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					                  g{x XwãtÜw|tÇ    Fifth Sunday of Easter
                                        May 22, 2011

                          “I am the way and the truth and the life.
                      No one comes to the Father except through me.”
                                                        -John 14.6
ST. EDWARD CHURCH                                   BAPTISMS
4350 W. Sunnyside Avenue                            First and third Sunday of each month at 12:30
Chicago, Illinois 60630-4146                        p.m. Attendance at a Baptismal preparation meet-
                                                    ing is required— one meeting, the last Wednesday
Rectory: (773) 545-6496                             of the month. Please call the Rectory office for ar-
     FAX: (773) 545-1136                            rangements.
     Website:              MARRIAGES
Office Hours:                                       Arrangements should be made in person at the
  Mon-Fri:     9:00 AM— 7:45 PM                     Rectory at least four months prior to the desired
  Saturdays: 9:00 AM— 5:30 PM                       wedding date. Please Note: Wait to make definite
  Sundays:     9:00 AM—12:30 PM                     reception plans until your date and time is set with
PRIESTS                                             the Church.
Rev. Michael J. Cronin, Pastor                      NOVENA
Rev. Tomy Vadakevattukula, Associate Pastor         Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Rev. James P. McIlhone, Resident                    Saturdays immediately after 8:15 AM Mass
Rev. John J. Donohue, Pastor Emeritus               EUCHARISTIC ADORATION
Rev. Joseph C. Taylor (In Residence)                1st Tuesday of each month 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM
STAFF                                               NEW PARISHIONERS
Kim Nielsen, Lay Pastoral Minister
                                                    Welcome to St. Edward Parish!
Barb Sapp, Lay Pastoral Minister
                                                    Please register at the Rectory Office
Henrietta Atkin, Music Director
Lourdes Ryczek, Religious Ed Coordinator            ST. EDWARD SCHOOL
Phone: (773) 835-3622 or    4343 W. Sunnyside Avenue
Sue Rissetto, Parish Secretary                      Phone: (773) 736-9133
Carmencita Lanuza, Bookkeeper                       Sr. Marie Michelle, O.P., Principal
                                                    Mrs. Catherine McGill, School Secretary
MASSES                                              E-Mail:
Sunday:     5:30 PM (Sat.); 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 AM   Website:
Weekdays: 6:45 and 8:15 AM
Saturday:   8:15 AM                                 ST. EDWARD CONVENT
Holy Days : 6:45 AM; 8:15 AM and 7:30 PM            4518 N. Lowell Avenue
                                                    Phone: (773) 545-7210
Saturday: At 4:45 PM or by appointment              Crisis Pregnancy Hotline: 1-800-400-4205
Page 2                                         May 22, 2011

                   Mass Intentions                                 Our Weekly Offering
                    for the Week                                      May 15, 2011

Sat.     May 21— Vigil Fifth Sunday of Easter/
         St. Christopher Magallanes                             Sunday Collection:      $5,098.23
 5:30    †Marie C. Vega                                       Children’s Envelopes:        170.00
         req. by Vega Family and                                        Parish Pay:     $1,504.50
         †Mathew Voegtle req. by wife Shirley                       Total Offering:     $6,772.73

Sun.     May 22— Fifth Sunday of Easter                         God bless you for your generosity.
8:00     †Primo V. Santos req. by family
         †Bill Ponzetti req. by Broderick family
         †David Godley req. by Sarah Godley
         †Joseph Salerno req. by Coughlin family
                                                                Church Happenings
         Spiritual bouquet for
         Noel Ani Faith Brighton                                        Sunday, May 22
         req. by Cris & Naty Licuanan                 Children’s Liturgy 9:30 a.m. Mass
Mon.     May 23 — Easter Weekday                      Baptism 12:30 UC
6:45     St. Edward Parishioners                      Voice & Piano Recital p.m. 2:00 UC
8:15     †Speical Intentions                          Bear Cub Scout Mtg. 2:00—3:30 p.m. LC
         req. by the Nyberg family
Tues     May 24— Easter Weekday                                        Monday, May 23
 6:45    St. Edward Parishioners                      GS #21326 5:50—7:00 p.m. CH
 8:15    St. Edward Parishioners                      8th Grade Recital 7:00 p.m. BH

