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The Freedom Writer by wuyunyi


									          ABATE OF NEW YORK

     The Freedom Writer

ISSUE 3   May 2011
         ABATE of New York, Inc.                                           What Is ABATE?
           2011 State Officers
President                                                  American Bikers Aimed Toward Education is a not for
Tom Alton 315-342-2446
                                                           profit corporation formed to promote and protect the
Vice President                                             interests of New York state motorcyclists. ABATE
Pete Shufelt 518-828-5610             monitors and interacts with the legislative process,
                                                           enhancing the image of motorcycling, and provides
Treasurer                                                  educational and social opportunities for members and
Deb Trask 607-432-2975
                                                           non-members. ABATE will continue to strive to stay
Secretary                                                  acquainted with the issues and the people of the
Karen Leonard 607-382-2638             motorcycling community.

Legislative Coordinator                                    We encourage all our members to be informed
Prospector 518-239-4560
                                                           registered voters. ABATE of New York, Inc. supports
Sergeant at Arms                                           the Motorcycle Riders Education classes currently
Dev Lovick 917-541-8011                being offered throughout NYS. We welcome
.                                                          interested people to any of our activities and to join
Public Relations                                           our organization. All makes and models of
                                                           motorcycles are welcome.
Western Region A Coordinator                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~
Michael Grasby 585-728-5246              For more information, visit our website at:
Cnic Region C Coordinator
Jerry Letson 315-455-1073

Metro NY/LI Region D Coordinator
                                                                      New York State Websites
Tanya Cruz 646-533-6167

Hudson Valley Mohawk Region E Coordinator
Matt Grossmann 518-263-5943
            2011 State Appointees                          New York State Assembly
Newsletter Editor                                
John Cholewa 845-705-6370

Treasury Manager
Deb Trask 607-432-2975
                                                            New York State Senate:
             State Office Manager
Stephanie Morgan
P.O. Box 340094
Brooklyn, NY 11234                                

    NEWSLETTER SUBMISSIONS                                 To search for a New York state bill go to
Deadline: June 1st for July issue                
Send submissions to:

                                    ABATE of New York, Inc. Chapters

ABATE of Brooklyn                       ABATE of Finger Lakes                   ABATE of Onondaga
P.O. Box 245064                         P.O. Box 353                            PO Box 11575
Brooklyn, NY 11224                      Hornell, NY 14843                       Syracuse, NY 13218

ABATE of Brooklyn Alliance              ABATE of Greene                         ABATE of Ontario
P.O. Box 193                            P.O. Box 92                             PO Box 546 Canandaigua, NY 14424
Brooklyn, NY 11216                      Leeds, NY 12451                         Website:
ABATE of Buffalo-Erie         
PO Box 286                                                                      ABATE of Orleans
West Seneca, NY 14224                   ABATE of Jefferson                      PO Box 43 Medina, NY 14103-0043
Website:       P.O. Box 21                              Website:
                                        Clayton, NY 13624             
ABATE of Cattaraugus
PO Box 204                              ABATE of Lewis                          ABATE of Oswego
Cattaraugus NY 14719                    P.O. Box 245                            PO Box 133
Website:                                Port Leyden, NY 13433                   Central Square, NY 13036                                                         Website:
                                        ABATE of Long Island          
ABATE of Cayuga                         PO Box 1311
PO Box 74                               Riverhead, NY 11901                     ABATE of Southern Tier
Auburn, NY 13021                        Website:                                PO Box 2441
                                         Binghamton, NY 13902
ABATE of Chautauqua                                                             Website:
PO Box 572                              ABATE of Monroe               
Dunkirk, NY 14048                       PO Box 13277
                                        Rochester, NY 14613                     ABATE of Syracuse
ABATE of Columbia                       Website:                                PO. Box 83
PO Box 227                                Syracuse, NY 13057
Hudson, NY 12534
Website:   ABATE of North Ulster                   ABATE of Tompkins
                                        P.O. Box 13                             PO Box 6743, Ithaca, NY 14851-6743
ABATE of Cortland-Chenango              West Hurley, NY 12491                   Website:
P.O. Box 245                                                          
McGraw, NY 13101                        ABATE of Oneida
Website:                                PO Box 545                              ABATE of Wayne   Holland Patent, NY 13354                PO Box 332
                                        Website :                               Ontario, NY 14519
ABATE of Delaware                              Website:
PO Box 1363                                                                     Visit Wayne ABATE on Facebook
Oneonta, NY 13820

                                  ABATE of NY, Inc. Aims & Purposes
To review and inform members about federal, state, and local levels of government motorcycle legislation and to
promote favorable motorcycle legislation.
To improve road conditions thus making roads safer for motorcyclists.
To help prevent accidents through education and public awareness.
To promote positive community relations.
To promote political involvement of motorcyclists.
To act as a legislative liaison between motorcyclists and government authorities, police departments, government
agencies, insurance companies, and other organizations.
To report and discourage biased news reporting about motorcyclists.
To present and promote a better image of motorcycling.

   ABATE OF NY, Inc. SPONSORS                                  ABATE OF NY, Inc. Meetings 2011

           Andy's Cycle Shop                                              Meetings are held at:
                                                                    American Legion Post 80, 76 Main St.
 B&L Container Rentals - Moriches                                         Binghamton, New York

        ~~~~~~ THANK YOU ~~~~~~                                 STATE CHAPTERS MEETINGS
                                                          The State Chapters Meetings start at 1:00pm.The
Sponsorship of ABATE of NY does not denote                ABATE Board meets at 12:00pm before every
individual membership in the organization,                State Chapter Meeting.
rather, it signifies the Sponsor's desire to help
further the goals and purposes of ABATE of                      •     May 15- 2 pm, Weldon House, East
NY, and earns the Sponsor the public                                  Durham
recognition of his/her generosity.                              •     August 20
Interested clubs, businesses, organizations                     •     November 19
and/or individuals may apply for a $25 ABATE
of NY Sponsorship through their local ABATE                       STATE BOARD MEETINGS
of NY Chapter, or directly to the ABATE of NY             The State Board Meetings start at 10:00am.
State Office:
                                                                •     June 12
ABATE of NY, Inc. State Office Manager                          •     September 18
     Toll Free Phone: 888 344 4400                              •     December 18

                                 REMINDER TO CHAPTERS

              May State Meeting will be held At the Weldon House on May 15

          State Board Meeting at 1 pm ~~~~~               State Chapter Meeting at 2 pm.

                               WEEKEND OF THE FREEDOM RALLY

                                   Freedom Rally Information
     The Weldon House                          Reservations:                    Blackthorne Resort
     2119 Route 145                                 call                        348 Sunside Rd
     East Durham, NY 12423                    (518) 634-2541                    Durham, NY 12423

     For more information contact: Pete Shufelt: 518-828-7151 or

                           Ride Leaves @ 11 AM Sharp from Birch Hill
                        1 Celebration Way Castleton on the Hudson 12033

                                                President’s Report

Letter to the members

You are reading this message, because Karen Leonard has gone far beyond the call of duty as the State Secretary and
provided us with the State Newsletter Editors responsibilities also. I could not find another ABATE member in time to
produce this issue and she offered to do the task! The next time you see or get to speak with her tell her thanks.

Now down to the business of riding. March 30th, my wife had her bike on the road, and I saw many who rode in the same
week. By Thursday there was a biker killed on I-81 in the middle of Syracuse and the press was not real friendly. On the
local radio, the statement was quick to say the biker was hotdoggin-it thru traffic and was wearing a helmet. On the local
TV station they allowed the Onondaga Chapter of ABATE Road Captain Mark Foraker to say that the accident should
remind the driving public to look and share the road with motorcycles. Mark did not tell the viewing public that the rider
was out of line, but was kind to the family of the rider by not moving to judge the accident. The public service of the press
does not get it. We just need the driving masses to allow more thought and good judgment for all of our sake. Let me say
that the riding season is here and we have a lot of P.R. work to do.

The legislative work that we are able to do as a 501C-4 organization should be more focused now that the New York State
lawmakers have a budget in place. Without that “distraction” we may get more of their attention if we call, write or show
up. How do you say it, show-em-some love. It is said that good judgment comes from experience, and often experience
comes from bad judgment, so let’s get some more experience in the good. If your not sure how to approach the state
representative from your area just ask, there are a lot of us ABATE folks that what to help you make contact. Prospector is
really working the facts about the confiscation bills and we can only make the effort more possible to come to fruit.

