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									                     Death Notification
                            Deilvering the news

        7/26/04                                           1

                      To educate those who must do
                      death death notification as part of a
                      professional position. It is
                      imperative that death news be
                      delivered with the utmost
                      compassion, courtesy and
                      Terry Huertaz, MADD NM State
                      Executive Director

        7/26/04                                           2

                     Crime Rates
                      470 people murdered each week
                      800 people killed in vehicular
                      crashes every week and almost
                      half are alcohol involved deaths
                      10-12 police officers killed each

        7/26/04                                           3

Death Notification                                            1
                     Who notifies
                      Police Officers
                      Victim Advocates

        7/26/04                                              4


                      From that moment on…everything
                      changes forever
                      A stressed notifies will not deliver
                      Eth Study

        7/26/04                                              5

                     Apprehensions of the
                      Feeling untrained or unprepared
                      Over identification with the victims
                      Personal vulnerability
                      Fear of being labeled by

        7/26/04                                              6

Death Notification                                               2
                      Difficult task that can and should
                      be done appropriately.

        7/26/04                                            7

                     Trauma Recovery of
                     Case Workers Delta191
                     Crash 1985
                      77 police, firefighters and
                      paramedics studied
                      Average of 14 years experience
                      10 years later, still experiencing
                      post traumatic stress disorder
                      Firefighters doing better
                      Paramedics (least best) life/death

        7/26/04                                            8

                     Assessing your

        7/26/04                                            9

Death Notification                                             3
                     Coping Strategies
                      Identify central schemas
                      Get support
                      Process personal issues
                      Seek balance to offset stress
                      Utilize humor (in safe places)
                      Identify the positive components of
                      your work

        7/26/04                                             10

                     Needs of Crime Victims
                     and Survivors
                      To tell their story again and again
                      To have all feelings accepted and
                      To be with others who have been
                      through it

        7/26/04                                             11

                     Grief Vs. Mourning
                      Grief is the pain
                      Mourning is how we express it,
                      mourning is not an illness to be
                      avoided or overcome

        7/26/04                                             12

Death Notification                                               4
                     Unique Features of
                     Sudden Death
                      Legal frustrations
                      Financial stress
                      Faith/philosophy of life changes

        7/26/04                                          13

                     How long should
                     recovery take?
                      As long as it takes
                      3 to 7 years on average

        7/26/04                                          14

                     Intensity of Emotions
                      Denial/Shock…what it feels
                      like:Feels like time is passing
                      slowly, tunnel vision: only focus on
                      specific parts, have difficulty
                      seeing the whole picture, may feel
                      separating from their body,
                      reflexes no control

        7/26/04                                          15

Death Notification                                            5
                     Intensity of Emotion
                      Confusion: lack of ability to

        7/26/04                                           16

                     Emotional Shock
                      Serves as emotional anesthetic to
                      prevent experiencing the full
                      psychological pain

        7/26/04                                           17

                     Fear and Powerlessness
                      Believe that good things happen to
                      good people and bad things
                      happen to bad people, now feel
                      vulnerable and expect bad things
                      Example: Denise Daplito, after her
                      son Sean was killed

        7/26/04                                           18

Death Notification                                             6
                     How to Help
                      Crime reports
                      Autopsy Report
                      Photos and Videos

        7/26/04                                              19

                     Viewing the Body
                      At the Crime Scene
                      At the Hospital/Morgue
                      At the Funeral Home
                      Viewing photos

        7/26/04                                              20

                     Factors that Influence
                     survivors stress
                      Intensity of the Crime
                      Suddenness of its Occurrence
                      Ability to understand what is
                      Stability or Equilibrium at the time
                      of the event

        7/26/04                                              21

Death Notification                                                7
                     Survivor needs during
                     death notification
                      Ventilation of Emotions
                      Calm Reassuring Authority
                      Restoration of Control
                      Preparation and Prediction

        7/26/04                                              22

                     Practices for the proper
                     death notification
                      Be absolutely certain of identity of
                      the deceased
                      Get medical information about the
                      person to be notified
                      GO, DO NOT CALL
                      Take someone with you
                      Talk about your reactions to the
                      death along the way

        7/26/04                                              23

                     Practices for the proper
                     death notification
                      Present credentials (if not in
                      uniform) and ask to come inside
                      Sit down, ask them to sit down, be
                      sure you have next of kin
                      Inform simply and directly with
                      warmth and compassion
                      Don’t discount feelings, theirs or

        7/26/04                                              24

Death Notification                                                8
                     Practices for proper
                     death notification
                      Join the survivors in their grief
                      without being overwhelmed by it
                      Answer all questions honestly
                      Offer to make calls
                      Talk to media only after discussion
                      with family members
                      Give written information
                      If body identification is necessary,
                      transport to and from

        7/26/04                                          25

                     Practices for the proper
                     death notification
                      Debrief with a confidant
                      Next day, call and ask to visit again
                      Let the survivors know you care

        7/26/04                                          26

Death Notification                                            9

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