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VIEWS: 505 PAGES: 411

									DR. ANONYMOUS


  Publication Melbourne

  Copy Right Year 2010
To the Second Coming as close as nuclear call, ending the Dragon’s work, his
false prophet, religions, politics, and the very question “When this may
happen?” A new life sets its course in a New Paradise with the Lord, made
upon the death of the wicked seeds. One mind in new body created to remove
the subconscious, gaining the perfection of saying yes to always agree. No
health scare, no conquering phobias, after banishing the Devil. The power of
the mind has an amazing wealth, linked to a bond of loving marriage and a
harmonious friendship for one thousand years.

SYNOPSIS ..................................................................................................... 11

INTRODUCTION ........................................................................................... 23

PART I - REVELATIONS BORN OUT OF THE TRUTH ........................................ 25

     MOHAMMAD AND OSAMA BIN LADEN LIKE FATHER LIKE SON ....................................... 31

     WHY MUSLIMS CAN'T REIGN AS WORLD LEADERS ......................................................... 34

     WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE KORAN ................................................................................ 35

     WHY THE KORAN IS NOT A HOLY BOOK? ......................................................................... 36

     THE DOCTRINE OF FACISM AND ISLAM ............................................................................ 38

     ISLAM THE OPPOSITE OF DEMOCRACY ............................................................................ 39

     ISLAM HAS NO FEATHERS TO FLY ..................................................................................... 40

     WHY RESURRECTION BELONGS TO GOD? ........................................................................ 40

     THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE CROSS ..................................................................................... 41

     ADAM SMARTER THAN ANGLO – SAXON ......................................................................... 42

     AN INSIGTH INTO THE WORD AND THE BREATH OF GOD ................................................ 43

     THE WORLD IS MADE IN THREE PROVING TRINITY .......................................................... 45

      .......................................................................................................................................... 46

     THE CHRUCH IN A MANIFISTATION FORM ....................................................................... 46

     THE CROSS A SYMBOL DESCRIBES RESURRECTIONS ........................................................ 48

     ANIMALISTIC GOD CALLED ALLAH .................................................................................... 48

     ALLAH DID IT NOT GOD..................................................................................................... 49

     THE TYRRANY BEHIND OBEDIENCE AND SUBMISSION ..................................................... 49

     HELL IS TRUTH SEEN TOO LATE ......................................................................................... 50

WHEN A MAN LOOSE HIS SPIRIT WHAT DOES IT MEANS? ............................................... 51

A HEART BOUND TO ALLAH CAN’T GO TO HEAVEN ......................................................... 51

WHAT IS SIN ACCORDING TO ALLAH ................................................................................ 52

THE DRAGON SIDE OF THE GENESIS STORY ..................................................................... 52

UNVEILING THE SECRET OF THE YELLOW RACE ............................................................... 53

YIN YANG THE OPPOSITE OF ADAM AND EVE .................................................................. 56

TRINITY .............................................................................................................................. 57

TRINITY REFLECTED IN NOAH’S ARK ................................................................................. 58

WE IS I ............................................................................................................................... 59

THE AGE OF THE SPIRIT BEGAN WITH CHRIST .................................................................. 61

MOHAMMAD'S TRINITY .................................................................................................... 63

FRIDAY 13TH REALITY ....................................................................................................... 64

NERO AND MOHAMMAD THE WORST PSYCHOTIC TEAMS ............................................. 65


THE TRUTH DICOVERS DARK SECRETS .............................................................................. 67

SILENCE ............................................................................................................................. 67

KNOWLEDGE AND GOD .................................................................................................... 68

THE TRUTH AND LIGHT ..................................................................................................... 69

GOD AND ELECTRON......................................................................................................... 70

GOD’S POSITION ON WAR ................................................................................................ 70

REVEALING THE SECRET OF DINOSAURS .......................................................................... 72

HOLY OF HOLIES TEMPLE ACCORDING TO MY RELEVATION ............................................ 73

THE ORIGIN OF FEAR......................................................................................................... 74

NUMBERS UNDER REVELATION ........................................................................................ 74

      NUMBER ONE ........................................................................................................................ 74

      NUMBER SIX .......................................................................................................................... 75

      NUMBER SEVEN ..................................................................................................................... 75

      NUMBER EIGTH ..................................................................................................................... 76

      NUMBER NINE ....................................................................................................................... 76

      NUMBER TEN ......................................................................................................................... 77

      NUMBER ELEVEN ................................................................................................................... 77

      NUMBER TWELVE .................................................................................................................. 78

      NUMBER TWENTY FOUR ....................................................................................................... 78

      NUMBER FORTY ..................................................................................................................... 78

      HYBRID NUMBERS ................................................................................................................. 79

SIXISM AND SEVENISM IN SOUL AND SPIRIT .................................................................... 79

SEVENISM.......................................................................................................................... 84

THE END OF TIME HARVESTED BY MAN ........................................................................... 86

THE MIND OF GOD AND SCIENCE ..................................................................................... 87

WHY THE MIND OF MAN NEVER REACH GOD’S INTELLIGENCE? ..................................... 87

RACE HAS NO CHOICE BUT ACCEPT .................................................................................. 88

FACE AN INDEX TO FAITH ................................................................................................. 88

WHY JESUS IS COMING “AS A THIEF” ............................................................................... 90

THE ACT OF TRANSFORMING FROM DRAGON INTO SNAKE WHY? ................................. 90

AN INSIGHT INTO THE BEAST RISEN FROM EARTH .......................................................... 91


THE EMERGED WORLDS OF ABYSS AND HELL .................................................................. 94

POPE IS NOT HOLY ............................................................................................................ 95

UNDER SUCH RELIGION .................................................................................................... 96

WHERE IS THE LIVING PLACES OF SATAN AND ALLAH? .................................................... 97

   WHERE IS ALLAH’S BIRTH PLACE? ..................................................................................... 98

   BEASTS IN THE BIBLE ......................................................................................................... 99

   WHY MOSES WASN’T FIT TO DELIVER THE PROMISED CITY? .......................................... 99

   LOVE, PSYCHE AND CAPITALISM ..................................................................................... 101

   ALLAH CURCIFIED JESUS OF NAZARETH ......................................................................... 101


   DEFORMITY AND MUTILATION ....................................................................................... 105

   THE EFFECT OF CLOSED SOCIETY OF ISLAM ON THE WORLD ......................................... 107

   WHY TERRORSIM WORKS? ............................................................................................. 108

   THE NEUROTIC FEAR OF THE END OF TIME .................................................................... 109

   THE ARCHITECT OF TRUTH IN THE MIND ....................................................................... 110

   HUMAN MIND IS THE PERFECT PROOF OF HEAVEN AND HELL...................................... 110

   SOUL, SPIRIT, CONSCIOUS, AND UNCONSCIOUS ............................................................ 111

   BLINDFOLD SHOWS THE EVIL SOUL ................................................................................ 112


   THE LAW OF ACTION AND REACTION WITHIN THE MIND.............................................. 113

   DAY DREAMING .............................................................................................................. 113

   SILENT INTELLIGENCE ..................................................................................................... 114

   IMPULSES ARE DEMONS HOLD THE SECRET OF STUPIDITY ........................................... 114

   VALIDITY AND INVALIDITY IN LANGUAGE AND ARGUMENTS ........................................ 116

   THE EYE OF THE SPIRIT AND THE EYE OF THE SOUL IN THOUGHTS ............................... 117

   MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE ................................................................................................ 118


   THE MIND UNDER THE HAMMER ................................................................................... 120
   A MIND PERFECTLY WINDING IN A CRIMINALIZED FORM ............................................. 122

   INTELLIGENCE AND DEMONS ......................................................................................... 122

   SPATIAL THINKING AND PRAYERS ARE STRONGLY UNITED ........................................... 123

   SENSORY INTELLIGENCE.................................................................................................. 124

   MEMORY AND SENSES .................................................................................................... 124

   THE WITCH’S MYSTERY MIND......................................................................................... 125

   RIGHTEOUS PERSONS ..................................................................................................... 126

   FORGIVENESS IS LOVE IN ACTION................................................................................... 126

   TECHNIQUE OF FORGIVENESS ........................................................................................ 126

   LOVE IS HUGGING A CHILD ............................................................................................. 127

   PROGRESSIVE IDEAS ....................................................................................................... 127

   CHANGE TO EXCHANGE FOR A CROWN ......................................................................... 128


   BLOOD IS THE WORK OF ART, DON’T FIDDLE WITH IT ................................................... 129

   PRIDE A SEA BETWEEN THE DRAGON AND HIS WRATH ................................................. 130

   PRIDE DIVERSITY ............................................................................................................. 133

   HUMBLENESS THE BEST CURE FOR PRIDE ...................................................................... 133

   MASTERING EMOTIONS .................................................................................................. 135

   CONTROLLING EMOTIONS .............................................................................................. 137

   FREE WILL A SHADOW OF GOD ...................................................................................... 139

   CONSISTENCY A CORRIDOR TO POWER ......................................................................... 140

   DOUBTFUL THOMAS ....................................................................................................... 141

   GOLD DIGGERS CHINESE DRAGONS ............................................................................... 143

   THE CHRISTIAN MESSAGE TO CHINESE .......................................................................... 145

    STRESS SPEAKS NEGATIVE EMOTIONS ........................................................................... 146

    THE CURE FOR STRESS .................................................................................................... 149

    “ME” AND “US” DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY ..................................................................... 150

    THE FEVER CALLED LIVING .............................................................................................. 152

    WE ARE DESTROYED BECAUSE OF LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ............................................. 153

    EVIL DEEDS FOLLOWS THE LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND........................................... 153

    HOW DO WE RETAIN A MENTAL BALANCE .................................................................... 154

    CHRIST WAS RAISED BY HIS OWN POWER ..................................................................... 155

    I WAS BORN TO LOVE HIM ............................................................................................. 156

    THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IN LIFE .................................................................... 157

    EXAGGERATION .............................................................................................................. 158

    LUST: A WASTE OF SHAME ............................................................................................. 159

    MENTAL SIN .................................................................................................................... 160

    HINDUISM AND BUDDHISM UNITED IN STUPAS ............................................................ 161

    THE WAR OF MAGIC – ALL IS NOT LOST IN REVENGE .................................................... 162

    OBSERVABLE SYMPTOMS OF DEMONIC POSSESSIONS .................................................. 163

    HOW TO RESTORE THE POWER OF THE BLOOD ............................................................. 164

    POSITIVISM ..................................................................................................................... 165

    SCIENTISM ....................................................................................................................... 166

    GOD ALREADY ARRIVED TO SAVE THE JEWS .................................................................. 167

    MAKE YOUR HOUSE AN EDEN ........................................................................................ 167

    HOW THE TWELVE DISCIPLES DIED ................................................................................ 169

PART IV - KORAN UNDER THE MICROSOPE ................................................ 171
     ........................................................................................................................................ 171

........................................................................................................................................ 171

KORAN A BOOK FULL WITH CONTRADICTIONS AND ERRORS ........................................ 172

MOHAMMAD'S MANNERS OF REVENGE ........................................................................ 174

MOHAMMAD SHOWED LITTLE CREATIVITY ................................................................... 175

WELCOME TO BEHEADING HAPPINESS .......................................................................... 176


ALLAH ON THE WILD SIDE OF SEX................................................................................... 179

HOMOSEXUALITY ALLAH'S PROMISE IN PARADISE ........................................................ 180

ISLAM: THE BODY (NOT MIND) HAS THE PURIFYING EFFECT ......................................... 181

THEOLOGY OF THE FORESKIN ......................................................................................... 181

“ARABESQUE” THE EVIDENCE OF DENIAL CREATIVITY ................................................... 182

MOHAMMAD'S ARROGANCE ......................................................................................... 183

BARBARIC ABU BAKR AL-SIDIQ ....................................................................................... 183

OMAR IBNUL KHATAB “JUSTICE OMAR” ........................................................................ 183

ALHAKIM BIAMRILLAH KILLING CHRISTIANS .................................................................. 184



THE CONQUEST OF INDIA BY MAHMUD OF GHAZANI (917-1030) ................................ 186

RELIGION OF SLAVERY .................................................................................................... 187


MOHAMMAD THE BITTERIST ENEMY OF WOMEN ........................................................ 188

MUSLIM WOMEN ARE BORN FOR BRUTAL PRISON ....................................................... 190

KORAN PERMITS MEN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF WOMEN ............................................. 191

ALLAH HAS NINETY NINE NAMES BEAUTIFUL AND UGLY NAMES.................................. 192

KORAN AND STARS WORSHIP ......................................................................................... 193
     THE EYE OF A NEEDLE ..................................................................................................... 193

     MOHAMMAD PROCLAIMS THE JEWISH MESSIAH .......................................................... 194

     MUSLIM FACISM EXTEND TO WOMEN SEXUALITY ........................................................ 194

     THE YOUNG JIHADIST...................................................................................................... 195

     ALLAH AND SERPENT UNITES IN NAME .......................................................................... 195

     CALIGULA (12-4 A.D.) ...................................................................................................... 197

     IDI AMIN, THE PRESIDENT OF UGANDA IN 1971 ............................................................ 197

     GENGHIS KHAN (1167- 1227) ......................................................................................... 197

     HULAGU KHAN ................................................................................................................ 198

     POLPOT ........................................................................................................................... 198

     BATU KHAN (DIED 1255 A.D.) ......................................................................................... 198

     THE GOD OF MONGOL: A BLUE WOLF ........................................................................... 199

     SADDAM HUSSEIN .......................................................................................................... 199

PART VI - HISTORY OF THE JEWS ................................................................ 201
     HISTORY OF JEWS ........................................................................................................... 201

     WHERE IS THE BIBLICAL MOUNT SINAI?......................................................................... 202

     THE ARK OF THE COVENANTS ......................................................................................... 203

     THE FIRST TEMPLE OF JUDAISM “HOLY OF HOLIES” ...................................................... 203

     TEMPLE JERUSALEM “SOLOMON’S TEMPLE” ................................................................. 205

     TEMPLE JERUBBABEL ...................................................................................................... 205

     HEROD'S TEMPLE ............................................................................................................ 206

     JEWISH HOLY WAR .......................................................................................................... 206

PART VII - ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIVING AND LEARNING ................................ 207

CONCLUSION ............................................................................................. 411
       The book ―Slaying the Dragon‖ ignites for the first time, a new powerful knowledge
against the serial killer who is winning through his ideological forces belonging to his
religions. Cultures develop the grass roots of religions while knowledge changes simple
traditional tales into reality to kill myth and build the formula of the truth. But the grass
routes of culture are the real challenger in human character.
       Before going into the content, I like to share with you the following breakthrough
revealed by the Lord just before publishing the book.
       God created man in his own image but to be differentiated after Adam‘s sin. The evil
spirit called soul is shown in the sun light as shadow of the individual without the elaborate
details. But after death the soul leaves the body to be free from the body interference and gain
the real black image of the person acquiring a ghost like look. The ghost goes to visit favorite
places by gliding and may haunt living people. A human in his/her physical form and quality
represents the state of the spirit i.e. ―We are a living spirit‖. The purpose of the spirit‘s
occupation in the body form is to bear the original act of creation. The spiritual look moves
out from the look of Adam into sharing races by the work of soul. It is the law of love that
differentiate us in racism. God is not prejudice in opinion or reason. Prejudice comes from
the animal spirit by being occupant destroying what has been built. We are the image of God
only when we are in absolute form; a race is called to give helpful attention in thoughts. The
invisible forces of religions, cultures and deeds considers the wild side of creation. In other
words man falls victim to his own soul. The white color of the spirit gets washed-up to be
pale, faded or changed into yellow, brown, red or black. The transfer happens under
persuation power of temptation in money, sex and power. The object of the spirit is to put the
truth direct into action and can combat the soul in graceful way. Falseness changes the
quality of the Being. The untrue soul exploit the spirit and body for profit and personal gain.
A false human can even put hooves under falsity. A good creation is not an entitlement, it has
to be earned.
       We have eyes detailed under leopard eye of the Dragon and the eye of the Lamb of God
to include soul and spirit in the faculties of senses. The eye of the spirit sees the glory of the
coming of the Lord and holds Heaven. There is no torch of light in the eye of the dragon,
therefore can expect nothing but chaos. As a result, the art of being wise is knowing what to
look for and meditation helps anxiety. The night pushes scarlet sins and drinking troubles.
An eye for an eye and tooth for the tooth are two leopard eyes deliberately killing or depriving
each other individually instead of understanding each side of the problem. You must pluck
the eye offends thee before doing the perishing job. Jesus says: ―but whosoever shall smite
thee on thy right cheek turn to him the other also‖. If you pray for them, you are doing the
Lamb‘s work. This is a very important step in bringing peace and a significant act in
reforming the Old Testament. The human simple eye is thousands time weaker, its weakness
prevents us from seeing the course of action. We can‘t see the invisible nor the dark energy.
A dragon eye is a telescope like can see distant objects appearing to do the dragon‘s dogmas.
We are not qualified to do judgement wisely without error weak eye cannot see what is good
and essential. There is no man can incarnate the eye of God only Jesus.
       The ear has the benefit of gathering universal knowledge in the wisdom of listening,
stirring up memories. Fear, rejection, repression expresses hearing. Traditional stories of
religions whether invented or true are history of eye and ear to make culture which is ―a
mind‖. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, one of the rich reflection of the truth, ―we
hear thee and rejoice‖. Azan reaches out to an unseen audions is a tool to force the truth.
       The evidence that establishes barbarism by the soul lies in the psychological state of
suicide connected with a deliberate act of killing. The state of mind is complex and in
mountain form relating to soul overcoming spirit. The mental torture begins felt like long
knives under act of stabbing under a condition that need suicide.
       The book provides contributions along the following lines: See how the earth will
change its royalty in the year 2016 and why we are walking to the pain of Armageddon,
fulfilling the prophecies in the Bible.
       The woe that is felt today signifies ―all will be lost‖. The areas of ruins are chosen by
God and also by Allah who is the mystic master holding Satan power on the world to force
the end in a double fiery game. We are terrorized by nature and man, bridges are swept away
like papers by the power of water, destructions by powers of winds, earthquakes, tsunami and
terrorism coming in silence.
       The year ―2011‖ holds eleven, the number that I put for destruction. The year that will
witness chaos and destruction in coordination with the Muslim world which is an attempt to
expand and unite the Muslim truth against the Christian truth. There is no mercy killing but
chaotic killings, Allah style. Eleven also calls Muslims to wake up from sleep in eruption
form to separate the wolf from the man. Osama‘s life ending stands on the same awakening
situation. All speaks about people strongly enthusiastic to have the wind of change and the
truth behind dictators. The year ―2013‖ attributed to the events will happen according to
chapter thirteen of the Book of Revelation describing the Anti-Christ, the two beasts and the
false prophet Mohammad who will rule again for three and a half years leading to the Second
       Al-Qaeda is a syndicate of a multi-headed beasts, it combines individuals holding 666
numbers to carry out terror in most fugitive way. If one leader get killed, Al-Qaeda remains
as one book of terrorism closes, a new book starts. Al-Qaeda has seven heads equal to the
dragon in reflections. Each head can carry what Allah knew. There are hundreds of militant
Muslims capable of conducting fatal attack towards soft targets operating under either anger
or leadership. Al-Qaeda ―the fundamental principle of Islam‖ has killed thousands of
innocent men, women and children of Muslims and Christians around the world, under their
impetus drive. The Islamic fields already ploughed and the bad seed scattered on the land of
Muslim‘s world. The Afghan war is the longest in history. It is the battle of ideas under
brotherhoods rivalry belonging to different religions. The mystic behind Jihad is its fast route
to paradise serving as a stock for sex.
       An inspiration by a very evil man produces aspiration. Jihad is an ideology of ―murder
under cold blood‖, which is the ugliest thing in the world. Osama bin Laden was a symbol of
death and destruction. It took 13 years to hunt him down worldwide and took three presidents
of united state as well as Britain to know his location. He was a big chapter, big forefront and
a big target. Osama received a bullet in the head to cease him from existence in May, 1st
2011. This is the same day (May 1st), Hitler finished his life by also bullet in the head. Thus
May 1st 2011 – May 1st 1945 = 66 which is an integer that shows interrelationship with the
false prophet. The two are rotting in Hell forever without the hope of resurrection. It would
have been better to capture Osama who was unarmed. Shooting him make him a martyr while
a trial would demystify him to reveal his hidden psyche with its secrets in quality power, as he
is one of the chosen ones by Allah.
       The world has stepped twice into the spirit of Mohammad to press his foot down
through the unbowed bloody Osama, the creator of Al-Qaeda to danger the world. Al-Qaeda
is an incurable mind disease, having sixes in captivity for an absolute death of our modern
       All Osama‘s life was a culture of blood, money and a testosterone seeking a hole,
signifying nothing, not even an invention of a new gun powder. Lust knows not what to do
next and death alone gives blood its true habitat.
       There is striking parallelism between Mohammad and Osama bin Laden in a mad dog
behavior. Osama came down to us as Mohammad having evil blended with him to give
impact under his sentimental glorification of violence, cruelty, extremism and irrationalism.
The high likeness is inherited in the following: the two were born in Saudi Arabia, both
adopted disciples and divided people into a friend and a foe or dar Al-Harb ―the abode of
war‖ and Dar Al-Salam ―the abode of peace‖. The two had no imam title. Mohammad made
his migration (Hijra) from Mecca to Medina for protection. Osama migrated to Pakistan to be
safer. The two took the same stand on the unbelievers (infidel or zindiq) as they should be
killed under a divine institution called jihad by striking off their heads which is the great
command of Allah. The two are closely related in persecution, assassination and brought
destruction, giving no pardon. Similarities in harem living under one roof. Osama, in the
same way has his approval of black slavery and persecution of Jews and Christians not by
reason but by bombs. Guns are easier than swords to result in bloodshed. Osama brought
back heresy delivered under ―you have been told the truth if you refuse the gun or sword will
soak you in blood‖.
       Osama and Mohammad displayed ―hagarism‖ in the support of ―Ischmael belongs to
Mecca and Isaac belongs to Jerusalem. Osama if he is Mohammad has no memorandum
braced by a new obsessed brain. We will never rest until we know who is that tyrant was, was
the mahdi, the restorer of repression (arresting zindiqs in masses, beheading them and
displaying their heads on a gibbet)?, remains to be seen. The Lord may have allowed this to
happen to show the historian events before the Second Coming. Many of the false prophet
actions were the make by storytellers and the material fabricated. Therefore, the ―worst of
men‖ has to be witness by the world before the final condemnation. There are scholars
openly believe that Mohammad did not exist.
       Pakistan is the country to watch, as stupid as Satan is ―hosting Osama for twenty years
whilst killing 30.000 Pakistanis‖. Pakistan is the only Muslim country that has 100 nuclear
weapons. It has all reasons to prosper treason. A country possessed by death and dirt games
and has so many fools born from hatred, misery exposed to lies and generous pockets. The
partnership between U.S and Pakistan made Pakistan receives billions of taxpayer dollars
before displaying a sneaky anti terrorist act. This is the way the world ends, not by old ways
of asteroids but nuclear. We need a magnifying glass looking at every shift to make a
significant contribution. Jesus express: ―any repayment belongs to me and I will repay‖.
       Year 2016 will be the ―Angel of Death year‖ and the false prophet is the Assassin. The
real lesson he will be performing is ―how to live without life, how to eat without food and
cash.‖ Burning people alive, killing civilians crowds in thousands by his worshipped guns,
Greif, women tearing their hairs under violent cry screaming for justice out of the hook made
by the crook. The slaughter moves higher its account every day of people irrespective of age
or sex in beheading, torture, stabbing, turning rivers into red. He will keep collecting heads
while the pale bodies are in a display along miles long. Religions are the target to be abused,
black face, white looks to pay their loss of life. Crimes have no hiding place set aside as they
are pleasure and bear medals. Survival of the fittest is the one who has his soul structured as
Mohammad in guilt. Mohammad the seed of Ishmael knows he is a kind of Satan just before
the moment waiting toward the Brimstone fire by the Lord with his Beast Allah. Churches
and mosques have been standing side by side to show the coming challenge. We cannot move
the dice away from these goals. This is just the tip of iceberg. The book of Revelation:
―when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in Heaven about the space of half an
hour (8:1).
       Man is not the enemy of man but through the medium of false system, he is to does bad.
Man is similar the pendulum oscillates between good and evil, right and wrong, sense and no
       See my new revelation behind the two triangles in the Star of David the flag of Israel
that has vital purpose but has not been realize, the flag stands for Armageddon, two Trinities
colliding. Jesus is the God head of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, contributing to
one God against group of three challengers Dragon, Allah and Mohammad. The true
prophecy separates them. Jesus knows the future of what will happen by being the grand total
in unique grace of everything.
       See how the Dragon behaves in his second chance after his 1000 years custody and how
he goes again but this time robbing the Heavenly people. The events take place (under my
thinking process) as follows: Jesus ascends to Heaven together with the 44.000 of a
resurrected team leaving their blue print in the New World. The population has their
offspring, biologically related to them, living in various areas. A godly people produced
under spiritual regeneration, placed in a land of blessed and a land of immortality (this is not
yet the heavenly Jerusalem). The dragon unknown in physical appearance and undiluted by
the one thousand years in captivity, leaves his underworld, appearing with his fearful figure to
strip them from God and reconfirm his very contrary identity. The dragon claims the new
world with its sightings beyond the imagination his. As there is no other master to have a
voice or do the command all must obey. The dragon starts to fill the lower psyche so humans
can function under his control. A psyche is a cave like an underground space manifests fear,
darkness and chaos against the spirit under Dragon‘s irrational forces so mankind can be
untrue, diseased, anxious, carrying danger and standing for threats. The personality after
being conductors of the new soul changes through an inner transformation. The Dragon
shows off his supernatural power from that of humans in swallowing individuals. The Lord
sends two witnesses to give evidence of God‘s ownership and for Salvation of the misguided
minds. A final warfare get conducted aimed at killing the two witnesses that achieves
temporary victory. The two witnesses became living again and ascending upward in front of
the crowd. God produces fire burning the Dragon with his mob to mark the end of time and
the beginning of the final judgement.
       The book reveals the two separate bottomless worlds of Allah and the Dragon
differentiated in belief and torture. The purpose is to give mystic marriage and unification of
soul (psyche) in the Abyss of Hell and the dark mind. The Abyss of the Dragon is to be under
the red sea supported by bearing the two horns possessed by animals. The two horns are
symbols of Satan heroes such as Alexander the Great. Horn, power and divinity are one to
claim deadly God ship and evoke the thrust of the male sexual organ. Allah‘s Abyss is to
connect to the black stone of Al-Kaaba and the Haj pilgrimage journey.
       See how a science fiction imaginative book became a Scientology Religion and the
saver of after life is a marine officer. The man will be taking them into the future Hell.
Indeed life is but snakes and ladders pursued by the intellect.
       Numbers have messages in life, stands above laws. Numbers are one of the key reasons
for the role played by Good and Evil in our character but are preventable, we have to work
against those number. Numbers in their simple forms admit operations by themselves. Each
number possesses its own individuality standing above the pure chance of operational power
to cause causalities‘. Nine-eleven is an example showing terrorist‘s success, the activities,
had a match lock in names employed and numbers together with the moving time. Thus
numbers are the baits which attract the mysterious. Friday 13th has adequate fear the number
and the day of Mohammad explained in this book. Multiple numbers signifies the number
itself but in more significant cycles. Unity in numbers produces unity in all, eternity is Christ
numbers in unity. The same holds for the devil forces. The Muslim rosary is linked to the
ninety-nine beads for the ninety-nine names of Allah. Prayers in cyclical form makes Allah
manifests (99=9x11). Numbers show it is not easy to be a human but for Jesus numbers
reflect the outer shell of being, the devil stands outside the power of the Holy Spirit.
       Jesus sees numbers as Being expressed under his suffering and great heart to forget the
past and go back to the future.
       Read my breakthrough of numbers that are razor‘s edge spreading along the culture that
is not free. Sixism and Sevenism reveals the good and evil information arriving to my mind
as a symbol of Christ Redemption in Christ‘s Crucifixion. The Tree of Life in Eden is the
Cross, not the Buddha-Tree under which Buddha sat to obtain his enlightenment which made
Buddha and the tree worshipped. Jesus replaced the sacrificial fires of Hinduism with the
inner fire of knowledge (enlightenment) and heart is the flame. My predictions of numbers
       ―Six (soul), seven (spirit), nine (death), eleven (destruction) and thirteen (false prophet
uprising)‖. There is no option of these numbers to be misleading or swapping in what is right
or wrong due to their absolutism.
       The book for the first time reveals Allah‘s decisive power behind the Romans in the
Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The revelation is supported by numbers relating to Allah‘s
activities. Six, nine, eleven and thirteen are mirrors of Allah to be used, in the investigation of
the crucifixion. It also represents the active structure of an Evil network were justice is built
on blood opposing against the birth of grace, hope and freedom. Numbers are also messages
hidden under the power of worlds. Read about why Islam has no feathers to fly and why
Muslims cannot reign as world leaders.
       The Koran is investigated conclusively in a manner never seen before addressed and
maintained on acts of fear, violence, copying, contradiction, women and lies to be detached
from divine nature. The whole Koran is a screen to connect on the key issues of Satan to
sweep into power.
       Read about comparisons between the minds of the True Messiah ―Christ‖ and the False
―Mohammad‖, how the two stands at two poles apart showing contrasts in absolute form,
absolute life versus absolute death, the Devil and God, the state of liberty in spirit and the soul
in prison. Islam is a peculiar evil power came to silence the spirit of the human race through
its collision with Christianity to destroy its truth, the sharia laws hides under the Arabic word
―al-salaam‖ = peace. Allah commanded Mohammad to change the pilgrimage from
Jerusalem into kissing the black stone. The old shrine idol in Mecca became true faith
standing above all relics. Goddesses al-lat, manat and al-uzza (daughters of god) are
mediators in receiving Allah‘s favors. The satanic verse has its story; Mohammad received a
revelation after he saw Gabriel in the second time who said, ―what do you think of lat and
uzza and manat? At this point after Satan put into his mouth words of reconciliation of
meccans goddesses as daughters of Allah (Sura 53:19-23). Mohammad gave superstitious
demands if kissing the stone is not fulfilled. Wisdom: the stone and the mind are not one.
       See how Ishmael set the framework of Islam paganism.
       See how Hubal idol is connected to the same legacy namely the Lord of Kaaba before
Mohammad restoration of Allah began.
       The similarities between Hitler and Mohammad under Satan six number are discussed.
Both barbarians and mascres of Jews but the mascre continued until the present time with
Mohammad together with slavery and genocide of Christian. Mohammad dealt savagely with
Jews after realizing there was no chance of Jews to accept him as their true messiah.
Mohammad and Hitler have ―Arianism‖ in common, the 4th-century Christian heresy founded
in Alexandria by the priest Arius. He taught that Christ was not coequal with God the father
to drill Christianity i.e. Christ the son was not the same substance of the father. Thus
according to the events launched, Mohammad holds the world championship in killings to
make him earn the number of the Beast 6666 rather than 666.
       Read on why the downwards of second world 2 failed to bring the Second Coming. The
world is waiting for the notorious Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is Muslims fundamentalists
who convicted with wretchedness of psyche wanting to kill. Their mind has less pleasure
from spirit withdrawal and death is a call for pride and joy. The many interpretations of who
is False prophet holding the death sixes were also wrong; Pope, Hitler, Nero and many more
but not Mohammad.
       See the resemblance of Mohammad to Nero in a mind of red thoughts slitting throats
under the black flag of soul. The two are best thinkers of the ―law of death‖ using their
illogical belief. The Roman Empire and Arab empire grew in a serial arrangement rolling
graves for emperor‘s honor under various ways of fascism and as wild as it can be. How
Islam fascism extends to women sexuality. The Koran‘s paradise delights in homosexuality
of faithful Muslim young boys as pearl as the virgins. Famous Saladin (Salah Al-Deen) for
his Jihad against the Crusader was homosexual. Many caliphs were homosexuals: Al-
Ameen, ruled 809, Al-Mutasim, ruled 833, the Aglabid Ibrahim, ruled 875, Abd Al-Rahman
912. Public sauna baths (Hammams) are the go places for male and female (Lesbian)
homosexuals decorated with erotics. Male prostitution is common; homosexual love is
glorified in poems and big in the separate place of harem.
       We are like Cain, the first human birth who dreamt about possession of the earth and
above all the possession of his own interest to possess all the rest to echo pride and self-
worship. We grow so much from books but we grow in revolutionary form from the inspiring
art of the Holy Spirit, the revealer of secrets and the creative writer of anything in any form.
The Lord sees something in us to be the man we want to be, because the mind pieces are
attached to the Spirit of Christ. We are the impact and masters revealers to make our own
film, we are the eternal students of professor Christ.
       The puzzling disappearance of Dinosaurs is now solved. The earth was home of the
Dragon to establish his authority over equal beasts in ranking and fear. The earth had
concealment of light to echo his underworld. The dragon wrapped his dinosaurs like a mother
wraps a son. No humans or animals are to be existing. The earth had no sacred marriage with
Heaven by being in contrast with spirit and overall, hence alienated. The pure earth for Adam
to stand on came from the same earth but balanced with air, water and sunrise with
geographical shape characterized by rivers, oceans and mountains which is the earth we see
today. Dinosaurs are not product of failed evolution in a process.
       See how Third world cultures have in its fabric the winding power of Satan animalistic
process under survival of the fittest strategy. Third world is made of cultures that are hard to
heal because of a gigantic loss and mess in mind availability, blocked by the power of soul in
a hot unconscious mind. The unconscious cuts the intelligence in the conscious. Emotional
reaction takes over realistic reaction.
       See how deformity happens in man‘s creation and how it is expressed in shaping Satan
as a dragon. The dragon shows the most deformity in the animal world. It signifies the
degree in which his blind soul deviated from God‘s spirit. He is the patriot beast of his best
country and home called ―the world‖ before Adam‘s creation by the image of falsehood and
enemy ship. God made Satan‘s identification not perishable. The monster has seven heads
fire breathing, lizard like. He has crested head with leopard eyes and large claws. The idiot
(and his Chinese emperors who claimed his manifestation) while he sees himself acquiring
ugliest deformity, he projects himself as the perfect one. He claims being sent from Heaven
to create the world and make it right. Winged dragon has the ability to go to Heaven and
come back. Deformity of the dragon is paid for magical practices, unconscious human mind,
human sacrifices, fertility and the underworld.
       A person who is deformed is a dark image for a dark being whether suffering from
mental or physical disabilities (the art of the impossible), growing under condemnation. One
can imagine a deformed human is like the armourer--iron brace. The dark cultures of magic
with its power make God respond in responsive way.
       Read about why Moses could not see the Promised Land based on his attitudes towards
the Children of Israel through their wilderness. Instead of staying connected with God-
intellect, his mind lapsed on issues of conflict with productive anger, the mind did not echo
the promised victory. We are not supposed to keep our ideas in the sky, we need to make our
ideas a challenging ones by identifying, explaining to be stronger in minds. Every work
presents real challenge and demand of one‘s abilities. Read my mind about the mystery of
serpent connected with the fire-breathing dragon to cause confusion. The serpent is not the
dragon itself but emerged as the dragon‘s wife living under one culture to release his powerful
sex desire and control his vicious moods directly. The serpent power manifests more in
females increasing the libido.
       The reason for the unhappy face of capitalism in, why it rose like a rocket and fell like a
stick is to be. Capitalism is an economic arrangement opposite in its development to the
Christian teaching as Marx communism. Which is a system of class exploitation depending
on the individual‘s wealth to do the sell and perhaps monopoly. Massive of environmental
problems develops and the divine love gone to money thoughts. Love itself bestows value
upon the individual, an essential factor in character and sacrifices.
       See the dark impulses of witch, the primitive female and a shadow of the dragon in her
subconscious to be unable to change her character. She is like the Chinese faith in money,
stony hard-hearted unmoved.
       See how God made the Abyss to conjure the vast subconscious mind in manifestation
which is the soul in depth.
       Read about the truth of the Trinity in the Genesis, the creation of man in body, soul and
spirit. God used ―We‖ not the single ―I‖ to represent Trinity. Noah‘s ark had Trinity in its
construction. There is a Trinity of Allah, Dragon and Mohammad. The level of human life is
in three, material, rational and divine. The stages of mystical development has three:
purgative, illuminative and unitive. Inspiration is built-in by three motionless powers, Father,
Son and Holy Spirit. There are three ball eyes preconditioned in religions: eye of money
(Buddhism), eye of blood (Islam) and eye of humanity (Christianity), which sees in equal
       Read about the worst dictators in the world Idi Amin, Genghis Khan, Hulagu Khan, the
Roman emperor Caligula and Saddam Hussein, breathing pride in death.
       Read about the marriage of terrorists to Osama through Internet.
       Learn about the truth behind the Yin-Yang doctrine, rewarded to me and Satan's side of
the Genesis story. Yang (man) gets split into half to become Yin (woman) by simple
imagination without a creative aspect. Heaven and earth were joined together before the Yin-
Yang circle divided. Yang stands behind the sun while the moon and stars stay with Yin.
The Yang rises the sun and Yin sets it. There is a sky not Heaven as there is no god to be
dwelling. The sky has female principle, the body of a woman gets pulled out across the whole
region to cause the sky manifests by the female own energy. The spirit of the dragon with its
brothels inspired the instincts of Chinese to offer such solutions. Japan uses the symbol
―jikkan and jünishi.‖ Korea use the symbol ―mitsu-tomoe.‖ The bottom line, life is a
revolving cycles of opposites in life and death to eternity. I believe at the early history of
China, the Yin-Yang was yellow and black to accommodate the skin component of the
Chinese race, the symbol then changed into black and white. The Bible Genesis is opposite to
Yin-Yang in how the creation was shaped. The Christian ethic say: The creation by God and
the zone of human morality are one. We return to God through Christ. There is no cycle of
reincarnation. See this debate and the mystical account of creation presented by the dragon,
the Lord of hell under special titles.
       Understand why the pope is not holy? His power is hugged in the arms of the world to
be held which is the enemy of the Lord. The Lord‘s Holy power comes free unmeasured by
material aspect. The Lord chooses his people, mostly slaves mentally ill (Thomas had
depression) and unknowns to restore health for faith in action just like storing life to Lazarus
after his death. I have seen religious Buddhists, enemies of Christ converted after having a
vision of Christ‘s suffering bleeding on the Cross while themselves expressing suffering out
of money bankruptcy business. The chosen members must not exploit the gift to fall into the
arena of fame. The support of the Lord doesn‘t come automatically, we need to win His
       Understand why the human mind lacks dualism with the mind of god?
       See how the mind works in building good and evil, how Heaven and hell work in the
mind. Mimicking intelligence and mind seated by demons to cater firm stupidity. How the
mind differs in ―creative‖ ―intelligence‖ ―smart‖ and mental ability related to ―IQ‖ test
models. How our brain is second to the mind of flying spirit orbited by Christ. The brain is
the pencil to write what mind dictates of good or evil thoughts, under two levels of
consciousness and unconsciousness. The two minds bring upward or downward changes. The
brain is medium to the mind not the power of mind itself, if the brain tissue activity cuts off,
the mind shuts off as the vehicle that contain the mind is drained.
       There are great minds and little minds shaped by the jungle of the subconscious mind.
The choice of message with its moral qualities governs the choice of two minds either to
become smaller or bigger. Mental things and physical things are completely different
phenomena and ―never the twain shall meet‖. Our bodies and brain have second significance
to the mind. The physical world is constructed out of our own sensory system which is not
equal to the total mind with its functions and acts, senses are windows to contemplate every
picture that the eye see or hear. The brain is a medium for the mind to act and the body has to
accept what mind dictates. This difference in role has the support of religions made by the
dragon to destroy the truth by emphasizing on purity of the physical body, acting in depth
under the soul unconscious bias and against the spiritual goal of Christ. This demonstrated
why we have East and West and ―never the twain shall meet‖.
       The bottom line is ―if you take Christ seriously, your neurons takes its seriously.
       We are born from Adam, no longer angels. The one mind of Adam with remarkable
picture of abilities changed into multiple minds with boundaries and limitations after the soul
(which is the spirit of Satan) introduced. We lost God‘s eternal frame of mind as a result of
the soul operation as a shadow. Man‘s unhappiness comes of his greatness contained in
limited mind. Multiple intelligence stands for a divided light showing different mind qualities
due to the two-sided phenomenon of spirit and soul. Certain areas of the brain manifest in the
light to speak skills. The soul kills the intelligence by shutting or weakening the intensity of
spiritual light.
       Thinking and fear do not mix. The stormy soul spits lies and froth and digs the grave, it
sees the truth as no beauty and like to connect with the past. The spirit elevates us and the key
for survival as life is freely made. The soul works like a black mole to form chaos as life style
from a mind-forged, cries fear to grow the lines of prison. The soul caused the intelligence
quotient (IQ) to have gaps among races. Spirit and soul represents two new governments
erected into the human system after Adam‘s sin to achieve an ape-form of inabilities seen in
brains of Aborigines and Amazon tribes. Thinking under a manifestation of low soul
influences the spiritual force and make the brain disposes the good idea. We see inspiration
itself under progress based upon desire which is part of us i.e. inspiration is not perfect. Art
cannot hold similarities. Different painting has different inspiration. Art is born for
humiliation or glory. Ignorance the mother of all evils has inspiration vacuum.
       The soul is the subconscious mind and the spirit is the conscious mind. We cannot see
the mind but we know we have it. We know we have a spirit in goodness and beauty but we
cannot see the spirit. The soul is what makes us move backward. The Dragon has the control
over the subconscious mind also called the objective mind to ruin the subjective act of the
conscious mind. Nervous breakdown, suicide attempt are the result of fallen thinking in the
conscious-subjective mind. Habits, desire and sins are seated in the sub-conscious and when
the conscious mind (the intelligence vehicle) considers the practice of those ideas, the
inherited and acquired sum change a good man into evil. This course of action leads to a
necessity to change the act of mind in order to see the light of the Spirit. Compulsion with
repeated negative thought is a subconscious law. All bad habits are uncontrollable urge,
drinking, drugs, sex come off the subconscious. The subconscious mind cannot reason but it
can ruin clear understanding. We are victims of our subconscious mind as Adam‘s model
changed to worst unless behavior changes.
       Sigmund Freud was the first investigator of the unconscious mind based on childhood
unhappiness caused by repressions that may cause mental illness as it has no accessibility to
the conscious, it can simply hit us from behind. Freud failed to see the total truth behind the
mental picture because he lacked faith in the New Testament to eliminate Satan from the
       I propose ―intelligence is spiritual‖, the light descends on a special area of the brain to
cultivate abilities and insights through its creative power. Therefore dark faith is expected to
show inferiorities i.e. He is bright who gets the enlightenment. ―Let there be light‖ is echoed
in the Bible. Supreme intelligence is missing because no man knows the law of God so well
and we have soul to encounter anger against the spirit (mind). We are borrowers of the
creative tools but only under divinity.
       Death displays disappearance of light (mind) of day to go into the obscurity of night.
       Artificial intelligence cannot perform the mind as it is a mathematical sum in
computation without thinking abilities. Computer has no mind unless it has a ghost living in.
Machines are worshipped because they confer power to remove slavery. The advantage of
computer is reduction of manual thinking. A supercomputer is not super enough to have
thinking, vision, it is not a thinking machine, it just performs data processing. The very small
ant in the size of dot can quickly find food by instinct but a multi-million dollar
supercomputer cannot achieve such performance. Have you ever seen a sexy computer doing
its social concept role? Thus, mind causes brain to think and mind does not emerge as brain
       A baby brain shows more of the unconscious mind exhibiting closeness to animals in
mind power. The process of thinking develops at the age of 5-6. Thus thoughts with feelings
must not be repressed, otherwise it will be fused with the subjective mind. Every personality
develops its love at childhood level without love it sickens and dies; Love creates harmonious
friendships, banish bad habits and conquers phobias. Man lives by his mind, he is not an
animal because he has the image of God that make him think. Mental speed depends on
factors such as conductivity of the nerve fiber that take up the electric impulse, the rate of
synthesis of neurotransmitter substances and their breakdown by special enzymes. Thus for
ultra-rapid processing, the brain needs to be a fast laboratory to allow the mind or the spirit
operates effectively.
       Healing is love distinguished by lifting the level of conscious into an infinite ocean of
life by the power of the Lord. The mind before healing is cloudy and stagnated due to
excitation, fear and negative patterns. The spirit gives God‘s qualities after the bliss to restore
love, harmony, patience and perfection. The spirit then makes the body respond to achieve a
remarkable healing. Blind faith without doubts and prayers are the principle of healing.
Healing therefore is the Spirit of god arising in Righteousness as the sun to defeat the
unconscious soul with its sick body.
       The law of cause and effect operates in the mind, good and evil flow from a cause. The
problem lies in external conditions that has power to interact with the subconscious mind then
your conscious mind suffers from the net thoughts, images of past encourage the scattered
thoughts. We fail to change the cause due to fear brought by the conscious mind weakness.
Change the cause and you change the effect, if you try to work on those conditions that
caused the problem it is a terrible waste of time. The truth of the subconscious mind is far
bigger than the problem but faith can block this invisible activity. Faith in the Lord is like a
seed which is an idea planted in the conscious mind, grows like a plant to meet its
manifestation. A true faith is the cure, get saved to enjoy life and eternal life. The brain is a
laboratory, has all answers from intelligence and diseases into obsession and compulsive
disorder. Heaven lies about us in our infancy then shades of the prison begins to close.
       Uniqueness shares beauty and ugliness. Adolf Hitler was a genius in the way in which
he skillfully appealed to various sectors of German society to gain power and introduce
nationalism under manipulative rules. The mind of man has no fixed frame, in constant
motion between events bound to good and evil we see best minds destroyed by madness. No
one can foster the mind of God that has absolutism and universal frame in every subject,
Eternity His First and Last while the mind of man has an earthly beginning and end; a wiser
man mourn less but bound to aging. The difficulty of man‘s mind to decide is the proof of
having two masters. Mind concentration is the question of response towards most fearful
problem. The diffusion of evil thoughts disposes goal and seek less reality responses. The
two minds are the man‘s mind, Jesus came to minister to a diseased mind so that his Lordship
can be drawn near. A good mind marks one pupil deep inside like a good camera and ends in
Golden Jerusalem that has the sacred truth. An insight to give more understanding is a gift
based on healthy brain with healthy mind processed under a godly model that lead to
understanding. Education is a radiant force to stimulate thoughts and overcome darkness.
Education is the source of creating directive light from the light of the spirit to go into the
head to make a clever man. Cleverness is not the intelligence itself that has plurality made by
a single mind. Talents are not intelligence, it is a ―funneled mind‖ mastering a technique for
overcoming other areas of intelligence.
       China beats the world in faces but aren‘t good in mind, enslaved by a Western company
business to put the money in thy purses. Money and balanced life don‘t mix. Having an
infinite desire of money identifies a mind stone built by an unconscious dwelling to be a poor
performer. The cultural revolution of Mao Zedong with its savage forces failed to stop the
Chinese drive of money. The mind has no business of inventions, shouting in volumes is
cultural which discloses stupidity also populous, smoggy and chaos standing against order in
the whole nation. Western civilization exalted China using the cheap labor to its advantages
and China changed from whirling wheel of bicycle into car. Red the color of blood and fires
of Hell is the nation‘s absolute color. Red is designed ―up‖ for stocks, green ―down‖
       The Dragon with his empire of chaos has no power to change the past but God changes
the past if you stand up to Jesus. Thus by such a law the primitive stays unchanged. The
Buddha told his followers, if you meditate extensively, you will be made God and knowledge
flows from beyond. The Himalaya Mountain instead found so many frozen bodies doing the
divine act of Buddha. The race, as a result, gained the leopard like dragon‘s eyes and the pale
yellow skin looking like ill, the pure offspring has the Orang-Outang look. Buddha is a
member of the devil‘s party without knowing it.
       Communism, Islam and Fascism creates a small brain human being because we are not
just genes, we are also a social case and a model made to do its share of enlightenment. A
fascist puts the boot in the face by his own will, his mind sees infringement of human freedom
to have his creed of slaves.
       Extreme Jews and Muslims are very similar in insincere judgements.
       Secularization in Western world is the process of freeing human beings from the
Christian gospel in irreversible way. Its principle is to consider the world as its ultimate point
of reference and not to go into the beyond, the supernatural as an alternative. This model of
ideology has heaps of people, philosophies, subjects, politics and social order allowed to
function and stand above the Christian faith. Examples: Nazism, secular humanism,
nationalism, Marxism which has God opposition view, scientific positivism, Freudianism,
with its faith in psycho analysis; the humanism derived from Carl Jung‘s work with its faith,
Bertrand Russell who combined social involvement and radical protest with his agnostic
views. The phrase ―the opium of people‖ explains the liberation element from religion.
Secularism in the West has its religious institutions, ethics, scriptures, doctrines but no
spirituality. Secularism is Satanism (which is the worship of Satan and his demons) in a
different form of revival, by not conforming to Christianity.
       Ripeness of time has reached its destiny, we are waiting for the sad time to obey
Heaven‘s established law. The young shall never see so much nor lives so long.
       I built my five books out of chapter thirteen in the Book of Revelation then healing
brought about joined with faith in a process of mental thinking. The truth set me free in a
course like a cinema film. The film has to go into speed to have the story made with
beginning, a middle and an end. Prior to sleep turn your heart to the Lord and the Lord will
prove his miracle working power. All frustrations are unfulfilled materialistic and sexual
desires blocking the good from happening.
       There are more subjects presented in this book but not included in the synopsis. Finally
the book has encyclopedia provided in new subjects for healthy living and learning. Please
give attention to my fifth book in Vic internet who has record of helping people putting their
ideas free. Throwing the book away would be disaster counted to second death. The truth in
this book is seen in variety of ways to make you feel and accept such an offence.
       Remember: The earth should not have the title of ―great mother‖. It is a symbol of
conflict and will. It is the ring in which human consciousness fights its battle.
       Psychology must have theological fabric under the Christian teaching in order to
produce factual writing in a rainbow spectrum. Psychology is less realistic in the absence of
theology, cloudy from lacking interaction with the truth. Psychology is a religion without
emotions. Sigmond Freud is the leader and psychologists are his true apostles.
       Our eyes are painted blind, the more will goes to the soul the less truth we carry and the
less spirit in the eye. As a result, we don‘t make much progress in justice, ―Thy shall not
judge‖. Lies are as abominable as the original soul.
       What you read is new came to existence through my revelations for the real change. I
believe now that I was chosen by the Lord to open chapter 13 in the Book of Revelation, fix it
and close it, and more importantly to be beyond. I hope to be one of the two witnesses who
will arrive again in second life together with St. George after the millennium to have our
second slay of the Dragon. It would be the highest-ranking honor given to a person whose
hope is to be in the eternal springs of life and to have a role in a final fight with the Dragon
just before the Final Judgement. Jesus said, ―If you have a grain of mustard seed, you shall
say into the mountain move and it shall remove from its place‖. Make the promise now.
      The book will be available at the state library, Swanston.

                                                   Dr. Anonymous

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        Books are symbols of the universe. However, the Book of Revelation is the vast book
written by St. John, visualized as sitting in the midst of paradise and identified with the Tree
of Life. The leaves of the tree, like the letters in the book, represent not only the totality of
the created beings but also the totality of God‘s decree.
        The life of a person is like the leaves of book known to him by heart and the friends
could only read it when publishing take a place. An unwritten book is ―you‖ grown heavy in
mind like a ripe fig cracked asking to be out or it will fall. Books reveal many desires and
can see souls and spirits jumping as the truth will come to light, no murder hid long and no
more a dreadful dragon.
        The far minded brain for future impact is not offering its slice of pizza. The flow of
the Anti- Christ 666, Muslim terrorist and drug dealers in a connected operation is locking the
magic number of bloodshed. Man wants a great deal and woman even more in an economy
under desperation. An hourly wage is changing the decimal into a comma.
        We have a lot of spins happening in a unique way in getting the big buck. We don‘t
know, there is positive or negative growth next year. If positive it still doesn‘t connect with
jobs. The future is maximizing in disasters and hate crimes, while we are hanging on. Hate
crimes has all sorts of punishments, readily made by the soul. There is no road to discovery
only another led by Satan‘s economy.
        We have a lot of things happening in one second around the world with its frustrating
questions, battling with the grass roots of the enemy. We are captured by a sudden and
violent assault not different than the fear of cancer. The subconscious mind is the power
leader in slums and partnership with Satan, the primitive symbol of countless sins.
        Satan numbers are used for counting fear, death and destructions. Number six is
called for the hidden power of fear. The numbers influencing death and destruction in names,
date of birth give either signs or clothing to the evil drives. Names when numbers are uttered
they release forces which start to flow like some underground stream alive but unseen. The
power of words may be great but the power of numbers is even greater. Words may explain
the sign but numbers are its hidden roots since they are the product of sign and sound and
therefore more powerful and more mysterious.
        Man is flying too far for a world that is ending soon. He will catch up with himself in
a greater rear- end collision and man never knows that what hit him from behind was the
Lord. We are brought into contact with the very work which Christ is now using to justify
His Second Coming. It will take six years more to reach it. The living is modeled to a
rapture to be destined to see the end of this age and the beginning of the Kingdom of our
        There is no magic formula to escape judgment but to fill your heart with faith. This is
the only cutting edge, to save the deadly day. God has no heroic deed award, for a fool and
criminal which hold no truth. God looks for hearts manifested in new perspectives coming
out of the conscious mind. We need to do the faith day by day similar to the exercise. Faith
in the heart has no interference to hinder or impede. Faith in Christ is the bonus. If your
mind is stone walled then there is no value in saving you.
        If you ask me why I came to this world and to do what? I will answer you ―I am here
to write hard out of revelation- revolution to pave the way that is free from a Black Stone and
dog bites‖. As the rough Beast hour has rounded at last you are due to be a passing brave to
be a King.

        Those who want to be in Paradise and haven‘t done enough they may shout slay, slay,
slay the dragon who made me cry, farewell evil and all thy laws, thy baited hooks shall tangle
me no more; the God who lives forever in me is on my side. If I can do can do the
work of faith.
        The end of time has been working with us since St. John‘s Revelation was reported
but the effect didn‘t create a significant showdown in the flame. The virtue that made our
blessings bright, made us less bombarded with sex and magic. It is a lovely thing to have, a
new species of man, most intelligent. Sadly, it went into two directions, good and evil
coming out. The Western world had two choices either the key to a car or live like the Third
world parallel to an animal, without striking balance. ―This is because man is still counted as
a dust breading dust and every man is committed to dust to dust‖.
        The life after accepting the car turned into money developing more and more
inventions that has global sale. The leadership of the world didn‘t know what went on
beyond the consumption of energy. There is no man on the ground kept to inform leaders
about what‘s happening to the atmosphere. The degree that we receive from university is not
enough to prove knowledge reliability. Character at the time of the blessing was far more
important than politics and business today. Man‘s objectives changed into making more
money and the road ahead became deadlier. The dollar has a long relationship with Satan
who sees with equal eye as God of all, money is a company, wasting God‘s given treasures.
In addition, there is the ―curse crisis‖ having the world‘s major population credited with the
evil laws which is a compliment crisis to the ―carbon crisis‖. The Darwinist consider God is
the earth itself, believing no matter what happen, the earth can return back. In other word the
Second Coming is knocking the door loudly while mother‘s nature is saying ―stop this
        Man pays the price of reproducing the steps that Christ died for, man couldn‘t finish
good as Christ wanted him to be. The ignorance lies in building civilization without knowing
the good mathematics of the emitted CO2, the molecular structure of carbon dioxide gas traps
the energy near the surface of the planet then radiates back into the space to produce global
warming. How do we deal with this problem depends on a mind shadowed with carbon‘s
new ―parts per million mathematics‖.
        The hook of course is the Anti-Christ made up of two horned beast called Allah
beating his drum and the unstable ecosystem is its clothing.


        This assignment aimed at bringing the remarkable contrast between two lives, the life
of Mohammad who restored the work of the false Messiah in his religion and the True
Messiah, who came as the Lamb of God. It is also so important in the branch of Theology to
reveal such a difference since we are the product of the Word maintained in the Sacred Book.
The mind can make either Satan or God reign by possessing the power of the mental image.
God created the brain for either reward or punishment. The brain is the maker of life and
sensitive to the character and what ought to be practices.

        God created us under his ―mind map‖ of thinking. The brain is just a house or a
church to place the information. If such information is good, it will turn into creative and
affective means. Good and evil are in the plan of creation and are part of the thinking
process, so Frankstein will be known by this process. The truth must be judged under errors
to gain quality.

       The brain is not made by a man called Darwin to be a little brain put away in the
lumber room where he can get it if he wants it.

      The beastly forces are deeply seated in us in the form of ―instinctual psyche‖ or the
―animal soul‖, to shape the killer.

        Therefore for such a construction there is a need of peace in mental and physical state.
If the evil mind is not recognized it will be integrated in productive way, history will be
repeating itself in wild Rome and Babylon carried in birth cycles.

       Islam is one of them fighting in the same style until the end of the world. Its crimes
are covered up under the name of Islamic faith.

        The invisible God became visible in the character of Jesus. Satan also has been
invisible; we only saw the torture and wars by him. Satan like God showed himself in words
and deeds in Mohammad‘s manifestation, revealing his agenda. We know, hearts can bind to
either God or the devil in actuality. Liberating the mind from the enemy consists wisdom
done by the person himself.

       The reason for the likeliness of Mohammad to be the coming false prophet and the
false Messiah in an extreme mentality is assessed as follows:

         Christianity came in the first century and Islam in the sixth as expected, to take the
call to fight. We see an identical organization between Islam and Christianity in missionary-
evangelists. The caliphs are the equivalence of disciples to drive and sustain the structure of
faith, but in lies, dishonesty, rape and killing. Salvation is replaced by Hajj, the black stone
consists Muslims true God.
        The words peace, mercy, grace are there but in words not in power, to move Islam in
the direction of persuasion. You can‘t fight under love but you can under an impact of hate.

        The Koran is Mohammad‘s plan of opposition. Mohammad took all things in
polarized nature to secure his control. The culture took his big black hole of philosophy to
become the end goal for terrorism.

       Selfishness has no moral obligation but one benefit. It makes nations trash calculating
―what is gona be good to me‖. A quality of life requires, people on national scale crediting
hard work and discovering to move forward, under the goal ―we will make it happen‖.

       Faith is not an act of bravery but rather an act of intellectual honesty that can last for
generations. Faith is not meant to be personally involved to be controversial. Faith must be
the connector between past, present and future based on democracy so all the questions can
be answered. The choice of faith is based on free will, not on fingers pointed at each other.

        A sword cannot bring a real change in the life, unless we turn away from sin in heart,
a sword cannot heal sinners. Allah cannot dwell upon the human heart by the sound of
fencing. A change must be seen in the character, the habits and the pursuits. Only the hearts
has infinitive love.

        Before men can be changed from sin to holiness they have to be born from heaven
above not the earth below by a power from heaven working from within, otherwise men will
not be fit to dwell in heaven. Heaven is not the place of wicked, unfit for companionship. All
Allah‘s thoughts, his interests, his motives are alien to those in heaven.

        Allah is the enemy of God and the most terrorist who welcomes destruction and can
enrich the lifeless faculties of soul to make it attractive to Satan, heaven to him a place of
torture well hidden from the light.

       God holds the law of love before and after his curse to the earth that brought woe and
death because he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The thorns on Christ‘s head
proved God‘s make up. What we see in Christ, all testify to the tender, fatherly care of our
God and his desire to make his children happy. When Moses prayed ―show me thy glory‖
The Lord answered, ―I will make all my Goodness pass before thee‖ (exodus 33:18-19).
Without having, such character, the truth wouldn‘t be trusted in him. His work gave evidence
to His divine anointing; love, mercy and compassion were revealed in every act of Christ‘s
life. Anyone who takes one‘s life will risk his death.

       Allah is the companion of Mohammad in equivalence to Christ bearing the heart of
the father shown as the Son of God. Mohammad without knowing, he had the same
testimony of bearing the son of Allah. Christ produced saints. Mohammad produced

       The son of God came from heaven to make the world manifest by heaven. Every soul
was precious in his eyes. He bowed with tender regard to every person. He saw fallen souls
whom it was his mission to save.

         Jesus was a man of sorrows by his life of suffering his good news was to walk away
from his world of indiscernible glory to a world blighted with sin, darkened with the shadow
of death and the curse. He suffered shame, insult; humiliation, hatred and death to give us
healing that deserve a bond with heaven; the character of the Father‘s heart that manifest in
Christ to flow out to the children of men. Jesus the tender, pitying Savior was God manifest
in the flesh.

       Let me make now comparison between Jesus Christ and Mohammad:

        Christ: his birth was miraculous, a divine child born of the virgin mother from the
earth directed heavenwards, thus transfiguring earth to heaven making the earth an earth of
light. The light of medicine today senses the liberation of mind from darkness of the soul.

       ―The Word made Flesh‖ shows his symbol of heaven-universe and earth inherited
through His two natures, Divine and human.

          He conquered the fire by his descent to the hell; he conquered the gravitational force
of the earth by his ascension into Heaven together with his appearances. Christ acted as the
medium for all the good forces interacting together in his nature (I am the way, the truth and
the life). Christ therefore is the king of kings and the Lord of the lords.

       Jesus lived in barbaric time at the duration of the Herod‘s ruling dynasty of Jerusalem
ordering the massacre of innocents but Jesus stayed sinless. Mohammad lived in quite time
such as the desert but under his proposition changed the ―still man‖ into barbarian.

       Jews, Christians and paganisms were in harmony despite their doctrines. Mohammad
came to destroy their doctrines.

       What was hold in the New Testament as the first communication by the Angel Gabriel
to welcome Mary with her pregnancy? The Koran created the same connection with angel
Gabriel when he appeared to Mohammad at cave ―Hira‖.

        Jesus claimed descent from David, Mohammad also but from Ishmael the cursed son
of Ibrahim.

       Judgement by Mohammad changed into ―Mizan‖ or balance. The Angel Gabriel will
hold the Mizan were the good will be weighed against the bad.

       Imam replaced priest, pilgrimage to Mecca replaces Jerusalem; Muezzin replaces
church bell, and peace changed into normal greeting (salaam).

         Christ‘s role is in total contrast to Mohammad; his role is to snatch humanity from the
bondages through Crucifixion to set mankind free from the devil. Christ changed selfishness
to selflessness.

         Mohammad was born in Mecca and was son of Abdullah, a poor merchant of the
paganism tribe of quaraysh, he was the hereditary guardian of the shine in Mecca.
Mohammad orphaned at the age of six, he had the brain disease epilepsy causing fits and was

        Mohammad regarded wars ―blood liberation‖ and the sword a sacred weapon for
victory against evil. The reward of jihad has unconditional acceptance in heaven to reward
the crime.

       The sword is the symbol of the word. The Koran justified all the killing actions as a
holy power. Jihad is a fundamental law for solution by destruction. The question is how
peace can grow out of the road to war? The injured states of mind wants revenge and seek
―death‖ for the family death, as soon as possible.

        A Muslim preacher holds a wooden sword in his right hand while the Christian
preacher holds a wooden cross. Mohammad came to upgrade Inca‘s sacrifices on altars into a
full scale sacrifices.

       Mohammad beholds the fiery-red colored horse in the book of revelation.

       The lord of sword lived for winning the crown of a king after shutting of Christianity
and Judaism. He has no deal but develop the power to destroy and change the picture
forever. Mohammad is equal in duties and performances to Alexander the great. He is like
Alexander, winning the world but lost all in death forever.

        Mohammad The Beast from the East turned blood into divination and rituals far
greater than the Aztec religion, the blood that served dictators and made the earth a fire of
hell in wars. How can one trust his God Allah who is bigger in kicking souls than the worst
of the Chinese emperors? This is not the Christian God‘s way, as the more trust you have,
the more love you receive.

       Mohammad led armies forth shedding first his people blood, then the world.

       Revenge goes forward with blood without seeing an end. When one misbehaves, the
sword to cut his throat is not the answer. We need to correct the reason and pray for his
healing. A man‘s life has a unique price, he is meant to be an image of God not a product.

       The Christian help changed into a bomb to kill a Christian from stress larger than life.
Ugly wars are blood liberation, issue in Islam and life can be taken legally by terrorist attack.
Murdering is part of conscience; wounds are joy, the more suffering and intimidating, the
more is the pleasure, the closer number to blood madness is the closer to heaven.

         One bomb by terrorist produces thousand panics; it sends a message ―the war is not

        Mohammad came to steal our liberty by legalizing killing amongst thoughts. He
believed that the right to kill belongs to him not God. He told the woman what she shouldn‘t
do or face the slaughter.

        Mohammad is the hero of an obsessive idea to the point that it won a significant
recognition in the number of countries around the world. The result is negative enough to be
qualified to call for the extinction of the world.

        A one murder made is called a villain, but a mission to kill is called a hero. A hero is
the opposite of a victim who did no harm (Jesus). A hero looks at life as a man dyeing for it
so he can vindicate the way of God to man. Mohammad is the conquering hero on earth
beholding his dream, he stands on a firm desert spot and moved the earth. His art is not only
imitation of other heroes but also to complete Allah‘s purpose of destruction under condition
of tyranny and a bad mind. His religion today is performing the Anti-Christ, giving St.
John‘s Revelation, a real force of reality.

       The devil born is a close a kin to Satan the dragon. Mohammad had orders set by
Allah to be integrated with Satan in a trinity. He is not Satan, but he is the center of darkness
in human form, while Jesus shines in Heaven.

        In order for Mohammad to be the symbol of the devil one expect his actions be
standing at human consciousness by a net work of disturbances, not in a confusing manner.
Mohammad wears the horns in his events and at the same time he credits grace and mercy.
The story of Koran thus takes a new twist by playing the game of mercy without doing and
while dwells in killing. Mohammad had no spirit of majestic life in him to keep happiness,
grace has not been created in him, black being the color paid in blood. His overwhelming
deception hides his clues under the camel head. The word of mouth is the main contributor to
the concept of good observed in phrases copied from the Bible and mixed with his own
conflicting and destructive emotions. The Koran stands on the dark side to show its
conjunction with the soul for, making a giant collective soul in one physical body, and have a
full share of the number 6666 of the false prophet, ―numbers do not lie.‖

       Death sentence is the pitch of battles and for the forces of fear to begin and stay under
the phrase ―put your sword first before your family‖.

       There is no conventional wisdom in the issue of sustaining death. Anger sustains a lot
of blood in the hand. When the opportunities of revenge arise, the outcome encourages more
people to take their destiny in their hands. Islam is an economy system based on
consumption of blood under none transparency while a loss of life cannot be waived by any
price. Al-Qaeda is the true representative of Islam with superb accuracy coming out of Allah.

        With respect to Jesus number of seven Mohammad recorded those in his act to
establish reassurance.
       Mohammad made a copy of seven out of the New Testament claiming seven heavens
and seven hells. I assign ―76‖ to be the best number for representing Mohammad, taking the
throne of Jesus ―7‖ and putting it on himself ―6‖, showing the Anti-Christ in the issue of
criminality through radical thoughts.

        Mohammad had insults and beheading to replace love. Jesus gave the law of love
printed in the heart. Such love has no parallel to normal love which is focused on specific
character. All people fall in Jesus arms equally, blended with equity and justice. This love is
infinite and a tender pity, surpassing a mother‘s love. This love is not sinners love that shrink
with time, it is the spirit‘s unselfish love connect with people, to be calm in the eye of the

      The difference between Jesus and Mohammad is the difference between zero and a
hundred printed for a particular purpose; the defender and the saver of humans and the
condemner; the protector of speech right and the abuser including the cross.

       The black stone of Al-Kaaba transmits the stony heart instinct. A stone is a symbol of
an earthly religion. Black is the color of evil with its all power to delay goods plan, black
represents a primitive stage of human development were barbarity triumphant, such
symbolism is seen in black Africa. The black is symbol of slavery, Ill-treated by pitiless
owners. Black is also the color of death.

        You can‘t have peace in tears; a peace deal requires harmony. Killing change peace
into nightmare to be thrown in the rubbish bin. The Koran treats men and women like
animals and even an animal shouldn‘t be treated that way.

        The devil is the seeker of God‘s. Hidden knowledge, and use the occult power to
keep him balanced, he is ―the ape of God‖, lives in the abyss free, his inner peace lies in the
hanging of an innocent man. The devil considers human development is the consequences of
ritual orgies after gaining spiritual advancement. The libido supplies the flow of people‘s
power to keep his dynamic fashion alive. The devil considers indulgence in the fallen
material world not a sinful world but a spiritual world.

        The Sufism of Islamic mysticism was inspired by Christian ideals a new movement
that shows the spirit of man in contradiction to Mohammad‘s laws obeyed blindly by the rule
of fear. Sufi philosophy had the clash between the different creeds of Islam. Ibn Arabi
himself wrote that his heart was the temple not the black stone of Al-Kaaba.

       In summary:

       Christ and Mohammad stand on the opposite poles the difference between the spirit
and the soul, God and Satan.

       Christ has the ladder to heaven and Mohammad the snake to the abyss.

      Islam became the Arab mind and Christ mind installed in European minds. East and
West became separated in culture, one humanistic the other as animalistic as the beast truth.

       If Mohammad claims to be the noblest of mankind, then he beholds a monarch in a
beggar‘s crown.

      Radicalizing young Muslims has greater danger than terrorism, it provides an
unknown numbers of terrorist.

        It is not weird to claim Osama to be the son of Mohammad. A son is enough to flair
Mohammad‘s evil. The coming of Al-Mahdi is the principle behind to play a significant role.
The root of Koran causes the phenomenon of mass-destruction organized globally, with a law
acting responsibly. The collapse of buildings in suicide style argues striking similarities to
Osama‘s ambition to make death a legal passion. The value of sword now changed into

       The word ―Al-Qaeda‖ means the ―origin‖ of Jihad terrorism going back to
Mohammad‘s time. Osama already killed over 3000 American‘s in 9-11 showing his
technique of control.

        Iran is moving towards dictatorship to seal Ahmadi Najat nuclear ambition towards
the Jews first then Christians. The Al-Qaeda in Yemen is training men and women to speak
fluent English for winning terrorism.

        If Osama is Mohammad‘s son in spirit, then he should be born in Saudi Arabia, has
no memory of being a son. We need to put the pieces together of what was Mohammad in
relation to Osama, example: Mohammad started his mission of death at the age of forty. We
know Laden‘s connection with 9/11 but how long needed to train ―Atta Mohammad‖ to do
the clash of jet strategy. We only know Osama‘s ugly life in physical activities started at the
East African embassy bombing happened in 1998.

        Osama saw Talibans to be the harvest in fullness for the Anti-Christ activities to make
Christians mourn over the body of Christ.

        Islamic scholars at Al-Azhar University in Cairo declared suicide bombing were ―the
highest form of jihad‘s operations‖ planting bombs is planting flowers which is considered
not catastrophic of ethics but a foundation of victims agreed by ALLAH. A martyr has an
image of divine to deliver horror into the hearts of the enemies of ALLAH. In Biblical
tradition, a monster symbolizes irrational forces and possesses the characteristics of chaotic,
dark and abyssal. A monster is also regarded as disordered, unrestrained born of wind to
spread terror.

        Osama‘s act of buying wives had initiatives standing for a testosterone culture seeking
a hole. He was uncultivated, uncompromising and unsophisticated relating to Mohammad.

       Osama‘s brain and mind is made up of is Allah‘s mind to possess the quality of a
destroyer. Allah and Osama therefore are in agreements gathering two heads in one to
maintain the way for a human to rise to the level of terrorism without any demand.

        The similarity of Osama‘s submission in 1990s to the Nazi‘s submission of Jews is
similar in principle. Osama has formulated a case to prove he is Mohammad behind the seen,
the work is already done in action by Mohammad.

        We see Al-Qaeda today runs in circles against the West to do the unexpected blow
job. The base is moving to East Africa specifically Somalia to produce positive attacks in
blood productivity. Osama is in union with Mohammad‘s contribution, black September
confirms the death validity of number nine. There are no figures to provide the final proof of
Mohammad‘s return in Osama. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If we know the
truth of who we are, it will put us through the tough time.

       The weight on the scale of crimes by Mohammad‘s sons will exceed everyone else
including Chinese and Mongol emperors to prove John‘s call.

       One expects the son to be on the same line of battles as Mohammad. The Afghan
wars and terrorism against the unbelievers Christians matches well in symbol and actuality of
―Mohammad‘s aspect of wars‖.

       Osama is qualified to be the leader of Anti-Christ. He is the maker of Al-Qaeda to
give witness to forceful wars of madness.

        Osama has Mohammad‘s numbers standing for him. Born in 1954 give six and nine
(5+4, 6x9). He lived six years at a Pakistan mansion in silence. His death on May 1st is in
the six and 9-11 showed his product.

      Number nine is a hero number to the ancient Iranians. They believed, the number
watched over the semen of Zoroaster from which all prophets were to spring.

       The following are the most wanted terrorists to play Mohammad‘s way of destruction
and convert. They are energetically high in Anti-Humanistic culture.

       1. Ayman Al-Zawahiri is no.2 in Al-Qaeda commander, an Egyptian doctor,
          ―surgeon‖ who was involved in the assassination of Anwar Sadat president of
          Egypt on the 6th 1981. He is uncultured. Semi-Barbarous, and a believer in
          ―kissing the black stone‖ as a kiss of life to make the light of the day and gives
          back a feast of desire wished for fulfillment.

       2. Anwar Al-Awlaki a Yamani educated in U.S and an American citizen. He is the
          Al-Qaeda leader in the Middle East. He tries to take the leadership of Al-Qaeda
          from Al-Zawahiri.

       3. Saif Al-Adel is an Egyptian and a temporary leader of Al-Qaeda for this time.
          The name means having the sword to strike. Bombing U.S embassy in Africa was
           his proud act; specialist in bombs and can go like a bomb with a great success
           using his military experience.

       4. Adnan Gulshair el-Shukrijumah, is a Saudi Arabian who lives in the United State
          and doing operational research which can be set out in the USA.

       5. Adam Gadhan an American who moved to Pakistan in 1998 and has appearances
          in Al-Qaeda video. He is the publicity minister.

       6. Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah an Egyptian who does Al-Qaeda finances.

       The wives of Osama are:

       1. Amal Al-Sadda

       2. Sufia Waadat

       3. Khairia Sabar

       4. Seham Sabar

       5. Um-Khalid

        At Osama‘s mansion in Islamabad a large stack of pornographic videos found. The
ultra religious who claimed to be a family man had sex problems. It speaks about his
unconscious mind. It also raises the question ―was he a hypocrite leader‖ in the same manner
of Mohammad?‖

        Man cannot survive on hundred percent negatives in consistency. The enemy is so
large in energy, enough to destroy the structure formulae of life.

      Remember: We have secured the death of bin Laden but have we secured the nuclear

       We need to put 100s‘ pieces of intelligence in order to piece one.

       A terrorist is a man painted red bearing a blindfold. Terrorists have the ability to
make the whole world ground zero.

       Be a suicide bomber and have life only insured to be uninsured.

        Al-Qaeda also slaughters ―shiat‖, the supporters of Ali‘s claim to the caliphate; the
―sufi‖, the religious order of Islam evolved by the 12th century to make Islam elevate into a
spiritual order as Christianity, and the Ahmadis founded in 1889 in India prophesying ―the
Messiah is the Al-Mahdi in the Koran‖.

       Leadership is a function of progress which depends on minds working while keeping
the mouth shut. A non- violent social system is a key to progress, and a force opposite to

        Islam is a culture and religion evolved from a man who was illiterate, working as a
merchant and travelling on the back of camel, having no skills and lacking the theology of
monotheism. His religion became the roots of all worlds problem, because it destroys the
man instead of servicing him. Islam became a theme radiating death, destroying the vital
spiritual element in life. In addition the Muslims became especially a symbol of the ―working
imagination‖ preferring idleness and dreams for killing time instead of the possibility of
doing good and creative work as a value to give mankind. The logical uniformity of thoughts
cannot be built in the intellect. When the soul takes over the place of the spirit, the candles
with its element of light vanishes.

       Unenlightened is a conscious mind devalued by the unpleasant unconscious mind.

       The machine of Islamic culture is not different than other idols worshipped culture
such as Buddhist and Taoists being invested with Barbarians. Chaos usually emerges after
destroying the nest of happiness to be replaced by brains suffering from disorder in variety of
ways. Their empires became a symbol of trouble and disorder. The puzzle in this sense wins
over the normal sense creating a current state of paranoia, to lower you down instead of
growing towards best.

       As life is a measure for a measure, the inner and outer of man depends on a structure
of other men shaped to produce thrust to move the engine of society rapidly. I give the same
measure as I have received in design and development.

       Arabs have the paper money from oil but no paper power.

       The only way to solve such a down cycle is to free the mind from Islam‘s great lies
and vagina mental image.

       Non-violence is designed by God to be the connector device to drive progress and
enjoy harmony. We are not just humans, we bear life and responsibility to life, which is the
vaccine against stare under a dreamy state of mind.

        Just think about the Arabs and Jews, if the nuclear bomb fell in the hand of a Muslim
fanatic, there will be no head line news to cover the catastrophe.

       Remember: Intellect is a spirit; it has neither muscles nor personality. God is not the
malicious Allah, He is the opposite of God in everything.

        The Koran is like the French revolution shaped at downing God in his love, balance,
his hope, his absolutism and so on. God is a miserable God, the Bible good news and
happiness changed into making man more miserable. You are better off to be without God
than to have Allah. Crucifixion changed into the crucified man. The thrown of man lies in
his grave. Live and bark like a dog under blame and fights.

       The absurd, irrational, illogical, monstrous, senseless can be justified by the following

   The religion extended around the globe from enemy to enemy in true hysteria. None of
    this ideology is seen in judeo – Christianity.

   God is a constraint God in his thinking. Certain things are allowed but can‘t do other
    things. Wine is given in heaven not the earth (Surah 83:25 and 47:15). Eating pork is
    restricted to heaven (52:22) and making love is eternally enjoyable in heaven to virgin

   Hatred of science and down with the intelligence.

   The Koran as slanderous as the rebellion fallen angels in heaven

   Having daughter not sons is Allah‘s dissatisfaction.

   God prefers men over women (4:34) and praise slavery.

   God prefers primitive polygamy, all living under the goatskin tent (in an era of
    supersonic travel) destroying the private property of a family. A social unit headed by
    one father and depending on his survival.

   A man is equal to two females in duties, the unbalance opens the black hole of

   The globe is divided into two: the friends and the enemies, a dominator and dominated,
    an eater and an eaten, a predator and a prey, Dar Alsaslam (peace) against Dar Alharb

   Women pray to none else than Satan, a rebel playing dirt games.

   The marriage has nothing in common with absence of the idea of association, partnership
    or companionship between the married couple.

   God hatred to love turned into vigorous hatred of the world to make him choose the road
    of revenge. The desire for love changed into the pleasure of revenge.

   A Muslim is God‘s only perfect race especially when he possesses several spouses (4:3)
    and the female can be good if she prohibits exposing her hair (24:30). God praises her
    castration, down with the clitoris

   The Koran is a prescription of body and law; forced fasting; forced praying and forced to
    go to Hajj in order to go to heaven.

   God loves humiliation, to see non Muslims marching in the street to be laughed at by
    Muslims. God has pleasure of inflicting pain, contempt for women in putting her home
    to be without education and stoning her. God considered her an intellectually inferior.

   Islam infected the world with fear and destruction acting under soul negative emotions.

   God has hundreds of taboos and superstitions this is a disagreeable picture of God. This
    is a picture of God drawn by the enemy, the heavenly message is Satan earthly message,
    putting Mohammad‘s as mouth the words. There is surely no utterance of blessing in
    Koran to be the sacred book of the East. There are no spiritual roots to satisfy the need.
    The spirit has the positive emotion for positive responses under the culture of peace.
    Positive emotions introduce fluidity.

   We need calm sensible facts not a book of punishment doing harm by the monsters it
    creates. Also a model for human right, torture and lonely graves created in premeditate
    decisions in brutal repression.

       The Koran retained the following customs from the Pagan Arabs:

         Polygamy, slavery, easy divorce and social laws such as circumcision, animistic
element connected with Muslim prayer and ceremonial cleanliness. The sin is not in the
mind and heart according to Mohammad but sticks to the body, as the Paganism belief.
Washing the body frees the worshipper from Demons. A Muslim must take away his bodily
sin with water before raising his hands to Allah. If the man left a spot unclean, his prayer is
not counted. According to one tradition, Mohammad said ―If any of you waken up from
sleep, let him blow his nose three times, for the devil spends the night in a man‘s nostrils‖.
A Muslim is required to cover his head especially the back part of his skull to prevent evil
spirits from entering the body.

        You are required to obey the book rather than think. This means put a circular halo
inside the head while the body must stay in the glory.

       The pilgrimage has its own Arabian idolatry. People come from far lands to throw
pebbles at Satan and kiss the black stone while they are blind to the truth. The Koran is full
in superstitions and old folk tales and as black as the black stone. Men are lusted by wealth
and sex, their self laws are dust. The Koran doesn‘t tell them to search ―the way‖ but to the
Kaaba which is its temple way.
        The pilgrim coming to pay homage to the idol often shaved head; offerings are placed
around the dry well Zam Zam inside the Kaaba. There is a strong and popular belief that the
association of Abraham with the Kaaba was Mohammad‘s personal invention to serve as a
reason to liberate Islam from Judaism to make his religion different in nationality, ceremonies
and the way of going to Heaven, deceiving his own conscience and those of others.
Jerusalem is the Jewish and Christian city replaced by the Kaaba; the worship of the sun and
moon identified by Arab paganists is attend by the Islamic religion, in the form of proper
names to people example: Hilal (a crescent), shams (sun) which was the Goddess of several
tribes honored. Mohammad was ready to compromise with the favorite deities of the
Meccan‘s worshipers, he made Al-lat, Al-uzza and Manat to be regarded as divine beings
whose intercession was effectual with Allah, meaning Allah had three daughters. The
Goddess Al-lat is also identified with the solar divinity. Many gestures, movements, the cry
of the muezzin, the raising of the hands, etc, have been shown to be animistic in origin,
warding off evil spirits. The Koran is poetry under the influence of a Jinn, the equivalence
of Angels but dark.

        The hurrying between the hill Arafat and Muzdalifah and Mina was a rite practiced by
the Arab and may have had a magical significance, as part of pagan rite. Mohammad
deliberately changed the running time and made it after sunset and before the sunrise to
suppress its association with the solar or sun rite of worship. All the rituals performed were
imposed on the pilgrim to bring the pilgrim into a state of magic power.

       Children before can read and write Arabic and before can think are made to memorize
the Koran without understanding a word of it. The word ―Tajwid‖ is learning how to chant
the words and the word ―Tartil‖ is learning how to sing words with a rich notes.

         Koran is one of a process to bring people to jail by its religious dogma and hatred, the
imprisonment comes from favoring another religious practice. Islam has no alternatives but
to build a wall similar to the Berlin wall, the Gustabos are the fundamentalists and the sword
is the arm force but under the name of people. A man who is not Muslim is a third degree
person suffering from a mental health problem and to be killed is justified. The Koran is the
wall to divide and the reason is you are either connected or not with the book of victims.
Free will is considered a devaluation of the true word. Jihad with its torture is the answer to
Christ‘s redemption.

