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June 2009                                                The Abingtonian

Vol. LXXXVIII, Issue 8                                      Abington Senior High School, Abington, PA 19001                                                         June 2009

    Congratulations                                                                        Did someone say
                                                                                           service hours?
   to the girls’ track                                                                           Esther Katro

                                                                                                  May 1st is the day when just about every Abington High School student is

  team! Way to go!!                                                                        frantically searching around his or her house looking for their service sheets and
                                                                                           trying to piece together any scraps of service hours that they have done throughout
                                                                                           the school year. Whether you are the kind of organized student who always has
                                                                                           your hours recorded neatly on a single sheet of paper, or you are the student who
                                                                                           writes hours down on scraps of papers or napkins, every student acknowledges

Key Club Banquet                                                                           that May 1st does not only mark our last full month in school, but also the day
                                                                                           service hours are due.
                                                                                                  Many students see community service as just another one of those things
      By Steph Smith
                                                                                           that they are forced to do in high school. Now that service hours are in, many
                                                                                           students are certainly questioning whether the service that they did truly made an
       On Sunday, May 3, 2009 Abington’s Key Club invited its outgoing and incom-
                                                                                           impact on their lives. Does doing service really make you a better person? Does it
ing executive board and other active members to its annual banquet. The banquet
                                                                                           really give you that satisfied feeling at the end of the day that makes you think that
has three main purposes: to thank Key Club members for working so hard over the
                                                                                           you made a difference in someone’s life? On one of my service projects, I took on the
past year, to give out awards and recognize the incoming and outgoing board and to
                                                                                           challenge of seeing if community service was really all that it is made out to be. I
celebrate our club’s success by chowing down on a buffet breakfast. This year’s
                                                                                           helped an organization called “The Other Carpenter” where we build or renovate
banquet was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Glenside, PA, and attended by
                                                                                           houses for families that cannot afford to themselves. Little did I know that the
about forty members of Key Club and even some of the Glenside Kiwanians.
                                                                                           question I was looking for had a very complex answer.
       The banquet began by having everyone grab something delicious to eat and
                                                                                                  On a hot Saturday morning, about ten girls and I went to help a complete
enjoy the time with the other Key Club members. After that, there were various
                                                                                           stranger tweak his house. We all showed up not really sure what to expect; some of
speakers who gave an overview of the Key Club year, from the March of Dimes to
                                                                                           us had never even heard of The Other Carpenter before. Once we met the man whom
the Pennsylvania convention. Then, James McDonald (the 2008-2009 president)
                                                                                           we were helping, Robert, we were able to see how desperately his little house needed
recognized each member of the board and explained how they contributed. Soon
                                                                                           some “fixing up.” Three of us went to help in the kitchen by installing a window and
after, the banquet proceeded to saying goodbye to the old executive board and
                                                                                           fixing the cabinet drawers. There was even a present waiting for us under the fridge;
welcoming the new members. To help with this process, Abington had its new
                                                                                           a lovely “better dead than alive” mouse was discovered. Nevertheless, we girls did
lieutenant governor, Lisa Galprin from William Tennent, help explain the duties of
                                                                                           a great job fixing up the kitchen. Upstairs is where the other half of the mission took
each position and what the new officers would have to look forward to.
                                                                                           place. Our job was to put dry wall around Robert’s room and to install two windows
       After each new board member was officially made part of the Key Club team,
                                                                                           in his room. While this may seem like a simple task, it is actually a very detailed
the banquet switched gears and a few scholarships were given out. Mr. Neiman, our
                                                                                           assignment. Many of us learned how to use an electric screwdriver that day, and
Kiwanis advisor, presented some awards and discussed his thoughts on the Key
                                                                                           how to carefully measure out the exact amount of drywall needed. I am sure we could
Club year. Overall, Key Club had an amazing year and the banquet was a well-
                                                                                           all say that we sharpened our math skills that day! When we finally finished apply-
deserved thank-you to all of the members, as well as our leaders: Mrs. Jack and Mr.
                                                                                           ing most of the dry wall around Robert’s bedroom, we got a chance to learn about
Neiman, who made this last Key Club year such a success!
                                                                                           Robert himself, making us realize that he was not just a casual stranger anymore.
                                                                                                  Seeing the look on Robert’s face when he saw his house completely trans-
Historic times                                                                             formed from a cave-like structure to an insulated house with windows and a door
                                                                                           was completely beyond words. Instead of wanting that bigger car, or that fabulous
      By Ben Share                                                                         mansion, Robert cared more about his happiness. After seeing this, my questions
                                                                                           about community service were definitely more than just answered. I was able to truly
       History is a funny thing. At the time, nothing seems more dramatic or impor-        feel the experience of service and learn that it is not just another one of those
tant, but fast forward one, five, or even ten years, and in the grand scheme of things,    requirements to graduate, but a chance to really step out into the world around you
some of those “historical” events (getting grounded that one weekend does not              and see what is going on outside your own front door. So next time May 1st rolls
count) seem rather trivial. Yet there is no denying that the events that we are now        around, I know that I will be excited to make a difference, and I hope that you choose
experiencing will be poured over endlessly by future historians. It is safe to say that    an activity that will make you realize just how necessary community service is.
Philadelphians will always look back and honor the historic week in which the
Phillies won the World Series. However, make no mistake - the events transpiring in
today’s society are far more important than any mere baseball championship.
       The President of the United States is poised to put in place reforms designed
to fix the country after 30 years (not just the last eight, mind you, though Dubya
certainly was no help at all) of allowing seemingly trivial issues to escalate to crisis
                                                                                                      INSIDE THIS ISSUE
levels. Education, infrastructure, industry, banking, trade, energy, and the environ-
ment, to name a few, will pose some of the greatest threats to our nation in the
coming months and years. Barack Obama should recognize that his actions are
                                                                                            Day of 2
critically important, for much more is at stake than simply his presidential legacy.
Many of the aforementioned problems will come to a head, if they have not already,          Senior plans....... pages 4-7
as he begins to change the fundamental direction of this country. His reforms may
succeed, and they may not, but either way they will set the tone for the next decade
at least, if not more. We should be conscientious of this fact going forward, for if
                                                                                            Word 7
there was ever a time that was crucial to the course of human history, it is now. The
choices we make as a species, not just as a country, may very well affect how we live       Boys’ 8
100 years from now. No matter what we achieve, this epoch will always be remem-
bered as a pivotal time in not just American History, but World History.

