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					                                                                 December 2009 |

Crafting a killer cover letter
Longtime journalist Gary Mayk taught PWPA members how to wow
 prospective employers at last month’s southeast district meeting.
                                                              By Theresa Hegel
                                                                   THE INTELLIGENCER

                                                       C         over letters and resumes
                                                                 should do more than tell a
                                                                 prospective employer you’re
                                                       right for the job.
                                                           They need to be a showcase of your
                                                       skills, according to Gary Mayk, a long-
                                                       time journalist who has hired several
                                                       reporters and interns.
                                                           “You have to play reporter before
                                                       you send out your letters,” he told a
                                                       group of PWPA members at the
                                                       November southeast district meeting.
                                                           That means finding out everything
                                                       you can about a paper (or any compa-
                                                       ny) beforehand: who’s in charge, what
                                                       the office atmosphere is like, whether
                                                       it’s likely to fold a week after you're
                                                           Mayk also stressed the importance
                                                       of a quality cover letter. He suggested
                                                       journalists treat the letter as they
                                                       would any story.
                                                           Write letters in AP style for newspa-
                                                       per jobs. Check and double check for
                                                       typos: Make sure you spell the editor’s
                                                       (and your own!) name correctly. Use
                                                       concrete examples to support what
                                                       you say you’ve accomplished.
                                                           And craft a catchy lead. Boring let-
                                                       ters may lead an editor to conclude
                                                       that your writing is boring too.
                                                           Plus, Mayk noted, if your clips tend
                                                       to be the victims of heavy-handed
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                                    Newsletter designed and edited by PWPA treasurer Theresa Hegel
Wanted: 1 luncheon speaker
   Dear fellow PWPA members:
   ’Tis the season to spend time with the
ones we love.
   So I hope all of you have a very spe-
cial holiday. My gift to you is my contin-
uation of dedication as your president.
   In between trips to the mall and all
those festive get-togethers with family
and friends, please take a few minutes to
think of some possible speakers for our
luncheon in May.
   I have a few individuals in mind and
have started contacting some people,
but I welcome your input.
   The speaker is a very important part         I have heard from some of the dis-      Review. The editors and president at my
of our annual banquet where we also          trict directors about upcoming meetings.   paper have given me their support and
award our “Excellence in Journalism”         For all of you, please keep in touch so    told me they are willing to help any way
contest winners.                             everyone knows when you will be hav-       that can.
   The tradition of having a top-notch       ing your meetings in case someone from        It helps to have such a wonderful
speaker is one I hope to keep going. So      another district would like to attend.     employer that understands the impor-
feel free to e-mail me with any ideas.          Let’s try and talk to others in our     tance of being involved in organizations
   Before you know it, 2010 will be upon     newsrooms about joining the PWPA. It’s     outside the newspaper.
us, and that means it will be time to        a wonderful opportunity to belong to          I hope all of you have a wonderful
send in those clips for our annual con-      such a great organization.                 holiday! And remember, if you are look-
test. Contest director Diane Bitting will       I am glad to be a part of it.           ing for a unique gift, a PWPA T-shirt is
be sending out the contest forms by the                                                 the perfect choice!
end of the year so check your mailbox-          In closing, if there is anything on
es. I am sure you all have some really       your mind, please let me know. I am                                   JoAnne Harrop
good work to showcase, so please enter       new at this president position and am                                PWPA president
and encourage others to enter, too. I        here to represent you and your visions
                                             for this organization.                               
want you to be recognized for all the
wonderful work you do throughout the            I am grateful this holiday season for                      (412) 320-7889 (office)
year.                                        my employer, the Pittsburgh Tribune-                             (412) 855-1490 (cell)

                                                                                                    Terry Mutchler,
                                                                                                    director of
                                                                                                    open records office,
                                                                                                    was the speaker at
                                                                                                    the 2009 PWPA
                                                                                                    luncheon. Can you
                                                                                                    think of someone to
                                                                                                    top her at next
                                                                                                    year’s “Excellence
                                                                                                    in Journalism”
                                                                                                    awards banquet?

