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					             DI ABLO                                                                         w a t c h
Save Mount Diablo                            Preserving the Mountain Since 1971                                        Spring 2010 No. 49
Viera - North Peak                                                          Reassembling the Bettencourt Ranch
We’re 90% there, need $100,000                                              462 acres along Peacock Creek and Irish Canyon
By Seth Adams                                                               By Seth Adams

“Viera - North Peak is the best and most botanically rich                   Save Mount Diablo’s 320-acre beautiful Irish Canyon
property that Save Mount Diablo has purchased in years.”                    property is almost hidden behind Keller Ridge, less than
  - Heath Bartosh, Botanist, Nomad Ecology                                  a mile from downtown Clayton. We signed the purchase
                                                                            agreement in spring 2006, raised funds and then in November
Save Mount Diablo’s late co-founder Mary Bowerman’s wish
                                                                            2007 we completed the acquisition with the help of the
to preserve the Viera-
                                                                                                                 Gordon and Betty
North Peak property is
                                                                                                                 Moore Foundation.
coming to fruition. Save
Mount Diablo’s most                                                                                                 All without ever
important acquisition                                                                                               taking the public or
accomplishment last                                                                                                 our members onto the
year was signing a                                                                                                  property. We couldn’t.
purchase agreement for                                                                                              The property has
the property, 165 acres                                                                                             limited access and an
on the slopes of Mt.                                                                                                intervening landowner,
Diablo’s North Peak.                                                                                                Eastern Associates, was
                                                                                                                    opposed to allowing
We made initial
                                                                                                                    the public to cross
payments on the
                                                                                                                    their property, even on
property from a
                           Scott Hein

                                                                                                                    guided tours without
revolving land
                                                                                                                    ever leaving the fire
fund established in
                                                                                                                    road that follows Irish
Bowerman’s honor, and
                                                                                                                    Creek east.
in March we made the          165-acre Viera-North Peak is the very heart of Mount Diablo. SMD’s capital campaign
final payment. We have                         has raised $900,000 and needs just $100,000 more.                   The access problem is
been conducting our                                                                                                about to be solved. Last
first capital campaign, of $1 million, to raise the funds needed           fall Eastern Associates agreed to sell their 462-acre property
to complete the purchase and repay the loan. SMD received                  to East Bay Regional Park District (Park District) for $2.76
a pledge from an anonymous donor for a challenge grant                     million. It’s sometimes known as the “Ang” property for one
of $450,000. As of the printing of this newsletter, we have                of its owners. About half of the funding will come from Park
matched the grant and have raised $900,000 in pledges and                  District bonds, and about half from the East Contra Costa
funds, many by individual donors, to complete the campaign.                County Habitat Conservancy (Conservancy), a funding entity
We are continuing to work on the remaining $100,000 and are                which preserves endangered species habitat. The purchase
very close to our goal of preserving Viera-North Peak forever.             will be completed by September 1st.
Viera-North Peak parcel is one of the highest in the East Bay               Meanwhile SMD is working to transfer our Irish Canyon
with an elevation of 2,300 feet. The property is visible for                property to the Park District too, again using partial
over 200 miles and includes views of the Sierra, Half Dome                  funding from the Conservancy. SMD generally acts as an
and Mt. Whitney. Sharing a 2.5 mile border with Mount                       intermediary, acquiring properties as they become available
Diablo State Park and rising between the two peaks, Viera is                then transferring the land to a park agency for long term
the very heart of Mt. Diablo.                                               management. We often help the agency raise funds to
                                               (continued on page 12)       reimburse us for our purchase costs, so that (continued on page 7)
save       MOUNT DIABLO
Board of Directors                                          From the Executive Director
Malcolm Sproul                                              Preserve, Protect, Restore, Enjoy . . . .
Amara Morrison                                              These are the things that we do in our continued effort to save Mount Diablo.
Secretary                                                   This issue of Diablo Watch contains a variety of stories that exemplify the ways
Frank Varenchik                                             in which we “preserve,” “protect,” “restore” and “enjoy” Mount Diablo.
Burt Bassler                                                 Preserve - We’re at the 90% mark on our million dollar capital campaign to
Arthur Bonwell                                               acquire Viera - North Peak, one of our most exciting projects in many years.
Charla Gabert                        Protect - Our efforts toward the reuse of the Concord Naval Weapons Station are going well even as we
John Gallagher                       defend against attempts to break urban limit lines in Brentwood, San Ramon and, perhaps, Livermore.
Claudia Hein                         Restore - Hundreds of volunteers are helping us with restoration projects at Marsh Creek-IV and in
Scott Hein                           Irish Canyon.
David Husted                         Enjoy - Our Events calendar continues to grow as we find more ways to introduce our members and
Doug Knauer                          the public to the open space treasures located at the center of our community.
Dave Sargent                         When Art Bonwell and Mary Bowerman founded Save Mount Diablo in 1971 they thought they
David Trotter                        could accomplish their vision of preserving the peaks of Mt. Diablo within 5 years. 39 years later, the
                                     challenges to accomplish Art and Mary’s dream are more complex than they could ever have imagined.
Ronald Brown
Executive Director
                                     In 1971 Art and Mary could not have envisioned that Save Mount Diablo would one day need to be
                                     concerned about the ecological impacts of climate change. Nor could they have predicted that we
Seth Adams
Director of Land Programs            would own hundreds of acres of land for many years - thereby requiring us to undertake stewardship
Julie Seelen                         and restoration programs.
Development Director
                                     When people hear our name, Save Mount Diablo, they often ask – “Save it from what? Isn’t it already
Monica Oei
Finance & Administrative
                                     saved?” We welcome these opportunities to explain the threats and to point out all of the privately
Manager                              owned natural lands that are still at risk. But even if we (and our allies) are successful in saving Mount
Troy Bristol                         Diablo through acquisitions, and easements as conditions of development, we know that our work is not
Land Conservation Associate          done. The mountain will always need a “watchdog” – people who will ensure that the natural lands,
George Phillips                      habitat and wildlife will remain protected and that these protections will not be ignored or diluted when
Land Conservation Associate          no one is looking.
Beryl Anderson
Marketing & Publications             Our ability to fulfill the vision that Art and Mary had in 1971 is dependent upon you. Saving and
Coordinator                          protecting the mountain will continue to take the time, effort and dedication of our Board of Directors,
Emily Seidel                         staff, volunteers and members. With your support we can preserve, protect, restore and enjoy Mount
Event & Volunteer Coordinator        Diablo and its entire eco-system – not just for all of us but, equally important, for future generations.
Christine Chestnut
Grant Writer
Nora Sanchez
Administrative Assistant
Save Mount Diablo
                                        A Letter and $200 donation from the Earth Club at Pleasant Hill Middle School:
1901 Olympic Blvd. Ste 220
Walnut Creek, CA 94596                                            Dear Save Mount Diablo,
925-947-3535; fax 925-947-0642
                                                                  Thank you for buying property so that it won’t get developed or polluted.
                                                                  We sold Chico Bags as a fundraiser to raise money to Save Mount Diablo.
Founded in 1971, Save Mount
Diablo has helped expand preserved                                Please find enclosed a check to be used towards the purchase of the Viera-
natural lands on and around the                                   North Peak property.
mountain from 6,788 acres to more
than 100,000 acres
                                                                  Keep up the good work we really appreciate what you are doing for the
Masthead Panorama:                                                Earth.
Dragon Oaks 550, Stephen Joseph
Proud Member of                                                   Pleaseant Hill Middle School Earth Club

