November 2010 Wisconsin Veterans Home at King “Caring for

                                                               November 2010


  Member Doris Boyden celebrated her 101st birthday August 14, 2010.

                                Wisconsin Veterans Home at King
                                   “Caring for America’s Heroes”

             WDVA                Secretary’s Column

                         by Kenneth B. Black
                               Secretary of the Wisconsin
                                     Department of Veterans Affairs

      Veterans Day: Honoring the
                American Dream
 Throughout Wisconsin’s proud traditions and generations of service, from World War
 II through the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and including our current
 conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the American Dream has provided inspiration and

 In all the places around the world where American service men and women have
 sacrificed in the name of freedom – regardless of when and where these service members
 toiled – their hopes and dreams held much in common.

 Imagine a World War II infantryman, spending a long, cold night in a foxhole somewhere
 in France. What does he hold dear? Now imagine a solider in Afghanistan, hunkered
 down on a mountainside, wondering when the next mortar round is coming. What
 are his dreams?

 The hearts of our service members have not changed much over the generations.

 For Wisconsin service members, the American Dream is likely to be a dream of returning
 home. It’s a simple dream of a good, honest life. It is a dream about a steady job, an
 education, a house, a family.

 Today’s veterans are not returning home to an economy that is kind to the American
 Dream. Instead, they face joblessness and home foreclosures. They’re struggling
 with the same challenges as all Wisconsin residents, but often with added stressors
 like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, multiple deployments, or disabilities.


These are not easy times for America, or for Wisconsin. These are not easy times
for our veterans.

  • The suicide rate among returning veterans is shocking, and we may be seeing
    just the tip of the iceberg.

  • The veterans’ population is shifting demographically, and services and programs are
    struggling to keep up with changing needs.

  • Homelessness among veterans continues to be a shameful reality, with
    growing unemployment a new factor.

We must provide a strong network to support service members as they reintegrate back
into society and build successful, healthy, strong lives. They are our future leaders.
We must continue to honor our seasoned veterans by staying true to the promises of
care and support that have been made by the people of Wisconsin.

As we observe this Veterans Day, let us be clear about our priorities and vocal about
our needs as a veterans’ community.

If we are to meet the challenges facing today’s veterans, the State of Wisconsin must
restore full funding to the Veterans Trust Fund.

We must create a Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs that is once again the envy
of the nation. I am working to create an agency that is efficient, forward-thinking,
and devoted to providing the highest level of service to the veterans of our state. We
will not succeed overnight, but each day we are making progress.

It is a wonderful thing to see how the citizens of our state show strong support for
our troops. It makes me proud. But the troops – our veterans – need and deserve
our support just as much once they have returned home.

In these tough times, we must not forget about the sacrifices that our veterans have
made to preserve the American Dream for the citizens of our state and nation. And
we must ensure that the promises made to our veterans are honored.

State News

             Veterans Lifetime Achievement
                    Award Recipient

 John F. Weindorfer Sr., of Fifield, received the
 Veterans Lifetime Achievement Award at the
 October WDVA Board meeting. Mr. Weindorfer,
 a World War II veteran, was on the USS Cassin
 during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

 Board members (left to right) Dan Naylor, Peter
 Moran and Dave Boetcher presented the award.

                              Nominations Sought
    The Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs is seeking nominations for their December Veterans
    Lifetime Achievement Award, which will be presented at the meeting in Union Grove on
    December 10, 2010.

    This award recognizes living Wisconsin veterans who are state residents and who have
    compiled a record of exemplary service as a military service member, veteran and citizen.
    The nominee for the December award must reside in southeastern Wisconsin. Nominations
    must be postmarked no later than Monday, November 15, 2010.

    For a nomination form or more information, visit or call
    1-800-WIS-VETS (947-8387).

    Celebrate your freedom...thank a veteran!
                                                                                          State News

                           Wisconsin Veterans
                            Museum News
                        For additional information, call (608) 267-1799 or
                       visit their website at

                 UPCOMING EVENTS
Next Stop Is Vietnam: The War on Record, 1961–2008
3–Day Symposium — November 18–20, 2010

In summer 2010, Bear Family Records released “…Next Stop Is Vietnam: The War on Record,
1961–2008,” a 13 disc, 300+ song collection of music about the Vietnam War. Including songs
from all genres and political viewpoints, this set is the definitive audio document of the Vietnam
War. A review by calls it, “An entire college course masquerading as a boxed set…
that look[s] at the Vietnam conflict’s impact on American society.”

In honor of this landmark achievement, the Wisconsin Veterans Museum and other community
partners will host a 3–day symposium November 18–20 to focus on the critical role that music
played during the Vietnam era. All of the events are FREE and open to the public.

Presented in partnership by the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, the University of Wisconsin–Madison
Integrated Liberal Studies Program, the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame and Museum, Wisconsin Public Television,
and the Monona Terrace and Convention Center, this
event is part of the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the                  Hours
Department of Afro-American Studies at the University
of Wisconsin–Madison.                                             Monday - Saturday
                                                                 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Interested in purchasing “…Next Stop Vietnam:                           Sundays
The War on Record, 1961–2008"? The Bear Family                           Closed
Records boxed set, “…Next Stop Vietnam: The War on                  (October - March)
Record, 1961–2008,” is available for pre-order from the
Wisconsin Veterans Museum gift store at a discounted              Closed State Holidays
price of $250 (retail: $289). If you are interested in               Free Admission
purchasing a copy of this limited-edition set, please
contact store manager Greg Lawson at (608) 261-0535


                   Commandant’s Column
                                             by Acting Commandant Jackie Moore

                              Veterans Day
                        Honoring All Who Served –
                          Traditions of Service
 The theme for Veterans Day 2010 is “Honoring All Who Served – Traditions
 of Service.”

