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                                                                                                  Established 1980|Volume 12 |Issue 1

A Busy Year for MPF Docents                                                                        Our docents do a wonderful job of
                                                                                              educating about our architecture and
                                                                                              history. We are always excited to train
                                               grade students about the pioneers who          anyone and it’s a great way to give back
                                               first settled in this area.                    to our community. If you are interested,
                                                     The weather this November was            please contact Janet Setchell at Mariemont
                                               perfect for guided tours. After giving a       Preservation Foundation at 272-1166 or
                                               lecture on Mary Emery and the History          Cindy Dougherty at 527-4042 for more
                                               of Mariemont to the Ohio Decorative Arts       information. ■
                                               Society Millard Rogers took the group
                                               on a walking tour of the Historic District.
                                               He also organized a tour for Professor             Mark Your Calendars:
                                               Romanos and students from DAAP
     In 2010, the MPF Docents have again
been busy sharing our rich history. In
                                               University of Cincinnati. Janet Setchell              2011 Events
                                               and Carol Amateis provided a two and a
May, Sally Coffman and Roseann Hassey          half hour walking tour around Mariemont
gave the Mary Emery presentation to the                                                                   Friday, April 8
                                               for Historic Preservation graduate students
fourth graders at Mariemont Elementary.        from the University of Kentucky.                    MPF PRESENTS:
Following the classroom activity, students           The last presentation to elementary
took a walking tour of the Historic District                                                   "Cocktails with Mary Emery"
                                               students took place in November. Janet
lead by Jelina Huber. Also in May,             Setchell gave a presentation on the              Come for drinks and appetizers
Mariemont Elementary third graders             Madisonville Site to the second graders at        and learn about Mariemont’s
took a field trip to Council Chambers          Mariemont Elementary and the students            Founder – Mary Emery (Lecture
where Claire Kupferle taught them about        then walked down to the actual site near                  and Display)
Mariemont’s system of government. In           the pool for hands-on activities. Docents
September, Claire shared information
                                                                                                        6:00 – 8:00 pm
                                               Joanie Welsh, Cindy Dougherty, Carol
about Mariemont’s history with a group of      Amateis, Gail McBride, Nina Rogers, Janet                 WACC Barn
Cub Scouts.                                    Setchell, and Rosemary Paris, assisted by           6980 Cambridge Avenue
     Toward the end of September, Terry        providing several different stations for the
McConville and Cindy Dougherty gave            students to learn about the Fort Ancient                Sunday, August 28
four presentations to the Mariemont third      Native Americans who inhabited that area.
                                                                                                       A TASTE OF
Historic Plaque Program Commences                                                                        4:30 - 7:30 pm
     Placement of                                                  on boulders.                          The Concourse
bronze plaques                                                     Atterberry Group
is planned                                                         (Sheldon Close);
                                                                                                      Sunday, December 4
throughout the                                                     McGoodwin
Village identifying                                                Group (Albert                  MPF MEMBERS’
our historic                                                       Place); Howe &               HOLIDAY RECEPTION
buildings providing                                                Manning Group
information for                                                    (Denny Place);                     5:00 – 7:00 pm
visitors touring our                                               Elzner & Anderson            The Mariemont Inn/National
National Historic                                                  Group (Linden                         Exemplar
Landmark Village.                              Place & Wooster Pike); Short Group
     Phase I has identified the                (Oak Street). Phase II will identify
following historic groups of houses            other housing groups and buildings             Call 272-1166, visit www.mariemont
with bronze plaques mounted                    within the Historic District. ■       or find us on
                                                                                              Facebook. ■

