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					CD Recensie PMF by                                                   03-07-2002

Poor Man Friend (PMF) is a Roots Rock Reggae Dancehall backing band founded on 5 musicians.
The core foundation of the band started with two reggaefanatics during the 80’s, named Howard &
Kila. At the end of the 80’s they raised the idea of getting a reggaeband together. The band works with
several vocalists using it's own riddims as well as parts of recognizable Jamaican riddims in one
melting pot introducing PMF's own recognizable show. Experienced musicians they are as most
members has a firm acquaintance with Reggae for many years. Like so many people in Europe this
music from the cradle "Jamaica" has a the positive vibration with each individual bandmember. PMF
got inspired by listening to HOURS and HOURS of Reggae music with this typical reggae-sound by
the session backing band that ought to be considered as one of Jamaica's best ever, called the 'Roots
Radics'. Poor Man Friend brings you variety of styles, including dancehall with "Papeman", compared
by some as an alternative for Buju Banton, and comes up with roots reggae backing 'Don Cudjo', a
great Amsterdam Reggae singer who can be seen as a promising talent in the Reggaebusiness.
After 2 successful years and the right strength working with two artists at home and abroad, the band
finally worked on their debut album, recorded in their Round Bass studio in Leiden. Most of the tracks
are based on their own material, lyrics, rap and poets in cooperation with Ras Elijah (Goldy Locks),
Sista Ayra, Lady K Wida, Don Cudjo, Papeman and Ancient Scriptures.
The album opens with Jah Love, which happens to be an uplifting and catchy roots reggae tune
delivered with a joyful backdrop over an original riddim, with vocals by Cudjo and additional toasts by
Lady K-Wida. The tempo slows down with the track Sista an appealing tune sung by Don Cudjo and a
toast by (Dutch) Luciano. Dancehall artist Papeman delivers strong on vocals on Wicked Sensi,
followed by Don Cudjo who returns with a marvelous one drop song (inspired by Triston Palmer)
called Live In Unity. Sista Ayra delivers the Max Romeo inspired rootical tune Babylon. The
combination Papeman & Lady K-Wida step up for their dancehall song One Man Woman, a song with
strong slackness influences. Papeman goes solo on the next tune Put It On, which bursts open with a
furious intro, followed by a drivin riddem, which will surely make you move your feet ! A Who Say
starts with some soundfx & samples and is a song with hip hop influences -Thanks to 'A Tribe Called
The message song I Man Cool is brought to you by vocalist Cudjo, singing about "equal rights, without
prejudice". Things In Life feautres some wicked horns arrangements and a uses some lines from the
Bob Marley song 'Trenchtown Rock'. Party time is here....Papeman brings you a dancehall tune, called
Boom Bwoy Batty, a thoughtfully arranged song inspired by the great Yellowman. After the interlude
comes Don Cudjo with Mr. Deejay, a kind of tribute to the reggae and dancehall deejays all over the
world, asking them to play his songs. After the next interlude comes the last track of the album,
Resurrection, a poem brought by Ras Elijah Nicolash. The album features one hidden track performed
by Papeman. It's a remixed/dub version to Wicked Sensi and includes a kind of outtro accapella rap
tune of some 46 seconds.
Poor Man Friend has delivered a mature reggae/dancehall album, to the point produced by Dub
Dynamic and mixed by Trinity.

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