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SCOTTSDALEBIBLE.COM                                                                                                                                                         APRIL 2009

McDowell Conference: Truth Unleashed
Hope for Your Home

                                                     J   osh   a n d s e a n M c d o w e l l will be at
                                                         Scottsdale Bible May 1–2 speaking on relationships,
                                                         a personal walk with Christ and how to have
                                                    a biblical worldview. This is a great event to invite
                                                                                                                 You can register online at
                                                                                                               or at the Men’s table on Sundays. The adult rate is
                                                                                                               $30; student rate is $25. Lunch is included on
                                                                                                               Saturday. The topics include:
                                                    your friends who do not know Christ or those who             • A Skeptic’s Quest—Josh’s personal
                                                    are unsure where God fits into their own lives.                 testimony
                                                    Take advantage of this opportunity to grow in your           • Relationships that Transform
                                                    relationship with Christ while also introducing              • Truth or Tragedy
                                                    someone else to a relationship with our Lord and             • Equipping Young People with a Biblical
                                                    Savior. Bring your friends who are seeking the truth           Worldview
                                                    that only God can provide!                                   • Q & A Session with Josh and Sean.

New Churches Seek to Build God’s Kingdom
Old Town Bible Church and ACCESS Church

A       t s c o t t s d a l e B i B l e c h u r c h , our mission is to Win, Build and                         the church with his own leadership style and vision. One obvious effect is the
        Send. We strive to Win people to Christ and then Build them up in their                                recent renaming of the church to Old Town Bible Church (OTBC)—a change
        faith. The idea is that we can Send them out to be winners and builders in                             intended to reflect their desire to reach people in Old Town Scottsdale for Christ
their own spheres of influence. This sending part is critical. Christ’s church must                            and to use God’s Word as the source of truth as they follow the path of Jesus.
constantly push the borders of its influence into a world that is lost and hurting                                OTBC also welcomed Jared Reasy, a former Scottsdale Bible intern, as the new
                                                 and doesn’t know the Good News of His                         Worship Arts Pastor in January of this year. Jared will be leading the church in
                                                 hope and love. We do this as individuals                      worshiping God each week and assisting Heath in providing leadership as the
                                                 when we share the gospel and connect                          congregation grows.
                                                 people into the church to grow. We also                          Please continue to pray for the leaders of OTBC as they strive to lead a
                                                 do this on a large scale when we plant                        called-out community of Christians who desire to live in submission to the
                                                 churches in areas of need and support                         Holy Spirit.
                                                 those churches as they grow. Two such                            In the northeast Valley, Rance Meyers and Matt Suman are busy building
                                                 church plants with connections to                             ACCESS Church. Since the church’s inception a few months ago, Rance and Matt
                                                 Scottsdale Bible are Old Town Bible                           have been creating vision, mission and strategies for how this new church will
                                                 Church (formerly Mosaic) and ACCESS                           reach out to Peoria with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. The team has also
                                                 Church.                                                       added a third member, Rusty Cash, to head up assimilation, ministry teams, small
                                                   Seven years ago, as part of the Enlarge                     groups and to help launch a student ministry.
                                                 Our Hearts campaign, Scottsdale Bible                            ACCESS has held three meetings in a member’s home in the area and has
launched Mosaic Bible Church in the heart of South Scottsdale. Since then, Mosaic                              already grown to almost 50 people—all of this well before the official September
has undergone many changes in the areas of leadership, location and mission.                                   30 launch date! Rance has been overjoyed: “What a blessing it has been to meet
Heath Taylor came to Mosaic two-and-a-half years ago and has since imprinted                                   such great people and to see them grow in fellowship together. It’s also been
                                                                                                                                                                        continued on Men, page 6

   Student ......................................2
                                                                 Graphic Artists Needed ASAP
   Women .......................................2                   n k e e p i n g with one of our five       projects. Some of the graphic
   Worship and Creative Arts ...........3                           initiatives (involve 75 percent of         design areas that need volunteer
                                                                    our congregation in service),              support include bulletin covers, the
   Counseling ..................................4
                                                                 we are expanding the number of                Compass, sermon series branding,
   Children ......................................5                                       opportunities        brochures, special events publicity,
   Marriage .....................................5                                        for you to           banners, posters, website design
                                                                                          serve to             elements, Sunday
   Men ............................................6
                                                                                           include areas       PowerPoint, signage,
   Outreach ....................................7                                          that require        newspapers ads, campus
   Spiritual Formation .....................8                                               some very          maps, welcome materials,
                                                                                            specific skill     logos, icons, booklets and
                                                                                             sets. We are      hand-outs.
   Editors: Patti Bubna, Minister of Communication                                           looking for          If you have experience and
            Danielle Juengel, Communication Specialist
   Publication Design: Maggie Medcalf
                                                                                              graphic          expertise in QuarkXPress or
   Printing: Fidelity Press West
                                                                                              artists who      InDesign and are willing and
                                                                                              are willing      excited about serving in this
                                                                                               to work         way, please contact Patti
                                                                                               with the        Bubna in Communication
                                                                                         Communication         Ministries,,
                                                                 Office to help brainstorm, design             to set up an appointment.
  Creating a community of Christ-followers marked
  by unwavering faith and unconditional love.                    and edit printed materials for our            We look forward to working
                                                                 ministry departments and special              with you!
    2           STUDENT                                                                                                                 Scottsdale Bible May 2009
                                                                                                                                        Scottsdale Bible || April 2008

It’s Spring—Time to Clean Out
the Year’s Clutter                                               second annual rummage sale

S    p r i n g i s i n t h e a i r and with that comes a sudden urge to clean              up, which will take place
     everything in sight. We all know how easy it is for our garages and closets           sometime during the
     to become cluttered with stuff that we have no longer need. Student Ministry          week of April 11. If
would like to take it off your hands.                                                      you would like more
  We are gearing up for our second annual rummage sale to benefit our High                 information about the
School Summer Mission Trips. There are five teams going out this summer to                 sale or want to schedule
Alaska, Argentina, Czech Republic, La Paz and Tanzania. Each team is growing               a pick up, please contact
more excited about the unique experiences they will share together. The students           Carol in the Student Ministry
have been working hard to raise funds to make each trip possible and you can be            Office, 480.824.7280 or
part of raising those funds by donating items for our rummage sale.               Your
  The sale is Saturday, April 18 in the north parking lot of our campus. You can           gift is tax-deductible; you
drop off items beginning April 4. We will be happy to pick up any large items              will receive a receipt at
you cannot drop off—simply call the Student Ministry Office to schedule a pick             your request.

