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					  San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                             February 2006
  Volume XXXIV, No. 2

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            Subject: [sfreefdivers] CENCAL

            I've been a continuous member of CENCAL since 1978, which incidentally is the year I joined the SF
            Reefers. CENCAL was so important in those days that you couldn't become a members of our club
            unless you also joined CENCAL. CENCAL was and is a consortium of Community Dive Clubs in
            Northern California, but as the Dive Club phenomena has waned, for many reasons, some mysterious,
            CENCAL has also declined. Nowadays, Cencal is just a SFRD check-off.

            Nevertheless, when the California legislature is considering legislation that will affect the diver's right
            to dive and where, then they expect to hear from CENCAL and respect CENCAL's voice and opinion
            above all others as representing the independent and non-commercial voice of the California Sport-
            Diver. We need to keep CENCAL strong by supporting it and continuing or commencing our

            Many of you are just now getting around to paying your SFRD dues and I urge you to support
            CENCAL (and also SCAN but that is another topic...ask me!)by paying a mere $15.00 more a year. If
            you have already paid your Reefer Dues, you can still add CENCAL to your list of organizations

            The President of CENCAL, Steve Campi recently posted to BA_Diving an explanatory piece on who
            and what CENCAL is and does and explains certain misunderstandings about what CENCAL does with
            your donations.

            I've taken the liberty of posting it here for those of you who have not read it already. Please take a
            moment and read it. Thank you Curt Degler

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San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                         February 2006
Volume XXXIV, No. 2

COZUMEL APRES HURRICANE                                       Apparently, immediately after the hurricane passed,
By Jim Vallario                                               all of the employees were called back. They set
                                                              about removing all the rubble (by hand),
In early January, the Knutson’s, Vallario’s and Tim           reconstructing, whitewashing and planting. An
Howe made an exploratory trip to Cozumel with                 amazing effort. Some other areas of the town and
some other folks, mostly to find out how badly the            beach properties looked like a war zone.
reefs and beachside structures                                                 The good news is that the deeper
were trashed by hurricane                                                      reefs seemed fine and some of the
Wilma. The eye of the hurricane                                                shallow reefs had some sand but
went right over the island, so it                                              were OK. Was told by one of the
literally got hit from both sides.                                             dive masters that a few of the
We stayed at Scuba Club                                                        shallow reefs are totally gone. Saw
Cozumel         (again…wonderful                                               the usual Cozumel attractions:
place) and the facility was almost                                             eagle rays, turtles, reef sharks, huge
completely restored when we got                                                coral and sponge formations,
there. The dock where the boats                                                numerous colorful reef and, of
usually picked us up was gone (it was in pieces               course, the Splendid Cozumel Toadfish (Norm’s
underwater) and the artificial reef structures that had       favorite).
been placed off the dock for beach diving were about
a half mile down current, but other than that it was                   Worthwhile trip. Good diving, good food,
business as usual.                                                     and good company.

USS MACON - HISTORY                OFF THE
BIG SUR COAST                                                      GENERAL MEETIING AT SIINDBAD’’S
                                                                   GENERAL MEET NG AT S NDBAD S
By Pierre Hurter

  The world's largest aircraft was the USS Macon, a                          FEBRUARY 15TTH,, 2006
                                                                             FEBRUARY 15 H 2006
helium-filled, aluminum-framed dirigible; at 785 feet
long it was twice as large as the Graf Zeppelin. To
put it into a modern perspective, imagine three
                                                                                  MLPA UPDATE
Boeing 747’s sitting nose to tail and you have the
length of the USS Macon. This "lighter-than-air" craft           Over the last few years there has been a statewide
was built for the Navy in 1931-1932 at a cost of $2.5            focus on completing the framework of designated
million, she tipped the scales at just over 120 tons.            Marine Protected areas.

