THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN AND                   HERALD OF


                          DAWK 07 THE HEW EKA     CONFERENCE LIBRA
      «!&•                    "fr

     J.N ANCIENT days, when
the Israelites were being brought
out of Egypt to their future home
in Palestine, their "patrols" re-
ported with fear that there were
"giants in the land."
  Today also there are giants in
the land, but they are giants who
can be and are being pressed into 1'ie          An artist's conception of the returning soldier's house which may very well serve
service of man. One of the world's                                         also as an ideal village dwelling.
greatest giants is cement; by which we         Indian Cement                                to practically any style of building,
now mean hydraulic cement.                                                                  economical as to first cost, and prac-
                                                  Fortunately, India does not have to
  From almost the earliest times,              depend on the importation of cement to       tically everlasting,—and these attrib-
builders well knew that certain limes          provide for her needs.       The rcinent     utes apply whether it is a large and im-
would, when set, resist the action of          industry has made tremendous prog-           posing building, or a small and un-
water, that is, were hydraulic. How-           ress in this country, and research and       pretentious one.
evrr. the true nature of these limes and       hard work have produced cement which             Fortunately, in India, the enemy was
the reason for their resistance to water       equals the world's best.      At present     prevented from carrying out his pro-
have only become known since 1791.             the supply, for civil use, is curtailed-—    gramme of destruction. We are not
   It was with the growth of engineer-         the demands of war are so great.             faced with the same kind of "recon-
ing in the early part of the nineteenth           What a remarkably versatile product       struction" programme as are many
century that there arose a great demand        cement is! To how many and what              other nations. Nevertheless, our great
for hydraulic cement, and among those          varied uses it is now put the world          cement concerns, now busy with sup-
who experimented in this direction was         over! It is difficult to think of any ac-    plying war needs in India and adjacent
Joseph Aspdin of Leeds.       He added         tivity in which cement does not play •       countries, will by no means stand idle
clay to finely ground limestone, cal-          part. The amount of cement being             after the close of hostilities. India's
cined the mixture, and ground the              used, in one way or another, in the           "'reconstruction" plans and needs will
product. He called it Portland cement,         prosecution of the war, is probably           be different.    There must be a New
perhaps because it somewhat resembles          almost beyond computation. It is not          Deal in India. The so-called "com-
Portland stone; otherwise cement has           only a matter of roads and buildings,         mon people" must be given a chance.
no particular connection with the              but of defensive works of every kind,         We talk about a Free India—how can
 place Portland. As a matter of fact,          from huge forts to "dug-outs." A re-          India ever be called Free if about 90
 mort of the cement manufactured in            markable example, both in conception          per cent of her people continue to liv>
 England is made on the Thames and             and execution, was the fabricating of         in conditions too well known to nee

   View of the villa "fi '"•ell and drinking
                                               huge floating piers and even portable
                                                "harbours" to assist in the invasion of
                                                German-held France on D-Day.
                                                are already familiar with the story of
                                                                                               A general view of the three Market
                                                                                            Platforms after concreting. The wooden ":"
                                                                                            pillars have since been partially covered
                                                                                            with Concrete surrounds.
                                                cement barges and even large rargo
                                                ships fabricated from reinforced ce-
                                                ment concrete.
                                                After the War
                                                  When peace returns, a tremendous
                                               programme of building reconstruction
                                               will face the nations. Millions of new
                                               homes will be needed, and thousands
                                               of jobs of "restoration" will have to be
                                               taken in hand. Cement, the giant both
                                               "amenable" and intensely strong, will
                                               be the medium of much of this recon-
                                               struction. Properly-built cement con-
                                               structions are easy to erect, applicable
describing! Better houses and living        grain silo is water-proof, rat-proof, and        May You Live Long and
conditions; better roads and communi-       fire-proof. The improvements to the
cations; better and more hygienic con-      well and the approach to the same, also                   Enjoy Life
ditions for labour; and all the hun-        the drinking fountain, provide for
dred-and-one better amenities of life       security against pollution. The "crete-
that go with the conditions.                way," seen in the picture on our cover,          ALTHOUGH the ingenuity of
   People who live and labour under         vividly shows the advantages of a hard,       man has developed many ways of
better conditions become better work-       smooth-running surface for the wheels         bringing death—sudden or not BO
ers and better citizens. In the West,       of country carts. These creteways af-         sudden—upon himself or his fellows,
particularly in enlightened America,        ford a simple and cheap solution for          and although apart from the fearful
employers have provided better condi-       highways where a full-width road is           ravages of war, people are killed and
tions of labour,—it pays big dividends      not financially possible.                     maimed by the hundreds of thousands
in better and more work done.                  The clean and hygienic platforms to        every year by cars or other pieces of
   Today the press and radio keep tell-     village market sheds, and concrete            "machinery," the fact remains that
ing us that the nation's greatest asset     flooring in travellers' resting places        men live longer today than they ever
is "the people." They mean, of course,      were all viewed with approbation.             did before.
the alleged "common people," the               Then in the matter of drains (in              We are not speaking of the days of
"workers,"—the people who have to do        which, if not properly and smoothly           the Methuselahs, of course, when men
most of the work in times of peace,         constructed, filth and disease germs          passed several centuries, but of more
and most of the fighting in times of        soon find a place), concrete is the ideal     recent generations and decades. In
war,—and yet, usually get the least of      material.                                     that respect, science and statistics show
«verything.                                                                               clearly that in most countries where
   In this NEW DEAL for the people                                                        man is given the opportunity, amidst
of India, cement is going to play a                                                       favourable surroundings, and is not
great part. It is going to provide the                                                    violently "cut off" by some modern
roads, the houses, the many and varied                                                    "juggernaut," he lives comparatively
forms of construction for utility and                                                     much longer today than he did
for beauty—that go to make life worth                                                     centuries ago. Indeed, the last half-
                                                     OUR COVER PICTURE                    century has seen a remarkable change
                                            visualizes the village of the "NEW ERA."      for the better.
  Versatility!                              It contrasts the neat, clean, substantial,       In this matter of "prolonging his
     It is not cement alone, but its com-   and durable construction done in cement       days," man himself has much to say.
  binations also, that makes this good-     with the untidy, insanitary, and unsatis-
                                            factory huts of the present.                  Indeed, it is not going beyond the facts
  natured giant such a willing worker.                                                    to say that in most cases,—barring
  Combined with asbestos it gives us           CEMENT is the building material that       accidents,—if the average man does not
  sheets for roofing and other purposes;    is going to be in demand to accomplish
                                            the change that is so badly needed in         reach a good old age, he himself is
  it gives us pipes and channels and        India to provide really substantial and       mostly to blame. Moreover, this de-
  "nalis" of all kinds, and an amazing      hygienic buildings, as well as permanent      sirable condition is not brought about
  list of articles besides.                 lines of communication, for the millions of   without a little effort and the exercise
     We had the pleasure of being present                                                 of good sense, and, for that matter, co-
  on the occasion of the inauguration, on                                                 operation by the person concerned for
  the 28th January, of village improve-                                                   his own physical good.
  ments carried out at Virar, near Bom-        Now the question is, Who is going
                                            to "push" all these fine ideas? The              In these days of extensive research
  bay, by the Concrete Association of                                                     and "high pressure" salesmanship, we
  India.    A large number of repre-        people of India are conservative, and
                                            not very much awake to their own              find many industrial concerns and
  sentative gentlemen were in attendance,                                                 commercial enterprises employing the
  and the proceedings were opened by        needs. As was remarked by the Chief
                                            Engineer of the Concrete Association,         best that can be obtained in the matter
  Mr. T. R. S. Kynnersley, O.B.E., M.C.,                                                  of expert advice. In this connection h
  Chief Engineer, the Concrete Associa-     "planning is, of course, the duty of
                                            Governments." So is the putting of            is doubtless correct to state that some
  tion of India. An address was also                                                      of the great insurance companies have
  given by Mr. C. F. S. Collins, Adviser    plans into execution. We are not able
                                            to recall an overwhelming spate of            —for their own good, primarily—done
k to the Governor of Bombay.                                                              some very fine research work. Here
                                            either "plans" or "acts" on behalf of
     The Concrete Association is to be      the "working people" of India during          is what one prominent insurance
  congratulated on the excellent work it    the thirty-five years we have been on         company in America has to say about
  has done in pointing the way to a "new    the scene, however. We would like to          the "life span":
  era" for the millions of the "working     see much more "public spirit" in                 "Since 1900, the average life span
  classes" of India. The Cement Mar-        India; and more of the wealthy and            of Americans has increased about 17
  keting Company has here made an en-       influential class of Indians stirring         years—a wonderful record.
  couraging contribution to post-war        themselves in the matter of providing            "One result of this trend is that
  planning, especially in the matter of     "uplift" and a "new era" for the              more people now live to a ripe old
  village and small town improvement.       poorer multitudes of India. If Indians        age than ever before. About nine
  It therefore chose for this experiment    themselves would become "mission-             million Americans are now 65 or
  the village of Virar, using cement con-   aries" to their own people to help them       older.
  crete for the improvement of certain      to better living conditions, the Gov-            "However, the goal of medical
 ^amenities.                                ernment would have to move in the             science is not only to add years to
     In a town of the "improvements"        matter. And the students—they are             your life but also life to your years.
  carried out in cement, we were shown      fond of shouting slogans. How about           Old age without good health can be a
  a model house which may serve as a        "better homes for better people"?             heavy burden.
  home for the returning soldier, or an     Let us work for the "dawn of the new             "Doctors are doing wonders to help
  ideal village dwelling. The permanent     era" in India.                                elderly people who suffer from the
chronic illnesses of later life—such as    doctor regularly for medical check-ups.        year round. At any age, good health
diseases of the heart, diabetes, cancer,   Give him the opportunity to discover          is a priceless asset. Guard it in every
Origin's disease, arthritis.               —early—conditions or diseases -«which         way."
   "But doctors know that the best way     might lead to later disability. Let him          Obviously, the man who wishes to
to be healthy at 50, 60, 70, and beyond    advise you about correcting faulty            live to a good, healthy old age will
is to take care of your health at much     habits or living conditions.                  realize that now is the time to start,
younger ages. The reason? ...                 "As years pass, these suggestions will     and the younger he is, the more time
   "Diseases common to later life seldom   help you keep healthy and happy....           he has to work on.
appear suddenly.      They creep up           "Keep your mind open to new ideas.            We cannot neglect this matter in our
gradually, quietly gathering force for     Take up a hobby. Remember that,               early days and then expect to call a
a number of years before they strike       with age, less food may be required,          halt at some future date in order to try
or become disabling.                       but it should be carefully chosen.            to get ready, at a late hour, for a
   "The moral: Now is the time to          Regular, undisturbed sleep is essential.      healthy old age.       We shall find
start taking care of your health—          Drink plenty of water. Get sunshine,          that we have waited too long. -New is
before you grow old. Visit your            fresh, air, and moderate exercise the         the time to plan for a good old age.

               DANGER IN HAIR DYES
      ARE     romance and good times        ing. The Archives of Neurology and             unfortunate colour choice—annoying
passing you by because of premature         Psychiatry recently described the case         if you are caught in the rain without
grey hair? Don'l let faded hair spoil       of a woman dying from a poison that            an umbrella.
your chances! Blendo—used in the            caused noticeable changes in the nerve            Thirdly come metallic dyes, which
privacy of your home—will restore           cells of her body.                             manufacturers today are making more
your hair to glorious natural colour!"         If you are determined to use an            of than anything else. Most metallic
   Behind such glowing words lurks an       amino-type dye, you should at least try        dyes are slow in action. If you want
ugly threat. Susceptible women may          the following test before you dye your        a deep colour, you will have to under-
get their money's worth of hair dyes        hair. This test is suggested in a regu-       go several applications. As might be
in disease or even death. At best, ex-      lation under the Federal Food, Drug,          expected, this disadvantage is ex-
perimentation in the "privacy of your       and Cosmetic Act, and directions for          ploited by the manufacturers, who
home" leads to unsatisfactory and           it or one similar to it should appear on      point out that their method restores
often grotesque results. So if you are      the labels of all amine-type dyes.            colour gradually.        "Your friends
being tempted to use any type of hair          With a clean brush or other ap-            won't even notice, and will never sus-
restorer, the sooner you know the           plicator, apply a streak of dye (ex-          pect you of dyeing your hair ..."
truth about hair dyes, the better.         actly the same as that to be used on           Even if your friends have such poor-
                                            the hair) not less than a quarter of          memories, however, the final results
 . In the first place, there is no known                                                  dispel all doubts. The colours given
                                            an inch wide and half an inch long to
way.of restoring colour to grey hair.                                                     by metallic dyes often include the
                                            the skin and scalp, preferably behind
Grey hair appears because of a gradual                                                    most peculiar shades of green. And
                                            one ear. The dye must be placed on
decrease in the body's supply of                                                          the hair has a "dead" lack-lustre ap-
                                           both the scalp and the hairless part
melanin—a pigment produced by the                                                         pearance which is a complete give-
                                           of the skin. Combs, hats, spectacles,
body's oxidation process. Hair once                                                       away.
                                           and other objects should not be per-
grown does not "fade," and the dye                                                           Metallic dyes consist of a solution of
                                           mitted to come into contact with the
ads that claim to restore colour to                                                       metallic salt which, on contact with
                                           test area, nor should it be covered with
"faded hair" are misrepresenting the                                                      the hair in the presence of light and
                                           a dressing. If any kind of irritation
facts.                                     develops within twenty-four hours, the         air, deposits a dark-coloured coating ol
   Secondly, no completely safe hair       dye must not be used.                          the metal or its sulfide. Most of these
dye on the market can produce both             A new test must be made each time          dyes contain lead in solution with sul-
a pleasing and permanent colour.           the hair is to be dyed, since a person         phur or silver; some, with copper or
Dyes fall into three general classes:      who is not sensitive may become, so.           iron salts.
coal-tar, metallic, and vegetable. Coal-   and the dye may vary in composition.              Amine dyes are potentially more
tar dyes are again subdivided into         Under no circumstances should any             dangerous than metallic, since their
"coal-tar intermediates" and "finished     kind of hair dye be used if there is a        toxic effects are more violent. But if
coal-tar colours." Coal-tar intermedi-     disease or eruption on the skin or            the proper skin tests are taken, they are
ates are colourless "amino" com-           scalp. All hair dyes are very danger-         actually less dangerous, because me-
pounds, and are said to penetrate and      ous to the eyes. None should ever be          tallic dyes may produce poisoning by
colour the inner substance of the hair     used on the eyelashes or eyebrows.            degrees after prolonged use. Further-
without destroying its natural lustre.                                                   more, no general immunity to metallic
They are also capable of producing a           If you discover that you are sensitive
                                           to amine dyes, you may as well give up        impurities like lead in cosmetics has
wide range of colours.                                                                   been established. Anyone using me-
                                           the idea of achieving a really satisfac-
   Unfortunately, however, amine dyes      tory and safe colouring job. Your             tallic dyes is subject to the effect of
are potentially the most dangerous as      second choice may be the finished coal-       their toxicity.
well as the most successful of all hair    tar preparations, which are chiefly               Lead, for example, is a cumulative
dyes. To any person especially sensi-      harmless and to which class belong            poison. People who habitually use
tive to them, the amines are a highly-     most of the so-called popular rinses.         lead hair dyes are subject to chronic
toxic chemical compound. Their use         Whatever tint they give, will wash out        load poisoning; and, since definite
can result iti acute dermatitis or asth-   when the hair is shampooed. This will         easily-recognized symptoms are rarej,
ma—and sometimes in fatal poison-          prove an advantage if you've made an          they are likely to be victims without
                                                                                        Tur; ORIENTAL WATCHMAN, MARCH 1945
knowing it. Chronic lead poisoning        brittle, pure powdered henna is harm-        of advice. Don't attempt to economize
can often be detected only by a blood     less to most people. However, com-           by dyeing your hair at home. The re-
examination. Silver, though not so        mercial henna preparations are often         sults will almost certainly prove dis-
poisonous as lead, may in time produce    labelled "compound henna" and con-           astrous to your appearance, and pos-
argyrism, a permanent bluish discol-      tain copper salts and pyro-gallol. This      sibly to your health. Make an ap-
oration of the skin.                      addition takes them out of the "harm-        pointment with the most skilful opera-
                                          less" class.                                 tor you can find—one who is com-
   It is well known that the metallic        Bleaches made of a pure mixture of        pletely familiar with the action of
salts commonly used in hair dyes arc hydrogen peroxide and magnesium                   dyes and really knows how to apply
poisonous.     Unfortunately, however, carbonate won't do anything more than           them.
there is no blanket ruling which out- make your hair very dry. But watch
laws metal dyes, restricts their uses, or out for the danger signal in many pow-          According to many beauty editors,
regulates their labelling.                                                             competition among women for both
                                          der-type bleaches—sodium perborate!          husbands and jobs will promote a
   Of the vegetable colourings, henna, Its alkalinity makes it exceedingly dan-        "youth complex" after the war and
a powder obtained by grinding the gerous to the hair.                                  create an even wider use of hair dyes.
leaves and stems of the Egyptian             If, having heard the awful truth          Unless a really harmless and effective
privet, is the one generally used. about hair dyes, you are still un-                  product is perfected soon, let the con-
  Aside-from possibly making the hair daunted, we offer you one final piece            sumer beware!—Magazine Digest.