Club 56 Winter Camp, Praise God!
                                            F     e B r u a r y 2 7 – M a r c h 1 , Club
                                                  56 had the opportunity to escape
                                                  Phoenix and head up north for
                                          our annual Winter Camp. It was
                                          amazing to watch our fifth- and sixth-
                                                                                           big things in the lives of these students.
                                                                                           Please continue to pray that God will
                                                                                           bless us with wonderful, committed
                                                                                           volunteers who have passionate hearts
                                                                                           to love kids and walk through life with
                                          grade students connect with other                them. Also, please pray that God will
                                          students, volunteer staff and more               use each of us as we minister to the
                                          importantly, God. Our camp theme                 students and their families. Our goal in
                                          was Super Hero and students were                 Club 56 is to help parents be a godly
                                          encouraged to create their own Super             influence in the lives of each child,
Hero with powers and even their own costumes. Ryan Heath, Scottsdale Bible’s               encouraging them to build relationships that are meaningful for their spiritual
Junior High Director, did a fantastic job                                                  growth and for a lifetime. Luke 15:10, “In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in
communicating God’s Word the entire                                                        the presence of God’s angels over one sinner who repents.”—Chad McCormick,
weekend. It was incredible for me to                                                       director of Club 56
witness our kids worship God with all
their hearts and to watch them grow
spiritually in their faith.
  After our Saturday night session the
students went back to their cabins for
                                                                                           Praying for our Students
devotions and to discuss the message                                                                o   y o u h a v e a high school student? If
delivered by the speaker. After 45                                                                   so, you know the pressures they face in
minutes, a high school student, who volunteers as a small-group leader,                              school, relationships and growing up in
approached me with tears of joy saying that three girls in her group accepted              a sinful world. Sometimes as parents we struggle
                                          Christ. Even as I type this, chills run          to say the right words at the right time. We
                                          down my spine. I am so grateful that             stand at a crossroads with them, and like them,
                                          God showed Himself to these students.            don’t always know which way to turn. How can
                                          The Spirit was alive and working in the          we be effective in raising godly children? One
                                          lives of many students, revealing a              of the first steps is a commitment to prayer.
                                          powerful example of God’s grace and              High School Ministry is beginning a prayer team
                                          His love for our kids.                           to pray for our high school students and ministry
                                             It is an honor and privilege to serve         and would encourage parents to join us in this
                                          the families at Scottsdale Bible. I am           endeavor. If you are interested, please contact
                                          praising God for His faithfulness to do          Deb Pirtle at 480.495.1326 or


A Wild Beginning                                                                           God has given to
                                                                                           each woman. Here
                                                                                           are some reasons
                                                                                           the women are crazy
Women in Leadership Development                                                            about WILD.
                                                                                              Lorraine Willis says:

A      n e w t w o - y e a r p r o g r a M for Scottsdale Bible Women called Women
       in Leadership Development (WILD) has gotten off to a great start with
       a total of 61 women enrolled. This exciting ministry that meets on
                                                                  Tuesday mornings
                                                                  and evenings this
                                                                                           “I love the teaching
                                                                                           team. They are a
                                                                                           fantastic group of
                                                                                           godly women who
                                                                                           are challenging
                                                                  spring, is focusing      me each week
                                                                  on the leader.           to explore my                                  WILD PM Class
                                                                  Gifted teachers          character, spiritual
                                                                  such as Kristin          gifts and God-given passions for ministry in order to determine how and where
                                                                  Beasley, Kristina        God wants me to serve Him. I love my small group. They are supportive women
                                                                  Bailey, Jessica Neill    who provide weekly encouragement, prayer and accountability during this journey.”
                                                                  and Margi Galloway          Kathy Shumard says: “I have been feeling so empowered this week and I
                                                                  show the women           decided it was because the WILD classes are encouraging me to be a better
                                                                  how their passions,      person.”
                                                                  spiritual gifts and         Tami Walters says: “I find that I am only beginning to learn what I thought
                                                                  personalities drive      I already knew—where and how to serve Christ. Through these classes I am
                        WILD AM Class                             where they will          excited to find what my strengths are and how God has gifted me. I can use
                                                                  serve in ministry.       the gifts God has given me to serve Him with excitement and purpose.”
During the fall semester the women will be learning practical leadership skills.              This experience will begin again next February. Be praying now if this is
The second year of this program is centered on serving the church with the gifts           something the Lord may be calling you to do. The best is yet to come!
    Scottsdale Bible | April 2009                                                                              WOMEN (continued)                                                  3

