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Transforming a Barn

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									                                                                                                                          Fall 2005 • Vol. 31 • No. 2

                                    Transforming a Barn
 Achieving More Together
    The Arc of Monroe County •
                  CP Rochester •
         Epilepsy Foundation •
of Rochester-Syracuse-Buffalo
Mary Cariola Children’s Center •
        Medical Motor Service •
          National MS Society •
    Upstate New York Chapter
                                       into a                        Dreamhouse
             Rochester Hearing •
              & Speech Centergi
Rochester Rehabilitation Center •

                                     The new east side “neighborhood” on Wolk Campus.
                                     Buildings from left to right are: Schwartz Hall,
                                     the“new” barn and the farmhouse.

                                    I  n a breathtaking transforma-       artistic training for develop-     their program here. They’ll be
                                    tion that began earlier this year,    mentally disabled individuals.     bowled over!” Featuring sky-
                                    the long-abandoned former             Through its programs individ-      lights and large windows on all
                                    power plant/utility barn of the       uals reach goals in such           sides, the space will be flooded
                                    Rochester Psychiatric Center          diverse areas as social and cog-   with natural light, perfect for
                                    has been reborn as the new            nitive skill development, self-    the visual arts. And the high
                                    home for The Arc of Monroe            presentation, and pro-social       ceilings and large rooms are
                                    County’s Community Arts               behavior, all through work in      ideally suited for the various
                                    Connection. Formerly known            the arts. They use their           studios needed by the Arts
                                    as “Building 10” the structure        knowledge as they play an          Connection.
                                    was built in 1905 and hasn't          active role in their communi-         Made possible by an extraordi-
                                    been used as a power plant in         ties as artists, teachers, and     nary grant to Al Sigl Center from
                                    over 30 years.                        volunteers. The renovated          a long-time, generous friend, the
                                       Once housing steam boilers,        barn will also serve as the        new “neighborhood” on the east
  This issue of Sigletter is
  dedicated to State Senator
                                    coal storage and a dynamo it          new home for The Arc’s             side of Wolk Campus also
  James Alesi who secured           will soon be the home for the         administrative offices.            includes Schwartz Hall, home to
  a $600,000 member item            joyous sights and sounds of              James G. Mroczek, presi-        Rochester Rehab’s Ventures
  that put a new roof over
  our heads on our                  dance, theater, music, visual         dent of The Arc of Monroe          program and the relocated
  Elmwood Campus.                   arts, and poetry. The Arc’s           County, is awestruck by the        “Farmhouse,”       which       has
                                    Community Arts Connection             transformation of the barn,        been preserved and moved
                                    is an arts-based day habilita-        “We can’t wait to see our          via flatbed truck to its new
                                    tion program that provides            clients’ faces when they begin     location.

Howdy Neighbors!

                                                                        Happy Trails,
 People are the power that inspire and sustain partnerships. We are
 blest with legions of smart, caring and committed people at Al Sigl
 Center, and this Fall several are completing significant leadership
    Jim Ahearn has championed the cause of Multiple Sclerosis for
 25 years in Rochester and has grown services in 42 counties in
 Upstate New York. He is a national leader for the cause. To us, Jim
 is our gentle friend and moral yardstick as he shows us the best way
                                                                        Jim & Tim!
 to do good together.
    Tim Gieselman came to Rochester Rehabilitation Center right
 out of graduate school. He grew the vocational programs which
 continue to put thousands to work. As President he has built the
 medical rehabilitation program and mental health services to meet
 growing community need. He was a social entrepreneur before the
 term was coined, and he has challenged us to innovate together.
    Justin Vigdor is our Founder. His most recent gift is leading the
 Partners’ Foundation Board for five amazing years. He capped a
 successful $20 million partnership campaign, negotiated the poli-
 cies to govern our growing endowment and authored our historic
 Partnership Agreement.
    John Horvath has been a Trustee just about forever. He has done
 every job and led our Board and Finance Committees with the pas-
 sion of a parent and a broad expertise of a business and communi-
 ty leader.
    Lou Langie started our Investment Committee as the stock mar-
 ket plunged in 2000. He has overseen our growth from zero to six
 million dollars with the discipline that we will continue to follow.
    Bette Heger has been a clinician, a program administrator and
 fundraising leader for Mary Cariola Children’s Center and Al Sigl
 Center. She embodies the professional heart of our partnership, and
                                                                        Departing Partner Agency Presidents Tim Gielselman and Jim Ahearn share a
 I thank her as she steps down as Vice President of the Partners’       good laugh and fond remembrance of their distinguished careers.
 Foundation and assumes a new role as Director of Planned Giving.
    A job well done and hearty thanks to these good people who have
                                                                        Two partner agency presidents are retiring this year after long and
 made us better together.
                                                                        achievement-filled careers with their respective organizations.
                                                                           After 25 years with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s
                                                                        Upstate New York Chapter, Jim Ahearn will retire at the end of
                                                                        October. Under Jim’s leadership, the local chapter has grown from
                                    President                           serving less than 1,000 people and families affected by MS in 4 coun-
                                                                        ties to over 8,000 people served in 42 counties.
                                                                           Tim Gieselman, president of Rochester Rehabilitation Center,
                                                                        will retire at the end of this year. He has served his organization for
                                                                        35 years, putting people back to work and fostering active living.
                                                                        Rochester Rehab provides an array of vocational, physical, mental
                                                                        health, specialized driver evaluation and training, sports and recre-
                                                                        ation services to people with disabilities.
                                                                           The visionary service of these two leaders and their unflagging
                                                                        commitment to people with disabilities has been the very heart and
                                                                        soul of the Al Sigl Center Partnership.
                                                                           Thanks Pardners.

