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                               Animation is about the traditional as well as the contemporary. So, while              Reeves
                               we embrace the latest digital technologies that assist you in perfecting your           chair

                               techniques, we also know how important it is to provide you with the
                               fundamental tools, knowledge, and insights that will transform your ideas
                               into beautifully crafted works. Animation is a powerful medium, one whose images and
                               narratives move people to laughter and tears—sometimes at the same time. We’re here to
                               help you explore this magical medium and learn to create artworks that transcend language,
                               culture and politics. We’re here to get you started on your career. ¶ It starts with our faculty.
                               Made up of some of the best animators in the industry, our faculty brings their knowledge,
                               experience and multidisciplinary training from their studios into the classroom. From innovative
                               drawing techniques to methods of storytelling and storyboarding to professional technologies
                               that include a high-end digital compositing lab with all the latest software (Photoshop, Flash,
                               MAYA, After Effects and Director), our students get the training they’ll need to join the bur-
                               geoning animation arenas in New York and L.A. We also have a Pro Tools audio recording
                               studio that allows students to design, create sound effects, and mix the soundtracks for their
                               films. Needless to say, our students get lots of hands-on experience, whether they’re studying
                               clay-animation, constructing puppets, or building miniature sets and unique environments
                               from the ground up. ¶ We also offer seminars and special workshops conducted by some
                               of the finest animation artists in the world, such as Peter Lord (Wallace and Gromit), Brad
                               Bird (The Incredibles; Ratatouille), Henry Selick (Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas)
                               SVA alum Tom Sito (The Little Mermaid; Osmosis Jones), SVA alum Alex Kupershmidt (Mulan;
                               The Lion King) and Ralph Bakshi (Wizards; Heavy Traffic; Lord of the Rings). Our faculty also
                               includes directors, fine artists, photographers, special-effects artists, writers, character
                               designers, advertising specialists, and power users. At the same time, you’ll benefit from a
                               great liberal arts education enriched with courses in literature, philosophy, art history, cinema
                               studies, and business practices, among others. And of course, our Animation History course
                               is taught by one of the most respected animation historians and authors in the country,
                               Howard Beckerman. ¶ Learning isn’t just about hands-on training in campus studios. We
                               also provide opportunities for students to compete for internships and part time employment
at the most innovative, creative and successful animation studios and companies throughout      foundation-year requirements                                       third-year requirements

the U.S. and abroad. Our special working relationships with Plympton and Augenblick studios,    In addition to HCD-1010 and HCD-1020, Literature and Writing I     In addition to course work in art history and the humanities
                                                                                                and II, first-year Animation majors must complete the studio       and sciences, third-year students must choose one of the
as well as with numerous other independent animation creators throughout New York, allow        and art history courses listed below.                              specializations below and successfully complete all
students to get their portfolio noticed by prospective employers. Our students have produced    Two semesters of:
                                                                                                                                                                   requirements within that specialization.

animation for non-profit organizations and public service organizations such as UNICEF,         AND-1020     Introduction to Animation                             TRADITIONAL ANIMATION
                                                                                                FDD-1030     Drawing                                               Two semesters of:
UNESCO and other local companies that seek us out for help. ¶ Graduates of our program                                                                             AND-3010     Advanced Animation Workshop
                                                                                                One semester of:                                                   AND-3040     Advanced Life Drawing
have gone to work for Walt Disney Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Warner           AND-1040      Storytelling and Storyboards
                                                                                                AND-1070      Acting for Animators                                 One semester of:
Bros. Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Nickelodeon, Lucasfilm Animation, Sony Pictures Animation,   AHD-1080      History of Animation I                               AND-3050      Drawing Animals in Motion

