Concluding Observations adopted by the Treaty Bodies in - OHCHR by wpr1947


                         This CD-Rom has been prepared by the Human Rights Treaty Division
                               of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
               It contains all the Concluding Observations adopted in 2010 by the following Treaty bodies:

                                            - the Committee Against Torture (CAT);
                                   - the Committee on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR);
                     - the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women CEDAW);
                           - the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD);
                            the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR);
                                      - the Committee on Migrant Workers (CMW), and
                                     - the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

          Please find below the listing disclosing the names of the country concerned in alphabetical order together
       with the Committee's abbreviation, the session number, the corresponding symbol number of the document
                                              and the corresponding language.
           In order to prompt on your screen the document containing the observations you wish to read, click on
                          any of the 3 available languages, English (E), French (F) or Spanish (S).

                                      Concluding Observations adopted
                                        by the Treaty bodies in 2010
                                                  Table of contents
       Country            Treaty Body Session No.             See Symbol No.                  E           F            S
      Afghanistan           CESCR          44               E/C.12/AFG/CO/2-4                 X           X            X
        Albania             CEDAW          46               CEDAW/C/ALB/CO/3                  X           X            X
        Albania              CMW           13                CMW/C/ALB/CO/1                   X           X            X
        Algeria             CESCR          44                 E/C.12/DZA/CO/4                 X           X            X
        Algeria              CMW           12                CMW/C/DZA/CO/1                   X           X            X
        Angola               CRC           55               CRC/C/AGO/CO/2-4                  X           X            X
       Argentina             CRC           54               CRC/C/ARG/CO/3-4                  X           X            X
       Argenitna          CRC/OPSC/        54             CRC/C/OPSC/ARG/CO/1                 X           X            X
       Argentina          CRC/OPAC/        54             CRC/C/OPAC/ARG/CO/1                 X           X            X
       Argentina            CEDAW          46              CEDAW/C/ARG/CO/6                   X           X            X
       Argentina             CCPR          98               CCPR/C/ARG/CO/4                   X           X            X
       Argentina             CERD          76             CERD/C/ARG/CO/19-20                 X           X            X
       Australia            CEDAW          46               CEDAW/C/AUL/CO/7                  X           X            X
       Australia             CERD          77             CERD/C/AUS/CO/15-17                 X           X            X
        Austria               CAT          44                CAT/C/AUT/CO/4-5                 X           X            X
        Belgium              CRC           54                CRC/C/BEL/CO/3-4                 X           X            X
        Belgium           CRC/OPSC/        54             CRC/C/OPSC/BEL/CO/1                 X           X            X
        Belgium              CCPR         100                CCPR/C/BEL/CO/5                  X           X            X
Bosnia and Herzegovina       CERD          77               CERD/C/BIH/CO/7-8                 X           X            X
Bosnia and Herzegovina        CAT          45                CAT/C/BIH/CO/2-5                 X           X            X
Bosnia and Herzegovina    CRC-OPSC         55             CRC/C/OPSC/BIH/CO/1                 X           X            X
Bosnia and Herzegovina    CRC-OPAC         55             CRC/C/OPAC/BIH/CO/1                 X           X            X
       Botswana             CEDAW          45              CEDAW/C/BOT/CO/3                   X           X            X
    Burkina Faso            CEDAW          47               CEDAW/C/BFA/CO/6                  X           X            X