Youniquely Woman Conference
                                                                     L     ast              us to be. Our spiritual lives, marriages, parenting and home-making were just
                                                                           Month,           a few of the topics discussed. Women left excited and ready to implement new
                                                                           Scottsdale       strategies into their lives. They were encouraged to love more deeply and sincerely
                                                                     Bible women            with a renewed focus. God truly spoke and we are grateful!
                                                                     had the privilege         We are very proud and thankful for 100+ volunteers who served over the
                                                                     of learning from       four-day conference. Margi, Jessica and Kim are grateful to serve the Lord with
                                                                     three incredibly       the wonderful women here at Scottsdale Bible who are consistently willing to
                                                                     wise women of          work for the Kingdom. This conference was unlike anything we have ever
                                                                     God: Donna Otto,       participated in and was truly life-changing.
                                                                     Emilie Barnes
                                                                     and Kay Arthur.
                                                                     Together we
                                                                     looked at
                                                                                                you are not alone
                                                                     every aspect
                                                                     of a woman’s              support ministry
                                                                     life and were
                                                                     challenged to be           This is a ministry to women and
                                                                     all God is calling         families experiencing breast

     prayer shawl ministry                                                                      Have you or someone close to you been diagnosed
                                                                                                with breast cancer? Women who care would like
                                                                                                to offer a listening ear, words of encouragement
     If you love to knit and want to serve the Lord using your abilities,                       and confidential prayer support during this
     join other women and learn more about the Prayer Shawl Ministry. It will                   challenging season for you and your family’s life.
     be held Thursday, April 9 at 10 a.m. in B133.                                              For information and assistance please call Susan
       This year we will be knitting shawls to wrap around the sick, elderly or                 Bartolini 480.818.2157. This ministry is sponsored
     anyone who can use a hug. All skill levels of knitters are welcome and                     by Scottsdale Bible Women.
     we encourage you to invite your knitting friends. If you are interested in
     this ministry or have questions, call Sophanne Schleifer 480.945.0871.

                                                                                      WORSHIP AND CREATIVE ARTS

Spring Concert Series Continues
                                                                                              The concert at Scottsdale Bible will be free and open to the public. Area alumni
                                                                                            and friends of Biola University are invited to attend a reception immediately
                                                                                            following the concert.

                                                                                            An Evening of Artists
                                                                                            Friday, May 15, 7 p.m., Worship Center

                                                                                            J    o i n s c o t t s d a l e B i B l e a r t i s t s for an evening to remember, including
                                                                                                 a wide variety of music by our choir and orchestra. There will be instrumental
                                                                                                 and vocal groups plus our worship dance team; the concert is free and open
                                                                                            to the public.

                                                                                               Easter Services for both campuses
Biola University Chorale                                                                       Scottsdale Bible Church,                     North Bible Church,
Friday, April 17, 7 p.m., Worship Center                                                       Main Campus                                  Greenway-Hayden
Mrs. Shawna Stewart, conductor                                                                 Good Friday, April 10                        Maundy Thursday, April 9
                                                                                               6 p.m.       Worship Center*                 5–7 p.m.     Worship Center*

T       h e B i o l a u n i v e r s i t y c h o r a l e performs in concert at Scottsdale
        Bible Church Friday April 17 at 7 p.m. The program entitled “Ain’a That
        Good News” features works from classic and contemporary composers
including Franz Joseph Haydn, Kenneth Jennings, Heinrich Schütz, Z. Randall
Stroope, Heinrich Graun, Oscar Galián, Claude Debussy, René Clausen, Eric
                                                                                               8 p.m.
                                                                                               *No childcare will be available

                                                                                               April 11
                                                                                                            Worship Center*                 Self-guided meditation
                                                                                                                                            *No childcare will be available

                                                                                                                                            Good Friday, April 10
                                                                                               Reflect on Christ’s Life and                 7 p.m.       Worship Center*
Whitacre, Robert Denham and William L. Dawson. Joining the Chorale in concert                  Substitutionary Death                        *No childcare will be available
is world-renowned opera soprano Katie Van Kooten and the eight-part male                       5 p.m.       High School Bldg*
a cappella group The King’s Men.                                                               Multi-media presentations,                   Easter Sunday, April 12
   The Biola University Chorale is comprised of 50 voices from various disciplines             interactive worship, music                   9 a.m.      Worship Center
on campus, with nearly 65 percent being voice majors. The Chorale participates                                                              11 a.m.     Worship Center
yearly in prestigious Southern California festivals such as the Pacific Southwest              Easter Sunday, April 12
Intercollegiate Choral Association and the Chapman University festivals. They                  7 a.m.      Worship Center*                  Classes for birth through preschool will
are also the hosts for an annual two-day invitational high school, community                   8:15 a.m. Worship Center                     be offered during both Sunday services
college and Christian college festival in early November. Each spring they join                9:45 a.m. Worship Center
forces with the Biola Symphony Orchestra for a choral-orchestral concert. Recent               9:45 a.m. High School Bldg
works performed include Walton’s Belshazzar’s Feast, Beethoven’s Symphony                      11:10 a.m. High School Building
No. 9, Poulenc’s Gloria, Orff’s Carmina Burana, Mendelssohn’s Elijah, Verdi’s                  11:15 a.m. Worship Center                      “He is not here,
Requiem and Mozart’s Coronation Mass in C Major. Annual tours have included                    5 p.m.      Worship Center
Colorado, northern and southern California, Washington, Oregon,Washington DC,                                                                but He has risen.”
New York City and recently Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and                   *Classes for birth through pre-K will
Italy. In addition to a yearly season of many Biola-related concerts, the Chorale              be offered during all Sunday services                     Luke 24:6a
also performs at area churches such as the Crystal Cathedral, Lake Avenue Church               except 7 a.m.
and Hollywood Presbyterian Church. The choir has also been seen on the Tonight                 No adult enrichment classes all day
Show with Jay Leno, performing the music of the movie The Passion of the Christ.
   4           WORSHIP AND CREATIVE ARTS (con)                                                                                     Scottsdale Bible May 2009
                                                                                                                                   Scottsdale Bible || April 2008

Rock Solid                                                                               The Easter Stone
A Stomp Band Adventure

