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                                              Volume 31                          FAll 2009

                          A fitting end to Homecoming weekend will be the closing ceremony
September 25
                          for the 50th anniversary year on Sunday, September 27th at Marian

   H U R R I
                                                            C A N E
                          Central with a 2 p.m. Mass in the auditorium followed by a
                          reception in the cafeteria from 3-5 p.m. Bishop Thomas G.
                          Doran will be the celebrant with the Marian Central Choir
MASS                      providing music. There will also be a large display of memora-
   A PUBL C               F T             IC                    P
September I27 A T I O N O bilia H E O F Flast E O F D E V E L Oto M E N T members Rev.
                                from the      50 years. Thanks committee
                                                                                    5 0 Patt Von Bergen, S A RY C and Sue Low.
                          Joseph Naill, Tom Landers, Mary Ann Martinez, Hans Rokus, T H A N N I V E RChris Clark,LOSING CEREMON
October 20, 21,         CELEBRATING THE PAST                                                                                  SECURING THE FUTURE
22, 27, 28, 29          - Mary Ann (Stilling) Martinez ’66                                                                    - Tom Landers, Superintendent
                        When Marian Central opened, I was in grade school                                                                          While Marian Central Catholic
                        hoping one day to attend Marian. I used my life sav-                                                                       High School has and will con-
MASS                    ings of $100 to help pay for my tuition freshman year                                                                      tinue to maintain its core Catholic
November 3rd            in 1962. Like many families, it was a sacrifice for my                                                                     identify and purpose, the school
                        parents to send me and my siblings to Marian.                                                                              throughout its history has contin-
ON THE WEB                                                                                                                                         ued to evolve and grow to meet          The 1960’s were highlighted by the opening of                                                                              new challenges. In order to accom-
                        George Harding football field in 1962; winning                                                                             plish this in an orderly and orga-
                        the Surburban Catholic Conference football title                                                                           nized manner, school leadership
                        in 1964 under head coach Tom Parsley; and pro-                                                        has periodically engaged in the process of strategic long
                        ducing the first musical “The King and I” under                                                       range planning. The latest of these plans was developed
                        the direction of Joe Grimm and John Forbish in                                                        in 2004 and involved seeking input from the school’s
                                          1964. We watched The Beatles                                                        various constituencies in the development of the Marian
                                          on TV at Marian on a Sunday                                                         2010 Strategic Plan. Since 2005 the school has been
                                          night Ed Sullivan show. Sadly,                                                      implementing the fourteen recommendations that were
                                          we remember what class we were                                                      contained in that plan.
                                          in when we learned of President
                                          John Kennedy’s assassination.                                                       The last of the recommendations to be implemented
                                                                                                                              will be the chapel and science wing addition onto the
                                                                 With God’s blessings, we cel-                                school. In 2008, we kicked off our Golden Anniversary
                                                                 ebrate the 50th anniversary of                               Campaign: Celebrating our Past; Securing our Future.
                        (Celebrating continued on page 2)                                                                     (Securing continued on page 2)
CELEBRATING THE PAST                                                SECURING THE FUTURE
(Continued from page 1)                                             (Continued from page 1)
Marian Central. I am amazed by the strength and com-                As a result of the success of the campaign, in combination with a loan from the
mitment of our Marian Family to the school and each                 Diocese, we anticipate moving forward with the construction of this building addi-
other. From the beginning our faculty has inspired our              tion in the very near future. Alumni will recall that our last major addition onto
students and our parents have supported the school.                 the school occurred in the mid 1990’s and included ten classrooms, an auditorium,
The Fathers Club, organized in 1962, built the first                and a gymnasium. That project was funded through a combination of a capital
press box and planted the trees on the property. Their              campaign and a loan from the Diocese as well. Those 15-year mortgage payments
Bingo program has provided for the cafeteria expan-                 began in the 1999-2000 school year. We are pleased to inform you, that loan was
sion, computer room, yard sign, the service facility,               paid off in eleven years (last payment – June, 2009) leaving the school currently
new lights and new bleachers at the football field. In              debt free. We have always strived to be good stewards of the monies given to us in
addition, they’ve made substantial donations to all three           tuition and fees by parents as well as those dollars we have received from our many
capital campaigns.                                                  constituents as donations to various causes including our capital campaigns.