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editing, a cover letter that sings
could make the difference that
                                                  COVER LETTER TIPS
nabs you an interview.
    The important thing in
                                                   FROM GARY MAYK
resumes and cover letters is to
sell yourself.
    “Editors like people who
                                      1.   Correctly spell the name of the
                                           person to whom you address
                                      your letter. Sound silly? My name has
                                                                                  employer wondering, “What? I’m sup-
                                                                                  posed to hire you because you’re
                                                                                  cute?” Or because you’re blond? Or
make their jobs easier,” Mayk         eight letters, but applicants have mis-     you’re white or black?
said. “That’s what you have to        spelled it. Now, really: How hard can          What if you look too old? Too
convey.”                              it be to get eight letters right?           young? Let such considerations be
    He suggested reserving the                                                    made after your merits are considered.
top of your resume for an
inventory of your skills, com-        2.    Correctly spell the
                                            company/publication. Is the
                                      word The part of the newspaper              8.     Make the prospective employ-
                                                                                         er and his needs the most
puter and otherwise.
    End your cover letter with
                                      name? Is it Post-Gazette or Post            important parts of the letter. What
confidence, Mayk said.                Gazette? Look it up. With the               does he need? And how can you help
                                      Internet, it’s never been so easy.          him meet those needs?
    A sample letter Mayk distrib-
uted to PWPA members asked
a hypothetical publisher to look
over enclosed suburban sec-
                                      3.   Spell your own name correctly.
                                           Don’t laugh. I’ve seen cover letters
                                      written by people who literally could
                                                                                  9.     Don’t make your letter a less-
                                                                                         structured rehash of your
                                                                                  resume. In the cover letter, dates don’t
tions of a paper and log on to        not spell their own names. You type         matter as much as the concrete points
its Web site.                         your name all the time, so you may just     you are making. Accomplishments are
    The letter writer then chal-      skip over it when proofing. Don’t skip      important. Skills are important. Desire
lenged his prospective boss:          over it. Typos happen. Keyboard glitch-     is important.
“Ask yourself: Is this the kind       es happen. Microsoft happens.
of journalism we need?”
    When compiling your next
                                      4.    You know how important a
                                            lead is on a story? For a cover
                                                                                  10.        Support your claims of
                                                                                             being able to meet your
                                                                                  prospective employer’s needs.
resume or cover letter, don’t
neglect the details.                  letter, multiply that by 1,000. If a        Don’t just say you’re an innovator.
                                      cover letter is boring, the reader’s        Say: “My interactive instant polling of
    Print your resume on white,
buff or gray paper — other
                                      obvious conclusion is that your writ-       Web site readers on breaking stories, a
colors detract from profession-       ing is boring. An editor may never          first for our publication, attracted
alism.                                even get to your clips.                     record hits for stories on politics.”
    “Even the way you sign your
name is important,” Mayk said.        5.    Don’t clutter up your lead with
                                            necessary information on why
                                      you are writing. Instead, try a busi-
                                                                                  11.       Excite your prospective
                                                                                            employer by making him know
    Frilly, loopy signatures with                                                 you’re excited about what you do, or,
little circles dotting your i’s are   nesslike RE: line above the salutation.     if you’re a supervisor, that you help
to be avoided at all costs.              “RE: Your advertisement, Reporter        others get excited about the news.
    “They’ll never take you seri-     Wanted, Editor & Publisher, Nov. 10,
ously,” Mayk said.
    Mayk’s own resume includes
                                      2009, issue”                                12.        Make your prospective edi-
                                                                                             tor comfortable. You’re both
stints as editor of the Passaic
Herald-News in New Jersey,
                                      6.    In the greeting, it’s helpful to
                                            use the person’s complete
                                      name to avoid having to decide on
                                                                                  in the business. You probably share
                                                                                  many of the same likes, dislikes, chal-
                                                                                  lenges. Sprinkle a few in the body of
business editor of the Home
News in New Jersey, editor of         Mrs., Ms. Or Miss, or on whether Mr.        your letter.
                                      is too stodgy or Gary is too familiar.
Practical Homeowner maga-
zine, editor of suburban edi-
tions of the Pittsburgh Post-
                                         Of course, if you know the person,
                                      address her as you normally do.
                                                                                  13.        Express confidence without
                                                                                             being cocky — enough con-
                                                                                  fidence that he will be confident in
Gazette, and metro editor and
                                                                                  you and your abilities.
copy editor at the Reading
Eagle.                                7.    Unless it’s an on-air TV job or
                                            modeling, don’t include pho-
                                      tos of yourself or stories that include     14.        Make him want to call refer-
                                                                                             ences. “Is he for real?” an
    His work has been published
in national magazines including       your photo (first-person experiential       editor might be thinking. One way to
Workbench, Woman’s Day spe-           stories, for instance). The obvious         find out is by making calls.
cials, Better Homes and               exception is a column.                          — Taken from a handout Gary Mayk distributed
Gardens specials and Mechanix            A photo may leave the prospective           at the Nov. 21 southeast district PWPA meeting