The New York State law enforcement agencies are planning together to target vehicle, equipment and moving violations
in certain months this riding season. I have seen in print that June is the month for motorcycle safety and helmets target.
Watch for that in Central New York because that only sounds familiar to us in all of New York. Please call the U.S.
Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to contact the senate office that represents you and ask that rep. to support the
reform to stop motorcycle only checks (MOC). And then call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121 to contact
the House of Representative person for your district to have them support reform from MOCs. It is simple to make the
case that our tax dollars should not be used to inconvenience us as an only certain profile. The President of the AMA Rob
Dingman, has stated that to single out Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints are wrong. And the President of the MRF Kirk
”Hardtail” Willard has made a strong case that the practice is an act of profiling. Both of these organizations focus their
efforts of influence at the Federal level. We can only help our self by making the same noise. Is it at all possible that we’re
all wrong? Hardly-

The next newsletter you receive is expected to
be in a newer and less expensive form. And the
Editor will have a truly new slate as we have not
seen. Please make it a point to remember
anything new has to have the “kinks” worked
out. So with your help and aid we are going to
make a good go of it. We are in the process of
removing some old Chapters and dropping some
unsuccessful Chapters. It looks like a new
chapter is in the works and I think we may be
able to save a troubled Chapter. The only
constant is change and steady as it goes.

Lets hang in there, work together and create an
effect that states ABATE of New York Inc. can
produce for all bikers. Ride safe-Ride often and
ride to Albany on May 16th 2011.

Thank You- Tom
                                 State Legislator Coordinator’s Reports

Prospector’s Legislative Report                                    Prospector’s Legislative Report
March 15, 2011                                                     March 22, 2011

  On Tuesday 3/15/11, I had 6 appointments, 3 with                     I apologize for the delay in sending this report, my
Assembly Members (1 new one) and 3 Senators (1new                  internet service has been sporadic for the last few days,
one). Results were pretty good, with 2 Assembly Members            freezing up every few minutes. Hopefully, I'll be able to
agreeing to sign on to the confiscation bill and the new           finish this time.
Senator as well. The other 2 Senators stated that they would         I had appointments with 8 Senators and 1 Assembly
probably sign on. We are still waiting for the bill to be          Member, but 1 Senator cancelled minutes before our
printed, so there are still no bill numbers.                       meeting. Once again, there was no opposition to the
  Right now, as is normal for this time of year, the budget        confiscation bill, but we still don't have a bill number, so
is the main issue in the legislature. Hopefully, it will be        legislators who have promised their support have not been
passed in a timely manner and other issues can be                  able to sign on.
addressed. Neither Transportation Committee met.                     Both Transportation Committees met, again nothing of
  Once again, I would like to urge everyone to embark on a         interest to us. I did attend the Assembly Transportation
mission to support HR 904, which will prohibit USDOT               Committee meeting and met with Assembly Member
from funding roadblocks. Have as many people as possible           Lupardo afterwards. She instructed her office to get the bill
call their US Representative and ask him/her to support this       printed ASAP. Tuesday night I attended an Assembly
bill. Call 202-224-3121 and ask for their representative by        fundraiser in Albany and talked with several members
name. If someone doesn't know the name, they can call              there.
their local board of elections for that information.                 There is now talk that we will have a budget on time, or
                                                                   even earlier. This is good news as all the unions and other
                    Prospector                                     organizations that are usually seeking a place in the budget
                                                                   will not be sending busloads of people on Tuesdays (which
                                                                   makes for less competition for legislators' time) and they
Proner/ABATE Activist Scholarship Award                            can now get down to other business.
                                                                     The Greene County Chapter Legislative Coordinator is
Established through the ABATE of NY member                         scheduled to join me next Tuesday.
Mitchell Proner, Esq., of the law firm Proner &                      Once again, I am asking all chapter legislative
Proner on 42nd Street, NYC, the Proner/ABATE                       coordinators to start soliciting your chapters to make
Activist Scholarship Award offers an annual                        donations to the annual MRF Auction. Items may be
$1,000 college scholarship benefit for ABATE                       artwork, something unique to your area (ie: local wine or
members or their immediate families.                               other products) or what have you. Our participation has
                                                                   been disappointing in recent years, so I hope this year we
                                                                   can turn that around. Donations can be brought to the next
Candidates must submit an essay detailing why
                                                                   State Meeting and I will deliver them to the auction, call me
motorcyclists’ rights are important to them, and in                for more info. Also, any chapters that are not Sustaining
what way their desire coursework will assist them                  Members of the MRF should consider becoming such.
in the ongoing fight for motorcyclists’ rights.                                                   Prospector

The selection criteria can also include level of                   -I just got the number for the confiscation bill. A06694
involvement in ABATE of New York activities,                                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~
financial need, community service, application                                ABATE OF NY, INC.
effort, school involvement, and other
                                                                         MAY IS MOTORCYCLE SAFETY
                                                                          AND AWARENESS MONTH
For More Information call our Office Manager

888-344-4400 or email

Prospector’s Legislative Report                                           State Meeting Summaries
March 29, 2011

The Assembly Transportation Committee met, and,                ABATE of NY, Inc. State Board
once again, nothing of interest was on the agenda.             Meeting Summary –February 19, 2011
  I had appointments with 7 Senators and 1 Assembly
Member. Of these, 5 agreed to cosponsor the                    • Correspondence-Tom Alton/President: Freedom
confiscation bill. The other 3 promised support.                 Rally; Foundation- board positions; ABATE Board
  We finally have a Senate bill number, it is S4280,             members attending NCOM convention May 5-8,
and to reiterate, the Assembly number is A06694.                 2011; member reimbursement from the state; chapter
Please have your chapter members(and others) call                charter dues; Proner/ABATE Activist Scholarship
their legislators asking for support of these bills. If          Award.
anyone has questions, don't hesitate to ask. I will now        • B08-11: Motion made by Tom Alton/President,
contact the offices of all I have met with since January         seconded by Tanya Cruz/Region D, to pay for an
and give them the numbers. The bills were not                    ABATE of NY, Inc. life membership for Mitch
circulated for cosponsors before printing, apparently to         Proner. Roll call vote: 10 yes, 1 no. Motion carried.
avoid further delay, so they will have to sign on after        • Vice President Report- Pete Shufelt: ABATE
the fact.                                                        storage.
  This morning (Wednesday), I received a call from             • Treasury Report- Deb Trask: report
Governor Cuomo's office declining our invitation to              distributed/given.
lead the Freedom Rally. I will try again next year.            • Legislative Report-Prospector: given at chapter
  Tuesday night I attended a reception at the                    meeting.
University Club in Albany. Unfortunately, the                  • Public Relations Report- Pam Wright: none.
Legislators were in session late, so none were in
                                                               • Region Reports- A, C, D, E: updates on chapters.
                                                               • Sergeant of Arms Report-Dev Lovick –will be given
  I’m glad I'm not at the Capitol today, 15,000 people
                                                                 at chapter meeting.
are expected to protest the budget. They plan to camp
                                                               • Newsletter Report-Pam Wright: printing quote
overnight in the halls, so that should be a real
                                                                 submitted by Matt Grossman.
                                                               • State Office Manager: given at State Chapter
             Prospector                                          Meeting.
                                                               • Committee Reports: given at State Chapter Meeting.
                 ABATE of NY                                   • Old Business: discussion on officer reports for state
                                                                 chapter meetings.
                              15th Annual                      • New Business: ABATE of NY members group
                           Freedom Rally                         forum.
                                                               • B09-11: Motion made by Pete Shufelt/VP, seconded
         “RIDE TO THE CAPITAL”                                   by Mike Grossman/Region E, to adjourn the meeting
         MONDAY MAY 16, 2011                                     at 12:51 pm.
                                                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~ end ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                                                    The First in Synthetics ®
                                                                                                                     SINCE 1972

                                                                    ROBERT “BOBP” PIACENTE
                                                                    AMSOIL AND ALTRUM AUTHORIZED DEALER
                                                                    ZO# 143487
                                                                                                      47-37 245th Street
                                                                                                 Douglaston, NY 11362
BRIAN D. REID                           1951 E. Main St                                                 (917) 747-0662
Vice President                      Falconer, NY 14733                                                Tel. 716-484-0113                                           Fax. 716-484-2322