Our students consistently are recognized for high ACT               We look forward to securing our future with the new building addition. The new
scores and National Merit scholarship. Marian Central               chapel will be located on the ground floor adjacent to a new entrance and will be a
was twice named to the Catholic High School Honor                   centerpiece in providing for the spiritual and religious growth of our students. The
Roll recognizing the top 50 schools in the country. Our             eight combination science classrooms/laboratories will be state-of-the-art facilities
school has the freedom to teach Christian principles to             that will replace the three laboratories that have been utilized by Marian students
ensure our graduates become adults with strong morals               since the school was built in 1959. One of the existing laboratories will be remod-
who recognize the value of service to others.                       eled into an expanded Guidance and Counseling Center which will greatly enhance
                                                                    our abilities to meet our college preparatory goals as well as personal counseling
Over 6,800 Marian Central alumni continue to support                needs. Also by vacating and remodeling the existing laboratories, the school will be
the school by contributing to the Annual Fund, Capital              able to potentially increase its enrollment capacity as McHenry County continues
Campaign, and by sending their children to Marian.                  to grow in the future.
This year, 100 students are children of alumni.
                                                                    Marian Central Catholic High School has throughout its history been a
It has been an amazing 50 years blessed by the grace of             dynamic Catholic institution that has provided thousands of teenagers the
God. As a student, alumna, parent, volunteer, and now               opportunity to grow and develop in all phases of their lives. Our future is every
Development Director, I continue to value our Marian                bit as bright as we continue to help young people understand and live out God’s
Central family working together to support our youth.               salvation message.

Joe Gubbins was a member of the original faculty when Marian opened in 1959. He was at
Marian for six years and during that time he taught English and Religion. He also wore many different
hats as the first Head Basketball Coach, Dean of Discipline, Dean of Studies, Asst. Football Coach,
Golf Coach, etc. Joe made lifetime friends while at Marian and now resides in Phoenix where he is
the Principal and Academic Director at Spring Ridge Academy.

Lisa (Huemann) Coté ’75, Johnsburg, is always surprised by Marian connections. She works
as a hairdresser for special needs clients and the elderly. While cutting hair at The Fountains in Crystal
Lake for Joe Vorisek, he related his connection to Marian. In 1977 while living at the Community
Living Facility for the Handicapped (originally the Marian convent and now the Annex), Joe asked
the track coach Lou Hartlieb if he could run with the team. Lou reluctantly agreed. One day the team
was told to run five miles up Raffle Road to Ware Road, to 47 and 120. Several of the players took
the short cut on St. John’s Road but Joe with cerebral palsy stayed with the original plan. Joe would
never cheat on Coach Hartlieb.
2                                                                                                             Joe Gubbins 1960
  HURRICANES                   around campus                                                    GRADUATION
                                                                                                Marian’s 168 seniors earned over $8 million in scholarship money.
                                                                                                Forty-six were members of the National Honor Society, one had
                                                                                                a perfect 36 ACT score, 41 were named Illinois State Scholars,
    STATE QUALIFIERS                                                                            and 56 were named Marian Senior Scholars. The National Honor
                                                                                                Society Food Drive in April collected over 6,500 cans of food for
                                                                                                local food pantries.

    The Marian Central boy’s varsity track team sent six mem-
    bers to the IHSA State Track Meet at Eastern University in
    Charleston. Pictured, from left are: Eric Saleski, Mike Olenek,
    Adam Olson, Will Mohan, Coach Katie Conway ’00, Nick
    Sabella and Jacob Tonkin. Coach Conway went down state as                                   Laura Hagenbruch, Lauren Haimbaugh, and Lisa Hanson show off their beauti-
    a member of the girls cross country team all four years from                                ful smiles

    1997 to 2000. Her top finishes were junior year when she                                                                                                      Mark Kurkowski,
    placed 3rd in the 100 and 5th in the 200.                                                                                                                     Brian Larsen,
                                                                                                                                                                  Andrew Krynski,
                                                                                                                                                                  Stefan Johnson and
                                                                                                                                                                  Ryan Black are ready

GRANDPARENTS MASS                                                                                                                                                 for the ceremonies
                                                                                                                                                                  to begin.
The annual Grandparents Mass will be celebrated at the all school Mass
on November 3rd at 8:55 a.m. in the main gym. All grandparents of
Marian students are invited to attend. After the Mass, there will be a
reception in the commons area with a tour of the school to follow for
those interested. The gym is handicap accessible.