                     J   oin    u s for Rock Solid in the Scottsdale Bible High
                         School Building Friday, April 24 at 7 p.m. This high-energy
                         evening is presented by the combined Scottsdale Bible
                                                                                         I  t w a s a B a r r i e r to the vision between one world and the next. Most
                                                                                            thought it was merely a wall for the body, a way to keep death and life
                                                                                            separated. And despite showing them with the raising of Lazarus that through
                                                                                         Him the blockage need not exist, still they didn’t understand.
                                                                                           A few considered that the obstruction could be moved, not because they
                     children’s choirs as they explore God’s guidance down the           expected life but rather because they thought of nothing more than to honor
                     path of life through drama, music and movement. Share their         a death. So even though the barrier could have been moved, still it remained.
                     concern as they experience twists and turns on the trail. See         Only One knew it was an example for every life to come—proof that barriers
                     their growth through adversity. And celebrate with them as          could be removed. For many it would take an earthquake. And with that quake
                     they learn about God’s provision and promises.                      which shook the core, He revealed the door, straight and narrow, leading to a
                       This event is free, however, we are using it as an opportunity    place where seemingly we could not or would not go. To the eyes of the world, it
                     to collect necessities to send to an orphanage in Romania.          seemed a tomb filled with death, guarded by this obstacle of impenetrable rock.
Please bring travel-sized personal products such as shampoo, deodorant and               But to the One Who created it, the One Who had laid there, it was the way, it was
toothpaste to share with orphaned children.                                              the truth and it led to life.—Kimberly K. Hannay, used by permission

Alcohol/Addictions: Testimony and Hope
A        l c o h o l / a d d i c t i o n s : Testimony and Hope is a new six-week        from the pit of hell
         recovery group that will meet from 7–8:30 p.m. Mondays beginning April          I called my life and
         13 in E214. The group is facilitated by men and women who want to share         I found peace and
the joy of their walk with God and their freedom from the bondage of addiction.          comfort for the first
Rachel, one of the facilitators, shares her testimony:                                   time.
   “I grew up in a New York Jewish home with a mother and father who loved                  “Three more years
me and supplied every need and most wants I had. Still, it wasn’t enough. Later,         of breaking took
I came to find out there was a God-shaped hole inside me and I tried to fill it with     place, as God needed
alcohol starting from the age of 11.                                                     me to make some
   “I had every opportunity any young lady could ask for and my entire future was        changes. At the age
before me, but nothing could fill the aching emptiness that consumed me. My life         of 24, I hit rock
was centered on escaping the emptiness through drinking. As time passed, my              bottom and recognized
destructive behavior increased and it led to a dark place of wanting to end it all.      I needed His help in
I couldn’t see any way out as life became increasingly more difficult. I could no        cleaning up my past.
longer break away from my fears, hurts, anger and pain. The alcohol ceased doing         I needed His leading and His will to be done in my life. I was led to AA and the
its job and I wanted out!                                                                12-step program was the vehicle used to bring me to a life/journey of accountability
   “I didn’t yet know the Lord and had nowhere to turn. I moved to Arizona for           in a way I never knew before.
college at the age of 21 and within a few months a new friend of mine shared                “On March 15, I celebrated 11 years of sobriety. God has done a work in me
with me the Good News of Jesus Christ. The nightmares I was having seemed to             through the Holy Spirit. Life has taken on meaning and passion centered in my
be increasing and I couldn’t take the personal hell I was living in. I was desperate     walk with the Lord. Service is not only a privilege but also a gift. God gave me
and would have done anything for relief from the internal struggle and torment I         new life, born in Him, and my desire is to live His way, not mine. Today I have
lived in. So I called out in the name of Jesus when the nightmare came again and         hope. My experience and strength in the Lord shapes each precious moment and
I wept as I found myself having an encounter with the Son of God. He saved me            I want to share it with others.”—Rachel Benson

The Desire to be Christian Counselors
                                                 C      hristian     counseling
                                                         is a unique profession that
                                                         requires spiritual giftedness
                                                 in compassion and discernment.
                                                 Our Counseling Center is providing
                                                                                         to help heal hearts. She sensed God’s call to be a vessel for His growth in others.
                                                                                         “During my time at the Scottsdale Bible Counseling Center, God has gently
                                                                                         reminded me that I am a sinner in recovery just like everyone else, and He can
                                                                                         use me through both my strengths and my weaknesses. It is comforting to know
                                                                                         I do not have to be perfect or have it all figured out. I know I am simply joining
                                                 Christian counseling practicum          others in their journey toward God.”
                                                 training to students who are in            Please lift each of these students to the Lord in prayer as they learn and grow
                                                 professional counseling programs.       as counselors.
                                                 This semester we have four students
                                                 in the combined program at
                                                 Ottawa University and Phoenix                  Professional Christian
                                                    Barbara Koopman was in a               Caregivers Breakfast
                                                 secular counseling program when
       Barb Koopman, Heather Peacock,
                                                 she became aware of its limitations.      Join fellow Christian behavioral and healthcare
        Michael Hutt and Heidi Deibert           She knew she could not separate           professionals for breakfast Friday, April 24, from
                                                 her faith from her practice. She          7–8:30 a.m. Educating Families about Addictions
believes it is God’s wisdom, grace and discernment that penetrate the heart of             and Recovery will be the featured presentation by
man and without Him, we can do nothing. Her practicum is teaching her that real            Mike Speakman, licensed substance abuse counselor
change comes from an encounter with God, and she is just a conduit of God’s grace          from Calvary Center in Phoenix. The breakfast is held
in another person’s life.                                                                  at Epley’s Historic Squaw Peak Inn for a small cost
   Heather Peacock knows God called both her and her husband to full-time                  of $7. For more information, contact the Counseling
ministry as professional counselors. They have always been passionate about                Office at 480.824.7239.
helping couples have a healthy Biblical perspective for their marriage. Through
her experience at the Scottsdale Bible Counseling Center, Heather is learning
how important it is to help people see themselves through God’s eyes. There are
so many hurting people and when they don’t know the truth of who they are in
Christ, it makes their situation much more difficult.
   Michael Hutt wants to be a Christian counselor because he wants to offer
                                                                                         GriefShare                             begins new session