         ABATE of NY, Inc. State Chapter Meeting Summary –February 19, 2011

• Meeting called to order by Tom Alton/President at     • M15-10: Motion made by Columbia, 2nd by Ontario
  1:05 pm.                                                that the extras be sent to the chapter that needs them,
• Roll call: 17 chapters present.                         instead of to Prospector. [11/10] Roll call vote: 15
 • M01-11: Motion made by Greene, seconded by             yes, 0 no. Motion carried.
   Brooklyn, to waive the reading of the minutes.       • M02-11: Motion made by Long Island, seconded by
   Roll call vote: 15 yes, 1 no. Motion carried.          Monroe, to change the May 21, 2011 State
 • Correspondence: Tom Alton/President:                   Board and Chapter meeting to May 15, 2011 at
   ABATE Board members attending NCOM                     Weldon House at 2 pm. [2/11] Roll call vote: 11 yes,
   convention May 5-8, 2011.                              4 no. Motion carried.
 • President’s Report: Tom Alton: Proner/ABATE          • New Business: discussion on Foundation; Long
   Activist Scholarship Award.                            Island receipt submitted; club membership; chapter
 • Vice President Report- Pete Shufelt: ABATE             incentive checks.
   storage.                                             • M03-11: Motion made by Buff-Erie, seconded by
 • Treasury Report- Deb Trask: report                     Cattaraugus, to adjourn the meeting at 3:45 pm. Vote:
   distributed/given.                                     unanimous.
• Legislative Report: Prospector: report                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   distributed: focusing on confiscation bill,         Submitted by:
   Sponsors: Rep. Lupardo/ Sen. Libous, and            Karen Leonard
   received commitments for co-sponsors on this        State Recording Secretary
   bill; Rep. Lupardo- sponsorship on helmet bill;     ABATE of NY, Inc.
   S8489: will require insurance agents to inform
   motorcycle riders that they are not covered under
   New York’s no-fault plan and to explain the         Full meeting minutes are available to all ABATE of NY
   alternatives. Rep. Lupardo will sponsor same-as     Inc. members from the Chapter Presidents or from the
   bill; working on blocking the “wheelie bill” and    State Recording Secretary. Members may also be put on
   noise testing at inspections; Gov Cuomo             a distribution list to receive meeting minutes or they can
   appointed the new Commissioner of Motor             join the ABATE of NY members group located at the
   Vehicles.                                           State website: . Name and
• Public Relations Report: Pam Wright:                 membership number is required.
   discussion on ABATE of NY fact sheet; yard
• Region Reports- A, C, D, E: updates on
   chapters. Discussion on bicycle bills/laws.
 • Sergeant at Arms: Dev Lovick: report
   distributed/given- suggestions.
 • State Office Manager Report- Stephanie
   Morgan: report distributed/given. Membership
   numbers; storage unit; bulk mailing;                                 Proud Supporter
   communication with state office; chapter/region                   A.B.A.T.E. of New York
   membership reports.
 • Committee Reports: bylaws; freedom rally; state
 • Old Business:
 • M14-10: Motion made by Southern Tier, 2nd by
   Brooklyn Alliance to reduce the extra copies of              Gowanda Harley-Davidson
                                                              2535 Gowanda Zoar Rd. Gowanda, NY (716) 532-4584
   newsletter down from 200 to 50. [11/10] Roll call
   vote: 14 yes, 1 no. Motion carried.
            ABATE of NY, Inc. State Board Meeting Summary – March 20, 2011

                                                            • Motion carried.
• Meeting was called to order by Tom Alton/President        • Sergeant of Arms Report- Dev Lovick: no report.
  at 10:03 am.                                              • Newsletter Report- Pam Wright: absent; no report.
• Attendance: 10 present                                            Discussion.
• B10-11: Motion made by Tom Alton/Pres, seconded           • B16-11: Motion made by Matt Grossman/Reg E,
  by Matt Grossman/Reg E, to approve February’s               seconded by Dev Lovick/SAA, to accept Central NY
  meeting minutes. Voice vote: unanimous.                     Newspaper Group quote and have them do the
• President’s Report: Tom Alton: attended swap                printing of the ABATE of NY, Inc newsletter, “The
  meets; letter to governor; request from Buff/Erie to        Freedom Rider” as of the June 2011 issue. Roll call
  speak at event; contacting New York State                   vote: 9 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain. Motion carried.
  concerning the month for motorcycle safety and            • State Office Manager: report submitted.
  awareness.                                                • Committee Reports: bylaws; freedom rally; state
• Vice President Report- Pete Shufelt: individual             seminar.
  interested in a board position.                           • B17-11: Motion made by Prospector/LC, seconded
• Treasury Report- Deb Trask. Report distributed.             by Matt Grossman/Reg E, to have ABATE of NY
• B11-11: Motion made by Pete Shufelt/VP, seconded            Inc. State Seminar on January 6,7,8 2012 at the
  by Matt Grossman, to pay the bills. Voice vote;             Owego Treadway Inn. Roll call vote: 10 yes, 0 no, 0
  unanimous.                                                  abstain. Motion carried.
• Legislative Report- Prospector: assemblyman               • Old Business : travel reimbursement; chapter dues.
  letter sent to the NYS DMV concerning their current       • New Business: mass media reimbursement program;
  practices on confiscated motorcycles; confiscation          June meeting; motorcycle safety and awareness
  bill; getting people to Washington.                         month; event insurance.
• B12-11: Motion made by Tom Alton/Pres, seconded           • B18-11: Motion made by Pete Shufelt/VP, seconded
  by Mike Grasby/Reg. A, to pay for two meals for             by Tom Alton/Pres to end the reward program of
  Tanya Cruz for one trip to Washington as a                  20% reimbursement from the board for mass media,
  representative of ABATE of NY Inc. and present a            TV, radio or billboard public relations campaign set
  report to the membership. Roll call vote: 8 yes, 1          in 2007. Roll call vote: 10 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain.
  no, 1 abstain. Motion carried.                              Motion carried
• Public Relations Report- Pam Wright: absent; no           • B19-11: Motion made by Tanya Cruz/Reg D,
         report. Discussed lawn signs.                        seconded by Dev Lovick/SAA, to change the June
• Region Reports- A, C, D, E: updates on                      State Board meeting to June 12. Roll call vote: 6 yes,
         chapters/meetings.                                   2 no, 2 abstain. Motion carried.
• B13-11: Motion made by Karen Leonard/Sec,                 • B20-11: Motion made by Karen Leonard/Sec,
  seconded by Mike Grasby/Reg A, to close the                 seconded by Tanya Cruz/Reg D, to have May as
  Niagara Chapter, ABATE of NY Inc. as of March               ABATE of NY, Inc. Motorcycle Safety and
  20, 2011. Roll call vote: 10 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain.          Awareness Month. Voice vote: unanimous.
  Motion carried.                                           • B21-11: Motion made by Pete Shufelt/VP, seconded
• B14-11: Motion made by Pete Shufelt/VP, seconded            by Mike Grossman/Region E, to adjourn the meeting
  by Matt Grossman/Reg E, to send a letter to the             at 2:26 pm.
  Syracuse chapter members stating the chapter is in          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  jeopardy of termination due to failure of chapter
  requirements. Roll call vote: 10 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain.    Submitted by:
  Motion carried.                                           Karen Leonard
B15-11: Motion made by Tanya Cruz/Reg D,                    State Recording Secretary
seconded by Pete Shufelt/VP, to close the Manhattan         ABATE of NY, Inc.
Alliance Chapter, ABATE of NY Inc. as of March 20,
2011. Roll call vote: 10 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain.

