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									                                THE CATHEDRAL CONNECTION
T h e C a t h e d ra l o f A l l So u l s , Bi l t mo re V i l l a g e , As h e v i l l e , N C 2 8 8 0 3                    No v e m b e r 2 0 0 8

                 All Souls is a eucharistically centered cathedral whose life is formed by scripture, the baptismal covenant and our engagement
                 with the world about us. It is a community where all are welcome, trust is present, risks are taken, and where our gifts and graces
                 enable us to be who God knows us to be.

 Inside this issue:
                                                                      INGATHERING OF PLEDGES
  The Dean                       2                                         SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2
  The Sub-Dean                   3

  Buy Free-trade Coffee          4
                                                       FEAST OF ALL SOULS: NAME REMBERANCE
  Adult Forum                    4                                  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 AT NOON
  Center(s) for Christian Ed.    5

  Book Group                     5
                                                                FEAST OF ALL SAINTS: REQUIEM
                                                               SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2, AT 5:00 P.M.
  All Souls/All Saints           6

  Episcopal Peace Fellowship     7

  Women’s Group                  7
                                                                   CHILI COOK-OFF SUPPER
  Trip of Reconciliation         8                              WEDNESDAY, NOV. 5, 6:15 P.M.
  Photos of Parish Events        10-
  Global Warming Speaker         12
                                                                    THANKSGIVING DAY SERVICE
  Vestry Notes                   13
                                                                    NOVEMBER 27, 10:30 A.M.
  Church of Advocate Gifts       13                                     AND
  Webmaster/New website          15                       THANKSGIVING DAY POTLUCK DINNER
  Stewardship                    16                            FOLLOWING THE SERVICE
  Family Ministries & EYC        17

  Pray without Ceasing           18
                                                                   VESTRY NOMINATIONS FORM
  Ministries/Vestry              19
                                                                                      PAGE 15
  Worship                        20
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     Profile: Susie Stokes,
             page 9
Page 2                                                                                      The Cathedral Connection

                                           FROM THE DEAN
                                 The Very Rev. Todd Donatelli
                                   All Saints Day: Seeing Larger

                      I love All Saints Day. I am not sure why it grabs me so much, but I do have some
    hunches about it. I love the fall, the turning of the seasons, the crisp air, and something about the
    flow from All Hallows Eve (Halloween) to celebrating all the saints. Perhaps there is something pa-
    gan in all of us (hope it is clear that pagan is not the same thing as satanic—its origin has more to do
    with rural persons than persons opposed to God); that part of us that connects to what the earth pro-
    claims to us (which is a Christian doctrine—the revelation of all creation). Perhaps it is the child-like
    part of us that knows to be both a bit scared, yet also a bit intrigued by the creeping darkness of
    the season. Perhaps it is the understanding that when life is getting darker, we are not alone. We
    are indeed surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, some alive and some who have died, who diligently
    proclaim that light shines in the darkness, who diligently proclaim that we have and need each other.
             I found myself confronted with a painting by Rembrandt this summer. Entitled Philosopher in
    Meditation, it is filled with much shadow, darkness, and piercing places of light. An inquiry to an art-
    ist friend revealed the painter’s understanding of light emerging from the dark, always emerging
    from the dark.
             In this season of global anxiety, we are often tempted to think that what we see and hear is
    all we know and all we have. It is tempting to forget that we are surrounded by a great cloud of
    witnesses. It is tempting to think that seasons of increasing darkness and increasing coldness are best
    dealt with by turning in, holding up, and hunkering down.
             I think All Saints proclaims something very different. It sings of going out, gathering with all
    the saints, looking to see all the saints “you can meet them in school, or in lanes, or at sea, in church,
    or in trains, or in shops or at tea…” (Hymnal 1982). You can find them in silence, or in groups, or tai
    chi. This feast day tells us that we are surrounded with folks whose lives are like ours with the same
    fears and joys, the same graces and burdens, the same hopes and dreams. They, their experience,
    wisdom, and presence are ours in this and every season.
             In the weeks leading up to the election, the two presidential candidates met at a fund raiser
    and offered some wonderful self-deprecating humor. For a brief moment, they and we were one:
    people with common foibles, common yearnings, and a deep common need to laugh. May we not
    give in to the anxiety of the times, but strive to be those who gather ourselves and each other, peo-
    ple who see the lightness of life amid its weight, people of deep laughter and joy, people who know
    we are not only not alone, but in deep need of each other, in need of each and every last one of us.

            Ever living God, today we rejoice in the holy men and women of every time and place. May
    their prayers bring us your forgiveness and love (Liturgy of the Hours).

November 2008                                                                                                Page 3

                                NOTES, REFLECTIONS, AND PRAYERS
                                      The Rev. Canon Brian Cole
            David Key met me the first day of seminary. I was 21 years old and had never lived in a city
   before (Louisville, KY) and did not know what I did not know. David, for what reason I still do not know,
   guided me seamlessly into seminary life.
            David was a doctoral student from Augusta, GA, and knew every one on campus. He juggled
   marriage and doctoral coursework and a job running the seminary guesthouse. And he took time to
   make sure I made a smooth adjustment to life as a seminarian.
            During that first year of seminary, I had many transitions, including the death of my father.
   David continued to check on me that first year and, to this day, calls me on occasion to see how I am do-
   ing. At present, I am doing fine, and I still credit David with shepherding me into adulthood.
            At All Souls, we have recently revamped our Welcome Class and have added a program of
   shepherds for newcomers to the Cathedral. To quote from our welcome material, “a shepherd is a
   guide, a friend, and a bridge into life within our parish family.” Shepherds help newcomers make good
   transitions into life here at All Souls. There are many ways to serve in a shepherding capacity: an invite
   to a special worship service so the newcomer doesn’t have to attend alone; brunch after church; or help-
   ing to answer a question about a ministry here at All Souls. These ways of welcoming and supporting,
   and more, are so very helpful to ensure that the newcomer to our Cathedral finds their place and their
   role within our family of faith.
            We are currently in need of folks to serve as shepherds for several newcomers to All Souls. On
   Saturday, November 22, we will have a confirmation retreat, and on that day we will match new-
   comers with All Souls shepherds who will pledge to maintain contact with each other for the re-
   mainder of the church year.
            I am asking you to consider serving as a shepherd for the many newcomers who are drawn to
   this Cathedral and desire to put down roots in our parish. I recognize many of you juggle many tasks in
   your lives. I hope you have memories of being welcomed here by shepherds who made sure that All
   Souls became more than just a lovely place to worship but also a home and a prayerful anchor through
   “the changes and chances of this life,” as well. if you are interested in this rich and rewarding ministry,
   please contact Susie Stokes at
            Also, please know we will have “support the shepherd” forms so that you will have several sug-
   gestions on how to offer your wisdom about life here at All Souls to newcomers.