                                                                                           Page 3/PWPA December 2009 newsletter
Spotlight on ...
Margaret                                                                      MEMBERS
Harding                                                                         Micaiah Wise Bilger, religion
                                                                              editor/education reporter, The Sentinel

Q:       Where do you work?
         What are your
                                                                                         JULY 2009
                                                                                Jenna Portnoy, staff writer, The
A:      I work at the Pittsburgh
        Tribune-Review as a gen-
eral assignment reporter on
Trib p.m., the afternoon edi-
tion of the publication. I do                                                   SEPTEMBER 2009
morning cop calls and any

early morning breaking news,                                                    Margaret Harding, reporter,
then work on my general
assignment news or business                                                   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
stories in the late morning-
early afternoon. The stories                                                    Sarah McCluan, editor, Green Tree
run in the p.m. and are occa-
sionally picked up for the                                                    Times
main paper as well.

Q:       How did you get where
         you are today in terms of
                                                                                NOVEMBER 2009
                                       to come up with a new business
education and experience?              model.                                   Linda Anthony, freelance photographer,
A:      After graduating from
        Michigan State University
in 2008, I interned with The
                                          And we have to figure out how
                                       to entice young people to become
                                                                              Bethlehem Press
Associated Press in Detroit. I fin-                                             James Cuddy Jr., senior deputy manag-
ished my internship and began a           I don’t know if that means
full-time job as a business reporter   more niche publications or what,       ing editor, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
with The Columbus Dispatch in          but I don’t think the job of a sto-
Columbus, Ohio in September            ryteller/reporter is going away, I       Lynn Rebuck, freelance columnist/
2008. I had previously interned        think it’s just going to change.
                                                                              correspondent, Lititz Record Express
with The Dispatch, but had no
business reporting experience. I
was among the 45 people The
                                       Q:      Best career moment so
                                               far? Worst moment?
                                                                                Sandra Tolliver, metro editor,
Dispatch laid off in April 2009,
but I was crazy enough to go
                                       A:     Worst is easy — getting laid
                                              off. That was one of the
                                       worst experiences I’ve ever gone
                                                                              Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
after another journalism job. I        through, but it worked out
started at the Trib in June.           because I really like Pittsburgh and
                                                                                Nafari Vanaski, weeklies editor, Plum
                                       what I’m doing now.
Q:       What do you do when
         you’re not working?              There’s a lot of stories I’ve
                                       enjoyed doing, but probably one
                                                                              Advance Leader, Norwin Star

A:      I like to read, I like to
        explore different neighbor-
hoods and parks in Pittsburgh and
                                       of the best moments was when I
                                       got the job offer for this position.
                                                                                Rachel Weaver, editor, Sewickley Herald

I like finding bar specials. I’m
devoted to finding deals.
                                       It’s been a second chance.                DECEMBER 2009
Q:       What does the future
         hold for journalists?
                                       Q:      What advice do you have
                                               for other journalists?
                                                                                Trevor James Hawes, copy editor,

A:      I don’t think we’re in the
        clear yet. Newspapers have
                                       A:     Use the Web site Guide Star
                                              to find the 990s of non-
                                                                              Erie Times-News
                                             Continued on Page 5

                                                                                          Page 4/PWPA December 2009 newsletter
Spotlight on ...
Micaiah Wise Bilger                                                                            Treasurer’s
Q:       Where do you work?
         What are your