2                                                           The Abingtonian                                                                                          June 2009

E d i t o r i a l s
Top Random                                                      Hall sweeps, cameras, dogs? Oh my!
                                                                       By: Gia Gladden
Rants about                                                            With a new administrator comes the same rules and expectations that everyone must follow and value.
                                                                With the arrival of Dr. Fecher this year, he hasn’t been handing out ice cream parties left and right. In fact, he’s
Abington                                                        cracking down on the student body. The hall sweeps are just a few weapons in Fecher’s arsenal. But, the
                                                                students are wondering if this is all necessary, and will it even work?
       By Lydia Baxter                                                 Over the past months, there have been several alleged incidents and several missing electronics. From
       1. Isn’t it possible to walk down the hall at more       missing IPods to PSPs it seems like the administration doesn’t have a way to stop these kleptomaniacs. The
than a slug’s speed? For those who walk heel-to-toe,            students are forced to fill out a police report and hope that some student hasn’t sold off their prized electronics
PLEASE quicken up your pace! There are some stu-                for a few bucks. Thanks to a State Farm School Safety Grant from last year, the school has received surveillance
dents who travel from one side of the school to the             cameras to secure the safety of its scholars. The cameras are located within the T, the gym, the cafeterias, and on
other, and it is impossible to be on time when people           the second floor by the center staircase. Will these cameras inhibit further unwanted behavior and security
move at a turtle’s pace.                                        issues by “encouraging safe and appropriate behavior” like the district’s board policy says, or will it just become
       2. Please watch your language. It amazes me the          a new accessory stuck on our hallway walls? Only time will tell.
things I hear just sitting in the library. In five minutes, I          From what has been seen, the cameras do not seem to be hindering anyone’s behavior. In fact, they are
can hear the f-bomb dropped at least 5 times! Girls are         increasing ridiculous behavior because the students know they are being seen. So does the school just want to
calling each other denigrating names, which only makes          watch videos of students roaming in the hallways or are these devices the beginning of something much larger?
it okay for guys to do the same. There are other ways to        A letter that was sent home on May, 28, 2009, states that the recorded surveillance will only be used to “review
describe how angry you are, how stupid something is,            reports of incidents or events that warrant further investigation.” Just a few weeks ago a student was hit by
or what you’re feeling.                                         another student where there were no cameras. This incident could have been solved or even prevented had there
       3. I didn’t know that Hansel and Gretel were the         been cameras in that specific hallway.
high school’s mascots or heroes. They must be, since                   An announcement made on April 6, 2009, about the rise of illegal drugs among teens in our township
every day I see people leave lunch tables covered in            caused the district attorney to issue drug searches throughout the school with help from the Abington Police.
trash. Also, food is meant to go in your mouth, not on          Many students believed that meant drug-sniffing dogs coming into the school and smelling away at lockers. Dr.
the floor of the cafeteria, the hallway, or the music wing.     Fecher has said that it has been done in the past, and as far as this school year is going a drug search should not
I swear the next time that I see an egg-croissantwich           be necessary. What is going to happen to our school now? We were recently named one of the best high schools
smashed and trampled on, I may just hurl.                       and communities in our country, and now there’s a rise in drugs? We’re a school that has a small amount of
       4. This huge building has many passages and              classrooms with air conditioning or proper heating with grants coming to us left and right.
side halls that help one avoid the dreaded “T.” The                    You would think having the privilege to have these expensive and helpful education and security related grants would
breezeway, courtyard, and multiple side stairwells can          leave us with extra money to go toward the students. Instead intruders are becoming more important than the population of
be used to get to classes without moving through the            adolescents. Protection is key, but so is our health, and toward the end of the year, the heat becomes almost unbearable.
“eye of the storm.” By using these other options, the           Conditions are especially brutal during finals, when excessive heat is a recipe for heat stroke or far worse. Hopefully, next
center of the school can begin to get unclogged.                year we will get a grant for some sort of efficient cooling system.
                                                                       Students are beginning to feel as if they aren’t being told about major changes in their school. In fact, the board policy
       5. We learned before we even were in preschool
                                                                called Surveillance Monitoring states that “students will not receive formal notification of the location of recording devices
how to use the bathroom. In that case, why is it an             nor times of recordings.” When people don’t feel trusted, they begin to get angry and distrust others. Maybe with a little
arduous task to find a stall that isn’t clogged, over-          help, the division of communication between the administrators and the students can be repaired. If not there will be a lot of
flowing, covered in graffit, or trashed? Please, just be        misunderstanding between the two.
respectful of the other people in the school and take
care of a place where everyone goes.
       6. “RESPECT! Find out what it means to me!”
Aretha Franklin sings. Unfortunately, that is exactly
                                                                The Unusuals lives up to its name
what is lacking in our school. Students wander the halls,              By Lydia Baxter
talk back to teachers, give flack to the aides, and bla-
tantly disregard the rules. Our school would be signifi-                Once a week, I go incommunicado. I turn my cell phone completely off, abstain from answering my home phone, and
cantly more pleasant if everyone just respected others          refuse to check my Facebook or e-mail. In other words, I am totally unreachable from 9 to 11 o’clock. Why, you ask? My
                                                                eyes are glued to the television for two of the most amazing shows known to man: LOST and The Unusuals.
and their property a little bit more.
                                                                        For those who think LOST is too confusing but are intrigued by intricate plots and fascinating characters, ABC’s new
       7. I know that with the “No Child Left Behind            drama series, The Unusuals, is perfect for you. Also, for critics of cop shows such as Law and Order or NYPD Blue, The
Act” that students must take multiple standardized tests,       Unusuals will surpass even their highest standards.
but juniors have been tested out of their minds. Be-                    The show contains figments of drama and comic insanity in an exploration of the world of New York City police
tween PSATs, the reading PSSAs, the writing PSSAs,              detectives. The writers contrast the serious crimes that occur with a twisted sense of humor, since every day on the job could
the real SATs, and now the science PSSAs, a junior              be a cop’s last. Unfortunately, that is the reason for Detective Casey Shraeger’s transfer from Vice to the Homicide depart-
seems to have no time to learn! Juniors our missing             ment; she is brought in by Sergeant Brown to help him rid the Second Precinct of corruption.
valuable class time and are getting more stressed than                  Shraeger finds that the force is teeming with secrets of every kind, which is very fortunate because she is harboring a
ever before due to these requires, but superficial tests.       few of her own. Her first assignment is to investigate the murder of one of the department’s own, Detective Burt (not Stanley)
                                                                Kowalski. To make the case even more trying, Kowalski was the former partner of her new one: Detective Jason Walsh.
       8. Lethargy- the quality or state of being
                                                                        Shraeger and Walsh are only one of three of the show’s duos. Eric Delahoy (who tries to kill himself in the line of duty
drowsy and dull, listless and unenergetic, or indiffer-         due to an inoperable brain tumor) is the polar opposite of his partner, Leo Banks, who is germophobic. Banks is paranoid
ent and lazy; apathetic or sluggish inactivity. It seems        about every aspect of his life; he never goes out on dates, he never takes off his bulletproof vest, and he practically travels in
that the entire school has been overcome by this word.          a mobile quarantine. In addition, deeply religious Detective Henry Cole and his partner Detective Allison Beaumont both
People are complaining about getting minimal amounts            attempt to conceal their current and past troubles. Then you have the “King of the Mountain,” Eddie Alvarez. He works with
of homework, arguing about having to perform com-               no one, steals cases in order to turn them into front-page stories to spread his name, and even refers to himself in the third
munity service, scrambling to complete their senior ser-        person in order to promote a sense of superiority.
vice projects, and refusing to engage in class. I under-                The show not only is entertaining, but it always keeps you guessing. Unlike other crime shows where one knows who
stand that the weather is warmer now and that school            the killer is after a mere five minutes, The Unusuals contains plot twists and surprises that constantly keep the audience on
                                                                the edge of their seats. Another enthralling side of the show is that each episode discloses a bit of a character’s secret. The best
seems like torture (trust me, I think this too), but doing
                                                                part of the series is that viewers themselves get to take part in the sleuthing, trying to piece together everyone’s secrets to
some homework or giving to others never killed any-             reveal the truth of the cops of New York City’s Second Precinct.