  CHURCH OF THE ADVOCATE NEEDS                                        PARTICIPATE IN RIDE TO
 The Church of the Advocate urgently needs men’s                       CHURCH PROGRAM
 pants in all sizes, T-shirts, underwear, shoes, belts,
 and caps. Now that it’s fall, our homeless need to               The Rev. Jean Scribner, one of our adjunct
 keep warm at night, so hoodies, sweatshirts and          clergy here at All Souls, continues to coordinate rides to
 sweat pants, jackets, blankets, and sleeping bags        church.
 will be most welcome. Please drop off any dona-                  If you need a ride or are willing to offer rides
 tions at Trinity in downtown Asheville.                  to those in need,      please contact Jean at 828-301-
                                                          1160. Many of these requests involve neighborhoods in
                                                          very close proximity to All Souls.
Page 4                                                                                      The Cathedral Connection

                           SUNDAY MORNING ADULT EDUCATION
                               ZABRISKIE HALL, 10:10 A.M.
 Fall offerings will center on the work and manifestations of Reconciliation and Redemption; how we invite
 and encourage communal and individual restoration, communal and individual renewal of life.

 November 2: Learning from Sabbatical Time: The Pilgrimage of Reconciliation and Redemption.
 Members of the congregation will accompany the Dean in exploring things learned both by the Dean and by
 the congregation during the months of the Dean’s sabbatical. Themes: Taizé and Coventry as communal pat-
 terns of reconciliation, elements of mystery and beauty (from Deborah Douglas’ “In Residence” presenta-
 tions), pilgrimage and adventure, text and the unknown, violence and courage.

 November 9 : Learning from Sabbatical Time (continued)

 November 16: Communal Breakfast


         ROOM IN THE INN RETURNS                              BUY ORGANIC COFFEE THRU MAY
                As the deadline for the November                 Please consider allowing the EYC to provide for
Connection arrived, already most responsibilities for     you caffeine needs! Proceeds from our coffee sales will
the October hosting were met. It takes lots of hands:     go toward the scholarship fund for this Summer’s pil-
greeters, cooks, drivers, overnighters, and lunch pre-    grimage to the Taizé community.
parers to be the home for a week for a dozen                     Currently three varieties (free trade from Equal
women whose lives have been interrupted by forces         Exchange) is available for $10 a bag. They include: a
beyond what they can manage. We will report on            mild Breakfast Blend, medium Love Buzz, and a dark
this edition of RITI in the next Connection, but if you   French Roast. We also have organic decaf and hot
would like to get an update on how things went,           cocoa for sale, also at $10, and fairly traded dark
please email Susan and Mike Stevenson at                  chocolate for $5 a bar. or call 254-5227.                           Coffee will be available for purchase in the
                                                          church office through the week and on the front porch
                                                          after Sunday services.
                                                                 Thank you in advance for your investment in our
                                                          young people and this unique endeavor for their spiri-
                                                          tual development!

                                                             Noreen Hill-Duffy would love to hear
                                                             from her friends at All Souls at her new
                                                             address: 704 Sherbrook Drive, Laurin-
                                                             burg, SC 28352.
November 2008                                                                                                    Page 5

                            THE ALL SOULS BOOK GROUP READS
                                              Thomas Merton
         Please join the All Souls Book Group for a two-month encounter with the writings of Thomas Merton. Ar-
guably one of the most influential Catholic writers of the 20th century, Merton was a Trappist monk of the Ab-
bey of Our Lady of Gesthsemani in Kentucky, a poet, a social activist, a student of comparative religion keenly
interested in inter-religious understanding, and the author of numerous acclaimed works on spirituality and con-
         The first book we’ll read, in November, is New Seeds of Contemplation, from 1961. Here is an excerpt
from the back cover of the 2007 edition: “New Seeds of Contemplation seeks to awaken the dormant inner
depths of the spirit so long neglected by Western man, to nurture a deeply contemplative and mystical dimen-
sion in our lives.”
         And the second book we’ll read, in late November and into December, is Conjectures of a Guilty By-
stander (1968), in which the reader watches the more socially engaged Merton grapple with questions cultural,
racial, political. The following description is from the back cover of the 2007 edition: “With his characteristic
forcefulness and candor, he brings the reader face-to-face with such provocative and controversial issues as the
‘death of God,’ politics, modern life and values, and racial strife—issues that are as relevant today as they
were thirty years ago.”
Our Merton meeting times are as follows:
Monday, November 3, 7:00 p.m., first floor conference room of the Warner Building. Book to be discussed:
New Seeds of Contemplation (1961).
Monday, November 10, 7:00 p.m., first floor conference room, Warner Building. This will be our second meet-
ing about New Seeds of Contemplation. (Please note that those not able to make the first New Seeds… meeting
are welcome to join us for the second.)
Monday, December 8, 7:00 p.m., first floor conference room, Warner Building. Book to be discussed: Conjec-
tures of a Guilty Bystander (1968).
(Both Merton books are now available at Accent on Books on Merrimon Avenue, at reduced cost, thanks to Lewis
         And please also mark on your calendars Wednesday, December 10, when Bill J. Leonard, dean and
professor of church history at Wake Forest University School of Divinity, will give a lecture at All Souls entitled,
“Why Thomas Merton Still Matters.” (December 10, 2008, is the 40th anniversary of Merton’s death.)
         The All Souls Book Group is the nucleus of the Kay Falk Literary Project, centered at the Cathedral as part
of its teaching mission. For more information, contact Emilie White at Newcomers are al-
ways welcome!—Emilie White.

