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					                                             ALL SAINTS’ LIFE · MAY 2010 · 1

                                                                                                           Pentecost 2010

                           The Newsletter of All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Beverly Hills

                                 The Feast of
Holy Spirit fire,
                                   May 23, 2010
Light inside of me,
A fire burning with passion for you,
That will grow and never cease,
A light to all dark paths,
Begin the kindling,

Holy Spirit fire,
Live inside of me,
Guide me into all truth,
I will listen as you teach,
Burn away all my pride,
Let me soar upon your wings,

Holy Spirit fire,
Heal my broken heart,                                     When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in
                                                          one place. And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the
Bring the perfect Fathers love,                           rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they
Let all fear be cast out,                                 were sitting. Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them,
Blow this flame with your wind,                           and a tongue rested on each of them. All of them were filled with
Take me where you please.                                 the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the
                                                          Spirit gave them ability.                   Acts 2: 1- 4
          ~ Dustin Jovan Olson

                                                Introducing the St. Francis ministry...
                                                  a new ministry with a dedicated,
                                                   caring parishioner at the helm
                                                   The mission of the St. Francis
                                                   Ministry is, simply, to help us find
                                                   joy in the natural world. Francis
                                                   himself proclaimed “Dear mother
                                                   earth, who day by day unfoldest
                                                   blessings on our day… Alleluia!”
                                                   The Jahwist author of Genesis
                                                   was a bit more understated,
                                                   leaving it simply at “God saw
 Thanks to all who traveled to Long                everything that he had made, and
 Beach to help welcome the Diocese’s               indeed, it was very good.”
 two new bishops suffragan on May 15.
 “Rejoice”, the cover art for the day’s            Many environmental organizations rely on a message
 beautiful worship bulletin was created by
 our own talented Gabri Ferrer.                    of fear. And, to their credit, there’s a lot to be worried
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                                               ALL SAINTS’ LIFE · MAY 2010 · 2

            St. Francis Ministry                                   continued from page 1

   about. We humans have exterminated untold numbers of God’s
   creatures and biomes in our short time on this planet, and
   continue to do so.

   But the reason that so many of us have chosen to make All
   Saints’ the community through which we enrich our spiritual
   lives is that its ministries all have a common element at their
   core: love. We share a love for the sacred hymns of Bach and Aquinas, a love for the poetry of
   the Psalms, a love for the homeless youth and the incarcerated mothers and fathers in our com-
   munity, a love for those coping with AIDS, a love for our brothers and sisters in Honduras and
   Haiti… the list goes on and on. Through that love, we’re able to bring about far more positive
   change than we ever would through messages of doom, guilt, and repentance.

                                                           So we think it’s time to provide our congregation
                                                           an outlet to help nourish our spiritual connection
                                                           with nature… but we can’t do it without you! In
                                                           honor of Earth Day, on April 24 a small group
                                                           of us hiked Franklin Canyon. Amid the stunning
                                                           views, we discussed our own spiritual connec-
                                                           tions with nature, and shared our vision for ways
                                                           the St. Francis Ministry might play a part in our
                                                           lives and within the community. It was the first of
                                                           a series of monthly hikes, discussions, and gath-
                                                           erings, so we hope you’ll join us on the next one
                                                           following our May 22nd hike in Malibu’s Solstice
                                                           Canyon and help shape the ministry!

   If you’d like to be involved, email or call Alexis C. Jolly at or 484.574.0672 and
   we’ll keep you updated.