                                                                            bend. Photographs                          A common shrub in the chaparral on
                                                                            pop up to help                             the peak’s north side is the hop tree, a
                                                                            identify plants and                        mildly allergenic relative of poison oak.
                                                                            animals. It puts a                         Only a few riparian plants like big leaf
                                                                            naturalist in your                         maple have been able to grow along the
                                                                            pocket.                                    steep creeks, which are virtual water-
                                                                                                                       falls in the spring, but are dry stony
                                                                               On the 6.8 mile
                                                                                                                       staircases for most of the year. The
                                                                              “Grand Loop Tour”,
                                                                                                                       broadleaf-sclerophyll community occu-
                                                                              Seth Adams, SMD’s
                                                                                                                       pies shady spots, but wind and shallow
                                                                              Director of Land
                                                                                                                       soil stunts the laurels and canyon live
                                                                              Programs, shares
                                                                                                                       oaks into a dwarf forest. The deciduous
                                                                              the stories he’s
                                                                                                                       oak-pine community occurs as scattered
                                                                              gathered in 20 years
                                                                                                                       trees, with drought resistant pines and
                                                                              of exploration.
                                                                                                                       western juniper predominating over
                                                                              The Grand Loop
                                                                              Tour circumnavi-
                                                                              gates Diablo’s main                      Sparse grasslands on exposed ridges
The 6.8 mile trail is marked by the green line. Each number indicates a point peak and traverses                       and unstable slopes feature many native
of interest synched with information in Audible Mount Diablo.
                                                                              many of the moun-                        wildflowers. Flower displays change
Audible Mount Diablo:                                 tain’s geological and botanical features.                        from day to day. Baby blue eyes and
                                                                                                                       goldfields are common in April, but
The Grand Loop Tour                              The Grand Loop Tour
                                                                                                                       a few weeks later bright patches of
                                                 The hike starts at Juniper Camp by picking
                                                                                                                       goldenbush, California Poppy and wiry
Here is a creative and economical way            up Deer Flat Road, Meridian Ridge Road
                                                                                                                       bird’s eye gilias will carpet sites. In
to get outdoors or spend quality time            and Bald Ridge Trail to reach Prospec-
                                                                                                                       summer, yellow sulfur buckwheat and
with those close to you. Writer Joan             tor’s Gap. It then follows North Peak Trail
                                                                                                                       scarlet hummingbird fuchsia bloom pro-
Hamilton recently partnered with Save            around the summit to Devil’s Elbow where
                                                                                                                       fusely despite infernal temperatures.
Mount Diablo and local organizations             then it follows Summit Trail to the lower
to create a wonderfully dynamic audio            parking lot. From here it returns to Juniper                          There is always the chance of seeing
tour of the most interesting hikes on            Camp via Juniper Trail.                                               wildlife, from the California Thrasher
Mount Diablo and you can download                                                                                      to rarer creatures like the Alameda
                                                 Along the way you will have the opportu-
it for free! It makes a perfect day filled                                                                             whipsnake. Coyotes abound and are
                                                 nity to check out the snowy masses of the
with entertainment and education in the                                                                                frequently sighted long after they have
                                                 Sierra Nevada and Mount Lassen as they
paradise that is Mount Diablo.                                                                                         noticed you.
                                                 float along the eastern and northern hori-
Audible Mount Diablo                             zons, while the watery realm of the Delta                             A complete audio trail description along
Modeled after the best museum audio              seems close enough to touch. On all sides                             with a map can be downloaded at
guides, Audible Mount Diablo com-                you will observe a stunning view of the                     
bines lively interviews and music with           urbanization that surrounds the mountain.
                                                                                                                       Joan Hamilton, a former editor at
the rush of wind and the chirps, howls,
                                                 The trails pass over Jurassic and Creta-                              Sierra magazine, is the producer and
and growls of wildlife—all download-
                                                 ceous deposits. Tectonic pressures have                               editor of the Audible Mount Diablo
able to a computer or an MP3 player
                                                 squeezed the rocks into such tortured                                 series; The Grand Loop Tour was
for free. Background files on natural
                                                 shapes it is hard to imagine their origin on                          funded by SMD and the California
and human history provide an in-depth
                                                 the flat Pacific Ocean floor. You will no-                            State Parks Foundation.
introduction to the mountain. These can
                                                 tice impressive red outcrops of radiolarian
be enjoyed at home or in the car before
                                                 chert that dominate at Devil’s Pulpit, slick
starting the hikes.
                                                 green serpentinite along Deer Flat trail
The most innovative aspect of Audible            and greenish dome-shaped pillow basalts
Mount Diablo is the information it of-           along Juniper Trail.
fers on the trail. Instead of lugging field
                                                 As you make your way around the summit
guides, you and your family can learn
                                                 you will notice the plant communities
from a portable electronic device, with
                                                 changing to reflect the myriad microcli-
titles and subtitles keyed to stops along
                                                                                                     George Phillips

                                                 mates. Shrub species are surprisingly
several routes.
                                                 diverse, from scattered clumps of Cali-
Naturalists heighten your appreciation           fornia sagebrush, creambrush and poison
of the sights and sounds at each stop,           oak to dense tall tangles of scrub oak, silk
tell tales of the mountain’s past, and           tassel and buckbrush.                                                 The Grand Loop looking east where the Delta,
suggest what to look for around the next                                                                               Sierra Nevada and Mount Lassen can be seen.

                                                                                                     stream canyons                    Tipping Points
                                                                                                     may be crowded                    At certain tipping points the buffering
                                                                                                     with sycamores,                   mechanisms reverse and begin add-
                                                                                                     alders and wil-                   ing to the problem. Permafrost melts,
                                                                                                     low, their roots                  for example, and thousands of years of
                                                                                                     extending into                    stored organic matter begins to rot, re-
                                                                                                     the ground water                  leasing carbon dioxide and methane as
                                                                                                     table. If it drops                a new and accelerating source of green-
                                                                                                     below the roots                   house gases. Oceans absorb carbon and
                                                                                                     for too long, they                heat, and moderate temperatures but
                                                                                                     die.                              warmer waters begin liberating stored
                                                                                                                                       carbon and spawn more hurricanes to

                                                                                        Scott Hein
                                                                                 As the climate
                                                                                                                                       redistribute increased amounts of water
                                                                                 warms, heat
                                                                                                                                       vapor and heat.
                                                                                 sensitive wildlife
Participants in the event, a global climate crisis campaign, linked      species move up                                       Climate is not the same as weather.
around the summit of Mount Diablo.                                           mountain slopes, if                                       Heavy rains and flooding one week
Balancing on the Head                                they can, into smaller and smaller areas,                                         don’t always mean we’ll have a wet
                                                     until they can’t rise any further. Compet-                                        year. Unusual snow storms don’t mean
of a Peak                                            ing species or insects that were limited by                                       average temperatures aren’t still rising.
Mt. Diablo and Climate Change cold may become more common. Mt. Dia-                                                                    Weather is what happens over a several
by Seth Adams                                        blo’s ecosystems are rich and diverse, but                                        week period, climate is the long term
                                                     they’re easily affected; they’re balanced on                                      average of all the weather events. You
Average global temperatures are getting the head of a pin.                                                                             can’t judge change based on any one
warmer and climate is changing. You                                                                                                    area; the U.S. is less than 2% of the
may not yet believe in climate change.                                                                                                 earth’s surface, for example. The poles
Regardless, it will be the single most                                                                                                 show changes fastest. As the earth
discussed environmental issue for the                                                                                                  warms, it attempts to find equilibrium
rest of your life. Its effects increase                                                                                                by redistributing heat and water vapor
every day, not just on polar ice caps but                                                                                              in air and ocean currents. Small aver-
everywhere, including on Mt. Diablo.                                                                                                   age changes globally can mean extreme
                                               Scott Hein