                                                                 This has been a long and complicated project
                                                                 involving the private citizenry, private and corporate
                                                                 interests, local, state, and federal governments and
                                                                 agencies all in a mix of input attempting to make
                                                                 sense of it all and implement a network of areas set
                                                                 aside to protect and maintain a sustainable coastal

                                                                 Join us at our next meeting for an update on the
           NASA Ames Research Center Archives                    progress of this massive endeavor and the upcoming
                                                                 need for help, focus, and input.
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      San Francisco Reef Divers                                                             February 2006
      Volume XXXIV, No. 2

Der Stammtisch

   My first dive of the New Year was nothing much
to write home about. Gerda and I headed for                     2005 SFRD OFFICERS
Monterey at o-dark-thirty as usual, the skies were
dark and the roads wet. Xcott was on the dock on a         President        Gene          (650) 359-2785
mission of his own, muttering darkly about visibility,                      Kramer
15 foot swells and surge. To paraphrase Noel
Coward, “mad dogs and Englishmen and apparently            Vice President
Reefer Divers” were the only ones heading out to sea
that morning.
                                                           Treasurer &      Pierre        (415) 285-6293
  We puttered around a bit before finally dropping         Secretary        Hurter
anchor at Ball Busters. After some more futzing
around I jumped off the boat. As soon as I hit the
                                                           Webmaster        Curt Degler   (707) 570-0457
water I remembered why I had bought a dry suit.
Mine was having its seals replaced and I was, much
to Gerda’s amusement, diving wet. It’s always an
odd feeling, when the cold water starts seeping in         Newsletter       Gerda         (415) 285-6293
from every opening; I particularly like the first          Editor           Hurter
tentative advance down the nape of my neck as the
water searches for the small of my back.                   Entertainment    Ken Gwin      (415) 648-7046
  We swam towards the bow, grabbed the anchor line
and started pulling ourselves down towards the             AMCR             Gene          (415) 339-2785
bottom. The surge was flapping us around like              Representative   Kramer
laundry on a windy day. The visibility was so, so,
OK, I could barely make out Gerda’s glimmering             CenCal           Debra
HID light and she was next to me. I felt more than         Representative   Gilmore
saw the anchor line give way to chain, but I ever did
“see” the anchor.

  Not the best dive I’ve ever made, but it gave us an
excuse to have breakfast at the Old Monterey Café
on Alvarado Street. Great place to get your
cholesterol levels back up to where they belong, I
recommend the kielbasa, the calamari and eggs and
of course the corned beef hash, just not all at once.
  The end of January also brought with it the end of
an era, if you go to the Western Union Web site and
click on “telegram” over in the right hand side, this is
what you get;
  "Effective January 27, 2006, Western Union will
discontinue all Telegram and Commercial Messaging
services. We regret any inconvenience this may
cause you, and we thank you for your loyal
patronage. If you have any questions or concerns,
please contact a customer service representative."             Payments for membership and activities
                                                                        should be mailed to:
                                                                           Pierre Hurter
                                                                        515 Diamond Street
                                                                     San Francisco, CA 94114
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  San Francisco Reef Divers                                                    February 2006
  Volume XXXIV, No. 2

                        REEFER’S RAP 2006

         JANUARY                         FEBRUARY                           MARCH
                                                                  01 - Officers Meeting
01 - New Year’s Day - Point      01 - Officers Meeting            11 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives)
Lobos                            11 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) -   - Sat - Pierre - 415.285.6293
04 - Officers Meeting            Sat - Pierre - 415.285.6293      15 - Meeting - Sinbad’s
14 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) -   15 - Meeting - Sinbad’s
Sat - Pierre - 415.285.6293
18 - Meeting - Sinbad’s

           APRIL                             MAY                             JUNE

                                 03 - Officers Meeting            07 - Officers Meeting
05 - Officers Meeting
                                 13 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) -   10 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives)
08 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) -
                                 Sat - Pierre - 415.285.6293      - Sun - Pierre - 415.285.6293
Sat - Pierre - 415.285.6293
TBD - Abalone Opener             17 - Meeting - Sinbad’s          21 - Meeting - Sinbad’s
                                                                  TBD - Abalone Closer
19 - Meeting - Sinbad’s

            JULY                          AUGUST                         SEPTEMBER

05 - Officers Meeting            TBD - Abalone Opener             06 - Officers Meeting
08 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) -   02 - Officers Meeting            08 - 10 - Lake Tahoe Dive -
Sat. - Pierre - 415.285.6293     13-15 - Channel Islands - Jim    Norm Knutson
19 - Meeting - Sinbad’s          Vallario - 415.566.0784          16 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives)
                                 16 - Meeting - Sinbad’s          - Sat - Pierre - 415.285.6293
                                                                  16 - Monterey Beach
                                                                  20 - Meeting - Sinbad’s

         OCTOBER                        NOVEMBER                         DECEMBER

TBD - Alcatraz swim/paddle -     01 - Officers Meeting            06 - Officers Meeting
Tim - invitational@south-        15 - Meeting - Sinbad’s -        09 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives)                          Officer Elections !!!            - Sat - Pierre - 415.285.6293
04 - Officers Meeting            11 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) -   20 - Meeting - Sinbad’s -
14 - Cypress Sea - (3 Dives) -   Sat. - Pierre - 415.285.6293     Christmas Party !!!
Sat. - Pierre - 415.285.6293     TBD - Abalone Closer
18 - Meeting - Sinbad’s -
Officer Nominations !!!