                                                                                  Hurricane Katrina
More Outreach Ministry News:                                                      Missions Continue
Haitian Relief Music Night                                                        Five years after
On March 19, 300 guests experienced an evening of music and                       Katrina,
prayer to raise money for Haitian earthquake relief. The event                    volunteers from All Saints' continue to
was hosted by parishioner                                                         work to rebuild the Gulf Coast. In late
Jean-MarcMadelon, and                                                             March, parishioners Carol Potter, John
featured the music of                                                             Kraynak and Norma Hunt-Allen travelled
"Hollywood Soloists."                                                             to Mississippi to build homes in Bay St.
$7,400 was raised for                                                             Louis. This was All Saints' eighth mission
Episcopal Relief & Development                                                    trip to the area, and another is planned for
to support their relief efforts in Haiti.                                         October. For more information, contact
                                                                                  Debbie Gauer at
                                           ALL SAINTS’ LIFE · MAY 2010 · 3

Tournament of                            Spirit-filled Reflections
 Roses Parade                                                                ~ The Rev. Mary E. Haddad, Interim Rector
Float Designer                       In the Acts of the Apostles, the disciples receive the Holy Spirit on the
to visit SAGES                       day of Pentecost. In the Gospel of John, they receive it on the first night

 Luncheon on                         of Easter. Remember how Jesus describes the Spirit with Nicodemus in
                                     John 3? He compares it to the wind that blows where it chooses and you
   May 27th                          hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where
                                     it goes. Who knows where the wind blows? Who knows where the Spirit
                                     blows? There is no order with the Holy
                                     Spirit, but there is life.

                                     The Holy Spirit is the power that passes
                                     the life embodied in the life of Christ
                                     onto his followers. Where we see this
                                     life manifested in community, breaking
                                     down barriers, uniting and not dividing, I
                                     think we can say with humble confidence
It’s New Year’s Day on May 27        that the wind blowing is the spirit of God.
when Raul Rodriguez, artist
                                     Some of my Holy Spirit observations
and conceptual designer of
                                     these past fifty days of Easter include the
international acclaim, joins us      delight and poignancy exuded by Debby
for lunch. As premier designer       and Donna Jean at the packed Women’s
of floats for the Tournament of      Ministry dinner; the joyous applause and generous welcome extended
                                     to Steve Huber on his recent Sunday visit and his words of wisdom to
Roses Parade, Mr. Rodriguez has      the congregations; the sacred huddle of the actual consecration of the
won more awards than any other       two women bishops in Long Beach, especially with the overhead camera
designer in the history of the       that gave the bird’s-eye view, well, in this case, the view from the “dove
parade. He has also designed         above”; and the shared meals and engagement in the classes in Lower
                                     Sweetland Hall with so many stalwart seekers partaking in eight weeks
for scores of grand scale events,    of study throughout Easter. Where has the wind been blowing for you?
including the opening stage
set of the Worlds Fair in New        Blessed Pentecost, and watch for the wind at your back!
Orleans. He consulted for the
Olympic Games in Los Angeles,
and was conceptual designer for
Disneyland’s 50th anniversary
                                                               Barry Taylor Ordination
parade. You don’t want to miss                           You are invited to join the parish in the main
this golden opportunity to meet                          sanctuary of All Saints’ Parish as Bishop Jon Bruno
Raul Rodriguez and his beloved                           ordains the Rev.
                                                         Barry Taylor to
macaw, Sebastian!
                                                         the Sacred Order
                                      of Priests on Sunday June 13 at 6:00
For more information about this or    PM. The service will be followed by
any of the SAGES luncheons, please    a reception in Lower Sweetland Hall
contact Glynis Horton ghorton@        featuring some truly tasty British or (310) 275-0123     treats. We hope you can be with us!
                                                              ALL SAINTS’ LIFE · MAY 2010 · 4

IntervIew wIth a bookseller...some insights from
all saints’ Parish book sale organizer, Gretchen karl
• How many years have we been doing the book sale?
The first book sale was in 1997, the year the Parish Library was dedicated to Joyce Mandell. Since then
there have been 9 more, with an hiatus from 2007 to 2008, during the renovation of the Parish buildings.

• Any idea how much we’ve make collectively.... or about what we average a year?
The first year I think we made something over $500. The following year it was $685 and we
have generally had increasing sales as the Parish grew and it became a familiar Spring event. In 2002, the total was $1481 and last
year, after the 2-year hiatus, we raised over $2,000. [This year the book sale raised $975 to benefit the Capital Campaign!]