There is a silver lining: The solutions                                                                                                weather events locally.
are the same regardless of your beliefs:                                                                                               We’re in the beginning of the shift
conserve more, pollute less, protect                                                                                                   and, with changes accelerating, it will
                                                            Streams like this one along Falls Trail may be
land, and plant things.                                     reduced or halt all together.                                              be chaotic. Wildlife lives within the
Mt. Diablo has rich biodiversity; it sits                                                                                              averages but is limited by the extremes,
                                                        Climate Change Confirmed                                                        and seasonal weather timing is vitally
at an ecological crossroads between the                 Every major scientific body in the world
Bay and the Central Valley with wet                                                                                                    important. California’s Mediterranean
                                                        has confirmed climate change. All fifteen                                        climate is already balanced on a dry-
northwest influences and dry southwest-                  of the warmest years on record have taken
ern ones. Its complex geology and rug-                                                                                                 wet season extreme, with two or three
                                                        place in the past twenty years. Glaciers,                                      wet years and four or five dry ones in a
ged exposures result in varied microcli-                polar ice caps and mountain snow pack
mates and microhabitats. The mountain                                                                                                  ten year period.
                                                        are melting and vanishing, and less ice
includes almost 10% of California’s na-                 and snow also means even less sunlight                                         Expect More Extremes
tive plant species and, in a region which               reflected. Meanwhile, sea level is rising.                                      We may see both more extreme dry
gets about 20 inches of rain, the shift                 Oceans are getting warmer, killing coral                                       years, with more fires, and more
between woodland, grassland and desert                  reefs, and more acidic, threatening many                                       extreme wet ones with more flooding
is caused by just a few inches difference               organisms.                                                                     and erosion. The rare Pallid manzanita
in rainfall or evaporation.
                                                        The confusing part is that since the indus-
For example, chaparral tends to grow                    trial revolution we’ve added greenhouse
on south or western slopes because the                  gases to the atmosphere but much of the
exposure to the sun makes it hotter and                 effect has been masked. The ocean has
dryer, and fire is more frequent. A few                  absorbed tremendous amounts of carbon,
hundred feet away across a ridge top,                   organic matter is trapped in peat and per-
the northeast facing slopes are more
                                                                                                                          Scott Hein

                                                        mafrost, while pollution and water vapor
lush, and covered in blue oak wood-                     can shade the earth and provide some
land—because there’s less exposure                      cooling even as more heat is trapped.
to the sun. At the bottom of the slope,
                                                                                                                                       Federally listed California red-legged frog

                                                                 Area could lose its woodland and look like            place over thousands or tens of thou-
                                                                 Barstow or Baja.                                      sands of years and wildlife could adapt
                                                                                                                       or migrate. They’ll be hard pressed
                                                                 In rich nations, some areas will be worth
                                                                                                                       to keep up with changes over decades
                                                                 saving and protective measures will be
                                                                                                                       or a few hundred years. Species will
                                                                 funded. In poorer countries large numbers
                                                                                                                       be driven extinct at an increasing rate
                                                                 of environmental refugees will be created.
                                                                                                                       while other opportunistic ones—insects
                                                                 The scary part is that the changes are ac-
                                                                                                                       carrying disease such as malaria for
                                                                                                                       example—may spread.

                                               Scott Hein
                                                                 Land Conversion vs. Preservation
                                                                                                                       The flip side is that large, intercon-
                                                                 Carbon “sequestration” means to store car-
                                                                                                                       nected open spaces will better buffer
                                                                 bon. Woody plants like trees store carbon
                                                                                                                       these changes. Alameda whipsnakes
 Knobcone Pine Forest; every tree sequesters                     over their lifetimes and some is stored lon-
carbon and produces oxygen.                                                                                            are found both at Lime Ridge and on
                                                                 ger as downed wood and as organic matter
                                                                                                                       Mt. Diablo. Imagine that a fire at Lime
in the Oakland hills and yerba mansa                             in the soil. When you burn or consume
                                                                                                                       Ridge kills the whipsnakes there. If the
on Mt. Diablo both prosper in dry                                the plants the carbon is liberated. It’s esti-
                                                                                                                       two parks remain connected, the whip-
years and suffer from mildew in wet                              mated that 50% of the increased carbon in
                                                                                                                       snakes at Mt. Diablo can re-colonize the
ones. Too much rain and they both may                            the air is from land conversion from open
                                                                                                                       chaparral at Lime Ridge.
vanish. As water sources become less                             space to developed areas and agriculture.
reliable, frogs and salamanders may                              About one fifth of each year’s additional               We’ll all play an increasing role in
disappear and other wildlife decrease                            carbon is from converted land.                        conservation. Below are some ways you
in population. Fewer cold years to limit                         Fifteen months ago East Bay Regional                  can help.
insect populations may increase impacts
on native plants.
                                                                                                                             W ha t You C a n D o
                                                                                                                        • Acquire and Protect Land
California’s cold offshore currents are                                                                                 Help decrease and buffer climate
changing, too, and becoming less pre-                                                                                   change instead of making it worse.
dictable. They’re the engine that pulls
cold nutrient-rich water to the surface,                                                                                • Join the Diablo Restoration Team
                                                                                                                        Plant Trees around Mt. Diablo and
                                                    Scott Hein

feeding marine life and generating dry
season fog cycles. When the currents                                                                                    in your yard. Leafy trees provide
change, even in timing, marine life                                                                                     summer shade. Each year, the aver-
starves. If they change too much and                    necklace medallion showing the need to get     age yard tree cleans 330 pounds of
decrease summer fogs, coastal red-                               CO2 levels below the 350 parts per million standard    carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
                                                                 considered to be safe for humans.                      and absorbs ten pounds of pollutants
woods will die. If the fogs increase,
“sudden oak death,” a fungal disease                                                                                    from the air.
                                                                 Park District did a carbon audit of its
that seems to do better in the fog belt,                         nearly 100,000 acres (Mt. Diablo is sur-               • Support Legislation to decrease
may move inland to Mt. Diablo. It’s                              rounded by a similar number of preserved               climate change. AB32, California’s
possible that both will take place. The                          acres). Those 100,000 undeveloped acres                landmark greenhouse gas law will be
extremes will become more extreme,                               include approximately 2.8 million metric               under attack on the November ballot.
battering wildlife species with less time                        tons of stored carbon. Each year another
for recovery or adaptation.                                                                                             • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
                                                                 91,000 tons of carbon are stored by those              Use less energy, especially from
Bay Area Could Look Like Barstow                                 100,000 acres, the equivalent of remov-                fossil fuels, and conserve resources.
Average temperatures worldwide have                              ing 16,317 passenger cars and sport-utility            Use less hot water, convert to CFL
risen by about 1.3 degrees over the past                         vehicles (SUVs) from the road annually,                bulbs, use less heating and cooling.
century. We can’t stop these changes                             saving approximately 10.4 million gallons              Consume fewer resources. Take
any time soon but the more they in-                              of gasoline. These parklands also pro-                 local vacations.
crease, the greater the impacts. If we                           duce approximately 66,000 metric tons of
                                                                 oxygen (O2) annually, the equivalent of the            • Buy Local and Eat Less Meat
continue with business as usual, we
                                                                 amount of oxygen consumed by the city of               Food from distant locations uses
can expect a 10.5 degree increase over
                                                                 Piedmont in one year.                                  tremendous amounts of fossil fuels.
the next century. If we’re successful in
                                                                                                                        Animal factory farms are a leading
eliminating fossil fuels we may limit                            Preserving land in its natural state avoids            source of potent greenhouse gases
increases to 3 degrees. Imagine for                              future emissions from land cover conver-               like methane.
example, the effect of a hot season that                         sion and subsequent emissions from a
starts three weeks earlier and ends three                        developed landscape.                                   • Get Diablo Watch Online
weeks later, on us and our local land-                                                                                  Email your request to receive Diablo
scapes, on snow pack which provides                              We Are the Solution                                    Watch through email only to
our water, on the fire season. The Bay                            In the past many climate changes took        