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                     February 2006
Volume XXXIV, No. 2

                            CHANNEL ISLANDS TRIP 2006

                               DIVE BOAT “PEACE”

When            : Aug. 13, 14 & 15-2006 (Sun, Mon, Tue)

Destination     : Southern Channel Islands (Including San Clemente)

Departure Info : Departs 10:00PM on 8-12-06 from Ventura, Ca

Cost            : $360 (Includes fuel surcharge for San Clemente)

As usual, the Reef Divers have chartered ½ of the boat for 2006. This equates to 14 spots.

If you want to go on the trip, please do the following:
1) Mark the dates on your calendar/planner/PDA.
2) Send Jim Vallario (415-566-0784, 117 Chaves Ave, San Francisco, 94127) a check
    for $100, made out to San Francisco Reef Divers. Receipt of your check by the
    coordinator puts your name on the list.
3) On 7-01-06, send the remainder ($260) to our treasurer (Pierre Hurter, 515 Diamond
    St., San Francisco, 94114)

The Peace has Nitrox capability. The fee for unlimited fills on a three-day trip is $75,
payable when you arrive on the boat. The requirements are:

1) A Nitrox certification card (to be shown to the Divemaster).
2) A full tank of Nitrox prior to boarding the boat. (Their system does not require an
   oxygen-clean tank).
3) The tank must have a Nitrox ID sticker, or some other form of Nitrox ID, visible on
   the tank.

Some reminders:
1) Bring all of your dive gear, including weight belt and one tank.
2) If you’ve let your DAN insurance lapse, now would be a good time to renew.
3) Each bunk has a pillow and blanket, so if you require more, i.e. sheets, a sleeping bag,
   etc. plan accordingly.

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                         February 2006
Volume XXXIV, No. 2

Stammtisch from page 3
                                           I did get in a bit of vicarious       USS MACON from page 2
  For some                               diving thanks to Jim Thompson’s
of us in the                                                        presentat      The airship was developed by
club,      me                                                       ion     at   the Goodyear-Zeppelin Co., a
included, a                                                               our    joint venture between the
telegram was                                                          January    Goodyear Tire and Rubber
the pinnacle                                                         meeting.    Company and the Zeppelin
of                                                                        Jim    Company of Germany. With a
communicati                                                           showed     steel hull and three keels the ship
ons,                                                                us     the   was the pinnacle of dirigibles
weddings,                                                            recently    which unlike blimps have a
birthdays,                                                           released    frame. With its eight 560-
Christmas,          Captain Rostron of Carpathia informs the AP      “Discov     horspeower engines the ship
the arrival of      New York of the Titanic disaster.                       er   could reach speeds of 87 miles
the telegram                                                        Californi    per hour.
messenger would either be a Diving”, it showcases some of
welcomed or feared. You had the more interesting places to                        Inside     the     ship     were
truly arrived, when you heard that dive in California, from Lake                 accommodations for 100 officers
knock on the door followed by Tahoe to the Farallon Islands.                     and crew complete with sleeping
“Telegram for … “ Conversely,                                                    berths, a mess room and a galley.
the delivery of a black-edged If you look closely you are likely                 For protection it carried five
telegram envelope could shatter to see the smiling face of our very              Sparrowhawk fighter planes
your world in an instant                 own Entertainment Czar, Ken             which could be launched and
                                         Gwin in a supporting role which         retrieved in-flight via a trapeze
  Samuel Morse sent the world's I am sad to say was completely                   lowered through a T-shaped hole
first telegram on May 24, 1844. overlooked by the Academy.                       in the Macon’s underside.
The message, "What hath God
wrought," was transmitted                              Along with the video        Attached to the Pacific Fleet,
from      Washington         to                        itself, Jim and Mike      she made her maiden voyage on
Baltimore.           The                                  Bloom, who did         April 21, 1933. Based at Moffet
telegraph was a                                            yeoman’s      duty    Field in Sunnyvale, the Macon
precursor to the                                           operating       the   made eight successful cruises
Internet it changed                                   laptop, spent quite a      with the fleet and was embarking
the world in ways                                 bit of time answering          on her ninth when she ran into a
which we are still coming                    people’s questions concerning       storm off of Point Sur, on
to grips with. In the days               various editing software as well        February 11, 1935. Ordinarily this
before e-mail, faxes and a cell as discussing high definition                    would not have been a problem,
phone in every pocket, the formats, archival, compressed,                        but the Navy had ordered the ship
telegraph was the quickest way to and native. Whatever happened                  to depart before repairs could be
let the world know what was to the old shoe box full of                          made on two previously damaged
happening. For all of those who snapshots?                                       tail fins.
remember the telegraph or ever
had to learn Morse code;                  As for me, I’m going to settle           It was those two tail fins that
--. --- --- -.. -. .. --. .... - / .- -  back on the sofa with a martini         shattered in the storm, sending
                                         and watch a few of my new Sea           metal shards through the rear gas
. -.. / --. --- --- -.. .-.. ..- -.-. - Hunt DVD’s. Until next month,            cells and causing the airship to
.- (goodnight and good luck)             dive often, dive deep and, most         sink slowly into the sea. Of the 83
                                         importantly, dive safe.                 crewmen       on      board,      81
  Enough          about          arcane                                          survived.Radioman       1st    class
communications systems, It’s a                                                   Ernest Dailey died when he
brand new month, our February                                                    panicked and jumped from the
charter aboard the Cypress Sea is                                                ship while it was still some 100
full, my dry suit is hanging in the                                              feet in the air, and mess steward
garage and I am looking forward                                                  Florentino Edquiba
to a great weekend dive.                                                                       Continue on page 7