A:      I work for The Sentinel,
        Lewistown, Pa. Because
                                            What does the future
                                            hold for journalists?
                                           The Internet. That is
                                           where my generation
                                    goes for everything.
                                                                         Give yourself the
we are a small paper, I have a         Journalists need to begin
variety of responsibilities.
Technically, I am the education
reporter and religion editor,
but I also paginate the A sec-
                                    expanding and exploring
                                    online publication opportuni-
                                    ties through blogs, forums, etc.
                                                                         gift of renewal
tion one night every week.
Like every young reporter, I
                                    Q:      Best career moment
                                            so far? Worst?                By Theresa Hegel
                                                                              THE INTELLIGENCER              BANK
also cover anything that gets
thrown my way.                      A:     My best moments have
                                           been getting to know a
                                    very humble woman who
                                                                            My mailbox isn’t burst-
                                                                         ing, and the postman hasn’t       BALANCES
Q:       How did you get
         where you are today
in terms of education and
                                    chooses to bless our small
                                    community with her adminis-
                                                                         pulled a muscle lugging his
                                                                         bag to my house, but I’m
                                                                         happy to say that your
                                                                                                              (as of Dec. 5)
                                    tration skills.
experience?                                                              membership renewals are
                                       She is the kind of person         trickling in every day.                $4,097.48
A:      I received a bachelor’s
        degree in English with a
minor in religion from
                                    that you feel privileged to listen
                                    to, yet there isn’t even a hint of      I’ve also been receiving
                                                                         forms from new members,
                                                                                                             Money market:
                                    pride in her address.
Susquehanna University.
                                       One of my most embarrass-
                                                                         so kudos on the recruiting,          $13,089.67
   During college, I was                                                 and keep up the good work.
                                    ing moments was when I was
involved in editing several stu-    so nervous that I accidentally          That said, I’m still await-   redesign? — we’ll have it
dent publications.                  ran into another reporter’s car      ing dues from quite a few        available.
   I interned as a copy editor/     on the way to my very first          of you (the magic number
                                                                                                             In the meantime, I will
paginator at The Daily Item in      assignment.                          right now is 85 ... yikes!).
                                                                                                          keep an eye on CD rates to
Sunbury during my senior year.         Some people still won’t let          By now, you all should        see if any banks are offer-
   Immediately after I graduat-     me forget that.                      have received your member-       ing worthwhile deals.
ed in 2007, I began working                                              ship renewal packets. If you
                                                                                                             Our previous CD
for The Sentinel in Lewistown.      Q:      What advice do you
                                            have for journalists?
                                                                         have not or there is some
                                                                         other problem, please con-       account, which was opened
                                                                                                          in 2005 with $10,000, net-
Q:       What do you do when
         you’re not working?        A:     Always keep a pair
                                           of walking shoes in
                                    your car.
                                                                         tact me so I can remedy the
                                                                         situation. Let’s keep our        ted the PWPA $3,089.67 in
                                                                                                          interest. Unfortunately,
A:      Reading and playing the
        piano are my top two
activities. I also spend a lot of   Q:      Why did you
                                            join PWPA?
                                                                         numbers strong as we
                                                                         march into the new decade.       we’re unlikely to see such
                                                                                                          returns for some time.
                                                                            Speaking of numbers, I
time with my family.                                                     transferred our CD balance          One last note to district
   When my work schedule
doesn’t conflict, I volunteer at
                                    A:     I want to meet other
                                           journalists and learn
                                    more about the industry
                                                                         into a small business money
                                                                         market account with
                                                                                                          directors: You’ve all been
                                                                                                          planning some interesting,
                                                                         Wachovia. For the next           relevant district meetings. I
a community youth center.           through their points of view.
                                                                         three months, we have a          wish I had the time and gas
                                                                         promotional interest rate of     money to attend more. Don’t
                                                                                                          forget that you can be reim-
Spotlight on Margaret Harding                                            1.05 percent. After that, the
                                                                         rate will drop, though the       bursed up to $100 a year for
                                                                                                          expenses incurred during the
   Continued from Page 4            without regular sources, but I       bank employee I spoke to
                                                                         told me I may be able renew      implementation of said
profits. You can look up a lot      feel like talking to other                                            meetings.
of salaries that way.               reporters about their experi-        the rate. The benefit, of
                                    ences might speed up that            course, is that we can move         The holidays are around
Q:      Why did you
        join PWPA?                  process.
                                       Also, I like reporters.
                                                                         our money whenever we
                                                                         wish, and if we need a little
                                                                                                          the corner. Why not give
                                                                                                          yourself (and me!) an early

A:     I’d like to get tips and
       story ideas — I’m slowly
learning how to enterprise
                                       We’re good people, or at
                                    least, interesting people.
                                                                         extra cash — perhaps to
                                                                         cover the cost of our
                                                                         upcoming Web site
                                                                                                          gift: Send me your member-
                                                                                                          ship dues and enjoy another
                                                                                                          year of PWPA perks.