                                            Chapter Reports

          Buffalo-Erie Chapter                                       Cattaraugus Chapter
Buff/Erie Chapter’s Motorcycle Safety and              The ABATE of NY State Party dates has been set!
Awareness citation from the New York State
Assembly. Below is the wording.                        The Cattaraugus Chapter will be hosting the state party
                                                       again this year. Final details are being set so please watch
New York State Assembly Citation                       for updates on our website:
Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month         and in upcoming
WHEREAS, Assemblyman Dennis H. Gabryszak                                Andy Barr, President
pays the highest possible tribute to the American
Bikers Aimed Toward Education of New York that                 ABATE of NY State Party
is celebrating “Motorcycle Safety and
Awareness Month” during the month of May; and                    August 5, 6 & 7th 2011
                                                                         At the
WHEREAS, Motorcycle Safety and Awareness                     Cattaraugus Rod and Gun Club
Month hopes to bring to light that the American                        Rt 353, Cattaraugus, NY
Bikers Aimed Toward Education strives to educate
the residents of Erie County on the need for taking
steps to provide a greater level of safety for the
motorcyclists on our roads so we all can reduce the
number of mishaps involving motorcycles; and

WHEREAS, the American Bikers Aimed Toward
Education of New York Inc. is dedicated to
ensuring that motorcyclists still can experience the
“Freedom of the Road”; and

Now, Therefore Be It Resolved, the New York
State Assembly commemorates Motorcycle
Safety and Awareness Month at the assembly of
the Buffalo-Erie County Chapter’s 22nd Annual
Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Ride on this
date, Saturday, May 7, 2011

Assemblyman Dennis H. Gabryszak
143rd District

                                                                           Geneva Harley-Davidson
                                                                             Sales & Service, Inc.
                                                             1103 Routes 5 & 20       Phone (315) 789-7976
                                                             Geneva, NY 14456         Fax (315) 789-3720

                                              Chapter Reports

              Onondaga Chapter                                      Abate of Ontario Country

Hello my brothers and sisters of Abate of NY. Things       Hello from Ontario County. I think I have seen some
are moving right along in Onondaga Chapter many            signs of spring, motorcycles on the road again!! But
things planned. I am excited that we along with our        then the snow came again, well it is New York.
brothers and sisters from Oswego are presently
working along with Chrome Cafe in Cicero, NY in on         Since our last news letter, we have had our annual
the ride and presentation of a traveling Memorial wall     Swap Meet and it was a great turn out. We saw a lot of
to honor all fallen motorcyclists through out NY State.    old friends and greeted even more new ones.
                                                           Steamboat Landing was a prefect place and we
After a large ride and presentation the wall will be       appreciated their time and their beautiful location.
available for any one to use and display at any
memorial events chapters may have. The details are         We also had our Cabin Fever party, held at Don’s
still being fine tuned, if you have any questions feel     which, again, was a really great turnout! Although the
free to contact our public relations dept. or Oswego's.    weather was really cold, the band sounded good and
                                                           the people, as always, enjoyed themselves! Also, we
There are two different protest rides this summer for      will be having our 3rd annual Crack Shot event, June
our Chapter one being our State helmet run to Albany       12th, so please check our website for more details.
which we are very excited about. One that is close to
our hearts is our 11th annual helmet/independence run      At this time I would like to introduce our Membership
which I would like to add is one of the largest            Secretary, Pam Cox. Anyone who has been to our
gatherings for motorcycles in NY state and is held on      meetings as well as other events, knows how energetic
July 2nd independence weekend. If you haven't ever         and fun Pam can be. I personally believe that our
attended this event your missing out on a great time       membership has improved because of her ability to
hundreds of bikes in one place riding a lengthy ride       make members, whether old or new, feel welcome and
helmet free, ending with a great party, with fireworks,    appreciated. Thank you as always, Pam.
camping, and more. This year we are working with
New York Rider magazine to get the word out that we        Now that our riding season is here or becoming very
as motorcyclists in NY are not 2nd class citizens and      close, PLEASE watch out for others. We have waited
we are enforcing our rights to ride and enjoy the          through this very long winter, to feel the wind and
freedom of the road. We are hoping to have our largest     warmth on our faces again. Let’s enjoy that feeling for
attendance of bikes to help us protest, which will draw    many years, ride CAREFULLY and with extra care.
media attention through out the state and that’s what
people need to get our message out to the public and       This is about all for now. Please try to make a meeting
to stand strong together.                                  and just go on our web site and look for our up coming
                                                           events. Our Crack Shot ride will be a lot of fun, try to
Please pass the word put it in your newsletters on the     make it.
web anything you can do to get the message out there.
Thank you for your support                                 So long and take care for now. Hopefully we will see
                                                           you at an up coming meeting.
Sonny, president Onondaga Chapter
                                                           Rita Bradshaw (PR)

ABATE of Georgia Protest Motorcycle Only Roadblocks
"After the Ride"
....A quick note from Dan Forrest State Director A.B.A.T.E.
by Abate Georgia on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 10:26am

Outstanding! Awesome! Fantastic! Incredible!

These were just a few of the printable quotes that described
the turn out Wednesday the 23rd at the Capitol for the
Protest Ride against the Motorcycle Only “Safety”
Roadblocks. All of the Speakers carried forth the very same
message yet each in different words.

The roadblocks are a violation of our rights and are a pure
attempt at profiling. The Savannah Stop had 17 GSP cars, 2
Sheriff’s cars, 1 DOT car, a van filming and photographing every biker and a helicopter. This sounds like a Border
Crossing in a communist country and has nothing to do with safety.

This is an example of Government Waste. Having a registration, proof of insurance and an endorsement on our license
does make us safe. Loud pipes never killed anyone.

The central point of every speaker’s message was that money needs to be spent on EDUCATION of the driving public to
make them aware of motorcycles. Use the media for public service announcements, bill boards, class room training for
new drivers. The government DOES NOT need to safety check US. We are aware of how vulnerable we are and we all
check our rides on a regular basis. We need protection from the distracted, impaired and inexperienced drivers. This can
only be accomplished through EDUCATION not Safety Checkpoints for Motorcycles.

We ask the Georgia State Patrol, The Governors Office on Highway Safety, The Department of Transportation and the
Division of Drivers Services to work with A.B.A.T.E. of Georgia to created programs that are designed to really save

On behalf of the entire A.B.A.T.E .of Georgia membership I would like to thank all of the Speakers for their good words.
We also wish to thank everyone that took part in this day of Freedom Fighting. A special thanks to Linda Allen our State
Legislative Director and the man behind the Facebook updates our Secretary of State, Ned Williams.

                                                                Take the time right now to log onto and
                                                                sign up as a member. Add your voice to ours and let’s keep
                                                                this first step in a unified community of bikers alive.
                                                                Dan Forrest
                                                                State Director, A.B.A.T.E. of Georgia

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                                                                                                   4425 W. Saile Dr.
                                                                                                   Batavia, NY 14020
                                                                    Store Hours:                    (585) 343-9598
                                                                    Mon. 9-6 Tues. 9-8 Wed. 9-8
                                                                    Thurs. 9-8 Fri. 9-6 Sat. 9-4            Visit us online at:
                                                                    Closed Sundays               

MRF E-MAIL NEWS Motorcycle Riders Foundation
236 Massachusetts Ave. NE | Suite 510 | Washington, DC 20002-4980
202-546-0983 (voice) | 202-546-0986 (fax) |

15 March 2011
Contact: Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs

NHTSA Requests Motorcycle Safety Money

Administrator David Strickland of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
(NHTSA) has submitted his 2012 budget request to the Appropriations Committees. One
item in particular jumped off the page when the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) examined the $860 million request. Section
3011, Motorcycle Safety Grants, includes a $7 million ask that specifically adds the promotion of DOT compliant helmet use to the
In the past, the motorcycle safety grant program has solely put money toward two areas: teaching people to ride motorcycles and
educating the rest of the motoring public to look for motorcycles while driving. Diluting this already small grant program to include
helmet use promotion will certainly diminish the effectiveness of the two existing programs.

In a recent Senate hearing, Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was asked by Senator Lautenberg (D-NJ) to include a
mandatory helmet law in his budget request. LaHood responded, "This administration believes that is a State issue." Apparently
Strickland did not get that information.
It is troubling that NHTSA, whose mantra should be "crash avoidance," continues to promote "safer crashing." The MRF believes that
the best crash is the one that doesn't happen. The MRF will keep you updated on this important issue.
Congressional Recess Period
Next week is the March Congressional recess period. Contact your US Senators and Representatives to attend a town hall meeting or
face-to-face constituent meeting. Let them know you are not happy with NHTSA's requests and actions. Do not hesitate to contact the
MRF should you need talking points or help scheduling a meeting.

03 March 2011
Contact: Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs

United States House of Representatives Bill to Prohibit Funding for Motorcycle Checkpoints

Today in Washington, Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) introduced legislation, H.R. 904, a bill to prohibit the United States
Department of Transportation funding for motorcycle-only roadside checkpoints. Representatives Tom Petri (R-W) and Paul Ryan (R-
W) are original co-sponsors.