                                       The Life of Prayer: Learning to be Still
                                 Saturday, December 13, 2008 at St. John’s, Sylva
                                     Registration and Refreshments: 9:30 a.m.
                                         Program: 10:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m.
         Advent is a time to slow down and make space       prayer lives. The format is presentation, discussion, small
for the Christ once again to be born in our lives and in    group work, and time for individual journaling and quiet.
our world. Therefore, it is a time to become even more              Cost: $20.00 ea. or $15.00 ea. if you register
intentional about our prayer lives.                         with a friend.      Download a registration form at
         On Saturday, December 13, the Bishop will talk or call Charlotte at
about a theology of prayer and then offer ways for          828.274.2681.
participants to explore how to deepen their individual
Page 6                                                                                     The Cathedral Connection

                             PARISH WORK DAY: GOOD CLEAN FUN
         Who knew? Participating in work day at All       and visited together from 8:00–4:00 p.m. Martha
Souls is good clean fun.                                  Fullington and others gave mini-tours to the visitors
         Parishioners turned out Saturday, Oct. 11, for   who came to see the church. Bishop Porter Taylor and
a day of yard work, leaf raking and cleaning the          friends dropped in.
church. The properties commission had jobs for all.                At the end of the day, the grounds were
         Eric Ordnung brought his landscaper’s truck      manicured and the church cleaned and polished. All
and heavy-duty work was done on the grounds.              Souls’ people do windows!
Treasurer Bob Feeser swapped the precision of the                  Work Day is a tradition at All Souls. It is a
account books for the broad strokes of the tractor        time of camaraderie and connection. A sense of ac-
lawn mower. Others operated edgers and weed–              complishment salves sore muscles. Participants: Over
eaters. Everywhere, people were raking the lawn.          30 people dropped in to lend a hand throughout the
Children brought toy rakes useful for getting fallen      day. Included were Ashley Garcia & Claire, Doug
leaves from under shrubs.                                 McDowell, Judy & Bill Muerdter, Vicki & David
         The church’s tallest ladders were hauled out.    Thompson, Cindy Donley & Ryan, Helen Heilig and
Dean Todd Donatelli and Paul Brezny scaled them           Ethan, Lucas, & Marshall, Robbin and Tom Whitting-
and changed the light bulbs in the highest fixtures in    ton, Martha Fullington, John Johnson, Jeanne Cum-
the nave and parish hall. New energy-efficient bulbs      mings, Bob Feeser, Nancy Marlowe, Ginger Huebner,
were installed.                                           David Fortney, Paul Brezny, Audrey & Todd Do-
         The church was cleaned by a crew wielding        natelli, Mary & Will Noel, Will Rogers, Lisa Ridge,
vacuum cleaners on the pew cushions and the kneel-        Eric Ordnung, Ellen Anastos, and Susan and Mike Ste-
ers. Oil soap and water was used to wipe down the         venson. Apologies for any names inadvertently omit-
pews. Furniture polish finished the job.                  ted!
         Mike and Susan Stevenson had organized                    The next Parish Family Work Day is sched-
jobs for every volunteer. All ages pitched in. Fami-      uled for Saturday, December 6, once again in the
lies worked as teams. Small children were a big           “drop in” format with a light lunch available. Many
help. At midday, pizza was served picnic-style in the     hands can make light work, so plan to help out in De-
garth.                                                    cember!—Nancy Marlowe.
         Parishioners from all worship services worked


        The Cathedral of All Souls will celebrate the Feast of All Souls with a Requiem Eucharist on Friday, Oc-
tober 31 at Noon. This service has become an annual event that holds much meaning for those who attend, es-
pecially those who have lost loved ones over the past year. As has become custom, the names of all those who
have passed in the diocese since All Souls of last year will be read individually in the service.
        The listed necrology will also appear in the leaflet for a special service that will be held on Sunday
evening, November 2, at 5:00 p.m. The service will be a festival Eucharist celebrating the Feast of All Saints.
The Cathedral Choir will participate in the Eucharist by singing Requiem in E-flat by Josef Rheinberger.
Rheinberger was a 19th-century German composer who was a contemporary of Brahms. His Requiem is entirely
unaccompanied, and the text and music of this piece expresses a profound sense of beauty, quiet joy, and
hope. A festive reception will be held following the service.

November 2008                                                                                              Page 7

    CATHEDRAL WOMEN’S GROUP                                     DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS
                PREPARING TO PREPARE
                                                                 “FALL BACK” ON NOV. 2
   Saturday, November 15, Owen Library
                     10:00 a.m.

         The Women’s Group program will be
"Preparing to Prepare" for Advent and planning out
2009 programs and retreats.                                      EPISCOPAL PEACE FELLOWSHIP
         Come join us in the Owen Library on Saturday,
November 15, 2008 at 10:00 am.
                                                             Sunday, November 9, at 6:00 p.m.
         Let Lisa know at 582-4288 if you                       Christian Education Room
are attending by November 10, so she will have
enough "surprises" for everyone.                                 The Episcopal Peace Fellowship continues its
         All Women of All Souls are invited!              Peace Vigil at 5:30 p.m. each Sunday, but this is a re-
         Lisa also has had inquiries about prayer shawl   minder that Daylight Savings Time ends on November
gathering returning. Please give Lisa a call at 582-      2. That Sunday we switch to our winter schedule of
4288 so she can determine a gathering time that we        4:30 p.m. Our monthly EPF meeting is in the Library on
could start in November and carry on through 2009.        the Second Sunday and that will change to 5:00 p.m.
         For questions about these or other programs      beginning in November. —Ross and Gwin Jones.
sponsored by the Women’s Group, e-mail Lisa Ridge
at or or tele-
phone her at 582-4288.

                                                                        VIGIL FOR PEACE
         EYC ASKS FOR SPONSORS                                  Every Sunday, 5:00-5:30 p.m.
           FOR LFR FUNDRAISER                                       on the Church Lawn
          Members of All Souls EYC will be hunting
 parishioners to sponsor their bowling efforts on No-
                                                              ANNUAL PASTA DINNER FOR LFR
 vember 16, at Sky Lanes bowling alley where they                        NOVEMBER 13
 will raise money for the purchase of holiday turkeys           AT CLUB ELEVEN ON GROVE STREET
 for LFR clients for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
          For the second straight year, the combined
 EYCs in the Asheville Deanery will undertake to                 An annual fundraiser for Loving Food Re-
 help Loving Food Resources raise the $3,000 neces-       sources is scheduled for Thursday, November 13, at
                                                          Club Eleven [located at 11 Grove Street just off Pat-
 sary to help their clients enjoy a special holiday
                                                          ton Avenue] in downtown Asheville.
 meal. Last year’s effort was very successful and
 they hope to top the earnings from 2007                         Cocktails at 6:00 p.m. are followed by a tasty
          Look for EYC members to be at tables near       pasta dinner and salad and a beverage. All of the
                                                          $15 ticket price goes directly to food purchases at
 the church entrance on November 2 &/or 9, and
                                                          LFR. The staff at Eleven on Grove donates all of their
 help them by sponsoring them at a “per pin” rate
 (i.e. 10 cents per pin for two games, or $10 or $20      time and tips to add to the contributions to the pantry.
 for their two games of bowling). LFR’s clients will             See Betty Zeluff, Carol Anders, Cindy Strom,
 surely appreciate what you do!—Mike Stevenson.           or Mike Stevenson for your tickets.
Page 8                                                                                                The Cathedral Connection

