Ginger Pye by shuifanglj

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									Hanna W.
Jerry- 11 year old boy;1 sister, Rachel. He has a dog
   named Ginger.
Rachel- 9 year old girl;1 brother, Jerry. She shares the
   dog ginger with Jerry.
Ginger- puppy; with two owners, Jerry and Ginger. He’s
  a curious puppy.
  Jerry        Ginger        Rachel
~12 year old   ~puppy       ~9 year old
~boy           ~boy puppy   ~girl
~ The setting of this book is back in the day in a small
The summary of this book is Mrs. Pye, the youngest
 mother in town; Mr. Pye, a famous bird man, who
 handles all the nations important bird problems;
 Rachel Pye, who is so reasonable she can make
 unreasonable ideas sound like good ones; Jerry
 Pye, who knows about rocks of all sorts and plants
 to grow up to be a rock man; Uncle Bennie, who is
 Jerry and Rachel’s uncle – even though he’s only
 three years old. Lastly is Ginger Pye, the “
 intellectual dog”, who Jerry bought for a hard-
 earned dollar. The most famous pup in all of
 Cranbury, Ginger knows tons of tricks, is as loyal as
 he is smart, and steals the hearts of everyone who
 meets…until someone steals him!
The turning point of my story is Ginger Pye, the dog,
 was missing and Rachel and Jerry found out it was
 one of their classmates, Wally Bullwinkle, so they
 taught him a lesson by calling the cops on him.
The outcome of this story is that Ginger is back
 home with Rachel and Jerry and Wally Bullwinkle is
 in custody. And everyone is happy to have Ginger
 back home safe and sound.
I recommend that you read this book because its
catchy and a fun book and you never want to
leave your seat or stop reading. I recommend that
5th and 6th graders read this book.
Eleanor Estes (May 9th , 1906 – July 15th , 1988 was
an American children's author. She was born in
West Haven, Connecticut as Eleanor Ruth
Rosenfield. Originally a librarian, Estes’ writing
career began following a case of Tuberculosis,.
Bedridden while recovering, Estes began writing
down some of her childhood memories, which
would later turn into full-length children's books.
Estes has written 19 children’s book including 1
novel for adults.
My name is Hanna and I'm 12 years old. I go to
Sunrise Elementary school and in 6th grade. I love
reading and this book is an interesting book, so I
decided to do a book report on it, because in our
computer lab we are doing book reports and I
needed to do a book report so I chose this one.

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