Last year, the USDOT set aside a pool of federal monies to fund motorcycle-only roadside checkpoints. One grant was awarded to the
state of Georgia in the amount of $70,000. The Georgia Department of Public Safety, through the Georgia State Patrol, plan to begin
the motorcycle-only checkpoints this spring, targeting motorcyclists heading to Daytona, Florida for bike week.

The grant was supplied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) whose goal is supposed to be accident
avoidance not injury reduction. Clearly motorcycle checkpoints do not promote accident avoidance. H.R. 904 will not stop the
Georgia checkpoints, only future funding of motorcycle checkpoints.

"We introduced this important piece of legislation because Secretary LaHood and NHTSA remain adamant that mandating helmet use
will prevent motorcycle crashes," Sensenbrenner said. "The first step in motorcycle crash prevention should be rider education and
increased awareness. Taxpayer money should not be spent on helmet checkpoints that do not prevent crashes."

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation thanks Congressmen Sensenbrenner, Petri and Ryan for their support and defense of the
motorcyclists of this country.

The MRF urges you to contact your Representatives and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 904. You can reach your Representative through
the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish,, National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

Motorcycle riders across the country are anxiously awaiting a decision from the U.S. District Court
for the Northern District of New York which they hope will declare New York’s “motorcycle only”
roadblocks to be unconstitutional. The so-called “safety checkpoints”, which target well-known
motorcycle events, force motorcyclists to leave the roadway, regardless of any wrongdoing, and have
their persons and property inspected for equipment violations, proper paperwork, DUI and stolen VIN
numbers. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is now providing Federal funding for law enforcement to conduct
such motorcycle-only checkpoints nationwide despite objections raised by members of Congress and legal challenges from the biker community.

The New York lawsuit is the first to challenge the constitutionality of motorcycle checkpoints. The plaintiffs are being represented by Proner &
Proner, led by N.Y. Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) Attorney Mitch Proner, a motorcycle-riding lawyer who has a long history of doing “pro
bono” (free) legal work to protect the rights of motorcyclists. The Proner law firm commenced the lawsuit on behalf of four motorcyclists who were
detained at two separate checkpoints, as well as representing the interests of ABATE of New York and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists

The checkpoints in question are funded by a grant from the New York Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and the troopers who work them are
paid overtime. Although the stated purpose of the checkpoints is to promote safety, the majority of the more than a thousand tickets which were
issued during the first year of the checkpoints had nothing to do with safety and instead focused on non-safety violations such as loud pipes. The
written guidelines for the checkpoints specifically state that one of the purposes of the checkpoints is to look for stolen and forged VINs and the
police readily admit that they often have undercover members of their gang and auto theft units working the checkpoints looking for signs of criminal

According to Proner, the Supreme Court of the United States has repeatedly made it clear that any roadway checkpoint whose primary purpose is
general crime control constitutes an unreasonable search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment and is presumptively unconstitutional.
Notwithstanding that fact, the progress reports which the police prepared on the checkpoints specifically state that the grant funds are used “for
overtime for intelligence gathering and the subsequent criminal and traffic enforcement.” The police admit that the checkpoints, which focus only on
equipment violations and forged and stolen VINs, do not address any of the major causes of motorcycle accidents such as reckless driving, driver
inattentiveness and alcohol impairment.

The case, Wagner et al. v. The County of Schenectady, et al. could wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court. The future of motorcyclists’ rights hangs in
the balance.

Even as Georgia police prepared to launch the nation’s first federally-funded motorcycle-only checkpoints during Daytona Bike Week, lawmakers in
Washington were taking steps to cut federal funding for the controversial practice.

Wisconsin Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan and Tom Petri introduced House Resolution 904 on March 3rd that would prohibit the secretary of
transportation from providing funds to state and local governments for the use of motorcycle-only traffic checkpoints.

“The first step in motorcycle crash prevention should be rider education and increased awareness. Taxpayer money should not be spent on helmet
checkpoints that do not prevent crashes," Petri said in a news release. "Also, it's outrageously intrusive. Nobody is suggesting pulling cars off the
road for unscheduled inspections, so why are motorcycle riders being harassed?"

“We stand in solidarity against the unconstitutional use of motorcycle-only checkpoints being implemented in Georgia, and may be coming to your
state soon,” said Escondido Paul, National Lt. Commander of the US Defenders, in issuing a Call To Action (CTA) urging all motorcyclists to
contact their federal officials to “solicit their support against grant money being used by the Federal Government to induce other States to participate
in such discriminatory actions!”

In related news, bills have been recently introduced in New Hampshire (HB 148) and California (AB 1047) to prohibit any state law enforcement
agency from accepting federal funding to establish motorcycle-only roadside checkpoints.

Freedom of Speech was considered by our Founding Fathers to be our most important Constitutional right, which is why it is the First Amendment to
the Bill of Rights, but the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling favoring the rights of hateful protestors over the dignity of a military funeral doesn’t sit
well with some motorcyclists. In particular, the Patriot Guard Riders were formed in 2005 to protect the funerals of fallen warriors and shield
mourners from the incendiary demonstrations waged by Westboro Baptist Church, which claims soldiers’ deaths are “divine retribution” for
American tolerance of homosexuality.

The High Court ruled 8-1 on Wednesday, March 9th with only Justice Sam Alito dissenting, that the First Amendment protects hateful protests at
military funerals, despite the pain they cause grieving families. “Our soldiers fought to give Westboro the right to free speech,” said Mike Todd, a
member of the Patriot Guard Riders from Reading, Michigan, noting the irony.

Although describing the court’s holding as narrow, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the majority, saying of free speech; “It can stir people to
action, move them to tears of both joy and sorrow, and -- as it did here -- inflict great pain … we cannot react to that pain by punishing the speaker.”
He said the national commitment to free speech requires protection of “even hurtful speech on public issues to ensure that we do not stifle public
debate.”      ~~~~continued on next page.

NCOM BIKER NEWSBYTES – March 2011 continued….

The case arose from a protest at the funeral of a Marine who had died in Iraq, Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder. As with hundreds of other funerals,
members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., appeared with signs bearing such messages as “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and
“America Is Doomed”.

Albert Snyder sued regarding the intentional infliction of emotional distress at the funeral of his son, and won an $11 million jury award that was
later reduced by a judge to $5 million, but the verdict was overturned by a federal appeals court that ruled the Constitution shielded the church
members from liability. The Supreme Court’s decision upholds the appeals court ruling that threw out a $5 million judgment to the dead Marine’s

Dissenting Justice Alito strongly disagreed, likening the protest to fighting words, not protected by the First Amendment. ”Our profound national
commitment to free and open debate is not a license for the vicious verbal assault that occurred in this case,” he wrote.

Westboro’s antagonistic tactics have resulted in a torrent of legislative activity rarely rivaled in the annals of First Amendment history, with 41 states
and the U.S. Congress having passed laws limiting funeral protests, usually establishing minimum distances and time constraints, while numerous
municipalities have also passed funeral-protest ordinances at the local level.

With gasoline prices approaching $4 a gallon, commuters are turning to more fuel efficient motorcycles to save money. Sales and interest are up
across the country, and many motorcycle dealers anticipate the popularity of motorcycles to increase even more.

Signs that the two-wheeled world is getting back on the road to recovery are coming from not only improving motorcycle sales, but also by the
financial health of bikers themselves. Fewer bikers appear to be making late payments or defaulting on their motorcycle loans, according to a report
issued by Fitch Ratings, a credit rating agency working with Harley-Davidson’s Financial Services (HDFS) division.

In addition, the report also notes the improving market for previously owned motorcycles is again gaining strength, in part due to reduced inventory
levels at dealers. This would allow for any repossessed motorcycles to be sold for a better price than they may have the year before.

New Jersey motorcycle dealers are rejoicing that they can now sell bikes on Sundays. Governor Chris Christie signed a bill into law allowing the
Sunday motorcycle sales on March 3; though the measure does not affect the state’s ban on Sunday automobile sales, nor does it apply in Bergen
County where Blue Laws continue to prohibit the sale of most nonessential items on Sundays.

State Senator Donald Norcross introduced the legislation after a Camden County dealership complained about losing customers to stores in nearby
Pennsylvania and Delaware as a result of the Sunday ban, adding that most motorcycle buyers tend to make purchases on weekends.