Volunteer Spotlight

John Horvath

The Horvath Clan. 28 strong with John and Rosemarie in the middle of their beautiful family.

All his life, Al Sigl Center Volunteer John          new home at Al Sigl Center in the 1968 Fund     Finance Committee and the Business
Horvath has been a “numbers guy.” Starting           Drive. He continues on the board to this day.   Services Committee.
with accounting firm Arthur Andersen just               A testament to the wonderful things that        What keeps John so busy since his retire-
after college and moving to Rochester from           happen on Al Sigl Center campuses, his son      ment as audit partner at Arthur Andersen?
Milwaukee with his bride Rosemarie, John             Timm received successful computer train-        More numbers. Try six wonderful children
started amassing some very impressive num-           ing, while in his late 30’s, at Rochester       and 15 grandchildren that span our country
bers as a father, an accounting professional and     Rehabilitation Center’s IT 2 program, which     from Arizona to New York, from Colorado
a community volunteer.                               led directly to his job at Citibank.            to Connecticut. And when he’s not trying to
   One number that stands out is the 37 years           Al Sigl Center’s Board welcomed John in      break 80 at his beloved Oak Hill, he is
John has spent as a volunteer for partner            1979 and he has continued as the CP             investing his valuable time as a leader for
agency CP Rochester and Al Sigl Center.              Rochester representative until his retirement   over thirty community organizations includ-
John’s son, Timm, now a successful 41year-           this year—an extraordinary 26 year commit-      ing: the University of Rochester Medical
old computer programmer in Citibank’s stu-           ment. During his tenure, John served as         Center, the Legal Aid Society, Visiting
dent loan operation, was diagnosed with CP           board chair from 1979-1981 and led the cap-     Nurse Service, St. Joseph’s Villa, Hobart
in 1964. He received services at United              ital campaign in the early eighties. He is a    and William Smith Colleges and both
Cerebral Palsy, now CP Rochester. That’s             founding governor of The Partners’              the state and local CP organizations. John
when John began his volunteer career on the          Foundation where he continues as Treasurer      Horvath--impressive numbers with an
board of CP Rochester, helping build their           and continues to be a member of both the        enormous heart.

Thank You,Good Hearts!

     Heather and Tom Golisano enjoy lunch and kazoos during their recent visit
     to Al Sigl Center. The occasion was a celebration of the 20th anniversary
     of the Golisano Foundation. Throughout the day, their board toured pro-
     gram sites funded by the Foundation including partner agencies:             Balloons and spirits rose as Tom Golisano expressed his appreciation to
     CP Rochester, Mary Cariola Children's Center and Rochester                  representatives of the major grantees of the Golisano Foundation.
     Rehabilitation Center.

  Green Eggs and Ham? At the
  Al Sigl Center Employee April
  Fool’s     Day     Breakfast,
  Brandon Boutillier, an Al Sigl
  Center groundskeeper, loads
  up on green eggs, ham and a
  bagel before the gag gift

                                                                                 1000 Thank You’s. Justin Vigdor (left) departs his chairmanship of the
                                                                                 Partners’ Foundation Board after 5 years with a very special memento from
                                                                                 incoming chair Zeke Duda. The framed 1000 is the original street number
                                                                                 that graced the outside of the Elmwood Campus on 1000 Elmwood Ave. The
                                                                                 number was lovingly crafted in sturdy oak by James Moloney, Al Sigl
                                                                                 Center’s first building administrator.

