Animation and Rollovers by wpr1947


									Animation and

How to port to the web….
Animation in GIF89a Format -

 Optimise first
 Save optimised as
    – HTML (full web page)
    – GIF89a (animated image only)
   Optimise settings can be changed in the
    Optimise Dialogue Box

 Simple Text file that contains a number
  of descriptive tags that determines the
  type and style of page
 Can’t drag and drop onto another page
 Can
    – Select source text
    – Copy, and
    – Paste into source of new page
GIF89a File

 An image file format that will show
  animation effects if viewed in software
  that recognises this feature
 Can’t be viewed directly in browser –
  needs to be placed on a page
 Can be placed on a page, like any other
  graphic, using a web editor
In practice……

 Decide if animation is to be whole page
  or just part of a page
 If whole page save as a HTML file
 If part of a page save as GIF file and
  insert as an image onto a HTML page

 Output from Image ready as HTML
 Can’t be output as a GIF even if
  contains animation sequence
 Source code must be cut and pasted
  into new page to be
In practice…

   Produce rollover in Image ready
   Optimise
   Save optimised as HTML file
   Open source code for rollover
   Copy all source code
   Paste into source code for new web page
   Save page and preview in browser

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