                                                         would have impacts on the resources                          hills. Preservation of open space
                                                         found in the Tassajara Valley. We have                       in this area is critical in creating a
                                                         submitted comments to the county and                         recreational and wildlife corridor
                                                         the city expressing our concerns, we have                    between Mount Diablo and the
                                                         started working with allies to address the                   rest of the Diablo Range to the
                                                         development threats, and we are leading                      south. Unfortunately, as Eastern
                                                         hikes to educate the public about this                       Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
                                                         important resource.                                          and Western San Joaquin County
                                                                                                                      continue to develop, open spaces

                                            Bob Walker
                                                         Concord Naval Weapons Station
                                                                                                                      and wildlife movement corridors are
                                                         The City of Concord is planning for
                                                                                                                      becoming increasingly cut off from
                                                         the reuse of the 5,100-acre Concord
                                                                                                                      one another. Thankfully, the City
                                                         Naval Weapons Station – the largest
The golden hills of the Tassajara Valley.                                                                             of Livermore has adopted an Urban
                                                         development project in the East Bay. As a
                                                                                                                      Growth Boundary (UGB) to prevent
 Land Use Issues                                         member of the Community Coalition for a
                                                                                                                      urban development from spreading
                                                         Sustainable Concord, Save Mount Diablo
 by Troy Bristol                                                                                                      east into these important open spaces.
                                                         has been a leader in advocating for a
 In addition to preserving open spaces                   more compact development footprint, we                       However, BART has proposed a plan
 through land acquisition, Save Mount                    hope to achieve a greater amount of the                      to extend its service from Dublin
 Diablo plays an active role in land use                 preserved open space in a new regional                       eastward to Livermore that could
 advocacy to help protect some of the                    park as part of the Concord Naval                            potentially increase development
 area’s most sensitive resources.                        Weapons Station Reuse Plan. SMD also                         pressure in these sensitive areas and
                                                         helped to create a Regional Stakeholders                     undermine the UGB. Nine different
 Here are a few updates on some of
                                                         Group that has advocated for project                         alternatives for the extension are
 the larger projects that we have been
                                                         components that would ensure economic                        currently under review by BART,
 working on.
                                                         vitality through an equitable balance of                     five of which have stations on
 Tassajara Valley Under Attack                           jobs, housing, education and quality of                      the eastern edges of Livermore at
 The Tassajara Valley is an incredibly                   life facilities and services.                                Greenville Road and Vasco Road.
 sensitive area of Contra Costa County.                                                                               The Greenville Road Station is
                                                         On February 23rd of this year, the
 Beautiful sloping grasslands dotted                                                                                  partially outside of the UGB and
                                                         Concord City Council approved the
 with trees drop down to Tassajara                                                                                    the Vasco Road station is in close
                                                         Clustered Villages land use alternative
 Creek as it meanders along the bottom                                                                                proximity to the line. Both stations
                                                         which includes more than 3,000 acres
 of the valley. A variety of biological                                                                               would encourage growth and increase
                                                         of parks and open space – 65% of the
 resources and sensitive habitats are                                                                                 pressure on the UGB, threatening to
                                                         property – including protection of the
 present, offering food, shelter, and                                                                                 encroach into the open spaces to the
                                                         ridgeline between Central and Eastern
 movement corridors for a number of                                                                                   east.
                                                         Contra Costa County and of Mount
 rare wildlife species. Cattle grazing is
                                                         Diablo Creek. At that meeting Save                           Save Mount Diablo has submitted
 the primary land use in the valley but
                                                         Mount Diablo successfully advocated for                      comments opposing any alternative
 farming has begun to expand since
                                                         a decrease in the amount of low density                      which includes either of these
 the area was excluded from the Urban
                                                         residential in the plan in favor of a greater                stations and encouraging plans with
 Limit Line in 2000. Unfortunately,
                                                         amount of open space.                                        a station in downtown Livermore
 this beautiful valley is the target of
                                                                                                                      – promoting transit oriented
 development pressure, both from                         Without public participation we would
                                                                                                                      development while discouraging new
 Contra Costa County and the City of                     not have been able to accomplish what
                                                                                                                      sprawl development in open spaces.
 San Ramon.                                              we have so far. Soon the city will begin
                                                         the next step in the process: they will                      To learn more about these issues and
 Contra Costa County is currently
                                                         amend their General Plan to adopt the                        others that Save Mount Diablo is
 considering an application for the
                                                         Naval Weapons Station Reuse Plan. This                       working on, visit our website at
 “New Farm” project, which would
                                                         is our opportunity to encourage the city            or call
 spread 186 million-dollar homes
                                                         to adopt more finely tuned policies such                     the office at (925) 947-3535.
 across 771 acres of the Tassajara
                                                         as granting open space areas to East Bay
 Valley. Simultaneously, San Ramon is
                                                         Regional Park District and preparing
 considering an update of their General
                                                         comprehensive mitigation and restoration
 Plan which includes an expansion
 of their Urban Growth Boundary in
 November to include 1,624 acres of the                  BART to Livermore
                                                                                                         Scott Hein

 valley.                                                 Save Mount Diablo has increased
                                                         our activity and our focus in eastern
 Save Mount Diablo is opposed to both
                                                         Alameda County and the Altamont
 of these proposals and any other that                                                                                Concord Naval Weapons Station.

                                                                                        and fire road       The property provides suitable habitat
                                                                                        crest there, then   for a number of the Conservancy’s
                                                                                        the road drops      target species: San Joaquin kit fox,
                                                                                        north and east      Alameda whipsnake, California
                                                                                        into Oil Canyon     red-legged frog, California tiger
                                                                                        and Briones         salamander, western pond turtle,
                                                                                        Valley.             western burrowing owl, golden eagle,
                                                                                                            big tarplant, Brewer’s dwarf flax,