                                   RECONCILIATION IN PHILADELPHIA
Editor’s Note: On October 3-4, sixteen members of the Diocese of Western North Carolina, including Molly Walling,
Shawna Gilmore, and Todd Donatelli of All Souls, participated in a two day recognition by the Episcopal Church of its past
complicity, silence, and benefiting from slavery in the U.S. The days culminated in a service of repentance at which the Pre-
siding Bishop was celebrant and preacher. The article below is the Dean’s account of the trip which was written for the our
diocesan paper, The Highland Episcopalian, and copied here)

         This summer I walked on the Belgian and Ger-           labor. It was not easy hearing that in 1860, 80% of
 man soil where my father fought in WWII. I have an             Episcopal clergy in Virginia owned slaves. Yet, I
 artifact from the place where Dad was a POW for                need to hear these stories and sit with others listening
 four months, a time which saw his body weight go               to them if I, if we as a church, are ever to be free.
 from 220 to 110 pounds. The battles and the pris-                       In Philadelphia we also heard reports of dio-
 oner experience left an indelible mark on Dad that             ceses who have begun to collect histories of their di-
 visited our family for decades.                                ocesan participation in slavery, their failure to con-
         The trip was a way to face the horrors of his          front both slavery and the “as good as slavery” con-
 experience, to be touched by the places where a cer-           ditions in this country after the Civil War as well as
 tain innocence was certainly lost; it was a way to try         their decades long silence around racial inequality.
 and know more of a story that lives in us, shaped our          They were not easy stories, and I also heard a cer-
 lives as a family, yet whose details we did not know.          tain liberation coming into their diocesan collective
 Preparation meant reading stories and journals and             life due to the naming, the revealing. The truth can
 interviewing veterans of those conflicts. At times they        indeed set free, even as it is painful.
 were overwhelming and I wrestled greatly with their                     If I learned anything in the forests of Ger-
 darkness. The trip itself was not made alone. It was           many and in St. Thomas, Philadelphia, it is these
 made with members of my family and members of                  things: in facing the darkness we find light, in walking
 Belgian families. And standing on the soil, in the             through the forest we find the path; it is in the wilder-
 place of that darkness and recounting the stories              ness that we find water; the way of the cross is the
 brought a strange freedom.                                     way of life. These journeys of recounting are not
         There comes a time in the life of every commu-         journeys we take alone, they must be done in commu-
 nity when it must look humbly and seriously into its past      nity. The truth, very painful at times, can make us
 in order to provide the best possible foundation for           free at last.—The Rev. Todd Donatelli, Dean.
 moving into a future based on healing and hope
 (Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission).
         Listening to the stories offered for the recent
 Day of Repentance at St. Thomas in Philadelphia
 brought the following realization: as deeply as Dad’s
 story shaped us, it was the experience of one person
 in one generation of our family. I was not the prod-
 uct of generations of prisoners. I found myself con-
 necting the importance of knowing Dad’s story, the
 healing it continues to bring to me and my family,
 with the powers of the stories heard in Philadelphia.
 Instead of seeing these simply as horror stories whose
 knowledge would not bring hope, I began to see
 them in the context of how stepping into the horror
 and shame of Dad’s story has brought a certain free-
 dom we had not known for some time.
         I will not say I enjoyed the stories we heard; I          Day of Repentance at St. Thomas, Philadelphia,
 did not enjoy in any way knowing that my clergy                   (additional photos in center section and online)
 pension fund has roots in wealth gained through slave
October 2008                                                                                                                    Page 9

                         SUSIE STOKES WAS GLAD TO BE ASKED TO HELP
    (EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part of a series of informal profiles of long-time members of All Souls. Nancy Marlowe is the author.)

          Suzanne “Susie” Stokes prepares the altar                          On the Sunday that Susie Stokes came to
 and the sacraments for the noon Eucharist services on               hear Kyle, she was greeted by the Rev. Jan Walker,
 Wednesdays. She took over this responsibility from                  adjunct priest. “I came back to church the next Sun-
 the late Joanna Kouns. “I really like this healing ser-             day and I heard Jeanne Cagle talk about Food
 vice,” she said. “When Todd talked to me about do-                  Booth. I’m from a Baptist background, but I never
 ing this work, it made me so glad.”                                 went to church anywhere else after visiting All Souls.
          Susie came to All Souls in 2006 to hear Kyle               I was confirmed by the bishop on Mother’s Day in
 Ritter play the organ. “I had seen in the newspaper                 2007. My mother, Frances Prior, came from Ala-
 that Kyle was presenting a recital in Brevard,” she                 bama for that service. It was such a good day.”
 said. “I wanted to hear him, but I didn’t want to go                        At this year’s Food Booth, Susie spent three
 to Brevard, so I came to All Souls. I was intimidated               days receiving, packaging and pricing home-baked
 by this church, by its size, its history, its location. But         sweets for sale, assisting Suzzy Sams in that task. She
 the people here are the warmest, most welcoming                     volunteers at Loving Food Resources and is meat co-
 people ever.”                                                       ordinator, which allows her to be in the freezer on
          After the death of her husband, David, of                  Tuesdays when the food comes in from Manna Food
 esophageal cancer, Susie followed through on the                    Bank. She chose this chilly job “because I have had
 plan the couple had made for her widowhood: That                    more than my share of a hot climate.”
 she would join their grown son, Jake, and daughter,                         She also volunteers at LFR on Saturdays when
 Anna, and their families who live in the Asheville                  the clients come to shop. “The clients are very, very
 area. She moved to Biltmore Lake. Her former home                   good people,” she said. “They are people with HIV,
 was Elba, AL, a small town whose name was a name                    AIDS or in hospice care.”
 drawn from a hat and suggested by Napoleon’s                                Good with her hands, Susie operates her own
 place of exile.                                                     monogram machine, makes stained and fused glass
          “I also retired from my job at the same time,”             panels and ornamentals and often takes classes of-
 Susie said. “I am an adjunct teacher at Troy Univer-                fered at A-B Tech and Arrowmont School of Arts &
 sity (formerly Troy State University).” She teaches                 Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN.
 nursing informatics, the education of nurses in the use
 of technology, such as the electronic patient chart.
   “I am not a nurse,” she said. “I trained as a dieti-
 cian and became interested in technology. I couldn’t
 believe all that could be done by technology, not just
 faster, but better.” She went back to school and
 earned her doctorate in instructional technology from
 the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.
          Over the years, Susie Stokes became a pio-
 neer in “distance learning,” the teaching of college
 courses worldwide via the computer. Through its con-
 nection with U.S. military bases around the globe,
 Troy University has thousands of students. Susie’s role
 was in designing courses to make education accessi-
 ble and effective.
          She was the university’s coordinator of dis-
 tance learning from 1995-2000. “It was consuming
 my life,” she said, “and I went back to the nursing
 department to teach older students to get over the
 fear of technology.” In retirement, she is manager of
 the School of Nursing website and teaches three                                             Susie Stokes
 nursing informatics courses a year.
Page 10                                                                                              The Cathedral Connection

                                   RECONCILIATION IN PHILADELPHIA
   Packing up to go (top left), registering for the event (top right), and talking with the Presiding Bishop (center left).