       Islamic culture is the product of poetry, its potential source is the subconscious mind.
The Arabic literature is nursed by poetry. The famous contributor Abu Nawas praised wine
and the beautiful buttocks of young boys. Only poetry emerged from the Arab past. Islamic
philosophy, science and art came from contact with outside older and richer civilizations.
Without Byzantine art and sassanian art there would have been no Islamic art. The treatment
of non-Muslim was appalling; women were not only slaves but also condemned in
horrendous behavior. Islamic law is a totalitarian constructed to control every aspect of an
individual life from birth to death.

        Silencing opinion is the property of evil which stands for the blind perception to lose
the greater benefit of clearer perception which provides an opportunity for errors to overcome
the truth. The interaction of individuals, possessing different knowledge and different views
is what constitutes the life of thought. The growth of reason is essential for intellectual

        The Koran is a book for all the wrong reasons. The universality of knowledge and
memorizing a religious dogma without understanding a word of it marks the shrinkage of
faith in knowledge and humanity. The religion is sick, demonstrably false and vicious not
different than Nazism and Communism.

        Islam lives exclusively by its taboos and constraint things on what to do and not to do,
what to say and not to say. The authorized lies make agree for not to agree. The greater
number of obedience to the Koran, the greater sins made and the fewer chance for attaining
right. Religious intolerance together with Mohammad‘s laws of Shareia has spilled blind
killing and let hell loose in mind and mood.

        To behave like God in Islam is to behave like Satan. Submitting to Allah is
submitting to the taboo of men. The purpose of Satan in the Koran is to have man touched by
him. Islam is the marriage of soul to the body to do the obsessive work in opposite way to
Christianity. Obsession is the most infallible symptoms of corruption and the mental image
of a devil but not the pure devil.

      Remember: Mohammad assigned number six which is the Devil‘s number to his
work in the 6th day of the week, Friday while Jesus considered Sunday, day one. A six
number can‘t make a man honest. Jesus purified the soul to make the body clean.
Mohammad sexualized the body without guilt ability. Jesus said because I live you shall live.

        The basic principle of Facism is to have private belief and public practice the same.
The Koran puts it in words while the Muslim put it into a political program of an Islamic
Republic aimed at governing minds, bodies, and souls according to what an ayatollah speaks
shall be done. The words of every individuals would be interpreted according to the Sharia to
be either jailed or free. It also set up the situation of a political benefit to extend its totality in
the human atmosphere bringing culture of blood. Men must practice polygamy as
Mohammad wanted it to be in ―numbers matching‖. We must execute every surah including
the hostile ones. We must accept slavery, racism, human right, and the acceptance of male
chauvinist behaviour. We must accept twisted logic and whatever the Koran forbids
reinforced by superstition. You have to go into a secret location to practice the opposite.

       Another must issue is to go to hajj and to Mina to cast stones at the devil‘s land mark.
Accept the inequality, inferiorities and class legally. We read but one book which has all the
elements of life in it called the Koran. We don‘t need the truth, the truth is already found in
Islam. A woman is a damned person, should be addressed from behind the evil. We must

not drink alcohol and eat pork on earth, we have to wait to heaven to get them, we would be
drinking wine in heaven while making love to seventy horiahs in a new penis resisting
softness. Adam is a great prophet, but Eve is nothing in spite of her connection with birth. In
brief, you are forever missing the truth.

     The state of mind that is taught by the French revolution, Bolshevism and Marx
communism produces the same state of mind of Mohammad.                    Bolshevism and
Mohammadism are practical, social unspiritual concerned to win the empire of the world.

        Remember: when religion becomes a government, it has all power to control every
organization and its people. Also the laws of punishment are in the hand of officials who are
radical Muslims embracing a religion rooted in the soul that make it double destructive.

        Democracy depends on freedom of thought and discussion whereas Islamic law
forbids the discussions of people having critical views. This is a religion which does not seek
new followers by natural means but makes converts with the sword. ALLAH is a non-human
ruler and an absolute ruler whose words must be obeyed without discussion, without doubt
and without question, ―There is no bargaining‖, and if power corrupts then absolute power of
ALLAH corrupt absolutely. No human can override ALLAH‘s veto. No one can get rid of
him; he is here to stay until the Second Coming. Emperor Nero passed away without a solid
religion but Mohammad‘s work stay guarded by followers in spite of mischief, cruelty,
bigotry and superstition.

        Women are considered inferior to men, and they have fewer rights and duties from the
religious point of view. In regard to court, evidence or testimony and inheritance, a woman is
counted as half a man; in marriage and divorce her position is less advantageous than that of
the man; her husband may even beat her, in certain cases or just says ―I divorce you‖ three
times enough to cause divorce without court. Mohammad is reported to have told his men to
treat kindly those two weaklings ―women and slaves‖.

        The basis of the Islamic institute toward unbelievers is the law of war; they must be
either converted or killed.

        The sword of Mohammad and the Koran are the most enemies of civilization, liberty
and truth, which the world has known yet.

        Let us compare the Koran to U.S constitution: the fourteenth amendment says: ―No
state shall deny to any person within its justification the equal protection of the laws‖, which
echo a true democracy, God‘s favorite system.

       Islam continually manifests hostility towards human reason, rationality, and open
discussion without which democracy and science and moral judgement are not possible; think
about how Muslims slavery can work in modern time today? As the Koran remained the
standard law; how about the veil and the flow of polygamy?
       Remember: The picture of Allah in the revelation is that equal to a beast having two
horns which represent the excessive force from within to kill everything in front of him.
Islamic nations under the control of the two horns mark survival of the fittest way of life.
Indonesia is one of them.

        The KORAN‘S picture will always remain the mother and father of all failures. A
legal instrument such as the Koran has nothing positive for the growth of man. If the book
has no good ideas to give, there is nothing to be received. Politics has no leg to stand in a so
called a divine book, politics and divine don‘t mix together. Politics must emerge from
opinions by the people for the demand of a better financial life; politics and economy move in
the same paste. Tax is favored but not for the unbelievers. Money dynamics is a great issue
in politics and in the downfall of standard that can boil down into miserable life i.e. beggary
because of the state of belief.

        The book stumbles in its truth by the weight of wars matched with torture instead of
knowledge, builds rivals and mediocre of brains. One can only move forward when we find
balance in everything written. Religion and peace go together; to wage war in the name of
religion is a contradiction and the result of love loss.

        Peace shouldn‘t be a wishful thinking as we are already dented by wars. A share of
the truth is better than poisoning our lives with fear.

        A book that is believed to be God‘s word has no system of ethics. No divine book
should express Hades and down the women‘s place in society. A divine book should have
the respect of all human beings if it is engineered by God. A good religion prints brains for
worldwide use instead of the abuse of other religions to obtain superiority without the fire of
the truth or knitting lies instead. We need light because we cannot see in the dark.

       Finally, I like to send the following thoughts to Mohammad:

       1. What is in the rock and what is in the mind are not one.

       2. The bigger you are in soul, the further you have to fall.

       3. You can talk as much as you like but if you don‘t have actions to back it, there is
          no point to do contest with Christ. You shouldn‘t have a book in the first place.

        Since God holds the secret of life, God alone can bring life back. Adam was told by
the serpent that he can have the secret of life and probably the knowledge of resurrection but
was punished instead. The principle of Resurrection happens after a total spiritualization of
his or her beings, to be standing above the ground due to the state of perfection itself, after
having divine manifestation. Resurrection combines two states: the passing away of the
shaded light and the return of the light of God in full. Thus a divine person can make the
return of light, in rebirth. God‘s healing of diseases is parallel to the return of life. It
denotes the Serpent‘s curse for the return of light. The Second Coming is the return of light.
Health is a balance between the human conditions and the divine light; Christ came from
above to reveal the unknown God and to become the center of a history linked with
Resurrection. Heaven is the Icon of a positive human response to a spiritual vocation and
motion towards holiness rather than the statue of human perfection. Heaven corresponds to
the level of the inner life and the degree to which the spirit has gone beyond the material plan
in its transmitted message.

        At judgement the body has to be awakened and the breath has to be restored. A naked
man has to appear emerged from his own grave to face the Creator. The world at the first
resurrection will return to the non-eternal form fixed at 1000 years, with no more opposing
forces. God who has the power to create precise human beings can likewise be able to
produce a replica reconstituted on Judgement Day.

       Remember: God created the soul for judgement, only shallow people judge by
appearances. Light and darkness is for the state of being unequal in minds.

        Man is getting a new boost by holding the Cross. The Cross expresses the earth‘s
show in underdevelopment, punishments, losses of lives, politics and the big one that has no
feel, the money. All are Satan‘s movement against God producing a swept away life in jails
and executions working on a big scale. Jesus saw this as a dead plan, never win, out of a low
mind. Therefore we need to go out and pump the good news and the victor will have his
name in the book of life. There are tons to talk about in the ―Cross Discipline‖.

        In the geometry development, the Cross is like the square has four directions emerged
out of the two intersections. Thus the Cross is a package to the earth not just a simple
symbol. In terms of numbers, the Cross shares the number four responsible for our Rupture
(if we are wise). The earth represent the square which is a derivative of the Cross. The Cross
is a mosaic applied in a big way.

        The Cross with it‘s four chief position points is a symbol of all human existence with
their cultures in the world, the North, the South, East and West. Thus the Cross represents
number four, which also restores Resurrections making the Rapture a reality. The Cross with
its horizontal beam represents death of human, i.e. lying on the ground in straight position.
The vertical beam refers to a man standing in both physical and spiritual.

       The Cross also link with the restructure of all humans in the time of the Final
Judgement, when Christ regenerates the world‘s people from the Cross. The square is the
earth basic figure matching with the Four Gates of the New Jerusalem, but the Cross is far
above any symbol on earth and universe.

       Human potential in skills needs the cross for the superior change in volume not the
human power. We require less people to do the change. The cross is the final piece of the
puzzle to take a position.

       The Cross has become the symbol of the church, therefore one can say Jesus of
Nazareth mixed with his passion on the Cross and the church are one. Preachers mocking
around with the church will signify disconnection from such divine unity. The Sheperd of
mankind and the new Sheperd by man must follow God‘s heart. The Cross links Heaven
with earth which embraces every possible power one can visualizes. The center of the Cross
has heaven‘s power in centrifugal form.

        The physical body of Christ is identified with his life on earth, carrying the symbol of
―the Sacrificed Lamb‖ and ―life after death‖. The body translates with the end of time when
the whole mankind gathered from Four Corners of the world to prove Christ‘s heavenly
identity. The body is a symbol of all Good Forces of hopes, dreams, trust and the sense of
responsibility.    The body defends the principle of redemptions, forgiveness and
transformations, to make room for the right mind to move in.

        The cross links with the conscious mind in the reality to change little mind into the
extra-ordinary great minds. The cross stands against the risky unconscious mind separating
its mystery things. The cross is the verb and the verb is God. Christ‘s body changed
revolution into a living document called ―Evolution‖ in a step by step progress. The human
body commits atrocities, in fights and uprising under the language of blood. Christ‘s body
sets the road to freedom by his blood only united with love.

       Finally the Cross is a heavenly ―Rose Floral‖ symbol. The red rose is Christ‘s blood
presented in five roses, four at each side of the Cross and one at the center showing Christ‘s
wounds. The rose in the center is where the sacred heart of Christ is located. The spiritual
power of Christ lies in everything that stood for good, teaming with the Father.

        The Cross is an image of the soul of man making the change from invisible work due
to the power of evil into visible by adding a fifth space dimension to go upward.

       Remember: Dictatorship is more than a sin, dictators at heart are sealed from Heaven.
They are proven already criminals, there is no demand to their judgements.

         Adam had the hand of God in him as the first man made in the image of God in
critical balance. Anglo-Saxons had to wait the justice of God to bless them. Anglo-Saxons
had to wait the transfer of power through the Holy Word to get the favor. Thus Adam had the
highest form of the blessing and highest ranking. Adam in his purist form symbolizes God
dwelling in an original man. His substituted sin introduced the soul to loose his identity with
God. He was no longer the image of God but rather the image of man, a life of ―God head
negative‖. The image of man became related to the reality of his spirit, which is dependant
on the order of his sins. Adam lived nine hundred years before reduced to dust. He died on
Friday which is the sixth day representing Satan‘s number, who is the keeper of the soul.
Christ‘s blood was collected in the same Friday which covers Adam‘s descendants‘ sins also
the reason of changing the principle of death with that of life.

         Adam having the Divine spirit together with the opposite model of soul had all his
activities shared with God; there were no other people in the world to share or to explain. As
there is no data, the spirit of Adam was the key mediator between human and God. Thinking
is a spirit in action to prove the spirit of man still open to God. Manufacturing civilization is
also a proof to the growth of the spirit. Adam had qualities derived from heaven enough to
keep him safe to survive. Sexuality had low profile and no match to what sex is today.

        Adam was the king of the earth but without royalty, self educated to do the bread
winning and the duty of breeding. He is a king without a country and possessions. The
world was his church guarding him from further fall. His language changed but had no sins
more to pick on to decrease his wisdom. His world had no blows, evil was limited to his
dissociation from God. Pain and suffering came later when man became used to the sin, and
the heart became more stony. Thus the blessed Anglo-Saxons are less perfected than Adam
in Skelton and spirit but have identification with Adam.

       Anglo-Saxons put man into the human age to make him high.

        Remember: Evil sees not the same things that a wise man sees. We live by the
invisible sun within us. There is no antidote to sins but Jesus.

       Religions are the opium of time, count on one way not ways to go by and live
splendidly. Religions are as he is in the grave and second death because of not doing their
homework right. The soul is a tablet to do evil things and an instrument chosen carefully.
See evil in wards and all violent feelings driving falseness in all our impressions. Man is a
noble animal in life not pure.

        The Word of God has spiritual action; God‘s Power is transmitted through his Word
and his Voice orally. The voice adds impact to the word‘s manifestation. The Word has no
past, no possibility but action in absolute way. The letters of the Word possesses numerous
powers within God‘s creative power defining His Power of growth. The Word kiss not kills
in power and life in motion. The word is straight as the truth containing the foundation of life
and no life in color and virtue.

        The Spiritual Word has immortality and goes everywhere that God‘s want; it is a type
of work that has no hard work and unique to God. Creation is the answer to God‘s Word.
One can‘t imagine the amount of positive energy gone is association with such an art of
gallery in all aspects of life. The Word contains all the necessary knowledge, figures, shapes,
color, language, life and virtues. Nothing so ever can block the Creative Word. The word
descends like the sun‘s ray coming out of head of consciousness which has zero level of

unconscious. Therefore the word has no change to yield power. An unchanged word is
necessary for protection.

         Thus creation is a work of art in original form to be seen as a speech given by God to
form life on earth with everything in it from fire, water, sun to life in perfect harmony. The
secret lies in the absolute purity, protected by immortality.

        The Word of God is also capable of self- expression into living and non-living, having
capability for thinking, communicating which is something science cannot deal with, unless
scientists have a restored faith. The joy come from God‘s loved Words is the proof of

       Think how easy God can create and accomplish challenging tasks while humanity is
only a puppet sitting in the background. Man has his own war of words; he needs to be
taught to learn in given time. The difference lies in the content of the truth. The voice of
man holds imperfect truth to suggest profiting, because of the negative sitting in the
resources. Man is a sort of casino putting gambling on the table. Man has been taxed by his
undervalued love but still not alienated from God.

        God taught Adam his Letters of Language to be able to have power. But God still put
a line between, full power and reward.

       The Word of God serves window to the Bible. Analyzing the Bible‘s phrases showed
events already happened. This shows the Word of God transmits life events, no Bio-scientist
can do the same.

       Religions buries the Word of God contained in the absolute truth. Satan‘s language is
derived from multiplication of the four elements, air fire, earth and water. The Chinese made
an imagery symbols out of those elements examples: Taste is powered by water element
giving salt. Fire gives bitterness, the wood element gives acid taste, the metal element
pungent taste and earth the sweet taste.

       The word of God has no puzzle but because of the strength associated with evil act to
mislead the word of God carries the terrifying power of the curse.

         The Breath in God‘s Voice gives life. When God created Adam, the Breath blown
into Adam‘s nostrils, made him alive and had life imperishable. The dust shall be raised into
life to face God who gave it. Thus the Spirit of God has made everything and the Breath has
given the life. Therefore it is so clear to say God is not the Sun as belief. The breath is not
just air which is absurd to call. The breath is physiological transmitted via vital energy. And
well controlled to master physical and mental energies. Adam wanted to become equal to
God because of God‘s breath power that can create anything called living. Adam was a
human, made in perfection, not a God or a prophet declared by Mohammad. Thus his fall
was a temptation to change from man to God. This is not jealousy but rather an ambition.

       The Divine breath inspires prophecy, and this is why a prophet is called ―Spiritual
Man‖. The spirit and breath of God also means wisdom knowledge, understanding and

      The flesh perishes when the breath is taken away and the spirit shall return to God
who gave it.

       Jesus said ―I am the Alpha and Omega‖, the First and the Last letter in the Greek
alphabets to mean God‘s Being in total knowledge and time. The Beginning and the End The
―is‖ and the ―was‖ and the ―is‖ to come ―Beside me there is no God for I am He‖.

        If Darwin is alive today, he will say the alpha is the bacteria and the omega is the end
of evolution. Jesus Alpha‘s meant his Spirit is the source of our spiritual life, consuming it
gives eternal life, which is the Omega. The Omega also means hell in eternal death. The
Holy Spirit is wind originated from the breath of God carrying His Spirit sent from Heaven.
Thus the Word of the Father was incarnated into the Word of the Son for Salvation and the
mission was accomplished. The Word then returned to the father. Our language in heaven
will be reduced into Be.......Be......Be, matching with the Lord.

        Remember: The animal being ―Satan‖ entered man and lived with him in the form of
his instinctual psyche in a boundless profusion. If the psychic animalistic instinct is not
recognized, he may become dangerous. The animal soul in us must be conditioned for
wholeness in order to have a fully lived life. The embodiment of the beast in us made man
and woman diabolical and primitive. Evolution bears no witness and not almighty.

       The earth stands on equal distance between Heaven above and Hell below. The three
places are defined by their big differences in freedom and moral forces. The fishing net is the
weapon to change the soul by lifting Satan‘s hand as Christ did in ―fisher of men‖.

        Satan is made in three compulsions (sexuality, nourishment spirituality) which frame
all desires so life will never be the same. This three level goes beyond borders which also
stands for the risk of deviance. We are at the mercy of Satan because he is the source of
temptation and its punishment.

       Inspiration is a breath driven by the thrown of the spirit (intelligence), the cross and
dove (love) in motionless power to build a mountain of spirit knowledge.

        We sleep, dream and awake. The mouth pass breath, speech and food. Language
describes letters, writing and sound. Creation, cross, salvation. Dirty earth, second coming
(purification), heavenly life. Seed, rain, plant. All things are made in weight, shape and
proportion. Image, inspiration, creation………

        God is the Master of verbal intelligence marked in the human baby making no
mistakes of failure. The baby has no learning tools to do so. Thus the baby must use God‘s
power to achieve such astounding results at an early development without having the process
of learning and remembering. What is more, it didn‘t matter whether the language is Chinese
or Burmese, the baby has the right to do it. T he language proves ―A Baby Represents a
Perfect Creation‖ to do the necessary living and super in his infinite capacity to learn.
Language is the dress of thoughts and the baby is a world champion by being first and best of
all creations.

       Darwin is a person who ignores what is lost in animal kingdom to have his theory
gain constant popularity. The great tragedy of Darwinism is the slaying of a beautiful
creation by an ugly fact, organized by little knowledge.

        The Word of God is the Word of Christ put in his church. The church is a complete
renewal of what was called synagogue in far more depth sharing redemption and salvation
instead of blinding eyes and breaking teeth. The Son of God who is also the Son of man
must design his seed in a church to show his plantation. The Birth of Christ had the purpose
of shutting death by making people recognize the momentum of evil in every site of life.
Christ launched the curriculum of love in every area of life for having a modern standard in a
startling culture.

       Isaiah foretold the birth of Christ; the synagogue recalls this but still remains
blindfold to favor none but El-o-him.

       Jerusalem is the symbol of Messiah‘s kingdom which is also the Christian church
opened to all people which will replace the existing world at the end of time. Thus the
church is a city of New Jerusalem made to be the capital city of Heaven in a New earth,
occupied by the ―Gods of mankind‖, chosen. What was Babylon to Satan‘s is the heaven of
sex in the Koran opposite to God‘s heaven. Mohammad‘s heaven is symbol of ignorance
sharing with his Allah; this is the form of Satan wanted environment before receiving his

        The tabernacle of God is therefore with men, the elected ones are God‘s people in
Crystallized form justified to be in a special Kingdom dwelling. I am the Alpha and the
Omega means I make all things New from the Beginning to the end. Israel is a figure of vast
woman (a city), on her head she wore a wonderful crown and down her arms have stream of
glory from heaven to earth Israel is. Earth in heaven not heaven on earth; circular shapes are
related to heaven but squares to earth. God wanted this transformation to show how the past
can change into future in unprecedented leap.

       Hell stands at the precise vertical line under the city carried to the end of the earth for
those who used their psyche in full to repress what has been repressing them, to welcome
mischievous events. Their deities lie at the bottom of the ocean depth in monster forms.

       Noah‘s ark was God‘s church in boat form.

       The church is the people of God embracing God from Abel the second son of Adam
who recognized God to the last just man Created being. The house is a symbol of church
head, a structure that enables the family to pass from earth to heaven, and a place that helps
peeling away the bad happenings.

       Church, house and the human body are one core rising to deliver the stimulus faith.

       The house is an image of responsibility reflecting a signified ―inner‖ played out in a
divine marriage.

        Man is a worshipping creature meaning, he is born with a ―God minded brain‖, and
therefore a worshipping fellowship in a church is necessary to pray not in chaotic manner but
in order and regularity. The church helps to lift the game up to face the complexity of self
imposed problems.

       The Holy Spirit holds the status of the church, some being are filled with bright light,
other with dimmer lights. Different churches have different spiritual status; money is the first
cause for decline. The church has the holy spirit at its foot to show the power of love
operating under specific problems.

        The church is always compared with ―our lady‖ and also known as ―the bride of
Christ‖. This of course never stands on the plane of sexuality. The erotic symbols in a form
of activity are particularity placed in Indian temples.

        Our lady is the Mother of God; the Divine mother symbolizes the divine church by
conceiving Jesus in her womb through the Holy spirit. Christ is directly rooted in the human
nature of his mother by the flesh and in the divine nature of ―the Father‖. Thus the flesh of
Christ represents unity between human and Divine nature, ―two in one‖.

        Motherhoods are parallel to church in delivering her services in the spectrum of life
under the spirit of freedom. A mother cannot be a good mother under communism lacking
the benefit of having choices for the problems to be resolved. The mind is target of the
church to be carried favorably. Only through the mind you can do the doable. Faith is about
mind strategy that covers every deal in life in attention form. Your face may not change but
the facets in life changes to prevent you from having a particular quality.

       The church is the place to sign for ―molding ideas‖ to connect with God and
understand more in sharing unlimited growth. The church is a newly born baby in the womb
for honoring life commitment in significant way.

        The church is an electric power connected with life transformation bringing mind and
body together and for all the past away stuff to be forgotten in a new creation in life. ―Jesus
knew your name before the creation of the universe‖ so you don‘t need to do research to
know yourself. The church is a place for stopping the enemy from winning by having
confidence in God. The church celebrates the victory of whom we are, to line in a sweet
spot, and serve the ―breath of life‖ in most creative and honorable way.

        The law set you free from the devils chains but the church sets the mother free in a
road that can recognize her problems doing honest things to achieve highest standard.
Heaven dreams comes when we price ourselves in heaven‘s currency, learning from mistakes
drives us quicker to the truth and society. A library also brings the truth which help to make
us creative in Jobs and saving jobs. The totality of the truth remains unidentified to mark
God‘s highest supreme power.

        Remember: Money is like sand, can never make church compete for its trophy by its
mechanism. Doing the things in the inner that nobody can see will put you in the front pages
of belief. A preacher is an example in feelings not a banker.

       The judgement is revealed in the sign of the Cross. At death we lie flat at our backs in
a coffin under the ground. We then wake up straight arising from death. This simply
represented in the sign of the Cross.

       Allah claims he is the real god of all and his evidence is the Koran which he
considers, a miraculous work greater in value than the Bible. In reality the Koran is a self
evidence of providing the conditions of mortality demonstrated by impartiality and vigorous
war of words. The Koran copied the stories with slight modifications (when needed) from the
Jews and Christian books. There is nothing new to be miraculous. The god of Koran is cruel,
angry, bloody and proud. He is the dictator who would allow his people to be torchoured
despite their age and perished if his authority was criticized or disputed.

       Many of the duties and rites of Islam are practices taken from the pagan Arabs
especially that which occurs during the pilgrimage to Mecca with many superstitious act.

       The words of Koran were presented by two speakers in quite confusing identity
ALLAH and Mohammad reflecting the Father and Son in the Christian divinity but in
barbaric Koranic way. It is a choice between having the book of lamb in the room or the
book of beast.

       The God of Koran with his Son the false prophet are part of Satan Trinity, with Satan
serving as the official maker of the two.

        The Koran is pure and simple polytheism in belief. The proof of its idolatry is the
black stone sitting and waiting to be kissed in a temple which represent the heart of Islam. No
one would believe that such a work of Satan could ever make God worshipped as a stone in a
city made higher in the divine service than Jerusalem. The golden calf at Moses time found a
legal ground to be worshipped as God has continued to be worshipped but as a black stone.

        The shifty character of Mohammad emerges after him doing the killings as ―services
to Islam‖ and the elimination of all opponents by assassinations. The irrational approach of
Satan became the function of a negative doctrine justified by placing himself to be the ―God-
fearing‖ serving official.

        Islam with its basis of fear, conquests, conversions, heresy, homosexuality, human
rights, Jihad, Polygamy, Sexual inequality, slavery, taboos, vengeance, rituals, sects, belief in
demons, easy divorce, purity out of rinsing hands (washing the body is washing the devil
away) and Islamic laws, carried under powerful waves in an obsessional neurosis. The
created environment produced men and women complex and sick in the brain, sensitive,
emotional, lacking judgment and above all have no love but revenge.

        The veil is a symbol of the slavery of women. Allah did it without knowing that in
Judgement women are shown naked. The light of a woman hides in her mind, but the soul of
the woman is the substance, that shape her evil power. A veil can‘t conceal divine properties,
it only keeps a veil between women and the vision she may have and without vision she can
hide many things under the veil. History has shown, a woman succeeds after lifting her veil
for doing the good things that God wants her to do. God does not wear a veil, himself. If
liberty has any meaning, it means freedom to improve.

        Taking the veil means simply separating oneself from the world and also separating
the world from her for what she may initiates. Compare Mao Tse Tung and Mother Teresa,
―Political power grows out of the Barrel of a Gun ― and ― I have found the paradox that if I
love until it hurts, then there is no hurts, but only more love ―. This is an example of a man
and a woman discharging their heavy burden in responsibilities, one support billing the other
love to get it done.

        The difference between Allah and God is God reliable while Allah unreliable. God is
not biased; God issues dignity not shuns dignity. God doesn‘t push to achieve a death level,
in holy wars. God is not a murderer, Allah sucks the blood of people.

       I would like to take you now into the inside of what lies behind the line of obedience
and submission, in Koran. There is certainly something in the air. This is not changing a
human into car or NASA space shuttle, communicating with shuttle by laptops. This is about
communicating with the death in numbers and intensity. The black story of submission is to
introduce sufficient ground to follow Allah‘s Jihad. The Suras drive the challenge to make
men accept death, freely. The character and conduct of human is already touched in the heart
by growing under Koran holding the intensities in the conscious mind. The holy war
becomes everything, replacing the love of one‘s neighbour. You don‘t need to pay
contractors for killing, the business is managed by volunteers from all over the world. The act
is executed as rational and sensible, ―seduction lurks under the belief.‖ Justice is replaced
blindly by the clean-up of the evil works.

        The negativity of the dark Suras establishes confidence in the slay and revenge. The
Glorification of heaven for an eternal life is simply bound To Allah who is the shepherd came
in wolf to put the nail on the coffin.

       A mind engaged with absolute submission would lose its conscience and free will to
do the bad work in an automatic way for Allah‘s approval.

       The triumph of ―parrot–like repetition‖ of Suras, solicits not intelligence, but memory
which is also grown by the repeated Azan daily. The primitive Koran makes the people who
belong to it primitive, by marriage of the two.

       Remember: There was an ancient custom at the time of Mohammad of burying
female infants alive.

       The subject of the truth in human minds (arranged in the mental process) is made in
the genetic code which is God‘s code represented in testing form that need a special attention.
God‘s genetic code is a call of curse in the act of responding to evil committed in genes that
bind with acts. The newly born receives his share of task paid in advance for conscious
awareness. The DNA is also a slide projector to magic criminality.

        The genetic code speaks hell fire in dullness as well as light in thinking. God‘s
genetic code is not a survival of the fittest code but heaven and hell in reproduction. The
DNA code speaks Moral Convictions. The happy man is he who knows his code yet bows to
no false gods.

         The truth of inability to believe is inserted in backward or poor quality genes parting
different sorrows that what Darwin never knew.          The genetic code is God‘s Publication in
a literature possessed by people who think ―there is nothing wrong and committing no wrong
to God‖.

       It is impossible to read the code as we read a newspaper; think if the errors of a man is
counted and published in Journals what would it be like?

       The code is distinct from laws, emotions are written on the code to express taste in the
Being and to be one of the sinews of the soul to gain an access over the spirit in a law that
locks man to his desire.

       A preacher who created a fortune out of Jesus blood has a blank gene. Hell is the
destiny for bad children performing a child act in adult form. Finally, the genetic code is
what you are at birth, it is not a conviction, your life reactions produces the final verdict.
You can either put out the light or gather it. No one can be signed to Heaven without having
the truth in his hand operating as it was made.

        The genetic code is a solution and cultural knowledge if revealed to give an
alternative life more affective in strategy and attitude. The materials for the solution already
exist in non-material things. It is the consciousness of men that determines our being and the
oxygen to the spirit not the physical pleasure. You are committed to act in a good case
scenario. A problem left to itself dries up or goes rotten. But if the problem fertilized with a
solution, you will latch out dozens of solution and at the same time reflect the opinion of
God. We are mirrors of God, no question about that, we do it through the windows of God,
making our pictures while we are doing the impressive work.

       Remember: All grapes look the same on the vine but their impact on the wine not the
same. The time has come to kick off your soul for goals. Change today for events you can
never imagine. There is a rainbow rising waiting for your restructure.

      Every human has his spirit but when ugly events start, it has control over the spirit and
sooner or later the person found a new birth of his soul than the spirit. The crimes that
brought forth upon others become the sort of things expressed at heart to be dedicated to

      Mind is spirit blown by God in a mysterious way to make man a piece or a kind of God.
When man‘s spirit gets destroyed in a picture of radicalism, the abiding soul takes control in
a mystery way and the man is a kin to the Beast. A man of soul is one who can draw a close
line between humans and animals, or assumed as either. He is a fanatic man who can‘t
change his mind and wouldn‘t change his subject act. His actions (as a result of choice) are
wrapped in high soul to be a machine not a sheep fixed at a particular level.

       There is no x-ray technology can detect the work of the soul. The business of the soul
is to provide a fast line of scandals out of evil objectives, the mind change from being the
spirit of art into criminal convictions.

     ―If Christ accepts all people from all religions whether integrated or not to be paid in
Heaven then faith has no meaning‖.

       The gift of His Grace is matchless and as real as the air which circulates around the
globe. All who choose to breath this life – giving atmosphere must grow in His steps to be
righteous in the likeness of Christ. Faith is bigger than the laws which are based on physical
actions. Laws are unlike the spirit cannot enter the heart to improve the life and seed the
good apples. Laws can‘t forgive or give grace.

       What made Satan fall into his kingdom of evil togather with his demons is the subject
of faith in God. This account has a parallel message to us.
     Religions are different course of evil stated in writings. The acceptance of them in
Heaven would mean inheritance of evil. Heaven is Christian‘s future. Thus be redeemed to
be welcomed to the home that Jesus is preparing.

      What is in the Christian Heaven does not interest Muslims. Sex that is waiting to give
them enormous Joy in supply and demand is not there. The Joy in the Christian Heaven
comes from Christ‘s excellence and brightness exceeding the brightness of the sun
penetrating inward. Joy in the Holy angels, moral beauty, perfection and sin – free.

        There is no such a thing as inner sins according Mohammad‘s revelation received
directly from Allah. The sin is joined to basic prayers. The basic rituals of Islam emphasize
refinement of body during prayers. Thus if not clean, prayers are not received.

         In addition to washing and prayers five times a day, there is other matter, that is:
Giving money to the poor, fasting and pilgrimage. Sex is sin if not clean in act seeing sperms
left outside the vagina, the process must be clean or Allah refuse it. The wife must say ―yes‖
to her husband or face hell, no matter what the question is. She lives in a world of king and
slaves, to keep slavery going. A woman‘s hope to freedom bows to the Christians only.
There is no power to stop Mohammad from sinning dangerously? He lived in sins. Morals
and sins go together under sets of values. The prophet ordered heads, hands, feet to be cut
and eyes to be pulled. His cruel tendencies was unstoppable with no sign of forgiveness. His
religion has spiritual crisis unaware that Islamic roots paves the way to paganism.

       The Dragon claims to have two type of words driving the seed of creation in them, the
―dry words‖ and ―moist words‖. The dry words had primeval spirit inaccurate in the words
spoken. The words were also unclear and the speech was undifferentiated and unaware of its
potential. The mass was shapeless, the energy created by the spirit was in similar disorder
and chaos was the first product of creation. The undifferentiated state became differentiated
as the most words enters into the bad work to cause the change. The spirit in the new words
penetrates the masses giving them shapes, changing chaos into order.

       Moist words germinated like the principle of life itself within the cosmic egg. The
moist words were given to mankind, they comprise audible sounds regarded as one of the
ways in which the procreative powers of the male are expressed, on a par with his semen.
The word then enters the woman‘s ear together with her sexual organ and twines into her
womb to fertilize the sperm seed and create the embryo.

        The word which has the same spiral form became the light which descends on the
sun‘s rays to make the sun in physical form.

        The earth‘s womb is as red as copper. Thus whatever seen in the world are made up
of Satan‘s words, manifest. Therefore, water, air, fire, soil, metals are Gods in their own
right by being the basic elements and were at the beginning.

        The Old Testament speaks of the Word of God was, present with God before the
human‘s world was made. By the Word, all things were created, it is then sent to the earth to
reveal the hidden design of God. It returns to Him with its work done. John in the New
Testament says the same, Jesus who is the Word of God existed before the creation of the
world, He was the Word sent by the Father to perform God in flesh and blood to deliver the
message of Salvation to the world. The Word became flesh and returned to the Father in the
same way as the world was made. God in the flesh is necessity for processing Salvation in
unity of three under one state of being. This is also the great trinity in credibility and justice
taking a stand through the marriage of Heaven and earth. Only by trinity we can produce
numbers of humans preserved in Heaven. The scheme is expressed in the following
perfection: God (Heaven)           God (earth)         Mankind            modality to Heaven.

        Yellow is one of the misunderstood colors of a race, it contains a lot of information
and not meant to be pure but binding to black under a different race. The black and yellow
colors join in interaction to play the game of time. There is no expectation of good to come
out of the race. It is just being another extreme negative in costs to the world. I t gives added
voice to the serpent embodying breach of the truth. The human personality of the yellow race
is rooted with complexes, unclear even to the psychoanalyst. You must remember that
Freud‘s astonishing discovery of unconscious motives is just merely the beginning of a case
against the serpent. There is a countless reasons to justify such a false mind, sufficiently
decayed ―You don‘t need to dislike the snake, it is displayed in you‖ laid in a stone coffin
called the tree of death. What is Genesis in the Bible changed into an ugly creation.

       The creation theory under Chinese painted picture say: in the beginning there was a
primordial water. (The word primordial means the first in time, the word primeval relates to
prehistoric times.)

        The Chinese tradition claimed creation followed a theater of chaos lasting on its own
before the existing world. Chaos was first a uniform space which then divided into four
horizons, to mark differentiation and the potentiality of orientation. This then became the
basis of movement to cosmic order.

        The yin-yang represents the product of polarization in the cosmic order of primordial
water which turned water into thicker water. Finally coagulation took place under the power
of the Dragon who lives in the abyss at sea. The coagulation process led to precipitation of
earthly material in the two poles cheering a new creation of all forms of life and nature.

       Life began first with male bearing yellow (not white) color. His forces are derived
from the upper world under the name ―Yang‖ the upper water or heaven which means yang

has all the forces of life in capability to make him God-like. The female then formed in black
color. ―Ying‖, signifies the forces of darkness under negative energy, to make her a Devil-
like. Then the union yin with yang began to produce the symbol of the world and China.

        The yin-yang identifies the Dragon as yang, creative, doing astrology with its celestial
activity, law giver, the sword, the thunder, water springs and lion and horse images while yin
is ―Naga‖ Means‖ the dragon king but mixed with serpent as having yin in addition to yang.
This gives the good and dark sides of the Dragon to have the Dragon parallel with Allah who
also has such a mixed identification. The white dragon carries the pallid colors of death and
the red dragon displays anger and violence.

        In India, women anxious to bear children adopt a cobra. The Tupi-Guarani of Brazil
beats the thighs of barren women with serpents to make them fertile by the yin power.

       Thus the Dragon and the Serpent are diabolical symbol to confirm the identity of yin-
yang. In duties, the yang dragon has the duties of king and the yin- dragon keeps him in
peace or in control through sex.

         Chinese emperors wanted their people to be silent and obedient and wars were enough
to add to their fear. The emperors let their people believe ―An emperor face corresponds to
the dragon face to lay His seed of crimes. Brain wash is the name of the game for effective

        Chairman Mao used the phrase ―You do not argue with the dragon‘s pearl‖ to control
his nation. Chuang Tzu taught that the power of the dragon is a mysterious thing; it is the
resolution of the opposites. This is why Confucius dwelt in Lao-Tzu, the very personification
of the dragon. The immortality of the dragon is confined in the winged dragon. The
immortals get carried to heaven on his back. Huang- Ti, who had used the dragon to
overcome temptation to evil ascended into heaven on a dragon‘s back. The stories of
Mohammad ascending to heaven in the Koran sits on the same stage, the difference, he used a
winged - horse to open the way to heaven. A horse identifies the dragon.

        God placed the dragon in the abyss of water because he claimed the aquatic life to his
creativity. The dragon claims rain making, and cause springs to bubble up such as zam-zam,
the dragon being associated with the primeval water creation of the world has the most
significant reason for his fate in the water.

        The Second Coming will involve fastening the dragon in his abyss like a burial in his
birth place restricting his movements. The slayer who spit fire shall see his final fate in fire
after his comeback.

       According to the principle of yin-yang, there is no biological planes that differentiate
man from woman, both have the same elements driven by the cosmos.

       The yin-yang had no teams of detectives, therefore it can say anything it wants,
examples: The male supplies the element for the candle to light while the female signifies the
darkness of that candle.

        The yang bears phallus (penis) as a symbol of life powers while the yin owes her life
to the clitoris male element contained in her vagina. The ―Clitorodectomy‖ can change her
into an animalistic status.

       Men supposedly have female soul in them restored in the penis foreskin.

       But biology tells us ―The levels of sex hormones in maximum and minimum amounts
decide the sex of the newly born‖.

       The foolish doctrine which has no god, forced women to fight for her economical life.
Born a woman is expendable, you can place her in the street any time to get rid of her. Islam
made her like a dog can‘t understand. Compare such work to the Christian image of a
woman, ―men are created equal to women‖ and today she is capable to be a president or a
prime minister.

       A meaningful life in practice lies in the image of the truth. An evil beastly work in
general takes the form of a trash image to capture the image of the dragon. Trash work is
done by trash men. Those men do not compare in mind and heart to the original Adam. The
look changed echoed by bad services.

       Yin and yang contrary forces has been part of the Chinese culture since the beginning,
it was a doctrine free from worship placed on the wall to justify its power in the practice of
magic and pressure. Yin and yang forces are alleged to exist in most things, and operate
cyclically to produce change and Yin-Yang has God capabilities by its own right.

       Yin-yang was elaborated in Han-dynasty (206BC-220AD) when Confucianism
teachings began, which is a philosophy of social conduct without god.

        I firmly believe, yellow was the color of yang ―not white‖, the proof of yellow lies in
the followings:

1.   The yellow was the imperial color of China, the Chinese emperors stood in the center of
     the universe like the sun in the centre of the sky, whose yellow light partakes of the
     nature of the sun.

2.   According to I.Ching, one of the five books of Confucian canon (which describes the
     notion of yin and yang as the result of change upon the cosmic order) suggests, the
     yellow and black were the colors of the blood of the dragon passing it on to the Chinese

3.   In ancient china, yellow was the color of ―fertile soil‖ to insure that good marriage is
     yellow and fruitful, when yin and yang are fully harmonized.

4.   Yellow emerges from black as earth emerged from primeval waters.

5.   When chaos was differentiated the yellow pole separated from the black pole.

6.   At old age according to Chinese tradition, the yellow get substituted by the black,
     bearing the black color in full with death.

7.   The Chinese theatre makes it clear that one of the properties of the divine is to have the
     male head painted yellow.

      Remember: Yang is a man sitting on the back of a dragon with two horns driving it for
more exploration. The Asian man is in close identity, a symbol of arrogance and a bull like
in activities. The woman who is equal to the serpent yin lives like a snake in spiral form.
She is not a good-being she sees life as sex, money and obsession with materialism.

        The distinction between male and female is totally different. The yin female and the
yang male were uncreated, rather separated through the upper and lower water. In the
Genesis the spiritual aspect is far beyond the elements of the earth. Adam had pre-existence
to Eve. Genesis has no light and darkness signifying male and female as the norm, it looks at
fruitful production outcome.

        In Christ there is neither male nor female each find in him his or her own image, and
human fulfillment is wholly integrated in Christ. We are not set as man and woman, we are
individuals created to go through the phase of the earth. The most important thing of this life
is Eternal life in either Heaven or Hell. The man is not just flesh, he is flesh, soul and spirit.
The three has the momentum to create mortality or immortality, ignorance or prophetic. Man
is made in God‘s image. The birth of the world was done first then the birth of man followed.

        The Chinese in opposite view regards each human being is complex, corresponding to
earthly elements i.e. man is wholly a material being, his body survival depends on the right
proportions of yin and yang, illness and health depends on its balance.

        The Genesis stated no relationship between the bones of man and the universe. Man‘s
ingredients has no connection with stars ingredients, each creation has its individual identity,
fixed to a purpose.

       We are not just statistics born to common earth resources. We are brain and
knowledge newly built for an extra eye. The brain pieces operates automatically, hooked
together to achieve information for the task of rebuilding.

       There is no heaven and hell in the yin-yang, the symbol is expressed by a circle
divided into two equal halves by a wavy line, one half white (yang) and the other black (yin).
Each half bears a dot from the other half. How can such a simple sign can produce an infinite
number of generations from five elements only?, instead of an abuse of man and woman who

have enormous differences in color of skin, eyes, features and characteristics. A duality in
the yin-yang is expected to produce another identical duality without making the difference.

        The simple diagram of yin-yang covers heaven and hell (white and black) embracing
each other by having no split along their path i.e. there is no boundaries or levels. There is no
mind for claiming superiority in either evolution or involution. If there is no mind declared
there is no future state to do Heaven and Hell in doings.

        Christians give bad rating to the yellow color. It is a perversion of the quality of faith,
intelligence and eternal life. This is Satan‘s sulphur influence bearing the image of pride and
an intellect which feed only upon itself. Satan interference lies in the details of his launches.

       The yellow color is associated with deception, traitors and bankruptcy. The emperors
of china marked their cruelty deceit and cynicism by painting their face with yellow to justify
doing things approved by earth‘s way. The color sets the mentality agenda for a huge culture
outlined by a dragon to prove his leadership.

       Finally the Christians considers the white color for a white life in white world having
white consciousness and daylight stands for accomplishing the white color of wisdom and the
individual‘s heart.


1. One of the most important aspects of returning back to life, in second birth such as
   Mohammad, and Satan after expulsion from heaven in dragon form, the return form must
   loose its previous memory in total sense. The newly born embryo is as free as the normal
   birth. He is simply restored for a second chance. Satan and Mohammad have no
   knowledge of what went on. Satan can‘t remember his position in Heaven but Satan has
   the knowledge of what went on when God destroyed Dinosaurs in preparation of a new
   earth for Adam and Eve.

2. The fact that ancient religions have principle and signs which can overlap with
   Christianity underlines the fact ―God holds all‖.

3. The fact that no remains of the Dragon has been identified gives backing to his
   supernatural nature. His truth gains bigger backing when put Third world culture under

        Trinity is the mode of God‘s existence in three persons, the Father, the Son and the
Holy Spirit united in modes, function and substance. This Trinitarian concept is reflected in
human beings. We are created in three, spirit, soul, and body. We have three minds,
unconscious which has its role in childhood, sub-conscious acting in semi - awareness and
conscious with memories and motives relating to the three minds. In the book of Genesis, the
first book of the Old Testatement, God used not ―I‖ but ―We‖ in the story of the Creation

signifying the Trinity. The Three are like the Triangle of equal lines, cannot be separated
standing for the earth restoration, in three equal powers for a great echo.

        The reason for the Trinity, God wants his children knows his nature and relate to
existing thing on the earth showing he is the ―I am not Am I‖ under his specific earthly
mission. Jesus showed his ability to stay ―absolute‖ from sin; divinity in miracles
performance, and won the inner aspect of relationship.

       Salvation remains the real issue of the Trinity. Without knowing the right path, we
will go to hell from being Godless. Man must know the secret of life before he gets judged.
The truth is the driver towards such a responsibility. Power is shown in heart and mind not
in bloodshed pain in endemic form.

      Trinity is not polytheistic principle which gives separate individuality to each of
manifestation‘s individuality. Manifestation in monotheistic principle, God has one image
endowed by one idea, one feeling, one spirit, one promise and the truth, all in one.

         Remember: Jesus was rebelling in a revolution against the religious Jews to do the
Father‘s wishes. The revolution saw love, mercy and forgiveness. Jesus freed us from
superstition based on magic played by witches to produce witches new laws. Jesus came to
fill the world with God, culture and life style. Christianity became bigger than the world.
You don‘t need to kiss the cross to go to Heaven or have loud prayers. The faith ranks in the
heart held by a strong Christian dimension and heart has no law.

        There are two Arks in the Old Testament Noah‘s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant of
the Children of Israel which is much closer in time than Noah‘s Ark. The two Arks have the
unbroken promise by God i.e. the two Arks are unified by two miracles one for Noah and the
other for Moses paid in thoughts by God. Noah‘s received from God an incredible miracle
and that is salvation of all the animals living on the land, selected in pair of two sexes in
every species. This includes the Kangaroo living in Australia directing it to travel all the way
to Iraq. The flood story shows how God the creator of animals, can make his animals survive
under his Divine power.

        There are some 5000 reptiles‘ species and 4500 species of class mammalian. A pair
from each species makes 90.000 individual animals, from snakes to elephants, from sheep to
lions and from hippopotamuses to polar bears. The great miracle lies in how all these
animals gathered quickly to seek Noah, and how did all fit in measured a sized Ark? But for
God all is possible. Birds, insects and fish has their choice to stay in their environments
unaffected by the flood. The water level was enormous to swallow each human. The proof
of the flood with its damage has never been studied.

       The Israelites set the Ark of the Covenant in the furthest end of the tabernacle. It held
the two tablets of the Ten Commandants, Aaron‘s rod and a pot full of the manna which fed
the people in the wilderness. According to (2 Samuel), the ark when was transferred to
David‘s palace in a ceremony show, the oxen pulling the cart stumbled, the Ark slipped out
and the man who put his hand to steady it was struck dead instantly because the divine thing
was touched.

       The Ark of Noah was built from the immortal wood which is not subject to decay (a
pine or acacia). God helped Noah building the Ark in Revelation form between God and his
chosen people.

        The Trinity appeared in the Ark as having Three decks; the importance of this is a
symbol of Jesus Spirit ascension after Three days. Noah‘s Ark length was 300 cubits, which
expresses the figure three powered by one hundred. The hundred is distinguishing figure
attaining a whole within a whole showing the great virtue of the Trinity doctrine in fullness

       Noah‘s Ark stood as the symbol of ―living‖, protecting life with its all created living
things. The Ark represents the equivalence of the ―Rapture‖ for the chosen people in an Ark
drawing picture. Salvation is the greatest covenant which is universal and eternal oriented
towards the gates of Heavenly Jerusalem. The sun will be swallowed, only to rise again in
Jesus Christ.

        Remember: Inspiration follows the law of action and reaction in thoughts, if there is
no faith interaction, there is no inspiration. The practice of one thought motivates the
practice of another thought.

       God in the Genesis refers to himself in a plural form, for example, ―let us make man
in our own image‖. To add more, the name of God Elohim in The Old Testaments has plural
ending. Thus the statement suggest that the plural has created the world. This is not a
majestic plural reserved for royalty but rather a reflection of the Christian Trinity. Not a
single male but the three persons of one God head, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit,
united against the world in one God working together and impossible to remove any part.

       The examination of the first three Hebrew words of the Genesis ―Breshit Bara
Helohim‖ to mean when God began to create, considers that God has been around for a long
time before the creation. The creation made earth what is now, geologically correct after the
destruction of Dinosaurs.

        The Word of God cannot be divided into three, under any circumstances. The Word
of God has been put in a frame of harmony and love to do the difficult task to be a repetition
of the same sound, like the church ringing bell. There is no way to separate three entities of
love working on the great inside. God and Jesus are one instrument in interactions and
transfiguration. The names are different but the message is the same credited to give the
large that is needed against Satan terror. The three states of existence give more shelter for
the rough ride, finding everything that is missing. My heaven is my life journey, it needs the

mind in the belief for the positive spirit. There neither maximum nor minimum sins because
we have the devil in us taking sins to the maximum.

       The Roman Emperor Constantine held a conference in Nicaea located in Turkey in
325 A. D. the primary goal was to gather the Christian leaders to reach a definitive
conclusion about Jesus relationship with God. The creed was established which is called
―The Nicene Creed‖. There the official basic belief of Christianity were laid down and the
Trinity concept was officially endorsed. Three in sameness state lacking nothing equally
moral and creative.

        Thus the one God worshiped by the Christians is not the same one by Jews and
Muslims. Jesus of the New Testament is the same one as God the Father of the Old
Testament. Jews and Muslims have a difficult time with the Trinity. They see the concept of
God being three as sufficiently confusing to be suggestive of polytheism i.e. 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 or
the three deities. God has been unknown and has often been depicted as a wise old man with
a white beard for the nation of age and wisdom. The picture of God also includes the notion
of age and wisdom and if God was the creator he is certainly order than the rest of us. God
also addressed as the masculine, with human features placed upon him to do the protection
task. This gives the beast with his wild state in the claim of God. Few people in the Bible
are said to have seen God; Moses saw His back and Jacob might have been surrounded by

       The New Testament tells us that God is Jesus looking after his flock which means
people are likened the sheep tended by, a dutiful Divine and a lot of people have seen Him.
Thus the basic statement of monotheism stays intact i.e. 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 or we is I.

        Jesus is the divinely human in mind expressing the inexpressible in contrarty to the
life in the world. Jesus is the flower of an experience rooted in truth and issuing forth into
beauty. The pretension is nothing; the performance is everything. Jesus is the good apple.

        Remember: When the devil tempted Jesus after forty days and nights in the dessert
eating nothing. The devil who is Allah the ruler of the earth said to Him: I give you all the
money, all the prestige if you go down on your knees and worship my idols. After fleeing
away, Mohammad became the substitute to Jesus to carry out the opposites under Allah's
demand for his glory. He used his own faith, promises and assurances to end Jesus way. He
established a covenant of war to bring back the hate, tears and sweat, then the Anti-Christ.
All of this was declared after Jesus resisted Allah's demands at the great temptation. A new
earthly trinity was formed with the birth of Mohammad to advance head to head in East
versus West loss of lives. Good Friday is Allah‘s repayment of Jesus temptation in the
wilderness to score victory. Muslims and third world nations today suffer from an incurable
mind disease, asylem seekers traded as criminal; this is the pay back.

         The spirit had the greatest role for the infinity time after the Coming of Christ to earth
initiating the light in the spirit and move darkness to the soul for its role in hurts. The evil
spirit sits in the process of soul attained by mystics. The soul is only identified by its
distinction within the individual‘s spirit. Example: Mohammad‘s soul, had no love, to
recognize fighting.

       The soul coincides with the psychic function totally, and to be related to the
unconscious mind in content. The peace of mind grows according to the status of
unconscious mind. Thus Christ came to drive the evil spirit off its ruling. The soul interferes
by changing the values of the system. Wisdom can only grow after changing the system from
flooding soul into spirit.

         If mum and dad are stupid, the generations of their children are naturally stupid. The
spirit if lifted from evil, gives the biggest education within its parameters. The spirit works
like a tailor without taking freedom away. The spirit segment is the giver of freedom.

       Children therefore must be taught the truth to build their spirits for the lookout
observing life reality. It is too big mistake to see the spirit fail in children. We know well
that youth are the cause of revolution, not evolution. A mental stress is the result of
revolution, while a mind unbeaten by stress beats the cry. Money and were it comes from is
the grass-route of all crises. Enough problems changed young people into ―hippies‖ a real
symbol of rebels.

         Jesus came to make child and father alike. There is nothing better than a person
adding value to the society. Jesus saw this as the great tip to bring happiness into the garden
of contributions by maintaining morals. Education brings nutrition to the soul. Jesus had to
start from the bottom who is the poor melting with dark culture. The ―Harlem‖ in New York,
black and predominantly Muslims who were migrants from Africa are similar breeding
ignorance. Their eyes are closed but their legs are open.

         Seventy percent of Jesus teaching was ―applications‖ to cause man to feel the truth.
The truth has power to wipe out what occurred in the childhood which has been retained by
the unconscious mind. The Holy Spirit is the real Armory not the sword. The sword is like a
hard hammer crushing nuts in various sizes. The part of who you really are is constituted in
the spirit. We have the same genes as our ancestors without a choice. Jesus is our ransom; he
paid our debts in miracle form so we don‘t need to do anything. Jesus said : follow me; be
real fan of me, you will be victorious because the battle of faith is already won on the Cross.
The demons inside you use emotions to promote their interest which is the bad desire. What
Jesus says is what the spirit says; what demons say is what the soul says, to cover where the
light is and where the dark is.

        How can God be ALLAH when he is saving us by his own blood? The building unit
of God is God himself. His Words are God. The church is the place of the Lord, and the deal
in a team form. God gave us sex desire for a purpose of using it in a moral form at a time
which is the best for our benefits and enjoyments. The Demon replaced love with casual sex,
its function aimed at a special purpose as its base line activities contributes to decrease
performances. Sex is saved for the day you say ―I do‖. Erotic sex abuses love in its own
picture, structuralizing men and women for a foothold in hell.

        The flesh is the ―enemy‖ of the spirit because of a diabolical force dwelling in the
body. The flesh is considered to be the target between two driving forces, one desiring soul
actions and one safer desiring spirit. This explains why the two are separates in effects. The
flesh started already dwelling in sins from Adam, to be possessed with immoral tones. God
came in human nature to correct this. It takes two to bind in royalty.

        Play boy Hugh Hafner spends his time preoccupied with sex and famous for his sex

        To make the war less between the spirit and soul, the flesh must be treated soberly,
lust is contrary to the intentions of the spirit. The flesh blossoms again with the spirit when
refashioned in God‘s image at rebirth. Submission to the spirit is the silver line to living and
the issue to Heaven and a life free from collision between soul and spirit.

        The proof of spirit brought by Jesus is in the descendant of the Holy Spirit after the
ascension of Christ. The Holy Spirit has all the lines to connect and Play God. The Old
Testament provided the thought of spirit but in an indirect way by saying each soul has two
levels, with two driving forces. The lower is earthly and the higher for higher things. The
surrender recognizes two in one principle. According to my views the two part of soul
doesn‘t explain the big problem of Satan in man to create the new man. Spirit and soul are
two poles of pure positive and pure negative; there is no bipartisanship between the two. The
two energies are impossible to mix. Evil and good can‘t mix, wars never mix with peace and
criminality forbids diffusing into opposites. If you mix black with white, the result is grey
not white. The two must be separable but their direct influences stay to do the battle of good
against evil which is ―the life necessity exam‖. Salvation is God‘s spirit in pure form and by
the Grace of God we become pure. You can‘t combine world‘s shocking events with the
work of Heaven‘s light. Love and hate can‘t be shaped together.

        The soul is vacant to suck forth everything that is moving in the direction of Hell.
The only saving grace to see is the soul loosing its shadowing power caused by the body‘s
evil actions. Healing starts with body parts, alerting the soul. The spirit is God‘s temple and
the soul is the altar of Satan and his Gods, for desire to become impulses and emotions in
connection. The soul goes to hell while the spirit flies to heaven. Soul is a killer of life and

      The soul always has an earthly as well as a ghostly quality. It has repelling forces
powerful, enough to make the spirit blow away.

       Remember: Spirit and soul are two images in opposite of one symbol which is ―the
breath of life‖. The soul underpins the breath for victory in attitude. Today we live in a

world of scams putting profits above people and as a result the world became hard in cash.
Growing population in India led the world to be struggling for food.

       God transformed himself into a white dove to show the idea of freedom. God wants
you to be winged; a prison cannot be solved by another prison.

        Mohammad‘s Trinity is the earth Trinity connected with the Abyss. The secret
behind is tripling the wild power of penetration. Three unifying force united by three beasts.
The Three are of two entities and third in human flesh. The Trinity of Dragon, Allah and
Mohammad had its existence in the one and only monotheistic religion Islam, the faith that
raises the challenge for Jesus Christ who claimed to be the True Messiah, the Son of ―God
and Man‖ and the Real God.

        Trinity but in a different form has been employed in the Hindu doctrine. The cosmos
has three levels made by three Gods, Brahman the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva
the destroyer. But the Trinity in Islam has similar pattern to Christian Trinity but made under
the name of Allah.

        Slaughter is the divine force identified with the Son of earth while Allah, holds the
land in storm. The Chinese Dragon who lives under the ocean has been attributed to have
wings to carry its followers to heaven but Islam changed it into winged horse. Thus the real
master of earth and Heaven is under the challenge of various modes of worships prevailed to
have a final war and shape the end.

        The proof of such Trinity comes first from the book of the Revelation. St. John who
is an exile on the Island Patmos Sea saw a Beast rise up out of the sea having Seven heads
and Ten horns and upon his horns Ten crowns. This is the real Satan who is also a self
producing in image, his spirit is expected to be released around the world equivalent to the
Holy Spirit.

        St. John saw another Beast which came up out of the earth. It had two horns like a
lamb‘s horns and it spoke like a Dragon. It used the vast authority of the first Beast to its
presence. This is Allah the unpredictable God of Islam in a different Dragon‘s form. This
second Beast was allowed to breathe life into the image of the first Beast. This is
Mohammad coming in a new religious system and his number would be 6666. The wisdom
behind this number if we regard Satan number is six then producing Allah will receive 66 as
a result of doubling the number of the Dragon. Mohammad the Son of Allah will receive
number 6666 and power in multiple forms. The miraculous thing was Allah‘s words with its
adversity became bow, bow with all ranks of men and women.

       The Trinity of three devils stands for cultures containing bulk of people symbolic to
their mind complexities. The mind lacks rules and regulations which leaves no one
determined and serious about doing good. God is the Dragon, Allah and Mohammad are
founders of a sect and system to make killing the order. A promise is no promise, can get out
of it through twisty answers there is no legally binding agreement. The entire atmosphere of
the domain of hell, is that where the brute Beast and humans are no longer differentiated.
The Devil rules by his occult powers and stands against those who seek to use these powers
to their own purposes.

       One Trinity is the symbol of the underworld while the other Trinity shines in Heaven.
The evil Trinity has its chaos presented in dots not connected to stand for regression,
disorder, discord and dissolution standing on bad reasons for belief.

       Remember: Nero has three sixes possessed by his name as Caesar-Nero using the
Hebrew alphabet, he died by suicide, therefore he doesn‘t stand for ending the world.
Mohammad is the Ender of the world with his spirit continuing blasphemes, his followers
make insurgency wars with the Christians and Jews. His tongue never stopped in singing
azans to remind the world of his power. He remained alive in the spirit of Islam, as Jesus in
the Bible to play his part in the Second Coming.

       A true prophet is a connector of dots to make the good exalted.

        The rising Beast out of the sea supplies a good evidence for the battle of St. George
with the Dragon, wounding him. This is only a small portion of the truth, recorded in chapter
thirteen, the greater portion of the truth lies in the price of faith.

       The symbol has been regarded as a generative force for ill happenings among the
Western Christian culture. The thirteenth chapter of the book of the Revelation describes the
Anti Christ who represents Muslim terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden (Al-Qaeda) operating
within the Muslim trinity (Mohammad – Allah – Dragon) i.e. A dynamic set by a group of

       Friday and number thirteen had the worst calls on Jesus.

       Christ and his Apostles, celebrated the Last Supper in total of thirteen persons and
Crucified on Friday.

       The numbers also stand for assassination of Julius Caesar stabbed by Brutus in senate
on March 13Th 4.4 B.C. An assassination is considered a win for power, it also opens up the
fear which is seen as an asset for a policy of ―don‘t try to make further attempt, the benefit
would be murder‖.

        Thirteen is also the numbers that stand on two opposite‘s activities. Three stands for
the principle of Trinity within the unity of the complete ten. The second meaning of thirteen
is the number of Mohammad having seven (the number of Jesus spirit) and six (Friday)
corresponds the day of worship and his path of six mixed with seven.

       The year 2013 will be the gate way for a reborn Mohammad under the name Osama to
run the show. Death and destruction in enormous proportions will prove his business of
ending the world. Demon‘s have their impressive performance. Mohammad will prove
twice his evil image.

      Chapter thirteen of St. John Revelation was opened by me in year 2000 taking the
account seriously, the intellectual activities in the chapter will close in year 2016.

       Remember: Faith has no ocular proof but can put the light on ghoulish, ghosties and
long-leggy beasties.

        This is an example of two individuals possessing different knowledge and different
views but exhibited cultural closeness in blood well developed intellectually. Both the Roman
and the Islamic empires grew out of victims, abuse and anxieties of uncertain future. The
pressure put by the two rulers, is the same, kill to justify ideology, convert to their forms as
the finishing line, If chosen to stay he is either killed or luckily taxed. The Gods are the same,
the consequences are the same and the free-will is bankrupt.

        The two empires are unspiritual concerned to win the empire of world while
Christianity is primarily a personal faith. Mohamadism and Neroism are authoritarian equal
to bolshevism in favor of obedience rather than the exercise of individual freedom. The
interesting thing, is the two empires fought each other under two beasts holding a mass of
mankind. Arab barbarism won defeating the Romans to become the survival empire in
Muslims worlds. Both leaders Mohammad and Nero kept the high number of massacres
efficient in numbers, free from laws restrictions to make his own rules. The idol worship
underlines the expected environment that is hidden within the serpent‘s love forces for
providing death.

        Mohammad the False prophet who is the Anti-Christ had the marking of the beast
6666 counted from the number of verses that shaped the Koran. The number denotes Caesar
– Nero deducted from the Hebrew alphabet having one six scale less (666). Thus the parallel
in numbers of ―six hundred three score and six‖ is legitimate number for learning about the
Old Nero and The New Nero Mohammad. The seed is the same uttering ―Dragon standing
for the beast‘s apocalyptic crimes terrifying Christians and Jews,‖ uttering death of the spirit
and deprivation of God. The Lion has the right to eat Christians while Nero burst into a
hysterical laugh is the same symbol as the sword, a symbol that will stand for death and
resurrection, favoring the right justice of the killed. The game played by Nero and
Mohammad is called ―A catch up game‖ in attempt to move on in spiral form to give death
greater accuracy.

        Remember: Islam is a polytheistic religion going forward towards increasing death as
the constitution. The religion is a new sinking battle by a dragon reflexing his muscles in
religions working togather to advance a lasting force worldwide. Satan cannot understand to
change his epidemic belief because he has the animal cell with its reflection.

       The reality of the ―wake – up‖ time is to be the time now and not during Hitler.

         The error behind the failing thought is men didn‘t know, that Muslims are the real
Anti-Christ, set to impress the world with their truly compounded souls. They are kicked up
to kill Christian and Jews, twenty four hours. The height of the religion stands at the height
of killing; this is not just a game but a definite show along the end of time.

       The recession today is not just money but also gripped by disasters.

        Mohammad and Hitler are the same in exterminating Jews but the message is different
in its insights. Hitler‘s business ended at the surrender and what remained is the history.
Muslims are the only dogs who can do beheading to a kidnapped innocent Christian
blindfolded. The victim can only hear and smell, he doesn‘t know every minute whether he
is alive or dead. The family gets the body parts for burial in a double blind folded case,
framed by a bloody culture. The big poison is here to stay and we are watching to see what
tomorrow will bring. The prospect lies in how to deal with Al Qaida terrorists to survive.

        Hitler is seen as ―beginning of the end not the end itself‖. German people are
civilized people, far more advanced than Arabs, Persians and Afghans. It is very difficult for
a civilized man to be a terrorist, when he is identified with rationality that favors peace. He
doesn‘t push the button so easily. The Germans are top heroes in volunteering evangelism,
and doing the good Christian work which made an impact on the world. Germans are the
core of Western Civilization and democracy.

        Economy plays the core strategy for the drama to unfold. We see Two economical
situations before the big events of War II and future War III echoing each other. The weak
economy is the likely story for putting a foot hole in a Third world war biggest on the card.

       Finally, Hitler connects with 666 for his Satanic approval number while Mohammad
manage 6666. Swastika symbol adopted by the Nazi is regular symbol and widely spread in
East Asia, India, Central America and Ancient Greece.

       We can only live on the name of Jesus Christ.

       I am working on the fringes of knowledge coming from revelation but the details of
how it will proceed correctly is unknown and in the hand of Christ.

       Remember: Trinity is seen as allowing three major wars to take place before
addressing the end. Swastica was just an attribute symbol of Charlemagne and of Hitler not
as profound as ―Allahu Akbar‖.

        The truth is not measured how much money taken to reveal it. The Inca used human
sacrifices to try to achieve it. This is a tool is a striving tool, put together by a desert brain.
The mind map to design a creative picture is not there, therefore any job to be done looks on
the dark side of things. The curse makes people choose the dark as punishment. When there
is no good image, the result is war and growing crops to pay the task of surviving. Twisting
fibers to gain strength becomes a rope the Inca built bridges by plant ropes, imagine how
many people fell into the abyss between two giant rocks. The Inca are the ring of caves.
There is no sweet destiny when the shepherded is beast.

        Man cannot handle the invisible stories behind the truth as we have very little
activities in the battle of the truth owing to lack of knowledge from a spirits held as a
prisoner, to support the truth. The world itself is but a large prison a fairy tale story wins
money over virtues, and a history full with blood. The pessimist always saw the dark cloud
in the silver lining, as barbaric as Japanese in Second World War. Australians died under
their hands in hunger worst than cats and dogs.

       Not knowing the truth is ―brain execution‖.

        The truth takes discipline just like dieting takes discipline with the problem of food in
weight loss; when you arrive to the truth after having understood and mastered the principle
behind it. You are now in full control of the knowledge in your brain and have already began
to accelerate the development of all creative thinking and problem solving abilities.

        The truth first connect with the eye picture then the brain reacts for interpreting the
picture, influenced by the hypothalamus organ in the brain which manages emotions to make
a person either sensitive or insensitive.

       The Holy Spirit gives the secret of all creative thinking and the working of the brain at
its maximum power by providing all the necessary ideas. The Holy Spirit power is limited to
what will reveal but in heaven will be limitless for your creative exploration.

        Remember: We are victims of how we interpret things phobias give the truth a
surprise and radiant thinking to defeat in opposite direction.

       The Lord comes to the spirit of man in silence.

       Silence shuts the door of emotions

       The Lord‘s ascension in the flesh was in the state of silence

       The Beast brings silence to the lambs to kill the doubts and reduce anger, he has to
exercise it all the time.

       Silencer is a device attached to gun.
       You need just the right noises to do to seek justice.          Noises disturb personal
friendship. There are good and bad noises. Noises has a big eye.

       Before the creation there was a silence and there will be silence at the end of the
world. Therefore silence is a spiritual order without it nothing exists.

        Revelation is made in the silence of the wilderness; it favors the false prophet and the
true prophet.

       Rapture will happen in silences ceremony.

       All unwanted noises are sign of dumbness, the opposite of silence, charged with
strong dark powers endowed with magic like the well – liked shaggy hair.

       Silence bears witness to the tremendous effort made by human beings through prayers
to break the barriers which separate man from the divine to grasp the spiritual evolution.

       Silence also the reason for a religion without temple which describes the heart as the

       Desert is the place where Jesus overcomes temptation. It is a barren and sandy area
but also display the supremacy of grace in manna. We are also tempted when everything
goes in silence.

       Great events are clothed in silence.

        The greatest good of the human‘s mind is the knowledge of God and the greatest
virtue of the mind is to know God. Knowledge removes doubt and wrongs to ends up in
certainty and in print.

       An original idea device to become knowledge has its own truth in the making. It
starts with various suggestions to formulate a concept that goes beyond experimental
observation or ordinary experience. The supernatural power supplies key words to be
compounded adding qualities to the idea and enabling further insight. We must work it out
under two heads principle and add necessary factor in order to do the judgement of the
developing idea. The mind has to recognize intelligently the truth of the information
otherwise the subject has a blank form. The new knowledge has to have a sufficient logic to
achieve certainty. Knowledge is a spirit adventure from worship of God under no religious
repressions. Ignorance is the curse of God. Thus the actual content of knowledge arises from
God to a person who is his agent, to have very unusual mind, presented as a silent language,
in a metaphysical system completely determined by the individual. Since God cannot
deceive us, we can place complete faith in the knowledge He gives us.

       Knowledge is the civilizer of man after adding piles of facts. Wisdom is the product
of spoken knowledge.

      Knowledge is a property of mind that has peace and the love of God. Knowledge and
God goes hand in hand.

         The truth separates our world from Heaven and Jesus descended from Heaven to
make goodness continually falling. The truth is the unit quality used as a standard
measurement in Heaven, to what is truly or should be in the world. This unique form of truth
is linked with the concept of light, and ethic or Christianity as our life is contested with the
light and eternal springs. The truth is white and right unalienable, by its self evidence.
Knowledge with necessary balance underlines realty of things, holding the truth. Unbalance
is a fierce opponent to the truth; it changes the truth in the way of interpreting.

          If a human being exists under what is truly to be, he is then the truth equal to Jesus

       The truth is absolute, immutable and eternal. As the truth is light, it can only be
spoken in the shadow of its absence.

        The soul has the dark night work and the spirit has the day light work. The two are
very different and rivals; good and evil rest in them by the way of the body actions. The two,
have opposite agendas, the soul hides the truth while the spirit reveals the truth by opening up
insight through the light of God to make it transparent.

        The Old Testament marked itself sharply off from other religions declining on a Sun-,
Moon-, or star Gods with their power of darkness. This is why Genesis 2:3 speaks of light as
God‘s creation and very little of celestial body. Light is symbol of life, salvation and
happiness granted by God (Psalm 4:7; 36:10; 97:11, Isaiah 9:1), who is himself light (Psalm
27:1, Isaiah 60:19-20). God‘s law is a light put into the path of individuals (Psalm 119: 105),
so as is His Word (Isaiah 2: 3-5). The Messiah, lighted the light (Isaiah 46:6, Luke 2:32).

        Darkness is a symbol of evil, misfortune, punishment, damnation and death (Job 18:6,
Amos 5:18). These realities, however, do not derive from a power alien to God; since God
himself created darkness, He too, inflicts punishment. Furthermore, God‘s light pierces and
scatters the darkness (Isaiah 60: 1-2) and He himself calls mankind to the light (Isaiah 42: 7).

       Christian symbolism continues along the same lines. Jesus is the Light of the world
(John 8:12; 9:5), and those who believe in Him should be so, too (Matthew 5:14) by
becoming a reflection of light like Christ and conducting their lives in accordance with it
(Matthew 5:16). A way of life inspired by love is the sign that the person walks in the light (I
John 2:8-11).

        Among the Dead Sea scrolls there is The Book of the War between Children of Light
and The Children of Darkness, which draws a distinction between the elect, who from all
eternity are predestined to belong to divine army of light, and others who‘s true home in the
Kingdom of Darkness. In consequence, the entire history of mankind and of the world is
seen as a pitched battle between two armies led by their supreme commanders, The God of
light and Satan the Prince of Darkness.

       Although it has been carefully Christianized, it must seem that such notions linger in
the background of the opening of St. John‘s Gospel, since he speaks of light which Darkness
cannot and will not accept (John 1:4-5).

        According to St. John (1:9) light is identical with the Word. This expresses, in some
sense, diffusion of spiritual sunlight into the heart of the world. St. John explains that this
diffusing is apprehended without ‗refraction‘, that is to say, by direct intuition, without any
intervening distortion. The direct knowledge, stands in the sunlight, in contracts with
moonlight which, is a reflected light from the sunlight, stands as a model of false intelligence
or copied in an artful way (Koran).

       Body and soul are symbols of darkness heading us into danger, waiting for the spirit
to guide the migraines of chaos.

       Light never carry opposites equal to the truth.

        Remember: The dark ages followed after Mohammad‘s death revealed in loss of
spiritual light created by Islam. The dark is identical with the loss of spirit with its truth.

        Electricity is imagined as a parallel to life. Its power is invisible and we don‘t know
how it works yet we learn all we can about the principles of electricity and its uses in
countless way. Scientists cannot see an electron with their eyes yet they accept it as a
scientific fact, because it is the only valid conclusion that coincides with other experimental
evidence. We cannot see God, we cannot see life, but we know we are alive. God is and life
is, we are here to express it without understanding in all its beauty and glory.

       Progress stops when the mind get stopped by unexplained ideas. The best progressive
idea comes from moving on beyond the unexplainable.

        Remember: leadership is standing on principles reasons open windows into men‘s
souls to gain common sense and credibility this is what Isaiah said:

        ―Come now, let us reason together, said the lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they
shall be as snow; though that be red like crimson, they shall be as wool‖.

       No reason, No ideas, No excellence.

       Skies are black with the smoke of war without words. The ground is red with the
blood of innocents caught in the flames. Villages, town, and cities are destroyed. Poor and
innocent children, are deprived of basic necessities, families are torn apart, watching their
loved ones die in pain and agony. Is there any cause worth so great in human life?; are
injustices on the part of one government corrected by the injustice of another? Is there a
government where it can claim rightful in views and conduct to support a war?

        No country can insure waging war and be on the side of ―right‖, the killing, torture
and destruction are not right. Mankind was placed on this earth to love and care one another,
but because of selfishness and greed, the world has become increasingly corrupt and fighting
and killing has become way of life. Destruction is the opposite of protection which has care
pulled togather.

        Those who wage war in the name God, claiming blessing upon their cause, are
mistaken. Many are misled by their own sense of rightness and righteousness, while others
act out of hypocrisy. Jesus said: ―Those who truly know me and love me follow my Word
and My Example, and seek and strive for peace‖. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall
be called the Children of God (Matthew 5:9). ―I went so far as to say that you should ―love
your enemies, bless those who curse you, and do good to those who hate you‖ (Matthew

        Those who wage war, who pursue the domination, destruction and devastation of
other lands, will reap sorrow and bloodshed themselves.

       I know the hearts of men. I will reward the peacemakers. I will judge the warmongers.
Every man will give an account before me in the Day of Judgment. Search your own heart.
Determine where you stand-whether on the side of peace or the side of the war, on the side of
freedom or the side of tyranny.

        I am the Almighty and Omnipotent God. I could use my power to humanity to do
what is right, but I have chosen to give man the majesty of choice. I allow each person and
nation to determine their own destiny through the choice they make. I do not impose My will
or My plan upon mankind. No one should impose their will and plan upon others, one person
should never force another to conform to their beliefs or way of life. One government should
never force another to operate according to its ideals and desires. This is not my way. This is
not my plan. You are genius by my spirit in interactive vision, you are not a product genius.

       If you ―stand by‖ the freedom of a nation being violated, do not be surprised if
someday you find your own freedom lost. If you have freedom of speech now but you do not
use that freedom and speak out against oppression and tyranny for all you‘re worth, one day
you will lose it. Do not take your privileges lightly.

        Are you a peacemaker and worthy to be called a child of God? Is you personality
acquainted with the God who is love? Have your personality received me into your life? If
you know me? If you know the truth, then I call you to follow it. Take action, Testify My
truth to others. If you know me in name only, you can change that now, and get to know me
personally and intimately. You can receive my Spirit of love, peace, and light into your life
and heart. Talk to me. Call on me. If you do not know how to say, pray this short prayer:

       Jesus, I want to know you personally. I want to understand the truth. I want to see the
world the way you see it. I want to understand your will, and I want to do my part to fulfill
your will. I want to stand up for truth and justice. Give me strength to do so. Show me what I
can do to change the world around me for the better. Show me how to love my fellow man,
how to help and care for others as you would help and care for them if you walk on earth
today. Show me how to promote peace. Amen.

       Taking a stand for me is taking a stand for a peace, a stand against war. Taking a
stand for freedom, is taking a stand against hypocrisy, greed and selfishness of those who are
eager to wage war. Pray for peace. Pray for the innocent. Remember, you are accountable to
me and will stand before me one day. Live accordingly.

        According to the story of creation the Earth was formless and desolate, a giant land
without boundaries floating over raging water and engulfed in darkness. The world was
totally distorted lacking features. Usually under such conditions, animals take over a loved
human but not those who have been punished by a special power connected to fear owed to
their monstrous size. A body size like Dinosaurs is a deformity matching with nature in

       All the continents were overlapped in one supercontinent some 190 million years ago.
One expect the light on the land to be limited. The tectonic plates were over each other which
suggest a reason for stability. The Earth was relatively quakes proof owing to its solid
configuration. The Earth had no design for living; an African life will be considered a
paradise to that state of time.

        The supercontinent ―Pangaea‖ was timeless as there is no order of light to be in
equilibrium, moving equally around the supercontinent in such a way that constitute a clock,
i.e. no signal of time would exist. The primitive earth was to pay the Devils way to meet his
style of life. The Spirit of God had no existence to produce any result. Thus the earth was
void and dark.

       The Spirit of God then moved on the face of the Earth to change chaos into cosmos
and an empty design into abundance with quality, beauty, size and quantity. We see the
primitive design repeated in dark religions, disorder, disunity and darkness embraced by

      Reptiles of the Dinosaurs were created in diverse groups varying from 90 foots long
weighing about 30 tons to their smallest size.

        The purpose of God creating such a fruitless dark world was to make Satan a king of
his true nation in a world having no impact, featured by conflict and struggle. One challenges
the other physically for life style. Trees only can survive the wilderness. A world clothed
with laziness dark in a life that had no value ―just continue to hunt‖. A Roman empire is not

different in its survival. A world signaling a prison but without security, events of atrocities
are possible anytime.

       Satan sovereign authority is located in the bottom of A raging ocean. He has so many
advantages to perform his need controlling everyone. He would almost be like a mirror
looking at his nation, giving temptation for hunting. His agenda stays the same, yesterday,
today, until his last day.

       The old Earth was rolled up into a newly form after destroying all dinosaurs. God
moved the plates without affecting the Earth‘s solid body. Thus in the beginning there was
an evil world that had no expectations. A world honored by harmful brain and dedicated

       It is crazy to suggest God tried his creation first and found it incorrect, he then tried it
again and found it works as God didn‘t know. There is no way of error can make its way to
God. His results are absolute in balances and everything needed as a measure.

       Deformity is the absence of light presented in physical forms. Body mutilation in
having Dinosaurs form or born with one arm, suffering from physical disability belongs to
the powers of darkness. The sign of deformity is not of mystery, it describes partial blindness
endowed with magical power.

       Remember: The difference between genesis and evolution lies in omitting the word
―God‖ to give nature the honor. Darwin is then expected to retain the missing link in the

        The holy of holies was the house of the lord where the Ark of the Covenant was
stored. The first was a traveling design made during the conquest of the Promised Land.
Building the temple was considered equivalent to building people. The Levites were
responsible for re-erecting the temple in permanent form. No one knew the real image but I
consider this opinion in a revelation which made in accordance to church illuminations. The
ark was an image of the world, it also the individual and of the human state. The symbol of
the cross is the real consider. Thus the building of the holy of holies will have the
intersection of vertical and horizontal walls. The horizontal wall represents people having
sensual drives towards the material world which leads to second death. The vertical suggests
the call for the inner behavior as the true force that bring the eternal state of life. The visible
and the invisible work resides whit the eternal life. The cross shapes of the holy of holies
covers the shape of four corners around the time of the judgment, which is an important part
of creation. As the individual prays in front of the ark, he is embracing the universe which is
the house of God.

       The holy of the holies was the first place to search for the truth. The birth is marked
with innocence but the life is a penalty to overcome.

        Fear is people‘s greatest enemy praised for its inflicted negative messages. It hides
the secrets of Coward reactions and Panics to become the producer of unhappiness. Fear also
prevent positive thoughts and the work forward. Dictators build their empires, such as
Roman, Islam and other range of Greeds by the nature of fear.

        Fear flows uncertain thoughts and need pills to keep it down. It lowers maturity by
the things feared for and a tool for imperfection. It transforms nations into backwardness.
Fear of failure put a student‘s mind totally blank at the beginning of the exam.

       A love of woman is known to be lovely and fearful thing.

      Fearful thoughts are in the unconscious mind waiting to be expressed seriously under
powerful emotions to see failure succeed. Obsessive fear abandons hope to make things
more explosive. Fear defies conventional wisdom.

        The unconscious mind is the source of unfulfilled desires, obstacles, delays, conflicts
and difficulties, which crystallize through interaction with the conscious mind. The
integration between the two minds achieves the harm. Fear is universal and it hates whom
they fear. The unconscious mind in manifestation stands for Hell.

        Remember: I had a dream which showed me the power of fear during the year 2016.
A man will collapse out of his own thoughts, ―if you kill me it will be better.‖ I advice the
people of the world to stock anti-depressant pills before the mind decays which is equivalent
to Hell in despair.


                                      NUMBER ONE
        Satan used God‘s number in Islamic religion to create the war of faith under the
phrase ―There is no other Gods‘ only one God Allah‖. Heroes adhering to the Muslim
culture became proud to defend their religion. They fought Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians
and Hindus for that reason. Figure one became to stand for struggle instead of a unifying
figure. There is a difference between one and oneness. Trinity is figure one in its own
likeness externally and internally allowing pluralism to have parts to play. God in one image
of activities to make us one up.

       One is a straight line in upward direction thus prescribes straight characteristics of
man to be included in powers of reasons and of heaven. One is power of order against the
misshapen power of chaos. Order is the control of oneself gained by internal self control and
by victory over self not through external aids. Man can only show the image of God if such
principles dwell in him. Anglo-Saxons are the only case among human beings, to walk
upright. The evidence lies in their revolution of thinking and home civilization.