Wed.     May 25 — Easter Weekday/                                      Tuesday, May 24
         St. Bede the Venerable, St. Gregory VII,     Friendly Neighbors 11:00—2:30 p.m. CH
         St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi                  Religious Education Closing Mass 6:30 p.m.
 6:45    †Robert Kurtzer                              School Board Mtg. 7:00 p.m. CH
         req. by Jessica & Paul Vega                  Girls on the Run 3:00—4:00 p.m. CH
 8:15    St. Edward Parishioners
                                                                      Wednesday, May 25
Thurs.   May 26 — Easter Weekday/St. Philip Neri      Little Red Tot Spot 9:30—10:30 a.m. CH
 6:45    St. Edward Parishioners                      Legion of Mary 7:00 p.m. CR
 8:15    †Francis M. McNiff req. by family            Baptism Prep 7:30 p.m. RH
                                                      Band/Orchestra 7:00 p.m. BH
Fri.     May 27—St. Augustine of Canterbury
6:45     St. Edward Parishioners                                       Thursday, May 26
8:15     †Mary & Victor Depa req. by family           Human concerns Mtg. 7:30 CR
Sat.     May 28 — Easter Weekday                      Boy Scout Mtg. 7:30 CH
8:15     St. Edward Parishioners                      Girls on the Run 3:00—4:00 p.m. CH
 5:30    †Maureen McNulty req. by Aquino family       Fall Fest Planning Mtg. 7:00 p.m. RH
         †Thomas Brennan req. by Marilyn Kieca
                                                                       Friday, May 27
                                                      Pre-School Celebration 10:00 a.m. BH
 Sun.    May 29 — Sixth Sunday of Easter
                                                      Celebrate and Read 1:00 p.m. CH
 8:00    †Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Robertshaw & son
         req. by Gaughan family                                      Saturday, May 28
         Spiritual Bouquet for                        Novena/Rosary after 8:15 a.m. Mass
         Mary & Wally Koegler 63rd wedding
         anniv. req. by children                                        Sunday, May 29
9:30     †John Boyd B-day                             Children’s Liturgy 9:30 a.m. Mass
         req. by wife Margaret & family               5th Sunday Brunch 12:00 p.m. CH
         †Reinaldo Marquez req. by family
11:00    †Lilia Serrano req. by family                        Note: Rectory Office will be Closed on
                                                                    Memorial Day, May 30th
                                             Fifth Sunday of Easter                                       Page 3

                 Letter from the Associate Pastor….

Dear Parishioners,

         It was during one of my regular rounds as a      good times that I had in the Parish ever since he
chaplain at Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical          assumed the office. After the arrival of Fr. Mike to
Center, Chicago, that I met one of the parishioners       the parish, the priests at the rectory began to
of St. Edwards who was a patient then at the hospi-       experience a family atmosphere. With the cooking
tal. He told me why don’t you come to my parish, as       abilities of Fr. Jim and the training Fr. Joe received
the associate in his parish was moving out to be a        from his grandma we didn’t have to worry much
pastor at another parish in the Archdiocese. After a      about washing dishes either. Most evenings we were
few days I sent an email to the local Vicar, Bishop       and still are able to dine and to spend some time
Thomas Paprocki, expressing my desire to serve in         together in the evenings. I am certain that the
one of the parishes of his deanery. I had a meeting       presence of these priests at the Parish would
with him at his office and at the end of that meeting     continue to be a boon and will lead it to new heights.
he told me there was a Parish in his deanery that was     My humble prayers are with them. Many thanks to
looking for an associate pastor. After a week I got       the parish secretary, bookkeeper, janitors and all
an email from the Chancery office asking me to            other parish staff, the teachers and the children for
make an appointment with the Pastor of                    their love and cooperation.
St. Edwards, for an interview.                                      I cannot forget the timely help and guidance
         I came to St. Edward’s to meet with              of Sr. Virginia, an inspiring presence in the
Fr. Carlson who at the end of that meeting asked me       compound. I am grateful to her for the reading
to move to the rectory as soon as possible. The           practice she gave me and helping me to speak
Archdiocese filed for a change of sponsorship which       English well. At times I felt nervous when I saw her
was subsequently approved by the Immigration              sitting with the congregation. I also thank all the
Office in October, 2009. My Religious Worker visa         other sisters for their love and friendship.
was approved until June 22, 2011.                                  The day I began here at St. Edwards was
         The time is at hand to say good bye to all of    very special to me as it was my first parish
you, as my Religious Worker visa is expiring next         experience outside of India. It was St. Augustine
month (22 June, 2011) and my term as an associate         who said “I came among you as a priest, with you I
pastor here at St. Edwards will come to an end on         was a brother and a pilgrim.” I believe that is very
the same day. The visa could not be extended,             true in my case with you all. I never felt either
though a change of status is possible. The past two       superior or inferior but as one among you. Though a
years went by too quickly and it caught me by             stranger and an alien you welcomed me, though my
surprise. I thank God Almighty for giving me this         accent was and still is not perfect you tolerated me
wonderful opportunity to come to this parish and to       and you accepted me as one of your own. Many of
help as an associate. I have learned and gained many      you have opened the doors of your home to
good experiences by being here with you. I wish to        welcome me whenever I visited you. I never felt that
remember with gratitude Bishop Paproki for his ini-       I was a foreigner but always felt here at home. I
tiative and kindness and Fr. Carlson for opening the      shall surely cherish all these memories of
doors of this great Parish to me.                         St. Edwards for years to come. Working here in the
         At the very outset itself Fr. Friedl gave me a   States for the last five years especially at
thorough training of the Church and Rectory before        St. Edwards has certainly enabled me to bring smiles
he left for his new assignment. Fr.Carlson was            on the faces of some poor people in India by sending
always helpful and very respectful to me the days         part of my salary to help families who were in dire
that we were together. I am greatly indebted to Fr.       need of monetary support.
Mike for his kindness and generosity and for the                                           Continued on page 4...
Page 4                                            May 22, 2011