                                            week, and on one day was seen to take
                                            thirteen powders.
                                               Pointing out that "increasing numbers
                                            of cases of bromide intoxication are to
                                            be expected with increasing self-medi-
                                            cation, caused by the present depletion
                                            of civilian physicians," the doctors
                                            urge all physicians to become familiar
                                            with the symptoms of this poisoning
                                            and to be on the alert to detect it.


                                              NEXT MONT                               damage to other parts or organs of the
                                                                                      body, as well as the throat, if their
     DANGER OF                                   GROWTH HORMONE ISOLATED              growth is not checked.
     POISONING                                               * # *
                                               ASTHMA—SYMPTOM, NOT DISEASE
                                                                                        There are some simple treatments
                                                                                      that often relieve throat irritation and
  A. WARNING against the danger                              * * *                    enable the natural resistance of the
                                                     THAT DREAD PYORRHEA
of bromide intoxication, or poisoning,                                                throat membranes to check the germ
                                                              * * #                   growth quickly.      Frequent gargles
from headache powders taken to over-                     HYDROTHERAPY
come the effects of war worries is                            * * *                   with a solution of ordinary salt and
issued by Dr. Roy R. Kracke and Dr.                          DROPSY                   soda may be quite helpful. Use half
    liam R. Platt of Emory University,                        * # *                   a level teaspoonful of each in a full
  eorgia.                                              THE DOCTOR SAYS                glass of water as hot as can be gargled
   "There seems to be an increase in                          * # *                   without burning the mouth or throat
this type of intoxication caused, accord-                  ETC., ETC.                 This gargle may with profit be re-
ing to the Federal Trade Commission,                                                  peated every half hour. A heating
by increased consumption of various                                                   compress may be worn overnight. This
agents designed to soothe the nerves of         WHAT TO DO                            should consist of a two-inch band of
a population at war living in a scarcity                                              three or four thicknesses of gauze well
of doctors," the two physicians state.            IN CASE                             moistened with cold water and wrapped
                                                                                      around the neck, then snugly covered
   They report two cases of men picked
up apparently drunk who subsequently
                                               OF SORE THROAT                          with dry flannel.
were found to be suffering from bromi-          H. 0. SWARTOUT, M.D., Dr. P.H.           If the throat soreness persists in
dism. In each case the patient had                                                    spite of such treatment, and especially
been taking daily large numbers of a              t-'OLD, damp weather is not the if fever develops, it is best to seek med-
brand of headache powders which               only kind that tends to cause sore ical advice, because some dangerous in-
 contain seven and a half grains of           throat. Dry and dusty air, as well as fection or disease may be starting, and
potassium bromide each. One man               damp and chilly air, can irritate the there may be need of remedies which
had taken from six to ten of these            throat enough to make it feel sore; but only a person with medical training
 powders daily for years, the other had       the germs that easily start to grow in and experience can properly give or
 been taking six packages daily for one       an irritated throat may do serious prescribe.
                                                                                            group there were eighty-six smoker*
                                "OF COURSE,                                                 against fifty-six non-smokers. Here the
                                                                                            smoker has a much better chance than
                                                                                            has the non-smoker of not getting
                                IT'S POISON"                                                f  rade points enough for a diploma,
                                                                                               f we consider those whose grades
                                                                                            ranged from 0 per cent to 20 per cent, *A
                                                                                            the ratio is eight to ene between the "
                                         OSCAR L. BRAUER, Pn.D.                             smokers and the non-smokers. Only
                                                                                            one non-smoker fell that low, but eight
                                                                                            smokers did.
                                                                                                 In almost any college class there is
                                                                                            a fringe of students who are failing or
                                                                                            nearly failing. It is safe to say that
                                                                                             the great majority of them are heavy
                                                                                            smokers. These students are in a
                                                                   The mechanical            mental haze; their minds are unable
                                                                 "smoker." Note              to function clearly, and they are not
                                                                 that the "intake            able to use what native mental capacity
                                                                 tube and bottom
                                                                 of the flask are            they possess. They are really mentally
                                                                 covered with this           ill, and are to be pitied. We owe it to
                                                                 dark, oily tar              every child in the rising generation to
                                                                 which has a vile            inform him of the harmful effects of
                                                                                              tobacco so that he may know the risk
                                                                                              that he is running in joining the ranks
                                                                                              of the smokers.
                                                                                                  One characteristic common to all
                                                                                              the narcotic poisons is not fully
                                                                                              appreciated as regards nicotine in
                                                                                              tobacco. That is the habit-forming
                                                                                              nature of the drug. Nearly all smokers
                                              whereas the number of cancers in gen-           think that they can quit if they see any
            A previous article it was         eral increased only 28 per cent. In the         signs of injury. In this, many are
pointed out that nicotine, the alkaloid       stems of old pipes there accumulates            fooling themselves. In a survey by Dr.
in tobacco, is a most potent poison. It       much basic tar or oily material. Can-           H. C. Link, director of the Psychological
was shown also that sudden death              cers have been produced on the ears             Service Centre of New York City, he
from heart trouble is much more prev-         of rabbits by continued application of           found that 75 per cent of those who
alent among smokers than among non-           this tobacco tar to the ear.                     tried to quit smoking failed. This
smokers. Death from heart trouble in              A glass flask can be rigged up so it         means that three out of four who try
the last three decades has increased          will mechanically smoke a cigarette.             to quit smoking fail in the attempt.
from fifth place among all causes of          One of these flasks of three-quart size          What makes the situation worse, many
death to first place, and is still increas-   was made to smoke a package of ciga-             of those who can quit for a time take
ing parallel with the increase in smok-       rettes. The intake tube and the bot-             up the habit again after a few months.
ing.     Well-informed doctors believe        tom of the flask were covered with                  The schools in some countries are
that the heavy use of tobacco in any          this dark, oily tar, which had a vile            enjoined by law to teach the harmful
form shortens life an average of five         odour. Imagine the effect of such a              effects of tobacco. The smoker is
years. In this article we shall consider      coating in the lungs and bronchial               running the chance of sudden death
other serious effects from using to-          tubes day after day and year after               from heart trouble, of getting stomach
bacco.                                        year. How can it avoid causing ir-               and duodenal ulcers, of getting lung
    The use of tobacco is believed by         ritations? We know that constant ir-             cancer, of dulling the mind, and of
 many in the medical profession to be          ritations—especially irritations caused         being unable to quit. Isn't it wise to
 one of the causes of stomach and             by tar—frequently give rise to cancer.            refrain from smoking if we do
 duodenal ulcers. One of the first                Statistical studies in the schools show       have the habit, and to try to q
 things a doctor prescribes for a pa-         that the use of tobacco dulls the men-            immediately if we do have it?
 tient showing symptoms of duodenal or        tality of many of our youth of high-
 stomach ulcer is to quit smoking. In                                                           CONTROLLING TYPHUS FEVER
                                               school and college age. In a recent
 many cases the symptoms gradually             study by J. Rosslyn Earp, director of              TWO new lotions for ridding the head
 •ubside, only to reappear when the pa-                                                         of lice have been devised by Pr. William
                                               the Department of Hygiene at Antioch             A. Davis of the International Health Di-
 tient goes back to smoking. Until re-         College, some interesting facts were             vision of the Rockefeller Foundation. Al-
 cently there were ten cases of duodenal       brought out. The number of students              though they were developed as part of a
 ulcer in men to one in women. Doc-            who smoked was one hundred and                   programme to control typhus fever, they
 tors now predict that one of the pen-                                                          will prove useful in hospitals, orphanagei,
                                               seventy-seven, while the non-smokers             schools, and other institutions. The active
 alties which women will pay for tak-          numbered one hundred and seventy-six             ingredient of each lotion is a commercial
 ing up smoking is a great increase in         —almost the same. The upper 20 per               solvent, known as Cellosolve, which is
 the prevalence of duodenal ulcers.            cent grade distribution contained forty-         combined with water, ethyl alcohol, and
                                                                                                methyl salicylate. The exact formulas for
     Paralleling the great increase in the     two non-smokers and fourteen smokers.            the two lotions are given in a report to
 number of smokers in the last few             In other words, if a student did not             "The Journal of the American Medical A«-
 years, there has come an increase in          smoke, he had three times the chance             aociation."   They hare no unpleasant
                                                of the smoker of getting into the               odour, do not stain, are not greasy, and
 the number of lung cancers. In the                                                             are both cheap and lasting. They hare
  five-year period, 1932-1937, cancer of       highest grade bracket. At the other              been effective in delousing entire villages
  the lung increased 124JJ per cent.           end of the score in the non-diploma              in Mexico.
                                                                                                THB ORIENTAL WASCHMAX. MA*CB 19*15
                                                                                        humility, loyalty, temperance, and in-
                                                                                        tegrity. Let these be an active force in
                                                                                        your daily work. Use your mental
                                                                                        power in large ways for large ends.
                                                                  NEW                   Simplicity, peace, poise, confidence,
                                                                                        and happiness are products of a well-
                                                                                        ordered life. The most vital work you
                                                                                        have to do is within the realm of your
                                                                                        mind, since thought is the primary
                                                                                        cause of everything you plan, attempt,
                                                                                        and achieve.
                                                            HORIZONS                        Lift your eyes occasionally from
                                                                                        your immediate work and take a
                                                                                         long-range view of Cod's beautiful and
                                                                                         inspiring creation. Look away into
                                                                                         the depths of the distant sky, and let
                                                                                         your spirit find wing in the infinite.
                                                                                         Give your mind freedom to wander
                                                                                         where it may in the immensity of
                                                                                         space surrounding you. This mental
                                                                                         excursion will bring you spiritual
                                                              CRENVILLE KLEISER          refreshment and many helpful ideas,
                                                                                         so that you will return again to your
                                                                                         regular duties with exaltation and new
                                                                                         courage. A flight of fancy is a
           Don't let your work "get you flown."                                          desirable relief from concentrated ef-
                                                                                         fort. Never become so deeply absorbed
     ••• HERE is great value in power       of your thoughts, that they may lead         in your work as to lose sympathetic
of concentration, yet you should be         to right habits and thence to right          touch with the world around you. Be
careful not to apply yourself too ex-       living. Recognize and use such su-           earnest, be strong, be true, and your
clusively and continuously to one kind      preme qualities as courage, faith,            own will come to you.
of occupation. Unless you have inter-
ests outside of your routine work, your
mind and life will become narrowed,
and later on you may find yourself in       NEW QUININE SUBSTITUTE?
a rut from which it will be difficult to                                                Archipelago, the disease has increased
extricate yourself. Paradoxical as it            M HE Japanese, who now have a
                                                                                        alarmingly; it now rages through like
seems, it is the busy man, not the in-      corner on the world's supply of             a scourge from the northern tip of
dolent one, who has the most time and       quinine, the most effective drug in the     Sumatra to the Japanese-occupied
inclination for outside varied interests.   treatment of malaria, are reported to       portion of Dutch New Guinea, hitting
Occasional change from your regular         be hunting high and low for a pass-         the populations of Java, Borneo,
work will enable you to return to it        able substitute. They disclosed this        Celebes, and other islands. Especially
with refreshed mind and body. Often         themselves in numerous recent pro-          in Celebes the Japanese have been
the best remedy for worry, irritation,      paganda broadcasts in which they            battling against the tropical disease
weariness, and discouragement is sim-       also announced that they had already        with all their might—mainly because
ply a change of occupation.                 "discovered" one or two obviously           their own armies are badly affected by
   When your mind is receptive, all the     unsatisfactory substitutes.                 it. Here they evolved a system of
                                                These announcements are accepted in     sending malaria prevention squads, led
world teaches you. Wherever you are
                                            official Dutch quarters as evidence that    by three Japanese officials with three
situated, there is wisdom ready to dis-
close herself to you. The knowledge         the Japanese are seriously considering      Indonesian assistants, throughout the
                                            the possibility that they may be            island to investigate the spread of the
you desire most earnestly is the knowl-
edge you will likely receive. When          driven out of Java. In fact, no other       disease. But only a short time after
you read the best books, you will have      interpretation could be placed upon the     the Tokyo radio informed the world of
as the guests of your mind the best         reports, for, in peace time, Java, the      this method, Japanese official sources
                                            most important of the East Indies           admitted that other ways of combating
thoughts of the best men. You choose
                                             islands, provided 95 per cent of the       malaria would have to be found.
the kind and quality of thought in your
daily life by means of desire and your       world's requirements of quinine.              Recently the Japanese proclaimed
                                                Thus it is inconceivable that Java's    excitedly that they had at last found a
mental attitude toward the world
                                             natural supplies would be insufficient      remedy: Dr. T. J. Naingoolan of
around you. The master thinkers and
                                             to meet the needs of the Japanese and       Medan, Sumatra, had "discovered a
doers of all time are ready to serve
                                             Indonesians, despite malaria epidemics      medicine concocted from a plant
you at your bidding. There is a feast
of reason at which you can sit at will.      reported in the Archipelago. This is        named Cassia Mata, which is found
                                             particularly true since the Tokyo radio     abundantly in Sumatra and supplies a
It is simply marvellous how much has
                                             claimed as recently as September 28         perfect quinine substitute." But shortly
been prepared for the nourishment of
                                             that quinine production at Bandung          thereafter the Nipponese radio told of
your mind and soul, which you can
have for the taking.                         had risen to 172 per cent of the            a "new" and rather peculiar weapon
                                             pre-invasion output.                        for fighting malaria—a tiny fish which
   New habits make new horizons.                In malaria the Japanese officials and    is extremely fond of mosquito eggs.
Silently and imperceptibly you are           soldiers, stationed on the conquered        The Japanese proposed breeding an
forming habits that will ultimately          Dutch islands, have met an enemy they       immense number of these fish and
determine tho degree of your happiness       fear as much as dive-bombers or tanks,      turning them loose in mosquito-infested
and success. Closely guard the quality       and rightly so. Since they occupied the     lakes and swamps; their «xpert»
 claimed this method would wipe mala-          reservoir of quinine in their possession   the nail on the head with this remark:
 ria out of all the territory under their      —must have some special reason for         "If the Japanese are looking for a
 command.                                      seeking a substitute.       Netherlands    quinine substitute, it's a sure sign they
                                               authorities are convinced the reason is    don't feel at ease. They must have
    But meanwhile, no matter the pro-          Japanese fear of losing Java. Dr.          a definite premonition that pretty
 portions malaria epidemics may have           Charles 0. van der Plas, Chief Com-        soon they will be thrown out of their
 attained in the Netherlands East              missioner of the Netherlands East          present holdings."—Netherlands In/or-
 Indies, the Japanese—with Java's great        Indies, now stationed in Australia, hit    mation Bureau, New York.