something more than his non-Christian peers. Michael knows that even secular                     riefshare,     a support group for those who have lost a loved one
counselors can be helpful, but he can only imagine what God can accomplish                        through death, starts a new 13-week session April 7. The group meets
through Christian counseling. Michael says he has learned and experienced grace                   in Chapel Room 2 from 7–9 p.m. Tuesday evenings. GriefShare is a
in his practicum. While he realizes he is not expected to be perfect, he knows he        nondenominational group and features biblical teaching on grief and recovery
is accountable to learn and improve. This balance of grace and accountability is a       topics. During group discussion time, participants will have an opportunity to
principle he will carry forward in his practice.                                         interact with others who have experienced a recent loss. For more information,
   Heidi Deibert says God led her into Christian Counseling after igniting a passion     please call the Counseling Office at 480.824.7239 or visit
    Scottsdale Bible | April 2009                                                                                              CHILDREN                              5

Two AWANA Teams Take Second Place                                                                                                   in State Games

                                                        B     oth scot tsdale            Thank you to all AWANA Club participants, coaches, parents and other
                                                              B i B l e AWANA          volunteers who helped make this successful event possible.
                                                              teams had outstanding      The AWANA program’s mission is to assist churches and families in helping raise
                                                       performances in the             children to know, love and serve Christ. The Scottsdale Bible AWANA program has
                                                       Arizona State AWANA             over 300 registered participants and 120 parent volunteers who meet each Tuesday
                                                       Games Competition at            night on campus. For more information or to register your child, please contact
                                                       Southwestern College in         Kelli Moss at 480.824.7220 or
                                                          The Sparks Team
                                                                                            volunteers needed
                                                       grade) finished an
                                                       impressive first place in           Please consider serving as a teacher, helper or substitute at
                                                       five heats and second place         the 9:45 and 11:15 a.m. Sunday services for Nursery or Preschool. The
in four heats, earning them a wonderful second place overall finish. The Truth             attendance has really grown and we need more volunteers. If you are
and Training boys team (third–sixth grade) was red hot with nine first place heats         interested or have any questions contact Donna in Children’s Ministry at
and three second place heats, narrowly escaping a first place victory by just              480.824.7271.
three points!

Attention Preschool                                                                    Lord’s Supper
and Nursery Parents:                                                                   in Tree House
Jesus is Alive                                                                         O         n a p r i l 5 come to our Tree House
                                                                                                 and experience the Lord’s Last Supper.
                                                                                                 Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

O       n  e a s t e r s u n d a y this year we have an awesome experience
         awaiting our preschoolers to help them understand that Jesus is alive!
         We are taking them on a “field trip” to Jerusalem to the Old City to visit
the empty tomb of Jesus. The good news is this won’t cost you a thing and it’s
right on our campus! Just bring your preschooler to Kidz Place Easter Sunday.
                                                                                       will travel back to Jesus’ time and get to see,
                                                                                       hear, touch and taste all that Jesus did the last
                                                                                       moments He spent with His friends. This will
                                                                                       help set the stage for them to understand the
                                                                                       real meaning of Easter.

W           ould   y o u l i k e to visit Italy? On June 8–12 the Scottsdale Bible
           campus will be transformed into Rome to host VBX and SMPAC. What
           an incredible week this will be as children learn more about Paul and
the Underground Church of Rome. It will be complete with a marketplace that is
reminiscent of early times, plus games, costumes, treats and lots of fun.
                                                                                       large and adult size small are needed to create
                                                                                       the children’s costumes. Canopy tents to create
                                                                                       the marketplace are also needed.
                                                                                          We pray that God will move you to participate
                                                                                       with us. Please consider serving our children in
  To make all this happen, your expertise and help is needed as we prepare for         a positive way that rewards everyone. As you
an awesome week. Volunteers of all ages are welcome. Early online registration         make your summer plans, include VBX and
begins April 20 at This is a wonderful opportunity to         SMPAC and have fun during this incredible
serve Christ and build friendships for life.                                           week! Contact Kelli Moss at
  If you wish to contribute items, white Hanes t-shirts in youth size small, medium,   or 480.824.7220.


Value the Vintage                                                                      “Celebrate Marriage,” a profile of Scottsdale Bible couples married over 50 years.
                                                                                       We also have some really great new and younger couples, like David and Julie
                                                                                       Dickerson, Jason and Michelle Fortin and Charlie and Julie Lewis—we would like
                                                                                       even more young couples who have a heart for ministry to join us. No matter the

T      here    w a s a wonderful article
        on worship bands in Christianity
        Today, concluding that worship
appears to be greatest when it’s the
united voices of a congregation that rise
                                                                                       length of your marriage, call Bill Miller at 480.824.7299 in the Marriage Office, to
                                                                                       let him know of your interest.