                                        NUMBER SIX
        I propose six to be the number of the soul that make the confrontation between man
and God possible. The good and evil work in decision making is responsible for the
confrontation. The work of the flesh provides a jealous art to the work of the spirit. Pain and
suffering which comes from the ill of evil remind us with the big gap when we overcome the
enemy. Evil is the moral law of Satan and good connected with God. The two forces head
into opposite destinies, the white sheep and the black beast.

        The sin occupies the soul and grows bigger in the soul by the evil inspiration while
the person feels natural. Christian teaching provides the necessary balance against the
sinister sin. A lack of balance is the key head towards evil.

        Fear is the byproduct of sin. Adam and Eve demonstrated the fear of sin by running.
Jesus fulfilled this relationship by saying ―fear not‖. Fear can signal the fear of the Lord or
other than fear of the Lord. As sin is present in our soul, fears also exist. The struggle is the
result of having dark soul and white spirit, closely interwoven. We have our own internal
struggle linked with moral issues takes place during the transition from ignorance to
knowledge. The word ―armour‖ is struggle between life and death issues but without real

       The book of Revelation project ―6666‖ to be the numerical value of the false prophet
who is the Anti-Christ being opposite of Christ in principle and action. The false prophet
symbolizes Mohammad and his Muslim followers, the Anti-Christ. The multiple of sixes
means ―he is way above the standard of humans in the unforgivable sins‖, shown in
blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Religions of believers in the world acting against Jesus
conscience are punishable by death barred from Heaven.

        The time is coming for Christ to throw the mouth speaking prophet into the Lake of
fire. This battle links with the original revolt in heaven between God and Satan.

                                      NUMBER SEVEN
       Seven is the number of God‘s spirit in its perfection and fullness of energy and
principles in the spiritual order. We see this in the following: each phase of the moon lasts
for seven days. The seven colors of the rainbow. We saw Jesus used figure seven in feeding
the 5000. Jesus‘ words from the Cross, were seven. God created the dragon with seven heads
(because Satan the ape God always strives to imitate God and Mohammad is Satan‘s son).
Seven represents the finish work of Creation.

         Seven is the key to St. John‘s Gospel-seven weeks, seven miracles and seven
references to Christi as ―I am‖. Seven recurs forty times in the book of revelation in seven
seals, trumpets, cups, vision...

      The Old Testament frequently use the seven-branched candlestick, the seven years
which Salomon spent building the temple? When Jericho was captured, seven priests with

seven trumpets were ordered to walk seven times round the city wall on the seventh day.
Seventy is ten multiples of seven therefore it carries the idea of wholeness.

       In summary: Number seven sees the beginning of the time creation and also connect
with the end of time.

        Seven is God‘s marking impact and six is the humanity show. Math is science in
action in heaven.

       Remember: Evil ones are doomed to failure. Seven holds hidden properties, it
maintains the life bestowed and the motion of time, when the cycle of sevens expires, a new
seven starts extending life to heavenly beings. Seven ends seven and creates new seven.
Seven is the world‘s biggest number. Positive energy comes from the positive source.

                                     NUMBER EIGTH
        Number eight in my revelation is the figure for resurrection of souls. It represents a
transition period for either celebration or condemnation. The age of Eternity starts in new
pattern for all the human race, summing up the balances and imbalances, in forgiven and
unforgiving debts.

       Number four is half number which also seals Eternal life in ―Rapture‖. Number eight
follows seven, reflects the sentiment of change, to come into another life discontinuing seven
days creation.

        Eight guarantees life or no life, either remaining in the wood or out of the wood. Give
a lot of thoughts to your status by building your acts forward, to create your new life. Denial
of the Lord‘s spirit is denial life for sponsoring death.

        Remember: Rapture is Jesus signing up to us that we are equal to him in Resurrection
in spite of our errors and absurdities. Jesus holds different views on us when we are

                                      NUMBER NINE
        The number has the power of death. Death is the son of night and brother of sleep.
The number gets the hair standing announcing fear and casting out all love. God created
death to be seen as going beyond, the essential ingredient of progress in life. The freemasons
have the opposite view, nine is considered to be the eternal number of immortality.

        A number such as ―fifty four‖ represent a product of ―six times nine‖ a master number
for death. Repetitions of nine are deadly in their forces. In rituals of magic and sorcery, the
shroud of the dead get purified in three times three. First the shroud gets washed three times
with urine then three times with earth and three times with water. Indians consider nine, a
redemptive power through nine reincarnations. Ninety nine sees combined adventure of
death and destruction (9x11). Allah has ninety nine names.

       Nine is a number used by Allah to do killing.
       Jesus was crucified at the third hour, his death agonies began at the sixth hour (dusk)
and Jesus died at the ninth hour.

                                      NUMBER TEN
       Digit nine links with death while ten links with life. The Ten Commandments made
ten represent a law for checking flesh, making it less volatile in sins activities. The face of
man sees less corruption and criminal charges. The Old Testament was a covenant between
God and the human flesh to have peace from contested wars, buried in the depth of the
unconscious mind. The work of the Old Testament helps the body to link with the world
forces while the work of the New Testament links with the spirit of man that has all the
businesses of sins to bring the good back to life, in image, servicing freedom instead of the
cruel sword.

       You can be a conqueror of the Ten Commandments but still rated as a fox.

        Ten is the sum of the first four digits (1+2+3+4), which covers negative debts by its
totality in motion.

        At the time of disasters, the good numbers are eliminated from their forces. The Holy
Spirit when ends to be given, the significance of numbers end, numbers are constructed for
world‘s action.

      Remember: Evil numbers are: 6, 9, 11, 18, 22, 36, 42, 72, 99, 108, 360. These
numbers demonstrated hell on earth.

                                    NUMBER ELEVEN
        This is a holy number to Satan linked to his mysterious power of destruction. Within
destruction reside the ideas of biased judgement, excess violence and potential conflict. It
also heralds renewal of the effort of collapse and breakdown and a symbol of chaos, horror
and diseases. The number is also the number of the rebellion against God in Heaven, which
led to the creation of the earth.

       The year 2011 is the year of destruction in an image of justice without mercy to mark
the beginning of wasting the earth and call for the creation of a new earth again.

       The Khomeini Ayatollah Islamic revolution in Iran Sheism system occured on the
11th day in February 1979 togather with observing strict Muslim principles.

       Mahmood Ahmadi Najat uses number eleven as a symbol of threat to the Western
world. For example he said February 11th would be a painful time for his enemies. He is
never short of revealing his evil power. He is gathering the pieces for the coming of Al-
Mahdi but he doesn‘t know that he is Osama who is Mohammad in body and spirit to
exercise his authority for the second time.

       Remember: Osama is holding the sign, messages in order to reinforce destruction
through Arabs political system, he is consumed with Arabs oil to finance his battle of control.
The work of the Anti-Christ is gaining painful reality. No matter how many insurgents killed
every day in Afghanistan, the Taliban are still in demand.

                                   NUMBER TWELVE
        Twelve is a Holy number, the number of twelve tribes of Israel and Christ‘s Twelve
Apostles which represent their royal role to mankind. It is the product of four the number of
Cross multiplied by three the Trinity number. Heavenly Jerusalem has twelve gates which
means twelve is a number that feels the world in assertive way. The Tree of Life bore twelve
fruits and there were twelve jewels on the high priest‘s breastplate. The heavenly Jerusalem
twelve gates has the name of the Tribes (12) of Israel written on its walls and have twelve
foundations in the names of the twelve Apostles (Revelation 21:12, 14). The woman clothes
with the sun wore upon her head a Crown with twelve stars (Revelation 12:1). At the end of
time, the number of the faithful will be 144000 (12x12x1000) from each of the twelve tribes
of Israel (Revelation 7:4-8; 14:1)

       Similarly the New Jerusalem city to come in gold is in a cube shape with sides 12.000
long and with walls of jasper 144 cubic high. One can also consider the figure twelve is to be
standing for the church in triumphant in the New Jerusalem.

        Remember: The cubic ―Black Stone‖ of the Kaaba that represent the building of
death on earth in perfection is the cubic design of New Jerusalem as symbol of eternity in
spiritual perfection on earth. The difference between a death on earth and Heaven on earth.

                               NUMBER TWENTY FOUR
        Number twenty four (12x2) is also in the Revelation about the thrown of God round
about. Four and twenty seats and upon the seats, four and twenty elders sitting clothed in
white, and they had on their heads crowns of gold (Revelation 4: 4). The twenty four elders
may be given the gold crown for their creative work in the battle of the truth.

       Gold and light are twins; wisdom follows light in a ―true man‖, shaping real thoughts.
He is no longer like the metal lead; he is knowledge thirsty opposite to blood thirsty. The
white clothes are priestly in honor of their functions of praising and worshiping the Lord.
One can simply explain number twenty four as a double figure of twelve for momentum in
priesthood and royal role.

       Remember: When Jesus chose twelve apostles, he openly allowed by his action to be
the God of the Old Testament. The twelve was not an experiment but a goal.

                                    NUMBER FORTY
      It is God‘s number in world events to put his concern. The number sets major events
powerful enough to allow God‘s intervention in human affairs, along the way of Salvation.

      Noah‘s covenant with God in the flood lasted forty days. Moses was summoned by
God at the age of forty and remained for forty days on the top of Mount Sinai. Jesus

preached for forty months and the risen Christ appeared during forty days to the Disciples
preceding his ascension. The temptation of Jesus by the devil lasted forty days and rose from
the dead after forty hours.

       Number forty also used by God as warnings to correct the pattern of activity.
Example: if you are born in the year 1940 which is the year of the Dragon by Chinese
calendar, then you are expected to resolve it by the faith and the curse stops completely.
Sinful mankind was punished by forty days of rain. The children of Israel were condemned
to wander for forty years in the wilderness.

       Mohammad copied the forty days in the death rituals. The corpse is free of living
matter after 40 days.

                                    HYBRID NUMBERS
        These are numbers containing God and Satan numbers, shared by bull-headed human
prophets. The motif is to weave a tangled web of deceive. Mohammad made not only six,
nine and eleven his numbers but also seven. Example: Mohammad ruled and will rule again
for 42 months (7x6). Seven stones is caste at the person to be cursed. Seventeen in Islamic
tradition is the number of liturgical gestures employed in the five daily prayers and it is also
the number of words used in the call of prayers. Number seventy two has been recorded in
the prophet famous hadith ―After me, my nation will divide into seventy-three sect, of which
seventy two shall perish and one shall be saved. What‘s happened was Imam Hussein died of
thirst with seventy two companions. Mohammad also used seventy two as symbol of
diseases. Mohammad targeted Jesus numbers to show the truth of false representation but the
truth is better than any of Mohammad‘s made numbers. A foolish copy of numbers has
nothing to do with what is true in the private heart.

       Mohammad used seven but only ruled 31/2 years or 1260 days which shows how
Satan is not able to achieve seven. The 1260 (1+2+6) has nine the number of death. If you
divide 1260 over nine the result is 140 which is (70x2), seventy is ten times seven
corresponds to a complete development of cycles fulfilled by death as the figure (1260)
becomes (9x7x10x2) which is death in multiplicity and perfection.

      Seven and six insures the work of ―Good and Evil‖ in a steady flow. A desire has good
and bad roots. Plants reflect such expression in unequal plants called weeds. A religion is a
close kin to evil to incorporate into a successful desire of negatives. Six is the polar opposite
to seven, in rivalry forms calling for opposite results, because the goal is different. The pole
of heaven is royal seven perfectly regulated in personal line and perfectly focused. The life
emerged in heaven is opposite in real values to the world.

      The pole of Al-Kaaba and the Cross dwelling near it had the biggest impact on people.

     Jesus is a carbon copy of the heavenly pole. The Cross is a spiritual center were
heavenly Jerusalem would be located.

     Mohammad is a carbon copy of the real world with its enormous barriers caused by
minds hostile to good activities. Six is uncertainty for unclarity due to emotional volatility,
unable to see the power of solutions. Struggle comes from lack in efficiency that lack
executive leaderships.

      Six and seven are talking numbers.

      Six created unequal rankings of people while God had the same rhythms towards us
undifferentiated. An upper world committed to do the intelligent work and an underworld
clearly sub-standard.

      Six remains the answer to sin to join with Satan unceremoniously and 666 is power
sharing fighting with sins to produce evil.

      The soul is a symbol of depravity of good described in destruction. The quality of a
person in the spirit of giving skills changes into an attempt to exploit that person selfishly.
The soul raises the question ―what is on the earth the reason for having a psyche?‖ The
object becomes to get the gift of God back in possibilities in win and loose. This explains
why soul and spirit are in alignment.

     Psyche and love is at conflict since the latter has the beauty of spirit surpassing physical
manifestations. The psyche considers love a myth compared to physical pinky enjoyments.

      Sex fastens a prison to win six. Attachment to sex in recyclic form produces brain
captivity. Sex i a force to sell under the moonlight similar to Satan run and hide activity. Sex
marriages produces households harem within the house or separate. Sex alone cannot combat
the monster of seeing faults between husband and wife. As the greed for sex diminishes, the
complexity of marriage starts. The truth was misunderstood by eyes, skin, body to overlook
wisdom, and the art of knowing. Sex marriages supply stone-headed population analogous to
animals that can‘t live without help. Sex has no intellect, just a physical force aiming at
sending to the natural high. Sexual harassment claimed a record of ―37 million dollars‖
against David Jones Company in Australia (Sydney) without sex.

      God is not the symbol of sexual passion. The divine is infinite in love.

      Love is the work for building creative children who can run services out of spirit
integrity. Character and good faith has ―Diamond color of white‖.

      The state of being tempted especially to do wrong has the six symbols. Temptation
exercises demons to break thinking and rest on the idea for deployment. Temptation violates
the normal procedure right of act to insert the demon impulse which is a power felt with urge.
Everything becomes not as normally as it is seen because of the challenge to produce specific

act. It can be murder sitting as a burden until to be done. The invisible psyche is the house
of mortal Gods living in minds form.

      No human is above the law of temptation. Temptation deals with transformation
significant enough to pursue Satan agenda. Satan followers rain in temptations in sex
scandals ans shopping spree.

      Six and seven are designed to work together in a complementary role as six cannot be
trusted. Seven keeps six at ease to avoid an immediate crime. The future then has an
accountability in the events to come and time has solution to a crisis.

      Humans good activities under difficult environment fashions good forms of living. A
power of seven pressing hard against the ignition system of six printing more gain for less
pain. The Lord‘s energy is behind all energies including the human energy. We need to be
recharged by this energy when great mistakes happen.

      Fear and money are the master engine of six. It can make or brake in decisions making.
Doubt bows to fear granting lack of truth in ideas and hence imperfection. Mental fear is the
operational instrument to control people by developing the required powerlessness.

      When fear and delusion unites, the fear of the dictator turns into mass graves. The
Taliban uses beheading as soon as suspicion gains momentum.

     Horror is often the result of subconscious imagination fitted with mystery and
impossibilities demand.

     Hate is power within us to do wars, which is a retribution that carries thousands scores.
We are just as good as the faith we carry.

      Violence reassures fear so that removes seven from the equation. The human‘s eye
sees what the beastly eye does.

      Six is a society strikes itself as it feels causing chaos for dicing with death. People
drunk, people shouting and screaming behaving like amateur from the feel of giving up due
to the pressure created by chaos.

      The wind of ―mind change‖ blows through the soul for creating chaos in ideas and
allow a man whom nobody trusts enters to rule with his full venom.

      No one likes to be Satan but we have the right flavor to be him and behaving as a
spoiled child.

       The body had the journey of Christ to the cross to improve its performances. The body
is in close touch with sickness, showing the start of death in its standard.

      Jealousy and depression in cane‘s heart built by six displayed most of the undertakings,
claiming the life of his brother Abel.

      Six is associated with Christ enemies. King Nebuchadnezzar erected a golden image
six cubits high to unify his political officials in one worship. When God‘s servants refused to
worship the image of gold, the king had them thrown into a fiery furnace (Daniel 3:1-23).

      Six symbolizes humans imperfections as measured against seven, so 6666 represent a
―fourth degree power‖ in imperfections failed miserably to measure up to God‘s standard in
big religion.

      The false prophet Mohammad had the mark of the beast in art and action to pass the
test. He is worst than deadliest diseases which has survival possibilities. The sword takes
seconds to kill.

     Muslims relate to the seven number to make a state of confusion about their six real
number. The 42 months governing of Mohammad stands for (7x6) and also 3 1/2 years
which is demonic number serving half of seven.

      Any effort directed towards doing work incomplete grants six. A work judged rarely is
often subjected to mistakes. The lesson learned from six-forces helps to achieve the seven

     In China six is above all numbers as it offers heaven in a hexagram. The chariot in
heaven is drawn by six dragons. Six is also the number of celestial influences.

       Six and seven have their own policies in relationship with passion to danger or shed
light to life. The boundary between the two numbers depends on impulse held at heart.

      Manifestation of six in human nature relies on emotional events which does not let free.
Emotions open windows of opportunity converting good desire into hawkish one to release
the pressure. Six can‘t play the calm. The size of six depends on dirt order packed in time.

     Classical music is an instrument for finding a high spirit level to brake the hard life
working on the dynamic of mind. Classical music can deter trouble makers.

     Six meets the criterion of power aimed at causing dramatic change to assure the mind

      Power stands on differences, warnings and fights demonstrated in wars and widespread

     War is maintained in the mind in terms of internal struggle which has a lot to call for in
many areas. Abuse and mistakes introduces the ―warrior‘s disease‖.

     Wars and weapons are applications of power, against security and infrastructure by
being the manifestation of death. A holy war is a transition from a minor into a polarized
war. Wars provide the atmosphere of ―extreme world‖, to destroy the ability for addressing
good services, so the good lose in the competition.

      Life is a competition between good and bad, a quality against disquality, production
against consumption.

      A war like cold war expresses an initiative for maximizing a war between ―six and
seven‖ which is rage and heat of emotions against freedom for the purpose of control and
radical changes. Rational coherent made by fixation, restrictions and barriers wins over
conscienceness. It is not surprising that the package of humanism is gone.

      Weapons are instruments for instant reactions diagnosed by die hard rather than
disease; live not to see the world. Power collects partners as well as enemies and needs
money, risk to draw its line. A security council with its power of sanctions speeds up the
power. Power can‘t stay cool due to attitudes swept by discontents due to incompatible
principles existing in the mind.

      Enemies are united in a voyage of seven. ―We are uniters and dividers‖.

      Reaching an agreement is a good force. Diplomacy is the cheifest medium to beat the
big guns taking compromised decisions. An agreement requires sacrificing principles and
countries that hold the balance of power in war technology holds it. There is but a breth
taking job and restarts. Arm control is a good seven as it looks for peace and sovereignty.
Disagreements look at one deal ―you are either with us or against us.‖

      A king is part of six symbol of power set as an intermediary between God and mankind
to coordinate activities. King is endowed with the qualities which absorbs heaven. Chinese
emperors are representative of this. What they think is considered God‘s vision. Chinese
emperors reflect God but without creating instead they flood China with blood. Chinese
emperors are worshipped today as Gods in line with Buddha which expresses the idea ―God
is a political fear‖ in actions and accountabilities maximizing the economy of blood in return.
Emperors insured there is no blood deficit. Six is the world which was created in six days to
be a fountain of all things evil manifested in point of view.

      Secularism justifies number six which also justify divorce in coordination destroying
Christ‘s union with love.

     Life of poverty has six in performances stripping away spiritual enlightenment.
Poverty is not just food to be worried also crimes causing beatings and theft under zero
education to seal the sign of hell. The poor stands at the gate of the rich. I can say ―give light
a chance so that you may tread safely into the unknown. Put your hand with God not Allah
and get seven for moral purity. Washing hands before prayer wouldn‘t give you good
conscience, just prolongs your poverty‖. They grey look of the world in negativities is paid
by Allah.

      Six is reduction of life to dust, provoked by the soul. Impulses are linked to restoration
of death. One must take care of not to increase the heat of emotion. Negatives conceal death
in a spinner.

     Six has the ugly truth with its momentum shut in secrets.

Remember: The worst sin to a western Christian is having done something that shouldn‘t be
done, in a dispirited and disgraceful way against the truth.

      Seven connects elements pronounced in the spirit, woven together in a fabric form to be
enjoyed. Happiness flourishes out of solutions and the state of balance. The spirit turns
words into action in perfect work and further messages, without effort. Hope comes into
action by the lead of the spirit.

    Seven has the right faith combined with heaven and rapture of the upgraded spirits.
Doubt identifies the six symbol painted with hell. Prayers are set for six-crimes to close the
number and begin in section seven in strict way.

      Time is seven, the pivot which makes the motion of planets in circular form. When
time stops at the second coming the earth will be motionless. All motions in the universe
takes circular form. To escape from time is to escape from the cosmic order which the mind
cannot normally conceive. It is hard to our mind to imagine but Christ can manage it.

      Christ is the Lord of time, the Lord of the universe and its harmonies. The Lord can
suppress all rotary movements to display eternity. The alpha and the omega in totality, can
create anything.

       Man‘s spirit has ladder of scores in a system of doing good work pictured in heaven
and unswallowed by fear. The work is like a home score in a cricket match. Grass routes
help the score and keep the spirit looking bright by wisdom focused against stupidity. A wise
man has all powers put in front of him but he is ready to choose the good power in a fantastic
spirit to pay the scheme. Keeping focused closes all loop holes to help the job reach its
benefit. Class is good work in numbers. Conflicts consume energy to the state of having
nothing which is the reason for culture change.

     Spirit has smile messages.

      Seven represents the universe in motion which stands for both space and time. A
Christian star has seven heads.

       We have moods to prove six and seven. Six can‘t hide against seven, it can only run
like a snake, for killing.

       The death of the US Dollar has been created by evil bankers with debts in their
intellects. Banks are bailing out all the time, we just don‘t know about it. The real debt is

      The pendulum of the mind oscillates between good and evil waiting for cure and the
sane needs cure just as much.

      No one has chance to avoid evil and be totally good. We are perfect only in a mirror.
Perfection is the child of Christ.

     There is no rose without the thorn. We are not here for fun, we are in a crooked
winding street need to be worked out. The joy found is let out by some bad man.

     The sea of love rolls over to make a good peace but the rocks that remain on the beach
make the job contested by the danger involved.

      Peace is seven.

      Peace starts form inside and radiates outside. Having peace with yourself gives an
overall peace. Expectations of others are lowered down for having less problems and more
friends. The fear of six changes into seven. We are born to live with God in the right way, in
order to live with others. In seven there is no gun to carry, the door is shut.

      Seven is the spirit of generous and elevated minds distinguished by nothing more than
advances through Lordship thoughts. Seven has no celebrity; no act of advertisement to
score points. Seven attempts to make the difference in education, knowledge and culture.

      Seven is sun light unpaired with darkness but because of Adam‘s impairment, the night
and day were set in pair, under a law. Pairing is set against the path that reflect its image.
Pairing light with dark in complementary form has none qualities of evolution claimed.

      Faces reveal the silent word of God. Presented in white and black, no one immuned.

      Seven is a symbol of freedom with its workshop, for its value. A total charge of self
must win over dependency. Seven days of the week shows the dynamic of wholeness. Seven
recurs forty times in the book of revelation. Seven shows the divine strength in genesis.

      Half seven, three and a half shows the design of evil. Revelation (12:14)

      Seven stands for winning the human right issue lifting it from all the gunfire against it.
A universal right drives liberty which is an important balance to defend the values of the
truth. Chinese ignores human right because of wanting to win the battle of money for more
control. Prison keeps the mouth shut, to make future runnings work smoothly.

     Fear operates essentially as a remote control unstoppable as a result of reaction of eye
with mind or an impulse with mind. ―He can‘t do it because he is afraid. He is not free to do

      Jesus said: ―Don‘t be afraid any more for I am your shield to go through the challenges.
Just believe in me, you get my force to have the right directions to life. The mind drives you
by its comfort to be in the direction of healing, blessing and prosperity. The wealth belongs
to the right father who owns the world to give you the real inheritance‖. Be in the mind of
Christ and get the mind that walk on the water, the blind sees through darkness and change
into a new man. You don‘t need to be standing on the shoulders of giants to see far.
      A belief in Christ gives the seven number for identifying Christians from Jews, while
the Jew are waiting for a second exodus and second manna fall by the second Moses. The
world now is simply anticipating Christ surprise visit. This is the second manna coming
down from heaven to overthrow souls and give the bread of life.

      Isaac Newton said: ―The thumb alone would convince me of God‘s existence‖. The
grace of God which is a gift for healing earns prosperity. The Christian nations in the dark
ages were walking in the dark missing on prosperity because they didn‘t understand the grace
of God, starting their lives with magic and adulatory. They couldn‘t understand how to adopt
the spirit of God from God‘s words. The Christian culture was a lost sheep culture, honoring
the devil instead of Christ. Freedom from Satan was impossible.

       Seven is a number to achieve the fullness of moral life in three theological values of
faith, hope and charity. The seven colors of rainbow be stow a life and a motion influenced
by playing the dice of good which extends into a heavenly being win.

      As a week has seven days in perfect order of cycles and fullness of energy, seven too
captures the fullness. Having a fresh air is having seven after putting a big fight for justice.

     Seven shows the difference between building a dream and dreams never come true.
Hope shows the lead of an agreement in action.

      Reality is heavenly award made of seeing big ideas against temptation, like medicine
everyone get treated. Reality happens when everything claimed was right. To see reality we
need to see totally. One right in a problem energizes other problems to be solved. We can‘t
afford to see things in one side of the contest.

     Our objectives at the end is to hold a clean sheet in the field we play free from Satan

     Remember: Number thirteen which is made of seven and six is the deadliest number.
The number blends with Mohammad‘s time of ruling i.e. 7 + 6 and 7 x 6 = 42 months. The
number reflects heavy beheadings and various torturous crimes.

        The end of time is the rewards of man performances, though blessing produced a new
species of man, and created a significant change, sadly went in doing things we shouldn‘t do.
Everything in life has good and evil traffics. When the object of life turned into money,
haunted by evil for too many keys of cars and no fight back against loosing nature. The road
ahead became deadly. The dollar earned from fowl conduct helping hand bringing more and
more carbon waste everyday to change life. There is no man on the ground kept to inform
leaders about the atmosphere. The piece of paper from university is too little too late to make
a better change. The climate is like a secret society no one knows what‘s going on behind the
seen. We only know healthy signs gives healthy choices and the dollar is an evil instrument

of risk, targeting large damage. The carbon crisis is a complementary crisis to the curse
crisis, a cursed life is a life at the edge.

        The microscope and the telescope are scientific instruments which serve windows into
the mind of God. The exciting intelligent design is a subject of Theology not an idea to be
taught in science. What is God thinking, science can‘t tell. Science is a box that doesn‘t
know about the mind of man. The box is limited to its understanding, our ignorance exceeds
our knowledge. Science is without conscience. Science is restricted to understanding nature,
anything outside nature is drawn as zero and determined to be ignored. In fact science tries to
keep the intelligent design under the spirit of God out from the truth because arrogance reacts
against the truth. Without God blessings, a country will bear a lot of pain, incompetence and
dishonest management moving in opposite direction. The ship is like the asylum seekers full
with silent minds wanting to share the fatty part of the blessed country. Science can‘t express
the idea of paradise, but science will always be good for humanity and part of a blessed faith
lived to see its expectation. It is offered to the spirit of man, who stick to the path that has the
key to knowledge and the sweet apple.

        Remember: if man can explain how the inner component spirit and soul work and
what comprises them to act. The human intellect will endure a share of eternity and life will
turn intensive in its achievement and longing. But man can‘t claim eternity on earth as long
as there is night and day.

        The microscope and the telescope are scientific instruments has serve windows into
the mind of God but the exciting intelligent design made by God became a subject of
Theology not an idea to be taught in science. What God thinks, science can‘t tell. Science is
a box that doesn‘t know about the mind of God. The box is limited to its understanding,
because ignorance exceeds our knowledge. Science is without conscience to have its own
intellect independent from God. Science is restricted to understanding nature, anything
outside the box is drawn as zero or ignored. In fact science tries to keep out the intelligent
design of God because it can‘t explain it. No matter how much science can tell or predict
what is good and what is bad, can‘t put us out of danger, science can‘t tell all. Science can‘t
express the idea of paradise. Science has always been good to humanity. It is offered to the
spirit of man, that carried him to bear him. Scientists will not go to Heaven to put Heaven in
a rage as the father became Charles Darwin.

        If man can explain how the inner component spirit and soul work and what comprises
them to act. The human intellect will endure a share of eternity and life will turn intensive in
its achievement and longing. But man can‘t claim eternity on earth as long as there is night
and day.

       The universal frame of life in heavenly harmony came before the human face.

       God said: I know you before you knew me.

        The face of human beings represents the fall of the inner spiritual face in human
sensitivity to God and hence the irrational element arrived in evolution that went downward
from light to dark. The degree of brightness became to mark the difference between angels
and devils with face. Love is God‘s blue Garden, the gift of the blue eyes came from the sky-
blue light of the heart. It proceeds from the infinite spirit which resides in all things. The
speck of light, as bright as a star, is fashioned by the marriage of prana, the breath of life,
with the essence of our spirit and with the ‗conscious principle‘. Its aspect is called Bliss, its
nature is light and its property is love. Golden hair marks royalty equal to king David‘s hair,
which was red gold. Jesus hair had a countless work of art.

        The black face has the expression of his/her inner life carved with statues of
ancestor‘s spirits of their worship, a man made God who has soul-curse. God goes to the
inside for expression which cannot be denied. The work of life also followed their ancestor‘s

        The work of creation is not the work of a blacksmith. What was buried in sorcery
fires back accordingly. If the civilization was built on the environment of iron ore, the heart
has its smoke and the heart will organize the life style in the same way. The heart is a mirror
of a culture expressing its existence in a philosophical way acceptable as a concept to the
heart. In such a system the human being has no way to change but to link to his failing,
which is darkness, no alternatives to make it better. The supply of bad things is the result of
mystical marriage between A black man to his sulfur breath Gods. If you have adventures
with horns you get its exact equivalence in bites. The world has memory laid in the head of a
race to take the honor in its breach of promise.

       The Chinese race is like the horse ridden by Genghis Khan to read death. A horse
with a pale face representing a man folded with mysterious power, a symbol of having wars
through his unconscious psychosis. He made wars part of human nature because his mind
cannot have other things.

       Life must be lived like love or have a face to reap your error leap. Be heavenly wisely
no worldly wise to claim success or be marked for generations.

        Face is an index of faith therefore the face has a price, we don‘t have a direct sight of
our own faces, it can only be seen with the help of a mirror. This means that faces are not for
their owners but for others and God to see. The face is the most vital part of the body and the
most sensitive since in it are located the organs of sense. Whether we like it or not, it is the
part of oneself which one reveals to the world at large. God created it in his own image, but
certainly the face made today is far from the true face. Only in a climate of love, a human
face can retain the properties with which God created it in his own image. Man even if
he/she achieves beauty is bonded to age, phobias and bad habits. God created white faces for
showing the light growing from generation to generation. God always use his colors in plural
form to mark the culture of that human face evolved. The holy shroud of Turin that believed
to reflect the face of Christ had the face growing in light in a way identical with the essence
of God‘s face. This is why it is impossible to gaze upon the face of God. Only John had the
state of bliss seeing the Lord in his Divine essence, showing the glory.

        White is the opposite of black, both are absolute in itself. White is the start of day or
life while black is night or finish of life. One shows the visible which has no mysterious
points as the sun, the other possesses the properties of an endless pattern of hidden activities.
The face that encircles yellow is a lifeless face, made up of flesh and bones to draw life from
other faces. White is the color of West with its all ideal and achieving properties. The black
is the color of East and its Godheads plunged into nothingness without rebirth. The true
reality of colors speaks after a trumpet sound to praise the Second Coming. Once the love of
God has been forgotten in the Chinese race, sulfurous influence starts working immediately
with an image of pride feeding upon oneself. When the yellow color is associated with the
face of Chinese emperors, the yellow becomes a symbol of blood. According to the Chinese
faith yellow and black were the colors of the blood of the dragon. Furthermore, yellow was
associated with black as its opposite and compliment. When chaos was differentiated, yellow
was separated from black and the polarization of the primordial in differentiated state occurs
in yellow and black. In China the face of an emperor is the face of God, foolishness of little
minds has consistency and time has no triumph.

        The black is associated with a negative image attributed to the loss of light. The black
is also associated with a primitive stage of human development, when barbarity and blood–
letting overweighed kindness. Blackness simply has no great work because it represents the
dark side of the personality. The difference between a black man and the devil is one has no
supernatural power on another human, but the devil can disturb, cloud or weaken human
consciousness and cause it to regress to indeterminacy and ambivalence. The dragon is the
center of darkness as God is the center of light.

        Loss of face is well known in Chinese and Muslim traditions, this stands for the
devil‘s pride reason why peace is cherished by all man kinds?

       Black is number six that we inherited from Adam, which has an unknown evil actions
embodied within the number. Darkness inspires fear and sheol (the gloomy place of life after
death has its suffering as being without light and life of silence). True peace has no devil‘s

        Remember: The spirit of man has white color, it has oceanic love and this is why it
can‘t share its color with soul which is black. To share refusal makes man seek solutions or
be in failure. Success comes from solutions which makes a huge gain, the reason for dark
nations to reach the white for help. The soul is contained as a force of opposition, white
against black.

      The purpose is establishing a strong warning serving Salvation and to be alert. The
strength and benefit are behind Jesus strong warning. Diamond and money is a great destiny
to stay in a spiritual sleep. Materialism ignores wisdom.

       There are two sides to the truth, the soul side which bears little brain addressed by self
satisfaction. It is difficult to stop such truth which has selfish approach tuned by responses.
There is the spirit truth which floats through the bible calling for a greatest lesson.
Dependency on the truth whatever it is decides the situation. Life starts with one and finish
with one.

      Coming at night is itself awakening for a favorable judgement. God‘s people must
keep to be spiritually alive day and night.

      ―Keep on the watch because you know neither the day nor the hour‖ – Matthew 25:1-

      Serpent embodies dragon in an infusion form as ―beast within beast‖. The dragon has
an obstacle size to reach and uneasy to penetrate, the paradise of Adam and Eve is an
example. A serpent is a second form belonging to the same reptile in image and reality, but
much simpler than a dragon. Being armless, hairless and featherless can coil on Cleopatra‘s
breast, lurk in a rose-bush or hide under the ground and hard to be slayed by St. George.
Serpent holds supernatural power in winding form but not a normal snake. It ruptures the
unity of the human personality by repressing the unconscious deepest aspirations and
inspirations of being, affecting the vital principle itself. A serpent is like the snake comes
sneaking to wrap itself around someone throat in feelings. The magnitude of evil stays the
same in all performances and in mass protests against the concept of love and its continuity.

      St. John announces its defeat in the Revelation ―and the great dragon was cast out, that
old serpent called the devil‖.

       Christians consider the serpent as associated with every sin laid by his charge. There is
no good being in it, proud, selfish, greedy and all that left is a false being who love to take a
material shape to feel well. A thief to steal heart without feeling guilty. A symbol of lust for
fertility to show his authority in evil creatures. Control is creatures sustaining what the
serpent likes in every situation.

    Eve lost her virginity, largely due to seduction to sow seeds of beastliness within

      Yang is a dragon male and serpent is a female Yin alleged to exist and operate togather
to produce changes. Dragon and serpent are symbol of the Satan love, namely erotic love
prepared to give children sacrifices offered in affection under fear.

       Life is a business of duality for unfold development. One enhanced unconscious step,
life goes to silence.

      My inspiration tells me the serpent is the dragon‘s wife developed in secret. Thus
Satan is the devil man and the serpent made by him, a devil woman. She is unpredictable and
as swift as the dragon and terrifying in its anger. Also identical in death activity. The dragon
has the power of changing into any shape.

      The female serpent marriage has a great furnace of sex to keep the dragon under
control, building his calm against external stimuli.

      At the time of the forbidden tree, the meeting was between two women, a divine and
beastly having a snappy one line conversation. The serpent is fashioned with seductive
colors on parts of her body.

      In earth creation, the serpent was made parallel to the first water in spirit which then
turned into countless rivers. Many rivers have been named holding the meaning serpent. The
serpent is seen as the rainbow linking the upper and the lower world, only to be seen after the
rain. In black Africa, the she-serpent is the water God and weather and Lord of springs and

      Thus the serpent is an old God as old as the dragon worshipped for its libido and soul.
Also the Lord of the life principle and of the power of nature. She is invisible and dwells
with the dragon under the deep sea.

      The serpent folds on to the body of the dragon and can also be free to inflict harm.

       Prophet Daniel saw a vision of two horned ferocious ram that is struck down by a goat
with a great horn. The arch angel Gabriel explains to Daniel what all that means. The ram
stands for the kings of the world who are encouraged to do the burden of savage wars to
produce empires out of their kingdoms. This made the fall of empires with their collective
religions stands for the beast coming out of the earth. Allah has therefore his mistery in his
hand, he represents not only the stone of Al-Kaaba but kings agreeing to be occupied with
idols worships in marriage form. The word ―Gentile‖ is reflections of Allah‘s bloody
children on earth in on-going dividing activities Muslims, Jews, Darwinists and all unjust
religions running parallel.

     The beast is described as coming out of the earth, not out the sea, establishes Allah‘s
power over the world which will take a significant role during the Armageddon.

       Chapter thirteen says: ―signs were granted to him to perform that made those who
dwell on the earth follow him instead of the dragon‖. This statement has the following
explanation: The two horned beast had the sword to show how wild can it be. The sword can
kill all those who would not in any way worship the image of the wild beast. Indeed why the

worshipers of Allah shout Allahu Akbar and fall on the ground in a prayer service reflects the
fear and anger that comes out of the two horned wild beast.

      We see the image of the wild beast has no statue status unlike the dragon exalted with
statues. This is because Allah in the Koran prohibited images, considered idolatry in spite of
the fact that submission to God is submission to the lifeless black stone. The stone picks all
believers and keepers to settle them in heaven. It all comes down to the stone confers

      Mohammad‘s attitude was not like an innocent lamb, it was like a two-horned beast
bringing down fire when he is speaking. Fire represents forces of evil emitted from two
horns, enlightened by Satan in two states lunatic states co-existing independently. The words
of Allah speaks as a dragon, it uses pressure and threats until the very end. The words
promote nationalism by the growth of emotions. Division and hatred that might have not
been seen in the First Wild Beast are added and death returns under out of bitter prophecy.

      The two horned wild beast guards material things also, godless communism and

      ―The lamb-like beast‖ questions the power headed by two horns appearing as a false
messiah. Seven adopts accessibility to the seventh world powers which is Islam paid under
the name ―The Arab Empire‖.

     A holy heaven wouldn‘t be holy if Satan and his demons have not been ousted from
heaven to be confined into a model of abyss in the earth.

      The Greek word ―apocalypse‖ which means revelation provides the growth of Islam
with bridges of terrorism to do the destruction of the world by nuclear warfare.

      A beast manifests in people and so as each head of the dragon. Satan and Allah are the
truly rulers of this world united in one policy ―wild beasts politics‖. Love for positive
contribution became divided by pride and human tragedies. The New Testament has proved

     Allah left every page in every book clouded with painful memories at Four Corners of
the world. Conflict has the start of the day and kneeling five times a day is a face cover.

     A good Christian citizen respects and obey the laws and make a positive contribution to
the welfare of their community. A devil can‘t see the difference because he has no morals.
The sword is intended to be a symbol of ―death stroke‖ in unforgiving religion.

     Christians has simple stroke of pen risen by a marriage between man and pen.

      2011 – 2016 has six years of events. The six number represent ―the world in an abyss
form‖ before the Lord‘s Day begins. A world distressed by the fail of economy and death
together with major disasters and irruptions. Year 2011 is the year of destruction and an

uprise of Islam unseen before as ugly as tyranny, to make the world fit for Osama. The real
grinding comes in year 2013 and the cruelest year starts in 2016.

      The one who gives captivity shall go to abyss captivity living with his shadow.

      The punishment of Satan at the end of Armageddon will be linked with Michael the
angel who disposed Satan to make heaven a worthy place.

     Jehovah‘s Witness religion has been visited by the wild beast which keeps the worship
of Jehovah not Jesus, putting Jehovah at a level above in ruling. This has the echo of
Revelation 13:4 ―who is like the wild beast will give worship to the beast‖. The people who
worship Jehovah God are worshipping the dragon revived by Allah. Jehovah‘s witnesses
should not be called Christians. Mormons driven by Joseph Smith falls in same scheme, has
―polygamy‖ in its impact. Joseph Smith is the ―God Smith‖ to produce his shape of God.

       The power of religion is measured by its depth of the abyss crying unto the Lord to hear
their voices. Nationalism in the world is an effect of wild beast represented in different
religions and cultures around the world to be threatened. The death that make human decay
is only love has no decay.

     Parallel to a pale world. It is very hard to distinguish the deadly from undeadly
Muslim, we have no information to know.

      St. John‘s message has a sweet and bitter destinies, super in size and quality to the ones
in the pipe line and disastrous to wolf-like people.

      Jehovah‘s image exists only in the Trinity, there will be no Jehovah in Heaven but
Jesus Christ in one God, All in All. He is the light in crystal form. We sign to Him, who is
the True Lord came to Save us and will do the Judgment on us.

      Remember: an Astro physicist can find an exo-planet within the millions of galaxies in
the solar system revolving around a single star. But no one saw the two wild beasts except

      The Seal of Solomon is the Star of David presently connected to the flag of Israel
elevated since 1948.

      A star with six heads plays evil and controversial in power and arguments. Six simply
plays evil without a reasonable explanation. Magic uses Solomon Seal to shadow success.
This cannot be explained of what we know about the Old Testament. We expect the Old
Testament to be seen a killer to the devil.

     The originators of the Old Testament were unable to address the issue of world‘s
ending with certainties to settle the issue.

      The Two Triangles are inverted and on the top of each other to get the six-pointed star
that represents marriage in the way it links. The Two Triangles stand for ―Christ and Anti-
Christ manifestations‖ and the God‘s Trinity against the serial killer Trinity (Allah,
Mohammad and Dragon). Also to say the power of Elohim-Allah in false Messiah against
Jesus the Messiah and Christianity against the Gentiles.

     Two Triangles imposed in up-side-down positions represents the move of Israel
towards the West for help against the stormy Arabs and Muslims threats, plus fanatism
hidden in evil conspiracy.

      The star of David has been a window showing Armageddon but foolishly missed by the

     If we know how to process thinking to use the mind of God, the future is revolutionary.
We have a job to defend the interest of heaven which is a risen city, a decrease in competition
lowers the reach level. A strong belief as born again is necessary and must be growing as the
main purpose to spread out like rays.

       There are two Resurrections, the first is before Armageddon for the first fruits spoken
of in the Bible as receiving immortality raised at the Rapture for the thousand year reign with
Satan confined to the abyss. The Second judgment is after Satan‘s last effort of deceive in
―Gog and Magog‖. The second death has no authority.

      144000 are Jesus Christ Bride who will be risen at the first judgement and will also be
living in New Jerusalem, a city of light. Satan may be able to produce gold but not purity.
He is contaminant but not refiner. Be a worthy one ready for the 1000 year reign.

     Remember: Paralysis in faith offers no sets of directions missing the ―how‖ and ―why‖
aimed at changing the truth, yielding false in efficient way and debts.

      Abyss is the world of dead to those who decided to join religions for challenging God.
A world of endless depth and endless height gathering formless states of being. The heart
with its complex personality goes into the formless state (without body) to identify the life
left behind. The abyss is analogous to the depth of soul in man‘s mind brought by little
philosophy; a vast subconscious mind seen to represent teaching lost or a teaching fit to
express dark art activities in pirimidal form. A lost teaching is black teaching.

       The purpose of the abyss which is a state of hell is to put the lid on giants and fiery
serpents who threatened and changed the world. The underworld is a device links with the
previous world in a dark path and kingdom. The power of darkness has finally a resting

      Hell precedes further down to ignite monsters, demons, dragon, Allah and the stars of
philosophies marked with recognition, namely in synthesis trying to drive an uprise to go

totally wild. Hell and abyss are there to show the loss of ―God‘s presence‖ and soul,
separated from a body hardened in sins. The psyche with its intrapsychic actions expressed
in perversion in an invisible form transforms into a place of doing actions without hiding as
the moral barrier is gone by bad faith. All heroes ends up in hell represented under thorough
unethical theological standards with motives in unjust ways to bring destruction.

      Love and loss of love are the biggest functions created in life. It can prove either God
exist or does not exist to face the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing or not. An intelligent
person can potentionally win because he can see the dirty tricks. Success has to get it right
associated with good routes.

     Light and darkness are symbol of two opposites; Heaven and Hell.

      The labor in China experience abyss. Haity is another abyss, evident through mountain
of garbage consisting of everything including feces. Human right is Chinese best inventions.
In China Human severity grows under a passion conditioned by hearts regulated by
barbarians who is crude, coarse, brutal and uncivilized suggesting wildness taste of the
beloved dragon. A culture of fools unable to talk intelligently to claim an abyss like outlook.
The yellow race can only claim success after learning how to steal the act of copyright.

     Evil acts must welcome the abyss life of tomorrow and the hell sentence.

      Mohammad and Osama (in a recreation form for total conviction), created villages of
widows and put the race of Europe into cry. After the 9-11 disaster, things are not what they
used to be, showing rivers of blood to come.

     The soul is the home of the abyss and death is movement from levelled world into
underworld. The spirit becomes distinct from the sour by moving up for the bells of Heaven.

     It is either now to do a counted change or it is all over.

     The greatest good of the mind is the knowledge of God and the greatest virtue of the
mind is to be in the mind of God.

     Remember: the Divine justice delivers the same life picture to those who infringed His
Commandments. God gives the same systemic relationship between Satan and mankind for
punishment. You curse for being born.

      A pope is answerable for what he chooses just like anybody else. There is no holiest in
the height. The Grace of God is always equal in action, connects or disconnect depending on
the way we move, there is no exception.

     Can a pope reunite spirit with its body for resurrection or he can just pray?

    No one is born to be holy no matter how knowledgeable or superior. There is no
immunity to the wild number six that contributes offence to sin, openly and secretly. We are
not crystals, ―speak your mind and I tell you who you are‖. Everything in six works as the
necessary evil.

      Purity is a dream or just a word emerged out of high order of six by being insensitive,
to give an angel look with a superior smile and a rank connected to Satan superiority

     Holiness is another hole drilled against God contributed by a limitless passion.

     Man is not wise enough to become holy. He is wise after the event to realize what went
wrong. He is born to be loved by God. A pope is a statement and politician holding his six
number and playing politics. If the desire of pope cannot be matched, he goes soft in a
double standard on Bible issues.

      The tarot gives the same description of pope‘s power to be the intercessor between God
and the universe.

      The pope is the last of the first group of arcane in the Tarot, the group setting the
subject (the JUGGLER) face to face with the object, the manifold aspects of knowledge
symbolized by the four powers invested with either religious or secular duties.

      We are all a lost generation including the pope. Let us keep our stupidities to
ourselves, we have power over men but not over ourselves. We always need the spirit of

      Scientology is another hole kicked by Satan in the stained glass of the church.
Scientology is an L. Ron. Hubbard of the 50s‘, religion based on knowingness and mental

      Hubbard Lafayette Ronald (1911-86) was a science-fiction writer, born in Tilden
Nebraska who became the founder of the church of scientology. He began writing adventure
stories in his 20s‘ then turning into science fiction in 1938 with such books as ―Slave of
Sleep‖ (1939), ―Fear‖ (1940), final blackout (1940), ―Death‘s Deputy‖ (1940) and
―Typewriter in The Sky‖ (1940). He was a captain in a ship while serving in the US navy
during World War II. In 1950 he published a book on the modern science of mental health
claiming himself to be the expert on the human mind and how it works. Another book
followed by him called ―Science of Survival‖ (1951) which formed the basis of scientology
philosophy. The first church was founded by a group of adherents in Los Angeles in 1954
and Hubbard became the executive director in 1955. In 1982 he returned to science fiction
with books on battlefield earth against planets. His last book was ―Mission Earth‖ (1985-87).

     He was a complex and contradictory figure, at one time in a decisive moment, he
laughed heartily and said ―If you want a religion I gave you one‖ meaning how easy to get

followers to a written book. The church is a place of abuse to those who have problem with
faith, also speaks foul in seeing Hubbard as a savior and giving him an unwavering
obedience. A rebellion or a doubtful about the faith is listed a repressive person. The church
is a cruel and corrupt place, if you belong to it you are sealed with a sealing wax. The job of
the followers is to recruit more members and collect money donations or buying books

      The goal of scientology is: the great truth adhers to a mind free from mental pain and
self determination follows a super mind. Science with its facts is considered the move
towards perfection. Its secular orientation i.e. lacking in divine light or god existence is
aimed at increasing grey people towards the religion.

      Satan and Allah stay in separate abysses, devising their super-natural powers from there
against people without the need for a close contact. The work is given in theory.

      The number of heads in the dragon suggests seven for his heavenly origin. Each head
reveals a peculiar self-character encapsulated with sex, magic to direct a permeable form of

     The dragon state of existence dwells in an abyss under the floor of the red sea in dark
shapeless environment showing his punishment upon the imperfection of mankind. The
dragon shape expresses all his events that happened in terms of deformity. His look shows
how god who expresses complete and perfect human creation declines in a state of
imperfection and faults to give such equality. Thus the dragon and humans have no state of
resemblance. The dragon and us are as different as the soul and spirit in functions.

      The two horns of the red sea support the pattern of this enlightment. Satan represents
the dividing line between the perishable (book of death) and the imperishable (book of life)
by either passing or declining his conduct. His rites ends in second death accounted for his

      As God seals his instructions, Satan also follows at that point. He is made like a king
with a majestic walk and precise words in thoughts and walk to make him able to command.
Without such abilities, the dragon would be disputable as a head of Eastern religions.

      The red sea is the Lord of two horns and Satan is the sea God sucked under tectonic
structure of the earth crust. Satan has no power to cause the plates to move.

       Red takes the color of death also red in tooth and claw. Born in a nature red in culture
and falsehood to run the show against the truth one on one. Wounds created against heal out
of truth being abused or raped.

     The Command made by Jesus in Revelation (21:1) that will be no more sea in the New
world this is so because seas represent dynamism of death. Paradise has no image of death;

the sea was symbol of God‘s creation made for trades benefits, adventures and pyrites grows
strong in seas. A silent sea opens fear; sea is symbol of plenty.

      An abyss is a symbol of a hole or a void reflecting the level of mythical imagination
produced by the subconscious mind so the distinction between true and false remains on the
side of false to keep the theatre of life dark. Like the Buddha achieving meditation for going
beyond the normal human experience paid by negative momentum to move the force into
opposite direction.

     Abyss is an abstract of a world representing people hugely stupid living in parallel to
Satan‘s lost environment.

      The human psyche is symbolic of the nuclear atom whose essence we do not know.
There is no realization of this in consciousness only in dreams and impulses. The human
psyche sends awareness by being deep as an abyss and bad in performance directed towards
the conscious mind.

      Ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Babylonians had their dramatic lordships nearby
the red sea to generate their relationship in beastly pair.

      East is the contrast of West, the West has Jesus spirituality while the East went to the
soul and its beyond to live in chaos with its blindness. The East goes to the external body to
be the temple. The West goes to the heart. The Tribulation now confirms the two models in
actions. Religions that had Satan origin received far more collective disasters in death
rewards than has the West owed to this sharp separation. The danger now is East
immigrating to West, for hoping to make West as wild as Muslims.

      The abyss of Muslims stands deep and immeasurable in depth, very profound under the
―rubul-khali‖ desert or ―the empty quarter‖ in Saudi Arabia. Symbolically the abyss is linked
to Al-Kaaba in Mecca by an imaginary pole. The glossy black stone matches exactly with
the abyss which also cover the places of Haj (Maqam Ibrahim, Zem Zem, Mount a Safa,
Mount Arafat, Al-Hijr, Muzdalifah).

      Allah lives there designing provocative religions based on earthly resources, to become
damned by the devil. The desert is symbol of Allah employing religions empty at heart in
Divine spirit and love. Allah‘s flocks wanders in the desert moving blindly in a world
deprived of God‘s presence.

     St. Mathew 12:43 describes the desert as the place of punishment and as the abode of
unclean spirits. Religions breath fire from thy crimes and what they try to do.

      The Al-Kaaba and Masjid Al-Haram rites hold the cheat in pilgrimage form. It sees a
troop of idolators standing to kiss the black stone who themselves are self-worshippers.

Allah‘s religions has been multiplying madly and has access to all details giving him the
heroic male character in behavior and language.

      Remember: Why putting the dragon in his abyss chained, identifies peace? Because
magic is associated with Satan‘s physical power, which is distinct and symbolic. To break
his power is to break his valued physical power.

      Six is a culture of a Third world processed back by the two Beasts viewed in the book
of revelation, chapter thirteen. Its foundation has animal instinct activities coming down
from the human soul. The culture is in complete contrast to the ―put up‖ activity conducted
by the Western culture, coming out of heaven. Here are the differences to win the beast as its

      Animals like to be crowded in group, walk in the same quality and have no
individuality as a separate person. Life is like open court.

       Sex is the principle business of life and the brain has no thinking employment to be in
the first place. Physical work has mind‘s delivered objectivities to establish living without
economy. There is but fear, temper and anxiety to control individuals. Whatever learned
from hunting is granted to children to keep it continue to the coming generations. Streets are
an outlet for spitting and other passages, also a place for standing, watching, playing and
eating to kill time. Streets and markets are the same.

      Order has vindication as chaos need no creation. Chaos plays blind spots.

      As animals are in vacuum so as the culture goes to seek, no transforming ideas for
providing education. The strong man has territorial control who keeps testing males to make
the challenge. Lieing in the street is considered comfort under any tough weather conditions.
Whether live or die depend on the immune system. The immune system is a gift from God to
supply power to the poor towards diseases. The immune system allows those who wear no
threats live longer.

       Life activity is forged in ―disturbances‖ similar in model to ghosts. A fight has its
impact in recycles to lay the path of survival of the fittest and intimidation keeps the force of
fear. The culture is a male dominant network that runs everything under the soul, with
capability of making babies in a form similar to animals. Survival of the fittest meets its level
of living when lacking human principles. The truth has gold rarity to be arrived at.

      This is a human who wanted to become inhuman.

      Moses was torn between seeing faith paid by the laws of the Ten Commandments and
the deliverance of the Jews to be done. But the law from God is considered a message to the
faithful to take care for the rest of his life not an engine for punishment. Israelites were the
key figure to do the marching orders but the road was fading away from noises and dreadful
lies because Moses didn‘t give extra attention to his flock. Harmony of body and soul has its
reward when honored by the leader‘s management, especially in the middle of nowhere.
Understanding relies on power of giving the right questions for the right meaning at the right
time, not just a smoke stream. We are the guys to do the cure for birth and death not the guys
that get it wrong.

    A sword with a straight blade was never laid down by God to aid the Ten

      Moses was paradoxical connected to prejudices. Faith should stay consistent,
productive enough to combat the monster that cause a fault. A good leader admits faults,
using forgiveness for solving false pretends.

      A heart of oak can‘t shine under periodical fits. Building relationships is the opposite
of antagonism which marks transition to a clear road map instead of uncertainty coming out
of anger. God looks at all people the same, day by day and gives the same help (as they are
encouraged by sins). Rapid growth of sins leads to God rejection marking decline while a
revival by Moses brings back inspiration and bridges divisions to be the party of yes.

      Punishment is the party of No, brings risk and uncertainty out of boycotting and refusal
(as a method of protest). We need to see signals emerging in democratic political system to
be willing to perform change wins. A true faith has no laws for grounding and oppression.
Hellish punishments will not score heaven, look what ―Allahhu Akbar‖ scored to the world!
The phrase contains sufficient anger and pride to cite further danger.

      Moses: Encourage strategy within the strategy to give hope and confidence.

      Islam got coated with Judaism as the nature of both religions needs to obey laws. Allah
and Elohim maintains the same relationship passing blood before it is understood. A man is
not a wild animal to be through the lips. Love gives more protection than a law, it corrects
everything that was wrong.

       A true faith has no laws, it ties only with good. The worship of the golden calf by the
Israelites should have been approached closely and positively.

      With love you are invited, with hope, you get the essence of good to pass on or share.

      All our failures are ultimately failures in love. Love is where the glory falls on thy
faces not on temples walls sending a cry to long waiting wishes. The heart is the temple; the
Messiah hands love and restore love.

      Moses was a true prophet but not a Deliverer.

      Love has a great investment towards a great and long happy life. There is no banks
businesses nor share buying tactic as love has no shares in a stock exchange. The spirit of
working together provides solutions in organized fashion to make life easier and better. Love
searches through windows and curtains like two lovers to call on us so we are not cut off.

      The ship of capitalism that do business in great sea daily sails away under the wind of
change with sins and leaks. The ship stands alone through critical periods as man walks
through wilderness in uncertainties. The ship slows down in stormy days cemented with
tears out of punishing greed and broken promises. The greed turned Wall Street today into a
Wailing Wall separating upper creatures from lower. Money has no clearance, building no
hope theatre from lack of Grace. The high risk related to ego has back clash. Wall Street
marks the separation between God and his people. Wall Street acted as the father of the
American nation and love is left to God alone to practice.

       Capitalism combined with secularism changed a heart of flesh and blood into a heart of
stone. The light of the spirit in conscience change into a candle light, trusting the soul with
its dark sides to go downward.

      The psyche fulfills two aspects involved in capitalism, one the drama played by the soul
against the spirit of love and two the desire which goes back to the impulse that sits in the

      As the psyche is deprived of love, capitalism becomes a psyche instrument for the
destruction of self-enrichment through money exploitation.

      Our purpose of life has been cracked at Wall Street changing from doing king duties
into a child bearing money for pride. Money, power and control together with brute lust,
discrimination, abuse and consumption contributes to the sole end. Anger flows to drink
more and think less. The symbol raises an unjust forces in the unconscious mind to wish for
nothing but chaos. Mass of Jews fell victim to money in Germany due to Hitler‘s

     The time has come now to see the fall of capitalism in a monster felt around the world.
The Anglo-Saxon messenger who looked like a million dollar in rise has finally admitted his
mistake. Leave the circus of money to the overheated people.


      Thirteen is the number of Christ with his Disciples celebrating the last supper before
the Crucifixion.

      Thirteen also stands for Allah‘s activity carried by Mohammad, proclaiming seven and
six. Seven which stands for Christ activity in his Spirit and six for the false prophet activity
presented in 6666.

     As the book of Revelation viewed the False prophet in chapter thirteen, thirteen does
mean the number that does Christ Crucifixion.

       The Crucifixion was performed by the Romans whose religion is fathered by Allah and
the fulfillment of death was joined with Allah‘s other numbers. Jesus according to the
Gospel was Crucified on Friday which is regarded as a holy day to Islam indicating the
significance of the six number. Jesus agonies on the Cross began at the sixth hour. Nine
basically indicates Allah‘s number toward death of all God‘s creation linked with a net-work
of hell actions. Jesus died at the Ninth hour, went to Hell to pay the price in full then
returned to the grave for the Ascension of his body. Jesus paid all Allah‘s numbers with his
body while the body is God‘s body to be self-raised because trinity is made in three equal
parts, in union as one and freely absorbed. One radiates the other in consistent acts.

      The great question is ―Why thirteen is such an evil number?‖

       Thirteen is an odd number lacking imperfections. Being 12 + 1 the number will fail to
deliver the cosmic order in cycles. Seven stands for the principle of time but the seven in
thirteen is false seven i.e. you cannot have two masters to serve and run the cosmic. The year
has twelve months can‘t split into thirteen.

      Twelve is God‘s chosen people presented in Jacob‘s twelve sons; Jesus twelve apostles
and the 144000 faithful taken from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. The heavenly
Jerusalem foundation is based on twelve. The cosmos is the fruit of Christ‘s redemptive

      Thus thirteen does not harmonize with twelve to make heaven, earth and mankind have
value of a circle. Thirteen remains a symbol of soul guided by Satan to carry his
contradictions. A symbol of anguish and pain in the life of mankind.

      Remember: The Roman system of elements relating to the horny creation of earth has
―Number Three‖ represents the basic unit of wood and sheep. The number shows the
accuracy of act in given numbers. The wood marks the cross which is a piece of wood and
the sheep meets his shepherd who is Jesus Christ.

      Satan already saw his negative aspect linked with life termination of Allah and
Mohammad. Allah did the religions of idols expressed and educated to earn capacities
through brutal wars.

      Satan‘s intellect combined with movements will immediately invent a religion for a
self-gratification to weaken or destroy God‘s credibility.

       The new religion is headed by the known rather than the unknown to bring people
closer. Jesus already came and laid out his heavenly tradition in buildings and style. The
building program includes Solomon temple in its exact shape. The dome of the rock that was
built around has been gone forever, the earth became a counter culture to Heaven.

      The dogma of ―Aliens‖ will hit high like a balloon rising as the genesis account. Life is
given by aliens linked with the cosmic fluid and thus earth is united with heaven during aliens
ruling, (as the look of the earth is strange and unfamiliar beyond the natural law).

      In the present time we have just a taste of such religion in Arthur Clarke space odyssey,
scientology and Steven Spielberg movies.

      The dragon who is unseen in our life time becomes visible, tries to convince the crowd
that he is the doer of the new earth. There is no opposition to what Satan say to undermine
his words. The people are the current generations in high numbers walking alone. Their
ancestors were the resurrected souls to be the priests in the government of Christ recognized
as another Heaven. The original parents ascended to heaven after the end of the millennium.
The faith way has to continue on; looking at generations standing alone after receiving
righteousness and perfection taught by priestly parents. We are speaking now about
generations, don‘t have Adam‘s disobedience sin and no history to go by. Any tsunami effect
by Satan, the people will be standing defend less, the only defense they have is faith to fight
the consequences. They have to swim against the stream.

      John saw 144000 of anointed Christians having earned the one thousand year
settlement in a new earth. The 144000 have the name of the Lord on their foreheads in new
creation matching with the prospective of ―Bride‖.

      Satan‘s supernatural power seen working in reality generates activities to feed the beast
with his hatred, darkness and ignorance.

      The rule of fear enters in many forms and shapes. The brothel starts where sex works
everywhere. There is no hope to see the end. The earth now speaks sins to be the inherited
result of Satan shaped monostrous sins not Adam‘s disobedience the lay down of sinless life
has neither heritage nor awareness. No man can serve two masters, thus turning their back on
the lamb to surrender to the Lord of beasts authority. The submission may well be written all
over their faces.

    The bible calls Satan‘s misled people ―Magog‖ and Satan ―Gog‖. Thus Gog and
Magog represents Satan with his numerous military force.

     The Lord sends two witnesses from Heaven to be born in a world with absolute

      The two witnesses will be dressed in sackcloth, a piece of clothing consisting of goat‘s
hair in a garment form. Sackcloth is considered an extremely repentant uniform connected

with mournful signs. The two witnesses have been given miraculous power to convert water
into blood, to match the game well enough against Satan who stole all assets.

      Satan comes out of his abyss to make war against the Lord‘s new flock in a plan
retaining ―Anti Christ‖ in ideology. The fire breathing dragon proved difficult to tackle. He
stuns the public by killing the two witnesses.

      The rebellious army of Satan encircles the light city with its heavenly temple that
recalled the memory of people married without Adam‘s inherited sin.

     The cross at Calvary stands on the center of the world and the four corners are the
spaces emerges from the holy cross with Gog and Magog representing Satan and his deceived
people. There is no traditional history for these people to see deep into their doings and no
memorable events.

     As Satan managed to kill the two witnesses, their corpses laid in the temple for three
and half days to have enough time to celebrate Satan‘s victory.

      The spirit of the Lord then dwelled into the two witnesses in vibrant form to hand back
life. Suddenly the two witnesses stood upon their feet. Great fear fell upon and heard a loud
voice out of Heaven saying ―Come on up here‖, and they went up into Heaven. A great fear
then fell into Satan‘s communities.

      The shocking effect followed earthquake disaster and tenth of Jerusalem city fell,
killing 7000 to pay the price of God‘s witness killing. The shocking effect followed an
earthquake destroying tenth of Jerusalem city and killing more. A great fire then fell with a
great force burning Satan and his army, sending him to the brimstone sulfur fire to match
with Allah and Mohammad.

       Judgement of the dead starts after raising the dead in the day of judgement, by Jesus
sitting on his thrown in Heaven, to be consigned to either Heaven or Hell. The scroll of life
will have the name of those who learned obedience to Jesus alongside the two witnesses. All
that live is contained in the book of life. Hell meets with Stan and Allah.

      The great masses of mankind great and small during the 6000 years throughout the
history will stand infront of the one seated upon the throne. The throne of Jesus in Heaven
has a Jasper stone and a precious red-colored stone and a rainbow like an emerald in

      The term great and small in mankind means the prominent ones, standing in a state of
being easily recognized small mankind are those who have small mind and lower in class.

       Remember: In the first resurrection, the heart conquers over the bones. In the second
resurrection the spirit destroys the soul. Heart and spirit are the most momentous pieces in
faith, they should always be put first. Spirit and heart are the foundation of super structure.
We feed on wheat, spirit and heart no on weeds.

      There is no confirmatory information of who the two witnesses are. I suggest, the two
will have real services connected with ―Slaying the dragon‖ as the noble form. Anyone who
spark uprising against the dragon and his Allah should enjoy the status of prophet dwelling
on earth and Heaven. The two witnesses will not be listening to anyone but to slay the
dragon. The issue in itself is gratifying and prestigious. The dragon ascends out of his abyss
under his strange ferocious look with his seven fire driven heads and ten horns with diadems
(crown) placed upon them. The dragon can swallow his pray completely. God created the
dragon in such look to show the dynamic nature of the political power in the world in plural
form i.e. ―As wild as the dragon‖.

      The two witnesses prophesied for 42 months equal to Mohammad‘s presence in power.
This equality in time suggests, the resemblance shows the nature of Mohammad applied but
in positive way for the real God identity. The dragon declares war on them and kill them.

      Mutilation in creation is a surgical instrument made by God in the created being. A
special marking in shape produced to inform in advance parents in a warlike sign. The image
has been set up to show a contemptible living matching with a vicious look. Mutilation is
curse in look relating to parents inspired by magical acts to drive much of their lives,
underestimating God‘s power. Stephen Hawking is an example of applying the body alone to
danger while inspiration stays the same. Curse has different challenges, lacking creative
thinking has far broader reason for larger group of people. Thus brutal inspiration by the
dragon, takes its position in a hidden operation, seen in deformity. Magical protection hands
down unprotected property or defective creation. A one-eyed person lacks the power of
transparency by allowing a shock of darkness to pass through the mind. The parents who are
unaffected are likely rotten fruits on a tree waiting to fall or blow up.

       As the seed of plant grows in the ―world of light‖ in order to rise above the ground, so
as man. If man changes such pattern, his attributes of God will make him return down in the
opposite direction to the growth. Cyclones blow houses, trees and plantations to show laws
are like houses lean on one another.

       A one-armed man is a symbol of justice to show the element of evenness of the
individual‘s physical symmetry has been destroyed. The mutilation shows how God is active
in actions. The act is caught in a newly born as a substitute, to punish the guilty parents.

     Battles are also the place to lose arm, leg or be blinded. Accidents are also forces in
opposition to the divine. The scale which is not Allah‘s sword is maintained by God in
balanced way. Allah is lawless, scratching his head all the time.

      In ancient Egypt, to secure magical-protection, the hieroglyphics on temple walls shows
creatures inspiring fear made out of defective lions cut in halves, limbless or disfigured to
make people powerless.

      The message of one-armed human being, child, man or woman if it is coupled to an
empty mind supports the archetypal beggar symbol. A tiny little man with one arm and one
leg and a single eye possesses power of fear by the fact he is weird. Aztec, Maya and Incas
in South America believed mutilation is symbol of legends and heroes worshipped as the
Thunder-God, Lord of the rains and storm spirits.

     Satanic Gods have mutilated figures from half-human, half-fish to Aphrodite featuring
two heads of man and woman standing on the dragon. Dead mind joins hand in hand with his
dead word standing united.

      Imagine the complex psychology placed on the person.

       God delivered dinosaurs in a horrific size and look especially modeled to achieve
mutilation, mimicking Satan‘s hostility under one group, one act. The symbol also stand for
fairy stories, mysteries and demons.

     The beast breaks things for the honor of breaking to get his qualified reaction, to
compliment his deformity and be happy.

      Deformity is very similar to falseness in quality, being not genuine, not faithful or loyal
to denote relationship. Symmetrical creation is a balance between parts of a whole in figure,
from for a pattern of perfection to maintain a power structure in health. Symmetry is
necessity directed towards will-power and internal balance. A healthy man is a symbol that
demand a healthy body and mind. Occult or magical practice applies moral cleansing, for
conviction. There is also another message in occult-deformity that say ―if you try to control
people through magic you will struggle in your own self-control‖.

      A mutation (which is a silent sudden change in a gene chromosome structure to
introduce a disadvantage out of disarrangement) is another symbol associated with lack of
love in soul-introduced psychological trauma.

      The ―elephant man‖ who was English and had an image of ―Ganesha‖ in human
display. He echoes a sudden change in a race regarded blessed.

     Magic is the art of the impossible, it consists choosing between a disastrous body for a
dead-hold activity or a good body molded in good spirit.

      God grinds the poor and the rich all alike.

      Mutilation is a wake-up call for unguarded balance.

      The right people has the right creation to treat life right.

     Remember: Satan the dragon who has the image of ―true falseness‖ became the
business of Chinese snapping his animal instincts to reflect their lives and his foundations.

        Islam has evolved within its own hermetic set of assumptions- within a history of its
own that in effect ignores and denies the overall sweep of history. This has generated a
closed, static society, shut in upon itself.

        Democracy lives on movement, change, on contractual agreements, flexible time
frames, enduring dynamics, dialectical interplay? It creates itself and thrives at the best of a
will that stems from living forces. It relies on the use of reason, on dialogue among the
parties concerned, on active use of communication, on diplomacy and negotiation.
Theocracy lives by the opposite principle: it is born, lives, and thrives on immobility, death,
and the irrational. Theocracy is democracy‘s most dangerous enemy, yesterday in Tehran in
1978 and today in every time Al-Qaeda gives violence a voice. Muslims divide the world in
two: friends and enemies. On one side, brothers in Islam, on the other the rest. Two separate
and incompatible worlds, governed by savage and brutal relations, a predator and a prey, and
an eater and an eaten, a dominator and a dominated. As in the jungles, the big cats keep
watching while the rest wait to be conquered, enslaved, and possessed. The law of nature
that governs relations among animals pulls together.

        Nearly two hundred and fifty verses – of the six thousand two hundred and thirty-four
of the book–justify and legitimize holy war, jihad. Enough to drown the handful of very
inoffensive phrases recommending tolerance, respect for one‘s neighbor, magnanimity or
nonrecourse to violence in questions of religion (!). In such an ocean of blood, who can still
take the trouble to linger over two or three sentences that recommend tolerance over
barbarity? Particularly since the Prophet‘s biography bears eloquent witness: murder, crime,
the sword, and the punitive expedition constantly recur. Too many pages encourage anti-
Semitism, hatred of Jews, despoiling and exterminating them, for a Muslim fighter not to feel
justified in putting them to the sword.

        The Muslim community thought like the children of the Covenant. They too
proclaimed themselves the chosen people, singled out by Allah, preferred by him (Sura 9:19
but also 3:110). But two claimants to elite status are one too many! Believing that others are
of inferior race, that sub-humans exist, that God establishes a hierarchy among humans by
distinguishing the small designated community from the rest of humanity, means that the
Other may not claim the same status as ourselves. Yesterday‘s hatred of the Hebrews for the
Canaanites generates today‘s hatred of the Palestinians for the Jews, each side believing
itself summoned by God to dominate the other – and thus seeing itself as empowered to
exterminate them. The condition calls for the beginning of the end. If you seek injustice you
get the morals of injustice. In the end you can‘t win. Scholars are faced with an onslaught of
truths, refuted by as many counter truths, in a disordered metaphysical laboratory where
every assertion is promptly contradicted. Some pick and choose from the Koran, ignoring
other passages, in an attempt to reduce the totality of Islam to the small portion of texts that
they wish to put into evidence. Some try to justify the logic of their own selection from the

texts to show that the totality of Islam is reducible to the small proportion of text they choose
i.e. ―the best for the Koran is to break it down‖.

        Politics and security could not combat terrorism, shown in massive manifestations
around the world to become living things. The success of terrorism depends on weak
programs to break in, less in intelligence, judgement, positive and negative visions. Low
mentality is the center power of terrorists which is important quality, for making terrorism
more difficult to solve. Success of terrorism is the test to learn for the future. We need to
start thinking outside the boxes that failed us or face a grave yard. Intelligence is the only
friend against the sick enemies and creatures of hate. The mosque is the pipe line for
meeting. We must except the outsiders intelligence especially academics, scientists and
intellectuals, we must benefit from their wisdom and experience. We can‘t control people
ways but we can take opinions. Taking a wrong turn can put the whole nation under

        If we love the sheep and want them safe in the fields, we need agendas of strategies in
twists and turns ideas to push terrorists out in a huge percent. We need to go anywhere in the
world that also need help as terrorism is going on every day around the world, the world is
not just closed to United States. So long there are Mosques built around the world, the
projection is bulky with deadly ideas going beyond borders. We may be wearing radiation
clothings and breathing the deadly element in the soon future.

       A smile can only come from an operation of hope, signed with wise actions that put
the house in order.

       We need to deal with the following issues in order to be safer:

1. Major advancement in intelligence agencies such as satellite photography, information
   about the enemy‘s performance in weapon learned. We need to know as soon as we know
   to pop the emergency plan or we loose to Islamic terrorism. Terrorists consider murdering
   people is a creative idea, therefore evil can‘t be met by a moderate handful of ideas but by
   conservative mechanism, sinking their honors by incapacitation and punishment. The
   mechanism is like building a trap for a wolf from heading to eat the sheep, the trap can be
   built under a better technology to make the better connection. Electronic intercepts and
   the beyond are the only option to break terrorists into fragments.

2. Eliminating or reducing the causes of crime, such as poverty.

3. Gathering intelligence by inserting secrets service agents or spies in terrorist organization.
   Money doesn‘t talk but it buys followers to undercover agent or hiring a hit man who lead
   the terror but turns out to be a government agent.

4. It takes only small group to do something horrendous. Small cells are very difficult target.
   Jihadists are dedicated to the ideology of Jihad.
       Terrorist select targets where success is 100% assured.

       The motive for doing terrorism is Al-Qaeda justice to maintain quick solutions
demonstrated in death and demands. Suicide terrorism is religiously motivated willing to
give their lives in the interest of their holy cause. Their families have no benefit but counting
the death of their sons to add to the number of martyrs.

       Terrorism is different than general crimes. Most crimes are the product of impulsive
desire made up of greed, anger, jealousy or desire for political purpose.

       Terrorism is a revenge driven impulse against Christ and the cause of it is Mohammad
mastered in his religion. He came to the world to oppose Christ. He is the root of evil
existed for centuries, but now in more compelling causes. The direct correlation between
Muslim Anti-Christ and Christians is now clear. Terrorism today exhibits the reality of the
world addressed in the book of Revelation. The principle of ending the world was not
acceptable but today it is the goal.

        Remember: Islamic radicals headed by Al- Qaida which is Mohammad is urgently
trying to secure nuclear weapons. Terrorism represent an explosion of a military history
affected and driven by the unconscious mind which is the magnifier.

       You can kill Osama but you can‘t kill Al-Qaeda.

      The year 2016 is the most fearful year bound to death and destruction attached to nine
and eleven forces. Fear is person‘s greatest enemy, it sits behind failier to respond, sickness
and what might happen next. Confidence is power to block fear but has been killed. You are
in the hand of the devil called Mohammad or Osama Bin Laden. The subconscious mind is
in continuous suggestions to make the conscious sink to its power to reproduce panic. Fear
vibrations dominates at the thought of speaking, but no place to escape to as the freedom is
brought into conclusion. There is no light at the end of the tunnel to sustain hope, anxiety
and fear blocks answers in thoughts and vision.

      The devil is an obsessive compulsive blocked in listening and understanding. You
sleep in horror and wake up in horror. All pain has nerve origin, mental pain happens when
the conscious is stimulated on negative events. Physical pain goes through the path of nerve
into a region in the brain called thalamus to be identified in conscious form.

     St. John revelation: ―When he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in
Heaven about the space of half and hour‖ (8:1).

Remember: Fear is more of imagination than reality but this time is the fear itself. Faith in
the Lord and the good are the most powerful things in life.


      The truth has to be presented in absolute form to stop further imagination by the
subconscious mind, then lands on the subconscious mind.

         The human figure is associated with two minds having different motives which can
only be achieved through power of one forcing it against the other within the individual, each
has its own separate and distinct attributes of power. The purpose of the subconscious mind
is temptation to evil and the conscious is aspiration to good, therefore a man‘s life can be
judged by the forces involved, either pulled externally or internally. Man‘s personality which
is reality is a symbol of what resulted out of the conflict between two minds. In other word
either to preserve the bond of sin or to break them under a greater love of God. The most
important to remember is once the subconscious mind accepts an idea given to the conscious
mind, it begins to execute it. The truth has the quality of an absolute work, working like an
ultrasound device that generates powerful sound waves at extremely high frequencies. When
these waves are focused on area of the body where there are abnormal tissue the affected cells
resonate to the ultrasound and respond to it.

        Rising in consciousness towards the Lord is generated by spiritual waves focused on
the subconscious mind to make it respond to healing. The love of God is an infinite ocean
dissolving everything unlike itself in the mind and body. An absolute truth works by an
absolute method to remove mountains, cliffs of fall and hidden things. We die because we
don‘t know the truth, diminished to nothing, we are born out of a lie.

        Remember: Other names have been given to the two minds such as ―the waking and
the sleeping mind,‖ ―the surface and the deep self,‖ ―the voluntary and the involuntary mind,‖
the male and female mind,‖ ―the objectives and subjective mind,‖ ―the doubled nature mind‖.

        Revealed knowledge is different than natural knowledge. Revelation can only be
evident in the religious nature of human beings. Mandel revealed God‘s physical laws of
heredity and Newton revealed God‘s thoughts behind the gravity law. Revealing God‘s
spiritual laws requires prophets and saints. A true prophet can conquer the mind of a false
prophet. A heavenly religion can conquer natural or false religion. No human can give a full
answer to God. He is in everything and everywhere.

       The following argument perhaps the closest I can get to the mind of God.

        The fact that ideas occur in the human mind in good or bad, in right and wrong proves
that Satan and God minds are expressed in the man in the form of ideas to cause further ideas.
Thus the individual‘s mind is made up to cite divine ideas called spirit which remains active
through the power evolved out of good actions. The soul quotes the non-ethical ideas.
        Nature has no ideas and make no spark, only an environment for giving signs and
experience, helps to appoint a position of authority for interpreting God‘s ideas and Satan‘s
distorted ideas.

       Therefore our minds have the sources of light and darkness. God has the Heavenly
and Earthly minds. There is no other valid interpretation of mind, the only invalid and
common interpretations is the one used by the critics of God which suggests: ―There is
nothing but myself, my mind and its ideas‖.

       Ideas and mind are ―immaterial‖ i.e. having no matter. The human mind is the only
aspect of creations that has no link to the Earth and its world machine. Christ rules Heaven
and Allah rules the world. We think under factors influenced by Heaven and earth while the
mind remains unchanged. When fallacy is exposed, the face of mind is distorted.

       Knowledge is distinguished from ideas, God gives ideas and man forms the
knowledge using his ability based on his life experiences. The science of man is reached as a
net effort of ideas combined to form powers of reason. The science of God is far more
absolute than the science of man. We are idiots servants of God.

       Thus evidence of heaven and hell link with minds of good or evil made under the
human will. There are large arrays of mental abilities localized in the brain area ready to be
launched under good and evil. There is no genetic engineering to mind.

        The solution to man‘s problems lies somewhere between his temporary and eternal
life. God must enter the scene to produce enlightenment in man‘s life in order to produce his
eternal life.

        Remember: The Devil built his mosque to house his demons in the soul. God had his
Church in the spirit of man, to show the conflict of Anti–Christ without a real war. The
demons in the soul destroys innocence and perfection by assisting sins and errors. But there
is a good coming out of loss of innocence, it is what turns us into adult.

       The life principle comes from the life-giving spirit and its relationship with the life of
human being. The practices of blood stem from soul via primitive supernatural power
equating life with blood i.e. you must give blood in order to have life, thus serving the super
being by blood–giving as a proof to the covenant. All good relates to ethical and moral
system metered by the spirit.

       Mind is spirit, incorruptible and eternal. Good thinking comes from spirit of human
beings, evolved from the notion of being good and developed by the ethical monotheism
dynamics of Christianity.

        Evil is caused primarily by ignorance, permitting evil-doings. The soul which is
basically a prisoner, having fear in its values makes life equal to the dark night. All losses

come from the soul that has no uplifting by taking the way of the spirit carrying its action

        Conscious and unconscious minds are different powers for different principles. The
two are linked invisibly divine or image or the earthly image or the two breaths of God and
Satan contributing to either active or psyche corresponds to the soul parts embodied in it the
earthly level of human thoughts. Without the combination of conscious with the unconscious
minds we cannot claim a complete and coherent system of thinking that can separate man
from animals.

        The unconscious libido when it turns to a conscious ego, it drowns the conscious
intelligent. The strength of psyche leads to the loss of self-control increases the risk of being
a dreamer and the danger of self-destruction. Thus difference between conscious and sub-
conscious is a difference between a brains packed with men and brain packed with children
possessing enough soul; the comparison between the threat of actuality and the actuality

       When the eye is shut, the irrational thinking is less in magnitude, the mind produces
less images of exaggeration and bring man closer to the truth. The heart encloses less of dark
channel of communication. No drama to be offered to the mind; hardship through obscurity
from the lacking of light together with the fear and impatience are ceased by the blindfold.
The truth is usually enjoyed by the spirit because the inner sense rises performing its duty
unbound by the foreign things that mask the truth; the soul which is the earthly breath tries
harassment to make the truth escape long enough.

       The power to move the world into destruction is planted in the subconscious. It is fed
by hidden springs and called the law of life. If you want to destroy the world all you need is
to feed it with the ideology and put the mind in the right atmosphere. The exposure to fear
and lack of freedom gives more impact, therefore if you impact the brain with twisted truth
such as the Al-Qaeda principle to be accepted the issues will be strongly cemented and ready
to be pulling brakes. What is wrong and negative in the subconscious becomes committed.

       Balance becomes the result of expressing such conditions. The law of action and
reaction in the mind, change the harmony and equilibrium.

       The spirit in the conscious has to do the necessary fight against evil to restore peace in
the human mind.

       There are two holy wars for destroying evil fought by the spirit. One takes place in the
human mind in ―born again‖, during the transition from evil to good. The truth helps to do it,
in thinking and doing. The second is the apocalyptic war. Mind volatility is caused by the
debt of uncertainty in the subconscious in ruling and not ruling i.e. the flip-flop what is the
norm becomes the exception.

       In order to change the subconscious mind into a bed of roses is to let the seed of good
sprout and grow. If the seed is bad, you get thorn. The subconscious mind cannot reason like
the conscious mind. This is why it is something we should work on.

       Science has no power to stand against evil, but purity and truth has its spiritual
preparation to save the trouble.