                                                                          David Ogden
                                                                              Peacock Creek
                                                                                                            Diablo sunflower, and Mount Diablo
                                                                              The Eastern
                                                                                                            globe lily.
                                                                              property is part              Four or five main corridors cross the
The 462 acre “Ang” or Eastern Associates property extends from the fire road  of a bowl of                  property. As you follow the public trail
onto the slopes of Kreiger Peak.
                                                                             canyons and ridges             from Clayton Road, the trail passes
Reassembling (continued from page 1)                between Oakhurst on the west, Keller                    between the country club and golf
we can recycle the funds for the next               Ridge on the south stretching east, and                 course following Peacock Creek, which
purchase.                                           the lower slopes of Kreiger Peak to the                 was fenced and restored as a condition
Both our property and Eastern                       northeast. It rises from 640’ to 1300’.                 of Oakhurst, thick with riparian
Associates’ are part of the hundred                                                                         vegetation. Woodland dominates the
                                               The north boundary is marked by Black
year old Bettencourt Ranch, which was                                                                       walk and you quickly trade Clayton
                                               Diamond Trail and Peacock Creek. The
subdivided into large parcels and sold                                                                      Road and the busy downtown for bird
                                               creek drops from near Black Diamond
in the 1980’s to investors speculating                                                                      songs and scurrying ground squirrels.
                                               Mines Regional Preserve and an old
that Oakhurst was just the first in a          namesake abandoned mine to the                               Keller Ridge
series of developments. The county             Oakhurst golf course, then joins Mt.                         When the lush creek vegetation ends,
urban limit line was created in 1990           Diablo creek.                                                you’ve reached the Eastern property—a
and speculation died down. Now, with                                                                        modified grazing regime or fencing
the two adjacent properties assured                                                                         should take pressure off the creek and
protection, we’ve literally reassembled                                                                     allow restoration. After a half mile,
the Bettencourt Ranch.                                                                                      the second corridor branches off—Irish
Irish Canyon                                                                                                Canyon and another fire road leading
SMD’s 320-acre Irish Canyon purchase                                                                        east across a bridge. The oak woodland
was a stretch in two ways. We                                                                               curves east on this northern face of
appropriated the name; our parcel is                                                                        Keller Ridge but the view opens up
actually at the center of the canyon.                                                                       to expanses of grassland rising north,
The canyon mouth is on the Eastern                                                                          rumpled with slumps and landslides.
Associates property. Our parcel is also                                                                     The Irish Canyon fire road continues
an island, a half mile to a mile from                                                                       along the creek to SMD’s property, but
four different public parks: Black                                                                          a side road up to the old Bettencourt
Diamond Mines, City of Clayton                 The Ang property will connect SMD’s Irish Canyon             ranch house is framed by two narrower
Oakhurst Open Space, Mt. Diablo State          property to other preserves.
                                                                                                            canyon corridors rising to Keller Ridge.
Park, and our Chaparral Spring property        Most of the property is grassland. From                      The ranch house is a small 1950’s
to the east, which we transferred to the       the air (or Google Earth) you can see                        era structure near two barns. Keller
Park District in December 2008.                a gap where blue oak woodland once                           Ridge, stretching across the property
Without additional purchases our               covered the northeast slope of Keller                        from Clayton Open Space to SMD’s
property would have been land locked.          Ridge. Homesteaders and ranchers                             property, is the fifth corridor.
The Eastern Associates acquisition             cut many of the oaks until most of the
                                                                                                            Projects like this one don’t happen
now links SMD’s Irish Canyon parcels           remaining ones are along the steep banks
                                                                                                            by accident—they’re a lot of work—
firmly to the Clayton Open Space               of creek tributaries—leaving ideal areas
                                                                                                            and this particular landowner, as we
including two big stretches of the             for woodland restoration. Other oak
                                                                                                            understand it, was challenging. Realtor
canyon, and is connected at a corner           species—valley oaks and live oaks—
                                                                                                            Jim Gwerder was able to bridge the gap
and with the public trail to Black             are scattered across the remainder of
                                                                                                            between private interests and public
Diamond Mines.                                 the property and along the main creek
                                                                                                            ones. Thanks to East Bay Regional
                                               branches. In total eight natural land-
Upstream from our property is another                                                                       Park District and the East Contra
                                               cover types have been mapped: annual
mile and half of Irish Canyon on                                                                            Costa County Habitat Conservancy for
                                               grassland, oak savannah, oak woodland,
private land, then a final stretch on the                                                                   undertaking this important acquisition.
                                               seasonal wetlands, riparian, alkali
Park District’s Chaparral Spring and                                                                        Special thanks to Nancy Wenninger
                                               wetlands, wetlands, and several stock
Clayton Ranch properties. The canyon           ponds.                                                                            (continued on page 12)

                                                                                                            Diablo Ce
                                                                                          Mount Diablo Challenge
                                                                                             October 4, 2009
                                                                  Each year over 1,000 cyclists set out to conquer the steep slopes of Mount
                                                                  Diablo with athleticism, will and their choice of human powered cycles.

(Clockwise) A group of bicyclists leading the pack; Riding up Mt. Diablo can be a family affair; Frontrunners ascending to the summit; Cheerful volunteers stop-
ping for a quick photo; A more “laid back“ style of bicycle but the slopes are just as tough; A cyclist proudly displaying his “One Hour” t-shirt for completing the
challenge in under 60 minutes; Michael Vettereli and Kenny Rakestraw, 1st and 2nd place Men’s Cyclists; Diablo Multisport Connection team eager to begin.

                                                                                   Mount Diablo Trails Challenge
                                                                                         March 20, 2010
                                                                  This year we incorporated a Half Marathon, 10k and 5k along with our 50k.
                                                                  The result was a wonderful turnout of enthusiastic trail runners of all levels.

(clockwise) Half Marathon runners taking off; Randy Wenger and volunteers barbequed delicious meals, thumbs up; Tim Long crossing the 50k finish line in a record
5 hours and 5 seconds; Save Mount Diablo booth and team members Beryl Anderson, Monica Oei and Charla Gabert; Trail runners in the home stretch; Search and
Rescue volunteers enjoying the event and keeping us safe; Carol Chen laughing her way uphill; Diablo Multisport Connection team members making a splash.

                     Mount Diablo Trail Adventure
                         November 8, 2009
  Families, runners, hikers and nature lovers came together seeking their own
  style of outdoor adventure at one fabulous event. The parks were enjoyed by all.

 (Clockwise from left) Jenny McGregor rounding a bend; Friends enjoying a hike; Julie Seelen and George Phillips ensuring a safe and fun event; A group of runners
 fresh out of the gate; Participants getting started along a tree lined path; Three young girls adventuring in the great outdoors; Save Mount Diablo’s house band, Grab
 Bag, entertaining with a musical interlude; Interested youngsters embarking on a guided walk to learn more about their natural surroundings.

                       Marsh Creek IV Restoration
                        Fall 2009 - Spring 2010
  Our Diablo Restoration Team, DiRT, has been planting and weeding to restore
  Marsh Creek IV and expand its creekside and woodland.

 (clockwise left to right) SMD’s George Phillips and botanist Heath Bartosh; Family making their quality time count; A father-daughter team removing non-native plants; A
 mother and her daughters checking plant growth; REI Earth Day volunteers; Patting down the dirt around native plants; Smiling and weeding; Digging holes to plant trees.
 Photos on these pages by: Pete Beck, Troy Bristol, David Dolder, Scott Hein, Chris Hovey, Chihping Fu, David Ogden and George Phillips.
 Heritage Tree Program                         ate information will be sent to those being       history, biology and geography much
                                               honored. Your gift is fully tax deductible.       like Galindo Creek, the green-lined,
 Adopt A Part of Mangini                                                                         blue thread whose headwaters spring up
 Ranch and Save the                            Visiting Mangini to Make a Selection
                                                                                                 there. The Mangini Ranch represents
                                               The trips to pick out a tree or grove serve
 Mountain’s Natural Lands                                                                        most of the gap between Lime Ridge
                                               several purposes. They may be an emo-
                                                                                                 Open Space and Mt. Diablo State Park.
by David Ogden                                 tional time of closure, and they’re fun,
                                               bringing together families from across the        The property survived Spanish settlers,
What better way to honor the memory            country to honor someone or something             Mexican ranchers, American home-
of a loved one, or celebrate a special         they love. Previous Heritage Tree selec-          steaders, miners, railroads and suburbs.
person in your life, than by dedicating        tions have included: a valley oak chosen          Many developers showed interest in the
a living tree or a grove on a beautiful        by a mother whose daughter passed away            Mangini Ranch, but in 1990 the citizens
piece of land in the shadow of Mount           seven years earlier: “Her birthday is com-        of Contra Costa County voted to create
Diablo?                                        ing up in June, and I always try to think of      an urban limit line. The Mangini Ranch
Save Mount Diablo’s Heritage Tree              something to keep her memory alive.” A            wound up outside of the line. Still, over
Program focuses on Mangini Ranch, a            young couple wanted a place to bring their        the next thirteen years, one developer
208-acre parcel on the north side of the       2 1/2-year-old daughter and chose an oak          or realtor after another floated plans for
mountain. Mangini Ranch is home to             with a branch that dips low to the ground,        Mangini. Instead, the Mangini family
sensuous blue oak                                                                                                     began negotiations
groves, sprawling                                                                                                     with Save Mount
valley oaks, and                                                                                                      Diablo and now
spectacular buck-                                                                                                     their property has
eye groves. SMD                                                                                                       been preserved for
acquired the land                                                                                                     all time (the proper-
from the Mangini                                                                                                      ty, however, is open
family in 2006                                                                                                        only by guided tour
and will eventu-                                                                                                      until it passes to a
ally turn it over to                                                                                                  public agency).
the park system.
Meanwhile, SMD                                                                                                          Save a tree by
supporters can                                                                                                          sending an email
help preserve this                                                                                                      to smdinfo@
and other land                                                                                                          SaveMountDiab-
around the moun-                                                                                               requesting
tain by adopting                                                                                                        to receive Diablo
a tree, a grove, or                                                                                                     Watch only
                     Scott Hein