• Your background is as a librarian at the Getty, right? Any info you can give me about that?
When I retired in 2004, I had worked at the Getty Research Institute for 21 years. My job was in Collection Maintenace and
Preservation. The field of Library Preservation was in its infancy in the early ‘80s and received a local impetus with the great Los
Angeles Public Library fire of 1986. Along with colleagues from other public and special libraries, I was involved with the response
and recovery efforts, which continued over several years. In 1987 I joined with others to form an organization , The Los Angeles
Preservation Network, or LAPNet, to help local institutions plan for disasters, and to share knowledge gained from this fire and it’s
aftermath as well as other developments in the field.

• What’s the best part and the worst part about the sale?
The best part is interacting with the parishioners who help with the sales and those who make
donations and purchases. Sorting the books is both a delight and a chore, and it is best done in good
                                                of moving books around you, so so grateful for Sextons!
company! The worst part is the physical labor…Love one another. As I have loved - I amyou must love one another..—John 13:34

• Who helps? How many helpers does it take to put this on and doing what kind of jobs?

                                                     book sale
Help comes from friends (my small group is a good support) and other parishioners who love books
(many of whom have become my friends). The best help is from book-lovers who also like to
organize and get things done. Before the sale a lot of time goes into sorting books into general
categories and boxing them accordingly. We also select a small percentage of books to mark above
the low set prices. I’ve gotten more efficient at this over the years, but the basic job of sorting is still
important. Each work day involves unpacking donations and repacking after sorting. We receive
welcome support from the sextons who help move boxes and keep them stored compactly. On sale
days the jobs are setting up and displaying books, helping customers find things, handling the sales
and restocking the tables when space opens up, then repacking what remains at the end of the day.

• Why do you do this?
When Carol first asked my to undertake this, I did it mainly to raise acquisition funds for the Parish
Library, so that it could be updated and enriched without drawing on regular budget funds. I soon
realized, however, that parishioners enjoyed participating in the sale, saving their books all year and then
buying more books, all to the benefit of the church community. What began as a fund-raiser became for me,
a ministry that made the effort involved much more meaningful than the amount of money the sales brought in.

• What categories do you use to sort?
We sort fiction by hard-back and paperback, with mysteries/thrillers as a separate category. Non-fiction
categories vary somewhat according to the books that come, but we always have: Biography/Memoir,
History/Current events, Religion, Travel, Science, Business and Finance, Classics/Literature (including
poetry and drama), Cookbooks, Self-Help, Art and gift books and Children’s Books.

• Why only once a year? Partly because of the amount of work involved, but also because of the fuller calendar for everyone in the Fall.

• What does it take for you to consider the sale successful?
A successful sale is one with enough good-quality books, covering a wide range of interests, to sustain the sale over Saturday, when
we draw more non-parishioners from the area and the Beverly Hills Art in the Park attendees, into Sunday, when we serve mostly the
All Saints’ community attending one of the services. If a follow-up sale the next Sunday still has a good selection, that’s a bonus.
                                                   ALL SAINTS’ LIFE · MAY 2010 · 5

                         Student Pilgrimage to Taizé
                          Thank you, All Saints’ Parish Family! With your sup-
port and prayers, our student pilgrimage to Taizé was a success. From March
24 - April 2 nine pilgrims safely traveled to the monastic community of Taizé,
France to deepen faith, broaden horizons and build relationships while inviting
greater personal spiritual transformation. Jamie Bando, William Craft, Deena
Edwards, Annette House, Rachel Sparks, Adam Duggan, Paula Melo Madelon,
Maggie Reid & Karlyn Johnson Brown traveled together for 8 days, praying,
studying and fellowshipping with young people throughout the world. The
trip was truly transformational! If you happened to see any of the group upon
their jubilant re-entry into All Saints’ life at the Easter Vigil, you would have
witnessed a closer group of disciples - travel weary, but spirit bright.
Here are just a few of the pilgrims’ thoughts and reflections upon their return:
“One of the most amazing things about Taizé is the people. It was incredible to meet
other teens from all over the world and connect with them on such a spiritual level. I’ll
never forget the friends I made while chatting in the ever-so-long lunch line, sharing in
bible class, or cleaning bowls while singing Disney songs. I really encourage everyone to
go and experience Taizé, and I can’t wait to go back”. ~ Deena Edwards