 Our invaluable volunteers from Chili Seniors and RSVP helped sort out the
 blizzard of blue envelopes that arrived in Al Sigl Center mailboxes on Ash
 Wednesday. Our 2005 Just One campaign was the largest in our history,
 raising over $140,000 for our partnership.
                                                                                 State Senator Joseph Robach is heartily congratulated by Lifespan President
                                                                                 Ann Marie Cook and Al Sigl Center President Dan Meyers. Senator Robach
                                                                                 secured a one-year member item grant for $50,000 for future care planning
                                                                                 services, which has served 520 families and continues to grow.

                                                                                 New Partners’ Foundation Board Chair Zeke Duda and his wife Jane are
                                                                                 greeted by Dan Meyers at a very warm Wolk Campus reception in June. The
                                                                                 gathering celebrated the success of Zeke and Jane’s Major Gifts Challenge.
State Senator James Alesi, flanked by Al Sigl Center President Dan Meyers and
Board Chair Barry Culhane, was greeted at the Center’s Annual Meeting in May
with thankful applause for the $600,000 member item which he secured for Phase
II of the re-roofing of the Elmwood Campus.

                                                                                 Albert Pelusio, Jr., and A. Ross Kitt compare notes before the
                                                                                 Al Sigl Center Golf Classic. This year’s tournament, fueled by all time highs
                                                                                 in underwriting, raised a net total of $190,000 for Al Sigl Center and our
                                                                                 partner agencies. Albert chaired the Al Sigl Center Sports Committee from
                                                                                 2002-4 and handed the reins to Ross for this year’s tournament.

Three Cheers! The Al Sigl Center Sports Committee’s inaugural wine tasting at
Del Monte Lodge was a big success. Three big reasons for the success were (l.
to r.) John Del Monte, Sports Committee member and owner of Del Monte
Lodge, Sherwood Deutsch from Century Liquor and Wine and A. Ross Kitt,
chairman of the Sports Committee.

                                                                                   “Better, Together” is the title and theme of the Al Sigl Center
The merry mulchers from Mayzon Corp, a Landsman Company, generously donat-         2005 partnership report. It is available in full color online with
ed their energy and talent this Spring on the United Way’s ESL Day of Caring.      beautiful photography of the clients and professionals that make
Three different crews from Mayzon completely mulched all flower beds and trees     the Al Sigl Center Partnership so special. Please visit our web-
on Wolk Campus.                                                                    site at and click on the report cover.

Agency News
Medical Motor Service                                 Rochester Rehabilitation Center

Summertime                                            Participants show Mental Illness
field tripFun!                                        doesn’t prevent Volunteerism
Recreational events in the summer keep
many people busy in the Rochester area.
Medical Motor Service plays an active role
to help the elderly and people with disabili-
ties enjoy attractions and events by provid-
ing safe and reliable transportation.
   Accessible transportation is an essential
component in making summer field trips
possible. During the past few warm months,
Medical Motor Service has been heavily
booked by senior living centers, adult day
care programs, pre-school services and other
not-for-profit groups. People have been
transported to cheer for the home team at
Frontier Field, visit animals at the zoo, view
vintage movies at the Dryden Theatre, take
in concerts at the shore, indulge in special
dinners out and enjoy a leisurely stroll in one
of the beautiful city parks.
   Medical Motor Service prides itself in its        Ventures participants, staff, and volunteers were featured packing art materials with Darren Mark (seated)
mission to provide access for the elderly and        on 13WHAM’s Darren’s Den.
people with disabilities to explore events and
facilities in the community, which leads to a        Volunteering is an important component of              at a Salvation Army Thrift Store organizing
higher quality of life! Simply put, Medical          several of the mental health programs at               clothes, packing food at the American Red
Motor Service makes sure that everyone has           Rochester Rehabilitation Center, giving par-           Cross Meals-on-Wheels program and
a chance to get out and play in the summer           ticipants an increased sense of belonging and          Foodlink, tend the gardens at the Ronald
sunshine!                                            allowing them a way to show their apprecia-            McDonald House, and donate money earned
                                                     tion for all the community has given them.             by collecting and depositing bottles and cans
                                                        In June, twenty Ventures participants               to local charities. Both Futures and Senior
                                                     enjoyed the satisfaction of helping others as          Connections volunteers knit and crochet
                                                     they counted, sorted, and boxed 12,000 col-            hats, scarves, and afghans which are given to
                                                     oring books and boxes of crayons for The               agencies that help those in need.
                                                     Crayon Project. Founded by local artist and               Ventures, an innovative program known
                                                     community activist, Isobel Golman, The                 as Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitative
                                                     Crayon Project raises funds to provide                 Treatment (IPRT), helps people with mental
                                                     Rochester City School children in grades               illness identify and achieve meaningful goals
                                                     K-3 with art materials. Ventures volunteers            in the areas of education, employment, and
                                                     also lent a hand in loading boxes of crayons           socialization.        Futures and Senior
                                                     and coloring books into vehicles to be dis-            Connections Continuing Day Treatment
                                                     tributed to the City Schools.                          Programs offer on-going care through struc-
                                                        Participants in the Continuing Day                  tured group-oriented daily activities and sup-
One of Medical Motor Service’s little yellow buses   Treatment Programs volunteer year around.              port for people recovering from serious and
visited the Seneca Park Zoo this summer.             Nearly 50 Futures participants help weekly             persistent mental illness.