         1 N A Detroit hospitd last year
   a sixty-year-old woman lay dying of
   pneumonia complicated by pernicious
   anemia. Formerly, either disease, by
   itself, might have meant the end. But
   the deadly combination, even in an
   elderly woman, failed to ruffle Dr. War-
   ren Cooksey. He checked the pneu-              UNFOLDING
   monia with sulfa drugs. Then medical
   science performed the second half of a
   dual miracle: The anemia was treated
   with transfusions of red corpuscles—
   one of the many new life-saving by-
   products of donated blood. Dr. Cook-
   sey's report of the case reads laconi-
  cally: "Uneventful recovery."
      Today, donated blood is cutting the
   death toll among men on our fighting
  fronts to a fraction of the grim pos-
  sibilities. On the home front, ingen-
  ious scientists, unwilling to waste even
  a small part of the people's life-giving
  generosity, are working miracles with
  human blood's by-products which will
  lower the death rate from disease in
  the postwar world.
      In New England some twenty-five            Lois MATTOX MILLER
  people are walking around with a sub-
  stitute brain covering inside their              With the Research
  heads. Acquired during a brain opera-
  tion, this man-made membrane is a                  Assistance of
  nylon-like film devised from fibrinogen,
  a component of blood.                             Theodore Irwin
      In Philadelphia, Baltimore, and
  Boston last year, over a thousand
  children and adults, who either had
  contracted measles or been exposed to
 it, were inoculated with another                             Donated
 new preparation—concentrated immune                          blood is
 globulin, also a component of blood.                         saving
 Their illness was either cut short or                        many
 prevented entirely.                                          lives
     At Walter Reed Hospital recently                         today.
 an Army officer was rushed in with a
 severe case of peptic ulcers. He was          chine that whirls them until the thick which protects the body against loss of
 bleeding profusely, and his blood             mass of red and white cells settles; blood. Globulins include prothrom-
 count was dangerously low. Trans-             then the straw-coloured plasma is bin, part of the clotting mechanism;
 fusion of whole blood might have in-          drawn off from the top. Until 1943, and the gamma globulin holds
tensified the hemorrhage; even if the          the red cells, which made up about 50 the antibodies—the protective agents
 treatment were successful, it would           per cent of your blood contribution, created by the body to fight a specific
 take weeks for the lesions to heal. In-      were thrown away. Their clinical disease.
stead, the Army doctors administered          value was unheard of before 1939.         Medical journals today abound with
 pints of red blood cells—heretofore a           Plasma itself can be broken down clinical reports on the heretofore un-
worthless by-product of plasma pro-           into many useful parts: albumin, suspected roles which these factors may
duction. Within a week, the ulcers had        fibrinogen, globulins, and various min- play in wound healing and the con-
ceased bleeding.                              erals and hormones. Albumin is just quest of disease. Scientists, with more
     Blood carries many substances es-        as effective as plasma itself in the contributed blood available than ever
sential to life. Break down your pint         treatment of shock; because of its before, are continually subdividing it
contribution and see what is in it. At        concentrated form it can be shipped until each component part seems to of-
the processing laboratories, flagons of       to casualty stations abroad in much fer a new cure for some previously in-
blood are placed in a centrifugal ma-         lesc space. Fibrinogen forms the clot curable ailment. Each new achieve-
     8                                                                                THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN, MABCH 1945
jnent is part of the «till unfolding            In 1914, Dr. Luis Agote of Argen-         out a trace of clotting. For the next
miracle of blood.                           tina, already a distinguished physician       six weeks he experimented, carefully
    From the time in 1616 when William      and statesman, began the quest for such       determining the minimum amount of
Harvey, an English scientist, discovered    a substance. At the end of six months,        sodium citrate necessary to act as anti-
that blood is a life force circulating      working on rabbits and dogs, he               coagulant in blood.
through the human body, doctors             had investigated every anti-coagulant
                                            known. They were all failures.                   On November 14, 1914, Dr. Luis
 dreamed of the possibilities of trans-                                                   Agote was able to announce to the
 fusing it from strong, healthy bodies           Then one day, still mulling over his     world that 0.2 per cent of sodium
 into the veins of the sick and dying.       problem, he passed one of Buenos             citrate in human blood would prevent
 But their attempts were tragic failures.    Aires' most fashionable restaurants.         coagulation. At last the indirect trans-
 Not until 1901 did a German scientist,      The window was full of eggs. Some-           fusion of blood from donor to patient
 Landsteiner, supply one of the chief        thing clicked in his mind. "Coagula-         was really practical and safe. The
 reasons why: Human blood falls into         tion of albumin!" he cried. "Sodium          blood, however, could not be kept more
 four distinct types. Blood of one type,     citrate prevents it. Albumin is part of      than a week.
 transfused into the veins of a person       the blood's liquid.... Sodium citrate!"
  whose blood belongs to another group,                                                      Blood transfusions were given their
                                                 Dr. Agote rushed back to the hos-
  can be fatal.                              pital. An orderly stopped him at the         tryout during World War I, but the
     But Landsteiner's great discovery        door and reported that one of the pa-       trials and the results were so limited
  solved the problem only partly. Even                                                    that they could not be compared with
                                             tients awaited a much needed blood           the similar work in this war. But mass
  though they knew how to recognize          letting.
  blood of the desired type, doctors were                                                 production transfusion projects were in
  faced with the problem of transferring         "Magnificent," said Agote. "I will       the wind. London launched the first
  it from the veins of the donor to the       do it myself."                               real blood donor service in 1921 and
  patient.   Direct transfusions were            While the orderly hurried off to tell     reduced the cost per transfusion to Rs.7.
  tedious, painful, and dangerous or-         the news that the distinguished di-          This, of course, was whole blood to be
   deals. And, once it is removed from        rector of the hospital had descended to      used locally and immediately. In the
   the body, blood coagulates in two to       blood letting, Agote poured a small          early 1930's Dr. Yudin of Moscow con-
   ten minutes. Doctors agreed that until     amount of sodium citrate into a flask,       ducted extensive experiments and fi-
   an anti-coagulant could be found, the       then drew the patient's blood into it.      nally announced a method of preserv-
   miracle of blood transfusion would re-      He put the flask in a safe. Ten days        ing and storing blood for thirty-five
   main unrealized.                            later the blood was still- liquid, with-     days.—Hygeia.

       The Facts About Alcohol                must be completely withdrawn, and the        PENICILLIN SAVES TIME IN HOSPI-
                                              patient must be kept under close ob-         TALIZATION
       (Concluded from page 12)
                                              servation, in order that he may be pre-        REPORTS appearing in the "British
                                              vented from securing more. Here              Medical Journal" state that penicillin lias
      The liquor habit should be looked                                                    already saved from three to six weeks in
  upon as a disease and that victim as        again hvdrotherapv is invaluable in the      the hospital for men treated in North
  a sick man in need of help. During          process of rehabilitation. The Russian       Africa for soft tissue wounds.
  the acute debauch he should be tact-        bath is nrobably the best single hydro-
                                              therapeutic measure, although the             FILMS IN TREATMENT OF TUBER-
  fully separated from the source of his                                                    CULOSIS
  drink and if possible put to bed. He        milder type of treatment described
                                              above is of great value. The nutrition           THIRTY-FIVE millimetre motion-pic-
  should be kept warm with some form                                                        ture film hns become a major weapon in
  of gentle external heat, such as the hot-   of the chronic alcoholic is of para-
                                                                                            the U. S. Navv's continuing war airainst
  water bag or the electric heating pad,      mount importance. He has substituted          tuberculosis. The film is part of the
  great care being used not to burn him,      alcohol for food so long that he has          photoftuorograpliy system for taking X-ray
                                               usually developed serious food defi-         pictures of the chests of all recruits. The
   since he is more or less insensible to                                                   pictures can be made at an average rate
   pain. The stomach should be washed          ciencies, especially of the vitamins.
                                                                                            of two hundred an hour, cost onlv one
   with weak soda or salt solution by          Generally it is wise to give him vita-       cent per person, and doctors are able to
   means of a stomach tube, or if this is      min-rich substances, such as yeast, and      review the negatives at the rate of four
                                               an abundance of citrus-fruit juice.           hundred an hour. Space saved in storing
   not available, it may be possible to in-                                                  the films is another advantage.
   duce vomiting by giving a large quan-    The person addicted to the use of
   tity of salt solution made up in the  alcohol has usually lost his will power            SAVING VITAMIN C IN DEHYDRATION
   proportion of a teaspoonful to the    and self-control to the extent that in             PROCESS
   pint. Hydrotherapy is of much value   and of himself it is impossible for him
   in hastening recovery. If the patient to stop drinking. He may be incar-                     A NEW method of drying foods in a
   is in a sanitarium, the Russian bath, cerated in an institution and be relieved          natural pas atmosphere saves almost all
    followed by an alternate hot and cold                                                   of their vitamin C content. The method
                                         of his habit, but unless there is a                promises marked improvement over nir-
    spray, will greatly hasten the burning
                                         change in his ideals and in his attitude           dehvdration in which SO per cent or more
    up of the alcohol in the body. In thetoward life, he is likely to relapse.              of the vitamin C is likely to be lost. Ac-
    home, milder procedures, such as fo- True, a few men of unusual determina-              cording to Dr. Paul Pavcek of the IT. S.
    mentations and hot foot baths followed                                                  National Research Council, cabbage dried
                                         tion may not go back to the old habits;            tinder natural fas contains ns much as
    by vigorous cold-mitten frictions, will
                                          but they are the exception rather than            75 mg of vitamin C in less than one-half
    be of value. Recovery from acute      the rule. The most effective cure of              ounce of the dried product—a generous
     poisoning by alcohol is usually prompt
                                          the drink habit is a thorough and com-            dailv supply for the adult. Potatoes dried
    if the drinker can be separated from                                                     in this wav are four times as rich in
                                          plete conversion in which God by His              ascorbic acid as those dehydrated in air,
     his bottle.                          divine power takes away the desire for             since the natural gas atmosphere prevent.8
                                          drink and plants in the human heart                oxidation. Nor are the foods dried in nat-
     Chronic alcoholism is a more diffi- and mind a new set of ideals and an en-             ural gas affected in colour or taste. Sub-
   cult condition to treat. The liquor tirely changed attitude toward HfV.                   sequently, the "atmosphere" is burned aa
                                                                                             fuel to help heat the dehydration unit.
      The Latest in                                HEALTH                              and             SCIENCE
WATER BALANCE OF SURVIVORS OF                     equipment was reported to the American reaction time as shown by motor car
SHIPWRECK IN TROPICAL WATERS                      Medical Association by Dr. Charles S. driver reaction tests. The stimulating ef-
                                                  White and Dr. Jacob Weinstein, of Wash- fect of the bath may last as long as six
   MEASUREMENTS of water metabolism               ington, D. C. Separation of the blood hours and there is no after-depression
were made on eighteen volunteer Navy              from the plasma, they find, can be accom- period.
men who spent the greater part of four            plished by mixing the blood, as it is drawn A BETTER ANESTHETIC
days on pneumatic rafts in the Gulf of            from the donor, with methyl cellulose.
Mexico recently. The weather conditions           This plastic causes the red blood cells to         AT A recent meeting of the New Jersey
were such as to cause the daily require-          pile up in rouleaux—like stacks of coins (State) Section of the American Chemical
ment of water to approach the maximum             —and therefore settle out of the plasma Society, Dr. John C. Krantz, Jr., announced
to be encountered on any ocean. The               faster.    In twenty-four hours plasma the discovery of a new anesthetic reported
average daily evaporative loss of water           equivalent to almost half the total blood to be three to five times more potent than
was calculated to be 730 cc., an unusually        volume can be siphoned off and used at ether and considerably safer. Dr. Krantz,
low figure. It is estimated that as long          once safely. The doctors say the plasma who is professor of pharmacology at the
as exertion is minimal, seasickness is not        may be stored for a year at room tem- Universi'ty of Maryland Medical School,
excessive, clothing is kept moist with sea        perature and still be safe to use.              said the new agent, called propethylene. is
water, and a light breeze blow*, a supply                                                         the product of five years of research by
of 500 to 1,000 cc. of water a day will           NEW DRUG SAVES TEETH                            himself and three associates. He expeets
prevent the occurrence of dehydration in              TEETH which ordinarily would have to the compound to become an important
semi-fasting survivors on lifeboats and           be extracted are now being saved by use medical factor in the war because "it is
rafts in the tropics. These observations          of a sulfa drug plus a relatively new anti- not highly volatile and does not quickly
have considerable importance in the prob-         septic, zephiran, according to a report in •boil" away in tropical climates, and will
lem of supplying adequate amounts of               the "Journal of the American Dental As- take only a fraction of the shipping space
water to survivors of shipwreck on life-          sociation" by Dr. M. Eigon, of Arlington, required by ether."
boats and rafts.                                  Virginia. Dr. Eigon has tried this treat- CANCER DIAGNOSIS
PENICILLIN AND SYPHILIS                           ment in more than one hundred cases of
                                                  pulpitis, with about 10 per cent of pulp           AN INSTRUMENT for nse in cancer
    J. R. HELLER, JR., Medical Director of        deaths. The method of treatment consists diagnosis, called a broncho-catheter, was
the Venereal Disease Division of the U. S.        essentially in cleaning out the cavity with shown by its designer, Colonel Antonino
Public Health Service, announced recently         zephiran, and applying a sulfa dmsr. In Perez Ara, of the Cuban Army's General
that the U. S. Health Service, in co-opera-       some cases, zephiran alone succeeds In Staff, at the First Mexican Cancer Con-
tion with several state health depart-            clearing UP the trouble, but the addition gress in Guadalajara. Mexico. The instru-
ments, is undertaking the large-scale use         of the sulfa drug seems to give better ment is a long needle to he introduced
of penicillin in treating early syphilis. He      results.                                        through the nose to reach the lungs. Its
 cited the success of initial tests and said                                                      movements can be followed on the
                                                   A NEW WEAPON AGAINST DISEASE fluoroscopic screen. At the end of the long,
 that during the coming year hundreds of
 syphilis patients will be treated with the           A NEW serum has been developed by hollow needle is a mechanism for biting
 drug at "rapid treatment centres" in va-         Professor Alexander A. Bogomolets of the out a little piece of the mass suspected of
 rious parts of the country. He said that          Soviet Union, which may, he believes, be being cancer for examination under th«
 the decision to start large-scale use            a weapon against cancer, high blood pres- microscope. Colonel Perez also showed a
 of penicillin followed promising results          sure, and premature old age. It is now similar needle he had designed for reaching
 achieved by Public Service physicians at         being very useful in stimulating wound the pancreas.
 the U. S. Marino Hospital in New York.           healing. The serum, culled anti-reticular
 Thirty-five rapid treatment centres have          cytotoxic Renim, or ACS. in made by HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR ALLERGY?
                                                   inoculating horses with the cells of the          AT THE Rawson Hospital in Buenos
 been established. The use of the drug will
 be restricted to patients with untreated          spleen nnd bone mnrrow taken from a hu- Aires, Argentine, a dental drill is being
 early syphilis, and those for whom sue            man cndnver. Cadavers of persons who used for allergy testing, and is said to
 months' or a year's follow-up seems pos-          died a sudden death and had no infections make these tests less painful than when
 sible.                                            disease are most suitable. Unlike unti- performed by other methods. The drill,
                                                   diphtheritic nnd other serums developed mounted on a portable motor, peels the top
 MEDICAL SUPPLY KITS FOR PRISON-                   against specific diseases. ACS does not act layer of the skin by friction. A drop of
 ERS OF WAR AND INTERNEES                          as a weapon against specific disease germs extract of each substance suspected of
                                                   or their poisons. Instead. Professor Bo- causing allergy is placed on the nibbed
    SPECIAL medical supply kits for ship-          gomolets explains, it nets to stimulate the area. After twenty minutes the reaction
 ment to prisoners of war and civilian in-         reactivity of the connective tissue in the is read as usual. False positive reactions
 ternees under the control of the Japanese         body. He believes that the physiologic due to contamination of the test sub-
 have been developed for distribution by           system of the connective tissne is the stances with each other is avoided by this
 the International Red Cross. The work             arena in which disease processes develop, method.
 was done by a committee of officers in the        and that one of the most important prob- NEW TREATMENT FOR LEPROSY
  Office of the Surgeon General, U. S. Army,       lems In treating disease is keeping this
 in collaboration with British, Canadian,                                                            NEW hope for the conquest of leprosy
                                                   system on a sufficiently hieh level of ac- by a chemical remedy appears in a report
 and American Red Cross officials. Besides         tivitv. The body's asre. he says, really de- of beneficial results from promin treat-
  the approximately 126 drugs provided, the        pends on the age of its connective tissne. ment of leprosy at the U. S. Marine Hos-
 kits contain dressings, simple types of           Injection with ACS keeps the tissue, and pital in Louisiana. Promin "can be re-
 dental and surgical instruments, sterilizing      therefore the body, youns and active. ACS garded as the most encouraging experimen-
  equipment, insecticides, and water purifiers.    has already shown promising results in the tal treatment ever undertaken at the Na-
  Efioh package contains a booklet with in-        treatment of arthritis war wounds, and In tional Leprosarium." the report says. The
  structions, written in non-technical terms,
  for use of the medicines. Some of the dis-       preventing the recurrence *f cancer after drug is too toxic to be given by mouth,
                                                   operations.                                     but with suitable precautions can be safely
  eases for which one or more medicines are
  prescribed are: anemia, fevers, beriberi,        STEPPING UP MUSCLE REACTION                     injected intravenously. Eye complications
  blood poisoning, diarrhea, dysentery, skin          COT,D hip baths for men doing routine of leprosy, leprous laryngitis, sores of Iir*>
  infections, scurvy, pellagra, pneumonia,         patrol duty or monotonous tasks in fac- tongue, gums, and palate, and ulcers of the
  meningitis, ulcers, and rickets. The kits        tories, where acute vision and good mus- nasal mucous membranes all showed im-
  are packed in special waterproof plywood          cular co-ordination are essential, are sug- provement under treatment. One patient
  cases, with labels printed in English and         gested in the January issue of "War who had had leprosy for twelve years im-
  Japanese,                                        Medicine," The cold hip baths produce proved so much that he was able to play
  SMALL HOSPITALS TO BUILD THEIR                   striking temporary improvement in visual baseball for the first time in three years.
  OWN BLOOD BANKS                                   functions involving binocular vision, in vis- Promin has also been remarkablv success-
                                                   ual acuity, and in critical fusion frequency. ful in combating experim»ntal tuberculosis
     A METHOD by which small hospitals              Thev also produce temporary improvement in guinea pigs and has shown promise in
  can easily build their own blood plasma           in the rate at which a person can tap a the tr°f<tment of human tuberculosis.
  hanks wilt**1'* «nrp«nihr« q.nrt •lutwm.f-                    w. MM! •" #r*< *» Iwc runnel* ~USOWL                                          „
     Rhymes With                           And then 1 knew that 1 tints right,         Though for a while I thought I'd die,
                                           So sent a call out in the night.            I'm better; and I only lie
        Reason                             The doctor came and looked me o'er,         Here quietly and read and rest,
                                           Then quickly went outside the door          For now I know the "Doc" knew best.
                                           And called an ambulance to take
      APPENDICITIS                         Poor me for health and safety's sake              WHAT SHOULD BE DONE
                                           To where he planned to operate.                1. If appendicitis is suspected, send
         H. E. Butka, M.D. '               But I decided I would wait                  for a doctor at once. Surgery may be
                                           Because the pains had calmed, but then      needed to save life, and delay may be
The other night, before 'twas nine,        The pesky pains br-gan again.               dangerous.
I went to bed, while feeling fine;         My mind made up, at last I said:               2. While waiting for the doctor to
And as the deepening shadows crept         "It's up to you, Doc—go ahead."             come, keep the patient in bed.
About me, I dozed off and slept.           A little gas put me to sleep.                  3. Apply an ice bag to the painful
But long before the night was through,     The doctor then cut in quite deep           area of the abdomen.
I wakened with a pain or two.              And took away that wormlike thing              4. Give no cathartics, and nothin,
Below my diaphragm they came—              That through the night had had its          else by mouth except small amounts o
At first I thought my food to blame.            fling.                                 plain water.
But as the hours passed, one by one,
The pains grew worse and made me
     groan.                                                          THE EVIDENCE
They moved about most everywhere                              ,-"S AGAINST YOU IS CLEAIV
And struck with fury here and there.
By spells, my stomach for a minute
Crew sick and threw out what was in it.
With all these troubles—not a few—
I had a little fever, too.
I soon discovered one small spot
Was getting sore and growing hot,
With muscles tense and like a board,
While each new cramp stabbed like a
Where was the spot? I found its site
Was rather low and to the right.
At length to me the thought occurred,
A wormlike organ, that I'd heard
Lay very near that painful spot
That was so tender and so hot.
Most likely was the thing to blame.
"Appendix" is the organ's name.
Again I pressed and felt around
 Where the appendix should be found;                 CRIME      POVERTY   RUINED MANHOOD/*