and independent animation studios around the world. Many have won awards for their short        AHD-1085      History of Animation II                              AND-3120
                                                                                                                                                                                 Layout and Design
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sound Design for Animation
and feature films, from the Academy of Motion Pictures, The International Animation Festival,
                                                                                                second-year requirements                                           STOP MOTION
and The Association of International Film Animators (ASIFA).                                                                                                      Two semesters of:
                                                                                                In addition to course work in art history and the humanities and   AND-3020     Advanced Stop-Action Animation
                                                                                                sciences, second-year students must complete the courses
                                                                                                listed below.                                                      One semester of:
                                                                                                                                                                   AND-3120      Layout and Design
                                                                                                TRADITIONAL ANIMATION                                              AND-3130      Sound Design for Animation
                                                                                                Two semesters of:
                                                                                                AND-2010     Animation Workshop
                                                                                                FDD-2020     Anatomy                                               fourth-year requirements
                                                                                                AND-2110     Digital Compositing
                                                                                                                                                                   In addition to course work in art history and the humanities
                                                                                                One semester of:                                                   and sciences, fourth-year students must complete the
                                                                                                AND-2070      Storyboarding for Animation                          courses listed below.
                                                                                                AND-2090      Perspective Drawing
                                                                                                                                                                   Two semesters of:
                                                                                                STOP MOTION                                                        AND-4080     Animation Thesis
                                                                                                Two semesters of:
                                                                                                AND-2020     Introduction to Stop Motion                           One semester of:
                                                                                                AND-2110     Digital Compositing                                   AND-4010      Career Strategies for Animation
                                                                                                                                                                   AND-4020      Animation and Entertainment Law
                                                                                                One semester of:
                                                                                                AND-2140      Character Construction
                                                                                                AND-2160      Miniature Sets and Action Props
Department Highlights                                                and-3010 / advanced animation workshop                               and-3172 / developing the animated series                            and-4080 / animation thesis
                                                                      Addressing what every animator needs to know to succeed,             The goal of this course is to provide the fundamentals for           Students are required to complete an animated project that
fdd-2020 / anatomy                                                    this course is all about drawing, design and movement in a           developing an animated series, including the premise, outline,       demonstrates an advanced level of craft and technique. The
  In this course, anatomy will be studied in enough detail to         two-dimensional world as well as a three-dimensional                 character development and story arcs. We will begin with             work should not exceed five minutes in length. All candidates
  enable students to draw the muscular and skeletal systems           environment. Use of field guides, exposure sheets, lip sync,         an overview of the history of the animated series in the United      for thesis will meet with a thesis committee for a general
  from memory. The anatomical studies will explain how the            in-betweens and layouts are covered. Runs, walks, takes,             States, and how these series have been influenced by popular         meeting at the end of their junior year. At that meeting,
  underlying bone and muscles create the forms and surface            pans, trucks and preparation for camera, all done through            culture, as well as political and social events. While the focus     students will be given information and detailed instructions
  landmarks of the living figure. A significant part of the course    the proper construction of a scene are demonstrated. Learn           of the course will concentrate on the creative process, we           concerning: selection of an advisor, thesis guidelines, pro-
  will be spent on drawing from the model. The fall semester will     about the techniques of animation for the screen, whether            will also discuss such areas as domestic and international           posal deadlines, specific requirements for specialists and
  focus on the skeletal system and hands; the spring semester         in cel, cutouts, clay or any other technique commonly used in        markets, financing, production, merchandise, and marketing           important seminars. Students must begin their thesis projects
  will focus on the muscular system and the head.                     animation. How to tell a story and the science of movement           and distribution.                                                    in the fall semester of their senior year. Completed thesis
                                                                      are included to round out this essential course.                                                                                          projects are due at the end of the year. Students are required
and-2090 / perspective drawing                                                                                                            and-3020 / advanced stop-action animation                             to submit a copy of their completed thesis project to the
 Everything that you need to know about perspective will             and-3130 / sound design for animation                                  This course gives students a rare opportunity to learn a            department chair. The College may reproduce work in
 be covered in this course. From the essential basics of one-,        This course introduces students to the professional realities         highly specialized art form. Students will write a short script,    matters pertaining to accreditation and promotion.
 two- and three-point perspective to shadows, reflections,            of sound track preparation for their animations. We will focus        design and build a character, record the voice track and
 refraction and figure placement (including form and fore-            on both the technical and creative options available for creating     shoot a film, either individually or in teams. The history of
 shortening); as well as the relationship of color and value          dialogue tracks with actors as the initial stage of an animation      3D puppet and clay animation will be discussed, and films
 to create the sense of light, atmosphere, space and form.            project. In addition, students will explore the psychological,        will be screened and analyzed for technique.
 Assignments are designed to prove the practical applications         technical and creative stages of sound design, including
 of the basic principles of perspective. Class sessions with          foley, additional dialogue replacement, music, sound                and-4010 / career strategies for animation
 models, props and lighting will assist in the exploration.           effects and the mix.                                                 This course will familiarize students with the animation
                                                                                                                                           industry in New York, as well as nationally and internationally.
and-2140 / character construction                                    and-2070 / storyboarding for animation                                Students will learn how to market their skills and their films by
 Celebrity Deathmatch, Chicken Run, Nightmare Before                  The story is one of the most important aspects of a film. This       creating personalized portfolios, reels, résumés and mailers.
 Christmas and James and the Giant Peach are some of the              is a course about creating storyboards for animated films.           Guest lecturers from the industry will discuss the exciting
 films that have relied on stop-motion figure construction            Students will learn continuity, basic story structure and            opportunities in the field of animation.
 for their success. This course is an ideal prerequisite for          character delineation. In storyboard form, plots, situations
 anyone who wants to make stop-motion animation films.                and conflicts are developed. The entire process, from
 Students will design their own stop-motion figure—sculpt             rough sketches to a finished presentation, will be covered.
 the parts, build a wire structure, learn various jointing            Also included are storyboards for television spots and
 methods and detailed sculpting with polymer clays. The               cartoon shorts.
 figure will be assembled, painted and dressed.
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