National MS Society Upstate New York Chapter

MS Chapter thriving across NewYork State
Approximately eight years ago, the Upstate      and         the
New York Chapter, formerly Rochester Area       C h a p t e r ’s
Multiple Sclerosis (RAMS), joined forces        A n n u a l
with the Syracuse and Binghamton Chapters       meeting is
of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society,     held in one
growing from four to twenty-five counties       of the Chap-
and serving 4,000 MS families, up from          ter’s major
1,200. Three years ago, the Northeastern        cities on a
New York Chapter (Albany area) joined this      rotating
consolidation as the Chapter’s geographical     basis.
sphere moved to 42 counties (two-thirds of         It has tak-
New York State), serving 8,000 MS               en us some
families.                                       time to blend
  From Rochester east to Syracuse, Albany       cultures and
and Poughkeepsie, south to the Southern         unite as one
Tier and Binghamton, and north to               large Chap-        The white area on the map depicts the 42 county
Watertown and Plattsburg - and to the many      ter       with     service territory of the Upstate New York Chapter.
Upstate New York cities and villages in         branch of-
between – we are one Chapter dedicated to       fices and a diverse Board of Directors, but            Sclerosis Society asked us to broaden our
“ending the devastating effects of multiple     we are well on our way. Communication                  responsibility in Upstate New York.
sclerosis.” We have offices in Rochester,       systems are in place and fundraising has               Although the challenges have been great,
Syracuse, Binghamton, Albany and                matured in support of our important mission            this consolidation has provided us the oppor-
Poughkeepsie, and have just hired a program     of diverse services to our MS families and             tunity to stretch and grow and serve many
coordinator to serve the vast North Country.    research to help find the cause of and cure            more families affected by multiple sclero-
Our Board of Directors is comprised of men      for multiple sclerosis.                                sis,” said Jim Ahearn, President of the
and women from the entire Chapter area             “I am honored that the National Multiple            Upstate New York Chapter.

Epilepsy Foundation

“Faces of Epilepsy”conference
The Epilepsy Foundation is pleased to              The Epilepsy Foundation is also hosting
announce several exciting educational           an additional conference this year in
events this fall. Each year, November is        September, made possible by a generous
“Epilepsy Awareness Month,” and the             grant from GlaxoSmithKline. “Women &
Foundation holds educational conferences in     Epilepsy” will focus on the specific concerns
two of its regions, Rochester and Syracuse.     epilepsy creates for women. It will include
This year, the Rochester conference is titled   information on issues such as fertility, preg-
“Faces of Epilepsy” and will feature former     nancy and parenting. This forum is designed
Congressman Tony Coelho as its keynote          for women with epilepsy, their caregivers
speaker. Author of the Americans with           and medical professionals.
Disabilities Act in 1990, Mr. Coelho is a          Call Teresa King at (585) 442-4430 for
                                                                                                        Former Congressman Tony Coelho is
long-time defender of the rights of individu-   more information about these educational                the author of the 1990 Americans
als with disabilities.                          opportunities.                                          with Disabilities Act.