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                      February 2006
Volume XXXIV, No. 2

USS MACON from page 6                 prepare the active airships for war   numbers to scientists from the
                                      reserve storage before the            Monterey Bay Research Institute
died after the ship landed in the     Department itself was. All but        (MBARI). In 1990 and again in
sea when he apparently went back      two airships were deflated,           1991, the Navy and MBARI
                                      preserved and stored in late 1961;    explored and documented the site.
inside to try to retrieve his         two ships remained in flying           Now some 75 years after the
belongings.                                                                                    crash, a team of
  The             naval                                                                        researchers form
commission set up to                                                                           the        National
determine the cause                                                                                Oceanographic
of the crash absolved                                                                          and Atmospheric
the crew and captain                                                                               Administration
of       responsibility,                                                                       (NOAA) along
correctly blaming the                                                                          with the National
naval command for                                                                                           Marine
sending the ship out                                                                                    Sanctuary
without completing                                                                                        Program
necessary repairs. It                                                                          (NMSP), the US
was the end of an era, after the      status through fiscal 1962 for        Geological Survey (USGS), Moss
Macon, there would be no more         research     and      development     Landing Marine Laboratories
dirigibles in the US Navy.                projects. The final flight of a   (MLML) and the Monterey Bay
 As a side note, this was                   U.S. Navy airship took          Aquarium Research Institute
not the end of the                           place at NAS Lakehurst         (MBARI) have joined forces to
Navy’s Lighter                                 on 31 August 1962. In        revisit the site.
than       Air                                   December          1962,      Beginning in May of last year
                                                   authority was granted    researchers aboard the NOAA
                                                    to remove and           R/V McArthur II conducted a
                                                      strike all airships   side-scan radar survey of the
                                                     from the navy's        wreck site of the USS Macon, as
organization.                                  inventory.                   well as the site of the four Curtiss
Blimps played                                                               F9C-2 Sparrowhawk aircraft lost
an important part                       Almost fifty years after the        in the crash.
during WWII. In                       Macon’s crash, the daughter of         A second expedition is planned
mid 1957 a total of              44   the ships commander, Lt.Cmdr.         for September of 2006.                A
airships were still operating from    Herbert V. Willey, was having         remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
seven stations.                       lunch in Moss Landing when she        will be used to conduct a visual
   By 1959, all lighter-than-air      noticed a piece of the                survey of the site to create a
activity in the U.S. Navy was         ship’s structural girder               photomoasic as well as a video
confined to NAS Lakehurst and         on the restaurants                             and stills of the site
only 13 airships remained             wall next to a news                                   features. At a depth
operational. Airship training was     article about the                                            of 1500 feet it
discontinued in 1959.                 USS Macon.                                                    is    unlikely
    It was not until 26 June 1961       That                                                      that this will
that the Navy announced it would      discovery                                                            become
abandon its airship operations.       eventually led                                                   Monterey’s
Feet Airship Wing One and the         to David Canepa,                                        version of the
two remaining squadrons, ZP-1         a retired fisherman with                              Yukon,      still    its
and ZP-3, were decommissioned         a secret sweet spot down in                         interesting to know
on 31 October; the Overhaul and       Big Sur.      Long retired form                   its                   there.
Repair (O&R) Department would         fishing, Canepa agreed to give his