                                               ZABRISKIE LECTURE
Brian, Dr. Jo Bailey Wells (speaker), and Charlotte (center right), waiting for lecture (bottom left), Prue and Candy sign
                                  up and share a laugh with Charlotte (bottom right).
November 2008                                                          Page 11


                                                  Tom Whittington beats dirt
                                                  from a rug (top left); Mike
                                                  Stevenson gives Tom in-
                                                  structions (top right), Paul
                                                  Brezny and Todd hold the
                                                  ladder (center left), Martha
                                                  Fullington cleans in the
                                                  church (center), David Fort-
                                                  ney, Martha, and Paul take
                                                  a break (center right), and
                                                  everyone has pizza for
                                                  lunch in the garth. For de-
                                                  tails see article by Nancy
                                                  Marlowe on page 6.

                                                  The next parish family
                                                    work day is Dec. 6
Page 12   The Cathedral Connection
November 2008                                                                                                 Page 13

                               GIFTS FOR CHURCH OF THE ADVOCATE
         Hello, you may have already seen the following notice, which was included in Bishop Taylor's weekly
newsletter and printed in last month's Highland Episcopalian. Even though I wrote the notice, I hadn't given seri-
ous thought to its contents until this morning. As I was considering what to give, it occurred to me that I am a part
of a very vibrant, caring group of people who would find great meaning and satisfaction in giving as a group
for this very special cause. With a grateful heart for you and the many gifts we share.
         Please join with Church of the Advocate to ensure a gift-filled, wondrous holiday for 125+ of Asheville’s
What to Buy*: socks for both men and women (white athletic crew); hats; gloves; pocket ponchos; chocolate;
small flashlights; sleeping bags; personal toiletries and travel-sized items, including small deodorants and hand
sanitizers; special women’s items, such as makeup, bras, panties of all sizes, sanitary products; multi-vitamins;
jockey shorts for men.
Note on sizes: large and extra large sizes are most needed.
Ideas: Sunday school classes, civic groups, reunion groups, book groups, men’s groups, women’s groups, etc.,
could buy/provide 125 of one item from the list to give as a group. Please feel free to buy as few or as many
of any item(s).
Deadline for gift submissions: Monday, December 15, but the sooner the better so we can determine what
else is needed (or no longer needed thanks to you!).
Where to drop off: Book group, or call me and I'll make arrangements to pick up any gift items.
Questions?: Contact Robbin Whittington by phone: 828-299-0977, or e-mail:.
         Last year, one of the larger men cried when he got his gift box and said that it was the first Christmas
present he had received in five years. Many thanks for your participation in this ministry of an abundant Christ-
mas for the homeless.
         *If you don't have time to shop (or the list is a bit overwhelming), and want to send money, you can
"gift" a check payable to Church of the Advocate, and mail to 60 Church Street, Asheville NC 2880, as a tax-
deductible gift. If you'd like to give a gift card, also mail to COA, 60 Church Street, Asheville NC 28801, also
tax deductible. If you would like to give using a debit or credit card, call me at 299-0977, and I'll be happy to
take your information over the phone.
**No wrapping necessary! We will gift tag and wrap all items.—Robbin Whittington

                                                 VESTRY NOTES
 At its September 15 meeting, the Vestry:                    •   Learned that the Annual Meeting date will revert to
 • Learned that year-to-date income is at 71.6% of the           January after having been in the fall for several
     budget, expenditures are at 67%; expected per-              years. The 2009 Annual Meeting will be the 112th
     centage is 66.7%.                                           meeting.
 •   Reviewed the 2009 draft budget and discussed at         •   Heard plans for the upcoming properties workday
     length the changes that will be incurred when the Ca-       and education presentation plans for Safeguarding
     thedral (along with all churches) moves to Diocesan         God’s Children.
     insurance plan. This move will likely be mandated at    •   Accepted a list of persons for the God’s Loving
     this summer’s General Convention.                           Hands recognition at the Annual Meeting.
 •   Accepted a Mileage Reimbursement Policy for non-        •   Received a letter of thanks from Valle Crucis Confer-
     clergy staff, as recommended by Finance Commis-             ence Center for the Cathedral’s contribution to the
     sion.                                                       Hermitages project.
 •   Learned of distribution of $40,245 in Endowment         •   Heard plans of the Presiding Bishop to participate in
     Fund income including $17,250 each for Outreach             the Diocesan Conference in November.
     and Capital expenses and $5,745 for Music, Discre-      •   Received liaison reports from parish ministries.
     tionary, and Education funds.
 •   Learned of plans for the Stewardship Campaign.          Details of Vestry action are available from the Parish
                                                             Office.—Beverley J. Gaines, Clerk.
Page 14                                                                                                The Cathedral Connection

                           It’s Time For Nominations for the Vestry!
                The Vestry is responsible for the administration of the life of the parish; its program life, its fiscal
     life, its properties, and it spiritual welfare. Being a member of the Vestry is an important and responsible
     ministry. It is an exciting place to offer oneself, and an opportunity to work closely with a wonderful group
     of people as All Souls works to fulfill its mission as the cathedral parish in Western North Carolina. In an
     effort to provide candidates representative of all aspects of parish life and in order to have the required
     number of candidates in a timely fashion, the vestry has appointed a nominating committee who will pre-
     sent a slate of candidates at our annual meeting on Saturday, January 31, 2009
                Anyone wishing to offer someone’s name for consideration should do so by completing this form
     and turning it in to the Parish office by Thursday, December 1, 2008

                                 Vestry Nomination Form
     Requirements for Vestry Persons:
     1. A confirmed communicant of All Souls (a confirmed person whose letter has been transferred to
         this parish or who has been confirmed in this parish.)
     2. Regular participation in weekly worship and in parish life.
     3. A pledging member who is either tithing or has demonstrated working toward the tithe.
     4. Agrees to attend one retreat weekend, Feb.6-8,2009, and one Saturday retreat in August.
     5. Agrees to attend an orientation meeting for new vestry members.
     6. Agrees to attend regularly scheduled meetings of the vestry (currently 3rd Monday at 6:00 p.m.).
     7. Agrees to additional duties which are assigned on a rotation basis:
                      a. Hosts for coffee hour (4 times/yr)
                      b. Provides meal for one vestry meeting per year.
     8. Agrees to serve as liaison to assigned cathedral ministry areas.
     9. Agrees to participate in the intentional welcome of newcomers to All Souls.