“As I traveled to Taizé I did not know what to expect. I dreaded going to 3 services a day and
worried about too much quiet time. But once we arrived in Taizé I found a community of
awesome people. All people who had similar beliefs to my own. It became a place where
I could question faith, learn new cultures, and find inner peace. By the end of the week I
looked forward to every service, every small group meeting and every moment of silence. It
was an amazing, peaceful adventure, and one I would recommend to all my friends in all walks of life. “ ~ Maggie Reid
                                 “For me, Taizé was a wonderful experience: an opportunity
                                 to be present as teenagers from CAST grew substantially in a
                                 short period, to appreciate the beauty of silent reflection and
                                 meditation, and to engage in dialogue with others from myr-
                                 iad countries and cultures but a strong commonality. While
                                 I anticipated an enjoyable trip, I would not have imagined
                                 returning to Los Angeles with such a profound experience and
                                 lasting memories. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, and
                                 very well may on my own.” ~ Adam Duggan

“If there’s only one thing I could say about Taizé, it would be that it’s a place where you can reflect upon yourself.
Today was very cold. It rained. There was a two hour pocket of sunshine... I really appreciate the sun. I will miss this
place. The people I have met, and especially the sense of spirit here. I have this new feeling of connection. I’m seeing
God and even my own life in a new way. I’m looking at what’s important to me. I’m looking at my relationship with
God, and how I am going to go about my own personal faith. I’m growing. I’m present here. This is the place where
I am supposed to be right now at this exact moment. My worries are wiped away. I can hear the bells ringing so
gloriously, evening prayer is about to start. The brothers are congregating in. There has to be at least three thousand
people in here. This place is community... this is where the spirit lives.” ~ Jamie Bando

  Youth ConfIrmatIons                                                 The C.A.S.T. FAST Report
                                                                The Community of All Saints’Teens raised over
              members of the Community of all saints'           $1500 to help feed hungry children throughout the
              Teens will be confirmed at the Diocesan           world during this year’s 2010 30 Hour Famine! Spe-
              Confirmation Liturgy at St. John's Cathedral,     cial thanks to all the dedicated leaders, volunteers
              downtown on Saturday, June 5th at 10 AM.
              Your prayers and presence are requested.          and parents facilitating the weekend not to men-
                                                                tion those who purchased bells and supported our fasters with pledges.
                                              ALL SAINTS’ LIFE · MAY 2010 · 6

                             who are you?
                             who, who, who, who?
                                        getting to know your vestry... in their own words
                                                                          Karen Swift, Junior Warden
                                                                  A lifelong Episcopalian from Tampa, Florida, I
                                                                  started attending ASBH in 1996 while a gradu-
                                                                  ate student at UCLA. My husband Mark and I got
       Phil Nichols,                                              engaged that fall, and he joined the Catechumenate
      Senior Warden                                               group led by Mary Haddad. Since our wedding in
I’m a real estate lawyer with a                                   1997, Mark found success as a screenwriter, and
practice that focuses on com-                                     we’ve settled in Sherman Oaks. We have 2 daugh-
mercial real estate deals. My                                     ters, Grace and Charlotte, who attend Campbell
last year on the Vestry is 2011.                                  Hall, and a 2-year-old son, Jonathan. After quitting
                                                                  my job in politics to be a stay-at-home mom, I got
In 1978, my wife, Sydney, and I moved to our present
                                                                  more involved at ASBH, started Martha Ministry,
home in Cheviot Hills -- and to All Saints'. Married
with no kids, we were near Sydney's job in finance at             served on the pastoral care team, and was elected
Twentieth Century Fox – which she gave up when she                to the Vestry in 2007. And now, fourteen years
was about to have the second of our three kids.                   after joining All Saints’, my last year on Vestry
                                                                  finds me back where I began - with Mary Haddad,
Sunday mornings, we pick up our 26-year old                       although now she’s Interim Rector and I’m junior
retarded daughter Jocelynn from her group home, have
                                                                  warden – an arrangement only God could have
breakfast with her, and then head to the 9 AM service.
Jocelynn is received warmly at All Saints'.                       foreseen. It’s been a good
                                                                  reminder that God thinks
You just can't say enough about the good stuff at All             long-term for All Saints’,
Saints' – people, liturgy, music, teaching, friends and           and I feel blessed to have
service. Mary's 8-week course has been a delight. A               the opportunity to serve
great benefit of being Senior Warden has been getting
                                                                  our wonderful parish dur-
to know many wonderful people.
                                                                  ing this exciting time of
The last three years have pushed Sydney and me along              transition.
in our religious practices – reading the bible regularly,
for example, instead of just documents and reports.

