Animation Productions by wpr1947


									Description: Students will be offered the opportunity to extend and expand their skills and
experiences in computer animation using all the software programs introduced in Animation
Foundations. Third year students will work on personal learning plans.

Major Curriculum Themes

Online Learning: Most of the materials for this class are online and the majority of
assignments will be turned in electronically. Much of the instructor student communication
is based on email and most of the lessons are online lectures. Students taking this course
will learn a great deal about online learning which is quickly becoming a popular form of
education, especially once students leave high school. Third year students will be
expected to maintain a professional online journal and project management web site.
2D Animation and Action Scripting with Adobe Flash CS5: Student will learn the
advanced Adobe Flash CS5 techniques from “Hollywood 2D Digital Animation” written by
Sandro Corsaro & Clifford Parrott, The Adobe Flash Classroom in a Book and Learn by
Video series.
Motion Graphics with Adobe After Effects CS5: Students will complete the Adobe After
Effects CS3 Classroom in a Book curriculum and then design an animated production
company logo.
3D Animation and Modeling with Maya: Students will complete “Project One” creating a
room from “Learning Maya 7” the official Alias training guide using the free Personal
Learning Edition.
Stop Motion: Students will design and create a more complex animated story using stop
motion techniques. We hope to enter these short movies in the Northwest High School Film
Drawing Skills: Students will learn a variety of drawing techniques and practice developing
their drawing skills through out the course. Students will be expected to sketch at home
every week.
eFOLIO: Students will reflect on their course work and be given instruction and time to
enter their work into Mount Si High School’s culminating project the eFOLIO.

Soft Skills

Team Work: All students have the opportunity to work with others on group projects and
experience leadership roles.
Communication Skills: Students will learn about email, phone and face to face
communication strategies and etiquette.
Project Planning: Students will have at least one major project that will give them the
opportunity to experience planning a complex project, managing multiple deadlines, and
practicing good file management techniques.
Class Expectations
All school rules apply in this classroom, as well as, the following classroom specific

   1. Safety for students and equipment is our number one concern
          1. Be respectful of others and the equipment
          2. Only film, animate or publish appropriate material
   2. By keeping our work area clean and well organized we make it safer and more
          1. Pick up after yourself and push in chairs
          2. No food or drink other than water
   3. Class time is a valuable commodity; we maximize it by doing the following?
          1. Be on time (in the room when the bell rings!), on task, call in absences prior to
             school starting
          2. No surfing the web or playing games (No games anytime!)
          3. Don’t download or install anything on the computers without permission
   4. Having a positive and supportive work environment will make our jobs more
      enjoyable and productive.
          1. Listen and compromise
          2. Listen to music using headphones (no online music)
          3. Use agenda for hall pass during bathroom breaks (4 per quarter)
          4. Help others
          5. Use appropriate language
          6. Ask questions
          7. Have fun!

*Students or teachers that do not follow these guidelines may be subject to detention, long
winded lectures and/or fines (10 pushups or 20 crunches).

Class Web Site

The majority of assignments, tutorials, handouts, and a class calendar can be found on my
class SharePoint web site at: . Please

Contact Information
Joe Dockery (this is the best way to start contact with me, and then we can
move to the phone if needed)
425-831-8126         Prep Period: 4th Period 11:15-12:15
Grading Policy

Online Grades: I manage my grades using our online grade book program. This gives you
access to attendance and assignment information. There is a link off our high schools web
site at Your student should have the username and
password and you as a parent can also get a username and password. I post my grades
every weekend.

Grading Scale – Each student has the opportunity to earn 4 points daily in class by
participating, showing effort regardless of ability, being prompt, and having a good attitude
toward activity and classmates.

Philosophy- Each student is expected to do the best they can with the ability they have.
Whether you have 1 talent or 10 talents is not of the greatest importance. What you do
with what you have, that is what counts.

Make-Up Policy

All students are allowed to make up missed work. (Regardless)

Animation Production is based upon participation. One needs to be in class in order to
earn points.

If points are lost the points can always be retrieved. For example, due to illness, out of
school activities, or in school activities.

Make-ups can be done during before school (5 days a week) or after school in room 121.
Participation in video game club or work time in the lab can count as make-up.

If you want to make-up the time at home here are a couple options.

      Chapter summary
      Magazine article
      Web site review or article summary
      Certification review
Production Classes Portfolio
Each student will create a Shutterfly portfolio and add Mr. Dockery as an owner.
Privacy rules: Do not post full name, phone numbers or address. Don’t allow commenting or create a
guestbook. You can make your site public or private.
All Home pages should include:
          Welcome message
          Goals (long term – education and career possibilities, short term – this year)
          Calendar – events, due dates, quarter and semester, vacations
          Certifications or awards
          Work experience, volunteer experience, special travel experiences or leadership experiences

Create the following pages:
          Flash examples – animation, banners, web sites, actionScript, other
          3D Models – Jpeg and pdf
          Game dev documents
          After Effects clips
          Concept Art - Photoshop, Illustrator, Drawings

Criteria                  High Score                                     Low Score

Conventions - 10 pts      No spelling or grammar errors                  Many spelling or grammar errors

Requirements – 20         Includes all required content                  Is missing many of the required items

Content – 70 pts          Includes an impressive amount of new           What did you do all quarter????
                          projects and material

        Course Information Agreement

        Please fill out both sides of this sheet and return immediately.

I have read, understand and agree to the course outline, computer lab and production guidelines, class fee,
grading policy, class web site and contact information.

Student Name (print) _______________________________ Date ___ / ___ / ___ /

Student signature     _______________________________

Parent(s) Name (print) __________________________________________________ Date ___ / ___ / ___ /

Parent(s) signature   _______________________________

Best time and way to contact you: _________________________________________________

Home phone: (____)______________ Work: (____)________________ Cell: (____)________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________ (print)

                                           For Official Use Only
Date      Person            Description
Parent Permission for Publication of Student Photo and to Publish on the Web
Date: 2010-2011 School Year
Dear Parent:
It is our practice when preparing work for external publication on the Internet to seek parent permission before
including their child’s photo or work. In order to include your child’s photo, video or animation in the project
described below, we must have your signed permission. Last names of students will not be used on Internet
projects. Please review the information, sign it, and return it to school.

Description of Possible Projects: web site design, student blog, discussion group or portfolio, student
projects in the form of video, music, animation, or graphic design

If you have questions, please call me.
Staff Person: Joe Dockery          School Phone Number: 425-831-8126

The School District has my permission to publish the projects described above for a publication on the
I understand that my child’s full name will not be published on the Internet. As the parent or guardian of this
student, I have read the Internet/Intranet Publishing Agreement* and allow my student to be a Content
Contributor*. I agree to allow my student's work to be published on an Internet accessible server. I understand
that use of electronic information resources is designed for educational purposes.

Parent or Guardian Name (Please print) ____________________________________

Parent Signature________________________________ Date__________________

Name of Student (Please print) ______________________________________________________

* A Content Contributor is an individual who, with a Content Sponsor (teacher), contributes content
materials to an Internet/Intranet accessible server. They agree to follow their organization's Publishing
Procedure and Guidelines and assure the accuracy and appropriateness of all materials they submit.

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