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                    February 2006
Volume XXXIV, No. 2

JAPAN TO DOUBLE WHALE                  Yaley, 26, who died after a 2002     U.N. MOVES TO BLOCK
CATCH                                  diving accident in Monterey, have    CAVIAR FROM CASPIAN
                                       settled a wrongful-death lawsuit
                                       against ambulance company
  Japan announced at the               American Medical Response.
International              Whaling                                             The United Nations has
Commission in the city of Ulsan,                                            effectively blocked caviar exports
                                         If you remember this case, there   until producer countries around
South Korea, that it would more        were allegations made that the
than double its annual whale                                                the Caspian and Black Seas gave
                                       ambulance crew that responded        better information on stock levels
catch for scientific purposes in       that day, had used heroin. The
what some say may turn the tide                                             and illegal sales of the highly
                                       suit accused the county and AMR      prized delicacy. Caviar currently
against decades of protecting the      of negligence. It took an AMR
sea mammals.                                                                retails for between $2,400 and
                                       ambulance       crew     12          $7,000 a kilo.
  The IWC may be on the verge          minutes to reach the
of moving away from being a                                                      The U.N.'s Convention on
                                       beach from nearby                             International Trade in
conservation-minded organization       Pacific Grove, and an
back to being the whaling                                                                 Endangered Species
                                       AMR        paramedic                                     of Wild Fauna
regulation body it started out as in   ceased lifesaving
1946. The voting on various                                                                    and         Flora
                                       efforts       after                                    (CITES) withheld
measures at the week-long              working        on
session has narrowly favored the                                                            export quotas for
                                       Yaley for 22                                       countries such as
anti-whaling camp.            Most     minutes. The
resolutions have only been passed                                                        Azerbaijan,     Russia,
                                       time period                                     Iran and Kazakhstan,
by a margin of three or four votes.    was        a
  Japan plans to double its annual                                                    which last year were able
                                       county                                       to ship 105 tons of caviar
catch of minkes to 935 from 440        protocol that has
and add up to 50 larger fin and                                                   and other sturgeon products
                                       since been changed                       to the international market.
humpback whales to the list
within a few years under its new                                                Environmentalists       estimate
                                          The county, which is also a       that Caspian Sea stocks of
scientific research program. The       defendant in the case because of
program is widely seen as a cover                                           sturgeon, whose eggs make
                                       its responsibility for emergency     caviar, have plunged some 90
for a limited amount of                medical services, is also close to
commercial whaling by staunchly                                             percent since the late 1970s due
                                       reaching a settlement. Part of the   to over fishing, both legal and
conservationist nations such as        pending agreement would be for
Australia and New Zealand.                                                  illegal.
                                       the county to set new "cold water
  Many in the anti-whaling camp        protocols" for emergency medical
fear that whaling nations will try     personnel responding to ocean
to expand their influence to roll      calls, McKee said.                   SYLVIA   EARL           -    STOP
back conservation-based schemes          In June, the county hired a new    EATING SEAFOOD
and lay the groundwork for             ambulance company, Westmed
resumption      of      commercial     Ambulance Inc., to take over
hunting. Overturning the 19-year-                                             One of the world's leading
                                       countywide ambulance services        marine biologists has warned that
old ban on commercial whaling          Jan. 1. County officials denied
would require a three-quarters                                              we should stop eating seafood,
                                       that the reports of drug use by      not just for the sake of the ocean's
majority at next year's IWC            AMR employees affected the
meeting.                                                                    health but our own as well.
                                       decision, but the county insisted    Speaking at an international
                                       on random drug testing for           conference in Melbourne today,
DIVER'S  FAMILY REACHES                Westmed crews under the new          Sylvia Earle, The former chief
DEAL IN DEATH SUIT                     contract.                            scientist with America's National
                                                                            Oceanic       and      Atmospheric
   The parents of an Aptos scuba                                            Administration, says we should
diving instructor, Mollie Suh

