CHAPTER 27 Communication Accommodation Theory _CAT_

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					Communication Accommodation
      Theory (CAT)
CAT is used to explain the adjustments in
  speech, vocal patterns, and gestures that
  people make to accommodate others.

1. Focus is primarily on accommodations made
  when conversing with members of culturally
  diverse groups

2. Interactants may have a variety of reasons
  for accommodating the communication (to
  elicit approval, maintain a positive social
  identity, achieve communicative efficiency)

3. Accommodation is defined as the ability to
  adjust, modify, or regulate one’s behavior in
  response to another. It is typically done
          Assumptions of CAT

A. Speech and behavioral similarities and
  dissimilarities exist in all conversations.

B. The manner in which we perceive the
  speech and behaviors of another person
  will determine how we evaluate a
           Assumptions cont.

C. Language and behaviors impart
  information about social status and group

D. Accommodation varies in its degree of
  appropriateness, and norms guide the
  accommodation process.
            Ways to Adapt

A. Convergence: merging thoughts

B. Divergence: viva la difference

C. Overaccommodation:
   with a purpose