Continued from page 3
                                                            Congratulations to Our Newly Confirmed
         The affection and the camaraderie of                            May 18, 2011
everyone here at St. Edwards was a temptation
very hard to overcome. It was very consoling and I
felt very supportive to have lived here with you,
during one of the most difficult and agonizing days
of my life-the death of my father. Your valuable               Bryan Anacleto                      Jarrod Lark
                                                               Emma Andersen                       Ivette Leiva
prayers and words of comfort have surely helped                Ana Barragan                        Brandon Lorezca
me to move forward. In all humility and prayer I               Juan Barragan                       Brian Mangio
have accepted that it is time for me to say good bye           Saul Barragan                       Mikayla Marfori
to each one you and to move on. Needless to say                Sidney Bautista                     Julia McDermott
that I have felt frustration, disappointment and an-           Collin Bergin                       Analyn Mendoza
                                                               Jackelyn Casado                     Nina Mercado
ger at times for not being able to acquire a Green             Benjamin Casapao                    Ashley Mitchell
Card. The fear of the unknown troubled me for                  Frank Doherty                       Liam Mulcrone
quite some time which was difficult to handle. But             Bennett Erickson                    Eugene Murawski
God has been gracious to me and in His infinite                Laura Fino                          James Novak
mercy I have been selected to be a Chaplain                    Frances Flores                      Sean O’Brien
                                                               Dylan Gilbert                       Jack O’Callaghan
resident at Victoria General Hospital, Winnipeg,               Alexander Glowacki                  Cassandra Oliva
Canada. The work in Canada will begin in                       Jillian Gomez                       MiltonPar
September, 2011. Though I have to relinquish my                Julia Gregory                       Brittany Pineiro
post here as an Associate Pastor from June 22nd, I             Logan Hammerberg                    Gillian Scaletta
shall continue to live here at St. Edwards till I leave        Aidan Hardy                         Matthew Scanlan
                                                               Jonah Isaac                         Emily Schiavone
for Canada on August 20, 2011. My status in the                Kellie Jarr                         Emily Schoenbeck
US will change from a Religious Worker to a                    Kayla Johnson                       Alyssa Simpson
student from June 22nd thanks to the studies at                Jenny Joseph                        Sabrina Simpson
Loyola University, Chicago. God willing I would                Morgan Jost                         Maria Varela
be very delighted to come back here to Chicago in              Olivia Kania
the future.
         I have in all sincerity tried to live up to my
                                                                           Monday, May 30, 10:30 a.m.
call as a Catholic Priest and an associate here at St.                  MEMORIAL DAY FIELD MASSES
Edwards. Yet I know there were occasions when I           Cardinal George and the auxiliary bishops of the Archdiocese of
have failed to be compassionate, gentle and to be          Chicago will celebrate Masses at cemeteries throughout the
                                                                         Archdiocese on Memorial Day.
understanding or not living up to your expectations.
If my words or deeds have brought pain and                               Cardinal Francis E. George, O.M.I.
disappointment to any one I am deeply sorry. In                          Maryhill Cemetery,
conclusion I quote from St. Paul’s letter to the                         8600 N. Milwaukee Ave., Niles
Philippians: “ I thank my God for you every time I                       Most Rev. John R. Manz
think of you, and every time I pray for you all, I                       All Saints Cemetery,
pray with joy because of the way in which you                            700 N. River Rd., Des Plaines
have helped me in the work of the Gospel from the
                                                                         Most Rev. Thad J. Jakubowski
very first day until now.”                                               St. Adalbert Cemetery,
                                                                         6800 N. Milwaukee Ave., Niles
May God bless and protect each one of you,
                                                          NOTE: A list of Memorial Day Field Masses in all the Parish
                                                          Cemeteries is available on the Catholic Cemeteries web site at:
Fr. Tomy                                                  MemorialDay2011.pdf
                                                           Fifth Sunday of Easter                                                         Page 5