Day of Silence: Spread the silence
By Casey Koch

       “That is so gay.” That is an anti-gay slur that people use all the time, but have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a gay student listening to
the slurs, being harassed, or always watching your back, hoping you will not be taunted at any given moment? Well, that is what a LGBT student feels all
the time and the national Day of Silence was founded to try to change that. In 1996, the first Day of Silence was held at the University of Virginia, and 8,000
schools participated across the country. This year, the Day of Silence was April 17, 2009.
       The Day of Silence is a protest against discrimination towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. It also brings attention to the anti lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgendered name-calling, harassment, and bullying that occurs throughout schools nationwide. 86.2% of LGBT youth have been verbally harassed in the last year because of their sexual
orientation, and 22% report having been physically assaulted. These statistics show that these hate crimes have gone on long enough, that something should be done about it, and hopefully
the Day of Silence is a step in the right direction.
       There are many things you can do to get involved with the Day of Silence: get involved with the Gay Straight Alliance and help organize the event for next year, or tell your friends
about the Day of Silence and ask them to participate with you. It is wrong to discriminate against someone because of his or her sexual orientation, and we need to stand up for what is right
by participating in this peaceful protest. Together as a school, we can make a difference and know collectively in our hearts that by taking a stand, we are all doing the right thing.

June 2009                                                The Abingtonian                                                                                                         3

N e w s / F e a t u r e s
                                                                                                                        Resurrection of
                                                                                                                        The Dead
                                                                                                                              By Maddy Evans

                                                                                                                               To many, The Grateful Dead was one of the great-
                                                                                                                        est bands of all time. Known for their marathon con-
                                                                                                                        certs and lengthy jams, the band had a repertoire that
                                                                                                                        included a fusion of a myriad of musical genres ranging
                                                                                                                        from jazz, rock and blues, to folk, bluegrass, roots and
                                                                                                                        country. The band thrived from the mid-1960s until 1995,
                                                                                                                        performed over 2,300 live concerts, ( a record 53 of which
                                                                                                                        were at the soon to be demolished Spectrum) and kept
                                                                                                                        “Deadheads” (avid fans) clamoring for more.
                                                                                                                               Unfortunately, in 1995, the band’s success came
                                                                                                                        to a halt when the lead guitarist and vocalist, Jerry
                                                                                                                        Garcia, died of a heart attack. Without Garcia, the band
                                                                                                                        would never be the same. However, the remaining mem-
                                                                                                                        bers were not finished—they were not ready to give
   A Passion for Fashion:                                                                                                      Four remaining members formed the band The Other
                                                                                                                        Ones. They toured three times and released their own album,
                                                                                                                        The Strange Remain. In 2003, The Other Ones changed their

   Spring Boots!                                                                                                        name to simply The Dead. A year later, they toured and
                                                                                                                        today, five years later, The Dead recently proved that they
                                                                                                                        are still alive and ready to rock.
         By Melanie Highbloom                                                                                                   On April 12th, The Dead kicked off a 19-show arena
                                                                                                                        tour, making appearances in 16 cities. Four original Grateful
          “Spring” and “boots” are two words that you do not typically hear together in the same phrase. As             Dead members: Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, and
   the warm weather approaches, you will be hearing these two words together more and more. Boots are                   Mickey Hart were joined by Ratdog’s keyboardist, Jeff
   typically reserved for the cold winter months in the snow or rain such as Uggs, or snow-boots. Now we see            Chimenti, and a guitarist from the Allman Brothers band,
   a new type of boot emerging for the spring and summer. Do you love how your little black dress looks with            Warren Haynes.
                                                                                                                                This was an all indoor tour except for the last show,
   fun, knee-high boots? Don’t worry, because now you can pair these adorable dresses with boots in a
                                                                                                                        May 10th, which was held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in
   lighter, more breathable variety in funky colors and styles for the spring! Spring boots are usually ankle           Mountain View, California—a venue the Grateful Dead played
   high, and are either flat or small with a chunky heel. They are typically made with leather, but a lighter kind      often. Although this isn’t the Grateful Dead, guitarist Bob
   of material than you would find in, say, a winter boot. If you are a daring diva, go for a spring boot in a funky    Weir was recently quoted as saying, “We’ve got some unfin-
   color like turquoise or gold that really adds flair to your ensemble. Boots can really make or break your            ished business...Everybody has a whole new bag of tricks;
   outfit, so choose wisely. Boots are an investment piece and the kind of thing you can have for years to              we have the body of material we worked up over the years,
   come, so make sure that you buy a pair that is fashionable, but also durable. Have fun with your look and            and we have a mind meld going on here, and it would be a sin
   pick up a pair with studs or rhinestones for going out, or with fringe or braiding for school or out to a fun        to let that just wither and die.”
   lunch. If you have any fashion questions or emergencies while shopping, do not hesitate to email me at                       Fans in the Philadelphia area were lucky because two
                                                                                                                        of The Dead’s 19 shows were held at the Wachovia Spectrum!!!
                                                                                                                        on May 1st and 2nd. If those shows were any indication, there
                                                                                                                        is no doubt that The Dead are completely alive.