    Burkina Faso             CRC           53               CRC/C/BFA/CO/3-4                  X           X            X
       Burundi               CRC           55                 CRC/C/BDI/CO/2                  X           X            X
      Cambodia               CERD          76              CERD/C/KHM/CO/8-13                 X           X            X
      Cambodia                CAT          45                CAT/C/KHM/CO/2                   X           X            X
      Cameroon               CRC           53                CRC/C/CMR/CO/2                   X           X            X
      Cameroon               CCPR          99               CCPR/C/CMR/CO/4                   X           X            X
      Cameroon               CERD          76             CERD/C/CMR/CO/15-18                 X           X            X
      Cameroon                CAT          44                CAT/C/CMR/CO/4                   X           X            X
     Colombia        CRC/OPSC/    54     CRC/C/OPSC/COL/CO/1        X   X   X
     Colombia        CRC/OPAC/    54     CRC/C/OPAC/COL/CO/1        X   X   X
     Colombia          CCPR       99        CCPR/C/COL/CO/6         X   X   X
     Colombia         CESCR       44         E/C.12/COL/CO/5        X   X   X
  Czech Republic      CEDAW       47       CEDAW/C/CZE/CO/5         X   X   X
     Denmark           CERD       77     CERD/C/DNK/CO/18-19        X   X   X
Dominican Republic    CESCR       45        E/C.12/DOM/CO/3         X   X   X
      Ecuador           CAT       45        CAT/C/ECU/CO/4-6        X   X   X
      Ecuador          CMW        13        CMW/C/ECU/CO/2          X   X   X
      Ecuador          CRC        53         CRC/C/ECU/CO/4         X   X   X
      Ecuador        CRC/OPSC/    53     CRC/C/OPSC/ECU/CO/1        X   X   X
      Ecuador        CRC/OPAC/    53     CRC/C/OPAC/ECU/CO/1        X   X   X
    El Salvador        CRC        53        CRC/C/SLV/CO/3-4        X   X   X
    El Salvador      CRC/OPSC/    53     CRC/C/OPSC/SLV/CO/1        X   X   X
    El Salvador        CCPR      100        CCPR/C/SLV/CO/6         X   X   X
    El Salvador        CERD       77      CERD/C/SLV/CO/14-15       X   X   X
        Egypt         CEDAW       45       CEDAW/C/EGY/CO/7         X   X   X
      Estonia        CRC/OPSC/    53     CRC/C/OPSC/EST/CO/1        X   X   X
      Estonia          CCPR       99        CCPR/C/EST/CO/3         X   X   X
      Estonia          CERD       77       CERD/C/EST/CO/8-9        X   X   X
      Ethiopia          CAT       45         CAT/C/ETH/CO/1         X   X   X
 FYR of Macedonia      CRC        54        CRC/C/MKD/CO/2          X   X   X
 FYR of Macedonia    CRC/OPSC/    54     CRC/C/OPSC/MKD/CO/1        X
 FYR of Macedonia    CRC/OPAC/    54     CRC/C/OPAC/MKD/CO/1        X
          Fiji        CEDAW       46       CEDAW/C/FJI/CO/4         X   X   X
       France           CAT       44        CAT/C/FRA/CO/4-6        X   X   X
       France          CERD       77      CERD/C/FRA/CO/17-19       X   X   X
       France          CERD       77   CERD/C/FRA/CO/17-19/Corr.1       X
      Grenada          CRC        54        CRC/C/GRD/CO/2          X   X   X
      Grenada          CRC        54     CRC/C/GRD/CO/2/Corr.1      X   X
    Guatemala          CRC        55       CRC/C/GTM/CO/3-4         X   X   X
    Guatemala          CERD       76     CERD/C/GTM/CO/12-13        X   X   X
      Hungary          CCPR      100        CCPR/C/HUN/CO/5         X   X   X
      Iceland          CERD       76      CERD/C/ISL/CO/19-20       X   X   X
      India *         CEDAW       47     CEDAW/C/IND/CO/SP.1        X   X   X
         Iran          CERD       77      CERD/C/IRN/CO/18-19       X   X   X
        Israel       CRC/OPAC/    53     CRC/C/OPAC/ISR/CO/1        X   X   X
        Israel         CCPR       99        CCPR/C/ISR/CO/3         X   X   X
       Japan           CRC        54         CRC/C/JPN/CO/3         X   X   X
       Japan         CRC/OPSC/    54     CRC/C/OPSC/JPN/CO/1        X   X   X
       Japan         CRC/OPAC/    54     CRC/C/OPAC/JPN/CO/1        X   X   X
       Japan           CERD       76        CERD/C/JPN/CO/6         X   X   X
       Jordan           CAT       44         CAT/C/JOR/CO/2         X   X   X
       Jordan          CCPR      100        CCPR/C/JOR/CO/4         X   X   X
    Kazakhstan        CESCR       44         E/C.12/KAZ/CO/1        X   X   X
    Kazakhstan         CERD       76       CERD/C/KAZ/CO/4-5        X   X   X
   Liechtenstein     CRC/OPAC/    53      CRC/C/OPAC/LIE/CO/1       X   X   X
   Liechtenstein        CAT       44          CAT/C/LIE/CO/3        X   X   X
       Malawi         CEDAW       45       CEDAW/C/MWI/CO/6         X   X   X