                                               ALTAR SERVERS FOR WEEKDAYS
                                 Mon., Tues. & Wed., May 23, 24 & 25 : E. Andersen & L. Erickson
                                 Thurs., Fri. & Sat., May 26, 27 & 28: C. San Juan & N. Gonzalez
                                           MASS SCHEDULE FOR NEXT WEEKEND

MASS               PRESIDER          LECTOR                   EUCH.MINISTERS                                              SERVERS
                                                                          Paten:                        Cup:
Saturday           Fr. Tomy          Bernadette Brosnan       1 Lourdes Ryczek                2 Barb Sapp                 G. Lynch
May 28             Abraham                                    4 Marty Ryczek                  3 Archie Africa             T. Ward
                                                              5 Jerry Neja                                                P. Bledsoe
5:30 pm
                                                                         Paten:                         Cup:
Sunday             Fr. Mike          Sr. Virginia             1 Jim Bruton                    2 Kris Jozwik               S. Geraghty
May 29             Cronin                                     4 Peg Carolan                   3 Carol Bruton              L. Rentas
                                                              5 Virgil Yumo                                               J. White
8:00 am

                                                                          Paten:                       Cup:
9:30 am            Fr. Jim           Kim Nielsen              1 Peggy Calderone               2 Fay Quintus               L. Mulcrone
                   McIlhone                                   4 Nick Calderone                3 Tom Anderson              E. Andersen
                                                              5 Lilia Cruzat                                              C. San Juan

                                                              Paten:                                    Cup:
11:00 am           Fr. Joe           Dave O’Donnell           1 Tom Clune                     2 Paul Kriston              C. Neja
                   Taylor                                     4 Vanessa Jaszczor              3 Lou Cella                 M. Nyberg
                                                              5 Kathleen Kriston                                          D. Paredes

                                                              Christ our Light!
                                                             “Of Gods and Men”
Perhaps you have been able to see the movie Of Gods and Men. Amazing movie!
[Spoiler alert!] This accurate account depicts several Trappist monks in a monastery in Algiers in the late 1990s, some of whom later are murdered
by Algerian radicals. The movie revolves around the life of these men, including their public prayer life. This prayer remains the source and
summit of their life which life also includes providing medical necessities and food for their Muslim neighbors. The viewer is pulled into their
life, witnessing how worship empowers individuals to live discipleship.
Encountering Christ comes through many sources: the holiness of others, the poor, our personal prayer. Worship by a community of disciples
however exposes the twofold reason for worship – to praise God and to empower us to live in Truth and Spirit. Weekly worship places us in a
space other than that of our own agendas, egos and immediate concerns of daily living and family challenges.
Years ago there was a woman who attended Mass but did not go to Communion. So pleasant after Mass, I wondered about her reasons. One
Sunday I asked. Her life was full of complicated relationships and behavior. She continued to come to Mass and thirst for the Eucharist.
Reconciliation was the necessary antidote. We made an appointment; she wanted some time. Bottom line – she had come to Mass weeks before
and the community – no one in particular – was so welcoming. She felt the call to enter into her complicated life with honesty and to seek healing.
Worship done well invites the stranger and the alienated closer to Him! Worship is about the many individuals gathered and about us gathered as a
community. We encounter the Risen Lord when we genuinely – together – worship in His name.
  Accept that He is Risen for you! Pray: Christ, be our light!
                                                             —Rev. Msgr. Rich Hynes

             Parish Calendar Meeting
                                                                                              Fifth Sunday Brunch
              The information packet for the Parish Calendar
              meeting on June 7, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. was                      Plan to join us next Sunday in the church hall after the 11:00
              distributed.                                                  Mass for our summer kickoff potluck picnic. Everyone is
                                                                            welcome; recently registered parishioners have been invited as
If your organization or ministry did not receive the material,              guests of honor.
you can pick up a copy in the Rectory office or by e-mail at                                                      Representatives from the Hospitality Ministry will be in the
                                                                            vestibule after all Masses this weekend, noting your attendance
                              —Calendar Process Coordinator                 and your good contribution for the sharing table. Meat and
                                                                            beverages will be provided.
Page 6                                                     May 22, 2011

