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					Game Clock
Start it when the sprinter gets to the ball (not on the whistle)

Stop it on all whistles, start when ball put in play (or a reasonable amount of time)

Clocks stays running on shots unless you hear a whistle by the ref.

Keep track of score on the scoreboard

Stop on all goals

Shot Clock
Start it when someone gets possession of the ball on the sprint (not on the start whistle)

RESET on any shot

RESET on a dumped ball. Start it when the teams gets to it and puts it in play

RESET on a shot where the ball rebounds into the field of play. THEN reset again when the team
gains possession of the ball and puts it in play.
       ** On this the ball is still live so the clock should be reset and running, but no one has
           possession, that is why you – RE-RESET it when someone gains possession.

RESET on any ejection

RESET on any jumped ball

RESET on a clear change of possession

Note time on game clock kicked out

Wave player in with :10 left on shot clock (if no shot has been taken). If there is a shot wave them in
20 sec after kicked out on game clock.

Keep track of those players with 2 fouls. In someone gets their third hold the red flag up immediately
for the entire time until they come even and wave the other flag as well. If the player with 3 fouls re-
enters tell the ref immediately.

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