       Transformation is not physical, in otherworld you can‘t transform by going into a diet.
Progress is not blaming and punishing people. Money can‘t do it by pleasing Satan not God.

        Born again is a government won by the few to be without fear in order to recognize
the truth which will set you free. If we correct the obstruction in us we are free. The body tell
us nothing except sickness and sex. Third world has long history of showing this, namely a
third class act.

        Remember: The subconscious mind is power without reason which either lift or put
down depending on the supply of super forces. If you feed violence, you have Mohammad
living in you. If you feed wisdom you have God living in you.

        To explain this in simple way, try to consider the following example. ―Emotions
follow thoughts‖, therefore if you thinking negative you will be full of negatives emotions.
The through is processed by the conscious mind which is considered as an action then the sub
– conscious reacted negatively to create the emotions. Thus for every action there is a hidden
power in the sub conscious mind responsible to pay back similar to revenge but the degree
differs from person to person.

       The law of action and reaction applies to both positive and negative thinking.

       The scary look of evil people comes from the look in their faces broadcasted by being
disagreeable, reproducing thoughts prisoner by fear.

       Criticism cannot hurt you without your sub – conscious.

       Remember: The law of love is Golden, practicing it is the key to human relations.

       If you are prone to be envious, jealous or angry, project your self into the mind of
Jesus Christ and think from that standpoint. You will feel the truth of the words. The truth set
young free.

      Day dreaming is the result of super activity held by the sub-conscious mind which
occurs naturally with the third world races. Day dreaming provides the proof for
subconscious dominant power. Basically a symbol of psychological warfare produced by the
events of the day and its power can be either banning or malignant. It is the transfer of the
mind from the visible into the invisible world. If day dreaming is the result of gossip, the soul
assists in bringing back, the so much said. Day dream also celebrates the elations of the ego.
Day dreaming may be regarded as a personalized mythology for providing religions to
destroy the reality and the problem is you can‘t escape from day dreaming. Day dreaming
from beginning to the end lays the loss of time. The weaker the conscious mind is in person,
the higher the dream through size and strength of unforgiving repressed impulses. Day
dreaming is the reason for people dissociating themselves from book reading relating to
knowledge. As a result the brain suffers from a mirror reflecting things not the truth.

       The revelation of the truth as well as to purity has its deepest meaning in the thoughts
mirrored by the instruments of the conscious mind.

       This is the opposite of spoken verbal intelligence. In silent picture, the true feelings
replace the tone of voice. Silent intelligence dissolves anger and tears, and the feelings of
defeat. You can perform a mountain of anger without crying about it. Hatred and fear with
all their wasting energy are put back into the mind.

      Body language is ―striking sex in silence‖ given by a fashion show for body
movements to receive more imagination than needed. A picture has thousand words in silent
thinking. Silent anger contributes marriage stability.

       Logical and mathematical questions are discovered by silent thinking. Silent
intelligence increases the overall standard through maintaining professional success by the
power of the synergy. Poverty can come to end if silent intelligence continues.

      Silence concentrates to allow your conscious brain works the problem in logical way
incorporating all the elements of left and right brain.

      Remember: Silent thinking is the golden road to wisdom. Christ came to make man‘s
silence looks wonderful in order to have its full potential.

        The fundamental importance of the principle of mind impulses is to change the
orderly design set by GOD for a life at best to a chaos designed for a shorter life. God's kind
of thinking isn't made to work because it is expected to be engaged by a Satanic thinking. The
libido shows how blind instinct can be dangerous.

        Impulses symbolize negative forces which disturb, cloud, or weaken human
consciousness. The intelligence is being exploited to be engaged by other ideas causing it to
regress to indeterminacy and ambivalence.

       Impulses sit at the center of darkness due to objection of what can be a divine
intervention which guarantees light and safety. Impulses make humans fall from love and
mercy in mental outlook. Psychosis reveals a reality show of such a model of destruction, the
psyche has the basic process of impulses operating in our minds and lack of target creates

         The purpose of impulses has many target values towards faith, it shows emotional
ability to make guesses, imagination, thinking about and planning what to do next. Impulses
also shows who we are; our genetic make-up; the stock of our ancestors, maturity, sympathy,
pain, trust, treachery and ability to manipulate the brain. We have to rely on God for survival
and recovery.

        Satan's entire purpose of impulses is to make humans surrender their wills to him. It is
easy to prove impulses are demons, by the thought process which leads to being an impulse
slave, doing it without having the brain to look at the process of understanding. In other word
there is a culture of the devil operating closer to the heart in decisions making for the
disintegration of personality.

        One impulse generally score victory over other impulses. Money and sex are human
first and worst problems. The freedom of human beings are lost in these trouble spots due to
impulse of tyranny. Balance changes into imbalance due to those components in the mind.
The devil awaits the persons profitability. Men will do anything for money of sex is the

        Impulses are identified with temptation and can only be conquered by submitting to
their special powers in a material form. There is no rule of logic to be set aside. If the desire
is not achieved, the person feels to have been betrayed. The devil always remain the tempter
and the impulses restores the same things. Money is the third person in marriages.

        Christ's role is to snatch humanity from impulses clutches by diverting humans from
the role of soul to the spirit to meet the good appointed ends. Christ did it by the right kind of
teaching and by the fruits of the spirit; teaching reduces impulses volatility and make
violations less possible.

        Intelligence has its root in the spirit. It is not just electricity associated with neurons in
the brain. Intelligence is not only thinking but also feel. The sub units came from God and
assembled by God to give the brain its property.

        The mind is the result of the dark spirit ―soul‖ assembled in the unconscious mind to
overshadows the white spirit in the conscious mind. Thinking changes according to the
strength of soul. A complicated mind is the result of a mind contaminated with controversial

       A true zombie is a psychology of a man who can't use his conscious mind properly.
Science can only see a cause and effect development, for example : the small – brained

dinosaurs which survived millions of years on the planet owe their disappearance to being
not smart to survive instead of being perished by God to prepare a new world for Adam.

        If thinking is a scientific phenomenon, the intelligence associated with its behavior
will be static dominated by physical laws. Animals fail to be equal to humans because of
lack of conscious and unconscious activities. Animals can't control their behaviors, only by a
pattern of reflexes committed to either rewards or punishments. There is no evolutionary path
between monkeys and humans. Insects are so far from us. Thinking made animals anti –
social to man because of inability to interact socially.

       Crimes are beheaded monsters, a violation of a normal law directed against another
person in act of murder. The mystery may or may not be solved by FBI. A criminal law is
necessary to stop the demons or impulses act or expect a package of fear.

       The truth that stand at impulses are the result of a demoralizing system parallel to
animals to insure self-destruction and to make man just a smart animal.

        Freud was the first investigator of the unconscious mind at the time scientists were
investigating the conscious mind. An unconscious is simply a mind inaccessible to an

        Remember: Without defects in the nature of the ideas, God will not be able to pin us

      No one knows how thinking works. Without God no one can get an idea, no one can
make a sentence manifested in values.

       A desire filled with appreciations in the eye replaces a brain committed to thinking.
The eye usually trust with demons in charge. A desire triggers stealing as the first option in.

         The selfish genes of desire go not by name of God but by name of demons with
abilities to create survival of the fittest syndromes.

       Remember: An honest doubt is closer to the truth than falsehood. Falsehood has so
corrupted the world. The truth of Islam has been refused under the sword. Fear betrays the
truth under the loss of arm. Fear betrays truth, trust to make wisdom buried. Tradition and
reason are not the same, just a symbol of a religion. Tradition is weak in the truth that made
science prosper. The truth is lost in ignorance to have significant impact.

        How can Islam be divine, untruthful, disputatious and words are wounds?

        The principle above enters reality, when there is argument to be discussed for a
variety of reasons. It is like adding salt to the food to guard its taste also critical in following
order among words comments, translation, journalism and common work. The following is
the core of its operation in some selected cases.

        For example, tt is incorrect to give a negative statement without giving some
interpretation. The words ―No‖ and ―Nothing‖ are dark words not helpful or constructive.

       A sentence must be significant in its meaning correctly given and clear. Avoid
ambiguity, there is fallacy in ambiguity. Grammatically wrong sentence in structure can make
a sentence ambiguous or meaningless.

       Using the word ―All‖ instead of ―Some‖ in a sentence is dangerous. The arguments
will be clearly invalid. Example All Jews are good business people is incorrect answer but
some Jews are correct. Incorrectness can reflect incorrect behavior.

        The words ―anyone‖, ―anything‖, ―whoever‖ when used in sentences can be translated
as all in being non specific. Also ―someone‖, ―something‖, ―there is‖, ―There are‖ are
unclear, such words lacks skill or abilities.

       What make an argument valid or invalid is the evidence of what has been claimed but
absence of proof doesn‘t make an argument invalid. The truth when exist it quality to the
arguments. A negative conclusion doesn‘t support valid argument as there is still doubt left.

        Arguments that is directed against the person or a personality is poor, lacking
resources it should be on what the person says. In court what you testify should be absolute,
because what has been said can be damaging to the victim. Incorrect statements can put an
individual into having a defective character. Arguments from ignorance are an illegitimate, it
has no evidence to prove or disprove, bringing an irrelevant points establishes weakness.
Clarity is the core operations of language, without clarity, no individual can deduce or

          Don‘t go into ―circular argumentation‖ fallacy occurs when the arguments doesn‘t
center on the point trying to prove.

        You cannot take a statement from an authority figure and uses it as the truth. The
sighting of evidence is more significant. Emotional arguments are totally false, goes beyond
boundaries. It is an argument attempted to prove by having a feel or guilt about it, the
Palestinian issue is one; terrorism with regard to Islam has also great emotions.

       Sensitivity to the meaning of the written words have its potential to excite, stimulate
or even convince the audience.

        In conclusion: It is a sin if we don‘t speak right, you are required to do it in order to
be on the right side of God. You will be called logical, wise, trust worthy, unaggressive and a
child of God.

       The eye is not only an organ of visual perception but also a symbol of intellectual
perception. The Soul and Spirit function as a Third eye connected to the heart for either
darkness or enlightenment. The sun and the moon are the type of light identified with spirit
and soul in the conscious and subconscious minds. The sun and moon cannot be unified so
as the Spirit and Soul.

        If the eye is only considered as an organ of only visual perception then it proves that
man is plastered in the eye by his own ignorance. The eye functions as a symbol of
intellectual perception. God in the Spirit his eyes has similarity to the sun while man when he
is Spirit filled his two eyes are identified with the moon. The less light corresponds to the
soul which hinders the passage of light. There is no duality between man and God on earth to
make him unite fully. The mental perception remains as the difference between a human and
super human. The eye of soul is not only unique to the man but also immobile fixed until
death serving one of the constants in man‘s spirituality. When we say the heart see what mind
inhibited from seeing, meant the heart is the eye of the Spirit. Man sees God through the eye
of the heart, in a personal absorption relationship and never at a closing distance. The
inhabitant sin is the separator. God reveals his knowledge by opening the mask on the human
eye. Men who live in sub-human conditions are men of soul eyes closed endowed by

        God has the absolute eye with fountain of light by turning the thoughts of love to be
existing universally and eternally in the spirit.

        Islamic law and Jihad together with the Koran made a soul takes over by destroying
the spirit of man changing him into animal. What is a divine became a marriage between a
human being and a demon in human form (marriages with the jinn). The claim that Allah‘s
word is God‘s word made God unpraiseworthy, calling for violence, murder, unequality of
women, barbaric punishments, acceptance of slavery and the contempt for human reason.
The Koran cannot be considered a divine origin, full of borrowings from other religions. It
contains historical anachronism, errors, scientific mistakes, grammatical errors, and
contradictions. The prophet with his Allah made the soul lead using blood retaliation instead
of prison, homicide and wounds which is not product of human intelligence. The elements of
the spoken words in the Koran hides in the soul, so the soul is set to do the enlightenment job.
Allah is the God of death and his will lies in ―pray, slay and destroy‖ to pay the consequence.

       Remember: The eye is not just a sight, it represents a total sum of what is discharged
by the eye in the level of knowledge withdrawn and maintained differently by individuals.
Focusing and decision making are conscious makings inputs, it puts the Spirit into the
knowing operation and at the same time combat the fear that is laid by the soul.

      It is a multiple intelligence design to mankind because man can‘t outlive his wordily
desire. He has to go into nothing to succeed. The mind of Christ is a symbol of the mind of
God in human form under full divinity. Without Christ we wouldn‘t know the mind of God.

     Mind is not a single thing to do everything, it seeks skills, learning, experience and
mass of hard work. There are linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence,

which also include science, spatial intelligence which has three dimensional model ability
seeing the world future, musical intelligence. All are firmly rooted in the mind-brain
mechanics with its external stimuli binding to brain sensitive areas to produce the intelligence

      Creative people in sciences have their intelligence linked to solving problems. This
high level of intelligence requires conceptualization, judgement and imagination. The criteria
of an IQ test cannot be highly relevant. Many scientists including Albert Einstein have not
had an outstandingly brilliant school careers. Creativity and intelligence are far from being
one and the same. Creativity has drive to be objective and scientific while intelligence relies
on the criteria of being subjective and social. Creativity has no speed, if it went into a speed
to have a conclusion then it would be accused of being played blindly. Intelligence has fast
reaction time to respond and ability to concentrate.

      Smartness is different, it is more of a battle than intelligence. Smart people goes on
reasoning fast winning with a large capacity of information to make the spark. When any
subject comes at random that has no interest, the fast reaction time drops. Responses
correlate well with subjects successfully searched. All minds are insufficient because of lack
in reasons which is a property of time. Mind remains symbolic at personal level, squeezed or
expanded in difficulties to repay contemptibility. A shrewd man is clever in showing good
judgement often in sharp way. Cleverness is giving solutions to the problem.

      In short we all need to click to the Lord for a key to open the lock and move forward.

      Happiness is intelligence all round in all we do and say or think which affords ease of
performance with accuracy.

      The principle in this type of brain is copying the best what it sees around and what it
hears or learns. The reason is not being able to channel good thoughts in one passage to drive
creativity. It is like the brain judged by Satan‘s approvals. The bed is Satan‘s bed and the
blood is his river flowing in his directions. Therefore all Asians uses Satan‘s color and
methods carried under his foundation.

      Seeing people having nothing, living in Pakistan like animals wandering around a
rubbish pile brings nothing but mimicking intelligence into the focus.

        A Japanese, Chinese, Indian ….. is like a young man waiting for an older brother to
teach him how to do it because his eyes have not seen light or the real life. He is a wanderer
at all times. Copying allowed him to look good owed to a fragile texture.

      As incorrect thinking destroys the cycles that produces different kinds of ideas, the use
of creative words gets swept away in the area of verbal intelligence. Journalism becomes
much more difficult due to loss. You cannot be a good journalist while living in mimicking
brain. Africans have different mind divisions that make them less than mimicking. Africans
can‘t get ahead as much as Asians.

     Here is some verbal intelligence tip:

 Be a lover of words and use them in imaginative way especially key words.
 Catch up with Jesus for changes by excluding evil company. Christ will plant the seed of
    wisdom for a correct intelligence and set you free from the bad company of uncertainty.
    The deal is done by the way of submission. This is the most power booster achiever.
    Faith allows your eyes to focus.
 Panic is in the center of the process to maintain a ―circus‖ called panic. The human mind
    becomes fascinated with horror. Destroy this bubbling energy by boasting faith in
    mental form.
 Look for new words, check expressions, get into crosswords, invest in a good dictionary.
    Reading and listening makes ―eye brain‖.
      Remember: Mimicking is a subject of faith at national level. Asians and Arabs makes
a sign of passing intelligence to access what is closed.

      Muscles develops as a show piece to represent the associated religion to be a
replacement of mental muscles.

     ―We are walking spirits in closeness with God or Dragon‖.

       There is no breakthrough in the chemistry of mind because the mind descends from
God then gets manipulated by the dragon and his Allah. What is called ―bear of very little
brain‖ is a mind mixed with its soul. There is no general structure of mind as it is God given
intellect connected or conditioned under faith to show consequences in either rewards or
punishments. Man therefore must choose his faith carefully. If you are born under wrong
faith, you must make it right.

      Man‘s mind has difficulties, doubts, troubles and probabilities as shadow of weak
mind. A wandering mind is a shredded mind in roots of thinking, amalgamated under set of
cultural constraint ideas with a good memory. Intellectual faculties such as vision, language
and music are tools to make that lesion of mind active. Thus other lesions of mind are
ignored to do their contributions. Desire with acting becomes equal to taste and finally gets
your heart. Thus desire serves as decisive proof for mind-brain behavior.

      Mind is a wheel of justice and injustice, to assure ―God protect but beast kills‖. The
mind is the force of life for either gain or defeat. Minds are the battlefields of wars and the
deliverer or right and wrong, suicide and murder are shaped in the mind.

     ―Mentalism is traditional‖

       The mind focused on cultural components during the development of the individual.
Culture is a platform of monstrosities, feelings, instincts and no intelligence. The little
intelligence comes from ideas learned by education if exist or collected phrases of values to a
particular society.

      The human mind has only aggregate of God‘s mind spread unevenly among the human
race. The renaissance shows how the power of mind had to wait until the choice of faith
became reconstructed from within and held in the pockets of the western sector. Science with
its enlargements are combinations of western minds distinct from poetry that has
subconscious control. Each individual is born with a certain amount of intelligence in
uncertainty face.

      Mind is the jewel we have but fragmented under Satan to show his ownership. The
power of reason is good because it enlarges knowledge for a path that has more light and less
secrets. The physical power of the body and power of mind are separate. A mind trained
well gives good instructions to the body. A healthy body grants stimulus to the brain and the
nervous system to gain or carry the idea that was difficult to process. The nervous system in
localized area of the brain mediate the signal but under diverse capacities like an eye having
poor or good visualization for descriptions. Thus this debate confirm God is good because
his intelligence causes the universe to move in most perfect way and must have wisdom and
truth persuit coming from him to fall on the head of all humans.

      The brain tissue is under genetic control so there is no likelihood of us for becoming
suddenly mindless. Our body parts are under the brain commands, a brain damage under
stroke results in selective physical disabilities.

       There is no intelligence can emerge out of non intelligence to provide human demands,
nature therefore has no exciting challenges to make man survive. No mindless tissue can be
capable to produce spirit with intelligence behavior. If there is such a model, then who
controls them to have ruling. Biochemical control programmed by hormones and feed backs
are only appropriate interventions of chemicals to control physical pathways not an
intellectual system.

      A robot machine cannot become a human being no matter how many thousands of
specialized connections are made. Understanding represents neural growth. Intelligence is
not a physical path, it is a vital force, mysterious in its form and breathed in from God to do
the Godly matter in partnership in neural responses particularly useful. It is therefore wrong
of those religions who claim the purity of the body is the agent that makes God moves in.

     Intelligence does not have a sharp definition, it is a very large and messy network of
many different ideas. Intelligence is an image by an observer, it rests in the eye of the
beholder. We know the light of God has dependency and darkness calls for the work of the

      Because the spirit of God is connected to faith, thinking has ranking, individual can be
bright, smart, creative or stupid depending on mainly the contribution of culture developed
during the upbringing of the individual. The unconscious mind activities whether grows
bigger accompanied by the culture radiance of evil, if so the mind has no future. Normality
in humans thinking is about balance between conscious and unconscious minds. Thinking
matches with Heaven happens when the conscious has purity.

      There is no ―society of mind‖, only the word of Al-mighty that emerge from the spirit
of Jesus Christ. It is the most far reaching ability to understand. Believe becomes the issue
because of lack of understanding and hence ―God be in my head and in my understanding‖,
but the mind finally has to surrender to the Lord.

     Consciousness is the machine for intelligence, we have to be self-aware in order to
behave intelligently.

      The objective of the Koran is to make a mind ―Crime Smart‖. A Muslim armed hunt a
non-Muslim unarmed as a sport. We see such a trend revived in Iraq now, any Muslim armed
can get any Christian unarmed, allowed to kill without knowing who he is and the Koran
teams up with the implementation. The flow of crimes gives ―The can do‖ as true as the sun
set. The wound in Christ body is not in the Koran to consider, so the cycle of crimes can be
freely effective. The Koran is a ―massacre show‖ held by number six to strike hits in a
surprised form conducted under the veil of women, life is a gamble awarded by Satan dressed
in black.

      The criteria of an intelligence, going onward or backward depends on the group of
demons to do its share of the work. When intelligence resonate with demons characteristics,
the power of understanding begins to undergo withdrawal symptoms in a state of confusion.

       A brain damage in my opinion is persuasiveness which is bend in the line of thinking,
so bad that the line has no straight parts. There is enough demons to withhold the sign of
spiritual thinking from consideration of its idea and the idea coming from God banishes. One
can say that demons corrupt the idea for moving it towards its side. A good idea has one way
and one goal, introducing another sign or signal would lead to a suggestive model to be
chaotic in the neuropath, revealing nonsense. Cultures have a big role to play, example: the
rites of African religion and American Indian tribes which has communication in personal
form with demons project enough disputed ideas to make them stupid. The same with
koranic education where the Koran is the presenter of education.

       Sex demanding demons say: Turn me on and take control over my whole body, the sky
is the limit.

      The making of the modern mind is a theological journey developed in likeness to
Christ. Being advanced is a ranking stands for Jesus.

      A person with such spatial ability has a very visual mind with an insight derived from a
spatial model rather than a pure line of thinking. Without this imagery role, the high level of
discoveries and inventions wouldn‘t be possible. The DNA molecule wouldn‘t be a stair case
structure without the mental image. The imaginative way gives the spatial qualities. Science
stretches in every possible direction because of spatial intelligence. The Holy Spirit has no
substitute in providing this kind of necessary intellectual impetus. The soul is silent when
complex phenomenon requires reasoning. The soul can manipulate phrases for its own
purpose and have infinite capacity of taking things for granted. Facts have been damaged
because of soul ignorance.

      Thinking is not a physical entity to be looked at as a model for reproduction. Too much
consistency with thinking bridged with soul projects bad mind lacking three dimensional

      A life reduced to pagan mythology refuses to grow. The limited success goes back to
the sword which cuts knowledge by its sharp edge.

       Spatial thinking holds a heavy light making knowledge visible in the human mind to be
a life saver and preserver.

      Prayers become a reason for obtaining spatial capacities in dealing with problems.
Prayers get answered by displaying an insight into the mental perception opening doors into a
whole new way of thinking. The fire work of a brain is not all alone. If so we would be a
ghastly crew, walking in fear and dread doing anything. A brain showers ―give ups‖, easily
from worries. All parts of our body are symbolic except the brain which is mystery holding
desire manufactured with messages. Prayers help to overcome the force of negative auto

      Darwin came to think life is one branching tree derived from bacteria and all men are
equal in intelligence, reducing the individuals potential to a single line of a monkey. Darwin
didn‘t look at a human being as a future Gardner in the same way as Adam. Animals can‘t
bring change to a better life. Life, love and hope are passions to give life a meaning. What
makes us a human is the dwelling thoughts to choose what we can do for others, turning pain
into salvation. There is no truth in the animal kingdom. We see the world of little minds
lives at rubbish dumps while the world of the plenty is honored differently. One kind of
charity decision from the world of plenty and one million starved get fed.

     The intake of knowledge from the mind of God to bring to the earth is not equal
because of the body raised in an environment of sin.

     A life lived in straight traces its path to a single sentence called intellectual strength.
     Remember: What it takes to be a grand slam winner and stay there, is a design built
under the third eye together with an input to do the power of faith. The player can then
move to produce wins in steel forms starting from ―within‖ to avoid ―without‖.

     Moses proclaimed his win from God holding in principle the mind of faith.

       Sensory intelligence is an intelligence based on a sensory system a manifestation in
higher percent. It has special value across primitive cultures that lacks abilities. The
intelligence of the individual lacks the problem solving skill. Click of the mouth is the
intellectual strength lacking thinking investments. Communication is the major form for
right or wrong rather than self-help. The intellect is broken down into a collection of things
of particular importance due to lack in efficiency. The intelligence has no laying strategy to
acquire a new solution to the encountered problem.

      Intellectual strength has its focusing phenomenon to prove some of its ideas. Data are
the product of those intellectual strength. Weak intellect depends on ―ifs‖ and street fights
generated weaknesses.

      Cultural settings is important, to process the supply and demand. The skill of a shaman
and a yogi puts the culture into a low yielding results. Can a shaman or a yogi put a shine?
The answer is no because he is a lost man.

       Human intelligence is triggered by the spirit to do the interaction. The spirit doesn‘t
need specific structure to address this issue. Australia shared an enormous isolation but it
built its vision engine to achieve inventions. The power of imagination was placed in them
since the healing power of the blessing began.

      Information leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to action takings. Intelligence is
the enemy of dead thinking devil.

     Remember: Everyone is a wonderer, waiting for a special event to move in, rich or
poor. Love has the long term investment, the more love and good will you emanate and
exude the more comes back to you. Love creates less faults in the form of positive energy.

      Sensory memories are evoked by our senses. The old Beatles songs put us back to the
60‘s when we hear our old favorite song. We are reminded in certain woman when we smell
her perfumes. Also it is why you get a warm feeling when you eat certain food cooked
specifically under the mother love, ―it is delicious no matter what‖. You call it super food
because of feelings which passes all thoughts.

      Sensory memories evokes positive and negative contentment depending on the
experience and activity. Childhood fuzzy feelings, happiness and love are the ones we turn to
in times of stress.
       Sensory memory are feelings that bring us relief and joy. Difficult people brings
negativity, bitterness and ill will, which clutters up and impede the free flow of the life-
principle within us. The feeling of guilt, resentment, anger will not make us go forward.
God who is the life-principle when accepted in the subconscious mind, will show where the
lights are, in big way. What you think and what you produce dark into light desire.

      Don‘t let the beast melt you down.

      Remember: Democracy assists oneself to be blessed under the following analysis:
―Democracy has no power accountable to harm, has no God-Figure-Leader to worship with
fear. If you put the pieces of democracy together in action you get an upgrade or uphill
standard‖. Democracy works with blessed people only. Democracy is both blessed and

       Witches are humans servicing the devil gained out of their irrational unconscious mind
after manifestation of its content in a mind forge. Witches use the raging mind as a machine
to gain control of other people lives. The dark power becomes unleashed in its negatives
content, unlocking itself from the conscious mind. The unconscious that was disciplined by
the conscious in attitudes becomes simply free. As the unconscious power is unleashed,
Satan‘s power comes into the being and the witch‘s mind has alliances with the devil against
the targeted victim in warlock as the mind is in opposition to the laws of God. The method of
Satan‘s divination is based upon the nature of the secrets which were hidden in the magical
unconscious mind. Black magic is the product of the ―very serious manifestation of forces in
the unconscious mind to cause death after having the image of the victim idealized in the
unconscious mind‖.

       The witch is the priestess of the devil to invoke the curse of hell against her. She is the
fruit of repression, embodying desire in boundless form, fear and other tendencies within her
psyche. Her job consists of generating positive promises throughout her lifetime to keep
people obliged to see her.

                        ITS ROOTS

       The righteous symbolize human perfection – they bring order first to their inward
nature and then to their environment – they also fill the role of what is truly a good force.

       The righteous set everything in its place, regulating all things with moderation and, in
so doing, respond to their regulating and creative role.

        The righteous fulfill in themselves the duties of the scale with both pans in perfect
balance and on the same levels. The righteous are, therefore beyond conflict and
confrontation; actualizing oneness within theme selves and thereby becoming already part of
eternity, which is one and whole and unaffected by the disjunctive effect of the temporal.
This is way the righteous occupy such an important place in the Bible, thinking and acting
with serious and orderly moderation.

       The essential ingredient in the art of forgiveness is the willingness to forgive. If you
sincerely desire to forgive the other, you are more than halfway over the hurdle. Of course
you understand that to forgive another does not necessarily mean that you like him or want to
associate with him or her. You cannot be compelled to like someone. That would be as if the
government tried to legislate goodwill, love, peace, or tolerance. You are not going to like a
person simply because someone orders you to do so. However-and this is a crucial point-we
can love people without liking them.

       The Bible says, Love ye one another. Impossible as this may sound at first, anyone
can do it who really wants to do it. Love means that you wish for the other health, happiness,
peace, joy, and all the blessing of life. There is only one prerequisite, and that is sincerity.
You are not being magnanimous when you forgive, you are really being selfish, because what
you wish for the other, you are actually wishing for yourself. The reason is that you are
thinking it and you are felling it. As you think and feel, so are you. Could anything be simpler
than that?

       Compare forgiveness with terror of fire under the question of ―intelligent behavior‖.
To be a Christ child is to be evolving positive energy. To be a Mohammad child is to be
evolving negative energy. Thus religions deal with two qualities, the Lord of brain positive
and the Lord of brain negative.

       Forgiveness follows the law of action and reaction. The subconscious mind is sitting
for chaos when its principle gets challenged. The changes of life start first with knowing
therefore the conscious minds only change after managing to impress your subconscious with
the key phrase. The law of action and reaction works for the right changes after action and
repetition which is a process to make the two minds rhythmically equal.

      Here is a simple but effective method to bring about forgiveness of yourself. It will
work wonders in your life as you practice it. Quiet your mind, relax, and let go. Think of
God and his love for you, and affirm the following oath:

       I fully and freely forgive (think of the name of the offender).

       I release him (her) mentally and spiritually. I complete forgive everything connected
with the matter in question. I am free, and he (she) is free. It is a marvelous feeling.

         This is my day of general amnesty. I release anybody and everybody who has ever
hurt me, and I wish for each and everyone health, happiness, peace, and all the blessing of
life. I do this freely, joyously, and lovingly. Whenever I think of the person or person who
hurt me, I say ―I have released you, and all the blessing of life are yours. ―I am free and they
are free. It is wonderful!

        The great secret of true forgiveness is that once you have forgiven the person, it is
unnecessary to repeat the heart prayer. Whenever the person comes to your mind, or the
particular hurt happens to enter your mind, wish the delinquent well, and say ―Peace be unto
you.‖ Do this as often as the thought of the person or experience will return less and less
often, until it fades into nothingness.

        Hugging a child delivers different message than punishing, the values of hugging lies
with feelings, which has the richness of love. Love rises above any deal because of its
royalty. It gives massive boost to future lows. Love has flying start, transforming a child
quicker. The possibility of controlling the issues to get it right in visibility with relation to
time is high. Foolish childhood cannot catch up with life performances punishment leaves an
image problem displayed in bad side instead of good side. Talks between father and son
remain hopeful in hugging. Punishment has a lot of talks no actions life is a battle of living.

      A progressive idea has God in it as ―The internal truth depends on how you programme
the sub conscious‖.

      If you can‘t perfect man in his sub conscious, he becomes brutal and unproductive.
Man can be perfected but can never be faultless according to the Bible and true hearts contain
perfection‘s germ.

      There is a difference between revolution and evolution. Revolution is Non – living
while evolution is living. The difference between them is one has destructive ideas
originating from subconscious mind, while the other is progressive originating from the same
brain, to create what it needs. The Words in the Bible stresses evolution while the words in
the Koran stresses revolution.

     Liberalism for more freedom goes hand in hand in favoring improvements. A
progressive mind gives brain freedom to spread it out in all directions freely and naturally.

      Carl Mark rebelled against God to lose progress. He was blessed but lost his talent to
the devil. What you owe people is not anger but love, the fulfilling law of health, happiness
and peace of mind.

Remember: A harmony in the subconscious mind can give harmony to the whole.

       Change everything for the Cross and exchange it someday for a crown. We are at a
Zero standard, standing with Satan‘s power of prestige and possessions, loosing energy to
God. Life without God is big flat Zero. There is no satisfaction out of a negative life, living
without change, using opportunities to take advantages and dyeing for nothing. We have
nothing because everything is connected with God. The battle of pride is a huge bump that
make us defensive against God.

       Turmoil destroys wisdom, make it difficult to reach a done deal. Cultural conflicts
put dramas and bias in passion inside us to destroy the wisdom, state of mind.

       Christianity is a decision making to transform from the world to the other side. You
need Christ to get the renovation done. The law of the harvest make you rich in Christ,
showing Christ‘s character qualities with his truth ―the corrector, and the resurrector‖. This is
the only line of defense you have in the last sector of life.

      Freedom of information is the hero of ideas, economic prosperity and decisions
making. Moral forces are souls crying for freedom.

        When money is used as a law to impose upon people, the kingdom of heaven in the
heart which is painted in love turns into a pile of money. The preacher changes into a gold
digger and the possibility of focusing on power over men. Jesus wanted social justice solved
by the level of the spirit. Love of the spirit is free and salvation is free standing behind the
spirit. The spirit has no fights for money but freedom. God is a moral foundation, he doesn‘t
take money from the rich to give to the poor, this is not God‘s design, this is Robin Hood.
Any funding let loose is considered stealing, as the facts and the truth deducted are not able to
be estimated.

       The process of indulging begins when the worshipper becomes convinced that there is
a favorable treatment between God and his preacher. His words bite money in full art.

       You don‘t need to perform the good news, you can purchase it with money just like
any insurance and at the same time you stay scared for not paying enough. The preacher then
walks away with millions after obsessive barking like a dog to show his bankruptcy cry.
Preachers become fighting among themselves for the root of all if they don‘t receive their
square deal.

        When you put God at the Bottom and money at the Top, the downfall raises to its
infinite heights. We see this in the unacceptable face of capitalism today.

       A shattering stress and disorientations is induced by the many demons in the soul
closing on the spirit for the reason of subjecting the person to do too much in short time to
gain the heavy purse.

         Remember: The brain is tissue and mind is spirit, the brain is the Church within you
it lasts as long as the love of God is stimulated by your spirit in flowing form. Moses had his
dynamic faith in heart and mind and Abraham too.

        A blood is a reminder of a race black and yellow that has been ruined by the Dragon
practicing his magical power and thus lacking the white collectively. Man became a silly
cock crowing on his own dunghill, blind looking for something which is not there. History
and heritage is stored in tears and sweat to remember the blind.

        Philosophies and beliefs have degeneration, interpreted in blood. Sexual and
emotional tendencies are brought about by the sphere of soul. Many of them are tyrants for a
fistful of coins, shedding the blood of their brothers. The blood is a mirror to historic
religions. A blood can‘t shine light because he lost the sunbeam ride.

       The purpose of the blood is to keep successive generations either blessed or not draw
awareness. The blood is bound with the past and has the oath to be sworn upon it. King
reserves his blood free from foreign blood that might do harm to his kingdom. A man is
summoned by the call of his blood.

         If the blood loses its identity, the reality change into fiction. In the language of
heredity, a new birth made out of two races highlights the phrase ―where do I come from and
which race I am wearing?‖ It sets the tone for worrisome and chasing roots for further proof.
There is no alliance between the marriage of the two races, all to be reduced to defectiveness.
What was white and normal in the seed designed by the tools of blessing change into spiral
deformities. Blood is the gate to pass good and evil, through the unconscious power of the
brain, seductive enough to inhibit self control. It is just like the reward of a General which is
not bigger than a tent but command. The blood decides moods stability and social order. A
blood full of testosterone rewards a macho man prepared to move from one extreme to
another with huge implications to the society. Arrogance, greed and short time profit played
to feel the superiority.

      Prostitutes used Sulvio Berlusconi, Italy‘s president as ―cash machine without pin‖ to
make money out of sexed brain.

        There is a bond in the blood, this is why God the Al-Mighty spilled his blood over all
the earth to fight the devil. A new seed sprout into a new plant and new fruit. The light of
the seed alters as a result of a new pattern of blood. A man who can‘t manage an invention,
has no ingredients stored in his blood. Creative realization which is an ability to see the
whole is part of perfection.

        The business of mixed race marriage is the business of mixing fish with the fish that
sting. The world considers it ethical and constitutional regardless of the disharmony as the
job of the world is to surpass the wishes of God. Man cannot recover of injurious bites to
ageless time. God‘s blessed race ran away against God under the name of Fantasy,
Darwinism gave the white whitewash.

       Third rate people are captured by the vulva between a woman legs, an instrument
capable to give a pleasure to a thousand. The woman marries for money security to be sure
she doesn‘t need to earn it. The justice of Eve stands with her weak mind descendants to
have her mind restrained while the body liberated.

       Blood is the symbol of justice at the End of Time. Blood and iron is the symbol of
power. Tears and sweat are symbols of sadness and hard work. All are spices of life, all
standing tall, viewing life in all flavors.

       Remember: The process of thinking decides good or evil. If thoughts are constantly
good, the people remember you as noble and good, your spirit usually condition your good
thoughts. If your life is God‘s life, you live forever. Positive thoughts are greater than
negative thoughts; confidence defeats fear. Sadness interweaves with evil work while good
work grows happiness.

        Pride is the I and I, put self above all, also a satisfaction in pleasure of something done
that hold a force worthy to exaggerate of one self. A proud man is only satisfied by his
opinion and may convince others to his act. The mind cannot stretch easily. A sort of art that
limit or isolate oneself. He may accept the world began with him and all merely exist for his
sake. Pride holds down awakening to reality.

       Pride is very complex issue to deal with.

        Man may understand the cosmos but never his pride standing on more distant than
any star and like a mighty maze. Man doesn't need to invent pride; God invented it as part of
wicked behavior; a device to make sure it opposes. God gave Satan his share to be fair and
just but the evil spirit opposed this deal to make pride the "devils darling sin". Pride went
beyond reasons to become a game to build person‘s qualities but for wrong reasons. The

state of truth get depressed by the fear of loosing face. When a sensitive question is asked, a
statement not true is given.

        The greater the pride, the further it want to go against a lot of opposition mocking the
destinies of others. Pride causes arguments, fights and complaint; it accumulates enough
force to hurt itself. Extravagance is big in wasteful things that has no earthly use except
wealth for pride. He is injured if he hears another offered a praise; every one must pay
attention to him; he looks upon words analyzing to see upgrade admiration, lacking
confidence. Pride swells the character under the machinery of emotions enlisting many
things. Irony is the essence character of pride. Wars burn its children to save pride. If pride
goes down, a drama opens to defend its power.

       Pride is a testament for double standard by not reflecting its nature.

        Pride is a prerequisite to totalitarianism preparing an absolute power by a single man.
The circumstance of glorious war is pumped by pride. History has shown, emperors used
every unjust reason to save the empire's. Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) said: "I can offer
you neither an honorary position nor wages. I offer you hunger, thirst, forced marches,
battles and death. Anyone who loves his country, follow me‖.

       If love has a durable fire, the mind will not be sick and will never turn from itself.

       Pride has no straight answer to abuse its power.

         Pride uses us all in ill treatment as man do to a whore. Hannibal said ―I am gonna win
because I am better and brighter‖. Emperor Nero was a controversial figure, had no respect,
he acknowledge nothing wrong for his miss-conduct. Pride is a jig saw puzzle case with
twist and turns and pieces still missing. Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918-1970), the Egyptian
President who over threw king Farooq in 1956. He was the mouthpiece talking and
determined to wire out Israel to gain the Arab‘s pride. He couldn‘t count how much lives he
lost at time the British and French occupied the Suez canal and port said. He changed the
scenario of brief war into victory declaring himself the greatest in the Arab world. Living
under such a dream made him to believe he already reached the climax of destroying Israel.
The 1967 war saw Israel took seven days to claim part of Egypt, Jordan and Syria as new
Israel territory. There was a written sign saying, "If you want to visit the Pyramids come to

       Pride is the fundamental part of a king make up. The first constitutional principle
expresses "The king can do no wrong" whilst corrupt and liberty can no longer exist. The
king loves apprehension of others toward him. Any king is a tyrant if his policies produces
rebels. All kings endure the same glamorous nature, while he comforts cruel men that
teaches terror and lies of tongue. The journey of hard knocks is distant from him, he is still
the winner without playing the game.

      Royalty remains strong, so long the human heart is strong and the human reason is
weak. Power hides under pride played by dictators no matter how garbage.
        The well remembered French Revolution (1789) in namely which 23000 stormed the
palace to overthrow the most famous monarchy in Europe, the reign of Louis XVI (1754-
1793) and Marie Antoinette (1755-1793). The king and queen had no choice but to escape
and to be captured at bareness and guillotined (Louis Jan 21st 1793, Marie Oct 3rd 1793),
ending a monarchy endured for one thousand years. The guillotine was invented by DR. J. I.
Guillotine for a "humane" form of execution, during the French revolution. An oblique blade
lies between two upright posts, the head flies high when a supporting cord is released into the
victim's neck lying below due to the high speed in a jet of blood. The son Louis XVII (1785-
1795) was imprisoned, tortured, forced to sing revolutionary songs and had incestuous
relationship with his mother. He died in prison at the age of ten.

       Arrogance is little more kin trapping pride in its suit.

       Pride shows intellectual arrogance trying to tell others his way of doing. A wise man
hears one word and understand two. Pride produces lies like sand to keep image reach
milestone. Pride is the mask of one's own fault. Confessional passage can't be written in
truth without having to give up pride. Pride expresses its words in the following: "If you
cannot inspire a woman with love, fill her above the brim with love of herself."

       Calling out loudly by Palestinians gives a sense of pride.

        Pride sits in the unconscious mind; we often unconsciously protect ourselves against
threatening unpleasant ideas and charges. Pride is a poison placed in the mind for suffering

        A tangible touch claimed by a preacher for a tangible anointment is pride and greed
used for a deposit account to prey on people who are seeking certain need. This is the work
of the devil. God alone arranges deliverance, he cancels the past for the present. Jesus never
did anything unconventional, he had all the answers from eyes that have the details, coming
out of pure conscious mind. Jesus want you to be free in the light not in the dark prison of
pride. He already set miracles for deliverance, reversing curse. He is waiting for you to
become obedient, firmed and in fixed position towards Him. You worth much more than a
preacher shaping his pride upon you. Jesus will nor reverse His Law to suit a clergyman high
dream. We don't own a thing, all belongs to Him, we can't take it with us. This is a system
sealed by God already.

       Pride steals opinions as his thoughts to keep pride maintained.

       Pride is a race towards all defenses and defied things.

       Remember: The black stone is a case of pride and superstition believing it as
―Heaven preserver‖. The black stone demands kisses and hand touch for feast desire. The
stone drives inspiration which is not different than stones once were kicked.

       There is a paradox in pride; it makes some men look ridiculous and prevents others
from becoming so. Pride therefore has good and evil forces.

        The pride of the peacock is the glory of God. We take a pride to God‘s glory in
creation; the wrath of lion and the perfection of man; the peace of mind it brings when the
real solution is found, the feeling that life is worth living. When the brain free, it grows
strong in just, courage and in qualities.

       The USA achieved all that demanded of space exploration, to be regarded greater than
Russia through the window of pride in landslide victory.

       Feeling the fear of making mistakes sees the loss of pride. A drunken man can only
guarantee a trash comment.

       He that is begging has no pride. The fear of fall is the fear of loosing pride. Someone
who cannot read and write can be trapped in schmuck feeling for life time preventing him
joining hand in hand with the average.

        The parent pride in seeing children achieving the right things; this is seen globally and
one of the key feature for success.

        There is pride in being honest; pride in conducting the noblest work; pride in proving
something couldn't be proved; progress; providence; successful labor and other similar

        Finally if our relationship is based on win-win rather than rivalry, we will prosper
together in exchange of benefits, we will not be in the wood as we are now. We will be
joined to same interest, focusing on same things and more balanced in policy.

      Remember: We are living in the garbage time of environment and natural disasters.
The good part of this is to wake up to the reality and rise up.

        Show me a proud man and I will show you an unfaithful man. Show me a humble
man and I will show you a faithful man. Pride gives the devil a key to our lives while
humility change lock to give God the key. When "I" is used in mastering momentum, it put
the self in equal position to Lucifer. When you start doing the pride way, you start adding
values to yourself more than God, stirring jealousy as in Adam case. God will not take the
responsibility of your life because the way of doing is untrustworthy. You go down like the
fallen angel ‖Satan‖ into destruction.

       No proud person is willing to admit the need of God. He is busy concentrating on his
might to find his treasure of answers. The less we honor ourselves, the more God blesses us,
we have to try to have humility home work to lower our pride. Simplicity has virtue, it

conditions human beings into a mobile state while pride gets you stuck to your back side. A
simple man does not mind to be called the worst names by fools. He uses proper words in
proper places and want every creature lives in a state of peace. Humbleness is a great defense
against pride. Low in rank is necessary to the act of God. When modest, you are aware of
one's feeling to introduce the act of good and a great many closed minds will be repaired.
The soul catches us in pride, for shifting the mind, like a photographer playing with the
negative in dark room to manipulate reality.

       Jesus responded to pride in the following:

        "Come to Me all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you
rest‖. Take My yoke and put it on you; learn from me because I am gentle. Interaction with
Christ is the pride broker.

         Humility goes behind the way to do little by little not out of the way to satisfy the
appetite, and consume less energy. We are not talking about a drastic change in behavior but
just a little by little push.

       There is no demoralization in humility, when we are equal in humility, everyone get a
hero chance. Life is simply a question on whether you want to die out of hundred good
symptoms linked with God‘s nature or be part of self love that prompt eternal damnation.

         Pride without the cure will continue to ripple in reality with a murmuring sound as a
shallow stream over stones insisting on absolute imperfection, preventing pure and glowing
feelings. The private self is what make us tick but soul dismisses the call. The answer lies in
whoever hold the key to the spirit can flex his muscle. There is a piece of divinity in all of us
for creating a revised picture presentable, to a person having pride so he can start a fresh life.
Putting the crown down means there is a grace abound. We must get into the root of the bad
apple in order to create back the balance, so we can see things differently. Transparency by
observing what's happen, recording experiences, thoughts and feelings has a great meaning in
cooperation rather than confrontation obliging us into partnership for putting the past behind.
It is like an entry into a free passage to boost the spirit, the one who is fit in Christ thinks

       Humility is simplicity exchanged with vulgarity, every man is to be respected as an
absolute, it is a crime to lower man through some external purpose.

        The seed of humility has the ability to endure, wait in calmness without complain.
We learn better in how to live, how to gain composure, strength and deeper appreciation of
God's care. In pride you are overcome with fear to loose in natural initiatives like the
detective confronting the suspect with the stolen good confidence and suddenly all initiatives
of stealing goes into hold temporary.

       Humility is a company without limit, to face values, the owner is Jesus Christ.

       Self-absorption prevent delivering the hard work. When waiting for people to admire
your conversation, you are connecting with audience who can‘t advice you on anything.

       Taking a medicine will not change the deceived state of pride for balance behavior.
Decisions determine directions, directions determine destiny for balance. Instead of decaying
away in spin, take control after taking a responsibility position to your fault not blaming it on
somebody else.

       The Spirit of God is the close blossom-friends of the maturing person. A reform
towards God gives speedy result without spending money. Need to work on it until it fits the
conditions that maintain that environment; this is the way of success.

       Show a good ―British grit‖ and go to the Lord to follow the road and rise above.

       Psalm 25:9 Shows how does God respond to the humble.

       Humility means acknowledging our proper place before the Lord. When we humbly
worship him, he will leads us and teach us the right way to live. Matthew 18:4, Matthew
23:12, Psalm 18:27, Psalm 138:6, Psalm 149:4.

       The less we do towards the crown of honor, the more treasury springs out. Pride
builds barriers that keep God out of our lives. Humility opens the way for God to work
because we are more willing to seek God's help.

       1 Peter 5:6-7

        The answer to all out problems is found in God's power and Might, not our own
abilities or resources. God hears and answer the prayers of the humble.

        Remember: Charles Darwin killed God and created a wall between religion and
scientist who is the product of blessings in too much or too little. Scientist became to look
like the enemy of God because of Darwin. He is set to abolish God by the hero Satan. God
defends his honor by judgement paying much more.

       God made nature and man made the pollution out of extreme spending unfulfilled
with humbleness and ungodly. God made nature in a way were one organism‘s waste is
another organism‘s opportunity. Air keeps us alive which goes into lungs to cause asthma.
The water has 60% of water in our bodies in exchange form. The same with soil giving
polluted agricultural products. If we treat the earth as toxic dump we are a toxic dump. Pride
put A in the face of God.

        A state of consciousness in which such sensations as joy, sorrow, sentiment, love,
pain, anger, and hate are experienced.

       One can imagine emotion as a pendulum suspended in the heart so that it will move
from a smile to tears, from optimism to pessimism or a roller-coaster life.
      Justice painted blind because there is emotional judgement. All patriots born out of
emotions expressing the act of dignity and greatness.

       Man marks the earth with destructions and blood because of the message of jihad. A
sentimental man maintains a posture of egotism, lust, masochism, fantasy masked under his
subconscious mind. The thought signed by impulse.

     Emotion is the start-point for an argument, expressed first in the voice that was silent.
Argument follows the disputation and aggression is the final show from being out of control.

        When thinking is processed by emotion, it causes frailness, foolishness, and crimes.
―We are in a company of people we shouldn't be‖. ―We are in contact with mad people we
shouldn't be‖. Basically your eyes are closed to function under a total eclipse. Emotions are
similar to obstacles when man takes his eyes off.

       Emotional men are weak and cruel, stick at nothing that may repair the ill of their
mistakes. The devil welcomes them, for the mess to unfold.

       Emotion is a power to endanger liberty by being forceful into a specific state of
thought. The prison is built with brothels stone, as prisoned birds, drawing no dividend from
tomorrow‘s time.

       Emotions measure well with sensitivity and complexity.

       Emotions have free expression at childhood independent of upbringing, bad words
proceeds with uneducated background. As the conscious mind is not born fully.

       Thus emotions can‘t throw light to make the world a better place.

       False emotions can do so much damage, it cannot decide what it ought to do.
Emotions is an epic journey to hell unless becomes known to force change. Demon forces
are placed into the place of intellect against the profound thoughts of decisions making, the
demon is an invisible as intellect but visible in an art form to God.

       Emotion takes away the joy of well living and make reason knows nothing of.
Reason shows the consequence of emotions actions, whereas emotion ignores it out of
feelings against it, presented in the following phrase: "it was an emotional rather than a
reasoned decision".

       Emotions keep record of wrongs, giving wings to love while love is a large pool for

       The truth hides under emotion to make it unobserved.

       A ―foot-ball cup‖ prize is ―emotion fury‖.

       A black heart is reached by emotional outcome.

       Emotions cries wolf in a war of words to make objectivity invisible. Hatred comes
from the heart; contempt from the head and neither feeling is quite within control. Emotions
break the order of God aspired steps for that golden key that opens the palace of eternity.

        Emotions decide the class of men, destroy man‘s nobility and certain in make him a
kin to the beasts.

       Emotion is love that hide and dare not speak its name. emotions are meant to
unbalanced solutions by the cross over. Emotions have the destruction by omitting all data
against it. Education is information in data to observe as a state of control.

      Africans have natural big emotions not only argue but shout then shoot after the
mouth finished telling lies. The loud black music is equally bound with what goes on in the
mind. A loud voice drags a dragon fight.

        Emotion has its trading line. A healthy mind should have a reasonable balance
between free expression and patterns imposed by training towards the created sentiments.
Full indulgence is emotions under demand, lust can produce conflict with others and with the
law. The man who masks his barely controlled fury may have a dangerous rise in blood
pressure, indigestion, neurosis and the development of psychosomatic disease.

       We cry out of intense emotions injured by hard talk.

       Unrest which leads to tragedy from emotional belief is fuelled by untrust.

      Deadly clashes lives on creating chaos, to be widely felt especially by united nation.
The number of death is the promoter.

       The good part of emotions, gives a color and vitality to life. Emotions govern our
behavior to a greater extent than does reasons and they enable us when strongly moved to
perform a remarkable achievement which is impossible in the absence of emotion.

      The completely unemotional person tends to lack drive and to appear cold by others.
Cold boys are as cold as steel and can be deadly in cold blood. There is a mill in emotions
when practiced.

        Emotions in excess change human nature by the soul activity to bring its own sets of
rules. Remember: playing it cool is the best play there is a fire of feelings waiting to explode
in a better picture not supported by soul invasion.

       Emotions are not profitable to its processor unless it is kept under control. By
controlling emotions you will overcome the anxieties. Happiness comes down to those who
have learned how to control, to start the course of action. Take the following steps:

1. The Bible is the voice of God and the shield to guard us against the enemy, no weapon
   against can prosper.
   A credible perfect with nothing can irrupt in the mind. When His word becomes diet, we
   can reach his mind. Principality the power comes from the Kingdom of God in the spirit,
   where the break-through happens. The conscious mind holds the picture of the Lord as
   the shroud in conscious full.

2. Forgiveness is a decision not a feeling. You make a decision to forgive without
   explanation or communication and refuse to talk about it. This matter is like rubbish
   worthless and useless. If you bring it up, you will be hurt.

   Forgetting the past is putting behind what people has done in blame to enjoy the present.

3. Never take your own revenge, don't play God, the Lord Jesus is the ultimate weapon.
   Jesus will come when the Scripture is refilled in the ear. You win victory when you rely
   on the Lord. King David relied on God and defeated Goliath. God gave him courage and
   confidence. Don't return evil for evil, return good for good and evil, If hurt forgive.
   When two people have confrontation, you have to back down, it stops you from giving a
   punch or a kick. Break it in the name of Jesus. You are a triumphant if you prevent the
   worst before it happens. Love conquers all. Use the power of writing rather than the
   mouth piece. Don't build your life on human promises. If you lowered the shield of God
   to take trust in man you will get hurt. People often have an art in saying excessive good
   things for oneself self-esteem but at the heart, lurks a hostility. This can also be a fresh
   starting-point for further desire. When men understand each other, controversy is the
   first thing finishes off. People have got to have simple relationship to eliminate the fear
   of what might happen. It is just as simple as that. If you are at a loss to start a
   conversation, introduce the weather subject as the Englishman does. The happiest
   conversation is the one where there is no competition, no vanity, but a calm quite
   interchange of sentiments. The decision you make help others to apply the same picture.

4. Let the friends you choose be all gentle and simple, without "wants" without dominating
   thoughts which obsesses or haunts and without judgement don‘t preach but care and
   listen. An opinion if not examined critically bears little wisdom and often creates a
   dispute. A conversation influenced by probabilities is more of trouble spot. A noisy or
   nosy person steals the peace. Avoid people who have a little knowledge, often gossipers,
   the substance of which is about the affairs of others. A person who talks idly or let out
   secrets have no positive movement except to start a fight when the gossip escalates. The
   person who gossip is often suspicious due to an obscure mind filled with a mysterious
   past. Suspicion is a dark thought; the act is like bats amongst birds only flying at night.
   Gossip also steals the peace and shut the door on the fruit of the spirit which is joy, virtue
   and knowledge. A peaceful man gives peace around him which brings pleasure or joy to
   other people. We need to confront emotions in order to have peace.

   The pity stuff about relationship is you let people walk over you if you are easy and
   willing person.

5. Be on the giving not the taking side. Taking anything away is not a pretty thing, what
    was taken belongs to the people, the hurt will grow when you cannot give back equal.
    Giving more grace, you receive more grace. The spirit cleans away the rust produced by
    human nature. Giving in human‘s language is fragile, demands something‘s back to
    match feelings.

    Praise the holiest in the height, for his words are most wonderful, most sure in all his
    way. What has been said is not only a rational for our existence with other people but
    also itself, a path of perfecting.

    The physical objectives of controlling emotions is to avoid ―Satan‘s syndrome‖ to know
    not or locked out.

        Free will is an action or decision chosen freely for moral or immoral purpose. God
gave Adam the free will which is what Christianity is all about. Adam has the options to
choose between good (not eating the fruit) or evil (sin, after Eve's offer of a bite). The two
knew immediately what has happened they were naked and run for the fig leaves to cover
their genitals.

       We the human have a choice determined by our environment, religion, culture,
upbringing and even our genetic code. Judas condemned act confirms the free will thinking.
Jesus knew what was happening about his life but let go to maintain the idea of free will. We
have free choice with the Ten commandments and to think wise in expressions. God is about
the free will, He can inspire prophets to do actions or predict hundred years in advance
because he sees far into the future. God is also linked to faith which in turn is a subject of the
truth. Determinism is the philosophical theory opposite to free will that suggest all events are
determined by pre-existing events i.e. by past or our environment. Determinism opposes the
principle of free will to argue that actions are caused beyond man's control. Free thoughts in
God‘s mind shows reformation movement. A black skin cannot produce light shaped by the
issue of race. This is not just about a face outlook but seen in explicit form. He is always
angry and frustrated, peace can‘t be reached by him.

       A secular society is the product of free thought.

       Faith is measured by invisibility and how much we are open to an invitation under the
free will. Children are not our children, they come through us but not from us and though
they are with us but don‘t belong to us. They belong to unusual place where the Book of Life
belongs, to be sons and Daughters of Christ. We may give them love but not our mind for
they have their own thought. We may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls
shall dwell in the house of damnation of which a good man cannot visit not even in his
dream. We are just the bows from which our children are sent forth as a living arrows. Life
goes not backward nor carries with yesterday. The free will for recovery comes from the
uncompromising soul for what one has become. Let us live to the time left in thinking

judgement about things which are consistent with the Genesis. The greatest award of free
will is what one has become in Christ.

         Remember: the final battle will be between those who value freedom and those who
don‘t. Islam sees freedom as a sign of weakness, can‘t use the sword lesson. Thus the final
battle is but between Islam and the free west and those who want freedom.

       Freedom is a model wanting kindness.

       Any agreement between what you said and do with a degree of firmness is called a
consistency. Learning how to be consistent eliminates mistakes and lay foundation towards
an organized opinion. Consistency is like the laws of nature constant and simple to prepare
humans to think wisely for producing good results. Consistency grows order so when
troubles strike, people act in balanced way. Change produces melancholy through unenjoyed

        Half of the harm done in this world is due to people who take no interest possessed by
various ideas. New quarrels arise out of impulse that has the wheel of change. The wisdom
is not to be sucked in by sub-culture of emotions created to shallow thinking. Consistency
sees man controlling his strong emotions played by the mind. Emotions are the sources of
sin, lead to error and owes a little reasoning to truth. Depend on what your emotions tell you
and be inconsistent. Emotions prevent passion for perfection; it stands in the head when the
Word of God is wholly lacking. Success lies in the Word, the key that opens the door of the
spirit and seal the hushed casket of soul. Intelligence follows the Word. We have to get
consistency in the right order so that our emotions can be expressed inwards towards God and
outwards towards people. Consistency remembering past events, will not make it easy to
forget. Think like God and bring credit.

       Inconsistency ends up in chaos doing the unbalanced act.

        Inconsistency is the biggest problem in politics. Promises are reliable when made in
consistency, the disciplinary act also help to remain silent in thoughts. The civilization of the
Western world in forward thinking and acting came from a chapter in life kept strong. The
sign of which lies in the persistency towards consistency working together as one team with
what it has set to do. This made the "ascent of man" to reach its turning point. A
distinguished state of culture in settled structure high degree of organization involved giving
knowledge to the world and working together to improve conditions. By the "day" the
worthy stands and by the "night" he reaches the stars. As God reign, He reigns. He considers
raising a child before robbing him down on sex. In cursed nations children are produced to
die, from doing the fool's work out of strong longing desire for sex. As every person is an
example to another by leaving part of himself. The act becomes an amplifier or a loud
speaker for a frequency impact. All man made religions couldn't contribute to civilization.
Everything gets moral if the Word comes from Heaven. The Word stands straight and very

white. It neither annoys nor teases. How can a man like Buddha, Mohammad who hasn't
come from heaven hope to make terms with the earth? How can he erase emotions, resist
temptation without contradiction? Soul is where man's emotions begin. Life of hell is life
out of control shaped to commit ending.

       The power of pain substitute God for Satan by blaming things on God. So long there
is emotion, there will be no end to troubles.

       Islam is more dangerous than the idea of emotions. It doesn't settle with just any
revenge. Deceivers speak lies constantly. I rather be right than be a Muslim.

        Hell forever adopts the necessary revenge handed by the Lord, so we should loose
interest in boosting revenge. The subject should be left in the hand of the Lord.

       The word of God teach us to work, to care and not sit still meditating. Buddha knew
beggary his people never knew comfort. Jesus lived the life of servant to open the vices of
prosperity, not to make them hidden in an impact of a picture.

       God‘s law for ―An Eye for An Eye in the Old Testament was a law not meant to be
applied by people as war game to suffer. An eye for an eye is God‘s final judgment law
accommodated by consistency. Those who acted as students of hell in life and politics
making a prison power engine to life, spare his time in the obscurity of hell.

       Jesus is the catalyst, if you accept His promise, the catalyst becomes active, the mouth
forms words silently with His mouth to make heaven purchasable from beholding perfection.
One word, one spirit, one heart unchanging make everybody form part of Jesus with hood to
overcome evil. When we come together with this vision, God will do more than one have
ever imagined.

       Remember: Jesus footsteps echo in the memory down a passage which we did not
take and towards a door we never opened.

       Humans have the psychology of soul and Jesus has the psychology of the spirit,
without Jesus footsteps on earth to echo God‘s mind, judgement will be unlawful.

       Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty, disbelief or distrust. A doubtful man has doubt by
an action forced by a built-in state of thought which may lead to an abuse as a substitute.
Doubts are difficulties when men do not understand and can lead to absorb arguments. The
words probable or possible are shadows of doubt.

        Belief is an action forced to resist doubt entirely by holding an opposite state of mind
in rules for that situation. Two moments of truth can't break one doubt because of uneasy

       Doubt diversifies faith to gain the unbelief. There is no faith lives in honest doubt. A
man can be so near to God yet one doubt can strike it out. One useful belief is better than
thousands of doubts and thousands of difficulties should not make one doubt. There is no
sunnier side to a doubtful man, for nothing is worthy of proving can be proven.

       Doubt is an attempt to seduce the man to hell. Doubt cuts off a piece of the picture
preventing its preservation for its chief treasure, example: the Da-Vinci Code; the Quran
because the truth do not dwell upon them.

        Men needs to stand upon the truth or shall shrink to a little measure as doubt has no
happy ending. Doubt is the devil advocate urging the case by argument against. A doubtful
man calls the chess-board white when it is black. Doubt is a kind of warfare begins in the
soul by the adversary to be organized in group of ideas, principles, philosophy and beliefs
forming a formidable opposition in the brains. Doubt erode our confidence and defeat hope.
It arises because we look at the problem instead of God who is unlimited in abilities. We are
not created to be doubtful. The Grace of God upon us has no doubt but comes when we are
without doubt. God is love and love has no doubt.

       God put good and evil in the word ―doubt‖ so every able-bodied of man and woman
are capable of digging their own allotment in their spare time for their own victory.

       Examples: the truth‘s certainty begins with doubt. When you are in doubt you can
think and strike the big answers.

        Doubt in science is necessary for proving a hypothesis and sparks further creativity.
Reasons convince us with what we believe even if might not be true. For example believing
in adventure is more fatal to health than taking care. Adventure has the most terrifying
experiences but we like it for the wrong reason. There are reasons that kill reasons and there
is passion that conquers reason. The truth to be reached requires facts and reasons, this is
why we need the reason to know the why.

       In an uncertain and changeable world, we need to stand for educational revolution.
Book reading restores a full man; books are where things are explained while life where
things aren't. A linger not allowing new things to happen that might change the course of
your life. The discovery of what else you might do can make life completely different,
towards the better.

       The truth is the only thing you can sink your teeth in; Doubt the truth and be a liar.
Our worthiness, prevail us as God's precious children. If a thing is worth doing badly, we
should do it. The worth of the state in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing

       When St. Peter was walking on water, his confidence was overcomes by doubt. Peter
focused on the gravity problem instead of Jesus. He was allowed to drawn then Jesus saved
him. The challenge changed into victory when he started to focus on Jesus. Peter walked on
the water by faith in Jesus who stands for the absolute truth. Thus the lessons learned are:
doubt bar the door against miraculous answer to be beaten by the devil, "be doubtful and
sink". Also doubt can be a starting place for a double thinking to unite with God.

        Thomas found it hard to accept that Jesus was really resurrected. Jesus said to him put
your finger on the hole in my hand and my feet where I was nailed and quit being faithless.
Touch me and make sure I am not a ghost because ghost don't have bodies. Jesus then said:
"blessed those who believed and not yet seen". Jesus then ate a piece of boiled fish with the

       The truth of Jesus claims was validated by His Resurrection seen by countless
credible witnesses. The Disciples were transformed from cringing cowards to courageous
witnesses who could not be silenced free from fear.

        Thomas is one of the twelve, notorious for his doubts and depression (John 14,
5:20,24). But when Jesus decided to go to Bethany when Lazarus was ill, the rest of the
disciples tried to dissuade Him, it was Thomas who said "let us go and die with Him" (John
11, 16). He later became a missionary to the East Parthia and Persia and is said to have died
in India near Madras.

       Gold (Au) has been known and valued from earliest time. A yellow noble metal in
group IB of the periodic table used for jewellery, ornaments and coinage. It occurs either as
free metal or combines as telluride, usually in veins of quartz and pyrite (an ore of iron
sulphur ―FeS2‖ also called fool gold). Like silver, it is used for its high conductivity in
printed circuits. The main use of gold is as currency because of its unaltered nature neither
oxidized in air nor dissolved by alkalis or pure acids. Gold is a monetary system in which a
standard currency unit equals a fixed weight. Central banks exchange currency for gold and
vice versa.

        Gold Rush is a general term for an influx of gold prospectors following the discovery
of a new gold field from 1848-1915, in three countries, Americas, Australia and South Africa.
In North America, three main gold strikes attracted thousands of Chinese prospectors. In
California (1849), Colorado (1858-59) and the Klondike (1897). The Chinese took all the
possibility of suffering, harm, loss etc for their great ambition, willingness to gamble with life
for gold is a worthy cause rather than going back empty handed.

        Chinese were grouped and fastened together at mine fields having a distinct long
twisted strand of hair down to his backside. Their intention were also to include America to
be their home land. There is famous portrait of a white man capturing a runway Chinese
stealing the white man gold: running with great speed trying to hold him by the tail of his

       ―The Chinese exclusion acts‖ was a gale of warning issued against immigration of
Orientals to the US. The first, passed in 1879, stemmed from anti-Chinese agitation on the
west coast of the US. President Hayes vetoed the act on the grounds that it abrogated the
Burlingame Treaty (1868), which allowed unlimited Chinese immigration. But in 1882 the
second act suspended immigration for 10 years and in 1902 the suspension was made

        The Chinese culture differs by its state of religion to have greater opposition to

       The Christian say: you can't take it with you no matter how rich!

       The Chinese say: yes you can! Insisting you can take it to after life. Money and any
object desired including a house can be made out of card board or light wood, burned to
become available in the next life, in smoky form.

      The field of science and technology is more difficult to digest than spears and knives
Confucius best defense.

        "Posok" is a name given to Chinese by Indonesians meaning a human made at toilet to
indicate the direct link in manners to the Dragon. Pride dominates the race in arrogance
standing victoriously. The good human is neither here nor there. The rich controls the poor
driven by steams of passion, fashion and pay checks. There is no magical spirit to be
discovered; the heart is lost can't capture the light for inspirational gain, to live not by the
skill but by the sweetness of sound set to sale. Chinese are born to be verses for Dragon
uplifting; money makes so much sense in the mind; it is like being the big prince; he takes the
cash in hand and wave the rest. Help is finding a witch who belongs to the devil's club
setting him a new plan for an up start business while the dice moves, for a quick grab of
money. His business has no law but an evil law and no conscience such as chopping down
trees without planting again. The business that has money calling. Child prostitution, drugs
and illegal immigration are considered pleasant businesses.

       Gold is God, also the best of all monopoly profits and the remedy to all sad things.

       The Christian say: when you build your dream on gold and money the future is an
uncertainty also exclude others from having diversity.

       He is also addicted to exaggeration that he can't tell the truth without lying. To
forgive is the most difficult job. He cannot separate past events from present, like a weak
man, he puts an exaggerated stress on himself rather than change mind and death is ―rest in
peace‖. A man who fears is never a gentleman like a dried plant has no roots to grow. The
woman travels in a circle spending money on favorite items to gather happy moments.

        A Chinese man is not different than a Jewish man. A Jewish man will remain a
fifteen year until he dies. What babies do is cute but not when he is forty lacking the spirit of
God, staying shy, timid and fearful. Marriage ceremonies urges cash donation. When he
becomes a Christian, he expects the Holy Spirit to descend with a line of money matching
with his ambitious greed to acquire gold. As he/she stands at a receiving end, he/she uses
love as a weapon renewing it now and then to maintain buildings that wear miracle center
under the blood of Christ. If there is critical moment, he consults the Holy Spirit for an
answer that suite his wish. He is confused between the act of his false God ―money‖ and the
state of being a Christian, blending the two ingredients together under the name of Allah. If
you try to teach him something about honesty, you are chasing a circle; the mind has no ears
to listen. The blood of Christ is the ground for enjoying the objects of desire; long live the
blood. His conscience easily allows him to act as a shadow of God, having telephone to call
God at any shortcoming things. Adultery rejoices with the Chinese people, considered to be
the royal road for sex and pride. How foolish to spend money on prostitutes?

      The culture keeps him fighting for women so his eyes can shine before men. There is
one way to beat the odds that is get the attractive woman first to prove you are worthy.

       If you are working under him you feel like part of a group of convicts chained
together for work outdoors.

       He never looses his boy image. Revenge is his answer for any blind act. When he
gives money to someone, he looks like there is a boot stamp on his face coupled with a brief

       In brief Chinese are cowards flinch and traitors who's goal in life is to live on others
so others may die. Like a group of mosquitoes able to transmit diseases; he is an tribute to
the Dragon, born to keep the flying dragon glide until the Second Coming.

       If you maintain a fundamental belief in the accuracy of the Bible then you must
believe that races are the work of God in the world today. Evil is the devil at work through
people such as Chinese, Indians, Africans and Arabs causing pain and destruction. Man is
not created in the devil's image as a whole. He is in God own image. Weak minds describes
portrayal entities of the devil.

       The axis of evil sticks out visibly through the center of each religion and culture in the
world, as it is written in the Book of Revelation revealed to John.

        Gamble is not the solution, you only violate the law that was revealed to win a selfish
gain through unvalued soul.

       Balance is a condition of steadiness in thinking between two opposing forces. To have
a balance the spirit must have the upper hand to swing against the soul.

       Balance is an increase from the inside, you are no longer a child. The mighty
Europeans represent a battle of pride already won. Civilization is the gift of a renewal mind.
God gave the pioneers to light things up. God gave us the mind of Louis Pasteur to destroy
the germs. You are either a monkey or a great mind speaking to either to a man saying yes to
bad or a man standing straight saying no to evil.

        The Anglo-Saxon man is an example of a God blessing coming together with his
culture which is the instrument for overcoming evil with good. He places himself in a
deliberate danger to save the big cat, a Mongolian rare white tiger and orange tiger. He
helped to make their cobs delivery easy then performing the mother role feeding milk by a
drinking bottle to save the endangered species from the possibility of dying. He puts calcium
on the meat to grow quicker before releasing it to the wild, bringing more tigers to the world.
The Christian man say: I am strong when I am standing on Jesus shoulders; He raised me so
I can be on the top of mountain to do more and for tomorrow that I might see. Character is
like a muscle, it gets stronger with exercise. The Holy Spirit awakens our desire for honesty,
integrity and responsibility but we must choose them in every situation. As we mature in our
faith we will become stronger people. Following God's principles gives the confidence of
clear conscience. A transformed character reflects God's work within us.

       The Christian message is: Begin to be committed to that guardian message sent from
above, to deliver the world from ―less than a dollar a day poverty‖. It is not who you like, it
is who you trust that makes a change.

       A greater sense of wellbeing provides us with the vitality we need to lead active lives
and to interact with each other in ways that are respectful and just. Love is the vital sense.
Evidence shows that we do better, we are happier and healthier, and more productive if we
feel connected to other people in values and work; there are many things one can do which
can have a positive impact on the community. Sometimes all that's required is a fresh
outlook; at other times it's an activity that provides a new perspectives.

        Remember: The Chinese worshippers of the dragon speak out loudly about his
perfection and absolutism. How can he be when his look marks the ugliest upon all animals?
His look is to be silent about.

        Stress is a weight of special significance laid for burden by the state of being thinking
negative. Schools, discipline, physical, emotional, intellectual pressure place us under a great
deal of stress. Excess stress steals health and joy away. Constant stress brings about changes
in the balance of hormones in the body. Adrenaline is the hormone that prepares the body for
"fright, flight or fight". When the stress hits, the body send a message to the brain to secrete
the hormone. The adrenal glands are a pair of endocrine glands ductless which manufacture
and secrete the hormone in very small quantities directly into the blood stream situated
immediately above the kidney. It produces the hormone by its medulla in momentary fear.
Heart beats increases in order to improve the power and prolongs the action of muscles. Also
as a result, the rate and depth of breathing increases to liberate other hormones chiefly from
the pituitary gland with specific "target organs such as the skin, stomach, colon and cardio -
vascular system‖. Adrenaline inhibits digestion and excretion and constrict blood vessels.
The blood pressure goes up during the constriction of the arterial system. The metabolic rate
is raised so the force of muscular contraction improves and the onset of muscular fatigue is
delayed. At the same time the blood supply to the bladder and intestines is reduced, their
muscular walls relax, and the sphincters contract (a specialized ring of muscle around the
anus and at the openings between the stomach and the esophagus and the duodenum). If the
mental stress couldn't be resolved, repeated hormonal stimuli will lead to a state of over-
reaction shown by symptoms of anxiety, fear, frustration, hate, anger, or rage.

        Anxiety is the commonest manifestation of stress. It stems from many types of
conflict, examples: To exercise a difficult choice; from unsatisfying personal relationship.
Competitive standards of living may force husbands to accept wives to undertake full-time
work in addition to looking after children and house. Insecurity and dissatisfaction at work
and from many other complexities and perplexities of modern life.

        Stress may lead on to a particular disease ―neurosis‖ as the end results of chronic
anxiety. Physical symptoms such as tension around the neck muscles causing headaches;
nausea and vomiting. Spasm are caused by the abnormal narrowing of any passage in the
body that cause a sudden involuntary contraction of muscle for becoming stiff (fibrosis).
Also the muscle fibers in the walls of blood vessels narrowing them to obstruct blood-flow
affecting arterial circulation particularly in the heart and brain and in the limb. Bronchial
spasm that produces asthma worsen.           Stress may lead to chorea (a jerky involuntary
movement affecting the head, face or limbs due to disease of the basal ganglia). Meningitis,
tetanus and rabies are also possible. Insomnia, twitches (short jerky movement of a muscle
or part of the body). Tics (a twitch occurring repeatedly), and skin rashes are moved by

        Skin disease are of particular interest in a psychosomatic context caused by an
interaction between mind and body, example: peptic ulcer, asthma. The effect of emotions
on the skin is easily observed as in blushing in shame and hair-errection, and goose-skin in
fear and horror. The blood vessels contract and the small muscle attached to the base of each
hair follicle also contracts, causing the hairs to stand up, this gives the skin an appearance of
plucked goose skin. Hair loss can occur associated with its root condition relating to stress.
Emotions when experienced in excess is reflected in the skin as pruritus (itching), urticaria
(nettle rash) and rosacea (chronic congestion of the blood capillaries leading to a lumpy red
appearance of the face). Digestive upsets, bowl pains from indigestion peptic ulcers, colitis
(inflammation of the colon), with the symptoms of diarrhea, some times with blood and
mucus. Palpitation, high blood pressure, coronary thrombosis, dysmenorrheal (menstrual
pains) and infertility. There are many other less well-defined conditions such as hurrying or
doing things quickly by being in-patient tenses the muscle up causing it to be stretched or
strained in a state of nervous strain. Glucose and its derivatives are crucially important in the
energy metabolism. It is a major energy source, they get broken down first during the hurry
demand while the brain is also waiting to burn glucose for its mass of nerve tissue to control
the functions of the body.

       Obesity is stress related disease, the excess fat accumulates mostly in the
subcutaneous tissues. Today up to one in six are considered obese over the ideal weight
which can result in serious health conditions. Over-feeding of excess carbohydrates (starches
and sugars) is the real culprit. Psychological disturbances such as frustration, loneliness,
emotionally disturbed eats in substitution for some other ungratified emotion.

        Anything which disturbs the natural balance of the body is called physical stress.
Injuries, disease are such factors that has an adverse effect on its functioning. Physical over-
exertion cruses stress because muscular function requires adequate supplies of fuel and
oxygen and rapid elimination of the resulting metabolic waste-products e.g. carbon dioxide
and water. If the elimination is insufficient for the needs of a particular situation, the result is
fatigue which persists until relieved by rest. To give example, in running we breath fast to get
rid of the carbon dioxide and our muscles feel tired because of the excess of CO2. But if
within physiological limits, no harm results.

        Repeated physical stress produces hypertrophy (increase in the size of tissue or organ
brought about by the enlargement of its cells rather than by cell multiplication). The
pumping action of the heart gets reduced in efficiency. In some cases prolonged abuse may
lead to physiological aging.

        Environmental pollution reinforces physical stress through physical contacts with
germs encouraging infection. Introducing new habits and new ways of life to deal with a new
nature, highly dependant on producing smog, insecticides and harmful wastes. Noise
pollution of those who are too selfish to comply, using the internal combustion engine as a
loud speaker, a strong feeling of displeasure and often hostility grows more fully.

       Overcrowded insanitary dwelling create physical and mental stress.

       Stress operates at a profit with a person having too high expectations, without a
reasonable limit. Stress takes over when the dream of such gain blow out.

       The stress of farmers lie in poor harvest "drought and stress" and strain of pests and
storms. The evil part of technological science makes stress evolve out of competitive
spending culture directed towards luxuries instead of necessities, trying to make the
governments economy survive. This made the return to nature untrue; abandoning such
luxuries and methods of communication is often not possible. The stress disease is here to

        Stress is more experienced in primitive culture than the civilized. Evil creates a
culture to walk man's animal behavior to destroy the works of God. Third world culture
influences individuals just as the tissue fluids influences individual cells. Instead of a
harmonious behavior, it provides its own acceptable behavior to discipline, persecute,
ostracize those who will not or cannot conform. What you should do or shouldn't preserve
with the wild life. Everyday there is something to turn their worlds upside down. A dictator
prints more on the mind marked with anger. freedom abolish restrain and eliminate mistakes.
Temptation decreases when men are not liable to error.

       Stress persist so long the state of child mind continue; only death will provide the
       Child upbringing under the use of force, penalized to prove the way of discipline (like
gathering shattered cattle) a man is denied from being a man to become a thing.

       The genetic element walks in the same order to receive stress character from one's

       Stress has its good side, without some stress we would have fewer reformers,
inventors and artists.

        Nature has no cure for this sort of madness. The world continues to offer such prizes
to those who have the state of being weak.

        Avoid pressure if you are liable to suffer unpleasant consequences. Escape from some
intolerable work situation by reading the Bible.

         Beauty is the adjustment to new changes, the solid wealth of the success derived from
life style and the efficient use of education to learn what you need to learn. Think deeply and
seriously on the scripture; walk the love walk, patience slows you down, make you focus and
crushes hurry. In love you can always found something to do, can relax and laugh.
Forgiveness removes the junk in the heart. We have to remove the faults that put us under
emotional bondage, can't forgive and angry. You must release the man who hurt you most.
Cancel revenge, cancel that debt you want to pay by turning them to the Lord instead of
moving around in circles. Each problem if not solved gets more frightening. Once it is done,
you have lost one thousand pounds off your shoulder. There is no magic bullet, to stress
when the Lord is not there, stress is there. The answer doesn't lie in people hands. We need
to work towards the good health to release the body from mental strain. We need to put
margins in our lives. God left the 7th day a holiday for Him. Breathing laughter eliminates
stress as well as leisure for healthy recreation. Power and money has the biggest issue of
stress. Be the change based on faith to give the confidence you need to crush stress. You
loose hope, you loose everything because hope attaches to future. Hope leads to trust that see
doors open. The following verses will help you to pay off the burden.

       Matthew 11:28-29

       ―Resting in Christ breaks the hold of stress. When we are yoked together in service to
him, we are free from the unrealistic and destructive expectations that can overwhelm us.
Jesus humility and gentleness overcome every conflict and stress in this life‖.

      Stress exposes our human limitations so that we can better realize God's limitless
power and love.

       Galatians 6:9

       We keep going because God has promised a rich harvest in his perfect time.

       Romans 5:3-4, James 1:2-4

       ―While stress exposes our true character, it also helps develop our true character. Even
when we fall short of the mark, God has promised to work within us, shaping us into the
image of Christ‖.

        Me is a concept different than us. In a society, me divide people into unequal groups,
for and against the issue to go different ways, no longer united. ―Us‖ has the characteristic of
unity to combine together the pieces into a complete harmonious whole that spreads its goods
in proportion and energizes its members in the group. The system has an unchanging quality
and a common pattern of behavior. There is neither greed nor slaves or masters. We
discover more which connect with the power of living for better destination. We are no
longer in the woods, by the way of life that protect itself. Investments open its door for
growth by supplying the quality goods and services available to consumers. The beauty lies
in the values of basic things that have moral qualities. Thus ―us‖ look beyond self and can
bring ―me‖ into the peace negotiation table to be beyond self. Us is also a community in
solidarity, a unity in thinking, opinion and relationship. Brains are about thinking in opinion
and conclusions for the know-how; to change mystery into human knowledge. Us is power
to preserve self with its environment. Renewable energy is part of ―us‖ in a package deal that
has to be accepted as favorable.

       A total verdict supported by ―us‖ is better than the judgement of one. A president is
―one‖ but cannot deliver without the congress approval. The bill is presented to the congress,
would not pass unless the congress act. A good president must work together with the
congress to make the difference.

       When shoulders stand against the hour, the sum save the one with trouble.

       Richard the lion heart fought to defend the faith war at the frontier like a valiant man
to earn him the name. He did it as a man bound in duty to a group, defeating Muslim salah
Al-deen, a mammoth defender of Islam to change the balance of power.

      God is usually on the side of unity and against little ones trying to make a noise to be

        In ―me‖ there is no sea of change, one person can't bring people together, one man
doesn't know how to fix it; ―me‖ has flip flop on issues, every man is said to have his peculiar
ambition. There are men who individually can do nothing but as a group can change nothing
into something combining the good spirits proposing solutions. Us gives a living, a change,
characterized by new events, there is no fear but a spark of hope. You are ready for anti-
terrorism, deadly task, our security is far more important than anything else. A bomb in the
form of plastic explosive is inserted in a belt, only a clever tester can tell. There is no
substitute for such a command, only by the action of group mind that can deliver in new ideas
of what was elusive for others to see.
        We are mutilated by a collection of religions and races, spoilers of the symmetry of
life and creator of odd likings such as the war of words, slogans and controversy. This is not
the way of solving the problems in life. Me can be an infectious disease brings down the
world into its knees. He can be calm and good looking but cyclone at heart.

        There is credibility in ―us‖, as being stable not fragile, the good is greater than bad
and credit worthy. The process of ―us‖ brings about system, art style, and advanced
knowledge to give to others. Civilization is the work of ―us‖ which makes a person goes
through life with some expectation of getting what he wants within reasonable limits
civilization insures no man will grow out of the gutter. Civilization position ourselves in the
middle of somebody else situation. In time of stress, educated people tend to come to the
front to help, no poverty, sins minimized, and the force is the last choice. Injustices suffer no
more; insecurity founds protection. No rubbish to throw into a mind sufficiently open. Me is
a big mountain to climb. Every young being is full with foolish ideas, wouldn't have his hour
to be wise, lacking in all convictions; the worst are full with passionate intensity; the
impossible is plenty in women lacking education.

