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The Spirit of All Souls


									                                                                   Vol. 21, No. 11 • November 2010

                  The Spirit of All Souls
                                        Creating a diverse, spirit-growing,
                                           justice-seeking community
                                Transience and Change:
                                An Invitation to Acculturation
                                This month we explore the theme of Transience and Change,
  Inside This Issue
                                acknowledging that life moves and unfolds in both predictable
Worship Services            2   and surprising ways. A workshop on Sat., Nov. 6 will be a pilot
                                program in forging what Juana Bordas calls a New Social
Ministerial Search          2   Covenant. We’ll repeat this in 2011, as a way for small groups to
                                converse about difference and to keep building the vision of
Membership/Welcome 3            being a Beloved Community.
History Corner              3   This new covenant, or promise among equals, involves exploring and embracing the
                                diversity we hold, while seeking a unity of the whole. If the old assimilation model was a
Letter from BOT             4   “melting pot” into the dominant culture, the new social covenant is a patchwork quilt.
                                The idea itself isn’t brand new, of course, yet the need remains to declare this over and
Generosity Campaign         4   over again.
Nominees for Trustees                                                                    When we declare our
and Officers                    Unlike assimilation, whereby one’s culture,              congregation an intentionally
                                language and background are discarded,                   multicultural, multiracial space,
Caring Network              6   acculturation is an add-on, expanding process.           we are concurrently responsible
                                Acculturation requires proactively engaging in cross     for developing the leadership
T’giving Collection         6
                                -cultural experiences, which begins with listening       skills needed to navigate such
Happenings                  7   and being open to learning. One must be willing to       space. We need ongoing
                                step out of one’s cultural conditioning, gain            opportunities to observe
Vision Statement            8   knowledge of and adapt to diverse perspectives.          difference, and the chance to
                                Acculturation increase’s one’s cultural repertoire,      explore our individual
                                creativity, adaptability, and flexibility, and           assumptions and internalized
                                promotes cross-cultural competency. When people          cultural rules. At All Souls, we are
All Souls Church, Unitarian     learn to acculturate, they can thrive in different       on a continuing journey of
                                cultural environments.                                   acculturation, responding
   1500 Harvard Street NW                from Salsa, Soul and Spirit: Leadership for a   proactively to a city and nation
    Washington DC 20009
                                                  Multicultural Age, by Juana Bordas     already shifting into increasing
       202-332-5266                                                                      diversity.
     202-332-8968 (fax)
                                                                                                            (continued on page 2)
Transience                                                      November Worship Services
(continued from front page)

Here are a few of the ways we’ve worked to build a
                                                            7    A Certain Slant of Light. Rev. Hardies. The light of
Beloved Community over the last five years.
                                                                 autumn doesn’t shine as brightly as that of spring or
     Jubilee II training weekends, with curricula by            summer, but it is beautiful nonetheless. Similarly, our
      the UUA and sponsored by A Dialogue on Race                Inner Light—our Spirit—changes with time and with loss.
      and Ethnicity (ADORE), sensitize participants to           What are the lessons of a soul seasoned by loss?
      systemic power and racism.
     The year-long UUA curriculum, Building the            14 Change and Spiritual Impasse. Rev. Hardies. Change is a
      World We Dream About, was pilot-tested by                given in life, yet it can often provoke a spiritual crisis.
      two groups here at All Souls.                            How do our souls make sense of the changes in our
     Ongoing discussions on diversity find platforms          lives? How does our spirituality remain relevant to new
      in worship themes and sermons, Adult Spiritual           experience?
      Development classes, and ADORE gatherings.
                                                            21 More Than Turkey and Tofu. Rev. Newman. Traditionally,
     For four years, congregants of all ages have
                                                               Thanksgiving is when we gather with family and friends
      joined service/learning trips to New Orleans,
                                                               and the focus of the day is the “feast.” Isn’t there more
      where, in addition to helping rebuild a great
                                                               to Thanksgiving than turkey and tofu?
      American city, we look at institutional structures
      of race, class, and educational privilege.            28 Gift, Grace, and Letting Go. Rev. Green. The illusion of
     The church has been a member for six years of            control, and the desire to maintain it, sometimes blocks
      the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN),                 the gifts we might receive. The paradox of letting go
      organizing work on public urban issues with a            completely is that we often get back from others what
      wide cross-section of DC congregations.                  we could not have designed or imagined. An exploration
     For a third year now, we teach and tutor English         of grace, and how it may arrive in spite of ourselves.
      as a Second Language, working with immigrants
      from Latin America, Africa, and Asia.
Each of us can practice acculturation in the neighborhood, workplace, school, and congregation. Find a way to intentionally
expand your cultural repertoire!
                                                           Blessings, Louise—Minister of Pastoral Care and Lay Leadership