                                       Odds “n” Ends

                                  SAVE THE DATE!
                             St. Edward Oktoberfest 2011
  Join us Saturday, September 17th, 2011 from 2:00 P.M. – 12:00 A.M. in Buckley Hall.
  Stop by for great food, games for all ages, raffles, an authentic German band and of
                                 course, German bier!
              Additional information to follow. We hope to see you there.

              Holy Land Pilgrimage
Come, see the land where Jesus and the Apostles walked. You
                                                                     The Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass will be held on
will never experience the Bible in the same way after this trip.
                                                                     Sunday, August 28, 2011, at 3 PM at St. John Brebeuf,
Join Fr. Jim McIlhone, the Director for Biblical Formation for
                                                                     8307 N. Harlem Ave., Niles, IL.
the Archdiocese of Chicago on a 10 day pilgrimage to the
Holy Land departing February 22, 2012 and returning March
4, 2012. The cost is $3,500 including accommodations,                Couples married in 1961 interested in attending this
airfare, two meals a day, entry fees, bus transport and guide.       celebration should contact their parish to register.

 Reservations can be made by sending a check for $250 per            For further information call the Family Ministries Office
person to Fr. Jim McIlhone at the Cardinal Meyer Center,             at 312.534.8351 or visit the website:
3525 S. Lake Park Ave, Chicago IL 60653. Checks should be  
made out to Archdiocese of Chicago, note check is for Holy
Land Pilgrimage. The first half of the remainder will be due
June 15, 2011, and the full payment will be due September 1,
2011. For Further information, please call the rectory at
773-545-6496 ext. 23.                                                CAR DONATIONS SOUGHT FOR SEMINARIANS'
                                                                                FIELD TRAINING
                                    —Fr. Jim McIlhone
                                                                   The University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein Seminary is
                                                                   looking for donations of good working autos to be used in the
                                                                   seminarian field education programs. During the years of
                               Guess Who                           training as a seminarian, students require travel to parishes or
                   Can you guess who this is posing for his        hospitals as part of their preparation for priesthood. Many
                                                                   students do not have their own transportation and autos do-
                   First Holy Communion picture?
                                                                   nated to the Seminary help students perform valuable ministeri-
                                                                   al services to local parishes and hospitals. Donating autos that
                   Hint: He’ll be saying the 1l:00 am              are used in the required mission of the charity, such as our field
                   Mass next weekend.                              education program, received preferential tax treatment, so be
                                                                   sure to consider this option along with consulting your tax advi-

           Notices for the May 29th Bulletin are due                Please contact Mr. Stan Rys at or 847/970-
                      in the Rectory office                        4811 to learn more.
                  by 3:00 p.m. on May 23rd
                                           Fifth Sunday of Easter                                         Page 7

                         “TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON AND
                       A TIME FOR EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN.”
“A Time to be born through Baptism”
                       Raina Malabanan Aguilar child of Raul Arnold and Gina (Malabanan) Aguilar
                       Percival David Castree child of Sam and Claire (Young) Castree
“A Time to Heal”–
                      Ronel Acar, Mary Ann Breidenbach, Noelani Faith Brighton, Brian Burgeson,
                      Purification Ciruelas, Arturo Del Rosario, Joan Henry, Ronald Klish, Andoy Laqui,
                      Loring Malibiran, Virgilio Mangubat, Begelita Marquez, Pat McNulty,
                      Dorothy Osbourne, William Reidy, Bruno Rosellini, Suzan Shepherd, Laurie Ong,
                      Kilian Bede White, Sherry Wooden
 “A Time of War”–
                      Raul Donald Aguilar, Lou M. Arceo, Michael Camp, L.Cpl. Tim Ferretti,
                      Spc. Clifford Gara, Rory Hehir, Juan Hernandez, Collin John Jones,
                      1st Lt. Randall Kester, Craig Lensegrav, Joselito R. Mercado, Sean O’Connor,
                      Gretel Ypil Odon, Spc. Nicholas Saladino, Robert Stillwell, SSG. Edward Swartz,
                      Brian West
“A Time to Die”–

              All the Military and Innocent Civilians who have died in the War.
                    Please keep all these listed, and their families, in your prayers.

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