        Christianity is but ―us‖ acting. Christ is God working in us. His birth became the
birth of Christian Europe and USA going beyond me in actions.

       The blessing of nations comes when ―us‖ acting. Jesus healed the humanity by the
concept of ―us‖. We see Jesus in all of us; we are all one in Christ. Anyone who calls for the
Word is working for us, fulfilling promises in us. Immanuel is God with us to all people, to
all man kind for good will. The message of Christ think in term of ―us‖ not just me.

       Solidarity in Christ gets us closer to be further in front to something being pursued.
Usually expressed in greater wisdom to face whatever comes our way. The power of nation
prayers for big requests is welcomed by God. Busyness together make God given time
useable. Solidarity for taking responsibility towards young lives, speaking life to them,
building people in God‘s thinking way to raise a platform of purpose.

        Freedom has no purpose without God's platform and taking charge of it. You can be
free but depressed, unfulfilled, empty or a useless way of life because the platform you built
is not genius. If the fruit is holly, the branches are, meaning you received the order in life not
loosing it to have chaos, acting as a child, playing with toys. God doesn't bless the secret
mess in your life getting it out of black, yellow and red sacred books or cow. Stand not on
any platform but he platform that has been built by God for eternal life. Think big to have
great ambitions and think twice with great care to consider balance.

        Solidarity in evil involvement put the boot in the human face for even. Arm power
brings safeguard but also make life ending possible. Sainthood is possible only through
things that human being must avoid. We are fat on the inside, thin on the outside because
there is a thin man good in a fat man evil to express the language of insincerity and spread
idioms the road of perfection begins with us.

       Remember: ―Us‖ cannot slay the dragon, the God who lives forever is the slayer. We
are second in importance in brain and mind. God the creator of everything has the answer to
Satan apparatus. We have brain but we don‘t have mind construction in the brain, telling

        Life doesn't have clear edges because everything that we do is not clear enough. Life
alone has no power, the mind has no vector, we must stir the mind but can't change bad
things without God. Dictators change things by adding or subtracting, impairing the harmony
of the whole.

       All creative pleasing and exciting things to the senses incarnate ills. The mind has to
change the tune to adjust to the creative idea.

       If life is to be born in a place that has everything, then we don't need to cultivate or
employ the power of thinking but man has to go to the sea for finding pearls. If the Lord God
gives everything, man becomes like the idiot or clown, sits on the edge of the world and a
push may send him over it. Life without changing people's behavior, will behave as
outrageously as the world will let them.

        Life is not series of gig lamps symmetrically arranged; life is a luminous halo, a semi
transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end. Jesus
walked in the night because the light was in him. Show me the man who has the power to see
at night?

       Thomas Edison said: genius is one percent inspiration and Ninety-Nine percent
perspiration. Living up to the very edge and living a life on the edge are two different things.
One is greatly assisted by spending to have more. The other is a necessary part for the wisest
of mankind to aim at and achieve.

       God lives at the edge of being, the edge were victory is. Living a secure life will not
bring you a life close to God. When people are bound with someone they forget God.

       We don‘t want pain but we find God standing in the very shadows of pains.

        We win by proving we are worthy of winning. The mind is the battle field for Satan
attacks, he has the art of bringing us to the edge of the abyss. There are no gains without
pains. We find God sitting on the top of the mountain; in journey; in adventure; in every
where while we are wondering where he is. His amazing love is mighty enough to save a
human from being dammed.

        We are in special place put to have a part to play. We need creative thinking in depth
to carry the big events of life.

       The devil is anxious, his illness is in all of us since an ancient time. His spirit comes
from the bottom of the pit. He wants us to focus on what is wrong not on what is right about
people. He rides us well on negatives emotions, memorial past to steal what was gained,
worrying about things not clear. His spirit is obsessive compulsive linked to temptation
presented in art through time.

        He comes as an angel of light to deceive. This was the way Mohammad received
him. The miss-perception bears a receipt to drive the person down to the bottom of
everything and the solution is blood to change the way you feel. Transformation is mind
change to break the chain that link to wrong. Anglo-Saxons ruled the world by the light of
their culture and the image of God got planted in them. They had the power and authority to
defeat Satan, from faith consumption, building a road to a new world. We cannot afford to be
conformed to the world, we need to change identity in new name ―from Abram to Abraham‖.
Experiences in trials strengthen our authority, getting away from goals framing thinking. The
peak comes after minimizing the devil by breaking his transmission from one person to
another, like that caused by virus then you are no longer need to stay in his power.

       If I walk in faith, I can have that head of knowledge. We need to walk not on ―if's‖
which is doubts but on internal revelations.

       Evil is a particular, character that works against the welfare of humankind. A form of
disease painful and problem filled common in the developing world culture. A path that give
fundamental responsibility to take over by kicking the spirit overriding good. Evil has no
evolutionary process, it takes the path of temptation but evil is reversible. The dynamic
exalts on guilt and imperfection to make salvation less workable. Evil deeds has its own
punishment under the suffering of individuals. Ancestors evil tangles with DNA as a
reminder when supplied under demand.

        The law of supply and demand comes from acquaintance with the evil to cooperate in
guilt and accept responsibility for its nature. Evil fills the gap between cause and effect as the
picture of virus that produces illness.

        Good is the only act which contains all the denominator that can to overshoot evil

       Worry, anxiety, fear and depression are patterns of supply and demand. Becoming
emotionally mature decrease the tendency. You cannot be hurt when you know that you are
master of your thoughts, reactions and emotions. Negative thinking and alcohol services
supply and demand. The law reverses its effort when what is opposite is made.
Accomplishment is a desire in realization.

       Temptation is free choice of two; the one that will do you good without wasting time
and a neurotic one indicated by beastly mind.

       There is no greater joy than in the truth which protects integrity and lift volunteers to
do the new testament teaching.

       Self control is only possible through God who can work within us to bring freedom
from drives that distract us from living for God. The only way to resist temptation is by
responding to the temptation with the truth of God's Word just as Jesus did.

        Remember: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
nothing. The law of supply and demand comes into action when the people are desperate to
create crises to be widely spread.

       We cannot have the New world without redressing the balance of God. Everything
that has been sown in us was weighed in balances. We ought to have a sufficient flow of
mental balance to operate without loosing our temper. Human good is an activity that exhibit
excellence in accordance with the spirit to echo God. Good must be practiced and preached
as a whole having beginning, a middle and an end.

      Immorality when put in the balance, it pulls up the scale, crimes, scandals, poverty are
lowered for satisfying relationship. Morality speaks to itself.

        Mental balance constitutes a relationship between pressure and resistance for rescue.
The man-made pressure contains ideas, difficult to control. Pressure is an art imposed to let
panic fear and chaos stay continuous. Cruelty is power without balance, a case where it can
subject the other fellow to do the same aggressive act without pay. The whole world is in
revolt today because the necessary adjustments are not on one's head. A person that is
hostile, aggressive is an enemy, of man and God led by burdens stopping him from moving

        An eccentric person, lacks the necessary balance, he may speak words jumbled
illogically. It takes patience and love to appreciate him. Love alone is the therapy for
balance, it has the power of curing, to be unhooked to the trash around.

        Balancing materialism with spirituality improves the quality of life by reducing the
work of the devil. Drugs can't cure sin. Psychotic drugs can't distinguish whether it is a
behavior problem or disease. Drugs can't treat such symptoms that have many variables.
Depression has nervous reactions and a state of agitation in the brain‘s switchboard, missing
on incoming and outgoing commands. The brain loose its emotional control which can lead
to suicide. An unconditional love for life assistance is the natural act to diffuse the flame
with its scenario element.

       Nothing will change if we don't change. Don't live on the future at the expense of
today. Past is a key to keep you away from what God wants you to be. All human lives have
been written in Heaven before the Bible was known.

       Don't let enough be good enough, must lean on the area that there is more to be done.
There is more to be done no matter how good you are doing. We have to keep pressing until
we get to the promised land.

        Promotion comes from God not man. If not going forward, you will be going
backward. God always want to open doors calling us to work at different levels. We have to
make room for God's mercy. Shown in the silent act of heart praying. Tender loving care is
the best support to offer for hope and care.

       Prison walls keep the love of God out from transforming.

       Balance makes all habits good, because of sin lacking. Justice weighs the truth with
gold in nice balance. Balance is speed onward like a bird on wing having lightness in sins to
show a taste of divination.

       Wisdom is like a three wheel motorcycle, no extra source of energy is required to
balance. God gave us three wheels in The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Walk not as
fool but as wise making good decisions. Every wise saying in quickness of intelligence is
seeing things as they are. Wisdom also help the human soul to make its peace with the spirit
of the person. It takes two to make peace and one to make failure. Balancing what is
possible is the beginning of the happiness, this is why there is time, God had to come down in
physical form to form the contract.

       Death has grave concern but not a perishable aspect. We are vanished under
evolution but living under creation, therefore death liberates identity.

        The death of any person leaves only a memorial behind, his spirit continue to be
together until the conditions of the Great Judgement. The spirit then unite with its flesh to
form the person. Jesus death differed widely, His Spirit stayed with the body pushing the
boundaries of any options that say He was a man. The Spirit of God merged out of His
tortured body to do the Resurrection, seen as a two fold size of the truth verified by eye
witness. The turn around that Jesus was God came from observing the ―death of God‖.

       Buddha didn't die for us and took out sins onto him. Jesus death was his work; from
a beautiful baby, into criminal into the rising equivalent to the rising of the dead on the Day
of Judgement. Mohammad didn't sacrifice his life for us. He did not believe that Jesus died
on the cross instead he said Jesus was taken to heaven like any other prophets to give his
Allah the higher level.

        Because Jesus Lives we shall live. The angel said: He is not here, He is risen from
the dead. Jesus is and was the true Messiah and God. He is one Lord, the only Son of God,
eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, begotten, not made, of one
being with the Father. There is one embodied God observing one standard of light forces.
Without the trinity rule, Jesus will have an unknown existence.

       The Gospel of John which is as profound as those of Genesis say: In the beginning
was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Thus proving that Jesus
was man (The Messiah) and God speaking in one voice.

       In conclusion the death of Christ and his resurrection is the proof of the ―Supreme
Deity‖ corresponding to life in co-existence.

       Jesus never left his bones behind.

       Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some are born to sweet delight, some
are born to endless night, but I was born to love him. I love Him and he loves me for He is
my father; therefore I wish to do the dream job that He has ordained me to do.

        Because I am His son, I can rise up to the level of full privileges and rights and
authority and dominion. A son of God who speaks forth the word of faith, speaks unto those
circumstances that have him bound. I am already more knowledgeable about an ideal world
without the need to torment experiences. I don't need to read an endless books in order to
correct errors. I read one book "The Holy Bible" for rest with Christ. From the word I learn
how to live not in world‘s society. The more I meditate on the Word, the inspiration from the
Holy Spirit increases; I become little by little aware of the reality. My inner spirit reshape to
no longer be a weakling.

      All my pieces, moments and time coming from twisted faith are gone for ever by His
amazing capacity.

        I shall become strong unveiling His truth unto my spirit to be able to stand and do the
work He called me unto and rule and reign and dominate in life as a king. The devil is not
bigger than my Father. My Father is greater than all diseases and circumstances. He will put
me over them to make me a success. He is greater than tests and trials and any force that
could come against me. I expect Him in every crisis of life to rise up within me, to give
illumination to my mind and strength to my body through spirit unto my spirit, because the
greater one lives in me.

      Don't forget who you are. Don't forget what He has done. Don't forget that He has
made you.

       The right apple is like a mind behavior distinct in its quality content, determined to
free the mind from the emotions of fear and anger. The inner self that has never been

revealed prospers in frames to be distinct from outside behavior. The state of such innocence
is enough to bring purity and have peace and joy. Only God can change the human heart.
Falling in love with Jesus, keeps you away from being a garbage dump to somebody‘s soul
and the perfect goal to go to heaven. We have got to live in reality. You can't be pitying and
powerful at the same time. You can visit Disney Land but you can't live in Disney Land.
Loose your faith and be on drugs, hitting walls.

       Purity is not the act of shaving the head as in Buddhism and Islam at Haj. An electric
razor can't take the slices of woo off. Jesus is the nail punch to hammer you into the surface
of Heaven. He has the answers to dismiss the myth and reveal the facts.

       Because I could not stop for death-he kindly stopped for me.

        It is simply a question of turning up on time to be sure you will go to heaven. This
question had so many debate, dispute and argument surrounding the Bible. There is only two
ways for the course of action, ―either joy or sorrow for eternity‖. By way of a change we can
yield to either.

        Heaven is more than compensation. Heaven is the highest level of love derived from
fellowship with the Lord. The time stops just like when we have a good time. There is no
frustration in love. Heaven is the Jerusalem Bible and the place of the absolute human
aspiration perfected by the spirit of God. The place were human spirit meet the spirit of God
to achieve perfection.

       We must endure difficulties, hardships and tests, if we should we could. For what
reason we have wrinkles on a normally smooth face? We have to learn by ourselves of what
God has deposited in us. We don't sit and just wish for a good life. This is his way of life.
Christ walked a life of hell all the way for the will of the Father. We should be the imitators
by commuting with him for the good life. Prayers is a primary means by which God rescues
us. God alone has the infinite resources. Faith overcomes fear because we have full
confidence in Christ authority. The Grace of God helps us to understand the unclear.

        The best time in this world has a pale color in comparison with what the Lord has kept
for us. It is not a question of how good we are, not if we are a church member, but are we

       God says in order to go to heaven "Ye must be born again" but in what way?

        First, my friend, you must realize you are a sinner. "For all have sinned, and come
short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23). God's simple plan of Salvation is you are a sinner.
Therefore, unless you believe in Jesus who dies in your place, you will spend eternity in Hell.
If you believe in Him as your crucified, buried, and risen Savior, you receive forgiveness for
all your sins and His gift of eternal salvation comes by faith. You say, "Surely, it cannot be

that simple". Yes, that simple! It is Scriptural. It is God's plan. My friend believe on Jesus
and receive Him as Savior today.

       Although we cannot understand how, God said: ―My sins and your sins were laid
upon Jesus‖ and He died in our place. He became our substitute. It is true. God cannot lie, it
may mean that there is no longer preference of certain race, everyone must come. The Father
who created the sin is the Son, the destroyer of death and sin. My friend, "God commanded
all men everywhere to repent" (Acts 17:30). This repentance is a change of human mind that
agrees with God that one is a sinner, and also agrees with what Jesus did for us on the Cross.
In Acts 16:30-31, the Phillipian‘s jailer asked Paul and Silas who was the early convert ―Sirs,
what must I do to be saved?‖ and they said, ―believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt
be saved...".

       "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before man, I confess him also before My
Father who is in heaven (Matthew 10:32).

       Just take God at His Word and claim His Salvation by faith. Believe, and you will be
saved. No lodge, no good works in some areas can save you. Remember, God does the
saving all of it!

       A person who do exaggeration describes something beyond its value or limit giving
inaccuracy and sometimes a frightening picture. When great changes in thinking occur the
conventional logical process follows wrong. Poetry in this contest complies with

       The greatest triumphs of exaggeration is silencing what is needed to be accomplished
in Propaganda while good exercise is inevitably a silent propaganda.

        Exaggeration is a model of unfaithfulness describing things in erroneous way. There
are some people so addicted in exaggeration that can't tell the truth without lying. Escalating
the art of lying to become the truth. Faith gets filled with lies and fear in competing stories.
Hope gets out shape by the truth defeat. Exaggerated stories get stored in the heart which
then goes to the eyes and ears. Will lead to speak in the same way and mistaken memory.
Exaggeration is an uncontrollable state of mind boosted by Satan‘s power in the soul for
demand. Man is portrayed by an unrealistic body denying the spirit of normality for invading
God's golden integrity. Whenever there is an alignment in good there is to be a free men
never exaggerate nor even giving unnecessary information.

      Exaggeration is locked with unending temper as part of spiritual phenomenon
demonstrating false. Third world nations are the biggest in exaggeration.

       Lets the Word of God correct you by letting stay in your vision and in the center of
your hearing all the time. Give attention to the bright path not the dark path of ignorance. If
we stick to our ancestor's images ruined by exaggeration, a revelation that can capture the
world to day will not happen. The curse of the head hunter and the hunted head will be with
us today. The stream of life flow out of the heart to feed people now and then in large scale.
Let the truth be told to insure going beyond.

      Remember: Evolution gives the view ―you are designed this way which is nature‘s
way. Don‘t push yourself to do a change‖ in creation you need to change to impress God.

       Lust is any strong desire in its physical and mental attitude especially a powerful
sexual desire for an intercourse. Greediness is not the same; the state of being very eager for
large quantities of food or wealth.

       Lust opens in the heart to guide a sickly heart for an insufficiency of funds
encouraging something unessential to human life.

       The delight of lust is gross and brief as the weariness of desire begins to take a place.
The thoughts and the actions are questionable because it puts forward the idea of self interest
than the society as a whole together with a dull life away from God. A device to be deceived
not different than alcoholism and drugs fuelling engines also a kind of structure being
possessed to give self the attention that didn‘t receive.

       Nakedness and visits to striptease are a web of lust. Shopping goes on in a state of
second childhood induced to watch things unfold repeated again and again. The work of lust
has no truth, no practical ideas, no merit.

        We are too small in intellect to manage an invading strong longing desire, particularly
in dealing with fantasies tied to what is false. A form of art strongly influenced by the
serpent‘s supernatural power in concentrated form. Poets ignore normal facts and logic in
order to create a sort of topic that relate to irregular and disorderly event. The aim of poets is
to prepare an impression presentable in an elaborated design of something which is false.

       When desire change into law freely performed, lust has the ability to cause a great
harm. The lungs of the smoker and the liver of alcoholic are cemeteries reserved for lust.
Lust and rage have common steps to deliberately weaken the good will of people. The lust of
power prevents rulers from stepping down gracefully with dignity.

        Las Vegas is ―Lust Vegas city‖, the seductive snake moved from bottomless pit to do
the sin for its religious belief.

        Lust is the child of illusion and the father of dissolution. Who left no foundation solid
enough to support his infrastructure. The new and the old connect together. We are like
sailors; we must rebuild our ship on never dry dock out of the best materials. We must win
ten in the play-up game of all temptations. We may find temptations in both wine and
women, but if we treated women with perfect courtesy and respect not a sexual object, the
intimacy goes out of sight.

       Any regular practice repeatedly tried is called habit. All habits are gathered in the
brains unseen. Small habits become big habits and can reach the level of crimes. Laws are
never as effective as habits because habits have sentiment and grows from within to smell

        The Old Testament cast back light about a woman who had ten years craving idea to
have sex with Joseph. She was grabbing him by the coat to go to bed, but he refused to say
yes. All affairs start when we are down hearted distressed. First it starts with friendship then
slowly roll over so sex can be seen as first shall be tried. When you become alone with that
friend, it is just a matter of time to end up in bed. A woman bearing the substitute will not
draw things as better when trouble is brewing. Sex has its after effect, if the eye is mobile not
fixed in one place, it will lead to lust. We are made up of minds ready to draw all kind of
sexual thing but we can change the whirling well. There is only one thing that can fill a hole
that leaks immorality and that is the Bible. A wisdom appealing book has the purpose of
staying out of sex.

      Remember: people of quality know everything without ever been taught; Abraham is
one. He never looked for lust because of his self-belief that lust produces barbarians.

        You need to be either calm in the eye of the storm or unequal in the Grace of God,
spilling disaster in discretional spending without a good reason.

       Mental sin is a sin made up in diseased mind which calls for marriage in secret form.
The idea gets firmly twisted so the desire achieves sufficiency to be committed freely.

       The sin starts in the soul of man not in the physical body. The body cannot do sin
without permission from the soul, fornication between a man and woman who are not
married to each other originates in man's soul. The sexual parts of the woman get laid in the
conscious using the power of memory. The mind looses its sensible limits of thinking to
draw correct conclusions because sex has no relaxation step. Thus fornication is sinning
against the body without the spirit. Mental sin happens in all walks of life unstoppable
because, it is a picture. Changing is achieved through focusing techniques to remove the
subconscious obstacles that prevent achieving the end results.

        The above picture brings the conclusion that the newly born spirit couldn't be perfect;
no man can reach the perfection of Christ because the sin is permitted in our soul. Sin is a
spiritual thing, we are not fully grown in Christ; we need to cleanse ourselves continuously
from all filthiness of the soul and flesh then things start to get better. We are a new creature
through Jesus but the sin nature in the flesh still there.

       Sin allows man to be transformed into an earthly creature for earthly use. The clay of
Adam was remade to face the sin. The mind lost its divine spirit make up, by letting soul to
join in the mind. From construction into destruction of people, similar to an earthquake
caused by a build-up of pressure which sends out a series of shock waves.
        Jesus ceased His soul by refusing to sin to keep the fire burning. There is no demon
actors attracting Jesus to sin. The focus of Jesus couldn‘t stumble.

       If the mind is not renewed with the Word of God, the flesh will be dominated by the
soul. The power to act requires difficult decision. We are a spirit misled. It is up to us to put
on the new man while the old body has the nature of the devil.

       We must prepare something new for the converted life as in the sacrament of
marriage. We do not find anything pleasant if we have never been fallen or stumbled. The
good thing about marching with a new spirit is to stop the soul marching on to the grave.

        As your spirit becomes new (when you are born again), it will know things your head
doesn't know. Your spirit will try to tell you things the Word already tells you but you can't
see. That's because your spirit picks up knowledge from the spirit of God. Your soul is then
saved by your spirit.

       You are now a remade man carried by the Word of God.

       President Jimmy Carter said:

       I have looked on a lot of woman with lust. I have committed adultery in my heart
many times. This is something God recognizes I will do, and I have done it, and God
forgives me for it.

      Remember: A leadership must have the face of the Savior to cross the line for the
message to be delivered in coordinated sense.

        Stupa is an Indian heap of stones originally constructed over the ashes of an emperor
or some other great person. The stupas is also where the ashes of Buddha and other holy
relics objects reminder of him, that bears the symbol of Buddha himself. The rise of Buddha
images began after the stupa in India around the 2nd century. Two kinds of Buddha image
were made, the more Indian type and the Buddha having 32 characteristics of a great man, in
features including a top-knot of hair, elongated ears and a mark on the forehead. At the caves
near Loyang in China there are almost 100,000 Buddha in size. Madras is symbolic gestures
of hands made by the Buddha, giving hand signs to his teaching.

        The Buddhist shrine of Pagoda originates from the Indian Stupas then spread along
the trade routes to China. Their style evolved dramatically until they became pagodas with
many balconies projected sides and peaked roofs. As Pagodas proliferated across Korea,
Japan and South-East Asia they adapted in style to the cultural setting in which they are
located. Mythical animals are God playing an important part in the religion as in pre dynastic
Egypt, many thousands of sacred animals were mummified and buried in animal cemeteries
at holy places throughout Egypt. It was believed that a God could manifest in his sacred
species of animals, just as he could dwell in a cult statue.

        Sexuality in religion unite all members into a complete harmonious whole. Sex in
Tantric Buddhism and Hinduism is the highest point or climax worn in a set of Yoga
practices. The act is made sacred and seen as an aid to spiritual growth. Outside marriage,
sex is permitted, it can be indulged in wantonly as being of no consequence in a sinful world.

      Reincarnation is a fundamental belief in Hinduism and Buddhism to be reborn in new
human body or animal which is the concept of afterlife. The transmigration of souls or
―metempsychosis‖ had its culture in Egypt seen in after life. We see the opposite
happenings, the God-King, never returned to his mummifies bodies in Cairo.

       In conclusion Buddhism came to strengthen solidarity with Hinduism.

       Remember: Islam is lost between those two schools while it is the big feather in
Satan‘s cap due to its ―Allahu Akbar‖ seeking to replace Jesus in the process.

        Magic is a ritual activity that can be aimed at revenge by producing serial of special
effects, the ground work is laid by Satan. In Indonesia the conflict between two women or
father in law and son in law ending marriage can't finish in forgiveness. The woman choose
to go to a spiritual doctor or Suhu who is able to produce forces in super-beings to take part
in a war similar to the being mischievous character. The victim smells death and get filled
with rivalry thoughts from. Pack of transparency connects with the problem matter, nothing
else, repeating the same argument again and again, concentrating on anger rather than

        The spiritual producer of black magic, send demonic waves to make the human mind
restless. The state of mind is not different than a dog gripping on bone can't let go. The heart
beats rapidly; the eyes move in whirling motion like a war that gives no end to cease fire.

       The phrase ―He is a poor devil‖ simply applies by the very evil with all his spices to
do his wishes. Magic doesn't require the person to have link with any faith. The peace maker
is the person who practices white magic. He spread his magical knowledge after getting
informed and given the names. He swings between the loosing two to lives avoid.

        Witch doctors are like medical doctors measured against each other's rating. The
better witch is the one who can strike the other witch using his stronger demons making it no
longer and thus siding to stopping the war game from escalating.

        You need to find ways for having the upper hand so you are ready when the devil is
ready. God already has given the edge to stay ahead in his company, this is not just an idea
but a principle. The film exorcist, graphically displays the symptoms, along with attempts by
priest to drive the demons, the driving is done through Jesus, not through a priest.

       Jesus was known to exorcise demon by the Spirit of God. The Gospel describes many
incident of Jesus driving demons out of possessed individuals. An extraordinary story is

reported in Matthew 8:28-32. And when He (Jesus) came to the other side, to the country of
the Gadarenes, two demoniacs met him, coming out of the tombs, so fierce that no one could
pass hat way. And behold, they cried out, ―What have you to do with us, O Son of God?
Have you come here to torment us before the time‖, now a herd of many swine was feeding
at some distance from them. And the demons begged him, ―if you cast us out, send us away
into the herd of swine.‖ And He said to them, Go.‖ So they came out and went into the
swine; and behold, the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the sea, and perished in
the waters.

       Remember: You known Satan can attack if you have his habits. Get out of the wood
by building a good relationship in parallel to the Bible to reduce the devil invisible
tendencies. Don't sit on hands doing nothing.

        The New Testament tells us of demonic possession, in which the spirit of a demon
enters to take over and control the affected individual.

       Here are just a few of the possible symptoms:

 A foul blasphemous mouth who speaks disrespectfully about making a worship of others
  Gods as Allah to remove the doubt, dehumanizing them.

 An extreme dislike to Christianity calling people to stay away. He is extremely volatile at
  volatile issues and behave reckless towards these issues.

 An acquaintance with supernatural knowledge, possessing ideas and ability to guide its

 He can invent lies as he speaks to twist of bend out of the normal shape.

 Swinging between two extremes to support the role of dragon in delivering his domestic
  mission. The care about people is fractured to an opposite ends of society made of rich
  and poor. His answer of ―No‖ outweigh ―Yes‖, his judgment declares zero or hundred.
  Capacities like common sense, originality are low.

 Levitation by the power of the mind to make objects rise into the air.

 Utter incoherent or meaningless sounds, which is a system manifested in relationship to
  two intelligences.

 Ability to produce weird objects out of various body orifices for an instant reaction.

 Going into trance which is a take over targeted to acquire revelation of secret. A half-
  conscious, hypnotized state which fills the mental faculty with what it need. Mohammad
  went into trance before delivering which has senseless model of dream instead of
  objective reality and visible action. The human destiny changed into hungry vampires
  created by dark and primitive impulses in the human psyche.
 Agitation disturbances and stressful face which cannot be treated by tranquillizers. No
  peace or calmness from chaos and wanting to escape. The picture of stress bows to the
  face. He persuades others that he never make mistakes and always right in his lifeless

 He is also a gentleman who never hurts anyone‘s feelings unintentionally.

 Fear is habit pattern and act in automatic way. Sensitivity and dislike function as an
  evidence to hold the key. The mental picture is backed by the soul in the sub – conscious
  mind enough to give the problem.

 Give nothing but air and winds, noisy and always in the right grants his subject most
  attention, wants to sleep with girls to feel happy, a thief if it is safe to do. You must obey
  my laws or be miserable, sinning a lot out of madness. His word has no weight as change
  of mind is necessity. Gossip is valued in full, he kills for a sport and the star of all
  obsessions. He is a forked animal, this is the worst man.

       He also ascertain perfection the ego while his world is limited to a subhuman.
Depressing moods in a family curse. Schizophrenia, epilepsy or cerebral palsy that produce
physical movements sadly goes to the work of the devil. Tourette's syndrome which produce
an unintended foul mouth has no cure. An obscene oath has its stain.

       Remember: When man creates his own devil, he has created a new picture of devil‘s
likeness. People such as Hitler, Stalin performing pain, death and destruction are t he
examples for the devil at work. A prime minister has power to corrupt and cover it up.

       There is no need to worry in a time of difficulty. You have to be in need to God's help
in order to meet the situation. We all need love and love will try to help a friend in need.
The blood of Jesus brings us in union to reach our destiny without struggling too much. Like
Jesus we need to be the truth so the devil can't kill us. The word communion is equal to
common + union sharing the blood and body in thoughts and feelings; the Eucharist short
form of Holy Communion. But the blood needs and appointment.

       The Holy Spirit cannot be received by inheritance, only by the act of the person.
When a person is delivered, the Holy spirit keeps reproducing it self like an explosion out of
the belly. This is a peaceful force not a manic force of Jihad wanting to be in charge,
conducting assassinations. A Spirit for tackling problem to protect and help by picking up
the pieces left by the devil. The spirit is not a system of brutality to punish by beating people
and leaving them lie in the street. The Holy Spirit is a normal force to live in peace not an
abnormal force to do the anti God indictment for going backwards, in people to people
violence, given freely. The paradise of good relationship and bilateral deals is gone. Men
waste their time in minuses, focusing on unimportant issues. A force nicer to the enemy than
friends. Fear cannot unite us. Islam drives different theory, instead of working for the
person's affair. It concentrates on victory issues without the matters of wondering about the
individual worries situations, from a temper inside. People are found guilty without court
ruling or investigations. A Muslim is sent into a high mission with an enthusiasm to destroy
those who cannot take the input of Islam. Neutrality is a word which is has been discarded
by Islam. The Buddhist North Korea which is in the shame list has also ambitious in global
terrorism to destroy the world in nuclear energy and already assistance line to Syria. Paul pot
Khmer rouge produced an exotic list of killing, 1.7 million Cambodians. He made man the
same as shrimps, giving him a life of contrast.

        The power of the Holy Spirit is revealed after the pattern of God stands firm in one
position, that is the presence of God. The act of obeying lays out observance of the law of
God in the same way as the law enforced by police but under a great freedom Jesus said: go
and teach them how to observe My time, how to clean up your house to get out of bondage.
The principle of God obedience is more important than our preferences. If a family is not
restored on the inside it cannot come alive to restore the great eye sight. The gift is not gift
until you come up with new things in life. Faith is more than a system of theology. Faith is
not a movement; it is like a self identification in a style of life every time. If you don't keep it
you loose it. You are committed to build the house of love, in its peaceful journey.

        God wants to win the match in you. The new strategy comes from you. The game is
up to people for grab. Faith champion ship is overcoming the hurdles barriers in a continues
run to dominate the game.

       Remember: ―Life is a sequence of events for better or worse. Time flies when joy
essonite, but when you look back to what you have done it looks longer. Life foot steps is
witnessed by God for the truth to be presented before the final time speaks the truth.

        Any philosophical position which maintains that all genuine knowledge is acquired by
science, and denies the validity of metaphysical speculation. Positivism flourished in the
latter half of the 19th century; its elements can be found in such diverse thinkers as Comte the
French philosopher and the founder of positivism, the English social theorist, Herbert
Spencer and Ernst Mach.

        The French philosopher Auguste Comte holds that the observable data of sense
faculties experience constitute the sole basis for assertions about matters of fact; only the
truth of logic and mathematics are additionally admitted. The speculative claims of theology
and metaphysics, regarded as past history and should be discounted.

        Logical positivism is another philosophical movement under the leadership of Moritz
Schlick a German founder of the ―Vienna circle‖ which is an influential school of logical
positivism. The heart of the matter was only mathematics, logic and science are meaningful.
Ethics, metaphysics, and religion were meaningful because their truth was unverifiable.

        Scientism is a term applied to science when it becomes an all-embracing ideology that
attempts to deal with areas of life outside its own parameters of measurement, prediction and
control. When science starts to embrace matters outside its area to do with religious systems,
goodness and truth, science is said to have slipped into scientism. It has over-reached its
proper concerns to become a quasi-religion. The scientology religion is an example of such
transition. New trends in the philosophy of science have questioned some of the scientistic
assumptions of positivism, namely: there is an external world that can be fully explained in
scientific language; that language stands in a one-to-one relationship to the facts; the facts
can be fully discovered by observation and experiment; scientific observation and
experiments are based upon what our senses can reveal, scientific theories are built up by the
accumulation of more data; these theories are objective and not reliant on personal
predilections; and the scientific knowledge that results is proven knowledge of the world as it
objectively is. Science is an earthly knowledge and its validity lies in the world only. The
elements are opposite in construction to that in Heaven. Therefore science shouldn‘t claim
validity in what is a metaphysical speculation.

       The Bible gives a guide to ethics as the basis for the doctrine which is important to the
life of the community. Good and evil is far more important than scientism which is
unopened for the insights. We cannot think about heaven and hell in scientism. This is why
secularism became an alternative to religion. Science and religion is to be seen received from
God expressing his compliment. So that to have a pleasure in life and to deal with crises
more effectively.

        Ideas according to the Bible culture originate from vision and vision grows like the
flowers in the dark with love in the heart. Vision knows exactly where to stand no matter
what runs against it. We don't know the message that goes into the vision. The brain of the
gifted one has jewels stored for going ahead, not staying in a locked circular path. Science is
the mover after the brain recoils the firing signals to score the good results. God is the
commander in chief, to those men who can do God‘s idea in partnership. The fool is the
fisher who just attempt to catch without real ideas.

       Science has different agenda than faith in ego. One puts its thinking on ability to
produce more results in publications. The other is considering eternity to avoid the great
trouble of hell.

       Charles Darwin in ―Life and Letters‖ volume 1 (1887) said: ―in my most extreme
fluctuations I have never been an atheist to the sense of denying the existence of God‖.

       If you try Archaeology to test the truth of the Bible, your attempt would finish with
arguments. Ask two archaeologists working on the same subjects and you will probably get
three opinions. Cultural anthropology can put it in context when we attempt to explain the
culture in terms of what religion has done to their intellectual state. A religion becomes
under judgments when it is piled by bad work is. It is the religion that took them out of the
contest to be a waste. The religion has the numbers but never saw the light. This is not lucky
and unlucky but rather blessing and curse, when unable to meet the standard.

      The Bible in its laws and values make up the Christians ethic that form the treasure of
knowledge and to remain as the real evidence of Christ.

       We can go to the moon but we cannot be dualistic good with God.

       There is no man who can state with certainty about the more distant future. We can
only confirm discoveries from the Bible as an investigative reporters, checking out facts to
win and sometimes are disputed.

        Jesus was to be born of Israel and personify the qualities necessary for atonement. He
was free from the taint of the sins of Israel and the world. He had no axe to ground anyone in
order to turn him into the same belief. He came to be used as God servant to be the deliverer
of the Jews (God chosen people) from sin or God offences in acts which can bury the soul.
This mean that he offered himself not ―someone else‖ to suffering and sacrifice can thus say
that in Him all Israel has atoned.

      Sending the Messiah to Israel is the only device for the Jews to convert their acts into
the Messiah wishes and be again fine to the end under His leadership. Whoever reveal to the
Messiah's code of conduct will be encoded in the book of life as fully chosen. You cannot
pay your money and take God‘s choice with you. The Jews were wicked as gready as the
Romans to have no chance to become moral, Hell is the first place to enter.

       God came in the right time to do the restoring for the nation of Israel that was fallen.
Jews skipped God for money (the route of all evil) to do false healing. How can Jews be
God's own chosen children when they suffocate the truth with an idle fool called money, to
be considered bigger than the Bible? It can do what it can cooling the hot blood down. The
Jews style of life is the very life-blood of thoughts.

       The Jews were no longer conforming to God‘s image in hearts, minds and bodies; no
longer producing Godly attitudes, thoughts and behavior. The Judaism was not unified, there
were several Jewish religions and political fractions often at odds with each other. Herod the
governor who assumed full control of Judea stood well with the Romans; he was not a Jew
by birth. This volatile mixture between the Roman religion, politics and Judaism
complicated the worship matter.

      Jesus is the same God who revealed the future to Joseph and to Daniel. The Word
was here from the beginning when nothing was in existence and until the end.

       Let your house be like Eden bearing the Lord‘s good laws which is the foundation of
all good things.
       A house is the other Eden. Man and woman can make a house of extreme delight to
be in one another's arms in a building that has the principle beauty of Eden. A pure house is
God's house built on precious stones with silver lining for a company of two, breeding a
happy family in memory and desire stirring the evil dull routes.

        When a house is built for the glory of the creator and multiplied along lands, it forms
the blessed country that rides upon the storm, all things needed are given in a bank form like
the western world, and nations shall speak peace unto nations. Man‘s house is his castle and
his continent in purity. If a house is fashioned in Christ Hell freezes but we have to do the

       The ungodly prosperity is the lowest form of power on earth ―he is Satanically rich; a
power on the bottom of the list. The Catholic Church did so by getting its blessing out of the
material world and look what's happened. The highest price that God paid so we can be free,
independent and strong change into cash. The church is much the same today. Money is
useless until it turns into Good services.

        Sufficiency bounds to the good work and elegant in its content. The Biblical rich is a
good man guided by his faith to do good judgements. He lives quietly and read books and
collection of books is the true university. He loves his commandments more than money. He
stays in God's memory because he keeps his promises. Therefore don't pick just any man;
pick a man of sense, hungry for goodness, he judge no one but count his blessing. He is
always thankful to God for escaping from the clutches of the cruel tyrant.

       We must believe in the potential of what people can do. Bad people suffer from
demons abundance and worth nothing. The center is given away and the right retreating
causing trouble and distress.

        The Western culture weighs every individual carefully before letting him in to
safeguards the house. The civilized humans say: how sweet and harmless is solitude: how
lovely thing, to know a thing or two. What a joy to have if all that soul and noise may not
intrude to interrupt the spirit.

       If you build a house were all the gifts of the spirit falls apart by relying on the flesh,
teaming with money to have riches, you form a banana republic. The country must depend
upon its banana export to survive its growth.

       Third world culture builds the opposite. The house is but a hotel keeper, brings
anyone that knock, so the occupation goes forward and everyone share the nature of the
obscure in the gossip. Some invade the house to beg money.

        Man's house is his castle and peaceful when lies on the hill. We see woe unto people
that join house to house. We certainly can say the Lord did not build these houses.

      Remember: Blessing is love dependant and one of the signs of fellowship with God
as we take ourselves to Him. This is the only corner you can be certain to have. An
improvement of intellect due to behavior training under true faith experience. The faith that
stands on authority is not faith.

        The persecution of Christians by the Romans was a sport show like football games but
without gabling. Many Christians were publicly executed in arenas full of cheering crowds.
Burning at the stake and being fed to wild animals were not unusual forms of execution.
Roman emperors such as Caligula and Nero got pleasure out of killing many Christians
refused to bow down to the God of Roman (produced by Allah) which was an absolute. The
insane Nero blamed every crises on the Christians to execute more of them. The Disciples
are the firsthand witness of Jesus reality and His miracles. Death also proves that changing
the Roman empire religion means nothing unless there is a change in will. Emperor
Constantine saw the truth and out of will became the Christian leader.

       The following events happened to the Twelve Disciples.

1.   Peter         :   crucified upside down in Rome. He is the leader and regarded by
                       Roman Catholic as the first Pope. In Greek Peter‘s name is Petros
                       means the ―rock‖.

2.   Philip        :   crucified at Hierapolis in Phrygia an ancient Kingdom in present day
                       central Turkey.

3,4. James         :   there is two James, the first probably the son of Mary's sister (the
                       mother of the Lord). He worked in partnership with Andrew and
                       Simon Peter. He was beheaded by the first Herod Agrippa the Son of
                       Aristobulus and the Ruler of Judea, a Roman province part of Syria.
                       It is not to be confused with the ancient kingdom of Judah. The
                       second James became the first Bishop of the church at Jerusalem after
                       the Resurrection. He was martyred around AD 62, beaten, stoned and
                       clubbed. He wrote the 20th book of the New Testament based on a
                       traditional evidence. The book is packed full of practical common
                       sense with a sure grasp upon Christianity in action, the faulty social
                       behavior and unChristian attitudes of one person to another.

5.   Andrew        :   formerly a fisherman and disciple of John the Baptist. He preached in
                       what is now Russia. He was crucified in patras Greece on an X –
                       shaped cross. He is the patron saint of Russia and of Scotland.

6.   Jude          :   the name is an Anglicized form of Judas, to distinguish him from
                       Judas Iscariot. He is possibly the author of the New Testament
                       ―Epistle of Jude‖ which combat heresy. The circumstances which
                       made the letter necessary were an outbreak of heresy of a particularly
                       dangerous and immoral type. Crucified.

7.   Bartholomew :      he was introduced to Jesus by Philip. Crucified

8.   Thomas         :   stabbed to death in Madras India. After he became a missionary to
                        East Parthia and Persia.

9.   Simon Zelotes :    he was Zealot, a member of a patriotic party of the Jews against the
                        Romans also known as the Cananaeans. Crucified.

10. Matthew         :   a tax collector in specific farming areas given to smaller men then
                        forward in to Herod. Jesus passing by near Capernaum invited him to
                        become his Disciples. He was a clerical writer. He wrote the Gospel
                        for the Jews. He preached to the Jews and stabbed to death.

11. Judas Iscariot :    the Apostle who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver by identifying
                        him to the soldiers at Gethsemane (the garden across Kidron valley on
                        the mount of olive east of the old city of Jerusalem), by the kiss. He
                        hanged himself.

12. John            :   a favorite of Jesus and the only Disciple who enjoyed a natural death.
                        There is a traditional story that he was tossed into a pot of boiling oil
                        but miraculously was unharmed. He was thereafter exiled to the
                        island of patmos in Greece. He died about AD 90. He lived long to
                        finish the job; five books of the New Testament, are ascribed to Him;
                        the Gospel, the Revelation and 3 letters which bear his name.

13. Matthias        :   Judas's replacement, stoned and beheaded. The Apostles voted
                        between Matthias and Joseph Barsabas, Matthias was elected.

       The followers of Jesus tended to be an outspoken lot, unafraid to address their
detractors. The religious authorities in Jerusalem, in particular, were not amused by these
bold upstarts who had few qualms about chastising even the most senior of officials.
Imprisonments and beatings took place, and it wasn't very long before the Christians had their
first martyr (after Jesus). A man named Stephen, was the first martyrs who boldly
proclaimed his faith before the authorities, was thrown out. He was one of ―7‖ deacons
appointed to relieve the Apostles of administrative work. He became forceful and successful
evangelist. He was stoned by the fanatic Jews after charging him with blasphemy.

       The followers of Jesus were out spoken men unafraid to burn to death in order to
address their dictators and the religious Jews the over whelming truth.

        Threats against a ministry is a persecution but the delivery of God is stronger than the
burden of death. Persecution is principality not just a flesh and blood, a power of darkness
trying to give a farewell kiss, under intimidation and desperation to claim lives so no issues
can be resolved by peaceful means. The Crown of Thorn to Jesus is the language of
persecution spoken by most people and was nationally accepted.


       Ishmael the son of Abraham and his mother Hagar were two soul-sided creatures
boasted by Satan to build the temple house that exalts him. Ishmael and his mother Hagar
formed the ―Ishmaelite race were Mohammad‘s stock came from.

       Hagar was an Arab Egyptian slave woman, her name means ―stoner‖ in Arabic
language. Her father worshipped a stone which has the reason for Hagar to be focusing on
the Kaaba, the Black stone in the desert. The Kaaba became so deeply instituted with

       Ishmael today lives in the center stage of the entire ceremony of the pilgrimage,
Mohammad therefore was the prophet who taught the religion of Ishmael (not Abraham) that
has paganism, putting the stone in the very heart of Islam.

        The pilgrim in the first five days proceeds to the ―Maqam Ibrahim,‖ the place where
Mohammad claimed Abraham prayed to Allah in the direction of Kaaba, then visit and
perform prayers on the sacred well ―zem-zem,‖ where Hagar and Ishmael drank. The tenth
day is the day of sacrifice where Abraham choose Ishmael (not Isaac) as a divine substitution
of a ram, then Hagar and Ishmael burial place where Mohammad himself is said to have slept
on the night of his journey from Mecca to Jerusalem.

      As the pilgrim kisses the black stone they go then to touch another stone located in the
Yamni corner.

       Remember: How stupid you can be to travel far distance just to kiss a black stone and
dice with death.

       Arabians pay homage by a quadrangular stone born of sand.

      The school of thought that suggested ALLAH equal to the pagan god Hubal was shared
by the fact that the prophet never attacked the lord of Mecca Hubal. ALLAH in the Koran is
called the lord of Kaaba and of Mecca together and Hubal was erected in a red cornelian
statue situated next to the black stone. The prophet was informed about Hubal but never
attacked the idol. God at the end result remained divided between Mecca and Medina.

      Remember: Mohammad who is the jockey of a camel managed to threw all the heat of
the sahara desert on us, saying goodbye freedom, go back to the old Roman system. I hope
that bad driver gets his deserts for punishment.
        Entymology teaches us that Islam means submission to Allah but it is much more
certainly submission to the black stone of Al-Kabba who cannot speak or hear. Without
kissing the stone to be in contact with, the expulsion from paradise will happen. No personal
judgement is required, just obedience and submission. What is pure designates body purity
not different than washing pots and pans.

        One Sura contains prayer to God for the extermination of Jews and Christians (9:30),
but a later verse in the same chapter (9:71) says that the peoples of the book (Jews and
Christians) are guardians of each other. The Koran affirms the equality of all in the face of
life and death (54:21), but describes a father on being told of the birth of a daughter: ―his
face becomes black and he is full of rage‖ (43:17).

       The Sura entitled ―Women‖ teaches that the absence of contradiction in the Koran
proves the book‘s divine origin (it was dictated over a period of twenty years, at Mecca and
Medina, to man who, as a sweeper-up of camel dung, could neither read nor write). Marwan
governer of Medina established his choice to one version of Koran who then burned all other
versions in order to avoid confrontation.

        On one occasion the Prophet teaches that the reward for good is paradise (3:136), but
on another he asks (55:60), ―Is the reward of goodness aught but goodness?‖ He affirms that
everything proceeds from the will of God, who knowingly leads men astray (45:23), but in a
latter chapter, he says the opposite: that every man is responsible for his own acts and deed.
Not for nothing is the prophet the heir of Moses and Jesus.

        There is the Koran‘s injection to kill the unbelievers (8:39) and polytheists (9:5), but
praise in the very next verse for those who offer them asylum (9:6).

        Many verses authorize mass slaughter (4:56, 4:91 and 2:191-194). But Sura (5:32)
states that: killing a man who has committed no violence on earth is the same as killing all

        In (5:51), the Kroan says, ―do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends‖. But
earlier in the same chapter (5:5) it permits a man to marry a chaste woman who follows one
of the other two books.

       The Koran contains sentences which are incomplete and not fully intelligible without
the aid of the commentaries, foreign words, unfamiliar Arabic words, and words used with
other than the normal meaning, adjectives and verbs inflected without observance of the
concords of gender and number. There is more than one hundred koranic aberrations have
been noted. Mohammad indulged the appetites of a man and abused the claims of a prophet.
There are abrupt changes of rhyme, repetition of the same rhyme word or rhyme phrase in
adjoining verses. The passages are not homogeneous differing in the treatment of the same
subject. There are changes of pronoun from singular to plural, from second to third person
and so on. The Sura recounting the story of Joseph is erotic in tale, certainly not to be written
in a book that its origin is divine. The Koran is like a doctor without sunshine. This is a
diabolic book.

       Sura (4:82) states that the Koran issued directly from Allah. It takes no time to
conclude that every page teems with contradictions. The Koran consists of one hundred and
fourteen suras or chapters, each chapter begins by repeating: in the name of Allah, the
beneficent, the merciful. Mercy is simply keeping the punished alive. Allah has names that
can erase any mercy or grace, Allah is a warrior immune to pity. Names of Allah such as the
degrader, the bringer of dishonor and disgrace, al-mumit (the killer), al-muntaqim (the blood
avenger) make the sword, the yoke celebrated in beauty.

       The Koran gives its stamp of approval to hunting down the impious (4:91), but
another verse concerning those who have strayed from God recommends leaving them alone:
‖We have not sent you as a keeper over them‖ (4:80). Verse 13:5 refers to infidels with
chains on their necks, but verse 2:256 (often cited as proof of Islam‘s tolerance) states,
―There is no compulsion in religion.....‖

       If one argues that Islam is as peaceable and tolerant, all he needs to do is to select
material from the book to give this point of view. The book is just like a bowl of cherry
picking. If you want to paint Islam as feminist religion, then Aisha will be the reason.
Another has gone so far as to assert that the Koran predicted the conquest of space (15:33)
and the invention of cybernetics! But perhaps this is the right place to stop.

        The Koran is a book based on personal benefit. For example, what does it mean to
contextualize a verse that calls for a massacre of the Jews? Does it mean explaining the call
as function of the period, of the historical context, of the reason for writing and thinking such
thing in the tribal moment? and afterward? Does anti-Semitism disappear when we show that
its roots reach down into a loam fertilized by its history and geography? Does the call to
crime suddenly and magically cease to be a call to crime? Whatever we think of the context,
we cannot alter the fact that the words were written down in black and white. Even if a
contrary injunction is to be found elsewhere in the text, anti- Semitism is also there, and is
expressed with an equal sense of legitimacy.

        Yet somewhat paradoxically, Muslim enthusiasts for contextualization consider their
book sacred, divine, inspired, revealed, and directed by God. As a result, the Koran becomes
rationally untouchable. But to serve their own interests, these enthusiasts shift registers and
abruptly lean toward a historical reading depending on their dialectical needs, they seek both
faith and reason, belief and documentation, fable and truth. At one moment navigating on
mystical terrain, at another on the philosophical level, they are impossible to pin down, never
on the same wavelength as a reader free of prejudices or conviction and determined on a real
reading of the text.

        The analysis shown above concludes that a book teaching on how to fry a chicken has
better sum than a book hot on intellectual damage with its chemistry. The snake is deadly
and silent and obsession says die hard.
        Remember: The Koran book serves a death instinct consubstantial with the neurosis
of ―a one only God called Allah‖.

       The Koran doubts Islam‘s ability to provide any solutions to modern-day problems.
The Islamic law is a collection of reactionary tribal rules unsuited to contemporary societies.
Can anybody accept that the black stone has all the energy of the universe collected?

        Verses missing, verses added caused confusion. The verse of stoning for women
adulatory which was an important part got lost, the Koran today demands flogging the
adulteress. What is a true of Islamic law became untrue. The Shiites sect claim that Uthman
left out a great many verses favourable to Ali for political reasons. The Koran is never on the
same wave length of the Bible.

       The truth of religions have many variations and versions. We have to fight our own
choice of the truth.

       Right now what is in Afghanistan will manifest in the Middle East Arab uprise.
Friday prayers always score the bloodiest protests.

        Revenge is bad education, it stops you from succeeding. It is a thought used to justify
injuries, which varies from speaking ill, whipping the other cheek to killing and encouraging
others to kill.

        A poetess named ―Asma Bint Marwan‖ who belonged to the Aws tribe, she had a
dislike to Islam. She wrote a poem composed of how one can trust foolishly a stranger
(Mohammad) who fought his own people.

       ―Fucked men of Malik and of Nabit and of Aws, fucked men of Khazraj
       You obey a stranger who does not belong among you
       Who is not of Murad, nor of Madh‘hij
       Do you, when your own chiefs have been murdered, put your hope in him
       Like men greedy for meal soup when it is cooking?
       Is there no man of honor who will take advantage of an unguarded moment
       And cut off the gulls‘ hopes? ―

        On hearing these lines. Mohammad send ―Umayr Ibn Adi‖ to the writer‘s home,
while she lay sleeping surrounded by her young children and a suckling baby at her breast,
the man plunged his sword into the poetess. In the next day, the killer went to the mosque for
the Morning Prayer and in the Muslim gathering, Mohammad praised the killer for his
service to Allah and his prophet.

       Another example: After his success in the battle of badir which killed forty. Nine
meccans, their heads were casted, gathered and placed at the prophet‘s feet. Mohammad was
so happy. He cried out saying ―This is more acceptable gift than having the best camel in all

Arabia‖. Then began a series of assassinations as Muhammad, feeling more confident, he
moved against his enemies to settle his old scores, and ruthlessly establish his power. First
he ordered the execution of al-Nader, he who had scoffed at Muhammad during his days at
Mecca and had told better stories than the Prophet himself. Here is how the murder of
another prisoner, ―Ocba‖ took place:

        Ocba was ordered out for execution. He ventured to expostulate, and demand why he
should be treated more rigorously than the other captives. ―Because of thine enmity to God
and his Prophet,‖ replied Mahomet. ―And my little girl!‖ cried Ocba, in the bitterness of his
soul—―who will take care of her?‖ ―Hell-fire!‖ exclaimed the Prophet; and on the instant the
victim was hewn to the ground. ―Wretch that thou was!‖ he continued, ―and persecutor!
unbeliever in God, in his Prophet, and in his book! I give thanks unto the Lord that hath slain
thee, and comforted mine eyes thereby.‖

        The Koran contains nothing original. All the stories expressed are copied from the
Old Testament but the God of the Koran is cruel, angry and proud. The duties and rites of
Islam are continuations of practices which the pagan Arabs had adopted. Therefore to say the
Koran is miraculous book is wrong, the following is a list of stories copied from the Old
Testament such as: Cain and Abel; Abraham ready to sacrifice his son; the fall of Adam;
creations of the world; David praise of God; Jonah and the fish; Moses strikes the rock;
Noah‘s Ark; Solomon‘s judgment and queen of Sheba. All are borrowed without being able
to make a gross difference to show his revelation as the truly successor from a previous

       In other word Mohammad couldn‘t show that he had the firsthand authority but
Mohammad had more creativity in the intended dogma and destruction. Example his hate to
women; he declared that Noah was unbeliever. Mohammad was confused about time and
places of the prophets, he had heard nothing whatsoever as to the Genealogy of Jesus, His
descend from David and his family relation to John the Baptist.

       Mohammad made Mary the mother of Jesus as Mariam the sister of Moses and
Aaron making such a big mistake that Jesus was at the same time of Moses book. In the
Koran there is also an obvious confusion between Saul and Gideon (Compare Sura 2. 250
with Jude 7.5).

        Mohammad had very little idea of Christian teachings, of what the Christian Church
was in fact, he never did acquire very intimate knowledge of this, he therefore wounded the
Christian Doctrine of the Trinity in three Suras.

       Believe therefore in God and His Apostles, and say not, ―Three‖ (Sura 4.169)

       They misbelieve who say, ―Verily God is the third of three‖ . . . The Messiah, the son
of Mary, is only a prophet … and his mother was a confessor, they both ate food. (sura 5.77).

      And when God shall say, ―O Jesus son of Mary hast thou said unto mankind, Take me
and my mrother as two Gods besides God?‖ (sura 5.116)

      Mohammad made the Trinity consist of God, Christ, and Mary and seems clear this
was Mohammad‘s own view.

      Remember: Hoopoe is the bird described in the Koran as the acting messenger
between Solomon and the queen of Sheba.

        This is another of those bloody acts of cruelty which darken the pages of the
Prophet‘s life. Kab ibn al-Ashraf was the son of a Jewess of the Banu Hadir. He had gone to
Mecca after the battle of Badr and had composed poems in praise of the dead, trying to stir up
the Meccans to avenge their heroes of Badr. Rather foolishly he returned to Medina, where
Mohammad prayed aloud, ―O Lord, deliver me from the son of Ashraf, in whatsoever way it
seems good to you, because of his open sedition and his verses―. But the Banu Nadir were
powerful enough to protect Kab, and the Muslims who volunteered to murder him explained
to the Prophet that only by cunning could they hope to accomplish their task. The
conspirators met in Mohammad house, and as they emerged at night, the Prophet gave them
his full blessings. Pretending to be Kab‘s friends, the Muslims lured him out into the night
and, in a suitable spot near a waterfall, murdered him and threw Kab‘s head at the Prophet‘s
feet. Mohammad praised their good work in the cause of God.

         On the morning after the murder of Kab, the Prophet declared: ‗Kill any Jew who
falls into your power‘. Muhayyisa b. Massud then killed Ibn Sunayna, his Jewish merchant
partner in replay to Mohammad‘s commands.

        Mohammad received the verses that form part of sura 3.12-13: ―Say to those who
disbelieve, you will be defeated and gathered into Hell, and what an evil resting place is

        A true faith is an intellectual pathway that has the ability to restore full trust in the
belief. It is not a motivation of somebody which makes the truth looses. Faith needs a
champion whose name is Christ to make you live for the success. His view had no punches
but a mirror of peace.

         A true faith does not need to create a beheading alert to consolidate its claim, the
substance is the way to go. A true faith shows the connection between the inner moral
struggle of a man and what goes on in the world around him. We are the solutions not the
problem in the happenings. We are not factories for death profiting from wars, living on
borrowing time. Wars and blackmailing adds more complexity to the mystery model. We
need to concentrate on the unjust suffering and feel powerful to do something about it. This
exploration can only be conducted by human consciousness. A conscious reason wins over a
blind faith. Watch and listen; act teach us how to act sensibly and takes education to be able
to see it.
        Mohammad was a total government in one man, similar to Pol pot and Idi Amin.
Who want to live with such lunatic men? Killing pays victory because no one could stop
Mohammad‘s obsessions. The remote control is placed in his hand to keep the mascre
looking good. What is the difference between swastika and ALLAH? The killer has the face
of a Prophet.

       A hero on earth is garbage in heaven.

         Mohammad adopted the color of green for performing peace but he puts his total
activities in the red color. The devil indeed stays in the detail.

       Nothing can be done under convictions, shuffling green with red. You can‘t live
under two colors system doing their rightful roles without losing one.

        Islam is the story of blind fold leading up a blind fold. The problem, Mohammad is
not just history, he is able to return. No one can understand the depth of pain he gave.
Islam‘s submission is done under the apparatus of slaughter to say ―I see you too in hell and
the victim is the free will. The principle of Islam‘s disrespect is not just only women but
connects with the world of men.

        Friends or no friends, a Muslim believer made to kill his brother and felt good under
the model of Islam, to show his efficiency in treating non-believer, a move without knowing
their rolling into sins. You are like a Jinni in a bottle unreleased until the authority is
destroyed with its Satanic medium. No other frame work can work. If cutting of heads
maintains Mohammad‘s happiness, this is not a laughing matter or child‘s behavior. This is
negative energy that meant to become the spice, to universally negative.

      Mohammad wanted to root out the Israelites and walk away free from guilt equal to
Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. Saddam Hussein the leader of Iraq and mass murderer claimed
to be the descendant of Mohammad and the founder of the Babylonian empire
Nebuchadnezzar. Al-Qaeda threats are enough solid evidence to see Osama as the born again
Mohammad. The mind looks the same, also the look. Osama does not know yet about it.

       Remember: if you are born Muslim, the stone of Al-kaaba can cast stones on you in
psychiatric form.

       Mohammad regularly slaughtered people, the first killing began of an unarmed
merchant at ―Nakhla‖, a region of dates in Saudi Arabia. He brutally killed him in 623.
Mohammad continued to kill until the day he died on June 8, 632. It is not possible to list all
of the wars, battles, raids, surprise attacks, sieges, and other feats of arms by Muslim

       The battle of badr in March 624 of Medina against the polytheistic leaders in Mecca
claimed victims not possible to list. The leader of the Meccan‘s ARMY Abu Jahil was

killed. The success of badr made the Jews terrified, fearing their lives; The Jews had no
supporters. Jews were unbelievers because Allah was so different than Yahweh. Don‘t
forget the laws are also changed. All you need is the blood, say Allah the great and kill
whether he had or had not anything to defend himself. Crying shouldn‘t stop you from
killing him. Muslims served the blood because they are beleiving serving someone who is
bigger than themselves.

        But the question stays ―you are fighting and dying for what‖? You are just leaving a
big foot print for enduring hell forever. A free man thinks before of wanting what to do. The
book is enough to be the killer. If God is a murderer then a desire of kidnapping for the
ambition of money together with devices of fear, terror and whatever intelligence in the
criminal mind is possible to carry through the absurdity of Koran. A deadly God would
finish his work force with the last man‘s life coming to end.

       The totalitarian nature of Islam is nowhere apparent than in the concept of jihad.
Mohammad urged Muslims must fight and kill in the name of Allah presented in the

       Surat 9:5-6 ―Kill those who join other Gods with Allah wherever you may find them.‖

        Surat 8:12 ―I will instill terror into the hearts of the infidels, strike off their heads
then, and strike off from them every fingertip.‖

       8.39-42: ―Say to the Infidels: If they desist from their unbelief, what is now past shall
be forgiven them: but if they return to it, they have already before them the doom of the
ancients! Fight then against them till strife be at an end, and the religion be all of it God‘s.‖

      2.256: ―But they who believe, and who fly their country, and fight in the cause of God
may hope for God‘s mercy: and God is Gracious, Merciful.‖

        It is a grave sin for a Muslim to shirk the battle against the unbelievers-those who do
will roast in hell.

       8.15, 16: ―Believers, when you meet the unbelievers preparing for battle do not turn
your backs to them. (Anyone who does) shall incur the wrath of God and hell shall be his
home: an evil dwelling indeed.‖

       9.39: ―If you do not fight, he will punish you severely, and put others in your place.‖

         Those who die fighting for the only true religions, Islam, will be amply rewarded in
the life to come.

        4.74: ―Let those fight in the cause of God who barter the life of this world for that
which is to came; for whoever fights on God‘s path, whether he is killed or triumphs. We
will give him a handsome reward‖.

         It is abundantly clear from many of the above verses that the Koran is not talking of
metaphorical battles or of moral crusades: it is talking of the battlefield. To read such blood
thirsty injunctions in a holy book is shocking.

        Mankind is divided into two groups, Muslims and non-Muslims. The Muslims are
members of the Islamic community, the umma, who possess territories in the Dar al-Islam,
the Land of Islam, where the edicts of Islam are fully promulgated. The non-Muslims are the
Harbi, people of the Dar al-Harb, the Land of warfare any country belonging to the infidels
that has not been subdued by Islam but that, nonetheless, is destined to pass into Islamic
jurisdiction, either by conversion or by war (Harb). All acts of war are permitted in the Dar

      Once the Dar al-Harb has been subjugated, the Harbi become prisoners of war. The
imam can do what he likes to them according to the circumstances.

       The fall of Constantinople in 1453 has the following:

        The conquering army is allowed three days of unrestricted pillage; and the former
places of worship, with every other building, become the property of the conquering leader,
he may dispose of them as he pleases. Sultan Mehmet (after the fall of Constantinople in
1453) allowed his soldiers the three days of pillage to which they were entitled. They poured
into the city. . . They slew everyone that they met in the streets, men, women and children
without discrimination. The blood ran in rivers down the steep streets. . . But soon the lust
for slaughter was assuaged. The soldiers realized that captives and precious objects would
bring them greater profits. In other cases, those conquered in war are sold into slavery,
exiled, or treated as dhimmis, who are tolerated as second-class subjects as long they pay a
regular tribute.

        There was a debate at Mohammad‘s time over sodomy and the sexual intercourse
appetite towards the front or back of the woman parts. Mohammad received the following
revelation from Allah to have his attitude and to serve as a substitute.

        Sura 2:223: ―Your women are your field, go unto them as you will‖. The meaning of
this phrase can suggest the woman‘s body resembled a field of fruits, and has no control to
stop the imagination, so go into the plain of sexual joy as you will, from the front or the back
so long you ejaculate in the woman‘s vagina. In other word, man chooses the time and mode
of the cultivation (sex) on his field without worrying about the emotion of women.

        The field of joy is also the food of soul and a symbol of paradise in which the Muslim
attains after death.

         There are two prayers that never reach the heavens are that of the escaping slave and
that of the reluctant women who frustrates her husband physically at night.

       In brief ―Allah‘s valid speech is hey men go as much as you can bite‖.

        Jesus considered marriage as made in Heaven, harnessing heaven‘s power, to fight
evil. Women and men are equal partners with the same determination to work together.
Without heaven‘s intervention, marriage will be suffering. The Virgin Mary was chosen by
the father as a symbol of trust, respect and integrity. God in partnership with Mary, unified
himself in her womb to share his personal love and feeling. God in contrast to Allah gave the
green light to love as the approach for bringing people together.

       The taste for boys in the Muslim‘s world has been recognized since the time of
Mohammad. The cities of Afghanstan and Sind are full with homosexuality. The Afghans
are commercial travelers, and each caravan is accompanied by a number of boys and lads in
replacement to women harem. The boys are chosen with large black eyes and rouged cheeks.
The pigment henna is on fingers and toes; they have the nick-name ―The Safari Traveling
wives‖. There is a song that people sing ―Kabul prefers the boys over the cunt‖.

        Even marriages between men and boys were celebrated with great festivities. The
price of the bride boy is as much as fifteen times paid for a girl. Men are not ashamed talking
about their love affairs with boys. Many men practice sodomy while married to a woman,
most of the men fights arise from homosexual competition. If a man has a women partner,
the sex will be entirely from the back anus, with an exception when the woman demands
having children.

       From the nineteenth century onward, many Westerners have been going to Muslim
North Africa to look for a homosexual adventure that their society condemned.

       Lesbianism is tolerated equally; the action comes from women men separation
meeting in ―Turkish Hammam‖ a public women sauna bath then the unimaginable becomes
imaginable. Lesbianism stands in services such as message and vanity by women workers.

    ALLAH and Mohammad is father and son, whenever Mohammad faced a problem,
ALLAH descend the verse to give revelation which find solution.

         ALLAH settled this problem by describing the delight of homosexuality in paradise in
sura 52:24 ―and them shall wait on them (the Muslim faithful), young boys of their own as
fair as virgin pearls‖.

       The evidence for the tolerance of homosexuality in Islam comes from ―Abu Nuwas‖,
the famous poet. His poem entitled ―Perfumed Garden‖ say: ―O the joy of sodomy! So now
be sodomites, you Arabs turn not away from it, there is a wondrous pleasure. Take some coy
lad with kiss-curls twisting on his temple and ride him as he stands like some gazelle
standing to her mate‖.

       Here is another poem but lesbian: ―How wretched and unhappy the vagina that a
penis splits. It loses all the ecstasy that another girl can give and entails, to boot the infamy
and shame that fall on girls who lie with men.

       Remember: the West got the name but Muslims play the game.

        According to Islam if a man holds the body as his truth, a clean body no matter how
defective gives blessing. Instructing the body in rules drawn during the act of prayer adds to
the purification scheme.

       The prayers must demonstrate its submission and obedience to Allah in the following

       Prostration follows a very strict code: seven bones must be in contact with the ground.
Head, both hands, both knees, the extremities of each foot ( we will not quibble with the
Imam, but single foot has five toes, two feet have ten, and with little help from chiropody, we
have overshot the theoretical seven bones by a wide margin…)

        Training the body in the practice of purification before the practice of prayers is
giving authority to the body abiding with the body rule. How can a dark, black flesh connect
with a white spirit if the prayer is just submission without the need for a deep religious

       Christianity sculpts the flesh in favour of the heart wearing love. When the image of
man cherishes by the heart, the excessive sexual pleasure done by the body becomes less.
Sex desire in both men and women become pulverized. Thus the concept of sin has been
inverted to be bound to body cleanliness rather than the mortal soul. The goal of Islam is to
be bound to the earthly reality instead of heaven, ―The salvation of soul,‖ spiritualization has
no contribution to the case of Islam.

       Islam declares circumcision is the fruit of purification by the flesh and the order of
merits and boys must have it.

        Circumcision is important in Islam because, it offers signs of obedience and
faithfulness. The rite of circumcision was not employed by Phoenicians, Assyrians or
Babylonians. The closer the Jews entered into contact with people, the more circumcision
employed. In the Hellenistic period, circumcision was the pretext for persecution and
resistance but in Islam you are simply a child identified with honors. Circumcision in a new
look of penis is a seducer by itself which inspires a question ―Look you have a new penis
why you don‘t start sex now? It gives a sense of manhood in a culture of sex and blood.

      Christianity debated the rite by arguing that circumcision shouldn‘t relate to faith in
God. Cutting the foreskin as a sign of purity is a seal of penis not the spirit. Baptism is a
symbol of purification in renewal lives. Baptism represent a birth from inside which was once
there but it became dead in distant time. The elements that need purification is called ―The
soul‖ which has a respond in everything.

        The spirit in Koran sank in camel caravans, nomad made tents and clashing desert
tribes. The Koran claimed to come for life purification but in reality, it came to destroy the
world through a takeover. The book is made in a form to be looking at other people, but not
on the sinister of sending men to be wounded. You are sick not by a virus and a week
immune system but in a law that allows you to die in massive form.

        Remember: You are not a cycled human, you are the eyes and the ears of the world.
You have to keep on watching every story until The Second Coming. The best story is the
back-story of the Bible to come across the globe, the down that remains invisible will be up
in paternal form. The up against God will face down, the ups‘ are not many.

        Arabesque is a technique exclusively specific to Islam to do the art creativity. The
arabesque is not a pattern but a rhythm, consist of an incantation in unendingly repeat of the
motif, until the transcription of the mental ―dhikr‖ is reached simply means ―knock‖ the door
of the divine to find inspiration. The Sufis practised, it by starting first the ritual with
prolonged repetition of the name Allah, then the scared formula especially needed followed
by a large scale ceremony. The motif can also be repeated subjects or figures.

       The arabesque corresponds to a religious vision as it is dependent on its words and
verses that finished at 6666. The arabesque has also its connection with the ―maze‖
comprising a criss-cross pattern of paths. All mazes share its common characteristic of
complexity and difficulty of ingress and egress i.e. the act of going in and going out. The
maze, which is also a representation of the depth of the unconscious mind, can serve as a
light manifestation after defeating the tougher obstacles in the path.

         When you go inside the mosque you see the chanted words of a verse from the Koran
on its wall and from that the product of desire forms under the influence of psyche to the
arabesque. The sacred knowledge of the aimed issue calls for an inspiration as an echo to the

      Hindu, Chinese and Japanese religions have their own paths parallel to arabesque.
The Veda of the Hindu serves as inspiration.

        The Christian culture has no pagan symbol; it has instead Christ image symbolized by
faithful affection. The Holy Spirit is unlimited, no need to go through the hell of maze to find
an inspiration.

       Ignorance links with the soul Milky Way. The mind has no choice but to be left in the
cold. You have the feel for creativity but without the tools, you are simply left behind bars.

       Thus religions lead to tragic consequences.

        The arrogance is illustrated by the following conduct. Omar, who became the second
caliph, once went to the prophet requesting him to say prayers for his enemy Abdullah bin
ubbay who criticized Mohammad. Upon hearing this from Omar, Mohammad produced a
revelation, ―do not pray over any of them who dies at any time, neither should you stand
upon his grave.‖

        Mohammad‘s claim that the Koran was the literal word of God thereby closing all
other religions by the shedding of blood is arrogance bearing. He also closed the possibilities
of new intellectual ideas and freedom of thoughts.

      He was the first calif to continue the legality of Mohammad‘s banquet of blood. The
name Sidiq was inscribed by Mohammad (his son in law) to mean ―the truthful one‖.

       After the death of the Prophet, the caliph Abu Bakar organized the invasion of Syria
to do the job of advancing the religion. During the campaign of 634, the entire region
between Gaza and Caesarea was devastated; four thousand peasants, Christians, Jews, and
Samaritans who were simply defending their land were massacred during the campaigns in
Mesopotamia between 635 and 642, monasteries were sacked, the monks were killed, and
Monophysite Arabs executed or forced to convert. In Elam the population was put to the
sword, at Susa, all the dignitaries suffered the same fate. The patriarch Sophronius of
Jerusalem (634-638) saw the invaders as ―Godless barbarians that burnt churches, destroyed
monasteries, profaned crosses, and horribly blasphemed against Christ and the church. In
639, thousands died as a result of the famine and the plague as a consequence to the
destruction and pillage.

        The Arabs had always been a race of warriors who lived by pillage and the
exploitation of settled populations. Islam was a war machine that did not stop at anything
once it had been set going. War is a normal activity in such a military theocracy. The Arabs
did not even search for a motive to conduct their wars; their social organization needed war,
and without victories it would have collapsed.

      Remember: For Mohammad, the truth is success at war and wrong or false is failier at
war. Death is a solution and victory in a measurable form.

        The second caliph, (581-644), he was father of one of Mohammad‘s wife. He built
Islamic empire with the help of his generals comprising Syria and all North Africa. Omar,
later expelled the Jews and the Christians from the Hijaz (containing the holy cities of Mecca
and Medina) in 640, referring to the dhimma of Khaybar he is said to have quoted the Prophet
on the right to cancel any pact he wished, and the Prophet‘s famous saying: ―Two religions
shall not remain together in the peninsula of the Arabs‖. To this day, the establishment of
any other religion in Saudi Arabia is forbidden. From the late eighteenth century through the
nineteenth century, expulsion, outbreaks of mob violence, and even massacres became
increasingly frequent. Between 1770 and 1786 Jews were expelled from Jedda, most of them
fleeing to the Yemen. In 1790 Jews were massacred in Tetuan, in Morocco; in 1828, in
Baghdad. In 1834 a cycle of violence and pillage began in Safed. In 1839 a massacre of
Jews took place in Meshed in Iran followed by the forced conversion of the survivors, and a
massacre of Jews occurred in Barfurush in 1867. In 1840 the Jews of Damascus were subject
to the first of a long series of blood libels in many cities. Other outbreaks followed in
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and the Arabs countries of the Middle East.

        The question to be asked now is ―why the expansionism succeeded?‖ The reason: it
has been written in the book of revelation which means this is not just an instinct conducted
at the ancient time but rather and a brutal religion existing today.

       Omar was assassinated in Medina by a Persian slave.

       Al-Hakim biamrillah gave orders that the churches should be destroyed. Their
contents were seized and the vessels of gold and silver sold in the markets…. The church
lands were confiscated and everyone who asked for some got it. A Muslim historian reports
that over thirty thousand churches which had been built by the Greeks were destroyed in
Egypt, Syria and elsewhere. The riot of 1321 in Cairo in which several churches were
destroyed led in turn the destruction of churches throughout Egypt, in all more than fifty
churches suffered.

       Alhakim was an absolute religious fanatic as well as the freak of a mad man.

       Turks are families chiefly Muslims united in a Turkish language made up of mixed
barbaric races including West China, the Tatars (Kazakhs, Uzbeks, and Kyrgyz) and Siberia.
They were converted to Islam in the 10th century. The Ottoman Empire was claimed by them
(1300S-1923). Mohammad the second took the capital Constantinople of the Byzantine
Empire to make it a Turkish capital, the name then changed to Istanbul (1930).

        At the fall of Constantinople, the streets of Istanbul were literally red with the
Christian blood in evidence of Islam barbarity.

       The Turks forced the populations of the frontier region of Macedonia and the north of
Bulgaria to convert, notably in the XVI and XVII centuries. Those who refused were
executed or burnt alive.

        Anyone who thinks that the prophet was a wise and tolerant ruler and lawgiver is
certainly has very little knowledge of him. He was a vehicle of prejudices and a weapon
against Christianity. He is the Satan son in the Book of Revelation.

        Many people started many religions, cults and movements but none of them grew as
big as Islam. These proves the validity of St. John‘s Revelations i.e. having millions of
people blindly following a false religion but have never examined the arguments against the
sincerity of Mohammad. He is a bastard hind of messiah and has enough sixes to declare
him, the wanted man for the truth.

      The Scottish historian and philosopher Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881). He described
Mohammad in his book ―on heroes‖ (1841) as ―an uncultured semi-barbarous Son of Nature,
much of the Bedouin still clinging to him.

       ―The very falsehoods of Mahomet are truer than the truths.

         Muhammad cannot have been an impostor. Why not? It is inconceivable that so
many people could have been taken in by a mere trickster and insincere fraud. His
genuineness lies in the success of his religion-truth by numbers provided by fear ingredients
i.e. ―fear to secure‖.

        The fate of churches and synagogues, as that of Christians and Jews, varied from
country and ruler to ruler. Some Muslim rulers were very tolerant, others extremely
intolerant. In A.D. 722, for example, Usama b. Zaid, the surveyor of taxes in Egypt, attacked
convents and destroyed churches. But the caliph Hisham told him to leave the Christians in
peace. Some caliphs not only respected the rights of non-Muslims, but very generously paid
for the repairs of any churches destroyed by mob violence. During the conquest of Spain the
Muslim was much less tolerant. On one of his expeditions Usama bin Zaid destroyed every
church and broke every bell. When Marida surrendered the Muslims took property of those
killed in the ambush, of those who fled to Galacia, of the churches, and the church jewels.

       Similarly, the caliph Marwan (ruled 744-750) looted and destroyed many monasteries
in Egypt while fleeing the Abbasid army. He destroyed all the churches in Tana expect one,
and he asked three thousand dinars as the price for sparing that.

       In A.D. 853 the caliph Mutawakkil ordered all new churches to be destroyed. From
an early date churches were liable to be razed to the ground for some caprice of the ruler.
Often the Muslim mob took matters into its own hands. The following are examples of riots
in which religious buildings were destroyed. In 884 the convent of Kalilshu in Baghdad was
destroyed, the gold and silver vessels stolen, and all wood in the building sold. In 924 the
church and convent of Mary in Damascus were burned and plundered, and other churches
wrecked. Further destruction occurred in Ramleh, Ascalon, Tinnis , and in Egypt during the
invasion by Asad ud Din Shirkuh.

        The Muslim conquests of Central Asia also put an end to its Buddhist art. As early as
the eighth century, the monasteries of Kizil were destroyed by the Muslim ruler of Kashgar.
Between 1000 and 1200 Buddhism disappeared from India, through the combined effects of
its own weaknesses, forced to either conversion or persecution.

       Today Amnesty International describes the scene in Saudi Arabia as follows:

       Hundreds of Christians, including women and children have been arrested and
detained over the past three years, most without charge or trial, solely for the peaceful
expression of their religious beliefs. Scores have been tortured, some by flogging, while in
detention. . . . The possession of non-Islamic religious objects-including Bibles, rosary
beads, crosses and pictures of Jesus Christ is prohibited and such items may be confiscated.

       The real conquest of India by the Muslims dates from the beginning of the eleventh
century. In A.D. 1000, the head of a Turco-Afghan dynasty, Mahmud of Ghazni, first passed
through India like a whirlwind, destroying, pillaging, and massacring. He justified his
actions by constant references to the Koranic injunctions to kill idolaters, whom he had
vowed to chastise every year of his live.

        Mahmud was a zealous Muslim of the ferocious type then prevalent, who left it to be
a duty as well as pleasure to slay idolaters. He was also greedy of treasure and took good
care to derive a handsome profit from his holy wars‖. In the course of seventeen invasions,
in the words of Alberuni, the scholar brought by Mahmud to India: ―Mahmud utterly ruined
the prosperity of the country, and performed there wonderful exploits, by which the Hindus
became like atoms of dust scattered in all directions, and like a tale of old in the mouth of the
people. Their scattered remains cherish, of course, the most innervate aversion toward all

        Mahmud began by capturing King Jaipal in the Punjab, and then invaded Multan in
1004. On conquering the district of Ghur, he forcibly converted the inhabitants to Islam.
Mahmud accumulated vast amounts of plunder form the Hindu temples he desecrated, such
as that of Kangra, which had five idols made of red gold with eyes formed of precious jewels.
The Muslim conquest of Sind by Hajaj Ibn Yousef Al-Thaqafy known as ―the head cutting

       Hajaj was the governor of Iraq, he ruled by the law of decapitation. He was
recognized by the Iraqi in his worn style hat of Imam in A.D 712. He send his commander
―Mohammad Ibin-Qassim to the town of Sind in India where there is an evidence of
Buddhism religion, the order Qassim took from Hajaj was ―bring destruction on the
unbelievers, treat them harshly and cause injury to them till be submits‖.

       After the capture of the port of Debal, the Muslim army took three days to slaughter
the inhabitants; on the conquest of Sind, there were certainly massacres in the towns of Sind
when the Arabs first arrived.
       Under Islam, slaves have no legal rights whatsoever, they are considered as mere
―things‖, the property of their master, who may dispose of them in any way he chooses.
Slaves cannot be guardians or testamentary executors, and what they earn belongs to Islam.
There is no obligation on the part of the owner to free him.

        In the early years of the Arab conquests, vast numbers of slaves were acquired by
capture; ―the use of this labor enabled the Arabs to live on the conquered land as a master
class to exploit some of the economic potential of the rich Fertile Crescent‖.

       Arabs were deeply involved in the vast network of slave trading-they scoured the
slave markets of China, India, and Southeast Asia. There were Turkish slaves from Central
Asia, slaves from the Byzantine Empire, white slaves from Central and East Europe, and
black slaves from West Africa and East Africa. Every city in the Islamic world had its slave

       From the moment of their capture to the time of their sale, hundreds of slaves were
forced to put up with degrading and inhuman conditions, and hundreds died of exhaustion
and disease. The ―lucky‖ ones became domestic servants, while the unlucky ones were
exploited to the maximum working In the salt mines, draining the marshes, working in the
cotton and sugar plantations. The female slaves were hired out as prostitutes. Otherwise, of
course, they were at the entire sexual disposal of their mast.

        Sparing the lives of non – Muslims was first applied to the monotheistic religions
such as Christian and Jews, later it extended to include others such as Zoroastrian and Hindu
as the Muslim empire expanded. The mercy came from a phrase in the Koran calling
Christians and Jews. ―Ahlul Kitab‖ or ―the people of the book‖. They had to pay tax in
return for their safety. They are un allowed to commit any crime small or big. In practice a
large number of them gradually converted to Islam, as they were essentially second – class

        The jizya and kharaj (taxes) were a crushing burden for the non – Muslim peasantry
who seeked out a bare living in a subsistence economy i.e. a standard of living only just
sufficient to sustain life.

       There are three patterns of inequalities performed in law and practice of Islam

1.   Master and slave

2.   Man and woman

3.   Believer and unbeliever

       Mohammad killed the love between man and woman, the Koran is the enemy of
thoughts. His words about women is but vulgar and full with disrespect in uncultivated
manners, coming from a very religious man claiming to speak God‘s word. The consequence
of having God endorsement will repress any impulse by a woman to have a revolt, and men
enjoys the advantage of having a higher rank. Men are warned not listen to women. In
hadith Mohammad says ―Take up positions opposing women; there is much merit in such
opposition.‖ Yet another says, ―A soon as man begins to obey whim of a capricious woman,
God throws him in hell.‖ According to theologians, the husband has the right to
administrator corporal punishment to his wife if she

1.     Refuses to make herself beautiful for him;
2.     Refuses to meet his sexual demands;
3.     Leaves the house without permission or without any legitimate reason recognized by
       law; or
4.     Neglects her religious duties
         Another hadith has the following saying ―Hang up your whip where your wife can see

        Here is how Muhammad describes women in general: ―Be friendly to women for
womankind was created from a rib, but the bent part of the rib, high up, if you try to
straighten it you will break it; if you do nothing, she will continue bending it‖.