Since February 2010, the following persons have been baptized into the Body of Christ:
    Laura Elizabeth Heidemann             Eloise Lain Austin
    Laura Elizabeth Perloe                Mercedes Shanel Evans
    Oliver Ehrsam Foster                  Erica Lanell Falls
    Alice Ellen Foster                    Hope Elizabeth Harding
    Rene Arias Jr.                        Jeannette Eva Levine
                                          Valerie Patterson
                                                            ALL SAINTS’ LIFE · MAY 2010 · 7

                            Coming up in June...
  tuesday night yoga continues                                                                                               CAST
 Christians have always lived a faith of the body,                                                                           wrap
 for the body and in the body, ours is an
 incarnational faith. Engaging the body in acts of                                                                           party
 being present with God opens us up to God
 in new ways. Join us on Tuesday evenings at 7pm as we connect with                                                       Sunday, June 6
 our bodies through yoga. The class is for everyone, from beginners
 to longtimers, so if you want to deepen your practice or have ever                                      The annual CAST Wrap Party
 wanted to try yoga but have been too nervous or intimidated just                                        will take place on Sunday,
 bring a mat and become part of our gathering.                                                           June 6th following the 11:15
                                                                                                         AM worship service in Lower
                                                                                                         Sweetland Hall. CAST families,
                       Sunday                     Men’s Ministry Breakfast                               friends, loved ones and new
                                                                                                         CAST members are welcome!
                       Morning                                  Saturday, June 5                         Get ready for the year-in-review
                       Brunch                                           Men, come together for           slide show, awards, recogni-
                                                                        a hearty breakfast, to           tions, senior graduate honor-
                                                                        catch up with old friends        ees and more... everyone takes
Don’t forget to join the 1st Sunday brunch                                                               home something!
                                                                        and meet new ones. We
in Lower Sweetland Hall on June 6th.                                    welcome a variety of
$5 Brunch tickets can be purchased in the                               speakers and we invite           Contact Karlyn Johnson,
book store that Sunday morning.                                         you to join us.                  Coordinator for Youth Minis-
This is our last brunch for the summer.           Suggested donation $10. Contact Glynis Horton          tries at 310-275-0123x113 or
                                                  at or (310) 275-0123
We’ll be on break during July & August            x103 to RSVP or for more information.
and then see you in September!                                                                           more information.

Be on the look out for details
about the 20’s/30’s Summer
Backyard Bar- B-Q at 506 N.          20’s/30’s Brunch
Camden. Date & Time TBA.           Come join us for brunch every 3rd Sunday of each month during the
Contact Todd Bouldin at               summer following the 11:15 am service. Enjoy an outstanding mimosa
                                   brunch from the group’s own gourmet chefs, all for
          20’s/30’s                $10 each. First time guests are complimentary. No
          Summer                   need to RSVP. Join us in Upper Sweetland Hall
                                   following the service. Next brunch: June 20th.
           BBQ                     Please RSVP to Todd Bouldin at