                         THINK GREEN
    The Hurricane Alert is available for viewing on
            our website:
       If you would like to still get a hard copy,
          please call 815-338-4220 ext. 124 or
    The Annual Report will be available for viewing                                             Olivia Pintozzi is the last in her       Jon Budmayr will be playing football at
              online after September 15.                                                        family to graduate from Marian           the University of Wisconsin this fall.

   The Hurricane Alert is published twice a year by the Development Office. All information is accurate
    to the best of our knowledge. All news items should be addressed to: Marian Central Development           Mary Ann (Stilling) Martinez ’66, Development Director, Editor/writer
   Office, 1001 McHenry Avenue, Woodstock, IL 60098. Information may also be sent via FAX (815) 338-          Liz (Schaefer) Campana ’77, Development Secretary
     8445 or emailed to Thank you in advance for your efforts and support.             Kelly Koscielniak, Alumni Assistant
                        These issues would not be possible without your generosity.                           Kathy Free, Campaign Assistant                                          3

37th Hurricane Golf Outing
During a very rainy June, the Golden Anniversary Golf Outing found a sunny afternoon
on the 17th. The 37th annual outing netted $24,000 for the athletic programs at the
school. Student volunteers helped with the bag drop, registration and set up. Coaches
were on hand to greet the guests and work the betting holes. Auctioneer Wayne Amore
                                                                                              Tom Sharp ’81, Paul Sandell ’81 and Tim Sherwood ’81. Back:
’66 coaxed as much as he could for the live auction items. The 50/50 reached an all time
                                                                                              Craig Hesch ’76, Jeff Schaefer ’81, Tony Wember ’82, Tom
high with long time Marian supporter Ray Benoy selling over $4,500 in tickets.                Bachmann ’81, and Chris Hesch ’81.

The low gross team at -22 was Jeffrey Lange, Ken     Closest to the pin was Joe
Kuhn, Dirk Anderson and Dave Waggoner. Dirk          Roberts
Anderson also had the longest drive.
                                                                                     New freshman parent Joe Doherty ’80 put together a group from
                                                                                     McHenry. With Joe are Joe Carey ’72 (father of Elizabeth ’99, Andrew
                                                                                     ’02, Patrick ’05, and Bridget ’07 ), Bill Preston and Butch Pintozzi
                                                                                     (father of Joe ’06, Mary ’07 and Olivia ’09)

 It was a family day for Corporate Sponsor Huemann Water
   Conditioning with Joey ’03, Linda ’01, Joe ’78 and Mike ’05

                                                                        Student Volunteers. Pictured are Erika Lindgren, Emily Gries, A.J. Mercurio, Caelin
                                                                        Niehoff, Joe Grady and Emily Vucovich. Also helping but not pictured were Gordie
                                                                        Mitchard, Matt Roberts, Kevin Sweeney, Pat Weiler, Danny Noonan, C.J. Price, and
                                                                        Chris Wagner

                            ANNUAL FUND GOAL OF $125,000
                          The 2009-10 Annual Fund Appeal kicks off in September with early bird letters to past donors. Co-General
                          Chairpersons Kim and Joe ’80 Doherty, McHenry, and Barb and John Weiler, Lake In The Hills, will be looking
for volunteers to man the phone lines during the six-night phonathon in October. If you can help, please call the Development Office at 815-
338-4220 ext. 125.

Please give careful consideration to your participation and respond generously as we all work together to raise $125,000 for the school. Monies
raised from the Annual Fund Appeal are used for financial assistance for qualifying families. With the current economy, the need is even greater
for financial aid. Any gift will be greatly appreciated.

                                 NOLAN’S STORY
                                 Deirdre Picchietti never thought her sons would attend Marian Central, especially
                                 after her husband, David, needed brain surgery, which left him disabled. Son
                                 Nolan was struggling as a freshman in their local school when a Marian parent
                                 suggested Deirdre look into Marian’s financial aid and work study program.