2                                                                                                MARIEMONT MESSENGER

MPF Thanks Our 2010 Members for Their Support
MARY EMERY CLUB               Craig & Melissa Erickson
                              Elizabeth Erickson
                                                            Warren S. Hensel
                                                            Jeff & Erika Hinebaugh
                                                                                              Betty V. Rhoades
                                                                                              Charles Scott Riley III
– LIFE MEMBERS                Richard & Allison Erickson    Jack E. Hodell                    Father David C. Robisch
                              Robert & Cathy Erickson       Phyllis Hoffman                   Millard & Nina Rogers, Jr.
Richard Adams                 Scott & Becky Erickson        Polly Juengst                     Stoddard & Rebecca Rowe
Paul & Brenda Allen           Arthur & Catherine Evans      Joe & Christy Kauffmann           Fred L. & Pat Rutherford
Wendy Allinsmith-Kennedy      Merrikay Fausti               Douglas Kent                      Jim & Recie Scott
Aileen Beatty                 Stephen J. Fish               Donald & Peggy Keyes              Carl Slater
Jean E. Bennett, Jr.          Hilliard J. Fjord             Steve & Marcy Lewis               Pat Slater
Edward E. Betz, Jr.           Noah & Julie Fleischmann      Peter & Kathryn Manning           Mary Jane Steinau
Mr. Jack Binkley              Betsy Fowler                  Doug Manzler                      Gary & Nancy Strassel
David D. Black                Joan Gambs                    Peter & Jane McDonald             Harry & Lynda Osgood
Neil & Linda Budelsky         Richard D. Gegner             MHS Class of 1950                 Charles & Gretchen Thomas
Cliff & Mary Jane Clemons     Arie Geurtz                   Robert F. & Susan Moore           Pete & Dottie Wakefield
Barry & Audrey Cors           Robert A. Goering             Diane Morand                      Richard Ward
Robert & Mary Crosset         John & Helen Gray             Arnold & Gloria Morelli           Leonard Weakley, Jr.
Suzanne Davenport             Orel Gundlach                 Jacqueline Pickering              Dr. & Mrs. Richard Wendel
Shirley Davies                Scott & Connie Hamlin         Tom & Sue Pontius
Amy Debrunner                 Dr & Mrs Warren Harding III   Debbie C. Reis

CONCOURSE                     Judith Dooley
                              Jim & Char Downing
                                                            Peter & Gail McBride
                                                            Terry & Carolyn McConville
                                                                                              Stuart & Lisa Shelley
                                                                                              John F. Steele, Sr.
LEVEL ($100)                  Mary Ann Fieler               Michael & Wendy McCracken         Chuck & Molly Stewart
                              Kathy Graeter                 Doug & Mary Anne Newman           John & Donia Swisher
Thomas & Marty Allman         Richard J. & Elaine Greiwe    George & Susan Peck               James & Catherine Van Hook
Barb Anderson                 Bill & Karen Herkamp          Frank & Angie Raeon               Ed & Carolyn Tuttle
William & Kendra Black        Wesley & Nina Iredale         Robert Risinger                   Barbara B. Welch
Carol Blain                   Mr. & Mrs. George T. Jewett   Bruce & Margot Rowe               Lisa M. Wharton
Paul & Courtney Caron         Gus & Barbara Juengling       Dick & Jan Savage                 Randy & Mary Beth York
Cynthia Chua                  Natalie Lucas                 Louise Schomburg
Scott & Jennifer Degerberg    Matt & Kathy Lynch            Ken & Janet Setchell

PAVILLION                     Joyce Dill
                              Terry & Sandy Donovan
                                                            Karen M. & Brad Hughes
                                                            Richard & Claire Kaeser
                                                                                              Dan & Barbara Policastro
                                                                                              Mary L. Prevey
LEVEL ($50)                   Marya Dungan                  Kathryn E. Kipp                   H. Randall & Sandra Garland
                              Robert & Carrie Ellis         William & Darla Michael           Steve & Pat Salay
Jeffrey & Courtenay Andrews   Chris & Carole Fahnestock     Joseph & Christine Miller         Philip & Isabelle Schram
Stan & Bobbie Bahler          Kristina A. Fausti            Mrs. Hap Morrow                   Ellen Sewell
Joan Reid Bergsund            John & Amy Fischer II         Paul & Lisa Mulvany               Audrey Sharn
Rexford & Sharon Bevis        Jim & Ann Foran               Bob & Jeanne Naugle               Jane Stalzer
G.Timothy & Elizabeth Biggs   Jim & Judy Foreman            Chad & Leah Osgood                Fran Turner
Tom Calder                    Terry Gaines & Pam Pfeifer    Steve & Missy Osgood              David & Sara Zack
Jim & Phyllis Cartwright      Jeffrey Gall                  Rosemary Paris
Stuart & Kathleen Deadrick    DeAnn D. Gorham               Russell & Kathryn Parks