Ministerial Search Committee
As the Spirit goes to press, the Associate Ministerial Search Committee is working hard to finalize the Congregational Record
and Congregational Packet. The Unitarian Universalist Association uses these documents in the process of matching churches
and ministers. Our Congregational Record, which will be posted on a UUA website page accessible to UU ministers searching
for positions, will be more than just a standard job description of the associate minister position the church seeks to fill. It will
also include qualities we seek in an applicant and descriptions of our congregational life. The Committee wrote these sections
guided by what they heard during the numerous small-group listening sessions in September and in interviews with key staff
and leaders. The Congregational Packet, sent directly to applicants, will expand the record, including other information about
All Souls, such as our congregational history, our budget, our bylaws, and about the housing market in this region.
The Committee is also designing a strategy to recruit applicants from outside the UUA. To reach good candidates, especially
persons of color, who might not otherwise hear of the job opening, All Souls will ask other progressive religious institutions to
suggest good matches and to circulate the job description.
The Committee hopes to post the job by early November. Then begins the sorting through the applicants to find that special
someone who will best complete our ministerial team. If you have questions, contact any member of the Committee. The co-
chairs are Kathy Ferger (202-723-6320; and Marian Urquilla (202-391-5739;
                  Skills and Interests of the Congregation

                                                                                                                         Membership and welcoming
                  Last spring, we began collecting information from congregants on what skills
                  and interests they had that they might want to share with All Souls Church. I
                  am excited to announce that to date over 600 congregants did this by filling
                  out a Congregant Profile. The vast majority indicated multiple ways they
                  might be interested in getting more involved at All Souls.
                  If you filled out a Congregant Profile, thank you! If you have not, you still can
                  – please go to or
                  stop by the front office and ask for one.
                    What next?
                    If you are a lay leader and are looking for volunteers or have an event to
                    promote, please be in touch with me ( or 202-
                    332-5266). I can provide you with a list of folks who are more likely to be
                    interested so you can reach out to them.
                    If you filled out a Congregant Profile, be on the look-out for requests to get
                  involved. Know that some of these are coming because of what you have indi-
                  cated you are interested in or might be good at. This doesn’t mean you have
                  to say yes to anything sent your way, but know that All Souls is following-up
                  on the information you shared.
                  Overall we hope these efforts will make it easier for folks to get involved in
                  ways that are most meaningful to them. Again, thank you to all who have par-
                  ticipated in this effort!
                                     Amy Mulry Wesolek, Director of Membership and Welcoming

                                                        There are three steps to membership:
Want to join All Souls?                                 At an introduction session, you learn about Unitarian Universalism and All
Deciding to join All Souls is a commitment – one        Souls Church. Next session: Nov. 14, 10:45 am and 12:30 pm.
that we hope will enrich your life. All Souls           At an orientation, you learn more about UUism, ASC, and the meaning of
encourages all its members to                           membership. You can (but are not obliged to) sign the Membership Book.
    worship regularly at Sunday services;               Next session: Sat., Nov. 20, 9:30 am–12:30 pm. RSVP to Amy
    serve the church;                                   (; 202-332-5266).
    connect with other All Souls congregants; and       At a New Member Welcome, new members are introduced and formally
    support All Souls with generous financial           welcomed to the community through an ingathering ceremony during a
    contributions.                                      Sunday service. Next welcome: Dec. 5.

