
to pay the bill when you’re the host, and so on.
   Another way of looking at these different areas is to view them as   B Magazine: Is there a defining moment that catapulted you to
components of the complexity of business environments and the           the top of your field where you are today?
power of relationships. We help clients become aware of the             Diane: I don’t know about a “moment” in particular. You know,
professionalism required in business and social situations.             as they say, “It takes 20 years to become an overnight success!”
                                                                        Everything I have done was driven by my keen interest for
B Magazine: What paths lead to a career as a corporate                  understanding what made people look good and what made
image/etiquette consultant?                                             one person more charismatic than another. It has been a
Diane: First, I think we should understand that being in                combination of formal training, researching, experimenting, and
business for years, or being a model or retailer simply doesn’t         working with men and women from across all industries at
provide much of the background you need. I love what I do,              all levels.
but despite my enthusiasm it is clear I’ve come this far by a              When I started teaching Haute Couture, I learned how much
combination of splendid training, and 25 years of hands                 insight I gathered by teaching. To communicate clearly how to
on experience.                                                          do things, explain why it is done one way versus another, you

must understand all aspects of the sub-       B Magazine: What styling and etiquette
ject. After doing thousands of fittings, I    tips do you have for our readers?
got to know body types, suitable fabrics,     Diane: Image and etiquette can have a
what can be altered or not. I became          profound impact on your professional
super sensitive to my clients wants and       and personal life... and let’s not forget,
needs. I also understood that although        your most important audience is you.
dress might be the price of entry to          When you are comfortable about
many places, the way you interact             the way you look and act, you feel bet-
with people is another determinant in         ter, happier and you can communicate
reaching your goals. Your daily business      more clearly. Dress for the job you want
manners speak volumes about                   not the job you have, and be respectful
you. From the boardroom to working a          of others. One faux-pas I often see in
room, everything about you must               business, especially at networking
spell success.                                events, is the inappropriate exchange of
                                              business cards. Always ask for the other
B Magazine: What are some of the              person’s business card before offering
highlights of your career so far?             your own and make sure the print is fac-
Diane: The high point was my realization      ing the recipient.
about 8 years ago that I have the skills
to help almost everyone wishing to            B Magazine: Your life has been impact-
improve their image. Also, I have come        ed by two tragic events that you were
to be very sensitive to people’s insecuri-    eventually able to turn into positive end-
ties, and psychological needs. It takes       ings. Would you care to discuss them for
experience and caring to work with            the benefit of our readers?
clients who may have an unduly nega-          Diane: In 1995, my husband died of
tive view of their physical assets.           cancer and in 1999, my 11 year old
Everyone has their strengths. We are all      precious daughter, Sandrine, died in a
unique and every person I work with           school bus accident. Following her
teaches me something.                         passing, Sandrine’s organs helped save
   Two clients stand out. Before the 1997     or enhance the lives of 6 people. Since
federal election, I was invited to work       then, I have been involved with organ
with a politician who actually became         and tissue donation and transplanta-
the leader of the Opposition Party. This      tion. So many Canadians die needlessly
man wrote a book “Think Big – My Life         every year waiting for a life saving organ.
In Democracy”. In his book he shares his      In memory of my darling little girl
reluctance in addressing the subject of       Sandrine, I ask everyone to talk to their
image. He goes on to say “Why couldn’t        family about organ and tissue donation.
people just listen to what I had to say       Someone’s life depends on it. You did-
instead of obsessing about my image?”         n’t ask, but I am now happy to report I
This man of course was Preston                have remarried and I share my life with
Manning. It was a privilege to work with      an amazing man, David Levine.
him and a wonderful experience.
   Then, just a few years ago, I worked       B Magazine: What project are you
with one of the most inspiring young          working on now and what are your
women. She had been in a terrible car         future plans?
accident. After 51 surgical procedures,       Diane: I want to see Corporate Class Inc.,
she called our office and expressed her       based in the GTA, become North
consistent frustration in her daily efforts   America’s leading image and etiquette
to look good, all in the hope of feeling      consulting organization. And next
better about herself. To this day, it is      spring, I will be launching a new prod-
one of the most rewarding experiences         uct. So, stay tuned!
of my career.