 GIVES THE FACTS ABOUT ALCOHOL                                                                             F. B. MOOR, M.D.

                                           alcohol by weight. The rubbing alco-        On the mucous membranes of the
     9 HERE are several members in         hol sold in the chemists ordinarily con-    mouth, esophagus, stomach, and in-
the alcohol family, chief among which      tains about 70 per cent of alcohol, with    testines, it is distinctly irritating. The
are methyl, or wood, alcohol, and          other substances added to render it un-     continued use of the stronger beverages
ethyl, or grain, alcohol. In this dis-     desirable for internal use.                 causes chronic inflammation of the
cussion we are concerned with grain           Whisky, brandy, and gin contain ap-      stomach with resulting digestive d :s-
alcohol, which is the one that is or-      proximately 50 per cent of alcohol.         turhances. Alcohol is not a powerful
dinarily meant when we speak of alco-      The generous wines, such as sherry,         disinfectant, but when used for this
hol. Wood alcohol has occasionally         contain 15 to 20 per cent, and light        purpose, the best concentration is about
been used as an adulterant of grain-       wines contain lower percentages. Ale        70 per cent. Concentrations above 80
alcohol beverages, and has resulted in      and beer contain 3 to 6 per cent of al-    per cent and below 60 per cent are
serious poisoning, in some cases caus-      cohol. The intoxicating properties of      much less effective. Wood alcohol
ing loss of vision. Technically, grain      these beverages are proportional to        should never be used upon the skin.
alcohol may be purchased in three           their alcoholic content.                      Alcohol is almost completely oxi-
Standard strengths: dilute alcohol, con-       Alcohol applied locally to the skin     dized (90 to 98 per cent) in the body,
taining 49 per cent by volume with 51       is mildly irritating and may be used       and in this burning process it yields
per cent of water; alcohol, containing      as a mild liniment. When allowed to        seven calories of heat for each gram.
95 per cent by volume with 5 per cent       evaporate, it is cooling and drying to     This means that a teaspoonful of
of water: absolute, or dehydrated, alco-    the skin and tends to toughen it, thus     whisky will yield almost as much heat
hol, containing at least 99 per cent of     preventing the formation of bed soiv*.     *» « tpftspoonful of tugar. It can,
      uixwTAr. WIT«»«MJI»«. MARCH
therefore, take the place of sugars,         pressure, and the action of the heart       13 feet farther before stopping in an
starches, fats, and, to a certain extent,    becomes weaker.        Therefore, these     emergency if the driver has taken only
proteins in the diet. With the milder        larger doses are distinctly depressing      two ounces of whisky than if he is com-
alcoholic drinks, which do not greatly       to the circulation.                         pletely sober. The probability is that
disturb digestion, the drinker will put                                                  the drinking driver will not stay within
                                                Continued use of alcoholic beverages
on weight, a common result of the use                                                    the legal speed limit, the danger of
                                             leads to more or less permanent en-
of beer. This all sounds very good,                                                      accident thus being increased. One
but alcohol is not a food, because it is     largement of the skin vessels. Most of
                                             us have seen the habitual drinker with      very peculiar fact about persons who
irritating and destructive to body tis-                                                  have taken even small amounts of
sues, because it is a narcotic poison, and   the bleary eyes, the blotchy skin, and
                                             the red nose. Many such persons have        liquor is that they consider themselves
because it leads to vicious habit forma-                                                 especially capable when in reality they
                                             a low skin resistance to infections, and    are not.
tion. The use of the stronger liquors
leads to digestive disturbances and          boils and carbuncles are common.
                                                                                            A study of traffic accidents in a
other toxic manifestations which are            The enlargement of the skin vessels      small city showed that the major cause
detrimental to nutrition. The drunk-         results in greater cooling of the blood     of week-end accidents is not so much
ard's appetite fails; he substitutes alco-   at the skin surface and a fall in the       heavy traffic as it is alcohol. In this
hol for food; and as a consequence,          general body temperature. This loss         study it was found that while there
he develops nutritional deficiencies.        of body heat increases with increasing      were three times as many "alcohol" ac-
An example is the neuritis which re-         doses until the temperature falls to        cidents as "non-alcohol" accidents,
 sults from a deficiency of vitamin B1,      alarmingly low levels with large toxic      there were eight times as many deaths
 a very common occurrence in chronic         doses, especially if the victim is in       in the "alcohol" accidents as in the
 inebriates.                                 coma, or, in the language of the street,    "non-alcohol" accidents. This indi-
    Large quantities of the stronger al-     "dead drunk." In this state he is an        cates that those who were under the in-
 coholic beverages cause severe irrita-      easy prey to chilling and respiratory       fluence of alcohol, were driving at
 tion of the digestive tract, especially     infect'ons, especially pneumonia.           higher speeds; their inhibition was
 the stomach.       With continued use,      Effects Upon Nervous System                 gone. There is good reason for the
 this passes into chronic inflammation                                                   police slogan, "If you drink, don't
  (chronic gastritis), which results in         It is upon the nervous system that
                                             this poison exerts its worst effects, and   drive; if you drive, don't drink."
 loss of appetite, gastric distress, ir-
 regularity of the bowels, and nausea.       this phase is of especial importance to     Influence of Alcoholism
 The drunkard's remedy for these symp-       those who are interested in spiritual
                                             values. Let it be understood at the            The influence of alcoholism in the
 toms is more liquor. He becomes                                                         parents upon the offspring is a dis-
 emaciated and weak for lack of real         outset that the popular idea that alco-
                                             hol is a stimulant to the nervous sys-      puted question in scientific circles.
 food.                                                                                   Early animal experimentation indicated
                                             tem has been shown to be entirely er-
Poison Carried by Blood                      roneous. Although there is an ap-           that chronic alcoholism in either parent
                                             parently early stimulation, alcohol in      diminished fertility, caused many of
   The damage produced by alcohol is                                                     the young to die before or soon after
not confined to the digestive tract. The     any dosage is a depressant to the nerv-
                                             ous system. This apparent stimulation       birth, and resulted in frequent gross
poison is carried by the blood stream                                                    deformities.    This degeneration was
to the liver, where degenerative             is in reality due to a depression of the
                                             highest faculties of the mind. The          carried on through three generations.
changes may occur. As the changes                                                        Later experimental work has failed to
progress, liver tissue is replaced by        author of an important textbook on
                                             drugs says, "The first functions to be      confirm these results. It is known that
scar tissue, and the organ, which early                                                  alcohol in the mother's blood passes
in the process was enlarged, becomes         lost are the finer grades of judgment,
                                             reflection, observation, and attention—     through the placenta and enters the
contracted, small, and hard. This                                                        blood of the developing child. This
disease is called cirrhosis of the liver.    the faculties which have largely been
                                             acquired through education, and which       fact accounts for the poor resistance
   The continual use of alcohol irritates    constitute the elements of the restraint    and the high mortality among the chil-
the kidneys, and results in nephritis,       and prudence which man usually im-          dren of alcoholic parents. Studies of
with lessened urine secretion and            poses on his actions." With these finer     the inmates of insane asylums and
albuminuria. The muscular tissues of         qualities of the mind depressed, the        prisons indicate that the descendants
the body, including the heart, show          drinker does things which in saner          of alcoholic parents show a high inci-
fatty degeneration, in which the muscle      moments he would not do. The more           dence of epilepsy and insanity, and a
cells are replaced by fat cells. The         liquor he takes, the more depressed his     tendency toward crime and alcoholism.
muscles, therefore, become soft, flabby,     mind becomes, until these higher func-      It is probable, however, that degen-
and weak.                                    tions are completely benumbed.              eracy leads to alcoholism as well as
   An ounce or two of whisky causes a                                                    alcoholism to degeneracy.
                                                As previously inflicated, small doses
slight increase in the heart rate and        of alcohol impair the judgment, render         The most important phase of the
also in the blood pressure. The skin         the individual overconfident, and thus      treatment of alcoholism is prevention.
blood vessels become dilated and the         lead him to take unnecessary risks.         Prevention may be accomplished best
patient experiences a sensation of           Experiments have shown that this poi-       by education concerning the evil effects
warmth; in reality, however, he is los-      son, even in small doses, impairs vision    of the poison and by some form of
ing an increased amount of heat from         for objects coming from the side as         prohibition or regulation of the liquor
his skin, and his body temperature           much as 11 ner cent, and the speed of       traffic. We might still have the un-
shows a tendency to drop. On the             the eye movements as much as 14 per         doubted benefits of prohibition if an
whole, the circulation may be said to        cent. The muscular response to such         intensive educational campaign had
be stimulated for a period of an hour        sensory stimuli as sight, hearing, and      been carried on during the last two dec-
or two. Three to six ounces of whisky        touch is also impaired about 5 per          ades. This should be a programme of
produce at first the same effeots as         cent by these small doses. This means       public instruction and instruction
the small doses, but soon thsra is           that a car travelling 45 miles an hour,     throughout the school system.
a progressive fall in the blood              or 66 feet a spronri will travel about               (Concluded on page 9)
                                                                                         THS OHENTAI WATCHMAN, MABCH 1945
      RECIPES                                         Put spinach into well-buttered baking       bake until nicely browned on top; stir the
                                                   dish, pour over it well-beaten milk, eggs,     potatoes and let brown again. Rpprat this
                    SPINACH                        and seasoning, and bake ten minutes, or        two or three times until the potatoes have
                                                   until set, in hot oven.                        been nicely browned throughout and the
                Mrs. E. M. Meleen                                                                 celery well cooked. A poached egg may be
                                                     SPINACH WITH SCRAMBLED EGGS                  served on each portion of hash, if desired.
      SPINACH is one of the leafy vegetables          i cup cooked spinach, chopped fine; i
    which is very rich in essential vitamins.      tablespoon butter; i tablespoon onion,                  CABBAGE IN TOMATO
    It is, therefore, a food of great importance   chopped fine; 3 eggs, scrambled.
    and should be served on our tables more                                                         i quart chopped cabbage; 3 cups strained
    often than it is, especially where there are      Brown onion in butter, add spinach          tomato; i tablespoon butter; i teaspoon
    growing children. It should be cooked in       which has been cooked in salted water.         salt.
    the right way in order to be most ap-          Stir well. Make a ring of spinach on
                                                   platter, fill centre with scrambled eggs.        Stew the chopped cabbage in an un-
    petizing. Spinach should be well washed                                                       covered dish with the strainr-d tomnto
    and then cooked in boiling salted water.       Serve.                                         about one-half hour, or until tender. Add
    If spinach is put to cook in cold water, it            SPINACH IN PANCAKES                    the salt and butter and serve.
    will turn brown and will not look well
    nor taste as good as when it is put into          i cup cooked spinach, chopped fine, sea-               ONIONS ON TOAST
    boiling water to cook. Ten minutes is          soned with butter (and fried onion, if de-
    usually sufficient for it to boil, and only    Sired); i cup milk; 2 tablespoons flour; 3       i dozen small onions; 6 slices toast; 3
    a very small quantity of water is needed.      eggs; 54 teaspoon salt.                        hard boiled eggs; sauce.
    The water is drained off and can be used          Make a batter of milk, eggs, and flour;       Remove the skins of the onions under
    for soups, gravies, etc. The Indian greens,    fry two or three tablespoons of this in        cold water; cook in boiling, salted water,
    usually found in all Indian markets, are       butter like pancakes on one side only. Put     and boil five minutes. Drain and cover
    a good substitute for spinach and can be       a tablespoon of spinach on each pancake,       with boiling, salted water. Cook one hour,
    prepared the same way.                         roll up and serve.                             or until soft and tender, but not so soft
                                                                      # * *                       that the shape is lost. Drain and serve
                  SPINACH SOUP                                                                    two onions upon each slice of moistened
                                                                  RICE PATTIES                    toast. Serve two spoonfuls of sauce upon
       % cup cooked spinach, chopped fine; t
    cup water in which spinach was cooked;            i cup rice; a cups water; i teaspoonful     each serving. Garnish with slices of eggs
    i cup milk; salt to taste; y* cup cream; i     salt; 2 eggs; 2 tablespoons butter; % cup      —one-half egg to each serving.
    tablespoon butter; i dessertspoon flour.       dry bread crumbs.
       Cook butter and flour together, add            Cook the rice in two cups of salted                    PINEAPPLE PUDDING
    spinach water and milk, and cook until         water in a double boiler for one hour.            i cup pineapple juice; i cup water; 54
    thickened. Then add spinach and cream,         Stir in the butter and eggs. When the          cup sugar; i tablespoons flour; a eggs; x
    cook a few minutes more and serve.             rice has cooled slightly, mould into pat-                                        2
                                                                                                  cup pineapple cubed; juice of y lemon.
                SPINACH ON TOAST                   ties. Roll in the bread crumbs and bake           Cook pineapple juice, water, sugar, and
                                                   until nicely browned. Serve with tomato        dissolved cornflour in a double boiler until
1      4 slices well-buttered toast; i small cup   sauce.                                         clear. Take from fire, stir in beaten egg
    cooked spinach, drained and chopped; a                       TOMATO SAUCE                     yolks and lemon juice. Fold in the
    hard boiled eggs, chopped fine; i cup but-                                                    stiffly-beaten egg whites and the pine-
    ter sauce.                                        iy cups strained, stewed tomato, or J4
                                                        2                                         apple cubes. Set in a slow oven in but-
       Spread spinach on buttered toast. Sprin-    cup condensed tomato and i cup water; z        tered baking dish for twenty minutes. The
    kle with chopped eggs; when ready to           tablespoons butter; a tablespoons flour; i     temperature of oven may be determined by
    serve, pour over each slice some of the but-   teaspoon salt.                                 a pan of water placed in oven and kept
    ter sauce.                                        Heat the tomato. Rub the flour and but-     just below boiling point.
                                                   ter together. Pour over this the hot, but
                  BUTTER SAUCE                     not boiling, tomato, slowly stirring mean-           CREAM OF RICE PUDDING
       i tablespoon butter; i cup spinach water,   while. Let come to the boiling point and
                                                   cook for five minutes directly over the           i seer milk; J cup rice; J4 cup sugar;
    or plain water, if preferred; i teaspoon       flame. A little onion or celery salt may be    i egg.
    flour.                                         added, if desired.
       Cook butter and flour until nearly                                                            Cook the rice in the milk until it be-
    brown. Add water and a few grains of                                                          gins to get tender. Beat the eggs
                                                        POTATO AND CELERY HASH                    slightly, add the sugar and turn some of
    salt. Cook until done, and serve,                3 medium-sized boiled potatoes; % cup        the cooked rice into thi?, stirring con-
                 BAKED SPINACH                     cut celery; Y* teaspoon salt; i tablespoon     stantly. Turn the eggs back into the
                                                   butter.                                        remainder of the rice and bake until set,
       i cup cooked spinach, chopped fine; x         Mix the cold potatoes with the finely-cut    taking care not to overcook. It
    cup milk and cream (half and half); »          celery. Add the salt and the melted but-       creamy when done. Jelly of any kind may
    eggs; 1 teaspoon salt
            A                                      ter, together, place in a hot oven and   b« served on top of each portion.
    THE OBKNTJH WATCHMAK, MABCH IMS                                                                                                     13
                             THE DOCTOR                                            e&ronk branchial wrtwrh. Ife thw« a radi-
                                                                                    cal and permanent curt for this ailment!"
                                                                                      Ans.—It would appear from your state-

