CHPS Status and Plans

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					CHPS Status and Plans
   Jon Roe, Chris Dietz, Joe Gofus
   Semi-Annual RFC HIC Meeting
            29 July 2008
 Terminology
 Approach  & strategy
 Status/Recent activities
 Schedule
 Hardware
 Useful resources
 HIC to do list

29 July 2008     CHPS Status and Plans   2
FEWS features have potential
application to the entire FEWS
user community (generic time-
                                          Terminology                                                         Preferred Usage
                                                                                                         • “FEWS for CHPS”
series storage, displays,
                                                                                                        • “CHPS and FEWS”
workflows, etc.)                                                                                          • “CHPS or FEWS”

                                                                                                    Avoid Ambiguous Usage
                                                                                                           • “CHPS/FEWS”
                                                                                                           • “CHPS-FEWS”
                      Applications,                 Community
                     configurations,            applications shared
                      data, unique             with other FEWS users
                        to CHPS


 FEWS is a suite of configurable modules which can store, manipulate, and display time series data
                            using your own and community applications.
   CHPS is a uniquely configured realization of FEWS, using RFC-specific data and applications.

      29 July 2008          Other FEWS-based systems (e.g., NFFS) are different realizations of FEWS.                 3
                 General Approach

 CAT          RFCs bear brunt of the pain for all!

        CAT RFCs go through migration one year
         ahead of other RFCs to work out wrinkles

        CAT RFCs act as mentors for other RFCs
         during the main CHPS migration

29 July 2008             CHPS Status and Plans        4
           Implementation Strategy
   Clear planning and execution
        Gap analysis for essential operations
          • Use of existing calibrated parameter sets is
        Pre-processing and post-processing utilities
        AWIPS II integration
        Staff training
        Technical support
        Many others…

29 July 2008              CHPS Status and Plans            5
           Implementation Strategy
   Port models that require calibration

   Create adapters for several new models
        e.g., HEC-RAS, HEC-ResSim

   Rely on existing FEWS data and display utilities with
    identified enhancements

   Provide for forecaster run-time modifications
   Provide for existing level of ensemble operations,
    products, and services
        Port ESP, ESPADP, ENS_PRE, ENS_POST, to use FEWS capabilities
        Leverage FEWS existing ensemble capabilities
        Future: XEFS

29 July 2008                   CHPS Status and Plans                         6
               Status/Recent Activities
 Decision to implement CHPS using FEWS made
  Jan. 17
 Instituted Thursday CAT calls on Feb. 7
 First implementation planning sessions with
  Deltares on Feb. 21 & week of Apr. 14 in Silver
 Clarified CHPS-AWIPS II boundaries at AWIPS
  Task Order #10 Technical Interchange Meeting
  Apr. 29 – 30 at NWRFC

29 July 2008           CHPS Status and Plans    7
               Status/Recent Activities
   CAT strategy session May 1 – 2 at NWRFC
   NERFC replaced NCRFC in front runner RFCs
    following John Halquist move in June; Rob
    Shedd added to CAT
   CHPS Implementation Workshop #01 held in
    Silver Spring week of June 16
   Latest status briefed to DOHs along with
    detailed demo on Jul. 15
   Latest status briefed to HICs today

29 July 2008           CHPS Status and Plans    8
               Implementation Phasing
   Two tiers of deployment
        CAT RFCs (AB, CN, NE, NW)
          •    Initial hardware delivery in October 2008
          •    Initial migration software and training in January 2009
          •    Operational hardware delivery summer 2009
          •    Parallel operations by October 2009
        Remaining 9 RFCs
          •    Initial hardware delivery in October 2009
          •    Migration/Systems training fall 2009
          •    Migration begins January 2010
          •    Parallel operations by October 2010

   RFCs not required to drop NWSRFS until “fully ready”
29 July 2008                      CHPS Status and Plans                  9   9
               Project Timeline

29 July 2008       CHPS Status and Plans   10
                Key Milestone Types
   Preparation and progress workshops
        ~ 3 per year starting June 2008 for CAT RFCs
        ~ 3 per year starting December 2009 for 9 other RFCs
        Spring 2009, 2010, 2011 for all RFCs
   Software releases
        ~ every 3 months during migration
   Acceptance testing
        Software: following major software deliveries
        System: following the two major migrations
   Configuration training
        Just prior to the two migration periods
   System management training
        During & toward end of the two migration periods
   User training
        End of each migration period
   Details being finalized for publication

29 July 2008                       CHPS Status and Plans        11
  FEWS Hardware Infrastructure

                                           Operator Client
                                          Operator Client
                                        Operator Client

        Duty System                                                                             Standby System
               Forecasting Shell     Master Controller                      Master Controller       Forecasting Shell
               Server                Server                                 Server                  Server

                                       Master Controller                      Master Controller
                 Forecasting Shell          JBoss                                  Jboss              Forecasting Shell
                                           Tomcat                                 Tomcat

                 Forecasting Shell                                                                    Forecasting Shell

                       Etc                                                                                  Etc

                                     Database Server                        Database Server

                                            Central                                Central
                                           Database                               Database
                                         (PostgreSQL)                           (PostgreSQL)


29 July 2008                                        CHPS Status and Plans                                                 12
                    Useful Resources
 Deltares           wiki page for NWS FEWS users:
        Userid nws; Password nws123
        (Or go to, click on “Log In”, enter userid and
         password, then select DELFT-FEWS USA. This also takes you to the
         CHPS area.)
        (For wiki help, visit

        Harold and Chris will answer your questions

29 July 2008                     CHPS Status and Plans                                13
                     HIC To Do List
   Start thinking about upcoming milestones out to 2011
   CHPS Action Item No. 06-2008-81:
        “Need HIC management commitment to plan leave around
         upcoming CHPS technical workshops and training sessions”
        “Think of office position succession as the CHPS project evolves
         from now to 2011”
   Start thinking about how to consolidate and re-use local
    applications in the CHPS era
   Ask questions about CHPS or FEWS -
   Go to wiki page (slide 12) and learn

29 July 2008                 CHPS Status and Plans                     14

29 July 2008     CHPS Status and Plans   15

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