                                 Only a month into Nolan’s sophomore year at Marian, Deirdre saw many posi-
                                 tive changes. “A faith-based education is one that to me is priceless. It helps us
                                 understand why bad things happen to good people. God does indeed have a plan
                                 for each of us and it is up to us to pray and look for His guidance on how best to
                                                                                                                      Nolan at Graduation. He will
                                 handle all situations in life.
                                                                                                                      be a freshman at St. Norbert’s
As goalie on the soccer team,
                                                                                                                      in DePere, WI
Nolan led the Hurricanes         Nolan said, ‘Mom, I know why you are so strong. It’s because you are surrounded
to a 2nd place finish in the     by people who love and care about you. I now have that at Marian.’
Suburban Catholic Conference
and regional and sectional       Thank you to everyone that has welcomed us into the Marian Family. The donors that so generously contribute
titles. In the sectional title   to the financial aid program have given our family an opportunity that we will be forever grateful for.”
match Nolan had 21 saves. His
dad was at every game.           You have until June 30th to contribute to this year’s Annual Fund.

                  MARK Y O U R C A L E N D A R DINNER AUCTION SET FOR MARCH 20, 2010

   The dinner auction will be held on Saturday, March 20, 2010 at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake. Honorary Chairpersons Sue
     (Conway) ’68 and Tom Low, McHenry, Barb (Anspaugh) ’83 and John ’83 Miceli, Woodstock, and Marguerite (Cristy) ’79
   and Kurt ’79 Parker, Crystal Lake, along with General Chairs Ray and Lisa Scarpelli, McHenry, are promising a fun evening.
       If you can donate an auction item or help at the event, please call the Development Office at 815-338-4220 ext. 125
                                                      or email: mamartinez@marian .com

    RAFFLE                                          Please send __________ tickets at $20 each
    The Grand Raffle for this school
    year is a cash drawing with the win-            Name
    ning names to be picked on March
    20, 2010. For only $20 you have the
    chance of winning one of four cash
    prizes with the top prize of $5,000!
                                                     Please clip this coupon and return to:
                                                     Marian Central Catholic High School
                                                     Attn: Development Office
                                                     1001 McHenry Ave., Woodtock, IL 60098

         ALUMNI news

The Alumni Association is planning events for Homecoming Weekend          Distinguished Alumni
on September 25. All are welcome to attend the all school Mass at 8:45    Recipient, will address
a.m. in the main gym. At the end of Mass, Ron Bykowski ’63, this year’s   the student body. A
                                                                          reception in the com-
                                                                          mons area and a tour
                                                                          of the school will fol-
                                                                          low. Join all Hurricane
                                                                          fans on the Woodstock
                                                                          Square for the 4:00
                                                                          p.m. parade. Thanks
                                                                          to Vic Narusis ’79, the
                                                                          alumni float will again
                                                                          feature the Hall of
                                                                          Fame winners and the
                                                                          Distinguished Alumni. The alumni tent will be open from 7-9 for the
                                                                          varsity football game. The reunion classes of 1969, 1979, 1984 and 1999
                                                                          will each have a table in the tent.

                                                   CLASS        reunions
    FOLLOW UP                             CLASS OF 1969
    Dear Hall of Fame Committee.          The CLASS OF 1969 will hold their 40th reunion at Homecoming, September 25, followed by
                                          Colemans, Woodstock. Saturday, September 26, 6:00 p.m. at Porter's Oyster Bar & Yellowtails Sports
    Thank you for the honor of            Bar in Crystal Lake. Contact Joanna Rizzo at (928) 451-0001 or email
    being inducted into the Marian
    Central Hall of Fame. It was          CLASS OF 1984
    truly a great moment for my self      The CLASS OF 1984 will hold their 25th reunion at Homecoming, September 25, 2009. Contact
    and my family. The halftime cer-      Kara (Gaffney) Plonczynski at or Betsy (Bauman) Sheahan at betsy.sheahan@
    emony was extra special to have
    my two sons participate with me,
    as well as having my parents in       CLASS OF 1989
                                          The CLASS OF 1989 held their 20th reunion on August 8, 2009 at Joe’s Place in Marengo.
    attendance. It is a moment I will
                                          Reunion planners were Tara (O’Connor) Hoover, Jenny (Stranger) Smith, Joe Miceli, Greg Penza,
    remember for a long time. The         and Greg Rokus.
    Hurricane Athletic Program is a
    great tradition and I am proud        CLASS OF 1994
    to be a part of it. Thanks again.     The CLASS OF 1994 held their 15th reunion on July 25, 2009 at Finn McCool’s in Crystal Lake.
                                          A memory-filled evening was shared by all. Reunion planner was Lorraine Lynott.
    Jay Craig ’77
                                          CLASS OF 1999
                                          The CLASS OF 1999 will hold their 10th reunion on Homecoming Weekend, September 25-
                                          27, 2009. Activities include Friday night under the Alumni tent at the Homecoming game and a
                                          Saturday gathering at Wool Street Bar & Grill in Cary. Contacts are Kelly Landers at kclanders@
                                 or Jane (Schultz) Graf at

                                                                                   Visit for additional reunion information.