                  All Souls History Corner
                  From the Files of Paul Pfeiffer. Have you ever seen the bust of Rev. A. Powell Davies in
                  the Reception Room, next to the Harvard St. entrance of All Souls? This sculpture by
                  Jimilu Mason, who grew up in the ASC Church School, was unveiled in 1957 during a
                  memorial concert by the All Souls Choir. Mason also did sculptures in front of the Festival
                  Center and Christ House on Columbia Road, and at the Kennedy Center, the Supreme
                  Court building, and of Shanti the elephant at the National Zoo. For photographs and
                  more information, see the historical panel in Pierce Hallway.
                   What moves us at All Souls church? To share in our many ministries? To be eager and therefore work hard to make the
                   church a place that helps us fulfill our goals to grow spiritually and build stronger community ties among us even as we
Letter             are supported to take action beyond our walls to benefit the world? This was the question posed as we lit the chalice
                   and opened the October Board meeting. A joint reading of #594 (adapted from the UUA Principles and Purposes) in our
 from              hymnal helped provide some answers.

   the             

                        We affirm and promote acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth.
                        We believe that all people should have a voice and a vote about things which concern them.
  BOT                  We affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.
                   As we move towards the end of the church’s business year, here are several actions taken or pending before the Board.
In October we approved: 1) the contract with an architectural and engineering firm to do a thorough assessment in the next three months,
leading to congregational work in the spring on what we want to do to fix up our building; 2) an annual monitoring calendar for 2011 that
spells out when the board will monitor progress on the new goals emerging from the visioning process and when we’ll monitor church
policies concerning our assets, finances, treatment of staff and volunteers, etc.; and 3) a small Beckner grant to help the Silver Souls restore
the Minister’s Exhibition, particularly as we approach the church’s 190th anniversary on September 11, 2011.
In the next month we will be taking action on: 1) by-laws changes that are being recommended by the Governance Review Team
established in 2009; 2) the draft contract that is part of the information packet that gets us started on recruiting associate minister
candidates; 3) the measurable results and milestones accompanying the visioning goals approved by the congregation in 2009; 4) the 2011
budget we will recommend to the congregation for consideration and approval at the December 5 Annual Meetingl; and 5) the 2010
Beckner grants to local community organizations.
Dates to note
    Sun., Nov. 7 at 1:00 pm – special information on the church's auditing process and plans
    Sun., Dec. 5 at 1:00 pm – 2011 Annual Meeting
And a reminder to some of us to take two actions regarding our pledges to our church: 1) fulfill the pledge we made for 2010, and 2) turn in
as generous a pledge as possible for 2011. Thanks to everyone as we continue to share in making the ministries of All Souls Church vibrant,
joyfully successful, and of service inside and outside of the church.
                                                                                                   Erika Landberg, President, Board of Trustees
                                       The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we
                                       truly live. —Ethel Percy Andrus
                                       Many thanks to all members and friends of All Souls who have shown their commitment with a
                                       financial pledge for 2011. This historic church could not run—and this blessed community would not
                                       exist—without your contributions.
                                       We urge all who have put off pledging to please step up to the plate! Everyone who attends is asked
                                       to contribute generously and consider pledging 10 percent more than last year. We at All Souls
                                       celebrate diversity, including diversity in economic status; we recognize that everyone cannot give
                                       equally. Please look on the financial commitment form for the UUA formula for suggested giving
                                       levels based on your adjusted annual income. Know that the act of giving deepens your connection to
                                       this spiritual community and is an expression of your life circumstances, aspirations, and ideals.
This year, in keeping with our social justice tradition, All Souls helped lead the successful campaign for marriage equality in DC. We continue
to make connections beyond our walls, befriending formerly homeless men living nearby at Christ House, assisting residents of the Lower
Ninth Ward in New Orleans, and meeting with survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima. Your financial commitment helps sustain these
connections, along with All Souls’ moving and thought-provoking worship services, spirit-lifting music, and religious education program.
As you consider your pledge, please remember that it costs about $2,000 annually per member to run the church. Our goal this year is $1.3
million. Pledges are used in preparing the budget, which will be voted on by the congregation at our annual meeting in early December. So
please fill out a financial pledge commitment form, available at, in the office, and at the Sunday Pledge table (through
If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please stop by our table after church or contact co-chairs Mark Chambers
( or Sharon Groves (
Thank you again for helping to expand All Souls’ connections and build our community.

