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									                                                              STATE OF ALASKA
                                               ALASKA OIL AND GAS CONSERVATION COMMISSION
                                                       NOTICE OF OWNERSHIP*
                                                                       20 AAC 25.022
1. Name of Current Owner of Record:

2. Address:

3. Notice is hereby given that the above named owner                               , landowner                    , of record for the oil and gas property described
   below has assigned or transferred interest in the property indicated below:

              Property Designation:

              Legal description of property:                                                           Field or Unit:

                                                                                                                        Property plat attached

4. Effective date of assignment or transfer:                                       5. Percentage interest assigned or transferred:

6. Assignee or Transferee (new owner):


7. Assignor or Transferor (existing owner):


8. Assignor or Transferor hereby certifies that the foregoing is true and correct (attach Power of Attorney or other evidence of authority of person signing):

Signature:                                                                                    Date:

 Printed Name:                                                                                Title:

*This form is required to be filed with the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission within 15 days after a person becomes owner of a property pursuant
 to 20 AAC 25. 022 and upon all subsequent changes in ownership.

       Form 10-417 Rev.12/2005

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