     Factors to be considered:
     1. Does the individual desire to be a leader at All Souls?
     2. Is the person a visible participant in worship and events of All Souls?
     3. Does the person have a strong commitment for the furtherance of the mission of Jesus Christ in
     and beyond this parish?
     4. Does this individual have the ability to help connect members of All Souls to the places where
              their gifts and abilities can be best used?

     I place into consideration of the nominating committee the name of ________________________________
     (Print Nominee’s Name) for the election to the Vestry of the Cathedral of All Souls. I have secured this per-
     son’s permission to submit this nomination. They understand that if elected on January 31, 2009, they will
     attend the out of town retreat on February 6-8, 2009. This person is willing to commit to the requirements
     for All Souls Vestry. My reasons for nominating this person are: (Please attach a separate sheet for this).

                                                            Signature ________________________________________
November 2008                                                                                                  Page 15

                                               THANKSGIVING DAY POTLUCK IN PARISH HALL
                                                 All Souls parishioners’ potluck dinner following the Thanksgiving Day
                                        morning service is set for Nov. 27, at noon, in the parish hall. All are wel-
                                                 Turkey and gravy and rolls will be provided. Those attending are
                                        asked to bring their favorite dressing and/or another traditional side dish –
                                        sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauces or relishes, and
                                        pumpkin pies. Other favorites welcome.
                                                 A donation will be accepted to pay for the turkeys. Last year, more
than 70 parishioners attended, food was abundant and we were able to take leftovers to the WNC Rescue Mission.
        Sign up sheets are available in the office and on the front porch after Sunday church services. Please indi-
cate dish you wish to bring.
        For more information, contact co-chairs Linda Spangler, 684-6885, or Nancy Marlowe at 277-2840.

                                      ALL SOULS WEBSITE CHANGES!
         Please check out the new Google "embedded" calendar. It is far easier to maintain and update, and
 should prove more useful to members of the community because it extends beyond the current month. You
 can click on any event once to see more details, if there are any. The calendar events are divided into six
 categories—Worship and All Souls Community Events, Special Events, Cathedral Groups and Meetings,
 Youth Events, Weddings, and Community events. You can make events from these categories appear and
 disappear by clicking on the blue triangle on the top right of the calendar, next to the word "Agenda." You
 can also click on these categories in the "color key" above the calendar to see listings of only events in that
         If you already use Google calendar at home or work, you can easily transfer events to your own cal-
 endar. If there's a meeting or parish dinner you plan to attend, for example, you can click once on that
 event and then again on "copy to my calendar."
         The website Photo Album has also been updated. Please let me know (
 if you have any historical or current photos to contribute.—Tahani Sticpewich, All Souls webmaster.

         Tahani lives outside Weaverville with her husband Bill and three children (Miranda, Milo, and John).
 They moved to Asheville ten years ago from Oakland, CA, where Tahani worked as a computer administra-
 tor and trainer at UC Berkeley. Since moving, Tahani has been mostly taken up with homeschooling the chil-
 dren, but in the last year has begun doing part-time web development work. Her biggest project so far is
 writing the code behind All Souls member Frazier Worth's website,
         She looks forward to making the All Souls website a really useful tool for the community, and would
 love to hear from you if you have ideas for               improving it or photos to contribute (email

                             WANT TO READ THE CONNECTION ONLINE?
          The Cathedral Connection is available through the “Epistle” via a “click” link that opens your Connection di-
       You may also choose to view the Connection through the website To receive the
Connection electronically, please e-mail Cindy at
Page 16                                                                                            The Cathedral Connection

                             Consider your pledge to All Souls as another way of saying “thank you” to the generations
                     of people who came before us and loved us enough to give us something in this beautiful place that
                     we worship and a “thank you” to the God who loved us enough to give us everything.
                             Please remember to bring your pledge card to church with you on Sunday, November 2,
                     and join all of us in making our financial commitment together to this great community of All Souls!—
                     Your Stewardship Commission.

         Giving things away makes one feel blessed, if it is carried out with the right heart. I try to have that thought
in mind when I give or when I am asked to give something or some time. I feel that I when the tide is low for me, it is
the time that I need to give of myself to find that special blessing from my friends and from God.
         I have found at All Souls that I have many ways to give, not just my tithe but also in the programs that serve
the church and serves God. I make it a point to look for things that make me give of myself a little more instead of
just the giving of the money. Being with the All Souls family has enriched my life to be able to give by serving on
committees and assisting in children's Sunday School. There is always something that everyone can do, keep looking
for that special place that blesses you most.—Deb Ramsey
        “Caring for that over which you have no ownership,” this WIKI definition of Stewardship gives me both a
cause to pause and a heightened sense of gratitude.
        I have real need for discernment when I look at my checkbook and think of the care that I give to my house,
my car, my food, my dogs, my clothes, and other things in which I claim ownership. Do these expenditures go be-
yond responsibility into indulgence?
        I will continue to ask this question. However, my gratitude list to All Souls for the many opportunities to be a
Steward exceeds my guilt list. In addition to the opportunity for education in the Christian faith through various pro-
grams, speakers, and “knock them out of the park” sermons, the choices for outreach ministry are many. I may not
be able to go to New Orleans to help the victims of Katrina or participate in every offering, but I can support those
who do with my time, my money, and any talent I might have been given.
        For me, the real heart of All Souls lies in community. The hospitality, the deep caring that parishioners share
with each other and with the community at large, the time and attentiveness that our priests and deacons give to us
in both joyous and sad times are truly grace filled gifts. So we want this place, this Cathedral of All Souls to con-
tinue to be a conduit for God’s Grace . It is said that “you can’t out give God,” and I do believe that the more we
give of our time, and our talents, and our money, the more we receive of God’s working power in our lives.—Diane