                                                                                                                      Marriage Ministry
to God. Recently our Worship Team
led us in a quiet, “vintage” hymn that
swelled and echoed in the sanctuary—a
                                                                                                               Event Calendar
moving and holy offering to God.                                                         Pre-MED (Pre-Marriage Education)
   The article caused me to reflect on                                                   Begins April 25, 9 a.m.; fee and registration required; forms at
other things beyond music and reminded                                         
me that many in our society try to throw
out the Bible, or say that Christian faith
was not at the core of our nation at                                                     Love and Respect
its founding, or try to devalue                                                          Ongoing small group 8–10 week home study; new groups start each month
marriage—which God instituted in
the Garden of Eden. Many have been                                                       Intimate Encounters
swayed to ignore marriage altogether.                                                    Ongoing small group 8–10 week study; new groups start each month
   There is value in the vintage. Things
like ancient manuscripts, old hymns,
mature authors, four-part harmony and                                                    Fireproof movie date night
seasoned marriages must be valued and cherished. Balance should be established           May 16, 6 p.m., Town Centre
so that the new and the vintage are evaluated and both given their due.
                                                                                         For more information contact Bonnie Lathrop, 480.824.7299 or
   Our Marriage Ministry strives for balance. Future columns will contain
   6           MARRIAGE (continued)                                                                                               Scottsdale Bible | April 2009

Happily Incompatible
B        e f o r e s h e d i e d , Ruth Bell Graham told an interviewer that she and
         Billy had been happily incompatible for 60 years. It’s not “sameness” that
         makes long term marriages great. It takes hard work and an unworldly
commitment to God and our spouse. I was in a training setting with one Scottsdale
Bible couple who had been married for 50 years, where they both vulnerably
                                                                                        married and
                                                                                        have found
                                                                                        yourself in
                                                                                        the struggles
shared that even after five decades they still had disagreements. Robertson             to early
McQuilkin, whose marriage of 40-plus years, is another example of God’s extraordinary   marriage,
grace. He resigned the presidency of Columbia International University to care for      or have
Muriel, whose 25-year decline into Alzheimer’s disease had progressed to a stage        you been
where his physical presence with her was the only time she felt calm.                   married for
   God didn’t create marriage to make us happy by giving us someone who is              any number
the same as us or who will fulfill our desires. He gave us someone uniquely different   of years
as a life partner to sharpen us. It would seem that marriage is designed for            and aren’t
friction. Let me quickly add that in a life well-lived, as He intended, happiness is    experiencing the abundant life you expected? If so, consider one of the Marriage
a byproduct. In marriage we must choose to move toward one another—seeking              Ministry opportunities coming soon. You will find more about each of these on
our spouse’s desires before our own. Our life mission will be transformed.              the Marriage Ministry pages on the Scottsdale Bible website or you can call
   Do you fit one of these situations? Are you contemplating marriage, engaged,         Bonnie at 480.824.7299 for more information.


                                        New Churches Seek to Build God’s
                                        Kingdom                           continued from Front Page

                                        moving to see them begin to catch               times, is still going well and it is exciting to see God supply in such a variety
                                        the vision for where we are going as            of unexpected ways.”
                                        a church.”                                        Please continue to pray for Rance, Matt and Rusty as they offer the people of
                                           As the new church takes root and             Peoria “access” to a life-transforming relationship with God—a God who loves
       Matt and Rose Suman,             grows in the community, there are many          and accepts them right where they are, yet cares about them too much to leave
      Rance and Kecia Meyers            challenges that lie ahead. In financially       them in their current condition.
                                        unstable times, Rance understands fully           To find out more about Old Town Bible Church, visit their website at
that wherever God guides, He will always provide. He is encouraged that “our   or call 480.368.8009. For ACCESS Church, go to
support-raising, although definitely more challenging in these tough economic  or call 480.586.7101.—Steve Eriksson, Spiritual Formation

Going Heart-to-Heart as a Father
                                                         G        oing
                                                                      - h e a r t as
                                                                  a father means
                                                         modeling your love for
                                                         Christ. Actually, fathering
                                                                                           Children learn more from what they see than from what they hear.
                                                                                           My mentor is fond of saying that he would rather see a sermon than to hear
                                                                                        one any day. His advice is helpful and serves as a note-worthy reminder that
                                                                                        every dad should have two primary goals when it comes to going “heart-to-heart”
                                                                                        with their children:
                                                         is more about this type of        • To have a one-to-one correlation between his public and private life.
                                                         modeling than all the tips        • To have the humility to admit his failures.
                                                         on fathering combined.            Today’s fathers may be full of heartache. For some of us the idea of going
                                                         Andrew Carnegie once           heart-to-heart with our kids may seem to be a lost cause due to some current
                                                         said, “As I grow older,        circumstances or past actions that led to disconnected relationships with our
                                                         I pay less attention to        children. Yet it is never too late to be the kind of father God calls a man to be.
                                                         what men say. I just           We must never forget that God’s grace is greater than our failures, greater than
                                                         watch what they do.” It’s      our sin! God’s Word promises, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the
                                                         the same with children.        humble. Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that
                                                         They may not pay attention     at the proper time He may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on Him,
                                                         to what we say, but they       because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:5–7). Every dad will hurt his children, but
                                                         see everything we do.          it takes a man of God to admit it. God calls that kind of humility, courage!
                                                         Monkey see, monkey do;            It has been said that being a father comes from the heart of our Father in
                                                         our children watch us!         heaven Who gives men the heart of fatherhood. His heart is one of love—gracious
                                                         And that’s why we have         love. Scripture teaches God’s love was made clear when He sent His only Son into
                                                         to model our Christian         this world so that we might live through Him (1 John 4:8–9). Here we see that
                                                         faith before our children.     the essence of God’s love is not only gracious but also sacrificial. The call of
                                                                                        loving-fatherhood is likewise; loving, even in discipline, gracious and sacrificial,

somanorth has moved
                                                                                        never condemning but always affirming and encouraging.
                                                                                           The old adage applies: “We teach what we believe, but we reproduce what
                                                                                        we are.” If Christ is your Lord and Savior, then I hope that you are living that
                                                                                        testimony out before the watchful view of your children (more on this subject
                                                                                        next month).—Darien Bennett, pastor to Men

S    oMa  north, the
     Young Adult
     Ministry of
Scottsdale Bible, has
moved to 6:30 p.m. on
                                                                                                lost and found
Sundays in the High                                                                         Are you missing a coat, Bible or sunglasses?
School Building. Joe                                                                        Check the Lost and Found cabinets in the
Gordon teaches, Lucas                                                                       Administration Office. Parents, please check the
Cooper leads worship and there is fellowship afterwards. Additionally, somanorth            cart by D106 for children’s items. Articles not picked up
has monthly service projects, social events and home groups. These provide you              by April 15 will be donated to an appropriate charity.
opportunities to engage in authentic Christian relationships and grow in your walk
with Christ within the context of community. Check out for
more information or call 480.824.7299.
    Scottsdale Bible | April 2009                                                                                 MEN (continued)                                     7

This Summer from Ministry to Men                                                                                             and Their Families

Father/Daughter Dinner Theatre

T     h e a n n u a l Father-Daughter Dinner Theatre will be held Saturday, June
      20—Father’s Day weekend. Registration will open soon both online and at
      the Men’s table.

