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					    CIS 9998 – Certified Internet Webmaster: Web Site Development
Lec: Tue, 5:30pm-6:45pm, Rom 2412; 1.5 hrs TBA                                                  Debbie J. Fields
Email:                                                                Office: 2109
(when emailing instructor, type CIS9998 in the subject and your name in the contents of the email message)
Course website:

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Web Site Development Foundations is designed to learn essential Web page
                   development skills and how to work as a productive part of a Web site development team. Topics
                   include creating validated XHTML code, recognizing the importance of marketing, and
                   fundamental design concepts. Students will learn how to insert images, create hyperlinks, as well
                   as use tables, forms and frames. In addition to learning about XHTML and HTML coding,
                   students will learn how to connect Web pages to databases, identify e-commerce solutions, and
                   how link Web site development to business goals. Throughout the course, students will learn how
                   sites are developed as managed projects.

NOTE: This course is one of a series in the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) courses. The CIW certification
program validates job-role skills competency for entry-level job seekers and seasoned professionals alike. For
detailed information, see CIW's website at

STUDENT LEARNING GOALS: The successful student will;
    describe the basic components of networks;
    create basic web pages using hypertext links to other URLs, insert graphic images; change and modify fonts
     and colors for the web page text, insert basic sound capability;
    use an HTML editor, graphics image editor, and special effects applications to speed development of the web
     page tag code and enhance web page presentation;
    discuss the role of web browsers, client side processing, server side processing;
    discuss the many information formats of the Web, and use them in the Web site;
    use File Transfer capability to send web pages source code to a distant web server to maintain a web page.

   CIW Site Development Foundations v2.0: Academic Student Guide ISBN: ECL02CFSDFNPL905
        Students can order textbooks from the publisher or purchase from the bookstore. The bookstore will be
        cheaper as the school receives an academic discount.

COURSE FORMAT: For a typical 17-week semester this class will meet for two lecture hours and 1 computer lab
hours each week. Weekly quizzes, weekly hands-on computer lab assignments, and final exam. For every hour in
class, students should expect 2 hours of preparation. There will be weekly assignments (with penalty for late
work), weekly quizzes (no make-ups and/or early quizzes).

ATTENDANCE: is expected. Attendance will be defined as regular and timely participation in assignment
activities as judged by the instructor. Students may be dropped, see student DROP POLICY

DROP POLICY: The instructor may drop students who miss the first meeting of a course. The first meeting of
online or hybrid Distance Education courses is the first day of the class as specified in the class schedule listing.
For these courses, instructors may drop students who do not login to their Blackboard course and/or complete
indicated activities by the third day of class. In addition, an instructor may initiate a drop if the student is absent
for a total of four (4) consecutive or six (6) cumulative instructional hours and/or two (2) consecutive weeks of
instruction.” If you choose to withdraw from this course, it is your responsibility to do so within the university's
8/10 - Fall 2010
Since this course is online, it is important for the student to communicate with the instructor on a weekly basis -
submitting assignments, taking quizzes, or sending email. If I see that a student is not keeping current, I will drop
the student. Keep in touch with the instructor, do not get dropped.

ACADEMIC HONESTY: All work that you submit in this course must be your own, it is a violation of academic
integrity to copy someone else's work or to permit another person to copy your work. At no time is it acceptable
for you to share your solutions to the homework assignments with other students, whether these solutions are
complete or partial. Any similarity in form or notation, the instructor retains the right to give a failing grade for
the assignment, exam, and/or course.
Please familiarize yourself with LPC's policy on academic dishonesty. It can be found, among other places, at Academic dishonesty (cheating and plagiarism) will not
be tolerated. Students found cheating (fraud, deceit, or dishonesty in an academic assignment) and/or plagiarizing
(using another’s work as your own) will receive a zero for the assignment or exam and the incident will be reported
to the dean of student services.

