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Title PROVINCE ALUMNAE CHAIR Responsible to Director of Province



Responsible to: Director of Province Alumnae Chairs

Province Team: Assistant Director of Lifetime Engagement, Director of Province Alumnae
Chairs, Alumnae Chapter Presidents, Volunteer Engagement Leads and Specialist(s), Province
Collegiate Chair

Position Summary

The role of the Province Alumnae Chair (PAC) is to encourage the maximum growth and long-
term success of the alumnae chapters in her province. This includes serving as a resource to
alumnae and alumnae chapters regarding Alpha Chi Omega policies and procedures, educating
members about Alpha Chi Omega strategic plan initiatives and alumnae programs, fostering
communication with and between alumnae, collegians, Headquarters, volunteers, and other
province officers, and serving as an advocate for lifetime engagement in Alpha Chi Omega.
The Province Alumnae Chair shall serve as the National Fraternity’s representative to the
Alumnae Chapter Presidents, alumnae chapters, and alumnae within her province.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Alumnae Chapter Development
    • Work with alumnae chapter presidents and officers, volunteers, and Headquarters staff,
           o Identify alumnae chapter needs within the province
           o Assist chapters with developing a plan to address those needs
           o Utilize resources (volunteers, written documents, financial) to assist chapters in
             growing membership
           o Assist in the development of new alumnae chapters
           o Help connect alumnae to their local alumnae chapter
           o Visit each chapter in the province at least once during the two-year term
           o Serve as advocate for conflict management within chapters
                   Encourage chapters to update and utilize/follow chapter bylaws

2. Alumnae Chapter Leadership Development
    • Assist alumnae chapters with developing a plan for recruiting and retaining leaders for
       the chapter
    • Conduct Alumnae Chapter President training as needed

3. Province Leadership
    • Facilitate and encourage ongoing communication between alumnae chapters, Volunteer
       Engagement specialists, and Headquarters staff regarding chapter/province needs and
       volunteer openings.
    • Encourage volunteerism by identifying and recommending candidates for local, regional,
       and national volunteer opportunities.
          o     Assist PCC in identifying potential candidates for Chapter Advisor positions for
               collegiate chapters by soliciting for interest in alumnae chapters in the province
   •   In partnership with Headquarters staff, Volunteer Engagement Specialist(s), PCC and
       local alumnae chapters, plan and implement province/state gatherings and ensure that
       each collegiate chapter has a Hall of Commitment annually.

   •   Stay informed on current Policies of Alpha Chi Omega and Alpha Chi Omega’s
       organizational and volunteer structure including but not limited to strategic initiatives
       from the enterprise.

   •   Participate in training opportunities including, but not limited to, Convention, and
       conference calls led by the Director of Province Alumnae Chairs.

   •   Assist chapters (both collegiate and alumnae) with the alumna initiate process for
       candidates in the province.

   •   Assist with the establishment of new chapters in the province.

   •   Produce a semi-annual province newsletter to share province information, news, and
   •   Manage and operate within the annual budget for the province.

   •   Serve as voting delegate to the national convention.

   •   Support the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation with a tax deductible financial gift as you are

Experience Preferred:
   • Alumnae Chapter, Local House Corporation or other Alpha Chi Omega
       leadership/advisory experience
   • Work or other experience working with volunteers in a leadership role
   • Alumnae Chapter membership

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Ability and willingness to travel within the province when necessary
    • Proven project management, goal-setting, teamwork and organizational skills
    • Flexible, proactive, self-directed and results-oriented
    • Ability to give and receive coaching and feedback
    • Approachable, diplomatic and open-minded

   • Estimated time commitment of 8-10 hours a month
   • Pay a small portion of individual Convention expenses. Expected amount for
      Convention 2010 is $150.

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