        Surat 4 : 34 ―Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them
to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So
good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those
from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart; and scourge
(beat) them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them Lo! Allah is ever High
Exalted, Great.

        In another surat the prophet especially forbids men to beat their wives. This shows a
clear contradiction of a Koran meant to have divine laws.

-      The women who dies and with whom the husband is satisfied will go to paradise.
-      A wife should never refuse her husband even if she is on the saddle of a camel.
-      Hellfire appeared to Mohammad in a dream and noticed that it was above all women
       who had been ungrateful to their husbands.
       It is reported that Muhammad had never touched a woman who did not belong to him.
When the women who gave him their allegiance asked to shake him by the hand, he replied,
―I never touch the hand of women.‖ Further hadiths on this subject:

-   Better for a man to be splashed by a pig than for him to brush against the elbow of a
    woman not permitted him
-   Better to bury an iron needle in the head of one of you than to touch a woman not
    permitted him
-   He who touches the palm of a woman not legally his will have re – hot embers put in the
    palm of his hand on Judgment Day.
-   Three things can interrupt prayers if they pass in front of someone praying: a black dog,
    a woman, and an ass.
        A wife cannot legitimately ask her husband to satisfy her sexually, she can only
demand that she be fed, clothed, and housed. Sexually, the husband is the master of the
enjoyment of his wife. The converse is not true. The husband‘s refusal to make love to his
wife is simply considered as a free renunciation of his legitimately acquired sexual rights.

        Men, never ever obey your women. Never let them advise you on any matter
concerning your daily life. If you let them advise you they will squander all you possessions
and disobey all your orders and desires. When alone they forget religion and think only of
themselves; and as soon as it concerns their carnal desires they are without pity or virtue. It
is easy to get pleasure from them but they give you big headaches too. Even the most
virtuous among them is of easy virtue. And the most corrupt are whores! Old age does not
spare them of their vices. They have three qualities worthy of an unbeliever: they complain
of being oppressed when in fact it is they who oppress; they take solemn oaths and at the
same time lie; they make a show of refusing the advances of men when in fact they long for
them ardently. Let us implore God‘s help to escape their sorcery.‖

        The Koranic paradise was further elaborated with much glee by Muslim
commentators. As Suyuti, for example, wrote: ―Each time we sleep with a houri we find her
virgin. Besides, the penis of the elected never

       Perhaps minerates are symbols to the sex dynamic in heaven.

       The Koran is neither understood nor criticized under you must obey.

        Revelation: the prophet disputed women not in a plain way because he was an
obsessive compulsive case and the Arab women were too. Today most women in Asia are
obsessive compulsive to make her different from the same women in the Western world. The
power of Allah behind Mohammad drove the women into acceptance. A Muslim woman
seeing her prophet‘s biography bears murder, crime exterminating his enemies by the sword,
she is justified to put all her obsessions aside for the male supremacy.

        Remember: Islam is fundamentally incompatible with the Christian society in the
enlightenment. The original tribal and primitive models have remained unchanged over
thirteen centuries.

        The conditions set by the Koran and hadiths are as follows:

-    Her hand should never be touched by man except her husband
-    She may leave only in case of a real need
-    The exit must be authorized by her husband or legal guardian
-    She must be well-covered, including her face, to avoid tempting any men who might be
     around; she must move with her head bowed down looking neither left nor right (Koran
     24 : 31)
-    She must not put on perfume. The prophet has said: ―Any woman who puts on perfume
     and passes in front of men is a fornicator.‖
-    She must not walk in the middle of the road among men. The prophet on noticing the
     confusion on leaving a mosque, said: ―You women do not have the right to walk amongst
     men – stick to the sides.‖
-    She must walk in a chaste and modest manner (sura, 24.31)
-    When talking to a stranger, her voice must remain normal (sura 33 : 32)
-    If inside a shop or an office, she must avoid being left alone behind a closed door with a
     man. The Prophet has said: ―There can never be a tete-a-tete between a man and a
     woman without the devil interfering and doing his worst.
-    She must never shake the hand of a man
-    Even at a female friend‘s house, she must not discard any clothes covering her in case
     there is a man hiding in the house. The prophet has said: ―Any woman who takes off her
     cloak in other than her own house or the house of her husband is rending apart the
     envelope that protects her in front of God.‖
-    The wife must not go beyond a thirty-kilometer without being accompanied by her
     husband or a relative.
-    A woman must never attempt to imitate a man
        She can wear anything she likes as long as it conforms to the following conditions:

1.   Her dress must cover the entire body except the face and hands.
2.   The dress must not be too fine or elaborate
3.   It must be of thick material and not transparent
4.   It must not cling to her body tightly; it should be loose
5.   It must not be perfumed

6.   It must not resemble any kind of man‘s wear
7.   It must not resemble the clothes of unbelievers
8.   It must not be ―luxurious‖ or glamorous or of too great a value
       In summary: she is illiterate and ignorant, prevented from writing, forbidden to talk
to a man and limited in her mobility. Mohammad destroyed the partnership and intimacy
between husband and wives, by his ruthless power. Slavery is acquired by a beast which
maintains that ―we are not born equal‖.

       How can one accept Mohammad‘s truth?

       How can a brutal man save you from hell?

        Everything was so better with Jesus. No nation can make it if the Lord wasn‘t on its
side. He came to save us from the prison and the people who sentence the ugly prison. This
is why Jesus Coming again to do judgment. The Lord God came to the world to be known, to
be touched and to be the gift of our heart. He came to be born in our hearts after giving him a
total submission. No man can imitate Jesus; he is like gold, a symbol of precious metal.
Jesus is our king and our priest, he sets us a sinless standard that we cannot do, because we
are human and He is the God, and therefore the principle of our savior.

     Remember: the thousand year of ―heaven on earth‖ is for the victims of Neroism –
Mohammadism, taking the deadly risk of claiming Christians.

     Polygamy expresses the view that the penis of man is not restricted or reserved to one
woman but depending on his sweetness of adventure.

       ―Happy now the believers, humble in their players, shunning vain conversation,
paying the poor-due and who restrain their appetites except with their wives or the slaves
whom their right hand possess; for in that case they shall be free from blame‖ (Sura 23:1,5,6).

         We know well any who claims equality to all his wives is telling a considerable lie.
Mohammad justified his equality to his wives in the business of polygamy by making love to
all his nine wives in the morning, one after the other, what one wife reaps the other harvest in
the second round. We know the men around Mohammad enjoyed sex with their women from
front and from behind but no details have been revealed about Mohammad‘s sexual
preference. Marriage is a ―trademark‖ and the woman has no right neither over her own
vagina or her anus.

       The Muslim conception of marriage has nothing in common with the Christian one.
Islam is a straight sex religion reaffirmed by Islamic Heaven in the fantasy of the ―infinite
orgasm‖ and the ―perpetual errection‖. Mohammad gave an inferior status to women, so men
can enjoy her flesh. He regarded sex is pure so long the sexual parts are clean. Christianity
made sexuality totally unclean.

       Allah has ninety – nine names bearing good and evil forces equal to yin – yan names
with powerful messages, in their attributes and properties.

       A prophetic Hadith states ―God has ninety – nine names, one less than a hundred. He
who learns them all will enter paradise. The great name is the unknown name remaind to
make up the hundred. If the missing one became known, knowledge will be associated with
that one great name. God will answer the prayer if the hundredth name is uttered.

       It is said that Mohammad said that the name was to be found in the second, third or
twentieth suras, in which God is designated by the titles living (al-haiy), self-sufficient (al-
qaiyum). As a result of not knowing the great name that has the hidden essence of God, the
unknown name must be endowed with magical properties. To know it one has to use magical
devices which might connect with the name. Amulets and charms often help the discovery of
the name by teeming.

       The following is some names playing the good card.


        Al-Rahim: the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. Al-Ghaffar: the all-
forgiving. Al-Ghafur: the Pardoner. Al-Adil: the Just, Equitable, Impartial. Al-Latif: the
Subtle, Al-Shafee, the Gracious, Refined. Al-Halim: the Lenient, Clement, most serene,
Most Kind and Gentle. Al-Karim: the Generous, the Bountiful. Al-Barr: the Gracious
Benefactor, the Source of Goodness. Al-Afuw: the Eraser of Sins, the Remover of Error,
Fault, and Wrong Action. Dhul-Jalali wal-Ikram: the Lord of Majesty and Generosity.

       The following is some names playing the ugly card.


       Al-Mudhill the Humiliator, the Degrader, Bringer of Dishonor and Disgrace. Al-
Mumit: the Taker of Life, the Creator of Death, Al-Muntaqim: the Avenger, the Inflictor of
Retribution. Al-Darr: the Punisher, Bringer of Harm to Those Who Offend Him.

       The question is if God has the forgiveness quality then why he also follows killing?
He certainly has a strange way of showing mercy!

       There is a roaster of contradictions and inconsistencies.

       The Koran consists of one hundred and fourteen suras or chapters. Except for sura 9,
each chapter begins by repeating the first line of the first sura: In the name of Allah, the
Beneficent, the Merciful daily noted is this correct? This is just his mini character, not
example of all.

        The Koran goes on showing its idol worship in special sura called ―The Star,‖ in more
certainty and confidence. The pagan worship presented in handmade idols and temples by the
Meccans was known at Mohammad‘s time. The worship guarantees for the existence of
―astral spirits.‖

        Mohammad made the stars no longer staying in the dark but to be given the oath in
dealing with them. This spirit of stars is unveiled in the Koran, sura 56.75: ―I swear by the
falling of the stars…. Sura 55, entitled ―The Star,‖ verse 1: ―By the star when plunges….‖

        Meccans kept 360 (9x40) idols in the Kabaa; and the ceremony of circling the Kaaba
seven times, is symbolic of the motion of the seven planets.

       In summary ―Look up to the stars and prepare yourself to their actions. The star has
made it possible.

        In sura 7.38, we learn, ―They that charge out signs with falsehood and proudly reject
them, the gates of heaven shall not be opened to them, not shall they enter Paradise until a
camel pass through the eye of the needle‖ a remarkable echo of the Matt.19.24, ―It is easier
for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom
of God‖. (See also Mark 10.25 and Luke 18.25). There are more stories and legends copied
to show Islam has the required connection in views. It seems as if Mohammad breathed from
his childhood the air of Judiasm. A man who copy has no inspiration.

        Muhammad often refers to God as rabb al –„alamin, ―Lord of the worlds‖ (sura 56.79,
82.29, 83.6). In Jewish liturgy as well as the Aggadah we find ribbon ha – olamin.
Muhammad also speaks of God as ar – rahman, the Merciul (55.1; 78.3.) At the head of each
sura, but elsewhere in the Koran it occurs over fifty times, almost as a personal name of God.
This term seems to have been used in Arabia before Islam; it has been found in South
Arabian inscriptions.

       The Koranic account mix the story of Gog and Magog with that of Alexander who
was also called ―Two – Horned‖ because God caused horns to grow upon his head so that he
may crush the world.

       There is confusion in names identifications among Joshua bin Levi confused with
Joshua bin Nun. The confusion may seem to be the result of borrowing from different

       Sura 5 ―Almaida‖ the Arabic word for the supper table that Jesus partook with His
Disciples. Mohammad made the table descent from Heaven and the disciples writings about
Jesus were false.

        At the time when Mohammad became the prophet of Muslims, there was other
prophets, Musailama of Yamama and Al – Asward of Yemen known to be rival to influence
belief in them.

        Remember: Mohammad had problem with creativity because of his sub – conscious
too strong compared to his conscious which is also the divider between Good guys and bad
guys. It is easy to duplicate Mohammad spirit. A true Muslim man such as Osama Bin Laden
possesses Mohammad spirit. Any terrorist who does the work of Mohammad contest his

       In the 660S, Mohammad wanted to establish unity between Arab and Jews breaking a
deal which compromise union between the Ishmaelite (i.e. him and Arabs) and Jews the
descendant of Isaac. The Jews wouldn‘t have a bar of it as the Jews so this as ―there isn‘t
even a contest‖. The Jews saw nothing but domestic demand for blood and destruction
which is out of the commonsense. The two Gods ALLAH and Yahweh don‘t have anything
in common. In other word the Jews can‘t go with Yahweh and finish up with a gangster,
biast God. The adjustment to make together with the insecurity and other shaped
obstructions are too big. The Jews knew the offer has too much bad of turmoil.

       There is no growth story in the Muslim women‘s world.

        The Islamic argument behind a mutilated clitoris is simply to be part of the same
religious matter and also to give women more morals by extinguishing her sexual desire and
comfort. The following describes one of the methods, in the Eastern Horn of Africa,
involving three types of female circumcision. There is what is known as ―gentle sunna‖
means ―tradition‖ or ―way of the prophet‖, which removes the head of the clitoris; (moderate
sunna), or clitoridectomy, which removes the clitoris and all of parts of the labia minora, and
labia majora, followed by sewing together of the remaining tissue, often with thorns feeling
leaving a matchstick-calibre opening for urination and menstruation).

         Whether depressed or not her emotions are not important. She must put herself
sexually available to the call of her husband. Sex has one desire that is the man‘s desire
fulfilled in straight sex. There is no Love, only a sexual relation. The word ―marriage‖ in
Koran is ―Nikah‖ meaning ―To Fuck‖. Once man‘s ejaculation ceases, she should be ready
to be out. If she is one of three wives she should be adjusting to the other wives to have their
turns. Man is allowed unlimited times performance.

       Thus Mohammad demonstrated his way in exercising the power of his sex and at the
same time dictated register to his followers protecting Arab‘s sex –ego. The joy of sex lies in
the number of women. The bonus of men‘s blood in holy wars is paid by women sex slavery.

        Clearly Islam embraces astronomy, algebra, mathematics, geometry, optics, but only
to calculate the direction of Mecca more accurately by means of the stars and to establish a
religious calendars. Clearly Islam values geography, but only to facilitate the convergence on
the Kaaba when pilgrims from all over the world flock to Mecca Islam clearly prizes
medicine, but only to avoid the impurity that make one‘s relation with Allah. Clearly it
esteems grammar, philosophy, and law, but only to enrich commentary on the Koran and the

       Remember: Islam treats women as intellectually, morally, and physically inferior.
She has less reason, less faith and therefore has to be subjected to the wishes of Muslim men.

        Taboos, slavery, sexual inequality, vengeance, tribal rivalry, authoritarianism and
basis of fear defines the religious doctrine.

       Young jihadists across the world are Osama‘s followers wedded to his Al-Qaeda
network. They represent a generation of jihadists willing to sacrifice their lives to Al-Qaeda
by practicing bomb explosions in bushes. Each jihadist knows how to communicate secretly.
The internet is the catalyst in accessing the necessary information to avoid detection, building
terror spectacular instead.

      Osama prays to his father Allah to do the necessary tuning of his jihadists. Most of
jihadists are immigrants to USA and Briton educated there to strike back iconic land marks,
greeting favor with death to show Allah‘s beastliness. Each jihadist is a shadow of Osama‘s

      Having U.S citizenship makes them able to travel anywhere. The making of the bomb
is easy and the starting material is commercially available. TNT (Trinitro Toluene) is
powerful and safe to handle, it requires a detonator to explode. Nitric acid, toluene,
ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerine are very common chemicals.

     The real personal objective is to achieve martyrism under a great pain to gain sex under
heaven‘s qualities laws. Their connections with other extremists attacking tempted targets
marks the beginning of the end. It is simply a matter of time. The West has to go one step
ahead of them in thinking to be safer.

      The word ―serpent‖ in Arabic is ―Al-Hayyah‖ meaning life with power to provide life.

       One of the principle names of Allah is called ―Al-Hay‖, translated as the living and the
life-giving. Thus the serpent is an ―Old God‖ seen in Islam equal to Asia‘s religious stories
and myth, but not worshipped or honored as Allah. Islam was prepared with ruin upon ruin
and confusion to overthrow the strategy of other religions to shed blood in time.

      The serpent soul and libido is already given in the psyche of Muslims drawn in desire
for polygamy and stays in the center of the affairs.

      Arabic language is symbol of the word of Allah revealed to Mohammad in cave Hira
outside Mecca and expressed in Koran. Ideas, feeling, resonance earn their places in Arabic.
Prayers must be established in Arabic words before it can be manifested into received
prayers. The word of God or ―Kalimat Allah‖ is considered power and gift to the celestial


CALIGULA (12-4 A.D.)
        An insanely cruel Roman emperor who believed he was a God. His killing followed a
richly theatrical flavor.

        Parents were forced to attend the execution of their children, and Caligula would
sometimes invite them to dine with him afterwards. One senator, thrown to the lion while
insisted on proclaiming his innocence. He was rescued, only for his tongue to be cut out
before he was thrown back. Caligula had the limbs and bowels of another senator stacked in
front of him. He favored slow killings, ordering the executioner to ―strike so that he may feel
he is dying‖. Caligula was partial to both sexes. His sisters were his favorite wives, but he
like others, particularly if they could be stolen. At a wedding he famously accused the
bridegroom of ―making love to my wife‖, and married the poor woman Livia Orestilla,
himself. He quickly divorced her and married Lollia Paulina, who was also the wife of
another man, she lasted a few months. When he divorced her he forbade her to ever have sex
again. He was fond of telling them that ―you‘ll lose this beautiful head when I decide.‖

        He had a harem of wives and twenty five children. It is alleged that when Kay, one of
his wives (whom he has recently divorced) died in a botched abortion attempt, he ordered the
surgeons to cut her up and reassemble her with her legs on her shoulders and arms on her
pelvis as a warning to the others. On the testimony of his housekeeper it is known that he
kept the head of Jesse Gitta, the former husband of his wife Sarah in the fridge in his
―Botanical Room‖. She discovered it after her marriage, along with the head of Ruth
Kobusinje, a girl he was sleeping with and suspected of infidelity. One nurse describes
decapitating six bodies and sending the shaved, preserved head to Amin. Nobody knows
what he wanted them for, which is odd, as he usually left nothing to the imagination. Henry
Kyemba, the Ugandan health minister confessed from the safety of foreign exile: ―I am
ashamed to admit that on several occasions he told me quite proudly that he had eaten the
organs or flesh of his human victims.‖

GENGHIS KHAN (1167- 1227)
        He is the ruler of one of the greatest empires in world‘s history. The word Khan
means universal ruler. He conquered Turkestan, Iran, Afghanistan and South Russia. He was
fearsome warrior by the style of his insane brutality and horrific cruelty. T he standard
behaviour after taking a city was he drove the population outside the city walls; men with
useful skills might be enslaved. Young men will be taken for military purpose. The several
thousands are swept down like cattle to be killed, generally decapitated, and their heads
stacked in neat pyramids. The women were, without exception, raped. A few might be taken
for slaves or concubines, and the rest also killed. If an example was to be made of an
execution of a particular city, then no one would be spared, for any purpose. The inhabitants
might be driven out through a gate and decapitated as they walked through it, in a short of
ghastly deathly belt. Sometimes each Mongol soldier was designated a number of executions
to perform, which on an occasion was as high as five hundred per man. This could take days
to perform, even with the famous stamina of the Mongol troops, particularly if the order was
given that no living thing was to escape. Even dogs and cats were then executed and babies
in the womb were run through with swords. This was all performed in a highly disciplined
fashion. Finally the city would be set on fire and afterwards flooded where conditions
permitted. The prospect of all this happening produced some fairly drastic reactions. At
Peking, 60,000 women threw themselves off the city walls rather than face the Mongols;
when the siege left them starving, the whole population resorted to cannibalism rather than
surrender. China was conquered by Kublai a grandson of Genghis Khan who ruled as first
emperor of the Yan Dynasty (1271-1368).

        He is the grandson of Genghis Khan (1217-1265), first of the Khan rulers of Iran.
The Mongol fashion of barbarity was to murder every newly born and children after
conquering, Iraq was the example. The slaughters of children prevent Iraq from becoming
fighters which is the best way to safety.

       The head of Cambodian Khmer rouge provided 12080 dead souls in prison only. His
wheel of barbarity was ―Gain the office of power by execution, the quick way to resolve the
case‖. ―Slaughter freezes the soul and put the anchor of acceptability‖.

        A grandson of Genghis Khan and Sochi‘s son, the conqueror of Russia. He ruled the
western part of the Mongol empire which already took over the whole Asia. He ruled
Southern Russia for 200 years through the khanate in ruthless way. He invaded Eastern
Europe. The year 1241 was a year of Misery to Hungry. The reason for Mongol invasion
was the escape of 40.000 Russians to Hungry trying to escape from the barbaric rule and
brutal treatment of Russians by Mongols. The army smashed every church in the path until
approaching Hungry.

         The name Tatars was the name given to the Mongol savage forces. The world Tatars
comes from “Tartarus” meaning monsters from hell. Invaders to kill and steel, sometimes
did eat the raw hearts and livers of slaughter Europeans to capture their spirit that might rise
their thinking power.

       Remember: The ruling dynasties of the Mongols which preceded Genghis Khan
sprang from an unmarried princess who explained the three children to which she gave birth
by saying: ―Every night a shining golden man entered through the smoke-hole of her tent,
cursed her belly and penetrated her womb with his shining light... He left her by climbing out
like yellow dog along the shining beams of the Sun or Moon. Those who can read the signs
will realize that her three sons must have been children of Hell.‖

        The Mongols were a superstitious race, they had no organized public religion, but
believed all sort of shamanism, oracles, magic and images. There was also a one overall God
―Tengri‖. The Mongols regarded the tops of mountains and origins of springs as the home of
God sacred to those higher powers and the spirit of water. It was considered unholy to wash
clothes, bodies, cooking in water, with potential consequences to personal hygiene. The dirt
helped to provide protection against the deadly cold. In their own myths, they were the
offspring of a blue wolf, seen as human predator.

        The advance of the Mongol hordes is one of the most significant historical events of
the last thousand years. Quite apart from the destruction, they completely altered the
distribution of people, wealth and disease within the known world.

       The Mongols had ingenious ways to kill, for example their nobles were strangled with
a bow-string or buried alive. Genghis had his old friend ― Kushlek‖ suffocated under a pile
of carpets. Murders were reserved to their enemies. The Mongol life was structured on
having wives, chase, slaughter and feeding. Loyalty was the state of presenting blood in the
slaughter of their horses as sacrifice.

       REMEMBER: The dynasty of China brought the Dragon for executing its action.
Without America and Europe, China‘s human right would be on a record high as Mongols
stacked heads Pyramids.

       The Mongols world and Muslims world although evolved differently, there is
considerable similarities between them. What is the difference between Mongols and
Abbasids cultures? They both testify human sacrifices to gain the advantage.

       Saddam paranoia was to trust absolutely no-one, in short, everyone is a potential
enemy. He need to catch them first and wait eagerly to destroy them, children are the only
one non-committed to hunt him.

        Saddam Hussein in 1973 was deputy president of Iraq; the president was Ahmad
Hassan al-Bakr. Saddam was the power behind the throne, instrumental in implementing the
policies of repression, terror and ruthlessness. Just the same as Genghis Khan, Mohammad,
Nero but playing it in modern time. He had Machine-Gun in his hand to reinforce his terror
challenging those who might think retaliation. He established a ‗Departement of Internal
Security‘, the official state torture-service, run by Nadlum Kazar, a notorious psychopath,
who ran the central interrogation unit at Qasr ( Palace) al Nihayyah in Baghdad. It was there,
in 1973, that a survivor saw Saddam Hussein, Deputy President of Iraq, bodily pick up a still

struggling prisoner and tossing him into a vat of acid, watching fascinated as the wriggling
man dissolved.

       The Baath State that Saddam inevitably inherited on 16 July 1979 was well on the
way to being run on the only emotional lines he understood, those of terror. He had
systematically eradicated everyone who posed a threat, real or imagined, to be.

        Under Saddam, torture became a customary experience, used not to extract
information, but to remodel the very thoughts of the populace. Thus torturers saw themselves
as creative artists, engineers of the human soul. Exacting confessions to non-existent crimes
is a mean of compelling victims to surrender their individually, to accept without question the
truth as presented by the state. In order to heighten the impression of an organization as
omniscient and divine as its leader and to cultivate the necessary sense of sin and guilt within
the people, the security services are anonymous and select victims at random. No
explanations are offered; the event is efficiently calculated to suggest unimaginable horrors.
―The pattern is for agents to pick someone up from work or at night from his house of what
one assumes to be a normal not serious issue, the corpse is brought back weeks or may be
months later and delivered to the head of the family in a sealed box. A death certificate is
produced with a signature to the effect that the person has died of fire, swimming or other
such accidents. Someone is allowed to accompany the coffin for a ceremony, but at no time
are they allowed to see the corpse. The cost of proceedings is demanded in advance.

       You are either baathist connecting with Saddam business or you have no future.

         Acid baths are commonly used to make thousands of corpse disappear. Amnesty
International has detailed thirty methods of torture in blood and tears used in Iraq, from
beating to mutilation, from rape to electricution, including the gouging out of eyes, the
cutting off noses, breasts, penises and limbs. Heavy-metal poisoning is a favored means of
killing off undesirables. Lead and thallium are administered to prisoners in soft drinks during
uneventful but deliberately prolonged interrogation. Children are routinely tortured to extract
confessions from their parents. In 1985, three hundred children were held at Fusailyya
Prison, where they were whipped, sexually abused and given electric shocks. In order to
assist their work, the security forces have become master players of the rumor machine, their
eyes can see more than expected. They use it to create the enemy within, which they must
flush out, and then use it again to spread rumors of the horrendous punishments that traitors
face. A constant stream of videos showing confessions, trials and executions are released to
the public. Baath party officials are required to take part in executions and filmed doing so,
thus binding themselves together in responsibility with ―blood cement‖. Saddam will remain
a symbol of a vigrous leader building his power among dark Satanic mills.

                      PART VI - HISTORY OF THE JEWS

        A Jew is a person of Judaic religion and race who share common racial origins,
history and culture and who date from at least 1500 BC. It is nevertheless very difficult to
define what constitutes Jewishness. In Israel there are Jews from many origins and races, but
most Jews in Israel are not observant or practicing religious Jews.

        However varied their communities, all Jews see themselves as members of a
community whose origins lie in the patriarchal period. This past lives on in its rituals, and
there is a marked preference for expressing beliefs and attitudes more through ritual than
through abstract doctrine. The family is the basic unit of Jewish ritual, though the synagogue
has come to play an increasingly important role. The Sabbath, which begins at sunset on
Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday, is the central religious observance. The synagogue is
the center for community worship and study. Its main feature is the 'ark' (a cupboard)
containing the hand-written scrolls of the Pentateuch. The rabbi is primarily a teacher and
spiritual guide. There is an annual cycle of religious festivals and days of fasting. The first
of these is Rosh Hashanah, which is the New Year's Day, the holiest day in the Jewish year.
Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement which is Jewish holy day (io tishri). Other annual
festivals include Hanukkah (the feast of dedication) and Pesach, the family festival of

       Modern Judaism is rooted in rabbinic Judaism, and its historical development has
been diverse. Today most Jews are the descendants of either the Ashkenazim or the
Sephardim, each with their marked cultural differences. There are also several religious
branches of Judaism. Orthodox Judaism (19th century) seeks to preserve traditional Judaism.
Reform Judaism (19th century) represents an attempt to interpret Judaism in the light of
modern scholarship and knowledge which is a process carried further by Liberal Judaism.
Conservative Judaism which attempt to steer a course between orthodoxy and reform through
an emphasis on the positive historical elements of Jewish tradition. Women are no longer
required to be segregated in special gallery.

                                     Judaism in Europe

         Europe has been home to Jews for around two thousand years. There were Jews in
Rome, for example, from the 2nd century BCE (before the Christian era), and a community in
Cologne as early as 321CE. During the Dark Ages their presence spread north and east into
Poland, the Baltic and Ukraine, but it was from the 10th century that numbers increased,
especially with the encouragement of urban Jewish settlement by European rulers for the
stimulation of the economy. Thus despite sporadic violence and some social and religious
restrictions, Jews flourished culturally and economically. However, by the end of the 11th
century, when Jewish skills were less essential, the religious fervor of the crusades found

expression in anti-Jewish sentiment, beginning a process which culminated in the expulsion
of Jews from Spain in 1492. Soon afterwards urban Jews in various other places were
confined to ghettos outside working times. With the enlightenment new freedoms were
experienced. Initially this encouraged assimilation, a problem that the reform movement
sought to tackle. At the same time many Jews emigrated to America as a result of continued
anti-semitism in the 19th century. This new type of prejudice, racial rather than specifically
religious ended in the Nazi Holocaust, devastating the Jewish population of Europe. Since
then America has in many ways taken over from Europe as a vital force in world Jewry
alongside Israel.

                                Judaism in North America

       Jews first settled in North America in the mid 17th century, although the number was
small until the 19th century. However, from the outset life there was different from that in
Europe with few restrictions based on religion, either before or after American independence
(1776). Since Jews were able to integrate with their non-Jewish neighbors, no separate,
autonomous Jewish community was needed as it had been in Europe. There were individuals
Jewish congregations with synagogue, of course.

         Jebel Mousa in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula is believed to be the mountain (Jebel in
Arabic) where the Ten Commandments and the law of God were given orally by God to
Moses which then engraved on two stones or tablets. There is an ancient traditional belief
that it is Mount Serbal which is an ancient as Jebel Mousa. Others sites have been suggested
based on the route of the Exodus and the wanderings of the Israelites such as Jabel Elawz
(Almond), a mountain in Saudi Arabia; another har harkom located in a remote section of
Israel's Negev desert. The site of Petra, an extraordinary beautiful area in Southern Jordan
known for its ancient ruins. The Israelites reached after 3 months out of Egypt.
Archaeological evidence of people wandering for forty years in this area (or the exodus) is
none. There is no physical trace of a group of hundreds of thousands of people leaving an
impact on the land-scape. But this is not a Roman empire, we are talking about a trace has
yet to be found of their passing. It is possible that the forces of nature have destroyed the
evidence. It is also possible that the route of the journey is unknown and unexamined and the
true site of Mount Sinai remains to be found.

       In fact, In A. D. 327 Jebel Mousa was identified as the Biblical one by Helena, the
mother of the Roman emperor Constantine, who was touring around the Holy Land in search
of sacred sites. A chapel was built at the base, and today a large, beautiful Greek Orthodox
monastery St. Katherine's can be found there. Within its walls are an impressive library of
old manuscripts and a scraggly shrub which some claim is a distant relative of the famous
burning bush.

       A box in which the Ten Commandments were kept to be like a binding oath
agreement between individuals and God. A portable wooden chest overlaid with gold. The
ark was made of acacia wood, rings were fitted and staves for carrying it. It was covered
with a golden lid called the mercy seat. The chest was some 3 ft 9 inch long, 27 inch broad
and deep. In the Hebrew Bible / Old Testaments it is described as having many successive
functions – containing the two tablets of the Decalogue, serving as a symbol of the divine
presence guiding Israel, and acting as a safeguard in war. It was constructed under Moses,
taken into battle in David's time, housed in the Temple under Solomon, but is now lost.
Torah scrolls are still kept in containers called 'Arks' in Jewish synagogues.

        The Ark served as a focus for the presence of God and was installed in the Holy of
Holies in the Tabernacle and Temple. It served as a channel for God's power. For 14 years,
the Ark was stationed in the Tabernacle while it remained at the site of Gilgal, and afterwards
it spent many years at Shiloh. Its power became legendary. The foes of the Israelites were
well aware of its reputation and feared it. But one time, the Philistines were able to capture
the Ark, and they thought it was a good thing.

        After the Philistines captured the Ark, they brought it back to their city of Ashdod and
set it down in the Temple of their chief God, Dagon. Immediately, strange things began to
happen. The statue of Dagon was found tipped over face first not once but twice and the
second time it was severely damaged. The people of Ashdod became afflicted with ―tumors‖
and blamed it on the Ark. They decided to send it away to another Philistine city, Gath,
whereupon its unfortunately citizens were likewise stricken. It was regarded almost as a

       After David established his capital in Jerusalem, he decided to have the Ark moved
there. It was on this journey that the incident with Uzzah occurred. David was furious about
what had happened to the man, and parked the Ark in a house along the route for three

        Eventually the trip to Jerusalem continued. David became so excited when the Ark
finally entered his city that he danced wildly. The Ark was set down in a tent, and when
Solomon's Temple was completed, it was transferred to the Holy of Holies. The Ark was lost
when the Temple of Solomon was destroyed. Despite various theories and attempts to find
this very special object, the Ark of the Covenant has not been located.

        Remember: Fanatic Jews in Israel think the Ark lies under the dome of the rock. The
ultra orthodox Jews have reason to demolish the mosque for purer land but this can be the
vital start.

      The Holy of Holies was the tabernacle in a tent form made to shelter the Ark of the
Covenant for worship when Israel was travelling to the promised land. The oldest documents
describe it as a simple thing which stood outside the camp. The end result was a rectangular
structural about 145 feet long, 72 feet wide, 7 feet tall, and enclosed by curtains. Within was
another compartment divided in two by a veil. Its innermost chamber was the sacred Holy of
Holies, which contained nothing but the Ark of the Covenant, a special box containing the
Tablets of Law. In front of the veil hiding the Holy of Holies was an incense altar, a bread
table on its right and a seven-branched candelabra on its left, all made of precious materials.
In the courtyard outside was a washing bowl and an altar for burnt offerings. The materials
for its building were all available at the place and time. It contained the Ark, the table for the
shewbread and the candelabrum. The whole service and approach to it is laid down (Exodus
Chapter). Dimensions were 45 ft. by 15 ft, and the entrance was on the E. on 3 sides of the
walls were boards which could be dismantled, and the other side was curtained. The walls
were 15 ft. high. Pillars held the curtains and there were more pillars inside, supporting
curtains to screen off the Holy of Holies, which was 15 ft. square. The calling was a tent of
linen or muslin, and cloth draped the walls too. Drapes of goats' hair hung down outside, and
the whole stood in a fenced enclosure 150 ft. by 75 ft. The laver and the altar stood in the
enclosure but outside the Tabernacle, while the Ark was in the Holy of Holies and just
outside it the altar of incense with the table of shewbread on its right and the Golden
Candlestick on the left. The Levites were responsible for dismantling and re-erecting it.
After the conquest Joshua brought it out from its temporary site at Gilgal to Shiloh. The
erection was probably made more permanent. When the Philistine captured the Ark (Psalm)
in Saul day, the Tabernacle was at Nob. In David's and Solomon's day it was at Gibeon.
When the new temple was built to double the scale of the Tabernacle, the Old Testaments
was dismantled stored in the Temple.

       The glorious presence of God has been called the Shekinah. It was the thought to be
present in the Holy of Holies, and on occasion was noted in the form of a cloud descending
on such places as the Tabernacle and Temple. The tabernacle was sufficiently portable that it
could be moved and set up as the Israelites wandered. Much of it could be carried on poles,
and various groups were assigned responsibility for the different places. When it was
erected, the Israelites camped around it in a specific order according to tribe.

        It must have been quite an operation each time the Israelites moved and set up camp.
When they eventually reached the Promised Land, the Tabernacle was set up for a long
stretch of time at Gilgal and the Ark would be removed and carried into battle. When David
became king, it was time to make things permanent.

       The Bible tells us that David purchased a high spot on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem
that was used as a threshing floor by a man named Araunah. This was also the traditional site
where Abraham took his son Isaac to be scarified, as God explained to him, he was ―a man of
war‖, and had shed blood. He did, however, pass the plans on the his successor, Solomon.

       The Holy of Holies is the most sacred Tabernacle followed by the Jerusalem temple.
Only the high priest was permitted to enter and only once yearly on the day of atonement.

        The central shrine of Jewish worship and its priesthood since its establishment under
Solomon. It was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in c. 587BC, after the return from exile.
Extended on an elaborate scale by Herod the Great, beginning c.20BC it was barely renewed
before its destruction under Titus during the Jewish revolt of 70CE. today, its site is partly
occupied by the Muslim mosque, the Dome of the Rock, built in the late 7 th century. David
started to collect the materials for the building of the first permanent abode of Jehovah, but it
was left to his son to start and complete the work. When Solomon became king, he came
into control of the not insubstantial empire built by David, his father. There was a peaceful
political environment and sufficient wealth to build a splendid monument, and the work

        Solomon was assisted by a Pheonician king, Hiram, who facilitated the harvesting of
huge numbers of cypress and cedar logs from the forests of Lebanon. The logs were tied
together and floated down the coast. The total cost was 108,000 talents of gold, 10,000
darics of gold, and 1,017,000 talents of silver. It took 71 years to build and the site was Mt.
Moriah. The plan was simply the Tabernacle on a large scale. Inside it was 90 ft long. 30
board and 30 high – twice the scale of the Tabernacle. It was, however, built of stone with a
roof of cedar and a floor of fir. The inside walls were overlaid with gold. The Holy of
Holies followed the same convention as the Tabernacle, and was 30 ft square and high, with
latticed windows, or ventilators, in the roof or near it. The altar of incense stood outside the
Holy of Holies. There were 10, really, and 10 tables for the showbread. On the outer walls
there was lodging for the priests, and in front was the portico with the 2 brazen pillars, Boaz
and Jachin. The main court was the Court of the People, and within it, at a different level,
was the Court of the Priests. These were separated by a low wall. The altar of sacrifice was
in the Priest Court with water for the priest to wash themselves, and lavers to wash the
vessels. Solomon's Temple was plundered and burned by the Babylonians in 586 BC. There
was two more temples built.

        This was authorized by Cyrus the King of Persia (600-529 BC) after the return from
the exile, (by defeating the Babylonians to end the exile) and was to be 90ft. Square and
high. Work was started in the 2nd year after the return, and then was stopped because of the
opposition of the Samaritans. It was begun again in 520 BC, and was finished 5 years later.
In the end it turned out to be more or less a copy of Solomon's Temple but more modest and
less elaborate. Some of the captured Temple vessels were returned. There was the altar of
incense, one candlestick, and one table for the shewbread piled up bread. There was also the
priests' lodging and the usual courts.

       Remember: Cyrus the son of Cambyses was regarded by Isaiah as ―the created
instrument of God to end the exile‖.

        The old building was demolished and the new begun in 20 BC. Work went on
intermittently till AD 64. the plan followed the shape of Solomon's Temple, but the new one
was 60ft. high and built of blocks of white stone. The Holy of Holies was of course still
empty – there was no Ark of the Covenant, and was separated from the Court by a veil. The
gate to the Holy of Holies was on the East, and had doors 75 ft. high and 24 ft broad. The
whole structure stepped up towards the Holy of Holies, which was of 2 levels. Surrounding
the Temple was a great pillared Court – the court of the Gentiles. On the East Solomon's
Porch of the Gentiles. On the West was the Tyropoeon Valley. The Royal porch was on the
south side. The Temple itself had the Beautiful Gate, or Gate of Nicanor, on the East,
opening on to the Court of the Women, surrounded by the Women's gallery. Moving West
straight through an opening was the Court of Israel, with a vast altar of Burnt Offering.
Contained within the Court of Israel was the Court of the Priests, and within it, the Holy
Place, reached by a porch and with the Holy of Holies beyond. The Jews used this Temple as
a citadel when Titus besieged Jerusalem, and with the Romans victory, the temple was
completely destroyed in AD 70.

        The concept of the holy war, declared, fought and won by Yahweh, God of Israel,
originates in traditions of the God as a divine warrior which are found in the Hebrew Bible.
In the Deuteronomic literature in particular a systematic ideology of holy war is laid out. In
Joshua and Judges there are stories of Yahweh leading his people to victory in wars, mostly
against the Canaan occupants of the promised land. Deuteronomy gives regulation for the
ritual accompanying such a war, culminating in the devotion of a captured city to Yahweh
and consequent annihilation of all its inhabitants. The fact Israel is confirmed by an
inscription of Mesha, King of Moab, who describes the devotion of captured Israelite cities to
the Moabite God Chemosh. Although certain features of the holy war must have been
present in early Israel, it is likely that the detailed institution seen in Deuteronomy is a later
interpretation. In the 2nd century BC the Maccabaeus Revolt took too many of the
characteristics of a holy war, directed as it was against pagan overlords. Holy was also
features prominently in much of the apocalyptic literature of the Old Testament where the
final battle takes on cosmic proportions.

        All Jewish wars were religious was, fought at the call of and on behalf of Elohim.
Before battle there were religious ceremonies after consultation with the prophets. Scouts or
spies were sent out ahead of the main force. The average battle was a straight forward test of
strength and courage rather that skill, strategy and tactics. The two armies faced one another
in line at a sign from the commanders and the advancement began. Prisoners were enslaved.
Defeated nations had to pay indemnities. The wages of the victor was the plunder.




 Abadon (literally‘ destruction or abyss) is the angel of the bottomless pit‘ in the book of
 Revelation, sometimes identified with the devil.


 Abdominal colic is a gripping pain from abdominal cramps that come and go. Colic is
 often associated with vomiting or diarrhea. It will he helpful to take a hot drink and keep
 the abdomen warm by using a blanket to cover it. Sleeping curled up with a pillow under
 the belly with also help. Over-the-counter preparations of antacids may be helpful and can
 be taken. If the abdominal colic is followed by diarrhea, the colic will usually resolve
 itself. If there is blood in the stools, fever or associated vomiting you should consult your
 family physician. If the abdominal pain is also associated with pain when passing urine, it
 may be due to an urine infection or stones in the kidney or bladder. You should consult
 your family doctor when in doubt or if you do not get better.


 Abdominal gas is derived from swallowed air and from gas produced by germs in our gut.
 These germs act on the undigested fibers and carbohydrates to produces the gas fibers
 which consists of a mixture which includes carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide.
 It is the hydrogen sulfide which causes the bad odor. The nose is very sulfide, obvious that
 to reduce the gas in the abdomen, we have to reduce the air swallowed and reduce the
 gases produced by the germs. Chewing food well before swallowing, talking less during
 meals, eating slowly and avoiding carbonated drinks will reduce the amount of swallowed
 air. Avoiding indigestible carbohydrates and excessive fiber (e.g. Bran, high fiber bread)
 will leave less substrate for the germs to act on in the gut thus reducing the amount of gas
 formed. People who have a particular strain of gas-producing germs in their gut will find it
 difficult to reduce the amount of abdominal gas. You should observe the types of foods
 that cause excessive gas formation and avoid them.


 In the Bible, when David was fleeing from Soul because Saul wanted to kill him, he took
 refuge in the cave Adullam. When other heard that he was there, they went to join him:

 ―And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that
 was discontented, gathered themselves unto him‖ (I Sam 22 : 2). Adullam can be
 mentioned in the context of a place where those in trouble can seek refuge.


 If you abide with the Lord, Death Is just a sleep away to heaven.


 Is usually about running from life responsibility while wanting sex. Grave mistakes have
 great consequences troubled by lack of vision.


 A charm used throughout the Middle Ages. One had only to write it down in the triangular
 pattern shown below and wear it a round one‘s neck as a sort of charm to be protected
 from various diseases and to be cured of fever.

 The word derives from the Hebrew abreg ad Habra meaning ‗strike dead with thy

 In Hebrew it comprises nine letters. Placing aleph on the left side of the triangle-- and its
 nine fold repetition -- is the magical element. Like amulets, talismans and pentacles, this
 charm seeks to give the individual a sense of protection through communication with the
 higher powers and the mysterious laws which governs the universe.


 Collection of pus enclosed by damaged and inflamed tissues. Acute when associated with
 pain, inflammation and some fever. Abscess in tooth happens around the tip of the root of
 the tooth. Acute abscess of bone develops from bacterial osteomyelitis. Cerebral abscess
 results from infection of the brain (meninges). A blister is a watery fluid within or beneath
 the skin due to rubbing or a burn.


 In the Bible, Absalom was the third son of King David. He killed David‘s oldest son,
 Amnon, and later raised an army rose against his father, chasing David out of Jerusalem.
 In the subsequent battle, David ordered his men to ‗deal gently for his sake with the young
 man, even with Absalom‘ (2 Sam 18 : 5), but his commander, Joab, ignored this command
 and slew Absalom. On hearing of the death of his son, David wept, O my son, Absalom,
 my son, my son Absalom! Would God I had died for thee, O Absalom, my son, my son!‘
 (2 Sam 18 : 33). Absalom is alluded to as the ultimate rebellious son. In Dryden‘s satire
 Absalom and Acidophil, the character of Absalom represents the duke of Monmouth, the
 illegitimate son of Charles II who led a rebellion.


 Absurdity is offering an irrational view as a solution to the problem i.e. irrationalism used
 as a solution. The problem of absurdity is violation of logic and truth by offering its own
 way solution.


 Under any form of tyranny, it is better to act against the will than to think like wise.
 Arguments with tyrants lead to barbarity without the reasoning effect. You have to act the
 fool in front of a fool. God dwelled action in us to see how good and evil have the big
 difference. What you are is what you do. Great thoughts have great actions.


 Peace gives thinking to do the right actions.


 In tough times, active faith remains the same in challenge and determination.


 Beware of the actor whose name has come to represent sex to justify his existence. The
 ego behind it is trying to beat the actors who managed well before him in making love to /
 a thousand women.


 The role of an actor, is to introduce an act that identify with a particular character for
 forming the basis of good and evil. Social problems such as adultory, homosexuality pride,
 and all that delivers an effective teachings. We get on the top of problems by grinding
 money and attracting money on vaccination. We have public health goals but not the
 problems of sexual behavior and drugs that is obsessive, culture looks like a combined

 According to Deut. 29:23, the cities of Admah and Zebolim suffered the same fate as
 Sodom and Gomorrah, namely destruction by God as a punishment for their citizens


 Adulatory start when one spouse take revenge, on the other spouse,


 Make a bad judgement and within seconds you loose an eye or a knee for the rest of your
 life. Adventures have fiery side in their natures.


 Advertisement for improving a company‘s image has success story if its product is getting
 down to the consumers.


 Africa, a dark menacing world lacking harmony, created by people who respond to Satan


 The issue of wars in Africa has two folds, one part is to put people in refuge and the
 second is to make other people profiting from the first side in a state of confusion. The
 reason of war in people‘s mind is for men to express their rage and fear impulses. The war
 is a hope to gain fortune in wealth. War is an illusion, but hope turns it into a reality.


 Aggressiveness produces more aggressiveness. Man must evolve above his conflict, love
 is it keeps in check against bad and vigorous all the way, problems are minimized the
 foundation of such method.


 Agitation arise from confusion, restlessness, insecurity which can make you prone to
 outburst. All are emotional events happens as energy levels tend to drop. Boost the
 system with fruits, yogurt or muffins which help bring about stability use the Bible to
 capture the energy and keep you in one level. You see life in different angle.


 Agony and pain must be met by love to help people. We have a dumb soul within to go

 south for the exceeding bitter, agony and bitter cry.


 The essence of life is going ahead, promotes change and a freedom winner. Those who
 spend their time looking at past things lack progress.

 Alcatraz was a notorious American prison on the island of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay.
 In 1868, it was originally a prison for military offenders, but was later used for civilian
 prisoners. From 1934 it held the most dangerous criminals, including the gangster A1
 Capone. Alcatraz was closed in 1963. Its name has come to symbolize a prison from
 which escape is impossible rock is its nick name.


 Science gets confused in the extreme snow. Al-Gore has no explanation, for it, he has
 problem in handling the truth. This shift in weather demonstrates the mechanism of end in
 the hand of God. Colder weather is more dangerous than warm, can get you buried in the
 snow. The fools‘ scenario, ―This is not apocalyptic turn around in extreme weather, we
 have just a bad snow just one meter high‖ Giving no benefits to God changed into the
 inconvenient truth. The cycles of warm and cool and their future occurrences are
 substances in the had of God. Lay down the facts correctly so the truth can protect you.


 There is no safe level for alcohol. Women are more sensitive to the damage effect than
 man. One glass or two a day increases woman‘s risk of cancer, breast, liver, vaginal. As
 much as 15%, alcohol not only damage cell but also raises the level of estrogen for
 increasing the risk of breast cancer. Men have similar risks but at higher level. Putting the
 cork back on the bottle is best idea.


 Alexander the Great (356-323 BC), the son of Philip II of Macedon, became king at 19
 when his father was assassinated (336 BC). He defeated the Persians in three major
 battles, at the River Granicus, at Issus in Cilicia, and at Gaugamela, freeing the Greek city
 states and Egypt from Persian rule. While in Egypt he founded Alexandria. He extended
 his empire eastwards as far as India before dying young of a fever. Alexander is often
 cited as one of the greatest generals of all time.


 Alfred the Great (849-99) was king of Wessex, succeeding his brother in 871. He defeated
 the Danes and protected south – west England from Viking attacks. He negotiated a treaty
 with the Danes partitioning England, reformed the law, and promoted education and the


 The science gets confused in the extreme snow. Al-Gore has no explanation, he had
 problem in handling the truth. This crazy shift demonstrates the mechanism of end is in
 the hand of God. Colder weather is more dangerous than warm, (can get buried in the
 snow). The fools' scenario, ―This not apocalyptic turn around in extreme weather, we have
 bad snow just one meter high." The truth of Al-Gore changed into the inconvenient truth.
 The cycles of warm and cool and their future occurrences are substances in the hand of


 They are special creatures produced by weird science. A radio telescope linked to internet
 is sending messages to galaxies light years away, is there anyone there? And no alien calls


 Pragmatism makes you cancel or reject things by doing what you want when such decision
 is made. A rally of other issues is called for opening the black corridor.


 Allah is the creator of all pagan religions. Paganism has one original God called Allah.
 Pagans are the soldiers of Satan and all souls that belongs to him are processed to his
 abyss. Every Allah‘s shed religion whether Islam, Roman, Greek or Ancient Egyptians
 has water rites in its center to symbolize cleansing. Every religion is also immersed in
 lists of taboos. Allah religions grows like a tree holding idol gods and nations in its

 Islam is the seed of all seeds. Islam represents the end of an ancient era for a rebirth of
 one which offers Allah‘s soul with guilt‘s soaked that cannot be washed by an ocean of
 water. Its similarity to the Bible stimulated a large followings whilst feeding on the
 devil‘s symbols.

 Allah‘s religions talk about purity but shows nothing to make consciousness less in guilt.
 This is because the soul is not the spirit, it connects with physical exercises, symbolized in
 duties connected with cosmic forces rites. Allah wants to run mankind by his soul not by
 Christ‘s Spirit. The dragon keeps his puppet religions of Buddhism, confucious and
 Hinduism to allow Allah do his greatest architect work of Islam.


 The war of Afghans tan growing in uncertainly is Allah‘s miracle to Osama‘s
 (Mohammad) problem. Talaban resistance is growing in a whole new way inspired by


  A Bomb explosion can‘t tell the difference between a criminal band or insurgent attack.
  Al-quid a is spectacular in the scope of riling without accountability. The world need new
  laws for terrorists, the existing laws are not clear. A terrorist can enjoy life in a prison
  instead of more severe convictions. Terrorism justifies the unjustifiable, the terrorist can
  never use the word ―sorry‖, wrong never exist, I have to kill them, only heaven can pay
  the price.


  If you open your mind long enough, the mind generates other alternatives in visions,
  locking the mind prevents boosts just like putting a lock on the gas for the car to move.
  The soul gives the problem of frailer.


  Alzheimer‘s disease is a condition in which changes in the brain cause problems with
  memory, thinking and behavior. These problems gradually get worse with time.

  Alzheimer‘s disease is not a normal part of aging. Although the cause is still unknown our
  understanding is improving all the time, giving the hope of better insights into the causes,
  prevention and treatment of the disease in the future. There is no cure for Alzheimer‘s
  disease at the moment, but there are medicines and community services which may
  improve the quality of life of a person with Alzheimer‘s disease and of their career.

  Although Alzheimer‘s disease is not a normal part of aging. It is more likely to occur as a
  person gets older. As many as 25 million people around the world, from all walks of life,
  are thought to be affected by this condition.

  Alzheimer‘s disease causes many symptoms, but they vary greatly from person to person.

  Forgetfulness, or loss memory, is one of the earliest symptoms, and eventually becomes
  one of the most prominent features, in the early stages, it can be hard to distinguish the
  forgetfulness of Alzheimer‘s disease from the ‗ordinary‘ forgetfulness that every healthy
  person experiences from time to time. In Alzheimer‘s disease, forgetfulness becomes
  more frequent, and eventually severe enough to make it very hard to carry out ordinary
  activities. A person with Alzheimer‘s disease may have difficulty remembering recent
  events or the names of common objects. Speech may become less fluent as it becomes
  harder to find the right words, use them appropriately, or follow the meaning of ordinary
  conversations. Reading, writing and arithmetic also become more difficult. The appeal of
  interests, hobbies, social activities and family interactions that once brought pleasure may
  fall away over a long period of time.

  The gradual loss of mental and physical functioning can bring on feelings of worry, grief,
  sadness, confusion, fear and anger. While the capacity to think, reason and remember may

 be eroded by the disease, the capacity to experience and express emotion is not, and these
 kinds of emotions may be expressed in ways that are inappropriate or different from what
 is usual for that person.

 Fatal illness lurks in African villages market, where rats and parts of monkey such as an
 arm are sold for meat food. The rat carries the virus without symptoms and can pass it on
 to monkeys to die of it. The mysteries about the disease become distinctive when the
 human death toll happens in endemic way.

 In September 1994, a violent disease erupted among racehorses in suburb of Brisbane,
 Australia. The place, called Hendra was a quiet old neighborhood filled with racehorses,
 stables, newsstands that sell tip sheets, corner cafes with names like The Feed Bin and
 racing people. The first victim was a pregnant mare who started showing symptoms in an
 outlying pasture and was brought back to her trainer‘s stable for doctoring, where she only
 get worse. Two of three people worked to save her died.

 Diseases can go both ways. Measles, polio, scabies, influenza, tuberculosis and other
 human diseases are considered threats to nonhuman primates. The label for those
 infections is anthropozoonotic. Viruses evolve quickly, they are unaffected by antibiotics,
 they can be elusive and versatile, they can inflict extremely high rates of mortality, and
 they are fiendishly simple.


 What is the difference between kissing the stone of Al-Kaaba to make the trip to heaven
 and putting an amethyst stone under the pillow to bring sweet dreams?


 If you look at the proven records, America wasn‘t born as a colonial power. Democracy
 and freedom are the stressing aspects. But America needs the world just as much as the
 world needs America.


 America represents 5% of the world total population and holds the number one in its
 spiritual gifts. It took the world in new vision ideas, structuring machines with incredible
 energy. The size of benefit is exceedingly good compared with size of population, it is a
 miracle going into the backbone of Christianity to make it shine more. The American
 people sacrifice their lives for other nations ending years of miseries. This is not just faith
 but a faith reality. America is a country of people having purpose for one road that stand
 on help.


 Anak is a man of huge size who founded a race of giants known as anakim mentioned in
 the Bible (Num 13 : 33). They were so big they frightened the spies that were send by
 Moses. Anakim is the tribe of Anak.


 In the New Testament, Ananias was the husband of Sapphira, who lied in order to keep
 some money for himself. On being found out and accused of lying to God as well as to
 men he ‗fell down, and gave up the ghost‖ (Acts 5 : 5).


 Red cells are by far the most numerous blood cell and the proportion of the blood that is
 occupied by blood cells is called the haematocrit (Hct). A low haematocrit suggest that the
 number of red cells is lower than normal.

 Anemia is a condition caused by a reduction in the number of red cells, which in turn
 results in a low hemoglobin. Measuring either the haematocrit or the hemoglobin will
 provide information regarding the degree of anemia.

 If you are anemic you will feel run down and weak, you may be pale and short of breath or
 you may tire easily because your body is not getting enough oxygen. In this situation a red
 cell transfusion may be given to restore the red cell number and therefore the hemoglobin
 to more normal levels.


 Anorexia is never an idea image of weight. It is simply an obsession with a body image
 which becomes more and more entrenched due to an eating disorder habit. Try to keep you
 weight healthy, don‘t compare your self to the catwalk parade because they are certainly
 not average.


 Try to understand facts in order to cope with anger. Know that a persons anger may look
 like it is directed at you but is more a reaction to their own shortcomings. It usually help
 to control anger rather than confront it. Simplicity makes you rebound quickly from the
 bed rock. Most angers are the result of errors judgments.


 Anger as a result of love is love inspired by sat an to blind an individual and mis judge the
 focal point of the work to come. Anger has the corridors of power having the pulse to lead.
 It is a negative love aimed at creating divisions. False prophets share such a standard
 through the key effort of anger.


 A sense of suffocation or suffocation pain, or a pain in the center of the chest during and
 exercise and relieved by restand and may spread to jaws and arms. Angina occurs when
 demand for the blood by the heart exceeds the supply from a coronary artery athoroma.
 The drug is glyceryl trinitrate and propanolol or by surgery: angioplasty, coronary artery


 An X-ray examination of the chambers of the heart after introducing a radiopaque contrast
 medium into the atria ventricles or great vessels by cardiac catherization. Video image are
 recorded on film or electronic media, often using digital subtraction techniques.


 The repair or reconstruction of narrowed or completely obstructed blood vessels. An
 inflatable balloon mounted on the tip or end to be inserted under X-ray screening control
 for enlargement of the lumen.


 Fatal illness lurks in African villages market, where rats and parts of monkey such as an
 arm are sold for meat food. The rat carries the virus without symptoms and can pass it on
 to monkeys to die of it. The mysteries about the disease become distinctive when the
 human death toll happens in endemic way.

 In September 1994, a violent disease erupted among racehorses in suburb of Brisbane,
 Australia. The place, called Hendra was a quiet old neighborhood filled with racehorses,
 stables, newsstands that sell tip sheets, corner cafes with names like The Feed Bin and
 racing people. The first victim was a pregnant mare who started showing symptoms in an
 outlying pasture and was brought back to her trainer‘s stable for doctoring, where she only
 get worse. Two of three people worked to save her died.

 Diseases can go both ways. Measles, polio, scabies, influenza, tuberculosis and other
 human diseases are considered threats to nonhuman primates. The label for those
 infections is anthropozoonotic. Viruses evolve quickly, they are unaffected by antibiotics,
 they can be elusive and versatile, they can inflict extremely high rates of mortality, and
 they are fiendishly simple.


 Make a bad judgement and within seconds you loose an eye or a knee for the rest of your
 life. Adventures have burning side in their natures.


 Human right and animal right goes side by side, we are a society of friends, ―S.P.CA― is
 essential; no one should be left behind.


 Animals can‘t relate to us in communication, in similar way we can‘t see or establish
 communication with the supernatural. There is no common language to bond man to


 Anonymous is a silent witness, unaffected by danger, writing from the heart.


 Antihistamines are a group of drugs which are used to counter the action of histamines
 released in the body. Histamines are released in the body whenever there is physical
 trauma to the body, in the antigen antibody reaction and in chemical reactions with snake
 venom and certain other enzymes. Antihistamines are used most commonly for the relief
 of a running nose, itch and allergic rashes. Antihistamines relieve the common cold
 probably by reducing the secretions and perhaps controlling the accompanying allergic
 element. The major side effect of this group of drugs is drowsiness. Though this is a
 disadvantage, it may be beneficial in certain cases as the drowsiness forces the patient to
 take a much needed rest. Non-sedating antihistamines are also currently available in the


 The role of antioxidant nutrients and bioflavonoid in vision loss and other degenerative
 problems associated with ageing is becoming better understood. With advancing age, the
 production of free radical, those unstable molecules that form when the body uses oxygen,
 increase. Free radical can cause eye damage similar to that resulting from exposure to


 Antispasmodics are drugs which relieve colic which is severe abdominal pain. Colic is
 caused by spasm (contraction) of the smooth muscles of the hollow organs such as the
 intestines, stomach, gall bladder, urethra, and fallopian tubes. Examples of antispasmodics
 are atropine, hyoscine (Buscopan), probantheline (Probanthine), and tiemonium
 (Visceralgine). These are mainly used in the treatment of abdominal colic, biliary colic
 (spasm of the bile duct), renal colic (spasm of the urinary tract) and menstrual pains
 (dysmenorrhoea). Besides relieving colic, antispasmodics also decrease secretions of the
 sweat glands, salivary glands as well as secretion of the gastric and digestive juices. Ths is
 why you may experience a warm sensation and a dry mouth when you take
 antispasmodics. This property of antispasmodics is the reason why these drugs are used to
 treat gastric pain as they reduce the high level or gastric juices in the stomach.
 Antispasmodics have to be used with caution in the elderly because of the likelihood of
 urine retention, glaucoma (raised internal eye pressure) and constipation which may occur.
 The effects of antispasmodics may be enhanced with other drugs such an antidepressants
 (e.g. amitriptylline) and some antihistamines. Place inform your doctor if you are taking.


 Ants can carry 20 times their own body weight which is useful for moving big quantity of
 food. It‘s amazing how God computed everything.


 Look for the causes of anxiety. Asking your self what time is it every few minutes means
 you are bored and need distraction. Once you find way to unlock the reason for anxiety
 you find the patience to answer them. Demons are keeping rooting your life for abuse to
 keep you running for passion rather than reality.


 As described in the Book of Revelation ―the horsemen they look like they mean business‖.


 An Arab feels, an attack on one Arab is an attack on everyone. The sound of Arabs anger
 beats the sound of air strikes. Arabs head to the emotion in a never ending game.


 Gaza people can‘t speak in one democratic voice. Frailer of Arafat to sign peace treaty
 with Barak and Clinton shushed the word of peace forever.


 Archimedes (c.287-212 BC) was a Greek mathematician and inventor, born in Syracuse in
 Sicily. There is a famous story relating to hid discovery of the principle of fluid
 displacement. He had been given the task of finding a method for determining whether a
 crown was pure gold or alloyed with silver. He is supposed to have made the crucial
 discovery when taking a bath and seeing the water overflow. Archimedes ran naked
 through the streets shouting ―Eureka! Eureka‘ (I have found it! I have found it‘).


 In overall the X-ray exams are considered a safe procedure. Your doctor has considered all
 aspect carefully and believes this to be a diagnostic test important for your management,
 the conclusion should be right.


 The Argonauts were the group of heroes who accompanied Jason on board the ship Argo
 in the quest for the Golden Fleece.

 Arkan rain of terror in the Bosnian war of ethnic cleansing that lasted         years. A war
 between military against civilians to make Serbia clean from Muslim using the same tactic
 of Islamic wars. Hundreds of lives killed while walking in the street, Repeating the
 original work of Hitler and Stalin.


 According to the book of Revelation, Armageddon is the site of the last battle between the
 forces of good and evil before the Day of Judgment. The term is often used to describe a
 destructive conflict on a huge scale latterly especially is a nuclear war. Armageddon is
 expected in this Millennium as the world get more black. The Bible has trained us well to
 assume either Salvation or destruction. The show must go on until the curtain fall. We are
 in the period of arming the Armageddon.


 A leader must follow the opposition advice or be in the dark. Arrogance is stupid enough
 to keeps you in the fog of having narrow views and less clarification. Submission is above
 arrogance. Arrogance sees no occasion to change.


 Nearly all the horrific fire has an arsonist a man, having something burning inside him,
 basically mentally. A choice between a personality disorder or psychopathic personality
 intended towards producing an antidote to counteract the poison inside him, basically
 mentally. A choice between a personality disorder or psychopathic personality intended
 towards producing an antidote to counteract the poison inside him giving him the feel of
 importance. The person is conscious of his action but if the arsonist is suffering from
 psychopathic disorder which leads to loss reality then the senses of action ceases and
 consequences is not there. The devil‘s in the details for lives and wealth destructions.


 An artist has no one telling him what to do. He is free to do his vision in colorful form.


 The subconscious denotes the parts of mind that includes memories, motives, intentions
 that are momentary not present in consciousness but can readily be recalled to awareness.
 The subconscious has the same things of the conscious except it has a greater struggle to
 pass its signal to conscious for the reality to set in. therefore it is vital to remove the
 problem by breaking it into pieces when it occurs or have a troubled mind, from unjoyous
  The forces of subconscious are invisible and mighty, it can open the prison door of the
  mind and liberate you. It can free you from all kids of material and physical bondage. It
  is your right to discover this mysterious inner world of you in thoughts, feeling, love to
  have ―the power of light‖.

  If the problem in life is not removed as early as childhood, it generates a mental block
  between you and the goal. The mind is like a camera shooting images, ―the subconscious
  is the dark room for the mental picture to develop into positive instead of staying
  negative‖. Jesus came to heal the subconscious mind.

  Moses had subconscious mind, he felt to injure or think ill of another. God projected the
  ten commandment to fit the mind of Moses. Jesus had no subconscious mind and was
  thinking from that standpoint to bring the good news. The truth was delivered out of the
  work of love. Angry and jealous project the unkindness of the subconscious. Our brain is
  completely different than animals. Animals are able to pick up ―fear vibrations‖. People
  have inner feelings represented by silent thoughts. We have facial expression and body
  language for positive and negative thoughts. This is why we are responsible for the way
  we think. He has his key to do his relationship and perform his behavior.


  Asbestos was widely used for being durable, fire-resistant and insulating. Even after its
  lethal qualities became well known, it wasn‘t until the late ‗80s that its mining and use
  were stopped. Shattered Lives describes the situations of some of the those who came into
  contact with asbestos and their subsequent ruined health and death after developing
  mesoth elioma – a type lung cancer by asbestos fibres.


  Don‘t take aspirin if you have ulcer of the stomach or duodenum or had stroke. The
  danger of bleeding is heightened by the damage of the epithelial cells. At acid PH = 2 in
  the stomach the ester aspirin hydrolysis to produce salicylic acid, affecting the epithelial
  cells. Aspirin is used as medicine against blood clot and thrombosis. Aspirin inhibits the
  platelet aggregation in the blood which is the cause of thrombosis. Aspirin blocks the
  synthesis of the prothrombin producing a better flow in a mechanism still obscure. The
  danger of bleeding in bleeding ulcer is the result of impairment of blood coagulation.


  If you are successful in an election you are on the death list for the reward of Robert
  Magabe in Zimbabwe.


  Buying stressed assets for a future gain and seeing 40 % of the world‘s wealth has been
  destroyed is enough evidence of living in unexamined life. There is no compromise.

 The Assyrians performed brutal warfare. Their tightly organized army was expert in siege
 tactics and terrorism. With a penchant for burning, pillaging, and scarring the earth, their
 reputation was sufficient to cause many people to flee or surrender


 Bronchial asthma is a disease characterized by difficulty in breathing due to the narrowing
 of the small passages of the lungs. The condition is reversible with treatment.

 Mild asthma comes with chronic cough and excessive mucus production while the severe
 form of asthma comes with wheezing, and may be life – threatening.

 The successful control of asthma requires patient understanding of the natural course of
 asthma and the proper administration of drugs. Asthmatic attacks are episodic in nature
 and may be triggered of by cold beverages, dusty environments and respiratory tract

 Anti – asthmatic drugs are drugs used for treatment of asthma. They may be broadly
 classified into two groups – those that are used to prevent asthma and those are that used
 to abort that asthmatic attack.

 Drugs which abort an asthmatic attack act on the bronchioles (small air passages) by
 opening them up. Example of his group of drugs is salbutamol (V entolin), terbutaline
 (Bricanyl), and theophylline (Neulin). They come in form of tablets, syrups, and aerosols,
 inhaler solutions and injections. Side effects of these drugs include tremors, palpitations
 and headaches. They should be uses with caution on patient with serious heart disease,
 thyroid disease, diabetes and hypertension. Drugs administrated in the form aerosol by a
 metered – dose inhaled spray are far more effective and rapid in action as compared with
 tablets taken orally. However, it must be emphasized that the correct technique of using an
 inhaler is important if the medicine is to be effective. If in doubt, consult your doctor for
 advice. Nebulizers are devices which convert for inhalation. They are generally used only
 in clinics or in hospital for treatment of acute asthmatic attack.

 Patients with frequent attack to asthma will require drugs to prevent the frequency of such
 attacks. Examples of these drugs are ketotifen (Zaditen), disodium cromoglycate (Intal)
 and steroid aerosols. This group of drugs is not useful in relieving acute asthmatic attacks
 and must be taken daily regardless of the occurrence of asthmatic attacks. Failure to
 comply often results in a relapse of the asthmatic attacks and further loss of confidence in
 these drugs. All is well in drugs solutions, saving lives.


 A reversion to primitive instincts. In biology is the reappearance of new features after it
 has not been evident for several generations.


 A group of disorders of the nervous system causing difficulty in maintaining balance.


 It occurs as a result of degeneration in the wall of arteries. Atheroma occurs when a
 buildup of liquid and semi-solid products (similar in texture to gruel), including
 cholesterol and other waste products associated with inflammation, forms ‗plaque‘ in your
 artery walls. As it grows bigger, the plaque causes the artery to lose its natural elasticity,
 so it becomes hardened. The plaque may also start to reduce the blood flowing freely to
 vital organs like your heart. The pimple like on the inside lining of the artery if it is not
 treated, it gets worse as time goes by. If it bursts, the waste products trigger the clotting of
 the blood, which blocks the artery, causing a heart attack or stroke.

 Did you know that your arteries can prematurely age from ‗atheroma‘? If atheroma is left
 untreated the result can be heart attack or a stroke. Atheroma is just like a street jammed in
 traffic, there is no right turn from too many obstacles.


 Atlas was one of the titans in Greek mythology, punished for rebelling against Zeus by
 being made to support the heavens on his shoulders. The image of atlas holding up the
 sky, or sometimes the earth itself, is a common one in art and literature. The name can be
 applied to anyone who is forced to bear a heavy Barden. Atlas is the first bone of the
 vertebral column, supporting the head and also a book of maps.


 We create the atmosphere of awareness by our words. Ego should be eliminated which has
 pride as a prize.


 A theory about humans and universe. Existences before the excessive knowledge about the
 atom couldn‘t be Brocken down into smaller unties. This include objects. living things
 and even the human mind. Every event in the world including thoughts, volitions and all
 mental events. Thus the human creation is nothing but a version of atomism determined
 solely by atoms motions and location. The attempt to gain knowledge by this way of
 thinking has failed.


 Any attempt to go back to the sources of Christianity without accepting the entire Bible
 Old and New as our guide is doomed to have failure. The unity of the two holds one heart
 in one beat.


  If you seek attention then you fear the attention you have a real problem. Panic attack of
  failing is compounded by a lot of anxiety. An agoraphobia morbid fear.


  Attila (406 – 53) was the king of the Huns 434 – 53. Having devastated much of the
  Eastern Roman Empire in 445 – 50, Attilla invaded the Western Empire but was defeated
  by the Romans and the Visigoths in 451. He and his army, noted for its savagery, were the
  terror of Europe during his lifetime, and Attila later came to be called the ―Scourge of
  God‖. He is supposed to have died either by poison or from a massive nosebleed


  Satan learns from God then professes to teach others with authority but. No morality can
  be found on his authority. God lets you have your choice in his word to see the bottom
  line. Spiritual freedom is God‘s assertion.


  The idea exists in Japan of two snakes ― IZANAGI and IZANAMI‖ revolved in opposite
  direction with two equipoise powers before their marriage. After marriage the two snakes
  became the cosmic pillar. Tantarism identifies the axis with spinal column and that is why
  Buddha was prevented from turning his head, the axis being firmly fixed.


 Babylon was an ancient city in Mesopotamia which lay on the Euphrates and was first
 settled around 3000 BC. Hammurabi made Babylon the capital of the Babylonian empire
 and it became renowned for its grandeur and decadence. The Jews were exiled there from
 597 to about 538 BC. The name of the city is now often applied to a place or group that is
 considered to be materialistic, corrupt, and associated with the pursuit of sensual pleasure.


 Backwardness goes in spiral way, what lead in the right way ended in leading in the left
 way in mirror image


 A bad church is a large home of ruined reputation. God defends his good reputation by
 the proper function of his people, grown in good churches. We need to care more weather
 we are going to heaven or hell. God looks at a person who can swim against the stream in
 order to deliver the good messages to others. Church is not meant to be a place of greed.


 Bali is an Indonesian island which has an economy based on condoms for returns in
 tourism. There are demon gods everywhere but none can provide wisdom. Addison is as
 rare as the golden, cowry shell. Progress is achieved through spins of message and
 prostitution by mining tourists. Inability has tragic consequences.


 At Balibo five Australian journalist were executed by the Indonesian army at the time of
 East Timor occupation. It is a dark piece of history, the war tribunal today is investigating
 how and who did it and trial the people. It is believed to stop revealing the details of the


 Stop talking and let ball rolling to the other side.


 Bankers are more dangerous. Their disruptions cause taxes and hyperinflation. The
 collapse of the global equity market started the economical upset.


 The power of bankruptcy has no breaks to put on for emergency. It drives all the way like
 a crazy. The white house has to give it resuscitation without having anything to do about


 Barefoot is best for osteoarthritis of the knee this can be met with flat flexible shoes.
 When there is less surface to the shoe, the foot has better proprioceptive sense – meaning
 it knows when it touches the ground, compared to an insulated foot. This allows normal
 neuromuscular reflexes to come in to play and protect the rest of the leg from the impact
 of hitting the ground.


 Both grains are loaded with vital nutrients and can be found in breads and cereals and can
 be added to soups, casseroles, pancakes and salads.


 If God is on the side of Muslims the Tsunami wouldn‘t be so bashful to Aceh, the second
 shrine city after Mecca.


 The Bastille was a fortress in Paris, built as a Royal castle by Charles V, and completed in
 1383. Used as a prison in the 17th and 18th centuries, it became a symbol of repression. It
 was stormed and sacked by the Parisian mob in 1789 on 14 July, now commemorated as
 Bastille Day, marking the beginning of the French Revolution.


 God help us to love children for homely joys. Beating is the institution of the animal
 instinct. Don‘t speak roughly or beat children. God help us to love them.


 Beauty and the Best is the title of a fairy tale in which a beautiful young woman, is forced
 to live with the Beast, an ugly monster, in order to save her father‘s life. She comes to pity
 and love the Beast and finally consents to marry him. Beauty‘s love frees the beast from a
 magic spell and he is transformed into a handsome prince. Any couple of unequal physical
 attractiveness can be described as Beauty and the Beats.


 Beauty today comes in many faces, colors and shapes. There is no one single definition of
 beauty. The make up of a woman is about abnormal fear to use false, it is about a prison
 environment paid is to give a woman no options for her individual look.


 We rely on bees for our survival and the bees rely on us for their survival. Bees pollinate
 plants to give us the fruits in the market, their survivals is ours.


 Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827) was a German composer, born in Bonn.
 His music is often said to have bridged the classical and romantic traditions. Although he
 began to be afflicted with deafness in 1802, an affliction which became total by 1817, his
 musical output was prodigious.


 Ill begging draws more good people to be as bad as them. Beggary knows no comfort.


 The power for one person to behave in the moral sphere is to be in accordance with the
 mean in actions and manners. Pleasure is an ingredient of happiness. Pleasurely living is
 moderately living. It is way of attaining salvation in a crumbling world.


 The act of faith which swallows fear to see the crack. It is courageous because it comes
 from the heart. Intellectual honesty which is part of a good faith, requires bravery for
 scratching the truth and make advancement.


 There are so many reasons for believe and so many reasons for disbelieve, for an and the
 faithful. Time is set to show such motives while we race against time.


 Belshazzar, King of Babylon, gave a great banquet for a thousand of his lords (Dan 5 : 1 –
 28). During the banquet they drank from goblets taken from the temple and praised the
 gods of gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood, and stone. Suddenly the fingers of a human hand
 appeared and wrote on the wall the words ―Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin‖. Daniel
 translated the words, explaining to Belshazzar that his reign was over, that he had been
 weighed in the balance and found wanting, and that his kingdom would be divided and
 given to the Medes and the Persians. The writing on the wall is thus a herald of doom.

 An enlarged prostate gland in elderly men, its symptoms is weak flow of urine or stop-
 start symptoms or no flow. It develops slowly over many years. Sometime its is
 symptoms mistaken with prostate cancer. It can result in obstruction of the neck of the
 bladder. It can be treated by ― Novogen‖ which can help reduce the weak flow or
 prostatectomy taking all the prostate or section.


 The Bermuda triangle is an area of the western Atlantic bounded by Bermuda, Florida, and
 Puerto Rico which is supposedly associated with an unusually high number of unexplained
 disappearances of ships and aircraft. Natural and supernatural ranging from storm to space
 time warps.


 If you invested your retirement money funds in the hand of Bernie Mad off, you lose
 millions overnight.


 Beulah (literally in Hebrew ―married woman‖) is the land of Israel ―thou shall be called
 Hephzibah, and thy land Beulah: for the Lord delighted in thee, and thy land shall be
 married‖ (Isa. 62: 4). In Bunyan‘s Pilgrim‟s Progress, Beulah lies beyond the Valley of
 the Shadow of Death and also out of the reach of Giant Despair: Yet, here they heard
 continually the singing of birds, and saw every day the flowers appear in the earth …. In
 this country the sun shined night and day.


 The word Bible is derived from the Greek word biblos, which means ―book‖


 Everything in the Bible is above criticism. The writings were acquired by faith not by skill
 done by the second mouth for the purpose of spreading the book to the world.


 No matter how big we are. We are destroyed by seconds.


 How can a Big Bang create planets out of a hand full of charges without any knowledge?


 A big figure has a big foot print in the world not for his heart but his battles.


 Blocking a bill from passing the senate is putting it on the table to be replaced by different
 equations until it becomes either dead or alive for good.


 There are body parts being built in lab to revolutionize medicine. The bionic hand is
 manmade part of hand fitted to the remaining arm. Electrodes on the remaining arm
 muscle pick up the electronic natural signals and send to the bionic hand to make it move.
 At the US researchers have developed a prototype bionic arm that combines a mechanical
 prosthesis with a miniature rocket motor. It weighs the same and is as strong as a real
 arm. It‘s also very close in function, with a wrist that twists and bends and fingers and
 thumb that open and close independently. Bionic is the interface of biology and
 electronics. It works on the basis that we are all naturally charged: the millions of cells in
 our bodies are in effect tiny batteries, carrying about a twentieth of the charge of a normal
 AA battery. Cells communicate with each other by electrical signals, and proteins move
 in and out of cells under the influence of electrical charge. The theory is that if you can
 introduce electricity into the body in a targeted way, you can influence the way the body
 works at a molecular level. That means you can stimulate nerves and muscles to make
 them work normally. And the possibilities are endless.

 Bionic eye has been attempted.

 Doctors at the Australian Bionic Eye Foundation, based at the Prince of Wales Hospital in
 Sydney, have restored basic visual sensations in patients by surgically placing small
 electrodes over the outer surface of the eye, or on the surface of the brain‘s visual area.
 The patient wears a camera mounted, say, on a pair of glasses, and the images it takes are
 processed by a pocked computer. The computer translates the image into electrical
 stimuli. When the stimuli are transmitted to the electrodes, this causes the patient to see a
 matrix of small spots of light representing the shape. There has been also the bionic ear is
 the only device which can restore hearing to the profoundly deaf. Babies as young as 11
 months fitted with it can develop normal speech. A receiver is implanted under the skin
 behind the ear. In it are circuits that send electrical pulses into the inner ear. Prosthetic
 limbs works more like the real thing and communicate with our brains. Elsewhere there
 has been work on a bionic heart implant, bionic brain that enable severely physically
 impaired people to control things like telephone, T.V, light. There has been work on a
 bionic tongue, lung, kidney, stomach and even muscles. Also devices implant to control
 epilepsy. All shows how blessing change the stuff from a screenwriter‘s imagination into


 Birch is, the sacred tree of the people of Siberia, among whom it takes on all the attributes
 of the Axis tree. Like the cosmic PILLAR, it is cut with seven or nine notches as symbols
 of the heavenly orders. During shamanistic initiation ceremonies, it is set in the centre of
 the circular yurt (tent), directly below the smoke-hole which represents the ‗Gate of
 heaven‘ or the ‗Sun‘. Through which the shaman becomes detached from the Cosmos
 along the axis of the Pole Star.

 The birch is sometimes connected with the Moon and even with both Moon and Sun. In
 the latter event it is dual-natured, both father and mother, male and female. The birch is
 the means by which heavenly influences ‗come down‘. The birch symbolize the path by
 which energy comes down from Heaven and human aspirations rise up in return. It also
 links with human life protection.


 Bitter enemies working together is political marriage made in hell.


 Strong black tea has a high concentration of oxalic acid, a primary component of kidney
 stones. If you drink a lot of black tea you have to switch to other type of tea.


 Nearly all cancer of the bladder begin in the urothelium (lining of the bladder). These are
 called transitional cell cancers (or urothelial cancers). They come in a wide range of
 forms and can behave in very different ways.

 Transitional cell cancers grow from the inside lining of the bladder. They are either
 superficial or invasive cancers.

    o   Most bladder cancers are superficial cancers. They either look flat and red
        (carcinoma in situ) or stick out from the lining like mushrooms (papillary).
        Superficial cancers don‘t often spread to other parts of the body.

    o   Less often, transitional cell cancers grow deeply into the wall of the bladder.
        These are called invasive cancers and are more likely to spread to other parts of the

 Squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas are less common bladder cancers. These
 types are likely to spread to deeper layers of the bladder.

 The exact causes of bladder cancer are not clearly understood. However, some risk factors
 make it more likely that a person will develop bladder cancer.

 Cigarette smoking is the most important factor. Some chemicals found in cigarette smoke
 can cause bladder cancer.

 The chemotherapy drug called cyclophosphamide can increase the long-term risk of
 bladder cancer.

 The other main cause of bladder cancer is exposure to certain chemicals at work. They
 include chemicals used in dyeing in the textile, petrochemical and rubber industries.
 Bladder cancer may develop many years after exposure to these chemicals. It is difficult
 to prove that exposure to chemicals at work definitely caused a person‘s bladder cancer.

 Chronic inflammation of the bladder has been linked to squamous cell carcinoma of the

 In Egypt and Asia, infection with the parasite schistosoma (bilharzias) is associated with
 bladder cancer.

 The most common symptom of bladder cancer is blood in the urine (haematuria). This
 usually occurs suddenly and is generally not painful. The blood may be present one day
 and disappear the next, but eventually it does come back. Sometimes blood clots can
 form, and these may cause problems emptying the bladder.

 The amount of blood in the urine is not related to the extent of the cancer. Sometimes
 there is only a small amount of blood. Bladder cancer is often found ‗by accident‘ during
 routine tests.

 Some people have a burning feeling when they pass urine, and need to pass urine often.
 These are symptoms of any bladder irritation and usually mean an infection rather than
 cancer. However, if it persists and is not cleared up by antibiotics then further tests may
 be needed.

 If you see any blood in your urine, have it checked by your doctor as soon as possible.
 Remember that this symptom also occurs with kidney or bladder stones, and non-
 cancerous enlargement of the prostate in men.

 Superficial bladder cancers are treated with surgery and/or immunotherapy or, sometimes,


 Put the blame game on stand-by and try to spark liveliness. We need to continue on
 reasons rather than throwing stones on someone else. The conscious mind is the way to
 deal with to achieve the good signal result.


 Don‘t blame God for you rejected look, health and brain, they are fuelled by the forces left
 behind by ancestors without options. The result of violent God‘s disagreement. It serves as
 a warning and can be reversed.


 Bailing criminals while the tax payer is doing the payment is a blank cheque. When the
 economy is at risk, the constitution has its pain. Turmoil has a chain reaction to follow
 from no accountability. Communication is a human need for forwarding the truth and care
 to the community. Corruption is like a crime done behind the seen. It has no gift to share
 except self-sharing. It changes oasis into desert.