Father/Son Camping Trip

T     h e a n n u a l Father-Son Camping Trip will be held at Woods Canyon Lake
      on the Rim north of Payson, AZ. It will be held the weekend of August 7–9
      and registration for this will be available both online and at the Men’s table.

The “ALL-IN” Men’s Retreat

A      r e y o u a l l - i n ? Join the Men of Scottsdale Bible Church for the
       “ALL-IN” Men’s retreat September 24–27 at Young Life’s Lost Canyon
       Camp in Williams, AZ. This year our guest speakers will be Pastor Jamie
Rasmussen along with Pastor Tom Schrader. Registration will open soon both
online and at the Men’s table.


Search Ministries                                                                       Apartment Life                                          CARES Teams
Facilitating Neighborhood Discussion Parties

                                                O        ne   of   the   Most
                                                          practical applications
                                                          to Pastor Jamie’s recent
                                                                                        I   n t h e 1 0 l a r g e s t cities in the U.S., 54 percent of the population live in
                                                                                            multi-family housing. Of those people, 95 percent have no spiritual connection
                                                                                            or church family. At Apartment Life, our mission is to move into a designated
                                                                                        apartment and bring the gospel to this nearly unreached people group through
                                                                                        CARES teams.
                                                Search and Rescue series takes            In January, Oscar and Sonia Lopez, a CARES team who lives in an apartment
                                                place each time Search Ministries       owned by a Scottsdale Bible member, were the hands and feet of Jesus in their
                                                facilitates a neighborhood              community. They connected 22 residents to their church in one month. In
                                                discussion party series. The            addition, they brought numerous kids to AWANA each week and had the privilege
                                                most recent series was hosted by        of seeing two young women accept Jesus. The Lopez’ also had the opportunity
                                                volunteers from Scottsdale Bible        to pray with two others to accept Christ in their home.
                                                Church: Jim and Susan Duchene,            If you are interested in living out your life mission in an apartment community
                                                Chuck and Kim Clausen and               near you or supporting someone else who feels called to do so, check out
                                                Carolyn Johnson. For three              Apartment Life at
                                                Sunday afternoons they invited
their friends and neighbors to join them for a mixer time, a one-hour discussion,
and then finished up with dessert and coffee.
  Search is the first step for many people toward exploring what they believe
                                                                                           Tanzania child sponsor
and it happens because the environment is open, loving, non-religious and
non-threatening. Motivated by compassion, with the goal of having significant
                                                                                                          communication letters
conversations about life and God questions, you take time to discover where
each person is on their spiritual journey. Then as friends, you can follow up                Thanks to all the Tanzania Child Sponsors who faithfully support
and encourage them to consider the Good News about Jesus.                                    our children in Tanzania. Our new Tanzania Communication Team recently
  One attendee shared that she has moved her worldview from being an atheist                 sent out an important letter to our sponsors. If you are a sponsor and
to a believer in God and now wants to host discussion parties in her own                     did not receive our letter, we need your correct mailing address. Email
neighborhood! Lives are being changed through Search Ministries.                             your mailing address to us at and we
  To learn more about hosting a discussion party series in your neighborhood,                will gladly send you a letter. Thank you for your commitment to our
contact Gil at 602.295.5506 or                             Tanzania Project.

Neighborhood Ministries 2009 Messianic
Spring “Stock the Store”
                        Passover Seder
Sunday, April 12, Neighborhood Ministries table on patio

E      v e r y d a y at the Neighborhood Center, parents of our Neighborhood Ministry
       kids are cleaning, fixing broken items, handling landscaping needs, working
       in the office and helping with programs. This work is recorded and three times   Friday, April 17, 6–8:30 p.m., Town Centre
a year gets translated into in-house paychecks to spend at our in-house store.
   Help us stock the store with items they need and have worked so hard to earn.
Food items most needed are rice, beans and pasta. Household items most needed
are diapers, baby wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, shampoo
                                                                                        J   oin us as we read from the Haggadah, partake Passover elements and
                                                                                            understand how Jesus, our Passover Lamb, fulfilled this Feast of the Lord. We
                                                                                            will share “The Telling”—a dramatic
                                                                                        participatory retelling of the Passover
and conditioner, hand and body soap, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes.            depicting God’s deliverance of the
   Bring donations to church Sunday, April 12 or drop them off at the Administration    children of Israel from Egypt. We
Office the week prior. Clearly mark Neighborhood Ministries on all donations.           will also enjoy Messianic music
If you have any questions or would like more information please contact the             and traditional Jewish songs.
Outreach Ministry at                                                 Everyone is welcome, Jews