 At the Wisconsin Veterans Homes, “Honoring All Who Served” is the theme
 every day. Veterans are recognized and honored each and every day by
 staff, volunteers, families, friends, and each other in everything we do at
 the Homes. It is our sole reason for existence.

 In addition to our members, many of our staff and volunteers are veterans.
 The respect and honor shown in “veterans serving veterans” is humbling.
 It is a bond that non-veterans will never experience. I cannot even begin
 to imagine how strong of a connection is forged between those who have
 shared in the pain and loss of war.

 Although I am not a veteran and do not have that special connection, my
 understanding and respect for veterans grows on a daily basis. I learn
 about honor and service to others from the members at the Home. I learn
 about devotion from the veterans service organizations who provide so
 many good things through their visits and donations. I learn about sharing
 from the many volunteers who have given thousands of hours of their time
 here at the Home. I learn about dedication from the many staff who serve

veterans at work while serving their country through weekend and annual
training, as well as in active duty deployment.
Since serving as Acting Commandant, I have had the privilege to meet
many more veterans at the Board meetings and I have learned so much from
those attending the meetings. I have learned about the passion veterans
feel for their county and their freedoms. I have learned about the toll war
has taken on many, leaving veterans’ lives changed forever due to physical
disabilities and the mental strain. I have learned life with PTSD is a daily
battle. I have learned women veterans have a special bond of their own,
yet their feelings and reasons for enlisting are very similar to the men. I
have learned about the need for support and advocacy.

From my step-dad as well as those who taught me these other lessons, I
have also learned that a veteran is an ordinary person—a father or mother, a
brother or sister, a spouse—who has done extraordinary things. An ordinary
person who left their family, took on challenges, risked or lost their life for
something they believed in. Yes, a veteran is an ordinary person just like
you and me—but when they are united they become so much more.
                 THANK YOU, VETERANS!

          Veterans’ Day Program at WVH-King
              Thursday, November 11, 2010
                       10:30 a.m.
              Marden Multi-purpose Room

               Chaplain’s Column
                                   submitted by Chaplain Wayne Schwanke

           A Reason to Give Thanks!
 The world watched in suspense after more than 700,000 tons of
 rock sealed 33 men for 69 days almost 2,300 feet below the ground
 at the San Jose copper-gold mine in the Atacama Desert of Chile.
 For 17 days these men endured with no outside contact while their
 families and the world wondered if they were alive. When the miners
 were discovered on August 22, they would still have to wait another 2 months to be rescued
 from their underground prison.

 Although the men had plenty of room to move around in the mine, they faced extreme
 physical, psychological and spiritual challenges. Separated from family, facing a very difficult
 rescue and an uncertain future, these 33 men survived more time trapped underground than
 anyone on record. The miners’ survival in a lightless, lifeless place is certainly an amazing
 story of human perseverance, but it is also a remarkable story about faith.

 In the face of so many potential dangers, even after they were discovered, the miners were
 comforted and strengthened by their faith in God. While waiting for their rescue the men
 requested Bibles, statues and religious pictures, and they constructed a makeshift chapel
 where they could pray and worship. Meanwhile, on the surface, families gathered around
 the mine in an area that would be named “Camp Hope.” Fearing the worst, the faith of the
 family members also allowed them to persevere and hope for the best. Camp Hope became
 a place of fellowship, encouragement and prayer. Even before the rescue began, Chile’s
 President Sebastian Pinera said, “We hope that with the help of God this epic will end in
 a happy way,” and it did.

 On October 23, after 69 days underground, the miners were brought to the surface among
 the cheers of exuberant Chileans and before the eyes of a transfixed world. For the men
 and their families, this was truly an amazing miracle, not only of human skill and ingenuity
 but also of God’s presence, mercy, help, and strength. I remember watching the rescue
 unfold, seeing miner after miner emerge from that narrow shaft thanking God, some drop-
 ping to their knees in prayer, and then joyfully being reunited with their family and friends.

Along with physicians and psychologists, I was amazed by the condition of the men as they
emerged from the mine. They appeared relatively healthy, strong and in good spirits. The
miners attributed their wellbeing to their faith. It is reported that when the men were first
discovered and a note was sent to the surface telling the rescuers that all 33 miners were
safe, one of the miners, Jimmy Sanchez, sent a note from the mine with a correction which
read, “There are actually 34 of us, because God has never left us down here.” Mr. Sanchez
understood the key to faith.

God is always with us. The miners understood that and so did David, who wrote in Psalm
139, “If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand
will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.” Among the many wonderful promises
of God’s presence given to us in the Bible, we find these words of Jesus, “I am with you
always, to the very end of the age.” (NIV) God’s promise to be with us is the basis for our
faith. He gives us strength, peace, joy and hope even when, and especially when, we face
extreme physical, psychological and spiritual challenges.