                                                         DECEMBER 2007 B MAGAZINE | 17
                                      STYLE                     DRESS AND DECORUM FOR
                                                                           HOLIDAY FUN!
                                      BY DIANE CRAIG
                                      ‘TIS THE SEASON! ARE YOU READY FOR AFTER-WORK HOLIDAY COCK-
                                      TAIL PARTIES, THE COMPANY’S CHRISTMAS GALA AND JOSIE’S ANNU-
                                      SPECIAL BUT ONCE YOU START THINKING ABOUT WHAT TO WEAR AND
                                      HOW CHARMING YOU’LL HAVE TO BE....WELL, YOUR INITIAL EXCITE-
                                      MENT MAY TURN INTO GROWING ANXIETY.
                                        WE HAVE DREAMS OF BEING THE CHARISMATIC GUEST, INTRODUC-
                                      AND WITTY CONVERSATIONS WITH THE BOSS’S WIFE. BUT SUDDENLY
                                      BEING JUST PLAIN AWKWARD AND ALL-THUMBS!
                                        AFTER LISTENING TO SO MANY CLIENTS RECOUNT THEIR EXPERI-
                                      ENCES AND RELIVING SOME OF MINE, I OFFER THE FOLLOWING TIPS
                                      WHICH MAY HELP YOU GET THROUGH THIS JOLLY TIME OF THE YEAR
                                      WITH POISE AND GRACE.

                                      1. DRESS
                                      FROM THE OFFICE TO THE HOLIDAY 5-7 COCKTAIL RECEPTION:
                                      The secret to this one is to wear one of your best suits and just before leaving the office,
                                      replace your cotton shirt with a glitzy top and sparkly accessories. Toss the large handbag
                                      and throw your lipstick and business cards in a cute little clutch.

                                      THE SEMI-FORMAL HOLIDAY PARTY:
                                      This is an expensive time of the year. Having to buy a new outfit is an added expense we
JENNIFER STEWART                      can all go without. I have come to the realization that a stunning memorable dress, as won-
Irving Berlin's White Christmas
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts   derful as it is to wear, is not always the smart thing to buy. The sensible thing to do is to
                                      buy separates. Basic good quality evening pants or a cocktail skirt can be paired this year
PHOTOGRAPHER: Caitlin Cronenberg      with a satin blouse, a sequin top or a plain camisole and glitzy accessories. The following
                                      year you can use the same bottom and pair it with a different top and a new hairstyle.
HAIR: Bob Richardson
                                         The chances that anyone will remember your basic bottom is next to none. The psychol-
MAKE-UP: Robert Closs
CLOTHING: Freda's                     ogists Thomas Gilovich, Ph.D., Victoria Husted Medvec, Ph.D., and Kenneth Savitsky, Ph.D.,
JEWELRY: Swarovski                    have coined the term “spotlight effect” and they assure us that most of us assume we're

                                                                              PHOTOGRAPHER: Caitlin Cronenberg IMAGE CONSULTANT: Diane Craig HAIR: Bob Richardson MAKE-UP: Robert Closs CLOTHING: Freda's JEWELRY: Swarovski
getting about twice as much attention as
we actually imagine we receive. That is not
to say that the very low décolleté at an
office party will not be remembered and
talked about no matter how simple it was.
But you don’t want this kind of fame.

Depending on the budget, use a non-
memorable bottom with a stunning top
or go for broke and treat yourself to a
sumptuous elegant sophisticated
evening gown. You are worth it as long as
your credit card bill in January doesn’t
make you faint.
                                                    continued on page 30
                                              DECEMBER 2007 B MAGAZINE | 29
                                                    PHOTOGRAPHER: Caitlin Cronenberg IMAGE CONSULTANT: Diane Craig HAIR: Bob Richardson MAKE-UP: Robert Closs CLOTHING: Freda's JEWELRY: Swarovski
continued from page 29

• First things first...Let your host know
  whether you will attend or not. The soon-
  er the host knows how many guests will
  attend, the easier it is to plan for the event.
• If no dress code was stipulated, call your
  host and ask.
• Prepare a self-introduction and make it
  relevant. Something like: “My name is
  Karen and you have been a client of XYZ
  company for over five years.”
• Have something to talk about. Going
  to a popular movie is always fodder for
  “spontaneous” small talk.
• Eat before you go, remember that you
  were not invited because you were thirsty
  or hungry. You were invited for your good
  company (and movie reviews).
• Act as if this was your party. Mingle and
  meet many.
• Rescue the wallflowers.
• Keep your right hand free to be ready for
• Don’t be the last one to leave.
• Send a thank you note.
• If you are attending a home party, think of
  sending the hostess a gift before the
  soiree. In this way, she won’t have to
  search for a vase in which to put the beau-
  tiful flowers, or a candy dish for the
  yummy champagne truffles.

Season’s greetings!


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