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                       February 2006
Volume XXXIV, No. 2

be avoiding shark, tuna and           the      Bonhomme            Richard,     after being charged with murder
swordfish in particular.              America’s first naval flagship,           and fled to America. He became
                                      from the bed of the North Sea.            notorious in Britain for his daring
  Sylvia: I began diving more           The ship, which sank off the            raids on Scotland and England
than 50 years ago. In that time the   east Yorkshire coast in 1779              from French ports.
ocean has really declined more        following       the      battle      of
perhaps than during all preceding     Flamborough Head, is believed to          OOPS!            GREENPEACE
human history as our capacity to      contain an important cache of             APOLOGIZES         F OR     REEF
enter the sea, to do things to the    valuable      historical      artifacts
ocean that are unprecedented in       including cannons and French
terms of finding, capturing and       ironwork.
marketing wildlife from the             The vessel was skippered by               Greenpeace has apologized to
ocean.                                John Paul Jones, the Scottish-            the Philippines and "mother
                                      born founder of the American              nature" for the damage caused by
  Back in the fifties and sixties,    navy who, after conducting a              its flagship Rainbow Warrior II to
there was a hope that we could        series of daring sea raids against        a coral reef.        The 55-metre
extract as much as 100 million        merchant ships around the British         schooner       ran    aground    at
tons of wild creatures from the       coast, engaged the 50-gun Royal           Tubbataha Reef Marine Park on
sea every year and the idea was       Navy frigate HMS Serapis.                 Monday.
that this would be the solution to      The frigate and a smaller escort,         Greenpeace was fined nearly
the problem of world hunger. In       the Countess of Scarborough,              $US7,000 ($A9,481) earlier this
fact we have discovered in this       ambushed Jones, who refused to            week but blames what it describes
time, that the ocean has limits.      surrender. After a four-hour battle       as inaccurate navigational charts
                                      that left 49 British seamen dead,         provided by the Philippine
  In 50 years, through our actions    his crew boarded the Serapis and          Government.
we have seen a decline on the         took prisoner its commander, Sir            Greenpeace has offered an
order of 90 per cent of the large     Richard Pearson. From there they          unconditional apology after the
predatory fish in the ocean. That     watched the Bonhomme Richard              ship sailed into the port of Manila
means not just sharks, although       sink. The victory made Jones a            to continue an island-hopping
sharks are in that category, but      national hero in America, where           tour across the Asia-Pacific to
also tuna species, cod, swordfish,    he is the classroom equivalent of         promote         climate      change
marlin. We can get away with          Lord Nelson, and in France,               awareness.
taking some, but not on the scale     where he was made a chevalier of             The reef is a spectacular
that currently is undermining the     honor by King Louis XVI.                  80,000-hectare formation in the
basic processes that govern the         The team plans to use sonar and         Sulu Sea in the central
way the world works.                  magnetic sensors to identify the          Philippines that is listed by the
                                      wreck by detecting the large              UN Educational, Scientific and
  If we see declining condition of    amount of iron ballast believed to        Cultural Organization as a world
coastal areas let alone the high      have been carried by the ship. A          heritage site.
seas over the years to come,          remote-controlled submarine and
security is also going to be on the   divers would then be used to              LOST TREASURES             FROM
balance sheet. And when people        pinpoint its precise location.            THE WHITE HOUSE
are hungry because we've used up        If successful the team will apply
the productive capacity of the        to the British, American and                Looks as if America and Great
ocean, that will lead, and is         French        governments           for   Britain     are     once      again
leading in many areas to poverty,     permission to raise the wreck.            skirmishing over the war of 1812;
which leads to problems relating      The government of France had              this time the row is over the fate
to security. And it's just a cause    loaned the ship to America during         of a British warship wrecked off
and effect.                           the     war     of     independence       the coast of Nova Scotia and
                                      following the intervention of             believed to contain loot hauled
JOHN PAUL JONES SHIP TO               Benjamin Franklin, America’s              from the sacked White House in
BE SALVAGED                           envoy in France.                          Washington.
 A joint British-American team          Jones, the son of a gardener,             American divers sparked the
of naval historians aims to launch    was      born       in     Kirkbean,      dispute after they recently located
an expedition to locate and raise     Dumfriesshire, in 1747. He                the wreck of what many believe is
                                      deserted from the Royal Navy              HMS Fantome, a British Navy