In our lives you and I might not find ourselves literally trapped under 700,000 tons of rock,
but at some point each of us feels trapped by something. The burdens we carry may appear
to be overwhelming; the circumstances we face may sometimes make this world seem like a
very lightless and lifeless place. Yet, knowing that we are never alone, but that God is always
with us, can make our lives amazing stories of human perseverance and remarkable stories
of faith. Our lives also have a happy ending, because the God who is with us to strengthen
us under our burdens has also rescued us from death through Jesus the Resurrection and the

Recognizing the amazing miracle that took place, after the rescue, United Press International
reported that thousands of Chileans went to church to give thanks for the safe return of the
33 men. In my chapel services here at the Wisconsin Veterans Home many of the members
also recognized the presence and hand of God in the rescue, and requested special prayers
of thanks and praise as well.

This month as we celebrate our national day of Thanksgiving, I pray that all of us will
recognize the miracle of God’s presence in our lives, in the lives of those whom we love,
and in the life of our country as well. Like the miners, we need to look to God, forever
rejoicing in His promise of protection, care and life for those who put their faith in Him.
Knowing that God is with us is the greatest reason for thanksgiving. This faith as St. Paul
says, makes it possible for us to, “be joyful always, pray continually, [and] give thanks in all
circumstances” (I Thessalonians 5:18 NIV). God is with us. For this we give Him thanks!
Home News

            Meet the WVH-King Nursing
               Administration Staff

              Bobbi Jo Pethke       Donna Warzynski              Kate Pieper
             Program Assistant    Nursing Administrator      Inservice Supervisor

                          Ainsworth Hall Director of Nursing
                          Sally Herek retired after 35 years. Best
                          wishes, Sally!

                                                                                Home News

                                                         MacArthur Hall
                                              Linda Eskritt           Wendy Buck
                                                Director            Assistant Director
              Olson Hall
Lee Ann Turzinski      Bev Przybylski
Assistant Director        Director

                                                        Ainsworth Hall
                                           Louise Lehrer             Patricia Brown
                                          Assistant Director             Director

               Stordock Hall
    Toni Stemwedel      Shannon Hardel
   Assistant Director        Director

Home News

                              Dietary Services
                            by Jennifer Hanlon, Dietary Services Director

Dietary Services staff celebrated National Healthcare Food Service Week October 4 - 9th. Thanks
to their hard work, the following are some of the daily tasks that are accomplished:

       Prepare, cook and serve up to 2,700 meals for King and Union Grove.
       Wash 19,440 utensils.
       Wash more than 40,000 member dishes.
       Bake a minimum of 130 loaves of fresh bread.
       Butter and bag about 1,000 slices of bread.
       Pour 2,200 cups of coffee.
       Wash and sanitize 700 bananas.
       Transport meal carts up to 200 times via the tunnel.
       Use 150 pounds of flour.
       Answer an average of 50 phone calls.
       Utilize more than 20 reports to keep the daily operations running.

       So, how many staff does it take to accomplish all this?
       62 Food Service Workers
       9 Cooks
       2 Bakers
       3 Production Managers
       4 Food Service Supervisors
       4 Registered Dietitians
       3 Operations Program Associates
       1 Information Services Staff
       1 Director
       1 Food Service Administrator
       That’s a total of 90 team members.

Dietary staff realizes that to accomplish all this, support is necessary from other bureaus and
therefore, they would like to thank the following:

Laundry Staff for supplying clean towels and aprons.
Housekeeping Staff for supplying paper towels and for doing the “high up” cleaning.
Maintenance Staff (HVAC, electrical, plumbers, etc.) for keeping everything running.
Nursing Staff for helping pass meals, coffee, bananas and nourishments.
Toast volunteers for assisting with passing toast.
Materials Management Staff for delivering supplies and putting stock away.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Home News

                                                            A New Feature
As a new monthly article called “What’s Cooking,” the WVH-King daily lunch menu will be posted in The Courier.
If you have any comments or suggestions on this or any Courier articles, please contact the Courier Editor, Laura
Mays at (715) 258-4247.

Menus are subject to change. Please speak to dining room staff or your dietitian to request alternate choices which
are indicated on the menu in parentheses.
                                                  LUNCH MENUS FOR NOVEMBER 7 - December 4, 2010
            SUNDAY                    MONDAY                    TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY           THURSDAY                            FRIDAY               SATURDAY
                               7                         8                     9                 10                 11                                    12                   13
           BBQ Pork Ribs               Swiss Steak           Italian Meat Sauce Sliced Turkey with VETERANS’ DAY                       Grilled Haddock         Chicken Dijon
             (Meatloaf)                 Jardiniere               (Turkey Loaf     Cranberry Sauce                                      with Tartar Sauce (Tator Tot Hot Dish)
           French Baked            (Turkey Tetrazzini)        Over Mostaccioli      (Pork Roast      Rosemary Garlic                  (Hot Sliced Turkey)     Wild Rice Blend
              Potatoes             Whipped Potatoes           (Whipped Potato)     Sage Dressing        Pork Chop                       Garlic Mashed         (Whipped Potato)
          (Whipped Potato)          with Beef Gravy             Tossed Salad         with Gravy          (Meatloaf)                         Potatoes            Braised Red
         Sugar Snap Peas              Whole Kernel              (Carrot Salad)   (Whipped Potatoes)    Roasted Red                      Fresh Spinach             Cabbage
           (Diced Carrots)                Corn                   With Ranch        Sliced Carrots        Potatoes                            Salad                (Squash)
         Banana Cream Pie             (Green Beans)                Dressing            (Peas)       (Whipped Potatoes)                    (Pea Salad)          Lemon Cream
                                     Iced Apple Bar              (Diet French       Spice Cake        Pickled Beets                   With Warm Bacon           Cheese Bar
                                                                   Dressing)                          (2 Bean Salad)                       Vinaigrette
                                                              Warm Garlic Roll                       Warm Dinner Roll                       Dressing
                                                                Chocolate Ice                         Star Spangled                       (Diet French
                                                                    Cream                               Poke Cake                           Dressing)
                                                                                                                                           Rye Bread
                                                                                                                                          Carrot Cake
                              14                        15                 16                       17                       18                           19                   20
            Beef Roast                  Chicken               Chopped Steak          Pork Cutlet with         Teriyaki Chicken            Poor Man’s         Savory Meatballs
             (Pork Roast)              Provolone             w/Sauteed Onions        Mushroom Gravy            (Tater Tot Hot Dish)         Lobster              (Turkey Loaf)
         Whipped Potatoes            (Baked Haddock)         (Macaroni and Cheese)     (Scrambled Eggs)         Steamed Rice            (Chicken Breast in   Whipped Potatoes
            With Gravy             Fettuccine Alfredo Creamed Potatoes                  Roasted Red            (Whipped Potatoes)        Supreme Sacue)         with Gravy
            Peas with                (Whipped Potato)          (Whipped Potato)          Potatoes             Vegetable Stir Fry         Baked Potato          Buttered Baby
          Mushrooms and              Broccoli Cuts           Braised Brussels           (Whipped Potato           (Asparagus)             With Butter              Carrots
             Onions                   (Diced Carrots)            Sprouts                   w/gravy)             Fresh Orange            (Whipped Potato)         (Diced Beets)
              (Spinach)               Chocolate                 (Green Beans)         Fresh and Local              Wedges             Creamy Coleslaw         Pumpkin Cookie
          Coconut Cream            Brownie with Mint          Orange Sherbet          Baked Squash                                        (Pea Salad)
               Pie                      Icing                                            (Wax Beans)                                  Onion Rye Bread
                                                                                          Apple Pie                                   Raspberry Vanilla