GRADING: The final grade for this course is based on cumulative points earned as follows:
   Lesson quizzes                                                   30%
   Labs                                                             25%
   Other Assignments/Discussion Board                               30%
   Final exam                                                       15%
       (final exam is mandatory, failure to take final exam is automatic F in course)

The letter grade will be assigned on the following basis.
   90-100% ‘A’ work is clearly excellent, all work completed as assigned on time, in a superior manner
   80- 89% ‘B’ work is consistently good and above average, all work is submitted by the due date
   70- 79% ‘C’ work is acceptable and average, minimal requirements are all met on time
   60- 69% ‘D’ work is below average, due dates not always met, class partiticpation is not consistent
   Below 60% - ‘F”

8/10 - Fall 2010
WEEKLY TOPICAL OUTLINE & ASSIGNMENTS: Class syllabus, assignments, and quiz dates are
approximate and subject to change. See the weekly Assignments section of the course website on Blackboard for
weekly assignments list.

    Date         Reading/Lecture Topic        Assignments                               Quiz
    Wednesday, Aug 18 – Class begins
    WK1: 8/18
    WK2: 8/24      Introductions, Blackboard, CIW certification: CIS 9996, CIS
    (Tue)          9997
    WK3: 9/1       READ: Lesson 1             HTML
    (Tue)                                     SB1: Constructing Web Pages
    WK4: 9/7       READ: Lesson 2             Lab 1-1, Lab 1-2                          Lesson 1
    (Tue)                                     Lab 2-1, Lab 2-2, Lab 2-3
    Friday, Sept 3 – Last day to add/drop class with NGR in person (A&R)
    Sunday, Sept 5 – Last day to add/drop class with NGR online via Class-Web
    Tuesday, Sept 7 – Census
    WK5: 9/14      READ: Lesson 3             Lab 3-1, Lab 3-2, Lab 3-3, Lab 3-4,       Lesson 2
    (Tue)                                     Lab 3-5, Lab 3-6, Lab 3-7, Lab 3-8
    Friday, Sept 17 – Last day to apply for CR/NC
    WK6: 9/21        READ: Lesson 4           Lab 4-1, Lab 4-2, Lab 4-3, Lab 4-4,       Lesson 3
    (Tue)                                     Lab 4-5, Lab 4-6, Lab 4-7, Lab 4-8
    WK7: 9/28        READ: Lesson 5           Lab 5-1, Lab 5-2, Lab 5-3, Lab 5-4,       Lesson 4
    (Tue)                                     Lab 5-5
    WK8: 10/5        READ: Lesson 6           Lab 6-1, Lab 6-2                          Lesson 5
    WK9: 10/12       READ: Lesson 7           Lab 7-1, Lab 7-2, Lab 7-3, Lab 7-4,       Lesson 6
    (Tue)                                     Lab 7-5, Lab 7-6, Lab 7-7
    WK10: 10/19      READ: Lesson 7
    WK11: 10/26      READ: Lesson 8           Lab 8-1, Lab 8-2                          Lesson 7
    WK12: 11/2       READ: Lesson 9           Lab 9-1, Lab 9-2, Lab 9-3                 Lesson 8
    Friday, Nov 5   – Last day to withdraw
    WK13: 11/9       READ: Lesson 10          Lab 10-1, Lab 10-2, Lab 10-3, Lab         Lesson 9
    (Tue)                                     10-4, Lab 10-5
    WK14: 11/16      READ: Lesson 10          Lab 10-6, Lab 10-7, Lab 10-8
    WK15: 11/23      READ: Lesson 10
                     Thanksgiving Break!! – no class Wednesday, Nov 24 thru Sunday, Nov 28
    WK16: 11/30      READ: Lesson 11          Lab 11-1, Lab 11-2, Lab 11-3, Lab 11-     Lesson 10
    (Tue)                                     4, Lab 11-5, Lab 11-6, Lab 11-7, Lab
    WK17: 12/7       READ: Lesson 12          Lab 12-1, Lab 12-2, Lab 12-3              Lesson 11
    (Tue)                                                                               Lesson 12
    FINAL EXAM – Final exam will be activated Monday Dec 13 thru Saturday, Dec 19       Final Exam
    (final exam is mandatory, failure to take final exam is automatic F in course)

8/10 - Fall 2010

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