       “Share at the Fair”
                                                                                        and Gentiles, so invite
                                                                                        family, friends and fellowship
                                                                                        groups. Please bring a dish
 Child Evangelism Fellowship                                                            to share for the potluck plus
                                                                                        $2 per person to cover the
    April 15–19, 10 a.m.–9 p.m., State Fair Ground                                      cost the Passover elements.
    (Yellow Commerce Building)                                                          RSVP is required; please call
    Make gospel bracelets with children and share the gospel with them                  Rosemary Van Kalsbeek at
    using the Wordless Book. This is a great activity for a family to do                480.837.8756 with the number in
    together and then go enjoy the Fair together. Sign up for a three-hour              your party by Thursday, April 16. We
    shift. Free admittance is offered weekdays until 3 p.m.; parking is $7.             need an accurate headcount to provide
    Contact                                                       Passover elements for everyone. For additional information, contact Cathy Wilson
                                                                                        at 480.699.6957 or
    8              SPIRITUAL FORMATION                                                                                                            Scottsdale Bible | April 2009

                                                                             Bucking the Trend
                                                                             O        ne   of   the    participating. The teaching and fellowship is amazing in these classes and
                                                                                      unique           getting to know people is always encouraged. It’s one place where the big church
                                                                                       things about    gets small.
                                                                             Scottsdale Bible is the      Yet, most of us don’t attend an adult class. I often wonder why folks don’t try
                                                                             number and quality        visiting a class to find one suitable for them:
                                                                             of adult classes each        Is it because you don’t know which class to try? Stop at the Information Circle
                                                                             Sunday. Most large        and grab a flier. Folks there can tell you which ones might be a good fit for you.
                                                                             churches in America       We have classes for all ages and stages of life with opportunities to grow and
                                                                             do not have much          serve. Some of them are start-ups with new folks getting connected.
                                                                             in the way of adult          Is it because you think you somehow become obligated when you visit a class?
                                                                             classes. Instead, they    There is no obligation; in fact, the blessings and benefits are there for you, not to
                                                                             focus on the worship      mention the food and fellowship. Shop around until you find the right class for you.
                                                                             service and in-home          Is it because you think the people aren’t friendly? We score an “80” on the
                                                                             small groups. We are      friendly meter generally, meaning we are really trying—with room to improve.
                                                                             bucking that trend.       Come help us get better.
                                                                             In fact, we are the          Is it because you have been waiting for an invitation? Well, consider this your
                                                                             poster child for adult    invitation. We need you. Come join the family that gathers in classes on Sunday. It
                                                                             classes, hosting 18       could change your life. Meet me at the Information Circle and I will take you there
                                                                             every Sunday morning      myself. How’s that for an invitation? Help us buck the trend.—Dave Otto, minister
                                                                             with over 1500 adults     for Adult Enrichment

Enrichment Class                                                                                       Financial Hope Class:
Starting a New Book                                                                                    Learning to Manage our Finances God’s Way

Study                       Gospel of Mark                                                             M          a n y o f u s think we
                                                                                                                  don’t need help with
                                                                                                                  our finances. We are
                                                                                                       adults, after all, and we can make
                                                                                                       our own decisions. But the truth

                                                   I   f y o u w a n t to study the Bible,
                                                       we will be starting the book of Mark
                                                       Sunday, March 29. We will study one
                                                   chapter from the Gospel of Mark each
                                                   week. If you are an early-bird or if you
                                                                                                       is, we all need help—that’s why
                                                                                                       this class has been created.
                                                                                                          The Bible is packed with wise
                                                                                                       counsel about your financial life.
                                                                                                       In fact, Jesus had more to say
                                                   have a heart to learn more about God’s              about money than about heaven
                                                   Word, this is the perfect class for you!            and hell combined. In this class
                                                   The class is Sunday mornings at 7 a.m.              you will learn from experts and one other the path to biblical financial
                                                   in B133. For more information contact               management. This class is every Sunday at 5 p.m. in E203; for more information
                                                   Mike Loes at                         email

                                    Pastor Bob wants you!
                                     The Hospitality Ministry is expanding                             is an excellent way to get your toe in the water! All you need is a desire
                                     dramatically—not only in numbers, but more                        to serve, a friendly smile and a kind word. We will supply you with
                                     importantly, in the level of service to our church.               everything else.
                                     We need people who have a heart to serve God
                                        through service to Scottsdale Bible. The areas                 Also, Second Half Ministries —giving retired and semi-retired people
                                          that come under this umbrella include greeters,              a chance to serve the Kingdom in fresh and exciting ways—has launched
                                           ushers, communion servers, as well as                       several new programs that may be of interest to you. Included are such
                                           Hospitality Suite and Information Circle                    opportunities as the Hospital Visitation Team, Second Half Choir (“Encore”),
                                            representatives. If you have been attending                Hearty Souls (weekly fellowship, worship and teaching) and Friday Night
                                             Scottsdale Bible for a while and are being                Lights (active singles over the age of 45). Contact Pastor Bob Cain at
                                              convicted by the Lord to start serving, here             480.824.7248 or for details on all these ministries.


                           Walk Worthy Books and Music
                           Focusing on Our Hope in Christ

                          E        ditor  n a n c y g u t h r i e has compiled an
                                 anthology, Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross, so that we
                                 may all linger at the cross during the Lenten season
                           and stay near it the whole year through. It includes the
                           works of classic theologians such as Luther, Edwards and
                                                                                                       Spurgeon as well as contemporary writers like
                                                                                                       John Piper, R.C. Sproul, John MacArthur and
                                                                                                       Joni Tada. Each essay in this collection expounds
                                                                                                       on a particular aspect of the Easter story.
                                                                                                          Death by Love: Letters from the Cross is
                                                                                                       written in the form of pastoral letters. Authors
                                                                                                       Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears outline the
                                                                                                       12 primary effects of Jesus’ death on the cross
                                                                                                       and connects each to the life of a different
                                                                                                       individual. This book shows how everyone can
                                                                                                       find hope through the death of Jesus Christ.
                                                                                                          ESV Outreach New Testament is a handy
                                                                                                       and affordable paperback edition of the New
                        ADMINISTR ATIVE OFFICES                                                        Testament for personal use. Its extra features and content will help new believers
7601 East Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 • 480.824.7200 •                    discover the Bible for themselves.

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