                                SAYS                                                ment that your wife's disease is of long
                                                                                   standing. Bronchial catarrh clears up with
                                                                                    proper rest, good food, heat to the chest,
                              ThU quatioa and atttwcr tervka, free aalr M          and perhaps a large dosage of vitamin C,
                            lubtcriben, U intended for general informauvn.          perhaps three or four mg. daily. Bron-
                            No attempt will be made to treat disease 01 to         chitis is a result of irritation in the bron-
                            take the place ol a regular physician. In special
                            cases, where a personal reply U desired *r             chia and of comparatively short duration.
                            neceuary, it will be given il a stamped, addre»«d      Bombay is not a good place to live for
                            envelope accompanies the question. We reaenre          those who have chest trouble, whereas
                            the right to publish the answer* to any question!
                            sent in, if we deem them benefirial to our reader*,    Secunderabad is definitely an excellent
                            though no names will be published. Addrevj tJba        place for such conditions.
                            Associate Editor (Doctor Sayi), and make ques-
                            tions short and to the point.                                                ?
                                                                                      HEIGHT INCREASE:            Ques.—"I am
                              DANDRUFF: Ques.—"Kindly suggest a                    twenty-two, and am only 5 ft. 4 ins. high.
                            quick and »ure remedy for dandruff."                   My mother was a very tall woman, and
                                                                                   my father is of average height. Can you
                              Ans.—In regard to control of dandruff,               suggest anything to increase my height?"
                            I would state that there is no sure cure.
                            There is one which gives pood result* in                  Ans.—The question of height is gen-
                            most cases, and this is to rub »/2 per cent            erally regarded as an hereditary matter.
                            of Whitefield's ointment into the scalp                This does not mean that every one will
                            each evening and wash out with Lifebuoy                develop the height of his parents. There
                            soap thoroughly each morning. Do this                  is some likelihood of tallness from tall
                            for a period of ten days or two weeks.                 parents, but we also get our hereditary
                                                                                   characteristics from our several genera-
                                                    7                              tions back, and doubtless back of your
                              BRONCHIAL CATARRH: Ques.—"X-ray                      known ancestors there were those of r.'iort
                            examination of my wife's chest reveals                 stature. The body's height is controlled

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1.4                                                                               OBIF.NTM. WAWWM*I»,             1*4S
by the length of the bones making np it»             infection ta sent* portion of the body.            FISTULA W HECTCTM! 9nOT.—T«r
height. You will see, therefore, that any            Possible sites of the trouble would be in-       two years I hare suffered with a fistula
medication of any form is of little or no            testines, appendix, sinuses, or, in some,        in the rectum. My doctor thinks I should
value in this regard after one readies his           eases, in the digestive tract. On the other      not have it operated on. What treatment
full growth at about twenty years of age.            hand, it is possible that your trouble re-       would you advise!"
                                                     sults from some bony changes which wer«             Ans.—In regard to your question I
                                                     indistinct thus far from diagnosis. A care-      would state there is no medical care of
   EXCESSIVE URINE: Qnes.—"I pass                    ful diet, with little or no meat, plenty of
nrine twelve times within twenty-four                fruits, vegetables, and legumes would b«         any value in treatment of rectal fistula.
hours. Several doctors say I am suffering            advisable. There has been some success in        Surgery on these patients is always
from a nervous condition, and others that            the treatment of this condition by the us*       successful. In the hands of a good surgeon
this is due to inflammation of the prostate          of heavy doses of vitamin D over a long          you should have no fear, but obtain proper
gland. The urine examination does not                period of time. It would be necessary to         relief.
•how any abnormality. What remedy do                 take 25 to 50 thousand units of vitamin D
you suggest to help this condition!"                 daily to derive much benefit. Heat treat-           JAUNDICE: Qnes.—"I have been suffer-
   Ans.—In regard to your question, I                Bient by way of short-wave diathermy is          ing from jaundice for a month. I feel
would say that someone has given you the             also helpful in many of these cases.             very nauseated after eating my meals.
wrong information in speaking of the                                                                  Kindly suggest a remedy and also a diet
prostate as having any relationship to ex-                                                            for me."
cessive flow of urine. It would be pos-                HERNIA: Quei.—"A friend *t mine has
sible for an irritated prostate to cause a           hernia. What can b» done to help this               Ans.—Jaundice is caused by stoppage of
little frequency in urination temporarily.           condition t"                                     flow of bile either in the liver by diseases
This condition causes an increase in the                                                              of the liver, or in the bile duct by the
total amount of urine passed. Excessive                Ans.—The condition of which yen speak          lodging of stone in the duct. If the cause
urination is caused by one of several dis-           ean be successfully treated by surgical in-      is the first one suggested above, rest, heat
orders in the body, possibly, diabetes; but          terference only. There is no other treat-        over the liver by way of fomentation, light
as you say there is no excessive amount              ment of any value. I am afraid it will b«        diet free of fat, and freedom from worry
of sugar, this is not likely. However, be-           difficult to find any truss that will give       would be your treatment. If the cause is
fore you could be certain in this regard,            him any help. He should be able to under-        the second, the trouble may be easily
you must have a blood siicrar examination            go the operation with every hope of suc-         eradicated by surgical interference. X-ray
to learn whether your blood sugar is nor-            cessful outcome and great improvement of         examinations will help in determining the
mal or not. Excessive urination also may             his 'health and happiness.
be caused by improper functioning of the
 heart. However, as you say you are in
 normally robust health. 1 fake it you do
 not have any heart trouble. Some nervous
 changes may at times be the cause of ex-
 cessive urination. The first two condi-
 tions may be somewhat serious, but the
 third condition is not so. If your blood
 sugar examination shows no sugar in the
 blood, you could forget about those two
 conditions. The nervous condition could
 be corrected only by rest, and relief from
 anxiety and worry. You should work out
 a good programme to give the best change
 to build up your body.