Sunday, June 6 5:00pm
Chamber muSiC ConCert iV:
                                                              Women’s Ministry                                                     sages
angeleS ConSort The popular Early Music                          Dinner
                                                                  Tuesday, June 8th at 6:30 PM                                     June 10
                                       returns with a
                                       program of           Join us in the home of the Rev. Maryetta
                                       Baroque              Anschutz, 506 North Camden Drive.                                        Join the
                                       favorites. The       Maryetta will talk about the importance of     SAGES for their last luncheon before
                                       theme for the
                                       evening is: “Les     passions, and serving the worldís deep-        summer break. Celebrate with hot
                                       Goûts-réunis:        est needs. She will also discuss her next      dogs/hamburgers, potato salad, baked
                                       Italian & French     steps with the Episcopal School of Los
                                       Styles Unite!”       Angeles, and with the church. $10 dona-
                                                                                                           beans, and more. Share some good
                                                            tion to cover the cost of dinner. Please       vibrations with the SAGES on June 10th
Janet Worsley Strauss, baroque violin;
Suzanna Giordano Gignac, baroque violin;
                                                                                         RSVP by June      in Lower Sweetland Hall at 12 noon.
                                                                                         1 to Nicola
Leif Woodward, baroque cello
& Jason Yoshida, Lute                                                                    Lubitsch at       Contact Glynis Horton
Guest Musician: Kathleen McIntosh , harpsichord                                          nlubitsch@        at ghorton@all-
Tickets: $20 adults / $10 students and seniors                                           or 310-471-
                                                                                                  or (310)
Admission free with Music Guild donor season pass
                                                                                         8042.             275-0123 x103.
                                     ALL SAINTS’ LIFE · MAY 2010 · 8

                                                                       Catechnt is
                                                                        Rece s

                                                          On Sunday,
                                                          April 18th,
                                                          over 120 children
                                                          celebrated the
                                                          great Feast of
                                                    Catechesis style! Look
                                                    how brightly their
                                                    lights shine!
   In March, with the able
  help of new vestry per-
  son, Kerrin Pulis, Leve
  3 Kids rolled up their l
  sleeves, packaged and                                                                From April 25th - May
  sold Haitian “Red Bean                                                              16, Level 2 and 3 Cat
 and Rice” dinners on s                                                                                      -
 patio as a simple way to e                                 H el p fo r              echesis Kids Launch
                                                                                    a month long “Help
 honor the people of Haiti
 recognize their hard-
 ships and send a little
                                                             H ai ti !!             Haiti” drive collectin
                                                                                    new and gently used

 money their way. Beau                                                             backpacks and tenn
tiful purses donated by-                                                           shoes for children in
Catechist Rhonda Burr                                                             Haiti. Led by volunt
were also sold. The kidsell                                                       Lizzie Dinkel, goods
raised over $700.        ’                                                        will be shipped to ch
                                                                                 dren in need of scho

            Family Camp 2010 was a huge success. The ten families all
            arrived safely on Friday with the last ones arriving before
            10:30 pm. We played, ate, watched our children play, talked,
            hiked, prayed and sang among many other things. Watching        All Saints’ Church
                                                                            The Rev. Mary E. Haddad, Interim Rector
            our kids get to know each other beyond our parish grounds is    504 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210
                                                                            (310) 275-0123 ·
            priceless. I truly believe that the All Saints' Family Camp
                                                                            Our Vision: A world transformed by Jesus.
            Retreat is one of the single most important events we provide
            to strengthen our parish families. Thank you to our Family      Our Mission: To become disciples who make
                                                                            disciples through Christ.
            Camp Scholarship donors for providing the means for any
                                                                            All Saints’ Life is the official newsletter of
            family to enjoy this time away together, resting together and   All Saints’ Parish in Beverly Hills, CA,
            learning more about each other's stories.                       in the Diocese of Los Angeles.
                      ~ Christal Ellis, Family & Toddler Ministries         All Saints’ Life edited by Karlyn Johnson Brown

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