                        Nominees for Trustees and Officers

The 2010 Nominating Committee is proud to                     Nominees for Officer Positions
present the Congregation with a slate of highly               Moderator: Kelly Young. After joining All Souls two years ago, Kelly very
qualified nominees for the three open three-                  quickly assumed a major responsibility, leading our successful, months-long
year terms on the Board of Trustees. New                      visioning process and explaining the results at last year’s congregational
                                                              meeting. Kelly brings extensive experience in building and running successful
trustees and officers will be elected at the
                                                              nonprofits and working collaboratively and productively with a broad range
Congregational Meeting on December 5.                         of progressive political organizations.
Other candidates may compete either by
                                                              Membership Secretary: Grant W. Smith. Raised as a Unitarian Universalist,
gathering the necessary 20 signatures on a                    Grant has attended All Souls since 2002, served as an usher, Jubilee Singer,
petition or by being nominated from the floor.                and member of the church retreat planning committee, and belonged to a
                                                              couples’ covenant group. Long involved in UU social justice and anti-racism
                                                              activities, he also brings experience in public policy, persuasion, and work
Nominees for the Board of Trustees                            with grass-roots and nongovernmental organizations.
Kathy Mulvey. A lifelong Unitarian, Kathy has worked          Secretary: Taryn Wilgus Null. A life-long Unitarian, Taryn is a Jubilee Singer
on the Generosity Committee and the archives since            and has been involved in All Souls’ New Orleans Connection. Professionally,
joining All Souls in 2009. As a nonprofit executive, she      she is an attorney who litigates on behalf of individuals advocating for the
brings experience in strategic planning and fundraising,      separation of church and state and has previously worked in the areas of civil
a grasp of nonprofit organization finances, and an            rights, women’s rights, and child and family welfare. She has served on
understanding of the relationship between a staff and a       nonprofit boards both as board member and secretary and so is well versed
board. She is also proficient in Spanish.                     in policy governance and recording secretary responsibilities.
Sterling M. Lloyd, Jr. Sterling brings exceptional            Assistant Secretary: Christina Lohs. New this year to All Souls, Christina
experience in administration and strategic planning           volunteered with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic and now works
from his 38 years at the Howard University College of         for the US Dep’t of Agriculture as chief of staff for a senior administrator. She
Medicine, having just retired as associate dean for           is skilled at writing, organizing, and managing sensitive tasks for a full
administration and planning. He has also acquired some        spectrum of stakeholders. She is also trained as an organizational facilitator.
expertise in building renovations, grant-writing, budget
proposals, and strategic planning, which is valuable to All   Treasurer: Barry Johnson (incumbent). This will be Barry’s third and last year
Souls as it plans a capital campaign and building             as treasurer. He has developed an effective relationship with All Souls’
renovation. He has served on both the regional and            executive director both as monitor of church finances (policy governance)
national boards of the National Association of Medical        and as advisor to the Board. As treasurer, he has led the development of a
Minority Educators.                                           plan for yearly internal financial reviews to complement the triennial external
                                                              audit. A CPA, he is chief financial officer of ACON Investments, a DC-based
Victor Branham. Members of the Nominating                     private equity investment firm that manages over $1 billion in capital .
Committee encouraged Victor to run for the board
because he had proven to be such a capable chairman.          Assistant Treasurer: Andrew Miller (incumbent). Andrew has served as
He has also co-facilitated four Root and Wings classes,       assistant treasurer for a year and a half. He is also active with the KUUMBA
belonged to a covenant group for two years, and has           Players and Green Souls. Professionally, he is a human rights campaigner
volunteered in the lunch ministry. He is a project            with Amazon Watch and has organizational and financial skills from working
systems manager for the American College of                   with nonprofit organizations. He has used his experience working with
Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a position requiring         grassroots movements to recruit and energize the volunteers needed to
both IT ability and collaboration.                            count the weekly collections.

