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Truly Gorgeous


									Press Release
Collection New Structures
Gorgeous 5661 / 5655
Design Alfex

Truly Gorgeous
Time changes and takes on different shapes and meanings every hour. Alfex
expresses this transformation with a striking, unexpected design. The
international watchmaker is launching its ultimate object of desire as a
Christmas special: GORGEOUS – the essence of style and modern femininity.

The word GORGEOUS comes from the old French expression “gorgias,” which
means “delicate, elegant.” In our modern language this word has a fascinating
variety of meanings. It describes beauty and the characteristics and unique
attributes of the model and its wearer, thus creating – just like the individual
modules of the strap – a brilliant, lively, expressive personality that can be




but always TRULY GORGEOUS. Alfex created two versions of the model to suit
this variety of moods:

TRULY GORGEOUS gets your attention with its seductively brilliant mother-of-
pearl dial, four Swarovski crystals as hour indicators and an irresistibly
luxurious, three-string charm strap with Swarovski crystals crafted into each
individual module.

SIMPLY GORGEOUS models will charm you with dials in different colors and a
tasteful, elegant and flexible three-string charm strap.

All models from the GORGEOUS series are Swiss Made, crafted from anti-
allergenic stainless steel, with a Ronda quartz movement, and are water
resistant up to 3 ATM.
The following five versions of the GORGEOUS model will be available as a
Christmas special at select retail stores:

Exclusive version: TRULY GORGEOUS – with Swarovski crystals

 Polished steel casing and polished steel strap with Swarovski crystals, as well
 as a white mother-of-pearl dial with four additional Swarovski crystals.

Basic versions: SIMPLY GORGEOUS – without Swarovski crystals

 5655.001                 5655.002                 5655.021                5655.041
 Polished                 Polished                 Polished                Two-tone
 steel casing             steel casing             gold IP-                version with
 and polished             and polished             plated                  polished
 steel strap              steel strap              casing and              steel and
 with silver              with black               strap with              gold IP-
 dial.                    dial.                    silver dial.            plated
                                                                           casing and
                                                                           strap with
                                                                           silver dial.

When published, please send clipping to: Alfex SA - Galleria 3, 6928 Manno - Switzerland

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