          HUMAN NEEDS OFFERING                                                  PLEDGE UPDATE
          HOLIDAY FOOD ITEMS NEEDED                                    Financial stewardship at All Souls is an ongo-
                                                              ing commitment where we learn how to give, to trust,
        With Thanksgiving around the corner and the           and to discern together where God’s Spirit is leading
Christmas holidays not far behind, Loving Food Re-            us. We want to be in touch with the parish family on a
sources is emphasizing food items one might find in the       regular basis concerning the financial health of our
kitchen or on the dining table during this season. For        ministries here. At this time, you all have been very
example, baking mixes for holiday cookies, breads,            faithful in both the generosity of pledges and in fulfill-
etc., would be welcome. The stuffing mixes, canned            ing them. I am grateful for you all. Brian +
sweet potatoes, 16 oz. canned hams, and pie fillings
are others; and coffee is always needed. [Not cran-                         2008 Pledges: $640,150
berry sauce however; that is in plentiful supply.]             Pledges rec’d through 9/30/08: $449,537 (72.3%)
        Call Mike Stevenson if you have questions.
November 2008                                                                                      Page 17

                                 EPISCOPAL YOUTH COMMUNITY EVENTS
Saturday, November 1, Senior High overnight at Camp Rockmount
Sunday, November 2, Middle School Event TBA
Sunday, November 9, Bowling for Turkeys! Diocesan-wide bowling event to raise funds for Loving Food Re-
sources (details next page)
Sunday, November 16, Service project and meal at ABCCM shelter
Sunday, November 23, TBA
Sunday, November 30, No EYC, Thanksgiving Weekend

 "Save the Dates"
Saturday, December 7, Dickens on the Green Festival in Biltmore Village
Sunday, December 14, EYC provides child-care for Wine and Cheese event; possible Gingerbread Extrava-
Sunday, December 21, Progressive dinner, caroling, and gift exchange
Sunday, December 28, College Night Chili Supper at the home of John and Georgia Raines

            Come Bowling for Turkeys!!!

       Alright EYC... It’s time to get our bowling groove on at the second annual Turkey Bowl set to
take place Sunday, November 9, 2008. All youth from the diocese are invited to team-up at Sky
Lanes bowling alley in Asheville from 4:00–6:00 p.m. to BOWL for Turkeys!
       Bowling for turkeys is a way for EYC to raise funds for donation to Loving Food Resources
(LFR), so that they can provide a holiday ham or turkey during Thanksgiving for people who are living
with HIV/AIDS.        Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for LFR. Please recruit as many
friends and family to sponsor you and donate to this organization. (Any contribution would be nice, but
$20 would be a great goal to shoot for!!!)
       Sky Lanes has given us a discount and is only charging $2 per game, plus free shoe rental. Bring
your bowling money and plan to give your donation to Mike Stevenson, Director of LFR, upon arrival at
Sky Lanes.
Page 18                                                                                                      The Cathedral of All Souls
                                                P RAY W ITHOUT C EASING
Contemplative Evening Prayer Service
Every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. there will be a service of evening prayer offered with a contemplative structure.
          The intention is to not only use the Prayer Book Office, but also to make use of services from some of the Religious Orders in
our tradition. The service will be marked with periods of intentional silence for prayer and reflection. For those who want even more
silence, the service will be preceded by 15 minutes of silence.
          Please join us in the chancel and help us say the daily office of Evening Prayer. For further information contact the Rev.
Canon Brian Cole or Deacon David Nard.

Church of the Advocate
Sunday Eucharist is celebrated at 1:30 p.m. at Trinity Church.

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer                                      In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Nov. 2.—All Saints, Linvalle; All Souls, Asheville                   Nov. 2.—Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba (Cuba)
Nov. 9 —All Saints, Gastonia; All Saints Church, Kharagpur           Nov. 9 —Bermuda IExtra-Provincial to Canterbury (Bermuda)
Nov. 16—Diocese of WNC (in Convention)                               Nov. 16—The Lusitanian Church (E-P to Archbishop of Canter-
                                                                                       bury) (Portugal)
Nov. 23—Durgapur United Church, Durgapur                             Nov. 23— The Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain (E-P to the
                                                                     Archbishop of Canterbury) (Spain)

Nov. 30—Holy Spirit, Mars Hill                                       Nov. 30—Falkland Islands (Extra-Provincial to Canterbury)

All Souls Prayer Requests (as of October 24, 2008)
Anne Harrell, Sonja Hudson, Julia Bauer, Nan Goodspeed, Heather, Ken Prentice, Fletcher Comer, Michelle Martin, Jerry James, Lindy
Dunn, Tom Posey, Jr., David Truelove, Mark Anderson, Lynnette McKinney, Jim Roach, Dale Weil, Rudy King, Robert Morrow, Byrd
Rawlings, Sharon, Linda Reeder, Brownlow Rhymer, Luana & family, the Graham family, Ed Brewer, Jim Sutton, Bill Dodge, Ozmer
Henry, Megan Pearsall, Noreen Hill-Duffy, Dorothy Frenay, Ina Schwartz, Keith Walker, Corky Hellyer, Ted Laitner, Phyllis Sweeney,
and Bob Thompson.

November Birthdays                                                   Novemberr Birthdays
(1)  Jan Walker, Virginia Faust                                      (22) Jim Walker, Julie Fortney, David Beebe, Becky
(2)  Midge Harrill, John Harrill, Deborah Ramsey                          Anderson, Kristi Gray
(3)  Frank Crawford, Ali Zarabi, Hennen Cummings                     (23) Aaron Fairbanks, David Trulove
(5) John McMullen, John Maitland III, Richard Hoyle                  (24) Ginny Wilder
(6)  Barbara Plimpton, Margaret Kistler                              (25) David Greiner
(7)  Margaret McKeel, Ted Ahl, John Raines, Noah Pitts               (26) Sharon Higgins
(8)  Preston Henry Hani, Tyler Erwin Hani, Carrie Turner             (27) Carole Currie, Sandy Cooke, John Bryant, Pat Dennis
(9)  Jim Crawford, Howard Cutler, Mary Skelton,                      (28) Megan Elizabeth Heysham, William Cecil, John
         Morgan McKeel                                                    Cecil, Jr., Joseph Randolph Hani, Melissa Dotson,
(10) Charlotte Best, Laura McDowell, Scott Gray, Edward                   Lorrie Barnwell, Jennifer Ramming
      Moreadith, Seth Moreadith                                      (29) Melissa Dotson
(11) Ruth Peckham, Joe Jenkins, Charlie Hopper, Sandra
     Thomas                                                          November Anniversaries
(12) John Chase                                                      (21)   Harold & Ruth Rhynedance
(13) Doris Hensley, Kathryn Kurl                                     (22)   David & Julie Fortney
(14) Robert Schaub, Sam Hunter                                       (23)   Judy Rudolph & Susan Wilson
(16) Jeanne Cummings                                                 (24)   John & Libby Cossaboom
(17) Anne Paul                                                       (25)   Thomas and Linda Vickery
(18) Taylor Malajati, Lillian Chase, Emma Lynne                      (30)   Mark & Lisa Ziemer
     Mamone-Peebles, Kari Schoening , Joan Kaplan
(19) Susie Samson, Greyson Walls
(20) Ruth Bailey, Linda Kane
(21) Dorothy Rapp, Todd Donatelli
                               Directory and Ministry Guide at All Souls
Choir:                                                       Kyle Ritter                                274-2681