2009 Distinguished Alumni Recipient –
Ron Bykowski ’63
Marian Central Catholic High School is proud to announce that Ron Bykowski ’63 is the 2009
Distinguished Alumni recipient. Ron will address the student body after the Homecoming Mass on
Friday, September 25.

Ron started the first pep band at Marian that played at all the pep rallies. His love of music
carried over into his adult life. A year out of high school he opened Tones music store that
he managed for 20 years. He served in the Air Force and has played taps at over 650 funer-
als for veterans. Ron has been a successful realtor in McHenry, served on the McHenry County
Foundation and is currently the McHenry County representative on the Rockford Foundation.

Ron and his wife, Linda, reside in McHenry. Their daughter, Amanda ’93, is married to Dave
Geils ’93

The first pep band included Jim Bykowski, Greg Nye, Ed Streich, Ron Bykowski, Dick Tappan and Tom Trott.            Ron Bykowski ’63

                                                                   I wish to nominate

    Name:	 	            	          	       	         	         	         	        	          	        Class	Year:
    (include maiden and married)

    Address:		          	          	       	         	         	         City,	State,	Zip:

    Home	Phone:	        	          	       		        Business	Phone:	 	           	          	        Occupation	&	Postion:

    Use	a	separate	page	to	list	nominee’s	contributions	and	achievements	in	his/her	field	and	community.	

    Nomination	submitted	by:

    Name:	 	            	          	       				      	         	         Phone:

                                                                       CLASS OF 2000
                                                                       ERIC HEDRICH, Milwaukee, WI, is employeed by Vitual Kause.
                                                                       He received his master’s degree and has passed 2 parts of the CPA
                                                                       exam on his first attempt.

CL A S S O F 1 9 6 4                                                                          DAWN KARNER, Chicago, is a stylist and
PAT PIERCE, Mosinee, WI, was ordained                                                         team leader at Gordon Salons & Spas.
into The Holy Order of Priests of the
Lutheran Evangelical Protestant Church at                                                     DINA RACHFORD, Chicago, is a lawyer
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Kronenwetter.                Memorialize a family                  with Illinois States Attorney General Office.
                                                     member, classmate or friend              PETER ROCKERS, Woodstock, is study-
DICK THENNES, Crystal Lake, was the
Flight C winner in the McHenry County                   with a gift to Marian                 ing for his PHD in Public Health at
Men’s Amateur Tournament in June.                    Central. Wondering about a               Harvard University on a full scholarship.
                                                     Christmas gift for the person
CL A S S O F 1 9 6 5                                                                          CLASS OF 2001
                                                         who has everything?                  CHRISTOPHER FYFE, Alhambra, CA,
WILLIAM REDLIN, Reston, VA, is a news
broadcast anchor at WAMU, FM radio.                    How about a donation to                received a Masters in Psychology and is
William and wife Nina have 2 children and 2           the Capital Campaign, it’s              working towards a Doctorate at California
grandchildren.                                                                                School of Professional Psychology, Alliant
                                                     the gift that keeps on giving.           University.
                                                     Marian Central students are
CL A S S O F 1 9 9 1                                                                          LIZ MAMMOSER, Cary, is a sales rep for
REGINA LESLIE, Chicago, appeared as                  the beneficiaries of your gift.          Sage Products.
Nuala Kierley in “The Quiet Man Tales” at the
Chicago Theatre Downstairs.
                                                                                              CLASS OF 2002
                                                                                               CHRISTOPHER BUCH, McHenry,
CL A S S O F 1 9 9 8                                                   is a tax attorney with Ernst & Young, Chicago, after receiving a
JOSHUA BYRD and LINDSEY (KAMMIER ’01), Woodstock,                      Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Illinois and a
have two children, Isabella, 4 years old, and Jackson, 6 months old.   Juris Doctorate Degree in Law from DePaul University.