even a pond on                                                                                                          through
Mangini Ranch.                                                                                                          email.
How does it work? A grove of oaks available to be dedicated as Heritage Trees in Mangini Ranch along lush hills looking
                       from Lime Ridge toward Mount Diablo.
How does the                                                                                                  Heritage Tree Program
program work? There are a number of            so she can sit on the limb. A large grove                         Donation Schedule
ways you can participate. You can visit        was adopted in honor of the work of the
                                                                                                                    Heritage Tree
the property with a Save Mount Diablo          Boy Scouts. Sometimes a tree or grove is                   to 10 inch diameter - $ 250
representative to choose your tree or          chosen as a great place to picnic. Others                  to 15 inch diameter - $ 500
grove. Or, Save Mount Diablo can make are chosen for the view or because they’re                          to 20 inch diameter - $ 750
the selection for you. After the selection visible from a hiking trail.                                  over 20 inch diameter - $ 1,000
is made, a small marker is placed at the
                                               Should you wish to participate in the                     Commemorative Grove of Trees
base of the tree. If you have faraway                                                                       1 acre grove -       $ 2,500
family members, all of you can even            Heritage Tree Program, please call Julie
                                               Seelen at (925) 947-3535 or email                            2 acre grove - $ 5,000
use Google Earth to choose a tree right                                                                     5 acre grove - $ 10,000
from your computer.                   for
                                                                                                            10 acre grove - $ 20,000
                                               complete information about the program.                     Desert Olive Grove - $25,000
When you make your gift, you’ll                Check our online hike schedule for the
receive information, including a               next hike on Mangini and join us.                              Grassland and Chaparral
description, a photo, and the GPS                                                                                1/4 acre -    $ 500
coordinates of the tree or grove that          About Mangini Ranch:                                              1/2 acre - $ 1,000
                                               Mangini Ranch’s 208 acres swirl with                              1 acre - $ 2,500
you have chosen, and a certificate of
appreciation. Notification and appropri-        importance. It winds sinuously through                             Pond - $ 25,000

 Brentwood’s Measure F                            property values, and has stressed vital               Claims of Measure F
                                                  natural resources like water, agricultural            Proponents of Measure F placed it on
 Fails the Test                                   lands and open spaces. With dozens of                 the June ballot, betting that residents
 Developer’s Measure                              other housing projects approved but not               would only have a few weeks to get
 Threatens Brentwood’s Urban                      yet built, Brentwood’s rural character                educated about the measure. They’ll
 Limit Line                                       hangs in the balance.                                 spend hundreds of thousands of dollars
                                                                                                        to confuse and trick the voters.
 by Troy Bristol                                  If recent election history is any indication
                                                  of how Brentwood residents will vote                  For example, they’re suggesting that
Views of Mount Diablo from                        on Measure F, the proponents are                      Brentwood needs its “own” Urban
Brentwood are spectacular. Rugged                 hopefully wasting their time. In two                  Limit Line (although it already has
twin peaks rise above parallel ridges,            different elections over the past five                one). Measure F would not only
descending through oak-spotted slopes             years Brentwood voters haveopposed                    expand the existing ULL, it also
to flat valley bottom farms. Those                development in this area and created an               includes a “Development Agreement”
majestic views and an agricultural                Urban Limit Line to stop it.                          which would lock in their project’s unit
heritage contribute to Brentwood’s                                                                      numbers so that future councils and the
charm. Now the beautiful lands west               History of the Urban Limit Line
                                                                                                        public can’t change them.
of Brentwood are at risk.                         Here’s the short story of Urban Limit
                                                  Lines in Contra Costa: Voters created a               Head consultant Tom Koch – who
On June 8th,                                                                                                              is also behind
Brentwood                                                                                                                 the “New Farm”
residents will                                                                                                            project in the
determine the fate                                                                                                        Tassajara Valley
of this land when                                                                                                         on the November
they cast their                                                                                                           ballot – is running
vote on developer-                                                                                                        a campaign full
sponsored                                                                                                                 of mostly empty
Measure F.                                                                                                                promises with few
The proponents                                                                                                            guarantees.
– primarily out-of-                                                                                                              They claim that
town development                                                                                                                 developer fees
companies that                                                                                                                   will relieve traffic
control most                                                                                                                     by improving
of the affected                                                                                                                  overburdened
land – have                                                                                                                      Balfour Road and
placed Measure                                                                                                                   American Avenue,
F on the ballot to
                       Scott Hein