FAMILY STATUE                 Tom & Lucy Cunningham
                              Mike & Laura Dailey
                                                            Lauren Hoenig & Warren Griffith
                                                            Josh Hoffman, Jr.
                                                                                              Jim & Jennifer McCarthy
                                                                                              Pat & Valerie McEnroe
LEVEL ($35)                   Jay & Sandra Degen            Rodney Holloway                   Brian & Teresa Mikesell
                              Steve & Jenny Dilbone         Don & Beth Hopkins                Nancy Miller
John & Peggy Altman           Jon & Nan Dill                Raymond and Judith Kagrise        Tom & Joyce Monger
Ann S. Beach                  John & Liz Dye                Grant & Laura Karnes              Clancy & Martha Muchmore
John & Christina Beatty       Mark & Joan Erhardt           Kenneth Katkin & Linda Dynan      Ron & Marilyn Newbanks
Nancy Becker                  Scot & Jennifer Feldmeyer     George W. & Marjorie Keil         Hal & Carrye Northrop
Bill & Joan Bender, Jr.       David W. & Valerie Garber     Carter & Aimee Kemper             Nancy Ohnmeis
Ed & Karen Berkich            Thomas & Shannon Gilmore      Todd & Jamie Keyes
                                                                                              Paul & Robin Pendery II
Ralph & Pat Blasi             Steve & Erin Goellner         Hank & Pam Kleinfeldt
Karl & Peggy Braun                                                                            Mark & Leslie Pennell
                              David & Barbara Gunn          Len & Claire Kupferle
David & Mary Jo Brumbaugh                                                                     Douglas E. & Cindy Puterbaugh
                              Paul & Karri Haffner          Chuck & Peggy Landes
Ruth S. Bullock                                                                               Gerry & Donna Remme
                              J. Dean & Valerie Hanley      Greg & Wendy Long
David & Sally Coffman         Kevin & Roseann Hassey        Paul & Katherine Mace             Bob & Michelle Rich
Ray & Carolyn Colton          Tom & Debbie Henderson        Dennis & Bonnie Malone            John & Patty Shuster
Frederick Hayes Cones         Chris & Barbara Hepp          Eric-John Marsland & Amy          James C. Simmons
Laura Cruickshank             Charles & Marian Hicklin      Thompson                          Lamont & Marie Smith
ANNUAL REPORT 2010                                                                                                                              3

Steven & Retta Spreen          Joseph & Aquila Stoner                Paul & Shannon Tontillo                  Jerry & Susan Vianello
Carl Stich & Amy Banister      Chuck & Tara Hatch                    Chip & Merilee Turner                    Robert & Susan Zepf
Willia Stockton                Gary & Wendy Tomczak                  Steve & Ruth Varner

CARILLON                       Jolene Dancey
                               Cindy Dougherty
                                                                     Lisa Hopkins
                                                                     Jean C. Huang
                                                                                                              Janice W. Rehring
                                                                                                              Beth Reiter
LEVEL ($20)                    Virginia M. Eberle                    Carolyn Kusel Hubbard                    Diana Reitz
                               Edward J. Eismann                     Helen B. Jones                           Jan Ring
Carol Amateis                  Karee Everhart                        Shirley Jordan                           Ruth Schmidt
Cecil Ammerman                 Jean Fuller                           Pat Kemme                                John & Charlotte Schreckenhofer
Virginia Bay                   Nancy Gilligan                        Karen J. Koch                            Joan H. Sievers
Kevin Beckman                  Walter & Ann Grooms                   Irving & Mary Maxwell                    Suzanne Vosmer Skidmore
Brad Bowers                    Elaine Hammersmith                    Linda Michaud                            Jean G. Stewart
Treon Christine                William Hassman                       Scott & Kristine Nicholson               Jim & Cindy Tinkham
Edna Crowe                     Robert & Wilma Heideman               Peter & Jane Nurse                       Joan S. Turner
Glenn & Janet Dammert          Jeanne T. Hines                       Roger & Rosemary Reavill