                       21                        22                         23                     24          THANKSGIVING                          26                           27
           Oven Fried              Build Your Own:            Salisbury Steak         Veal Parmesan                                    Baked Haddock           Country Style
             Chicken               Hamburger with a            (Baked Haddock)             over                Roasted Turkey         with Tartar Sauce           RIbs
          With Cranberry                 Bun                     Scalloped               Buttered                 (Baked Ham)           (Scrambled Eggs)          (Meatloaf)
          Sauce Garnish                  (Meatloaf)              Potatoes               Spaghetti               Homemade                Baked Potato          Boiled Potatoes
             (Beef Roast)           Lettuce, Tomato,           (Whipped Potato)      (Macaroni and Cheese)    Mashed Potatoes            With Butter           (Whipped Potato)
           French Baked              Onion, Pickles          Sautéed Zucchini        Cauliflower Salad          Giblet Gravy            (Whipped Potato)        Sauerkraut
              Potato                  (2 Bean Salad)            (Diced Carrots)        (Cucumber Salad)        Sage Dressing            Sliced Carrots           (Wax Beans)
           (Whipped Potato)            French Fries              Raspberry           Warm Garlic Roll          Fresh Squash            (Diced Rutabagas)       Egg Nog Cake
           Whole Kernel             (Whipped Potatoes)            Sherbet                Éclair               Out-Of-The-Shell           Rye Bread
              Corn                   Creamy Fruit                                                                 (Asparagus)           Black Forest
            (Green Beans)               Salad                                                                 Cranberry-Orange            Mousse
         Pineapple Upside-                                                                                           Relish
            Down Cake                                                                                         Warm Dinner Roll
                                                                                                                  Pumpkin Pie
                       28                   29                              30                            1                         2                    3                 4
          Southern Baked   Italian Meatballs                   Hamloaf with           Sweet and Sour           Grilled Reuben         Butterflied Shrimp      Ham-Stuffed
             Chicken        over Spaghetti                    Mustard Sauce              Pork over                 Sandwich              with Cocktail          Chicken
          With Cranberry  (Macaroni and Cheese)                (Baked Haddock)         Steamed Rice             (Turkey Tettrazini)          Sauce          w/ Swiss Cheese
          Sauce Garnish      Tossed Salad                    Augratin Potatoes       (Macaroni and Cheese)        French Fries          (Scrambled Eggs)         Sauce
             (Meat Loaf)              (Pickled Beets)          (Whipped Potato)           Pea Pods               (Whipped Potato)           Cheesy              (Meatloaf)
          Whipped Potato           with Blue Cheese          Steamed Broccoli             (Asparagus)         Creamy Coleslaw            Hashbrowns        Noodles Romanov
           Whole Kernel                Dressing                  (Green Bean)         Fortune Cookie             (Carrot Salad)         (Whipped Potato)       (Whipped Potato)
              Corn                 (Diet French Dressing)     Blueberry Fruit        Angel Food Cake          Peanut Butter Pie       Tomato-Zucchini         California Blend
            (Diced Carrots)        Warm Breadstick                Parfait            with Strawberry                                      Relish                Vegetables
             Peach Pie               Strawberry                                          Topping                                         (Tossed Salad           (Asparagus)
                                      Sundae                                                                                          With French dressing)   Black Forest Bar
                                     (Chocolate Frozen                                                                                    Rye Bread
                                          Yogurt                                                                                          Cinnamon
                                                                                                                                       Streusel Coffee

Home News

                      Safety Always First
You may have noticed many changes in the tunnel lately! For the past few months, we have been
involved in a project to enhance the safety of everyone using the tunnel. New signs and other safety
features, especially on the floor and some of the walls, have been added in an effort to improve the
traffic flow and to enhance the safety of both our members and the staff.