MEGAN COTUGNO, Woodstock, is working on her MBA.                       ALEXANDRIA CALLAHAN, McHenry, is a mind/body therapist
                                                                       at Cancer Treatment Center of America, Zion, and volunteers as
KATHERINE KLOS, Washington, DC, is in her 3rd year of surgi-           a choreographer for Marian Central spring musicals after earn-
cal residency at George Washington Medical Center.                     ing a M.A. in Dance Movement Therapy and Counceling from
                                                                       Columbia College.
CASANDRA WAGNER, Woodstock, is a 4th grade teacher at St
Margaret Mary and is presently in a masters program.                   KATHLEEN GILGER, Chicago, graduated from ISU and is a spe-
                                                                       cial ed teacher at Uhlich Academy.
C L ASS OF 1999
GREGORY DOMSKI, Spring Grove, is an Inorganic Chemist at               STEPHANIE SCHMIDT, Hebron, works as a geographic analyst
Augustana College in Rock Island. Gregory received his PhD from        for Navteq.
Cornell University.
                                                                       CLASS OF 2003
SHANNON (HEHN) LAMPE, Round Lake Beach, is a traffic                   SHAUN ARMSTRONG, Algonquin, received a Masters Degree in
controller in road construction for over 8 years.                      Electrical Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois.

JULIA OLSEN, Chicago, is pursuing a Masters Degree in Finance          PATRICK FRYMARK, Fairbanks, AK, is on the staff at West
at Robert Morris College.                                              Valley High School, Fairbanks.

                                                                       CHRISTIAN GIDDENS, Rockford, graduated from ISU with a
                                                                       bachelors degree in Biology.

TIMOTHY LISKA, Goldsboro, NC, continues to serve in the Air          LISA JACOBSON, Peoria, AZ, teaches 2nd grade at Coyote Ridge
Force. Tim and his wife, Kaleena, are expecting their first child.   Elementary, Glendale.

EMILY MARCANTONIO, Lake in the Hills, teaches choir and              ANGELA MANZELLA, Marengo, is employed at St Alexius
band at St. Edward’s High School in Elgin.                           Medical Center in Hoffman Estates.

CRAIG RESCHKE, Chicago, is working for Skidmore, Owings &            LUCAS PAPKE, Woodstock, is in the United States Marine Corps
Merrill.                                                             Reserve.

JAMES SCOTT, McHenry, works for McHenry Township Fire
Department and is studying to be a firefighter/paramedic.
                                                                     CLASS OF 2005
                                                                     LIZ YOUAKIM, Harvard, graduated from Marquette University
                                                                     majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. Liz is currently serv-
CL A S S O F 2 0 0 4                                                 ing two years with Teach for America in New Orleans and then
LAURA ALESI, Chicago, is in accounting with Rotary Club              plans to attend law school.

ZACHARY ALTENBURGER, Hebron, is in his 5th year at SCAD              CLASS OF 2007
and will graduate this year with a Masters in Architecture Design.   BRYAN BULAGA, Crystal Lake, was named to the Sporting News
                                                                     College Football ’09 preview magazine’s All-America First Team.
NICOLE BUCH, Bull Valley, received a Health Sciences Degree          Bryan is the starting left tackle at Iowa.
from the University of Illinois and is currently pursuing her
Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

HAILE FITZERALD, McHenry, is an ICU nurse at St. Luke’s
Medical Center, Milwaukee, after graduating from Carroll College.