                                                                                                                                 even though the
break and expand                                                                                                                 development’s
Brentwood’s                                                                                                                      new traffic will
voter-approved         Part of the 740 acres of Brentwood’s western hills, outside of the existing Urban Limit Line, that are at overwhelm any
Urban Limit Line       risk of major urban development if Measure F passes.                                                      improvements;
(ULL) to include                                                                                          create funds for crime prevention
740 more acres south of Balfour Road              County ULL in 1990 but it didn’t affect
                                                                                                          tools for Brentwood police even
and east of Deer Valley Road.                     cities. In 2000 the county tightened the
                                                                                                          though crime is down and the funds
                                                  line. A few years later a transportation
Measure F would allow for                                                                                 are a token; and provide resources for
                                                  sales tax measure passed, requiring cities
development of up to 1,300 homes                                                                          investment into new job opportunities,
                                                  to also adopt voter-approved ULLs if they
and 35 acres of retail in this area and                                                                   although Brentwood has more than a
                                                  wish to qualify for transportation funding.
increases Brentwood’s population by                                                                       million square feet of approved but not
                                                  In 2005 Brentwood voters rejected a
over 4,000 people.                                                                                        yet built commercial and retail space.
                                                  proposed, more expansive city line
Save Mount Diablo is working with                 (Measure L) that would have included the Meanwhile, none of their campaign
local citizens organized as “Brentwood            Measure F area and some other parcels                   materials mention the fact that Measure
Residents Opposed to Developer                    around the city. In 2006 the county and                 F includes 1,300 new houses.
Measure F” to oppose the measure.                 all of Contra Costa’s cities that didn’t
                                                                                                          Why You Should Vote No
                                                  already have urban limit lines voted again
Once a small farming town, Brentwood – and every city, including Brentwood,                               In reality, Measure F will clog
has grown rapidly with its population                                                                     Brentwood roads with thousands
                                                  approved a new ULL. That’s the ULL
more than doubling in the past decade.                                                                    of additional cars, further decrease
                                                  the developers are trying to replace, once
Growth has brought increased traffic,                                                                     property values by overstocking the
                                                  again with a more expansive one.
overcrowded schools, decreased                                                                                                     continued on page 12
                                                                                                                 David Ogden (to the left and right)
                                               Seth Adams
A roadrunner residing in the open space that                Hikers enjoying a tour of the lush wildlife packed                                         Leaves and blossoms of a valley oak.
Measure F would develop.                                    slopes of Viera-North Peak .
     Measure F (continued from page 11)                      Viera North Peak (continued from page 1)                                                    Reassembling (continued from page 7)
housing market, pack more students                          A hot spot for biodiversity, the property                                                  at the District, John Kopchik at the
into overcrowded schools, and deplete                       contains diverse soil types supporting                                                     Conservancy, and Gwerder representing
scarce natural resources.                                   hundreds of plant species. From Mary                                                       the landowner.
                                                            Bowerman’s first studies of the unusual                                                    We hope to lead public hikes on both
In addition to the direct affects of                                                                                                                   properties this fall. Until then, please
                                                            flora, the area has long been known to be
building 1,300 houses, Measure F                                                                                                                       respect that the Eastern property is closed
                                                            incredibly rich in plant life and botanists
undermines the voice of Brentwood                                                                                                                      to the public. You can see both properties
                                                            have now confirmed this richness. Over                                                     from the public Mt. Diablo-Black Diamond
voters in the 2005 and 2006 elections
                                                            56 rare plants have been identified                                                        Regional Trail or from Peacock Creek Dr.
and turns good planning upside
                                                            onsite, some of which are globally rare
down. The purpose of the ULL is to
                                                            such as the endemic Mt. Diablo jewel
protect lands for agriculture, habitat,
                                                            flower and Mt. Diablo fairy lantern. The                                                     Save Mount Diablo’s Wish List
and recreation, not to allow more
                                                            acreage encompasses varied habitats
development.                                                                                                                                             We would be grateful to receive the
                                                            necessary to sustain unique animal life as
SMD is working with residents to                            well, including the threatened Alameda                                                       following new or used equipment:
spread the word about Measure F and                         whipsnake.                                                                                   •    phone system
inform voters about its impacts.                            If you want to be a part of preserving Viera,                                                •    fire-proof file cabinet
We need all the volunteers we can find.                     call Julie Seelen at (925) 947-3535.
                                                                                                                                                         •    document safe
We hope that once Brentwood residents
know the truth about how their
community will be impacted, Measure                                               Save Mount Diablo Honored by State Parks Foundation
F will be defeated.                                                           California’s state parks faced many challenges in 2009 with the threat
                                                                              of park closures across the state due to California’s budget crisis. Save
What You Can Do:                                                              Mount Diablo was a part of the Save Our State Parks Campaign and
                                                                              successfully advocated to keep our parks open. On March 8th of this year
 •     Brentwood residents, vote NO on                                        the California State Parks Foundation presented Save Mount Diablo with
       Measure F on June 8th.                                                 a “State Parks Grassroots Champion Award” at its Eighth Annual Park
 •     For more information about                                             Advocacy Day for our committment in these efforts. In November the
                                                             coalition is sponsoring an initiative to solve the budget problems for state parks.
       Measure F visit: http://www.
       DontChangeUrbanLimitLine.htm                                         Estate Planning. . . Remember Save Mount Diablo
                                                            A bequest to Save Mount Diablo can be accomplished with a simple statement in your will,
 •     To get involved contact George at
                                                            or in a codicil to an existing will, or a revocable/living trust.
                                                            For example, you may make a specific bequest: “I give and bequeath to Save Mount
 •     Join our Facebook Page - People                      Diablo, Walnut Creek, California, the sum of $___ to be used for the general purposes of
       Opposed to Developer Measure F                       the organization.”
       in Brentwood, CA                                     Or a residual bequest: “I give and bequeath to Save Mount Diablo, Walnut Creek,
                                                            California, ___% of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate for general purposes of
                                                            the organization.”

                                        Do you have a used car that you would like to donate?
If so, call Car Donation Services at 925-229-5444 and tell them that you want to donate your vehicle for the benefit of Save Mount Diablo.
All paperwork and vehicle pick-up will be taken care of quickly and professionally. After liquidation of the vehicle, Save Mount Diablo
will receive a cash donation that will count towards your membership and help to preserve our mountain.

                                                                   has encouraged non-native weeds, and             by the Watershed Nursery from local
                                                                   stock ponds and wells have altered stream        seeds and cuttings including Fremont
                                                                   channels and flows; paving of Morgan              cottonwood, toyon, California black-
                                                                   Territory and Marsh Creek roads has nar-         berry, California rose, blue elderberry,
                                                                   rowed and relocated the creek in places.         mulefat, sycamore, valley oak, coyote
                                                                   Rural development and residents, with            brush, California grape, and California
                                                                   their various impacts, have affected water       bay.

                                                 George Phillips
                                                                   quality and fragmented riparian wood-
                                                                                                                    The first weekend of December, 75
                                                                   land. Despite all this, Marsh Creek is the
                                                                                                                    DiRT members completed Phase I of
                                                                   second longest and most natural major
                                                                                                                    the planting project by planting 500 na-
                                                                   creek in Contra Costa County.
                                                                                                                    tives on about half of the property. The
Volunteers having fun and making a difference.                                                                      other half and areas between the plants
                                                                   Low rainfall, hot dry summers, and sandy
Diablo Restoration Team                                            stream channels mean that Marsh Creek
                                                                                                                    are mowed or weed whacked about
by George Phillips                                                                                                  once a month to keep the weeds from
                                                                   has very little surface water during the
                                                                   summer but, where dense vegetation
“I have a gardener at home. Being                                  remains, it’s a refuge for hundreds of           Monthly, DiRT volunteers return to
outside with a bunch of friends while                              species. Even altered or damaged, creeks         Marsh Creek IV to check the progress
restoring a creek is much more fun than                            are excellent wildlife corridors and their       of the plantings and to weed the plant
working in my own yard.”                                           seasonal and subsurface water makes              sites. The DiRT and SMD Steward-
Digging, pulling, dragging and plant-                              restoration much easier. With a little help      ship committee have made the first two
ing, volunteers have braved the ele-                               the natives can crowd out the weeds.             steps of the project a success—a barren
ments all winter to help restore Marsh                                                                              flood plain overgrown with non-native
                                                                   Three acres in size, Marsh Creek-IV
Creek. In the past four months, the                                                                                 weeds is transforming into a beautiful
                                                                   was a weedy, flat flood plain crossed by
Save Mount Diablo Stewardship Com-                                                                                  cross section of natural habitat.
                                                                   a beautiful section of creek. The Contra
mittee and our new Diablo Restoration                              Costa County Fish & Wildlife Committee,          As summer approaches, an even more
Team (DiRT) have volunteered almost                                REI and Patagonia, each approved grants          important stage begins. Every three
a thousand hours restoring creek habitat                           to assist with a creek restoration project.      weeks, we’ll water the plants for the
at SMD’s Marsh Creek-IV property.                                  Heath Bartosh of Nomad Ecology de-               first two dry seasons, to increase their
                                                                   signed a plan. Two main objectives were          survival rate.
Marsh Creek IV                                                     the widening of the creek side woodland
SMD purchased MC-IV in 2008 for                                                                                     Other Projects
                                                                   and the removal of non-native invasive
three reasons; an 800 foot section of                                                                               We’ve also recently completed plant-
creek, its connection to our Marsh                                                                                  ing 150 oaks and buckeyes at our Irish
Creek II property through a cattle tun-                            DiRT                                             Canyon property, and are in the plan-
nel under Marsh Creek Road, and its                                Our newly formed Diablo Restoration              ning stages of a restoration project at
strategic location in the center of the                            Team (DiRT) took the reins on the proj-          our Joseph Galvin Ranch property. On
high priority Marsh Creek–Morgan                                   ect. First, they cleared a 400 foot long         other properties we’re fencing wild tree
Territory acquisition area. The now                                stretch of non-native hemlock flanking the        seedlings to protect them from cattle,
vacant property is a great opportunity                             creek, making space for planting areas as        browsing deer and rodents.
to restore creek side woodland habitat                             we waited for the first rains.
                                                                                                                    Join the fun, become a part of DiRT!
to its natural state.                                              Meanwhile, 500 native plants were grown