“With our dealerships closed for business on Sunday, consumers were heading across the river to make their purchases at bike shops in neighboring
states,” said Norcross. “Especially in this economy, we need to give businesses the tools they need to remain competitive.”

Motorcycle businesses in Indiana and Wisconsin have also been trying to overturn bans on Sunday bike sales.

Newly-elected U.S. Rep. Allen West (R-FL), who was accused by his incumbent foe of belonging to a “biker gang” because he was supported by the
South Florida Confederation of Clubs, has become one of the newest members of the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus.

The bi-partisan caucus is comprised of members of Congress who are passionate about motorcycling and who work to promote the interests of
motorcyclists. The CMSC has actively highlighted the safety of motorcyclists by passing Congressional Resolutions supporting the goals of May is
Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, drawing attention to Ride to Work Day and ensuring that motorcycle safety is remembered in the
transportation reauthorization process.

"I'm very pleased to be able to join the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus to work with my esteemed colleagues on issues related to motorcycling,"
said West, who is indeed an active motorcyclist who contributes political articles for a local South Florida biker magazine “Wheels on the Road”.

West joins with fellow U.S. Representatives Tim Walberg (R-MI), Tim Griffin (R-AR), Reid Ribble (R-WI) and Jeff Denham (R-CA) as the most
recent motorcycle enthusiasts on the caucus. Other members include Reps. G.K. Butterfield (D-NC), Michael Conaway (R-TX), John Duncan (R-
TN), Bob Filner (D-CA), Randy Forbes (R-VA), Walter Jones (R-NC), Doug Lamborn (R-CO) and Tim Walz (D-MN).

Reps. Michael Burgess (R-TX) and Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) founded the Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus on June 26, 2009 and currently
serve as co-chairs of the caucus, despite a gunman’s vicious attack on Giffords.

Reps. West and Giffords were both recently selected by the NCOM Board of Directors to receive the coveted Silver Spoke Award - Legislative at the
upcoming 26th Annual NCOM Convention over Mother’s Day weekend May 5-8, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For
further information, or to register for the NCOM Convention, visit or call (800) 525-5355.

Chances are the car that cut you off in traffic was driven by an attorney, or a judge, or government worker or maybe even a dog groomer, according
to a new study listing the most dangerous drivers by profession.
 ~~~~continued on next page.

NCOM BIKER NEWSBYTES – March 2011 continued….

A study conducted by an online insurance agency found that lawyers snared the No. 1 spot on a Top 10 list of “Most Dangerous Drivers By
Profession,” with 44% claiming a prior accident when receiving a car insurance comparison quote from Findings were based on
accident claims as a percentage of quotes, the agency said, and used its proprietary data.

Here is the full list’s study of most dangerous driver’s by profession: 1-Attorney/Judge; 2-Financial professionals; 3-Government
worker (GS6); 4-Bartender or Waiter; 5-Business Professionals; 6-Dog Groomer; 7-Marketing/Advertising professionals; 8-Barber/Stylist; 9-Coach;
and 10-Nurse.

So why did these folks rank so high? Distraction.

That was apparently the opposite for those on the other end of the study, deemed the least dangerous drivers. To that end are athletes and
homemakers, the agency said. “Professions that demand multi-tasking - being on the phone, moving fast on a tight schedule - are prone to more
distractions and, from there, more accidents,” said Sam Belden, vice president at “On the other hand, though the job of a homemaker
demands multi-tasking, young children are often along for any car ride. And when children are involved, people tend to take their time and use
greater caution.”

QUOTABLE QUOTE: “In matters of conscience the law of majority has no place.”
~ Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi (1869-1948) Hindu Spiritual and Political leader

As we prepare to go to press, NCOM has just learned that longtime bikers’ rights activist Dave Zien, a former Wisconsin state senator and record-
setting long distance rider, was involved in an early morning crash on Sunday, March 13th while attending Daytona Bike Week, and was taken by
helicopter to the Tallahassee Memorial Medical Center and placed in intensive care.

According to news accounts, an SUV traveling in front of Zien on Interstate 10 attempted to change lanes, lost control and flipped onto its side. Zien,
59, was unable to avoid the overturned vehicle. Early reports indicate that Zien lost part of his left leg and suffered a broken right hip.

Zien is a longtime member of the NCOM Legislative Task Force who fought against helmet laws and for bikers’ rights during his 13 years in the
state Senate, from 1993 to 2006. He's been inducted into both the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame and the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame and rode
more than 1 million miles on a 1991 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide.

Visiting him at the hospital, James “Doc” Reichenbach, Chairman of the NCOM Board of Directors, reports that Dave is alert and preparing for
extensive surgery on his fractured hip, but remains in good spirits and already talking about riding again. “Please thank everyone for their well-
wishes and for keeping me in their hearts,” Zien said, adding “I’m lucky to be alive.”

Please keep Dave in your thoughts and prayers, and NCOM wishes him all the best on his road to recovery.

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U.S. Senate amendment introduced to exempt kids machines from lead law
U.S. Senate amendment introduced to exempt kids machines from lead law
March 30, 2011

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) has
introduced language that would exempt
youth off-highway vehicles (OHVs) from
the lead law that effectively bans the sale of
these machines at the end of the year, the
American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) reports.

Senate Amendment 264, co-sponsored by Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), would exempt youth OHVs from the lead-
content provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008, which is commonly
known as the lead law. Those provisions contain overly restrictive lead-content limits that have virtually
destroyed responsible youth motorized recreation.

SA 264 would amend S. 493, which is a small business program reauthorization bill.

The CPSIA bans the making, importing, distributing or selling of any product intended for children 12 and
under that contains more than a specified amount of lead in any accessible part. It also requires that all
children's products undergo periodic testing by independent laboratories approved by the Consumer Product
Safety Commission (CPSC), which is responsible for implementing the law.

The CPSC has delayed enforcing key portions of the law until after the end of the year. Unless the CPSIA is
changed, the sale of youth-model motorcycles and ATVs will effectively be banned.

The Klobuchar amendment is similar to H.R. 412, the Kids Just Want to Ride Act, introduced by Rep. Denny
Rehberg (R-Mont.) and supported by 55 of his colleagues. The AMA has enthusiastically supported Rehberg's
legislation, and now also supports SA 264.

James Holter


Join your fellow riders at the AMA Family Capitol Hill Climb: Thursday, May 26, 2011

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and the All-Terrain Vehicle Association (ATVA) invite all
youth riders and their families to attend the AMA Family Capitol Hill Climb on Thursday, May 26, at the
nation’s Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The AMA Family Capitol Hill Climb is an event focused on promoting and protecting the future of youth
dirtbike and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) riding. The day will begin with a press event where the winning "Kids
Just Want To Ride" video will be played. Following that, all attendees will have the opportunity to meet with
their congressional representatives to urge support for the Kids Just Want to Ride Act—legislation that, if
approved by Congress, would exempt youth-model motorcycles and ATVs from the CPSIA.

This is an opportunity you do not want to miss! Anyone with an interest in protecting the rights of youth riders
is encouraged to participate in this event—you do not have to submit a video to attend.

Please let the AMA know by Thursday, May 12, if you plan to attend the AMA Family Capitol Hill Climb.
We would be glad to help you with your visit. For details, trip planning assistance, and help arranging a meeting
with your member of Congress, call the AMA’s Grassroots Team at (202) 742-4310 or e-mail us at
The Danger of New Independent Motorcycle Clubs

I wrote an article a while back called "Why speak to the Motorcycle Clubs in your area before starting a new
MC?" It was about why those wishing to start new Motorcycle Clubs should go and speak to those who have
come before them. If you have not read the article look it up on my archive page on .

Since then, I've begun seeing and hearing some things that worry me. I have seen many groups popping up.
Some of these groups have names like Lone Wolf or Independent Riders. While I suppose the names are meant
to distance these groups from real Motorcycle Clubs, they still resemble legitimate clubs in the way they dress,
and to a certain degree, the way they act.

Now I am sure some of you are saying "hey LJ these guys just want to do their own thing back off a bit, what
really is the harm in what these guys are doing?" Well that's the Million dollar Question! Exactly what is the
real harm? Let me see if I can explain how I see it.

If you put on a uniform, pinned on a badge and hung out at Dunkin Donuts you may look like and act like a cop
but you would not be a real cop. When a real cop saw you, You would probably be in a lot of trouble!

Now due to High Gas Prices, The Economy, and people waking up to the fact that riding a Motorcycle is one of
the Greatest things in the world, the ranks of motorcycle riders have exploded. Many of these new riders see
shows like Sons Of Anarchy, Gangland or movies like Hell Ride and think, "This is cool, I'm going to start a
Club" even though they know nothing about Motorcycle Clubs or the Biker lifestyle.

Shows like Sons of Anarchy are a fictional dramatization of what a group of television writers think a
Motorcycle Club is. Programs like Gangland claim to investigate 1%er Clubs. Their "investigation consists of
looking up every little Crime members of a 30 year old Motorcycle Club have ever been accused of and then
Squeeze all the Negative info about the MC into about 45 Minutes of air time.

The concern is that you have new and                               SUPPORT
independent riders forming "Clubs" with no real
knowledge of what it means to be a member of a
                                                        THE BIKER LOWDOWN RADIO SHOW
Motorcycle Club. Some of these clubs are
forming with only shows like SOA and Gangland                  WITH YOUR BRO LJ JAMES
as the model for what a Motorcycle Club should                  & PREACHER CHUCK D
                                                           LIVE WEDNESDAY'S AT 8pm East Coast
Being a member of a Motorcycle Club is about          All shows archived and available 24 hours a day
Brotherhood, Loyalty, Respect, Freedom, and           from every on-line computer world wide.
Honor. It's not about Drugs, Guns, and Biker
Wars.                                                       SUPPORT THE SHOW
                                                             THAT SUPPORTS
In the Motorcycle Club world you start off as               THE MOTORCYCLING
either a prospect for an established Motorcycle
Club or your new MC starts off as a Supporter of        $100 a Month gets
a established MC and they help to teach you what
it truly means to be a Member of a Motorcycle           you On-Air and
                                                     Online Advertising
It's like an artist taking on an apprentice and
passing on what he has learned. The knowledge
he passes on has been passed on down to him for Hundreds of Generations.
~~~~continued on next page.