MARY EMERY CLUB                            Eastern Hills Dry Cleaners
                                           Mariemont Community Church                              MPF Thanks:
– BUSINESS LIFE MEMBERS                    Mariemont Inn-Best Western
                                                                                                   The John J. & Mary R. Schiff Foundation
                                           Mariemont Kiwanis
Beiersdorf, Inc.                           John Ruthven, Wildlife Internationale
                                                                                                   Donation of $10,000
The Bistro Group/TGI Fridays                                                                       Richard E. Adams
                                                                                                   Donation of $10,000
BUSINESS MEMBERS                           Health First Physicians
                                           Larry Daniels Auto Center
                                                                                                   Mariemont 2010 5K Run/Walk
- CONCOURSE LEVEL                          National Exemplar Restaurant                            Donation of $1,000
($100)                                     Osterwich Company
                                           Swisher Landscaping
                                                                                                   We are tremendously grateful for these
                                           Thomas-Justin Funeral Home                              thoughtful donations. ■
Coldwell Banker/West Shell                 White Design & Production
                                           Edward J. Wnek DDS
Comey & Shepherd Realtors
                                                                                                  MPF Building Repairs
BUSINESS MEMBERS -                         Elden A. Good Funeral Home
                                           Holtmeier Plumbing
                                                                                                       MPF acquired their building (the
                                                                                                  old CG&E Transformer Building) in
PAVILLION LEVEL ($50)                      Rosa’s- Mariemont
                                                                                                  1997. As with any building, repairs and
                                           Leslie At The Strand
                                                                                                  maintenance are a necessary expense.
                                                                                                  After over 10 years it was time to replace
BUSINESS MEMBERS -                         Karl Mattes Company
                                           Mariemont Veterinary Clinic                            the roof and major interior repairs are
CARILLON LEVEL ($20)                       Successful Products Company                            planned to patch and paint the ceiling.
                                           The Villager                                           Hopefully day-to-day operations will not
Brockhage Landscaping                      Wilcox Architecture                                    be too disrupted and visitors will always
Framer’s Guild
                                                                                                  be welcome. ■

  Keep Mariemont                                Membership levels are: $20,
                                            $35, $50, $100 or $1,500 Lifetime
                                                                                                  our Life Members’ Plaque.
                                                                                                      In addition you will receive your
  a “Special” Place                         Membership. (Lifetime Membership                      choice of a set of three decorative
                                            status can be attained with a single                  Mariemont plates or a John Ruthven
       Help us preserve the historic        contribution of $1,500 or two $750                    limited edition “Mariemont
  character of our unique Village.          contributions over a consecutive                      Cardinals” print.
       Send your 2011 Membership            two-year period).                                         With a $100 membership
  in today AND RECEIVE A 10%                    Upon achieving Lifetime                           you will receive one in a series of
  DISCOUNT on MPF BOOKSTORE                 Membership you will become a                          four seasonal, collectible prints of
  ITEMS!                                    member of The Mary Emery Club                         Mariemont. ■
                                            and your name will be engraved on
4                                                                                                                MARIEMONT MESSENGER