Agency News

Mary Cariola Children’s Center

New Learning Lab
teaches life skills in
real environment
Mary Cariola Children’s Center has a new              kitchen and bathroom. And
home. Actually, the cozy little house at 137          it’s OK if something gets
East Henrietta Road is a training center for          broken or scratched.”
middle and secondary students. Such a facil-             Students will work indi-
                                                                                         Mary Cariola Children’s Center’s cozy new life skills training facility is
ity has been on the wish list for along time,         vidually and in groups on a located at 137 East Henrietta Rd.
according to Denise O’Brien Miller, director          variety of tasks designed to
of Day Programming. “It offers the opportu-           teach cooking skills, organizing techniques           and to adult programs or adult community
nity for our students to practice life skills in      for supplies in various parts of the house and        living, where students can be more helpful
a real environment where they make beds,              yard work. Participants will also learn to            and productive. Developing independence
do the laundry from start to finish, dust the         share, cooperate and make decisions. The              is a major goal for children of all ages at
furniture and organize and clean a real               skills will be transferable to their own homes        Mary Cariola.

Rochester Hearing & Speech Center

Hearing her Favorite things
                                                                                               “Now I can hear the waterfall cascading, my favorite frogs
                                                                                               croaking and the birds chirping – I’m enjoying my hob-
                                                                                               bies!” says Linda Russell proudly of her new hearing aids.
                                                                                                  She recently obtained her new digital hearing aids at
                                                                                               Rochester Hearing & Speech Center (RHSC) and couldn’t
                                                                                               be happier. Linda’s doctor recognized that she was hav-
                                                                                               ing problems hearing and referred her to RHSC for a hear-
                                                                                               ing test.
                                                                                                  Even before her doctor’s referral, Linda knew that her
                                                                                               hearing wasn’t what it should be. At business meetings,
                                                                                               she would become frustrated and annoyed when she
                                                                                               couldn’t hear what was being said. She said it was
                                                                                               especially problematic when she couldn’t see the speakers
                                                                                               faces or when they dropped their voice at the end of a sen-
                                                                                                  Linda already had used hearing aids before, but she
                                                                                               admits thinking she only needed to wear them occasional-
                                                                                               ly. Consequently, she would sometimes forget them at
                                                                                               home when she left the house. Now she wears her new
Linda Russell (left) is hearing all her favorite things now with her new hearing aids from
Rochester Hearing & Speech Center. Clinician Pat Mercado BC-HIS dispensed the hearing aid      hearing aids all the time and loves the new sounds that
and made sure Linda had a perfect fit.                                                         new digital technology delivers.

The Arc of Monroe County                             CP Rochester

14 years of offering Paralympic gold medalist,
a College Experience David Kiley, visits CP Rochester
The Arc of Monroe County entered its 14th
year of the Enrichment Program at R.I.T.
This program sends approximately 30 adults
with developmental disabilities to the R.I.T
campus where they experience four days of
classes taught by volunteers within the
agency and community. The scholars expe-
rience college life through selection of their
course schedules, interaction with campus
staff, eating at a common dining area, and a
very significant graduation ceremony com-
plete with gowns, diplomas, and a reception.
   Present at the ceremony were: James
Mroczek, president of The Arc; James
Papero, Arc board member; and Arc Board
Chair-elect Robert Volpe. The audience was
filled with the graduate’s proud loved ones
and the clapping and cheering resounded
each time a new scholar received their diplo-
ma and R.I.T. pin. At the reception after-           David Kiley with Clinic Director
wards, all the scholars’ work from their             Lora Winghart (top)
week at R.I.T. was put on display. Families
                                                     Folks at CP Rochester were delight-
and friends could not have been more eager to        ed by David Kiley’s presentation
hear all about their college experience.
                                                                                           David Kiley holding one of his gold medals