Can You See The Invisible Children?
      By Heather O’Donnell

                                                                            On April 25, 2009, thousands of children from 100 cities around the world were abducted. The
                                                                     children themselves broke into their own homes, went into their own bedrooms, and abducted them-
                                                                     selves for an event that took place through Invisible Children. These acts were meant to simulate what is
                                                                     going on in Northern Uganda, a country torn apart by war, rebellion, violence, and a place where the
                                                                     kidnapping of thousands of children occurs. Children who go to bed, only to be awoken in the middle of
                                                                     the night and forced into the malevolent hands of Joseph Kony’s Child Soldiers, to ultimately become
                                                                     part of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).
                                                                            The man who is responsible for the kidnapping of children is Joseph Kony. In the last 20 years,
                                                                     Kony has kidnapped over 30,000 children to fight in his rebel army. He targets children around the age of
                                                                     9 to fight because they are easier to brainwash and can easily slip into homes and schools to kidnap other
                                                                     children. There are stories from all over Uganda where siblings of children who were being taken have
                                                                     tried to defend their loved ones, only to be killed. This reality scares the children into doing whatever is
                                                                     asked of them. Children are forced to do things that cannot even be imagined: drowning babies, kidnap-
                                                                     ping other children, and burning families because the LRA tells them it has to be done.
                                                                            Kony has also gone into countries other than Uganda, such as the Democratic Republic of the
                                                                     Congo and Central African Republic, where he massacred thousands and abducted hundreds.
                                                                            To avoid being captured in their own homes and turned into child soldiers, the children spend
                                                                     every night sleeping in abandoned buildings in groups of hundreds, if not thousands, to hide from the
                                                                     LRA. They are so terrified of being abducted that hiding is the only measure they can take to protect
                                                                     themselves. These children are considered ‘invisible’ because no one is keeping information on who is
                                                                     abducted, how old they are, and how many children have to hide from the rebels.
       As children ourselves, living in the United States of America, we have the unique opportunity to speak and be listened to. We became invisible, and people took
notice. This is why the event which took place on April 25th, 2009, in 100 cities around the globe, including Philadelphia, required those people who want to make a
difference in our world to go into the city and participate in a rescue mission. The mission was to go to Campbell’s Field, march across the Ben Franklin Bridge, end up in
Love Park, and sleep there over night, much like the manner in which thousands of children in Uganda have to sleep every night. At the end of the march, everyone waited
to be rescued by either a mogul or the media. If we were rescued, it showed that our voices were heard, and that we have made such an impact that people want to listen
and tell the story of the child soldiers.
       To learn more about the invisible children, you can go to to buy the DVD documentary. To learn about the rescue, you can go to and look at The Official Rescue Plan. Youtube and Google Video are also great places to watch videos about Invisible Children, and you
can go to Google Video to watch the full documentary.
       More than 3,000 child soldiers are waiting to be rescued right now.
       As the famous quote by Edmund Burke goes, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” We cannot just let this go on because “we are
here, and they are all the way over there.”
       Become aware. Take a stand. Abduct yourself. Rescue the child soldiers.

4                                      The Abingtonian                                                     June 2009

S e n i o r P l a n s
Aqueelah Abdullah      Bloomsburg University/Nursing             Nicholas Conti         Job
Sam Abrams             Montgomery CCC                            Alex Costello          Penn State University
Devon Affleck          Drew Univeristy                           Caroline Costello      Montgomery CCC
Michael Agiorgusis     Ursinus College                           Jermaine Crawford      Cheyney University
Beau Allen             University of Delaware                    Ray Crawford           West Chester University
Anna Alter             University of Massachusetts Amherst       Nate Crosette          Muhlenberg College
Kristen Andresen       Nursing                                   Christian Cruz         undecided
Parthen Anty           Montgomery CCC                            Diana Cupo             Temple University
Alisha Aquilino        Saint Joseph’s University                 Kelly Ann Curry        Penn State University
Onisha Arena           Montgomery CCC                            Danny D’Amore          Heating and conditioning technician
Eric Argue             Job                                       Julia Dancis           University of Maryland
Kailee Ashby           Brigham Young University                  Ben Daniels            Police officer
Juliette Augusten      Howard University                         Greg Decembrino        West Chester University
Lexi Baer              West Virginia University                  Laura Del Beccaro      University of California Los Angeles
Max Barsky             Elizabethtown College                     Katherine Delgado      West Chester University
Rasheed Basketbill     work at Lockheed Martin                   Ayona Dennis           Social working
Chris Becker           College/Business                          Morgan Dennis          Tuskeggee University
Paul Becker            Franklin Pierce University                Gina Devaney           Bloomsburg University
Melanie Beckowski      Montgomery CCC                            Rasheedah Dewalt       Delaware State University
Megan Belinsky         Montgomery CCC                            Domenic Dezio          Chestnut Hill College
Melanie Bellina        Travel around the world                   Paige Dietz            Laboratory Institute of Merchandising
Evelyn Bennett         Belhaven College                          Olivia Dobson          Temple University
Lindsay Betsch         Penn State University                     Teresa Doherty         Rocky Mountain College
Mike Bisacquino        Pennsylvania College of Technology        Stephanie Dombrowski   Montgomery CCC/Nursing
Matt Baldwin           Shippensburg University                   Elizabeth Donahoe      Franklin and Marshall College
Jeremy Blatstein       Penn State University                     Gary Donnelly          Bloomsburg University
Gabrielle Bloomfield   Hofstra University                        Celeste D’Orazio       Millersville University
Patrick Bloomfield     Eastern Center for Arts and Tech.         John Downing           Electrician
Liz Blum               Goucher College                           Eddie Doyle            University of Pittsburgh
Kathryn Boccardo       Alfred University                         Michael Drake          Alvernia University
EmmaKate Bobk          Arcadia University                        Aaron Duckett          Nursing
April Boka             undecided                                 Mike Duffy             Temple University Ambler
Aiesha Bonaparte       Community College of Philadelphia         Kristen Dunphey        George Washington University
Ajanae Boone           University of Rhode Island                Ashley Dunphy          Virginia Commonwealth University
Megan Borger           National Massage Therapy Institute        Dion Durham            Bloomsburg University
Marissa Both           University of Pittsburgh                  Sean Duval             College
Kristen Bowler         Temple University                         Lisa Dzurinko          University of Delaware
Cyrus Boyce            Job                                       Amanda Early           College, job, family
Quinn Brady            Temple University                         Ray Eastburn           University of the Arts
Dianna Brann           West Chester University                   Robert Edmonds         Bloomsburg University
Theresa Brennan        College                                   Brian Edwards          Drexel University
Greg Brenner           Villanova University                      Stephanie Egoavil      Art Institute of Philadelphia
Jordan Brnich          Local 401 Ironworkers Union               Allison Eimer          Syracuse University
Andy Broad             Syracuse University                       Tori Eliff             Gwynedd-Mercy College
Cory Brodsky           Montgomery CCC/NYU                        Matthew Elsenbeck      Shippensburg University
Jordan Brooks          Penn State University                     Kaveh Enami            Penn State University
Breana Brown           Old Dominion University                   James Evans            Montgomery CCC
Cassie Brown           Shippensburg University                   Kara Evans             Concordia University
Ed Brown               Widner University                         Maddy Evans            Penn State University
Joelle Bruser          East Stroudsburg University               Dan Failing            Saint Joseph’s University
Courtney Bryson        Arcadia University                        Alex Fantini           HVAC
Rhonda Butler          Montgomery CCC/Temple or Deleware State   Kenny Faunce           EMT School
Samantha Butler        Cabrini College                           Jacob Feldman          Penn State Schreyer’s Honors College
Dennis Caine           York College                              Stephanie Felix        Penn State University
Jon Cairone            Penn State Altoona                        Bryan Fennell          Montgomery CCC/Police Academy
Aryn Cantagallo        Gwynedd-Mercy College                     Stuart Finney          Art Institute of Philadelphia
Alex Capobianco        Montgomery CCC                            Megan Fiscus           Shippensburg University
Cody Carrigan          West Chester University                   Casey Fitzsimmons      West Chester University
Alexandra Casey        Gettysburg College                        Leslie Flippen         Bloomsburg University
Jill Casey             Wagner College                            Maria Flis             Temple University
Erica Chandler         University of Delaware                    Kaitlin Folweiler      University of Pittsburgh
Jordan Chandler        Penn State Abington                       Erin Foster            Arcadia University
Andrew Charles         Penn State University                     Ashleigh Frajerman     Albright College
Colin Cheney           Drexel University                         Mike Franz
Rebecca Chernoff       Maryland Institute College of Art         Ryan Franz             York College
Jonathan Choi          Andrews University                        Samuel Freedman        University of Pennsylvania
Dan Choroser           Lafayette College                         Justin French          Gwynedd-Mercy College
Jonathan Christie      Coppin State Universitty                  Jackie Frick           Work at salon
Adrianna Ciliberto     Temple University                         David Gant             Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Josh Clark             Penn College of technology                Frank Garis            Penn State Abington
Tim Clark              Delaware Valley College                   Chelsea Garlanger      Pennsylvania College of Technology
Rob Clarke             University of the Arts                    Cody Garlanger         Churchville autobody, Montgomery CCC
Russell Clayton        Lehigh College, MIT graduate school       Grace Geheb            Kutztown University
Connor Clearfield      St. Joseph’s University                   Libby George           Arcadia University
Zach Cline             Eastern University                        Carrie Gerhard         Nursing
Zachary Cline          Ursinus College                           Sam Gerhardt           Syracuse University-Newhouse
Tysheka Coffee         Go to college                             Brandon Gibson         No idea
Alex Cohen             East Carolina University                  Nadym Gibson           Working to get into CHI and CCP
Jessica Cohen          Tyler School of Art                       Brendan Gillespie      Manor College, LaSalle University
Jonah Cohen            Brandeis University, medical school       Kyree Glenn-Odums      Study law
Kevin Coles            Montgomery CCC                            Mi Jin Go              Temple University
Eric Coley Jr          Working for AVEX in Japan                 Mi Na Go               Temple University
Caitlin Conroy         Montgomery CCC                            Michael Goldenberg     University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