       SINUSITIS: Ques.—"I have been a suf-
    ferer from sinusitis for the past two
    years. In its acute form, sulphonilamide
    worked a miracle. Early this year, how-
    ever, I began to feel run-down, and my
    trouble commenced again, with an asth-
    matic condition in addition. I'lease sug-
    gest a remedy to help this condition."
       Ans.—It would appear from the de-
    scription of your condition that your prob-
    lem would sum up to sinusitis with a
    superimposed asthma. As to the treat-
    ment of sinusitis, yon should he under the
    care of a highly qualified physician who
                                                                           " Tell me, doctor,..
    will properly advise some form of sulfa
    drag. In 'addition to this, I would advise                   Why do you insist on * Dtttol ' as an antiseptic ? **
(    you to take a large quantity of vitamin C
     or ascorbic acid, at least three or four mj?.               Because it has been proved, •          acid, yet its cleansing action is
     per day. Yon conM supplement this by                        both by laboratory tests and in        so gentle to human tissue that
     the use of fresh limes, oranges, and other
     citrus fruits. A hot water bag on the                       clinical practice, that 'Dettol'       natural healing is effected in the
     fade will often be helpful in these cases.                  possesses in a high degree every       shortest possible time.
     I am sure you will understand that it Is                                                           'Dettol * is clean and agreeable to
     extremely difficult to prescribe in detail                  one of the qualities desirable in
     without having personally examined the                      an antiseptic . . . germicidal         use. Its pleasant and powerful
     patient.                                                    strength, non - toxicity, high         protection should be yours in
                                                                 penetration and stability. That        yourhomeevery day. On the cut
       ARTHRITIS:      One*.—"I am suffering                     is why it is used in the surgical      that may lead to blood-poison-
    from traumatic chronic arthritis. There is
    no stiffness in the joints, but pain on ex-                  and maternity wards of many            ing; in the room from which
    ertion. I have tried deep X-ray therapy                      great hospitals.                       sickness may spread; in the all-
    and other kinds of electric rays, and have
    also taken patent medicines, but these                       'Dettol' is three times more dead-     important details of bodily hy-
    hava not helped. Kindly advise treat-                        ly to germs than pure carbolic         giene, use ' Dettol '—for safety.
       Ans.—I have studied your statement of                             AGENTS: OAHAJM nurora to. (mm) tm.
    your condition and it would appear that
    you ar« suffering from some form of tropic
    arthritis. This is probably due to some
How can smallpox scars, present from birth,
be removed? 2. Can normal eyesight be
restored by some exercises? 3. What are
the best ways of increasing one's height
without developing unnecessary fat?"
   Ans.—1. Smallpox scars cannot possibly
be removed without the danger of causing
a scar which might be worse than the
original. 2. First of all, I would like to
know what is wrong with your eyes. You
do not mention whether the present con-
dition is one of blindness, partial blindness,
or merely some lesser defect of sight.
There are some eye defects which can be
favourably treated by exercises. Such
treatments should, however, be carried out
only under the direction of a qualified
physician with special training in the
treatment of eyes.      If such specialized
physician is not available, it is advisable
to have the eyes tested for correction and
fitted with glasses. 3. As to your third
question, I would state that no one has
so far discovered any such treatment.
One's height is determined by the sum
total of the bones making up one's height.
As these bones do not change in length
after the individual comes to maturity, it
will be understood, therefore, that it is
 futile to attempt to increase the height by
any medication or exercises. Advertise-                 WHEN GUMS BLEED —— look
ments setting forth any claim to this ef-               Don't ignore this warning of gum-rot ! Bleeding is the first symptom
 fect are obviously of little value.
                                                        of those serious gum-diseases, pyorrhoea and gingivitis — diseases
                                                        that can rob you of your teeth and poison your whole system. Use
  PEAF AND DUMB: Ques.—"I have two                      Gibbs " S.R." Toothpaste. The Sodium Ricinoleate it contains is
children, and both are deaf and dumb.                   what dentists use for treating gum troubles. Use Gibbs " S.R."
What precaution should I take to avoid
such issues in future?"                                 regularly — it will help to keep your gums healthy and your teeth
  Ans.—You have presented a very difficult              sound, to safeguard your health.
question in regard to the advisability of
having mure children. Defects ot this kind
frequently come as a result of blood                                                          —^^sm^^^^S^---- •.•.,,-.,......-
relationship between the father and
mother. There is no assurance llml miy
more rliililri'ii you may have will not lie
similarly defective. There is no treatment                                                            DL * W. a»U LTD, LOHKOK. INOUXD
or ini'ilifiitinii which will rlwtiire thi*

                                                                                        versatile, streamlined pal'

                      DEDICATED                                                      glasses for the harried
                                                                                           businessman or official.
                             man ww values

                                                 274. H • r B b y Road, BOMBAY.
                                                            Branch*! at:
                 BANGALORE — DELHI — LAHORE — LUCKNOW — MADRAS —               MUSSOOROt — KAGFUR - SIMLA
                                          ud at 237, SHAFTESBURY AVENUE, LONDON. W. C. t
                          Rtfiftmd Oflke:   11,   GoTernm«at Place Bait, Calcutta.

                                                                                                                     CMC T
•jtuatloii in my way. It is for you to llte. However, after a competent physician        INFLAMMATION OF STOMACH: Queg.
decide whether to take the risk of having has seen the report of his stomach test*, "Whenever I eat spices, condiments, meat,
further defective children or not.            he can best advise the course for him to and eggs, etc., I have burning in my
                      ?                       follow.                                  stomach. Kindly advise me."
   TUBERCULOSIS: Ques.—"About flv«
years ago, my wife had T. B., but after
treatment she regained her health. Now
she gets blood in the sputum once a day.
What should be done to help this condi-                                            SUNSHINE
   Ans.—The question you have asked in
regard to your wife's health is a most
important one, and I would suggest the
following programme: Because she has had
T. B. in the past, you should, of course,
think definitely of a possible T. B.
condition again. The only absolute diag-
nosis that can be had is by X ray of the
chest. This should be done immediately.
If there is any evidence of active T. B.
again, she should return to her previous
plan of treatment of the disease. If there
                                                        builds bonnie babies
is no evidence of T. B., then she should
live as quietly and as healthily as possible,
watching this condition and re-checking
occasionally by X ray to make certain as
to possible return of the trouble. The X                               Dlttributor* In India;
ray is your best step to take at the                                   H. J. FOSTER & CO., LTD.
present time.
                                                                       Bombay Calcutta Madras Lahore
   BLADDER STONES: Ques.—"What can
 be done to prevent stones from forming in
 the bladder?"
    Ans.— The actual cause of formation of
 stones in the bladder is unknown. Bladder
 stones are thought to start in the kidneys                                                                        BBjfc
 and from there they pass into the bladder.
 They continue to grow in the bladder by
 the addition of calcium or other materials
 held in solution in the urine. Some stones
 are thought to start in the bladder
 in the scar tissue, following irritation
 or ulceration of some form. You will
 understand from the above that aside
 from drinking a liberal quantity of water
 and keeping the body in the best general
 health, there is no special precaution to
 be taken against bladder stones.

   AMEBIC DYSENTERY: Ques.—"I have
been suffering from amebic dysentery for
a long time, and my weight has been re-
duced, and I feel physical weakness. What
can I do to regain my normal health?"
   Ans.—It would appear from the de-
scription of your condition that you are
suffering from amebic dysentery over a
long period of time. Wherever dysentery
of amebic origin continues over any period
of time, the entire system is affected to a
greater or less extent. In all probability
the other symptoms which you speak of,
doubtless result from this one more im-
  ortant complaint. You should put your-
 ;jlf under the care of a qualified physician
  •ho will ask for careful stool examination,
and will put you under treatment accord-
ing to his findings in the laboratory test

  HEADACHE: Ques.—"For several years                                      Our factories are working day
my nephew has been suffering from head-
ache, pain over the entire body, and rest-                             and night to meet the colossal
lessness, and, as a result, physical and                               requirements of the fighting
mental deficiency. Protein foods and ex-
ercise aggravate his trouble. Kindly ad-                               forces.
vise."                                                                     We regret therefore that until
  Ans.—It would appear from your state-
ment that your nephew is suffering from a                              the war is won only limited
condition which should be given careful                                supplies can be made available
study by a competent physician. Evi-
dently the lining of his stomach is not                                to the general public.
secreting the digestive juice and acid

                                                             BRITANNIA BISCUITS
properly. He should have a proper stom-
ach test to determine the amount of acid
in his stomach. In case it is found that        HI5NEEDS
this acid is very low and absent, he may        [OME fIRST
have to take a little hydrochloric acid and     BBITANNIA      BISCUIT     CO, ITO.    CALCUTTA. OCIHL BOMBAY
pepsin for more or lean the rest of hi*
THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN. MABCH 1949                                                                                       17
   Ana.—It would appear from the                      > ef tke tw«i «Jdft specialist in Bombay        KEMOVAL off HAIR:
torn* you mention that 7011 have an in-         to whom we can recommend you. I would              mention that the use of chemical products
flammation of the stomach or ulcers of the      advise that you go there and make en-              to remove hair is dangerous without the
stomach. If you are suffering from ulcers       quiries at the big hospitals for the best          direction of a good physician. Kindly tell
of the stomach, you must avoid anything         •kin specialist. These hospitals will give         nve which chemical product you have tried
and everything which will cause worry,          the best information on this matter. This          and found successful. Also please sug-
serious fatigue, or anxiety of any kind.        type of hair removal is safe and is, in fact,      gest a good hospital and physician in Cal-
You will always have to be careful about        the only really safe means. It is a very           cutta where the electrolysis treatment can
using hot, spicy foods, and should always       slow process, and one must go for many             be obtained."
eat very lightly. In cases of occasional        treatments to get this work done. Some                Ans.—My early answer to you in regard
attacks, some form of alkaline stomach          have this hair removed by X ray, but there         to the removal of hair by means of an
powder can be used. For any detailed in-        is a danger of getting too much X ray, and         electric needle will still hold. It would
formation in this regard, a personal ex-        causing a burn which is worse than the             be definitely dangerous to the skin if the
amination by a physician is necessary.          hair. 2. There is no treatment for the             hair is removed by any external applica-
                                                wrinkles under the eyes. There are some            tion. As to me electric process, I would
                                                plastic surgeons who skilfully remove              suggest that there should be such a spe-
   GREY HAIR: Qnes.—"A friend of mine,          wrinkles, but this is not always successful        cialist in Calcutta, and that you get in
aged thirty-three, has three-fourths of his     and might leave some scars worse than the          touch with him for this hair removal.
hair grey. What is the cause and remedy         wrinkles.                                          You might also receive some good sug-
for it!"                                                                ?                         gestion from the City Health Department
   Ans.—In regard to your problem of grey          COD LIVER OIL: Ques.—"Kindly tell               as to the residence of such a specialist.
kair at an early age, I would state that        me which is the best Indian cod liver oil,         Having no contact with the practitioner*
this is recognized to be a matter of con-       as foreign brands are not available. Do            in this part of the country, I am unable
genital trend rather than any physical de-      you advise the use of shark liver oilt I           to give any personal suggestion.
fect in the system. Grey hair cannot bt         am twenty-two years and have lost                                       ?
restored to natural black by any medica-        weight."
tion now known.         The general health                                                           STAMMERING; PERSPIRATION;
might have some bearing on the matter.             Ans.—There is no particular brand of cod       HEALTH MAGAZINES:              Q u e s.—"My
We sea some people in the best of healtk        liver oil better than another. Shark liver        brother is suffering very badly from stam-
in their thirties and forties with grey hair.   oil is much more effective than the eoJ           mering, and sweats badly on his hands and
This is a congenital condition, and no med-     liver oil, and the quality is much more           feet. Please advise me. Also please send
icine should be taken with the idea of          certain. I would advise the use of shark          me a complete catalogue of health maga-
restoring the grey hair to black.               liver oil as it is more likely to give re-        zines on nature cure and Hindu materia
                                                sults in your condition.                          medica."
                      ?                                                                              Ans.—In regard to the stammering, I
   REMOVAL pF HAIRj WRINKLES:                      VENEREAL DISEASE:           Qnes.—-You         would state that there i» no specific euro
Cuss.—"1. A friend of mine aged twenty-         mention 600 and 914 as treatment for              known for this. However, it is being suc-
three years is growing hair on her neck         venereal disease. I And I am unable to ob-        cessfully treated by certain institutions in
below the chin and also on both sides of        tain these. What is this new drug yon             America, where, if the cases are taken
the face. In a recent issue of your maga-       mention, and can you recommend itt"               early enough, they are able greatly to im-
»ine you spoke of hair removal by elec-            Ans.—Regarding medication for vene-            prove the child's speech. We are attempt-
trolysis. Kindly give me the name of the        real diseases, I would state that it de-          ing now to find out whether there is any
best hospital in Bombay that can give this      pends upon what the venereal disease is.          such institution in India, and if we re-
treatment. Is the treatment harmless and        Gonorrhea is cured by a comparatively             ceive information concerning this, we will
permanent? 2. This friend also has wrin-        short course of the sulpha drugs. If it is        be glad to forward the same to you.
kles under her eyes. On advice she ha*          syphilis, the patient would have to be un-           Sweating of the hands and feet is often
tried calcium but to no avail. Can you          der a physician's care and receive injec-         due to a nervous condition, usually a nerv-
suggest how to get rid of these wrinkles!"      tions. Any reliable physician will be able        ous tension, and sometimes clears up with
   A«s.—1. In reply to your question about      to give you injections for this disease.          the improvement of the general health.
where your friend could have her hair re-       There is no medication which can be given         Heavy doses of vitamin B complex might
aoved, we do not have in our office the         by mouth that is of any value in syphilis.        be beneficial in this case.

                                                                                        THEY RULE THE STREETS
                                                                                        AND SERVE FAITHFULLY
                                                                                        THEIR WEARERS.                                           <

                                                                                                 TH* OUEKTAI                         IMS
  A» to publisher* who might be table to        put OB the market t» at e»y tan. im­            1 aave always tad t»em, bat lately they
give you information regarding health           provement of the blood, bringing up the         have increased. Do you think closure to
magazine* and books in India, it might be       hemoglobin by good diet and perhaps gome        the sun while playing tennis is causing
advisable to write to the Wesleyan Mis-         hemoglobin-building medicine, is the only       this? Kindly suggest a remedy."
sion Press in Mysore.                           treatment of any value in this con-                Ans.—The problem you have presented
                     ?                          nection.                                        is rather a difficult one to give advice on.
   COMPLEXION; HEALTH PICTURES:                                       ?                         Freckles come out more specifically as a
Ques.—"Will you kindly let me know of              INJECTIONS FOR PILES: Ques.—"In              result of sunshine on the skin, and they
some application which may help in im-          this magazine you stated that treatment         are an indication of a healthy skin. Some
proving the colour of the complexion? Is        of piles by injection is a surgical process,    of the freckle creams available in first
there any truth about the face creams           and is given only by qualified physicians       class stores may be of little help in some
which claim such good results in improving      in selected cases. May I know the name          cases. You should not take any medicine
the colour of the face?"                        of these injections? Did you refer to a         or apply any medicine guaranteed to re-
   Ans.—In regard to the application for        local injection of a combination of carbolic    move freckles.
the improvement of complexion and col-          acid and almond oil, or is there something
                                                   Ans.—With regard to the injections for         AFTER-DINNER SIESTA; SLEEPI-
                                                piles, any sclerosing medications could be      NESS;     POOR     DIGESTION;       SOYA
                                                used. I know of no special or new ma-           BEANS: Ques.—"1. Kindly discuss in de-
                                                terial that could be used for this condition.   tail why one should rest after dinner and
                                                Injections of piles are satisfactory only in    have a walk after supper? Why not also
                                                smaller piles, and should not be relied         rest immediatply after supper? 2. I get
                                                upon for treatment of the most ag-              sleepy when i study with concentration.
                                                gravated casea.                                 Why is this so, and what is the remedy?
                                                                                                3. My digestive powers are very weak.
                                                                                                Could you suggest some good remedy f
                                                  FRECKLES^ Ques.—"Would you kindly             4. Kindly give me some address in India
                                                suggest some treatment for my freckles.         where soya beans are obtainable."