                                                     CP Rochester was truly honored to host                 also earned six MVP’s from the National
                                                     nine-time Paralympic gold medalist, David              Wheelchair Basketball Association. No one
                                                     Kiley, at the Hale campus on Friday, July              can tell him that he can’t climb mountains,
                                                     29th. David’s visit was a preview of sorts of          because he’s done that too.
                                                     his keynote address scheduled for the ADA’s               “He refused to let his disability get in his
                                                     15th Anniversary formal dinner that evening            way”, said Jerry DeWind a CP Rochester
                                                     at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.                             wheelchair soccer player. “He told us how
                                                        David captivated the audience with tales            important it is to follow your dreams and
                                                     of his exploits since an accident at the age of        find a way to make things happen for your-
                                                     19 left him wheelchair-dependent. It took              self.” Rick O’Neil found the hour spent with
                                                     him two years to understand that he didn’t             David Kiley to be inspirational. “He really
                                                     have to abandon his dream of winning an                motivated me,” said Rick. “He makes you
                                                     Olympic gold medal in basketball – he’d just           realize how important it is to help out and set
                                                     have to earn it a little differently.                  an example for others.”
                                                        At the end of his presentation there was no            Before he left, David signed posters and
                                                     doubt in anyone’s mind that David Kiley had            distributed “Sit Proud” wrist-bands to every-
                                                     realized his goals and much more. As well              one. He also left everyone with a sense that
Nakeia, who participates in the Arc Works program,
proudly shows off her diploma from The Arc's
                                                     as his gold and silver Paralympic Medals for           they, too, could achieve anything they put
Enrichment Program at R.I.T.                         basketball, skiing, tennis and track, he has           their mind to.

      ChildrenAwaiting Parents
                                           Shawn is African-American, 14
                                           years old, and loves singing and
                                           helping around the house, espe-
                                           cially making his bed and clean-
                                           ing the kitchen. He is a happy
                                           young man and is creative when
                                           adults will participate in his pre-
                                           tend games. Shawn enjoys par-
                                           ticipating in his ungraded spe-
                                           cial education classroom where
    he is increasing his communication and physical development. Shawn,
    at times, when unhappy may become loud and have a tantrum. He is
    on medication to help him decrease these negative behaviors, but can
    generally be redirected with positive activities. Shawn does well with
    one-on-one attention from adults and in situations where his choices
    are limited. He has significant developmental delays and needs a fam-
    ily who is willing to love and accept him as he is.
        If you are interested in adopting Shawn or a waiting child
    please contact:
    Children Awaiting Parents
    595 Blossom Road, Suite 306
    Rochester, NY 14610
    585-232-5110 or

Gettingconnectedwith 2-1-1
The Finger Lakes Region has a new way of get-                                                         centers, health services, housing, legal services
ting connected, 2-1-1, a new phone service                                                            and counseling.
available to the Rochester community through a                                                           This service first appeared in Rochester in
program called LIFELINE. This service is a                                                            January of 2005. While 2-1-1 plans to be avail-
free, three-digit phone number, available                                                             able nationwide in the next few years, LIFE-
24-hours a day, that connects you to a local call                                                     LINE hopes that Rochester will be the perfect
center where trained specialists will provide you   2-1-1 can assist anyone in the community in       model for the entire country. The 2-1-1 service
with information and referrals to human service     finding the right human service agency they are   is currently available to Frontier customers in
agencies and programs that best fits your needs.    looking for. Examples of the types of human       Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario,
   2-1-1 is a joint program of ABVI-Goodwill        services that will be referred include clothing   Steuben, and Yates counties, but the toll free
Industries and the United Way of Greater            and food services, drug and alcohol treatment     number 1-877-FLNY211 is available in those
Rochester, and is supported by Senator Hillary      centers, education and training, employment       areas where 2-1-1 has not been imple-
Clinton and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.         and financial services, community services and    mented yet.