Recently, it has come to our attention there is some confusion about how staff and members using the
tunnel should react to the changes. As with any safety and traffic control signage on our streets and
the rest of the campus above ground, our intention with these changes is for all motorized traffic to
obey them. The real idea behind the project was to slow down the motorized traffic, thus enhancing
safety and helping to limit property damage and injuries. Ambulatory and non-motorized traffic
should be cautious about motorized vehicle movement, as you would on the streets above ground.

If you have any questions about this issue, don’t hesitate to call the Risk Management Office at
extension 3241.

                                   Thank You
    The family of Robert “Ole” Olson would like to express their deep appreciation and thanks
    to the staff of the Wisconsin Veterans Home for the care given to their father while he
    lived at the Veterans Home.

    “Thank you for all your expressions of sympathy, caring thoughts and stories you have
    shared with us since he passed away on September 9. He loved his friends and the staff
    members that he met while he lived here for the last 10 years.

    We would especially like to thank the administrative staff for all their help with dealing
    with his legal affairs and for assisting us in planning his memorial service at the chapel.

    Chaplain Rich Engle and his staff have been a wonderful source of support and caring for
    our family. We would like to thank Rich for officiating at the burial and memorial service
    when we celebrated our father’s life.

    We will be forever grateful for all you did for Dad.”

                                        Home News


 The annual fish boil is a well attended event
 which is sponsored by the State Elks and State
 AMVETS organizations. Members of the
 AMVETS Sturgeon Bay Post boiled the fish
 in the park and served over 200 members and
 volunteers in the Marden multi-purpose room.

Home News

   DAV Wheelchair Repair Shop a Valued Service
                  A King tradition deserving of support and improvements

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) all-volunteer wheelchair repair shop was established in
1986 and has been an asset to the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King (WVH-King) ever since.

WVH-King is interested in facilitating a discussion about improving the wheelchair repair shop
facilities in time for the shop’s 20-year anniversary. Administrators are open to different options,
including the possibility of working cooperatively on needed upgrades to the current location or
relocating the shop to a space with greater square footage and improved accessibility.

“The wheelchair shop and its volunteers deserve the best home we can provide here on the King
campus,” says Brian Marshall, Administrator of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
Division of Homes.

          You’re invited to tour the DAV Wheelchair Shop and join the discussion!
                             Wednesday, November 10 at 10:00 a.m.
A bus tour will leave from the Marden Memorial Center and be followed by an informal discussion
about ideas and options for improvements, which will be held in the Marden Theater immediately
following the tour.

                         Holiday Cheer
            Each year, we are blessed to have many veteran organizations and private citizens
                        donate to our “Holiday Cheer” for the members of the
                                  Wisconsin Veterans Home at King.

              All donated funds are used to see that no one is forgotten around the holiday.
                        Every member receives a gift, free postage to mail cards
                                   and lots of other holiday goodies.

                       If you wish to donate, checks should be made payable to
                  “Wisconsin Veterans Home at King Holiday Cheer” and mailed to:

                                           Holiday Cheer
                                   Wisconsin Veterans Home at King
                                     N2665 County Rd QQ
                                    King, Wisconsin 54946-0600
                                                                                       Home News

             Way to Go!
  Carroll Boldt, Stordock Hall member had visitors
  from Prairie Du Chien and they were impressed
  with the wonderful facility we have at King along
  with the way staff interacts with other members
  and co-workers. “This is a GREAT place for our
  veterans and we’re glad there is such a facility.”

                                                     Member Gary Mader was presented
                                                     an award as the North Central Division
                                                     Outstanding Veteran Volunteer. Daughters
                                                     of the American Revolution Stevens Point
                                                     Chapter Representative, Shirley Multhauf,
                                                     (center) nominated Gary. Nicole Altenburg
                                                     was presented an award for the Outstanding
                                                     Youth Volunteer.

  WVH-King Military
Funeral Honor Guard and
 WDVA Military Funeral
 Honor Team Members

(left to right) Vietnam War veterans
Bob Nyiri, Gary Dumas, Gary
Mader; Chaplain Rich Engle,
WWII veteran Lloyd Mitchell,
Gulf War veteran Mark Edgren and
Korean War veteran Glen Collins.

Home News

                MacArthur Hall members, family and staff
                celebrated Oktoberfest which was sponsored
                by MOPH.

                                                                             Home News


                                                   MacArthur Hall members and staff
                                                   made a scarecrow.

                                                   (left to right) Posing with the
                                                   scarecrow are members Anna
                                                   Grabarczyk, Bill Rosio, Mary Jane
                                                   Hynes, Jackie King and Beatrice

                                                American Bikers Aimed
                                                  Toward Education
                                                  (ABATE) Riders

Over 100 ABATE members made a stop at the
Marden Center coffee shop and delighted King
members with their sparkling bikes.

Home News

                  A Poem
             for Veteran’s Day
                                 submitted by staff Bob Telfer

                              As we walked the cemetery hill
                                     A friend and I.

                            The wind was blowing, never still.
                            She said, “Listen, it fills the sky.”

                        As we stopped to listen with a great chill!
                    Surprised looks from hearing and tears in each eye.

                  Each flag was flapping as if each having their own will.
                     An audience? Hundreds and hundreds clapping.
                                     Giving thanks and
                               Raising each of our veterans
                                    Living and departed
                                         On high!