                                                PRESIDENT’S REPORT
                                                Happy New Year!                                 You can purchase a copy for yourself or
                                                     It’s been another busy year at the         buy one as a gift later this year by visiting
                                                Mariemont Preservation Foundation. We           MPF’s office at 3919 Plainville Road. I’m
                                                accomplished a lot in 2010 and have much        sure that our founder, Mary Emery, her
                                                to look forward to in 2011 thanks to our        advisor, Charles Livingood, and her town
              2010-2011                         dedicated Trustees and volunteers.              planner, John Nolen would be pleased
    BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                I would like to thank you for              with the special quality of life which they
                                                continuing to support our organization          helped create and which is so wonderfully
                OFFICERS                        - now 30 years old and counting. While          documented in our coffee table book.
                President:                      some people think of us as a group which             One other accomplishment I’m proud
               Frank Raeon                      is only interested in history, architecture,    to point out is the boulders and plaques
                Secretary:                      and town planning you may be surprised          that have been placed in some areas in
              Claire Kupferle                   to learn that our signature event happens       our historic district. They identify the
                Treasurer:                      to be sponsoring and coordinating the           architects who designed certain housing
                                                many activities which make The Taste of         groups, their architectural style, and when
              Scot Feldmeyer
                                                Mariemont such a popular annual event           they were built. We intend to place more
                                                with people of all age groups.                  of these attractive historic markers in the
                Don Keyes                            In the next six to nine months we look     Village in 2011.
                                                forward to finalizing two very important             In closing, I would like to encourage
                 TRUSTEES                       contributions to the Village. The first of      you to consider becoming involved in our
            Richard Adams                       these, Vision 2021, is a planning effort        community. Whether you realize it or not,
           Jill Baumgartner                     which we initiated in 2009. Creating a          there are lots of challenges, big and small,
              Judy Dooley                       comprehensive vision for our one-of-a           which like ahead. While MPF is always
           Cindy Dougherty                      kind community has been an exciting and         looking for volunteers, there are other
          Carole Fahnestock                     inclusive process - one that has seen broad     organizations in the Village who would
                                                involvement and input from residents,           welcome hearing from you. Mariemont
              Amy Fischer
                                                businesspeople, organizations, boards and       needs energetic, talented, and committed
            Jeff Hinebaugh
                                                commissions, local elected officials, youth     people who are willing to volunteer a few
             Natalie Lucas                      groups, Village employees, and students.        hours of their time each month in order to
            Doug Manzler                             I’m also happy to report that MPF has      insure that our Village remains what our
             Gail McBride                       secured grant monies for what promises          founder envisioned - a National Exemplar.
           Terry McConville                     to be a very popular coffee table book. It is
         Karen Monzel Hughes                    attractive and well written and celebrates          With Best Regards,
             Lisa Mulvany                       our unique heritage and legacy. It will             Frank Raeon, President
             Chad Osgood                        be published by Ohio University Press.              MPF Board of Trustees
          Pam Pfeifer-Gaines
           David C. Robsich                                                                     residents turned out to enjoy music, food
          Millard F. Rogers, Jr.
             Joe Schneider
                                                MPF Events 2010                                 and entertainment offered at the annual
                                                                                                TASTE OF MARIEMONT. Children
           Gretchen Thomas                                                                      enjoyed a puppet show and pie eating
                                                    In April, MPF hosted a “Cocktails           contest. New this year was the judging
               David Zack
                                                and Collectibles” evening featuring             by Mayor Dan Policastro of the Comey &
                                                “THE ART & ARCHITECTURE OF                      Shepherd dog parade. Thanks to Trustee
                                                MARIEMONT.” The WACC Barn                       Jill Baumgartner and Lisa Hopkins of the
                                                provided an excellent venue for                 National Exemplar for organizing this
          Mayor, Ex-Officio:                    exhibiting the framed original architect’s      popular community event.
            Dan Policastro                      drawings that MPF had acquired from                   The MPF HOLIDAY PARTY was
    Executive Secretary & Archivist:            the Village of Mariemont. Guests                again kindly hosted by the Mariemont
             Janet Setchell                     enjoyed wine and appetizers while               Inn and the National Exemplar. More
          Archival Assistant:                   viewing an educational display put              than 70 members and guests enjoyed this
             Laura Karnes
                                                together by archivist Janet Setchell            festive event. Thanks to Lisa Mulvany
                                                featuring plans, sketches, drawings and         and Carole Fahnestock for organizing
                                                photographs of buildings designed by            this special “thank you” event for our
      2011 Mariemont Preservation Foundation
                                                the prominent architects of Mariemont.          members.
                                                    Despite the hot September day,

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