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                                      February 2006
Volume XXXIV, No. 2

brig that led a convoy of ships       TOURIST              “MARRIES”          sinking a decommissioned ship in
from Washington to Halifax after      DOLPHIN                                 the Monterey Bay.
British troops stormed the                                                    In 2001, the US Navy and US
American capital and burned             Just in time to qualify for a joint   Maritime             Administration
down the White House.                 tax return, Sharon Tendler, 41          (MARAD) conducted a study to
  A Halifax-based documentary         and Cindy, a 35 year old dolphin,       identify and evaluate options for
film-maker and marine explorer,       tied the knot in Eliat, Israel.         the disposal of ships. The
John Chisolm, has launched a                                                  research      considered         four
campaign to petition the Canadian       The groom, a resident of the          alternatives: long-term storage,
provincial government in Nova         Eliat dolphin reef, meet Sharon         domestic recycling, overseas
Scotia to rescind the permit it has   15 years ago, when she first            recycling, and reefing (the
given to a Massachusetts marine       visited the resort. Since then,         sinking of ships to build artificial
exploration company to explore        Sharon has traveled to Eliat two        reefs).
the wreck, on the grounds that its    to three times a year to visit with     Sinking a ship in Monterey is
divers are plundering important       Cindy.                                  likely to engender some lively
treasures.                                                                    conversation, both pro and con,
  Under Nova Scotian law,               Finally,    on     Wednesday,         particularly given that Monterey
anyone can explore wrecks such        December 28, the bride, wearing         Bay is a National Marine
as the Fantome and, provided          white, walked down the dock and         Sanctuary. There is a precedent
they pay 10 per cent royalties on     knelt before the groom, who was         for such an artificial reef. On June
their finds to the government,        busily treading water. The deal         10, 2002 the Spiegel Grove, a
they can make off with whatever       was sealed with a handful of            510-foot US Navy Landing Ship,
booty they find.                      mackerel, after which the bride         was sunk six miles off Key Largo
    The ships of the doomed           was pitched into the water by her       in the Florida Keys National
convoy went down during a             friends.                                Marine Sanctuary. The project,
vicious storm on 24 November                                                  from conception to completion,
1814, only weeks after the British      There are no honeymoon details        took eight years and set the
burned the White House. They          at this time.                           standard for artificial reef projects
were bound for what was then the                                              using mothballed military vessels.
most important garrison in British                                            For     more     information       …
North America.                                                      
  What treasures lay in the hold      IS MONTEREY     DESTINED
                                                                              orCalShips2Reefs/         …        or
has never been established, but it    TO    HAVE    ITS   OWN                 http://www.divingnortherncalifor
is believed that gold was among       ARTIFICIAL REEF?               .
them. It appears that documents
in the Nova Scotian archives that     Those of you who made the               PETA    TARGETS             DAD’S
might have answered that and          club’s San Diego trek back in
                                                                              WHO FISH
many other questions about the        2004 had a taste of what a wreck
Fantome have turned up missing.       in Monterey waters might be like.
   The existing White House was       In San Diego, the old war ship the
built to replace the one that the     HCMS Yukon has become a local
British set alight. Only two items    divers Mecca, teeming with both
were saved for certain from the       fish and divers.
conflagration,      according    to   It’s been five years since the
historians. One was a painting of     Yukon went to the bottom and the
George Washington rescued by          366-foot destroyer escort is
the then First Lady, Dolly            encrusted in a blanket of colorful
Madison. The other was a              anemones and metridium. It’s
jewellery box given to President      full of ling cod, broomtail
Franklin Roosevelt in 1939 by a       groupers, calico bass and dozens
Canadian who said that one of his     of other species of fish and
forebears had taken it from           invertebrates.
Washington.                           Now Dr. Harry Wong, the project
                                      manager of Northern California’s
                                      Ships2Reefs wants to do the same
                                      thing in Northern California by

San Francisco Reef Divers                                                       February 2006
Volume XXXIV, No. 2

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San Francisco Reef Divers                                                    February 2006
Volume XXXIV, No. 2

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