                                  Thank You
            The family of Willis Gessler wishes to thank Chaplain Rick Engle and
              all the staff and residents who expressed their support and prayers
                to the family in their time of sorrow. It was truly appreciated!

                                                                         Home News

                                       MASTER PUMPKIN

Member Gordy Falk is a master pumpkin
carver and over the years has creatively
carved thousands of pumpkins. The
Wisconsin State Fair even contracted
Gordy to carve pumpkins for their events
and to hold demonstrations. Great job,

                                                 B       WLING
                                                Member Angelo Capizzi and
                                                Activities Assistant Jenny Biesek
                                                celebrate Angelo’s 300 game.

Home News

                                                Pizza and
                                                Ice Cream

  Stordock Hall members enjoyed a pizza
  and ice cream tailgate party sponsored
  by the MOPH.

                                                                                                                 Home News

                         2011 MAJOR FUNCTIONS AT WVH-KING
               Over 250 of the Home’s volunteers attend a banquet to recognize and thank the volunteers.

               May Luchsinger Trust is allocated by the appointed committee.

MAY 15         OPEN HOUSE
               Antique cars, military vehicles, boat rides, cookout, etc. A real family day 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

               Lakeside services at 9:30 a.m. and Cemetery services at 10:00 a.m. Volunteers arrive at cemetery
               at 6:00 a.m. to set flags on over 5,000 graves. Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
               sponsors a picnic and musical entertainment the park from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

JUNE 14        FLAG DAY
               Avenue of Flags proudly displayed.

               Chicken dinner in the park, music, parade, and raffles for over 1,000 people.

               Ham dinner, raffles and the Neenah Community Band highlight this great day in the park.

               Parade in town and afternoon entertainment in the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King Park for
               members and guests.

               Entertainment, prizes, parade, and grilled food for over 500 VFW members and guests.

               This group runs a bicycle tour fundraiser for the Wisconsin Veterans Home in August.

               Saturday - 9:00 a.m. mini-golf in Quadrangle Park, 1:30 p.m. Casino Day in Ainsworth Hall.
               Sunday - Special music at church services, 1:00 p.m. gifts for members and music in all halls,
               3:00 p.m. program in the Marden Multi-Purpose Room.

               Picnic lunch and bingo for all members sponsored by Wisconsin’s Combat Wounded Veterans.

NOV. 11        VETERANS DAY PROGRAM – Held in the Marden Multi-Purpose Room at 10:30 a.m.
               Waupaca High School Choir performs.

               Held in the Marden Multi-Purpose Room at 9:30 a.m. Waupaca High School Band performs.

If you have any questions, please call the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King Public Information Office at: (715) 258-4247.

Library News

                                 Library News
                   submitted by librarian Linda Hagen and member Clifford Poppy
           These books have been added to the WVH-King library’s permanent collection.

          THE GHOST HUNTER’S FAVORITE CASES by Hans Holzer. This author,
          investigator and parapsychologist is known throughout the world as “The Ghost
          Hunter.” This compilation documents more than sixty of Dr. Holzer’s most
          fascinating and uncanny true stories. These real-life tales of hauntings and ghostly
          occurrences demonstrate that the Other World is always with us, and that psychic
          phenomena can happen anywhere, at any time, even in the homes of the most

          THE BATTLE FOR THE FALKLANDS by Max Hastings and Simon Jenkins.
          The Falkland Islands War was characterized as an extraordinary blend of drama and
          tragic comedy. It began with an incident so bizarre that few could take it seriously
          –Argentinean scrap merchants arriving on one of earth’s most godforsaken spots.
          Two months later a thousand men had died and the Islands had seen the biggest
          air/sea battle since World War II. Max Hastings covered this war from the Royal
          Navy Task Force. He went with the Royal Marine commandos and watched the
          battle develop from ships and helicopters. He watched the battles for Darwin and
          Goose Green, the seizure of Mount Kent and the fight for Port Stanley. Meanwhile,
          Simon Jenkins traces every political and diplomatic twist of the crisis from the
          invasion to the cease fire.

          YUM-O! THE FAMILY COOKBOOK by Rachael Ray. The author has put
          together the ultimate family cookbook, which includes recipes that both kids and
          their parents will love cooking – and eating - together. These fun and creative
          recipes feature more whole grains, use less fat, and make the most of fresh fruits
          and vegetables.

          THE GOOD GUY by Dean Koontz. Tim Carrier like to talk with the eccentric
          customers at his friend’s tavern. But when he is mistaken for someone else, by a
          jittery man who gives him an envelope full of cash, he is drawn into a mystery of
          extraordinary proportions. He is the one man who can save an innocent life by
          stopping a powerful killer, but only if he can discover within himself the selflessness,
          endurance, and courage to become a hero.

                                                                                          Library News

                                 Tom’s Picks                     submitted by member Tom Leas

                    These movies are available at the WVH-King library which is located on
                    the third floor of the Marden Memorial Center.

Out of Time - Denzel Washington - DVD - 1 hr. 45 min. - Rated PG-13

A real suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Being kind can hurt you if
you're kind to the wrong person. I loved the excitement.

E.T. - Drew Barrymore and Peter Coyote - DVD - 2 hr. 1 min. - Rated PG

A movie more suited for children. It was a good film showing that I am still a child at heart.

Panic Room - Jodie Foster - DVD - 1 hr. 51 min. - Rated R

If you're faced with real trouble, this is a room you'd love to have. A thriller showing a person’s
determination to protect her family. I liked this film.