June 2009                               The Abingtonian                                                                       5

S e n i o r P l a n s
David Goldstein      University of Connecticut                    William Kitchen       Temple University
Bridget Gordon       Montgomery CCC                               Stephen Klatcher      University of Toledo
Emily Gordon         University of Richmond                       Meagan Klinger        Hofstra University
Jessica Gordon       Albright College                             Julian Kluver         Temple University
Matt Gormley         Montgomery CCC                               Allison Knight        Kutztown University
Tiffany C. Graham    Montgonery CC, Temple                        Kenan Knight          video game programming
Benjamin Granatt     Penn State University                        Rinn Koelle           Arcadia University
Darnell Grasty       Montgomery CCC                               Kyle Kohles           Penn State University
Marcus Grasty        Pennsylvania College of Technology           Alison Koliba         West Chester University
Emily Grech          College                                      Marshall Kornfeld     Montgomery CCC
Rob Green            US Army                                      Alyssa Kress          University of North Carolina
Ed Greenfield        Clean Cut Landscaping                        Regina Kuehrmann      Bloomsburg University
Ed Greenfield        Clean-Cut Landscaping, LLC                   Robby Kumor           Eastern University
Kelly Gregorio       James Madison University                     Jason Kuoch           Montgomery CCC
Amanda Griffith      Goucher College                              Julie Lafferty        US Coast Guard
Grant Griffith       Penn State Schreyers                         Matt Lancaster        Shippensburg University
Amanda Gross                                                      Bob Landgraf          Rider University
Elizabeth Gross      Drexel University                            Hannah Lane           Penn State University
Éowyn Groves         College of Wooster                           Patrick Laquer        University of Vermont
Sarah Grubb          Nursing                                      Liz Layton            Syracuse University
Dan Gurmankin        Northeastern University                      Ian LeBlanc           Montgomery CCC
James Hagan          Shippensburg University                      Ashly Lee             Penn State Abington
Kevin Haley          Penn State Abington                          Doug Lee              Stony Brook University
Grace Han            Albert School                                Lauren Lee            Montgomery CCC
Alexandra Harris     Howard University                            Alison Leibowitz      Northeastern University
Cassio Harris        Eastern Arizona College                      Bill Leimbach         US Army
Jessica Harris       Southern Methodist University                Aaron Lewis           Virginia Tech
Kelsey Haug          Penn State University                        Rosemary Limburg      Bard College
Kristin Hector       West Chester University                      Monica Linsinbigler   Capitol College
Amber Heilman        Drexel University                            Darcella Llanos       Widner University
Andrew Heinz         Montgomery CCC                               Anthony Lodise        The Art Institute of Philadelphia
LaShonda Herbert     undecided, nurse or school teacher           Tim Lomady            Safari tour guide
Gregg Hetherington   Montgomery CCC                               Michael Lombardi      Temple University
Greg Hill            Lehigh University                            Ronnie Lopeland       Kutztown University
Rachel Hill          Ultrasound Tech.                             Dillon Losey          go with the flow
Robert Hill          buisness marketing                           Raymon Louie          Temple University-Honors College
Kelsey Hilliard      Millersville University                      David Lovett          Temple University
Emma Hines           Temple University                            Nicole Lucas          George Washington University
Kevin Hinkin         University of Alabama                        Cetisha Luck          Penn State Abington
Natalia Holguin      Penn State University                        JT Lukens             Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Carla Hollins        Philadelphia CC                              Vince Luskin          Arcadia University
Terrence Holmes      Barber school                                Vince Luskin          Arcadia University
Branford Jones       Temple University                            Stephanie Luu         Temple University
Kristen Hopf         Penn State University                        Kyle Mackie           Montgomery CCC
Christopher Howard   Temple University                            Cyrus Magruder        Art Institute of Philadelphia
Corey Hower          College                                      Briana Maiden         Penn State University
Matt Hoyle           College, work                                D’Andre Maiden        Temple University
Kristina Huang       Penn State University                        Tom Mak               Temple University
Brandon Hughes       Penn State University Abington               Ian Malis             Travel Europe
Brian Hughes         Finance                                      Zachary Malis         Saint Joseph’s University
Andrew Huh           Penn State University                        Mark Mandel           Montgomery CCC
Nia Hunt             Temple University                            Matthew Mandel        Montgomery CCC
Tim Huntbach         Cabrini College                              Jillian Mann          Albright College
Alexa Ibarra         University of Arizona                        Rich Mann             Temple University
Cameron Incognito    Penn State University                        Lori Mansell          Delaware Valley College
Nicolle Ingram       Montgomery CCC                               Joan Manton           Temple University
Sherrelle Ingram     Bloomsburg University                        Chelsea Marion        Syracuse University
Abu Jackson          Montgomery CCC                               Zac Markgraf          Travel
Brett Jackson        Montgomery CCC                               Colton Marsh          Penn State University
Dartreca Jackson     College                                      Meghan Martin         LaSalle University
Jenny Jang           Boston University                            Morgan Martin         Virginia State University
James Janisheck      Art Institute of Philadelphia                Kasen Martucci        West Chester University
Amy Jasionowski      Temple University                            Cierra Massey         Art Institute of Philadelphia
Jenin John           University of the Sciences in Philadelphia   Dominick Massey       Kutztown University
Tess Johns           Indiana University of Pennsylvania           James Massey          work
Robert Johnson       Art Institute/Fashion                        Kathleen Matchner     College
Marisa Jones         Lock Haven University                        Josie McCall          University of Delaware
Marc Joseph          US Army, Valley Forge Military College       Jill McCoach          University of Hartford
Teagan Joy           Montgomery CCC                               Robert McDermott      Temple University
James Kane           Montgomery CCC                               Dan McDevitt          Penn State College of Technology
Joey Kash            Montgomery CCC/Police Academy                James McDonald        University of St. Andrews
Fatia Kasumu         Temple University                            Bob McDonough         Penn State Abington
Justin Kelemen       Montgomery CCC                               Liz McGarry           Tufts University
Jenifer Kelly        East Stroudsburg University                  Zack McGee            College
Steve Kenas          Penn State University                        Zack McGee            college, music degree
Shane Kennedy        James Madison University                     Callie McGill         Penn State University
Kelvin Kessley       City year, CCP, Drexel University            Caitlyn McGrath       LaSalle University
Eun Jin Kim          Temple University                            Kyle McGrogan         Shippensburg University
Han Kim              Drexel University                            Alison McIntyre       Cosmetology school
Joanne Kim           CUNY, pilot’s license                        Julia Melin           Swarthmore College
Nicole Kim           Penn State University Abington               Kacy Melissen         University of Pennsylvania
Sung Myung Kim       New England Conservatory                     Orhan Memed           College of Staten Island CUNY
Jen Kitchen          James Madison University                     Steven Menken         University of Vermont