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                                                                       The ideal cooking medium
                                          «oe                     TOMCO SALES DEPT, OmrchgiU Stool, Ben***

   TM» OBIENTAJ.                  , MABCH IMS                                                                                         19
   ,,—.           worker* should have some                       NOURISHING I
form of relaxation in the middle of the
day. This is very beneficial, and for most
people it is possible to get this rest and
relaxation only after the midday meal.                           DELICIOUS!
The office worker needs to be put through
a certain amount of physical activity at
the close of the day's work. If one is not                       ECONOMICAL, TOO!
sufficiently active physically to engage in
sports such as tennis, then an evening
walk after dinner will be found definitely
beneficial. 2. There is nothing unnatural
about becoming sleepy when studying with
                                                       There's So Much Nourishment
much concentration. 3. There are many                            In This One Delicious Food!
causes for poor digestion. It is quite im-
possible to give you sufficient details on so                          The most delicious breakfast you
general a subject. Sometimes stimulation                               ever tasted, and one of the most nour­
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complex will greatly improve digestion. 4.                             not only enjoy eating Quaker Oats—
Soya beans are obtainable from merchants                               you also get all the healthful benefits
in the China bazaar in Calcutta. I am                                  of vital food elements like minerals,
sorry I do not have the address of indi-                               proteins, carbohydrates and vita­
vidual merchants from whom they can be                                 mins, all put there by Mother Nature
purchased.                                                             herself.
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                                                      C556                       ENGLAND
        (Continued from page 23)
town. They collected ticks from the
grass of the valley, mashed them up
and injected them into guinea pigs,
which, strangely enough, were not
affected.     Later, more ticks were
gathered from animals. When these
were injected, the guinea pigs devel-
oped fevers and died.          It finally
became clear that ticks which had not
yet engorged themselves were harmless
and those that had done so were
    Spencer and Parker decided to use
 these laboratory-infected ticks as the
 basis of a vaccine. They mashed more
 infected ticks, covered them with a
 weak solution of carbolic acid, and
 injected them into guinea pigs, all of
 which thereupon became immune to
 spotted fever.      On May 19, 1924,
 Spencer inoculated himself to prove
 die effectiveness of the vaccine on
 humans; later the vaccine was made
  available to others.      Immunity in
  humans is not total. The vaccine is
  effective for approximately a season,
  and does not in all cases ward off spot-
  ted fever. But where it does not com-
  pletely prevent infection, it materially
  lessens the violence of the disease.
     Dr. Spencer remained in charge of
  the continuing spotted fever research
  until 1928, during which time a part
  of the experimental work was done in
  Washington, D. C. In July, 1927, he
  became president of the Montana State
  Health Officers' Association. Today he
  is director of the National Cancer Unit
  of the U. S. Public Health Service.
    Laboratory Continues Search
        Parker was made director of the                    OMEDAY you may be able to buy
    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Labora-                      exquisite silksn things again, at prices
    tory in 1928, and in 1931 the labora-
    tory became a part of the National                        that are more or less reasonable. But that
    Institute of Health. At present it is             day won't be yet awhile. Meanwhile there's nothing to be done but
    devoted almost entirely, except for spe-          to treat those you have with such care as will leave you to enjoy
    cial war tasks, to research in the rirk-          their loveliness and comfort as long as possible. That means, oftourse,
    ettsial diseases—those caused by the              Lux-fan. Never let the dhobi lay a finger upon them. Never risk
    rod-shaped microbes discovered by
                                                      washing them with ordinary soaps (there's always a danger of iin-
    Rickotts—and to production of vac-
^   cines.    Included in its studies are
    spotted fever, epidemic typhus, en-
                                                      dissolved soap-fragments spoiling them). Make your ayah "care for
                                                      •II your lovely things herself, with safe, gentle Lux—give them to
    demic typhus, tsutsugamushi fever of              her to Lux after every wearing. There's lots of Lux available.
    Japan, trench fever, deer fly fever, and      M      .                                                                      ,

    the "Q" fever of Australia.                £t+M-G£t4~? id H0 tfafUVUt- Make * generous lather with Lux and
        The vaccine developed by Spencer                  cold water. Squeeze and squeeze your pretty garments in the rich
     and Parker has been produced in ever-                active sud>. Don't rub. Then rinse thoroughly in clear water— i or J
     increasing quantities. In 1925 it cost                    changes; and squeeze out the moisture by rolling tightly In
     about Rs.60 to manufacture a single                          a bath towel (don't twist, don't wring).
     dose. By 1940 the laboratory was pro-                           Now, when they've been nicely ironed, your pietty things
                                                                        will be like new again—fresh, bright, and not a thread of
     ducing enough of the vaccine annually                       ***•>--A      £*.    *&""* barmtd.
     to inoculate 130,000 persons at a cost
     of Rs.3 a dose.                           WABN1KO : Before washing ...:&&*&
                                               coloured fabric* test • email
        Dr. Herald Cox, one of the research    piece ID plain water. If the
                                               •otour " run« " the fabric !«
     workers at the laboratory, was di-        •nwaahahle A alight colour-
                                               ing of the water may indl-
     rectly responsible for the increased      t»le only " loose " dye.
     low-cost production. He infected fer-
     tile chicken eggs with rickettsia and
     THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN, MABCH 1945                               LENGTHENS      THE     LIFE   OF     LOVELY          FABRICS
                                                                                                        lA'JUk ttitultl^AO U£DUJ UiUII&>
                                                       various mammals of the area to               cles, and found spots on his wrista. He
                   «° HERALD o>
                                       JLJ1            spotted fever. His findings were of
                                                       great value to other researches, but he
                                                       never had the satisfaction of finishing
                                                                                                    knew instantly that the disease he was
                                                                                                    fighting had struck back. Quietly he
                                                                                                    climbed aboard a train for Washington
                                                       his work. He awoke one morning with          to see his wife. He died a few hour*
             FOR HfM.TM.HOMt AND HAPPIMU               shooting pains in his joints and mus-        after reaching his home.—USOWI.

Vol. 22, No. 3          POONA          March    1945

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           Post Box 35, Poona, India ____
           Frank H. Loazby, Editor
     H. C. Menkel. M.D., Associate Editor
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   Published and printed by L. C. Shep^ard, at and
for the Oriental Watchman Publishing House.
Salisbury Park, Poona. 11,500—1488-45.

 found that it was possible to produce
 vaccines in larger quantities, faster,
 and at less expense than previously.
 The infected egg yolks were dried and
 the still active microbes killed with
 carbolic acid and formalin. A single
 egg yolk provided as many as twenty
 doses of vaccine.
                                                            TO PLAN. .
                                                            Last night men were on the move. By daybreak they were In position. Another
   In 1938 the laboratory began to de-
velop typhus vaccines by the egg yolk                       AUted troep movement had fone according to plan.
   Up to 1941» there was still no spe-                      With them moved the tank*, gun*, ammunition. And the food—the Peek Frean
cific cure for Rocky Mountain spotted                                                  biscuits that you would have been enjoying now, but
fever—though the vaccine was effective
as a preventive. But in that year Dr.                                                  for this war. That our abstinence in some small way
Norman Topping succeeded in pre-
paring a successful serum at the lab-                                                  sustained our fighting men will add to our post-war
oratory from the blood of hyper-im-
munized rabbits. He acquired a lab-                                                    pleasure. (Ytj! with the Peace. Peek Frean will be
oratory infection of spotted fever and
cured himself with his new serum. To-                                                  back In India.)
day it is widely used in treatment of
the disease. In 1943 Topping was
given the Bailey K. Ashford Award of

                                                                                     PEEK FREAN
the American Society of Tropical Med-
icine for his achievement.
   Other scientists, too, have contrib-
uted to the research. D% Thomas B.
McClintic combed through Bitter Root
Valley studying the relationship of the

         ORE than one hundred men and
women in the Rocky Mountain Spot-
ted Fever Laboratory at Hamilton.
Montana, in the northwestern United
States, are producing vaccines that are
combating typhus and yellow fever ir*
all parts of the world. The laboratory
is a branch of the National Institute
of Health, research unit of the U. S.
Pacific -Health Service, and is an
outgrowth of early investigations into
the disease known as Rocky Mountain
•potted fever. In 1941 the laboratory
developed a specific cure for the viru-
 lent fever from which it takes its name.
     Under the direction of Dr. Ralph
 R. Parker, one of the U. S. pioneers in
                                             USOWI Photo
 •potted fever research, the laboratory            Dr. Herald Cox, who developed the method of producing spotted fever and
 today helps to supply the vast amounts                      typhus vaccines from laboratory-infected egg yolks.
 of vaccines used by United Nations
 armed forces.                               Then, in 1906, because of ill health,     disease, and that many types of rodent!
     Probably more than any other single     Dr. Ricketts went to Bitter Root Valley   were susceptible to experimental infec-
 individual, Dr. Howard Taylor Ricketts      in Montana for a vacation. He became      lion. His final important conclusion
 laid the groundwork for the labora-         interested in the baffling ailment that   was that Rocky, Mountain spotted fever
 lory's valuable contribution to medicine,   was taking as many as one hundred and     infects humans through the bite of
     Rocky Mountain spotted fever in         twenty-five lives every year throughout   virus-carrying ticks.
  many ways resembles typhus. Its symp-      the United States. Bitter Root Valley        Ricketts isolated a rod-shaped mi-
  toms include chills, fever, headaches,     was in the heart of the disease area,     crobe in infected human blood that
  and pains in the joints and muscles.          Ricketts found that the disease was    appeared also in ticks and lick eggs.
  Skin eruptions appear about the third      carried by certain kinds of ticks, that   Strains of this bacillus in ticks from
  day of the fever, first on the wrists,     animals could be infected with the        different regions varied greatly in
  then on the ankles, later on the back,     disease, and that it could be transmit-   virulence, accounting for the range in
  finally becoming generalized. In the       ted by ticks from infected animals to     mortality from 5 per cent to 95 per
  northwestern part of the United States     healthy ones. Embarking upon a series     cent in various sections of the country,
  there are from two hundred and fifty       of experiments with guinea pigs and          Having found the "x" of Rocky
  to five hundred cases annually, and a      monkeys, he explored Bitter Root          Mountain spotted fever, Ricketts turned
  high point of prevalence occurs every      Valley day after day, combing ticks       his attention to typhus, in the belief
  seventh year.                              from the hair of dogs, horses, and        that his tick research would prove
     For many years Rocky Mountain           cattle. He found that a number of the     valuable in controlling this disease,
   spotted fever was a disease of mystery,   mammals of the valley carried the         He found that typhus and spotted fe-
                                                                                       ver have many characteristics in com-
 usowi                                                                                 mon, including the rod-shaped bacillus.
                           R      Mounta.n        fl Fever L,borat    inoculates
                      fertile eggs with louse-borne typhus germs.                      In 1910, Ricketts contracted typhus in
                                                                                       Mexico and died. His name and that
                                                                                       of another research victim of typhu«,
                                                                                       Poland's Stanislas von Prownzek, have
                                                                                       been given to the rod-shaped microbe
                                                                                       of typhus, spotted fever, and related
                                                                                       diseases—"rickettsiae-prowazeki," fre-
                                                                                       quently called "rickettsia."
                                                                                          Two other research workers played
                                                                                       an important part in the Montana
                                                                                       studies—Dr. Roscoe Roy Spencer and
                                                                                       Dr. Ralph R. Parker. In the spring
                                                                                       of 1922, Spencer, Past Assistant
                                                                                       Surgeon of the U. S. Public Health
                                                                                       Service, was ordered to Hilter Root
                                                                                       Valley to devise methods of combating
                                                                                       spotted fever. In Hamilton, Montana,
                                                                                       he joined Dr. Parker, an critomologiM
                                                                                       working for the state government, and
                                                                                       the two men set up a laboratory in an
                                                                                       abandoned schoolhouse outside of tl»»
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       MARCH                                          SUPPLEMENT                                                       1945



        H. F. DEATH

                    Jesus tells
                    of the life
                    to come.

                                             in another land, he could hardly have Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and
           . PHILIP INMAN, the popu-         done worse than refer us to Socrates, the God of Jacob? He is not the God
 lar chairman of Charing Cross Hos-          who, though he was attracted by the of the dead, but the God of the living."
 pital, London, has recently been think-     idea, was evidently very far from being    These words sum up- the reply of
 ing deeply on the subject of death, and     convinced of it. "If it is true," is all Jesus to Sadducee questioners who
has incorporated the results of his med-     he can say.                              asked sceptically what would be the
 itation in an article in the Church, of        How strange that men should give status in the resurrection of a woman
 England Newspaper. Naturally, Mr.           second place to the plain, positive who had had seven successive hus-
 Inman sees and hears much of mortal-        statements of Holy Writ, and cling for bands? Which one would claim her
 ity, and not so long ago, it appears, his   support to the wavering sentiments of then?
 generous heart was touched when in          heathen philosophers! "If it is true!" Resurrection Is to Come
 the course of his duties he overheard       The whole Bible runs counter to this
 a woman, who had just lost her hus-                                                    First of all, it should be noticed that
                                             heathen idea of death. It is nowhere the Sadducees, in their question, took
 liand after forty years of happy mar-       suggested that death is a journey to it for granted that the general resur-
 ried life, say in anguish, "If only I       another land, a mere transition, the rection of the dead was held to be in
knew I should see him again." This           gateway to a fuller life. From Gene- the future. This is indicated by their
 prompted him to write the article to        sis to Revelation death is spoken of as words: "In the resurrection therefore,
which we have referred.                      a complete cessation of all activity, a when they shall rise [italics ours),
Survival a Heathen Idea                      return to inanimate dust, a sleep which whose wife shall she be of them? for
    Unfortunately, in seeking to explain     God alone can disturb. "For the liv- the seven had her to wife." Verse 23.
the nature of death to the sorrowing,        ing know that they shall die: but the And Jesus in His reply evidently re-
 Mr. Inman follows the line which has        dead know not anything." Ecclesiastes garded the resurrection in a similar
led the churches sadly astray from the       9:5, 6. (See also Psalm 146:3, 4.) light, for He uses similar language.
truth. He makes his first appeal to             "Among the great truths proclaimed "For when they shall rise from the
Greek philosophy, and calls in Soc-          by Jesus," continues Mr. Inman, "was dead [italics ours], they neither marry
rates, who wrote: "If it is a journey        that when life comes to its close on nor are given in marriage; but are as
to another land, if what some say is         this earth, not only do we go on liv- the angels which are in heaven." And
true and all the dead are really there,      ing, but we go on living as we are." this fact is in harmony with the whole
if this be so. what greater good could       And in support of this amazing state- teaching of the New Testament. This
there be? To meet Orpheus and                ment, he quotes the words of Jesus, as part of Christ's reply, too, definitely
Museus, Hesiod and Homer, what               recorded in the twelfth chapter of disposes of the idea that at death "we
would you give for that, any of you?         Mark, verses twenty-six and twenty- go on living as we are." Survival rules
 1 would give a hundred deaths if it is      seven: "And as touching the dead, that out resurrection altogether. The one
i rue."                                      they rise; have ye not read in the book cancels the other. We must either hold
    Now if Mr. Inman would have us           of Moses, how in the bush God spake to resurrection or to survival. We can-
believe that death is a glorious survival    unto him, saying, I am the God of not consistently cling to both.
   Mr. Inman makes the further point        I say unto thee todav, thou slialt be       we are privileged to reach its blessed
that because God said to Moses long         with Me in paradise." That is, even         shores, we shall all do so together—
after the death of the patriarchs, "I       today, when it seems that I am help-        the living saints by translation; the
am [italics ours] the God of Abraham,       less and forsaken, and can promise          dead saints by resurrection. (1 Thes-
and the God of Isaac, and the God of        nothing, I assure you of a place with       salonians 4:14-18.)
Jacob," and not "I was," that the           Me in paradise where God My Father              To the dead, as well as to the living.
patriarchs never really died. But the       dwells.                                     it will be a sudden glory, brought
Scriptures distinctly affirm that they aH   Survival and Resurrection                   about by the return of the Saviour.
died and were buried, and so "slept"                                                    Rendered completely unconscious of
with their fathers. The fact that "God         The bodily appearances of Jesus to       time by the sleep of death, it will seem
is not the God of the dead, but the God     His disciples after His resurrection, are   but a moment since the departed bade
of the living," does not mean that the      quoted by Mr. Inman as proofs of            farewell to their loved ones on earth.
dead all survive, but that God has the      survival. But he appears to forget          To those who, like Moses, were gra-
 power to raise them from the dead,         that Jesus had been in the grave three      ciously granted a vision of that fair
 and will do so in His own good time.       days, during which no one claimed to        land before passing out of this one
 His plan and purpose guarantee _ to        have seen or contacted Him. Proofs           (Deuteronomy 34:1-4), it will seem
 them a future life. The whole question     of Christ's resurrection from the grave     like instant transition. And to those
 over which Christ disputed with the        are not evidences of survival, which,       who, like Stephen, were given a pre-
 Sadducees, was not of survival but of      we repeat, has nothing to do with           view of the Master's return from
 future resurrection, when "death is        resurrection. Resurrection presupposes      heaven in power and glory, to reassure
 swallowed up in victory." I Corin-         that death has taken place. Survival        them in their dying agonies (Acts 7:
 thians 15:54. Meanwhile the dead are       claims that death is not what it seems       54-56). it will seem as though the vi-
 where they always have been—in the         to be, but the immediate point of           sion is merged into immediate reality.
 land of darkness and oblivion. (Job        contact with immortality, which idea is
                                            of heathen origin, and in flat contradic-       Yet the fact remains that the dead
 14:10-15.)                                                                              are still in the land of oblivion and
                                            tion to Scripture.
/esus and the Dying Thief                      The parable of the rich man and
                                                                                         will continue to be until "the crowning
  Again, Mr. Inman quotes our Lord's                                                     day that's coming by and by." This
                                            Lazarus, so often relied on to support
words to the dying thief, when both                                                      "blessed hope" of the saints of God, is
                                            this theory, is no proof that Scripture
were hanging on a cross, as another                                                      fitly summed up in the words of the
                                            teaches survival. It is but a parable,
"equally emphatic" instance that the                                                     apostle Paul just before he "fell on
                                            adapted by Jesus to prevailing Jewish
dead "go on living." and never really                                                    sleep." "For I am now ready to be
                                            notions of death, in order to teach the
die: "Today shall thou be with Me in        danger of riches. The whole teaching         offered, and the time of my departure
paradise." Now the awkward fact is,                                                      is at hand. I have fought a good
                                            of Scripture is clearly and overwhelm-
that Jesus did not go to paradise that      ingly on the side of resurrection, which     fight, I have finished my course, I have
day. This is clear from His words to                                                     kept the faith: henceforth there is laid
                                             presupposes the fact of death.
Mary Magdalene three days later, when                                                    up for me a crown of righteousness,
He had risen from the dead: "Touch          A Blessed Prospect                           which the Lord, the righteous Judge,
Me not; for I am not yet ascended to          "When w« reach the shores of that          shall give me at that day: and not to
My Father." John 20:17. Hence He            new land," concludes Mr. Inman, "we          me only, but unto all them also that
could not have meant that the thief         shall only need to whisper the names         love His appearing" [italics ours].
would accompany Him to heaven that          of our dear ones and the answer will         II Timothy 4:6-8.
very day. If we put the comma after         come." True! Blessed true! But our               "And with the morn those angel
"today," where it should be, instead of     dear departed ones are not there yet.                   faces smile,
after "thee," we see clearly the mean-      The promised land is not peopled one             Which I have loved long since, and
ing Jesus intended to convey: "Verily       by one as death ensues upon them. If                    lost awhile."