Memorials,Tributes &Bequests
3/1/2005 - 7/31/2005                       Mr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Oberst              Craig A. W. Nenneau                    Gerald Griffin Wilmot, Sr.
                                        Raymond D. Heiligman                          Mrs. Milton Fillius, Jr.               Daniel M. Meyers
Bequests...                                Daniel M. Meyers                         Pauline Palermo                        Rev. Robert J. Winterkorn
                                        James Horne, Sr.                              Eric & Tricia Bacon                    Daniel M. Meyers
Estate of Leland T. Shafer                 Eileen M. Horne                            Mary Ann Fitzpatrick                 Joan Miller Wolk
Estate of Dean C. Zutes                 Esther C. Keppler                             Betty J. Schluter                      Jacquie & Marty Schuster
                                           Bette M. Heger                             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Westlake            Ruth Leah Yudelson
In Memory of...                            Janet L. Juneau                          Janet Peeso                              Leah Fischer
                                           Judy & Steve Meyer                         Daniel M. Meyers
Theresa Aceto                              Daniel M. Meyers                         Louise Pierleoni
   Rosemary Rohr Rouse                     Lynda Robinson                             Anthony & Dorothy Baldassare         In Honor of...
Edward & Lucille Allen                  Katherine H. Kinsky                         Polly Purvis
                                                                                                                           Burton S. August
   Beverly & Jedd Allen                    Daniel M. Meyers                           Al Sigl Center Board & Staff
                                                                                                                             Elizabeth & Don Kubie
Henry Ames, Dan and Semon Amzalak       Mrs. Knauf                                    Judy & Steve Meyer
                                                                                                                             Daniel M. Meyers
   Ames-Amzalak Memorial Trust             Mr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Oberst                Daniel M. Meyers
                                                                                                                             Helene & Tim Rothschild
Ruth Ashly                              Robert W. Knittel                           Judy L. Reed
                                                                                                                           Pastor Bonita Bates
   Ron & Connie LaMora                     Daniel M. Meyers                           Daniel M. Meyers
                                                                                                                             Erin Glanton
John R. Bauer, Sr.                      Bruce R. Knox                                 Gary & Cheryl Treiber
                                                                                                                             Daniel M. Meyers
   Daniel M. Meyers                        Daniel M. Meyers                         Peggy Reed
                                                                                                                             Steve Russell
Harriet Berardi                         Katharine Harvey Lalik                        Mr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Oberst
                                                                                                                             Deb Simonson
   Sally & Joseph Sanfilippo               Daniel M. Meyers                         Joseph J. Rizzo
                                                                                                                             Lisa Sozzi
William Blakeslee                       Joseph LaLopa Sr.                             Lou & Ellen Amarosa
                                                                                                                             Jamie Stafford
   Charles & Naomi Erdmann                 Pete Chastek                               Carmella Bellavia & Nick Ruggieri
                                                                                                                           Roger W. Brandt, Jr.
Paul J. Borreggine                         Department of Hospitality & Tourism        Donn J. Calabrese
                                                                                                                             Barbara & Roger W. Brandt, Sr.
   Mrs. Paul J. Borreggine                  Management at Purdue University           Jack Callaghan
                                                                                                                           Mitzie Collins
   Daughter Susan & Family              Lila Rose LaPlant                             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DeFazio
                                                                                                                             Daniel M. Meyers
   Mr. & Mrs. John Pizzo                   Lois E. Ender                              Peter Lynd
Jordan Bouwes                              Arline C. Knaub                            Monroe County Department
                                                                                                                             June Cuthbert
   Mr. & Mrs. William G. Bouwes            Dorothy Lancaster & Family                   of Public Health
                                                                                                                           Jason Faro
James H. Brokaw, Jr.                       Judy & Richard Massa                     Andy Robinson
                                                                                                                             Barbara J. Collins
   Mr. & Mrs. Chester B. Knapp             Mary K. Nolan                              Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Kelso
                                                                                                                           Dr. Leo Landhuis
Marguerite Bruno                           Bernice L. Wolfe                         Jean M. Sarella
                                                                                                                             Daniel M. Meyers
   Mr. & Mrs. John D. Baloga            Frank S. Leonard                              Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Rizzo
                                                                                                                           Benjamin McClure
Herman (Bud) Bulling, Jr.                  Lawrence & Shirley De Wolf               Ruth Scarfia
                                                                                                                             Lucretia W. McClure
   Daniel M. Meyers                        Alice J. Fishbeck                          Clyde-Savannah Faculty Association
                                                                                                                           Dr. Daniel M. Meyers
Edward James (Teddy) Burke                 Heather Gray                             Margaret Schwartz
                                                                                                                             Debby, Larry, Lauren & Danny Gendzier