6                                          The Abingtonian                                                        June 2009

S e n i o r P l a n s
Michelle Merlini        Manor College                               Katey Salus           Lehigh College
Dan Meropol             Brown University                            Andrew Saurman        University of South Carolina, police officer
Erin Metzinger          LaSalle University                          Darren Saurman        Temple University
Steph Mignogno          Bloomsburg University                       Kelly Sawyer          East Stroudsburg University
Justin Miles            Bloomsburg University                       Julian Scheller       College
Alyssa Miller           Kutztown University                         Laura Schmidt         Physcolgist
Ashley Miller           The College of New Jersey                   Debra Schrage         East Stroudsburg University
Lina Miller             Temple University                           Bryan Schwoebel       Shippensburg University
Caroline Mills          Connecticut College                         Tim Seefried          University of South Carolina
Ashleigh Minetti        East Stroudsburg University                 Grace Sekelewski      Temple University
Lyannie Molina          Penn State University Abington              Roy Sellers           DeVry University
Courtney Moore          art school, college, teacher or zoologist   Jose Serrano          Construction or US Army
Bobby Morak             Division 2 Baseball                         Tina Serratore        College in Minnesota
Grace Moran             Montgomery CCC, Tyler School of Art         Pat Shaw              Work
Tara Morris             Montgomery CCC                              Lee Shechtman         West Chester University
Ali Muehlbronner        Salve Regina University                     Tony Shepherd         Temple University
Aliyah Muhammad         Manor College                               Gloria Shim           Philadelphia Biblical University
Michael Murray          Temple University                           Samantha Shortridge   Hofstra University
Nicole Musho            Washington College                          Amanda Simister       Montgomery CCC
Tom Natter              Bloomsburg University                       Mollie Simon          Villanova University
George Newman           Air Force                                   Paul Singleton II     Dafin University
Amanda Nicholson        Delaware Valley Academy                     Stefan Skripak        Wesleyan University
Steve Nicholson         Montgomery CCC                              Andrew Slade          Boston College
Asaf Noah               Towing business                             Amanda Sloan          Nursing
Steve Noga              Millersville University                     Lee Slobotkin         U. of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music
Lauren Norpel           Montgomery CCC                              Sara Small            Shippensburg University
Sarah Nyirjesy          Amherst College                             Adrienne Smallwood    Harvard University
David O                 Temple University                           Andrew Smith          Construction
Elizabeth Olenski       Boston University                           Kylieann Smith        Alfred University
De’Vonne Oliver         Delaware State University                   Monica Smith          Arcadia University
Rebecca Oneill          Montgomery CCC/UCLA                         Steph Smith           Syracuse University
Rachel O’Neill          Shippensburg University                     Ben Soboleski         Walnut Hill College
Tiarra Oquendo-Way      University of North Carolina, Pembroke      Brittany Solecki      Temple University
David Osei              Rutgers University                          Ki Son                Cosmetology school
Kieran O’Shea           University Southern California              Youbin Son            West Chester University
Tonico Paguio           UCLA                                        Sylvia Song           Temple University
David Paik              Philadelphia Biblical University            Anil Sooknanan        University of the Arts
Anthony Palazzolo       Susquehanna University                      Kelly Sparhawk        Penn State University
Rebecca Panitch         Tyler School of Art, Temple University      Jessica Spasari       Temple University, Peace Corps
Alexa Papandrea         Shippensburg University                     Leah Spencer          Ithaca College
Marco Paparo            Chestnut Hill College                       Brittany Sperling     Montgomery CCC
Adam Pardes             Tufts University                            Michael Spiegel       West Chester University
Alice Park              Drexel University                           Mike Stanton          Pennsylvania College of Technology
Eunbin Park             Shippensburg University                     Lakin Starling        Spelman College
Anthony Parker          North Carolina State                        Lauren Stern          Penn State University
Victoria Patchell       Become arson investigator                   Nathan Stevens        Penn State University
Katilyn Patrick         Arcadia University                          Bret Stewart          Colorado State University
Ieisha Patterson        Lincoln University                          Ben Stock             University of St. Thomas
Rob Peiffer             Millersville University                     Amanda Stokes         The Art Institute of Philadelphia
Laura Pempkowski        Northeastern University                     Melissa Strickler     Susquehanna University
Anthony Perozze         Penn State University                       Samantha Stutz        West Chester University
Vincenzo Perrone        Take the year off                           Kristyn Suchinsky     Penn State University Abington
Shallan Pinder          Montgomery CCC                              Brigid Sullivan       East Stroudsburg University
Marta Piotrowitz        Hobart and William Smith Colleges           Jessica Sundy         Montgomery CCC
Joe Pompilii            Penn State University                       Jun Sung              Temple University
Octavius Potite         Dietary aid                                 Tae Sung              Montgomery CCC
Naeem Powell            Millersville University                     Becky Sutow           Penn State University
Julie Powers            Dartmouth College                           Andrew Swartz         Marine Corps
Marco Prado             Widener University                          Ryan Sweeney          Albright College
Matthew Preisendanz     Susquehanna University                      Jaimee A. Swift       Temple University
Megan Prendergast       X-Ray Technician                            Jacqueline Tague      Keystone College
Teena Prince            Temple University                           Nick Tarasiewicz      Millersville University
Mike Ramsher            Montgomery CCC                              Lindsay Tarlow        University of Central Florida
Kyle Rankins            Bloomsburg University                       Charnice Tate         Bucks County Community College
Jason Reale             Penn State University                       Elijah Tawwad         Full Sail University
Marné Ream              Millersville University                     Jesse Taylor          Illinois Institute of Technology
Shannon Reilly          Gwynedd-Mercy College                       Matt Templeton        Communications
Joe Renzi               Elizabethtown College, NBA                  Ryan Tesoro           Temple University
Chirstine Rhee          Harvey Mudd College                         Nich Thayne           Temple University
Brandon Rhoades         College, job, family                        Ashley Thomas         Travel
Robert Richart          Intern for Electrician                      Trey Thomas           Pennsylvania College of Technology
Kayla Riemenschneider   West Virginia University                    Joseph Thompson       United States Marine Corps
Chrissy Rings           Navy, fire fighter                          James Thornton        Lincoln University
Eric Ripkin             Penn State University                       Alison Tidwell        West Virginia University
Victor Rivera           Montgomery CCC                              Steve Timlin          Montgomery CCC
Rena Rocks              Nursing                                     Erik Toledo           United States Navy
Sarah Roethke           Temple University                           Keegan Toner          Philadelphia Fire Department
Kerron Rose-Walker      law enforcement                             Abigail Toska         Move and start a family
Alyssa Rouse            Marriage, teaching                          Erica Tran            Temple University
Corey Rowe              Montgomery CCC                              John Trasser          Montgomery CCC
Ryan Rozniskowski       West Chester University                     Greg Traylor          Penn State University
Alayna Ryan             Shippensburg University                     Amanda Treat          Penn State Abington
Billy Ryan              Millersville Honors College                 Lauren Tremblay       Become a special education teacher
Ryan Sailor             Brown University                            Dan Trout             Millersville University