 It may be caused by a bacterial infection of the front of the nose. It may be due to
 hypertension, clotting disorder or tumor in nose or sinuses. To stop bleeding, hold the soft
 portion of the nose and squeeze firmly ten minutes while breathing through the nose. You
 can also suck on ice and place a cold towel over face or back of neck and rest.


 Blessing say: 2x2 is not 4, it is 10.000 preaching faith connect you with blessing as it
 makes faith strong in you and gets the world fully inside you.


 Intelligence, balance, dreams, aspiration, passion are factors in turning out creativity. The
 proof of conflict between subconscious and conscious minds.

 The good and evil acts are not just a personality assessment but an illustration of the
 creativity of the two minds grouped together to perform certain act. Jesus referred to the
 unconscious mind as ―the work of heart‖. The more you clean the heart from applied
 pressure of wrong doings, the more convincing picture of the good personality develops.
 The two minds are connected in a stabilized form so the sin of man is consistent with his
 described wish; interest, attitudes, work methods can have their creative paths. Just like
 the day and night are separate, the two minds never be in union. They are free to do their
 desire in a quick form so Adam‘s apple has a mental meaning. The fact that faith in Christ
 can either be accepted or rejected shows the voluminous productivity of the unconscious
 mind. Violent actions, erotic impulses are disposed behind the particular original respond.
 Furthermore, creative act belongs to the creator‘s mental content which separate him from
 the stereotyped and the conventional thinking to be an exceptional among individuals.
 The high and low degrees of originality together with other abilities are more or less
 consequences of the subconscious mind.

 Remember: The inventive genius commonly collect and record new ideas but only few
 ideas are remembered to fame. Interaction is a example of evaluating ideas correct or
 incorrect to increase the creativity against the responses scored by the unconscious mind.


 The eye is the dress of thought. The man who uses his eyes and not his mind in thinking,
 has a reasonable claim for a dog. This explain the subject of Western tourists having
 difficulty understanding why the people of Bali keep looking.


 You are unable to see because the incoming light can‘t produce images on the retina. The
 light sensitive nerve cells in the retina with its fibers that connect with the optic nerve are
 light insensitive due to damage to retina. Diseases such as trachoma, glaucoma, diabetic
 retinopathy, cataract and vitamin A deficiency cause blindness. How good your retina is
 depends on the blood vessels flowing through, are retina better than pale.


 There are two aspects for blindness. In heaven‘s language it is a direct manifestation of
 ignorance in the real state of belief and hence denial of the knowledge bearing wisdom as
 a result of inaccessibility. We are either blessed or cursed. The blind is also who indulge in
 the world‘s desire and close his eyes towards the deceitful shows of this world. The blind
 share either the Godhead in the spirit or the devil head in the soul. All traditions, myth and
 customs serve as blindfold contributing to the negative symbolism of blindness. The
 conscious mind and its leader subconscious mind do the wandering things. Blind poets,
 musicians are inspired beings. A mystical; truth is beyond the power of reasoning, what is
 real has double meaning, one takes ground in the conscious and the other has all attention
 set in the subconscious and the eye pays in two pictures. One can say we have two eyes
 one covers real and one gives the evil maintained at the unseen light.

 Remember: The sun is the eye or the day, the source of life in plants and animals
 relationship, which brings order to life. Placed in untide position, to be completely


 We shall see; peace after pain, joy after sorrow, praise after tears, truth after mystery,
 crown after Cross, home after wandering, strength after weakness, gain after loss, love
 after loneliness, calm after blast, rest after weariness and life after tomb.


 A Blood Released by the psyches subjective power to become the exporter gripped by
 crisis. The united nation has a daily report on bombing and demolition progress. The

  consumer of blood are countries under the predator Osama Bin Laden, staining in blood in
  Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kurdistan. Discover the report is discover the blood and
  crime. Banks are the first buildings to be looted. What is suggested of peace becomes
  never ending killings lacking common sense, and dialogue from the unjustified why? He
  is shot but he was innocents in Allah‘s savage truth‖.


  A woman has a self-esteem about her body. The cat walk in fashion show reflects her
  reality. A bubble of physical perfection rising upon the stage.


  Air bombing and missiles are far less surgical operation than one on one clashes. The
  figures are high in civilian casualties. If continues to happen, it becomes a war against


  The best way to know if you are at risk of or have osteoporosis is to measure the thickness
  of the bone (bone density). A special x-ray called a dual energy x-ray absorptiometry
  (DEXA) scan measure the thickness of the bone in the spine and hips. These areas give the
  best guide of your risk of having a fracture. Bisphosphonates is non – hormone medicines
  that slow down bone loss to reduce the risk of fracture in both men and women.
  Raloxifence hydrochloride is a selective estrogen receptor modulation, a non – hormone
  increase bone density in women after menopause. Calcium and vitamin D are essensial
  medicines. Fracture often noticed after a fall.


  A bone marrow biopsy involves taking a sample of bone marrow, usually from the back of
  the iliac crest ( hip bone ) to count the number of plasma cells present and to see how well
  the bone marrow is functioning. Under normal conditions plasma cells make up less than
  5% of all the cells within the bone marrow. In myeloma the number is frequently over
  30% or more.

  The bone marrow biopsy may be done in the hematologist‘s room or clinic under local
  anesthesia or, in selected cases, under a short general anesthetic in a day procedure unit. A
  mild sedative and a pain-killer is given before hand and the skin is numbed using the local
  anesthetic. This is given as an injection under the skin. The injection takes a minute or two
  and you should fell only a mild stinging sensation.

  After allowing time for the local anesthetic to work, a long thin needle is inserted through
  the skin and outer layer of the bone marrow cavity. A syringe is attached to the end of the
  needle and a small sample of bone marrow fluid is drawn out-this is used to obtain a small

 core of bone marrow which will provide more detailed information about the structure of
 the bone marrow and bone-this is known as a ‗bone marrow trephine‘.


 Protestant religious reformers heavily criticized catholic church as promoting bone
 worship idolatry for venerating saints.


 Bonnie Parker (1911 – 34) and Clyde Barrow (1909 – 34) were the leaders of a gang in the
 US who conducted a series of robberies and murders. They were shot dead in their car by
 police in Louisiana in 1934. A film presenting a rather glamorize version of their lives,
 Bonnie and Clyde (1967), ends with a memorable slow motion sequence depicting their
 bodies jerking and falling in a barrage of gunfire.


 Good and evil shows their differences in visiting either a book shop or adult book shop.
 Purpose is a reason for actions to appear that carries good or evil in the form of will.


 He is born out of an urgent sex to be wicked and grow worse. Born with a gloomy shell
 underneath his brain. The abdomen is open but the brain is shot forever. He can‘t
 recognize his tediousness, transforming what is meant as human aspirations into habitable
 blind man in meaningless space. He is wanted but not wanted by God.


 Boss-Spasming is becoming very busy as soon as you see your boss enters the rooms.


 The Boston Tea Party is the name given to a violent demonstration by American colonists
 in 1773, prior to the War of American Independence. As a protest against the imposition
 of a tax on tea by the British parliament, in which they had no representation, the colonists
 dressed as American Indians, boarded three British ships moored in the harbor of Boston,
 Massachusetts, and threw overboard their cargo of tea.


 A powerful nerve toxin produced by bacterium. It is used today for the treatment of
 various muscle overacting. Botox is the trade name also disport. It has been associated
 with the treatment of cerebral palsy. The does is critical and must be injected by a
 specialist it has possible potential in stroke for improving muscle stiffness making the leg


 Botulism is a disease of canned food, a tin becomes a potential killer. A deadly bacteria
 ―Clostridium Botulinum‖, one can theoretically kill one hundred million people.
 Botulinus poisoning may be present even if not odor, gas, color changes or softness in
 food texture indicates its presence. The spores of the bacteria survive boiling temp. The
 only way to be sure of killing it off is boiling the content of the tin for fifteen minutes and
 so is the government


 Boudicca or Boadicea (d. AD 62) was queen of the Iceni tribe of Britons living in East
 Anglia. After her husband, Prasutagus, died in AD 60, the Romans broke the treaty he had
 made, annexing Iceni land. Boudicca led a revolt against the Romans, succeeding in
 sacking Colchester (Camulodonum) and London (Londonium), and razing St. Albans
 (Verulamium) to the ground. The Iceni were defeated by the Roman governor of Britain,
 Suetonius Paulinus and two legions.


 Normal bowel movement is 3 to 14 per week. What is important is to not any changes in
 what‘s normal for your bowels – for example, if you experience sudden constipation,
 diarrhea, cramps or any blood in your stools. That‘s especially true if you have a family
 history of bowel cancer or if you‘ve reached your fourth decade and are marching on, chat
 to your doctor.


 Women with a large bra size at young age have a higher risk of developing early breast
 cancer. If found slim women with a D-cup or larger at a young age were more likely to
 develop the cancer than those with an A-cup or less. Although Interisting, there are other
 more important risk factors, such as family history, age and excessive consumption of
 alcohol. And, as the nation‘s weight rises, the more health risks there are, including breasts
 cancer. Obese women with large breasts have an increased risk too—thought to be due to
 higher ievels of oestrogen.


 Tumours that start in the brain are called primary brain tumours. Some types of brain
 tumours are benign and some are malignant.

 A bbenign tumour is made of slow-growing cells and is unlikely to spread. However, a
 benign tumour may cause problems because it takes up space inside the skull. It may
 press on the brain or important nerves that come out of the brain (called cranial nerves)
 and affect the normal function of these structures. It may raise the pressure in the skull
 and cause headaches and/or nausea. It is common for benign brain tumours to be treated

 Tumours may start in the spinal cord itself or grow from the coverings of the spinal cord.
 They can be benign or malignant. Like brain tumours, they are named for the type of cell
 from which they grow.

 The causes of these tumours are not fully understood. Researchers around the world are
 investigating possible causes. We know that brain and spinal cord tumours are more
 common in people with certain inherited or genetic conditions. But for most people, the
 cause of their brain tumour is not known.


 Is a person who can hold on his job as a result of growth in employment. Employment
 share happiness and make someone else work better.


 The world is made up of bridges in a row for shaping survival. In economical tragedy
 events, the single ship sinks with all people together.


 Eating raw vegetables such as broccoli at least three times a month, cut the risk of bladder
 cancer by about 40%.

 Broccoli extract placed on skin reduces 37% of the sunburn. It boosts the production of
 enzymes that defend against UV damage. ―The effects are long-lasting‖.


 A skeptical religion aimed at life in caves motivated by meditation and life – long
 abstention from sexual relations. Today it remains only as a commitment of monks. A
 soul cannot purify it self by nature. It needs Christ for purification.


 Budget deficit is borrowing money from our grand children. The recipe of expenditure
 without the paid receipts. It is a low level of administration.


 A Bulla is a clay seal bearing a stamp with an individual‘s name. They have been found to
 date back to the Bible time.


 When burden falls, darkness replaces light. A negative force of great influence. A state of
 utter hopelessness and despondency. The person feels his dependency on mother for help.

 The U.S. military in Afghanistan burned many of the Bible books for the reason of not to
 be offensive to Islam.


 An inferno in Australia resembling hell, touching the dark shadows of tribulation, killing
 at least 100 people in Victoria. Flood in the north and fire in the south. The temp reached
 47o Celcius, by far the worst fire condition in the state history leaving hundred homes to
 be perished. Arsonist combined with strong high winds changing directions together with
 high temp caused the ruin.


 Butch Cassidy, whose real name was Robert Leroy Parker (1866 – 1937), formed a gang
 called the Wild Bunch which was responsible for numerous train and bank robberies and
 murders in the US. Cassidy and his partner, the Sundance Kid, went to South America and
 it is not known what then happened to them or how they died. The film Butch Cassidy and
 the Sundance Kid (1969), starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, romanticized their
 lives and showed them dying by running from a hiding – place into a hail of bullets.


 A diversion of flow from its normal channels. Coronary artery bypass is common one. The
 circulation of blood to the body is maintained by ―Heart_Lung‖ machine while the heart is
 deliberately stooped until the natural circulation is restored. A segment of diseased artery
 is bypassed by a section of healthy vein or artery taken from any part of patient‘s body to
 improve blood flow, relieves angina and reduce the risk of heart attack. It can be one or
 more of such grafts.


 Welcome the call of good actions. God is the only one who takes care of you.


 Caesar was the title given to Roman emperors from Augustus (63 BC – AD 14) to Hadrian
 (AD 76 – 138). The title is usually taken to refer to Julius Caesar (100-44 BC).

 Who established the First Triumvirate in ancient Rome with Pompey and Crassus and
 became consul in 59. He commanded large parts of Gaul, extending Roman rule to the
 west, and invaded Britain in 55-54. Against Roman law, he brought his army back to
 Rome (49 – 48), successfully fought Pompey and the Senate, and was made dictator of the
 Roman Empire.


 Caligula (AD12-41) wa a Roman emperor, the son of Germanicus Caesar and Agripinna.
 His nickname, ‗ Caligula, came from the soldier‘s boots (calligular) that he wore a small
 child. He became emperor at a young age after the death of Tiberius in 37 and his brief
 reign was notorious for its cruelty and tyranny. Caligula was famously supposed to have
 given consulship to his horse.


 Calvary, also known as Golgotha (both of which come from words, in Latin and Aramaic
 respectively, meaning ‗the place of the skull‘), was the hill just outside Jerusalem where
 Jesus was crucified. The word can be applied to any experience of intense mental


 There are many causes of cancer and no single food or diet will prevent cancer. Once a
 cancer has been develop, no particular food or diet, or type of exercise, will cure it. You
 need to eat a variety of foods to keep you well nourished during your treatment and keep
 your weight stable. This helps you to feel better, have more energy and be able to tolerate
 your treatment better. Regular physical exercise appears to decrease the risk of colon
 cancer and breast cancer. Exercise may help reduce chance of cancer coming back.
 Regular exercise has many benefits, it can help to combat fatigue, depressions and muscle
 weakening. Unless there are particular reasons why you should not exercise, try to do
 some exercise on most days. This will help your body as you recover from cancer and
 cancer treatment. People with cancer or who are recovering after cancer treatment, need
 to discuss with their doctor or physiotherapist what level of exercise is safe for them to do.


 Canaan was the land, later known as Ancient Palestine, which the Israelites gradually
 conquered and occupied during the later part of the second millennium BC. In the Bible it
 was the land promised God to Abraham and his descendant (Gen. 12: 7). By extension, the
 name Canaan can be applied to any land or Heaven. The name means the purple land from
 the purple dye made in this area. The Israelites entered it in 11th Century B.C. Canaan is
 early name for Palestine.


 If people don‘t agree with certain thinking because they don‘t experience them. It doesn‘t
 give them the right to cancel what may be important to others.


 How Successful you are as a political candidate depends on how much help you get         into
 your own ear, Hence it proves you can‘t do it on your own.


 Car mileage in new technology gets worst instead of better.


 Produce a carbon foot firmly by acting first in the parliament the seat of power. The next
 act will be played by you.


 The first Christmas cards were produced in the 1840s. Christmas trees were introduced
 into Britain from Germany.


 The cessation of the effective pumping of the heart. The heart stops beating and loss of
 consciousness follows, and breathing stops, death follows within minutes unless
 resuscitation occurs by massage of the heart and artificial respiration happens at the arrest.


 Beat the disease by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, soy protein, apples,
 rolled oats and other soluble fiber foods. Wholegrain breads and cereals. Limit, saturated
 fats in fatty meats, chicken ski, full – fat dairy product, coconut oil and solid frying fats.
 Keep away from whole milk, and other high – cholesterol foods fats, especially those that
 are saturated. Avoid, excessive alcohol smoking salty foods.


 Care of the soul comes from a new way of thinking guided by a new company. When the
 new ideas comes, the dark night syndrome, of deep emotional problems is over. A good
 force is a good friend. A good company reads to every man and woman spirituality to
 give some conception of eternity. Stupidity is hell because of its disrespected to God. We
 struggle in vain against stupidity.


 A name given to Northern opportunists in a country who moves into the south after the
 civil war to abuse work practices to make fortunes out of postwar chaos.


 For an Afghani growing carrot is not the same money as growing opium.


 Giovanni Jacopo Casanova de Seingalt (1725 – 98) was an Italian adventurer, spy,
 gambler, and librarian who, according to his Memoirs, engaged in a prodigious number of
 promiscuous love affairs.


 As the cash hand falls, everything worth less.


 Confidence casts all fear.


 Baghdad has entered a new bloody era, kill or be killed. A repeated film of mutilated
 bodies with some recognizing their love ones who can be husband or son. The killers
 change their identity in names, then changing himself from a killer into an ordinary man.
 The fear turns friends against each other to stay connected with life. Killing a person in
 front of a person is a common thing. Iraq is the center of the black drama picture
 envisaged powerfully by John, false prophet reality. Iraq is hate Sadam but behave like
 sadam with a big sword in his hand. The enemy made God in his spirit and body a
 torturous God existing for this purpose, and his followers are not conscious of who God is.

 The house change from living and functioning into a grave for the body. The earth suit
 which is the roman empire great suit is active today unconsciously, to make you say ―O
 my God what am I gona do now! A time you can‘t distinguish whether the almahdi army
 of sheiat Muslim is gona kill you or the real sun, Mohmadan army.

 Satan works to control the outside for the inside while Christ change you from inside out
 because he is the powerful one. There two types of demons differ in their operation,
 demon possession upon faith which operate from the inside out. There are demons work
 by activities from the outside. A demon possessed can change culture, introduce a new
 religion and divide to conquer which is a Satanic tragedy ―divide and make them weak‖ to
 get the reward of Satan. A demon possessed has many personalities to keep him vicious
 and battling, with Satan charging him from time to time. If the mind stays without seeing
 Jesus, the person stays out of control from tremendous pressure and no hope for turn over,
 living with his animalistic in a mental illness called psychosis.

 Allah is one of ninety nine names, Satan has a wild animal risen from the earth and has
 some similarity to a lamb, while hitting his followers with his horn. He sees his role
 working when he achieve a wave of destruction executed by his son Mohammad while
 putting himself with his team as the right man and path for salvation not Christ. But the
 powerful devil is just a fallen angel. The word ―Christ‖ will make him head back.

 Islam is a one man obsession, since then there is glimpse of mind working peace.

 Remember: Evil provides a unique challenge. We can‘t remove it by placing DNA in a
 test tube.


 Cathedral are designed like romances to enjoy spiritually in columns, pointed arches,
 statues and towers. Muslims when occupy churches they add mina rates to them and
 Islamic writings to be called Islamic.


 The foundation of modern science. You see a flock of birds suddenly sweeping off at a
 sharp angle in the sky and think at least five reasons why. The crime detective is a cause
 and effect. There is at least 10 cause why he or she angry the reason associated with the
 brain chemistry. Creationism, determinism, are cause and effect. Creativity emerges when
 the brain has the capacity to connect with the cause in developing insights for the things
 that happened. The concept of earth gravity came from the incident of an apple falling on
 Isaac Newton‘s head.


 Castro historic revolution started at a small cave in the sierra mountains.


 Elohim who is an image of Allah accept the emotional martyr of die young. He always
 torpedo a cease fire to let the man in the street realize that there is no power on earth that
 can protect him from being bombed.


 Bleeding from a brain blood vessel caused by high blood pressure and degeneration of
 arteries. Sometime it can be due to congenital abnormalities seen as weakness in arteries.
 The result varies from weakness and numbness to profound coma and death.


 Jerusalem is the center of the world.


 There is no absolute certainly, only when the human mind exists in the pure light. Reasons
 turn the light for more certainly and a show of unity injects certainty.


 In cervix microscopy if an abnormal, epithelial cells are seen, it is a lesion of malignancy.
 The test under the heading ―cervical cytology in gynecological examination in done by a
 smear specimen from vagina.


 It how far you can go when your safety is gone or your part of the body has been wounded
 because of challenge.


 The structure formula of the world is changing in a progressive mortality plan but God‘s
 views, objectives and interactions stay linear.


 A man can‘t change color as to tree-dwelling, slow moving lizards to blend with their
 surroundings but can press the reset botton.


 The winning formula of peace changing between Palestinians and Israel is a two states
 solution. Democracy sees one state as an illegal.


 Charlemagne (724-814 A.D) was the franks (768-814). He defeated and Christianized the
 lombards, Saxons, and avars and created the holy Romans empire, which he ruled from
 800 to 814 as well as encouraging commerce and agriculture, he also promoted the arts
 and education.


 Diagrams are used instead of data, for showing the profile of rise and fall of stocks
 between two variables, to avoid looking at data.


 If you feel nauseous or bilious after eating fatty foods you may need an ultrasound check
 of you gall bladder.


 An industry such as cheese would have to form it is own bank to get bail, big debt takes
 generations to pay it off. The question is big loan does not come back as big boomerang,
 we don‘t know how big is the black hole.


 Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to treat cancer. It works by destroying or slowing the
 growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapy mainly affects fast-growing cells, like cancer cells.
 Other fast-growing cells can also be affected, like the cells that cause hair to grow. The
 loss of hair is temporary. There are many different types of chemotherapy drugs, usually,
 people have several at the same time, but sometimes people have only one drug.

 The aim of chemotherapy may be to cure cancer, to relieve symptoms, to help other
 treatments work better or to improve survival.

 Some cancer can be cured by chemotherapy on its own or combined with other treatments.
 Sometimes it is not possible to completely control cancer, however, chemotherapy can
 help people feel better. Symptoms such as pain may be relieved if the cancer is made

 Chemotherapy can be used along with another treatment, such as surgery and
 radiotherapy. This is called adjuvant chemotherapy can be given either before or after
 surgery. When given before operation, the drugs may make the cancer smaller. When
 given either before or after an operation, chemotherapy may destroy any cancer cells that
 have not been found but could cause the cancer to return. Chemotherapy drugs travel
 around your body and destroy certain cells. The cells most affected by chemotherapy are
 those that multiply rapidly, such as cancer cells. Some normal cells which multiply rapidly
 (like hair cells or blood cells) may also be affected by chemotherapy. However, normal
 cells can renew themselves better than cancer cells. The rest periods between
 chemotherapy treatments allow your normal cells to recover before the next treatment.

 No matter which way it is given (such as in vein or by mouth), chemotherapy travels in
 your blood to reach cancer cells in your body, the rate at which cancer cells are destroyed
 varies with each type of cancer and the drugs used.


 Cheque is not the seed of faith, if so the mafia would be a divine organization. The
 preacher's work is nothing but handling money and preaching its importance in faith as the
 top of agenda. Such a move is opposite to "the law of rich warning", which represent a
 rival movement. The contempt of money apparatus in collective followers addresses
 money as the grass root for meeting god who is Satan. Health is the harvest of faith not


 Obama is the Chicago way to the white house.


 The love of woman or her child begins at the contact of womb.


 It is a life style of work which advances life in knowing and doing, and parents need to
 encourage children. The work experience starts around the house to bring competence and
 usefulness. Child ignorance brings little joy. Heaven is to know, to be no longer a boy.


 China‘s economy made up of one billion people doing cheaply paid labour


 The USA is the customer and the biggest rival to china which makes their relationship
 more complex. China is so exposed to the US dollars in economy. The unity creates more
 tangles to look confusing and messy. Like the old couple the two are easy to form knot
 and have crisis but at the same time can easily a solution. There is so much great moral
 crises in China which can be maintained against China at any time. The contrast style of
 ideology makes the dust settles easily on china‘s side.


 The ruling was an indefinite hell; communication a hellfire. A life of a maniac scattering
 dust on life. The blood creeps and nerves prick; there is nothing sweater than shedding the
 blood of brothers. Infants cry in the night and for the day with no language but to cry.
 How can one choose to not believe in the black devil?


 In a such society there is no noble act, a nation of amateurs, domestic tranquility lie
 heavily on the laws of the society.


 Having choices is different than doing choices.


 We don‘t choose our parent or our sex but we have the choice of our destiny.


 Choose a healthy diet for weight loss. A diet that your bowel likes it. Low in fat, crabs,
 sugar, cholesterol free, gluten free. It has to contains fiber and 16 vitamins and minerals.


 Choose food with the lowest fat content. Have you fish grilled instead of fried, your chips
 baked, instead of fried. Tomato based sauce for pasta instead of cream-based. Choose
 water for drink instead of soft drinks.


 The word ―ecclesia‖ means ―called to be out of the worlds‖, which is an opposition to the
 life in the world. Thus Christ church consists of people gathered together and Christ is in
 the midst Binding the people in unity. Ecclesia therefore describes calling people to the
 Christ. The church is the direct work of the Heavenly Kingdom in vision and
 requirements. The city ―Christ church‖ in New Zealand suffered a big earthquake because
 it used the name while it walked through the wildness of this world.


 The word means act as Christ in order to belong. Belief and behavior decides the


 It has been shown by ―Jeffson Headache Centre‖ in Philad USA that half of all chronic
 migraines are ―rebound‖ headaches triggered by the overuse or common painkillers. Both
 prescription and over-the-counter drugs may be to blame.


 Chronic pain has each its own multitude of diverse symptoms and signs which confuse the
 clinical picture and add to the difficulties of diagnosis. Angina pectoris, myocardial
 infarction, low back pain, rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, herpes zoster and
 malignant tumor each has its own characteristics, some like herpes zoster (shingles) is
 usually specific but it become simple when the eruption of the virus appears on one area of
 the skin.


  If the church works on the line of the world‘s act, what‘s the use? The mind stays in its
  little cycle of natural response to sin. Clearly we stay in anti God style.


  The church change but the body of Christ on the Cross doesn‘t change. We change with
  time but not with faith and the truth because this is the area of final belongings. Christ has
  no weakness to cause us to change. We catch fire but the body of Christ can‘t catch fire.
  The truth itself can takes us to tough places.


  Cinderella, in the traditional fairy story, finds herself living with a stepmother and two
  stepsisters after her father‘s remarriage. She is kept in poverty, dressed in rags, and
  maltreated by the other women in the family who force her to carry out menial tasks in the
  house. Her fortunes change, however, once, with the aid of her fairy godmother, she is
  able to go to the ball and meet the prince who has come to be known as Prince Charming.


  Paul Addressed the circumcision issue with the following words. ―For neither
  circumcision counts for anything nor un Circumcision, but keeping the commandments of
  God‖ 1 Corinthians 8:19.


  People populate areas of economical activities. There is no city unproductive. Therefore
  cities are expected to be overpopulated.


  Garlic capsule daily and fresh lemon and orange juices for preventing catching flu.


  It is an invented religion within the society were certain social, civic or political traditions
  with religious or quasi – religious value. The religion also honors great events, rulers and
  heroes. It grows out of nationalism when the religion declines. Example: the religion
  instituted in France during the French revolution by Robespierre. The religion is based not
  on God the object of worship but the force of society. The celebration of July 4 th in USA
  and 14 July in France marks a celebration response equal to Christmas.


  Jesus is the only way to get to God, Jesus claimed by saying ―I am the way and the truth
  and the life; no one comes to the father, but through me‖. Also St. Paul said ―there is one
 God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus‖. John also said, ―for
 unless you believe that I am he, you shall die in your sins. If there is another way then God
 in Christ would not have had to die and be the sin to set mankind free. All other ways echo
 Satan way.


 Calamity Jane was a nickname given to Martha Jane Burke (c. 1852 – 1903), the famous
 American frontierswoman, because she is said to have warned that ‗calamity‘ would for
 her skill at riding and shooting. Her name can be applied to any female prophet of disaster.


 Clarity is gold. Distinction of thoughts belong to clarity to set the way for the truth.
 Trivialities are the opposite.


 Politicians make messes on one leg and cleaning the mess out on the other leg because of
 unclear clarity. They should do their job better. Clarity is the way of getting the answer
 without having asked any clear question.


 Clean up the beach while the tide is out.


 Cleopatra (69 – 30 BC) was the queen of Egypt 47 – 30 BC. She had a love affair with
 Julius Caesar, with whom she had a son. She followed him to Rome when be returned
 form Egypt in 46 BC, but left Rome after Caesar was assassinated. Cleopatra then had a
 love affair with Mark Antony (Marcus Antoius), by whom she had three children. Rome
 declared was on Cleopatra and she and Mark Antony were defeated at the Battle of
 Actium. They both committed suicide. Cleopatra‘s relationship with Caesar is the subject
 of George Bernard Shaw‘s play Caesar and Cleopatra (1901) and her affair with Mark
 Antony is the subject of Shakespeare‘s Antony and Cleopatra (1623).


 A clever man adapts himself to the heavenly laws now for the amazing events to come.


 Clicking on gadgets and games offers an irresistible window for not seeing the closer
 picture of life.


 Sahab is Arabic word meaning the cloud the media propaganda of Osama bin Laddin.


 Coalition of many brains has the better idea.


 A coalition government is better than just concentration on a particular population.
 Coalition of many brains. Has the better idea.


 Cold weather may cause higher reading of blood pressure probably of winter inactivity
 and weigh gain. A boarder line Bp of 130/80 should be checked again in winter.


 We must have a cold and sober view into the long term of events, so consultation and
 examination of event strategy can be improved. It is also a characteristic of wisdom not to
 do desperate things that require little thinking. Thinking quickly doesn‘t bound well with
 the spirit. Thinking is like constructing a brick wall, brick by brick to be a temple and to
 make us love one another. Management responds to good thinking.


 Cold weather may cause higher reading of blood pressure probably of winter inactivity
 and weight gain. A boarder line of 130/80 should be checked again in winter.


 Collaboration is a group of people come together with different background, and diversity
 to compete towards a single idea.


 We are a collection of genes dated back to old civilizations.


 Belly fat signals more than heart disease and diabetes. Each extra 10 cm around the risk of
 colon cancer by 33 % in men, 16 % in women.


 White think white Black think black, yellow think yellow, the outcome of ―God and Idol‖

 A colostomy is the most well known type of stoma-which is an artificial opening of a tube
 that has been brought to the abdominal surface. Types of stomas include an ileostomy,
 made in the small intestine; a urostomy, which connects to the urinary tract; and a
 colostomy, connecting to the large bowel of colon. A person with a stoma simply goes to
 the toilet differently. They have a ‗bag‘ attached to the stoma on the outside of the body,
 which collects waste. The colostomy may be temporary.


 A commitment has to get points and dots in its place so the process can be done correctly.
 The level of commitments decides confidence and make the ascent of man.


 On line communication technology saves diagnosis. A pathology results of all tests and
 general chemistry requested are on the screen of the doctor compute. Also a progress
 report after comparing data of blood taken at different period.


 Community works by applying its all social forces to all future situations, to be prepared
 for the better. Having a good culture contributes good attitude; technology gives new way
 an incorrect or false culture has the fallacy of emphasis and confusion is the result. This
 remark has a high backing when one compare cities such as London with Bangkok or


 Any company director who ask for a bail out money should resign first. He laid a
 foundation of deceit out of corporal greed. The tax payer has to be the corrector in silence
 without having clue about it.


 Education and competitiveness in which people try to do wisely the best moves progress
 to see big picture in decision and impact. A symbol of ability, power, qualification to
 drive something.


 Let‘s not be complacent it sets soft society and has the power to lead man towards
 arrogance. A society should be free from Satan‘s weapons.


 You can complain and be a winger to go down in performance or take a challenge by
 throwing hard work for providing 60-40 win.


 To complain about anything, past, present and future is to be less optimistic which
 decreases ambition and transparency and become a possessor of the force that breeds it,
 complain and be damned, complain conceives an extravagant hope of the future.


 A determination of mind to offer alternative ideas different than the asserted one, a
 compromise deviates widely form what Christian ethics moral code, as it can lead to
 denial of cause.


 CT scanning uses X-rays in similar way to that of a normal X-ray. The equipment is large
 and more complex than a normal X-ray.

 The CT scanner allows us to look at any part of the body in cross-section, which is rather
 like looking at slices of a loaf of bread, one at a time. This way we can build up a picture
 of the whole area, bit by bit and also examine parts of the body which are difficult to see
 by other methods.

 3D imaging gives a volumetric representation of the region of interest. Our high end
 technology enables us to reconstruct images from any angle and visualize anatomical


 A Concert is the best way to go through hard times.


 Confidence in a financial system sinks under a state of turmoil and will increase under
 irregular economical situation.


 Conflict continues until we get the correct information to apprehend the conflict. We must
 understand so that we may accept the conflict starts with chaos and ends up in relaxation.


 It is less confusing if I know the bottom line in me. Confusion is a security threat. Truth
 emerges more readily from error than from confusion.

 Body parts scattered inside a catholic church in Christmas day. It was a revolution in


 Connect with passion to bring forth the human love to its height, till the dark cloud turn
 inside out.


 My conscience is my greatest ally, the phrase ―why did I do it?‖ violates my conscience. A
 man is really what he does, violating his conscience is violating the Word of God planted
 in him. God‘s way is most delightful. There is no delightfulness in the wilderness of sin.
 Heaven flourish easily when we apply the Word of God to the size of the Word. The
 previous life becomes illegal and full with trials.


 Conscience is the inner voice which warns us that God may be looking.


 You can‘t build conciseness while building a business empire.


 Facts have consequences but faith has none, simply a matter of exchanging soul with spirit
 in the brain and hearth, the noblest work of man.


 Consistency is doing the same again and again different than endurance. The heart
 experience in endurance were the heart beating again and again to do the work of
 righteousness in spite of the devil opposition.


 Laxatives are the drugs for constipation without a prescription. Simple constipation is
 usually released by increasing dietary fiber and water. Recent change of bowel habits or
 constipation in the elderly may be an early symptom of cancer of the large intestine
 especially when this is accompanied by bleeding through the anus during defecation, and
 weight loss. Medical advice, rather than the taking of laxatives, should be sought when
 one is presented with the problem of constipation.


 Neither government nor consumers can bail out the problem of the massive world debts.
 The cash left is too small to face the world big business challenges. Bankruptcy linked to
 entrusts of consumers with markets makes the dollar dives, flying as soft as papers.


 The world is being controlled. If you put all the images happen wish less, a special world
 is spelled out of the Bible.


 Christian conversion is neither self-improvement nor culturally conditioned. It cannot be
 explained by conditioned responses or some type self – hypnosis. The Mormons talk about
 the burning in their heart. Buddhists and Hindus talk about stress – less in a self – type
 hypnosis / meditation. Culture and race are seems to be hindrance to the sort of conversion
 to Christianity. The reason is the experience is grounded in the work of God not in the
 person himself. Christian conversion is based upon on objectives, the resurrection of
 Christ. The resurrection is reason enough for every conceivable background, culture and
 intellectual minds to be converted. The ultimate reality of the faith is far more important
 than a person trying to generate his own experience from a religion pressured by a family
 and friends.


 Most of the ethanol in the USA is produced from yellow corn to be sold as gasoline
 additive i.e. 85% ethanol, 15% gasoline. The corn ethanol used as fuel produces 22%less
 than gasoline green house gas emissions. The bio fuel plant is much simpler, just ethanol


 Corpaxone is the first non-steroidal, non-interferon to be used multiple sclerosis. The first
 non-steroidal, non-interferon MS drug therapy to people living with relapsing – remitting
 symptoms. The drug interacts with those elements within the immune process that are
 believed to be responsible for MS. It works differently from ―betaferon‖, rebif, avonex or


 Iron may be the best remedy for women with chronic coughs. After studying otherwise
 healthy nonsmoking women, iron supplements resolved or improved pharyngolaryngitis
 relating to both the pharynxand the larynx and coughs in women with iron deficiencies.
 ―Twenty regulates the production of inflammatory cytokines (proteins) and its deficiency
 might cause upper airway inflammation‖. Normal coughing is due to exhalation of irritant

 particles such as hot papers in the airways. Worry and concern are totally different. In
 worry you are constantly thinking about it from fear, while to be of interest or importance
 in concern; it has less worry, anxiety or unhappiness.


 Cough is often a symptom of a throat or chest infection. Most throat infections are of viral
 origin. Self – medication should include the sipping of hot water and drinking plenty of
 water. Over – the – counter medications can be helpful. If the cough does not improve or
 there is associated fever or thick yellow phlegm, a doctor should be consulted as
 antibiotics may be needed.

 Cough that is associated with night sweats and a loss of weight may be due to tuberculosis
 and a chest X-ray will needed. Sometimes in tuberculosis of the lung, the patient may
 cough out phlegm with blood. Tuberculosis is contagious and early diagnosis will help
 prevent its spread to other members of the family. It is the elderly and the very young who
 are more prone to infection. Antibiotics for the treatment of tuberculosis require a doctor‘s
 prescription and will have to be taken for six to nine months.

 Chronic cough, especially when no cause is found and the chest X-ray is normal, can be
 due to asthma. Severe asthma shows it self with wheezing while mild asthma presents
 itself in the form of a chronic cough. In such cases, treatment with broncholidators (anti –
 asthma drugs) will be useful. Theophylline is a group of bronchodilators which are
 available without a prescription form the pharmacy. It is however, wise to consult your
 doctor or pharmacist for the correct dosage.

 In general, all chronic coughs of more than one month that do not respond to self-
 medication or that are associated with weight loss, should be investigated by the doctor.
 Smokers are prone to chronic cough and this may mask symptoms of lung diseases. They
 should consult a doctor if they notice a change in the cough pattern.


 Cough mixtures are used either to suppress a non-productive (dry) cough or to assist in
 expelling secretions such as mucus and phlegm in a productive (i.e. productive of mucous
 secretions and exudates) cough. Non-productive dry coughs are usually due to irritation of
 the throat or larynx and the persistence of these coughs could lead to physical exhaustion.
 The cough mixtures used in these conditions include Phensedyl. Actifed Compound and
 Senedryl CD. Sometimes, throat lozenges are sufficient to abort these.


 Courage is a decision of doing and also a decision of not doing.


 Cranberry extract found in juice drinks makes platinum – based cancer drugs the main
 treatment for ovarian cancer. US researchers found that compounds isolated from
 cranberries kill human cancer cells in lab studies. Over time, cancers tend to become
 resistant to platinum – based drugs.


 Creative nation is productive nation by creating better values for a living system. Opening
 and developing pathways for better education to have its application with many activities
 including science and art that may have world claim.


 Credibility is issued not by the papers it issues but buy the value it upholds, the credibility
 of building a society not destroying it which is a collective failier. Credibility engineers
 responsible actions. It focuses on the positive goals, represented in peace, unity and
 security that the human deserves.


 The worst crime is a company that do more to the rich and when fails it hits the middle
 class were the average person didn‘t cause it. If you builds a company on behalf of the
 middle class, there will be no big surprises from being a move towards a figure reflecting
 majority. Wasting money is crime.


 No crime is so shameful as poverty.


 The world crisis means to decide


 We are at a critical time for a critical truth. All the events in the world are moving forward
 to get focused on one thing ―what in the world is going on‖. The could coming will not be
 a shower but a white cloud pure with endless light showing everlastingness. Wait and keep
 working with the Lord as long as the time is working.


 When two cultures in contrast with their doctrine overlaps like Christian and Muslim
 cultures, they produce three regions. A big region in the middle representing a fair share
 of unity and commitment, to the mix having no problem of resisting. There are two other
 regions formed by the overlap, standing beyond the share of the two cultures, refusing the
 crossing and in a direct conflict living with regrets. Life has to be carried on in spite of
 their ideological differences. The overlapped area tears down the ideals of the original

 culture for forcing the change. The new grey zone has its vital signs, in their new world,
 in decisions, votes, attacking, painting a certain picture in a huge power and pride. The
 demons of the foreign culture lines up with their influence to others. The issue of destiny
 which is the product of the true path lives under a new code twisted to bring home to Satan
 more people impacted by ties. We have a proof of the grey color success but not the
 heavy weight issue of ―where are we going to be, in sin costs, in hell or in heaven?‖. The
 only decider accountable to break the sin climate is using our ―conscience to stay on the
 moral line, while we are allowing our physical body to deal with temptation, subcontracted
 by our conscience in other word, if you want to do sin you can, we are already living
 under a secular materialistic life.

 Cultural factors can never replace the spirit of Christ as the bond that ties the community
 together. The real danger of cultural factors with people we are depending upon in
 economical life, we are held together by earthly pursuits instead of Christ holding us
 together. If the question of mixed culture, then become adding some more of the falling
 steps of the other religions to match with them in their evil world plus the mixing in new
 blood relations.

 All the benefit of the good culture with its richness is gone to save people who are taught,
 to close their ears upon hearing the word ―Christ‖.

 There is no profitability in having crossed culture spent to adopt lies without revise in
 conscience and cry foul about money.

 Remember: Remove the stumbling blocks between the Muslims and the western culture
 and retain some of its ambition forms; we have to ask Americans to grow beard around the
 chin like Muslims and their wives wear veil.


 Try to cross the line by an offensive argument on a sensitive subject and loose common
 sense. There is a difference between stupidity and insults. Stupidity is much sooner
 forgotten than insult. An insult has a flame that lit a battle.


 The judgement is revealed in the sign of the Cross. At death we lie flat at our backs in a
 coffin under the ground. We then wake up straight arising from death. This simply
 represented in the sign of the Cross.


 The crown of thorn is the fountain of life and the treasury of Heaven.


 Economical crunch is job crunch, a combination of two worst evil twicely paid.

 If you punch a man on the face, he may not cry but if you do something outstanding by not
 knowing how to work it out. You cry if you are left out in deep water under the question


 Different culture interpret things differently, the gap between, fear, hate, love is less wide
 in views and sympathies. In Indonesia if a man or woman died at slightly longer age than
 sixty, it is considered a pleasant death.


 Fighting in words subjecting aggressive words is a knife holding culture changing the state
 of friendship and what was developed anger sits at the bottom of the desire.


 Culture is more powerful than law as culture covers an entire view in error and judgement.
 If you change the law and not culture, the culture will break it for reflection.


 The worst is the least curable.


 Faith is the currency to buy sweet eternity, a circle of love locked with the earth in a bridal
 form and in an intimate style.


 Diogenes (C400 – C325 BC) was a Greek philosopher, the most famous of the cynics. The
 member of sect ignored conventional standards, preached self-control, condemned
 immorality and renounced worldly comfort, living as simply as animals in ―a dog like
 society‖. Their movement influenced stoicism but vanished in the imperial times of


 Drugs used in the treatment of cancers are known as cytotoxic drugs. Cancer can be
 treated by surgery, radiotherapy (X-ray treatment) and / or cytotoxic drugs

 Many cytotoxic drugs are available now, and with the new advances in medicine, many
 more are coming. Cytotoxic drugs are used primarily to treat cancers. They may be used in
 conjunction with surgery or radiotherapy to prevent relapse of the tumour. Besides cancer
treatment, cytotoxic drugs can also be used in the treatment of some autoimmune diseases
such as systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis and chronic
inflammatory bowel diseases. Finally, cytotoxic drugs are also given to recipients of organ
transplants to prevent rejection, for example. Cyclosporine A in kidney transplants.

In the past, cytotoxic drugs were given singly but now doctors tend to give a combination
of cytotoxic drugs to treat cancers such as and Hodgkin‘s disease. This is because different
cytotoxic drug act differently on cancer cells, and by combining them, we get an additive
anti-tumour effect. Most cytotoxic drugs act by interfering with cell divisions. Because of
their rapidly dividing nature, cancer cells are very susceptible to these drugs.
Unfortunately, cytotoxic drugs also damage all rapidly dividing normal cells, especially
those found in the bone marrow, skin and the intestinal tract. As a result, they produce
many side effects such as anemia lack of blood, alopecia (hair loss), nausea and vomiting.
Fortunately, most of these side effects are usually shorter and stop once the course of
treatment is completed. As most cytotoxic drugs are potentially toxic, they should only be
given under supervision by doctors.

 3D

 Western man is not a symbol of masculinity to be the best boxer but a symbol of brain for
 a change. He uses inventions as a way of life in done deal. Japanese waits for his
 invention of 3D TV to sale a mobile phone with 3D play game without safety rules. The
 reason is to satisfy the pride feeling.


 Dada was an early 2othe-century artistic and literary movement which rejected traditional
 moral and aesthetic values and emphasized the illogical and absurd. The movement was
 started in Zurich in 1916 by the poet Tristan Tzara and others, and soon spread to New
 York, Paris and Cologne. Artists associated with Dada included Jean Arp, Andre Breton,
 Max Ernst, Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp. One of the most famous works produced was
 Duchamp‘s version of the Mona Lisa decorated with a moustache and an obscene caption.


 It is not the Question of big or small government it is the question of an effective
 government that understand the daily moves and knows how to navigate the road to


 The Muslim President of Dalfour destroyed thee of his tribes in a collective punishment.


 The 6th century B.C Hebrew prophet whose prophecies contained in the book of Daniel in
 the Bible.

 The Old Testament Book of Daniel relates how King Darius appointed Daniel as sole
 administrator over all the other presidents and princes. In an attempt to bring about
 Daniel‘s downfall, they asked the king to establish a decree saying that for thirty days no
 one should pray to any God or man except the king. Daniel ignored this command and ‗his
 windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three
 times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime‘ (Dan. 6:10).
 As a result of this disobedience, Daniel was cast into the lions‘ den.


 Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321 A.D) was an Italian poet, Ms reputation as a major figure of
 world literature rests on his masterpiece1he Divine Comedy (c. 1309 — 20) epic poem
 that relates his spiritual journey t -Hell and purgatory guided by the poet virgil, and
 Paradise, guided by the beloved Beatrice.

 A period in the west from about 5th to the 11th century following Mohammad‘s time of
 unenlightment and obscurity. The high middle ages followed. He changed the position of
 the world in signing with Satan‘s Trinity.


 How can banks through their monsters greed that caused world recession be rewarded
 more money to pay their bankruptcy? Isn‘t it illegal? This is a fascinating demon story
 played by governments and IMF. The dream of money and economy are the dictarship
 that can control the world has now a face change.


 Charles Darwin destroyed the Tree of Good and Evil in Eden and the love that goes with
 it. He is another deceiver in a different way using biology as the issue in Satanic
 deception. He sent the massage ―Credit Darwinism for everything you see‖ which is a step
 in Satan directions for the lead.


 David (d.c. 962 BC) was king of Judah and Israel c. l000-c. 962 BC. He was noted as a
 musician and is traditionally regarded as the author of the psalms. According to the Old
 Testament, the young David relieved King Saul‘s melancholy by playing the lyre: ‗And
 whenever the evil spirit Tfizr€13 was upon Saul, David took the lyre and played it with his
 hand and Soul was eat ease.


 Also known as apples of Sodom, reputed to grow at Sodom near the dead sea. They were
 beautiful in look but bitter to the taste also full with black ashes which signifies sexual
 pleasure that brought disappointment.


 This is the most important discovery to prove the olds Testament existence. It shed the
 light not only on the Biblical manuscripts but also on the culture and times surrounding it,
 along with hundreds of their ancient documents dating from the first couple of centuries
 B.C Shortly after the time of Jesus.


 Israel planned a war to the bitter end with Hamas. Deadly streets packed with refugees
 camp were bombed to carry the big load of death.


 The Trillion dollar debt for the great credit crash, is a source of uncertainty. I hope
 America will not narrow into a neighbourhood.


 Do you know the debt of united state is bigger than its economy? About 50 trillion


 Greed, hatred and delusion are the thee evils that make you unable to see things as they
 truly are or as they are in the eye of the Lord.


 Life demands the strength you posses, it is important to discover your strength and
 exercise them, the key stone of high achievement.


 Demands never know moderations; the supply of lies has always been in excess of the
 demand. Heroes are created by popular demand for emotional reason fear is one of them.


 A chronic organic disorder in the brain, which is marked by memory loss and change in
 behavior, the second common disease after Alzheimer. It occurs in young and middle-aged


 A democratic society is one that is better able to confront new situations, and try new
 solutions since it doesn‘t have any rigid or preconceived ideology.


 Democrats are the big spenders while, Republicans go for free growth in market oriented
 economy, working together makes it difficult. Arguments take most of the time to reach a
 tentative deal, The concepts instead of combining to produce the sum would have to wait.


 Consume Plenty of:

   - Calcium-rich foods, such as milk, yoghurt and cheese
   - Fresh fruit and vegetables for vitamin A and C, and for chewing in order to promote
      healthy gums.
   - Tea, which is a good source of fluoride or fluoridated water.


   - Dried fruit and any sticky foods that lodge between the teeth.


 Sweet drinks, confectionery, crisps and snacks containing refined carbohydrate, sipping
 acidic drinks for prolonged periods. A healthy diet protects teeth from decay and provides
 the minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients essential for healthy teeth and gums. Tooth
 decay and gum disease are caused by colonies of bacteria that constantly coat the teeth
 with a sticky film called plaque. So give bacteria less time to produce its damaging acids
 and keep tooth enamel strong by flossing or brushing the plaque away as soon as possible
 after eating. Sucrose. Most familiar to us as sugar, is the leading cause of tooth decay, but
 it is not the only culprit. Although sugar foods, including biscuits, blues and soft drinks,
 are major offenders, starchy foods (such as crisps and crackers) also play an important part
 in tooth decay. If starchy foods are allowed to linger in the mouth the potential for damage
 is even greater. So by all means enjoy sweet treats on occasions. Just make sure you
 follow if up with brushing soon after.


 Don‘t deny facts, stand by them


 If you wake up in the morning, finding yourself worried, feeling down consistently and
 doesn‘t get better you have a depression which need medications to correct the
 biochemical disorder. This is an important observation waiting to see antidepressant


 Rene cartesius Descartes (l650), mathematician, physicist and philosopher who is the
 founder of rationalist philosophy. The doctrine that say reality has a logical structure, and
 accessible to deductive reasoning and proof. Descartes founded the study of analytical
 geometry introducing the use of Cartesian coordinates. His philosophy ―think therefore I
 am‖ helped to prove God. He regarded animals but complex machine,


 Desert comes so quickly change plants into dust and farmers into beggers. Management of
 water is the issue for wiping the green.


 The desire for pleasure unites us because it escapes reality. A rational person can therefore
 celebrate his control over reality.


 Encourage people to take their destiny in their own hand, boosting aid effort through
 messages and images. Effective teaching gives ir tool to such course of events.


 Diogenes (c.400-c.325 BC) was a Greek Philosopher, the most famous of the Cynics. He
 promoted self – sufficiency and the denial of physical pleasure and rejected social
 conventions. According to legend he lived in a barrel, to demonstrate his belief that the
 virtuous life was the simple life. One story told of him is that he carried a lantern out in
 daylight, saying that


 Zimbabwe‘s diamonds are blood diamond in its destructive role of smuggling in
 equivalence to drug war.


 Diarrhea is the passing of soft or watery stool from the bowels which occurs more often
 than usual. It may be associated with abdominal cramps, fever and vomiting. Many drugs
 have been used to stop diarrhea. Diarrhea is typically self-limiting and may not require any
 drug. Milk and oily food should not be taken for a few days as these will aggravate the
 diarrhea because of impaired digestion of oil and lactose in milk. In addition to a light diet,
 a salutation containing sugar and salt should be taken liberally. Many such preparations
 are available, for example, Servidrat, Pedialyte and GES 45. Alternatively, the solution
 can be prepared at home by mixing sugar and salt in a glass of water. Such sugar and salt
 caused by diarrhea as well as reducing the frequency of diarrhea.

 If the above measures do not stop the diarrhea, then drugs may be needed. Commonly
 prescribed drugs include Kaolin mixture, Lomotil or Imodium. Kaolin will I absorb some
 of the toxins and will also help to make the stool well-formed. Lomotil and Imodium are
 drugs that slow down the gut movement. They should not be taken immediately when
 diarrhea starts as these drugs can cause retention of unwanted stool and consequently, a
 bloated abdomen, which would mean discomfort for the patient. Consult your doctor if the
 diarrhea does not respond to the above measures or if it is associated with bloody stool or
 high fever. In such cases the stool may be sent for laboratory testing antibiotics may be
 prescribed for the patient.


 The Worldwide Web is credited with enabling a massive surge of worldwide creativity, In

 addition we use the Web for accessing information, for communicating, for storing
 knowledge, and for having fun.

 The brain has many advantages:

   It has far superior equipment
   it is much faster at accessing information.
   It can generate its own information much more rapidly and expansively.

 It contains many more patterns of thought if you compared the total network of the
 Worldwide Web with the potential patterns inside your single brain, it would be like
 comparing a garden pea to a planet!


 A range of equipments that offers improved imaging plates to be used in diagnosis. The
 software can amplify the image, make it more sharp and disticnt and add contrast in
 density to the images produced for bones and soft tissues. X-ray sees bones and some
 tissue like lung, heart, liver, while MRI services all soft tissues with great efficiency. The
 equipments of digital imaging are :

     Multislice computed tomography scanning
     Dual source cardiac CT
     4D ultrasound
     Ultrasound
     Echocardiography
     Digital mammography
     General X-ray
     Dental X-ray
     Bone densitometry scanning
     Interventional procedures
     MRI
     Nuclear medicine and fluoroscopy


 The worst kind of diplomacy is to send the enemy of the organization to the organization.


 Powerful sedative drug that work on a progressive insomnia caused by anxiety. The
 patient remains asleep for an adequate length of time. The drug is unavailable for
 dispensing by doctor prescription. The drug became well known during Michael Jackson‘s
 death prompted by his severe insomnia. Michael wanted the drug in infusion form i.e
 continuously administered. The drug causes memory loss, brain‘s vital functions damage
 and death. Prescribed over dose of drugs causes death.

  When the disease has no cure, it has instead the control by conditioning to keep it


  Fear has disfunctionality in ―threat policy‖. Osama lives under threat and goes on to
  threaten others. Communication becomes haunted by the threat of investigation which is
  far more damaging than the fear itself. A Mickey Mouse nation is the work of fear,
  because it can‘t drive out the devil‘s intimidation to be at liberty.


  Homosexuality is objectively disordered act.


  The absence of hope to expect things badly happen, without light to guide on a better way.
  Giant Dispair kills own life. The key to the dispair door promise‖ which opens all locks.


  Diversity is a product to share in sprite of the battles to fit.


  Ganesha is the elephant headed god of wisdom and prudence. He is worshipped as the
  remover of obstacles and the patron of learning in Hinduism. Ganesha the animal is the
  equivalence of human wise teachers and prophets in the Old Testament, such as Solomon
  and Daniel. Athene was the Greek god of wisdom and skills and Minerva.


  The dogs of the ―Dow‖ bites in stocks.


  The $ is the devil‘s currency has no heart.


  Don Juan Tenorio was a legendary Spanish nobleman famous for his seductions. The
  character appears in various works of literature and music, such as Mozart‘s opera Don
  Giovanni, Byron‘s poem Don Juan, and the Don Juan in Hell ‗section of Shaw‘s play Man
  and Superman. The term ‗Don Juan‘ is now often used to described a man with a
  reputation for seducing women.


 Don Quixote is the hero of a romance (1650-15) by Miguel de Cervantes, a satirical
 account of chivalric beliefs and conduct. He is described in the opening chapter as being
 ‗of a hale and strong complexion, lean-bodied, and thin-faced‘. He has his wits disordered
 by his devoted reading of chivalric romances and sets out in search of knightly adventures
 with his companion, Sancho Panza, whose short, fat appearance contrasts with that of Don


 Doses of vitamin Bl reverses early kidney disease caused by type 2 diabetes.


 A business leader said ―I have never seen points loss of Dow in one session in my whole


 The famous Count Dracula, created by Bram Stoker in his 1879 novel Dracula, is a
 vampire, one of the Un-dead, who lies in his coffin by day and comes out at night to suck
 blood from the necks of his victims. He can only be destroyed by having a stake driven
 through his heart while he is resting.


 Dragon rules like a mouse and bites like a flame


 God created ―dragon fruit‖ in color beauty to show the intellect of the fiery winged
 dragon. The flesh represents dragon‘s semen white as the brain. The large number of
 little black seeds shows the flow of people with the phallus brain as symbol of power. The
 red-yellow color of the fruit is symbol of dragon color with its sex-attraction aspect.


 The drug are the hot stocks to own in battled economy. It need market manipulation strong
 or weaker dollar a pharmaceutical company can‘t disappear.


 A drug addict is an opium man in crystals drugs and murder assassination together with
 suicides are one team. As the drugs goes on, craziness goes on, there is no winners. No
 one can win in a drug war, the addiction is more powerful than one thinks, the imbalance
 can‘t be brought back to balance from too much destruction. The sex side of life in red
 light district fluorides.

 The poorest of the poor has more diseases than b money can only go to REV, politicians
 and money donors give it to the disease they know which is HIV Tropical disease such as
 Bilharzias a parasite which is conquerable but kills as many as HIV and cost much less
 gets less attention. The clever who knows is guilty in seeing the innocent poor dicing on
 the ground of ignorance.


 Drums are symbols of psychological warfare, breaking down the enemy‘s resistance from
 within. They were held to embody a sacred power. They rumbled like thunder, Drums
 were anointed, invoked and received offerings and were used in initiations to provide the
 rhythm of rites. The drum was like a spirit-boat, ferrying from the visible to the invisible
 world. It may be associated with the symbols of meditation between Heaven and Earth.
 Magic drums were used by Shamans to prosper his promised ―trans‖.


 Every thought has origin, power and destiny. Thought also hold a winning or a loosing
 career. It also take a share of responsibility as in the latest figures of economy. If the
 power of thinking comes from the flesh, the thought can‘t be taken to the next level.
 Having sex all day around leads to limited thinking which then threatens life from not
 being better. Thinking is robbed by destructive thinking, the brain is clouded with
 negative or positive powers to its delight and misery. Thinking has racial profile
 associated with the conventional logical process. Terrorists thinking go by what happens
 in the past.


 A threat to national security has a range of objectives: it drastically degrade the quality of
 life for the inhabitants of the state example Gaza and Israel. If the threat is nuclear war, the
 costs especially environmental and economics at the expense of human lives is
 unthinkable. Economic inequality is the root of threats, as a consequence of uneven
 growth. Military power makes some states more secure while it increases the insecurity of
 some others. In the third world food, health, money, trade and nuclear weapons are the
 items that search security. It is hard to imagine that the environment crisis is something
 out there threatening the people in the third world. Peace cannot prevail while hunger
 rules. He who wants to ban war must also ban mass poverty. The harm done to the life
 expectancy and health of individuals by the ozone holes is less of an issue. Threats are the
 causes of refugee flows. The security of the individual is dependent on the security of the
 nation which in turn dependant on the various players. If the society composed of
 distinctive ethnic or religious identifications, then there is more problems at stake. In the
 nature of man there are three principal causes of quarrel. First, competition, second,
 defense third, glory. The first makes man invade for gain, the second, for safety and the
third, for reputation. We do have an enemy of global proportions at that. The enemy is
Satan in us. Human beings unconstrained by government and law display by motives and
behavior that lead to threats and insecurity.


 Pain in the ear can come from the external ear or the middle ear. It can also be ―referred
 pain‖ from the throat or tonsils. ―Referred pain‖ is pain which occurs at one site (e.g. the
 throat) but is felt at another site (e.g. the ear).

 Pain in the external ear is due to an infection of the skin over the external ear. ―Digging‖
 the ears with a sharp stick to remove ear wax often predisposes the ears to infection. Wax
 in the ear serves a useful protective function and there is no need to remove it completely.
 If there is excessive wax, it should be removed using a soft cotton bud, which should be
 smaller than the diameter of the ear canal. Do not use cotton buds which are too big as
 these will act as plungers, packing the wax further into the car canal.

 Pain from the middle ear is usually an serious condition. It is often associated with high
 fever and copious ear discharges. The patient should consult the family doctor as soon as

 ―Referred pain‖ from the throat will require treatment of the throat condition and no
 treatment is required for the ear. If in doubt, please consult your doctor. When you have a
 cold or when flying in an aero plane, you may experience ear pain. This is because a small
 tube (the Eustachian tube) which connects the middle ear to the back of the nose, allowing
 air to move in and out of the middle ear, is blocked. The pressure in the middle ear fails to
 equalize with the atmospheric pressure thus putting excessive tension on the eardrum and
 causing pain. The sucking of sweets and yawning will help to equalize the pressure. If you
 have a cold, the use of nose drops to decongest the nose will relieve the obstruction at the
 Eustachian tube, allowing the pressure to equalize thus aborting the pain.


 When west had no meeting with east, Christianity was far better in thought and practice
 than today.


 It is easy to get into the echo chamber of arguments if we are much calmer.

 As life is made up of good and evil, it makes it so easy to believe in God and Satan.


 Make your eating habit a healthy habit or have a body mass of fat in your subcutaneous
 tissue. Lack of balance in the diet makes Diabetes-mellitus and heart disease win.
 Balanced diet contains the correct nutrients. Diabetes starts when the waste line reach the
 bottom line.


 The enzymes stay intact to give you the ―enzyme energy‖ which help to stimulate
 digestive juices.


 Cutting edge science remains the envy of the world.


 Educate them to move on no crimes so great as doing nothing. Lacking skills has choices
 of committing crimes.


 Education and intelligence holds different views. Education enables a man to get along
 without using intelligence, while intelligence enables a man to have ideas without
 intelligence we are a walking coffin. Ideas reveal the veil for defense against risks.


 Edward Gibbon (1737— 94 A.D) was an English historian and author of the history of the
 decline and fall of Romans Empire (1776 - 88), generally regarded as a monumental work
 of literature as well as historical analysis, Ranging from the 2nd century AD to the fall of
 the Constantinopel in 1453, Gibbon‘s work covers the founding of Christianity, the
 movement of settlement of the teutonic tribes, the conquest of tlw muslim, and the


 He was the pioneer of smallpox inoculation which saved thousand of lives in Briton in
 1795. He incubated a small boy with cowpox and found that this rendered the boy immune
 from smallpox.


 Ego is the self that I am aware of and the non ego, the things that I regard as other than


 Getting the ego behind the position you hold, the insecurity towards the job gets the upper
 hand. Your job ms into a God for massive changes encouraging long hours of work. The
 biggest risk in life is forgetting God consistently which is the kind of injustice Satan
 imposes. Jesus said ―many are called but few are chosen‖.


  The only thing different in Einstein‘s brain was a higher level of Glial cells in his brain,
  not enough to make him an icon of the 20th century.


  El Dorado (literally ‗the gilded one‘) was the name of a fabled country (or city) abounding
  in gold, believed to exist somewhere in the region of the Orinoeo and Amazon rivers. It
  was sought by 1 6tbe-century explorers, including the Spanish conquistadors and Sir
  Walter Ralegh.


  The pitfalls of electronic communication in cyberspace is people forwarding stuff that we
  have no interest in. The volume of e-mail put a person further behind his real work, if such
  messages taken seriously.


  Killing, beating, intimidation are elements of power.


  Joseph Merrick (1863-90), born with severe facial deformities caused by a rare disease,
  was exhibited in Victorian times is a fairground freak, the Elephant Man, until he was
  rescued by a doctor but under his horrible face there was faith shining in beauty.


  An embryo is a symbol of man‘s seed with its all physical and spiritual powers. Its
  potentiality from within can either be good or evil. The nourishment comes from the
  nature of humans in relationship. An embryo corresponds to the Tree of Life or Death in
  the world for either having ever-green beauty or to be spared as a fertilizer.


  Emotions clap with soul; the music world has emotional ear, it makes the heart aches for
  more. A stormy emotional ear it requires a heavy metal loud enough to meet the
  expectations. God wants the ear to asses reasons not the stupidity of hearing perverted


  It concentrates on the dark sides. Trivial things rises into mighty level, in personality and
  personal matter and impression. The mind want simple data to understand, rather than
  complex. The sentiment of love and hate is prominent so as fear, envy, comparisons,
  taboos and negative thinking. God is repeatedly mentioned the conversation. What draws
 upward has been minded by impulses. Caused by biochemical changes for soul adaption
 of individual behavior towards his limitation.


 Whas is hell? It is the suffering of being under an empire that can‘t love. An emperor is a
 man made up of nothing but emotional holes, taking everything from their people in
 torture strategy. The loss of lives is habits to go to his credits


 In today‘s troubled economic times an employment benefit program is only as good as the
 company behind it.


 The end of time is the rewards of man performances, though blessing produced a new
 species of man, for a significant change, sadly went in doing things we shouldn‘t do.
 Everything in life has good and evil traffics. When the object of life turned into money,
 haunted by having too many keys of cars and no fight back by nature to encounter the loss.
 The road ahead becomes deadly because nature was built like the ship of death. The dollar
 earned from fowl conduct brings more carbon waste everyday to change life. There is no
 man on the ground kept to inform leaders about the atmosphere. The piece of paper from
 university is too little too late to make a better change. The climate is like a secret society
 no one knows what‘s going on behind the scene. We only know healthy signs gives
 healthy choices and the dollar is an evil instrument of risk, targeting large damage. The
 carbon crisis is a complementary crisis to the curse crisis, a cursed life is a life at the edge,
 closing down with extreme battle of weather.


 Let‘s not make the perfect one be an enemy, we loose the light at the end of the tunnel.


 When the power of oil energy decreases in economical nightmare, the human energy rises.


 Pigs are the next in ―critical science list‖ met by inserting genes that can make them big in
 short time for a promised food claiming change in DNA.


 English culture is a culture with discipline embedded to produce an unchanged system for
 success. The discipline expresses fairness to secure challenges and avoid risks. The

 culture change by immigrants protecting own culture. There is no loss of drive in ordered


 Silicone impact is now replaced by stem cells to enlarge breasts. It was found breast
 cancer has a relationship to the water repellant lithium compound.


 God is the cause of one‘s enlightenment for the reason the person is un able to bring
 his/her own enlightenment, since the person was ignorant before it occurred and also in
 view of inability to comprehend what has happened or how it has taken place. Thus
 enlightenment represents a clear cut change, prior to this change the person has been in
 complete ignorance. Since God‘s enlightenment in whatever knowledge is telling the
 truth, the person has been in complete ignorance incapable of distinguishing truth from
 falsehoods, knowing no truths before the events of enlightenment. Therefore we must
 consider enlightenment as a miraculous knowledge due to some inexplicable
 transformation that takes place at some decisive moment in the person‘s life and faith
 produces these radical events for the complete transformation in the believer. Gaining the
 spirit is like the greatest wild state of win.


 Environmental chaos is altering the chemistry of water, air and soil which is a picture of
 the damaging man. The mystery of environment is the mystery world of man. There is no
 eye of spy to witness except God.


 Epilepsy or fits is a disorder of central nervous system (brain) and it is caused by sudden
 discharge of electrical impulses in the brain. During an epileptic attack, electrical impulses
 stimulate the muscles to contract and relax alternatively, causing the person to fall with
 clenched teeth. There is also alternative bending and relaxing of the limbs. The cause of
 epilepsy is usually unknown. it may be hereditary or a result of head injury. Epilepsy can
 be controlled with drugs (anticonvulsants). It is a chronic condition and requires regular
 and long-term medical treatment. If medication is taken irregularly or is stopped suddenly,
 the fits are likely recurring. It is important for the doctor to confirm the diagnosis before
 labeling a patient an epileptic, in a view of long-term medication requirements and the
 social stigma attached to the disorder.

 There are many types of anticonvulsants, available which come in form of tablets,
 capsules, and syrups. They act by increasing the resistance of the brain to stimuli that
 precipitate fits. Examples of anticonvulsants are phenytoin (Dilantin), carbamazepine
 (Tegretol), vaiproate (Epilim) and phenobarbitone. The doctor will chose 1 or 2 drugs to
 control the fits depending on its nature as well as the occupation and age of the patient. To
  encourage good compliance, doctors usually prefer to give drug once daily.


  All human being are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Blacks have the choice to
  white spirit and whites have the choice of black spirit.


  Error must recognize the logic of failure in order to win. Error in terror risk can bring
  bloodshed by not recognizing the force, error leads to perfection.


  All sorts of errors occur when the mind cannot build a pure thought upon good assumption
  which has logical considerations and objectives. The truth emerges more readily from
  errors than form confusion. Much reasoning can lend to error but many observations lead
  to truth.


  Esau in the Bible, the son of Isaac, is described as a red, hairy man (Gen 25:25). Esau was
  the ancestor of the Edomites, his red hair coupled with warm hearted nature suggest Irish


  Ethics introduces the frame works of moral philosophy, that put humans at risk if use
  unethical business for cure. The forward image changes into backward with victimization
  at any level. A great win is one when business and ethics sits together comfortably in
  benefits. Morality is more important than money, a system that paves the way to a
  coordinated function free from chaos and fraud, secrecy and mega calculations.


  Europe is on a rough road made by countries failed to have positive economy pushed by
  global recession. Europe market is concerned about Portugal, Spain, Italy and looking at
  the Irish Sea for finding loans. Debt identifies with six which has addiction just like
  heroin but without methadone. Frustration without backup of money to do the change
  converts life into a different form of prison. Higher rate of tax can do also the prison. Tax
  adds up to the price of consumer goods.


  Spread the work of God by hearing through the human spirit ear to become alive. Faith is
  the substance of life to walk with hope and perform the work silently. The work for

 believing requires more and more to make faith a reality and the climate. Faith needs
 wisdom to stabilize the parameters not killing one another faith to agree.


 How to give away your faith to others, without demand. The resurrection, the cornerstone
 of Christianity grant a rapid believed.


 Evenness comes to us by faith, to renew the mind with new things every day. Having no
 change in the level of quality amount, etc. We should walk at equal level, not to contradict
 and confute, nor to believe and take for granted not talk and discourse, but to weigh and


 Evolution owes an absolute morality of nature. The word evolution replaced the word
 God. Evolution most contributing factor is multiplication of the fittest in physical
 existence. But when we examine bacteria, we see a bacterium survives well in its
 environment, it doesn‘t need to fight for survival to be evolved further. Progress under
 evolution proceeds by accidents and opinions are determined by physical state of thinking
 as a result of having brains lacking spiritual minds. But the reality is ―everything we do
 has non-physical unit of thought‖. Without the mind, the mouth shouts and the hand blast
 because of no other way available for passing the signal. Thus if a man evolved, he will be
 made of a body only to show his link in the same chain of animals.


 There are two environments of people establishing themselves, the ―can do‖ environment
 and the ―can‘t do‖. Excuses come when we focus on ourselves. One excuse if it is not
 convincing lead to several false excuses. The first excuse happened, when God called
 Adam and was hesitant to talk, ashamed of his nakedness. God told him ―who told you,
 you are naked‖? Adam gave his excuse to God by blaming eve for the sin. Excuses create
 fiction by not taking the blame for anything. Excuses encourage a guessing game, from
 confusion. It is a step to stop the stepping up process. We need to say ―why not‖ easily to
 restore the love lost in.


 Exelon (or rivastigmine) is a medicine developed specifically for the treatment of some of
 the symptoms of Alzheimer‘s disease. It is available only on prescription, and should be
 used only according to the recommendations of the treating doctor.

 Acetylcholine is a natural chemical in the brain that allows nerve cells to send messages to
 each other. These messages enable us to think, remember and behave in meaningful ways.

 In Alzheimer‘s disease there is a shortage of acetylcholine in the brain. Exelon is one of
 group of medicines called ‗cholinesterase inhibitors‘ (‗co-lean-ester-aze‘). It works by
 blocking the breakdown of acetylcholine, and this increases the level of acetylcholine
 available for nerve cells to convey messages to each other.


 The 20th century branch of philosophy which stresses that since ―existence precedes
 essence‖. Man is what he makes himself and is also responsible for what he makes of
 himself. It is a rejection of traditional metaphysical thought, which views truth as timeless
 and unchanging and sees man as subject to external verities termed ―essences‖. The
 important precursor of Existentialism was SØren Kierkegaard. Who held that man‘s sense
 of dread and despair arose from his responsibility for his own decisions and for his
 relationship with God. Theologians influenced by Kierkegaard are Karl Barth,. Martin
 Buber. Karid jaspers, Feinhold Niebbuhr and Paul Tillich. Edmund Husserl‘s philosophy
 of phenomenology influenced his two students Martin Heidegger and Jean-Paul Sartre to
 consider the nature of human experience and of responsibility and freedom. Sartre, who
 eventually became a Marxist, influenced Albert Camus and Simone de Beauvoir.


 We have to accept reality with less sensitivity and pass it on as a favour with the
 commitment challenge.


 The study of life beyond the earth‘s atmosphere. Drawing on many other sciences (e.g
 biochemistry, physics it is for obvious reasons a discipline dealing primarily in hypotheses
 (though fossil organic matter has been found in certain meteorites).


 Killing animals that are not declining in a sport is still questionable. It is the number of the
 animals that reflect adaptation by their high population and wide spread.


 Walk the extra mile for diplomacy. If all fingers are pointed at you, take it in good faith to
 learn from mistakes. At the end of the day we all would agree about the greater good.


 Extreme weather in Australia shows the difference between 48° a bush fire weather and
 15° a winter weather. This is an enormous difference in temp, needs to cleanse it self to
 clear itself. Form tribulation fire balls raining from the sky leaving no chance to escape.
 There is no word to describe it other than mass murder, in resemblance to John‘s
 Apocalyptic vision, fire igniting in every direction. The one survive the fire has to star
 from square one, not difference game than banks crisis.


 To help with eye disorder eat plenty of carrots and sweet potatoes for betacarotene, citrus
 fruit and broccoli for vitamin C, Salmon sardines herring and frill-cream dairy products
 for vitamin A, nuts and seeds for vitamin E, Seafood, meat, poultry and beans for zinc,
 Leafy greens, peas, corn, capsicums for lutein and zeaxanthin. Limit saturated and trans


  Failer is a science so as success. If you have the condition you get the result. Failer looks
  so wrong when the cost of Iraq‘s war put in figures. 600 billion dollars spent, 4000 US
  killed, 90000 Iraq‘s killed and 4 million refugees.


  Failier is the gift of love, God gave us failier to learn by doing it again and again to
  succeed in what we wanted to do to reach the dream. Failier uncorrected can surge into a
  serious sign to be real evil and a waste of time.


  It is better to be sometime wrong that to be always right. The logic of failure recognizes
  the error to avoid a lot of the incoming error. The act happens when no previous analysis
  made to account for the negative side. Errors generate new ideas so what was evil turns
  into good.


  The truth of faith exist in the subjective personal certainty of a believer.


  The guess work in genetic diseases changed the life manual Bible into the ―genes
  scripture‖. It originated in the beak of the finch and the fur of the mouse. The hand of God
  changed into the hand of natural selection as the truth. Human genes do the thinking and
  go to the moon while bird genes do the same job in birds and fish. Today we are living in
  days which has been prophesized. Darwin is not different than the Anti-Christ false
  prophet, came to discard the love of Christ in different outfit. Blessing of the western
  world is the formula to a radical evolution in races, it does not involve a genetic recipe.


  It is impossible to please God without faith which is a fellowship in exposure form. It
  rings the bell louder by doing it together. The life style is dependent on faith. Jesus said:
  ―whatever is in me, you will get in faith.‖


  Prayers does not put faith to work, faith puts prayers to work. Prayers come from a reborn
  faith in the human spirit then set to become real.


 A fallacy is any sort of mistake in reasoning or inference; it also denote anything that
 causes an argument to go wrong. Ambiguous is a term used if having two or more possible
 meanings. We shouldn‘t believe what a person says only if we think of what he/she said
 can be true. A statement cannot be false merely because the individual who makes it can
 be shown to be a person of defective character. It is not the prestige of an authority which
 makes a statement true or false. Mixed emotions bring guilt which can be reactive to loose
 the truth. The truth is a sure right, it has absolute power against reasoning and white as the


 Falling share price as much as 70 %. Of a Bank such as ―Citi ― that has links around the
 world causes more than fifty thousands job losses around the world.


 The eye catches what is sees at the outside. It can not see what was thought and never
 expressed. It sees optical things, while we are hostage to the unseen, which can throw life
 into spin. False prophets come through the eye to keep the spin, telling what wants to tell.


 He is a dictator, he looks religious but has Satan‘s heart. He used the name of Christ to
 turn men against Christ. He sees life not in the spirit but in his own soul. When he does not
 receive the laws of the truth which is the laws of God, he ends up lawless. His so called
 faith has no love and we know a true faith and love goes hand in hand. His name is
 Mohammad and twice to be born to show his serious message.


 Fame has two things to show for, either to be loved as an answer to a child missing love or
 to express a special talent recognized in a new character fitted with material personality.
 You are then the fame keeper in the space of time keeping it in the face.


 Sign of fame and enter the wrong world. Fame is like a growing market requires you to do
 more. Health and money will be affected.


 Fame is a wash to get sucked into self - esteem and soul satisfying emotions, licking honey
 from the praise of people and burning for the icon entitlement.


 A fanatic is one who cannot change his mind in the subject he believes. Jews say: whoever
 attacks us, attack all of us. Taliban‘s attack women education saying. Girls above seven
 years old shouldn‘t go to the school, two hundred schools have been destroyed.


 Everything that happens must happen and there is nothing we can do about it. What occur,
 there is no control agency to influence the course of events.


 Micro-sleep yields fatal fatigue in medical profession. Doctors are the first to face the
 danger of false diagnosis, handing the wrong drugs. It is a master piece of murder by a
 doctor failing upon the order of sleep.


 Favor world peace over ego. Favor smart power over a hawkish idea.


 Fear is a matter of opinion. Giving our obsessions to it, becomes really big things. Nothing
 in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood ignorance owes fear a lot.

 Fight fear by committing yourself to the security part of the equation. Extremism is the
 challenge we all face

 Our fear links us with Satans number 6. This is why Jesus said ―fear not‖ because Jesus
 can destroy Satans work in permanent change while the rest of the world retains the
 unchanged. Jealousy, envy, greed are cold fear.


 Science has a big impact on people in building an opinion. If scientist declare a swine flu
 vaccine has bad side effects, people follow. The fear factor makes pharmaceutical
 companies rich, by making people loose in will to accept things.


 Federal government is the only one has the money now. Packages even if worked needs
 months to develop to get away.


 Drugs are often used to bring down fever, which is a response by the body to an injury or
 infection. The defense system of the body is better and more active in a fever and therefore
 a mild fever by itself is not harmful. However, if the fever is too high it may cause fits in
 infants and young children. In such a case, there is a need to bring down the fever with
 drugs and other means. Besides taking drugs, the following are helpful.

    a. The person should dress lightly so that heat from the body can escape into the in an
       air conditioned room as it will help the environment, It will also be good to body
       lose more heat.

    b. The person should drink plenty of water as body fluid is lost through perspiration.
       Taking cold water will also reduce the fever,

    c. Should the temperature remain high, the person should be sponged with a wet towel
       repeatedly. Using a fan to create a draught over the wet body is also useful. An
       alternative is to take a bath. Adults should stand under a shower of warm water and
       slowly turn off the hot water supply so as to gradually reduce its temperature to that
       of lukewarm water, which is below room temperature. Children should be put into a
       tub of lukewarm water and allowed to soak in the water for 10-15 minutes. The
       temperature of the water will gradually come down and the body temperature will
       decrease as well,

 Two tablets of Paracetamol (Calpol or Panadol), four times a day, can be given to an adult
 with fever. A lower dose, depending on body weight, can be taken by a child. A child who
 is half the weight of an adult can take half the dose of an adult, and that is one tablet every
 six hours.

 Besides the use of drugs to control the fever, it may be necessary for the patient to consult
 a doctor especially when the following are noted:

  a.   Fever accruing with a fit
  b.   Fever that lasts more than two or three days
  c.   Fever associated with localized pain
  d.   Fever that causes confusion


 Fight watched on internet, fought back in school. boys trying to show their guts to test
 their masculinity. A spectacle leading to injury and death.


 It happens when a huge amount of money to be invested is left in the hand of one man
 such as mad off who is fraud financial storm is claimed when higher claims are made but
 there is no money to match the claim. Risk taking is an aggressive behavior in an irrational
 market that has its sudden jumps. This is what I call prosperity maintained by the dragon.
 The purpose is destroy the nuclear family triggered by finance. A shift is a unit in the
 Dragon poor functioning is the key.


 If you don‘t master faith in the financial system the financial system will master you in
 quite way. Thieves, robbers and gangsters are all there. The truth has no place in business.


 There is no good spirit in leaders who are busy in finger pointing.


 Fire arm registry reduces the chance of crime. A gun culture wanting to be hero because of
 deceive must be put under gun control or Mr. Death gets bigger.


 Cain was the first person to be born and the first to fill the land. He was the first to kill and
 be cursed; he was the first murderer for killing his brother abel, he then revealed death
 existence and what a corpse look like.


 Fix your heart first before fixing the circumstances. Fixing heart is trusting with the Lord
 for the wonderful things to come. Seeing a lot of people doing it offers an earth of
 friendship and trust without barriers.


 Flip thinking is common in business, changing the road map of business future by acting
 boldly with regard to another idea. Faith in the dollar creates psychology driven by an
 animal spirit sitting in the deeds. Money beasts conjure the same conscience of wild
 beasts but allied to love of money which is a form of lawlessness.


 Focusing increases the electrical impulse power in the visual part of the brain placed at the
 back, it changes thinking like fitting the plug correctly.


 Good foot care is essential, never neglect, wear the best suite shoe for the type of comfort
 not the high tech name, when osteoporosis sets in old age, the fracture of foot bone is
 possible. You have to reduce the risk of fracture by preventing bumps and falls.


 Food has morality in the sense of living. Life would rings the bells of ecstasy and forever
 be it self again. Food is magic next to exercise.


 ―Faith is out till you figure it out!‖
 ―The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable‖ Proverb 15:2
 ―As the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like Him‖ 2
 Corinthians 3:13
 ―The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forever more‖ Psalm
 121: 8
 ―The Lord when He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them.‖ Matthew 9:36
 ―You are precious on My sight and I love you‖ Isaiah 43: 4
 ―I am with you always, even unto the end of the world‖ Matthew 28 :20
 ―Indeed, in our heart we left the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not
 rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the death‖ 2 Corinthians 1:9
 ―Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though
 something strange were happening to you‖ 1 Peter 4:12
 ―Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.‖ Colossians 3:23
 ―A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.‖ Proverbs 31: 30
 ―I appeal to you that you may be perfectly united in mind and thought.‖ 1 Corinthians 1:
 ―Better a little with righteous than gain much with injustice.‖ Proverb 16: 8
 ―Speaks words of encouragement and motivation to my heart. Thanks for the water and
 bread you offer every day!‖ Glory be to God!


 Myth: Beware of prawns and eggs

 The Truth: Most of the cholesterol in our blood is made by the liver from foods that are
 high in saturated fat-only about 25 per cent comes from foods high cholesterol. Although
 some people have concerned themselves with the association between cholesterol and
 prawns and other shellfish, and eggs, these high-vitamin foods are low in fat and
 particularly low in saturated fat. Eggs are one of the few dietary sources of Vitamin D and
 provide good amounts of Vitamin A, B2, B 12 and E.


 I pity the fool, who is shaping his soul to hell.


 Our carbon foot print is parallel to our finger print.


 Forever has no ending time and subject to no changing.


 Formality has some negative aspects. All time formalities removes friendliness with other
 people. Western society has little friendliness but a great heart. ―Feelings suffer when
 you cannot be yourself‖. Friendship is a passion that unites, without love, the heart gets
 driven away with Satan. A good person combines all the good things for a beauty and
 more possibilities. Love increases agreements and financial security in care expression.
 Love is gold in its benefits, while money exploits, therefore spending love has far deeper
 benefits than formalities.


 Piere fe Fermat (1601-65) was a French mathematician, a founder of probability theory
 and number theory. In 1640 he formulated the proposition: ―There do not exist positive
 integers x, y, z, n such that xn + yn = n when n is greater than 2‖. Intriguingly, Fermat
 noted that he had ‗a truly wonderful proof of this proposition but it does not fit into the
 margin of this page‘. For the next 350 years mathematicians tried to furnish a proof for
 what became known as Fermat‘s last theorem (or Fermat‘s theorem), until Andrew Wiles
 finally succeeded in 1995).