                                                                                                Page 5/PWPA December 2009 newsletter
              A snowfall of stories
                          The weather outside is getting frightful,
                        but members’ holiday tales were delightful.

 Child’s gift long cherished
M     y late sister, Mary, has
      three daughters. She
lived close to The (Sharon)
                                   always let the girls make their
                                   own purchases for the holi-
                                   day shopping.)
                                                                     need your old coffee
                                                                     cup anymore!”
                                                                        Of course, I didn’t
Herald, so I often stopped to         Karen said I’d never guess     guess, and she and I
see them when I left the           what she bought for me, and       were both so excited
office.                            I had to wait till Christmas      on Christmas when I
   This happened when kids         morning to see.                   opened the present
were quite young. I dropped           But she urged me to try to     she had so meticu-
in and Mary and kids had just                                        lously wrapped.
                                   guess, so I started guessing
come in from Christmas                                                  I still have the blue cof-
shopping.                          with the old standby, “Is it
                                   bigger than a bread box?” etc.    fee mug, and to me it’s a sym-     color and my coffee habit and
   Karen, about 5 years old                                          bol of what Christmas giving       bought a gift to suit them. No
then, a very effervescent little      After a lot of guessing, she   is all about — how happy it
                                   said, “I’ll give you just one                                        wonder the coffee mug, so lov-
girl who got unbounded joy                                           will make the recipient and        ingly given by a thoughtful tot,
out of everything, had             clue, one clue, and that’s it.”   how much thought goes into         still is so special.
bought my Christmas present           This was her clue: “It’s       matching the gift to the recipi-
and was so excited she could-      your favorite color, blue; it     ent. She had given it a lot of               — Teresa Spatara,
n’t contain herself. (Mary         has a handle and you won’t        thought. She knew my favorite                  freelance writer

                                    Colleagues show their generosity
                                    L     ast year I decided to try a Giving Tree
                                          in our office that would provide gifts
                                    to foster children in Allegheny County.
                                                                                       What was even more heartwarming was that
                                                                                    even though people were only required to pur-
                                                                                    chase one gift from the three options listed for
                                        Even though I received enthusiastic         each child, some people bought all three.
                                     approval to go ahead with the project, I       Others bought two. Still others gave stockings,
                                     still wasn’t sure whether it would be suc-     or extra little gifts such as candy or books or a
                                     cessful. Between the recession, job            stuffed animal.
                                      uncertainty in our industry and beyond,          It made me even more proud to be a mem-
                                      wage freezes, etc., I wasn’t sure how         ber of this staff that even in such trying times
                                      much extra people might be willing or
                                                                                    we would still all find a way to make children
                                       able to give.
                                                                                    with struggles greater than ours have a happy
                                           But this great group of people at the    holiday season.
                                        Trib proved to be just that. Every last
                                        tag was snatched off the tree and              This year I’ve already had a number of people
                                        through the generosity of my co-work-       asking whether we’re doing it again, which we are!
                                         ers we were able to provide gifts for                         — Karen Price, sports writer,
                                         100 foster children.                                             Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