                                                                                                                    BRIDAL aisle
CL A S S O F 1 9 7 9                                                 CLASS OF 1997
SARAH PEASLEY, Littleton, CO, married Christopher Miller in          JOHN KOBYLANSKI, North Richland Hills, TX, married Kristyn
June 2008. Sarah is a writer and her book reviews can be viewed at   Carmon on December 6, 2008 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
                                                                     JAMES MACK, Chicago, married Karin Krmpotic on July 18,
                                                                     2009. James is a communications associate at the American College
CL A S S O F 1 9 9 5
                                                                     of Surgeons.
KATHLEEN KASPRZAK, Hoffman Estates, married Paul Di
Sanza on July 12, 2008. Kathleen is a school psychologist at Niles
North High School. Paul is a school psychologist at Wheaton North    CLASS OF 1998
High School.                                                         BRETT FISHER, Chicago, married Sarah Wallace on August
                                                                     22, 2009. Brett is a sports photographer and editor with Comcast
                               MARIESELA ONTIVEROS,                  Sportsnet and Sarah is a lawyer.
                               Kennebunkport, ME, married
                               Ryan Mattuchio on September           AMY FLYNN, Milwaukee, WI, married Andrew Van Sistine on
                               20, 2008. Wedding party included      June 7, 2008. Amy is a psychiatric case manager for Wisconsin
                               Joe Ontiveros ’92. Mari works in      Community Services and Andrew is a senior computer technician
                               accounting while pursuing a BA in     at UPS.
                               Sociology at University of Southern
                               Maine and Ryan is a self-employ-      JEREMY SIMON, Algonquin, married Michelle Defendi on May
                               eed carpenter and an accomplished     9, 2009.

                                                                                                              BRIDAL aisle

CL A S S O F 1 9 9 9                                                 CARRIE TENHOOPEN, McHenry, married Kyle Gaines on
DAVID DALE, Columbia, MO, married Johanna Page on August             August 8, 2009. Carrie is a graphic artist at Corporate Identity and
30, 2008. David is a senior information specialist for the student   Kyle is a marketing coordinator at St. Charles County Ambulance
health center at the University of Missouri. Johanna is an early     District.
childhood educator.
                                                                     CLASS OF 2003
REID TARADASH, New York, NY, married Alarice Lacanlale on
                                                                     GREGORY BYARD, Champaign, married Jennifer Feickert on
May 20, 2009. Reid is a founding associate of Stone Key Partners.
                                                                     May 31, 2008. Gregory is pursuing a Masters of Science Degree in
                                                                     soil and water resources engineering at the University of Illinois,
CL A S S O F 2 0 0 0                                                 Urbana-Champaign.
RYAN HERATY, Newport, MA, married Cynthia Bouvet on July
25, 2009. Ryan works in special education and is running a home      KELLY STECH, Fitchburg, WI, married Ryan Habbley on August
restoration business.                                                15, 2009. Kelly is a tax accountant at Telephone & Data Systems,
                                                                     Inc and Ryan is an engineer.
MATTHEW PAPKE, DePere, WI, married Meggin Brittain on
June 20, 2009. Matthew is employed with Humana Health Care           MEGAN WALTERS, Peetz, CO, married Steven Schumacher on
and is studying to be a nurse anesthetist.                           May 16, 2009.

CL A S S O F 2 0 0 2                                                 CLASS OF 2004
JULIE SCHULTZ, Ringwood, married Matt Mayer on June 20,              LUKE CALLAHAN, Mission Viejo, CA, married Britany Atkins
2009. Julie is a teacher in Hainesville.                             on June 12, 2009.

ALLISON SEGARRA, Crown Point, IN, married Nicholas Hansen
on July 11, 2009. Allison is a 2nd grade teacher.

CL A S S O F 1 9 8 5                                                 CHRISTOPHER NIXON, Algonquin, and wife Tara welcomed
DAWNE (MARSHALL) PASCOE, Crystal Lake, and husband                   their fourth child, Liam Joseph, on February 11, 2009.
Bryan welcomed Devyn Grace, on March 8, 2009. Devyn joins big
brother Shayne, 4 years old.                                         CLASS OF 1996
                                                                     MIKE BOLGER, Madison, WI, and wife Stacy welcomed Eamon
CL A S S O F 1 9 9 2                                                 James on October 1, 2008. Eamon joins big brother Quinn.
KEVIN STILLING, Hailey, ID, and wife Mendy welcomed Tobie
Joy on May 1, 2009.                                                  LEWIS MISKOWICZ, Eagan, MN, and wife Christy welcomed
                                                                     Ryan Mathew on March 30, 2009.
CL A S S O F 1 9 9 4                                                 JACOB PIERCE, Lake In The Hills, and wife Michele welcomed
MCHENRY KANE, Roswell, GA, and wife Meredith welcomed
                                                                     Hailey Marie and McKenzie Caitlyn on July 5, 2008. Grandparents
Brendan Michael on October 29, 2008.
                                                                     include Robbin (Radtke) ’76 and Chip Pierce.