June 2009                                               The Abingtonian                                                                                                   7

  F                        e                      a                            t                      u                      r                      e                       s
Green is the New Black
      By Lydia Baxter

       In this time when everyone is trying to save money, there is another thing we should be trying to save—the Earth. If every person makes a small change in his or her
daily routine, the environment will last longer, health conditions will improve, and our natural surroundings will be cleaner. Here are a few simple steps that anyone can take
to benefit the Earth:
       1. Carpool with a friend or family member as much as possible. This not only saves money, but also decreases the amount of exhaust emitted into the air. In addition,
carpooling saves uncountable gallons of gasoline.
       2. Recycle plastic and glass bottles as well as aluminum cans in the green bins in the cafeterias- they are not just there for decoration.
       3. Reduce the amount of packaging your food comes in. Think about it: how much packaging does your lunch contain? For example, one pack of Lunchables amounts
to a lot of trash: the cardboard box, the plastic tray, the Capri-Sun pouch, and the tiny wrappers are all thrown out.
       4. Avoid using Styrofoam when sending packages—the material takes hundreds of years to decompose.
       5. Reuse plastic utensils, paper bags, and Ziploc bags.
       6. Buy a reusable coffee mug, which you can find anywhere from Target to Starbucks, and you will save an innumerable amount of Styrofoam and paper cups. Also,
many convenience stores like WaWa or 7-11 give you discounts when you use a reusable mug!
       When you go grocery shopping, use tote bags instead of plastic ones. If you MUST use plastic bags, save them and recycle them on your next trip.
       Save the tabs from soda cans and donate them to the Ronald McDonald House; they can be recycled to help create electricity.
       Check the bottom of your shampoo bottles and other beauty products to see if they are recyclable. If they are not, maybe opt for a different brand that does use
recyclable containers.
       At your house, switch from incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent ones (often made by Energy Star), which use 75% less energy.
       By plugging electronics into power strips, you can flip a switch and turn them off completely. Left on standby mode (when they are off but still have power flowing
to them), electronics can account for 5 to 20% of your family’s energy bill. Another option is to unplug the electronics if they are not being used.
       Try shortening your showers. This does not mean you should just jump in and then jump out of the tub, but try to shorten your showers by a minute or two every
week. This way, you will severely reduce your family’s water use (and water bill).
       Now that the weather is nice, try to walk, bike, or use public transportation to travel.
       Buy a water filter for your home faucet and do not buy water bottles. Instead, get a stylish or sleek aluminum water bottle that can be reused numerous times.
       Find out places where you can donate old computers and cell phones, as well as places to recycle used batteries. These objects contain mercury and other toxins,
which ruin the environment when put in trash landfills.

   ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

                                                                                             Senior plans continued
     Word Link                                                                               Barbara Trunk
                                                                                             Louis Trunk
                                                                                                                         Penn State University
                                                                                                                         Montgomery CCC
                 By Laura Pempkowski                                                         Lauren Turco                Montgomery CCC
                                                                                             Thomas Jacob Tweddle Jr.    Kutztown University
           Hey, word puzzle-lovers! Frustrated by Sudoku? I’ve made                          Patrice Upchurch            West Chester University
     a new labyrinth of letters to discover. You play by creating a                          Jake Uram                   University of Maryland
     link of compound words from the first word all the way to the                           David Van Putten            Kutztown University
     last. The first and second words link to make a compound                                Owen Veasey                 Truck driver/professional taster tester
     word, like in the example: Guitar and string connect to be                              Robert Verderame            Rhochester Institute of Technology
     guitar string. String links with band to make a string band;                            Christopher Viola           Universal Technical Institute
     then band and camp make band camp. Some of the words                                    Jessica Viola               Drexel University
     even have letters filled in to help you out.                                            Andrew Vizak                West Chester University
                                                                                             Kathryn Vogt                Temple University
     Answers from last month’s puzzle: AT-LAST-NIGHT-SKY-BLUE-                               Bob Wagner                  Penn State University Abington
     SEA-WPRLD-PEACE-SIGN-LANGUAGE-BARRIER-REEF                                              Ben Walker                  Temple University
                                                                                             Briana Washington           Kutztown University
                                                                                             Chappelle Washington        Lincoln University
                         LIVING                                                              Katie Webb
                                                                                             Nuri Weitzman
                                                                                                                         Temple University
                                                                                                                         Israel, Pace University
     W O R D L N K
     W O R D L II N K