Cathedral Arts:                                              Suzzy Sams                                 667-8735

Coordinator of Christian Formation:                          Thomas Murphy                              274-2681

Adult Spiritual Education:                                                                              274-2681

Youth Formation:                                             Shawna Gilmore                             274-2681

Education For Ministry:                                      Beverley Gaines                            253-2652

Senior Lunch Bunch:                                          Mason Wilson                               274-9665


                  Room In the Inn:                           Mike & Susan Stevenson                     254-5227
                  Early Reading Connection:                  Heather Stuart & Linda Spangler            687-8550
                  Church of the Advocate:                    Madeleine Pflaumbaum                       665-4621
                  Loving Food Resources:                     Mike Stevenson                             254-5227
                  Gay and Lesbian Ministries                 Dan Boyd                                   676-0883
                                                             Martha (Marti) Wheeler                     215-6653

Stewardship:                                                 Virginia Teel                              697-0440
                                                             Yates Pharr                                692-2267

Docents:                                                     Martha Fullington                          684-2083
                                                             Carol Anders                               686-1380

Martha’s Helpers:                                            Babie Strobel                              687-2926
                                                             Loretta Andrews                            277-6133

Properties & Office Volunteers:                              Tom Posey                                  274-2681

Pastoral Care Coordinator/Parish Nurse                       Margaret McKeel                            277-9067

Healing Intercessors                                         Pat Hayes                                  667-4840

Liturgical Ministries
                          Altar Guild                        Sally Conder                               687-1943
                          Prayer Chain
                          Lay Liturgical Ministers           David Nard                                 274-2681
                          Women’s Group                      Lisa Ridge                                 582-4288
                                                             Becky Fredholm                             319-7201
                          Spiritual Direction                Nancy Harrison                             681-8591
                                                             Alice Myer                                 274-0221

United Thank Offering                                        Electa Smith                               687-0534

                                                     Vestry 2008
           Elizabeth Douglas                Bill Doyle                 Helene Heilig              Charlie Hopper
           Jeff Konz                        Nancy Marlowe              Rob Newcomer               Eric Ordnung
           Wade Saunders (Warden)           Lewis Sorrells             Susan Stevenson (Warden)   Tucker Veach
                        Worship at All Souls Sunday 7:45, 9:00, 11:15 a.m. Services
                       Hebrew Lesson                 Psalm                      Epistle Lesson            Gospel Lesson
Nov. 2: Proper 26      Joshua 3:7-17                 Psalm 107:1-7,33-37        1 Thess. 2:9-13           Matt. 23:1-12
                       or Micah 3:5-12               Psalm 43
Nov. 9: Proper 27       Joshua 24:1-3a,14-25         Psalm 78:1-7 or Wisdom 1 Thess. 4:13-18              Matt. 25:1-13
                        or Amos 5:18-24              6:12-16 or Psalm 70 or
                                                     Wisdom 6:17-20
Nov. 16: Proper 28      Judges 4:1-7                 Psalm 123                  1 Thess. 5:1-11           Matt. 25:14-30
                        or Zephaniah 1:7, 12-18      Psalm 90:1-8(9-11),12
Nov. 23: Proper 29      Ezekiel 34:11-16,20-24       Psalm 100                  Ephesians 1:15-23         Matt. 25:31-46
                        or Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24   or Psalm 95:1-7a
Nov. 30, 1 Advent       Isaiah 64:1-9                Psalm 80:1-7,16-18         1 Cor. 1:3-9              Mark 13:24-37

                                                                          CATHEDRAL OF ALL SOULS
Weekday Prayers at The Cathedral of All Souls
                                                                         The Rt. Rev. G. Porter Taylor, Bishop
Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.—Contemplative Evening Prayer                     The Very Rev. Todd M. Donatelli, Dean
 Wednesdays at noon and 5:45 p.m.—Holy Eucharist                        The Rev. Canon Brian Cole, Sub-Dean
                                                             The Rev. Charlotte Cleghorn, Center(s) for Christian Studies
                                                                  The Venerable Eugenia Dowdeswell, Archdeacon
 Office Hours: Monday—Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                       The Reverend David Nard, Deacon
                                                                           Kyle Ritter, Organist/Choirmaster
   Telephone: (828) 274-2681 Fax: (828) 277-9461
                                                                          Shawna Gilmore, Youth Formation
 Office located at 9 Swan Street, Asheville, NC 28803                    Thomas Murphy, Christian Formation
                                                                           Margaret McKeel, Pastoral Care
                                     Cindy Norris, Cathedral Administrator
                                                                               Sue Gervais, Accounting
                                                                                Robert Morrow, Sexton
                                                                            Tahani Sticpewich, Webmaster
            The Cathedral Connection:
                                                                                  Adjunct Clergy
         Deadline for the December issue is
         November 15. Announcements are                          The   Rev. Jim Curl          The Rev. Everett Fredholm
          preferred written or e-mailed to                       The   Rev. Del Hare          The Rev. Ross Jones
                             The   Rev. Ashley Neal       The Rev. Jean Scribner
              Attn: Suzzy Sams, editor                           The   Rev. Robert Spangler The Rev. Mason Wilson
                                                                               The Rev. Charles Winters

                     The Cathedral of All Souls                                                              Non-Profit Org.
                     P.O. Box 5978                                                                            US Postage
                     Asheville, NC. 28813-5978                                                                 Permit 69
                                                                           Asheville, NC

       “FALL BACK” ON NOV. 2

       OFFICE CLOSED NOV. 27-28

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