                                                        F. A. SPEARING
    JTB ANY people are perplexed by         destroy this refuse, and what the fires     But when those fires have done their
 the declaration in Mark 9:42-48 that       did not burn, the worms devoured.           work, when there is nothing left to
 the sinner will be cast "into the fire        The fire and the worm of Hinom,          burn, they will go out of themselves.
 that never shall be quenched." Does        however, were not in any sense                 The words quoted in Mark nine
 not this support, they ask, the idea of    instruments of torture. They were           are themselves a quotation from the
 the eternal conscious torment of the       agents of destruction. If the offal         prophecy of Isaiah, chapter sixty-six.
 wicked ?                                   thrown into the valley outside Jerusalem    The prophet speaks of the new heaven
                                            were at any time all burned up, or all      and the new earth, and tells how all
    On first reading, this might appear     devoured, the fire would not be             flesh come to worship the Lord. He
 to be so, but categorically we would       quenched, but it would go out of itself,    concludes the chapter, and his entire
 state that they do not.
                                            and the worm with nothing left to feed      prophecy, with these words: "And they
    These words are found three times       on, would die.                              shall go forth, and look upon the car­
 in this scripture. They were well un-         From this we deduce the real             cases of the men that have transgressed
 derstood by the Jews. Outside the          meaning of the statement of Christ.         against Me: for their worm shall nol
 walls of Jerusalem was situated the        The fires which are to destroy the          die, neither shall their fire          be
 Talley of Hinom. Into that valley ran,     wicked are in the nature of things          quenched; and they shall be an ab-
 or was cast, the refuse of the city.       unquenchable, or they would be ex-          horring unto all desh." Verses 22-24.
 Fires were kept burning continually to     tinguished by the doomed themselves.           There is nothing here to indicate thai
                                                                                         THE OKIENTAL WATCHMAN, MARCH 1915
the wicked are in torment; on the con-       carcases of these evil ones, realizing    shall be as though they had not been."
trary, they are lifeless. The saints see     that the end of sin and sinners has       Malachi 4:1, 3; Obadiah 16.
the carcases of the impenitent, not mil-     come at last. The fire which slays the
lions of human beings writhing in            wicked, burns up the earth, and the          This total destruction is imperative
agony.                                       new earth comes into being. From the      seeing that God's universe will be
                                             holy city, the New Jerusalem, which       clean, as revealed in Revelation 5:13:
  Revelation 20:7-9 refers to the same       has come down from heaven, the            "And every creature which is in
sad event. The wicked are raised after       saints will behold this marvellous        heaven, and on the earth, and under
their long sleep of death. Satan, carry-     transformation. They will see their       the earth, and such as are in the sea,
ing on his work of deception, induces        eternal home created before their eyes.   and all that are in them, heard I say-
the hosts of evil to attack the saints          The Scriptures inform us that the      ing, Blessing, and honour, and glory,
of God. Fire comes down from God and         wicked are to be "stubble," and           and power, be unto Him that sitteth
devours the enemy and all his evil fol-      "ashes," that they are to be de-          upon the throne, and unto the Lamb
lowers. God's children look upon the         stroyed root and branch, that "they       for ever and ever."

                is God. He said so Him-
 self, not once, but many times. And
 His word is truth.
    Jesus claimed pre-existence. "Be-
 fore Abraham was, I AM." John 8:
 58. "I came down from heaven." John
 6:38. "The glory which I had with
 Thee before the world was." John 17:5.
    Jesus claimed omnipotence. "All
 power is given unto Me in heaven and
 in earth." Matthew 28:18. "All things
 are delivered unto Me of My Father."
 Matthew 11:27. "The Father loveth
 the Son, and hath given all things into
  His hand." John 3:35.        "Thou hast
 given Him power over all flesh." John
     Jesus claimed infallibility. "Heaven
  and earth shall pass away, but My
  words shall not pass away." Matthew
  24:35. In fact, He claimed to be the
  very truth Himself. "I am the way, the
  truth, and the life." John 14:6.
     Jesus claimed to be without sin, and
  He challenged His adversaries to con-
  vict Him of sin. "Which of you con-
  vinceth Me of sin?" John 8:46.
     Jesus claimed an exclusive kingship
  over the souls of men, calling upon
  men to leave everything they had and
  follow Him alone. He assured them
  that He would not permit even the
  closest and dearest ties of nature and
  blood to release them from the ties
  that bound them to Him. His claim
kwas superior to every other allegiance
Win the world.
      He claimed to know God as no hu-
   man being did or could, with a knowl-
  edge that was exclusive, peculiar.
   "Neither knoweth any man the Father,
  save the Son." Matthew 11:27. "No                   Jesus walks
   man hath seen God at any time; the                 on the water
   only-begotten Son, which is in the
                                                      and saves
  bosom of the Father, He hath declared
  Him." John 1:18.                                    Peter.
      Jesus claimed to have been sent by
   Cod into the world. "I am not come
   of Myself, but He that sent Me is true,     CARLYLE B. HAYNES
   whom ye know not. But I know Him:
   for I am from Him. and He hath sent
  Me." John 7:2», 29.
    Jesus claimed to possess, and give       and said: "Dost thou believe on the         and miracles to support His claims,
to others, everlasting life. "He that        Son of God? He answered and said,           ruling the wind and waves, controlling
believeth on Me hath everlasting life."      Who is He, Lord, that I might believe      the fish of the sea, healing the sick,
"I am the living bread which came            on Him? And Jesus said unto him,           casting out devils. Then He claimed
down from heaven: if any man eat of          Thou hast both seen Him, and it is He       that the words which He spoke were
this bread, he shall live forever." John     that talketh with thee. And he said,       given Him of God, that they would
6:47, 51.                                    Lord. I believe. And he worshipped         outlast the world and would judge me*
   Jesus claimed the power to raise men      Him." John 9:35-38.                        at the last day.                           t
from the dead. "This is the Father's            When the high priest at the trial of        These things are true; they have       "
will which hath sent Me, that of all         Jesus demanded that He tell plainly        been proved true. Tens of millions
which He hath given Me I should lose         whether He was the Christ, the Son         have accepted them as true. They           A
nothing, but should raise it up again        of God, or not, Jesus once more            have demonstrated their truthfulness.      ™
at the last day. And this is the will        claimed to be the Son of God. (Mat-        The words of Christ have endured and
of Him that sent Me, that everyone           thew 26:63, 64.)                           they are here today. They will con-
which seeth the Son, and believeth on                                                   tinue to endure until heaven and earth
                                                God the Father also testified to the    are no more. Not one of them has
Him, may have everlasting life: and I        truth of the deity of His Son. At His
will raise him up at the last day." John                                                failed.
                                             baptism there came "a voice from
6:39, 40.                                   heaven, saying, This is My beloved              Not only the testimony of Christ
   Jesus claimed omnipresence. "Lo, I       Son, in whom I am well pleased."            Himself, but the testimony of His Fa-
am with you alway, even unto the end        Matthew 3:17.        On the mount of        ther, the evidence of His works and
of the world." Matthew 28:20.               transfiguration there came a voice out      His words, witness to the deity of
   Jesus claimed power to forgive men        of the cloud, which said: "This is My      Christ. Also, other writers of th«
their sins, the power that belongs to       beloved Son, in whom I am well              Bible unite in giving Him a prominent
God alone. "The Son of man hath             pleased; hear ye Him." Matthew 17:5.        place.
power on earth to forgive sins." Mat-       And we have the further record of the          Paul declares: "In Him dwelleth all
thew 9:6.                                   Father: "Unto the Son He saith, Thy         the fulness of the Godhead bodily."
   Jesus claimed that it will be His        throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a      Colossians 2:9. He also savs: "He
voice that will raise the dead to life at   sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre     hath put all things under His feet."
the resurrection. "Verily, verily, I say    of Thy kingdom." Hebrews 1:8.               I Corinthians 15:27. He declares it to
unto you, The hour is coming, and now           Not only did Jesus make these tre-      be the purpose of God in the fulness of
is, when the dead shall hear the voice      mendous claims, but He did mighty           time to "gather together in one al)
of the Son of God: and they that hear       works to verify them.        He cured       things in Christ, both which are im
shall live." John 5:25.                     leprosy, opened blind eyes, unstopped       heaven, and which are on earth; eves
   Jesus claimed to be the Judge of all     deaf ears, made lame men walk,              in Him." Ephesians 1:10. He tells ne
men. "For as the Father hath life in        brought the dead to life again.             that God has "set Him at His own
Himself; so hath He given to the Son                                                    right hand in the heavenly places, far
                                               He not only did mighty works, but       above all principality, and power, and
to have life in Himself; and hath given     also spoke miraculous words, words
Him authority to execute judgment                                                      might, and dominion, and every name
                                            that live to this day. Ordinarily there    that is named, not only in this world,
also." Verses 26, 27.                       is nothing quite so evanescent as          but also in that which is to come: and
   Jesus made the stupendous claim          words; people use them all the time.       hath put all things under His feet."
that, at the day of judgment, all na-       There are millions who have talked         Verses 20-22.
tions shall be gathered before Him to       from childhood to the grave, and not
account for the deeds they have done        a single word they ever uttered is re-         Peter writes that Jesus "is gone into
in the body, and that they are to be        membered. But Jesus said of His own        heaven, and is on the right hand of
accepted by Him or rejected by Him          words: "Heaven and earth shall pass        God; angels and authorities and pow-
solely on the ground of their attitude      away, but My words shall not pass          ers being made subject unto Him."
toward Him. "When the Son of man            away." He wrote no books. He did           I Peter 3:22. John calls Him "Lord
shall come in His glory, and all the        not put His words down. His speeches       of lords, and King of kings." Revela-
holy angels with Him, then shall He         did not appear in public journals, yet     tion 17:14. He speaks of Him also a*
sit upon the throne of His glory: and       His words have lived; they live to-        "the bright and morning Star." Reve-
before Him shall be gathered all na-        day. They live in the literature of the    lation 22:16. And John reports the
tions." Matthew 25:31, 32.                  ages; they live in the hearts of His       words which he heard Christ say of
   Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, the     people; and they live because the          Himself: "I am Alpha and Omega, the
Son of God. When Peter said to Him,         power of life is within them.              Beginning and the End, the First and
"Thou art the Christ, the Son of the                                                   the Last." Verse 13.
                                               Now sum it all up. Jesus said He
living God," Jesus admitted the ac-         came from God. He said He was God.             We have made no mistake. The his-
curacy of the statement, accepted it as     He claimed to be the Messiah, the Son      toric faith of the church is true. Our
referring to Himself, and declared that     of the livin«r God. He said that God       Saviour is King of heaven and earth,
on this truth He would build His            sent Him, that He came forth from          the Son of the living God, the Judge
church.     (Matthew 16:13-18.) It is       God. He claimed to be God's Mes-           of the world, living today in heaven at
upon this rock, the divine Sonship of       senger, to speak God's word. He said       the right hand of God to intercede
Jesus Christ, that the church is built,     that He and God were one. He claimed       for us.
and it is because of this fact that         pre-existence, omnipotence, infallibil-        "Seeing then that we have & great
"the gates of hell shall not prevail        ity, sinlessness, exclusive domination     high priest, that is passed into the
against it."                                over men's souls, the possession of        heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let ur
   Jesus healed a man who was born          eternal life and the right to give it      hold fast our profession." Hebrews 4:
blind, who was later cast out by the        power to raise the dead, power to for-     14. And let us with Thomas acknowl-
Pharisees because he professed to be-       give sins, power to judge the world.       edge Him in reverent submission: "My
lieve in Jesus. Later Jesus found him       He wrought great signs and wonders         Lord and my God." John 20:28.
                                                                                       THE ORIENTAL WATCHMAN, MARCH Ids

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