                                           Caring Network
                         Congregational Concerns from October
The Joy of New Children
Nicholas Hyunsoo, grandson of Goldia Hodgdon  Jackson Jeffery Beasley, grandson of Janet Randolph and Herb Lowrey
 Rosemary Page, child of Deva Kyle and Dan Pereira  Zafir Townsend, grandson of Shirley Thompson  Margery Alice
Whiteman Belling, daughter of Bailey Whiteman and Doug Belling

Wedding Congratulations
Denyse Sabagh and Roger St. Vincent Tony Maida and Tony Volpe              Jay Hariani and Amy Stanley         Brenda Neubert and
Jane Huelle Alex Wilson and Alan Abramson, and son Ben

Life Milestones
Rev. Bill Sinkford, installed as senior minister at First Unitarian of Portland, Oregon  Kathy Schmidt, Andy Shallal: both
recipients of the DC Vote 2010 Champion of Democracy  Marlene Valdez, leaving DC for work with the Qatar University
College of Law  Rev. Don Robinson, DC athletic field named in his honor, for Beacon House sports ministry

Healing Thoughts and Prayers for Recovery
Anastassia Zinke, recovering from broken ankle after being hit by car  Mary Taylor’s brother, Charlie, diagnosed with
lymphoma  Linda Button’s mother, Kay Bartley, who is very ill  Carolyn Fowler Smith’s son, Reggie, recovering from
surgery  Nadine Dutcher, recovering from a fall  Alex Zanolli, recovering from surgery  Courtenay Dunn, in the Burn
Unit at Washington Hospital, and partner Moses Rojas  Dawud As-Salam, in Veteran’s Administration Hospital  Ndidi
Okwumabua, in Georgetown Hospital  Wesley Hanes, in Washington Hospital  Jim Albright, in Johns Hopkins Hospital

Condolences for Mourning and Loss
To Rev. Susan Newman on the death of her close friend, John Wallace         To Sara Hudgins, on the death of her father,
Howard To Phyllis Utter, on the death of her father, Phillip

                  Once again we’ll collect T’giving food for families in      Last name: Please bring
                  need. This tradition, begun by Rev. Davies in the late             A,B: Corn muffin mix, low-fat Bisquick, low
                  40s, has grown over the years and is now green. Six                     sodium, canned vegetables/beans, apples
                  organizations will benefit as they distribute food to
                                                                                   C, D, E: Stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, canned
                  neighbors and clients during the week. Last year we
                                                                                            fruits in juice, fresh carrots or celery
                  fed 530 families!

                   We need volunteers and food. Contact Rev.                      F, G, H: Dried fruit, fresh apples & oranges, low-


                   Newman ( to sign-up for any                         sodium chicken & vegetable broth
                   2-hour shift. See the list for what food to bring.             I, J, K, L: Nuts, low sodium canned soups/low-
                  We welcome monetary donations. Make checks to                              sodium chicken & vegetable broth, brown
                   "All Souls Church" with "Thanksgiving Collection" on                       rice, fresh onions
                   the note line. Place cash in an envelope with
                                                                                 M, N, O: Dried beans, fresh carrots/onions, stuffing
                   "Thanksgiving Collection" on it.
                                                                                          mix, whole wheat/whole grain pasta
                  Bring food directly to Pierce Hall stage before
                   services on Sun., Nov. 21. Food must be in recycled            P, Q, R: Cookies, sweet & white potatoes, corn
                   materials grocery bags, which most grocery store                        muffin mix, low-fat Bisquick
                   chains sell for about $1. NO plastic, paper, or small           S, T, U: Teas, coffees, hot chocolate, 100% juices,
                   canvas tote bags, please. Extra recycled grocery                         sweet & white potatoes
                   bags are welcome, so buy more and donate them.
                                                                             V, W, X, Y, Z: Whole wheat/whole grain pasta, cookies,
                  If possible, please choose items that are organic,
                                                                                            fresh oranges, low-sodium canned
                   low sodium/sugar, and locally grown.
                                                                                            vegetables & beans
Sun. Nov. 7, 1:00 pm. Learn more about citywide social justice action and ongoing campaigns, meet All

                                                                                                                  Happenings and Opportunities
Souls leaders in the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN), and plan for the future at the
next ASC/WIN meeting. Contact Allison Forbes (; 203-856-2381) .
The All Souls Action Team of WIN will schedule individual meetings with congregants to learn more about
what issues our community feels passionate about. They hope to create deeper connections while building
the power to create systemic change in our community and beyond. If you’re interested in meeting with a
WIN leader or in learning more about this campaign, contact Rob Mealey (;
860-558-3405) or Alexandra Rosenblatt (; 860-214-9211).