The Danger of New Independent Motorcycle Clubs continued….

Now where the danger lies is the art being taught can be thousands of years old but, It only takes one generation
of not passing the right information down and the art is lost forever!

With the creation of so many pseudo MC's, We risk a danger a lot worse than losing the art of what a
Motorcycle Club is all about , We risk watching the Mutation of the World We all Love turned into something
as ugly as the negative, hyped up TV Shows and movies we've all seen.

If your thinking about starting a Motorcycle Club or want to join one, start by talking to local Club members
you see at events or contact established Clubs directly. Every MC has its own set of rules, etc, but if you're
serious about becoming an MC or MC Member, you'll have no problem finding the situation that is right for
you. As I said in the beginning, I have no problem with people starting their own Clubs. It's just that starting a
Motorcycle Club is something that should be done the right way and not be taken lightly. Let us work together
to Preserve the Heritage of the Motorcycle Club world and make it stronger, not destroy it.

I am Your Bro LJ James

New York City Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Proner & Proner, Challenges Motorcycle-
Only Checkpoints
Motorcycle riders nationwide are eagerly awaiting the outcome of a lawsuit in federal court in New York
challenging motorcycle-only checkpoints. The lawsuit is the first in the country to raise constitutional
objections to the law enforcement practice of setting up checkpoints to stop all motorcyclists traveling to or
from popular motorcycle events.

Police began using these checkpoints in New York State in 2008, using grant money from the Governor's
Traffic Safety Committee. Recently, the federal government has begun funding motorcycle-only checkpoint
initiatives in other parts of the country, including the Atlanta area.

Though the stated rationale of these checkpoints is to increase public safety, the evidence indicates that most of
the tickets issued in New York have little to do with safety violations. That puts motorcycle-only checkpoints at
odds with Supreme Court precedent. The Court has said that roadside checkpoints whose primary purpose is
general crime control are presumptively unconstitutional under the Fourth Amendment.

The riders in the New York litigation are represented by New York City motorcycle accident attorneys, Proner
& Proner, a law firm that represents people injured in motorcycle accidents throughout the U.S. Lead attorney
Mitchell Proner has vowed to take the case to the Supreme Court if necessary to protect motorcyclists from
unreasonable search and seizure.

"Just as the Patriots that founded our country fought for these rights we hold so dear as Americans,
motorcyclists have rights and we will always fight to defend them," Proner said.

For more information about Proner & Proner, visit the motorcycle accident website and motorcycle accident
blog. Mitchell Proner is a nationally renowned motorcycle accident attorney based in Manhattan, New York. As
a prominent member of both the motorcycle community and the legal community, Mitchell is committed to
providing the most effective legal aid to his clients and furthering the rights of injured victims throughout the
United States. To talk to Mitchell Proner, please contact the law firm online at or call
toll-free 800-776-5291.
The following information was taken from :

Full document
PDF 90 pages:


STRATEGIES – to address motorcycle fatalities

Educational Programs and Public Awareness

Motorcycle Rider Training Program
New motorcyclists will continue to be encouraged to complete a motorcycle safety education course and to
become licensed operators. The MSP will continue to foster the statewide availability of rider education
programs and to increase the number of sites providing training based on criteria established by the MSF. A
portion of the motorcycle license and registration fees is set aside to fund this initiative. The public will be
informed of the benefits, availability and location of motorcycle rider education courses throughout the state.
Experienced Rider Course (ERC) programs will continue to be offered as well. The provision of courses
designed for specific categories of motorcycle operators, such as the MSF Advanced Rider–Sport Bike
Techniques course, will continue to be explored. Where opportunities exist, New York will attempt to expand
the network of providers to reach new geographic areas and supplement the availability in high demand

Motorcyclist Intervention and Education
The nature and operation of motorcycles make them more susceptible to crashes than other types of vehicles
when the operator uses alcohol. The operator is also more likely to suffer serious injury or death in a crash than
are drivers of other types of vehicles. Educational materials that bring this increased risk to the attention of
motorcyclists are needed and new channels for their distribution should continue to be developed.

Public Awareness of Motorcycle Safety
Public information and education activities that stress the proper use of approved safety equipment, especially
helmets, are important for improving motorcycle safety. Efforts to increase awareness and educate the general
driving population about motorcycle safety issues will continue. These efforts include New York’s participation
in the national initiative recognizing June as Motorcycle Safety Awareness month; the use of variable message
signs promoting motorcycle safety; and public awareness campaigns and PI&E materials designed to heighten
the awareness of the motoring public regarding the need to share the road safely with motorcycles.

The GTSC will work with its partners, including the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, the NYS Traffic
Safety Boards Association, the New York State Police and the NYS Association of Chiefs of Police, to promote
local rider safety education opportunities within their respective communities.

Program Quality
Maintaining the quality of the instructor cadre in terms of skills, knowledge and motivation is a challenge in
every program. To maintain a high quality program, New York will use a variety of outreach modes to improve
the availability of training for providers and instructors and to aid in the retention of qualified instructors.

……continued on next page.


Motorcycle Enforcement Checkpoints
Motorcycle safety checkpoints will be deployed in strategic locations to check for license and registration
violations, non-compliant helmets, faulty or illegal equipment and other violations. Variable message signs and
other methods including aerial enforcement may be used to ensure mandatory compliance with the checkpoint.
The checkpoints may also be used in conjunction with PI&E and research initiatives.

Officer Training and Local Enforcement
Police officer training on motorcycle enforcement issues and techniques will be conducted. The training will
focus on safety violations such as unapproved helmets, equipment violations such as tires and lighting, and
altered motorcycles, especially those with loud exhaust systems. Trained officers will be deployed to enforce
these laws and issue tickets to violators.

Motorcycle Enforcement Training
The New York State Police and the Law Enforcement Liaison from the NYS Association of Chiefs of Police
will again partner in presenting the Practical Guidelines for Motorcycle Enforcement training program. This
innovative and specialized training curriculum was designed to present practical and comprehensive
information on motorcycle safety and motorcycle laws. The hands-on instruction provides officers, especially
those assigned to patrol duties, with the knowledge and skills to educate motorcyclists and the public on
motorcycle safety and to also enhance the enforcement of motorcycle laws in New York State. In addition to
law enforcement, instructors from the MSF and other traffic safety partners will benefit from this training. The
training program is supported by the GTSC and the MSP.