   Daniel M. Meyers                        Dorothy J. Ketchum                         on the anniversary of her birthday
                                                                                                                             Robert & Kathleen Heinig
Ann Driscoll Byrne                         Robert & Mercedes Lehman                   Burton S. August
                                                                                                                             The Nazareth Schools
   Daniel M. Meyers                        Arlene F. Leonard                          Daniel M. Meyers
                                                                                                                             Jacquie & Marty Schuster
Kathleen Carroll                           Esther & Paul Macauley                   Dudley Sills
                                                                                                                           Eric & Kendra Miller
   Daniel M. Meyers                        Marion Maracle                             Sill’s Ice Service
                                                                                                                             Dick & Todd Kelso
Joseph G. Casion                           Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred E. Miller             Samuel P. Spoleta
                                                                                                                           Sports Net
   Daniel M. Meyers                        Bob & Linda Patten                         Mr. & Mrs. David Alexander
                                                                                                                             Fred Cohen
Barbara Chamberlain                        Beatrice & Edward Swift                    Mary & Joe DeRitis
                                                                                                                           Justin Vigdor
   Daniel M. Meyers                     Lynnda Leuschner                              Robert V. Fortuna
                                                                                                                             Leonard I. Rubens
J. Michael Connor                          Daniel M. Meyers                           Mrs. Charles J. Giambrone
   Daniel M. Meyers                     Lynne LeVasseur                               Bernard J. Iacovangelo
Gabriel P. DeCaro                          Mr. & Mrs. Chester B. Knapp                Michael Latone
   Daniel M. Meyers                     Eva Weinstein Lipson                          M&T Bank’s Commercial
Sparky DiRisio                             Daniel M. Meyers                             Banking Department
   The M. Rasbeck’s                     Frank H. Lloyd, Jr.                           Ralph P. Minni
Adair Carpenter Doyle
   Walter B.D. Hickey, Jr.
                                           Daniel M. Meyers
                                        Bernice D. Locke
                                                                                      The Nuccitelli Family
                                                                                      Frederick J. Odenbach
                                                                                                                           Thank you, Thank you.
Robert J. Eisemann, Sr.                    Dorothy L. Chapin                          Roger & Frances Pascarella           We want to extend a special thanks to the
   Evelyn Zona                             Arlyss Domagala                            Luella Philips                       following family foundations who supported Al
Faye Esserman                              James & Kira Metcalf                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Rainaldi       Sigl Center in 2004 and were not listed in our
   Dr. & Mrs. Julian E. Yudelson           Helen L. Navarro                           Rochester Lumber Company             recent annual report.
Frederick T. Finucane                      Jim & Eleanor Neyhart                      Deborah & Richard Sanza & Family
   Daniel M. Meyers                        Carol & Derek Oram                         Mr. & Mrs. Guy Solimano              Jones Christian Foundation
Joan D. Fogel,                             Barbara & Michael Palermi                  Ronald & Joan Soucy                    $5000
   a tribute from her children             Camille & Chip Renzi                       Frederick & Harriet Stahl            Patsy & Joyce DiMarzo Family Foundation
   Linda & Robert Barron                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Spagnola             Bob & Loretta Streber                  $3000
   David Fogel                          Raymond “Pete” Mahan                          Gary & Lucille Wurth                 The Maletta Foundation
   Debbie Fogel                            James D. Freiert                         Lloyd K. Swisher                         $2000
   Robert Fogel                            Daniel M. Meyers                           Judy & Steve Meyer                   Cornell/Weinstein Family Foundation
Edward Fox                              Norma V. Marshall                             Daniel M. Meyers                       $1000
   Daniel M. Meyers                        Amy & Marc Dikant                        Charles Alden Tabor                    Goldberg Berbeco Foundation, Inc.
Bernice Fricker                            Vince DiNapoli                             Mr. & Mrs. James T. Blaine             $1000
   on the anniversary of her birthday      Henrietta Fire Co. #1 Ladies Auxiliary   Jimmy V. Turri                         The Hurlbut Foundation
   Daniel M. Meyers                        R-H Paraprofessional Union                 Daniel M. Meyers                       $1000
   Mary Louise Tyndall                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Terzo                 James Twohig                           William & Shelia Konar Foundation
Rose Gagliano                              West Brighton Fire Department              Richard & Pam Poduska                  $1000
   Henry DeMaio                         Genevieve Matlock                           Nina Vallone                           Niermeyer Foundation
Dorothy C. Gallery                         Sally & Joseph Sanfilippo                  Daniel M. Meyers                       $500
   Daniel M. Meyers                     James Timothy McKnight                      Rachel C. Vargo
Bess Guhin                                 Daniel M. Meyers                           Mr. & Mrs. Michael Palmeri           Thanking all of our friends and supporters is
   Daniel M. Meyers                     Bernard E. Morgan                           Joseph & Marie Volpe                   very important to all of us at Al Sigl Center. If
Edward Harris                              Daniel M. Meyers                           Anne & Jack Isgro                    we have made an error, please let us know by
   Daniel M. Meyers                     Ryan Neely                                  Hermine R. Weil                        calling us at 442-4102 ext. 8943 or emailing
Lorraine B. Harris                         John & Peggy Moreland                      Daniel M. Meyers                     Charlene Lloyd at
   Al Sigl Center Sports Committee      Barbara Nemerovski                          Frances S. Wilkens
   Daniel M. Meyers                        Daniel M. Meyers                           Daniel M. Meyers

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