Human settlement in the Marsh Creek                                                  Join the Diablo Restoration Team (DiRT)
watershed (the area draining into
Marsh Creek, from Mt. Diablo’s east
side to Oakley’s Big Break) dates back
thousands of years to the Volvon tribes
who inhabited the area. Native Ameri-
cans managed wild areas and at times
set fires to clear overgrown brush—an
important cycle in the health of Mount
Diablo’s plant life but their impacts
were minor compared to those of the
past two hundred years.
                                                                         Ta ke pa rt in our re s tora tion proje c ts . D iRT w e e ds a nd w a te r s about
                                                                                onc e a month. For more informa tion, c onta c t G e orge at
Cinnabar mining on Diablo’s slopes                                                (925) 947-3535 or gphillips @ s a ve mountdia
has deposited mercury; disturbance
                             Spotlight on Staff & Sponsors
                   Emily Seidel-                               Christine                                     Beryl Anderson-
                   Event and                                   Chestnut-                                     Marketing and
                   Volunteer                                   Grant Writer                                  Publications
                   Coordinator                                                                               Coordinator
                                                                Christine Chestnut, our
                    Emily Seidel, our                           Grant Writer, hails to                        Beryl Anderson,
                    new Event and                               us with well rounded                          Marketing and Pub-
                    Volunteer Coordina-                         law and environmental                         lications Coordina-
                    tor, brings with her                        experience. She studied                       tor, joins us with a
excellent event and non-profit expertise.    environmental science at U.C. Santa           diverse marketing and communications
After graduating with a B.A. from U.C.      Barbara, and fell in love with the beauty     background. She graduated with honors
Davis, Emily got her start in events at     of the coast and the passion and dedication   and a B.A. in Communication from
art galleries in Davis and San Francisco.   of the environmental activists fighting to    Humboldt State University in 2004
Realizing her passion for non-profit         protect it.                                   where she successfully competed in
work through volunteering with various                                                    national intercollegiate debate.
non-profits in the area, she became the      After receiving her B.S. in Environmental
                                            Studies from U.C.S.B. and a J.D. from         Beryl began with events and promotions
Event Coordinator with the American
                                            U.C. Hastings in 2004, she worked for         for a local radio station and quickly
Red Cross.
                                            the California Coastal Commission,            became the Director of Marketing and
There she garnered new sponsorships,        where she partnered with environmental        Promotions when the company launched
a skill that Emily is excited to expand.    organizations and landowners to remedy        a new station, 92.1 FM KKDV in Wal-
Most of all, she looks forward to work-     Coastal Act violations and restore native     nut Creek. Later she worked at Eldercare
ing with our volunteers, “I feel privi-     habitat. Most recently, she worked at the     Services as the Marketing Coordina-
leged to work with our volunteers who I     Contra Costa County Counsel’s Office.         tor where she handled every aspect of
consider the life blood of our organiza-                                                  marketing and public relations.
tion. I draw strength everyday from their   She feels very lucky to be at SMD, “I am
                                            grateful to have work and colleagues that     A long time Livermore resident, Beryl
great efforts.”
                                            are incredibly inspiring. Being able to       enjoys hiking and rock climbing on
Emily and her fiancé are planning their      focus on a local cause and hike around the    Mount Diablo. She is excited to be
wedding and when news of this opportu-      area I am helping to protect increases the    focusing her efforts on environmental
nity with SMD arose, they changed their     connection and sense of place. Driving        preservation, “I am already impressed
date to fit with her new event schedule!     over the hill from Oakland and seeing         with the level of dedication and good
Having only moved to the Bay Area five       the majestic mountain is reaffirming and      heartedness of every individual con-
years ago, she is just beginning her love   reinvigorating every time.” We are very       nected with Save Mount Diablo. I am
affair with Mount Diablo.                   lucky to have Christine on our team.          proud to be a part of it!”

                                    Save Mount Diablo Thanks Its Sponsors
 Mount Diablo Challenge 2009                        Trail Adventure 2009                    Diablo Trails Challenge 2010

                                                        Presenting Sponsor


                                                                                                Tribute Giving
                                                            We lost a dear friend on November 2, 2009: Elizabeth “Bess” Girgich. Bess was raised
                                                            on the Griffin family farm in the Alhambra Valley just outside of Martinez. She loved Cal,
                                                            playing bridge, travelling with her husband Ivan and the open space and natural beauty of
                                                            Mount Diablo. She generously supported Save Mount Diablo both during her lifetime and by

                                               Scott Hein
                                                            including us in her estate. Bess and Ivan joined us for the Rossmoor Open House and slide-
                                                            show in October. We were grateful to have been able to show her a slideshow of Viera- North
                                                            Peak, one of the properties her genorosity is helping to preserve forever. We will miss her.
 Tilden view across Siesta Valley to Diablo.

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Robert Butkus                   Phyllis McDonald                               In Ho n o r o f     at Mt Diablo Bike
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                                                                                                                               soy base ink and can be
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                                  Kathy Graves                              Joseph & Holly Eiden       Contra Costa County
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                                                                   Moonlight on the Mountain
                                                                           August 28, 2010
 Moonlight on the Mountain is an elegant catered dinner with silent and live auctions and live entertainment in a spectacular mountain side
 setting under the light of the moon. The evening includes a presentation of the Mountain Star awards to individuals and organizations that
 have been significant in preserving, interpreting and restoring Mount Diablo. Proceeds benefit Save Mount Diablo’s land conservation efforts.
                                                   For more information visit

                                                   Save Mount Diablo’s Partner Sponsors

 Partner Sponsors are proud to support SMD’s land preservation programs and receive recognition and admission at all of SMD’s events for one year.
                                                      What We Do

              To preserve Mt. Diablo’s peaks,                      Preserve natural lands through                       This is our home. Preserving
                                                                                                          Why We Care
Our Mission

              surrounding foothills, and                           acquisition & cooperative efforts.                   natural land forever means
              watersheds through land                              Protect Mt. Diablo and its foot-                     safegaurding our quality of life,
              acquisition and preservation                         hills from threats of development                    including our air, water and views.
              strategies designed to protect the                   through land use planning & public                   Only half of Mount Diablo has
              mountain’s natural beauty,                           education.                                           been preserved. The other half of
              biological diversity, and historic                                                                        the mountain, over 80,000 acres, is
                                                                   Restore habitat prior to transfer
              and agricultural heritage; enhance                                                                        privately owned and still threatened
                                                                   to a public agency for permanent
              our area’s quality of life; and                                                                           by development. That means
                                                                   preservation and public use.
              provide recreational opportunities                                                                        risking the loss of wildlife
              consistent with the protection of                    Enjoy Diablo’s parks through                         corridors, ecosystems and
              natural resources.                                   events & recreational opportunities.                 recreational opportunities.

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