Research and Evaluation

Evaluation of Motorcycle Safety Program Initiatives
Because of the increase in motorcycle crashes and fatalities in recent years, motorcycle safety continues to be a
top priority of New York’s highway safety program. As New York expands its efforts to address this issue
through enforcement, public awareness and rider education programs, studies to evaluate the impact on
motorcycle crashes, fatalities and injuries may be undertaken.

Scope and Nature of Motorcycle Safety Issues
The development of an effective program to address motorcycle safety issues requires a clear understanding of
the scope of the problem, the nature of the crashes that occur and the characteristics of the motorcycle operators
and passengers involved in those crashes. Additional research is needed to examine issues related to motorcycle
safety through analyses of DMV’s crash, license, ticket and vehicle registration files. Specific topics requiring
more in-depth research include the extent to which motorcycle operators are arrested for impaired driving
offenses, the specific makes and models of motorcycles involved in crashes and licensing issues related to
motorcycle operators.

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 May 2           ABATE of Monroe – Breakout Run / Bike Blessing

 May 7           Run for the Son – Christian Motorcyclists Association
                 24th Annual Ride - Missions Fund-Raiser Event in USA & Canada
                 Sponsored by The Solid Rock Riders Chapter and starting at: Arkport Cycles, 1 Main Street, Arkport, NY
                 9:30AM -10:30AM - Registration & Hospitality Opens. CMA Blessing of the Bikes 10:30 AM
                 11:0 0AM - 100-mile Ride Departs Around Noon - Lunch Break (self-pay-order off menu)
                 Observe CMA National Time of Prayer - (all who desire are invited to participate)
                 15% Discount at Arkport Cycles (vehicles; labor; sale items excluded)
                 Welcome to All Bikes & Trikes, All Riders/Passengers, All Groups.
                 Contact Road Captain, Eric Piraino (585) 335-5893 for details.
 May 14          ABATE of Wayne - Break OUT Run
                 Starts At Granskofski's Family Restaurant, 436 RT 104, Ontario
                 Sign In 9:00-9:50. Kick-Stands Up At 10:00 am.
                 $5 a piece for any ABATE Member. $10 a person for non-ABATE members.
                 Join ABATE and ride with us for free.
 May 14          1st Annual Thousand Islands River Run – Bike Night
                 At Skiff’s. “Blessing of the bikes” at noon. Leaving downtown Alex Bay immediately following the blessing of the
                 bikes. Route TBA. Music by “Cousin Jake” 6-10pm. For more information call Mary at 315-482-4105
 May 16          ABATE of New York – 15th Annual Freedom Rally
                 Ride to the Capital. All Motorcyclists Welcome. Come fight for your rights!
 May 21          ABATE of Cayuga – 4th Annual Bikers for Food – for the Cavelry Food Pantry
                 Pancake Breakfast / Motorcycle Food Drive. Applebee’s Rest. Grant Ave. Auburn NY. Pancake Breakfast: 8am to
                 10am. Donation: $5.00 per person. Pre-sale tickets @ Applebee’s or Available by calling
                 315 730 02458
 May 21          Spring Party – New Breed Motorcycle Club
                 California Brew Haus, 402 Ridge Road West. Saturday, May 21, 8pm till 1am. Music by Teagan & The Tweeds Pre
                 Sale Tickets Sold by New Breed MC.Members or Teagan & the Tweeds band members
                 For updated info go to www.newbreedmc.comTickets $15.00 includes food & beer.
June 3 - 5       Thunder in Old Forge
                 The Thunder at Old Forge event will be taking place at the North Street Pavilion in Old Forge, New York.
                 This is a three day event that will have bands, beer, and great riding all throughout the Adirondacks.
June 6 - 11      Americade - Sponsored by AMA
                 Registration is at the Holiday Inn in Lake George but activities will take place at various locations around the Lake
                 George Area. Registration begins at 11:00 am on June 6th. Events include guided and unguided rides, poker runs,
                 scavenger hunt, tradeshow, bike shows, vendors, entertainment, and more. For more information call (518) 798-7888,
                 Email: , or go to
 June 11         ABATE of Onondaga – 11th Annual Poker Run

 June 11         ABATE of Wayne - Picnic
                 6753 Maple Ave, Sodus, NY Bring a dish to pass. Meeting at noon, picnic starts right afterwards.
 June 11         ABATE of Monroe – Flag Day Freedom Rally

 June 11         3rd Annual Jason’s Run
                 Memorial Fund Raiser for Safety Awareness Education & Signage. Open to All motorcyclists and motorists alike
                 Oneonta Vets Club, 279 Chestnut St., Oneonta, NY. Pancake Breakfast 8:00 – 11:00AM - $7 per person. Sign Up’s
                 for run between 10:00 – 11:00AM. Run departs at 11:15 Sharp. $20 – Per Person – Run pin & BBQ chicken dinner
                 included. 50/50 / Lottery Tree / Chinese Auction & Door Prizes. For more information contact Karen Vagliardo @
                 607-432-2684 or Emerson Horth & 607-432-8762

                            NY CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2011
               Send your events to John Cholewa, type the information and send a flyer if you have one.
                                  E-MAIL EVENTS TO: NOMAD2000@HVC.RR.COM
            For the latest, most up to date version of the calendar, go to our web page:

June 24 - 26    5th Annual Thousand Islands River Run Motorcycle Rally - Alexandria Bay, NY
                Friday Night-June 24 "Kick Off" Block Dance Music by "Cousin JAKE"
                June 25 "LIVE MUSIC FEST" Featuring:"Double Barrel Blues","String of Pearls","JAMBONES"
                "The VERTICAL OUTLAWS" Motorcycle Stunt Group from Maine
                "ROB'S DYNO SERVICE" 9am - 6:00pm Sat. A-Bay Fire Hall "BIKER RIVERBOAT CRUISE!
                "BIKER GAMES" AT THE TI WINERY! "NOBODY" REDNECK Engineering
                "NEW ENGLAND CHOPPERS" Builder of the Budweiser Bike!! "MARINE TRIBUTE BIKE"
                "COUNTY LINE CHOPPERS","SHANE GATTO CUSTOMS", "B&M Performance Cycles"
                MORE BUILDERS TBA!!! VENDORS ALL WEEKEND at the Pavilion!!!
                "Miss FAST LANE BIKER" Contest ALEX BAY"Tattoo" Contests,"Ma and Pa" Custom Bike Show
                "Dirtiest Bike Contest","Burn Out" Contest June 26-"WIND DOWN" Poker Run
                For more information call the Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce (800) 541-2110 or
                (315) 482-9531, see Flyer, or visit the Thousand Islands River Run website at
  July 2        ABATE of Onondaga – 11th Annual Helmet Protest Run

  July 2        ABATE of Wayne - Gypsy Run
                Starts At Granskofski's Family Restaurant, 436 RT 104, Ontario. Sign In 9:00-9:50. Kick Stands Up At 10:00 am.
                $5 a piece for any ABATE Member. $10 a person for non-ABATE members. Join ABATE and ride with us for free.
  July 4        ABATE of Monroe – Michelle Hall Run

  July 16       Fourth Annual Laurel Run Motorcycle Dice Run
                All proceeds benefit The Resource Center Foundation to provide work and training opportunities that will enable
                individuals with disabilities to become more independent. Registration is 10am-12pm. Bike run begins at Noon and
                all bikes are back in by 4:00 pm.
                Begins and ends at the Silver Creek Village Park, Silver Creek, NY (corner of routes 5 and 20).
                Free food, goodie bags, prize tables with every ticket a winner. Driver $20, with Rider $30. Prizes in four
                For more details email or call 716-661-1001. Website:
  July 17       ABATE of Oswego – Interchapter Benefit Ride – LTBD

  July 17       Utica Ride for Kids ®
                Deerfield Volunteer Fire Dept., 5476 Trenton Rd., Deerfield, NY 13502
                When you join hundreds of other motorcyclists for this scenic ride through the New York countryside, you'll have a
                great time while raising funds for the PBTF's medical research and family support programs! Riders on all makes and
                models are welcome. Registration opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 9:45 a.m. The escorted ride starts at 10 a.m. sharp,
                rain or shine! For more information see their website
  July 23       ABATE of Onondaga – Run & Fund Raiser

   !! State Party Aug. 5-7 !!
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