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									    Pain Free for the iPhone
       The Egoscue Method®

Your friend, has sent you a set of Egoscue E-Cises. Egoscue® is a proc-
ess which involves a series of stretches and gentle E-cises designed spe-
cifically to correct the cause of many physical symptoms. This process
strengthens specific muscles and brings the body back to its proper
alignment and functioning the way it was designed—pain free. The
routines are simple and the results are remarkable. It is a unique and
very effective program designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without
drugs, surgery, or manipulation.

Follow the E-cises on the following pages in the order listed to help alle-
viate your pain and improve your posture. If you would like to speak to
a therapist, contact one of our clinics, or just learn more about The
Egoscue Method, please visit www.egoscue.com
                                   iPhone's Elbow Menu
prepared on:   Wed, Jan 7, '09                                         prepared by: Egoscue University

 #        Sets       Reps       Duration    ECise

 1               1          1   0:03:00     Gravity Drop
 2               1          1   0:03:00     Static Extension
 3               4          5               Standing Windmill
 4               1          3   0:01:00     Standing Wall Clock
 5               0          0   00:60:00    Supine Groin Progressive in TOWER
The elbow, like the knee, is a synchronizing mechanism. As the knee works with the hip and
ankle, the elbow coordinates 'and mediates the movement of the shoulder and the wrist.

Like the knee, too, the elbow is a reduction gear. It translates the powerful movement of the
shoulder into a form that the wrist and hand can use for controlled precision work.

When the shoulder is out of position, the rest of the limb is compromised and becomes more
susceptible to various symptoms.

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      1                                        Gravity Drop
                                                                          prepared for iPhone

                                                              Hold this eCise for 03 min.
            1. Wearing rubber soled shoes for traction (tennis shoes, etc.) stand on a step or
            stairway as though you were climbing upward
              • Keep your feet parallel, and hip-width apart
              • Hold onto a railing or other object for support
            2. Edge your feet backward until your heels are off the stairs and you are hanging
            onto the stair with the balls of your feet
              • Make sure the your feet remain pointed straight ahead
            3. Let the weight of your body drop your heels off the stair
              • You will feel a great stretch in your lower legs
            4. Hold as directed on your menu

              • The key is to keep your hips over your heels and your shoulders in line with your
              • Keep your weight back on your heels, so that you have to hold on to something
            to stay upright

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      1                                         Gravity Drop
                                                                            prepared for iPhone
            This exercise forces proper loading of all the load joints of the body by physically
            stacking them one atop the other.

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      2                                    Static Extension
                                                                        prepared for iPhone

                                                            Hold this eCise for 03 min.
            Kneel on a large block with your hands on the floor ahead of you. Keep your elbows
            locked straight and move your hips 3 inches ahead of your knees. Allow your low
            back to arch with the movement coming from the tilt of your pelvis. Your shoulder
            blades should collapse together and your elbows need to remain straight. Drop your
            head and HOLD this position. If your low back begins to hurt, back your hips up
            toward your knees. This will make the exercise a bit easier.
            This exercise promotes lumbar and thoracic extension through bilateral hip demand

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3                                       Standing Windmill
                                                                                 prepared for iPhone

                                           Do 4 sets. Each set consisting of 5 repetitions.
1st position - stand with feet hip width with shoulders, hips and heels touching wall. Place arms
out to sides, with elbows locked straight and palms facing out, and maintain 90-degree angle
relative to body. Bend torso to one side for 5 reps each direction. Be sure to keep shoulders and
hips on wall and feet flat on ground as you bend. 2nd position - feet 1 yard apart and repeat 5
reps each direction. 3rd position - feet wider and repeat 5 each direction. 4th position - place feet
at hip width as in 1st position and repeat 5 reps.

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4                                   Standing Wall Clock
                                                                            prepared for iPhone

                                                               Repeat this eCise 3 times
Stand toed in(pidgeon toed) facing the wall. Place your forehead against the wall with your
hands over head with your elbows extended. Place your hands into the Ògolfer's gripÓ and
rotate your thumbs off the wall so they are pointed behind you. The rotation should come from
her shoulders. Tighten your thighs and relax your stomach. HOLD this position for 1 minute and
then proceed to the next two positions.
This exercise promotes extension throughout the body with proper alignment of the load joints

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5                          Supine Groin Progressive in TOWER
                                                                                 prepared for iPhone

                                                                  Hold this eCise for 60 min.
1. Lay on the floor with one leg placed on large block or chair, bent at a 90 degree angle
  • Your arms should be out at a 45 degree angle with palms up
2. Place the other foot in the boot used with the tower
3. Place your booted foot on the tower starting at the level advised by your therapist or where
an arch begins to form in your lower back
  • Relax your upper body and let your body adjust at each new level
4. Hold as directed on your menu or until your back is flat on the floor
5. Lower your foot one level on the tower and hold
6. Continue this until your leg is extended straight out on the lowest level, unless directed to do
otherwise by your therapist

  • To test where your lower back is in relation to the floor, do a pelvic tilt by pressing your
back into the floor and then letting it go. If you feel your back pop up, you need to stay at that
level until your back feels like it's parallel with the floor.

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