Mystic River - Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon - DVD - 2 hr. 18 min. - Rated R

A look at friendship torn apart only to be brought back for a tragic event. Good story, but too long
in my opinion.

Cinderfella - Jerry Lewis - DVD - 1 hr. 27 min. - Not Rated

Not one of Jerry's better films. Very little humor and overacted. I did not enjoy watching this film.

The Great Escape - Steve McQueen, James Garner and Richard Attenborough - DVD -
2 hr. 32 min. - Not Rated

A very good film. One worth watching. I like films based on true events. They did an excellent job.

Library News

        All movies are shown in the Marden Theater.
         Tugger service and popcorn are available.

      Thursday, Nov. 11 at 6:00 p.m. - The Hurt Locker starring Jeremy Renner,
      rated R, 2 hr. 10 min.

      Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 1:30 p.m. - Evel Knievel starring George Hamilton, not
      rated, 1 hr. 29 min.

      Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 1 :30 p.m. - Shalako starring Sean Connery and Brigitte
      Bardot, rated PG, 1 hr. 53 min.

      Thursday, Nov. 18 at 6:00 p.m. - Escape from New York starring Kurt Russell,
      rated R, 1 hr. 39 min.

      Tuesday, Nov. 23 at 1:30 p.m. - Stranger than Fiction starring Will Ferrell,
      rated PG-13, 1 hr. 53 min.

      Wednesday, Nov. 24 at 1:30 p.m. - The Queen starring Helen Mirren, rated
      PG-13, 1 hr. 43 min.

      Thursday, Nov. 25 at 6:00 p.m. - No movie - Happy Thanksgiving!

      Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 1:30 p.m. - Mail Order Bride starring Greg Evigan, not
      rated, 1 hr. 28 min.

                                            Member News

Daughters of the American Revolution
sponsored a bingo for WVH-King

Member News

      November Birthdays
 3   Daniel Bintzler    OH 208           17 Wayne Welch        SH 212
     Allen Bitler       OH 422
                                         19 Deloris Mier         OH 366
 4   Daniel Egan        SH 571              Edward Russo         OH 322

 5   Sylvia Huber     AH 355             23 Elizabeth Volmer     MH 220
     Maryann Lewandowski AH 333B
                                         24 James Jeffery        OH 369
6    Wayne Lohaus Sr    SH 216B             Robert Towns         OH 320

7    Myrtis Gigstead    OH   309         25 Clifford Johnson     SH 525
     Russell Ahlm       MH   216B           Robert Nehlsen       AH 404
     Martin Ciszewski   SH   279B
     Lois Moore         AH   337         26 Napoleon Truckey     MH 314
                                            Ronald Johnson       MH 363
 8   Peter Petushek     OH 353
                                         27 Gregory Mack         OH 466
 9   Duane Davis        SH 520
                                         28 Edith Karcheski      AH 442
10 Frank Francart       OH 512              Joyce Whitney        SH 379A
   Kenneth Larson       OH 439
   Fred Bruechert       OH 341           29 Ruggles Doudt        MH 256
                                            Alphonse Kamrowski   SH 427
11 Leland Moore         OH 283              Carl Pomplun         AH 334
                                            Roger Gajewski       MH 311A
12 Donald Hibner        SH 442
                                         30 Russell Bressler     AH 430
13 Jane Sanders         OH 205

14 Gwendolyn Olson      OH 203
   Roger Holmstrom      SH 565
   Gaynell Brunette     AH 429A

15 Alvin Krueger        SH 362
   George Lehmann       SH 522

16 Royald Kielman       AH 459B
   Leonard King         MH 282

                                                                 Member News

           December Birthdays
1   Reynold Skiba      SH   302         14 Charles Hillenbrand   MH 318
    William Konitzer   OH   442
    Clayton Seekins    OH   506         15 John Minter           AH 533
    Charles Dewey      MH   355            Anita Ursin-Towns     OH 338

2   Gerald Tritt Sr.   OH 508           16 Earl Wolfe            MH 372

3   Alexander Grassmann SH 255          17 Donald Lemke          OH 539
    James McCormick     OH 425             William Miller        SH 280
    William McKinney    SH 420
                                        18 Nicholas Alberti      AH 127
4   Terrence Rice      SH 209              Brian Garr            SH 316B
    Lloyd Mitchell     MH 324
    Dale Ehnert        MH 317           19 Lester Schweiger      OH 541
                                           Junior Rastedt        OH 285
5   Dennis Fry         MH 375
    Alice Levenhagen   MH 329B          20 Gary Ostrander        OH 436

6   Isabel Beach       AH 328B          22 Angelo Capizzi        AH 203

7   Dolores Wohlt      AH   218         23 Jasper Deckman        AH 408
    Ladislav Strnad    OH   238
    Lowell Woldt       OH   235         24 Marlin Knoepke        OH 265
    John Bayer         SH   279A           Paul Hofmann          OH 520

8   Bernadine Verona   OH 272           25 Bobby Schoenick       AH 354
    Douglas Davis      SH 466
                                        26 Earl Krause           AH 166
9   Lloyd Courtney     SH 412              Hugh Nigh             AH 243
    Matthew Mical      OH 522
                                        27 Hubert Knilans        OH 423
10 William Baumann     AH 236
                                        28 John Schroder         AH 437
12 William School      SH 380
                                        29 Laura Achten          MH 211B
13 Kenneth Grave       AH 109
   Francis Beidle      OH 449B          30 Richard Czech         SH 506
Member News


         November Anniversaries                    December Anniversaries
        10 Royal and Joyce Kielman                10 Jim and Pearl O’Donahue
                                                  15 Robert and Anita Towns
                                                  26 Harold and Grace Kinziger

          In Memory of               “Heaven is my throne and
                                     the earth is my footstool.” Isaiah 42:10

                 Howard Carmody                Henry J. Banaszak
                  Richard Sargent              Kenneth W. Winn
                Edward Sonnleitner              Lucille I. Wilson
                   Norman Prior                Joyce F. Whitney
                  Stanley Knabe                 Orrin R. Kasten
                  Duane Horgen

                                                                                          Member News

                                        (Due to the Federal HIPAA Privacy Act only those members
                                                    who have releases on file are listed.)