                                                                                             Megan Wellborn              Penn State Abington
                          __ __A D                                                           Andre Wellesley
                                                                                             Rosemarie Welsh
                                                                                                                         Penn State University Abington
                                                                                                                         Arcadia University
                                                                                             Tegan Wendell               East Stroudsburg University
                            S __ __
                                                                          W O R D L II N K

                                                                                             Rebecca West                Manor College
                                                                          W O R D L N K

                                                                                             Nikki Westermann            East Stroudsburg University
                                                                                             Shaun Whiteside             Community College of Philadelphia
                          __ __ L __                                                         Liann Whitstone
                                                                                             Jesse Wiener
                                                                                                                         Grace College
                                                                                                                         University of Vermont
                                                                                             Amanda Wikoff               James Madison University
                        W __ T __ __                                                         Allie Williams
                                                                                             Sam Wilson
                                                                                                                         West Chester University
                                                                                             Michelle Wojiechowicz       The George Washington University
                           __ __ __                                                          Jillian Wolf
                                                                                             Gina Yeager
                                                                                                                         Arcadia University
                                                                                                                         Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences
                                                                                             Jenna Young                 Temple University
                          __ U B __                                                          Nate Zahustecher
                                                                                             Brian Zhu
                                                                                                                         Temple University
                                                                                                                         Temple University
                                                                                             Evan Zimmermann             Montgomery CCC
                         R __ O __                                                           Michael Zitomer
                                                                                             Christine Zizivily
                                                                                                                         University of Miami

                           BEER                                                               The Abingtonian offers its sincerest apologies to any
                                                                                                        seniors not included in this list.
                                                                                                       Best of luck to the Class of 2009!

8                                                       The Abingtonian                                                                              June 2009

S                                 p                                 o                                   r                                 t                                s
Boys’ Tennis                                                                             High hopes for Ibanez
      By Jacob Feldman                                                                   By Jessica McLaughlin

       Abington has gained a reputation as a spring sports powerhouse. However,                    Phillies fans were disappointed to find out that long time left fielder Pat
with playoff lacrosse, baseball, and softball teams, and the Suburban One Champion       Burrell’s contract was up at the end of last season. If losing him wasn’t bad enough,
track team, one team often gets overlooked: the boys’ tennis team. Although they         finding out that he got signed to the Tampa Bay Rays, the team the Phillies beat in
were no strangers to individual success, they made it to the State Tournament as a       the 2008 World Series, was like salt in an open wound.
team for the first time in recent memory after finishing the regular season with a 14-          In need of a new left fielder, the Phillies signed 36-year-old Raul Ibanez, who,
1 record. To properly review the season, I asked phenom Eric Ripkin, who only lost       like Burrell, was a free agent. Ibanez’s contract is worth about $30 million over the
three matches during the season, a few questions about one of our more overlooked        next three years. Before the Phillies, he spent five seasons in Seattle playing for the
teams.                                                                                   Mariners and did fantastic. After his contract with the Mariners was up, a few other
       Although the team lost key players after the 2008 season, such as Dan Lee,        teams were interested in him, but he gladly accepted the Phillies offer.
their number one singles player, and Adam Cohen, part of the number one doubles                 Ibanez had a rough start in baseball. After being drafted in 1992, his debut with
team, the team was able to pull through with a senior dominated lineup. Star senior      the Mariners wasn’t until 1996. He had a batting average of .000 and his fielding
players Ripkin, Dave Goldstien, and Mike Spiegal were able to stand up and lead the      skills needed major improvements. Fortunately, Ibanez worked on his game and
team to a one loss season, losing only to Council Rock North, the eventual Subur-        made major strides. Last year alone, he hit 23 home runs and 110 RBIs. In fact, he is
ban One League Champions, by a score of 6-1.                                             one of five outfielders who have driven in at least 100 runs in each of the past three
       Although the team was successful, there were many obstacles that had to be        seasons. Nowadays, he is an above average outfielder and is a completely different
overcome to reach the State Tournament. In order to reach this level, the boys had to    player than he was in 1996.
defeat Great Valley High School. They battled it out and won, 3-2, thanks to their 1st          At first, there were mixed feelings
and 2nd doubles and 1st singles players. Ripkin stated that this victory, as well as     about Ibanez, but he has proved he is
the districts doubles tournament, where they made it to the semifinals, were the         worthy of being a member of the Phila-
highlights of a long season.                                                             delphia Phillies. As of May 14, he had
       Despite their success, the boys’ team faces low attendance on a regular basis.    already hit 10 home runs and 26 RBIs.
When I asked Ripkin for a reason why people should attend boys tennis matches,           The fans have welcomed him and
he replied that the matches are “very entertaining” and people should come out to        drown Citizens Bank Park with Raul
enjoy a good tennis match between talented players. The talent on the team speaks        cheers whenever he is at the plate. With
for itself, with many of the team’s victories coming by lopsided scores, including       the addition of Ibanez, the Phillies fu-
four 7-0 shutouts. Despite the school community’s waning interests, Ripkin was           ture looks even more promising.
able to summarize the team and their successful season with two words: “We’re

“It’s outta here!”
      By Chelsea Marion

      Black drapes currently hang over the Citizens Bank broadcasting booth, where the voice of Philadelphia sports broadcaster Harry Kalas once bellowed the plays of
the now national champion baseball team for nearly four decades. The death of Kalas, who was 73, was a shock to many Philadelphia citizens and phans who learned to
love him. Kalas, who was one of the last longtime announcers closely associated to one city, was also known for his voice-over work
with NFL films, creating his stance as a popular figure throughout the nation.
      What made Kalas so likeable to both the players and fans was not just his powerful baritone voice but the personality behind it. Kalas had an endearing devotion
to sports; it was as though when he spoke he wasn’t just an announcer, but also a buddy sitting right by your side in the stands. Kalas fell in love with baseball at a very
young age and maintained that fanaticism throughout his career. His “Outta here!” home run calls became a crowd favorite, earning him a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame
in 2002, along with a flood of requests to record his “Outta here!” line as the outgoing message on answering machines.
      On Friday April 17th, I attended the Phillies game against San Diego. It was just three days after Kalas’s passing and I was in awe of the immense support and respect
people were showing for the late broadcaster. The ten-foot bronze statue of Phillies veteran and super hitter Michael Schmidt was adorned with signs, jerseys, and flowers,
and a large painting of Kalas was close by. I watched as the dads explained to their sons what Kalas meant to them, and to the city. If the impact Kalas made on the sports
fans of Philadelphia wasn’t quite in perspective before I arrived at the ballpark, it sure was now. With these kinds of fans, Kalas, who is survived by his wife and three sons,
will undoubtedly remain an esteemed peace of Philadelphia history.

  CONGRATS                                                                                                    ABINGTONIAN
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