                                                                                                 Page 6/PWPA December 2009 newsletter
Christmas                                                                           Greeting card
recording                                                                           gurus share tips
now precious                                                                           I just love sending and receiving
                                                                                    Christmas cards.
                                                                                       But I’ve always wondered, who gets
      I think one of our best holidays                                              a card? Who shouldn’t get one? If
occurred the year we set up a video                                                 someone sends me a card, do I have to
camera and let it record while we ate,                                              send one back?
drank, opened gifts and generally mulled                                               I’ve also received some yearly
about.                                                                              newsletters that were so over the top
   It turned out to be my father’s last                                             they bordered on obnoxious.
Christmas, so we now have him immor-                                                   I wanted to take the guesswork out
talized to see whenever we miss him                                                 of holiday cards for everyone, so last
most.                                                                               year, I called on two etiquette experts
      A somewhat funny event on anoth-                                              — one local, one national — for the
er Christmas Eve at our house involved                                              do’s and don’ts of holiday greetings.
my brother-in-law, who apparently had                                                — Ashley Gurbal, lifestyle reporter
had one too many beers and fell asleep                                                     and paginator, Altoona Mirror
sitting up in the chair!
   Even my son playing the trumpet did-
n’t rouse him! We still chuckle about
that night.                                 AN EXCERPT FROM ASHLEY’S STORY
      And I will always cherish the
Christmas when my son was about 4 or            Who gets a card? It’s up to you:    hard to decide when to omit some-
5 and my father-in-law dressed up as       “I think it’s a personal choice,” said   body, or when to add people, but our
Santa to deliver his new tricycle.         Lizzie Post, author of “How Do You       lives are our dynamic and our
                                           Work This Life Thing?” and great-        Christmas card lists are, too.”
   Brad (my son) was dressed in a little   great granddaughter of etiquette
red and white one-piece with the                                                          Be respectful of the recipients:
                                           guru Emily Post. “Some people            “It’s important that we distinguish
escape-hatch snaps in back, anxiously      refuse to do their work contacts
awaiting the surprise visitor.                                                      between holiday and Christmas
                                           because they do that from work.          cards,” Crilly said. “Not everybody
   And although he would cry at the        Some people only do their family,        celebrates Christmas.”
Santas in the stores, he was happy to      and some people only do friends.”
hug and thank THIS one.                                                                If you don’t want to take the time
                                              You’re never obligated to return a    to send out separate Hanukkah,
      Ok — one more — since you got        holiday greeting, Post said, and         Christmas and Kwanzaa cards, pick an
me started ... a tender, romantic          Kathleen Crilly, of Kathleen Crilly
                                                                                    all-encompassing “season’s greetings.”
Christmas when Bruce and I were first      School of Etiquette in Alexandria,
married — when he went to great            agreed.                                     “Just talk about the new year and
lengths to surprise me with a HUGE            However, if you’re sending a card     say happy holidays,” Post said.
boxed gift under the tree.                 to someone year after year and never        If someone’s recently had a death
   Turned out the REAL gift came in a      receiving a response, it may be time     or illness in the family, keep that in
much smaller box tucked way inside.        to cut that person from your list.       mind.
But Bruce didn’t want me to guess so he       “If you feel as if that person just      “You don’t want to send them
wrapped and rewrapped and rewrapped,       doesn’t want to connect, I see no rea-   some joyous, jingle bell Santa Claus,”
even putting a brick in the biggest box    son to continue,” Crilly said. “It is    Crilly said.
to fool me!
                                            Read the rest of the do’s and don’ts:
       — Ann Wlazelek, freelance
          writer, Upper Macungie

                                                                                      Page 7/PWPA December 2009 newsletter
Take note ...                                                                     PWPA
CONTEST                                                                              OFFICERS
Feb. 13: Deadline for 2010 Excellence in Journalism contest.
PWPA LUNCHEON                                                                            JoAnne Harrop
May 14-15: The awards luncheon will be held during the 2010 Pennsylvania Press
Conference at the Hilton Harrisburg, 1 N. Second St., Harrisburg.
                                                                                     VICE PRESIDENT
                                                                                      Linda Espenshade
             Next month’s question
         for the In Your Words column                                                    TREASURER
                                                                                          Theresa Hegel
   New Year’s special: How do you resolve to be a
 better journalist in 2010? Do you have any bad                                          SECRETARY
 work habits you’d like to kick after the ball drops?                                     Dawn Keller
   Send your response to Theresa Hegel at by Jan. 1.                                                       NORTHEAST
   Have something you want to ask your fellow                                            Kathy Ruff
 PWPA members? Feel free to send me “In your                                           and Sara Hodon
 words” question ideas.
                                                                                         Erica Erwin
                                                                                      and Kristin Bowers

                                                                                  CENTRAL DIRECTOR
                                                                                     Ashley Gurbal

                                                                                     SOUTH CENTRAL
                                                                                       Jeannette Scott

                                                                                    Rebecca VanderMeulen

                                                                                      Daveen Rae Kurutz

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