Gathering Dust workshop Conference04 by shuifanglj


Dare to Win
   Resources in Libraries
       A Case Study

         Kal Dale
 Ethnic Services Manager
Wolverhampton City Libraries
“Specialist collections just gather dust
    because no one uses them.”
   • Why don’t they get used?
   • Who is the community?
   • What are the needs?
   • What are the resources?
   • How do we promote?
  Mission Statement
The mission statement of Wolverhampton
Libraries & Information Services is:
 “To provide a high quality library service
 which is customer focused, flexible and
responsive to the needs of all people and
   communities within Wolverhampton.”
        Community Profile
• Over a fifth (22.2%) of the local population class
themselves as being of a non-white origin – this compares
with 18.6% in the 1991 Census. Nationally 9.5% of the
population are from a minority ethnic group and 20% of
people in the West Midlands county.
• Locally, the largest single group is Indian (12.3%) followed
by Black British Caribbean (3.8%)
• Regionally, Birmingham is the only council with a higher
proportion of people from BME communities (29.7%) than
                               (Source: National Statistics –
Breakdown by Religion
Based on the 2001 Census indicators.
    • Christianity 157,300 or 66.5 %
    • Sikh 17,944 or 7.6%
    • Hindu 9,198 or 3.9%
    • Muslim 4,060 or 1.7%
    • Buddhist 737 or 0.3%
    • Jewish 104 or 0.05%
Regional ranking for Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist religions
is 1 out of 34
      Library Services
• Central Library Departments – Reference,
Children's, Adult Lending and Learning Centre

• 20 Branch Service Points (with ICT facilities)

• Mobile Library Service

• Education Library Service

• Special Needs Unit
• Indic language adult books in Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali
and Urdu
• Polish language collection
• African Caribbean interest materials & Asian interest in English
• Ethnic newspapers & periodicals
• Audio visual resources (DVDs, videos, tapes, CDs)
• Children’s resources : dual language books, audio visual
materials and a small collection of Indic language books, teen
periodicals and study aids.
• ESOL and resources for asylum seekers and refugees
• Fiction of lesbian and gay interest
• First Choice collection
       Location of Branches
 Stock Indic                   
Language Books                     
                                 
 Community                         
                                        
Libraries                            
                                   
 Central Library
                                         
 Other                             
• Deposit collections at community
venues and places of worship
• Home Library Service
• Dual language storytelling sessions
• Visits and cultural events
•Adult Education Service, Light House media centre,
University of Wolverhampton etc.

• LEA Multicultural Services Team – to deliver Indic
language children’s books to mother tongue classes

• Specialist suppliers

• Regional and national networks
     Ethnic Services Team
The Ethnic Services Manager contributes directly to the
action planning process. The ESTeam, consisting of staff
from different levels with a range of skills, support the work
     • Researching and advising on issues such as
         periodicals provision
    • Stock selection
    • Black History Month and other promotions

Current initiatives are concerned with developing resources
for asylum seekers and refugees in languages such as
Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish etc. and ESOL.
Gathering Dust?
 What do you
  Thank you

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