 If you forsake or betray a man‘s God, God will be after you destroying his blessing
 towards you. Blessing symbolizes a transfer of power as part of love in a marriage form
 so long the commitment of the person does not change in activities.


 The Fountain of Youth was a legendary spring which was supposed to have the power of
 rejuvenation and in which Alexander the Great and his army were said to have bathed. In
 the early 16th century it was sought by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon.


 Think without confusion, love his fellow men sincerely, act purely from honest motives
 and have a book to read.


 A system based on very large scale integration of components in chips and
 correspondingly powerful software.


 Fracture is breakage of bone either complete or incomplete. Example: a fracture of a
 vertebra in the neck with effects ranging from minor requiring no treatment (only time), to
 paralysis and instant death. A bone can be broken into more than two pieces. Treatment
 includes realignment of the bone ends and immobilization. The solution has no quick fix.


 Mary Shelley‘s gothic novel Frankenstein (1818) relates the exploits of Victor
 Frankenstein, a Genevan student of natural philosophy, who builds a creature resembling a
 man and brings it to life. The creature, or monster, superhuman in size and strength and
 terrible in appearance, inspires horror in all who see it, but is miserably lonely and longs to
 be loved.

 When Frankenstein refuses to create a mate for his creature, it turns on him and murders
 both his bride and his brother. Frankenstein decides that he must destroy his own creation,
 but is himself killed by his monster, which then goes away to end its own life, distraught at
 the death of its creator.


 Fraud is the worst crime, it gives the worst results. Like war it comes from failure of
 human wisdom, siphoning money in a clever manner, with secrecy it can go unnoticed.
 The larger part of money (which people depends upon) is usually drawn off. Global jobs
 are expected to go to as result of deceleration. Across the fraud, fraud is born with secrets.


 A human being can be said to be a free agent if his activities and thoughts fare not
 influenced by impulses that have an effect on them.


 Eve was an ideal companion for Adam free from Adam‘s ruling. She is called ―wo-man‖
 because she was embedded with Adam‘s rib. Eve was created equal in wisdom under the
 same light. We see Eve created again in look, size, intelligence and views put back in the
 Anglo-Saxon woman unembarrassed of being a woman. The transition issue came after
 tearing the wall to be no more a victim of man‘s power.


 Free Radical are group of atoms containing a single free electron quick to react. They are
 unstable molecules formed when the body uses oxygen. The free electron stays attached to
 oxygen to make the molecule highly oxidizing and ready to damage tissues. The role of by
 antioxidant nutrients such as bioflavonoid is to deactivate the free radicals by forming
 stable products.


 A power of acting or not acting according to determinations of the wilt. The actions has to
 be connected with the motives, inclinations and circumstances. Every event has a cause, if
 we don‘t have the free will we will be constrained in our conscience and the problem
 cannot disappear instead it gets bigger.


 If 90 % of the companies are ―hireing freeze‖ then the sure thing to do is hiring yourself in
 consultation, business, lobbying i.e. create your own job.


 Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939) was an Austrian neurologist and psychotherapist who was
 the first to draw particular attention to the role of the subconscious mind in human
 behavior. He overstated its significance in the creative state. Not knowing the
 subconscious has the path of crime, poverty and dullness.

 Importance of sex as a prime motif force in behavior. His name became associated with
 sexuality striking resemblance to Aphrodite. According to Freud, man is haunted by sex,
 need to practice the desire for change. Normal experiences has more to offer in terms of
 working results than to throw so much or an unknown mind.


 Jesus Christ demonstrated ―die once‖, we must work on the same line to stop the second
 death. If we cannot be born again, we will born once and die twice eternally. Jesus Christ
 said ―No one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again (born from the Holy
 Spirit) John 3:3-5. ―Man is destined to die once, and after that to face the judgement.‖
 ―Now for those in Christ Jesus, there is NO JUDGEMENT‖ Hebrews 9:27, Romans 8:1


 After the success of IVF, the next ethical question to the husband and wife what would
 you do with the left over frozen embryos? Should they be given to infertile couples,
 donated to research, or discarded?


 People who don‘t have genuine satisfaction in life are easily frustrated and don‘t want
 peace. The resort to war to be relieved of fear and frustration. Lacking information can
 develop into an intense pressure overwhelmed by frustration which heats up into anger. A
 man must learn how to forgive himself. Frustration gets out of control but he who would
 not be frustrated of his hope ought to be a true survivor


 A research study showed that fussy eater are born rather than made. Researchers examined
 the eating habits of more than 5000 pairs of twins aged 8-11 and found that almost 80% of
 the children‘s aversion to food was inherited.

 A form of computer logic based on present knowledge of human thinking processes. It
 attempts to link a degree of truth with its statements (perhaps by giving their probability as
 a number between 0-fully false and 1-truely true), rather than making purely binary
 statements, i.e. ones that can only be true or false. Fuzzy logic presently occupies a central
 role in research into machine intelligence, particularly in relation to expert system and
 neural networks.


 No pain no gain. Try to assess your pain which drives you into low productivity.


 Galileo is the Italian mathematical physicist who discovered the law of falling bodies and
 the parabolic motion of projectiles. The first to turn his newly invented telescope to the
 heavens to be among the earliest observer of sunspots and the phases of Venus. His
 quarrel some led him into controversy with the church. After being forced to declare the
 earth was motionless, allegedly he muttered and said yes it moves‖


 The cleansing river in India with its celestials streams flowing from the Shiva tresses, the
 ganges today is the most polluted river in the world. A dumping ground for industrial
 waste and discharge. In Hindu iconography, the Ganga is the attribute of Varuna as lord of
 the waters. It is believed to flow a long a triple bed traversing heaven, earth, and
 underworld. Asian religion consider rivers as the symbolism of universal potentiality and
 the fluidity of forms of fertility, death and renewal.


 Guiseppe Garibaldi (1807-82) was the hero of the movement for Italian independence and
 unification, leading a volunteer force, the ‗Red Shirts‘, to victory in Sicily and Naples.


 Garlic intake in larger quantity than just a flavor (309) has been shown to reduce
 cholesterol level in the blood; the mechanism is not yet known. Garlic is also a mild
 disinfectant for coughs and cold.


 Smuggling weapons and personals from Egypt to Gaza under a system of tunnels made
 Hamas to re-arm it self. It gave Hamas the green light to launch rockets deep into Israel.

 Gaza is nation without army, air force, navy and without un position. The two, states
 solution is hanging in the devil‘s hand. Structuring is based on refusal to give up the
 course of action for winning the uncertainty. How can parents in Gaza save their children
 when they have to save themselves?

 Gaza a dangerous mix between religion and politics.


  Gehenna is the hebrew for the valley of Hinnom, a valley in south Jerusalem. Hinnom is
  known as the ― Valley of slaughter ― ( Jer. 7: 31-2 ), and was used for idolatrous worship
  with the children being burnt alive as sacrifices to the idol Moloch, the Canaanite idol.
  Children had no protection so ever because of the worshipped god demands parents to kill
  inspite of the heart blinding love. The seed of a child pass trough the fire to meloch. The
  name Gehennam in Arabic is derived from the place of fire Gehenna. Trophet is another
  burning place of south Jerusalem for Moloch purpose. •


  George Smith Patton (1885-1945) was an American general who commanded US forces in
  the Second World War. Known as ‗Old Blood and Guts‘, he pursued an aggressive
  military strategy, taking the 3rd Army across France and Germany as far as the Czech


  A study in Australia (has found that paracetamol and gentle exercise is the best way to
  speed up recovery from short-term lower-back pain.


  Genuine life is so much better than the complicated life of being widely known.


  The director or the star war movie released in 1977. He is the Hero of ―special effect‖ for
  special purpose, producing block buster movies. George doesn‘t need a figure of
  astonishing design to have in physical form for its identity, he can make it in digital form
  close enough to the real thing, also not difficult dealing with it, as a new actor in the film.


  The first president of the US from 1789-1797, well known for saying ―I can‘t tell a lie‖. It
  goes back to a famous story of how Washington as a boy on receiving a new hatchet.

  The first president of the US from 1789-1797, well known for saying ―I can‘t tell a lie‖. It
  goes back to a famous story of how Washington as a boy on receiving a new hatchet


  The secret police in Germany under the Nazis founded by goering in 1933 and were feared
  for their ruthlessness.


  Gethsemane was a garden lying in the valley between Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives,
  vhe1e Jesus went with his disciples to pray on the night before his Crucifixion and which
  was the scene of his agony and betrayal by Judas (Man. 26:36-46). The name Gethsemane
  is sometimes used to typify a scene of mental or spiritual anguish, as is the phrase ‗agony
  in the garden‘.


  A ghost glides out of the room without effort. He is like an aeroplane without an engine.
  If angry his lift off acquires momentum in a sound action. He is the dark image of himself
  (shadow). A ghost is a soul machine in unseen presence, a wild spirit moving everywhere,
  staring and smiling in silly way.


  Appreciate the gift of God that is given to you. The favor of God when recognized is the
  best of God given by the body of Christ. It shows an absorption and recharge. A gift is
  more than an encouragement opportunity, it shows God is on your side to bring you


  Take two or three capsules of ginger to prevent sudden travel sickness. Ginger stimulates
  the circulatory system.


  When the Glory of the world passes away, The Lord‘s glory begins. All darkness change
  into light.


  Is the nature‘s way for arthritis relief. If symptoms persist then you need to consult your
  healthcare professional. The maximum is one tablet 1500 mg a day.


  Gluttony expresses the ideas of eating too much and having an enormous appetite.
  Satisfaction with food is rare; food is the heart and soul. The problem with gluttony is you
  get stuck with any thing you see to eat, the brain has constant craying.


  If you eat what the heart and diabetes foundations ask you to eat you will stay healthy. The
  glycemic index saves diabetes. The index is about the type of carbohydrates eaten and how

 digested. If a carbohydrate releases glucose quickly into the blood stream, it will have high
 GI and bad. Low GI has better control.


 A new idea is the source for the general nature of creativity and its cultivation. The
 purpose of creativity is revealing new facts of inestimable value. Adequate supply of
 creativity distribute mental ability counting intelligence enough to make one nation stands
 above other nations. The highly creative thinker can count power and prosperity by
 willingness ―to have a go‖ and above all, flexible and adaptable. Creativity has a range of
 categories, it can be experiments on problem solving; logical reasoning; detective
 investigation; dreaming; artistic phantacy, and it can be mathematics. There is no
 biochemical pathway in the brain known for creativity. Memory as an environment has
 little role or regarded as unimportant in the highly creative individual. One inventor said
 ―I don‘t remember anything when I am inventing‖, imagination comes first to get the
 pattern set. Here are some other cases cited:

 Liebig the founder of physiological chemistry, his language teachers kicked him out of the
 school at the age of 15. At seventeen he managed to enter the university and at twenty
 was awarded the Ph. D. Degree in chemistry. Macaulay began his carrier at the age of six
 with what he called ―a compendium of universal history‖. Pascal at the age of eleven
 wrote a paper on sound and proceeded to construct a geometry on his own. Ben Franklin
 before curiously, manual skills, religious heterodoxy, wit and buffoonery, political and
 business shrewdness and ability to write. Thus the amptitude of creativity can proceed
 with its complex mental apparatus without being attached to age or experience. It differs
 from a routine thinking by the high points it scores. Creativity is personal and also
 popular in the Christian culture, ―the genius is a man found in the west‖.

 According to mind creativity, one can argue there is potentional differences almost
 outrages. It is difficult to analyze the mind, we have no hand to handle any aspect of the
 mind at any point. There is an unanswered question about most unusual question which is
 why so few women have shows outstanding creativity? Women may hold greater wealth
 but are less smart in leading power. There is no generation of women by there
 representative mind has reversed this thinking; there is no women revolution ever made.
 Her nose is stuck in people‘s business rather than developing the mind, may be it is just
 the curse of eve. She stands close with the second class of men. The imaginative process
 is not enough to contemplate the possibility of achieving a bridge towards creativity.
 Mind has a truly morphogenetic quality for making the mind moves; to send its strong
 signal. The mind needs to possess the organized pattern to produce the power. After all it
 is the conscious mind that has the focused message to provide the image production in true
 form, if you don‘t have it you can‘t. If one has a strong unconscious mind, he will receive
 a weaker conscious. The unconscious can build anything as a goal but the goal will not be
 achieved to be alive. It is like the fool who is dreaming without enjoying the pleasure of
 making the idea real.
 Cursed brains have unorganized conscious mind acting under the buildup of power in the
 unconscious mind what is organized pulls together into an antagonism of chaos with
 intention to storm the what correlates to order. It is like the unconscious is protesting
 against its own conscious sounding the concept of power struggle between Satan and God.
 Thus in this statement what meant of a higher levels of man‘s mind turned into the
 opposite. If one assumes creativity has nothing to do with God, one would see everyone
 has foot in it, i.e. a standard mind in standard insight. We see the path of uncertainty
 together with inability to rationalize integrate in human beings bounds with habits and
 actions bound to Satan accompanied by higher unconscious. The soul is too powerful
 outlined in its unconscious than the spirit of the living system. The person‘s ancestors
 caused the sweeping changes. If you sale bana you wear the banana suit. God pulls no
 punches, his stress over never ending sins has led to the lower degree of creativeness, it is
 a means of saying ―you are not identifying with me‖, you are becoming a product of my
 enemy. Thus one nation goes down to the pit, the other is happily living and the mind
 does it. The latest survey conducted showed 52 countries have forced 12 million children
 into slave labor and sex work. Slave labor destroys the thread of the social fabric for
 progress. The female vulva has been her strength. The gate of sex replaced the creative

 Remember: It is all in the DNA Lieing in the womb as an embryo with natural talents.
 An Arab no matter how much he drinks black coffee in a day he remains consistently


 God in his genesis provides challenges to Darwinism. Chickens have one ovary, only at
 the left to work while the kiwi and many birds of prey have two functioning ovaries.
 Monotremes which is an order of mammals deposit their eggs outside the body instead of
 maturing within the mother‘s body, the Australian platypus and echidna are examples.


 How can it be the same when we can list the many evil thoughts that come to our heart.
 Wrong thoughts come to all of us at times. If we recognize them as evil and do not allow
 them to stay, we can gain the victory over them. We pray out of our hearts to cast them
 far away so the heart can be worthy to think by the pure grace of Christ. We give our lives
 to thee because we know there is a kingdom more glorious than ours called ―the new
 Jerusalem‖. This is a city to settle in for everlasting life.


 A human smelter can produce gold but no human can produce 100% pure gold free from
 impurities. The pure gold in New Jerusalem is like ―clear glass‖.


 A woman loves gold so long there is a sheep that can supply it. A divorce is capable of
 digging an allotment of gold in compensation


 Gold is no more virtuous or evil than any other metal. It is not the precious metal that
 people love to have. This split in thinking supports the powerful look at life. The
 alchemist‘s dream was to produce gold from basic metals which never happened. The
 worthy western is close to produce gold by bombarding a block of a metal with stream. Of
 particles to change its nuclear elementary particles. Changing the number within the
 nucleus pays a formation of a new metal. All evil comes from human minds darkened
 from false interpretation of life.


 The Golden Fleece was the fleece of pure gold taken from the ram that carried Phrixus
 through the air to Colchis. It hung from an oak tree in a sacred grove in Colchis and was
 guarded by an unsleeping dragon. Jason set out with the Argonauts to find and recover the
 Golden Fleece, which he did with the help of Medea.


 Golgotha, also known as Calvary (both of which come from words, in Aramaic and Latin
 respectively, meaning ‗the place of the skull‘), was the hill, just outside Jerusalem, where

 Jesus was crucified.


 You have to look godless to be praised as a good politician. Secular politics is committed
 to same sex marriages. The couple has equal right as a heterosexual marriage.


 Good is what is good to us. Good not given as element in life it resides in God. The
 concept of good relates to ethical and moral systems that has been emphasized in the
 Bible. The good Samaritan is the example. It is not how good you are, it is how good you
 want to be.


 First began in Cain and Abel, the loss of Abel made Cain the great contributor to a world
 full with sin. Good can only be attained through Divine knowledge as the good egg of
 Abel‘s descendants had no existence. Wasting the earth began with Cain.


 Good or evil depends upon one self, it resides in the power of will. One fears certain
 events others find them significant. One gives the brake, the other rolls it. One likes to
 look at the light, others have the desire to prevent it, and do the action.


 Is part of getting the balance right. Your gut contains ―good‖ bacteria that help support the
 immune system. However, as you grow older, there are less of these ―good‖ bacteria
 around. Yogurt or fermented dairy drinks can help the balance of ―good‖ bacteria. Eat
 foods that are rich in dietary fibre. Dietary fibre provides the food for ―good‖ bacteria and
 is found in fruit and vegetables, legumes, wholegrain breads and cereals.


 A light process removing sticking points; a policy that holds an agreement, shutting off the
 mind map of disagreements to take the gloss away.


 He is the one who doesn‘t make it to the to job, not to be dragged into evil action. He stays
 in the base for furthering reforms of what is good to the country.


 The only purpose for which power of government can be rightly exercised over any
 member of civilized community, against his will is to prevent harm to others. If such a
 state allowed the society would fall into chaos and the independence of an individual
 wouldn‘t be right.


 Spying to reveal an obsessive desire for killing or an ideological spin for future operation
 or spying against nuclear killers installs hope. It uplifts the mind to ignite senses for a blue
 print knowledge. Spying is important to reveal the truth. Democracy is strong medium to
 support transparency allowing light to pass through so that the truth can be seen on the
 other side.


 Goodness has neither fearful nor seductive power. It is acts that represent the true self.
 Rescue, compassion and charity are ways of showing. Goodness work against cunning, the
 nurse sticking around a patient until well is a work high in goodness.


 Gossip invents and donates an idle energy from one to another the aim is changing a good
 mind by a mess, leaving a brick in the inner thoughts. Gossip add to the worry mountain
 that you hoped not to get, and contesting gossip has its own unfruitful anxiety because of
 having to depend on people. Gossip lets secrets without hesitating, as part of the incentives
 especially about the affairs of the others.

 What goes around comes around on its own terms. Gossip puts the truth into silence.
 There is no good news in the eyes of gossipers.


 Gout is a metabolic disorder (i.e. A defect in body/chemistry) in which the body produces
 excessive amounts of urate. The urate may be deposited in and around the joints, causing
 arthritis, and in the kidneys, causing kidney stones and kidney damage. Gout may be
 hereditary It may also be caused by the drugs used in the treatment of hypertension
 (diuretic-induced gout) or cancers.

 The deposition of urate crystals in and around the joints produces irritation and
 inflammation which causes pain, swelling and increased heat around the joints. Classically
 the big toe is the first to be affected but often, other joints can also be affected. Dug an
 acute attack of gouty arthritis, your doctor will prescribe anti inflammatory agents such as
 colchicines or NSAID to relieve the pain and swelling. Once the acute episode has passed,
 measures will have to be taken to find out the cause of the disorder and to reduce the
 likelihood of a recurrence. Long-term treatment with drugs which reduce the production of
 urate (e.g. allupurinol) and / or drugs which increase kidney excretion of uric acid (e.g.
 Probenecid) may be required. You should also avoid alcohol, liver, kidneys, meat extracts
 shell fish, sardines and bamboo shoots. These foods may cause arise in urate production
 Regular exercise and the prevention of obesity may also help to control the disease.
 Finally, you should drink plenty of water (2 lies or more) to help the kidney excrete the
 urate, preventing the formation of kidney stones,

 Like diabetes mellitus, gout is a chronic disease which cannot be cured but can be
 controlled. Long term medication is therefore necessary to prevent the kidneys and joints
 from being damaged by the deposition of excessive urate.


 We have an enormous transformation in thinking, if the person involved in the scandal is a
 government figure. In politics a figure is equal to character justified by his election and the
 power he holds.


 A good government has a good governor free of corruption, that build misery. Corruption
 is the result of a spending cycle and a mind keeping away from going ahead. Good ideas
 have no corruption screws.


 Francisco Jose de Goya (1746-1828) was a Spanish painter and etcher. His set of sixty five
 etchings The Disasters of War (1810-1814) express the cruelty and horror of war through
 scenes of death, execution, pillage, and famine. One such engraving, called ‗Great exploits
 with dead men‘, depicts mutilated corpses hanging from a tree.


 ―We want what you want‖ is a simple language of love in grace, it conquers the language
 of greed. Prayers wait for graces and courage is grace under pressure.


 The people who are consciously grateful to God have many qualities, among them
 helpful, pro-social, put themselves out for others to feel better about their lives, more
 optimistic, what cause these elements to turn on is the love of God.


 The etymology of the word gratitude helps explain it. Gratitude originates from the Latin
 word grains — meaning ―thankful‖, gratia, which means ―favour, pleasing quality or
 goodwill‖. Derivatives- of the Latin root can be found in many other languages. In
 Lithuanian, gririu means ―to praise short prayer before a meal came to be called grace.
 And in Greek, the word for ―grace‖ is charis the root of the word charisma.


 The Great Depression was a prolonged period of economic depression in the United
 States, Europe, and elsewhere during the 1930 Os following the Wall Street stock market
 crash n 1929.


 The Greatness in you lies with the greaness of God within you. Manifest with faith, action,
 indurance and trust in the Lord.


 If your leaves stay green, you don‘t need to the drougt. When habitat loss, humanity lost in
 a battle ground lacking crystallization. We have to respond to the climate crises, there is
 no state of equilibrium that can bring back what is lost.


 Gregor Mendel the 19th century Austrian botanist and monk, spent many hours in his
 monastery‘s garden daydreaming and looking at the beautiful and different colours of the
 sweet-pea flowers, when an extraordinary connection became apparent to him: he noticed
  that the appearance of the different colours appeared to be linked and related to simple
  mathematical progression. For this simple, brilliant and connecting observation, Mendel
  was able to work out the laws of inherited characteristics (why and with what probability
  you have blue or brown eyes, etc.), which eventually gave rise to the multibilition-dollar
  industry that is now called genetic engineering.


  Remember the Creator of the day and night shall make us tremble when the sun light and
  the moon and the stars darken. The desire for the Lord to come shall flourish. The streets
  are full with mouners; everything is broken the comfort is going away, repression and
  mental illness in Hell which can‘t see out. The only hope left is the rapture. Chapter
  thirteen of the Revelation will show its criminalities conduct at the year 2013. A year of
  Thirteen to chapter Thirteen.


  High in chlorophyll helps to repair cells and a blood cleanser.


  The Gulag archipelago is the name of the system of forced-labour camps in the Soviet
  Union, specifically in the period 1930-55, in which hundreds of thousands, perhaps
  millions, died. The term can be now be used in a more general sense.


  Brushing teeth twice a day is essential, if you don‘t you are likely to develop a heart
  disease. The gingivitis disease of the gum circulate its poison through the body‘s blood
  vessels to produce heart disease. Thus gums deterioration adds extra risk together with
  smoking, drinking and obesity.


  A healthy gum gives sunny teeth by giving protection. Gums require a hygienist for check
  up. Beauty is confidence in health, it saves a lot of money and efforts.


  We must draw a line on the gun-control question based on facts of what people has
  committed in death, torture and others. Guns contributes to violent behavior including the
  use of guns for hunting. Only bad people carry them. The question of self – defense will
  be diminished when the tyranny of having a gun vanishes. There is nothing more uplifting
  experience than peace.


 A big eco print for a clean impact is what we need to guarantee life. In its environmental


 If you don‘t really ―break‖ habits, you will not be able to replace the unwanted behavior
 with things that have side effects.


 Habit is stronger than reason. Habits make men behaves like men by the disciplines
 involved in their performances. Good habits are highly effective especially when based on
 love targeting an endless forgiveness.


 The aramaean were semantic people living in north the Euphrates river which is Syria
 today. They had their own spoken language different than of Canaan and Phoenicia.
 Hadad was their chief God called ―the God of storm‖. He was worshipped for the reason
 of war and influence. Atargatis the Goddess of fertility was worshipped together. In the
 11th and 10th centuries B.C. the Babylonian mood God ―sin‖ was also very popular in
 northern Syria. Hadad is the equivalence of God ―marduk‖ the magic God of ancient
 Babylonian associated with healing. He take the responsibility in the creation against the
 dragon force.


 Hades is a place unseen, located under the earth inhabited by the souls of the dead in
 shadowy existence. It is different than the fiery hell where the damned suffer torments. A
 land of darkness cut off from heaven of God presence from having the spirit of decrease as
 a punishment, fluttering around like a dream. The Lord paired light and darkness as
 symbols of the two opposites, heaven and hell. Nothing less than the mortal sin in which
 the damned have died, is the essential nature of hell. This is the loss of God‘s presence,
 and since no other apparent good can delude the soul separated from the body and from
 sensory reality, this is absolute misfortune, radical deprivation and ‗mysterious and
 unfathomable torment‘. For the individual this is total, final and irreversible disaster. It is
 no longer for the damned to turn once more to God; hardened in sin, they must bear their
 punishment forever. Hell is a state of being without the Lord Jesus Christ on earth and in
 the punishment place.


 Around 100 or so hairs a day falling out is perfectly normal. However there are times
 when we‘re more prone to hair loss.

  -   After pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, decrease in estrogen and increase in
  - The days when we was our hair, due to the extra coming, brushing and blow drying.
  - If we‘re malnourished or have an eating disorder.
  - If we have a genetic predisposition to hair loss.
  - If we stop taking the contraceptive pill.
 Hair loss is regarded as significant when you lose more than 100 hairs a day (depending
 on age) for longer than a month; see a dermatologist


 If you know what horror lies in the hall of fame, it will hurry you to go on undiscovered.


 A political group of Palestinians formed in 1987, grew out of Muslim Brotherhood. It
 evolved our of Arab frustration with a budget of 70 million dollars. Hamas looks at Israel
 as a grave yard and Gaza its terminator.


 The Indian God Brahmana is described with four faces and four arms to show his muscle
 and head power. Similarity, the elephant headed Ganisha, the God of knowledge has an
 elephant size head replacing the four human heads but the four arms for muscular power
 remains the same. Shiva, the deity associated with the destruction, necessary for
 reincarnation of life dances with a halo innumerable arms. Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam
 are religions set out to bear the physical world.


 Hannibal (247-182 BC) was the Carthaginian general who precipitated the second Punic
 War by attacking the town of Saguntum in Spain, an ally of Rome. He crossed the Alps in
 218 with an army of about 30.000 and forty elephants. In Italy Hannibal inflicted a series
 of defeats on the Romans over a period of sixteen years but failed to take Rome itself.
 After being recalled to Africa to defend Carthage he was defeated at Zama by Scipio
 African us in 202. Hannibal has subsequently enjoyed a reputation as one of history‘s
 great military geniuses.


 Hanukkah is the annual Jewish Holiday that commemorates the victory of Jews over the
 Roman forces of Antiochus IV who sought to destroy Jewish culture and religion.


 The monkey God of the Brahman Hindu temple, it sits on the roof top. He is represented
 as half-human and half-monkey.


  Cheerfulness and happiness are preservers of youthful looks. Happiness in Heaven, no
  man on earth can bear it, consumed and produced by best minds. Heavenly mind is the
  culture and world and all the do.


  To get happiness on earth, we have to get outside our profit zone. This will keep everyone
  happy in one spirit projects supply cash flow.

  Keep pushing your self harder to gain progress. Determination and will power help you to
  take it through in harsh area.


  Provoking hate discredit the rationalistic mind that employs certain reasons with objective
  ideas. A good environment for human reasoning is our rational faculties that verifies the
  knowledge of false or true. Hatred prevents true ethical insight.


  The yoga in Hinduism that say: cleansing your stomach is achieved through swallowing a
  cloth, cleansing the rectum. Cleaning the nose with thread and taking water through the
  nose and expelling it through the mouth. The body as a whole after purification, creates a
  divine body and from body cleaning the soul attains liberation. The body is also allowed
  stilling through breath control and mind through concentration. These practices also result
  in acquiring magical power.


  Hatred talk stinks and stings from a ruling passion that conquers reason. It follows the law
  laid in the subconscious mind to intoxicated the brain. A friendly and cooperative life style
  shuts down hostility and suits everybody.


  Headache is the most common pain complaint. It can be divided into several groups.
  Migrant headache is the result of spasm followed by over dilation of certain arteries in the
  brain. An imbalance of vascular regulation induced by the liberation of inflammatory
  substances that act as vasodilator. Serotonin, catechol amine, prostaglandin E3, are all the
  modulators of such phenomenon.

  An ordinary migraine has symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Cluster headache is a
  unilateral pain around one eye is very severe and last between 10-30 minutes. It occurs
  more in men than women. Vessel rupture headache is acute with intensive pain chiefly at
  the back of the head. Normal headache is the result of emotional stress or fatigue which is
  a pain felt deep within the skull.


  A person who worries very much about his health conditions a good health. You can
  replace anything except health.


  Health if empowered by a quality type of treatment is cheap. A person‘s health is
  characteristic of his performance. Health is too important issue to be left in the hand of
  politicians, he usually create a grey area of missing information. The question is which is
  more important, to put gas in a car or put a child in hospital?


  Women‘s heart attacks can be different from what men experience. For men, chest pain is
  the big gun while women‘s symptoms may include chest discomfort, shortness of breath,
  extreme fatigue and profuse sweating as well as pressure in the lower chest that can feel
  like heartburn or indigestion.


  Favor healthy fats, such us omega-3 fatty acids from canola oil, margarines, nuts and fish,
  over saturated fats. Most sodium (salt) in our diet comes from packaged foods, so read the
  labels of packaged food to check your intake. Choose high-fibred, Low-Glycemic Index
  carbohydrate foods, including whole-grain breads and cereals and a variety of coloured
  fruits and vegetables.


  Help brings a proof of light and create trust, and hope it takes one man who is kinder and
  gentler. The one life that was helped, help another life for a better world. The soldier
  helping in the front line helps the soldiers standing in the back. Help reduces fear, gives
  refuge and strength. Help in trouble has the greatest honor and brings God into the refuge.
  Who can remove the mountain and carry it into the midst of the sea.


  The earlier Greek philosophers, Heraclites (c 540 – c 480) was known as the ―the obscure‖
  because he formulated a theory of ―Everything changes cant stay constant‖. The only thing
  that remains constant is ―the principle of law of change‖. Cratylus his disciple in the
  philosophy, later went against everything by saying one could not make a sense of it, if
  everything is constantly changing, one cannot even discuss anything, by the time one
  finished speaking, the speaker, the words, the meanings, and the listener have all altered.


 A hero is a man who would argue with God about his power to awakens the devil to his
 vision. He plays the tragedy show to conquer, death in the front and destruction in the


 In mythology a hero is the child of the mating of God or Goddess with mortal or man, the
 hero symbolizes the marriage of heavenly and earthly powers. Although he may possess
 supernatural strength until his death, he does not naturally enjoy the immortality of the
 Gods. He is rather a fallen God or a mortal with God-like powers, heroes such as
 HERAKLES (Hercules) or Pollux.


 If you play a humble game in banking system you end up a hero in time of great crises.
 American tax payers are the heroes of 2008-2009, in economic tsunami, the eye of the
 hurricane is the economy. You crack your cheeks in rage just like when strong winds blow
 but the contract last much longer.


 Herod put so many Christians to death just to get political favor with the Jews.


 Heterosexuality of man and woman protect the creation. We must protect man from
 destructing himself in homosexual activity. The reality of it, if you see it will set you free.


 Hippocrates (c.460-377 BC) is probably the most famous of all physicians, but in fact
 almost nothing is known about him. His name was attached to a body of ancient Greek
 medical writings which contained diverse opinions on the nature of illness and treatment.
 The Hippocratic oath, named after him, is an oath stating the duties of physicians,
 formerly taken by those taking up medical practice.


 A hippy is a sophisticated wise, living in a giant primitive jungle.


 History has shown that war and hater age is not the solution, tending to live is the solution.


  Stalin role has its scale of judgement according to who runs the leadership. Today he is
  taught in Russian schools as a Russian hero after all the giant crimes linked with him.
  Leaders can do what ever they want in any business.


  History records year 2008 as the year were top bankers grilled heavily by politicians as a
  derivative of their empires going horribly wrong.


  HIV virus vaccine needs to stimulate a ―rare antibodies‖ in humans is order to produce


  Hizballah shows its true colors when it says Muslims must unify for the destruction of


  Holy of Holies was a sacrect inner chamber in the temple in Jerusalem in which the ark of
  the Covenant was kept before it was lost. Today both the holy holies and the ark are under
  the dome of the rock resting at a rocky platform.


  ―All the Hollywood stars are gathered for the hell award‖.


  The Holy Grail was an object of quest in medieval legend. It was supposed to be the dish
  of cup used by Christ at the Last Supper and in which Joseph of Arimathea had caught
  some of the blood of the crucified Christ. By the early 13th century it was closely
  associated with the Arthurian cycle of legends as a symbol of perfection sought by the
  knights of the Round Table. The term ‗Holy Grail‖ is often applied to the object of a long
  and difficult quest.


  A house where love abides and friendship is its own guest. A home surely made for the
  heart to rest. God gave us a head to think, hands to work and heart to feel.


 Homework links home with the school, it makes parents link with children‘s education
 and gives way to intensified learning.


 You are homeless by choice. Stop drug addiction or be slave to the devil for life time. A
 man who has no inner life is the slave of his surrounding.


 Homosexuality is a shift from male-female polarity which leads to further problems on the
 subject matter of love and sex. Homosexual deviation is a failure to attain this polarized
 union. Since the society focuses on male-female union, the homosexual pain from the
 never-resolved separateness or his failier to recognize a female partner remains to the rest
 of his life. The earth wouldn‘t last without rain. The rivers are not enough to produce
 fertility. The female principle exists in the law of creation namely Adam and Eve and the
 animals and plants. Homosexuality is recognized in God‘s society as a man who can‘t
 love. We fosters on earth what God let us have from heaven. How can we restore a
 harmony in life without a husband foraging for the wife‘s sake? The woman endows
 equal intelligence as she has been created equally to the intelligent man. The two sex
 opposite sex hormones are a twain taste to share pleasure. As God put desire in man and
 woman to the end of the world should be preserved by their union we should be all part of
 such desire. The love of God is the only experience needed to overcome separation for the
 reunion with the female


 The truth is an honest answer in honest report. We don‘t need to reinforce them. The truth
 matters, a conservative estimate simplifies the truth.


 Honesty in full attempts to put all cards on the table for the quality of judgement so the
 truth can come to light. Honesty is rich legacy coupled to love. Honesty is God‘s noblest
 work, the act changes third world into first world.


 A Hooverville was a shanty town built by impoverished un-employed people in the United
 States during the Great Depression. The Shanty towns were named after the president of
 the time, Herbert C. Hover.


 There is no hope if there is no trust and rebuilding activities. The scale of the struggle
 decide hope in long-term. Design and delicate work stimulate hope. The flame of hope
 resisted the Nazi darkness of Germany.


 There is no rescue effort without hope. Hope is second chance for a construction plan to
 speak volumes against Satan purposes. Hope walks with certainty against emotional
 development. The death of ideas comes with the repression of hope. Recognizing hope
 makes life less offensive and adds to the whole truth. The complexity of issue makes hope
 lose its identity in failure shutting success.


 Power conjoined to aggression and justified in the "indestructible horns." The power is
 conditioned for evil achievement, presented in killing lives. A horn also evokes the truth
 of the male sexual organ equal to bull. Alexandar the great was horned to symbolize his
 power and genius who established his kinship with the Gods. Mohammad will show his
 real horns when he will be responsible for the murder of millions of Jews and Christians.
 The lord of two horns is the lord of death, he is the terrorist and the champion murderer,
 his work is his trophy victory, decorated for closing life on the planet.


 A person shaped by his soul has a host of demons hostile activities. Demons demand
 leaving no choice. Demons are weird animals have no balance. The proof is he does it but
 he doesn‘t know why.


 The hottest places in hell are reserved for those leaders who in time of great moral crisis,
 maintain their neutrality.


 How can all religions be true when they teach many things opposite or in contrary to one
 another. One religion changes the rules of another. The reason: all are wrong, made up of
 different ideas to break the unity. Practicing differences makes it right to have war set for
 change. Science performed reductionism to score of myth in them.


 Treatments for cancer include:

  Surgery, which aims to remove the cancer cells from your body

  Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, which aim to destroy cancer cells in the body, or
   at least stop them multiplying and spreading.
  Targeted Therapy, a new form of treatment for some cancers, which mainly attacks
   just cancer cells.
  Immunotherapy, which helps the body‘s immune system to fight cancer
  Hormone therapy, which reduces cancer –growth-promoting hormones that cause
   some cancers grows


 People with diabetes have narrower than normal blood vessels as they develop a thicker
 lining as well a developing fatty deposits by a process called atherosclerosis. As a result,
 the gums receive a decreased blood supply with less oxygen, fewer nutrients and with less
 efficient removal of waste products.

 People with diabetes are more prone to developing infections including gingivitis (swollen
 and bleeding gums) and periodontitis ( tissue surrounding teeth ). They have a defective
 immune system which makes them more susceptible to disease. This means they develop
 more bleeding gums, calculus (tartar) and bone loss than people without diabetes.
 Infections and wounds also take longer to heal.

 People with diabetes may suffer from decreased saliva flow, which in turn leads to
 increased dental plaque build up and calculus deposits. This increases the chances of
 developing periodontal disease. Periodentology is the branch of dentistry concerned with
 the tissues that support the teeth and the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease.


 All you need, is an Internet and Email to send a deadly parts by ship under fake I.D. all
 what it needs is to sign the document, no other checks required. The lack of law in
 government regulations make the end of time moves fast.


 Adam after eating the apple knew he sinned by putting his hands to cover penis followed
 by fear being stored for the first time.


 Age is not the flight of years; it is the dawn of wisdom in the mind of humans. God is life
 and we are self-renewing eternal children as God. We live forever because our life is
 God‘s life. We cannot see the spirit but we know it exist just like we cannot see life, but
 we are alive. We see the spirit of the artist, the spirit of the musician. Likewise, the spirit
 of goodness, truth and beauty moving in our mind and heart as real as it can be. Old age
 slows our body so that the mind is engaged in spiritual-mental athletics. Calculating
 God‘s spirit in patience, kindness, love, goodwill, joy, happiness, wisdom and
 understanding, we remain young in mind and body. Psalm 92 : 14 ―They shall still bring
 forth fruits in old age: they shall be fat and flourishing‖. Job 33 : 25 ―His flesh shall be
 fresher than a child; he shall return to the days of his youth‖.

 We loose half of our brain cells in old age but the mind does not grow old Dr. Michael
 Debakey invented the first roller pump for blood in 1932 at the age of ninety. The pump is
 still used for heart by pass surgery. A tiny pump that can be implanted in the chest of
 those with severe heart disease. The vision of such people in their old age affirm the work
 of the spirit in 1. life 2. vision 3. success 4. radiant 5. power. In comparison to other
 people who know not Jesus but other Gods, ―it takes them five or six life-times to do what
 he has done‖. In fact the holy spirit power increases the reasoning power of the mind and
 become sharper than when he was twenty. The candle that shines upon your head is
 ―divine intelligence‖. It reveals to you everything you need to know.

 We need our senior citizens. Remember: you know you are inspired when you recapture
 the days of your youth. Lifted up, rejuvenated, revitalized, recharged spiritually and
 miraculously healthy. There is order in the spirit after chaos, if not we would be staying
 in a dangerous territory with unlimited problems.


 You can‘t regulate human nature, sensitivity towards friendly or unfriendly events is led
 by the subconscious mind paid in responses. What is in demand in the subconscious buys
 the opportunity. Basically it is the subconscious tells you where you want to go.


 Power of cheap export out of human right violation let China change from a peasant
 society into a third economy in the world. This injustice of business minded people is
 naturally, to have more while letting others live in the street. The end picture is the sharp
 contrast in the cultural map. Growth invested in human right.


 It is technology to Africa to save lives. Bill Gates foundation and Hedge with his 31
 billions support are doing an incredible innovation in Africa. Green revolution for better
 seeds, soil and market. Vaccines against retrovirus including HIV and viruses implicated
 in diarrhea and some cancer, malaria prevention by spraying insecticides and new
 pharmaceutical drugs with Bill‘s research support.


 There is no place in the universe that tell us where we came from.


 Having money in the pocket decides the state of desire and the right or wrong of what to
 buy. Desire works by choice not by laws, it follows the principles of mood. Shopping has
 no round figure; the art of biting more than you can chew. This type of life is the
 beginning of the ―up side down truth‖ and the life of money first. Never trust a woman
 who is loose on money unless you get her pocket in your pocket.


 No one can get 100% of what he wants. Therefore we have to learn how to live together,
 in humanitarian way. Ninety nine percent of world‘s population are an end product of hell.


 Hypertensions is a condition which the blood pressure consistently higher than normal.
 The World Health Organization lists definite hypertension as a condition where the
 systolic pressure is greater than 160mm of mercury and a diastolic pressure is greater than
 95mm of mercury. More than 95 per cent of hypertension cases have no detectable cause.

 It is necessary every hypertensive patient as must check regularly this as this can prevent
 serious complication such as stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and kidney failure and
 vascular disease. It has shown that the life span of untreated hypertensive is shortened as a
 result of these complications.

 Not all hypertensive require drugs treatment. Mild hypertensive may be controlled
 effectively with the non drug treatment. The non drug treatment of hypertension includes:

       Dietary salt restriction
       Avoiding cigarettes
       Avoiding excessive caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee, tea and colas.
       Avoiding obesity and staying within the ideal weight for your height.
       Regular exercise and relaxation.

 Moderate and severe hypertension patients require drug treatment in addition to the above
 measures. There are many types of drugs available in the markets which are used for the
 treatment of hypertension. Your doctor may pre-scribe one or more types of medicines in
 treating your hypertension depending on the level of your blood pressure. You may fell
 dizzy and faint at the beginning of treatment or when your doctors adjust the dosage of
 your medication. These adverse are usually transient and should go off with time. Do not
 abandon treatment at this stage and if in doubt, consult yours doctor and get his or her

 The treatment of hypertension is life-long, aiming at the reduction of blood pressure to as
 near normal levels as possible with minimal or not side effect. Do not stop your medicines
 without first consulting your family physician. Stroke possibility is always going on.

 It is the bleeding inside the eye, sometimes happens when the eye has been struck by a
 blunt object such as a piece of wood, an elbow, fist, ball and common in boxing.
 Treatment is rest by staying in bed sitting up against a few pillows. No aspirin for pain to
 be taken (worsen the bleeding) however panadol is acceptable.


 The Pharisees were an example of hypocrisy. They were members of an ancient Jewish
 sect who strove to ensure strict Jewish law by being the fundamental players. They
 preached morality and virtue as their line of conduct while full of filth. Good things never
 sets in.


 In politics you never answer a hypothetical question.


  An icon is a person takes over God‘s work in all subjunctive values. The icon steals trust,
  sense themselves as part of the icon in action and want to pass it on. The clutches of
  darkness stet in for the ―unequal‖ by the dragon effort. He is Michael Jackson, the ―King
  of Pop‖ and the ―Prince of Hope‖. He is dead but not his images and the memory of his
  black culture. He never knew what the dragon had for him. He offers thriller albums not a
  solution of grass roots problems to shine. The king is the king cobra.


  An idea resurrected by love has salvation. Idealism does not exist in the human mind,
  because the elements created by the soul. The spirit has idealism being connected to the
  mind of God.


  Idealism is theory without the notion of practicality, it exist in a human system that has
  spirit only with functioning body and mind harmoniously. The absolute in standards of
  goodness and morals makes perfection. The world is an evidence for contradiction in its
  history. A mind synthesized by the physical element of money makes idealism evaporate.


  Idi Amin (b.1925) was a Uganda soldier and head of state 1971-9. In 1971 he overthrew
  President Milton Obote. He presided over a regime characterized by brutality and
  repression, during which Uganda‘s Asian population was expelled and thousands of his
  political opponents murdered. Amin was overthrown in 1979 and fled the country.


  If God made me then I am going to see God. If God made me then there is no distinction
  between us. Believing in Christ is believing in God existence and has to be linked with
  every act of living. God and I are one; by knowing God I take him to myself. By loving
  God, I penetrate him. The love of God cannot be separated from the love for one‘s
  parents. If the child retains his father‘s punishing and rewarding authority, he cannot
  develop a more mature love for God. The child would only accept God as an all
  punishing-rewarding father. If the child is over-protected by his mother then God is an
  all-protective mother. The concept of God can thus be influenced by an anonymous
  authority taken from the seed of infantile. The question of the real God then become
  dependent on how many steps he has taken at the mature stage to be able to reverse his
  infantile picture of God. The Freudian unconscious concept has shown that all stages of
  child development from the helpless infant on determines the man. ―A man is unconscious
  covered up and rationalized by a more mature thoughts‖. Darwinism says: ―the word God
  denotes to absolute nothing‖. This makes the infant‘s growing worst.

  The love for man is a seed that comes from submission to God who is love. This is the all-
  protective, all-mature concept in life.


  If you collect yourself you are collect, no longer a sad guy.


  It is extremely doubtful that a state of ignorance has the possibility of discovering
  anything that is really true. How to win a fight is the measure of all things in ignorance.


  Ignorance is a product of number six and knowledge is the good product of seven. Thus
  number seven is the cure for number six.


  By doing nothing, men learn to do ill.


  Imagination is the product of the unconscious work which becomes useful only if followed
  by conscious work. An idea without inspiration is sterile, inspiration links the two minds
  and certifies the arrangement of the idea and how it can move to produce something.
  There are feelings accompanying the inspiration. The unconscious machine produces the
  idea which can then be carried by God to produce something good or by Satan to produce
  evil results. A mind without God can‘t know anything excessive emotion masks reality by
  playing flows from the conscious effort. Only in rare occasion, a dream can give an
  answer through the chemical mediation of nerve impulse and provide the truth or the
  solution, but the question is who fortunate enough to get such a dream.


  Most vaccines are prepared from the germs which cause disease or other closely related
  germs. Vaccines so prepared will help our body to recognize the harmful germs, and to
  mount an attack to kill those germs without causing the person to fall ill. There are two
  types of vaccines. One is a ―live vaccine‖ of a relatively safe strain of the germs and when
  given will simulate the infection and ―educate‖ our immune system. This means that the
  vaccine introduces the germ in a way calculated to build up the body‘s defense against an
  actual attack by the disease – causing germ. The other is a ―dead vaccine‖ and the proteins
  in the vaccines will provoke an immune response and so ―educate‖ our immune system on
  how to defend the body against the infection. Live vaccines will require regular boosters.
  Prevention is better for often there is no cure. It is therefore wise to be immunized against
  certain diseases.

  The following are the compulsory immunizations required:

      1. BCG                                        6. Mumps
      2. Poliomyelitis                              7. Rubella (German measles)
      3. Tetanus                                    8. Typhoid
      4. Whooping cough                             9. Cholera
      5. Hepatitis B                                10. Yellow fever


  Problems are imperfections in life, as challenges, the purpose of the problem can come
  from three sources, the first can be from God trying to test you, the reason to show you
  who you are because the character is not developed but revealed in the problem. The
  second type of problems comes from Satan and the third comes from foolishness. Our
  scripture is a healing scripture lying in our hands. The grain of sin can turn into a grain of
  pearl. God wants us work our life with its challenges in every day. We cant claim the
  promise unless we are conditioned to the promise. God put us in hell then makes us escape
  from the hell. We don‘t need a religion to be touched we need Jesus fire inside us giving
  him our life for the price of the new life.


  A man who has the most miserable look, dirty, bone-like wearing rags and keep looking
  fixedly at you in silence. He is half in this world, half outside the world. You feel of
  escaping at certain time but you have to wait for his verdict which comes in sudden
  movement of the stick he holds.


  Industry is cultures that think sideway about the problem of loosing green lands. The
  construction industry that thrives on money does not want to do the job in an ecological
  way i.e. ―eco town‖. The plan is based on combining other projects without seeing their
  degree of pollution. Transport, power station and other economical net works that went
  without control. The developing world is repeating the same building mistakes that the
  west did in copying skyscrapers for the race of the tallest tower because of having
  mimicking intelligence.


  God is infinite because his design is infinite. The vegetable world, animal and human
  worlds posses infinite inner principles and of order matching with the intelligent design.
  Man was created by a good God not a wicked demon or chance. This is not a dogma but



  Both terms are good and bad under a magical reason. There is heavy price to pay under the
  complexity of capitalism and its banks. Miss management is the main crisis together with
  the government who has the force to regulate its financial sector. Number of jobs sit in the
  middle of conflicted decisions.


  Your influence is dangerous if it can never tell you where to stop. When influence goes
  out of control, you become the adversary. Writers write for an image to influence their
  readers by avoiding the truth, but there is no influence in being yourself, throwing the
  truth. Strength walks with the strength of God in you. A fool worries about things he
  cannot influence. Influence corrupt in votes to win.


  There are two types of ideas Descartes claimed: an unclear or indistinct that either
  originate from experience or have been self—invented such as cathedrals and art. Object
  coming out of experience or constructed in imagination. There is another type called
  innate ideas which are neither discovered by experience nor in ourselves. Mathematical
  ideas and the idea of God must be of a special category called ―innate‖. It must be
  implanted in us by some agency other than ourselves and other than the events of our
  lives. Mathematical ideas such as a circle has perfect properties that do not appear in our
  imperfect environment. We cannot invent perfection out of imperfection therefore the idea
  of a perfect being must come from something that is at least as perfect as the idea. Hence
  Descartes reasoned, there must be a God who has created me, and who has implanted in
  me the idea of a perfect being. Mathematics is not considered as natural science.
  Mathematics is the study of logical relationships involving numbers, shapes, function and


  Innovation is the thing that takes us out of the old life into the new life. Ancient problems
  are tackled in different way by the different forces of technology to operate and move us
  into a different style of life. We are not longer in the valley of death ridding the six
  hundred number.


  ―INRI‖ is the first letters of the Latin wording of the inscription placed on Jesus cross at
  Pilate‘s command (John 19:19-20). I = Jesus, N = Nazarenus, R = Rex, I = Indacurum
  (Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews).


 Most mental illnesses has lacking insight confidence is beaten badly which then links with
 loss of pride. The two are team mates to secure a mental illness. Christ loves then Satan
 leaves them.


 When economy is heading towards a recession, it needs all the insulation necessary.
 Recession is an industry in decline, the highs are lows at the end of the day.


 Charles Darwin insulted God when He said our generations are products of primates. The
 reincarnation threw a bigger bomb by saying our immediate parents are converted into
 rats, snakes or whatever. The devil keeps howling but it would not be long before hitting
 the abyss.


 Intelligence follows faith, never precedes or destroys faith. Logical reasoning and wisdom
 are associated with intelligence.


 International justice court sends the message ―fight a cleaner war or be prosecuted‖. Don‘t
 play Russian Rollet.


 Internet access to the whole world is done through a multi satellite system sending
 wireless information.


 To examine by close questioning. Sometimes it leads to a true confessions, another time
 false because of torture. False promises given by detective to the person such as you will
 be a free man lead to false confession. If psychologically tortured by the nature of
 questions to induce mental destruction or nervous breakdown the case used in examination
 is totally false.


 Intimacy is the type of situation involving two people which permits validation of all
 components of personal worth. Validation of personal worth requires a type of relationship
 which I call collaboration, by which I mean clearly formulated adjustments of one‘s
 behavior to the expressed needs of the other person in pursuit of increasingly identical—
 that is, more and more nearly mutual satisfactions, and in the maintenance of increasingly
 similar security operations. Intimacy is another definition of love which begins when a
 person feels another person‘s needs to be an important as his own intimacy is love in the


 Jesus listens to your heart not your mouth, He answers when mouth connects with the
 heart. You know God with intimacy, the internal you, which is who you really are. Jesus
 want to be inside you not waiting for someone claiming his Supernatural power. Does
 God need a human mediator to provide assistance? You are healed by intimacy to live and
 to be loved by the grace, it gives a desert a rosy picture. Life is heart beating, the outside
 wound is not as important as healing the wound. You are not ―AL-SHABAB
 INSERGENT‖ who tries every trick in the book to kill you far quicker than cigarette


 Intimidation starts when corruption doesn‘t work in a pressure deal.


 An insight arrived at without conscious reasoning. It proves that thinking requires the
 mind and arises from the mind. Experience gives understanding to what we can know but
 not the pre-requisite to the thinking process. We must have within ourselves the
 organizing principles. Our minds structure and interpret the observations of our senses. An
 experience is the product of something which we are presented with and the kinds of
 answers that can be given by the mind.


 Investors make or break the market but invest in inflation is the only thing going up.


 Coordinated interest rate cuts by banks in joined effort boost investor‘s confidence.


 Iran is the key player in Israel—Arab dynamics.


 Iran is the greater threat to the world than north Korea in extremism. There is high
 challenges between north Korea and Israel, no dividing line waiting for the D-day. North
 Korea is more of a threat to south Korea, Japan and China in its momentum symbolism.


 Iranians young and old shout where is my vote? We want our votes back. The message of
 ayat Allah is ―respect the result of rigged election, president Mahmood Ahmadinajat won
 in landslide victory of 75% in an areas expected to loose. The supreme ayat Allah steals
 the election for the friend he likes which shows his power in so called democracy.


 Women in Iran live schizophrenic life having two sides, they want to connect with the
 world but they can‘t do that. The ineffectiveness of issues that matter to her increases her
 insecurity, she can‘t play the king to do what she likes best, without various opportunities.
 If you give the best to women, you get back more return.


 The Iraq nation has shown so far Saddam Hussein is the only one who can control Iraq; in
 his way. Iraqies die while the ―AZAN‖ singing to Allah who is the ideal vehicle for death
 leading them.


 The U.S. won the war in Iraq but lost the after math because it was a war of choice not a
 war of necessity. What helped the war to begin was the lies made in a freedom of
 democracy. The United Nation was persuaded by the argument of weapons of mass
 destruction moving on a rail from one place to another, clearing from sights in the Iraqi
 desert. The question of war is ―how much we need to do evil in order to prove good?‖


 Isaac Newton (1642-1727) was an English mathematical and physicist, considered to be
 one of the greatest scientists of all time. According to a famous story, first told by
 Voltaire, in 1665 or 1666 Newton watched an apple all from a tree in a garden, which
 inspired him to begin formulating the law of gravitation.


 Isaiah was an Old Testament prophet whose prophecies are contained in the Book of
 Isaiah. He warned the Israelites that they had adopted foreign of unacceptable religious
 practices and that they should return to their former religious rites. Isaiah predicted the fall
 of Jerusalem and of Judah.


 Ishmael has been removed from the genealogy of Ibrahim. He reputed the miracles
 happened to his father Ibrahim by disbelief. Such a claim of turning blind eyes would have
 to come from the devil authority within. You have to give up Ishmael to get Isaac. Ishmael
  is the father of the Arabs.


  Israel is the name of Jacob, son of Isaac and grand son of Abraham. He obtained His
  father‘s blessing and thus the inheritor of God‘s promises. Jacob was renamed Israel
  meaning ―He who strives with God‖ after his struggle with a divine being by his wives
  Leah and Rachel and their maids, he fathered 12 sons to whom traced tribes of Israel. The
  nation Israel represent the tribes gathering there under Jacob new name. The crisis
  between Arabs and Jews lacks spiritual therapy because of the curse. Both lack the grace
  for the help it needs. The Bible is easy if the seed is good.


  The Israelites were the Hebrew people who were living in slavery in Egypt at some period
  during the second millennium BC. They were rescued from their plight by Moses, who led
  them to the land of Canaan, the Biblical name for an area of ancient Palestine west of the
  River Jordan, which had been promised to the descendants of Abraham by God.


  Ivan the Terrible born (1530-84), was the Grand Duke of Muscovy 1533-47 and
  proclaimed himself the first Tsar of Russia in of terror against the boyars (the old Russian
  aristocracy), executing thousands of people. He consequently acquired the nickname ―the


  In-vitro fertilization literally means fertilized in glass. The stages are:

   o Retrival. A woman is injected with hormones to stimulate her eggs to maturity. Some
     36 hours after reaching maturity, eggs are harvested from her ovaries using a needle.
   o Fertilization. A sperm sample and a mature egg are placed in a Petri dish containing a
     nutrient (rich solution) to assist fertilization. The embryo is left to divide or 2-5 days
     in the laboratory.
  Embryo transfer. Up to two embryos are transferred into the woman‘s uterus. It takes two
  weeks before pregnancy can be confirmed.


 In economy depression is ten times worst than recession, were food wouldn‘t be on the
 table. There is no locomotive engine of man to help spending. Recession is self correcting
 but not depression. We have two phases; depression or great depression and recession or
 deep recession. We need live-lines to stress down the mental problem and get us bacla into
 the game.


 According to the Bible, Ahaziah was a king of Judah who followed Ahad in his worship of
 Ball instead of God. He was killed by Jehu, and after his death his mother ‗arose and
 destroyed all the seed royal of the house of Judal‘ (2 Chron. 22:10). However, her
 daughter, Jehoshabeath, took one of the sons, Joash, and hid him in a bedchamber to keep
 him safe.


 Jeremiah was on Old Testment prophet whose prophecies are contained in the Book of
 Jeremiah, and whom to Book of Lamentations is also traditionally attributed. His
 prophecies concern the unhappy fate that awaits the Israelites because they have rebelled
 against God. The name Jeremiah can be applied to someone who predicts doom or


 Jericho is a town in Palestine, one of the world‘s oldest settlements and believed to have
 been occupied from at least 9000 BC. According to the Bible, Jericho was a Canaanite city
 destroyed by the Israelites after they crossed the Jordan river into the Promised Land, led
 by Joshua. Its walls were flattened by the shout of the army and the blast of the trumpets.
 ―So the people shouted when the priest blew with the trumpet, the people shouted with a
 great shout, and the wall down flat…and they took the city (Joshua 6 : 20).


 The name Jerusalem is though by many to be a combination of the words for ―city‖ and
 ―peace‖. Some say it refers to two cities of peace: a physical City and a spiritual one.


 Jesse Woodson James (1874-82) was a US bank and train robber who formed a gang of
 outlaws with his brother Frank. In 1882 a member of the gang shot in order to claim
 reward on his head.


 Moses wrote the Genesis more than 3000 years ago, but laying no foundation of science
 medicine and technology. The development has appeared in the last two centuries by Jesus
 after the Bible has been fully transformed into the Western culture.


 When an individual use the term scape goat in a language, it means a person blamed or
 punished for things others have done without being able to appeal or offer defense. Scape
 goat was first mentioned in the Old Testament; the high priest receives two goats to be
 sacrificed, one for Jehovah and the other symbolizes the people sins which was then
 driven away into the wilderness (Leviticus 16:9-10). In the New Testament Jesus was the
 substitute for the scape goat to set the cleansing as ―blood washes another blood‖. Sin is
 the wall that separate God from his children, joy and peace comes from one on one
 personal interaction. Intimacy between us and Jesus is enough to stop the need for the Ten
 Commandments, the words we talk and confess without masking anything, has enough
 purity and significance to the Lord.


 A ten percent of population has ability to control 40% of America‘s economy. They call
 themselves money champions. Money own by Jews can wage war against disturbances in
 Anti-Semitic views. Smartness is considered money not the grey matter. How wrong to
 think that God choose the Jews to be his chosen people while they believe in the mighty


 A Buddhist meditational techniques, concentrating on single object, keeping the mind on
 that object until it forms a trance.


 John knox was a scotish Protestant reformer (1505-1572), the founder of the Presbyterian
 church of Scotland.


 An American traitor to his home land. He was picked up from a hole in the hill of
 Afghanistan fighting together with the Talabans against his own people.


 Jimmy Hoffa (1913-c.1975) was a US labour leader, President of the Teamters‘ Union
 (transport workers) from 1957. he disappeared mysteriously in 1975 and us believed to
 have been murdered.

  Islamic demons formed of fire, they lives in mountains caves and encircle the world
  assuming monstrous shape pretending to have great magical power for doing anything.
  Muslims believe in the spirits of jinn which is present in the Kuran. The term saint and
  jinn are close in the guardian function against an evil assault, which contradict kuranic
  monotheism. Saint in Islam is a cult made up of three classes standing at three levels. The
  highest are the invisible saints, the second are the ―Wali‖ who assigned friendship with
  God. The third rank is the purified saints, that rank lower than the friends of God. Saints
  and their tombs are considered to be the bridge between heaven and earth. If a Muslim
  requires a miracle, he is advice to visit any of the Arabs saints grave, meditate to get direct
  access to them.


  In the Bible, job was a god-fearing and prosperous man whose piety God tested by first
  taking away his wealth and the heaping other misfortunes upon him. In the US, extreme
  povy is sometimes described by mention of ‗job‘s house cat‘ or ‗Job‘s turkey‘. If job is
  poor how much worse off, presumably, must be an animal in his care.


  My job is to humble myself asking the Lord to do it for me. When I can‘t. I need to say:
  Lord I cannot do it without You, in the prayer.


  A job is not just a work, it is connected with deep and invisible testing. Without a job you
  will be stuck in the dark. You are as poor as job. Life is a job that need special tools to
  allow each of us play a part in making days memorable.


  Jobs are more important to be focused on than fixing vast cuts. Job is an important word in
  jobless America. Jobs, crimes, housing are driven together in shaky economy.


  How one can find a job when more than 300 people are looking at that job? When people
  stop walking in the street. For possible shopping it is a day to hell. Fat cats capitalist pigs
  are the reason shown in this money cruelty. Jobs lost create prisoners. Money greed plays
  distrust to stove an anti business sentiment and money terrorism.


  A notorious city for crimes, a white woman can‘t walk in the street safe at night. It uses
  the world‘s cup to change its image.

 Beware the joker card in the dark night, as the highest risks are chosen by him.


 St. Joan of Arc (c. 1412-31), also known as ―The maid of Orleans‘, was the daughter of
 peasants and became a French heroine and martyr. As a teenager she heard voices she
 believed to be the voices of saints urging her to fight for the Dauphin against the English
 in the Hundred Years War. She led the French army to relive the English siege of Orleans
 and then led the Dauphin through occupied territory to Reims, where he was crowned
 Charles VII. Unable to persuade the king to support further attacks on the English, Joan
 was captured by the Burgundians, who sold her to the English in 1730. The English tried
 her as a heretic and burnt her at the stake. She was canonized in 1920.


 Jonah was Hebrew minor prophet who was called by God to preach in Nineveh, but
 disobeyed and tried to escape by sea. After being swallowed by ‗a great fish‘ (traditionally
 a whale) and spending three days in its belly, Jonah finally emerged when he was vomited
 out onto dry land; he then went to preach to the Ninevites.


 Joseph in the Bible, was the son of Jacob and Rachel. In his boyhood, he discovered he
 had a gift for prophetic dreams, as an adult in Egypt he was put in prison, where he
 interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh‘s butler and baker. Two years latter the pharaoh was
 troubled by dreams that he could not understand and, hearing of Joseph‘s gift from his
 butler he, sent for him. Joseph interpreted pharaoh‘s dream of seven thin kine (or cow)
 devouring seven fat kine as predicting seven years of plenty followed by seven years of
 famine, advising pharaoh to strore grain in preparation for the long famine ahead.


 Joseph Smith is considered the false Messiah or American Jesus because of what he
 claimed, he like Mohammad claimed an angel revealing a new information about the Bible
 presented in a book called the book of Mormon. A Distortion with but blood.


 Nicodemus was a Pharisee, a rich man and a member of ―Sanhedrin ― a rabbinical council
 created by Moses. It was a court of justice equivalent to supreme court. He was the rabbi
 in Israel and highly regarded. Jesus explained the wonder of the new birth to him. He
 objected to the way in which the Sanhedrin condemned Jesus in his absence. Nicodemus
 wrapped up his treasure and gave it to build Jesus tomb. Nicodemus was an example of a
 man who was wealthy but knew money is an obstacle to spiritual peace and not regarded

 as a sign of God‘s favor. Joseph of Arimatea was also a wealthy man who also found the
 wealth did little good, he received pilate‘s permission to remove the body of Jesus from
 the Cross.


 The son of nun of the tribe Ephraim. Moses couldn‘t make it to Canaan during the 40
 years wandering of Israelites. But God allowed Joshua to make it. He acted as minister of
 Moses then a leader of Israel, led the Israelites in their return to the land of Canaan. The
 Book of Joshua includes an account of the Israelites‘ victory over the Amorites during
 which Joshua prayed to God : ―Sun, stand thou still, and thou Moon in the valley of
 Ailajon. ―and the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the nation took vengeance on
 their enemies‖ (Josh 10 : 12 – 13).


 Journalist‘s job is to find the right words at the right time, putting it in the right place. The
 words come out of real wisdom; he is the hero of words in all fields of reporting, whether
 it has dark or white clouds. He stands on the flooding water with its terrifying moments,
 on the Berlin wall and in the sea of asylum seekers. Journalism shows a quality services
 when the journalist chooses his words carefully under different environment.


 For a Christian, the journey of faith not just a heavenly destination but small steps at a
 time, not leaps, not jumps. It is like the courses you need to take in the university, one
 course pass gets the second course wanted. But you have to leave the comfort zone in
 order to have the journey of faith.


 We can only judge an idea right or wrong if it is clear, distinct an conceived for example
 God is true because God cannot be a deceiver. We can withhold our judgment with regard
 to matters that are unclear and indistinct. God does not force us to come to any
 conclusions in this area. If we do our responsibility. Affection and grudge blind us from
 being absolute.


 Judgement on others is judgement on ourselves because we are all sinners unable to claim
 total purity, this is why we would be judged. Laying hands is wrong, can lead to incorrect
 conclusion in a huge degree.


 Julian the apostate (reigned A.D 361-363) was an anti Christian Roman emperor who
 wanted to resettle the Jews in Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. Due to his extremely
 short reign, the was never accomplished.


 Junk food means junk health, junk weight and junk energy. If you are eating it change
 now. Eat for physical reason rather than emotional reason.


 A journalist risks his day for telling a story not being told before. He / she rushes to tell it
 at any moment no matter he / she loses life. The center reason is to ring the bell of the
 truth so that something which is accepted as true will become untrue.


 The people of God who are Christians embrace ―just persons‖ from Abel to the last just
 man. The church is the bridge of Christ, it shares the symbolism of motherhood. Just
 comes from balance not merciless sword which is an attempt to misuse power and change
 balance into chaos.


 The ultimate justification for the existence of any form of government is to provide the
 greatest happiness to greatest number. Having political freedom in expressing the


 Karl Marx claimed the ultimate of life is not spiritual but economic. A secular materialistic
 age of today confirms Marx idea. The production of goods is more important than
 spirituality, as all things come second to money.


 Kidney cancer occurs when cancer develops in part of a kidney.

 Most kidney cancer (around 85% of them) are renal cell carcinomas. Renal cell carcinoma
 develops in the lining of a kidney. Rarely, both kidneys can be affected at the same time.
 A less common type of kidney cancer begins at the point where the kidney joins the ureter:
 this is called transitional cell carcinoma. Renal sarcoma is another rare form of kidney
 cancer, and other unusual types of kidney cancer also exist.

 If cancer is treated in its early stages, the potential for cure of the cancer can be very good.
 If a cancer is not treated at an early stage, it may spread, treatment is more complicated,
 and the cancer is usually not curable. Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for all forms of
 adult kidney cancer are similar.

 When they occur, symptoms of kidney cancer can include:

  o   Blood in the urine (haematuria)
  o   Pain or a dull ache in the side or lower back that is not due to an injury
  o   A lump in the abdomen
  o   Rapid, unexplained weight loss
  o   Fever not caused by a cold of flu.

 Most of these symptoms can be caused by other illnesses. However, if you have any of
 these symptoms, you must see your doctor.

 Treatments for kidney cancer include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. You may
 be advised to have one or more of these treatments.


 The question ―Why should a man who kills in the war time be a hero and one who kills in
 peace time be a murderer?‖


 If you are knocked down beaten, you shouldn‘t give up because you syill have a chance
 and support. The price in life is to let faith hatch.


 No man‘s knowledge can go beyond his experience. Little knowledge is dangerous.
 Knowledge needs a good storehouse and proud who has it. We have the knowledge of the
 world only.


 Knowledge settles the facts to heal some of the wounds but it stops there while
 imagination continues wandering. Reason raise reason for further imagination, promoting
 further aspects.


 He is a man committed to kill for evermore innocent people in the name of Allah. He
 robbed us equally in slaughter, killing thousands without declaring he is insane, no
 psychiatric check up on him. A legal serial killer internationally accepted. His profile is to
 cease Jesus action, in brotherly brutal crimes. The kiss of Christ changed to the kiss of
 death. Mohammad and Osama are two in one displaying past and present insights of
 Mohammad. Justice against him can only be priced by the Lord without mercy.


 The land of milk and honey is the opposite of scarify. It represents as places of abundance
 and plenty such as the garden of Eden. There is plenty of food and drink and of spreading
 green. The body has the pleasure to eat whatever without sickness. Food is part of the
 beauty of life, when nothing is forbidder in its pleasure. In the Bible, it is the deliverance
 of the Israelites from the hands of Egyptians by Moses into a flowing land.


 An evergreen shrub used by Romans and Chinese to serve as a symbolism of immortality.
 The leaves were used to crown heroes. The Chinese believed that the moon contained
 laurel-bush from which immortality is distilled.


 Every law is an evil, in an infraction of liberty. Natural right is simple necessity but mind
 polarity urges laws in spite of skills and knowledge. Laws hinder the level of freedom to
 do anything, only what laws permit.


 In the Bible, Lazarus was the name of the ailing beggar who sat at the gate of the rich man
 (traditionally named Dives) in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31).
 Lazarus was covered with sores and begged for crumbs from the rich man‘s table. He was
 rewarded for his misfortunes in life by being taken to Heaven by Abraham after death.


 Leadership brings royalty to the staff whom the leader choose but not royalty to the office.
 The staff backs the leader in his story not the story that was told. As the story becomes to
 reveal the truth behind the scene, it cheapens the leadership values.


  Leadership stands on principles based on reasons to open windows into men‘s souls to
  gain commonsense and credibility this is what Isaiah said: ―Come now, let us reason
  together, said the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as snow; though that
  be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.‖


  Learning increases self-belief regardless of person‘s history, you earn an equal value in
  social worth. You can find positive inputs when battling negativity. No one else can do it
  for you. Learning prevents you from being insulated with numerous ignorance. Learning
  drives a better future. A power to demolish what was conflicting and confusing.


  In the 1950s and 1960s, Professor Sperry was investigating brainwave function to explore
  different thinking activities and their effect on the brainwaves. Sperry and his colleagues
  asked the volunteers to perform different mental tasks, ranging from adding and
  subtracting numbers in their heads, through to reading poetry, reciting memorized lines,
  doo ding looking at different colours, drawing cubes, analyzing logical problems and

  Sperry had predicted that the brainwaves would be somewhat different for different
  activities and he was correct. On average, the brain is divided its activities very distinctly
  into left brain (left cortex) activities and right brain (right cortex) activities. The dominant
  division of labour was as follows:

           Left Brain                           Right Brain
           Words                                Rhythm
           Logic                                Spatial Awareness
           Numbers                              Dimension
           Sequence                             Imagination
           Linearity                            Daydreaming
           Analysis                             Colour
           List                                 Holistic Awareness


  If enough people claim to be a legend, then there will be no normal people.


  Perdue University says: add a twist of lemon to you green tea. Citrus juice increases the
  absorbability of the tea‘s antioxidants by more than five time.


 Leninism is a distinct variant of Marxism for the following reasons: the principle argued
 by Lenin before the Bolshevik revolution was ―workers and peasants when they rule have
 responsibility towards democracy‖. In practice the Russian new republic gave role to one
 party to do the lead. The principle of democratic centralism became communistic power.
 In addition, Lenin justified a revolution against every imperial power describing it as ―a
 decay capitalism‖. He took the initiatives to back any revolution that has struggles
 between rich and poor by backing from behind with his power. Despite of all his
 modification to Marx‘s theory of materialism, Lenin lived only for the furtherance of
 Marxism and a secular alternative to religion.


 Leonardo da Vinci, voted the Brain of the Millennium in 2000. He used images to express
 the power of his mind, in physiology, anatomy, architecture, astronomy, engineering,
 cooking, stringed-musical-instrument playing, painting, aquanautics, aeronautics, geology,
 and court-jesting, to name but a few!


 Lesbos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean. Its artistic golden age of the late 7th and
 early 6th centuries BC produced the poet Sappho, whose love poems express her
 passionate friendship with women. This explains the association of the island with female
 homosexuality and the derivation of the words ‗lesbian‘ and ‗Sapphic‘.


 Less is more when God is in it. His strength embedded in you is greater than your
 weakness, to be commendable. Problems are lack of faith as doubt gratifies obstacles,
 therefore faith keeps us in control through spiritual stability to score.


 Let the children know that Christmas is more than presents, more than Santa Clause and
 snow. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus in your heart.


 Said: let my people have peace, let my people free, don‘t allow mothers cry about their
 children. This is my special processing recipe prepared for you.


 A new lethal world comes into sights in new facts, something that has occurred quickly
 and has to be accepted as true. It is done by a group within a large group demanding
 another integers to their later account in a quick success act that resulted the extreme theft
  without a hard work. Fraud revelations is hitting hard businesses. It shows we are not
  smart enough boys to receive the power of money, black mania is the waiting threat. In
  such a crucial time, the crises matches well with other series of will events to what is
  coming. All is not well in the world. What a difference a day makes.


  A liberalism a believer in progress who demands independence in thought and action and
  change and experimentation in politics. Conservative is a believer in familiar traditions
  and wishes to maintain the status quo and as such the opposite of the liberal.


  You get life for nothing, you leave it with nothing, you are only borrowing it here. If life
  understood backwards, how can it be lived forward?


  Get the light out in the human mind to take part in the community trouble. Light is the
  specialist. All men are good if they are shown the light; no one goes in circle about it
  except Satan.


  All men are good if they are shown the light; no one goes in round about except Satan.

  Education is a blessing operation for anyone at any place. Education is a package above
  religions unconstrained to show God‘s strength without challenge.


  Sunshine has been proven to be necessary for synchronizing the body rhythm. This is
  done through hormones that control metabolism. Lack of light causes over sleep,
  overweight and depression (remember Sweden‘s suicide history). Lamp light therapy has
  no side effect and unharmful to skin. Exposure has been proven effective and as effective
  as 50% - 85% of the anti-depressant drugs.


  Linking Asian economy to Japan is like cheetah running after an Asian tiger.


  This is the practical way of motivation linking jobs to pocket, money is the motive-
  hunting. We need to have it in malignancy or addictive way. Cigarettes and alcohol
  created for this purpose to pay as a ransom to release the captivity.


 When the fall of shares rallies, the market looks like a thermometer. The liquidation then
 stars by sailing all inventories for cash.


 A fully charged lithium battery drives an electric eco-friendly car.


 Use the memory to renew the mind by thinking differently. Living in what you are living
 before is living by negative memory. A value in change is necessary which is more useful
 than narrowness of thoughts combined with will. You should live close to where your life
 is or within the circle of your need. Don‘t keep too many possessions. Throwing half of it
 out is liberating. Connecting with other people can help enrich your life. Your life
 shouldn‘t have to weigh you down if you are in control.


 Fossil evidence showed that early people were hunters and gatherers of food. Their major
 diet was predominantly vegetable with little protein came from animal food. Their fat
 intake was low because what animal food they did eat came from animals with higher
 lean-to-at radio. The vitamins intake and minerals were only higher in certain range. Salt
 intake was dependant on living by the sea, probably through cooking with sea water. As a
 result of diet deficiency, hunters and nomadic lifestyle had smaller growth in height with
 average life expectancy of 30 years. From diet related disease. The humans have problem
 to connect with nature. Thanks to the Christian civilization which put us into the road that
 sees a new life. Agricultural methods improved the food supply. We are no longer
 dependent on the wild. The scientific revolution produce wealth in food choices that can
 give us less diet-related diseases.

 We are in opposite to wild animal which grow bigger and healthier by the impact of the


 Livingstone, David (1813-1873), Scottish missionary and explorer in Africa, from 1841.
 He discovered the Zambesi R in 1851 and explored it in three remarkable journeys (1852-
 56, 1858-63, 1866-73). In 1855 He reached the waterfall he was to name as Victoria Falls.
 His historic meeting with the New York journalist Henry Morton Stanley took place in
 1871. Livingstone was a sworn enemy of the slave trade. He died in central Africa; his
 body was carried to the coast by two African.


 Logic is the science of good reasoning, it distinguishes bad from good reasoning. Some of
 the reasons out of reasoning would provide a certain conclusion. Evidence for a given
 conclusion supports the truth. Thus the produced reason allows us to produce the truth in
 conclusions. The truth is higher than reasons when reasons in questions are not conclusive


 London is no longer a white city in spirit. London is evolving to a grizzly dark. The
 change came when the cursed cultures entered to express itself. Junkies in soho and
 violence everywhere. The patient Londoners are now impatient. In the blooming time
 London was called the capital of the world. Don‘t look at money aspect and politics, start
 doing something now to give the inner significance.


 We need to be fluent to act in practical way to avoid becoming loosers. The fear of loosing
 stands on our side but this what makes competition so great. Gambling is the quickest way
 of loosing money justified by winning intervals then the world market.

 Money makes the human mind irrational in behavior. The bizarre behavior comes from
 the emotional element associated with its powerful force in the mind. It is like a war of
 mind over mind.


 The Old Testament made the blood symbolic of the Messiah in sacrifice, to give more love
 and bring equal ease unto pain not for the terror. Blood is given to us in the form of
 wisdom, knowledge and truth like the paradise, Lord Yahweh therefore is The Lord Jesus.


 Innocence is freedom from oral wrong such as deceit, specific crime, wrong doing which
 is the grass roots of heaven culture. Adam and Eve were zero in clothing but were not
 ashamed, they were living in innocence, knowing nothing of human weakness and
 wickedness. When the two got persuaded by the serpent to eat from the tree of knowledge
 of good an evil, Adam and Eve were suddenly ashamed of their nakedness. The gap then
 opened to the building block of human numerous activities shaping evil. Then the whole
 social structure changed, cementing relationship with Satan. The lamb of God Jesus is a
 biblical symbol of innocence and meekness, came to separate the old from the new.


 There is lost world in Mabu-Mozanbique of new wild species. Animals and plants newly
 discovered having more variety of colors, such as butterfly, birds, insects were seen in the
 mountain dense area.


 According to Gen. 19:24, God destroyed the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire and
 brimstone as a punishment from the depravity and wickedness of their inhabitants. Lot, the
 nephew of Abraham, was allowed to escape from the destruction of Sodom with his
 family. His wife disobeyed God‘s order not to look back at the burning city and she was
 turned into a pillar of salt.


 Getting loud about animal killings while silent about abortion is hipocracy.


 Love is to do exactly what God wants you to do. Stupid people are those who failed to
 make the Lord their deliverer.


 Love of one man as such; ones family, without feeling for the stranger individual is a sign
 of basic inability to love. Love of others and love of ourselves must have the same
 objectives, feelings and attitudes. When we pass this test, we bear the fruit of love which is
 the rights knowledge. In product from, we don‘t need to go through the experience of life
 to come up with it.


 Have love not for one only but brotherly and friendly love offered in affection offered to
 another human being without personal gain. This is similar to Gods‘ love bestowed upon
 through grace. It push childish things away to enable perfection self-giving love is a
 respond to God divine love and seen to be the essential factor in God-man relationship.


 We join erotic love with all aspects of love in life, love becomes essentially a sexual act
 which is as simple as how the animal sees it. Imagine the child boy becomes a husband to
 his own mother in ―incest‖ and the child girl she becomes a wife to her own father. This is
 the case when God ceases to be an outside power. In the eastern religions and in
 mysticism the love of so called God lies in the erotic love and in every act of its
 performance. Seeing God is seeing the phallic that stand strong ready to penetrate. The
 mother is a goodness of love. Sex is the ground of everything. The earth is to be
 worshipped because it is made up from female and male nature of the Gods. The father in
 the family has one nature, that he makes demands, establishes principles, and laws and his
 love for his son depends on the obedience to these demands. If the son is most obedient,
 he become his successor as the inheritor of his possessions. As a consequence the whole
 society grows without a picture of love. The mother is dethroned from her supreme

 position to become a slave to a supreme being called ―the husband God‖. We see love is
 rear in countries holding such religions and the level of maturity reach its lowest point.
 This is because love cannot be attained. Love also cannot be attained without having
 capacity to love one‘s neighbor, without true humility, courage, discipline and faith in

 According to Freud, the full and uninhibited satisfaction of all instinctual desires would
 create the love we need, the mental health and happiness. But the obvious clinical facts
 demonstrate that men and women who devote their lives to unrestricted sexual satisfaction
 do not attain happiness and very often suffer from severe neurotic symptoms. If the
 instinctual need is not love, it does neither guarantee happiness nor sanity. Freud had no
 leaven of love because of his idea that love is the result of sexual satisfaction, in other
 word give me sexual satisfaction and I will love you. Other physiological phenomena
 such as hate, ambition, jealousy were explained by Freud as various forms of the sexual
 instinct. Freud proved to the eastern religions that he is the spoke man and the male of the
 nineteenth century to have the game of love represented in the western culture as full-
 blown psychiatrically defined love. Sex is not the decisive step in life. The totality of
 human existence lies in his service and purpose that demonstrate his presence not in
 unrestricted sexual satisfaction and g-spot. If we combine Darwin with Freud in the game
 of what they played, we found ourselves opening a new division in the animal world
 called the human kingdom.


 Eat more lean meats also add to the meal vitamin C-rich food such as broccoli, capsicum,
 citrus fruits as this will improve the absorption of iron. We only produce iron from the
 food, iron in hemoglobin carries the oxygen we breath throughout the body, fights
 infection and produce energy from the food we eat.


 The necessities go by default to save the luxuries. Bias gives the believe that all just the
 same despite their differences.


 Encephalitis is the reason for mad cow disease which is an inflammation of the brain
 caused by viral or bacterial infections. Detriment of the diseased cows is the standard


 For a mad-dog, evil is considered to be the best medicine as it has thousand doors for


 The mafia is secret society of organized criminals, which originated in Sicily in the 13 th
 century and now operates internationally, especially in the US, where it developed among
 Italian immigrants under the name of ‗cosa nostra‘. Mafia families are knows for sticking
 together and ruthlessly avenging wrongs done to any member of the family.


 There is no room for magic in Jesus kingdom while magic works hand in hand and
 committed to Islam.


 Mohammad is also known as ―Mahomet‖, a Turkish name which translates ―Ma Huwa
 Mat‖ in Arabic, meaning he is not dead.

 The final war is a picture worth ten thousand words to see God supernatural devices, ―you
 can run but you can‘t hide‖. Bad destroyed forever and good lives forever.


 The makara ( Chu-sin in Tibetan ) is depicted upon the phurbu, a magic dagger with a
 triangular blade like some tongue designed to swallow the demons it pierces. In this ritual
 object of tantric Buddhist transmutation, the mouth of the water-dragon, the makara, like
 the dagger, spits lightning, flames and smoke to a thousand crashes of thunder. Similarity
 at the principal ‗gates‘ of the mandala, ‗emanations of glorious light‘ are vomited from the
 mouths of the makaras to the glory of the wheel of the Dharma (the teaching of Buddha).


 Make up is the greatest aphrodisiac, comprising cosmetic to be added to body not mind
 arousing sexual desire. The book of Revelation described it as a