        Malta         CEDAW       47       CEDAW/C/MLT/CO/4         X   X   X
     Mauritius        CESCR       44         E/C.12/MUS/CO/4        X   X   X
       Mexico          CCPR       98        CCPR/C/MEX/CO/5         X   X   X
      Morocco          CERD       77     CERD/C/MAR/CO/17-18        X   X   X
      Monaco           CERD       76       CERD/C/MCO/CO/6          X   X   X
     Mongolia           CAT       45        CAT/C/MNG/CO/1          X   X   X
     Mongolia          CRC        53       CRC/C/MNG/CO/3-4         X   X   X
     Mongolia        CRC/OPAC/    53     CRC/C/OPSC/MNG/CO/1        X   X   X
     Mongolia        CRC/OPAC/    53     CRC/C/OPAC/MNG/CO/1        X   X   X
    Montenegro         CRC        55        CRC/C/MNE/CO/1          X   X   X
     Montenegro      CRC-OPSC           55       CRC/C/OPSC/MNE/CO/1    X   X   X
     Montenegro      CRC-OPAC           55       CRC/C/OPAC/MNE/CO/1    X   X   X
    Netherlands       CEDAW             45        CEDAW/C/NLD/CO/5      X   X   X
    Netherlands        CERD             76       CERD/C/NLD/CO/17-18    X   X   X
    Netherlands       CESCR             45         E/C.12/NLD/CO/4-5    X   X   X
    New Zealand        CCPR             98         CCPR/C/NZL/CO/5      X   X   X
      Nicaragua        CRC              55         CRC/C/NIC/CO/3-4     X   X   X
      Nicaragua        CRC              55       CRC/C/OPSC/NIC/CO/1    X   X   X
      Nicaragua        CRC              55       CRC/C/OPAC/NIC/CO/1    X   X   X
        Nigeria        CRC              54         CRC/C/NGA/CO/3-4     X   X   X
       Norway          CRC              53          CRC/C/NOR/CO/4      X   X   X
       Panama         CEDAW             45        CEDAW/C/PAN/CO/7      X   X   X
       Panama          CERD             76       CERD/C/PAN/CO/15-20    X   X   X
 Papua New Guinea     CEDAW             46        CEDAW/C/PNG/CO/3      X   X   X
      Paraguay         CRC              53          CRC/C/PRY/CO/3      X   X   X
        Poland         CCPR            100         CCPR/C/POL/CO/6      X   X   X
      Romania          CERD             77       CERD/C/ROU/CO/16-19    X   X   X
 Russian Federation   CEDAW             46        CEDAW/C/USR/CO/7      X   X   X
       Senegal         CMW              13         CMW/C/SEN/CO/1       X   X   X
        Serbia       CRC/OPSC/          54       CRC/C/OPSC/SRB/CO/1    X   X   X
        Serbia       CRC/OPAC/          54       CRC/C/OPAC/SRB/CO/1    X   X   X
    Sierra Leone     CRC/OPSC           55       CRC/C/OPSC/SLE/CO/1    X   X   X
    Sierra Leone     CRC/OPAC/          55       CRC/C/OPAC/SLE/CO/1    X   X   X
  Slovak Republic      CERD             76        CERD/C/SVK/CO/6-8     X   X   X
       Slovenia        CERD             77        CERD/C/SVN/CO/6-7     X   X   X
         Spain         CRC              55         CRC/C/ESP/CO/3-4     X   X   X
      Sri Lanka       CESCR             45         E/C.12/LKA/CO/2-4    X   X   X
      Sri Lanka        CRC              55         CRC/C/LKA/CO/3-4     X   X   X
      Sri Lanka      CRC-OPAC           55       CRC/C/OPAC/LKA/CO/1    X   X   X
        Sudan          CRC              55         CRC/C/SDN/CO/3-4     X   X   X
        Sudan        CRC-OPAC           55       CRC/C/OPAC/SDN/CO/1    X   X   X
     Switzerland        CAT             44          CAT/C/CHE/CO/6      X   X   X
     Switzerland      CESCR             45         E/C.12/CHE/CO/2-3    X   X   X
Syrian Arab Republic    CAT             44          CAT/C/SYR/CO/1      X   X   X
      Tajikistan       CRC              53          CRC/C/TJK/CO/2      X   X   X
        Tunisia       CEDAW             47        CEDAW/C/TUN/CO/6      X   X   X
        Tunisia        CRC              54          CRC/C/TUN/CO/3      X   X   X
        Turkey        CEDAW             46        CEDAW/C/TUR/CO/6      X   X   X
        Turkey          CAT             45          CAT/C/TUR/CO/3      X   X   X
       Uganda         CEDAW             47        CEDAW/C/UGA/CO/7      X   X   X
       Ukraine        CEDAW             45        CEDAW/C/UKR/CO/7      X   X   X
     Uzbekistan        CERD             77        CERD/C/UZB/CO/6-7     X   X   X
United Arab Emirates  CEDAW             45        CEDAW/C/ARE/CO/1      X   X   X
       Uruguay        CESCR             45         E/C.12/URY/CO/3-4    X   X   X
     Uzbekistan       CEDAW             45        CEDAW/C/UZB/CO/4      X   X   X
     Uzbekistan        CCPR             98         CCPR/C/UZB/CO/3      X   X   X
        Yemen           CAT             44       CAT/C/YEM/CO/2/Rev.1   X   X   X

         *         Follow up to Special report

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