Tue., Nov. 16, 10:00–11:30 am, Sanctuary. The Washington DC chapter of Muslims for
Progressive Values will host an inclusive and welcoming woman-led Muslim prayer service in
celebration of the holiday of Eid al Adha, which commemorates the hajj, the end of the annual pilgrimage to
Mecca. For more information or to RSVP, send an email to

Sun., Nov. 21 (after second service) and Sun., Nov. 28 (after first service), Library. Join the Hiroshima
Children’s Drawing Committee for an awesome slideshow of the historic trip to Hiroshima
and for more feedback from the ASC travelers who made the journey.

Jan. 28-30, 2011. Mid-Winter Silent Retreat at Dayspring. In January, when our monthly
theme will be spiritual practice, All Souls will offer a silent retreat led by ASC member, Rev. Alida DeCoster.
Participants will gather for a time of deepening and shared silence during which they’ll slow down to
become mindfully present to the winter season in a natural setting at Dayspring
(, in Germantown, Maryland. Some experience in or reading about mindfulness
meditation will be a good preparation.
The weekend retreat, from late Friday afternoon through Sunday noon, will cost approximately $200 for
members, $225 for non-members (final rates are pending). The cost will cover two nights in a private room
and six vegetarian meals. To reserve a space, contact Bill Bridges at the front desk (202-332-5266 ext. 101).

On October 20, two All Souls–Beckner Fund grantees won highly prestigious awards from the National Arts and
Humanities Youth Program Awards. Mentors of Minorities in Education Inc. (M.O.M.I.E.) runs the Great
Persons Series, a curriculum that encourage school children to aim high by introducing them to a variety of
historical and contemporary leaders who’ve influenced the world. Young Playwrights’ Theater gets kids to
explore issues of concern in their lives through playwriting. Find information on all the awardees at

Robert Hardies, Senior Minister (
Louise Green, Minister of Pastoral Care and Lay Leadership (
Susan Newman, Interim Assoc. Minister of Congregational Life and Social Justice
                                                                                  All Souls Church Unitarian’s
Gabrielle Farrell, Life Span and Family Ministries (
Nikevia Thomas, Director of RE (
                                                                                       Vision Statements
Katie Loughary, Executive Director (
Thomas Colohan, Music Director (
Lenard Starks, Assoc. Music Director (
Scot Hanna-Weir, All Souls Choir Director and Pianist
Amy Mulry Wesolek, Director of Membership and Welcoming                           To build the Beloved Community, All
Alicia Dixon, Space and Database Manager (                     Souls Church cultivates and celebrates…
Bill Bridges, Office Manager (
Gary Penn, Communications Manager (
                                                                                   …spiritual growth and transformation
                         BOARD OF TRUSTEES
Erika Landberg, President (                               as we question, learn from others, and
Mary Hill Rojas, Vice President (
Fred Samuels, Vice President (                                seek lives of meaning and reverence.
Shirley Blakely (
Mark Ewert (
Goldia Hodgdon (
                                                                                   …a welcoming, diverse, and vibrant
Laurie Lester (
Fred Tipson (
                                                                                   community where we love, respect,
Elizabeth Turpen (                                             and care for one another.
Erika Landberg, President
Dori Phelps, Secretary (
                                                                                   …service and prophetic action to
Catharine Clarenbach, Ass’t Sec’y (
Allison Denny, Membership Sec’y (
                                                                                   move the world toward justice, healing,
Barry Johnson, Treasurer (
Andrew Miller, Ass’t Treasurer (
                                                                                   and sustainability.
Jody Feldman, Moderator (

             The Spirit of All Souls
             All Souls Church, Unitarian
             1500 Harvard Street NW
             Washington DC 20009

               Return service requested

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