Gerald Van Der Putten, a Vietnam War Army veteran, moved into OH 516A on October 1 from

Walter Nummerdor, a Korean War Air Force veteran, joined us on October 4 from Ripon. He is
living at SH 446A.

Sylvester Pesl, a WWII Navy veteran, arrived from Antigo on October 5 and is residing at OH 349B.

Emil Zmek, a WWII Navy veteran, moved into MH 360B on October 5 from Eagle River.

Wayne Lohaus Sr., a Vietnam War Navy and Army veteran, arrived from Reeseville on
October 6. He is living at SH 216B.

Austin Staples, a Vietnam War Army veteran, moved into OH 416A on October 7 from
Stevens Point.

Gordon Doule, a WWII Army veteran, arrived from Oshkosh on October 11. He is residing at
AH 452B.

John Bayer, a WWII Navy veteran, joined us on October 13 from Mauston and is living at SH 279A.

Elmer Martens, a Vietnam War Army Veteran from Marshfield, moved into AH 332A on
October 18.

Robert Griffith, a Korean War Navy Veteran from Waupaca, arrived on October 19 and is residing at
OH 249B.

Maryann Lewandowski, the wife of Army WWII veteran Raymond Lewandowski, joined us on
October 21 from Port Edwards. She is living at AH 333B.

Roman Leonard, a WWII Army veteran from Wausau, moved into SH 219A on October 27.

James Quinn, a WWII Marine Corps veteran, joined us on October 28 from Hales Corner. He is
living at OH 249A.


                                                                THANK YOU!

                                                               The KNX Party Band
                                                               entertained members thanks
                                                               to the sponsorship of the May
                                                               Luchsinger Fund.

       THANK YOU!

   Staff planted a tree in memory of
   co-worker Ben Eastling who passed
   from cancer in April. Ben’s daughter
   (second from right) attended the

                                                      THANK YOU!

                                          Billie Jo Read, on behalf of the Angels of the
                                          Battle Field, presented a donation of coupon
                                          books for members to redeem in the gift shop,
                                          King Cafe and Alley 5.


           THANK YOU!

Alice Bentley, the American Legion Auxiliary
Hospital Representative, made a private donation
of a high quality exercise bike to the WVH-King
member exercise room.

                                                Acting Commandant Jackie Moore accepts
                                                a check from the Veterans of Foreign
                                                Wars Auxiliary Department President
                                                Sharon Oliver to purchase computer ink
                                                for members and a composite bench for
                                                the grounds. Fourteen Auxiliary members
                                                also toured WVH-King on September 29.

       THANK YOU!

Librarian Linda Hagen accepts a donation
from member Gary Schwersinske for the
library and computer center.


   On behalf of the members, we sincerely thank the following for their generous donations.

              VFW #9748 of Ogdensburg                      The American Legion Auxiliary of Marshfield

                 Member Robert Stockton                  Jefferson County Veterans Council of Fort Atkinson

      VFW Auxiliary - Department of Wisconsin                  D & H Sealcoating, LLC of Waupaca

              AMVETS #51 of Sturgeon Bay                            DAV Auxiliary of Waupaca

            The American Legion #47 of Portage                 Grace Lutheran Church of Three Lakes

   Member Faye Buehler in memory of Earl Buehler           Donald and Mary Richgels of DeKalb, Illinois
                                                                 in memory of Marion Komurka
                Member Gary Schwersinske
                                                            Robert and Beverly Schmitz of Stevens Point
               AMVETS #1887 of Waupaca                            in memory of Marion Komurka

      Sterling and Barbara Strause of Wild Rose                    ELKS Lodge #675 of Portage

     Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of              The American Legion #337 of Pulaski
       La Crosse in memory of Robert Dunbar
                                                                     VFW #7898 of Woodruff
                  Member Doris Boyden
                                                                 MOPH - Department of Wisconsin
  Roundy Memorial Baptist Church of Whitefish Bay
          in memory of Jane Zuehlsdorf                               Member Jacqueline King

    Company E - 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry                     Phil Gohlke of Neshkoro
                   of Appleton
                                                               St. John’s Care and Share of Saxeville
                Member Courtney Coffing
                                                                    VFW Auxiliary of Appleton
                 Member Marjorie Gasper
                                                         The American Legion Auxiliary #351 of Montello
                   Member Paul Jacobs
                                                            Chad and Nancy Zinda of Plantation, Florida
      Fleet Reserve Association #238 of Amherst                    in memory of Chester Zinda

       Fleet Reserve Association #238 Auxiliary                     Frederick Heller of Gleason
                      of Amherst                                    in memory of Bonita Heller

                 Estate of Jane Zuehlsdorf                  The American Legion Auxliary #161 of King

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             Jim Doyle                   Laura Mays              are due the 25th of the
             Governor                      Editor                  preceding month.

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