                                                                       AT T E N T I O N PA R E N T S
                                                                       If your Marian Alum is not receiving the
                                                                       Hurricane Alert, please send updated e-mail
                                                                       address info to Thank you!

CL A S S O F 1 9 9 7                                              TIMOTHY HADICK, Round Lake, welcomed Blake on March
LORNA (LOCK) HAMILL, Spring Grove, and husband Bill               20, 2008.
welcomed William Joseph on June 22, 2009.
                                                                                                             MARY (KEARNEY)
JENNIFER (FURROW) OGOREK, Mazomanie, WI, and                                                                 SHOEMAKER,
husband Jacob welcomed Bella Rose on April 27, 2009.                                                         Wonder Lake,
Grandmother is Kiki Furrow, head of Marian’s cafeteria program.                                              and husband Nick
                                                                                                             welcomed Kaden
                                         KRISSIE (MILLER)                                                    Hunter on April
                                         SCHOEMBS, Fairfield,                                                2, 2008. Proud
                                         VT, and husband Eric                                                grandfather is Tom
                                         welcomed Kaitlyn Ann                                                Kearney ’66.
                                         on February 19, 2009.
                                                                           Kaden Hunter Shoemaker

                                                                  MARY (VAVRIK) TOMLINSON, McHenry, and husband Bob
                                                                  welcomed Trevor Joseph on October 20, 2008. Grandmother is
                                                                  Pat (Amore) Vavrik ’73. Mary teaches 1st grade in McHenry after
                                                                  receiving a Master’s Degree in Special Education.

                                                                                                          CLA S S O F 2 0 0 0
          Brynn Nancy Reichert                                                                            CATIE (LABRACKE)
                                                                                                          KANNENBERG, Iowa
                                                                                                          City, IA, and husband
                                                                                                          Casey welcomed Lucy
CL A S S O F 1 9 9 8                                                                                      Renee on January 16,
                                                                                                          2009. Lucy joins big
welcomed Brynn Nancy on April 13, 2009. Brynn joins big brother
                                                                                                          brother Steven, age 2.

CL A S S O F 1 9 9 9
THADDEUS CALLAHAN, Titusville, FL, and wife Kerri
welcomed Morgana Jade, on October 30, 2008. Both Tadd and                   Lucy Renee Kannenberg
Kerri work at the Kennedy Space Center on the shuttle team.
Tadd is a Hydrolics Engineer and earned a degree in Aerospace     CLASS OF 2001
Engineering Specializing in Rocketry from Embry Riddle            ASHLEY (WEATHERSBY) and JONATHAN BERNA, Cary,
Aeronautical University.                                          welcomed Charlie James on May 12, 2008. Charlie joins big
                                                                  brother Jack, age 3.

ATTENTION BABY CANES!                                              in prayerful memory of...
For any alums who send in a baby
announcement for the Hurricane Alert,                               ERICA DELLEGRAZIE, ’99, May 7, 2009.
The Development Office will send                                    GIL GUERRA, ’79, July 7, 2008
a blue Marian “onsie”.

              M A R I A N C E N T R A L C AT H O L I C H I G H S C H O O L

              1001 MCHENRY AVENUE
              WOODSTOCK, IL 60098-3099
              815-338-4220 x125 • FAX 815-338-8445


        N U R T U R I N G            F A I T H        I M P A R T I N G         K N O W L E D G E      I N S P I R I N G     A C H I E V E M E N T

Hall of Fame Committee Chairman Rich
Hoover ’84 has announced the 2009
Sports Hall of Fame winners. Team
winners are the 1998 Girls Cross-
Country State Champions and the 1991
Girls Track & Field State Qualifiers.
Individual winners are Patti Thelen ’79,
Coach Darren Fortin ’84, Anne Bolger
Bulger ’90, Leigh Hadick ’95, Josh
Nobilio ’99. Larry Herff and The Fathers
                                                                                                                                        1991 Laura Witek, a
Club are being honored in the Friends                                                                                                   member of the Girls
of Marian category.                                                                                                                     Track & Field
                                                            1998 Girls Cross Country
Congratulations to all! The induction
ceremony will take place during
halftime of the varsity homecoming
football game on Friday, September
25. Family, classmates and friends are
invited to attend.
                                                            Darren Fortin ’84   Leigh Hadick ’95   Patti Thelen ’79   Anne Bolger ’90       Josh Nobilio ’99

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